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Company Website
Reebok, TaylorMade, Runtastic
US Corporate Address
Adidas America, Inc.
Adidas Village.
5055 N Greeley Avenue.
Portland, OR 97217.
Company Contact
Kasper Rørsted
CEO Adidas Group
USA HQ Phone Number
USA HQ Fax Number
Employee Count
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What is Adidas’ Corporate Office Phone Number?

Adidas’ USA Headquarters phone number is: 1-800-982-9337.


What is Adidas’ Corporate Office Mailing Address?

Adidas’ North America USA Headquarters mailing address is:

Adidas America, Inc.
Adidas Village.
5055 N Greeley Avenue.
Portland, OR 97217.

Adidas’ World Headquarters mailing address is:

Adidas Headquarters and Adidas Western Europe
Adidas AG
Adi-Dassler-Strasse 1
91074 Herzogenaurach

Adidas World Headquarters phone number: +49 9132840.
Adidas World Headquarters fax number: +49 9132 842241.

Adidas Latin America Headquarters Mailing Address:

Adidas Latin America, S.A.
Business Park
Ave. Principal y Ave. La Rotonda
Torre Sur – 4th floor
Costa del Este
Adidas Latin America Headquarters phone number: +507 303 5700
Adidas Latin America Headquarters fa number: +507 303 5801

Adidas Amsterdam Headquarters Mailing Address:

Adidas International Marketing B.V. and adidas International Trading B.V.
Atlas Arena Offices
Africa Building
Hoogoorddreef 9-A
1101 BA Amsterdam Zuidoost
Adidas Amsterdam HQ phone number: +31 20 573 4573
f+31 20 573 4586

Adidas Asia-Pacific Headquarters Mailing Address:

Adidas Sports(China) Co., Ltd.
28-36/F, Tower 1, Shanghai International Commerce Centre(ICC)
No. 999 Middle Huai Hai Road,
Xuhui District
Shanghai, China
Adidas Asia HQ phone number: +86 21 2525 5000
Adidas Asia HQ fax number: +86 21 2525 6688

Adidas Sourcing Address:

Adidas Sourcing Limited
10/F, Cityplaza Four, 10th floor
12 Taikoo Wan Road
Taikoo Shing, Island East
Hong Kong

Phone number: +852 2302 8888
Fax Number: +852 2302 8866

Reebok’s Headquarters mailing address is:

Reebok Headquarters
Reebok International Ltd.
25 Drydock Ave, Suite 110E
Boston, MA 02210

Reebok’s Corporate Office phone number is: +1 857 443 2000.

Reebok is a fully owned by Adidas Group.


What is Adidas’ Customer Service Phone Number?

Adidas Customer Service phone number is: 1-800-982-9337 (USA).
The Adidas Customer Support phone line is open: 8AM ET – 11PM ET, 7 days a week.

Alternative Adidas Customer Care phone number:  1-800-448-1796 (USA).

Adidas UK cusomer service phone number: +44-800-2794144.

Adidas UK WhatsApp Help phone number: +44-7428613063.


How do I Contact Adidas Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed on this page here or contact Adidas via:

Adidas Customer Service Live Chat is available 8am-11pm EST 7 days a week.

Adidas Email Address: Use the Email Form to ask a question.

Adidas’ Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Adidas on Social Media:

Adidas on Twitter: @AdidasUS and @adidasEUhelp

Adidas on Facebook:

Adidas Headquarters Executive Board.

The Adidas management team consists of:

Kasper Rørsted – CEO

Roland Auschel, Executive Board Member and responsible for Global Sales

Eric Liedtke – Executive Board Member and responsible for Global Brands.

Harm Ohlmeyer – Executive Board Member and responsible for Finance.

Karen Parkin – Executive Board Member and responsible for Global Human Resources .

