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Cajan Operating Company
Corporate Address
980 Hammond Dr. Ne, Ste. 1100
Atlanta, GA
Company Contact
Anthony Lavely
Phone Number
(770) 350-3800
Fax Number
(770) 512-3920
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What is Church’s Chicken’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Church’s Chicken’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-770-350-3800.


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Church’s Chicken’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-866-345-6788.


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Church’s Chicken Executive Team.

  • Joe Christina Chief Executive Officer
  • Dusty Profumo EVP and Chief Financial Officer
  • Hector A. Munoz EVP, Global Chief Marketing Officer
  • Peter Servold EVP, US Operations
  • Tony Moralejo EVP, International Business
  • Kirk Waisner Chief Chicken Officer, SVP, Research & Development and Quality Assurance.
  • Craig S. Prusher EVP, Chief Legal Officer


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  1. My daughter and I went to Churches Restaurant #464..Clearwater, Fl…We both had online coupons for 5 dark, 2 sides an 2 biscuits for $6.00 (my order # 561385, my daughter’s order 561386) First I was informed that they didn’t have that special any longer. Not only did I inform her that the deal was good til 5/30/18 but I showed them the date on the coupon…Then they stated they did not have a code for that deal..I showed them the code shown in my phone.. I request that 2 PC’s if my order be spicy ( they had no spicy) For my sides I requested jalapeno bombers and corn nuggets..I was informed that they do not sell corn nuggets ( even though it show on my menu of sides) I was going to order okra, but it looked hours ild so I requested total came to $8.25..I asked her to double check the amount due she again stated $8.25..I informed her that my total should be $6.42. My daughter ordered 2 sides of mashed and gravy and an order of Mac n cheese for my grand daughter…I live less then 5 min from the restaurant..When we got home and went to eat I had 2 thighs with the breaddin/ skin missing and drums so cheispy I couldn’t bite into it. my fries were also over cooked or under the hot lamp too long and hard..My fries turned out to be half a bag of tiny size fries ..biscuits we’re great.. Chicken didn’t taste to bad either.. My daughter had a similar problems with the condition if her chicken, mashed had maybe a teaspoon of gravy and the Mac n cheese had a strange taste. There were 5 ladies working the restaurant when we arrived there were no customers and yet it took nearly 20 min to get our food..The restaurant wasn’t “filth” but the floor and counter needed some the time we finally got our food there were 5 people in line for about 10-15 min and the gentleman behind us left….I have always enjoyed Churches and visit them when we are on road trips..This location has continued to have issues and despite how much we prefer Churches if things don’t change there we will report it and find someplace else to go.
    I have pictures if my chicken, fries, and bombers


    1030 E. MANCHESTER
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90001

    1) They sold half of Chicken Breast, the Chicken wasn’t fresh.

    2) They were contacted about the matter about the small Chicken Breasts and the Chicken wasn’t fresh.

    3) Alondra who says she is the Lead person replied ” that’s how the Chicken Breast are sent to us, tell the Corporate Office to send Whole Chicken Breast instead of halves “…Then she said ” You can come get a refund ”

    She was told by us ” we will come back “…

    4) We returned…I ( Lee) upon returning said I prefer the Chicken instead of the money. By this time the Chicken was cold.

    5) Alondra offered to give us hot fresh Cooked Chicken due to the trip back, ALSO because the CHICKEN WAS NOT FRESH THAT WAS SOLD TO US. IT COLD and must of been sitting for a while due to there was TOO MUCH CHICKEN cooked in advance.

    6) Instead of replacing the Chicken with the Chicken Breast I requested all Chicken Thighs.
    ONCE I RECEIVED THE CHICKEN THIGHS of which they gave the smallest Thighs they had.




    She has a BAD ATTITUDE when it comes to CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


    Just wanted to make this known because a Person can get sick.

  3. Our little town took a direct hit from Hurricane Harvey. There is no longer anyplace that sells chicken. We drove to another town to go to a Churches. My daughter was excited, and we bought a large family meal, so there would be leftovers. I opened the box and saw these unrecognizable pieces and only one wing. The pieces turned out to be partial breasts.

    Is this Church’s policy now? To all but eliminate white meat pieces? To count breasts as two or more pieces? If your prices aren’t enough to make money, then raise them. Don’t sell little mystery pieces. I remember a Church’s in the past that made fun of other chicken restaurants who did that.

