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Corporate Address
6420 W Allison Rd
Chandler, AZ
Company Contact
William C Griffiths
Phone Number
(520) 796-8700
Fax Number
(520) 796-8701
Yearly Revenue
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3 Reviews and Complaints for Champion Homes Headquarters

  1. We bought our champion home from superior homes in Longview Texas we paid a contractor to put concrete runners down for our home to have a solid foundation our home was delivered put together and inspected by a contractor that would be finishing our interior problems from the move all pictures was taken and sent to Kim and Carl in the main office to get approvel 3 weeks after we moved in with the contractor still working on issues we found out the dishwasher had a small leak and was running up under the vinyl flooring in the kitchen the contractor let their boss know and they made the decision to cut the vinyl up put fans on it and dry it out along with some sanding where it had started swelling needless to say they cut it on the outside of the trim boards and worked on the floor telling me the whole time this is how they was told to fix it when done they glued it back but there was some spacing issues where they couldn’t stretch it back tight like the factory had it so the started putting trim down where there wasn’t supposed to be trim to cover it up that held till they was done with all the repairs and was gone it broke loss and now we have a 3 to 4 inch gap with bare wood showing and soft spots in our kitchen floor around the bar and areas that the supposedly fixed I emailed back and forth called done everything I know to do to try and get this fixed and nothing we had 3 different contractors come in from champion home for over a year fixing stuff that the contractor before messed up on and this was a brand new 2016 model I paid almost $120,000 dollars for I became disabled not long after all this and got tired of reaching out to Kim and Carl over all the issues we was having we also have had nothing but issues with our AC system it was freezing up since we moved in it new they ended up almost a year later cutting a hole in one of the bedrooms to try and get it to ventilate better we still have issues every summer with it freezing up I’m just wanting these problems fixed properly they never was addressed properly and we have suffered for it since we bought it my name is Dave Armstrong my phone number is 90339xxxx and Kim’s phone number we delt with on all these issues is 817768xxxx I also still have all the emails I sent them I can send pictures to you guys of the problems and issues we are still experiencing

  2. Good company, I have one small complaint though: It would be great if they had a chat function or online email form where you could easily contact a customer service representative.

  3. I am trying to contact to apply for a job. Do you have a jobs and careers phone number, or can I submit my job application online?

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