Gil Steyaert – Executive Board Member and responsible for Global Operations


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  1. You without a doubt Adidas Corporation have the worst customer service Personnel of any shoe company in the entire world!! My name is Brian Thomas I have over three hundred and fifty pairs of shoes unfortunately I have been purchasing shoes through your company over all these years and returned a pair of shoes for the very first time actually two pairs of shoes on the same day and have been given the runaround missed all the sales Etc, you should be ashamed of yourself!! I will let everybody in Oklahoma City no on our shoe site kicklahoma never to purchase anything from you again

  2. Hello could you please make the trio 17 pants in a longer inseam like 34 for men my husband loves adidas but the only pants you make y’all are the regular pants i will purchase every color if you could make an exception for a customer

  3. I have received the most awful Customer Service EVER!!! Placed my order on Dec 9. Only to receive an email the day before Christmas my order has been cancelled. Spoke to several Reps and was never given the same story twice. One even hung up in my face. So today at almost 1 PM, I’m trying to replace a gift for my significant other. This is not how you treat customers! I was promised a call back from a supervisor that never happened. I would like someone to contact me with Authority to find out if this is an acceptable way to treat customers, especially at Christmas. I’m beyond LIVID!!! Someone please contact me at 904510xxxx. I will share this experience with all of my social media outlets.. This is sad!!

  4. I placed a order for some shoes on 3/5/19 waited for the order. Never heard anything form when they would be shipped. Look on website could never see any information contacted customer service chat live spoke to some one last weekend was told they were on there way. got notified that they were delivered 3/16/19 never got the package contacted chat again monday said they were still at the warehouse and then today spoke to someone and was told they were never sent out. very unhappy customer and he gives me a 20% voucher to spend online as if im going to feel comfortable ever ordering something form Adidas website again. I am very upset and very un please at how this was handled and think that this should be further looked into and would like to have a voucher sent to use in store or even better a gift from Adidas for all the time I lost on this and the time i lost thinking i was getting my shoes. because now i have to go out and look for a complete new pair of shoes as these were for work.

  5. Dear Sir, I have a businese proposal for your establishment, i would be glad if you can direct me to the right office or persons to engage. I would be glad to have a swift response from you on the subject matter. Thanks, Clement

  6. Dear Adidas, there is a small company in buffalo ny that is selling clothes with your licensed logo. They are advertising like they are in a partnership with you. The company is a fraud. The use other established companies logos and screen print them on there products. You need to put a stop to it!!!. The company is called ETS customs. They are also known as eastsidefly clothing. Thank you for hearing my complaint

  7. Worst customer service ever I will no longer purchase anything that has to do with adidas. I’ve been a loyal customer for so many years and my last purchase has by far been the worst and the customer service I recieved is by far the worst I have ever gotten from regular customer service people to their supervisors . I work in one of the biggest retailers and I wen i tell you that customer service Is number 1 in our policy we have to do watever it takes to take care of our customer and I tell u adidas didnt care about wat they put me through but I will make sure everyone knows about this horrific experience I had with them and their service . After all they ed up and unfortunately the customer had to pay the price but wen I tell you this is not done yet it is not I will make sure Adidas gets held responsible for wat they put me through

  8. Purchased a pair of yeezy boots and I recieved an email a few days later that they were shopped then the day that they were supposed to be delivered I look to track my item and it states its being g returned due to they dont deliver to po box they should of never accepted my payment then and no where on their page does it say we dont deliver to po boxes so I then contact adidas to get the most worst customer service ever and no one can help me now I cant even get my hands on a pair of the boots cause they are all sold out . This is very unacceptable but I tell u that I am going to take this matter up with a lawyer cause someone has to put these idiots in their place on how they handle customers issues treating me as if I was the one who was at fault

  9. I have tried to contact you though the corporate office email address, but to no avail. So I am writing here. I need a customer representative to reach out to my as soon as possible. My phone number is 6543899xxxx.

  10. Hello,adidas trefoil logo pilled if on my adidas bag ,not quality print .logo made up,need better engeneering about logo print paint.Bag look weird now,have photo.My respect to the adidas !!!!

  11. Hi I am writing to you regarding an order number AD034427xxx.. Placed mid October 2019, I Purchased three items on the order I returned one item for $50 using a gift card the second item was a $35 ZNE top on my credit card I was given back $56, I returned $85 worth of merchandise, I have called adidas about 10 times no one can issue my remaining $29 refund ! The issue was sent to supervisors and Corporate about 7 times…I would appreciate some help in this matter…Please look into this me …I hope someone at Adidas can help me…I am due $29.00 thank you for your understanding in this matter… Mona Pitkoff…email- [email protected] 718-207-xxxx thank you.