  4. Last night 9: 30 we went to Churches Chicken at Federal highway and 2nd st., in Dania Beach Fl., l walked inside and was told I would have to go to drive through, so we did, around the back, there was 2 men smoking weed and they told us that they were closed we told them the lady inside said come to the window, then they said I dont know why she would tell you that. I have never known Churches to close that early on the weekend. This really needs to be looked into and if the restaurant have cameras it we back up what Im telling you all of it. I have never had a problem with Churches. And last I never will again. i can be reached at, [email protected] com

    1. Went to churches chicken today and that special you have about half a storehouse chicken . You don’t get half a chicken. Some one buying that meal my want to share with a family member a half a chicken like the add says. But when you get home all you have is a breast or a leg and thigh.. Now I don’t think that qualifies as half a chicken.. it was churches chicken on Hughes rd. In Houston texas.. I don’t care what state or city your in a half a chicken is the same.. so you need to Change your advertisement..


  6. Store# 1191 has the most Professional Service kept forgetting what I order Wake Me Wait extra 15 minutes worst service I ever had will never come back

  7. Church’s Chicken Flat Shoals Pkwy Decatur Ga. I worked at this location, they have been cooking out dated chicken, they have a bug problem and rats around the outside garbage dumpster. I have seen the cashier prep food.stick their finger in the potatoes taste it and continue prepping. They flies and nets are so bad they be allowed over the cooked chicken. Try another location.

  8. What has happened to you all? Every Church’s I go to the chicken is fried to hard. I was told that that’s how they’ve been told to fry it. Not every body like hard fried chicken
    I’m sure I can’t Change anything but I can stop going which is SAD I really I really liked you all before you decided to take you cooking in another direction. They are putting to much flour on it. It’s not very goo anymore. I find myself riding around town to find a Church’s that don’t but no luck.
    You’ve lost me as a customer in me.

  9. I just went to one here in waco tx on E.waco drive my chicken looked like it was from two days ago fries were cold i asked for fresh chicken and fries they all was rude i waited 10 minutes before they waited on me no one else was in line but me

  10. I went and visited Churches Chicken in Miami at 2101 NW 79st store # 226 the manger and employee was very rude they re-drop my bomber, and got mad when I ask for fresh one, throw the food, and fortunately a customer caught the food before hitting the ground, we asked for a two-piece white meat with two wings and we were given three breasts, the bombers are hard as a rock, food was cold and as I was leaving i was insulted by the manager, and the young lady back there with her, and I have a witness

  11. I was given bad service, insulted, and really what got me called everything but the child of God at the Churches Chicken in Miami @:2101 NW 79st

  12. I visited Churchs Chicken on 18149 Highland Rd Baton Rouge LA on Saturday October 20th I always have problems with my food from this location they have horrible attitudes my chicken was fried way to hard the biscuits was hard almost burnt I would like to have my food replaced I had 3 $5 specials

  13. My entire dinner has been ruined. I just found 4 hard pieces of plastic in my mac&cheese and as I was trying to upload my concern on the church’s site, it will display a submit button. There’s no telling if I swallowed a piece of the plastic out of my mac&cheese and I am very concerned

  14. Visited Churches, Fairburn Rd. Douglasville, Ga. At 11:20a.m. Nov 2, 2018. The team member bagging the food did not have on any gloves and didn’t have on the proper uniform or name tag. Grabbing french fries with his hands. He look as if he rolled out of bed and did not groomed himself and came to work . The guy cooking the chicken is slanging chicken around, no gloves!!!!! The manager only job is collecting money. It was disgusting and gross.
    Churches, please do better.

  15. @ChurchsChicken Can you check on George Estes’ #complaint. It is out of St. Louis, Mo at 805 N. Kingshighway #3PhoneCalls #NoCallBacks #Complaint2WeeksAgo

  16. @ChurchsChicken Can you check on George Estes’ #complaint. It is out of St. Louis, Mo at 805 N. Kingshighway #3PhoneCalls #NoCallBacks #Complaint2WeeksAgo #NoCustomerSatisfaction

  17. I am a transgender churches employee , employed at a location in Memphis Tennessee zip code 38111 Getwell rd location . I would like to file a complaint on a manager by the name of “Mark Reed” for discriminating against me . He disrespected me in front of customers & called me out of my name several times . Please contact me by pioneer number or email . Thank you !

