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Company Website
Reebok, TaylorMade, Runtastic
US Corporate Address
Adidas America, Inc.
Adidas Village.
5055 N Greeley Avenue.
Portland, OR 97217.
Company Contact
Kasper Rørsted
CEO Adidas Group
USA HQ Phone Number
USA HQ Fax Number
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What is Adidas’ Corporate Office Phone Number?

Adidas’ USA Headquarters phone number is: 1-800-982-9337.


What is Adidas’ Corporate Office Mailing Address?

Adidas’ North America USA Headquarters mailing address is:

Adidas America, Inc.
Adidas Village.
5055 N Greeley Avenue.
Portland, OR 97217.

Adidas’ World Headquarters mailing address is:

Adidas Headquarters and Adidas Western Europe
Adidas AG
Adi-Dassler-Strasse 1
91074 Herzogenaurach

Adidas World Headquarters phone number: +49 9132840.
Adidas World Headquarters fax number: +49 9132 842241.

Adidas Latin America Headquarters Mailing Address:

Adidas Latin America, S.A.
Business Park
Ave. Principal y Ave. La Rotonda
Torre Sur – 4th floor
Costa del Este
Adidas Latin America Headquarters phone number: +507 303 5700
Adidas Latin America Headquarters fa number: +507 303 5801

Adidas Amsterdam Headquarters Mailing Address:

Adidas International Marketing B.V. and adidas International Trading B.V.
Atlas Arena Offices
Africa Building
Hoogoorddreef 9-A
1101 BA Amsterdam Zuidoost
Adidas Amsterdam HQ phone number: +31 20 573 4573
f+31 20 573 4586

Adidas Asia-Pacific Headquarters Mailing Address:

Adidas Sports(China) Co., Ltd.
28-36/F, Tower 1, Shanghai International Commerce Centre(ICC)
No. 999 Middle Huai Hai Road,
Xuhui District
Shanghai, China
Adidas Asia HQ phone number: +86 21 2525 5000
Adidas Asia HQ fax number: +86 21 2525 6688

Adidas Sourcing Address:

Adidas Sourcing Limited
10/F, Cityplaza Four, 10th floor
12 Taikoo Wan Road
Taikoo Shing, Island East
Hong Kong

Phone number: +852 2302 8888
Fax Number: +852 2302 8866

Reebok’s Headquarters mailing address is:

Reebok Headquarters
Reebok International Ltd.
25 Drydock Ave, Suite 110E
Boston, MA 02210

Reebok’s Corporate Office phone number is: +1 857 443 2000.

Reebok is a fully owned by Adidas Group.


What is Adidas’ Customer Service Phone Number?

Adidas Customer Service phone number is: 1-800-982-9337 (USA).
The Adidas Customer Support phone line is open: 8AM ET – 11PM ET, 7 days a week.

Alternative Adidas Customer Care phone number:  1-800-448-1796 (USA).

Adidas UK cusomer service phone number: +44-800-2794144.

Adidas UK WhatsApp Help phone number: +44-7428613063.


How do I Contact Adidas Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed on this page here or contact Adidas via:

Adidas Customer Service Live Chat is available 8am-11pm EST 7 days a week.

Adidas Email Address: Use the Email Form to ask a question.

Adidas’ Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Adidas on Social Media:

Adidas on Twitter: @AdidasUS and @adidasEUhelp

Adidas on Facebook:

Adidas Headquarters Executive Board.

The Adidas management team consists of:

Kasper Rørsted – CEO

Roland Auschel, Executive Board Member and responsible for Global Sales

Eric Liedtke – Executive Board Member and responsible for Global Brands.

Harm Ohlmeyer – Executive Board Member and responsible for Finance.

Karen Parkin – Executive Board Member and responsible for Global Human Resources .

