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Corporate Address
1030 Delta Blvd.
Atlanta, GA
Company Contact
Edward H. Bastian
CEO and Director
Phone Number
(404) 715-2600
Fax Number
(404) 715-5042
Employee Count
Twitter IDs
@Delta, @DeltaAssist


What is Delta Airlines’ Corporate Office Phone Number?

Delta Airlines’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-404-715-2600.


What is Delta Airlines’ Customer Service Phone Number?

Delta Airlines’ Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-323-2323 or 1-800-221-1212 (fastest).

Call Delta internationally for free on phone number: 1-404-765-5000 phone number: 1-888-750-3284

Domestic Reservation Sales phone number: 1-800-221-1212

International Reservation Sales phone number: 1-800-241-4141

Delta Vacations Packages phone number: 1-800-800-1504

SkyMiles Representatives phone number: 1-800-323-2323

Disability Assistance phone number: 1-404-209-3434

For complaints about past Delta travel experience: 1-800-455-2720

Delta SkyMiles phone number: 800-323-2323

Medallion Status phone number: 800-325-3999

Lost Baggage phone number: 800-325-8224

Cargo Department phone number: 800-352-2746

Delta Reservations phone number: 800-241-4141

Special Member Services phone number: 800-325-1551

Technical Support phone number: 888-750-3284

What is Delta Airlines’ Headquarters Address?

Delta Airlines’ Corporate Office Mail Address is:

Delta Air Lines, Inc.
P.O. Box 20706
Atlanta, Georgia 30320-6001

If you are meeting at the Delta Airlines Headquarters in person, the address is:

Delta Air Lines, Inc.
1030 Delta Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30354-1989


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Delta Airlines’ Email Address: [email protected]. Use the Email Form to ask a question.

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Delta Airlines on Twitter: @DeltaAssist

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Delta Airlines Headquarters Executive Team.

Delta Airlines’s management team consists of:

Edward H. Bastian, Chief Executive Officer

Glen Hauenstein, President

Gil West, S.E.V.P. and Chief Operating Officer

Paul Jacobson, E.V.P. and Chief Financial Officer

Joanne Smith, E.V.P. and Chief Human Resources Officer

Peter Carter, E.V.P. and Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary

Steve Sear, President – International & E.V.P. – Global Sales

Ned Walker, S.V.P. and Chief Communications Officer

Rahul Samant, E.V.P. and Chief Information Officer

Delta Airlines Board of Directors.

Edward H. Bastian

Francis S. “Frank” Blake

Daniel A. Carp

Ashton B. Carter

David G. DeWalt

William”Bill” Easter

Mickey Foret

Michael P. Huerta

Jeanne P. Jackson

George N. Mattson

Douglas R. Ralph

Sergio Rial

Kathy Waller

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276 Reviews and Complaints for Delta Airlines Headquarters

  1. I will not be using Delta again; will use another airline or drive instead if necessary. Appalling that you backed off your stance on Georgia’s attempt to steal our citizens constitutional right to vote.
    Shame on you for such a cowardly decision. I will make sure to try and convince everyone I know including their companies to follow suit.
    We don’t need companies that don’t support our citizens or our constituion.
    Besides makes me wonder does company always runaway from doing right thing just because it is hard.. Where is the line.. What happens when issue is safety.. Will you still turn tail and run..
    Use your voice to support what is right for those that don’t have your platform or voice. Those citizens are your customers.
    There are other states for your head quarters of Georgia rather remain prejudiced then keep jobs… So your cowardly response is even more perplexing..

  2. Right now -0. Soooo disappointed about Delta’s stance on Ga voting law. Delta has just lost over half of U.S. customers. Will find other ways to fly!

  3. Your CEO is entitled to his opinion. I will act on mine. My family will not be flying Delta for the foreseeable future.

  4. I am so disgusted with your decision to get involved with the cancel culture. My friends and I were talking about this weekend and we are never going to fly your airline again. You’re pissing off more than half of the country. Should have stayed out of it!

  5. This message is directed to Edward Bastain who I have tried to contact by email but it keeps being returned as undeliverable.
    Mr. Bastain,
    I have been reading that you and your company are against the recently passed voting law in Georgia. I feel compelled to ask, have you read the actual bill or are you just jumping on the cancel culture bandwagon?
    Does Delta plan on eliminating the photo ID requirement to board your planes? After all, if you don’t think an individual should have to prove who they are to participate in our electoral process why must we prove who we are to fly? Oh, is the answer to that we must protect the safety and integrity of air transportation? Then why shouldn’t we protect the safety and integrity of our elections.
    My last question is what will you do and say when the cancel culture comes for you and your company?


  7. Your Wokeness is a slap in the face of a majority of races ,creeds and colors. Your are a Business, not the Social conscience of America. You have lost my families business. Stick to what you know .

  8. Ed Bastian and Delta Airlines should tend to their own
    business and shut-the-hell-up about GA’s voting laws!! I’m a Diamond+ RCCL cruiser and I’ll never use Delta again.

  9. I have to tell you that as a long time loyal customer and Million Miler that you are making a BIG MISTAKE by getting involved with politics in the GA Voting legislation ? We do have options when it comes to who to use for travel !

  10. Dear Delta Airlines CEO,
    I am no longer going to purchase Airline tickets on Delta due to your recent decision to involve your company in politics regarding the Georgia Election law. I also am deeply disappointed of your support to China who are persecuting millions of people and invoke communism on all their people. Furthermore, this choice your company has made has hurt millions of people in Georgia financially resulting in loss of jobs. I know many people that are boycotting Delta Airlines for this inhumane decision your company has made. I hope you will see how un-American this choice is and turn back around to support the American people.
    Thank you for your time.
    Tammy Mixter

  11. I’m sure Delta airlines enjoys a generous tax cut for having its HQ in Georgia. You should volunteer to donate more money to the Government. In fact your CEO and many on the board of directors, should also pay extra money. Even without waiting for the Democrats to tell you to pay. Put your money where your mouth is. I’m sure you won’t, your a hypocrites. Don’t give to charity, give to the Government. While you’re at it, please explain to your black and brown employees how rich woke white liberals believe that they lack the ability to find a DMV, find their ID # or lack the ability to properly use the internet, since basically you believe that a free & fair election. Better yet, maybe you can explain while a rich white man knows what black people need or that they need you to fight for them. Did you ever think you would be seen as pandering? The fact is with a wink and a nod, corporations like Coke, Delta, MLB, United etc all do the Government’s bidding.

  12. Sorry to see you are supporting gather radical left and their displeasure with voting law in Georgia. I just received my new ID card from state , I NEED THIS CARD SO I CAN BOARD YOUR AIRPLANES. BUT YOU BELIEVE WE DONT NEED ID CARD TO MAKE SURE ONLY REGISTERED VOTERS ARE VOTING GOOD BY DELTA. YOUR ON THE WRONG SIDE

  13. Please stay out of politics or else prepare for regular people like me to quit flying with you. We are sick of the wokeness. Grow a corporate backbone!

  14. I understand Delta is going bankrupt. CEO Bastain is certainly helping with his political comments. Scratch be for future Delta air travel Fire Bastain

  15. I was completely taken aback at the report I heard on Tucker Carlson last night. I will fly with airlines who put Safety and Competency at the top of their priority list when hiring pilots/co-pilots and cabin crew. I hope you will reconsider this policy. Thank-you

  16. When you decide to be political instead of a good-citizen-business based of fear, I am done with Delta!

  17. Hey, I have always been a fan of Delta Airlines, and I even have an American Express Card so I get benefits from Delta Airlines. I live in Utah and enjoy the hub here in Utah I think Delta is crazy by getting political especially in Georgia. Since their state legislature helped their voters have a fair elections which gives their voters have their voice with early elections (17 days) as well as securing the election process there with voter ID. I am so disappointed that you would be so misinformed with the new laws and how they will actually give people more rights and securities than before. Stay out of misinformed politics. Rethink your position.

  18. So, I have always been a fan of Delta Airlines, and I even have an American Express Card so I get benefits from Delta Airlines. I live in Utah and enjoy the hub here in Utah I don’t think Delta should be getting political especially in Georgia for helping their voters have a fair elections which gives their voters their voice with early elections (17 days) as well as securing the election process there with voter ID. I am so disappointed that you would be so misinformed with what the new laws will actually give people more rights and securities than before. Stay out of misinformed politics. Rethink your position.

  19. So Delta decided to boycott Georgia for its new voter ID law. Does this mean I don’t have to show ID to fly on your airline? What is Delta doing about all of China’s artistries? Boycotting China?