    Mobile : 901786xxxx

  18. I place my order it cost $11.76 I ask for 3 pieces chicken 2extra biscuits ear of corn and order of okra when I got home my bag was wet there was no corn,no extra biscuits,and no okra are receipt.As soon as I noticed it I started calling it took me 11to13 calls before the young man answered the phone he was rude I told him he didn’t give me a receipt so he told me tough titty.All I wanted is the food I paid for.I should have not been treated like I didn’t count any more after I spent my money that was very disrespectful.My name is PamelaLewis and I do matter before,during and after I do business with merchants I’m very hurt

  19. I visited your establishment in Waxihachie Texas. The service was awful. The chicken was old and cold. We asked if they could drop some fresh chicken. In the meantime we went to sit in the Lobby and use the bathroom. The place was nasty. I asked to cancel my order. To that request, no one knew how to refund me my money. I will never go to this particular store again.

  20. Store in Mathis Texas needs a change waited 15 min to order thru drive thru I was never acknowledged so I drove up to the window and they acted like it was no big deal Experience was unacceptable

  21. We need one in Spokane Wa please build one only have K.C here we love your chicken and a lot of people here do to so please build one here.

  22. It was very distasteful the way my children were treated on the 28th day of December in 2018 by Nakita. I gave my boys (whom are 11 and 15 years old) money to get food from church’s chicken on 1755 W. Jackson. My boys and I was unaware one of the five dollar bills was counterfeit. The store clerk informed my children the money was counterfeit in a playful manner that was unbecoming of any adult, unprofessional and made the boys feel as though she was playing with them. She led my youngest feel bad about himself by asking other customers to help him buy food because he had “fake money”. She went on to tell the police she would have given them free food if they had asked. My son informed me that this same person denied a homeless man free food minutes before. My children had no intention of getting free food or getting over on the representative. They were hungry and wanted to spend the money they earned at church’s. My boys were not disrespectful and was unaware of the counterfeit money. They did not deserve to be surrounded by police or humiliated by Nakita W. at Church’s. While I do apologize for not realizing the money was not real before giving it to my boys I don’t want them to be mistreated by an adult who should know better.

  23. To whom it may concern I went to one of your churches chicken location that was at 2806 West sirmek in Chicago Illinois tried to call the phone number phone number is not working phone number is 7735230494 I purchased some chicken tenders and they were cold and I made it back to work in like 5 minutes couldn’t leave my job to take them back just want to let you know I was served cold chicken tenders.

  24. I’ve worked as a nurse and executive in both the private and public sector for over 25 years and I don’t think I’ve ever met an employee as rude and condescending as Theresa, the Church’s Chicken cashier at the Scott location. 95% of the time when visiting an establishment I ask for the manager to give a good/great report on the person serving me and my family. I believe too often only the bad is reported so I’ve always reported the good and make it a point to do so in front of my children to teach them what good behavior and etiquette look like. Theresa was displeased with me from the moment I approached the register. She was frustrated because I used coupons I purchased in a book from the Opelousas location. She struggled with the register and had to ask her manager for assistance more than twice. I ordered original tenders for my second order and when she handed me the box, after I had been waiting at least 20 minutes for a simple order, she noted “here’s your spicy tenders.” I said I ordered original. She said, “that’s right, but you (she was referring to me) said the tenders were ready and I made them, but they are spicy, not original, you said they were ready so I fixed them and that wasn’t the right ones, they were spicy.” Then as I was taking my WRONG order to go she said out loud in front of all of her waiting customers “that’s what you get for placing 5 orders.” I placed 2 orders with coupons, not 5. Not being an employee of your establishment I have no idea what’s spicy or what’s mild in the holding tray. I was trying to complete my order because by this time I had been in the restaurant for at least 20 minutes waiting on 2 simple orders of chicken. When I asked to speak to the manager Theresa went to the back, yelled Qianna’s name that I wanted to speak with her and Theresa made the comment out loud, “yeah, that’s her, come talk to her.” Obviously, Qianna R. is friends with Theresa because she did absolutely NOTHING about her rude and noticeably incompetent employee serving me. She never offered to fix my order, never apologized or anything even of that nature. I’ve never left a poor review for any place I’ve visited because I usually let a lot slide because we are all human and have bad days. But this was different. I’m pretty certain Theresa is not a fan of white people. I visit Church’s often for my mother who is a shut in and insists I drive 25 minutes to get her chicken in Opelousas. Today I made a purchase in Scott, La because I was nearby. However, never again will I give my money to another Church’s in any part of the state. I cannot support an establishment that allows it’s employees and managers to treat PEOPLE this way because of their skin color or because they are using coupons sold by their own company. Shame on Church’s for allowing people like Theresa to pollute the climate of their establishment because she dislikes white people and is obviously very incompetent in working the register and preparing boxed chicken. Scott is a beautiful, growing community but leave it to people like Theresa to breathe such disgust into the air. I was and still am so unhappy with the service by Theresa and Quinna, and disappointed that I was shamed for having more than one order. Who does this? Tacky and inappropriate. Pull it together Theresa and quit dragging your racist, prejudice attitude to work. We all have issues, don’t dump your sick ways onto the general public. We are putting money into your product and back into the economy and this is what we get! White people each chicken too, Theresa!

