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Corporate Address
5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL
Company Contact
Daniel S. Schwartz
CEO and Director
Phone Number
(305) 378-3000
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What is Burger King’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Burger King’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-305-378-3000.


What is Burger King’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Burger King’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-866-394-2493.


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Mail: Burger King’s mailing address is:

  • Burger King Headquarters
  • 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr. Miami,
  • Florida 33126
  • USA

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Burger King Headquarters Executive Team.

Burger King’s leadership team consists of:


Daniel S. Schwartz – Burger King Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Kobza – Chief Financial Officer

Azel Schwan – Global Chief Marketing Officer

Heitor Goncalves – Chief Information, Performance and People Officer

Alexandre Macedo – President of North America

Jose E Cil – President of Europe

Jose Dias – Latin America Global Development and President

Elias Diaz Sese – Asia Pacific President

Rodrigo Musiello – Global Operations

Jill Granat – Secretary and General Counsel

Jacqueline Friesner – Chief Accounting Office and Controller


Burger King Board of Directors

Alexandre Behring

Bernardo Hees

Martin Franklin

Paul Fribourg

Alan Parker

Carlos Alberto de Veiga Sicupira

Alexandre Van Damme

Roberto Thompson


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  1. Is it Burger Kings policy that ALL stores serve decaf coffee???? Many of us have health reasons that we can’t have caffeine.

  2. It would be great if the company could answer their messages on Facebook. I tried Twitter also but did not get a reply. I suppose I will have to do it the old fashioned way and contact the corporate office phone number.

  3. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  4. My granddaughter and I love Burger King and go often. My favorite is the Whopper. If I EVER see one covered in mold in an ad I will not be able to erase that picture from my mind and don’t know how I could ever eat one again. What on earth are you tinking?

  5. We love Burger King and have been eating there for many years, but the Burger King is leaving our city (Vermilion Ohio) as their lease is up on the building that they now occupy, are they going to stay in Vermilion?

  6. Just had a double chicken sandwich plus fries coupon special at the Burger King on Newtown Rd in Virginia Beach, VA. It was excellent……the chicken sandwiches were great and the fries, by far, the BEST fries I’ve EVER had at fast food (EASILY!!). The service was fast, friendly, and courteous, Honestly, I was very impressed. Thanks!!

  7. I was at your 1010 merritt blv inbaltimore md the whooper has a bite out of the burger under the roll I am very upset about this I went back to the store they said that no one would do that the manager would not even look at the burger she said it was the tongs did it if my husband get sick from this I will get a lawyer this is unacceptable

  8. I just visited a Burger King. In Huntington. And I am very concerned about my experience plz email me if you want the why. I don’t want what I saw blasted all over social media but I do believe safety education is poss needed. Thank you. I didn’t get what I ordered. But didn’t really matter anyway. Thanks again

  9. The black app is broken and useless. But management said they have no way to resolve or take complaints. Bk is useless….I’ll escalate as much as possible

  10. Wendys would like to thank you for your previous customers that are coming to their resturants!!!!!!!
    I stopped at BK store #25550 drive thru and placed order, no problem ordering, after a wait of 30 minutes after I finally started timing the wait time. I finally got order. Ask why so long, manager said they were short staffed (only manager and two employees there) This was 6:15pm.
    This is not the first time this has happened, twice before.
    wendy’s thanks you in advance for the new customers.

  11. I would like to know where my w2 is I need to do my taxes and am waiting. On just this one my address is xxxx willowwood kingsland Texas 78639

  12. I have decided to stop going to any burger kings store in the Los Angeles area. The food is not cooked fresh the cook it a micro wave it. You can tell because the bun is hot to the touch. On my last complaint then they started just micro waving the meat. I loved the DK chicken sandwich but it tastes like rubber when it is cooked and then reheated it in the micro wave. The Habit cooks all their food to order and I do not mind the wait. good bye forever!

  13. In your flyers Coupons for hamburgers you do not have one for the impossible burger for Burger King and here it is a lint! Bad call on y’all! So disappointed!

  14. Had a bad experience at the Burger King on university blvd. Manager has a nasty attitude and I will never spend a dime in another Burger King ever !