    The good people of Delta are so unfortunate to have such an elitist ass for a CEO!

    Teague Lottman

  20. I agree with Mr. Rutledge, and I doubt if any executive read the bill before their knee-jerk response. I have flown Delta for over 40 years, but I will seek another carrier if possible.

  21. Your gutless rollover on the recent
    MLB / Georgia voting legislation is
    Just wrong. Delta’s position is not
    Credible and forthright, just more misleading information. What’s
    wrong with good Law and Order
    for the greater good of people?
    Does Delta require ID’s to buy /
    board flights? Go to your Bank, see what need to proceed, check into
    the hospital, all need verification,
    why not the important right to VOTE?
    Showing who you are is the common
    denominator. Delta’s ingenious position is not truthful just a smoke screen to please the new administration. The Georgia law is
    meaningful, provides Saturday voting, FREE identification to EVERYONE and you can bring water
    Delta it appears you suffer from no
    Intestinal Fortitude (guts) to tell the
    Truth on your real reason????
    No more Delta flights here👎
    Gary Kleinheksel
    Zimmerman, Ann

  22. Stay out of politics.
    I won’t fly delta again..thought you were providing t w service…not playing politics. Hope your company will be happy catering to blue state liberal passengers ..
    We have choices in life. Mine will be to fly ANY airline other than Delta. And to sell our delta stock.

  23. Good Morning! I just want to make my voice heard. I am totally against Delta Corporation making comments against the voter law recently signed. I love traveling Delta but am very disappointed that you felt it necessary to get involved in the politics. Especially since your facts were wrong. Did you even read the law before making you comments? or did you just follow the advice of the loud mouthed Democrats like Stacey Abrams that do not care about the welfare of the hard working people of the state. Please stick to continuing your great customer service in the airline business and leave the politics to the politicians!

  24. I will no longer be a customer and have sold all my stock in Delta. Edward H. Bastian is an idiot and has alienated half of your customers based upon political lies and half truths. I do not need Delta to be my PAC (Political Action Committee). Bastian should be focusing on a recovery after the worst year in your history and not on reducing his customer base by half. Over paid and under educated…not worthy of my investment nor my support as a passenger. Shame, so stupid!

  25. This is meant for Mr. Bastian:

    Dear Mr. Bastian, I am proud of you and companies such as yours speaking out against suppressing the vote. It’s giving me some hope to once again have a sense of security. Look, I’m 67 years old and I’ve never had money but I have ridden on Delta since we were kids. I don’t have so many years left so I may not see an end of the impending destruction of the U.S. but I fear for the children. The past four years have left me hollow and disenchanted with the American dream. How we got a con artist for president just baffles me. Now his corrupt sycophants want to suck out every last bit of lifeblood that’s left in our Democracy. I can’t comprehend that nut case Mitch Mcconnell telling your corporation to mind your own business and in the same breath he says it’s ok to give him money. PLEASE, mind this business because you and other’s like you may be the only thing that saves the Democracy which is our country. Democracy and the free market IS YOUR BUSINESS. Please sir, don’t back down. Very Truly, Paula
    P.S. I can’t wait for this second vaccine shot and a few weeks to spend what little money I have to fly Delta to be with my sister. My mother died of Covid-19 last June and we have not been able to see one another. There was no funeral, no holding her hand. She suffered greatly and I owe it all to Trump and his suppression of testing.

  26. I am contacting to thank you and tell you that I appreciate your corporation’s support of voting rights for all Americans. Please continue to fight back against those who want to limit who and how we vote. Again, thank you. I will tell all to please support your corporation and purchase your services.

  27. Due to your condemnation of the Georgia voting acts bill, I will never again fly via your airline.

  28. I will not use your airline. You have chosen a political agenda that disagrees with mine and many,many others.

  29. Thank you Delta for standing for democracy. We love flying Delta and hope to do so soon (pandemic has kept us home). Voters rights are an integral part of of our country.

  30. I think you should consider moving out of Georgia. There are many other states that would bend over backwards to get you.

  31. Because of your corporate response concerning the Georgia voting laws, I am no longer going to be flying Delta and I hope millions of republicans do the same. Consider thousands of republicans boycotting Delta at the RNC in 4 years. I am no longer watching MLB and no longer buying Coke or Coke products. Two can play at this boycotting game. Corporations and professional sports should stay out of politics. People are sick of it and just want to fly in peace and watch a darn game in peace without any surrounding CRAP. The Georgia voting law is similar to Ohio’s. You have to have an ID to vote, i.e. a driver’s license. Have to show it to get a vaccine. Have to show it at the doctor’s office. What is the problem with having to show it to vote? Don’t African-Americans have a driver’s license or some form of ID in Georgia? What is the problem? And yes, you can have water or someone give you water, as long as you’re not within 150 feet of the voting place. Same as Ohio. We in Ohio don’t have a problem with this. I live in Ohio and have African-American friends who agree with me and THEY think this whole thing is nuts.


  33. So Delta doesn’t want the most qualified pilots just the most diverse.
    I think I’ll try another airline.

  34. Delta Management:

    Based on Delta’s most recent uninformed corporate political positions related to the new Georgia election law, please take me off of all Delta marketing lists using my email address.

    I will not tolerate race-baiting from businesses I patronize based on ill-informed, knee-jerk reactions and not on actual objective truth and facts. Just read the law, as I did to inform myself before reaching any conclusions about it. Also, please compare it objectively to the laws in other states. (See for example, the April 3 Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

    What I learned is that the Georgia law is objectively neutral and actually expands voting accessibility in some areas. All rights reserved for the legislature are simply designed to protect the legislature’s constitutional mandate to oversee state elections, which in many states was ignored in the last election. Most importantly, this law does not include any draconian provisions aimed at restricting voting by any group.

    Therefore, unless there is a public apology and acknowledgement that the pronouncements were misinformed and based on incorrect information, we will not be using Delta Airlines whenever there are any other alternatives.

    Good day.

    Michael E. Wooten, Esq.

    Michael E. Wooten,
    A Professional Corporation
    xxxx Barranca Pkwy, Suite 100
    Irvine, CA 92604
    SBN: 899xx
    DRE: 8566xx

    (949) 861-xxxx (direct)
    (949) 293-xxxx (cell)

  35. No more flying on woke airline – move your headquarters to China where you’ll feel right at home.

  36. When you decide that you’re a service and not a political party I might consider flying Delta again.
    You’re so wrong.

  37. I would like to know why Delta airlines is supporting lies and untruths about the Georgia voting law. The new law is not voter suppression, and exceeds many other states; such as Colorado and Delaware. You are reacting to untruths spread by President Biden and others, and his comments have been debunked as false. Please reconsider your decision about supporting false information and untruths.
    Thank you.

  38. I’ve lived in Georgia most of my life, and have always been proud of and if possible traveled on Delta. I am embarrassed that the CEO made the erroneous statements concerning Georgia Election law. Not only was he misleading in how he represented the law, the airline should focus on it’s passengers, service and safety, and not politics. While we have few options flying out of atlanta, most certainly I will look at other options going forward.

  39. Boycotting Georgia has to be a decision made in ignorance. Read the bill. Voting is fair, easy and free. New York and Delaware are restrictive. Joe Biden got for Pinocchios, from the Washington Post, for lying about it. Woke cancel culture is bad, read what even Bill Maher says about it. You require voter ID. I can’t get medical care without ID, do I go on. So, do I choose another airline now because of you poor decision.

  40. Extremely disappointed in your. Ompany playing politics and basing that decision of a false narrative. Therefore my family and I have decided to boycott your company as well for any future flights we are planning. Focus on bettering your corporate mission and stay out of the political arena!

  41. I am a 66 year old woman that has made Delta my prefered airline. Now I will never fly Delta again due to this company getting into politics and picking sides. I have to show an ID to get on your plane so showing an ID to vote should be no problem. You have made it personal and from a blatant lie. You need to read the laws and get out of the political wokeness of the left..

  42. My Delta account has been hacked and I can’t get a human being to speak with regarding the problem. I just made a reservation and the ticket was sent to the hacker. They are also using all of my frequent flyer miles. Please help. Larry Jens Anderson. Ff 202493xxxx. My cell is 404.394.xxxx

    Please help.

  43. Owning over 1,600 shares of Delta and voting for Mr. Bastian on my ProxyVote I find it difficult to believe he would allow one of his staff to recommend Delta’s position on Georgia ‘s recent voter law. If this staffer read to complete law it would become clear it is a better way of making vote honest. I’ll not for Mr. Bastian at my next ProxyVote and for his compensation.

