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Capital One Auto Finance Inc Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
3901 N. Dallas Pkwy.
Dallas, TX
Company Contact
Richard Fairbank
Phone Number
(800) 689-1789
Fax Number
(888) 412-7543
Employee Count

What is the Capital One Auto Finance Phone Number?

Capital One Auto Finance customer service can be reached at the following phone numbers:

Main Capital One Auto Finance Phone Number: 1-800-946-0332

Capital One Auto Finance FAX Number : 1-866-722-0410

Capital One Auto Finance New and Used Financing Applications: 1-800-689-1789

Capital one Auto Refinance Applications: 1-888-263-4582

Hours: Mon – Fri, 8 a.m, . – 9 p.m. ETSat, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET

What is Capital One Auto Finance’s Mail Address?

For customer inquiries and payments, please use the following mail addresses:


Capital One Auto Finance
P.O. Box 60511
City of Industry, CA 91716

Overnight Payments:

Capital One Auto Finance
Attn: Payment Processing
2525 Corporate Place
2nd floor Suite #250
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Auto Finance Correspondence:

Capital One Auto Finance
7933 Preston Road
Plano, TX 75024-2302

FAX: 1-866-722-0410
(Please include your reference number)

You can also contact Capital One on Twitter: The Twitter handle is @AskCapitalOne. The company’s agents are available on Twitter from Mon-Sat 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. & Sun 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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14 Reviews and Complaints for Capital One Auto Finance Inc Headquarters

  1. Their agents are rude and disrespectful and most cant even speak language to understand and when you ask for supervisor they lie and say one will call back or simply hang up in your face. I am disgusted at the way they allow agents to mistreat customers. I have regular and business credit card plus my auto loan with this company

  2. It took me over a month to figure out why Capital One Auto Finance repossessed my vehicle and every time I called I was literally told “you didn’t make your payments”. I called my bank to see what happened (knowing I deposited the money for the payments on the dates agreed upon) and they said they had no record at all of Capital One Auto Finance trying to withdraw the funds from my account, yet Capital One insisted the bank said that my bank informed them that the payment came back “NSF – Non-Sufficient Funds”. I really did not get what the problem was and couldn’t get anywhere with the 13 different reps I spoke to and the countless hours in phone calls to Capital One. Finally I spoke to a rep that listened to me and she had me fax them my bank statements showing I made the deposits (Capital One refused to send me anything showing the payments from my bank were coming back NSF). I faxed them, never heard back. I kept calling and weeks later spoke to a rep that explained that I authorized Capital One to debit payments from my “bank account” on the agreed upon dates, she checked the “bank account” info that I had on file and discovered it was a credit card. Problem was they ran that credit card payment as though it was a check and thats why the payments wouldn’t go through. I obviously have no control on how Capital one runs my payment. If Capital One would have ran the payment as a credit card and not as a check the payments would have went through just fine and my car wouldn’t have been repo’d, but now I’m out over $1000.00 and Capital one didn’t feel they did anything wrong. What did I do wrong? I deposited the funds to make my payment on the agreed upon dates but yet I’m out of a lot of money because they ran the payment in a manor that was incorrect!!?? I filed with the BBB but that was of no help. Next step will be filing civil litigation or small claims.

  3. I would like to file a complaint against your customer service that refused to assist me with payments that was mailed out by FEDEX to your Plano, TX when the letter that was sent from the Capital One Auto Finance Office in Plano, TX documenting the payment amount an the due date. I called 7 times to see if the payments was received. I spoke to a representative ID#BTM who transferred me over to ID#JUC who refused to allow me to SPEAK TO a manager she then disconnected me. I called back and then the representative tried to get me to cancel the 2 payments , when in fact the 2 payments was already delivered to Capital One Auto Finance 7933 Preston Rd., Plano, TX 75024. The payments was delivered by FEDEX on 2/25/2022 @11:28AM signed by D. Francis. Capital One Auto Finance of City of Industry, CA needs to contact the Plano, TX office and request their office to release the payments that they received so that these payments can be process. I will be filing another complaint with BBB and the fair trade commission office, informing these agencies that I have filed a complaint with your office concerning Acct#620101196xxxx. I Debbie D Washington am the Remitter of those Cashier’s Checks 2 each one is $659.90. I requested that those payments be forwarded to the correct office to be process to the account.

