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Company Website
Corporate Address
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA
Company Contact
Timothy Cook
CEO and Director
Phone Number
(408) 996-1010
Fax Number
(408) 974-2113
Employee Count


What is Apple’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Apple’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-408-996–1010.


What is Apple’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Apple’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-275-2273 or 1-800–692–7753 (1-800-MY–APPLE).


How do I Contact Apple Customer Support?

Call the numbers fo Apple listed above or contact the company via:

Apple Email Address: Use the Email Form to ask a question.

Apple’s Contact Us page can be found here.

The official Apple Support page is here.

Apple’s Corporate Office Mail Address for correspondence is:

  • Apple
  • One Apple Park Way
  • Cupertino, CA 95014
  • USA


Contact Apple on Social Media:

Apple on Twitter: @AppleSupport

Apple on Facebook:

Apple Headquarters Executive Team.

Apple’s leadership team consists of:

Tim Cook – CEO

Katherine Adams – Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Angela Ahrendts – Senior Vice President Retail

Eddy Cue – Senior Vice President Internet Software and Services

Craig Federighi – Senior Vice President Software Engineering

Jonathan Ive – Chief Design Officer

Luca Maestri – Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Dan Riccio – Senior Vice President Hardware Engineering

Philip W. Schiller – Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing

Johny Srouji – Senior Vice President Hardware Technologies

Jeff Williams – Chief Operating Officer

Steve Dowling – Vice President Communications

Lisa Jackson – Vice President Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives

Isabel Ge Mahe – Vice President and Managing Director of Greater China

Tor Myhren – Vice President Marketing Communications

Deirdre O’Brien – Vice President People

Apple Board of Directors.

Arthur D. Levinson – Ph. D. Chairman of the Board, Apple Former Chairman and CEO Genentech

James A. Bell – Former CFO and Corporate President The Boeing Company

Tim Cook – CEO Apple

Albert Gore Jr. – Former Vice President of the United States

Robert A. Iger – Chairman and CEO The Walt Disney Company

Andrea Jung – President and CEO Grameen America, Inc.

Ronald D. Sugar, Ph. D. – Former Chairman and CEO Northrop Grumman

Susan L. Wagner – Co-founder and Director BlackRock


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109 Reviews and Complaints for Apple Headquarters

  1. Huge Disappointment with Apple Product
    Owner of iphone 12 pro max – 1.6 years, 256 GB of data.- error code 1110 – NO WARNINGS!
    Today My iPhone 12 pro max is stuck in an endless Apple loop. I tried a hard reboot. That didn’t work. Then I tried to update it in restore mode. I contacted apple support 3 times, got 3 different cases opened, Case: 101782281721 Case: 101782285715, Case: 101782348089. They don’t mention nothing about these known issues, and it seems that they have a permanent fix solution already in places for new software’s updates helping with error code 1110 – full hard disk and memory usage.
    After experiencing this issue and seeing the Apple recommended solution to basically reset your phone, I have been disappointing and shocked. I will never buy apple product in my life. ‘Trust’ was the only word in my mind every time a bought apple product.
    Apple can make nice products, but they can’t seem to provide a fix for the device storage getting full issue.
    I hope for other’s sake Apple (1) directly address the storage getting full issue to prevent it happening – e.g. lots of warnings at >95% full and at 97% full must delete stuff and cannot take more photos, (2) provide a proper fix for error 1110 and (3) provide a simple phone recovery environment to allow people to backup their data and/or delete unnecessary apps to free up space
    I lost 239 GB of data in principal pictures with my little daughter 7 years old, moment in my life and her spent in the last 2 years. SHAME APPLE! I hope you never get here in this situation to lose completely all your data with no warnings at all.

  2. I can’t get my phone restored.
    Apple support is telling me I can’t get my phone fixed and they are closing my case. 101767677007 ray Lyons.
    I can’t get any information from phone representatives. Please help me

  3. I was told I was in Account Recovery. After screwing around for weeks, I was told that my account recovery keeps dropping out of Apples system. You can’t stop it from dropping out?
    Give me a break, I alway though Apple top of the heap. Boy was I WRONG!!!!!! What BS are you going to give me next?

    Case: 101741331245On Jul 10, 2022, at 9:42 AM, Steven Krause wrote

    Hi Nick, Thanks for calling me to let me know that Apple still cannot fix my issues with my phone. I just can’t believe that my account, my account recovery Continues to drop out of your system. Where do We go from here? I have used all Apple products for many years, but after this ordeal I may have to rethink If Apple is as good as the make themself out to be. Please give me an update ASAP. This should not be this hard.
    Thank you
    Steve Krause

  4. My wife’s Apple AirMac was swapped at airport security for one that looked identical. She did not discover until she arrived home. The other owners name and picture pop up on the screen and we obviously have serial number. I was instructed to take to Apple store for assistance in locating owner. Apple store took all the information and said they would reach out to the serial number owner to indicate they had her pc, which they kept.
    An hour later I received a call from Apple Store asking me to come pick up the AirMac that due to “security issues” they could not keep nor contact the other customer! What security issue is that? I’m an Apple customer and she is an apple customer that thru an airport mixup have each others device and Apple is the only one that might assist as a customer service.
    I’m not asking for any privacy information, only for you to contact her that we have her computer and she apparently has ours. There is no other way to remedy this as Apple is the only one that has the information.
    Apple store told me to contact the police? All I can tell the police is that I have someone computer from a security station in an airport, what in the world are the going to do?
    This is not Apple Customer Service or Support…

  5. Unfortunatley it is a complaint. I bought my daughter Apple airpods in November 2019. We went to the Apple Store in the Trafford Centre, Manchester as they weren’t working correctly. The sound wasn’t coming through and the left earpiece kept cutting out. They performed 2 tests and said there was nothing the could do. The Warranty and the Apple Care + had both expired. They became faulty after only 3 years and she looked after them. I was told the only option was to buy a new pair. Can you give me any reason why I would buy a new pair. I paid £188 in November 2019. We are so disappointed in Apple . My daughter has her phone, airpods, ipad , watch all with Apple. Is there anything that can be done ????

  6. I dislike the changes made to the iPad mini 6. I miss the Home button and the headphone jack. That skinny button on top is hard to use. REALLY irritating is the fact that I cannot use my old charge cords because you have changed the charging dock place on this edition. WHY? Just to make spend more money, no doubt.

  7. I really dislike the changes to iPad mini 6. I miss the Home button and the headphone jack. Having to use that skinny little button top top is VERY irritating and unhandy.

  8. I am totally disgusted that Apple TV has initiated a emoj of a pregnant male. Give me a break! What are you trying to prove. This absolutely impossible and really irritating that this company would do this. As a long time user of every product Apple sells I no longer will support Apple products. Please discontinue promoting “woke beliefs” on your phone.

  9. Apple store Pioneer Place, Portland; I went in to get a new phone and 3 hours later I walked out without a new phone and no ATT service on my existing phone and all the store manager could say was I’m sorry but there is nothing Apple will do to compensate you for the errors of their staff. Why did this happen? One the store has someone using a microphone to teach classes and the noise level in the store is so high, it is hard to people to be heard. I walked in with a 11 Pro Max and asked for a 13 Pro Max but the salesperson could not hear me over the noise and though I clearly asked for a 13 Pro Max she set up a 13 Pro and started the process of transferring my service before I looked at the phone. However, by the time I noted this my ATT service was off m original phone and on the new but wrong 13 Pro. After two hours on the phone with ATT, my service was not restored and I was told it would be 24 hours before my ATT service was restored to my existing phone. All the store manager could say was sorry but this is now your problem and you will now have to work with ATT on your own. It is now18 hours since I walked out of the Apple store, and not only am I appalled by what happened I still don’t have phone service and have no phone with which I can call ATT. Appalled that a company as big as Apple has not policy to compensate customers when employees make errors and appalled that Apple is teaching classes via microphones in already noisy stores and thus makes it hard for customers to be heard.