  12. I have never had as horrible a customer service experience in my life! Your customer service rep had no clue how to assist or answer a simple question. My problem was ordering Christmas presents and not being able to pay with a credit card. According to your rep, system upgrades are preventing cc payments. How on earth would any company set up system upgrades during Christmas?? All I heard over and over was “I’m sorry. You can pay through PayPal or Affirm.” How many times do you think a customer should tell your rep they have NO intention of paying for their purchase through PayPal or Affirm? After repeating myself 3 times, it took all I had not to rip into your representative!! Instead, I asked to speak with a supervisor, which didn’t happen. Instead I was asked to leave a contact phone number for the sup to contact me. Surprise!?!?!?…that call never happened!!! This entire experience with your company’s website and customer service department was a pathetic joke. How does a major company like Adidas find this acceptable? At this time, I doubt my items will still be available, at the current prices, when your system is finally running properly! Guess I’ll look at the Nike website for the gifts I need.

  13. I began processing an exchange on a pair of defective shoes on September 28. Each time I call I am told the issue would be escalated to a corporate level and wait an additional 21days to receive an electronic gift card. My son is currently without a pair of tennis shoes
    and has waited an extremely long time. Can someone at a corporate level rectify the situation in an expedited fashion?

  14. I registered for the YEEZY 500 Adult raffle and was emailed on 11/23 that I “scored” with an order number attached to the email. I received a second email on 11/24 that my ordered had shipped with track order attached my order was never shipped to FedEx. I placed numerous calls about this order and was told there was a delay in shipping, I followed up with additional calls and was finally told that a case was created. Adidas had not one time contacted me. I have made all the calls even when a case was opened about it. I know how this works and it seems someone of the company took my order. Don’t award people items that you don’t have. This need attention by corporate. I will be filing additional complaints with this company.

  15. I was wondering how a humble 6 feet 8 inch tall man whow wears a medium width size 17 shoe get his feet in a pair of those very nice looking solar boost st 19 in a grey/solar red/white. They very nice. Well done.

  16. I won the raffle on the Adidas website for the re release of the Yeezy boost 350 v2 black static. They notified me on 11/29 that I had won and in 11/30 sent me an email saying my purchase was on its way. Today 12/6 I call Adidas to see why my item hasn’t come yet and they told me fed ex returned it back to them on 12/5. No one can tell me what happened to the order, or where the shoes are. I order from Adidas all the time and never have a problem. These were a Christmas gift for my 16 yr old son. They didn’t even offer another pair, a different pair of Yeezys or any compensation for it. My son is going to be devastated. That was all he wanted for Christmas.

  17. I have numerous of complaints. I am considered an Icon on your website. The points are good for what? I spend a lot of money on your website and when I called the last time, because once again I received defective sneakers your representative was rude and not very helpful. Firstly, my complaint is that I have to return the all leather black sneakers I purchased from your app for a Christmas present because they are defective. They should be inspected and checked prior to leaving the store or warehouse. This is the 3rd time I have to return items. Your representatives should be able to reserve the items because Last time the items were sold out by the time the return process was completed or the prices go up.
    I am really frustrated and upset. My email address is [email protected] so you can look me up and see that I spend $1000’s of dollars on your website/app.

    The other issue is that I do not like your logo stickers. I only like embroidered items. No where does it show if they are except sometimes under specifications. A lot of times its not listed. So If it isn’t listed and I receive the items I will just return it.

  18. I purchased a pair of your sneakers. They are very comfortable. However, there is a problem with the tongue of the shoe. It keeps sliding under the shoelaces. Most other brands of sneakers have a slot in the tongue of the shoe where the laces are able to pass through to hold the tongue in place. These sneakers do not have that feature. There is a tab on the tongue where the slot could have been inserted, but it was not. Why not? I am not happy with these sneakers because of this. I have to keep unlacing the sneakers and relacing them, because they become very uncomfortable to wear.

  19. I was at the Adidas Camarillo, CA Outlet store on 7/10/2020 at 18:40 hour and an employee told me she can’t let me in because they are closing. As I was leaving I see a lady coming in and I go back and ask why is she allowed in and I’m not. Employee store stated because she was going to return something. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and asked the employee her name she stated I can’t give you my name for privacy reasons. So I asked to speak to supervisor and Dawn store manager came out and I explained to her what happened. Dawn states the same thing as the employee that refused to let me in to the store. As I’m leaving I mention to Dawn I will be calling corporate to make a complaint because as customer service I should be able to get an employee ID or name to be able to identify the person that is giving poor customer service.

