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Corporate Address
203 E. Main St.
Spartanburg, SC
Company Contact
John Miller
CEO and Director
Phone Number
(864) 597-8000
Fax Number
(864) 597-8780
Employee Count
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What is Denny’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Denny’s Headquarters phone number is: 1864-597-8000.


What is Denny’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Denny’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-733-6697
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-8:00pm EST


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Denny’s Mail Address is:

  • Denny’s, Inc.
  • 203 East Main Street
  • Spartanburg, SC 29319

Attention To: Call Center: P-7-3, Human Resources/Payroll/Benefits: P-5-1, Legal / Risk Management: P-12-1


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Denny’s on Twitter: @DennysDiner

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Denny’s Executive Team.

  • Debra Smithart-Oglesby Independent Chairman of the Board
  • John Miller President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
  • F. Mark Wolfinger Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, Director
  • Robert Verostek Senior Vice President – Finance
  • Christopher Bode Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President
  • Michael Furlow Senior Vice President – Information Technology, Chief Information Officer
  • John Dillon Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Timothy Flemming Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer
  • Stephen Dunn Senior Vice President, Chief Global Development Officer
  • Jill Van Pelt Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer
  • Gregg Dedrick Independent Director
  • Jose Gutierrez Independent Director
  • George Haywood Independent Director
  • Brenda Lauderback Independent Director
  • Robert Marks Independent Director
  • Donald Robinson Independent Director
  • Laysha Ward Independent Director

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84 thoughts to “Denny’s Headquarters”

  1. The Denny’s on Merritt blvRd is nasty the place is a Jon I got food poisoning from THERE. Lucky I didn’t sue. Take care of that trashy ass place how you even let one of your franchises get so dirty ? Doesn’t make sense.

  2. A fairly new store in Silver City NM was quiet when we went in 5/30/18 around 3:30 pm. The entrance doors were sticky and covered with all kinds of smears and hand prints. We almost didn’t go in because of it. Why hadn’t anyone during that lull cleaned them? We did have a good meal/service and spoke to the manager when leaving. She said they were cleaned every 3 days or so. Really?? Wow curb appeal and customer service sure has changed over the years. Sure would appreciate attention to this problem.

  3. Hello, I visit often at the Denny’s in Auburn, Maine. Saturday night got really busy, and I thought the guy washing dishes would come out and bus the tables as part of his job. I was told by the wait staff that he makes then pay him from their tips, and only then did hi bus those that the wait staff was working.

    I am not happy to see such lazy young workers expecting money from the other staff.

  4. I was there on Sunday a couple weeks ago.I used the restroom and the toilet broke and dumped me to the right. I smashed my right shoulder off of the metal bar and then fell to the floor. I went to the ER and now my shoulder is sprained, swollen and my arm is in a sling. I am out of work for the next couple days because of it. I’m furious. The manager took down my information the day of the incident, and I was told by another manager that the GM would call me the next day. Still no call from the GM. This Denny’s will be held responsible for my ER bill and lost wages. Very angry. Denny’s won’t call me back, the manager at the Horseheads site threatened me with Corporate lawyers, and I’m getting no where with calling the customer service number.

  5. I went to the Denny’s in Bedford pa by the interchange at 2:00am this Saturday I say they’re with the menu up front for over an half hour and the walked past me looked at me still walked past never did any of these so called waiters ask was I ready to order do I want something to drink and what made it even worst was the girl sitting next to me they came to her twice and asked if she was good and bypassed me i was the only colored person in there makes me think they were all rasict will never go and give this place my money and I will make sure none of my friends or truck drivers I know easy there again all them waiters should be fired

  6. I have tried calling our local Dennys in Pigeon Forge 8657745047 only to find the number is disconnected? How can that be? And can you find out when the air will be fixed, they are running fans to circulate the air.

  7. It sounds like all Denny Franchises don’t care what condition there diners are in, My wife and I stopped in Hudson WI on 06/26/18 and our first impression was should we stay or leave, the floors were filthy with trash, most of the seat booths were all torn with duct tape on them, and the staffing was a lot to be desired, we were hungry so did stay, food was ok, but prices seem pretty high for quality of food, we are taking Denny’s off our stop list, Denny’s Corporate YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR STATURE!!!!

  8. My husband, my 2 children and I went out for an early morning breakfast around 7-730am at the Denny’s diner in pryor oklahoma. When we watched a long blonde haired girl come in for her shift. They all seemed to be getting along great and was enjoying their morning helping each other, that was until we seen the older grey hair waitress clean the blondes table and took her money trying to hide it under the tub of dishes she was carrying!! We could over hear the other girls talking about the situation and wanted to let them know that we seen her pick up the money that didn’t belong to her but we never spoke up about it! I really can’t wrap my fingers around that situation as to why the older lady would have taken her money! I hope that she has been caught and fired so that she is unable to steal anyone elses hard earned tips again! That is totally ridiculous! FIRE THAT LADY her name is MICHELLE!!!

