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Corporate Address
PO Box 929
Forrest City, AR
St Francis
Company Contact
Richard Schultz
Plant Mgr
Phone Number
(870) 630-1638
Fax Number
(870) 630-0274
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
Sic Directory Code

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8 Reviews and Complaints for Boar’s Head Provisions Headquarters

  1. Good morning u have a bordes head in 482 Greenwich ct NewHaven inside a
    c-town supermarket . Your employees need improvement in customer service or they need to be retrained. I’ve had multiple incidents in there where I’m standing in line and they either walk away to do other task or they act like they don’t see you there. And when u ask if anyone here is working all you get it’s a Silent answer and that’s very unprofessional on their behalf of not serving customers with proper respect

  2. I purchased your uncured ham from Buhlers in medina Ohio two time and it wasn’t even a week old and it turned a very gross color grayish white I dont know what the problem is but you need to fix it.i dont think I will be buying your lunch meat anymore

    1. Boars Head meats are fresh in the fridge for three days .We use very little preservatives in our meats.

  3. My experience with the company is that once they have you as a customer then they make it hard for you to contact them with any problem. For example i was unable to get through at all on the customer support phone number today.

  4. How to contact the company head office If I don’t have a cell phone? I will like to submit a complaint online by my email address, or an online form if possible. thank you.

  5. Let me tell you about my Maggie, a 4 pound Chihuahua. She’s 5 years old now and when I got her at 8 weeks she weighed 9 ounces. I had a lot of trouble getting her to eat anything. The vet and I tried EVERY dog food on the market along with the prescription food at the vet. Desperate I gave her some of my BH chicken breast and she loved it! Well, long story short, while I still try every new dog food available, she only exists because of Boar’s Head. She only eats the low-sodium chicken breast of which I make several trips a week to Publix so that it’s always fresh. (She eats 1 1/2 pounds a week). Once in a while she’ll have some of your roast pork, but the chicken is the be all and end all for her. Maggie also knows your products well. Once I noticed she wasn’t eating her dinner and didn’t know why. In looking at the package from the deli I noticed the slices were larger. Turkey is larger and the deli girl had given me the wrong meat. I also bought chicken breast from another manufacturer and she actually walked away from it. I just want to thank you for keeping my Maggie happy and well fed.

  6. I work for the local grocery store, Ingles, in the town I live in, and we sell Boar’s Head products and lunch meats and cheeses. I work in the Deli Department and most of the time I’m at the meat case. Our store is extremely busy, and I mostly run the meat case by myself. Most of the time I can’t get any help from over half of the deli that I work with over the fact that most are just lazy and the other don’t care how I struggle or how long that some customers have to wait in line just to get service. Management of the store doesn’t seem to really care, but I do. I’m the one that has to be harassed by rude customers every day and by one of the employees of the Boar’s Head Company. Her name is India Uselton. She is in charge of ordering our truck and helping us out with what we need at our Elberton, GA store. For the past month or so the help at the store has suffered and business is very busy. I am only one person and can do so much. I sometimes have to help meat and cheese and bulk salad case, run register, hot bar, sub bar, and the cheese case. It’s hard to get everything done in an 8 hour shift if you are all alone without decent help. I get upset when she comes in and I’m the one that has to get fussed at for things that I can’t help. I can’t help it if I might not have time to do the samples that Boar’s Head is always on your ass about doing, or have everything rewrapped or labels checked, or that certain sales signs are up. I can’t help it if I put a sign up and then second shift does something they aren’t supposed to do like not date it properly or have two open of something or cut it the wrong way. I can’t help it if I might slip up and forget to offer a sample. You can’t get everyone on the same page their. Not everyone you offer is going to want it and when we do we get smarted off at by a customer. Our customers are pretty rude. They come in a cuss at you over chicken and other food. Most of the regulars already know what they want and they are gonna tell you before you have the chance to offer anything. I have enough stress. I have been really depressed for about a month since the death of my grandfather. I get really depressed and it is messing with my emotions really bad and when I get upset I become suicidal or want to hurt myself. I have been suicidal for about 4 years now since my cousin commited suicide. I just want to cry when I get fussed at for other peoples mistakes. About to start looking for another job. Been with Ingles for over 3 years and they couldn’t give a crap about anyone.

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