  44. Because of Delta Airlines recent “woke” involvement in the State of Georgia’s legislative process; I will never use Delta Airlines again. Your existence is to provide a service for consumers, not to influence the political or legislative process of a State.
    I will encourage my family and friends to boycott Delta Airlines.
    A former Delta Airlines Customer.

  45. Dear Mr. Bastain,
    Your unwanted meddling in Georgia election law is unwanted. You are clearly pandering to a small subset of your customers. I am not interested in Delta Airlines dictating political outcomes. Until this stops, I will make every effort to avoid purchasing your services.

  46. You should never be involved in partisan politics. I have divested my holdings in delta. Shameful

  47. I am writing to thank you for taking a stand against the attempt to restrict voter rights in Georgia. I am a longtime Delta customer and I appreciate your willingness to do the right thing, especially when it isn’t easy. Thank you.

  48. Shame on you for falling into the WOKE trap. If there is any way I can avoid flying Delta I will take. So ashamed of your actions. Always considered you one of the more upstanding companies. Disgusting….

  49. I urge you to reconsider your stance and to not take part in cancel culture . Please set a better example for all, as this action taken by your company is a direct violation of our freedom of speech. An individual/company should not be black listed, boycotted, live in fear of retaliation or be censored and their company destroyed because you disagree with their view point.

    These actions taken by your company directly threaten the rights of all of us in this supposedly free market and county. I view these actions as anti American and I am for the freedom and rights for all people whether I agree or disagree. I no longer align with your company as a consumer.

    We have to work together to keep our democracy and freedoms for all. We have to do better than this.

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” -Abraham Lincoln

    I will no longer support your company unless you stop this political bias.

  50. You are rediculous! I have been a member of your sky Miles club at Cetera for years and fly exclusively with Delta. Now with your ridiculous siding with the left wing radicals I may be taking my last trip with you since I already bought my tickets before your ridiculous claims. In fact I’m pretty sure this is my last trip with you . People have to have IDs for everything and voting should be number one. Freedom is on the line And you are playing into the rhetoric.

  51. Will never fly Delta again! When you stop asking for ID to fly your airlines then and only then can you call for Ga to be punished for wanting an ID to vote! 80% of Americans support voter ID. Imagine your bottom line if even half of them stop flying your airline! #GetWokeGoBroke

  52. You should have read the vote law before you spoke up. You require a valid ID to fly but you think it is OK to vote with out. You have lost my business. Good bye Delta

  53. I am so disgusted with the pilitical stance taken by Delta Airlines regarding the Georgia voter law. I find it incredibly hypocritical of Delta to say they stand against a law that mandates a voter to show their ID, but yet demands an ID before boarding a Delta plane. I certainly will not fly Delta in the future. I will not support a business that stands against common sense legislation. morons.

  54. I have three flights with your airlines, just through July. And I wish I could change airlines, but since I can not, I promise I will never use your airline again, since you have stood against GA

  55. Your rhetoric regarding SB 202 is disingenuous, dangerous abs divisive. Here is what it does:
    It expands access to early voting statewide by requiring 2 mandatory Saturdays-and allowing local election officials the option of up to 2 Sunday’s during early voting. This change would apply to all 159 counties in Georgia for the first time and result in hundreds of hours of in early voting opportunities across the state.
    SB 202 requires all voters to provide a Driver’s license or free state ID number to request and submit an absentee ballot. This would replace the cumbersome signature match process, thereby significantly streamlining and securing absentee ballot verification and tabulation. Every Georgia voter must already present form of photo ID to vote in person.
    For the first time ballot drop boxes, which were not available to Georgia voters prior to COVID pandemic are mandated in every county, while alsoensuing all drop boxes are secured around the clock.
    SB 202 protects polling locations from electioneering by private individuals. Within 150 foot of the precinct, election officials may provide water at stations. Beyond 150 feet, as previous Georgia law allowed, private individuals may campaign and provide food and water.
    It also requires local election officials to continue tabulating votes until counting is complete and mandates the use is security paper to ensure complete authentication of ballots.
    As you can see, these reforms have nothing to do with “voter suppression” or Jim Crow. The Election Integrity Act makes it easy to vote by expanding access to the polls and harder to cheat by ensuring the security of the ballot box.
    Read the legislation. Your position is beyond understanding. As a Gold Delta flyer for many years I will find another airlines as will my families it and friends How tragic on your part

  56. Delta’s CEO needs to stay out of politics and concentrate on his airline!!! He never read the bill or he would not have done what he did. You are destroying GEORGIA!!!!!! Retract your statement now

  57. Hey I heard Ed Bastian likes to stick his nose into Georgia politics. Perhaps he should focus on running a better airline than regurgitating talking points he hears on television.

  58. I’m a consumer. I am boycotting Delta Airlines! Delta needs to stay the hell out of politics. Until Delta’s CEO makes a comment directly to the consumer that it will stay out of politics, then I will fly Delta. If not, I’ll never ever fly DELTA Airlines again.

  59. I’ll never fly Delta ever again. Who the hell do you think you Are people have fought and died for are country election integrity is everything off

  60. Looks like republicans need to learn how this boycot game works. Move your office to China where you belong.

  61. Me and all my friends will not fly delta due to your false statements on georgia voting law. How about staying out of woke politics and concentrate on your business of flying. You have no business being involved

  62. How dare you all get involved in Georgia voting laws. Stick to running an airline and try to do a better job at that considering you have gotten millions of taxpayer dollars to bail your sorry butts out of the financial mess you continually get yourself in. I seriously doubt anyone in your “woke” corporation even read the bill by the idiotic press response you are putting out. YOU ALL REALIZE A GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED TO SET FOOT ON YOUR PLANES!!! You all are nothing but a pack of spineless hypocrites. The Georgia law doesn’t discriminate against anyone. I will try very, very hard to NEVER fly Delta Airlines. Stop pushing lies!

  63. It has come to my attention that Delta has voiced it’s opposition to the Georgia voting law. This really concerns me as I have always been a loyal Delta customer and their position on this law does not coincide with my beliefs. I believe in everyone having a chance to vote if you are a legal voter. All this law does is insure that the voters are registered to vote. I have to have an ID to board a plane, buy alcohol or cigarettes and many other things. Why is it so wrong to require an ID to vote??

  64. Delta has gone off the woke pier and is headed for deep waters. Your criticism of Georgia’s election law is in error — as is Biden, who was called on his errors by the Washington Post. Voter ID is supported by a vast majority of Americans and is not “unacceptable” as you claim. New York (and other states) have fewer early voting days than Georgia; New York requires an excuse for absentee ballots, while Georgia has no restrictions. Biden was repeating a woke lie when he said voting would close at 5 p.m.; Biden was repeating a democrat lie when he said people could not have a drink of water in line. The Georgia law prohibits electioneering — as do the laws in most states.
    We are frequent travelers and we have flown Delta for many years. But unless Delta corrects the record and refutes its position, we will never fly Delta again!

  65. I have been a loyal Delta customer for many years but am concerned about your position on the Georgia voting bill. It appears to be virtue signaling. The bill is a good bill and protects the integrity of the voting system. You would be wise to stay out of politics. We are not paying you for political advice as you have no expertise there.
    We are paying for efficient and effective flights.

  66. Dear Mr. Bastian,

    You’ve made strong and negative statements concerning the new Georgia voting law calling it “unacceptable” and “based on a lie.” I find your statements to essentially be a bow to the political mob. These statements just deepened the discord and offered no solutions. Why are you not using your public position to positively and inclusively advance the discussion of both voter rights and election integrity?

    I respectively ask that you state what Delta believes is good about the law and what needs to be changed. Simply tossing the entire law in the garbage can, as you did with your statements, is not realistic. Is it the ID requirements that Delta is upset about? I recently went to buy a new cell phone and had to show my drivers license. The TSA checks my ID when I go through security at an airport (I suspect you strongly support this inconvenience when traveling — I do). Buying a six pack of beer requires ID. The MLB requires ID at ballparks! How does anyone get through daily life without some form of ID? Is moving the time frame to request an absentee ballot from 6 months to 3 months really an issue? Why is there a need to send everyone an absentee ballot? I’ve been voting for over 30 years and have never required a snack or water while voting. This is just ridiculous. Is giving more oversight to the Georgia legislature versus having that power in one individual causing you grief? Does having an election hotline cause people to be dis-enfranchised? Seems prudent to have any ballot drop boxes monitored and secured. I’m confident Delta has many layers of governance in place and I’m glad you do. However, when governance is applied to our voting systems it is automatically labelled as voter suppression (or worse).

