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100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
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Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
Phone Number
(615) 855-4000
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  1. As a veteran and having a wife that works at your sore in Allendale ,SC. I fell out of my attic on March 1st 2018. My wife has been taking care of me since I fell. I will tell you that if you want to get rid of my wife then fire her ! I was told by the store manager that he would not fire anyone that works for your store. They would have to quit first so they would not have to collect unemployment . This store manager does not work there anymore cause he got his girlfriend a position to be an assistant store manager . And my wife has no problem with her at all . But you do have a problem with the other assistance store manager . If I am correct your assistant store managers have to be available 24/7 if needed . You also have a big problem with the person that oversees this store your company really should send someone from your Headquarters . I will say this again my wife is White and the assistance manager that is causing all the problems should be fired and the person who oversees these stores should be fired too . After the Memorial Weekend , I will contact the Mayor of Allendale to get us a Dollar Tree store here . We have a radio station here that you can go live and tell your concerns to the public and reaches out over twenty counties and thanks for the internet it goes even father . Get ready for a big drop in sales in June and July of 2018 . I tried calling your HR last year and was ignored . I have a pick up truck and a trailer and will advertise to the public and tell them a Veteran and his wife needs your support

  2. I live in a small town near irvona , pa. The Dollar General store is so filthy. The tioy section where the coloring books are was such a mess you couldn’t see the books at all. The management there is terrible. Told the clerk how dirty the store was she said don’t like don’t come back. Nice attitude

    1. Remodeled store in Ralls, Tx. What a joke. It’s filthy and manager is the rudest person ever

  3. my name is Laura Harrell, I had a fall in your store due to a wet floor that did not have a wet floor sign one of the employee helped me up this happen in the Alexander city store on mar. 2 2018 I have hear from Chris Jenkins, 1 time and he has not called me back so I am looking for someone to call me 256-839-xxxx


  5. I am appalled at the way this company treats their employees and the way they conduct business. On two back to back nights I ventured into DG for some simple shopping needs. The first night…7/19/18 at approx. 8pm…I was present in the Louisa /Old Gentilly Rd store here in New Orleans during an obvious and very brazen theft ring that managed to use in store laundry baskets to steal nearly every bottle of laundry detergent, fabric softener, and liquid dish washing soap from the shelves. One man ran out the front door and the other escaped through the Emergency exit. Although the police responded, it was very frightening that someone could be so bold. Being an ex NOPD Officer myself, I stayed with the two young ladies operating the store once the police left just for the sake of their own safety. Once the store was officially closed for the evening, I waited in my car until the store was secured for the end of the night to make sure no further incidents occurred. Thankfully I did because the suspects returned just prior to closing to attempt another theft, but saw that I was parked just outside the doors and changed their minds. Then on tonight…7/20/18…I was nearly knocked to the ground as I were there at the same store to do an exchange of some items bought the previous night. There were two separate thefts on this evening. The first where a man entered the store and proceeded to fill his pants with a variety of Glade wax cubes, a box of Cinnamon graham crackers and even a soft drink before simply strolling out of the store and making mockery of how the staff couldn’t do anything to him about it. The staff informed me that the same person comes into the store nearly the same time every evening to commit theft of various items. Then as I was approaching the register to do the exchange, two females had begun stuffing book bags which they took from the shelves and began filling them up with various items intended to be stolen. They too, simply walked out of the store with the stolen merchandise. I love, and I really do mean LOVE, the staff at this particular DG. They are very courteous, friendly, and highly knowledgeable of the store’s merchandise. I prefer to shop here as opposed to Walmart when I’m in need of certain items or merely to just kill time on my way home. But what I don’t understand is why the lack of security at this location? I’m sure it is justified seeming how this location has such an enormous theft issue. I understand that all of the store’s merchandise is insured which could probably explain the lack of concern in wanting to hire security, but the lives of your employees and customers aren’t. To be nearly pushed to the ground and injured during a shoplifting attempt is extremely unacceptable to me, my family, and especially to your employees. These incidents taking place at this particular location has made me afraid to shop there again out of fear that perhaps next time it could be far more serious and the chances of getting injured are greater. I intend on contacting my lawyer due to the incidents I have fore mentioned. I simply cant take those kinds of chances with my life to the point where a multi-million dollar company such as yours has absolutely no regards to the safety of its employees or customers. For the love of God…PLEASE TAKE THE NECESSARY STEPS TO PROTECT US FROM THE BEASTS THAT HAVE DECIDED TO PREY UPON THIS STORE AS OFTEN AS THEY DO. It’s sad that I cant enjoy my shopping experience out of fear of being shoved again and nearly knocked down or possibly having a weapon drawn on me. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!

