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Best Buy Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
7601 Penn Ave. South
Richfield, MN
Company Contact
Huber Joly
CEO of Best Buy
Phone Number
(612) 291-1000
Fax Number
(612) 292-4001
Employee Count
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What is Best Buy’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Best Buy’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-612-291-1000.


What is Best Buy’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Best Buy’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-888-BEST-BUY (1-888-237-8289).


How do I Contact Best Buy Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed here or :

Contact Best Buy via their corporate responsibility email form.

You can email Best Buy on the email address: [email protected].

Altwrnatively, you can contact the company via the Best Buy Live Chat function.

Best Buy’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Best Buy on Social Media:

Best Buy Support on Twitter: @BestBuySupport.

Best Buy on Facebook Messenger:


Best Buy Executive Team.

Best Buy’s corporate executive team consists of:

Best Buy Executives.

  • Hubert Joly – Chief Executive Officer and President
  • Sharon McCollam – Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Shari Bullard – Retail President and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Chris Askew – Services President
  • Jude Buckley – Chief Commercial Officer
  • Matt Furman – Officer of Public Affairs and Chief Communications Officer
  • Mary Lou Kelley – e-Commerce President
  • Mike Mohan – Chief Merchandising Officer
  • Keith Nelsen – General Counsel


Best Buy Board of Directors.

  • Hatim Tyabji
  • Bradbury Anderson
  • Lisa Caputo
  • Russell Fradin
  • Kathy Higgins Victor
  • Hubert Joly
  • David Kenny
  • Sanjay Khosla
  • Allen Lenzmeier
  • Thomas Millner
  • Gerard Vittecoq

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37 Reviews and Complaints for Best Buy Headquarters

  1. I am appalled by the service my elderly father received at a Best Buy store in Commack/ East Northport. He received an Acer laptop for his birthday in October. A few days ago, he could not get in the internet and the mouse stopped working. He went to your store and was told that there was a software problem and it would cost $150 for someone to determine the problem. When he told me what was going on I looked at the computer and immediately realized it was in airplane mode. Within a few minutes he was back on the internet. Obviously, someone at your store decided to take advantage of an elderly person in their 80s because if I could see that it was in airplane mode they could also. Is this your official policy? I will be posting this incident on every media platform there is so others will know of this deceitful policy. Shame on Best Buy

  2. Twice I have been on hold with your call center for more than 35 minutes. And once put thru I had. VERY difficult time understanding your agent. I have spoken to a number of your local employees and they say that they have passed on complaints similar to mine and their complaints have also fallen on deaf ears.
    Get your act together and straighten out this problem.

  3. I placed an order with expedited shipping to arrive on 9/23/22. I want my shipping refunded, as it is 9/24/22 and I still don’t have my item, and won’t recieve now until Monday, 9/26/22. This was the orginal delivery date before I paid extra to recieve on Friday, instead of Monday. Order #BBY01-806679557409. UPS is not reliable. I wish you would use FED EX or a different method. They claim they tried to deliver and I wasn’t available to recieve. I have been home all day and they never even drove by my house, much less “attempted” to deliver. I have been on the phone with them four times tonight, and have gotten nowhere. I now have to wait until Monday. Not the service I expect from them or from you. Very disappointed customer.

  4. Best Buy geek squad office is not helpful at all, most of people who answered phones don’t understand problem and concern and after waiting hold for ever , they hung up
    We been dealing with problems with Best Buy since May of 2022, but no results

  5. I bought a beautiful Samsung Refrigerator side by side, when the mover’s brought it in they did damage to my wall’s. Now they want to sign a form to get paid for damage’s that also release’s Best Buy from all of any claim’s. Been trying to talk to a Manger for over 1 month now. Very Very upset have not talked to a manger yet. It make’s me wish I had went somewhere else to buy a new on. The phone service will Not connect me to a Manger and one month later I still have Not !! This is the way you all customer service, I call it a BIG RUN AROUND.. Own up to what has happen with this ordeal… Very Very upset
    Susan Herweck