    No one should be dis-enfranchised from casting a legal ballot. At the sametime, our election procedures must provide for strong election integrity. If the new Georgia voting law has missed the mark, please use the megaphone of Delta to help fix it. Casting broad and unexplained shadows on the entire law is not helping the situation.

    I do not want to join the cancel culture and quit flying your airline. Such actions are destructive to our society and foster continued and deeper division. I implore you to use the Delta brand to build unity, instead of using Delta’s voice to further sow destructive political division.

  67. Tell your CEO to just fly passengers, what they do best and stay our of politics including “Most frieldy airline to China. We are boycotting your airline until you get some sanity. This is hurt the people of Atlanta and your bottom line. You think the woke Democrats put on the pressure just wait.

  68. Just to let you know, I will be leading a boycott for central Virginia with 100 other pastors area due to your involvement of the all Star games in Atlanta, GA.

  69. Not flying Delta until you get out of politics. Millions agree with me. We will not support your decision to have people vote without showing a photo ID. Your job is to deliver a great flying experience, not to comment on our politics. This decision is going to come back and bite you in the butt. You do have competitors out there and they are the ones that will get our business. Please, stick to your business and get out of politics.

  70. I am extremely disappointed with Mr. Bastion and Delta’s public opposition the voter security bill passed by the Georgia Legislature. It has had unintended consequences for our community. This bill does not suppress voting rights, it actually does the opposite. Covid has curtailed travel and I was extremely proud of Delta for doing the right thing by social distancing and requiring masks. However, this political cowardice by Mr. Bastion has undone all the previous good. Delta is no longer my airline of choice. Hometown meant nothing to Delta.


  72. Ive always used Delta Airlines as my first choice of travel.Always felt they were well managed and ran a top shelf operation.However at the age of 79yrs. old,myself and all my extended family have agreed,Delta will not be our first choice.Being political is not what a airline should become.Atlanta has been one of your main base for many years.And to support something you obviously know nothing about,has left my family with a bad taste.Concentrate on improving your airline and those things necessary to accomplish that goal.Stay out of politics and keep your passengers safe and comfortable.My first flight was 1963 with you and the top management nwere very sharp those years.They never would have walked into a trap concerning baseball.Plus you really hurt your own business and Atlanta.

  73. Delta cancels Georgia, I cancel Delta. I will not fly your airlines due to your political stance. Wrong move!

  74. I’m writing as a shareholder to complain about Delta’s opposition to Georgia’s new voter law. Delta’s actions were irresponsible. It should limit its political activities to environmental, working conditions, and taxes. You have offended a lot of people. Stick to flying planes.

    1. And you offend me! ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE. Oh, wait. You must have grown up in the South. Where white people think they get to CHOOSE who gets to vote! Shame on you!

  75. Mr. Bastian,

    I writing to complain about Deltas stance on the new Georgia election laws. There is NOTHING wrong with them. I have to show a photo I’d to vote in elections. No one gives me water when I stand in line. I always manage to make it to vote on Election Day. Why? Because I am responsible individual. Also I am a LEGAL voter.

    Why am I required to show my license when I fly your airlines, if having to show an id is wrong??

    Did you even read these changes, or just immediately panic and cringe in fear from the PC Brownshirts?!

    You realize most of them don’t even fly? People like me use the airlines. But I WILL NOT be using yours in the future until your company changes it’s stance. Companies need to stay out of these policies. All you do is alienate a large section of the population… mostly those who use your product.

    Darrell Reel

  76. I love the service you provide. However, I’m asking you to take a stand against Georgia’s outrageous voter suppression laws. Please help make changes for the good of the people who use your service. You can help make good things happen, as usual!

  77. Dear woke delta: My wife and I own a large holding in your stock and have for decades. Even though it may effect our stock value if your/our stocks drop, you have made political decisions that are supporting the woke culture and I, and many others, are insulted by your intrusion into politics. Stick to flying and leave political statements to politicians and voters. Your frequent flyer program should not be a political statement, but you have made it one. I will not use your routes if it can be avoided. I suspect millions of us feel similarly.
    Your lack of common sense and knowledge about recent voting legislation in Georgia is embarrassing to you and your stockholders. Your directors/CEO/CFO should be embarrassed and their decisions are suspect!

  78. By criticizing the Georgia voting law you are supporting voter fraud. This law will provide esoteric voter confidence. You actually had it right the first time, then you caved in to the mob. I will never fly Delta again.

  79. Hello no more flying with delta- you never read the voter law for the state you have corporate headquarters in.
    I live in Birmingham and will fly Southwest Airlines from here on out or drive.
    We have fabulous cars and oh wait do I have to show my ID at airport do you need a valid passport to fly internationally- yep you are woke alright!

  80. Is your management team run by idiots. You could not have read the voting bill before the idiotic and incorrect comments. Scratch Delta from my list of preferred airlines.

  81. As frequent fliers on your airline, my very large family and friends are disgusted with your mindless intrusion into the legislation regarding Georgia’s election laws. You can barley run your own airline, let alone get involved with partisan politics. Be it known we are switching out of Delta Rewards and signing up for United’s Mileage Plus program. flying the friendly skies from now on.

  82. I am taking this advice from former president Trump and will no longer be buying your products. Please read his statement below. Welcome to the Boycott

    “For years the Radical Left Democrats have played dirty by boycotting products when anything from that company is done or stated in any way that offends them. Now they are going big time with WOKE CANCEL CULTURE and our sacred elections,” Trump wrote in a statement.
    “It is finally time for Republicans and Conservatives to fight back—we have more people than they do by far! Boycott Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, JPMorgan Chase, ViacomCBS, Citigroup, Cisco, UPS, and Merck. Don’t go back to their products until they relent,”

    George Humphries
    Salinas CA 93901

  83. Very disappointed in Delta coming out against GA voter laws. I think corporations we’d to stay out of politics. I need ID to get on your plane and for everything else. Every state should have mandatory voter ID. If we did that Buffon in the White House that has no idea where he is or what he is doing probably would not be there and this country would not be in the major mess we have at the border. Have flown Delta many times but there are other airlines

  84. Sorry to hear that Delta has opposed the new Georgia voter law. Obviously you have not read the Bill. Georgia is actiually less restrictive than New York & Delaware!
    I can think of 27 occasions when I need a photo ID! What’s wrong with having one to vote.

    Read the Bill & get the facts!

    You are on the wrong side of this!

  85. You criticism of the Georgia election law is wrong and foolish. The people of Georgia have a right to a fair election. The new law helps to protect this right. If you want to criticize something, look at the ridiculous election law that the Biden administration is pushing. It encourages fraud. Stick to flying planes and stay out of foolish unfounded accusations and I may consider flying Delta again in the future.

  86. Mr. CEO, I’ve been a Delta customer for years. I am so disappointed in your stand on the new GA voting law. Have you even read it? My thought is no, because you are just echoing the media comments and they haven’t read it either. Take the time to read the bill and you will see that all the things that have been said by the media have been a lie. Biden was given 4 pinocchios because he lied, by the the Washington Post—he didn’t read it either. the comments about water, limiting voting hours and the comment about ballot boxes are patently wrong. The AJC even had to print a change in their reporting about voting hours because they, in effect, admitted tkat they hadn’t read the bill either. I won’t fly on Delta again and neither will my friends. You should be ashamed of yourself for falling for all the partisan rhetoric.

  87. I am very upset that listen to the lies about new Georgia voting law about you coming out against the without even reading the law. If you read it you would know that the law expands voting. STOP LISTENING TO THE WOKE MOB INCLUDINT THE PRESSIDENT WHO LIED ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

  88. You are making a mistake if you boycott Georgia based on lies that have been told about the new voting law. I will no longer fly Delta if you do. I will sell my stock. Stay out of politics. You are in the business of transportation.

  89. Your greedy, spineless cowardice is on display due to your collapse to the radical left’s agenda r/t the Georgia election reform law. I join the boycott of your company effective today. I’m a frequent flyer to my second home in Florida. Adios, Delta.

  90. How DARE you get involved in the democratic process in Georgia. Stick to transporting people. Butt out of trying to insert your left wing agenda into the desire of the People of Georgia. I will be finding alternatives to Delta.