    1. They simply don’t care. I am an employee that was injured during a robbery. That have treated me very poorly. Not paying the medical bills. I love my store and the people who work there, but I don’t want to die there!

  6. Hi my name is Brian James. #18828 store had just open about two months ago, but in process before the store being finished I applied for manager position, do to Wal-Mart experiences of being an dept. mgr. ever since the #18828 store has been completed and running. the store has been a complete mess, I mean trash in the parking lot and entrance way that is very uninviting. the aisle is a mess. all the items on the shelfs aren’t pushed to the front whatever item is gone it is shown on the shelf. The carts that are used in the store for stocking shelfs are always in the way, now you have to obstacle your way around them, and them carts are in the way early evening just in the way with no employee working it. the manager talking and not being professional of their position, just plain lazy. items are on the floor in the isles, the store floors are always not swept nor mopped or buffed. On busy days the lines be long with 1 register is open the manager is acting like she is putting things on the shelf and sees the long line and not help out the cashier with customers. See this kind of stuff upsets me, hiring people who are lazy and not caring what is going on in the store. This complaining is something that I don’t do, but this #18828 store is already trashed out with people that don’t care about the people or the store, but an easy paycheck that they feel that they are getting by not taking responsibility and caring about they job. And I promise you that with me in position that this store will be one of the most loved Dollar Generals in mansfield ohio Period!!!

  7. Today 10 January 2019 I drive my son to your Dollar General Store on Hwy 31 in Arkansas and he went in and I came in to n about 40 seconds behind him and this worker came up to me and started trying to explain to me that she had banned him from my the store for yelling at her one morning when she was opening up the store and I asked her why would someone start yelling at you when they came to make a purchase. It took her a while to give me an answer and when she finally said she felt uncomfortable because he was talking to her. I said what did he say she claimed he said are you alone. He says he asked her about an application. All I know is that I think she is prejudice because it took her to long to tell me what he said. She has a cleft lip I had no idea what she was as talking about when I came in and he store. I didn’t know Ben have to be his mother she just came up to me because I am black. I don’t know who she is but I do know a prejudice person when I run across one . Your store just lost my business. And my whole family and friends.

  8. 2 weeks ago I was sent home because I was 15 minutes late only because my store manager was 2 hours late, I was also taking off tha schedule because of it. N today I was fired thru a text message. This new store manager has been bribing employees with money out of the cash register alone with fixing times on the clock in time

  9. I have been calling the corportate office phone number, but I only get an automated message. So I would like to know how I get through to a real live human.

  10. I live in Shawnee OK. Your store at 3300 N. Kickapoo is a mess. I’ve waited 3 weeks to say anything but it’s beyond waiting now. This store is dirty, never stocked, clothes laying in the floor on the isles & the employees can’t be found. Is there anything you can do to correct these issues? I buy most of my cleaning supplies, staples, makeup & candies at Dollar General but I going start going just going to Wal-Mart for everything if your stores are going to be in these kinds of conditions! Even if I have to pay a little more. At their store is always stocked &
    clean with employees around to help you.

  11. Store #2552 is awesome! Just wanted to let you know how hard the manager & staff work to meet my shopping needs. On a scale of 1-10 w/ 10 the highest, they have earned an 11! 😁 Blessed to have a good godly DG i can depend on esp in this day & time. Thank you& may God continue to bless the USA!✝️🙏🇺🇸💕

  12. This is concerning the Scott City, KS Dollar General store:
    If you want business to grow please hire enough employees to adequately unbox & shelve products. The aisles are always stacked with boxes to be unpacked and shelved. Shelves are frequently sparsely filled. ONE or TWO EMPLOYEES at a time CAN’T CARE for CUSTOMERS and KEEP SHELVES STOCKED & AISLES OPEN!!!