  6. I recently closed my credit card account with Best Buy. I will never shop at this store again. I purchased Apple Pods Max in November 2021. I never received it. I called soon after that my item was not received. customer service rep said they would sent out another. couple days later i recived an email say purchase canceled. called back then was told they would send a claim. called weeks later issue was not resolved they said they did not see a claim so submitted another. This went on for a couple of months during one of these calls I was asked to submit a police report and call Fed Ex which I did fed ex then emailed me saying the shipper must file all claims as per our contract agreement with them. Please contact the shipper for further information. months of going back and forth with customer service. I have not yet received my Apple Pods Max and still paying on this item. I am out 518.53 dollars for something I don’t even have. This was suppose to be a Christmas present for my son. So very disapointed with this the customer servise i had and the with some of these reps so rude. Best Buy hired fed ex to deliver my package and i was the one going back and forth with these compnay looking for my package. Why leave a package on my front door with no fence, no to sign off for the package nothing>

  7. Pulled up to the covid testing tent today and was aggravated that the older white woman in the tent looked me square in the eyes and did not attempt to help me in any way . So I sat there waiting for the black woman that serviced the car ahead of me to finish up the person ahead of and then come help me. Just Lazy and Sad

  8. I am Mohamed Camara. On 05/11/2022 I applied for an iPhone 13 pro Max from your store with AT&T as a carrier. This product was shipped and was delayed later. So I received on the 16th. Based on my busy schedule I was only able to configure my new phone on 05/24/2022. I called AT&T for help. They told me that the phone was supposed to be shipped with a sim card that was not included in the package. Then the very next day, I went to an AT&T to activate my phone. There they could not active it because of an error message ” SIM NOT SUPPORTED” then they ask me to go to their corporate office. Once there, they received the same message and they told me to take the phone back to best buy for an exchange. I went to 2300 Petrie Ln lanham MD 20706. After more than 2 hours of trying, the associate told me to take the phone to the initial best buy store at 14160 Baltimore Ave Laurel MD. There, I explained the problem and the associate called the manager who did not want to take the product back. I told me to go back home with the phone and return to the store the next day as no one was there to take a look at my phone. I told him that I will not go back home with this phone. After few minutes of intense arguments, I left the phone on the table and I left the store. I called AT&T to cancel my contract. I am writing to let you know that I may be file a lawsuit against Best buy for running my credit and refusing to exchange my product by causing inconvenience. I lost my whole day yesterday on this issue.
    Order #

    I can be reached at: 240-548-7498
    Email: bigmxxxx

  9. I am very disappointed in the Geek Squad service I received on two days last week. When I went to my local Best Buy store to complain, they said I would have to complain to “corporate” since they control that department> Please help with my complaint.

  10. I purchased a keruig from Best Buy through Instacart, on April 9th, 2021. The coffee pot stopped working, I tried to return it in April, 2022. I should have two year warranty. I have total protect! Best Buy said, please give me order number, 4013545274234706. I gave them number, they said nothing they can do! I had to buy another one. Please check into this, I should have my 167.00 returned. Thanks

  11. For 2 days I have tried to contact my local Best Buy in Pineville NC and nobody will answer the telephone. I want to purchase a new laptop but have some questions.


  13. I have had my delivery cancelled three times! I need someone to make this make sense.

  14. I was not able to find a spot on your website to file a compliment of one of your employees. We were needing to get a new phone we firsst visited went to the Verizon Store in West Des Moines and they advised they were too busy and we could try the Best Buy down the street on University in West Des Moines. This was one of the best recommendation that could have happened as we went to your Best Buy location at 4100 University in West Des Moines and we got to work with an amazing employee Matheus Soares. He did an outstanding job not only serving our needs of getting a new phone but he was also a multi-tasker constantly aware of his surroundings, his co-workers and most importantly customers that approached. All at the same time he never let us feel like he was too busy to assist he was just very self-aware of everything happening around to provide service to as many customers as he could. In conversation he advised he had recently relocated from the Minneapolis area where he had worked for several years at your store in that location. I can only say this was a WIN for our location due to his knowledge, customer service and just overall demeanor while on the job. As a manager in the corporate world for the last 25 years this is a team member that I would love to have on my staff representing the face of the company. Great job Matheus in representing Best Buy and using all the skills you have learned over the years to make the best experience. Even when we had an issue and had to go back the next day to solve the problem he made that experience seamless and painless. Most customer may have been frustrated to have to return to the store but working with Matheus made this another great experience. So much so that we returned a couple of weeks later to have him assist with switching our daughters phone service once again outstanding service.
    Way to go Matheus!!!!