  91. I hereby boycott Delta. Stick to flying planes and out of politics. Your hypocritical company does nothing about the blatant civil rights abuses in China, but your baseless objection to GA’s voting law shows your ignorance. Bubye!

  92. Ur CEO’s recent comments straight out of the Orwellian voter fraud propaganda playbook , in regard to the new Georgia anti voter fraud legislation, is nothing shy of
    despicable. U have no right to interfere in State Government bills that pass by the elected officials chosen by taxpayers. U r hypocrites , u make every person show ID to get into ur planes, around ur planes in ur business and boardroom. I am going to become active in boycotting ur business. Ur nothing but a bunch of spineless phonies and weasels, trying to keep in the good graces of the radical vote stealing left . U don’t care how about black people, u insult the average black person by assuming they’re not capable of obtaining photo ID.
    U don’t care about free and fair elections.
    U and all ur other PC Woke Corporate CEO’s r nothing but a throwback to Stalinist/Mao one party rule political elitists.
    U fall in line with the party line, like the obedient cowardly follower so u can virtue signal that u care, but in fact ur just providing cover so the radical left monster outs machine doesn’t turn its fire at u. This legislation helps to protect the citizen’s constitutional right to free and fair elections. U r undermining and destroying that right.

  93. To Delta Executives!!

    Wow Delta, REALLY?? So, I am required to show my ID 3 times before I board one of your planes, but you are upset with the new voting laws requiring ID?? CAN YOU SAY HYPOCRITES???? Get your head out of the sand and find out what’s really going on and stop being “sheep”. I expect that you will now change your ID rules so that I will no longer need photo ID at all to travel, or I guess I will have to avoid using Delta, or maybe we should just sue your airlines for this injustice!! You corporations who think that you are so high and mighty have a lot of skeletons in your closet and people are going to go out of their way to find that information and use it against you. GREAT MOVE DELTA–SO ARE ALL YOUR CORPORATE HEADS, IDIOTS??????

    Just remember: “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”

    Sincerely, one upset former customer

    Marie Retka
    From Minnesota

  94. Given your choice as a corporation to try to dictate the State Government and/or manage the general social conscience you have become my least favorite airline and I will do everything possible to avoid using you or your subsidiary companies.

  95. Delta has a issue with the new Georgia election law which is totally being mislabeled the liberal media. FAKE news. HOWEVER DELTA HAS NO PROBLEM DOING BUSINESS IN CHINA where the people have no voting rights at all and no access to infomation. Delta is a disgrace

  96. Dear Mr. Bastian,

    I have been a loyal customer of Delta Airlines for over 50 years.

    Delta has always been my first choice. But you have betrayed me and my fellow Georgians.
    I no longer am proud of Delta Airlines. What a cowardly and stupid act you have taken to become part of the “woke” mob.

    A former Delta Champion

  97. I learned on television last night that Delta (together with Coca-Cola, and two other large companies) has taken a position to oppose the State of Georgia’s revised Voting Law. Delta and these other companies have sided with the political left, and have disregarded the need for greater protection against voter fraud. Additionally, Delta and the other companies have further drifted progressively left so as to interfere with the decisions of Major League Baseball, supporting the All Star game be moved from Georgia, to some other state. Large national and international companies like you and Coke are going into areas where you should have no say. This is America, and you are free to voice your opinions, but you do so at the risk of losing business from those you do not identify with the left and their “woke” views. Sounds like you are going to lose a lot of business taking the political positions that many of us oppose.

  98. Do to your position on voting rights in Georgia I will no longer choose Delta Airlines for my travel plans. There is no reason for you to reply. Your position all this matter tells me all I need to know about you company.

  99. Delta has been removed from all my travel plans because of your position regarding the new Georgia voting law. Your actions have consequences!

  100. Due to your recent decision to come out against the Georgia voting law, I will not be looking for flights on your airline for my family vacation this summer.

    After reading the revised voting laws in Georgia and not just listening to the President and liberal media, it seems to me they made improvements for a safe and secure election process. Something most Americans want and I support their efforts. I do not see how their changes can be misconstrued as voter suppression.

    Thank you for making me and so many others aware how your company views voting laws. I will be spending my dollars elsewhere.

  101. Why are you supporting Major League Baseball’s asinine decision to move the all star games? I WILL NOT use your service until this decision is reversed.

  102. Too bad Delta’s CEO felt the need to get involved in politics. Did you even read the voting bill passed in Georgia that is virtually the same as laws already in effect in many states. What’s wrong with requiring voter identification to vote. I have to show identification to get on a Delta flight. How many small businesses and employees will be hurt moving the All Star game from Georgia.

  103. You have given your power to cancel culture. Your CEO should read and understand what he’s reading before opening mouth and spreading a false narrative. It makes one wonder if he should be in charge of anything if he is this inept or dishonest. Assertions he has alleged about Georgia’s voting law are totally inaccurate, intentionally or otherwise. You as a corporation have a responsibility to do better and play fair. Do your shareholders have to have ID or do you let anyone vote anytime, anywhere? Do you do business with China who afford no human rights to their citizens? Be careful supporting extremism and the woke culture. They will come for you. I hope you stand up, do the right thing and retract or correct the disinformation that you spread. Words have consequences, most especially when you knowingly, willfully or ignorantly are not speaking the truth. Stay out of politics, most especially if your goal is simply to bend to extremism. SHAME ON YOU!

  104. You are totally idiots! You think Black people, my friends don’t have ID. You are total idiots and my friends and I will not fly you airline.

  105. I recently took my first Delta flight in years; I’m a million mile flier on Ame rican so rarely check flight options on Delta. It was a GREAT experience (I especially appreciated the mini Clif bar in my snack baggie), and was thinking I needed to consider Delta for my next flight next week. Then I read how the company caved to the Georgia legislators restricting voting rights, and I thought again. Then I read that those same despicable legislators tried to end tax breaks for Delta and I decided I DID want to support you. I’m watching this story carefully, and will make my now-back-to-monthly-flights decisions going forward depending on Delta being a responsible corporate citizen.

  106. Disappointed that you succumbed to pressure and changed your position on GA voter law. As a result I will only use Delta if I can’t get adequate service from other airlines. Will try to get others to do the same. GA law is better than NY and Delaware but you don’t care.

  107. I will stop flying Delta. You are getting involved in politics. There is nothing wrong with the Georgia legislation passing voting safeguards

  108. So upset about your Woke boycott of Georgia. You did not even read the law but your woke politics and cancel culture mentality is so anti American. I will remember and until apology and end of having no respect for citizens of Georgia I will not flyDelta.
    A photo ID is required to fly yet not required to vote. A photo ID is required to get the vaccine but not required to vote. Seems like you can require the ID but not the state of Georgia. I am tired of this wokism that is ruining our country and so surprised that a company like Delta is fostering and promoting it. Still you are quiet about China???

  109. Edward Bastian/Delta Airlines CEO.
    Please keep your attention on flying and customer service and stay out of politics (Georgia Voting). As a customer I don’t care what you think about politics and don’t want to know where you stand. But when you stick your nose into an area that you should stay out of, it makes me nervous as a customer that you aren’t focused on your customers or flying. Thank you.

  110. I just bought my last ticket from Delta Airlines. Get a clue. Never again. I can’t fly on your jets without an ID. No one can. But we should be allowed to vote? Come on!

  111. Delta doesn’t allow people on the aircraft without valid ID BUT Delta thinks it’s OK to vote with no ID! Canceled my Delta AmExp Card. We now fly United or Southwest

  112. Why has Delta decided to enter into politics? You need to stay out of entering your opinion into the GA elections! Read the law before you go on a tangent! I will not fly Delta so I will not be having a coke on the flight either! Stay neutral and you will not lose business! We are tired of the Corporate Bullying!!!! Read the law and get your facts straight!

  113. You need to keep your dam CEO out of American politics when you praise a communist country where people are not allowed to vote. Your CEO is a prejudiced because he thinks Black people are to stupid to get ID. Georgia expanded voting and your CEO is to stupid to know that. The state of Delaware does suppress voting rights but you say nothing. I say fly Southwest !

  114. Please why is the ceo making such stupid remarks about
    Georgia. Please stick to running an airline and keep out of
    Politics. You did not read the ga. Law. Stupid stupid stupid

  115. What is so wrong about voter ID? We use ID for everything these days. Apparently you don’t want voter integrity. I can vote with my wallet too. You just lost a customer.

  116. it isn’t voter suppression. Stop the lies…….we all want fair and free elections. People are required to show an ID to get on your airplanes. ID’s protect the integrity and fairness of elections.