  13. STORE # 01034. Rome, Ga
    2 weeks ago I was a customer where an employee referred to me in a derogatory manner. I started making a video on my phone while I was in the store. 1hour after I came home I googled dollar general corporate information and have been calling ever since. Was told my complaint was of a sensitive high priority and that it was to be escalated. Was told I would hear from someone in 24 hours. Big joke. I am the one who has continually been calling wondering when I will hear from someone. So after I called today I advised switch board that I’m going social media and seeking legal representation

    1. get over it. grow up and stop being one of the millions of people that want to make a big deal on how dramatically overly sensitive they are. perhaps if people would taking videos of every single thing that remotely upset a person, the world would be a more peaceful place. you do realize that you are causing yourself more harm than good. seeking legal advice. you are an idiot. plain and simple. i don’t care who you are, what you are, you will hear things your entire life that you may be offended by because the list grows every single day.
      my advice for you is to not worry about what every one thinks or says. you sound like a drama queen that wants to be on tv and start a tirade how you have been discriminated against. you don’t have the slightest idea about being abused and tortured and living the life of hell every single day. no one cares about your issue that may or may not even be an issue.

  14. I’ve been to four of your stores this week.Plymouth and Knox In.They are all very messy.A lot of the stock was still on the cart waiting Togo on the shelves.As always there was aline up waiting to check out.Sir you need to allowed your stores to pay more and hire more people.One cashier per shift on the weekend is not getting it.Knox has a new Family Dollar/ Dollar Tree.Check it out.The Ilse are clean and the produce. Is on the shelves,where it should be.

  15. I’ve been to four of your stores this week.Plymouth and Knox In.They are all very messy.A lot of the stock was still on the cart waiting Togo on the shelves.As always there was aline up waiting to check out.Sir you need to allowed your stores to pay more and hire more people.One cashier per shift on the weekend is not getting it.Knox has a new Family Dollar/ Dollar Tree.Check it out.The Ilse are clean and the produce. Is on the shelves,where it should be.

  16. Choosing between stage 4 lung cancer or Dollar general employees spouces life 9r death

  17. When does fightiing small cell cancer separate from dollar general
    April 1st, 2021
    I have been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer stage 4 just only 3 weeks ago in that time my girlfriend and also the dollar general manager in Bennington NH is now taking on a whole new twist recently the new General manager has taken it upon herself to have an issue with the manager over there doesn’t see things done her way and is enforcing g the rules as she sees fit to act on them now with only one vehicle and is the only way I can get to my appointments is her since I am blind in one eye due to the cancer spreading rapidly so I cannot drive myself and support during this ti. E has been very hard nearly impossible. This cancer treatment is not a cure its basically to give me a lil longer life to spend on the earth with my family. But it seems to me that this new dollar general district manager has other intentions where as its the company that matters not the employee or there spouse DG Bennington NH store is coming into shape and looking really good the manager does her job and performs all her duties as she is told to. Again the unfortunate fact still remains qhere do we see understanding and compassion in the company from what I have see there is none nor with the help and care of there own employees so I reach out to the general public this matter is like a plea for understanding and some justice where a new district manager comes in an makes a manager choose between whats important life or death understanding and compassion to the people that shop dollar general we ask all of you to help and send in your reviews to get a life instead of loosing one Dollar General corporate offices im sure understands the value of life and how precious life is during such a hard time I ask yiu dollar general corporate office please I want to live and see my family grow not Parrish before my eyes before my time is up please give this partner to me of 22 years together and hard working store manager the understanding to complete the requirements needed to keep her job while still able to transport me and get to receive the nessasary chemotherapy and radiation treatments she will be returning to work and really needs no time away as long as her time is done at the store that day DOLLAR GENERAL CORPORATE IFFICE AS A FATHER AND DYING MAN WITH ONLY A LIL EXTRA TIME LEFT SHOW UNDERSTANDING AND COMPASSION INYOUR HEARTS TO DO THE RIGHT THING