  15. I received an excellent and amazing delivery from two angels in disguise that works for you. I gave them my email they said I should recieve a survey from you to date I haven’t but I want stop until Best Buy know about Daniel and Nelson. My daughter Jameel Davis made the purchase she was working so I’m the one who needs to submit a review for them. My email address is dianet.dxxxx please forward

  16. Dishwasher ordered in Feb. to be delivered in March, wasn’t, but website said it had been delivered. 3 different chatlines, complaints, no results. This company is not headquartered in a VERY HOT inshopitable place – in my estimation. I will not buy there anymore

  17. To: CEO of Best Buy
    Dear Mr. Corrie Berry!

    My name is Anna Feydis, along with my husband Mikhail Feydis, I would like to make you aware and bring to your attention a situation that aroused during my last encounter with Best Buy.
    We purchased a refrigerator for my elderly parents online, on March 6th, 2022, scheduled a delivery and moving of an old refrigerator. Everything was paid in full (BBY01-806620279065/Refrigerator Model WRS321SDHV). Delivery was confirmed for March 9th, 2022. I took a day off from work to be present for this delivery. On appointed day| received a phone call stating that delivery crew will arrive in about 5 minutes. I met delivery crew outside and I opened a garage door to show where I want the old refrigerator to be placed and little that knew delivery guys stopped speaking English, started to converse in Spanish which I don’t understand. I felt awkward since I didn’t know what they were saying. Meanwhile one of the men went to measure doorway, stairway and complain that they have to carry refrigerator up and then down the stairs. What they did next was unreal! They decided that they will not bring up the new refrigerator and carry down the old one based on the fact that it will not fit. They saw an old refrigerator and assumed that because it’s smaller, the new one will not fit. My husband measured everything precisely before we placed an order. Moreover, we had the same size refrigerator before this smaller one, and it was purchased from Best Buy and delivered by Best Buy. These men didn’t want to hear me, made a phone call and on a raised voice told me to wait for someone to call me from Best Buy. They left laughing at me. I was extremely upset and since none called, I made a call myself. A representative, sorry didn’t get the name, listened to me and offered a second delivery on March 11th, 2022. On this day I wasn’t able to take off from work, so my husband did. He stayed home, waiting for delivery. On March 10th, 2022 I checked my email as I was told by a representative, and delivery was scheduled for the 11th between 12-6 pm. Next day on my break I checked my emails and there was another email from Jones, Kristen (copy of email included) stating that delivery crew informed Best Buy that purchased refrigerator will not fit through the door of my home and I need to purchase a smaller one and I should go to a local Best Buy for an assistance. Supposedly a phone call was made by the above individual, however, neither me nor my husband received this mysterious call. I contacted my wireless and local providers to see if there was a call made and they have no records of it. I checked my account and saw that delivery window was between 2-6pm as scheduled. Soon after I checked my account I got additional email stating that delivery will occur at around 2:35pm on March 11th. None called, showed up or anything else to this matter. My husband waited all day, we have camera is around our property to prove that there was no delivery crew on March 11th. Being very upset for the lies given to me I phoned (888)237-8289. Spoke to a nasty individual who wasn’t helpful at all, kept interrupting, not given even complete sentence, she did not want to listen my frustration and gave a compensation case #28377723. I still tried to solve my problem I ask to be connected to a supervisor. Right away the answer was “they are busy” but I left my number insisting on a call back. Soon I received a call from Delmy Alfaro (I apologize of misspelled names) stating that I need a smaller refrigerator based on their delivery crew report. This individual didn’t want to listen to me and wouldn’t even allow me to explain my side of the situation, stating that report that was given by delivery crew is what matters and nothing else. So, to make me happy, he offered last delivery attempt. However, the days and times that was offered didn’t work for neither me nor my husband and the above-mentioned person didn’t want to hear anything stating ” that’s all I have”, if you don’t like it then whatever”. I was also informed by the above mentioned supervisor that if I don’t purchase another product from Best Buy I cannot be compensated for time wasted. I didn’t want to waste any more of my time and decided to finish this nonsense telling this supervisor that it’s a shame that reputable company makes decisions based on delivery crew reports. And more so that superiors don’t listen and don’t care when speaking to customers. The very next day I called Best Buy credit card and put a dispute for this charge.
    I am extremely upset and frustrated with the service provided. Me and my husband been customers for many years and purchased a lot of items, and absolutely didn’t expect such a terrible service. Leaders and superiors of the company listen to delivery men who are barely educated and speak different language to their convenience, lazy and obnoxious!!! Supervisors and others don’t want to listen or hear customers!!!
    At this point I would like to be reimbursed for the purchase made that was never delivered and would strongly appreciate a compensation for time wasted, lies heard and disrespect provided.
    I think due to poor management and awful customer service Best buy ll going to lose a lot of loyal customers.
    Anna Feydis

