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Corporate Address
1500 N Priest Dr
Tempe, AZ
Company Contact
Brian Hannasch
Phone Number
(602) 728-8000
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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5 thoughts to “Circle K Headquarters”

  1. I have a complaint about your customer service. I think there is definite room for improvement. I had to wait a long time on old to get through on the customer support phone number.

  2. How do I contact you by email or live chat? I have tried the Headquarters phone number but I am unable to get through to a real live person in the weekend.

  3. The manager at Circle K #2741780 April Hladik is a complete incompetent manager. Her employees are often threatened and called out in front of customers no less and her inability to properly schedule 2 employees min. on each shift is a huge concern. and the fact that she breaks confidence when she receives a complaint. She tells her employees which of their coworkers has a complaint. I would like to see an improvement. Also her employees never know their schedules from moment to moment it is constantly changing without notice. They have a life too outside of this establishment with families to care for.

  4. went to the store on central ave and rosehaven 4801 central ave charlotte nc 28205 . was at the store between 815 and 830pm on 10/15/20 She first started with something to the effect she coundn’t reach the item i had to scan she i handed it to her so she would not have to reach for it. i was looking to buy some scratch tickets at the value of $80 I had a ticket to cash in and before any of that took place she said i could not use my winnings from my ticket to help pay for the new ones, i said no problem and paid cash for my 4 tickets and 2 liter of ginger ale which totaled 82.36 i haned her 85$ cash received my change. i ask her how much was my winnings from my ticket she said $2 i ask her to see the ticket because i just wanted to see it for my verifications she then stuck the little piece of paper that was printed and i again ask for the lottery ticket to see , she then got extremly rude and disrespectful and loud all because i wanted to see the ticket she then trows the ticket on the counter i picked it up and saw that it was only $2 and not 10 at that point i ask for her name because she had no name tag on and if she did it wasn’t visible, she then was yelling and being rude , i picked the ticket up and left the 2$ on the counter just because i wasn’t going to be talked to that way. I don’t know how she even has a job working with the public and talk to people like she does. she is a little bigger women with tatoos. I would like to speak with someone about this matter. My number 704-965-xxxx

  5. I play you’re circle win all the time I had won the small bags of the peanut butter pretzels but both stores I go to died not have any. I’m sad I love them

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