  9. My husband and I and another couple have been going to Denny’s, 7707 Veterans Memorial, Hou Tx 77088 (Merchant #34234) for over 4 years for Sunday breakfast and everything has been fine until the Mgr. said ONE bill per table-even though we always say we are paying separate (since 2 couples). This seems ridiculous and time consuming when our husbands go up to the register and have to explain what each of them have separately and then they present their AARP cards. Well this morning they held up the line for 15mins because my husband used a credit card + AARP card and the other guy used cash. They use to give separate tickets as other restaurants do–so why is THIS Dennys requiring one bill to be separated at the register and what if it was 4 couples to separate which foods each couple needed to pay for?????
    We do not like this new system and request they go back to honoring our request for a separate bill–even if they charge 5% surcharge for 3 or more separate bills.
    Other than this incident, we LOVE going to this Dennys (other service is always great).
    Thx in advance for your consideration and plz let me know you got this feedback.

  10. This is the second time that I make a complaint and it seems like u guys don’t give a them I’m going to Sue this restaurant chains or who ever is responsible for this this Denny’s in east Los Angeles California 4760. E Cesar Chavez Av 90022 is been without AC for like 3 1/2 Weeks and no body is doing nothing last Sunday a Lady fade down same day I personality saw 2 new Born I Hope you guys gets Sue The owner doesn’t seem to CARE either plus his a disrespectful son of B if this don’t like Spanish speaking people why that he brings his fkn business here where every one speaks Spanish take ur mediocre restaurant somewhere else I don’t know how the worker’s put up with this last year was the same thing on Summer how is this possible this restaurant need to b closed somebody got to do something about it I’m keep writing till some one do something or it have to be A White people writing this complained in ordered for you guys to do something

  11. Last night my son and I when did have dinner at Denny’s and it was the most disgusting time I ever had waiter was running around tickling the other waitresses Yelling to the store being very obnoxious took me 15 minutes just to get my coffee from the guy after I asked him twice could I have my coffee well believe it or not 15 minutes later I finally got my coffee then we ordered our food my son ordered a Bourbon Street hamburger or something like that and told the guy no mushrooms and put them on anyways the whole dinner was spoiled just by the way everybody was acting as far as staff was totally unprofessional specially my waiter running around tickling the girls being very loud and I mean he was like totally disgusting just to listen to this guy be so loud we wanted to get up and just walk out so we went ahead and ate got our bill got up and left when pay our bill and at that time I looked at the night manager and ask them did they have any toothpicks and low and behold Denny’s did not have toothpicks to give to their customers come on what Denny’s does not have toothpicks to give to their customers that was ridiculous overall my experience with this Denny’s was terrible never go there again actually the whole staff night manager all the waitresses everybody was yelling it was just was just very unprofessional this was the Denny’s located at 43rd Avenue and Peoria in Phoenix Arizona

  12. IM JUDGE JONES.Iwould like to your attention that I visited your location in Greece N.Y. last evening when I was serviced with an employee that was very rude,she was obnoxious and very rude.This young lady needs to be displaced.Im almost at the decision to file some type of charges against her.My next visit,I’m hoping that she isn’t present.Something needs to happen ASAP!I presented whom I was and her language continued to be disrespectful.Actions need to be addressed.Dont know her name but she worked last evening,short black female and it was about 7or 8 p.m.

  13. This is an extremely serious matter that need to be rectified. On October 9th 2018 I was at your Willowbrook, IL location and informed the server of a severe peanut allergy. I ordered plain pancakes and 30 minutes after ingestion I went into anaphylactic shock and had to be taken into the emergency room. I have since gone back that location to speak to the manager and she said she couldn’t do anything and to contact the area manager. I have not heard back from here. This needs immediate attention. All I ask is for the emergency room costs to be covered. I rather not have to go the legal route, but if need be I will. Please contact me in a timely manner. Thank you.

  14. I will not be back with my young children or family or friends In the spiceland store because i think they have hired a violent register convicted crimimal to work there .he came up my radar after i was in there and seen him come in the store.. a back ground should be done…on employees… because this poses a threat us with small children…

  15. I took my best friend to your Denny’s Restaurant in Westbrook CT for “Brunch” on Friday November 23rd. ( My husband and I used to enjoy Denny’s in Danbury CT so I thought this would be a nice experience. We have noticed a decline in cleanliness in Danbury but food and service is pretty good).
    In your Westbrook CT Restaurant I was shocked to have awful service, awful food, unsatisfactory plating, (TBLSPNS) of grease dripping from the omlets) and observed others complaining about cold eggs and sending them back.

    But at least they got their meals. My friend and I were talking and enjoying ourselves and noticed it took over an hour after ordering our meal to get mediocre tasting, Messy looking, and only warm greasy omelets and limp toast.
    I will never frequent a Denny’s again. Our waiter, a very nice Black young man was embarrassed and very apologetic, cordial young man came over several times to let us know he was sorry for such a delay and let us know he did not forget us. We knew it was not his fault. We let him know this. We came very close to walking out and really should have. We zipped our mouths, even paid a tip but I vowed I would contact you and let you know this was a miserable fail. Our 2 meals came to 29.95 with tip. Please let me know you will look into this sorry example of a restaurant and improve your company back to its former good rating. We had a most awful experience at your restaurant. – Mrs R.