  18. We canceled our 5500.00 order because the incompetent people you have fir delivery is pathetic. Delivery guy gets lost and decides not to deliver our appliances today so now I have no appliances in my kitchen they were all taken out so the new could be put in. Lost a pay day of work. All over your incompetence. I will never buy from you again and I will give you bad reviews 24/7 on all social media and your pathetic websites. Rot in hell for your incompetence.

  19. Not to make light of anyone else’s issues with best buy, but I like to see this one topped. Long story, very short as possible, I paid for Best Buy Geek Squad Tech, support & came in remotely and stole my identity, life, photo’s you name it. So big question? How much is your identity worth? Been running around for weeks, trying to secure my business, accounts, credit cards, you name it. Did I file a complaint? Sure, with who? FBI, Best Buy, Attorney General, BBB……..all of the above-hmmmm, no help anywhere. I haven’t slept, worked, in weeks now, while everyday is something new. Oh, did I mention that they got as far as to get into my internet broadband and change my IP address to South Africa & Europe. I am welcoming a lawyer at this point to HELP me PLEASE. How can they not be held accountable for this & this nightmare I now have to live daily.

  20. Customer service is the worst!!! Had I known what I know now I would NOT have given them a dime of my money and I have spent thousands in the past 3 months alone! Am trying to get a Security system installed and I’m a TOTAL TECH MEMBER Zane I’m still getting jerked around 2 at home service appointments one no show and one showed without notice just popped up out of nowhere! a still not installed can’t get past front line of customer service -promised 3 management call backs each giving a 2 hr window and it’s been a week! Ready for an attorney!!

  21. I had a delivery this morning when the guys showed up they didn’t take my dishwasher off the truck he said the dishwasher was 34” and my space was 34 on side 1/8 to short on the other side I thought it may fit because my countertop would allow the adjustment he told me I should buy an more expensive dishwasher that would be easier for him I took off work for this delivery. He I was the 3rd delivery that he didn’t install today and he would get off early today. Today is Monday the 12/27/2021 I had a 7 til 1 delivery. I think he should have tried instead of trying to get off early your other service guys were just wonderful. The guy today I had to give him face mask I want the dishwasher I chose and paid for can you please address this and get back to me I am use to better service from Best Buy. My number is (302) 588-xxxx. Thank you for all the remarkable service I have received in the past.

  22. we purchased new iPhones from best buy muncy pa. was told that we would receive the 650 per phone trade in on our older phones. so we purchased them. we called verizon and they informed us that we did not qualify for the 650 rebate and that the best buy employee was untruthful. went to best buy and they said all they could give us was 100 per phone. we would NEVER have purchased our news 13 pro max if we were told the truth. i am willing to press charges against best buy if they do not honor what they agreed upon when we signed up for the purchase and verizon. best buy needs to stand by an honor the promotion that they never gave us. we will press charges and post what best buy has done. we cannot afford to have these phones without the promotion 650 per phone. we sent in our old phones and were in excellent condition. we are going back to best buy this afternoon and need to have this resolved. 2 o’clock today we will be going back in.

    1. Hi Mr. Fry,
      I had a previous experience and have been stuck paying for phones for over 14 months that were to be free and they took our perfectly working phones with no credit. What ended up happening in your case?

      Chris B.

  23. I spent over $2000 6-28 at your store in Bloomingdale IL. The all in 1 computer disappeared with the Memory Stick in transit to my home. I cannot call the store b/c they are not taking phone calls. (seriously?) No one is of any help when I call customer service etc.. Best Buy is no longer best.