  10. I have an apple phone that has got my fingers on but my fingers by my car consul and bought a place in my house I still don’t have a new phone and 26 2728 days at the phone and I’m not to make a lawsuit towards them because I shouldn’t have this device is apartment and then and then and I want everything replaced for it further this week I want my phone replaced immediately in the morning and I won’t that I’m lost on this from work and I had a phone immediately and I will I’m taking the burning device phone turn attorney and I’ll and I’ll get it if I’m that way too

  11. I’m not getting a refund I was told I would get if I bought a new iPad and sent in my old one.

  12. On December 20, after redeem two gift cards that I got from Chase Reward which is total of $300, my account has been disabled. They said that it’s just that they are unable to restore the account. Your account was closed since it isn’t in accordance with the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions. I read the Terms and Conditions, and nothing I did violated any terms.

    I have been in communication with others who have also been erroneously blocked like me. They received confirmation from “Isabela at Corporate Executive Relations” that there is an acknowledged glitch that the engineering team is aware of and working to fix. I know for sure I’m one of the case like that the fraud-detection algorithm has been generating false positives. I just want my account back. If this is their problem, they have to fix it, don’t just tell customer they can not do anything.

  13. My complaint is that the word of a person in your office, doesn’t mean a thing. Because, I thought that it had been arranged, for me to take my phone to the Cherry Hill, New Jersey Apple store to return my new phone without any problem at all. After driving around for a half hour to finally find a space in the Mall parking lot, it was never transacted. The manager there, Vince, told me he wasn’t going to replace the phone, even though I was told by Corporate Headquarters for him to do that very emphatically. He said that he couldn’t find anything wrong with it at all. I told him that he’s disobeying a dire votive from Corporate Headquarters. He was very adamant by making me believe that it didn’t matter to him even if the Presideyof the United States of America directed him to replace the phone for me!

  14. I would like to file a personal complaint about how terrible the customer service is at both the Apple Store locations are in Cherry Hill Mall, NJ location and at Apple Store in Sagemore, NJ location

  15. I need to change my phone number for authentication of my Apple ID and I have to wait until 12/26 to be able to do it since you are so “busy”. I understand the need for security but this takes things to the extreme . I have $10K of Apple devices that are only partially useable because and your technicians cannot do anything since the process is automated. This is ridiculous and your process is broken. I am pondering going over to Windows/Android since this would not happen.

  16. Dear Apple,
    I have had a lot of problems since I first started in April with both of my iPhone 12 promax is things like I cannot receive verification codes it keeps going to public Wi-Fi all by itself I lose all my voicemail it disappears my phone shut off for a day and a half AT&T did send me a phone but I got interrupted by FedEx and they said they weren’t gonna bring it to the end of October when it was a two day delivery and it came to me with a package with a Sim card missing so I sent it back to AT&T now they won’t resend me the phone can somebody please resend me the phone or upgrade me I need a secure private phone I’ve been paying for I pay for AppleCare and I need help and Best Buy won’t help me either in Lebanon New Hampshire.
    And my phone number was changed and they gave me some 413 area code and they would not give me an 806 area code like I requested you know I live in Vermont not wherever this is.
    I don’t wanna make a big deal about this but it’s been since April and I have severe privacy issues and I need help I pay for your service I expect service back that’s all thank you common courtesy.

  17. I have bought a new IMAC and have just found out it is coming from China. It hasn’t even been received yet but I don’t want. I also have a lot of Apple stock plus my family is a big investor. We will not stand for the deals you have made with a country that has put the US and the World in so much danger with Covid. I do not trust this Country to keep our passwords safe from our bank accounts and other investment passwords. What were they thinking. After finding his out I will be tell everyone I know about Apple selling out to China on our security here in the United States and everywhere in the world.

  18. I am a stock holder and pleased user of Apple products. But I am horrified for Apple withdrawing the agreement you had in Russia with Navalny supporters. How can you make a deal with Putin to pull your help? It is an opportunity to a difference in the world.

  19. OA Sir i am from Pakistan.i have no idea what i am doing but unfortuntely i have no
    other choice left. since i grow up till now the age of 38 i spend tuff and hard periods in my whole life.. first i have one kidny by birth. 2nd i dont have my own house to live and also i have no job even any buissness becouse i have no money. i tried thousnds
    of time to get job but failed..our past gov kill pakistani economic values in evryway. now i have only left this way if any one specilay any prince of this land can help me.for youre help my life could be better.i have tow kids i have no future which could
    i gave them for better secure future. please if anyone want to help me i can take a home.i can start my own bussiness even i can help my other family members.. my no 9232146xxxx

  20. In instagram there are posts as iPhone giveaway where they announce winner of iphone pro.i was declared winner then they sent msg in instagram that if I pay the delivery charge they will send my phone & sent many pics of other winners.i believed them and paid 5000₹ as I m from India.After receiving the money they showed me pics that they have parcel it to me but today again demanded 7000₹ and said they are genuine surveyed by FBI.But I haven’t send any more money.Is this true or some fraud going on in name of your products.

  21. Hi my name is Donnie Creach my phone number is 863-307-xxxx my email is DC.model flight 1968 iCloud for over a month now I have had a Apple phone 12 promax that has not been working sent it in for repairs came back not even fixed and get this the phone is a different phone from the one I purchased they sent me a whole different phone I need someone to contact me right away cause I’m gonna go higher and attorney and there’s possibly some criminal matters it behind this to

  22. Hello. I am an avid, obsessive Apple fan. But I have run into a weird problem. This last Sunday, June 27, I was looking around your site as to how I could repair physical damage to my iPhone. Thinking that I might be able to do it online and avoid a drive out to the Apple store, I saw somewhere on your site that I could make a claim under my Apple care + plan. I erroneously thought that this included physical damage claims. I was asked to sign into your AIG partner’s website with my iCloud account, which I did. I then realized I was in the wrong place, since the next question was about how my iPhone was stolen or lost. So I closed the window. I did not continue the claim. However, immediately my iPhone was wiped and it was reported as stolen. My iPhone has become an essential tool in my life so I was a bit nervous.

    I went to my local Apple store and was advised to come back in 3.5 hours. I did so and then was advised by, Matt, who “greeted” me that there was nothing they could do. They don’t have access to those systems, he said.
    As if I do?

    After I insisted to at least speak to a technician/genius, (which required a 5 minute meeting of the staff), a very empathetic, lovely person (Brianna) helped me and we went to the AIG website and cancelled the claim. The AIG site did say that it would take 24 hours. No big deal. But…

    As of June 30th, 9:44 CST, my iPhone remains in stolen or missing state and unusable. Over 72 hours. Is there really no way to resolve this? This isn’t Apple at all. Not at all. It concerns me. I have Apple in my portfolio for retirement. Your devices continue to amaze me. Your stores, you associated entities (AIG) not so much. Are you keeping your eye on the ball for the hoy hoi polloi like me? I hope so.

