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Corporate Address
1500 N Priest Dr
Tempe, AZ
Company Contact
Brian Hannasch
Phone Number
(602) 728-8000
Yearly Revenue
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7 thoughts to “Circle K Headquarters”

  1. I have a complaint about your customer service. I think there is definite room for improvement. I had to wait a long time on old to get through on the customer support phone number.

  2. How do I contact you by email or live chat? I have tried the Headquarters phone number but I am unable to get through to a real live person in the weekend.

  3. The manager at Circle K #2741780 April Hladik is a complete incompetent manager. Her employees are often threatened and called out in front of customers no less and her inability to properly schedule 2 employees min. on each shift is a huge concern. and the fact that she breaks confidence when she receives a complaint. She tells her employees which of their coworkers has a complaint. I would like to see an improvement. Also her employees never know their schedules from moment to moment it is constantly changing without notice. They have a life too outside of this establishment with families to care for.

  4. went to the store on central ave and rosehaven 4801 central ave charlotte nc 28205 . was at the store between 815 and 830pm on 10/15/20 She first started with something to the effect she coundn’t reach the item i had to scan she i handed it to her so she would not have to reach for it. i was looking to buy some scratch tickets at the value of $80 I had a ticket to cash in and before any of that took place she said i could not use my winnings from my ticket to help pay for the new ones, i said no problem and paid cash for my 4 tickets and 2 liter of ginger ale which totaled 82.36 i haned her 85$ cash received my change. i ask her how much was my winnings from my ticket she said $2 i ask her to see the ticket because i just wanted to see it for my verifications she then stuck the little piece of paper that was printed and i again ask for the lottery ticket to see , she then got extremly rude and disrespectful and loud all because i wanted to see the ticket she then trows the ticket on the counter i picked it up and saw that it was only $2 and not 10 at that point i ask for her name because she had no name tag on and if she did it wasn’t visible, she then was yelling and being rude , i picked the ticket up and left the 2$ on the counter just because i wasn’t going to be talked to that way. I don’t know how she even has a job working with the public and talk to people like she does. she is a little bigger women with tatoos. I would like to speak with someone about this matter. My number 704-965-xxxx

  5. I play you’re circle win all the time I had won the small bags of the peanut butter pretzels but both stores I go to died not have any. I’m sad I love them

  6. I’m a 65 yr old woman and I’m tired of your stores asking for my id. I do not look like a kid and I have been going into the store in my neighborhood for 10 yrs now.

  7. I am writing to file a complaint on 2 of your associates that work at the Circle K located on 83rd Ave. and Van Buren Street in Tolleson, AZ. I don’t know their names because the don’t wear a name badge, what I do know is that one is Hispanic and the other one is Black. I usually go there between 10 and 11 a.m. Monday-Friday to get a drink and some snacks. I also go there to cash my lottery scratchers. Recently, these 2 ladies have acted really rude to myself and other customers. They refuse to check the lottery scratchers by telling the customer to go check them on the machine that tells you if you’re a winner or not. I was asked to do this earlier this week by the Hispanic lady and I mentioned to her that I would lose my spot in line if I did this and the customer line was pretty long. So I refused to go check my scratcher and so did she. Another time, again I asked the Hispanic lady if they were out of the 44 Oz. lids, she came to the fountain drinks, pulled out a sleeve of lids placed them in the dispenser and I was standing right next to her and she didn’t offer me one and she looked upset about this. Another time I asked her for $20 cash back as I was paying for my drink and she said that they didn’t have any money to give me cash back. Which I thought that was odd because the customer before me had just paid for $40 worth of gasoline.
    As for the Black lady, she has also refused to check my scratchers. Other times that I have gone there, both ladies are standing there looking at their cellphones, laughing together while they have a line of customers waiting to pay. They are very rude to customers and they never say thank you, have a good day, and have no customer service skills. Trust me, I am not the only customer that feels this way about these 2 ladies. Thank you for reading my complaint!

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