  15. I visit burger king 540 n Belair rd Evans GA. on 2/25/21. they charge my card for $8,74. my card receipt showed that it was taken from my card. they said it didn’t go through and wanted me to pay again. I showed them my phone that showed it was taken out but they refuse to give me my order. I need a refund sent back to me. i have a copy of my credit card receipt.

  16. Store # 15705 ; 1830 east Main Street.
    On date 02/26/2021 at 10:19pm drive thru ordered food, the cashier was out side with her boy friend probably in silver Honda Accord 2004 shape, she was out side took my order while on hanging in parking lot. When time to pay she forgot my order bcz she did not added on computer she took order verbally.
    Well I repeated again and paid money, unfortunately I got cold food. And hard strip French fries. I ended up throwing my food in trash. I wasted my money and time. Now I wana ask you did she get paid for visiting her boyfriend?
    That was my last trip to Burger King.
    Do I deserve cold food when I paid for it?
    She is ruining customer service
    Who will go back after this service

  17. Manager was very rude to me cause I told them they gave me the wrong sandwich. Just kept yelling at me about what I ordered and as I was trying to tell her she kept cutting me off. I said something to one of her employees and he told me she’s like that with other customers. I told him that’s not how you talk to your customers and he apologized. She obviously shouldn’t be manager now work with the public. This was the Burger King in Pembroke mass. On church St

  18. The manager at Burger King on hwy 14 in lake Charles was very rude to my 16 year old son and said he looked lazy

  19. I went to Burger King store 8744 at 3:37 and I ordered chicken fries two junior whoppers and my whoppers were cold they were not hot they were barely even warm I want to contact the office instead of complaining to the store because they don’t normally take care of it nicely the girl at the drive-through was rude I was upset Because I got a half hour drive home and I really want something to eat hot fast food should not be cold fast food thank you…

  20. Good morning. My husband and I are retired and live in Rhode Island. My husband is being treated for lung cancer. After a recent chemo treatment, he wanted a Whopper, so we drove to the nearby BK. We ordered him a whopper. The gal asked if he wanted cheese, he said yes; she then asked did he want bacon, he said yes. He then said he wanted a medium fries and a coke. We drove up to the window and they said it would be $13.70. I was stunned that it cost over $13!! I guess we are not used to paying Applebee’s prices for fast food. We can get Subway for the 2 of us, with chips for less than one lunch at BK. I’ve been with my grandchildren many times over the years and never spent that much on one fast food meal. I guess we will be eating elsewhere. This is beyond a retiree pension.

  21. Hi my name is Jalona ferguson I worked at Burger King on state road 16 in St.augustine fl, I have never received my w2 through mail I was contacting to see if I would be able to get another copy but sent to my parents house at 925 South orange st in st.augustine go

  22. Hi my name is Jalona ferguson I worked at Burger King on state road 16 in St.augustine fl, I have never received my w2 through mail I was contacting to see if I would be able to get another copy but sent to my parents

  23. I have made numerous complaints about a manager at your restaurant at Lewisville Tx on Valley Ridge rd where a manager thru a sandwich that I was trying g to return and refused to give me his name or give me a receipt nothing had been Adobe about it , I need some one to please get ahold of me .

  24. I work for your company Burger King and it’s in Parker,Az an the general manager still has not put me on your payroll or gave me a clock in number. I want this job and I have contacted my district manager an informed him of how the general manager is treating me also I have worked double shifts and I was jumped last week an my right eye was swollen shut an still went in an took the general manager talking with other employees about me, I was only payed $60 for working three days under the table since she didn’t have me on payroll an it’s very bad when I’m owed total of $750.00 for the hours an days I worked an covered shifts I did please call me at 928-662-xxxx my name is Christina Blankenship I’m looking for someone who’s in corporate office the head bosses so I can get paid what I’m owed an I still want my job, I even had to drive to another store to get large cups for my store

  25. Hi my name is Roshell Loadholt I’m contacting you concerning an issue I’m having obtaining my w-2 tax form from 2019 I have contacted the store and I’ve also contacted the Atlanta office as well I’ve left my contact information with the receptionist several times I haven’t received nor been contacted concerning the matter if there’s any way that someone can help me resolve this matter or I will have to contact the IRS concerning this

