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Burger King Worldwide Inc Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL
Company Contact
Daniel S. Schwartz
CEO and Director
Phone Number
(305) 378-3000
Employee Count
Twitter IDs

What is Burger King’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Burger King’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-305-378-3000.


What is Burger King’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Burger King’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-866-394-2493.


How do I Contact Burger King Customer Support?

Call the numbers above or contact Burger King via:

Mail: Burger King’s mailing address is:

  • Burger King Headquarters
  • 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr. Miami,
  • Florida 33126
  • USA

Burger King Email Address: Use the Email Form to ask a question.

Burger King’ Contact Us page can be found here.

Contact Burger King on Social Media:

Burger King on Twitter: @BurgerKing

Burger King on Facebook: www.facebook.com/burgerking

Burger King Headquarters Executive Team.

Burger King’s leadership team consists of:


Daniel S. Schwartz – Burger King Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Kobza – Chief Financial Officer

Azel Schwan – Global Chief Marketing Officer

Heitor Goncalves – Chief Information, Performance and People Officer

Alexandre Macedo – President of North America

Jose E Cil – President of Europe

Jose Dias – Latin America Global Development and President

Elias Diaz Sese – Asia Pacific President

Rodrigo Musiello – Global Operations

Jill Granat – Secretary and General Counsel

Jacqueline Friesner – Chief Accounting Office and Controller


Burger King Board of Directors

Alexandre Behring

Bernardo Hees

Martin Franklin

Paul Fribourg

Alan Parker

Carlos Alberto de Veiga Sicupira

Alexandre Van Damme

Roberto Thompson


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  1. Is it Burger Kings policy that ALL stores serve decaf coffee???? Many of us have health reasons that we can’t have caffeine.

  2. It would be great if the company could answer their messages on Facebook. I tried Twitter also but did not get a reply. I suppose I will have to do it the old fashioned way and contact the corporate office phone number.

  3. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  4. My granddaughter and I love Burger King and go often. My favorite is the Whopper. If I EVER see one covered in mold in an ad I will not be able to erase that picture from my mind and don’t know how I could ever eat one again. What on earth are you tinking?

  5. We love Burger King and have been eating there for many years, but the Burger King is leaving our city (Vermilion Ohio) as their lease is up on the building that they now occupy, are they going to stay in Vermilion?

  6. Just had a double chicken sandwich plus fries coupon special at the Burger King on Newtown Rd in Virginia Beach, VA. It was excellent……the chicken sandwiches were great and the fries, by far, the BEST fries I’ve EVER had at fast food (EASILY!!). The service was fast, friendly, and courteous, Honestly, I was very impressed. Thanks!!

  7. I was at your 1010 merritt blv inbaltimore md the whooper has a bite out of the burger under the roll I am very upset about this I went back to the store they said that no one would do that the manager would not even look at the burger she said it was the tongs did it if my husband get sick from this I will get a lawyer this is unacceptable

  8. I just visited a Burger King. In Huntington. And I am very concerned about my experience plz email me if you want the why. I don’t want what I saw blasted all over social media but I do believe safety education is poss needed. Thank you. I didn’t get what I ordered. But didn’t really matter anyway. Thanks again

  9. The black app is broken and useless. But management said they have no way to resolve or take complaints. Bk is useless….I’ll escalate as much as possible

  10. Wendys would like to thank you for your previous customers that are coming to their resturants!!!!!!!
    I stopped at BK store #25550 drive thru and placed order, no problem ordering, after a wait of 30 minutes after I finally started timing the wait time. I finally got order. Ask why so long, manager said they were short staffed (only manager and two employees there) This was 6:15pm.
    This is not the first time this has happened, twice before.
    wendy’s thanks you in advance for the new customers.

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