    And I just want my iPhone back. PLEASE!

  23. Wanted to speak to a customer service manager. Was told I would be contacted in 4 days. Guess innovation does not deal with customer service. 4 days? Unbelievable. Was inappropropriately charge for a new 12.9 iPad.

  24. Hello! I wanted to contact the head of Apple company and ask, for the next iPhone update could you guys add pastel hearts? Like baby pink, baby blue, and lavender? They would be super cute. And thank you for adding the flaming heart ❤️‍🔥 that is very cool. But could we please get pastel hearts on the next update?

  25. May 3,2021 I purchased 1 iPad Air. May 9, it did not work. May 10 i went back to Apple 5th Ave so they could fix it. At that time Julien,Apple employee CLONED my iPad and gave one to a person that showed up at 413 East 55St,NYC.
    I haven’t been able to use any of my devices. I have No iPhone and had to cancel all my Credit Cards and everything. The letter I received from Apple was fake. I send letters to Apple, Timothy Cook CEO. At this time I can’t use anything and I do need Apple to do something. I have spend more than $2,000.+ and someone at Apple allowed someone to steal my identity. I am hoping Apple will respond very soon.

  26. Why have I lost access to app. IPassword because of a my upgrade and why is it not being fixed. Extremely valuable and sensitive information is stored in that app. Please respond….

  27. Hello,
    My daughter did instant transfer from her Apple Cash to her bank account and never got the money. We’ve been trying to resolve this since April with no luck. We’ve spoken to Apple Cash customer service as well as Green Dot and our bank. The money is somewhere. Can you please help us? This is very concerning that money can just vanish and no one can find it.

  28. My daughter, Khristyn passed away two weeks ago. All I wanted was to hold on to as much of her as I could for as long as I could. Apple deprived me of some of that comfort. I accepted but did not understand when I was told though I presented Khristyn’s death certificate, birth certificate and my identification, Apple would not give me access to her phone. I was told I would actually need a court order. I respected my daughter’s privacy in death just as I did in her life. All I wanted was pictures I’m sure she had with her and me on her phone. After being denied I resolved myself for resolving to simply have possession of her phone. I was told BY APPLE that his could be accomplished. I went to AT&T and got a new card and phone number for Khristyn’s phone. I then went to the Apple store, as directed with all the required paperwork. I assured the clerk that I was aware that this process would erase the entire phone’s content. I just wanted use of the phone. Again, I presented the requested paperwork and spent 15-20 agonizing minutes as I watched the contents of her phone be erased. I was told I would I would get a message in a couple of days giving access. After all her phone contents were erased, after I complied with all their requests, My request for access was denied by email 4 days later with no explanation. After an hour with customer service I was then told I need a document from the court declaring my legal status to remove the ‘activation code’? It was like losing Khristyn all over again. Even in mourning I realize this is not moral. How can a company so big have so little compassion, with so much money have no heart?
    I say Apple deprived me of some of that comfort because I still hold my daughter Khristyn in my heart. It would have been so nice to hold a part of her in my hands. Damn you Apple through eternity.

  29. The risk society and obsolescence

    I really need to talk to Timothy Cook, I’m a regular Apple consumer from Brasil, work with art directin, I’m coolhunting teacher and now I’m finishing my law degree. I always used Apple like reference of company that cares about environment and people, in my coolhunting classes and in my own thinking. But now I feel different, it’s seems that is the same Apple ( a proper fruit) but inside it is not the same taste. After I had many issues with Apple about my MacBook Pro 2011, that is considere obsolete, I prefer to call it oldfashion, I had to study about this question and have a resonable amount of decisions and cases, so I decided tonwritr a científica article to my law degree, about “Planed Obsolescence” and how countries regulates that question that includes environment, people behavior , consuming for consuming, consuming for distinction….and i will use Authors like Ulrick Beck regarding to the Risck Society and the brilliant Pierre Bourdieu with its concepts of capital, campus and habitus in his book “:The distinction” . My intention is to analize how people consumes, for distinction, for necessity…the obsolescence of technology impulsing exagerated consumer and increasing the electronic trash in the risck society; and on the other side, government regulations and Apple regulation and definition of categories of products. But First I would like to talk to the CEO Timothy Cook, if it’s possible. My name is Maria Carolina and my Pone number is + 55 71 99148xxxx. Email: carolpaxxxx I prefer to talk by phone, it’s mor live. Thank you.


      please help.

  31. I have an complaint and I only want to speak with Timothy Cook CEO
    at 414-617-xxxx

  32. My Apple iPad will not me send emails they go directly to my outbox. This has been going on for a month. I called Apple techs eight times they couldn’t help. Twice the techs said it was probably AT&T. I took their advice and called AT&T email division. They checked and kept me on the telephone for almost two hours. They help me remove my yahoo and AT&T email accounts and then we put them back. They had their manager call me and after an hour on the phone with him he said it is definitely an Apple problem. I tried to speak to an Apple manger no dice . I have owned over ten years four Apple iPads. I’m 83 years old and according to my doctors of full body and mind.But because of my issue with out going emails l am totally frustrated. PLEASE HELP. Robert Lang rlang4xxxxx 772 873 xxxx Thank You

  33. I purchased an iPhone 12 Pro Max great phone but the charging adapter does not come with the phone.. that would be totally fine if the charger was like the old chargers this is a totally different charger and you want me to pay 19.99 on top of the 1,300 I’ve already spent on the phone and Apple Watch CRAZY!!

  34. APPLE
    One Apple Park way
    Cupertino, CA 95014

    Valencia (Spain) May 16th 2021

    Subject: Urgent response today sunday May 16th. 2021 with computer or server error restoring the id apple email xxxx usage

    On the id apple email service on the email zone, after finishing the fulfill of the email and after sending it to the destination email, there appears a computer and/or server message error that makes impossible its sending.

    The content of the message says literally the following : “You can not send the message This message can not be sent in this moment. Try to send it later Accept blue button”. Enclosed please find an image file as Document 1 with the message sent to the Apple solution service.

    We kindly request you to find an urgent solution so we can retake a regular use of the id apple email axxxx usage
    Meanwhile we receive your urgent response today sunday May 16th. 2021 with the computer or server error restoring the id apple email usage, we send you our best regards.

    Javier Montoro

    A&C Auditing

  35. I went into one of your restaurants in Covington,TN. and waited 25 minutes on a grilled chicken Asian salad and while waiting, I heard alot of your staff members using some of the most vulgar language that I had ever heard in in business establishment. It was 3 other customers sitting at the bar and they were so intoxicated that they joined in on the conversation that was being discussed. The bartender was the loudest and vulgar of all with the help of one of the servers. I was sitting by the door behind the wall ,waiting on my order and I don’t think they even knew I was there. I finally asked the hostess if my order was ready after waiting 25 minutes and she even forgot I was there until I asked for my order and she went to the kitchen and it had to be sitting there for awhile because the lettuce had wasn’t cold when I checked it in my car. I will not be going to Apple Bees anymore . I was a regular customer at your restaurant in Dyersburg, TN. I just wanted to let you know how the personal at that one in Covington was . If I was the owner of that franchise, I would go in and clean house. Thanks for your time. Former Apple Bees customer. P.S. I shall let everyone know not to stop in .

