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Bank of America Corporation Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
100 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC
Company Contact
Brian Moynihan
President and CEO
Phone Number
(800) 299-2265
Employee Count
Twitter IDs


What is Bank of America’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Bank of America’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-800-299-2265. Alternatively, try 1-704-386-5972 or 1-704-386-5681

What is Bank of America’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Bank of America’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-315-724-4022 or 1-800-432-1000.

The credit card support, phone number is: 1-757-677-4701.


How do I Contact Bank of America Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed here or contacts Bank of America via:

Bank of America Live Chat is available through their Contact Us page, Choose your location and make sure to log in to your online account.

Bank of America Email Address: Use the BofA Email Form to ask a question.

Bank of America’ Contact Us page can be found here.

Bank of America Credit Card Mail Addresses:

Credit Card Payments

Bank of America
PO Box 15019
Wilmington, DE 19886-5019

Express Overnight Service

Payment Services
900 Samoset Drive
Newark, DE 19713-6000

Questions about types of cards offered

Bank of America
PO Box 53132
Phoenix, AZ 85027-3132

Application status inquires

Bank of America
PO Box 2493
Norfolk, VA 23501-2493

Other credit card questions

Bank of America
PO Box 982234
El Paso, TX 79998-2234
Call Us

Bank of America Credit Card Customer Service phone number: 1.800.732.9194 24/7

International Collect: 1.757.677.4701 24/7

Credit Card Activation: 1.800.276.9939 24/7

TTY/TDD: 1.800.222.7365

Bank of America Checking/Savings Mail Address:

Bank of America
PO Box 25118
Tampa, FL 33622-5118

Account Information, Lost or Stolen ATM or Debit Cards or to open an account call: 1-800-432-1000

Call 1.315.724.4022 for International Collect

For Spanish, call: 1.800.688.6086


Contact Bank of America on Social Media:

Bank of America on Twitter:

@BankofAmerica for information and resources
@BofA_News for the latest news and information
@BofA_Tips for tips on shopping, travel and personal finance
@BofA_Help for questions about products and services
@MerrillLynch for wealth management insights

Bank of America on Facebook:

Bank of America Headquarters Executive Team.

Bank of America’s leadership team consists of:

Brian Moynihan, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Bank of America

Dean Athanasia, President of Preferred and Small Business and Co-head of Consumer, Bank of America

Catherine P. Bessant, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Bank of America

Sheri B. Bronstein, Global Human Resources Executive, Bank of America

Paul Donofrio, Chief Financial Officer, Bank of America

Anne M. Finucane, Vice Chairman, Bank of America

Geoffrey S. Greener, Chief Risk Officer, Bank of America

Christine P. Katziff, Corporate General Auditor, Bank of America

Terry Laughlin, Vice Chairman and Head of Global Wealth and Investment Management, Bank of America

David G. Leitch, Global General Counsel, Bank of America

Thomas K. Montag, Chief Operating Officer, Bank of America

Thong M. Nguyen, President of Retail Banking and Co-head of Consumer, Bank of America

Andrea B. Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, Bank of America

Bruce R. Thompson, Vice Chairman, Bank of America


Bank of America Board of Directors.

Brian T. Moynihan, 56 Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Maria T. Zuber – Independent Director Bank of America Corp.

Pierre J. P. de Weck – Independent Director Bank of America Corp.

Lionel L. Nowell – Independent Director Bank of America Corp.

Arnold W. Donald – Independent Director Bank of America Corp.

R. David Yost – Independent Director Bank of America Corp.

Linda Parker Hudson –  Independent Director Bank of America Corp.

Jack O. Bovender – Lead Independent Director Bank of America Corp.

Sharon L. Allen – Independent Director Bank of America Corp.

Michael D. White – Independent Director Bank of America Corp.

Thomas D. Woods – Independent Director Bank of America Corp.

Monica Cecilia Lozano, 59 Independent Director The Rockefeller Foundation, US Hispanic Media, Inc., Weingart Foundation, University of California, The Walt Disney Co.

Disney Co., Bank of America Corp., University of Southern California

Frank P. Bramble, 67 Independent Director

Calvert Hall College, Bank of America Corp.