  20. I’m Lambert Orok from Nigeria I want to be an adidas distributor in my country please what are the requirements

  21. I am trying to find out how to replace my lifetime employee discount card please? This was a plastic card used for an employee discount at the register when purchasing merchandise at an Adidas retail store. I worked at the Corporate office in Portland OR for 14 years. I contacted the Headquarters office in Portland and twice by phone & was unsuccessfully transferred to HR. Can you please help me with a replacement card? Thank you.

  22. I am wondering why only teachers are getting free or discount codes? Schools not only run by teachers, there are custodians secretaries, admin Asst, paraprofessionals, child nutrition . I am a BIG Addidas fan, but to hear your company is only catering to teachers is ridiculous. Everyone that’s works at a school should receive free shoes if you are giving them to teachers.

  23. just pair of Sandals .ADISSAGE. F35580..sku-191526-36990-7..very disappointed..poor quality, extremely light in weight and firmness, flimsy at best…have had several pairs in the past, but no-more…will change brands.. made in USA an old but valid statement…this pair “made” in Vietnam…very unhappy….

  24. Adidas customer service has been TERRIBLE. I bought an item and returned it because they Adidas sent me the wrong size. Adidas confirmed that they received by return and stated that they “attempted” to issue me a refund but my chase “denied” it. Upon calling chase, they denied receiving any attempts at a refund from Adidas. Not a single representative was able to help me and kept telling me that the request is put in and that I have to keep waiting for a supervisor to come around to refund me and to call back in three to five business days. Its been TWO MONTHS that I have been on the phone back and forth with no resolution. If the attempt was made by Adidas to refund me and IF in fact the attempt was failing, they couldve sent me a check in the mail or at the VERY LEAST issued a credit. Please get back to me regarding this issue.

  25. They are awful
    I ordered on black Friday, it shipped the 6th and has been stuck in Grapevine since! While my son ordered from a different company, they shipped thru Pitney but it never ended up in Grapevine and it arrived today on time. I want to to contact them directly because their website says in transit. While we apparently have different definitions of that since it has yet to move. Very disheartening

  26. I ordered a hockey jersey on December 1st for my grandson for his “big” present. It cost over $180. It has still not shipped and is sitting in NJ at the Pitney Bowes facility. Because they are “overwhelmed “ it will not arrive before Christmas. This is totally unacceptable especially since I ordered it the first day of December. Please get the package from them and ship it yourselves. The order number is AD08035xxxx

  27. Tried to purchase gift card on Dec. 8. Received confirmation of the sale. On Dec. 14 I found out the order never went through. I then bought another gift card, again for $200. Received confirmation, later an email order didn’t go through. I use one credit card for all my purchases. There was no problem with the card. I would like to speak to someone who can provide help. So far have talked to three different customer service people without getting any help. It was a birthday gift for my grandson’s 15th birthday. Needless to say, he didn’t receive the gift. I am so furious about this.

  28. Matthew Tristan was the worst customer representative you have. He didn’t tell me to hold and left all my responses unattended for over 10 minutes! He apologized about my order, but didn’t acknowledge he left me a customer who had payed $400 for mechandise that I haven’t recieved in a months time and he didn’t respect my time. Matthew Tristan has made me hate adidas more. You should get better employees.

  29. I ordered a pair of sneakers that were too large when received. When trying to return or exchange, according to the website, they are now a final sale item. When ordered, this was not the case. I am now being told there is nothing they can do. The Rep was rude and hung up in my face. What transpired from when I ordered my product and received is not my issue. When my order was placed, this was not a final sale item! I am pissed and disappointed because this was not in MY purchase agreement.

  30. It going on 2 months and I haven’t received my 300$ refund back from adidas! Every time I call customer service they tell me the have to send it over to the wear house and they will send me an email . I still haven’t received anything

  31. I purchased clothing and never received them from FedEx. Adidas customer service is beyond rude, uncaring snd definitely not helpful. I spend $100’s of dollars on adidas and I am extremely disappointed in the lack of empathy and help from you as a company. I will no longer wear and promote the love I had for adidas and I will make sure that I let everyone know how adidas treats their loyal customers.

  32. I had gotten a email letting me know that part of my order was delivered. Contact one of your rep and got no help with my problem. Right off her solution was for me go knock on the doors in my neighborhood to find it. The best part she told me this was your policy. After that I didn’t want heard anything else she had to say

  33. Hello i am a regular costumer of Adidas products i would like to know when will the Adidas white face mask be available for purchase i live in Nyc.