  26. I want to file a compliant on the manager at 4241 Augusta road Garden city 31408 on the block manger at this store she very rude towards us the people’s that come and buy foods every day, plus the hiring manager has a boyfriend which she let him get free food every day when he and his friend come in here every day, the hiring manager sit here and talk about people’s behind they back as well people’s do not deserve to be treated like a anmial and that is wrong it ya do not act towards her miss treating other wrong then I will take my own actions by filing a lawsuit against Burger King store, I think ya need to write her up or or suspended her or fire her, something need to be done with this manger at this store, all manger pose to be treated right not like a dog, she might need to be fire this is not the first time I file a compliant on her at this store, now If your do not do your job my attorney will make sure he that she never worked at any Burger King ever again, my name is Antoine Frazier and my number is 531-389-xxxx and email is frazierantxxxxxx @gmail.com

  27. I had a sandwich thrown at me by a manager who would not give me his name or receipt it hit my car caused me to hit curb , corporate is not doing anything about it I need to talk to someone above corporate.I am shocked by the behavior of manager and how corporate had handled this
    Please give me a call 214-334-xxxx

  28. Waited 12 min for my food. Because a car infront of me was chit-chating with another group of young kids. After 12 min was finally my turn. I asked the girl on the window why did it take so long and she said because they were ordering food. 2 -3 employees gave them handshake through the window and even took a empty plastic bottle to trow away! When I asked where the Manager is the girl told me that’s her. Named Paola.
    Where is the safety (Covid 19).. Burger king at
    9201 South Dixie Highway

  29. I have so many complaints about this one Burger King down the street from me. Is the Burger King on General Booth Boulevard and Dam Neck. First complaint they have the rudest employees that I’ve ever seen. Not just one all of them are rude to no end. Second complaint she’s going to stop selling the caramel frappe then you need to take it off the menu. I will never go to that Burger King ever again. Dirty, trashy, and so disgusting.

  30. I am contacting you in regard to new preventative measure you can take to make sure your clients feel safe whilst they work out in your gyms.

    There is a new NASA-Based ActivePure Technology which rapidly eliminates 99.9% of Airborne SARS-CoV-2 Virus in FDA-Compliant Military Lab Tests.

    In layman’s terms it is an air filter unit you can plug into the wall which eliminates concentrated airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus in an enclosed setting in just 3 minutes.

    Testing of the ActivePure Technology was conducted by one of the world’s Top Biosafety facilities, the University of Texas Medical Branch, which primarily tests for the U.S. Military and the Center for Disease & Control.

    I believe this new technology would help your clients feel much safer having air they can trust!

    The Air Purifier looks like this & can eliminate all airborne viruses up to 3000 square feet, if you need a larger area covered simply plug an additional filters in.

    Establishments that are currently using this technology are advertising it at the front of house & receiving an excellent response from the general public.

    Please contact me via this email or by phone on (321) 999 xxxx, if you would like to discuss this further

  31. Waynesboro store 14197. The new company that tiok over is changing receios to cut cost. They did the manager dirty . He had no writes up on any verbal communication of anything wrong. Then just go in and demote him and send to another store. Thank god he came to his senses and just quit. Did contact a lawyer for being discrimated against. It will be consider a fieceabe resignation. And will get unemployment benifits. . But the new gm Samantha and two of the other managers are using drugs. They all admited this to one of the employess there. Sam is rude to the customers. Staci one of the other manger is rude to customers. Check back on all the guest trac comments sam has many mention by name . And she is store manager material. So sad you allow a franchisee to run you goid name (Burger king ) in to the ground. Just wait and see. I have allredy told everyone i can about burger king in waynesboro.

  32. Burger King on Gordon Highway in Augusta Ga needs to be closed down until there is professional help and enough help to service the customer. We waited in the drive thru for 30 min only because we had given them our money. The customer service was horrible.