  4. I have called 5 times to get a lien release. Currently in hold with Rey for over an hour waiting on a supervisor.

  5. I have fallen behind on my car payments due to covid 19. Capital one has given me 3 options : Bring account current, pay off loan in full, or surrender the vehicle. I called auto finance and asked if I could pay half of the past due today and the other half (which would bring the account current) within the next 30 days. They said they can’t do that, without any reason. I asked to speak to the next highest authority and got the same response, again, without any valid reason. It seems to me that they are determined to repo my car. It would be much better for capital one and myself to just work with me and give me the extra time (30 days). I informed all the reps that I was returning to work next week. I feel that I have offered a vey reasonable solution in a timely manner. What is the REAL reason for denial? My car is cool, but, it aint that special!

  6. Hello,
    My name is Maria Franquiz. I have been in good standing in keeping up with my payments and due to the Covid-19 and our health we fell behind on one payment in August 2020. I have attempted to call Capotal One Auto many times and they refuse to help me and give me this one time courtesy to take this off of my credit report. I would appreciate it if someone can call me at
    (352) 480-xxxx so we can further speak about this matter. I have never dealt with a company that won’t help a consumer. I hope to hear from someone very soon. Thank you

    Maria Franquiz

  7. Hello,
    My name is John Franquiz
    We’ve been going through a hardship during to the Covid-19 and we only missed one payment due to me loosing hours of work. I tried to refinance the loan and nothing. I’ve been paying this loan consecutive going on 2 years and it has done nothing to raise my credit score, why? Why can’t you refinance to help us lower or interest rate especially in these hard times. Now I’ve been Sick due to the Covid and I’m on short term disability. This is why is being very difficult for us to keep at float. Is there anything you can possibly do for us in this hard times. please help us in this devastating situation. If you need to contact me please do so by reaching my wife Maria Franquiz at
    (352) 480-xxxx
    We look forward in speaking with you soon
    Thank you for your concern in this matter
    I give you authorization to speak to my wife Maria Franquiz on my behalf

    John and Maria Franquiz
    Address: xxxxx SW 46 CT
    Ocala, FL 34473

  8. I signed a contract for a payment reduction program. I made my payment and sent in through mail the contract within the required amount of time. I actually handed the contract to a post office worker and didn’t just only put it in the box. But capital one auto finance is now claiming that I did not get them the form and they want to repo my car. I did everything correctly, but because they do not want to honor the contract and payment I made, I now had to spend the rest of my money on getting my car out of repo and now I have no money for food, medicine, or anything. I did everything correctly and now they are majorly screwing me over. When you make a payment and sign a contract, they should follow that, but instead don’t give a single care about their customers and screw them over. I am beyond angry and this is extremely wrong what they are doing.

  9. I would like someone to call me as soon as possible 707 5575213, My name is Wendy I applied for a pre approval auto loan and was accepted and then rejected Because I stated that some of the income that would be used to pay back the loan was coming from our non profit and that we needed a vehicle not only for everyday use, but to transport animals, I was then Told I could not be accepted for alone because the vehicle would be used for a Business…. Number one it is not a business and number 2 it was not being used for just moving animals it was Also for everyday stuff and the vehicle would have been in my name only along with the insurance in my name I would like someone to please call me ASAP as I do not understand how such a large company can dictate what you would be using a vehicle for… They are saying you only give loans for personal use does that mean I can not use this vehicle for my job? Which happens to be my rescue….707 557 name is wendy

  10. I am a 10 year customer with Capital One Bank, Credit cards, Checking, Savings & Auto Finance. I’ve had it with your rude auto finance & resolution group. AT&T Retiree(30 years) and had I ever showed this type of unprofessional, ratchet, speech to A CUSTOMER. I’d be fired. I need somebody to listen to me, give me options and let’s fix this, not tell me, “Do you want me to give you the Capital One Presidents’ number?” Sarcastic and I want to file an executive complaint before my credit score goes to “10”. I am a “VERY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER” and I want to be made whole. (985-750-8794 cell). Thank you.

  11. I received a letter indicating that an auto financing loan was applied for under my name and address. I DID NOT apply for this loan. The reference number on the letter is 0175250521.

  12. This used to be a good company, until you have a problem. Then you find out that it is really hard to get through to a customer service representative, especially out of normal office hours, which is the only time I am available.

  13. I am trying to contact to apply for a job. Do you have a jobs and careers phone number, or can I submit my job application online?

  14. If you want to get a loan with this company; think twice! The interest is HIGH and if you ever get in a bind due to unexpected life situations such as job loss or illness. Don’t even bother calling, Capital Once Auto Finance is NO help…although they all give the same generic response, “I wish I could help you.” They still don’t!

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