  34. Hi,
    I ordered 2 pairs of sneakers from the site in December 2019. After weeks of phone calls & opening cases with adidas & fed ex it was learned that the sneakers were delivered to the same address as mine but in a different town. Fed ex told adidas they delivered it to the wrong address. We have been through every process to get our refund (which was refunded to our credit card but then taken back because we fought the charges with our credit card company). Long story short we have never been refunded till this day. We sent credit card statements to adidas showing them that the refund was taken back. Our credit card company says that adidas that has to fix this. For the last past year I have spoken to customer service over 50+ times. I can’t even get a supervisor to finally resolve this situation. They always say “it’s been escalated to a higher department & they will email or call you back” This has been going on for over a year and 2 months. I spend thousands a year on adidas products and it’s taken over a year to still try and get a refund for a lost package we paid for that fed ex delivered to someone else.
    I really don’t know what else to do at this point. I’m beyond livid that adidas can’t put me in touch after all this time calling weekly and getting nowhere. Unfortunately I won’t give up until we get our refund. Adidas should be ashamed of themselves treating a great customer like this and making it nearly impossible to resolve a situation that fed ex messed up!!!

  35. I will advise not to buy anyhting online. The customer service it’s terrible and I’m quite sure I’m not the only one having an issue with a refund. In my particular case I ordered a pair of shoes in december, the payment was cancelled and i was not told about it, it was until I call that i found out about the situation and I have been waiting for a refund ever since, I’ve called several times to the customer service withouth a resolution.
    If anyone it’s thinking about buying online, please don’t. It’s not worth it.

  36. I need instructions on how to serve a Subpoena or Search Warrant for a criminal investigation. The agents at 1-800-982-9337 have not been helpful.

  37. Convinced it’s all about the profit. Bought expensive cleats, a cleat broke off w/in warranty period. Want to evenly exchange for same or comparable pair–adidas say no. Here’s a discount code, but the damn code will not work on comparable cleats. Same are sold out. Also, told it will be 30+ days until a gift card (w/price paid for defective cleats) will be sent out. Meanwhile we have no cleats, forced to buy newer version @much higher price, and someday expecting a credit for defective cleats…which I have read many have never seen their money/refund (gift card). REAL NICE customer service.

  38. So…I am very upset and disappointed with how your customer service handled this problem. I purchased a pair of Adidas Copa turf 17.1 – your top of the line turf shoe 2/20/2020. These boots have been worn perhaps 5 times. The micro wear nubbies on each contact numb are still intact. The sole has separated from the shoe. You all know damn well that all adult play was virtually cancelled for the year; however, these boots have not been broken in yet and they have failed and are now useless. To be told that these ( or any other boot) cannot be replaced after one year of purchase does not align with use – again these boots have not seen service more than 5 indoor matches – and the useful life of any boot should certainly exceed 6 months of continuous play. I have been Adidas Copa boots since the 1970’s and I have never had a boot blow out on me, and that includes the most delicate of your boots ( the Adidas Copa Mundial 25 year edition). This is bullshit…Your representative offered NOTHING to assist the matter. Asked me nothing about what would be satisfactory to ameliorate this defective boot. Was unwilling to move my complaint to a higher customer service authority. Was unwilling to provide the name of her manager/supervisor. This is exactly how a company loses brand and quality recognition! I would have been just as happy to have just had an exchange of the boot! I am highly disturbed about this matter and I will see how you handle this matter in the present.

    RHB 3/25/2021

  39. I purchased a pair of shoes from the website. I ordered the size that I wear in every shoe but when I got them they were too big. I contacted customer service via chat and phone and was informed that I could not return or exchange the shoe due to “final sale”. I informed them I only wanted to exchange the shoe for a smaller size and was my request was still denied. The issue was of no fault of mine because I ordered the shoe in my correct size, however I am now stuck with a shoe that I can not wear and wasted money. With everything going on today, no one can afford to lose/waste money. I expected so much more from a company that I have been supporting for many years. As a paying consumer it seems my request was not a hard one, seeing as though I only wanted a different size. I am extremely disappointed and will no longer support this brand as well as lobby for everyone that I know to do the same. The customer service rep that I “Chatted” with was rude and very unapologetic.