  117. Why is Delta in bed with the Chinese communist party who are committing genocide on the Ugers and other humanitarian and criminal activity and then complain about the voter law in Georgia? Have you even read it?

  118. I know there is media pressure to condemn the new Georgia voting laws. However, the overwhelming majority of people think there SHOULD be voter id to prevent voter fraud. Your passengers need to show identification to board your planes. They should also be able to show identification to vote.
    Please do not succumb to the pressure of a few misguided puppets of the left. Corporation’s role should NOT include siding on social issues -stick to providing safe flying travel.

  119. I cannot in good conscience spend my precious vacation dollars with an airline that will not take a stand against voting rights being eliminated in the state of Georgia. I hope you can find it in your corporate conscience to take a stand against discrimination in this country.

  120. As a person who flies for Delta frequently, please explain to me what part of the Georgia voting bill is a problem. It expands voting hours and days. Where is the problem!

  121. Delta position on the Georgia election law is unacceptable .Read the law! It expands voting. Your are weak kneed cowards to bend to people who don’t want secure elections. I will now sell my Delta stock and never fly Delta.

  122. I am disgusted that the head of Delta would go out and promote disinformation about the new Georgia voting law. Did you read the law or just read the Democrat talking points? Delta requires a picture ID to fly but Georgia just requires an ID of some form. How does that inhibit voters? Most states require some form of ID to vote. Know your facts

  123. Oh how precious, you will fold on the locals to protect your fuel tax abatement. Gr8, profits over the soul of the country that gave you success. SOUTHWEST for me I guess.

  124. I am a long-term customer of your company and find your one-sided positions regarding political matters to be outrageous. The most recent example is your stated opposition to changes in stae voting laws, which in my view are entirely appropriate to improve the reliability and integrity of future elections. You have no business taking sides in these matters. Stick to travel services. That is your business and your customers include Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

  125. I’m ashamed I ever flew with Delta since their outrageous, disgusting change of positions re the voter law. UnAmerican and truly evil. I will never fly Delta again.

  126. I can’t believe that Delta Airlines has gone so woke that you are threatening Georgians because of a recently passed law that requires voter ID. I mean, no one flies on your planes
    without ID. You fly to China? What about their human rights abuses. Oh yeah, you only care about profits and not human beings. I am beyond being nice now and trying to work with
    this politically correct (corrupt) culture. Yep, won’t be flying Delta anymore. I will pay more for my tickets on another airline. Delta Airlines: traitors to Georgians, America and Common sense.

    Donna Holder

    Carroll County, Georgia.

  127. Delta should stay out of politics! Delta should withdraw its complaint against Georgia election laws! If Delta give in to the “woke” culture, we will never fly Delta again. Just dhit up!

  128. Please don’t boycott Georgia. If your goal is to make a statement in Georgia, please consider giving employees paid time off to vote and time to volunteer in their community to help others vote.

  129. I understand that you don’t like GA voter ID law. I agree…it should be a voter IQ law instead. BTW…since you oppose ID’s, do i need one to fly on your planes?

  130. I will NOT choose DELTA for my flights any longer due to Georgia’s ANTI-AMERICAN new law on voting rights restrictions. I will BOYCOTT you.

  131. Delta Airlines is now Jim Crow Airlines. I deleted the Delta app from phone. Will no longer fly Delta. Shame on you.

  132. Dear Sir:

    As the leader of Delta Airlines, I believe it is important the you to fully and vocally support a repel of the recent Georgia voter suppression legislation. It is fully evident that this law is designed to suppress the votes of voters that are low income and/or of color.

    What is the intent of a law that requires voting to end at 5 pm well before the time many voters can leave work? What is the intent of limiting the amount of voter drop boxes especially in areas that experience long voter lines? What is the intent of not allowing someone to receive food and water while waiting for hours in a line to vote? The intent is clear. The intent is to disenfranchise voters that low income and/or of color.

    The continuation of this voter supression by the state of Gerogia will discourage me to visit the state and to assoicate with business in the state.

    I believe it is not too late to repel this unfortunate attack on people of color. I believe your voice and the work of Delta Airlines will be essential if this wrong is to be set right. I encourage you to continue adding your voice and influence to resolving this issues quickly.

    Thank you,

    Stephen D Bryant
    Delta Frequent Flyer Number 93766xxxx

  133. I am planning to visit California this Fall (2021), And my plan is to fly to my destination. Delta has always been my first choice for me to fly. However, due to the political scene on voting rights (Georgia) across this nation, and major companies failing to back our right to vote in a timely fashion, or not to take a stand at all, will not be choosing to fly Delta.

  134. I am just about ready to begin flying again – I hold a miles account and will not hold Delta high among my choices unless the company stands firmly against voter suppression in Georgia.

  135. Please ask Edward H. Bastian to actually read the new election laws established by Brian Kemp before jumping on the “all Republicans are evil and want to suppress minority voting” popular bandwagon. Level heads are what we need right now, not knee-jerk reactions. If Delta continues to pander to the misinformation regarding this law, my family and I will be using a different airline company.

  136. Delta…..PLEASE stay out of politics!!!!! The politicians are annoying enough without corporations becoming part of it. Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. I will no longer fly Delta Airlines until such time as you strongly condemn Georgia new voting laws and move your headquarters outside Georgia.

  138. How dare Delta get involved in the new Georgia voting legislation! Delta should concentrate on their own customer service issues. I am meeting with my group to start a boycott Delta today!

  139. Hello. I am a frequent flyer on Delta. I was wondering if Delta was going to do away with having to submit identification to use your airline? I’d love to not purchase a flight ticket and just show up at my airport and tell them I did purchase a ticket and if they ask for identification I can call them prejudiceds and be able to get a free flight? Why do you guys ask for identification when asking people for Identification is prejudiced now? Why do we have to prove who we are to travel on Delta? Please respond.

  140. Please continue to serve your customers in travel. But please stay out of POLITICS please. Thanks.

  141. Unfortunately, I have a flight from JFK to Jacksonville in May which I cannot cancel. However, I will no longer fly Delta because of your stupid boycott regarding the GA election last recently passed. Stay out of politics and fly planes. Your are in business for all Americans not just the ones you agree with.

  142. AS a direct response to Ed Bastein condemnation of the Georgia fair and logical voting system, I WILL NEVER FLY DELTA AGAIN IN MY LIFE. NEVER.

  143. As a supporter of Georgia’s new voting law i am very disappointed by the stance your CEO took. Although i am one person, i will do my best to avoid Delta in the future.

  144. Ed Bastian needs to understand the change to the Georgia Voting Bill before he jumps on it. Just because Pres Biden does not like it, he thinks it is mean and terrible. I have to use up some miles in my account and then to Southwest Airlines

  145. Hello,
    You are on the wrong side regarding the Georgia voter law changes. You really need to read the Bill!

  146. MR. Edward Bastian,
    I am shocked at your ignorance regarding the Georgia election law, and dismayed you have inserted yourself into this political argument. I am a customer for now, but have been thinking about changing to JetBlue. Keep it up, and you will lose a lot of customers. Below is actual facts about election law in Georgia. You require ID to enter any portion of your terminals, and your ignorance is profound.
    It expands access to early voting statewide by requiring two mandatory Saturdays and allowing local election officials the option of up to two Sundays during early voting. This change would apply to all 159 counties in Georgia for the first time and result in hundreds of hours of increased early voting opportunities across the state.
    SB 202 requires all voters to provide a driver’s license or a free state ID card number to request and submit an absentee ballot. This would replace the cumbersome signature match process, thereby significantly streamlining – and securing – absentee ballot verification and tabulation. Every Georgia voter must already present some form of photo ID to vote in-person.
    For the first time ballot drop boxes – which were not available to Georgia voters prior to the COVID-19 pandemic – are mandated in every county, while also ensuring all drop boxes are secured around the clock.
    SB 202 protects polling locations from electioneering by private individuals. Within 150 feet of the precinct, election officials may provide water at stations. Beyond 150 feet, as previous Georgia law allowed, private individuals may campaign and provide food and water for voters.
    It also requires local election officials to continue tabulating votes until counting is complete and mandates the use of security paper to ensure complete authentication of ballots.
    As you can see, these reforms have nothing to do with “voter suppression” or “Jim Crow.” The Election Integrity Act makes it easy to vote by expanding access to the polls and harder to cheat by ensuring the security of the ballot box.

