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Corporate Address
7001 N Scottsdale Rd # 2050
Paradise Valley, AZ
Company Contact
F Davis
Phone Number
(480) 483-0006
Yearly Revenue
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3 thoughts to “Continental Homes Headquarters”

  1. My complaint is that it is too difficult to get through to customer support department. I tried several ways, email, phone and finally got through on the customer hotline.

  2. How do I contact the corporate office headquarters by phone here in the UK. I would like to know if you have a UK customer phone number or corporate number, thanks.

  3. I have a home built by continental homes in 1984, i recently found out the dryer vent was never vented. makes me wonder why my dryers have been burning out. The HOA who does the roof says it was a design flaw by you all the builder. I’m at discovery at day break in Chandler, AZ that was built in 1984. When I purchased my third dryer I had the vent people come out, they informed me that the dryer vent was vented through the roof that had no actual venting capability. I contacted the HOA, they informed me that it was an issue I needed to take up with you, the builder. Let me just say, as a nurse during this time and all the added stress, I am feeling like someone other than myself needs to be paying 1800 for a new washer and dryer every few years and the 1000 dollars to fix the venting once I learned it wasn’t my fault this was happening. I was even more annoyed and disappointed in humanity. It’s not that I don’t have the money to pay for this, its the fact that my home could have burned down and put my child and myself at risk. How many other units are affected by this? I feel like I need to advocate for the other homeowners that maybe have no idea about this issue. Please call me with any feed back.

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