  16. 12/9/2018 I took 5 adult to your restaurant (#8160. 12924 beach Blvd.stanton.calif,90680. (7140 896-5095. i Must be hit one zelo extra. It is my mistake not check the tab. instead $10 for tip. I found I left $100 I called restaurant manager 2 peoples (one was women said take 3 to 4 days take care of. men name Greg said will be 5pm on friday. time come. no refund. today is 18 th of Dec. there are no refund. I’m 80 years widow and did not find my grand doughtor for over 3 years. she lived on the street or someones… I live with my doughter and her boy frend with stroke last year Jan. 3 chled (14 wirh intestnal problem , aspd. 12 & 10) i need refund soon as they promised. I paid $82.48 + tax $7.22 gratuity was charged $100 ( i was to give him $10) total of 189.70 becouse my hand start to shark badly. may be i press ( 0 extra time. ) Please consider as soon as passible to take care this.

  17. We ordered a “slam burger” plus an extra patty. We were charged $4.49 for it. The menu says “extra path $1.50. When I conplaibted I was told I had to build my burger to get that price. However when we ordered we pointed to the place where it said extra patty 1.50. Very misleading

  18. Recently, we ate at Denny’s. We ate dinner in Lisabeth, new Mexico, servers were upbeat, answered our questions promptly, and we’re quickly served! The manager Yvonne, asked us how their service and food was, our response was, “the best we have ever had”!! We then proceeded to Benson, AZ for breakfast and waited for 20 mins, we asked the waitress, “what took so long? ” I don’t know” she seemed to be stresses out about something. At checkout there were 3-4 people lined up, the Mgr was standing there, the cashier was harried! I once had employees, couldn’t figure why the Mgr couldn’t help! It was “like nite and day,” Yvonne and her team, at Lordsburg and the group at Benson “going thru the motions.

  19. I am sorry to trouble you but my brother Gary and I are sending here after traveling by bus to Macleod Trail and 70th Street Southwest sadly to discover that this Denny’s is closed for renovations it is his birthday and has looked forward to this Grand Slam 4 months is there any hope that we might get a rain check as the other Denny’s are too far to go on this cold winter day for we are both senior citizens and too difficult to get anywhere by bus to another Denny’s thank you for the time reading this reading this my brother’s Gary Gary is 66 today and I would sure appreciate for him to have this special tradition on his birthday occasion

  20. *(This isn’t a complaint. I just couldn’t find any other way to get your email )* I worked at Dennys late 2015 to the beginning of 2016 and I haven’t received my W2. I am at a New Address which 4224 Rock Road. Bourbon, MO. 65441. If you could contact me at [email protected] I would be very appreciative. Thank you!

  21. I hope that I am finally successful in completing my comment concerning our experience at Denny’s this evening. While ordering our meal, a waitress in her fifties, by the name of Vicky H. rudely shouted across the restaurant at our waiter, Glenn Miller, “Hey, what are you doing! Glen replied that he was taking our order, and Vicky replied, “Well, you now have the entire restaurant to take care of by yourself!” What caused such an inappropriate out burst was not clear, but what was clear is that it was uncalled for, rude and certainly did not make my husband and me desire to return any time soon to Denny’s. Glenn Miller should be commended for his service and his polite and helpful mannerisms and Vicky H. deserves to be repremended. We were disappointed in the lack of supervision at your restaurant.
    I hope that my comment will orove to be helpful to you. If patrons do not speak up, business owners only clue that their business is lacking something is when they are out of business and it’s too late then,
    Pennie M. Brooks
    Restaurant is on Okeechobee Blvd. West Palm Beach, Florida Store
    # 7656

  22. 1:30 in the morning my wife need to use the restroom so i stopped at dennys in Burien and when she went inside a waitress made a rude comment to her then a minute later she went into the bathroom and told her restrooms are for customers only when my wife walked out she said if she comes back again she is calling the cops.. What kind of place is that i went inside and talked to the manager and he said the employee saw her walk in and out all nite that he can show me the cameras and when i said yes pull it up he said well bathrooms are for customers another waitress came up and said are you going to buy anything then and walked away sorry that is not how you run a restaurant those 3 employees needs to be fired.

  23. I bought slow roast pot roast. It cost me all I got was a couple pieces of pork, soggy bread and no potatoes. And about a tablespoon of rice. I carry the back and ask them to give me what I ordered and you. And the cook that attitude with me. Ask for a refund they said no we don’t do refunds. So I asked for another dish the way it’s supposed to come. After a lot of disagreement, they made me another dish. It was more like what I’m supposed to get. That was after two hours of traveling back and forth.

  24. My wife and I had breakfast at your Hoffman Estates, Illinois facility this morning. We have always had very good service every time we’ve gone there. This morning was different. We had the absolute BEST service we have ever had anywhere! Our server’s name was Mollie S. Her smile, positive attitude, sense of humor and perfect service made the great meal even better! We left an excellent tip, but felt that you all should know that you have a great one working for you.