  18. I used to shop at Dollar General in Crawford, Alabama however for the past two months there are to men who sit out front of the store all day long. When you pull up they run up to your car and try to open the door. They say their helping a friend and they refer to you (me) as their friend, i am not their friend I don’t know them and they ALWAYS ask for money. Also, they have their cell phone charging using Dollar General electricity. I have said something several time to the employees of the store and I have heard other customer say things about the two men. I VERY MUCH DO NOT LIKE THIS SITUATION AND IT MAKES ME FEEL VERY UNSAFE. In lieu of this I no long shop your store and have to go out of my way to different store. I ask you to please correct this problem. Thank you

  19. A couple of weeks ago I went to 5 of our stores in and around Grand Rapids mi all were good except no10531 at 425 stocking ave. That should be shut down. It was so dirty floors were. Filthy. Ailed were filled with boxes of stock. You could not get down the aisles. I will not enterthat store. When we went by later there was struck with more deliveries. Have no idea where they would put more. I for one will ever go there. What a disaster!!!!!!!

  20. The Dollar General in Colfax WI is apparently allowing employees (according to the employee there today) to go maskless and does not ask customers to wear masks. In addition the employee who checked me out today repeatedly has told customers that the mask mandate and CDC guidelines are “wrong”. Each customer ahead of me listened to this woman because apparently she knows ways more than scientists and epidemiologists. I told her point blank that I thought she was rude and inconsiderate of others health. The 3 adults in my household will no longer patronize Dollar General.

  21. Mask police in full effect. My husband went to the Berlin New Jersey Dollar General tonight at 8:10. The sign on the window clearly states that a mask is required with a exceptions for age/health conditions etc. The Mgr would not allow him to shop and said that that sign is not applicable to New Jersey it’s illegal. First of all our governor made a mandate, there is no law second of all why is it up on your store window in New Jersey? I think this man Vince needs some re-education on the difference between a law and a mandate. Lost a family full of customers tonight. I’d like a response as to whether this man can discriminate or not. Thanks

  22. Dollar General store in Yoakum Texas is filthy-looks like a third world country inside -I like to shop at this store but hate to go in this one.This morning it also smelled.

  23. I just had the opportunity to take my business somewhere else. I believe that Dollar General headquarters needs to know why. I was in checkout line being checked out at the Dollar General store in Ackerman MS when the checker dropped 2 2litters I was buying of 8 total. I told the checker i didn’t want those 2 now and she said something smart ass to me. She left to get those 2 and i noticed the woman before me left her credit card in the credit card machine and when she returned i said the lady before me left her card in the machine as i handed it to the checker she once again had a smart ass comment. I had 4 Dr pepper and 4 coke 2 liters. The dr pepper were $1.90 each and the cokes were 4 for dollars. I had a bag of hostess powered donuts around $4.00. She tried to charge me $21 dollars and some change. I gave her $22 and said that the $21 and change was to much. She said with a smart ass comment she could go over the charges which i replied you will go over the charges. she then picked up the phone and walked off with my $22 and called someone I believe to be her manager saying what do I do I have a situation. when she came back I told her to give me my $22 back I’ll go somewhere else. I don’t have a problem with the tattoos on her arms but I do have a problem with her attitude. 4 drinks at 1.90 is roughly $8 4 for $4 is $4. That’s $12. The bag of donuts is roughly $5. $12 and $5 is $17 with roughly $1.40 in taxes. Doing the rough math that’s approximately $19. As you can well see I gave a high estimate of my cost of the goods I was trying to buy. $19 and $21 and change is not that much of a difference but is a huge difference when you add the smart ass attitude I was given after the checker dropped my drinks and even had an attitude towards me letting her know the previous customer left her card in the machine. I know I’m just a red neck hick in a red neck hick Dollar General but even in a red neck hick store in Ackerman MS I didn’t deserve being treated as a common thug by some woman checking me out at your Dollar General. Fire this woman or write her up or something. In the end I took my money down the street to the Piggly Wiggly and bought my goods without any smart ass comments from any employee there. Have a nice day.