  36. I have a very strange question my wife loves the Apple iPhones and that’s all she’s ever had after she bought her first one I’m trying to find an iPhone I can afford hers is pretty beat up and she needs a new one unfortunately I’m on a fixed income do you guys offer phones that might have not made it through quality control where everything works but it might have a blemish or something at a cheaper price

  37. I have a great idea you might want to buy from me. Every 12 and 13 years old mom an dad would surely buy this call me my number is 904 910 xxxx im Mrs pansy Kirkpatrick I live in Atlantic bch fla

  38. I purchased my granddaughter a Mac Book Air in September 2020 because due to the pandemic she went virtual. Two days ago the laptop had a black screen and is inoperable. We have been calling and but without a resolution. The MacBook is on recall. There are no Apple stores open in our area. The computer is required because she is in school virtually due to the pandemic. She has missed 2 days of school as a result.

  39. WE ARE GETTING THE “RUN-AROUND” ON A “SIMPLE” 24 HOUR TURN ON AN iPhone-12 (a few months old). We are very upset now that we have been dealing with this for over 2-weeks now! I/we talked to Dana M. (senior advisor), last night and she does not have the authority to make things right. We are trying to contact higher management now in order to stop this senseless delay and send us another new iPhone-12, so my wife has her once good phone back. Apple can keep (and investigate) the problem phone as long as they like, but we bought a new iPhone-12 and now we have an old iPhone-7 as a loner. I sincerely hope that this brief message gets to the correct manager who can pull the trigger and stop wasting our time by getting us a new “working” iPhone-12.

  40. I have received six(6) spam calls that my iCloud
    Has been hacked and in immediate terms….whatever!!!!
    They are using local numbers…

  41. I am extremely apologetic to have reached out to you. But I was left with no option but to write this email to you about the inconvenience caused to me by the Apple IPhone which I bout last year and is still the warranty period.

    I have been using Apple device for over a decade and this is the first time I am facing this problem and that too within a warranty period.

    I live in singapore and I work with Deutsche bank and I bought this phone in September last year and from last 2 weeks I have been facing acute battery problem with my device, when I took it to Apple repair centre they checked and confirmed it as a manufacturing defect and they wanted to change but it would take 3-4 hours and then I asked if the same comes again and that too after warranty period over then they had no answer they told me to approach Apple centre. I asked them to change my phone given that it’s a manufacturing defect but they had no answers for it.

    I would sincerely request you to please look into it and help me in providing a solution as we all being in a service industry customer delight is what we all look, and given that it’s a manufacturing defect I don’t want to manually make a phone which can again give me problem.

    The phone details are as below :
    IMEI NUMBER – 35 282311 355009 8
    Model – I Phone 11 Pro
    Serial Number -F17D8LXRN6Y9
    Model Number- MWCC2ZP/A
    Location – Singapore

  42. My IPad was sent for repairs and received on 4/6/21. I have tried many times to check on the status only to be told each time that it is being diagnosed. My last response was that the repair cost was charged to my account on 4/16 and repairs would be started. Not correct. Nothing has been charged to my account and I’m still waiting to hear when I’ll get the Ipad back. I’ve gotten nothing but the run-around and lies. I would like my Ipad back so that I can purchase another brand of tablets. My patience has worn out with Apple.

  43. Apple is some pure crap. My underage nephew made several purchases on my account with a game candy crush that I didn’t authorize and Apple told me that I was not eligible for the refunds for them. This company is crap and I will let people know about your services and not to buy from your company!

  44. Dear Sir \ Madam,

    I am writing with regards to the problems I had at Apple store and support over the phone in London, UK.

    I own a MacBook Pro Retina and an Iphone that I acquire in mid December 2020. I purchased the new phone and when I opened the box at home the phone was used as it had missed calls from the previous week. I came back to the store, they try to make me keep it but I insisted to get a new one which finally they did it.

    After a couple of weeks I started having software problems, but I didn´t call for support as I had a bad experience with my laptop (I was transfered to 6\7 people and they hang off on me as they didn´t know how to fix; this happened several times so I gave up as never was able to help).

    On 16 of April ´21 my phone stopped working. On 19th I went to the store and they come with the solution ´´turn off and back on´´and the phone will work, after that I was shown the exit. I continued having problems.

    After a few days I called Apple Support and they confirmed they cannot do anything and booked me to other store; I went there and they took my phone and they handed me another one (without a box). After that I received an email confirmation where it was included the value of the phone £224 – refurbished.

    I checked the phone and it is worst that the previous.
    I contacted Apple again and they approved to give me an refund including the store manager and when I went 4th time to the store I was treated horrible by a senior\manager and was told that Apple doesn´t have system to make refunds after 14 days and kick me out.

    It created me problems as I had to get half day off from work every time I went to the store which will get deducted from my salary also I had to buy another phone.
    (0 results and I was being treated bad)

    Furthermore, I have included below a complaint link with many other issues and HQ Cork, Ireland seems to not be effective.

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding this matter soon.


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    Remove alarm on Apple products when side buttons are pushed to call 911
    1 has signed. Let’s get to 100!

    Did you know that when you push the two side button on your phone to make a emergency call to the police department that it makes a LOUD alarm ? I didn’t know either until I had to make that call during a domestic violence encounter causing the abuser to get more violent and my phone and watch thrown out the window and stranded in the car with no phone to call 911. I would like to talk to someone to get this feature changed. By changing this it might save a life. I thought I was going to die that day because he got more violent and more angry when that alarm sounded. I have two broken phones and a iwatch that got thrown out the window that is nowhere to be found because of this.

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    A new petition wins every hour thanks to signers like you.
    Go to my petition’s dashboard

    Remove alarm on Apple products when side buttons are pushed to call 911
    1 has signed. Let’s get to 100!

    Did you know that when you push the two side button on your phone to make a emergency call to the police department that it makes a LOUD alarm ? I didn’t know either until I had to make that call during a domestic violence encounter causing the abuser to get more violent and my phone and watch thrown out the window and stranded in the car with no phone to call 911. I would like to talk to someone to get this feature changed. By changing this it might save a life. I thought I was going to die that day because he got more violent and more angry when that alarm sounded. I have two broken phones and a iwatch that got thrown out the window that is nowhere to be found because of this. 80835xxxx

  47. What is the $50 charge for? Do you have Customer Service or not? How do you talk to someone?

  48. I have tried to support but after going they 5 pages of nothing. Where is your customer service? Have not found it yet. All I want to know what is the $ 50 charge on credit card

  49. Hello. My name is Nick and I was wondering if iPhones have ever had a built in digital thermometer? If not can it be done?

  50. I went to Apple suburban square they wiped my phone clean I have no access to my phone somebody else does with a different number so they stole my phone number

  51. I just wanted you to know that your watch has saved my life 3 times now. First time I fell 7 feet and broke my neck in three places and back in three places. The second I fell out my back door and broke both ankles. This last time I fell down a complete set of stairs. See, I’m loosing my vision and am only in my early 50’s. So what I want to say is thank you for having a wonderful product that helps people that live alone and have no other way to call for help. So, what I would like to say is, thank you.