  33. Nanticoke burger King is getting ridiculous as always ! I placed a $26 dollar order and they can’t even make sure everything I paid for gets put in the bag , considering I did purchase it ! Bad enough I had to sit there for a half hour because they can’t manage the store at night time ever! I asked for WELL DONE BACON ON MY SANDWICHS ALONG WITH ALL FRESH FOOD AND THEY COULDN’T EVEN DO THAT ITHER OR PUT THE PROPER AMOUNT OF BACON ON THE SANDWICH THE WAY ITS SOPOSE TO BE AND THEN I CALL BECAUSE IM MISSING FOOD AND I WASNT EVEN DONE TALKING AND THIS IGNORANT GUY HANGS UP ON ME SO NOW I HAVE ICE COLD FOOD AND HAD TO DRIVE BACK BECAUSE THEY CANT EVER GET MY ORDER RIGHT THIS IS WHY I DONT GO TO NANTICOKE BURGER KING ! THIS PLACE IS A REAL JOKE!

  34. A receipt was refused to be given to me after they charged my credit card! Even if they would have wrote one out with transaction number and date on it…they refused! Said the receipt machine was broken!!!!! Location is 4 Warrensville Center Road, Bedford, Ohio 44146.

  35. Hi I went thru drive thru at one of the location just ordered 2 meals and a large fry. I got one sandwich and missing the chicken sandwich which my whopper I ordered with cheese but had no cheese. How do I get a refund?

  36. I am appalled!!! On March 14th while working for burger king, I was threatened by a business partner in our adjoining gas station, the gas station attendant. I was walking to the bathroom and the older woman yelled at me (I had no previous relationship) “If you track mud on my floor I’ll mop the floor with you!” I felt my life was threatened and I was quite upset so I said “Ok granny” saying as little as possible and trying not to engage the aggressive woman. I called the police and told my manager after using the bathroom and told them what happened. Now 3 days later, I just got an email from regional Sherry saying I am terminated for not portraying a “positive enough image” while my life was under threat of harm! I was too disrespectful while my life was being threatened!!! Sherry said to my face the day after “We care about our employee’s safety” yet the very minimal/mild response I said in the heat of threat of danger, she fired me for being unprofessional when my life was at risk. I am completely disgusted by this company’s response to a deadly threat against my person.

  37. The location in Williamsburg, VA off of Monticello is the WORST! The last 3 times I have gone they are not “accepting” orders. GET With IT, I mean really??????

  38. Burger King Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, Nv. Closed today, no reason. Dirtier each time I visit. Help is very slow and unkept. Food is cold and sloppy when served. Really gone downhill.

  39. I was standing at the counter about to place my order, behind the last customer, when I was told by the person behind the counter, we are no longer taking orders at the counter, and I need to go to the drive thru.! I asked the lady why she didn’t tell me this when got in line 10 minutes ago.
    She said I am telling you now! Needless to say I won’t be back to burger King.

    This is not right!

  40. We need a Burger King in the 70447 zip code area which is Madisonville, La/Covington, LA. We have a McDonald which is always busy and not as good as Burger King. It’s a well populated growing area along I-12 highway. Please consider building a restaurant in this area

  41. I visited Burger king store#14194 in schenectady ny last night 3/24/2021 and ordered food and as my daughter and I were drinking our sprite we opened the cup and saw what looked like animal hair! I took pictures and video.I called the store and manager kevin thought it to be funny which then I got very upset and told him this was no laughing matter! I need answers and am watching for any sickness god forbid!

  42. I’ve gotten old food all this week from Burger King, and three times with no recipe so I got no satisfaction. Opdyke road two locations, Bloomfield, Auburn Hills, 14 mile troy Michigan, and another in Troy , and workers need to be more respectful, told me don’t come no more, cook it myself if I want it fresh.

  43. My boyfriend works for burger King and today he wasn’t feeling good he was running a high temp and throwing up all night and even this morning and the burger King he works at is forcing him to come in.