  25. I requested a refund from Churchs January 25, 2019 and I used the web site on the receipt issued to me, because I paid with my debt card. Today is February 1 and I’ve yet to hear from anyone. I had to go though a survey before I could even request the the refund! I wrote down the number on the website and because it Tuesday January 29 and I hadn’t heard from anyone. I tried using the same email again and it was an invalid address, then I tried calling the 800.468.4332 and it didn’t work due to weather! Ok so I try call the number February 1 and it turns out to be Churchs uniform provider, I also tried the website again and it’s still invalid! I frustratedly went on google to get corporate number to call. Finally I get to someone. Now I have to wait for the district manager to get my complaint and only after it’s reviewed but them I may get my refund!!! This is totally unacceptable service. As much as I enjoy the food at Churchs because of this inconvenience I will NEVER go there again!! I will also discourage everyone I know from patronizing a place that takes you thought red tape to get a refund!

  26. Two days in a row my husband and I wanted to try your new Mega Bites but for some reason each day they (Broad River Location) don’t have tenders or bites. How are you promoting new products and your stores don’t have enough food. This is ridiculous because I shouldn’t have to drive to another Church’s which would be out of my way just to try something new you guys are promoting.

  27. Churches Chicken in Granite City Il, I believe has the cleanest restaurant friendlest workers I enjoy going to church’s every Sunday for there 8pc special

  28. I went to the churches chicken on Northside Drive 2 days in a row . The Man in front counter was y’all and dark skin tone. I preceded to ask him “ do you guys have boneless wings “ he responded “ no “ mind u this my second time this week going . so i say “ we’ll i will call cooperate office because this is ridiculous “ “ he responded “ i’ll be glad when you do “ this behavior shouldn’t be tolerated because i am a customer and i am human.

  29. I’m a former GM for Church’s and I’m needing my W2 for 2016. Can you give me the contact name and number if possible. I worked the Little Rock locations thanks.

  30. Your restaurant in Metairie Louisiana store number3740. I eat there just about every day and I love it. Except for today. A lady came in with a dog in her arms. The cashier said I know she is not coming in here with that dog. Well she did says:

    Today a lady came in with a dog. The cashier said I know she is not coming in here with that dog. She did and nothing was said to her. This matter needs to be addressed. I eat here 4 times a week

  31. I went to a Church’s Chicken in Detroit off Woodward Street at 10:30 this morning which is the fifth of March they had just open I asking a lady twice was she cooking apple pies and her attitude was so nasty I literally called her a bitch told her fuck her and that chicken and walked out the restaurant first off they are in a 100% black community they need to Respec black people I respect the black dollar because we will protest and shut that Church’s Chicken down if they do not know how to treat not only people of color for all people that resides in that neighborhood

  32. New Orleans La. Saint Bernard store, Manager Had A Very Ulgy Attitude toward me That. for No Reason unnecessarily , Aggraing , with me about a order. That was a pick up from Uber. That it Been ready . And it Mardi Gras time and I was going to place a order for Myself A 2pc she Was very rule and told me she Don’t respect Mother , She Need to Be Remove from a Manger she Very Disrepectful . She can’t tell me how to run my Car , Or how long it Take me to Do my Job, please Check Her . March 2 2019 Morning Manager

  33. Went thru drive thru and the girl that was working the window was outside talking with somebody she had thre cars plus me so I went inside and I had to repeat my order three time so I got upset and walked out

  34. Sealy, Texas sits just West of Houston on Interstate 10 and is absolutely booming. The closest church’s are some 20 to 30 miles away. We need a Church’s here. Many other big name restaurants have moved into the area recently
    The only chicken restaurant is Hartz and it only survives from interstate traffic. Locals will not eat there. In 2018 they were closed 3 times by the health department. It’s a great opportunity for church’s and I strongly urge to research the demographics as well as the department of transportation road data. We need a Church’s.