  24. Cannot get a techie to fix what is wrong with my computer even though I have service contract with Best Buy!

  25. I have been trying to get a refund for over 7 weeks from best buy customer service. The warehouse is not responding to the team and is unable to process this request. I would like to speak to someone more about this issue as no one at the store level is able to help .

    Reference : 260803330

  26. Your company is horrible. I have spent the better half of my DAY trying to get a stove replaced that I had delivered two days ago that turned out to be DAMAGED. I can’t get a single department to help me. I have been passed off multiple times. The stove I want replaced is now back ordered and they think it should be acceptable for me to wait two months to have this damaged stove replaced–while I pay for it. This is all over a stove I purchased online because I had such a horrible experience in your Everett Mall Washington location that I will never again walk into a Best Buy. CUstomer Service is dead at your store. Absolutely the worst. And at my age that is saying a lot.

  27. I have call and spoke to many people in the process of attempting to get with a manager. I was refuse to be transferred, placed on extensive holds and hug up on.

    1. it’s been an horrible experience . I purchased a kitchen appliance set , Handle on the freezer was damaged . they ordered new handle ( wrong one) I went back to Best Buy store 3 times Noone knew how to order new handle . One manager turned his back on me and walked away ,leaving me wondering what the F**k ..called corporate . they set me up with a new refrigerator . finally arrived yesterday . The driver noticed it only needed a handle , I said you must give me the new one ..I went inside my house to continue emptying the refrig. so they can swap it out ..Then I seen them driving away ! no explanation , they just took off. now I’m here with a handless refrigerator ..$9,500 total waste !!!

  28. They refuse to cancel my order after 13 days and no delivery. Very rude and kept talking over me! I hate I ever chose to purchase anything from Best Buy.

  29. In the first place Best Buy has $239 that belongs to me all I asked was a refund and was told that I had to bring the laptop in which I do not have and it was never delivered. You employee said he couldn’t make a laptop appear on my end to bring and I can’t make one appear either. I can’t get a refund or cancel an order. You customer service stinks. Just know I will go to all lengths to let other potential customers know how bad your customer service is and not to shop with this company because they don’t know how to treat their customers. My next step is to file a complaint with the better business bureau and with my bank so I can at least hopefully get my money back. Very very disappointed with best buy

  30. Feb. 4 2021

    To whom this may concern (Best Buy Corporate),

    I am writing this letter because of my frustration with what has happened to me dealing with your company. On January 5, 2021 I purchased a refrigerator from you, Delivery order #1121005575840 with haul away and door reversal. It is a outside stair third floor delivery which has always been stated.

    1st Delivery:
    It was scheduled for delivery on January 9, 2021. I took off work for this delivery without pay.
    The truck pulls up and they lower the refrigerator from truck and the refrigerator is smashed the whole front to where the hinges were up. So that was very disappointing. Now your company calls me to do a reschedule. Ok great mistakes happen, we reschedule for now the next week.

    2nd delivery: I take off work again with no pay! Now the next truck comes and they sent one guy to deliver a refrigerator to the 3rd floor. The guy gets out of his truck and says to me “they didn’t tell me it was the third floor” I said” its been known all along for this delivery”. The delivery guy then takes a picture and gets in his truck. I think he is turning around. He leaves without even saying anything, I stood there outside for 20 minutes wondering were he was. Now I am on the phone with your company again…same exact crap. On hold for 15 minutes I ask to speak to a manager again. I wait and then get connected to a screaming baby and I say “Is this best Buy I was getting connected to a manager and she tells me she is. Well the baby is screaming so loud that I cant hear her and I tell her that I cant hear her and she hangs up. She never called me back. Now I call again and get a different supervisor who assures me that they will deliver and send more guys. So we reschedule again.

    3rd delivery: Now I take off work again with no pay. The delivery guys come. Only two show up again they bring the refrigerator to the stairs and say that they cant do it they need more guys. They knew this all along. Now they leave without trying. Now I am on the phone again to reschedule again for the delivery.