  40. I submitted a claim number 4938 pertaining to my Adidas gym bag. The reason I originally purchased the bag was because I always purchase Adidas products and this particular bag had a lifetime warranty. The bag is about ten years old, not used very much, but the zipper broke. I have the original paperwork and receipt so I submitted a claim. The claim was turned down because the lifetime warranty on the bag really means only 5 years. This really blew my mind, when I hear “lifetime warranty”, I assume lifetime warranty, not only 5 years. Your customer service refused to budge so I am hoping that you could help get me a replacement bag.

    Thank You

    Sincerely Jim Hnisdo

  41. I would like to file a complaint about adidas USA. Please direct me on how to reach the most senior executive about my concerns

  42. Hello I’m a huge fan of the Top 10’s. I own 4 pair, but I have an issue. All the shoes are made for narrow feet and I cant wear my shoes for more than 2 hours without feeling uncomfortable. Is it possible to increase the width and add a wide size to the shoe? That would mean so much to me and all the fat, flat footed patrons like myself.

  43. Gm Adidas… Today has gotten me to the point of headache frustration…Why?? Not no doing of the adidas corporation, but subsidiary companies like: Finishline, Footaction, footlocker, champs, hibbett, shoe palace & etc… Since last year, my family of currently(4) with one on the way has unable to purchase, win raffle or find locations here in Texas to even buy Yezzy products…Trust me, Im heated; but I know yall dont give a dame about the customer to this extent….My city( Waco, Tx is superly rapidly growing & I know from hands on I can market & distribute the Yezzy line here, the only issue is: PRODUCT!!!!! Think how frustrating it is to want something’ or to have the currency to buy, but no product is available or bots done scammed up all items…I’ ve been wanting to start my own business, so what better way to get things rolling than to have exclusive Yezzy line products available in a location such as Central Texas??? 💡

  44. To Whom it May Concern,

    Hello, my name is Jin Hur and I recently tried to do an online exchange at your Newport Mall location in Jersey City, Online Order # AD095993124 placed on April 29, 2021. The size was a half size too big, so the next day after receiving it in the mail, I went to the Adidas store in Newport Mall where a gentleman refused to do the exchange because I didn’t have the little white tag on the shoes. It was in perfect condition, with receipt, and in original packaging, but I just didn’t have the little white price tag.

    I’ve worked in Luxury Retail in NYC for over 20 years and this is the first time I’ve gotten such horrible client service. After the gentleman refused to do the size exchange, I spoke with “Stephanie “, the “manager on duty” and she was quite disrespectful and rude and refused to do the exchange.

    The next day, I went to the Flagship store in Soho where a lady on the first floor was super courteous and helped me with the size exchange. Everyone in the Soho store on Broadway Lafayette gave great service and were very helpful and professional.

    My question to you is, why didn’t “Stephanie” from Newport Mall take my return? Why did I have to travel all the way to Soho to do a fair exchange? Please do reconsider “Stephanie “ as a manager. She does Not deserve that title and to be quite honest, probably should not be in retail or with Adidas. That store is suffering due to misguided leadership from managers like “Stephanie “ who clearly lacks the basics of retail and client service.

    Thank you for your time.

    Jin Hur

  45. Hi,
    I was not sure where to write to. I am a Specialized Student Services counselor form Los Angeles Unified School District. I support specialized populations students, such as foster & homeless. One of the schools I support had a donation of Adidas shoes from a Donor, unfortunately one of our students received a smaller shoe size with no way of exchanging. I understand the situation and the donors are not responsible in exchanging, nor you. I am taking a chance in asking if your company has any type of donations or discounted promotions for the populations we support. If not, I thank you for your time. thank you!

  46. I placed my order and part of the order never came. I called adidas customer service after I got the email stating my order was delivered via laser ship and received the worst customer service ever.The first rep ultimately hung up on me after holding for about a 1/2 hour with laser ship. called back the next day spoke with another rep. Who advised I need to call laser ship to track down my package and adidas has nothing to do with the package once it’s shipped to the 3rd party for delivery. I finally got through to laser ship after several attempts over a course of 5 days and the rep @ Laser ship advised my package is indeed lost and I need to call adidas to get a refund. 🤦🏾‍♀️ This has been a nightmare all this calling back & forth all I wanted was my package that was never delivered in the first place. So I called back to adidas spoke with the 3rd rep. Advised her of the problem and she advised it’s a complicated Process for the @adidas when a package is lost. (Not my problem) So I had to send the rep. Confirmation from laser ship that the package was lost and still have to call back tomorrow to follow up on the outcome of the issue. At this point I just want my money back & thinking about returning all the items I purchased from the company. No customer should ever be subjected to this mess when ordering from a well established company.Ps. I could not even get a couple discount coupons from adidas. SAD I spend to much money with Adidas to be treated this way.

