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Best Buy Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
7601 Penn Ave. South
Richfield, MN
Company Contact
Huber Joly
CEO of Best Buy
Phone Number
(612) 291-1000
Fax Number
(612) 292-4001
Employee Count
Twitter IDs

What is Best Buy’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Best Buy’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-612-291-1000.


What is Best Buy’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Best Buy’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-888-BEST-BUY (1-888-237-8289).


How do I Contact Best Buy Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed here or :

Contact Best Buy via their corporate responsibility email form.

You can email Best Buy on the email address: [email protected]

Altwrnatively, you can contact the company via the Best Buy Live Chat function.

Best Buy’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Best Buy on Social Media:

Best Buy Support on Twitter: @BestBuySupport.

Best Buy on Facebook Messenger:


Best Buy Executive Team.

Best Buy’s corporate executive team consists of:

Best Buy Executives.

  • Hubert Joly – Chief Executive Officer and President
  • Sharon McCollam – Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Shari Bullard – Retail President and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Chris Askew – Services President
  • Jude Buckley – Chief Commercial Officer
  • Matt Furman – Officer of Public Affairs and Chief Communications Officer
  • Mary Lou Kelley – e-Commerce President
  • Mike Mohan – Chief Merchandising Officer
  • Keith Nelsen – General Counsel


Best Buy Board of Directors.

  • Hatim Tyabji
  • Bradbury Anderson
  • Lisa Caputo
  • Russell Fradin
  • Kathy Higgins Victor
  • Hubert Joly
  • David Kenny
  • Sanjay Khosla
  • Allen Lenzmeier
  • Thomas Millner
  • Gerard Vittecoq

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11 thoughts to “Best Buy Headquarters”

  1. My complaint: I had an issue with my last order, and they make it really difficult to get through to a real live person on their customer service phone number.

  2. Best Buy would not cancel an order on my Debit card 4 hours after the order was placed .I was told by Charles ID #A1510416 I could not cancel to call my bank. I closed my Best buy credit card and wont do business with that kind of service failure

  3. iselin nj tel service waiting time over 1 hou,r THEN SUPER INEFFICIENT.PLEASE CALL THEMYOURSELVES!!! DUMB AS DIRT AND HANG UP ON YOU

  4. Feb. 4 2021

    To whom this may concern (Best Buy Corporate),

    I am writing this letter because of my frustration with what has happened to me dealing with your company. On January 5, 2021 I purchased a refrigerator from you, Delivery order #1121005575840 with haul away and door reversal. It is a outside stair third floor delivery which has always been stated.

    1st Delivery:
    It was scheduled for delivery on January 9, 2021. I took off work for this delivery without pay.
    The truck pulls up and they lower the refrigerator from truck and the refrigerator is smashed the whole front to where the hinges were up. So that was very disappointing. Now your company calls me to do a reschedule. Ok great mistakes happen, we reschedule for now the next week.

    2nd delivery: I take off work again with no pay! Now the next truck comes and they sent one guy to deliver a refrigerator to the 3rd floor. The guy gets out of his truck and says to me “they didn’t tell me it was the third floor” I said” its been known all along for this delivery”. The delivery guy then takes a picture and gets in his truck. I think he is turning around. He leaves without even saying anything, I stood there outside for 20 minutes wondering were he was. Now I am on the phone with your company again…same exact crap. On hold for 15 minutes I ask to speak to a manager again. I wait and then get connected to a screaming baby and I say “Is this best Buy I was getting connected to a manager and she tells me she is. Well the baby is screaming so loud that I cant hear her and I tell her that I cant hear her and she hangs up. She never called me back. Now I call again and get a different supervisor who assures me that they will deliver and send more guys. So we reschedule again.

    3rd delivery: Now I take off work again with no pay. The delivery guys come. Only two show up again they bring the refrigerator to the stairs and say that they cant do it they need more guys. They knew this all along. Now they leave without trying. Now I am on the phone again to reschedule again for the delivery.

    I have no food because either I have had to eat it all, not buy any, or its ruined waiting for the delivery. I call now 2 days before the delivery to make sure they are on schedule and have 3 guys and the manager told me “Yes I made a notation about the delivery and 3 guys are needed”. OK….Now I want to tell you I have been patient, never showed any disrespect toward anyone, never raised my voice. I have a leaking refrigerator that I have been dumping water bowls so it doesn’t leak all over my hardwood floors. A delivery every 7 days ruined food, no food. I am really frustrated.

    4th Delivery: I am all set for the delivery I take off from work again. The delivery guys show up two guys get out come up and tell me to unload what ever is in my refrigerator and freezer. So I unload onto the countertop. They hook my door open and go down to get the refrigerator. It seems to be taking a lot of time so I look out my front window only to see them driving off without even telling me. My food is all over my counters waiting and now again …no delivery. The disrespect to drive away with out saying anything and leave me with my food unthawing on the counter.

    Now I have had it. I call again. I tell this person “Do not connect me with a supervisor that has no power and doesn’t know what they are doing…I need someone in charge. I now am talking with Ed Whirley at 1-800-304-1259 I am getting all the information now. Lets wait to see what happens cause he is reassuring me that he will get this refrigerator delivered. And by the way When the last guy I talked to at the Best Buy in Countryside IL told me that he would put a notation that 3 guys were needed for this delivery….Ed said he never filled out the correct thing for the delivery. I am waiting now for the person to reschedule me my 5th time. I am really upset at the unprofessional way your company is and cant even imagine that it has grown to be so well know and so big being that it is ill managed and your employee not very well trained.

    What can you do to help me? I have had it!

    Thank you,
    Laura Atwood and my phone number is 312.952.xxxx. Very frustrated and unhappy

  5. In the first place Best Buy has $239 that belongs to me all I asked was a refund and was told that I had to bring the laptop in which I do not have and it was never delivered. You employee said he couldn’t make a laptop appear on my end to bring and I can’t make one appear either. I can’t get a refund or cancel an order. You customer service stinks. Just know I will go to all lengths to let other potential customers know how bad your customer service is and not to shop with this company because they don’t know how to treat their customers. My next step is to file a complaint with the better business bureau and with my bank so I can at least hopefully get my money back. Very very disappointed with best buy

  6. They refuse to cancel my order after 13 days and no delivery. Very rude and kept talking over me! I hate I ever chose to purchase anything from Best Buy.

  7. I have call and spoke to many people in the process of attempting to get with a manager. I was refuse to be transferred, placed on extensive holds and hug up on.

  8. Your company is horrible. I have spent the better half of my DAY trying to get a stove replaced that I had delivered two days ago that turned out to be DAMAGED. I can’t get a single department to help me. I have been passed off multiple times. The stove I want replaced is now back ordered and they think it should be acceptable for me to wait two months to have this damaged stove replaced–while I pay for it. This is all over a stove I purchased online because I had such a horrible experience in your Everett Mall Washington location that I will never again walk into a Best Buy. CUstomer Service is dead at your store. Absolutely the worst. And at my age that is saying a lot.

  9. I have been trying to get a refund for over 7 weeks from best buy customer service. The warehouse is not responding to the team and is unable to process this request. I would like to speak to someone more about this issue as no one at the store level is able to help .

    Reference : 260803330

  10. Cannot get a techie to fix what is wrong with my computer even though I have service contract with Best Buy!

  11. I spent over $2000 6-28 at your store in Bloomingdale IL. The all in 1 computer disappeared with the Memory Stick in transit to my home. I cannot call the store b/c they are not taking phone calls. (seriously?) No one is of any help when I call customer service etc.. Best Buy is no longer best.

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