Gil Steyaert – Executive Board Member and responsible for Global Operations


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  1. You without a doubt Adidas Corporation have the worst customer service Personnel of any shoe company in the entire world!! My name is Brian Thomas I have over three hundred and fifty pairs of shoes unfortunately I have been purchasing shoes through your company over all these years and returned a pair of shoes for the very first time actually two pairs of shoes on the same day and have been given the runaround missed all the sales Etc, you should be ashamed of yourself!! I will let everybody in Oklahoma City no on our shoe site kicklahoma never to purchase anything from you again

  2. Hello could you please make the trio 17 pants in a longer inseam like 34 for men my husband loves adidas but the only pants you make y’all are the regular pants i will purchase every color if you could make an exception for a customer

  3. I have received the most awful Customer Service EVER!!! Placed my order on Dec 9. Only to receive an email the day before Christmas my order has been cancelled. Spoke to several Reps and was never given the same story twice. One even hung up in my face. So today at almost 1 PM, I’m trying to replace a gift for my significant other. This is not how you treat customers! I was promised a call back from a supervisor that never happened. I would like someone to contact me with Authority to find out if this is an acceptable way to treat customers, especially at Christmas. I’m beyond LIVID!!! Someone please contact me at 904510xxxx. I will share this experience with all of my social media outlets.. This is sad!!

  4. I placed a order for some shoes on 3/5/19 waited for the order. Never heard anything form when they would be shipped. Look on website could never see any information contacted customer service chat live spoke to some one last weekend was told they were on there way. got notified that they were delivered 3/16/19 never got the package contacted chat again monday said they were still at the warehouse and then today spoke to someone and was told they were never sent out. very unhappy customer and he gives me a 20% voucher to spend online as if im going to feel comfortable ever ordering something form Adidas website again. I am very upset and very un please at how this was handled and think that this should be further looked into and would like to have a voucher sent to use in store or even better a gift from Adidas for all the time I lost on this and the time i lost thinking i was getting my shoes. because now i have to go out and look for a complete new pair of shoes as these were for work.

  5. Dear Sir, I have a businese proposal for your establishment, i would be glad if you can direct me to the right office or persons to engage. I would be glad to have a swift response from you on the subject matter. Thanks, Clement

  6. Dear Adidas, there is a small company in buffalo ny that is selling clothes with your licensed logo. They are advertising like they are in a partnership with you. The company is a fraud. The use other established companies logos and screen print them on there products. You need to put a stop to it!!!. The company is called ETS customs. They are also known as eastsidefly clothing. Thank you for hearing my complaint

  7. Worst customer service ever I will no longer purchase anything that has to do with adidas. I’ve been a loyal customer for so many years and my last purchase has by far been the worst and the customer service I recieved is by far the worst I have ever gotten from regular customer service people to their supervisors . I work in one of the biggest retailers and I wen i tell you that customer service Is number 1 in our policy we have to do watever it takes to take care of our customer and I tell u adidas didnt care about wat they put me through but I will make sure everyone knows about this horrific experience I had with them and their service . After all they fucked up and unfortunately the customer had to pay the price but wen I tell you this is not done yet it is not I will make sure Adidas gets held responsible for wat they put me through

  8. Purchased a pair of yeezy boots and I recieved an email a few days later that they were shopped then the day that they were supposed to be delivered I look to track my item and it states its being g returned due to they dont deliver to po box they should of never accepted my payment then and no where on their page does it say we dont deliver to po boxes so I then contact adidas to get the most worst customer service ever and no one can help me now I cant even get my hands on a pair of the boots cause they are all sold out . This is very unacceptable but I tell u that I am going to take this matter up with a lawyer cause someone has to put these idiots in their place on how they handle customers issues treating me as if I was the one who was at fault

  9. I have tried to contact you though the corporate office email address, but to no avail. So I am writing here. I need a customer representative to reach out to my as soon as possible. My phone number is 6543899xxxx.

  10. Hello,adidas trefoil logo pilled if on my adidas bag ,not quality print .logo made up,need better engeneering about logo print paint.Bag look weird now,have photo.My respect to the adidas !!!!

  11. Hi I am writing to you regarding an order number AD034427xxx.. Placed mid October 2019, I Purchased three items on the order I returned one item for $50 using a gift card the second item was a $35 ZNE top on my credit card I was given back $56, I returned $85 worth of merchandise, I have called adidas about 10 times no one can issue my remaining $29 refund ! The issue was sent to supervisors and Corporate about 7 times…I would appreciate some help in this matter…Please look into this me …I hope someone at Adidas can help me…I am due $29.00 thank you for your understanding in this matter… Mona Pitkoff…email- [email protected] 718-207-xxxx thank you.