  47. I have been an avid fan of Adidas for 3 decades and will continue to be a fan. My recent dilemma is very limited actual shopping outlets and very limited items once I find an outlet. I am not an online shopper, I’m old school and I desire to shop hands on. All my friends are Adidas fans as well but it looks like the market is flooded for runners and kids. Some of us are past those athletic years and aren’t kids. But still like to sport the apparel. I’ve noticed a decline in designs that appeal to an older generation who can afford to wear the product.

  48. I order a pair of Adidas top ten order Ad097469041 size 6.5 black & white FedEx said they delivered the package on 05/24/2021 which I never received the package nor due I have my money back or the shoes I talked to several customers service they keep saying ain’t nothing that could done that some real bs I’m out of shoes and money and don’t get nothing

  49. I never recieved football cleats I ordered in April. I keep calling ypur company and the shipping company and noone wants to help..

  50. i received a pair of Adidas golf shoes as a gift several months ago and the 3rd time worn upon taking them off the tongue of the shoe detatched. They were purchased at Dicks but they will not honor any sort of return and advised to contact manufacturer. I was hoping for an exchange but have not been encouraged with the possiblilty of adidias or dicks backing the products they sell or the manufacturer the products they produce. just a lemon off the production line that i unfortunately receive. needless to say none of my purchases in the future will contain 3 white stripes unless a fair resolution is achieved. please advise.

  51. I entered an Adidas drawing I finished contacting 20 friends and the promotion contact and add disappear from my phone. I want my free shoe sent to me

  52. We tried to exchange Adilette Slides from exchange order # ADX11138335. The barcode QR code picture would not load for the Fedex office. When we tried to generate a new exchange, there was no way to directly do that through our order link to Adidas. Can you please generate a new exchange order ASAP as time is running out? If I don’t get a new code that is functional tomorrow, I will try one more time. After that, I will contact the Attorney General’s Office.

  53. To whom it may concern, over the last 4months I have ordered a few thousand dollars worth of merchandise from the adidas app. As of 06/19/21 your 3rd party payment processor has decided to ban my payments. I called customer service and they said they put a ticket in to have them lift it. In the meantime your company has taken money for my last few orders on the 16th and 17th of this month. But has not shipped my items. I don’t need adidas to worry about fraud protection for me, I have a bank to do that. Either return my money asap or ship my items. Is this how adidas treats good customers? I’ve bought literally 30 To 40 pairs of sneakers and several hoodies and socks in this time frame. This is completely unacceptable! And extremely unprofessional. Thank you for your time.

  54. I have my granddaughter’s picture taken wearing Adidas bucket hat with the logo in front .Is a very quet picture to represent Adidas brands .I think is going to do good for Adidas, especially on the Billboards .let me know if the company is interested.

  55. I was wondering if you all would possibly recognize one of your very loyal customers. My friend Brad Bauer has the most extensive Adidas apparel collection I have ever seen. On any given night he has on Adidas shorts or sweats, shirt or sweatshirt, socks, shoes or flip-flops, and yes even his underwear. He is the “walking poster boy” for your company. I just thought I would let you know about this. I have never done anything like this before, but I have never seen devotion like this to a brand before either. I recently said he should get an Adidas tattoo so that when his shirt is off he is still wearing the brand.
    Thanks for your time.

  56. Adidas does not care about customers or customer complaints. I completed a lost package form with customer service and I have done all the contact. Noone from Adidas has contacted me back. I’m out of my money that I paid for my sneakers and no replacement has been sent. I have only wore Adidas since the 80’s but as of June 2021 I will never purchase any more adidas in my life. I have lost my pride to wear this so called brand

  57. I have been trying to get my defective 2021 untraboost shoes replaced for 3 months. Each there I get all is in order but it will be another number of weeks. Please help. I used to recommend ultraboost to everyone. this is a horrible customer experience. I am happy to provide the details of each call.

  58. Who would I contact at Adidas about an idea for Black History Month. I am the first Black American to play professional basketball behind the “Iron Curtain” and I wore Adidas basketball shoes during the time there. I have photos that confirm this fact. Is this something that you would be interested in?

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