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Corporate Address
516 W. 34th St.
New York, NY
Company Contact
Lew Frankfort
Chairman, CEO
Phone Number
(212) 594-1850
Fax Number
(212) 594-1682
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11 thoughts to “Coach, Inc. Headquarters”

  1. I purchased a purse in Sacramento, and the cost was over $500,00. within 2 months the edges of the handles become frayed and a piece of leather like a shoe string came off of both handles. I was unable to deal with a repair due to the nature of my personal life. I took the purse back to the store from where it was purchased, and was told that there was only a sixth month warranty which had then expired. I believe that this defect was the problem of Coach and not something we did to warrant this defect. I cannot believe that a $500 purse should not come apart and I resent having if so, not within a reasonable amount of time. This incident is not a case of reasonable wear and tear. The problem is yours to correct. My wife now will not use the purse, and it is stored in her closet not to be used again. I bought the purse for her with good intentions, and her opinion of Coach has pretty much disappeared. The repair probably would not cost more than $50.00 which I can afford. The problem is that the my wife has such a poor idea of Coach products now. That Coach purse was admired by people we know as well as other women while we were out and about. My wife has now refused to use it, it has bad memories, and I am unsure if my effort to have it repaired will set well with her. It was a gift by me for her, and I have to resist negativity even though I make the repair on my own. This complaint has to be corrected by Coach and not by my means, as the principal of the issue is…you correct the problem or the wife will continue to have ill feelings for any and all future purchases from Coach. I am asking for you to correct this purse problem or the issue continues to be a negative dark cloud for Coach future purchases,

    If I could get away with the repairs on my own, I would do it; however, my wife will not accept nor allow it.

    Would you please respond.

  2. This used to be a good company, until you have a problem. Then you find out that it is really hard to get through to a customer service representative, especially out of normal office hours, which is the only time I am available.

    1. I’m so unhappy and will never spend a dime with coach again. I made an order on 9-22 and then oder was cancelled without my knowledge and I was give a 25 dollar gift card made another order on 9-29 well I was told that order couldn’t be found so I email last week with no response. So today I did a chat with someone and was told that I could have the order reshipped but not until 10-18 witch is almost a month from the first order. And that they would give me a 30 dollar gift card . So I have spent almost a month trying to get 2 clutch bags. And I have only received one. I made the order for my sister b’day that has now been here and gone. My family has had an exceptionally difficult year as too my mom passing away unexpectedly and me and my sister having to move in with our father due to him having stage 4 brain cancer. All I was trying to do is brighten my sister and I spirits a little due to the difficult year we have had. I know it might not mean anything to you or your company but it does to me. My mom was a fan of your hand bags and would’ve love to come see it up close in New York. But due to her passing she was never able to buy one of your hand bags or visit New York. My experience with this company has been horrible and nothing but issues. I’m very disappointed in the level of and lack of customers service your company has given me. I’m disappointed with the lack of caring I have received from such a high in company. I can’t normally afford anything from your company even on sale I can’t afford it. But I splurge on me and my sister due to the horrible year I and my sister have had. Then why dealing with all of this from such a well respected company and hand bag is just ridiculous and unacceptable and disappointing. Hope you will fix the issues I have brought to your attention.

  3. I am trying to contact to apply for a job. Do you have a jobs and careers phone number, or can I submit my job application online?

  4. I received ba package that supposed to have two pairs of shoes but there was only one and I’m getting no cooperation, practically accused of lying

  5. THE WORST SERVICE online, on th ephone and the actual store location in Costa Mesa California.
    I ordered $1900 worth opf items, got cancelled, then I ordered it again, cancelled again, called customer service they took the order and payment, then cancelled. Then I call the store in Costa Mesa, they have no clue they are living on Earth. WOW Coach, who is operating this business?

  6. I ordered a bag and a wallet. Got the bag, waited for the wallet. UPS said that package was pending. Made a claim with UPS and it was approved. Called them for a refund, I was told 24-48 hours by one agent. Called back couple days later told by another agent refunds take 10-12 working days. 15 days later, still no refund, called back was told that a supervisor was going to call me. Left my number. Didn’t get any call from the supervisor, called back, was told the agent took the wrong phone number. was told my case was JUST created, 2 months later and STILL no refund. Never shopping online or in the store ever again.


  8. Hello I was trying to order a couple of items off of coach as I do always. I found out that my account was flagged and now I can’t order online. I am a very loyal customer and back in November and December I placed a few orders I received all except 1. I contacted coach and they said they would look into it. I checked back in with them they still had no information for me. So I checked back in quit a few times and they had no information for my order. Then finally about a month later they were going to send out a replacement . So I waited and waited I never received anything. So I called again they told me to allow the system to update to be patient. So I did so I waited and waited. I checked back in they told me the same thing several times. Finally it was almost 3 months when I made my last calls and the lady I spoke with said my order never left the warehouse. So she was going to put in for my refund. So I left it at that. More time went by and I called back in they said for me to be patient and allow their system to up date it could take 5 to 7 days. I waited and I finally just contacted my bank to dispute it through my bank. Then today when I tried to place an order I found out my account is flagged. How is it my fault my items were delivered to the place. I don’t think that is how a loyal customer should be treated. I order all the time from your company. I have never had any problems except that one and I called in right away to let your company know I did not receive my items. I did everything I was asked finally in the end I was tired of waiting it was already 3 months later and I still had no items or a refund. How do I get that flag taken off my account because it’s not right.

  9. Having trouble with customers representatives helping me with a refund. First of all orders were wrong and second they won’t issue me a refund, been waiting for at least one month and a half. I’ve never had any of this issues anywhere else, not even in cheaper stores.

  10. On 7/11/22 my Coach bag, 2 months old
    was soiiled by having to set in on the
    floor of the disabled bathroom at the
    Metropolitan Museum on Fifth Avenue.
    I took it to Coach Fifth Avenue to ask
    if it could be cleaned. They tried but
    could not. The Met Museum insurance
    company requests a letter to that effect
    in order to begin a claim for me.

    This bag cost $450.00 plus tax.

    I have bought many bags there and at
    Columbus Circle.

    I did ask your rep, Arfel, just this
    afternoon for this letter but he refused
    saying that it would have “legal
    complications.” This is incompresible
    as any insurance company would
    write such a letter.

    My own insurance company wrote me
    a letter advising me I am not covered
    with the insurance I have. I can provide
    you with that letter if you wish.

    Please contact me by email as I am
    almost never home,

    It is the Theo Tote bought 5/10/22, $450.00 plus tax. Store 02579,
    Reg. 003, Tran: 011400.

    I cannot imagine why my request
    would not be honored.

    Please email me tomorrow, Aug, 2,
    with your response.

    Thank you.

    Daniel Norton

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