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Company Website
Corporate Address
121 E Capitol Ave
Little Rock, AR
Company Contact
Walter E Hussman Jr
Phone Number
(501) 378-3400
Fax Number
(501) 378-3591
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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4 Reviews and Complaints for Arkansas Democrat Gazette Headquarters

  1. Its a problem for me that the company is not open all days in calender year. I know that everyone are entitled to their holidays, but you could atleast have a skeleton customer service phone number that is open on weekends and at all public holidays.

  2. Good company, I have one small complaint though: It would be great if they had a chat function or online email form where you could easily contact a customer service representative.

  3. Mr Hussman stipulates core values “To give the news impartially,without fear or favor”and cites 5 constituencies
    none of which is a political party. Selective deletions of crucial data such as the fact that 22 States prohibit partisan voter registration=2 recent state news items omitted what would have been obvious point at which public education should have been started. Censorship by tactical omission to deny the public facts which could materially alter their opinion during legislative session, could represent Deceptive Trade Practices;Fraud, which with manipulation of opinion+de-selection of pub letters-such as only 1 letter ref outlawing abortion measure-which
    in fact was pro-measure suggests intentional manipulation of what public response “appears” to be; I doubt the vast
    population in Arkansas is so apathetic on this issue; Andy Davis mentioned “another round of emotional testimony”,
    but cited no numbers or names except 1 med resident in Ky; Measure removes female medical decision capacity essentially making her a state proxy serving the content of her womb to serve a state religious goal, without Court nor payment and survival supports for her while so serving. If she were to be perceived as a danger to the state custodial fetus(blastocyst), either from health habits, SUD or desiring a termination, than she must be incarcerated for the safety of that state fetus. Material misrepresentation, factual omission, simple laziness does not provide the quality of unbiased news and acces to the right to publish which the AR Const grants its residents.

  4. Tried to subscribe to you paper for Sunday only because of mailing you sent me. It reads that I can mail in call in using promo code “coupons” but on line says coupon expired mailer reads that it expires December 31, 2018 so I called and was told they could not find your coupon so I would have to mail it in with payment. This all seems very unfriendly towards you customers and counter productive for you so I will be looking else where. Sad that you make everything so difficult but that is probably why newspaper sale are falling

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