  52. I have now been given the run around 3 different times this week by apple team members, including a supervisor with Apple Care who just hung up on me instead of resolving my issue – this was during an appointment the apple team made – they requested to call me at 7:30pm on a Saturday to follow up with an issue I’ve had for over a week now – I spent three hours in an apple store yesterday and the issue was not resolved so I was turned away and now I’ve been hung up on. I have exclusively bought Apple Iphones for the last 8-10 years, I am a loyal customer and the way that this case has been handled and the absolute disrespect and utter incompetence I’ve now experienced from multiple members of your team is ABYSMAL. One after another, nobody seems to have the ability to solve what is clearly a problem with your product, every single team member I have worked with has had the same conversation with me which takes at least a few hours, includes trying all sorts of resets, none of which solves the issue, and then they have the nerve to hang up on me when I express dissatisfaction in them yet again putting the issue off, after I’ve collectively spent at least 10 hours of my week on this problem which shouldn’t even be an issue. I paid for a 256 GB phone – now in attempting to transfer what is showing on my old phone as 120 GB worth of data to a new phone (exact same phone model and storage capacity), the new phone repeatedly shows that I’m using all 256 GB of data, when the same amount of data is being transfered from one phone to another – its 120 GB worth of data – something is either wrong with the old phone or the new phone that the data is not transferring correctly/not being read properly, and regardless of whether it’s an issue with the old one or the new one, it is an APPLE issue. I have had apple phones since 2013 at least, before which I had every ipod you ever made – so I am a loyal customer of many years and your team member just had the nerve to hang up on me after refusing to help me with my issue. All of my data was aquired on an apple device – whatever is going on is clearly an issue with the tech and my time has now been wasted REPEATEDLY by your team this week. I also do not have the luxury of waiting, hence why I was upset that I was turned away for the third time this week – I am required to trade in my old phone in order to keep the new one (it’s a replacement via an insurance policy I purchased because the screen is cracked -despite having had it in a sturdy case – so the delicacy of the phones is a whole other issue). Here I am – spending my time and my money attempting to simply get what I paid for, and nobody seems to have any idea what to do about it. Nor does anybody talk to one another – the rep I spoke to last night said she’d expedite this issue, and then scheduled the phone call for 7:30pm this evening so that she could be the one to call me back. Then she didn’t call me back, the rude gentleman who hung up on me is the one who called me and told me there was no way to expedite these claims. Why do these two team members seem to have a different idea of what can/cannot be done in terms of expediting? Why did the first customer service rep bring up “expediting” this process if she couldn’t actually do that – I did not ask for that, she assured me that courtesy of her own volition, and then her teammate told me that was incorrect tonight – so not only were they both wasting my time, one or both of them was also lying to me. Why did she make an appointment with me for 7:30pm on a Saturday night because according to her ‘that was when she’d be on duty’ if she wasn’t going to be the one to handle the call? I would have opted for ANY OTHER TIME than 7:30pm on Saturday, but I thought I’d be speaking with the same woman so I wouldn’t have to deal with a situation like the one I ended up dealing with tonight. I cleared my schedule this evening to speak to her because SHE made that appointment with me, then broke it. Why did the second team member tell me “well sorry you’re just going to have to wait for an email from her (THE SAME WOMAN I HAD BEEN EXPECTING THE CALL FROM)?” when that woman NEVER told me she would be sending me an email? When I asked when I’d be receiving that email, the gentleman refused to answer. I am simply trying to get what I paid your company for. If your mission is “to make the best products on earth, and to leave the world better than we found it” then maybe your team can answer for the fact that this product is clearly not the best on earth, it cannot even count data usage/storage correctly. Maybe you can also explain why ‘leaving the world better than we found it’ entails charging thousands of dollars for phones that end up only lasting a few short years before we’re manipulated into a spending several thousand more dollars on a new one because the new apps no longer work on the old phones. Your company proudly claims, “We aim to create not just the best products in the world, but the best products for the world” and yet your products don’t last, and cause exorbitant waste of resources given how often we’re forced to replace them. And here I am, having paid for a more expensive model, so that I could keep all of my data, without having to erase everything, and I cannot even do that because your product is not working, and your team cannot fix it. This is absolutely the most time I’ve ever wasted on a material possession because I want to keep my data and I like the IPHONE – I stand by your products, when clearly your company does not. And lucky for you, I didn’t simply decide to return it and go to a different manufacturer for a different phone, but perhaps I should at this point after this insane rollercoaster – all to simply get the data I paid for.

  53. This what I didn’t like after I talk to ms.Sarah u was very nice to me from technical support and was the one trying help but when we lost contact u has me going to many peoples trying connect no it didn’t sorry problem because u let them got through a loophole and that are use my name as Jones not Pittman but the same phone number and another in that name I am sue

  54. Apple Support told me to come into an Apple Store with an appt. That I could pay 49.00 to get an iPad replaced due to scratches on the glass. The IPad otherwise works fine.

    Apple Support said I was out of warranty. No Apple care – but make an appt and come in anyway. I made and appt 6:05pm Today Apr 8, 2021 at the 67th Street store. Upper West Side NY NY.

    Reason : scratches on the IPad screen from following advise from the Apple Support Community.

    At the Apple West 67th Street Store, an Apple worker took my iPad to test it for Diagnostics. He walked away for many minutes. Returned. He gave it to a 2nd Apple Worker – George. I found the edge glass chipped. I had never seen this before. Told this to George and to then to the Apple Store Manager STEPHEN.

    Case: 101361261605
    Speaking to an Apple Manager at Apple Support on the phone while at the Apple Store on 67th Street, I was told Apple Support had earlier given me MISINFORMATION – Neither Apple Store or Apple Support could exchange / replace my IPad.

    Now I have an IPad with edge glass chipped that was not there before. I use the IPad in an indie recording studio. It is always well taken care of.[email protected]
    Order Number:2204755226
    Order Placed: April 17, 2018
    F8QW 6011 HPJ4 SN
    FPKY2LL/A – IPad Pro 12.9″ Wifi 512GB Space Grey

    Order number: 1007583423
    Apple, Upper West Side
    1981 Broadway
    New York New York 10023

  55. I have gone to your store in Manhasset, NY a number of times to show me how to use iPhone 11 before buying. The staff were abusive and refused to help me. Please contact me at 516-710-xxxx

  56. As an Apple shareholder, I am appalled at your hypocrisy. Have you even read the Georgia voting rights bill? It is comparable to those in the majority of states and actually expands the number of voting hours. When are you going to say something about the genocide in China? Does that align with your “values.”

  57. My name is Steve Fleming. I am a US Marine and volunteer with my local Legion here in Virginia. We are having a 10K/5K on September 5, 2021. Its part of our Festival In The Park. This festival will celebrate 35 years. Each day there are 15,000-20,000 that spend the weekend enjoying good food,craft beer,games for kids and great music.

    I am a volunteer so its highly unlikely that I can reach anyone that can help. We would love to have Apple SWAG gear for the runner’s packet. Please forward me the contact person and I can send all of our Post 501 3C information.

    Thank you for your time.

  58. My son is disabled and bought 5 apple gif card from Walmart and 3 had already been use before he had even put them on his apple phone and only 2 were good they were 50 dollars a piece. I called apple and they said they weren’t Liable for them and I have to call Walmart and Walmart said the same thing and blamed apple so now we are out of 150 dollars. That is a bun of bull cause everyone got paid but my son but I think apple is liable because the cards are sealed in an envelope and u have to open it to get to code so that would mean that an employee would have had to scan it before it got sealed and then shipped off to another store!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. I was looking through your website because I am shopping for a new laptop. I have used nothing but Apple products since 2009 and love them. But I have to say that your company’s prices are getting ridiculously high.