  35. Churches Chicken in Atmore Alabama was very dirty. The employees would not take my order through the drive thru. I went in there was no chicken the place was smokey smelled like burnt grease. Very rude they ignored me so I walked out

  36. Hello I’m RO Broadcast Music Inc Songwriter and Composer Department Chairman
    Writers/ Publishers Relations

    I would like to set up an account with your corparation for corporate dining if you could contact me as soon as possible for the information nessery for qr scan purchases

    Broadcast Music Inc ®
    10 Music Sqaure

    Office Email: [email protected]

    Email : [email protected]

  37. My name is Joel Sinkoel Home I have the worst Experience I have ever had that one of your establishments located on Buford Highway in Chamblee, GA 30341 . Please call me at 4047862950. It was at 7:30 approximately on March 28. I don’t know if I can ever I would recommend anybody to ever go to churches again. If you will call me tomorrow Thursday, I will be glad to explain to you the way I was treated and your churches fried chicken. Please call me as this is The most unprofessional way to treat a customer who owns a business 1/2 mile from your establishment. Please call me as I am so mad that I couldn’t properly tell you. Hopefully tomorrow you will call me and I will tell you exactly the way your Manager treated a very good Customer, who spends money there several times a month, when picking up lunch or dinner for my 10 employees. You won’t believe this and I don’t care if you get the Measure side of the story. I have nothing to gain or lose except my ever coming in to a church is again. So please call me anytime tomorrow and I will do glad to explain what happened. Pitiful excuse For a way to treat a customer. Below where it says website I will again give you my number, please call please.

  38. To whom it may concern,!this is Jean bonard pierre. I been working for Church’s chicken 15years ago , and they still pay me, $8.39,please help and I will like to have mor I formation a out my benefit please as for1k,. My phone #786 316 xxxx,or 7863167xxxx

  39. I ordered $20 meal…my order was wrong…I didn’t get biscuits that came with the meals …ordered String beans… but got Mac & Cheese… tried to call several times no answer… poor service…Unhappy Customer

  40. Chicken made me sick chicken was tasting slightly still eat afterwards became sick at stomach, gas and headache. Been eating chicken last 3 weeks what happened, rice had burnt in it and the mac and cheese was extra dry

  41. We have been to your store on Havana in Aurora Colorado to use your coupons and they tell us 4 times in a role they cannot take the coupons they are not programmed in their computer that’s for dinners for weeks in a role

  42. Church’s Los Lunas New Mexico
    Last 3 visits.
    Ordered shrimp dinner 3 cars in front of me . Took 33 minutes to get to the front of line then was told they had to forgot my order so another 15 minutes.
    The next time I decided to walk in . Faster I thought sane order 8 PC shrimp & a apple pie. 28 minutes
    For order got home no apple pie.
    Next time ordered number 2 all white chicken dry , got my apple pie this time …but was in microwave so long crust was gone on 1 side.
    So tonight give it 1 more chance I told myself. Ordered number 2 2 cars are n front of me 20 minutes got to window was told only have spicy in dark meat it would take 15 minutes for chicken to cook.
    Declined the wait & went elsewhere never to return.
    I would suggest corporate to send a trainer to help them.
    This restaurant is an example of what not to do.

  43. My family loves Church’s, I have the App, and get my STARS AWARDS, but the thing is that no one at any of the stores knows what to do with it, so NO FREE CHICKEN BLISS, I don’t know what the FREE MEAL includes, neither to they. Please Advise, and again we LOVE CHURCHS CHICKEN

  44. Someone needs to shutdown the franchise that is on Admiral in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have always loved Church’s Chicken, but no more. This establishment is so old looking, not very clean and do not go when they first open at 11:00 am, because nothing is ready. You would think the staff goes in a little early to prepare for the day, NOT. I went on 5-21 and it was a few minutes after opening. I ordered my chicken and also a large Cajun rice to take home. The manager told me the rice was not ready
    Y, so I asked about how long, that I could wait. His reply, the warmer had not even been turned on. Are you kidding me. Stupid me went back today , went in and had two parties before me waiting for their orders. They were not happy because no one had started getting one order even ready. Ok, not my problem, but mine was coming. Ordered everything I wanted, even rice this time, lady rang it all up and I got my card out to pay only to be told they had no working card machine. After I had taken time to place my order. There are just too many things wrong with this particular store, I was told that the other locations are so much better. I am finished with Church’s, KFC has my business and everyone I know. Please do us all a favor and close it down.