  147. I will never fly Delta again! Keep Politics out ! You half to show ID to board your damn plane so why would you say No to show ID to Vote? Are you stupid and Brain dead!

  148. I would like to give my apologies to Lisa at Atlanta Airpot boarding gate F6. First of all, who wants to go back to São Paulo Brazil? The deadliest city for COVID 19? Lockdown and ICU units at full capacity. Lisa stopped me to go to Brazil because my COVID 19 test was expired 1 hour. She was doing her job and followed regulations from São Paulo Brazil. I unleashed all my frustrations because I was not able to board. Absolutely not Lisa’s fault. It is an emergency And needed return to Brazil because an emergency in São Paulo. Please forgive us all Brazilians that are trying to return (we don’t want to). Unfortunately Delta was fined according to Lisa at a shot hole created by the mayor Doria. Definitely not Lisa’s fault. Please pardon me my “french” Portuguese language

  149. I hope that Delta Airlines will continue to put pressure on the Governor and State Legislature to do something about their new ” Voter Restriction Law”. I was pleased to hear that the CEO of Delta is not supportive of this new law. I have supported Delta over the years and only hope that Delta will support the rights of individuals to be able to vote freely.

  150. You were way to late on the outrageous Georgia voter suppression legislation! To correct this, please get on board in supporting federal legislation (I.e. HR1)!

  151. I am addressing this to your CEO and any of the higher ups who have influence in the Georgia community. WHY did you all wait until Georgia’s despicable voter laws were passed before you publicly voiced your displeasure and reservations about such blatant voting restrictions on minority communities? Was it really because you actually favor these laws and waiting until they passed and THEN stating your complaints made it LOOK like you were actually concerned and maybe might do something to try to change them? Puhleese!! These bigots only understand financial restrictions from big companies like yours. A misdemeanor to bring water and food to voters waiting in line? These are very small vindictive men in charge of the government in the state where you do business. I believe that in the name of democracy Delta needs to step up to the plate and take some action.

  152. SB 202 is an unacceptable attack on our democracy. Delta has a responsibility to not only speak out against this restrictive law, but to take action to protect Constitutional civil rights.

    You are a leader in your state. Bad behavior should not be rewarded with political donations and tax revenue. Voter suppression is bad for business.

  153. I have a problem with your support of the voter suppression efforts or the Republicans which are prejudiceds and unnecessary. Please know you will no longer recieve my business or my companies business gonig forward. This was a very bad move on your part

  154. CEO Bastian and Delta’s Boar of Directors,
    As one of the most important public companies in Georgia I urge the Delta Board of Directors, and Delta management staff to take a public position against Georgia’s legislation to restrict voting.
    The world is watching Georgia and the Jim Crow type legislation recently passed by the Georgia legislature and signed by the Governor. Now the world is watching to see what Georgia’s most prominent corporate citizens do.
    Please stand up for Georgia residents. Please stand up for your employees and your customers. Do not condone prejudiced legislation. America needs to hear your corporate voice on this important issue.

  155. I have been a Delta Airlines customer since the 1990s – and I was so disappointed in Delta’s not coming out AGAINST the new Georgia voting laws. It is time to stand up for social justice. Do not stay silent. Stand up for what is morally just – speak out AGAINST the new Georgia voting laws.

  156. Please condemn Govenor Kemp and the new voter restriction laws in Georgia! As a frequent flier on Delta, I am watching and listening and have other choices in airlines!

  157. I am boycotting Delta due to Delta’s alliance with republicans to remove voting rights. It is un American to remove the voting power of Citizens and give it to state politicians and administrators. This is an outrage. Your statement may confuse gullible republicans but not Democrats. I am ashamed of Delta for turning their back on Democracy. No money for traders. I am urging my friends to do the same ( aged 50+ professionals, administrators, consultants, business owner etc) we are traveling for business and pleasure. But not with Delta

    Sent from my iPhon

  158. I rarely use my purchase decisions to reinforce my political views, but the horrendous, totally unamerican Georgia voter suppression law has impacted my intentions. Delta’s very tepid opposition to this assault on democracy is inexcusable. I have flown Delta in the past, but will no longer until Delta develops some real backbone, along with other major corporations headquartered in Georgia, to oppose it and bring about its repeal. Shame! Do the right thing! End this disgraceful law!

  159. My family and I will no longer fly Delta Airlines as long as you support the new voter rules in Georgia. Surely you must realize the changes that have been made are totally discriminatory and unfair. I guess you will gain something from these changes.

  160. I am disgusted with your response to the wicked voter reform law in Georgia. It was shameful and ignorant. I won’t fly Delta even if you are lowest price. You leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  161. As a public and national company You must take action and publicly complain about the VOTER SUPPRESSION BILL just passed by the Georgia Legislature

  162. I will never fly Delta after seeing on Facebook that your corporate office put out a statement in favor of Georgia’s voter suppression. I hope a boycott will hurt your bottom line. You should be ashamed

    1. I’m impressed that you get your infirmation on Facebook. How about reading the freaking bill??

  163. I am appalled at the lack of any meaningful response from Delta regarding Georgia’s newly enacted disgusting Voter Suppression law. I intend to refrain from booking with Delta and I will make it my business to lobby friends, family and anyone who will listen to do the same, in solidarity with communities of Color in Georgia.

  164. I would like to make a complaint on the amount of time to speak with a Customer Service Representative. The wait time should not be 6-7hr wait. I have been trying to book a flight and speak with a Representative to apply my credit I obtain with Delta. I find this to be Exceptionally unprofessional,. I’m trying to book a flight out on 5/20/21 from Atl to Lga and returning 6/1/21, the roundtrip is 191.80 I want to apply my credit to the flight, but unfortunately I’m unable to get a Representative to assist me, I have a disability and need accomodations as well.

  165. Did Delta’s public statement team actually read this new voting law, passed last week and signed by Governor Kemp, or did they get their info from Georgia legislators? It sounds like the latter. Shame on you! SHAME ON YOU!!!
    Get it together Delta, and do the right thing. Any decent human being can see that these new laws are to suppress votes, and are just plain wrong! Just a bit; giving themselves the right to throw out votes and change outcomes that they don’t agree with, arresting people for handing out water and snacks to anyone that’s standing in a long voting line. That’s just a bit. Did you miss that, or do you really think that is part of making voting easier? Shame, Delta! SHAME!!!
    I do still lift you all up into God’s hands.
    Be Blessed!!!
    Melva Boyd

  166. As a white woman. xxxxxx is not only morally dispicable but endangers and has taken lives as is seen with the excessive force some police authorities engage in with people of color. Delta has embraced the actions taken by the Georgia legislature to disenfranchise its voters of color and poorer rural voters. Delta praised the legislation for removing a few of the most onerous restrictions on access to voting sites, while not mentioning the remaining 100 pages of restrictions including giving itself authority to nullify an election result they don’t like.
    Since it is obvious that Delta supports this anti-democratic legislation, I want to inform Delta I will never fly Delta again. Any inconvenience that may cause me is nothing compared to the impact this legislation would have on the democracy of this country. Shame on you Delta!!

  167. I won’t fly Delta until you support voter rights. For the past 10 years I’ve flown Delta first class. Not now. Golly, I’ll fly Southwest until you advocate for voter rights!

  168. Amazed that Delta supports white supremacy, I will not fly you again until you change,,,, I see a boycott in you future….

  169. To whom it may concern:
    Please put pressure on the Georgia State Legislature to reverse and/or rescind their latest anti voting laws.
    My family and I, along with all friends and contacts, will be watching what you do as a company and will consider a total boycott if we do not see Coca-Cola do the right thing. You can do this.

    Linda Edson

    Sent from my iPhone

    Sent from my iPhone

  170. Is Delta going to take a stand on Republicans in Georgia working to suppress the voting rights.
    This is the airline I prefer, but my choice or airlines will be widened if the corporation does not make a stand for the people. The voters, not the politicians.

  171. As a major company based in Georgia, I expect that your company will loudly and clearly take a stand against the voter suppression law passed by the GOP in Georgia. This bill is a blatant attempt to suppress minority votes. Indeed, the bill goes even further by allowing the legislators to step in and take over the Board of Elections for any reason. This could impact the very outcome of an election by the people. Such a provision is no less an assault on democracy than what took place on January 6. As such, major companies in Georgia must stand up and refuse to contribute to any GOP election campaigns including Governor Kemp and all others who voted this bill into law.
    We the people are watching.