    The new MacBook Pro 16” costs $3022.92 after taxes. For a laptop. Adding some of the necessary accessories adds another $41. That may not be much more in the grand scheme of things but frankly, for the cost of the laptop it should come with the necessary accessories. When spending over three grand on a computer I shouldn’t have to make a separate purchase to buy a cable so I can sink my phone to it or so I can use an external hard drive. Everyone sinks their phones with their laptops so not having a chord would render that option obsolete. Everyone also has an external hard drive with the old adapter size, including some of your own products, that can’t even be used without the extra adapter.

    Even just looking at the specs of the laptop you guys charge hundreds of dollars more for an additional 0.1 of processor and 0.2 of turbo boost. That is such a minor difference and you’re charging an extra $200?! Additionally, the laptop comes with 1 TB of SSD, but to increase it to 8 TB it’s an additional $2,200. TWO THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! That is absurd. SSD came out in the very early 1990s so it’s not like it’s new and that is a ton of inflation even if it were. Looking online you can buy just the 8 TB SSD drive for about half or less of your price.

    The extended warranty was the real shock that made me write to you. It costs almost $400, but in order to use it for repairs you have to pay an additional $99 or $300 depending on your damages. So basically, one bit of damage could cost $700, even though the warranty I bought claims I get two repairs a year. It’s not even worth buying the warranty! 1) Why is there even a service charge to use the warranty that I already spent $400 on? and 2) not to beat a dead horse but I already spent over $3000 on the laptop!!! When people invest in one of your very expensive products then any tech support should be free!! That “3 years of peace of mind” isn’t happening knowing I’m being ripped off. Also, it is a joke that for something that can last a decade or more that there is only a one year limited warranty. That is so stupid. These products are a large investment and customers barely get anything for that.

    Your products may have great quality but they are still often overpriced. It just feels like customers are getting more and more taken advantage of at every turn and that you are greedy. You are really alienating your customers. I doubt you care.

  60. I have an iPhone 8+ and it is very slow and I have almost all my memory left and I don’t have more than a couple apps. I feel like this is done on purpose to make people like me have to purchase the latest phone

  61. With your new car coming up. I have a invention that would make the Apple car #1. Worst case for you is to just listen for a few minutes of your time. My name is Charles Is on. Phone number (503) 348-xxxx.

  62. To whom it May Concern:
    On March 10, 2021, I called apple support because I had purchased a new iPhone SE and during The activation process the Spectrum agent was not able to transfer any of my personal information, contacts, emails and texts. I was fortunate to get your customer service employee whose name is Santhi, she was excellent, so patient, professional and just kind spirited. I am 73 years old and had no idea of how to set up my phone even though this is the third iPhone I have purchased. I explained to her that I had lost pictures of my daughter who died young. She was so kind and said she would work until all was completed, and she did. The case number is 101341423595. It is people like her that will always make me buy an Apple smart iPhone as well as everyone in my immediate family. Thank you Santhi, I will never forget your excellent explaining and support for the iPhone product that I brought and how you walked me through it all. Again, thank you and thank you Apple for hiring such knowledgeable people.

  63. I am going to leave this apple company. I have been trying to tradition my phone for over a month. The representatives constantly lie. The last representative hung up on me.

  64. I’m beyond myself dealing with Apple Business “shipping and returns” ineptitude and the amount of my time that has been wasted because of that ineptitude. Might someone be able to call me between 9am-6pm Pacific Time any weekday (I am working from home still) at 818 876 xxxx and make their best effort to help me with what is a very simple and easily solved problem in any other universe? When I switched my business phones/tablets from Samsung devices, I didn’t think it could get any worse, but it did. Please also forward this to Phillip Schiller, Angela Ahrendts, and the head of your investor relations department if possible. By the way, I also own a significant amount of Apple stock and I am horrified by what I am experiencing.

  65. I am writing because on 12/02/2020 I purchased an Apple Watch loop band for my Apple Watch online. It unfortunately did not fit. I called Apple to initiate an exchange for a smaller size and was told that they could only return my watch band but were unable to order my replacement at the same time as an exchange. I said fine I would just go online and order it myself so that is what I did. I assumed that would be the end of it. I would return the band and get my refund and purchase my new one. That is the furthest thing from what happened. I did return the band. I did buy a new one. That’s where it stops. The total of the band was $52.99. I received a credit for $27.99 on my credit card and now more than 3 months later the elusive $25.00 is still no where to be found. When I made the purchase I split the payment between my American Express credit card and an American Express prepaid gift card. The $27.99 was returned to my credit card and apparently they tried to credit the gift card for the $25.00 but it was a one time use disposable card so that was not possible. After six more calls to Apple speaking to several representatives, supervisors, etc. with countless time spent on hold being told many different resolutions. As of today, March 5, 2021 I still do not have my refund. This evening I called only to be told that a credit is showing as being issued to my credit card and they would have to figure out a way for me to “prove” I haven’t received it. You may have issued a credit but it wasn’t to me. I have checked my American Express account daily and called them to make sure there wasn’t anything pending. They also told me that someone would call me back and that was at 6:48 pm(EST) and it is now 8:38 pm without a call back.
    I am simply requesting my refund.
    Thank you.
    Catherine Andrade

  66. Ios 14.4 update crashed mail. Sent email disappeared. Inbox opulated with 200+ previously deleted emails. Chat folks are useless

  67. I’ve been an Apple user since 1986, when I bought an SE30. This year, I bought a MacBook Air to replace my 2008 MacBook Air at Best Buy.

    I own a business and work with clients exclusively from home. But the Camera on the new MacBook Air is INFERIOR, and makes me look fuzzy and grainy on Zoom meetings.

    Apple owes me and other MacBook Air users a BIG apology! I want Apple to replace by AirBook Air with a camera that is equivalent to the Apple iPhone 11.
    Here’s my contact info:
    Dr. Stephen Neynaber
    269 / 808-xxxx
    xxxc Geiser Grove
    Richland, MI 49083

  68. Both me and my daughter have XR’s. I do much trouble you can see thru my solid privacy screen my text msgs. And it randomly moves the things on my screen like I would push up to close out other windows. But it does it side ways. It get very hot. It freezes a lot my battery dies too fast. I took to be checked out at Best Buy. They said everything looks good. But why are we experiencing all these issues. Thank you Sincerely!

  69. I i have an issue with apple customer service
    i purchased several gift cards from target retail store and when i opened the seal of one of them i realized it was empty and i figure rest of them might be empty as well. i went back to target ( couple hours later) i explained the issue they didnt care and asked me to call apple to track down the gift cards and replaced the codes. i called apple right away explained the issue they opened a case and asked me the pictures of the cards and receipts , i emailed them via their case link and after an hour or so they wanna to talk with store manager so they did and connetion was lost or the person hanged up the call . after arguing with same store manager i called back to apple there was a senior adviser this time, i gave her the case number and she said she is gonna get the new codes for the gift cards (both of the apple rep said the value is still there and not been used yet) she asked me the front of the gift cards, i sent her via their link. After a couple of hours later, she said if the cards were damaged we can give you new codes but unfortunately we can’t give you a new code since the codes are missing. they could prevent these cards from being used but they didn’t do anything about and she just advised me to call the target corporate office and have them replace them. my entire afternoon was wasted between target and apple. I called the target corporate office right after apple and the person opened a case and she said why apple didn’t freeze the cards.. next day I called apple again to talk to the billing department they said cards being already used by someone else. so
    they have every opportunity to freeze the cards or replace the codes but they did not do anything, because they didn’t want to knowing accepted the stolen funds after all my warnings and requests to freeze the cards and they know who used them but they don’t care. they are still advising me to go talk to target. they said they can recover damaged cards meaning unreadable codes but they refused to recover and replace my paid and eventually stolen gift cards.
    apple building smart products but hiring incompetent people.