Susan Schmidt Bies, 69 Independent Director

Thomas J. May, 68 Independent Director


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43 thoughts to “Bank of America Headquarters”

  1. What is going on with Bank of America??

    I am unable to reach anyone in the Corporate office. I have been on the phone with three of your representatives all across the country including Victoria, Sarah, (Santa Cruz loan office and the person who hung up on me) and can not believe the rudeness of your employees when you ask a direct question once you tell them why you are calling. There is no one available to assist you and your corporate number is a joke.

    I called for a specific reason and made I clear each time I called. By the time I verified who I was and proceeded to my issues, the rep directed me to a different department which required me to start all over again with my original problem. Ms. Sarah understood my concern but because I was not interested in refinancing, as she stated on of two options I had did not wanted to go any further and hung the phone up.

    It should not be this difficult to get service especially after being a customer for over twenty years. Mr. Brian T. Moynihan, Mr. Dean Athanasia, Ms. Anne M. Finucane, or anyone explain to me why I have a block on my account; why I can not refinance my existing line of credit (I should have the right to do just that) and why your bank insist I combine my loans to do business with you.

    Someone please reach back out to me that can help.

    Emma Maxey

  2. They need to put some more resources in to their customer service department. My problem was easy to fix but its too hard and takes too long to get though on the customer support phone number.

  3. How do I contact the corporate office headquarters by phone here in the UK. I would like to know if you have a UK customer phone number or corporate number, thanks.

  4. Highway robbery is all ive experience and they are rude as hell. All they managed to do within 60 is mess up all my ontime bills and rack up money because they dont release it on time then i get nsf charges. I lost my insurance and a few other things that most of immportance and they will not get away with this. They are going to push someover the egde and when they do which is coming they might want more than a damb one gard at the front door. This is people income and they keep playing with mine and not a damb bit apologetic nor reimbursement nor change of behavior..ok. Keep …ing around!

  5. BOA HAS made angry TODAY & YESTERDAY ON HOLD A HOUR TALK TO 3 DIFFERENT ASSOCIATES. THEN THE 4th one get on the phone & call gets disconnected. I did a mobile transfer as I always do from saving to checking. They’re telling me that I transfer from my checking to savings. Which is impossible I didn’t have enough money to cover a transfer from my checking. So the associate on yesterday said I was charge the $35 for the hot king $7.11. So I researched some more after getting off the phone, to discover that wasn’t true. I was charge $35 for the $8 that was transfer over savings to checking..Again I call back that morning spoke with Camille she refunded me $12 & did a system compliant.. Her supervisor Ana wouldn’t get on the phone to help resolve the issue. Therefore Camille connected me to another associate David. David understand see the issue connect me to his supervisor. So the call gets disconnected & and no one calls back.. 😡🤬I’m so angry right I WANT MY $35 reimbursement.. THIS IS BEYOND TERRIBLE..

  6. My debit card was hit with fraud $780 was stolen out of my account the day I laid my mother rest March 9th I’ve been calling Bank of America consistently and they’ve been giving me the runaround 10 different people been saying attend a provisional credit my account still have $6 in it I’m not back to work yet because of the covet and they’re sounding like robots now to me so I want to go to the top person at Bank of America because I need my money back on my debit card. EDD have my identity all verified. It bank of America giving me the rin around.
    Im going to the news station next because I’ve provided all documents requested of me & bank of America still have not reimbursed me.
    So I’ll let CNN try to reach Brian Moynihan for me.

    1. I am with you. I cannot get back my money that was stolen from me and my life is deteriorating. Reach out at mariatobxxxx