  25. So I get suspended sat the gm fire everybody he suspended and is telling me I can’t get my last check until I write a statement and I’m not writing any statement he know he let me go and after 72 hrs hasn’t give me my check so I should be compensated my wages for up to 30 days or take legal action against the corporation it’s already bad enough I got let go over some rasict situations

  26. I need some one to e/mail me back so i can send a investigation packet to Denny’s corporate headquarters why this denny should carer the Denny’s Logo of Aberdeen washington, Why a mian manager is still working there after improper touching employees hair,Bullying employees in front of customers, calling C word at employee in front of customers. Bullying employees till they quit, Aberdeen denny’s franchise owner covering it up, Manager still working there, Is this how the real denny let Denny’s franchise hold there logo?? Have statement where do i send them to what e/mail, reply back so i can send my investigation report with statements

  27. I would like to know if I can speak to a customer representative in person if I drive to your corporate office headquarters in office hours. I live nearby.

  28. After seating, it took a long, long time to order. After ordering, took a long, long time that food arrived. After food arrived, took a long, long time to get a soup spoon. Which we never got. Had to get up and ask her for one and got one. I asked for one but dishwasher is not finished yet.
    I never got one. Asked for crackers ,never received them. Asked for warmup coffee, never got it. Asked for coffee warmup when we went up for the spoon, then got it. The soup we ordered was the soup of the day. I noticed people waiting to pay, I think one guy just gave up and walked out. I waited to pay but by that time I just wanted to get out of there and forget the whole situation.
    There were three men who came in, sat down and received their orders right away. I assume they ordered by phone? But, there were regulars, got plenty of attention, got refills on coffee, and we’re treated like “customers”. I’m not going to give you my order no. Because I don’t want to Finger anyone in particular. But I would like someone to look at the management of that location because it is not like any other we’ve been too. BTW, they ran out of the “soup of the day”.

  29. I went to the Denny’s Restaurant on 1180 Alabama St, Redlands Ca 92374 for the 4,6,8,dollar breakfast specials but the restaurant did not offer the special. So I went to the Denny’s on 2442 Highland Ave, Highland Ca 92346 and offered the 4,6,8 dollar specials. Why are the menus different. This is inconsistent and an inconvenience.
    Thanks Charles

  30. we received a take out mail this afternoon. We ordered two turkey dinners. while we waited for the to go meals to be prepaired. We noticed the waitress wasn’t wearing her mask over her nose. One of the two men in the kitchen area was wearing a mask over his chin, the other man was wearing his mask properly and was wearing rubber gloves. I do every thing in my power to help control this virus. I do not order out often but to day we celebrated my birthday by ordering our turkey dinner. I was very disappointed when I saw the lack of using of the face mask at this location 8243 S. John Young Pky. Orlando, Fl 3289 ph# 407226 xxxx.

  31. I left a message regarding no face mask being warn. I forgot to mention out of three workers only 1 was wearing a face mask and gloves, the other two was not. We was inside the location at 8243 S. John Young Pkwy. Orlando, Fl. 32819 ph.# 407 226 xxxx. Chanel R. was our server her face mask was under her nose. We requested take out dinners. the two men in the kitchen area did a little better. One was wearing his face mask and gloves, the other one had his face mask under his chin. I have always enjoyed eating a the location however due to the covid 19 virus and the spreading of the virus, we didn’t felt the location was making us feel safe. Sorry.



    I am sending this email in regards to your Odessa, Texas location.

    I have personally witnessed this location night manager, day manager and waitresses harass customers.

    Namely on December 24th at approximately 10:15 P.M. The manager whom I don’t know her name at this time told an customer that since he was not yet a paying customer he may NOT use the bathroom at Denny’s.

    He had just arrived with his wife/girlfriend, waiting to be seated and was proceeding to the bathroom while she waits on the bench to be seated. While walking to the restroom, he was told that he may NOT utilize the restroom since he has not been seated and not a customer yet. He then told the manager in question that he is a customer and was going to be seated momentarily. She insisted that he still may NOT utilize the facilities at this time. This is blatantly unacceptable and a health risk to the customer. Denying a customer the right to use the restroom is against his/her civil liberties and is risking his/her health by having to hold it. This type of violation can result in future litigation by unknown parties. There have been several complaints submitted to this location citing several incidents similar to this.

    On other occasions, managers and employees have been seen harassing customers for asking for the heater to be turned on.

    One time a manager and employee told a customer that the item they seek is not available when, in fact, such item was available.

    On a separate incident, a waitress was seen helping a customer who entered after a previous customer who was ready to order because either they knew the customers or had more interest in serving them first, resulting in frustration to the customer.

    Food prepared has been periodically inconsistent by the kitchen staff. Patrons reporting undercooked poultry, cold food and poor service.

    This location has had many complaints regarding this issue and many others and should be addressed accordingly. Managers and employees should be retrained in customer services and kitchen staff to ensure proper cooking temperatures and consistent preparation of food products.

    COVID policies may need to be reevaluated, to ensure positive customer feedback and no lawsuits against Denny’s for civil and ethics violations.

    Thanks for your time.

    A loyal customer and American citizen.