  70. Hi my name is James Ivarson, I am trying to get a hold of some one who can help me in research & development of a product i have patented. i have sent a link to the us patent office for you to see what i have been working on. and was hopping i could get Apple involved. I own a insulating company in Calgary Alberta Canada. and i would like to discuses more of the details if posable. this is my phone, 1-403-870-xxxx

  71. I ordered a phone on the 23rd of February. It was supposed to arrive the 24th. I called the 25 because tracking showed no movement. Was told it the replacement for the lost one would be here the 26. Now it’s the 27th an no phone. I’m not rich and almost $650 is a lot of money to me PLUS three days of not leaving the house as I was told you have to sign for it.
    Do you call this good customer service. Last night when I called again the gentleman wasn’t the nicest. When I said I felt I should get some compensation for all the wait, phone calls, on hold etc he he INFORMED me APPLE DOESN’T GIVE COMPENSATION.
    I say welcome to the big world of apple who doesn’t care a whit for customers
    Never again will I try to buy anything from apple
    In case there happens be any person in your mega organization who might care a little you can teach me at
    Toni Kendall

  72. After 8 calls, 3 submissions of information requested and lots of misguidance from Apple Support, I still have not resolved my issue: My mother (died at 95) left her IPAD AIR to me (executrix of will) but I cannot get APPLE to open the lock because I forgot to ask mom her APPLE ID on her deathbed. I have provided receipt for purchase of the IPAD we gave to her at Christmas (2019) and the Serial Number on the box.
    Apple Support has misguided me 4 times, insulted me once, and now keeps telling me to resubmit information I have submitted 3 times, because no on seems to know how to work with the department where deceased owners issues are resolved. HELP!!!!!!!
    PS at 95 mom only used the Word With Friends App and there is nothing of value on the IPAD.

  73. I had the worst experience with customer service with Apple, frankly i do no care to have any more Apple products in future, I have every product you have made, imac, mac mini, ipad mini, ipad, iphone, etc
    I called Apple Canada, and got someone in Louisiana, I wanted to send my phone for repairs, your computer system does not even list my province, Prince Edward Island, she wanted to send me to Nova Scotia during restrictions of Covid. so I asked to be transfered to Apple Canada, I was transfered to someone in Texas. Same deal, Prince Edward Island did not even come up on your system for them to arrange for me to send my phone in for repairs. So I asked for the supervisor, she organized the shipping and things got worked out. the service was so ridiculous, I am disgusted with Apple and have been a loyal apple customer for over 20 years. No more. Repair number D482279143 on Feb. 19, 2021

    1. I feel te same. I had the worst experience with technical support with Apple costumer support of Australia. It was terrible and the advanced advisor told me disinformation about consumer right to repair. Was not one of them, I tried many times and all them told me that the fact that I bought the MacBook Pro in Australia( I lived and studied there) , doesn’t concern to me (I’m Brazilian) the consumer rights regulated by the “consumers competition act (2010)” , because I’m in Brasil and i should be Australian resident. It was quit abusing to hear this absurd . They should know the basic consumer law and the product is regulated by the territory it was bought. It’s very basic!!!! It seems that I’m not the only one with problem within Apple costumer service. I transcript part on ACCC that show a case study very similar:

      “CASE STUDY from Australian Consumer Law”

      “In December 2013 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) took legal action against Apple, following a number of consumer complaints from Apple customers about their experiences dealing with the company.
      In particular, the ACCC was concerned that:
      >> Apple staff were not offering customers a refund, replacement or repair, under circumstances in which these remedies are required under the ACL.
      The undertaking also required Apple to provide clearer advice to their customers about their consumer rights under the ACL via their staff, their website, call centre and packaging. Apple was also required to make available in its retail stores in Australia copies of the ACCC’s ‘Repair, Replace, Refund’ brochure.”

      That is what should happens, but I spent almost 15 days calling Apple consumers service regarding to a manufacture vicious in may MacBook Pro 2011. They told me that they are just technical support and they are not aware about rights and regulations. The only thing the insisted to tell me was that may equipment is considere obsolate and there is nothing that can do, and they remembered me that I in fact I have no right to claim for goods because I don’t live in Australian anymore. The other absurd was when I told them about ACCC they just ignore it and they told me they follow Apple legal advice. So the fact that my MacBook has a hidden defect (its a major problem) that I just discover it now, doesn’t matter for them, the just don’t care. Not good!!!! Not right!!!!

      1. I forgot to say that if any headquarters decides to help me is this case. I would appreciate it so much!! My MacBook pro 2011 needs to replace its logic board that is the hidden problem, that just appears after some time. I did not realize it was a manufacterd problem, since i have seen many decisions in different countries in favor to the consumer that bought it in good faith. Its my case, and its causeing me so many troubles to not have it working. Im a law student finishing my course and i need me computer working propely more then ever. I am open to any remedy to solve this problem. My case number is: 101395782543
        My phone:+ 55 71 99148xxxx
        Email; carolparaxxxx
        Thank you!!

  74. I need someone from the high executive office to please get in contact with me
    Case #23755747

  75. I’m an artist who shot my music video with my IPhone 11 Pro Max and it came out incredible. It would be great if you can use it to promote the phone and it’s camera . 201-957-xxxx

  76. In singapore, apple has teamed up with a company called brightstar. In order to trade in we have to supply this company with our bank account number, bank account name, my name, my address my email my phone and my national identity number. In short using this someone can 100% impersonate me with the bank. I called apple in singaproe and was told this is teh only way we can trade in, Seems bit excessive teh data for a trade in and what gurantee do we have in case of data breach our bank accounts are not compromised.

  77. Why is the Apple store in the Oakbrook, I’ll mall closed when other stores and restaurants in that mall and area are open??? COvid restrictions are lifting in Illinois yet Apple is closed!!! I am NOT able to make purchases on line-my gift cards from family are of no use. I am a kinesthetic learner meaning I need personal:physical instruction to operate a device. So Apple, what am I to do??? And WHY is your store CLOSED when everything else is open in Illinois????? I want corporate to answer – please call me. Thank you.

  78. I was gifted by my family w/Apple gift cards for a new IPad and want to trade in my old one. I am 85, do NOT buy on line, want to physically see product w/instruction on use, have everything transferred to new pad and trade in old one. I CANNOT do any of this on line. I can’t believe your Oakbrook Mall store in I’ll is CLOSED due to COVID when all the other stores are open andeverything else isopening up even more now. Apple has always been STINGY with space to accommodate all its customers! This could be fixed by a LARGER space store and more stores available for all the business Apple recieves!!! Spend some of the millions stored off shore and make your customers happier w/more space. Right now Apple doesn’t seem to give a damn about it’s customers who have enabled those riches!!! So Corporate, what do I do w/my gift cards and old IPad???? And why are you closed when all retail stores in that mall are open??? Please give me a workable solution like an appointment at your Oakbrook store. I look forward to a prompt reply. Thank you!