  7. Yes i have a complaint. Please email me back on how to make a complaint debramorabixxxxx @gmail

  8. I am not a customer, but I am trying to verify if a lien placed on a vehicle by BOA has been lifted

  9. I was a client of bank of america since 2017.
    On May 10, 2021, i deposited cash with the total amout of $405.00 at Oxon Hill branch ref 22364481XM79X7A98CTX7. the teller give me the receipt which i double check when I’m already in my car, the amount on the receipt was only $385.00.
    I go back to the teller on that moment and ask why she only deposited $385.
    were in fact i gave the money with a total amount of $405.
    She said, she counted the money twice on the counting machine, and its only $385.
    I said can you please review the cctv footage?
    I insist the total of the money was $405.00, and please review the cctv.
    She answered she found the $20.00.
    and she ask me if i want to deposit. I said give me back the money. The bank was already close then and i was only the client in the bank.
    The following day i made an appointment and it was Miss Lamodez who handle my complaint, and that was May 11, 2021.
    For to weeks now,
    I’m still waiting for the answer on what was realy happened on my transaction,
    Why the counting machine give two consecutive error on just one transactio n?
    Where the teller found the $20.00?
    Why she did’nt take care of the client’s money?
    Who made the error on that oarticular transaction, the counting machine or the teller? Or perhaps the clients?
    I want to hear from the teller (miss blanca)
    Please take care the money of the client, what ever amount.

  10. your customer service for business is poor
    your customer service for online banking via mobile phone is worse

  11. I can’t stand this bank or it’s lies it tells us customer making billions off fees we worked for that money

  12. RUN!!! Don’t just walk… withdrawal your cash, close your account and RUN away from this ‘bank.’

    BoA has been holding $8000.00 since March 31 because of a fraudulent check that was passed on the account. Someone walked into a branch in NYC, got an ATM card issued on the acct, used the ATM machine to withdrawal $1000 cash and then went a mile down the road and presented the check to be cashed (when you have the balance after the ATM withdrawal you feel safe right?).

    BoA paid the $1000 back lickety-split but is denying the $8000 claim because they say proper ID was presented (for a 78 y.o. man who has been in long term care since 2019 and doesn’t live in NY). OK, sure…

  13. RUN!!! Don’t just walk… withdrawal your cash, close your account and RUN away from this ‘bank.’
    BoA has been holding $8000.00 since March 31 because of a fraudulent check that was passed on the account. Someone walked into a branch in NYC, got an ATM card issued on the acct, used the ATM machine to withdrawal $1000 cash and then went a mile down the road and presented the check to be cashed (when you have the balance after the ATM withdrawal you feel safe right?).
    BoA paid the $1000 back lickety-split but is denying the $8000 claim because they say proper ID was presented (for a 78 y.o. man who has been in long term care since 2019 and doesn’t live in NY). OK, sure…

  14. I am very upset that your bank is stopping access to my money market account by check. There are some of us older customers that don’t bank online.

  15. I have the worst possible interaction with Bank of America the last few weeks. I have never seen such incompetent staff in my life. The representatives lie to their customers and when confronted with the truth just hang up on you. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME APOLOGIZING ABOUT THE INTERACTIONS. Use that time and effort in educating and training your staff for better customer serive, being honest and not being misleading.

  16. On Monday I received two credit cards which I did not know I would be receiving. These cards were the tap and go cards with the wifi icon on them. My present card does not have this option. I called customer service about the lack of security.. These cards had no telephone number to call to activate these cards. I feel that the person receiving these cards should call in to activate the cards even though the card information is the same except for the tap and go option. These cards could be mailed to the wrong address and the recipient could use the card illegally. Because there was no verification process I find this a breach of security and should have been done in a much more security conscious manner. Randy from customer service said that he understood. I asked that this be addressed and sent up the chain so this problem could be addressed. I also asked that I be notified what action; is being taken to correct this problem. what I perceive to be a lack of credit card security. I feel that this, with the present mail situation, could very well diminish the credibility of Bank of America. I have had your cards since 93, but this gives me pause to continue the use of your card. I also feel that if I don not get a satisfactory response from the Corporate office that the people need to be made aware of the possible problems they could encounter with, what I perceive, a lack of credit card security. Thank You,
    Mr. Erwin Goehring

  17. I need to speak with someone in the corporate office. No one at the branch in Charleston, SC is helping me. Customer Service is very poor. Please contact me, my situation is too long to type in this box.