  33. Legal Health Risk

    I ordered 3 double cheeseburger, club sandwich ,country fried steak eyes, sampler and cheese sticks, I ordered online through Denny’s, the delivery guy approached the house and started to leave. I opened the door and yelled Hi wait, he said
    He would be back they mixed up the order. 20 minutes later he comes back and apologized saying that they mixed up my order with another order and went back to exchange however the other people had already started eating it. NOT OKAY. Safety hazard what happened if they had not and the driver would have taken it to us after being left and exposed to other people. The driver then said I needed to call Denny’s since they are a 3rd party. I call Denny’s on Main Street asked to speak to the manager, I explained to the manager and she said you need to call Door Dash and she would need to verify they were going to pay for the meal before resending and she asked for my number to call me back. I waited 10 minutes and decided to call door dash, the representative said she called Denny’s and they will be remaking it and resend, I get a text saying it will be delivered by 11:44 am, I wait until 11:56 and no food. I call Denny’s speak to the manager who said she was waiting to hear back from her boss before resending the order because she wanted to make sure they were going to get paid for the food.

    By then I am furious, upset and I said How long is that going to take and this is uncalled for. I can call them my self what is the number to corporate or your boss, I will call the other restaurant on Barnard ct to get the information. The manager then said wait, the delivery driver is here with your food and I will verify with her, she said she was able to verify with Door Dash because the driver had the phone number and would have then cook the food, the driver arrived 40 minutes later, called me from outside and said the food was there. I said wait I need to make sure it’s all there, the driver said I am sure it is they checked. I take the food in to find out they forgot a double cheeseburger with fries.!!!
    I call back the girl and explained to the girl that answered the phone, she said let me get my manager to speak with you, the girl asked the manager if she wanted to speak to me and told her about the burger, the girl then said we will remake it and throw in a desert and what kind, I said it does not matter and how long, I sent my husbands son to pick it up. In the meantime when the food arrived the fries , sampler and cheese sticks were cold and stale like they had been sitting for a while, the everything was cold . Cold fried foods don’t taste good, the kids ended up eating the burgers and the club however the lettuce was wilted on the club. This was the worst experience I have ever had with a restaurant. From being a Risk of food contamination from trying to retrieve at another strangers house, to food sitting waiting for approval worries about getting paid or not, to forget order behind after all that. Beyond unacceptable, health risk and uncalled for.

    Thank you Denny’s
    Kristy Gomez

  34. I’m very disappointed in Denny’s in Abilene on clack street. My order was missing coffee and the toppings for the crapes. This was my birthday breakfast. I talked about it for weeks. I called Dennys and first the woman that answered the phone said I could drive up there to get it. I told her I ordered delivery so I didn’t have to drive there. She was relaying what I was saying to the manager and finally saud here talk to my manager.. the manager said he has nothing to do with the orders… im confused… does the driver go in and make the food place it in containers and bag it up..or does a Dennys employee do all that? He really didn’t care that I didn’t get what I ordered. Too bad up til now I preferred Dennys to IHOP..

  35. DENNY’S location:
    1415 SW Medical District
    Dallas, Texas 75062

    Incident: Banning and more threats to contact civil authorities or law enforcement.
    Denny’s , on this date, a Denny’s paying customer for more than several years was denied dining priveleges for sleeping. This customer was then asked to leave this establishment and asked not to return or that the police would be called.
    I was not with the former Denny’s paying customer when the ban was given.
    I , as the customer that usually accompanies this person, will either need to petition a court order for action on continuance of the outcome if this matter.
    An addendum to a post complaint or retort to my complaint is in reference to a ‘ not so friendly’ waitress who on many occasions is negligent in het duties as a waitress being attentive to a customer’s needs but has a bad grooming aappearance as a clean waitress should have WAS NOT WEARING A FACIAL MASKS AS USUAL
    This waitress is still employed here and SHOULDN’T BE!!
    There is to consider that the entire restaurant is unfit to conduct business in proper handling and maintenance of orders to have this disgusting , beyond COVID 19, smearing campaign go on without supervision.
    Germs throughout the restaurant, in food, on dishes, spread to other customers.
    I feel like, don’ t infringe upon my. God- given priveleges to eat and dine and present this as acceptable.
    My intentions is to contact
    The Department of Health and Food Services and possible court action in this matter.
    The waitress’s name is Angela and WITH The corroboration from the store manager and GM.

  36. Hello sorry to disturb you. My name I Monica Mendez. I used to work at dennys in san juan,Texas. But I had to quit cause my area manager was being so unfair with me. I used to be a manager and he just demoted me from that position to supervisor/server just cause my truck got damaged. They also didnt pay my whole salary since November 15th thru the whole week cause I had a miscarriage and my doctor had told me that I needed to be in bedrest for a whole month but they only gave me 2 weeks and I went back to work bleeding and all. And my boss just told me that to be glad that I still had a job. I didnt want to leave my job but it was so unfair that I was getting treated like that and being demoted just cause of truck problems. And I love working with dennys I started as a server and then I went up to a manager in less than a year. But he still owes me my $280 cause they were taking out insurance which I didnt want any and now. I’m just letting you know how they are at dennys. I didnt want to do it and everyone is telling me to sue dennys cause of what they did to me but I dont want to. I just want my job back anywhere. I can work anyplace. Thank you and have a great day.and if you call me I dont have a phone right now havent been able to pay it. Thank you bye

  37. We went to Denny’s in Brookville Pa. We were there for one and a half hours and didn’t get our order. My wife asked the waitress about our food. She said she just told the cook too start cooking our food because he had not. I’m 68 years old this is the worst service I have ever seen. Absolutely horrible I’ll pass this on to my Family,Freinds and Business Ass.