  45. Hey,
    On this Friday “ my lunch break” 12:30pm at one of your location 7895-A. I was told by your manager “Yadira Garcia” after I purchase my order that I couldn’t get a cup of ice water after I have ask 3 times for it, I couldn’t believe it was told to me “ we give people cups of water but they get soda or juice instead” I ask what did that have to do with me. She continues to try to sell me a soda. All I wanted was water. After numerous of time I have been to churches over the years getting a cup of ice water wouldn’t be a problem, I was exhausted coming into your store I work in a 95 degree warehouse in Houston. All I wanted was my food an a cup of ice water. I felt like I was being racial profile In your store. I told her I would be emailing corporate to resolve this matter. She told me she didn’t care! That’s why I’m here now emailing. I plan to email corporate everyday until WE can get this problem resolve. COMPLAINT email.

  46. Just been to churchs chicken store #9174 store bay food mall in tobago and i wouldnt recommend it to anyone.. the girl that served me was called (Dane Spence) who i thought was very rude she didnt even smile or say thank you when i paid for my food, dont think she has a clue about customer service.. there was also a colleague who was mopping the floor and she gave the customer infront of me a very rude look cause she was stood at the counter where she wanted to mop she even spashed the mop onto her leg.. i really think these people need to improve there customer service skills i sure wont be going back there.. and as for the chicken it was dry probably been there a few days or longer chips where frozen and they were cold very disappointing this place doesn’t deserve any stars

  47. I visited my local churchs chicken this afternoon about 6:51 pm. I was told the wait for chicken tenders was 15 min so I said I would wait. I waited 22 min before going inside. When I went inside no one asked me could they help workers on duty just acted like the problem was with the cooks instead of finding out how much longer I would have to wait . When my food was ready I checked it I had ordered two 4 piece combos with fries with one and coke slaw with another and a sharable bomber. I had 3 tenders. In both boxes and okra and 4 bombers. I am not one that complaines normally, but this is unacceptable. I had to ask for what I paid for with no apologies at all, I was thrown in a extra chicken tender but I know people were served before me. Car before me had to go in and ask for her food also.

  48. The franchise on N Kings highway and Delmar that Church’s Chicken needs better customer service
    No one asked people to work there with stank attitudes . public place deserve better customer service

  49. My complete with Church’s chicken at 3264 summer ave Memphis Tn order number1007162 was in line Thur drive three cars in front 25 minutes later she took my order ask for small combo #6 on board ask for Diet Coke was told they only had sweet tea are h/c , got to window ask young lady what was going on she replied to me was not her problem about drinks and i ask her why it was taking so long for order could i speak with her manger witch i think she was manger she walk off i ask her again and she gave me my order and closed window with two cars in front of me and four cars behind me i like your foods but bad business they need to clean house there starting with manager time i was there 5;28 pm.

  50. I went to church’s chicken on Greensboro ave in tuscaloosa. I ordered a 2 pc mixed, a 3 pc dark, okra, and a pepper. The dark chicken was very greasy. The biscuit was hard. I didn’t get a receipt only a cc amt slip. I am very disappointed at the quality of the food. My visit was around 730pm tonight.