  44. My name is Curtis Holmes I need somebody to contact me I was a manager for the Palm Bay store and was fired under false pretenses I was not given my raise after becoming a manager two other employees crew members are being promoted to managers there’s a problem and I need somebody to call me 321 895 xxxx

  45. Why is the walk in door always locked so it is drive through only western in Jacksonville NC so frustrating

  46. Everytime i go to burger king on broadway in little rock Arkansas it looks filthy in the place and the bathrooms are ridiculous

  47. Why I will probably never eat at a Burger King again. I do like the whoppers and chicken sandwiches, BUT nearly every single time I go to BK I have some kind of problem with my order and/or attitude of the servers (including managers). When I try to get my order MY WAY I am made to feel that I am being unreasonable even though I am polite and simply want what I ordered. I literally have dozens of horror stories concerning wrong orders and how horrible I was treated. My wife and I have yet to get an order correct or treated as a valued customer in the year 2021Stay away from Mesa, AZ BK stores. My fault though for not leaving a long time ago. AND yes I made complaints to managers.

    BURGER KING #27763 POS PUR RF#000048 BEREA KY 2092 $5.44
    Hold: Payee Name: BURGER KING #27763; Reason: 747152 $4.35

  49. My husband went to the Burger King drive through located at 8699 W.
    Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV on 4/1/21 at approximately 7:40 pm. He ordered a Whooper Jr with cheese, no onion or tomatoes add extra pickles and another whopper with cheese. The service is extremely slow there and he did not receive a receipt. Mind you, my husband saw everything on the screen, and it appeared to be correct. When he got home though, we realized neither burger had cheese and mine which was supposed to have no onions or tomatoes had both! I am allergic and could not eat it. This is unacceptable, and this is not the first time it has happened to us at this location. We go there because it’s close to home; however, you’ve lost customers now because of poor service and lack of following what is ordered by customers. This could have caused a serious health reaction.

  50. I order two bacon Croissant sandwich with no egg & they were cold! Also ordered French toast sticks. They were so hard you couldn’t eat them. I can’t believe I came off program for this poor quality food!

  51. I called the GM of store #4548 on Babcock Rd in Palm Bay. FL, I was telling him my experience, and he hung up on me. I am Appalled!!!!! not to mention my food was less than par. I am extremely upset by his behavior! I will NEVER again eat at ANY burger king again EVER unless this is boy is fired IMMEDIATLY!

  52. My husband and I are so mad. He drove to the Blaine Burger King and waited for over 40 min . He was told no one came in to work. He was told to wait some more. Well he never got anything. This is happening almost every time. I guess we will be going to another drive through. I was really looking forward to a breakfast. What can you do to fix this?

  53. Store #11803 is not giving back exact change claiming there is a “ national coin shortage “ and there NO NATIONAL COINS SHORTAGE! I own a business in our little town and there are several banks here and many businesses and NOT ONE BUSINESS OR RESTAURANT is having problems getting change so I’m not sure why they have that sign posted and are shorting people money? .04 per customer add right up and is stealing !!

  54. I stopped at two Burger King establishments in Palatka Florida. The first was “out of meat” and the second was telling people that whoppers would be 10 minutes but then announced cheese burgers would be 15 minutes. How are restaurants called Burger King out of burgers at multiple locations on Saturday afternoon??

  55. Mar 26 I used a $5 croissan’wich coupon and was charged $1.49 upcharge to substitute orange juice for coffee. (Not happy that it was $1.49 instead of 49 cents but dismissed it as an error not worth going back and fussing about) Ap 2 used $4. croissan’wich coupon and was charged 49 cents upcharge to substitute orange juice for coffee. (Good, back to normal) Ap 6 used $5 croissan’wich coupon and charged $1.49 uncharge to substitute juice for coffee. This time I pointed out with cashier that it had been a 49 cent uncharge for substitution before and simply got repetition of charge for orange juice is $1.49. Called manager from home and got the same response. Orange juice is $1.49. What’s up? It’s $1.49, then $.49, then $1.49?

  56. The district manager at the Burger King in Willows needs to train the employees the difference in the $20 dollar bill and the $10 dollar bill. My purchase was 8.00 and change. I should have been paying a attention but I was thinking the worker knew a $20 from a $10 dollar bill. I am still owed $10.00 but I have no proof because the worker at the drive thru did not give me a receipt. Plus I was given cold tater totes.