  38. The manager working Friday night at Denny’s on 2nd in Edmond is to busy smoking to bring me the rest of my lumberjack slam while my eggs are getting cold. left without my breakfast

  39. Yesterday 2/24/2021.. My husband & I patroned the Wythville Denny’s in Virginia at lunch..We both ordered 2 grand slams.. Both our pancakes had 2 b returned cause the middles were Not cooked.. Also my husband ordered white toast (uncut) we specifically told our waitress my husband makes an egg sandwich with it..Well…by the time the toast came back was like 15 mn..Soo his eggs got cold waiting… Our pancakes took like 20-25 minutes.. ! Noo..they were Not Busy..! The waitress apologized but No manager came by to say sorry or offer a discount or give us any coupons..
    This was soo unreal.. This Denny’s needs better customer service… And retrained…!!!

  40. First of all we walk into Denny’s at about 5:30 PM March 6 we sit down and took a very long time to have just a drinks served to us and we had to have another server get that then this month is my birthday so I asked the server what do you get for your birthday meal he tells me I order it then I go upfront to pay again having to wait a long time post to scan my barcode for my free meal three times get a manager the manager proceeds to tell me that I ordered the wrong meal for my birthday meal so I had to pay for it is that how customers are treated at Denny’s restaurant number 7508 Florida.

  41. I’m a customer and I witnessed the GM Lewis dis-
    respecting his employees. He’s toxic and needs to
    Be fired for his actions. You wonder why there’s a
    mass exit of employees. You’re losing the best employees.

  42. I have made an order from Denny’s in Brown Deer through DoorDash, I was calling to remove mayonnaise from the pot roast sandwich but their phone is just ringing and ringing with no answer. This is very unprofessional for an establishment.

  43. I worked at the Provo Utah Danny’s for two days. It was terrible so I quit but I haven’t been able to get paid so how do I go about doing that because no one at the store is helping me

  44. I am a former employee and I walked out due to personal reason and now they r holding my check why can’t they just mail my check to my address I’m getting a lawyer

  45. Denny’s: 12105 Biscayne Blvd
    North Miami, FL 33181
    United States

    Me and my family came here to sit and eat. We waited one hour to be seated. Secondly we were told we couldn’t order because they have to many orders to handle. Me and my family were shocked because we waited so long and on top of that we waited an additional hour for someone to greet us after being self seated.

    As I noticed one individual by the name of Scarlet (a worker of the store) who was off the clock and with her family. She went in the back and fixed her personal milkshakes without washing her hands. With the Covid Virus that was a big no for my family, she also handed out a glass of water to a waiting customer without washing her hands and her mask not above her mouth.

    Please. Fix this issue. Thank you.

  46. To: Mr. John Miller

    My family and I have been loyal customers of this establishment for more than 20 years and I am extremely upset and would like to log a formal complaint about the manager at the Denny’s @ 400 US-175 Frontage Rd, Seagoville, TX 75159. The only name I was given was ‘Tina.

    We arrived and got put on the waiting list. At that time there were 4 names on the list ahead to us. A couple of larger parties came in and were added to the list. Then another couple came in following them. Although the larger groups were seated before us, I understood as we didn’t need a large booth and they did.

    The manager, (Tina) told the other couple there were two seats available at the bar & asked if they wanted to sit there. They said yes. After they were seated at the bar area they saw a small booth for two had been vacated and only needing to be cleaned, So they asked the manager, (Tina) if they could have it. Without even looking at the list to see if someone else was waiting ahead of them. The manager, (Tina) told them yes, then cleaned off the table herself for them and motioned for them to come over.

    I had watched the entire exchange and was very upset as my wife and I had already been waiting for approximately 20 minutes. I asked to speak to the manager, (Tina), and asked her why that couple had been given priority for a booth when the next one should have been given to my wife and I as we were next on the “waiting” list.

    She flat out lied to me and told me, “I didn’t, they just “jumped up” and sat there as soon as I cleaned off the table”.

    I told her no, that’s not what happened. I watched & heard the entire exchange and I saw you motion for them to move from the bar to the booth.

    She flat out lied to my face!! If this is the behavior your managers are allowed to use, don’t be surprised if you start losing more loyal customers like my family, who will refuse to return to this location as long as you allow this type of treatment of your customers.

  47. I was fired after another employee purposely kept running into me, multiple times. It was caught on camera. Somehow, I lost my job.

  48. Worst customer service ever. Ordered my food which had three missing orders. I called the DoorDash driver and he said “yeah they were having a lot of problems, when I was there the same thing happened and they told the customer to come back in the morning for a fresh free meal.” I called Denny’s they told me exactly that which doesn’t help because I wanted the food when I ordered it not the next day. The “manager” told me “can you call back tomorrow we’re busy right now and I have to deal with a lot of people; the gm can help you tomorrow.” What kind of customer service is that? Call tomorrow we can help but tonight you’re screwed. The worst.