  18. I would like to speak to Brian moynihan president of Bank America to tell him what incompetent people work at the bank I had 48,000 dollars taken from my checking account

  19. I opened I business account threw bank of america online e. They told me to come in to verify who I was and I could deposit a check. I went to the branch the day I opened the account and deposited a 40 thousand dollar check. After I made the deposit I sat down to get a temporary card. When I was called over to get my card they told me my account was closed… I had just opened the account earlier that morning. I asked why and they won’t not inform me as to why. I told them if I don’t have an account I want my check back. They told me to get my check back it would take 12 business days. I told them absolutely not I will not wait 12 days to get my money back. The bankers told me they would void the check and give it back. They handed my check back.. I went to another bank. Opened an account no issues, then when the check I deposited was suppose to clear to my new bank they called me and said it didn’t clear. I called the issuer of the check and they informed me bank of america cashed my check anyhow! I called bank of america and no one knew what I was talking about. I spent many hours on the phone to finally get an answer of they are sensing me a check back which can take up to 12 business days. Bank of america closed my account prior to the check do to not being able to verify the account…. that’s what I was told. I opened the account online then needed to go into the bank to show verification. I did that very day. Not only did they open the account and except 40k, after they received the money, they closed my account and lied about giving my check back. They didn’t void it. They processed it and jeopardized my business. Credibility. Livelihood, everything. Now I’m waiting on a check from bank of america which they shouldn’t have taken in the first place. How can they except a check from a business that does not have an “active” account? They are thieves and stole 40 thousand dollars from a woman owned business that was hired buy the Indian housing association.

  20. I filed a claim for hardship the dispute ended June 1st 2021 and b.o.a. was supposed to credit 14,955.23 but only deposited $343.00 and every time I call they say that they are putting a missing credit report but it’s gotten nowhere the letter dated June 1st 2021 states that they are supposed to credit the account permanently no questions asked but they put the wrong amount and will not fix it some of the people in the phone were very rude and I felt offended by some of the claims personal please fix this thank you. Steven Reed prepaid card account# 442743424286xxxx

  21. I filed a claim for hardship the dispute ended June 1st 2021 and b.o.a. was supposed to credit 14,955.23 but only deposited $343.00 and every time I call they say that they are putting a missing credit report but it’s gotten nowhere the letter dated June 1st 2021 states that they are supposed to credit the account permanently no questions asked but they put the wrong amount and will not fix it some of the people in the phone were very rude and I felt offended by some of the claims personal please fix this thank you. Steven Reed prepaid card

  22. Bank of America does not care about their customers. They hold checks that they don’t need to. I mean US Goverment checks. If you tell them that you don’t have money, because they are holding that check and they tell you they do t care. That your kids will eat when they decide to make the funds available. I will tell everyone nit to bank with BofA! We are talking about a US goverment checks that I could have latterly cashed at a grocery store. You don’t care about US!

  23. Why is Bank of America holding onto my funds which was sent since 10/28/2020. It was a wire transfer which was sent to bring a family member home from the military. The risk dept had promised to return my funds to city national bank. And they never did.they have violated my hippa rights , and it’s an act of racism. I don’t need to get into details. I need my funds back into my account at city national bank.

  24. Someone by the name of Brian Moyniham (scammer) has contacted me telling me that I have $15.2 million in a Bank of America in New York. Email address is bobbyrobertxxxx Says I can pick the money up in Douglaston, NY. Gotta shake my head

  25. Transfer funds from my Discover savings account were scheduled to be in my Bank of America checking by November 30. Such transfers to other banks are timely done, and made available on the designated day. This is the second time the money has been
    ‘suspended’ in ‘virtual escrow’. Where is my money?!

  26. My name is Jesse boggs they keep my account in the negative when clearly you can see iam not getting to use my own account mixed up I need my balance taken away from claims due to them using lies like theve paid me and iam going to go to a civil court if my balance ain’t replaced the fact of the matter is they have my account cought up with a fake claim and now the are deducting from me like as if I owe my name is Jesse boggs xxxx 1978 dob zip code 92201 help get my balance back to card xxxx

  27. Worst ever customer service waited 45 minutes only had one teller open 14 people deep at all times poor under staffed bank been customer 35 years

  28. 1 Extremely difficult to order checks not all people use computers a phone # that is easily accessible would be appreciated for the older generation 2 I paid &25.19 for 40 checks this is an exorbitant rate for people who pay their bills by check please investigate and offer better prices on your check thank you for all your help in this matter Regards Phyllis

  29. Bank of America has the WORST Computer program EVER. The Customer Service center accidently hung up then deliberately hung up. I can not get the computer and the associate helping could not delete old information. I have changed it 3 time but the old keeps popping up. What IF YOU WIll NOT TALK to ME CAN I Do ? CHANGE BANKS?