  12. I have never had as horrible a customer service experience in my life! Your customer service rep had no clue how to assist or answer a simple question. My problem was ordering Christmas presents and not being able to pay with a credit card. According to your rep, system upgrades are preventing cc payments. How on earth would any company set up system upgrades during Christmas?? All I heard over and over was “I’m sorry. You can pay through PayPal or Affirm.” How many times do you think a customer should tell your rep they have NO intention of paying for their purchase through PayPal or Affirm? After repeating myself 3 times, it took all I had not to rip into your representative!! Instead, I asked to speak with a supervisor, which didn’t happen. Instead I was asked to leave a contact phone number for the sup to contact me. Surprise!?!?!?…that call never happened!!! This entire experience with your company’s website and customer service department was a pathetic joke. How does a major company like Adidas find this acceptable? At this time, I doubt my items will still be available, at the current prices, when your system is finally running properly! Guess I’ll look at the Nike website for the gifts I need.

  13. I began processing an exchange on a pair of defective shoes on September 28. Each time I call I am told the issue would be escalated to a corporate level and wait an additional 21days to receive an electronic gift card. My son is currently without a pair of tennis shoes
    and has waited an extremely long time. Can someone at a corporate level rectify the situation in an expedited fashion?

  14. I registered for the YEEZY 500 Adult raffle and was emailed on 11/23 that I “scored” with an order number attached to the email. I received a second email on 11/24 that my ordered had shipped with track order attached my order was never shipped to FedEx. I placed numerous calls about this order and was told there was a delay in shipping, I followed up with additional calls and was finally told that a case was created. Adidas had not one time contacted me. I have made all the calls even when a case was opened about it. I know how this works and it seems someone of the company took my order. Don’t award people items that you don’t have. This need attention by corporate. I will be filing additional complaints with this company.

  15. I was wondering how a humble 6 feet 8 inch tall man whow wears a medium width size 17 shoe get his feet in a pair of those very nice looking solar boost st 19 in a grey/solar red/white. They very nice. Well done.

  16. I won the raffle on the Adidas website for the re release of the Yeezy boost 350 v2 black static. They notified me on 11/29 that I had won and in 11/30 sent me an email saying my purchase was on its way. Today 12/6 I call Adidas to see why my item hasn’t come yet and they told me fed ex returned it back to them on 12/5. No one can tell me what happened to the order, or where the shoes are. I order from Adidas all the time and never have a problem. These were a Christmas gift for my 16 yr old son. They didn’t even offer another pair, a different pair of Yeezys or any compensation for it. My son is going to be devastated. That was all he wanted for Christmas.

  17. I have numerous of complaints. I am considered an Icon on your website. The points are good for what? I spend a lot of money on your website and when I called the last time, because once again I received defective sneakers your representative was rude and not very helpful. Firstly, my complaint is that I have to return the all leather black sneakers I purchased from your app for a Christmas present because they are defective. They should be inspected and checked prior to leaving the store or warehouse. This is the 3rd time I have to return items. Your representatives should be able to reserve the items because Last time the items were sold out by the time the return process was completed or the prices go up.
    I am really frustrated and upset. My email address is [email protected] so you can look me up and see that I spend $1000’s of dollars on your website/app.

    The other issue is that I do not like your logo stickers. I only like embroidered items. No where does it show if they are except sometimes under specifications. A lot of times its not listed. So If it isn’t listed and I receive the items I will just return it.

  18. I purchased a pair of your sneakers. They are very comfortable. However, there is a problem with the tongue of the shoe. It keeps sliding under the shoelaces. Most other brands of sneakers have a slot in the tongue of the shoe where the laces are able to pass through to hold the tongue in place. These sneakers do not have that feature. There is a tab on the tongue where the slot could have been inserted, but it was not. Why not? I am not happy with these sneakers because of this. I have to keep unlacing the sneakers and relacing them, because they become very uncomfortable to wear.

  19. I was at the Adidas Camarillo, CA Outlet store on 7/10/2020 at 18:40 hour and an employee told me she can’t let me in because they are closing. As I was leaving I see a lady coming in and I go back and ask why is she allowed in and I’m not. Employee store stated because she was going to return something. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and asked the employee her name she stated I can’t give you my name for privacy reasons. So I asked to speak to supervisor and Dawn store manager came out and I explained to her what happened. Dawn states the same thing as the employee that refused to let me in to the store. As I’m leaving I mention to Dawn I will be calling corporate to make a complaint because as customer service I should be able to get an employee ID or name to be able to identify the person that is giving poor customer service.

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