  49. I wrote about my negative experience at the Denny located at sw military and IH-35 but my email was wrong it should be msxxxx Not at msxxxx

  50. My husband and I eat at Denny’s every week. We love the 9 grain pancakes. But just found out they have been discontinued. Please please bring them back everyone in Scottsburg love them especially me. A lot of the customers I know eat them too, please reconsider they are the best.

  51. Worst experience ever. Eat there often. Walked in stood there forever waiting to be seated, no one else but us waiting. Then no waitress……… waitress………. finally we want to order. Comes back 3 times don’t have what you want. Then 1/2 hr still no drinks……another waitress goes for them. Then onto an hr still no food. Husband can see his burger sitting on shelf for long long long time. Finally he gets it, I only had Super bird sandwich………1/2 hr goes by still no sandwich. Never had drink refilled. Never have seen such poor service, will be a long long time before we go back.

  52. I am an out of town construction worker. I eat here every single day. But I no longer will because the manager will not open the store until sometimes 7am. The sign says 6… I’ve waited until 6:15 this morning and I simply do not have the time to wait and then the manager is RUDE because HE is never in time. I’ve seen the cook waiting to start work!!! I just witnessed 3 other people leave because of this issue. Your losing business at this west Memphis Arkansas location. Please. Fix!!!

  53. No free birthday meal at denny’s 12100 sunrise blvd manager franswaw I did the birday website (rewards) they gave me birthday slamm he manager made me pay for it xcept for a dollar on my b-day I’ve been going for years just to show my license !! This is a bunch of BS!!! I’m ready to stand in front of the place with a sign of nothin is done! Let people know !

  54. Hi my husband went to Denny’s this morning and was stopped at the door he had to wear a mask so he went back to his truck and got his mask he’s Black will he waa still at Denny’s another man came in he waa Mexican he waa allowed to to come inside sit down and talked to by the. lady and not even asked to wear a Mask this straight discrimination this was in Stockton california Denny on Charter Way / MLK Boulevard the Lady is Mexican and this happen at 6:30 to 7:00am in the morning

  55. Just wanted to make sure this was noticed by corporate. There was clearly a discrimination issue at the Battle Creek, MI location. There is prof through text message. A young man was fired by I’m assuming the manager, Ally because he had a mental disability.

  56. I work as a server at the Denny’s located in Kernersville, NC. A couple weeks ago, the mask guidelines were updated and I was told that vaccinated people are allowed to go maskless if they want. I opted to not wear mine yesterday. Yesterday at work, the general manager, Peggy, while not wearing a mask, asked me where my mask was. I told her her I thought we had a choice now, and she said no and told me to put my mask on, so I did.

    She is requiring all employees under her to wear a mask, but she herself did not wear a mask at any point. Until either everyone is wearing masks, or mask wearing is optional for all employees, I will not be returning to work. I would like to continue working there, but not under this type of management.

  57. This is pertaining Denny’s In Ceres Ca. I worked for 10 days before the total disrespect got to me. I gave 100% I have Always loved Denny’s, however I am gonna make a personal agenda to make shure customers awareness of poor management, complete disregard for customers food sitting plate on top of food waiting to be severed by server, while servers huddle around talking about senseless conversation. Management scratches lottery tickets while on duty. Dishes will go back to being un sanctity

  58. No more masks or 6 ft apart.
    Please open your inside waiting areas. Too hot to sit in car waiting for you to txt us when you are ready. Open up! We go to the Big BearLake

  59. The milkshake maker at 82rd & Bell Rd makes enough noise to wake the dead. Very disturbing when having a meal.

  60. Hi, I have a complaint about the 6441 South Lindbergh store in St. Louis, Mo. Last night, July 5th at about 8:30 pm, we stopped in for a bit of dinner. We sat for nearly 30 minutes with no recognition from any staff member. Only one wait staff person was on duty and she was getting orders to people that placed call in/on line orders without any regard of persons that were already seated or ones that walked in and waited and waited to be seated. This is despicable and a very sad way to run a business. Most of the time the women’s bathroom is filthy. we have eaten there times before and things were fine. What has happened to this establishment? I also think that a call to the county health department is called for. A very unsatisfied two customer family.

  61. Was treated very rudely and you lost a regular customer. Food was great although it seemed like we we’re bothering her. Manager gentleman was very rude at checkout. Went to Moresville W Plaza Drive/River Highway

  62. The DENNYS on hegenburger-should be closed.they have no customer service skills at all whatso ever. Last time their rude cashier screamed at me that she had a life and she was gonna make sure she off in 2 more HOURS.SHE I tried calling again only to watch her hang up every call i made.

  63. I thought Denny’s was a family restaurant where parents could take their children and allow their older children to go to the bathroom alone. I just learned that Denny’s now allows biological males who think they’re women to use the women’s restrooms. I don’t want to experience this much less have my children exposed to it.. My family and friends have decided never to step inside another Denny’s. We mistakenly considered Denny’s executives as people with common sense. We were wrong. I guess “wokeness” has seeped in to allow this disgusting and potentially dangerous behavior. Your disrespect of biological women and girls has fallen to a new low. I would say “shame on you” but I don’t think you have any shame

  64. I pick up my pay check i supposed have 69hr I git photo of my home base log in I received at check saud 52 hr why is that

  65. I order at Dennys in Hawthorne every weekend. And every week I order the same plate. Your employees there are either incompetent or do it on purpose. Either way they get my order wrong 90% of the time. My order is simple pancakes, hashbrowns, over eazy eggs and extra crispy bacon in a separate container. In one aspect or another they get it wrong. I reached out to the manager and apparently was to busy.