  30. I am a disabled senior who is trying to make an agreement on an account that I had over 8 years ago. I owe $9200 & no way can afford that whatsoever. I could possibly pay $2500 the most in good faith & that is cutting into where I would live. I am in the process of divorce. Chase has been working with me on resolving my CC Debt with them, which I must say is much easier & less stressful. Please Help. Thank You.

  31. Reordering my checks with duplicate is very expensive. 40 checks for $30.00 plus? And the worst thing is I can’t even talk to a representative on phone. That’s too much!

  32. Dear Bank of America
    I’m an Black African Women and my name is Rhonda Borders and I’ve been trying to resolve this problem since 2017. I don’t understand how Bank of America operates. I received a credit for $4000 back in February 2017 and again in 2020 $5000.95 never received either one.

    At no time did BOA call me,,email, or send me a letter to why I wasn’t receiving my money back.

    It’s not fair that BOA can take 7 months to 6 years to telling me why I can’t get my money back.

    I feel from that phone call on 2/14/17 with BOA supervisor and he Stated ( I took it and there is no one else who can get it back). GTo me that was personal because I never received anything to the reason why but his answer over the gphone.

    I’m very hurt be this wrong doing. Can you please take the time and investigate l correct this situation. It’s really not fair that because I reported my money stolen with in your time frame that I not aware of until now. I did not receive the popular investigation on my claim nor a phone call, email, or letter spoken about until now. If I wasn’t supposed to get it why did (2) of Bank of America give it back (2) times.
    I can be reached at 862-888-xxxx.


    Rhonda Borders

  33. Hello my name is Kathleen Divirgilio I just got off the phone with an Associate about an overdraft fee of $35 which was put on my account because I was $9 short on my account I spoke with an Associate she said that her by pressing a button it either approves it or it denies taking that fee off. I then spoke to a manager he then denied me, to waive the fee. What happened to loyalty to the customer I guess that is gone. I think I will change Banks after 24 years.

  34. I’ve been contacting boa prepaid card holder services about fraud on my account for months with faxed proof and nobody has seemed to dispute or come to a conclusion about my issue . Instead they will just deny they claim the same day it’s opened without the proper investigation even said by some of your employees in the claims department at this point I’ve wrote a demand letter and started to seek professional help with the situation I just want to be helped properly I’ve taken every step I could possibly take to prove the situation . Please get back to me and help me with this unfortunate situation

  35. You keep issuing credit cards to someone who is opening them with my information. First talked to BOA on 3/1/22 Claim # 22030110080720. Yesterday 4/5/22 rec’d text congratulating me on my new card. Talked to someone 4/6/22 Claim # 186236. My credit is frozen at all three companies Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. I have never banked with Bank of America. Please flag my name so no more cards are issued.

  36. I would like to file a complaint of drug use by someone in you wealth quality division. She refuses to get help so now we are at this point. She works in the Newark DE offices. Her name is Amy Powell Davisson. I am her boyfriend but I don’t ask you to take my work. Simple drug test her. She has been out of the office a lot this past week due to her drug use. She’s not sleeping and just not right with her thinking and judgment. I would think this is a problem considering who she works for and the clients she handles. Meth is a horrible drug and it’s tearing her apart.

  37. I don’t have an overdraft fee because i went on and bought hair coloring and i had money on my bank card and walmart took the money and i called the bank to see how much i had left and it said u have a overdraft of 1.02 cents and that was a mistake but they are still blaming walmart. I don’t like to be mistreated and i got a letter saying that the overdraft fee was waived.

  38. Due to a hacker for a year b of a and I have tried to solve the problem to no avail. We’ve come to the conclusion that I need to close out my account. There are three accounts but the other two are still open because of disputes. One account has $60 in it

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