    I have no food because either I have had to eat it all, not buy any, or its ruined waiting for the delivery. I call now 2 days before the delivery to make sure they are on schedule and have 3 guys and the manager told me “Yes I made a notation about the delivery and 3 guys are needed”. OK….Now I want to tell you I have been patient, never showed any disrespect toward anyone, never raised my voice. I have a leaking refrigerator that I have been dumping water bowls so it doesn’t leak all over my hardwood floors. A delivery every 7 days ruined food, no food. I am really frustrated.

    4th Delivery: I am all set for the delivery I take off from work again. The delivery guys show up two guys get out come up and tell me to unload what ever is in my refrigerator and freezer. So I unload onto the countertop. They hook my door open and go down to get the refrigerator. It seems to be taking a lot of time so I look out my front window only to see them driving off without even telling me. My food is all over my counters waiting and now again …no delivery. The disrespect to drive away with out saying anything and leave me with my food unthawing on the counter.

    Now I have had it. I call again. I tell this person “Do not connect me with a supervisor that has no power and doesn’t know what they are doing…I need someone in charge. I now am talking with Ed Whirley at 1-800-304-1259 I am getting all the information now. Lets wait to see what happens cause he is reassuring me that he will get this refrigerator delivered. And by the way When the last guy I talked to at the Best Buy in Countryside IL told me that he would put a notation that 3 guys were needed for this delivery….Ed said he never filled out the correct thing for the delivery. I am waiting now for the person to reschedule me my 5th time. I am really upset at the unprofessional way your company is and cant even imagine that it has grown to be so well know and so big being that it is ill managed and your employee not very well trained.

    What can you do to help me? I have had it!

    Thank you,
    Laura Atwood and my phone number is 312.952.xxxx. Very frustrated and unhappy

  31. iselin nj tel service waiting time over 1 hou,r THEN SUPER INEFFICIENT.PLEASE CALL THEMYOURSELVES!!! DUMB AS DIRT AND HANG UP ON YOU

    1. 03/08/2022
      I have been a Best Buy customer for many years. As of today made the decision to very soon pay off the balance on my Best Buy Credit Card, and then close the account. As well I will on April the 5th 2022 – cancel the Geek Squad Service that I have also had for years. You are losing a good customer.
      I may be behind the 8 ball in timing and addressing and understanding regarding a recent notification in my Email. It notified me that my account will be charged $199.99 for continuing Geek squad coverage for the next year. Let’s be frank though, we are talking about $200 minus a penny yearly. I had been renewing this for approx $79 yearly.
      So was shocked to realize you have DOUBLED the cost. I will not pay this what to me is an exorbitant and indiscriminate customer gouging cost.
      I call about this today and your representative explained this upgraded and costly service would cover multiple devices, insure multiple products. etc. And that the old plan had been phased out and it was decided to bring all those customers into this new one at double the cost.
      I can see this for customers in large homes, with large or simply multiple family members, and with multiple devices.
      But I am a senior, live alone, work two days a week and do medical exams requiring me to have good computing equipment. After a stroke last year I work only 2 days and a budget stretched only goes so far. Historically I have only used g squad t maybe twice a year for a tune-up or a problem I cannot solve. I am referring to only one device, a laptop computer bought from Best Buy. I have bought many and all like items all from you over the years, printers, computers, accessories. phones. No more when these are items easily bought elsewhere.
      I ask why stay with a company that seems to overlook the fact that you are doubling the cost for costly services I would think many people neither want nor need?
      And the service itself is satisfactory but far from stellar. The waits are long to just get through to Geek Squad, the representatives are obviously outsourced to foreign countries and their service is sketchy and highly inconsistent. As well the process can and usually always does take hours to overnight, where you cannot even use your computer.
      Best Buy would have done itself a service by considering before implementing these outrageous price increases. More than one plan should have been implemented and offered, more affordable for some who use much less than others.
      I resent and will not do business with any company that so clearly focuses on the bottom line of money to them and so little regard for their individual customer bases. Raising the price is one thing, doubling should make some sense to your customer base and I see none, except greed.
      Ramona Arnold
      member #: BBYPL102221xxxx

  32. Best Buy would not cancel an order on my Debit card 4 hours after the order was placed .I was told by Charles ID #A1510416 I could not cancel to call my bank. I closed my Best buy credit card and wont do business with that kind of service failure

  33. My complaint: I had an issue with my last order, and they make it really difficult to get through to a real live person on their customer service phone number.

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