  66. My order was sent to wrong location. That me me late for my next apt. Got to the other dennys and my order was not cooked right asked for manager for refund was to busy in kitchen. Wasted hour of my day still no refund and now im somewhere else getting food.why should anyone want to eat at your restaurants.

  67. Me & my Friend have been your restaurant for six months we have been ask to wait 20 to 49 minutes some times and the food take s just as long can you help

  68. Good morning I sent the email a month ago and have not received a reply and don’t know why and I would like to know what is going to be done about the discrimination that was done to me at Denny’s in San Diego from Sebastian I have the receipt I’ve talked to someone over the phone since January every month I’ve been calling no one have not responded to me until just an April what is the problem I want to be compensated for pain and suffering.

  69. I just wanted to let you know Denny’s because I enjoyed Denny’s very much and I think you should know this about your employee in Chandler Illinois starlet Jackson she is fraudulent she uses many different names she was born Scarlet Marie Williams from Mackinaw Illinois and she’s actually 43 her birthday is September 4th 1977 and her number in your system should be 602-481-xxxx and she has gone by many different names and obtained residencies in different states using her fraudulent names

  70. We had to wait for about 35 minutes to be sit down and after asking why since there were many open tables and booth the Mgr. Answered my wife that it was because that he had limited staff and that he would rather have us wait in front than at the table. They gad gotten busy because a group came in for the meeting room and seems to me that the problem was a scheduling problem in their part. This was the Denny’s on South Expressway in Brownsville, Texas!!

  71. To the big head cheese

    I am very very upset with your company and corporation
    don’t you believe in the ADA?
    don’t handicapped people have the rights to sit at tables in your restraint’s with their friends?
    I WAS a regular at 3 of our local Denny’s and now since you have remodeled ALL the Denny’s in Las Vegas
    I can no Longer be at a table in ANY of them !!!
    I am permanently in a electric wheelchair and since the remodels there are no outlets near the tables where I can plug-in to, to keep my chair going.
    only in 1 does it have a outlet that I can use. but it is at the counter where I can only sit ALONE
    there was no good reason for you to remove ALL the usable outlets for the Handicapped

    I used to bring my friends to Denny’s and sit at a table for 4 or more and have a great time and leave a great tip as well.
    there would be a outlet right next to or under the table that I could plug into to charge my chair while I enjoyed the company of my friends and a good meal.
    but they are ALL GONE NOW !!

    All the managers I complain and talk with say its the way the corporate office wants it .. well IM disgusted that this corporation would treat handicapped people this way

    so now we have to find a new place that we can ALL enjoy together. where I can get home from and keep my chair charged and hope the food is good.

    A very upset former customer
    Renee Stevenson

    by the way I will be contacting my local ADA association

  72. We are In Denny’s in New Mexico j truck stop. Line is all the way out the door. The waitress is taking one couple at time.
    They arguing.

  73. Hello, My name is Alyssa Tapia from Effingham Illinois. Last November I worked for Dennys in Effingham and still have not recieved my check I have proof I worked and was hired on snagajob but they refuse to send me a check. I’m not understanding why.

  74. We just returned from Vegas and I were so impressed by the Dennys on the strip across from the Mirage. We ate breakfasr there all three mornings! Each day our waitress was so amazing! So cheerful, attentive, sweet and beautiful! We are from Iowa and expect alot for a little! Iowa nice has spread to Dennys in Vegas! The food was great and got alot for a reasonable price. Each day the line moved along quickly but on Sunday, apparently they were short staffed, so they limited how many people were in dining room so staff could keep up. That’s good management! We appreciate a little longer wait in order for the staff not to be overwhelmed and getting cold food! I never write reviews but wanted you to know how impressed we were! Thank you!!

  75. I worked at the neosho mo dennys 3001 lusk drive and I went on a trip and made it well aware and when I came back my manager Tim richart had fired me for not showing up even though I got time off

  76. It has been brought to my attention that our dennys here in Raton New Mexico has terrible service and the hour of waiting for food to be served is not being handled at the right manner. Management has been known to yell at employees in front of the customers they wait on. Someone needs to correct this problem before it gets any worse.
    Thank you!
    Resident of Raton for 2 years!

  77. I have no complaint. Instead I would like to share what I just witnessed. I am sitting at the bar eating lunch. The lunch crowd seemed overwhelming just watching. There is a manager here named Kaycee ( Montrose Co) .. I don’t know what you are paying her but I’m sure it’s not enough. She absolutely saved the day. Not only directing traffic but helped with cooking, carrying trays, gathering used dishes, cleaning tables and assisting the register. Very very impressed. You truly are blessed having her in your service. The entire staff was like an ant colony in action but she definitely was the General and foot soldier combined. Total respect!

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