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Company Website
Corporate Address
711 Eastern Blvd
Montgomery, AL
Company Contact
Phil Marshall
Phone Number
(334) 272-8700
Fax Number
(334) 270-9313
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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5 Reviews and Complaints for Capitol Chevrolet Inc Headquarters

  1. Capital Chev Raleigh NC, has a coupon for full Synthetic Oil Change for 5 quarts: $29.95 for 1st service, $24.95 for 2nd, $19.95 for 3rd. I found out that this is a scam as they just seem to make up the numbers. I visited them in Oct 2021 for the 1st service and was charged $63.26 net after the coupon discount. That seemed reasonable to me because my car takes 7 quarts and $29.95 is for 5 quarts. I had 2nd service on 8/15/2022 and was not told upfront what the charge would be, only that I would have to pay more than $24.95. I and reasonbly expected to pay $5 less than last time – around $58. Instead they charged me $94.88 net after the coupon discount The Service associate at first told me that the prices have gone up. She later told me that the charge for the 1st service was a mistake by the associate who undercharged. The gross total for the 2nd service was calculated to be $188.54. That is what I would have paid without the coupon. No one charges anyway near that for a 7 quart oil change. Kelly Blue Book quotes $114-$132 specifically for my car in my area. Their own website says (attached) that for 8 quarts of DEXOS1 (the oil they use for my car but only 7 quarts) oil change the price is $90. So it seems to me that the $188.54 is just a made up number. I asked for the Service manager to call me but 2 days later no one had. I called again today (8/17/2022) and spoke to her. She first told me that the oil my car uses is Dexos1. When I told her that the full price for that according to their website should be $90, she then said that actually the oil is Mobil 1 which is about $15 a quart compared to $6 a quart for Dexos1. Simple research on the internet shows that to be untrue.

  2. This is a email I sent out after my yelp review. So guy named Josh gave it to me in response. Well I haven’t heard from her either after this email! Hello,

    I was given your email because I am extremely disappointed in Capital Chevrolet! My brand-new truck has been in your service department for over a week for possible transmission issues and been told it might take 2 weeks or more before the 1 transmission tech can get to it, because he already has SEVERAL engines torn down! I say possible, because he hasn’t had time to truly diagnose it! That alone let’s me know you sell garbage! I have no loaner, I work 2 JOBS, and in the process of moving! I’m relying on others, which is a inconvenience to me and them! I’m just getting the run around. I am in the process of moving through the chain of command. My 2022 truck should not be in the shop already with engine issues! I had NO intention on ever going back to your service department after my poor treatment at my 1st oil change, but was forced to when my check engine light came on! If you wish to speak to me, my number is 512-227-6257. I will be available on my breaks, 9:20am and 2:20pm.

    Sincerely disappointed,

    Shari Langridge

  3. I recently sold my vehicle to cap chev, employee I dealt with was Judlouis Reyes. I was told they would offer 500 more than carvana offered. I took my car there, Louis took my title, had me sign the back, took my keys, my cars didn’t my insurance card. Informed me that they couldn’t offer more because of tires which were perfect , oil change snd other bs. Said I’d receive a check in overnite mail . I was taken home eith no car no title no money and zero paperwork or receipt of sale ! I waited all week for the check. Finally I had yo threaten Louis that I was calling corporate and suddenly my check for 23$ less than carvana was at the main show room. I am very sorry that I trusted capital Chevrolet . I wanted them to have my car because that’s where I bought it! Very unprofessional and shady way if doing business. I believe that he took advantage of the fact that I am recently widowed (2 months) , female and over 65. I would never buy from or recommend your business again .

  4. Is the customer service phone number the same as the corporate office phone number? I want to contact the customer support department.

  5. The corporate office email address is not working for me. I need to email you about an issue, or at least send you a pm on Facebook messenger, if you are answering messages on Facebook.

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