    1. You never explained how votes are suppressed by these laws. Have you actually read it, or are you just parroting CNN?

  172. You all went from my favorite to least favorite airline overnight with your statement supporting the new GA voting laws. You all should be ashamed of your selves! Voter suppression doesn’t work in a democracy!

    1. Please explain how this law suppresses votes. Are you saying that black people can’t handle getting a state ID?

  173. When will you speak out against the prejudiced GA election/water bottle law?

    When Delta?

  174. Boycott Delta for being headquartered in the STATE OF GEORGIA. When I fly I will not fly Delta. Time to stand up to voter suppression.

  175. What are you doing in Georgia to help stop voter suppression? Speak out against this undemocratic bill. I am a white suburban woman who is appalled. Waiting to hear from you.

  176. Boycott Delta Airlines stop corporate support for voter disenfranchisement. Support House Bill number 1

  177. In direct response to the Georgia Republican Legislature attack on voting rights of all American Citizens I will not be using Delta Airlines for any future travel plans.

  178. I called Delta on 3/2, 3/9 and 3/24; I have a ecredit and two gift cards which were used by someone else and not by me and was told it was sent to the fraud dept. everytime I call I have to wait HOURS and then they do not find anything about this; My sky miles # is 262651xxxx—PLEASE HELP ME! Phone #850-514-xxxx

  179. With the state assault on voting rights ,should I ask my girls who book trips for the company to avoid the state of ga. In the lay overs ,no Atlanta.

  180. Hello. I previously thought highly of Delta Airlines. Recently I have made quite a few travel reservations for flights and my experiences have been deplorable. The phone numbers provided on your website are a complete joke. There is never an agent to answer a call and the IVRU (interactive voice response unit) always gives unreasonable return call times even as much as 8 1/2 hours later that you can expect a call back. I’ve asked others to also call to help me get through your unacceptable process and they too have received the same responses as myself. The irony of it all is that we never receive any call backs to help with our issues. It would be a HUGE help if you had programmers update your website software to be intensely user friendly to eliminate enormous amounts of telephone calls to you to actually complete transactions (changing flights for booked travel because you have changed one or more flight times that make it impossible to make connecting flights on time, etc.). As you can probably tell from my comments, I am EXTREMELY upset with Delta’s lack of sensitivity to their customers. There are so many competitors in your business who actually care about their customers. Their customers repeatedly book travel plans with them because of the care and trust they display. I’m sure there are thousands of clients who deal with Delta who feel the same way I do. I’m writing this complaint because if Delta were owned by me, I would definitely encourage customer feedback to improve the processes and issues with my company. As I stated above, I previously thought highly of Delta Airlines. NO MORE!!!!

    1. I had the same horrible experience as yours. Delta made several changes to my reservation several times – even return dates – and I have not been able to speak to any live person at customer service. After hours and days of trying to reach Delta, I finally was able to change back to my original return date through their virtual assistant, only to find out 2 days that my reservation was mysteriously cancelled and my seats resold. Delta’s lack of communication and care for their customers is deplorable. Worse airline customer service ever!!!

  181. Stand up for voting rights in Georgia! Stop the Georgia legislature from making voting nearly impossible for Americans of color! Stand up Delta!

  182. Ed Bastion and the rest of Delta rake in black dollars while paying lip service to Black Lives Matter but do nothing to oppose prejudiced politicians suppressing Black voters and suppressing Black votes. You are all hypocrites and should be ashamed of yourselves.

  183. I am a funeral director in NC . I shipped human remains to Mexico city Mexico .with your airline Delta . The remains arrived yesterday on the 19th. The cargo department is refusing to release the body to the funeral director in Mexico because they claim the Embalmers affidavit was not with the rest of the documents. I have called delta cargo customer service 10 times and they stated the documents were sent with the remains. I have asked them to reach out to the cargo dept in Mexico and no one seems to do that. Please Sir, the decedent’s family are desperate can you help us.

  184. My family has flown Delta Airlines for decades. If Delta doesn’t value voter rights and believes in suppressing voting then Delta doesn’t value its customers. If you continue to stand by and support those GA Legislators who are enacting laws that suppress voter rights, my family can no longer ”love the way you fly”. I would like to know exactly where Delta stands on this human rights issue! Please feel free to email your comments, thank you.

  185. I live in Gulfport MS and fly frequently. I think Delta has a pretty good product but I would like Delta even better if the corporation would mount a vigorous defense of voting rights and against any effort to limit legal voting. I feel passionately about this as should all good people. I will not fly delta ever again unless I see a public and vigorous corporate response to Georgia voter suppression efforts seemingly laser focused on preventing black people from voting.

    I specifically do not want a reply to this email. The only thing I want to see is a public and clear response.

    Joe O’Gorman

  186. I hope that you would reconsider being a sponsor of the Grammys next year, as the Grammys use to be family friendly but apparently is no longer.

  187. To Whom it may concern,
    I am writing you on behalf of Georgia voters, citizens and as an airline consumer. Stand firmly with Georgia voters to stop HB531 and SB241. These bills are anti-democratic and prejudiced.
    Please support the federal HR1 and HR4 (For the People Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act).
    Divest support from all elected officials (Georgia and US Congress) seeking to pass voter suppression and or blocking voting rights bills.
    Democracy is good and healthy for business!

    1. They expand voter rights not suppress .Read the dam bill! I am getting sick of you people who think Black and Spanish people are to stupid to get ID.

  188. Hello, my name is Jennifer Hendricks. I have been on hold several times this week desperately trying to make a change to an existing reservation. I’ve been left on hold for more than four hours tonight. I’m actually writing this email while I’m still on hold. I’m desperate to make a reservation change, only to see the flight costs go up and up each day I can’t get a hold of live person and while I’m on hold I’m watching the price increase. HELP!!
    Every night I’m trying to speak to a representative to help me make a reservation change. Your website won’t allow me to make a change. I can only do it by phone, yet I can’t get a live person without being on hold for hours. I’ve had to give up each time, because I have other pressing responsibilities; like sleep, work, and taking care of my family. I don’t have the time to be on hold for hours every night. What am I supposed to do?
    My confirmation number is HNGHSP. My husband Rick and I are supposed to fly out to help our daughter with a new baby and toddler. We need to get there earlier than we originally thought. We first made the reservation to fly out for April 22. We need to change it to April 19. I want flight # 929, Salt Lake City, Utah to Syracuse, NY. When I first called Sunday night March 7 the rate for the Main Cabin was $196.00. It has now jumped to $248.00 tonight. I should not have to pay the increase; it is not my fault. Your company is not allowing me to make the change because of the hold time. I used an E-ticket to make this reservation making everything more difficult to make the change now.

    Please, please, help me. I am exasperated, frustrated, and very, upset by this. Please have someone call me ASAP to help me. I feel like I am nothing to your company. I’ve never had a worse time with any other airlines. Even if you gave me a refund that would be a relief.

    Thank you and I am anxious for a response.

    Jennifer Hendricks

    1. Hi, thank you for posting…
      I thought I was the only one experiencing this PERMA HOLD PROBLEM😤
      Hope you were able to make the changes to your ticket in April.. it’s the end of May for me & does not seem like anything has changed.

  189. I have been flying with your company 20years in the past 4years have been a major problem for me . I live in portugal and fly to the us two times a year. I have had my flights changed 8 times . The flight I will be flying on april 1 has been changed 4 times . if you look at the latest change I think the connection i a little impossible . I make my flight so iam not in transit 20 hours . I am a vet and am going to the us for medical treatment . why if there are flight 0f 12 hours not 20 plus hours . these flights i pay for in advance I am getting tired of changes with three or more different connections . My reservation for april 1 is GTOSBA . there is a flight #9493 why am I not on this flight

  190. Dear Team,

    Greetings from Delmart travel,

    Kindly help us for name change only one letter is missing in the ticket.


    Surname was written PREMPE instead of PREMPEH

    Please add H to the last name. I also Attached the passport of the passenger and the ticket.

    Thank you in Advance

  191. RE: GMCAZB
    On 02/15/21, I flew your Flight #1816 from Puerto Vallarta, Mx to Atlanta, Ga. I wish to discuss the many difficulties I endured upon arrival.
    On 02/17/21, I completed your Post Flight survey & explained in detail the issues & requested a follow-up call &/or email from DELTA, which I’m SORRY to say NEVER OCCURED!!
    Please reply or call (843)705-xxxx.
    George Mangiaracina
    Sky Miles# 621675xxxx

  192. What is the company employee login page or do is there longer a functioning employee portal? thank you.

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