  57. We just got a brand new Burger King in Elkrun Iowa was very excited the service is not good and the food is awful it’s not even warm and you have to wait 1520 minutes and it’s all a bunch of young kids or something running it there’s all kinds of complaints on Facebook! I hope you guys can fix the problem!

  58. Went to BK on Ritchie Hwy and mountain road today, was told they had no soda( no explanation) and no onion rings ( again no explanation). This is not a way to do business. There was also a lot of laughter. I don’t want anything but for you to correct this.

  59. I am really really really disappointed with my last service at location 1996 in Aurora CO. Hasn’t been the first time either but it is certainly my last and I would like to submit a complaint and would like an apology from the manager at the location.


  61. How do you not serve hot coffee after breakfast hours? That is the most bizarre thing I have ever heard of in my life.

  62. Dear Sir: I have never been in a more disgusting Burger King than the one in Daytona Beach on Atlantic Av . Near the Boardwalk. The entrance door was filthy , the floors dirty, it was dark , unfriendly atmosphere . They only accepted cash which was suspicion in itself. They had no breakfast biscuits , so I ordered a croissant,I also ordered a soda, they had no ice for my soda . Which is difficult to believe. I just said forget it and walked out , who wants to drink a warm soda? I just said forget it and walked out. I noticed an elderly customer (gentlemen ) standing . He had already ordered and seem tired as though he had been standing there for awhile.
    The Drive thru was shut down .
    It seems this Burger King needs to be shut down. Gives me the feeling they probably have roaches crawling around the food. I’m sure the staff would love ythat since they probably could make more on unemployment at this time.
    Needless to say , I will never order from there again.
    Sorry, I used to think Burger Kings were a lot higher prestige than other fast Foods . My husband would only go to BKs . He said they had better food and cleaner .
    I would think Burger King would want to continue their good reputation, but a lot has changed . Some if it due to this Covid .
    I am Sue Price ..

  63. I came to burger king on may and I-240 in Oklahoma city Oklahoma and ordered a #1 with cheese no tomatoes and heavy onions. When I got home, my sandwich had no cheese and I didn’t get heavy onions on it. When I got back tonight ( Friday April 9 ) they only replaced the sandwich. When an other places mess up my order, they replace the whole order not just 1 item. And to top it off, I had to deal with a rude employee. So you guys have loss my busines forever.

  64. I waited for over 20 minutes in line at the Burger King in Hanover PA. The drive thru NEVER moved even one car ahead. I don’t have ALL day to wait for them to take customer orders!!!!! I’ll NEVER go back because evidently all that work there are incompetent employees!!!!!! Thanks for ruining my lunch because I NEVER got a chance to order. The worst employees I have EVER saw!!!!

  65. I ordered the chicken fries for the first time and they were dried out. They were not cooked fresh. I also ordered the original chicken sandwich and it was over done. Too dark, not fresh. Judy Self, xxx Knob Crossing, Madisonville, TN 37354

  66. The local restaurant in 94585 zip code did not charge the correct price for the recent BK offer. Buy 1 whooper including the Ultimate and get 2d for 1$.
    The restaurant says they used the keys /or register buttons and the total was over 8$. They were not able to correct the price and we had to drive through without a satisfied customer.

  67. Hi my name in garfield martichuski and I wondering y you not putting a bk back in hinckley mn you should get some one out there to rethink your I deal not to build a new store it half way from the twin city’s mpl St. Paul and duluth and hwy 35 go right bye there it a money maker if you look how busy it is there you relies how busy it is around there thank you

  68. Hi, My name is Matt Reynolds, I live in Beloit Wisconsin.
    It is 3:00 pm Sunday April 11th.
    This issue has happened to me a couple of times now at the Burger King located on Milwaukee Rd. in Beloit Wisconsin, they tell me i can’t my order because their card system is down and it will take roughly 15-20 mins to get it back up and running again. I’m paying with cash not a credit card. Both times this has happened it was at 3 pm on a Sunday. Is this a coincidence or what ???
    I just wanted you to be aware of this inconvenience for me, and you lost a sale. You might to look into this problem.
    PS, I like those Big Fish sandwiches.
    Thank You.
    Matt Reynolds