  79. I love Apple products BUT I purchased an Apple SE about 6 months ago. I get no “announcement sound”when I receive an email. I am 83 years old. I have complained. See: Case 101306880689 Thomas F. Howard Cell (901) 461-xxxx. There last question was have someone re-install AOL which I have now done. I still don’t know when important emails come in. Could someone please solve my problem before I pass away!!!

  80. I have been going around in circles with AT&T an apple for three months my phone only had one bar from day one of service so Apple replaced my phone with the refurbished phone and I had to turn in my brand new one to them which I’m not happy about and the second phone replacement the town is doing the same exact thing so from day one of that one also I’ve been going around in circles with Apple I need a phone that works and not a refurbished phone I bought a iPhone 11 Pro and spent over $1000 to buy it I’m still paying AT&T $35 a month fourth and I’ve had two phones that don’t work properly can’t even talk with them because nobody can hear me does the breaking up they have reset it they have wiped it New Sim card everything under the sun has been done to both of them and they’re always I am asking for is a new phone that works!!!!!’

  81. Very disgusted! My daughter had a phone that was still under warranty. We spoke with a tech on the phone for over an hour troubleshooting the phone and she stated that there must be a factory defect and that we would have to send the phone back for repair. However the old phone is still under warranty so we were able to use the warranty. So, we thought! In order to get a new phone, we had to send the old phone in, which was understandable. A $1000.00 hold was put on our checking account until the old phone was received. When the old phone was received the $1000. 00 hold was released, however $601.00 was taken out of our account. I contacted Apple and they said that the old phone had damage to it, therefore we were charged 601.00 for the damage. This was taken out without any warning. I asked them if they could send me proof of the damage, of course they do not have proof. Imagine that! I asked if they could at leas send me some pictures of the damage and again the response was no. No proof of a damaged phone, but yet they can charge me 601.00 for the damages, regardless of what their tech said about the factory defect. I see this as fraudulent activity. I asked if I could return thenew phone and get the old phone back so that I could file an insurance claim on it and of course the answer was no. I am sure that I am not the only one that this has happened to. The warranty means nothing. Totally disgusted with APPLE and I will never purchase an other Apple product again.

  82. I am getting the run around about a problem with new iPhone 12 Max. I have talked to managers in customer service and Accessibility. I paid over $1200 for this phone and cannot use it. After many hours talking to tech support, resetting the iPhone to factory settings , the voice over cannot be stopped. I was told yesterday the “the system will not let her order a replacement and even the Accessibility mangers could not override the system to override whatever to order a new iPhone for me. I KNOW, there is someone in the Apple,Inc chain command can approve the replacement but of course, no one will give me any contact information. So I can contact them. This is totally I acceptable!
    Now the manager, Jerica, said I would have to go to the Apple store in the Boise Towne Mall during a Covid 19 pandemic where many shoppers do NOT wear mask to see if this iPhone can be repaired. I am very reluctant to go to the Apple Store during a pandemic. I am over 65 and I DO NOT want Covid 19 nor do I want to pass it along to my 75 year old husband with COPD, lung dz.
    I have wasted my time and also your employees time to no avail .
    I have multiple Apple products, 5 iPADS , 3 iPods,iMac. 3 desktop computer and with the purchase of this defective iPhone 12 ProMax, an Apple Watch that I cannot use due to the defective iPhone
    NOTHING anyone has done has to-resolved the issue.
    All I want is a New Replacement phone or Inwant a complete refund and compensation for all of the problems caused by this phone

    1. I have found in the past that the only way to get things done with large corporations is in writing certified mail. Don’t waste your time on the phone or on sites like this. You will not get your problems resolved. I also copied the CEO and the entire chain of upper management. Everything else is a waste of time. It’s a shame what is happening with Apple these days. So many complaints that they should be seeing a class action suit for not delivering on their word.

      1. How did you address your letter? Did you send to corp address and do a C/O with everyone’s name on it?

  83. To whom it may conern; I need to get an apple watch next gen. To sample and write an report to the head office to see if we should order 15 apple next gen smart watches for the factually, 15 teachers, 15 watches. This is going to be a behind the scenes report that needs to last 6 months and do a full report to see if the watch will be good enough to support this private school with out anyone finding out to come up with with investment cost to support 15 schools nationwide. The dean does not expect the apple watch to be strong enough to support everything needed to make work through are computer sciences courses for advance kids undergrads. I explained to the main office apple will not allow us to research a 6 month free trial so if you could send any kind of information to the following address I will push the research team to maybe purchase 1 next gen. Watch to then try to get the research lab to do what needs to be done. Also we are trying to see how the watch will act in the advanced insteller program for next year’s rocket science to orbit the earth for 1 year. This is also a project that will be behind the scenes and no one will be be aware of this project so any information on materials used would be greatly appreciated.
    Research Team back house
    Attn: Director Blessing
    16 Oak Park dr.
    Madisonville, La 70447

  84. My disabled autistic son was able to get around the security thumbprint features on my iphone to make $1800. worth of purchases and entirely drain my bank account. I have spent the last five days trying to get refunded this money which any sane adult can see from the purchase history from the 2nd on is not my normal account activity. That these claims are denied are ridiculous and I have received no help, just “Ill stick a note on it and theyll review it again”…then a day later I just get some generated emails denying the claims. No one is trying to help, supervisors will not give their full names which is just another way to deny accountability and screw me over. you guys are taking advantage of a single mother of a disabled child and its making me want to contact a disability lawyer. I am trying to stay civil in the face of being penniless now in a pandemic but I will probably never buy Apple again and its sad because I really like your products and we have four phones in my household. You are treating people disrespectfully and your customer service is a façade.

    1. I hate to say it but if you would have kept the phone away from him this wouldn’t have happened, so yes you should be responsible for it.

    2. Did you ever get any resolve? I’m going through the same issue except my son isn’t autistic. He was playing a game but was able to make purchases with the password I set up

  85. The corporate office email address is not working for me. I need to email you about an issue, or at least send you a pm on Facebook messenger, if you are answering messages on Facebook.

  86. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  87. My review: I have nothing to complain about. I had a problem but customer support was really helpful and sorted it out for me pretty quickly.

  88. How to contact the company head office If I don’t have a cell phone? I will like to submit a complaint online by my email address, or an online form if possible. thank you.

  89. My experience with the company is that once they have you as a customer then they make it hard for you to contact them with any problem. For example i was unable to get through at all on the customer support phone number today.

    1. That, unfortunately ,is the way the modern corporation works. They could care less about solving any problems
      once they have sold their stuff. I am never buying any Apple products ever again.

  90. I would like to know if there is an alternative customer help phone number that i can call. The customer service phone number on your website did not work for me, I only got an automated message.

  91. My review: I have nothing to complain about. I had a problem but customer support was really helpful and sorted it out for me pretty quickly.

  92. I am upset driving a hour thru heavy traffic to reach the Apple store at Lenox Square in Atlanta, Ga, to arrive at my appointment at 2;10 pm My phone needed a new battery and I had to replace my glass face by another partie so I was told that id they broke the glass when replace the glass face and I agreed well guess what they did not have a apple glass face if the broke it, I am 74

  93. I would like to know why we do not have an Applebees in Wallingford, Ct. anymore. We had one many years ago and it was well received. Now they are too far to travel to now in Connecticut. CAN’T WE PLEASE GET IT BACK IWALLINGFORD, CONNECTICUT 06492?

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