  51. I work at the church’s chicken on unvertiy and church Rd in McKinney tx Mrs Davis is the GM what a poor excuse of a GM new d to be retrained she don’t know what she doing I got hired Aug 17,19 work there the place was dirty nasty ect I got on my hand and knees and clean this place and this woman brought her boss here and took credit for my work and she said her and one of the other co-worker did it she have family and friends working there im 50yrs old and she told me that she don’t want no old people working there because I call her out on the lie she told her boss Mr.jack they owe . me and refused to pay me I follow the chain of command and still nothing 4weekd no pay how can these people sleep at night knowing they are doing wrong to people that help them out and Mr jack he’s over her but he just as bad this woman even went to old employee to get them to lie for her and they come right back to me and tell me what she said so I’m asking is there any one want honestly and truth so did I work for nothing.she have poor customer service using bad language to customer and employee my rights has been talking from me by these unfair people with position and authority which they are using worng all I wanted is what they rightful owe me

  52. Store #341384 in Zachary, LA 70791 5310 Main Street. I waited 1 hour and 15 minutes for food. This is not excepted no one should have to wait 1 hour and 15 minutes for 10 piece legs and thighs. Everyone behind me order and got their orders and left. If they are under staff then hire people to work and have all equipment working including the speaker at the drive thru. I think you should close all the restaurants and give them an update inside and out and then hire people that want to serve the public in fast food. They want to make $15 an hour then show it in your service. Churches has the worst service the greases food.

  53. This used to be a good company, until you have a problem. Then you find out that it is really hard to get through to a customer service representative, especially out of normal office hours, which is the only time I am available.

  54. How do I contact the corporate office headquarters by phone here in the UK. I would like to know if you have a UK customer phone number or corporate number, thanks.

  55. I live in Marlin Texas 76661.
    I would love to have Church’s Chicken return to Marlin, there is property along the by- Pass, where HWY 6 and HWY 7 Cross. You had Great Business here before, so please consider returning!!

  56. I sent my daughter to the church’s In New Orleans La on Saint Bernard Street the worst service you can ever get the nasty chicken yesterday some very dry like over cook. No season at all on chicken who can make mistake on mash potatoes taste terrible ever time family’s go there service is very rule. The only thing that was good was biscuits I have two different order Tickets number order 1516794 1516891

  57. I am very unhappy that the staff in contact with customers are not wearing masks. I know it is your policy, and Louisiana has a mandate on wearing masks. This has been an issue before, the last time was Friday 11/6/2020 @1050. The store was 1868 Airline Dr. Bossier City LA. 71112. Employee: Javon h. I also saw the cooks not wearing masks. Please get back with me re: this C/O.

  58. While ordering food at the counter the manager Maria stopped taking my order turned around threw the tongs in a metal container and told another employee to take care of him. I need to mention I was ordering for my wife who was on speaker letting me know what she wanted. The other employee was super nice and noticed right away that I had been embarrased. I tried to apologize to being on the phone but she just shushed me away. Very unprofessional and rude to say the least.

  59. Went to get a meal, when I got home , mac & cheese was missing, called back to info her, she would not stop telling me she put it there, she no that, over & over, so I say u telling me I am lying, I said I am amost 70 yrs old ,u think I feel like driving back there, she gave the phone to someone else, would not talk anymore, Really? That was awful, Dec.30 a little after 10am, the Churches on Rosenberg, Tx on Ave H, that really upset me her constantly telling me I am lying

  60. I witnessed a cook at the church’s chicken located at 1533 n. Wayside in Houston Texas drop a tool used to pull food people eat on the dirty floor pick it up and but in back into service. That’s disgusting. Is this how food we pay for is handled? It needs to be addressed. I brought it to the managers attention she acted like she couldn’t understand me. What is that about.

  61. I need to report thief the manager Marlene Bennett steals money to play at the hardrock and even has had others lose their job like it was nothing knowing she took it smh. Getting text messages pulled soon as they start investigation

  62. The chicken was not seasoned was dry at 79 and dan ryan i paid for 2/ 10 pieces very disappointed 773 459 5478 would like to be reimbursted for the inconvience

  63. I Would like to make a complaint about your service in Tuscaloosa Alabama ensure churches on Greensboro
    Service was horrible attitude once I walked in the door I am a Truck driverPlease explain to me why to drivers or not in any service at this location this is horrible I don’t understand America

  64. Your location at Airline and Mcclelland in Baton Rouge Louisiana has extremely slow service!!! I am currently in line to place an order. I have been waiting in line since 10:57 am!!! It is now 11:33 am and I still have not had my order taken!!! Customers are WALKING up to the drive thru window placing orders and receiving them before those if us who have been waiting for 30 min or more!!! Customer service is awful!! All the time!!! Workers unprofessional, speaker always malfunctioning, it’s ridiculous!!!

  65. The church’s in Memphis on third street is HORRIBLE! The open late! They don’t have open and close signs posted. You can see them sitting around laughing and playing while people are waiting around to order.

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