  69. In Spanish…Pase una experiencing bien desagradable con El trato hacia mi persona Como Hispanic por no dominate bien El ingles. Se burlaronnde mi y hasta El gerente tenia Los microfonos abiertos y se escucharon a tres vices burlandose de mi por que no entendian mi pedido. Soy ciudadano Americano y llevo 45 años comiendo en Buerger King. Para mi no hay hamburgers Como Los de ustedes. Y Nunca he cambiado de idea. Realmente es frustrate Como in gerente y sus empleados se.pieden burlar de un Cliente fiel de Burger King. Aparte de que no dejame expresarse en El pedido y rrapido estan diciendo ” ya termino”
    En vez de decir “deseas algo adicional”
    Estoy muy disgustado. Fue en El Burger King de Langhorne, PA.

  70. One of your employees over here on Union Street told me to off and die because I had a objection against Biden so if that’s the case with your company I will make sure me and my multi-million friends will have a boycott on your Burger King stores do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth right now she told me to off and die because I made a statement against Biden is to how they could not have the store open to where I could walk in because I don’t have a car right now because of biden so if your employers are going to tell me to go off and die I’m going to make sure me and all my Republican friends will never ever go into one of your stores ever again do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth right now I will make sure of it they’ve already boycotted all kinds of stores so if you don’t like Republicans I will make sure me and all my friends never ever once come into one of your stores ever again not the military not the cops not anybody ever again

  71. My complaint better come up today or you’re going to be having major problems tomorrow I will start a massive revolution against your company.

  72. Twice we’ve went and the internet says they have 2 crispy chicken for 6. But when we get there they don’t have it. They shouldn’t have it on the internet if their not going to honor it

  73. I was at Burger King in Jackson Georgia today. I bought a whopper your signature sandwich. This whopper was the nastiest burger i have ever seen. I could not eat it! I took pictures of it and would for you to see what I’m talking about. Its sad that this store can not make a whopper. Its not the 1st time this has happened at the store in Jackson Georgia. Its really Pathectic to be honest. If you dont believe me you guys should do a surprise visit and see for yourself how bad this restaurant is. I promise you you will be very disappointed. I have gotten to the point to where im going to file a complaint to the Dept of Agriculture on the store.

  74. I win a ps5 dark soul code I have the email about it in 10/26/2020 at 4:20pm still don’t receive my code you company is committing a fraud I just want my code nothing else

  75. Hello my name is Loretta Talley I just stopped at your location in Aiken sc. I was sent a free combo meal card from your corporate and I went to use it and I had co workers with me they ordered and than I ordered mine and the lady told us to pull up to the window and she took my coupon and didn’t even allow my co workers to pay for their meal. I than went into the building to see what was wrong and the 2 employees was talking about us saying the coupon was fake which is not professional. I than let the worker know hello I’m standing right here I hear you. So than my co workers was very upset so they decided to not get there meals. We decided to go to another fastfood place. I feel I was treated very unprofessional and would like to hear back from someone at the headquarters. Thank you have a blessed day.

  76. Been living in olathe 41 years. Todays experience @ BK #17451 WAS TERRIBLE. Corin did a great job taking the order & my money. The sandwhich was a disater ,not dressed properly, then LISA WAS EVEN WORSE DISASTER…DISRESPECTFUL ,INTERRUPTIVE , FAILED TO LISTEN….TERRIBLE… CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS…Chris the mgr. Defended her.. WRONG….HE DID GIVE ME A CORRECT SANDWHICH…EVENTUALLY APOLOGIZED. WAS MORE CONCERNED QIRG OTHER THINGS THAN ME. SOMEONE SHOULD CALL ME

  77. I have two complaints. The first one was yesterday, 4/14/21. We went 8:10 pm, and door was locked so we got in line at drive thru and 4 cats ahead of me, I waited 35 minutes before I ordered . One of the cars in front of me left and four cars behind me. I would have left if I was not getting food for someone else. The next complaint was tonight, 4/15/21, around 8:15 and I went out in to order and two employees screaming and cussing at each other, ignoring me, another employee came over and asked what I wanted and could not hear me. I sincerely hope every Burger King is not this way, The BK on first complaint was Forsyth Rd Macon GA and the second one was 3820 Riverside Dr.

  78. Burger King on River Street Wilkesboro NC gave me the wrong sandwich at 10:50pm. After getting home 15 minutes later I called to let them know I had gotten the wrong food and instead of an apology, the manger “Brooke” asked me to bring the sandwich back it to refrigerate it until I could do so.

  79. I have a picture of the food I got Friday April 16th 2021. 1st it was wrong, I tried to go into lobby, no entrance and nobody even came to door. The drive thru was long enough the 1st time. I called the # on receipt, no answer… I have a picture of the disgusting item with a PLASTIC WRAPPER inside the breakfast sandwich!!!! Totally disappointed and sick to my stomach!!! More upset my complaint and concerns are going unanswered!

  80. We visited the Greendale Indiana Burger King today, will not return ever again. Inside dining area was filthy! Tables had not been wiped down for awhile! Cook that was working in the back had his mask pulled down not even covering his mouth or nose. They ended up closing the lobby because they were out of $1’s and no sign was placed on the door to let customers know the lobby was closed, so people were knocking on the door. Employees were very loud with their conversations, we were the only people in the dining room, as they had closed the lobby after we came in, but still was not a pleasant experience. Won’t return to this location. They made need so inservicing on customer service, cleaning and just all around restaurant operations.

  81. The Burger King in Detroit on 7 Mile and Greenfield should be shut down. I am currently in the drive through line with five cars in front of me, three cars behind me just to be told they’re in the middle of a shift change and not taking orders. I’m surprised the speaker is working this time because my last three visits, it wasn’t working and there was a handwritten sign posted on the speaker. Once you maneuver through the glass and debris to exit the drive through, you have to pray all tires are intact.

  82. BK, Kodak TN, Hwy 66 – Seating closed, 1st time thru the drive-thru no Wopper Jr sandwiches in the bag, 2nd time thru the drive-thru only catsup on both. We asked for no catsup. While we were there for lunch we noted 2 other customers with order problems. Visited for lunch 4/17/2021.

  83. Everything we go to burger King either no burger cuz the grill broke down or something this time and it wasn’t the fault of the girls but only 2 workers and everyone was waiting about 20 to order then another 10 to get your order maybe hire or get workers from other burger kings

  84. 2 for $6 special was flashing on the order marquee . But the gentleman taking the order said corporate sets the sign but they do not honor it. This was the Pipestone rd. Store in Benton harbor mi. 49022 at 7pm Sunday 4-18-21 .

  85. Burger King. I thought that the Popeyes on MLK was bad, (I stopped there yesterday and it was closed, had to drive to the one on Kings) but our experience this morning at Burger King on 60 in Brandon, just West of Parsons, was a total disaster. There was a long line, no one took our order so when we got to the first window, the guy there took our order and was yelling at a woman that was supposed to be taking orders, The employees were yelling, cussing and cursing (MF and F words). When we got to the second window we had to wait while our order of 2 sandwiches and 2 coffees was prepared as we watched the manager doing absolutely nothing. No intercession with the employees, no help, just standing around. Employees at both windows who were empathetic, apologized for the problems and stated that they are quitting. I can’t blame them, obviously this is a management failure. We were there, sitting in our car for over 25 minutes while people behind us were driving over the curb to get out of line and go somewhere else. Through it all, they still got our order wrong. Who ever owns this franchise needs to get off their butt and visit his investment.

  86. Went through drive through lady at the window was coughing so bad she left window. She coifed in her hand came back no gloves on gave me order. While the order was being packed the gentleman had gloves on with mask hand touching mouth and handeling my food . Then gave my order to the window attendent she was putting her mask on no gloves or washing hands . I parked my car and walked up to the window and gave back your food with out asking for refund. This place needs to be checked out for the virus.

  87. I am a consumer at the Burger King on Bloomingdale in Brandon Fl. The air conditioning has been out for over 2 weeks. It has been stifling hot and unbearable in there. Until this is remedied I will not return.

    Thank you for addressing this unsafe issue promptly.

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