  24. get over it. grow up and stop being one of the millions of people that want to make a big deal on how dramatically overly sensitive they are. perhaps if people would taking videos of every single thing that remotely upset a person, the world would be a more peaceful place. you do realize that you are causing yourself more harm than good. seeking legal advice. you are an idiot. plain and simple. i don’t care who you are, what you are, you will hear things your entire life that you may be offended by because the list grows every single day.
    my advice for you is to not worry about what every one thinks or says. you sound like a drama queen that wants to be on tv and start a tirade how you have been discriminated against. you don’t have the slightest idea about being abused and tortured and living the life of hell every single day. no one cares about your issue that may or may not even be an issue.

  25. I purchased some slacks at the dollar general on superior st. Lincoln, ne and tried to return them at a more convenient store in west o st. Lincoln, ne. Was told they can’t take my return because they don’t sell clothes at that one. Shouldn’t one dollar general take anything another one sells. I was not happy. I now have to drive out of my way to return those $14.00 pants.

  26. I’m sure I don’t have enough room on this little thing to complain about the way I was treated in your store today. When I was ready to check out I had nobody no body that would check me out there were two ladies in the store in the back talking I’m begging for help because I’m having an allergy attack and could not get anybody to wait on me. I have very bad allergic reactions to pork and if I don’t get my Benadryl quickly enoughI could choke because my throat closes up.I was at the front of your store begging somebody to please come and check me out and they did not I guess they thought it was funny I did not. I will never ever go into another daughter gen
    I would like to talk to a representative about a very bad experience I had in one of your stores today in Taylors South Carolina.

  27. I visited the Dollar General Store #11821 located 12635 S Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60628 on July 1, 2021 at 9:43 am. I just wanted to complain that the cashier who checked me out had such a nasty attitude. I spoke, she said nothing and then she just gave me my purchases and push my items toward me without saying a word, and then she got on her phone. If you all going to have people working for you, have them trained to be more personable. I love this store, but I am not sure I will be back.

    Mrs. Samuel

  28. Why was I told that I resigned by manager and dm when I did no such thing but because another employee said that I had said I quit they took it as a resignation that i supposedly sai 31/2 weeks prior to being let go. They will not provide me with any paperwork or copies of anything in my personal file

  29. I was just in the routes State Route 6 Liberty Ave. 4705 Dollar General there’s no air-conditioning and I went to call on my phone at the top they have a phone number that you can call yet it’s busy but yet it’s been busy for the last hour so then I called the office on state Route 60 and oh they answer but their mailbox is full seriously get somebody out there to fix the air conditioning no one and no employees should have to go through this heat with a company as large as yours no excuse

  30. Never in my life! I was shopping in one of your chain stores,when I was told to go back to where I came from! I wasn’t allow to shop in that store! How can ur employees treat people this way!! It is hurtful, wrong, and more than anything Your company should be assumed of yourselves for allowing your employees speak to customer’s that way! We are what keep your business going! I am mortified by how you allowed this to even happen! It speaks volumes on how much you truly don’t care!

  31. I just shopped at one of the dollar generals store # is 18032 Washington wv the assistant manager was working and I had one item that wrang up a penny it was a Christmas item and he over road the price to 1.00 which wad the original price and I didn’t notice it till I got home or I would not have purchased the item but he didn’t even give me that option. I shop with dollar general all the time and this has never happened to me before as I don’t think it’s allowed.

  32. I live by dollar general in cape coral fl 33909. I own my own cleaning business and shop at this store everyday. This store on Andalusia and kismet Parkway I find very dirty on the outside parking lot. This store on Andalusia and kismet Parkway I find very dirty on the outside parking lotAlso the building Structure and window hangings are moldy. I am mentioning this and inquiring about a possible contract with Dollar General to do the cleaning of the parking lot and exterior building. Maintenance

  33. My debit card was hacked and shared in Uniontown Al . It was ran and then ran 10 minutes later at Family Dollar . I can’t seem to get anyone on the phone anywhere . Please have someone contact me! 334-352-xxxx

  34. I have been in this store in Naples Florida 3 times. the first time my coupons did not work. went in the store on a saturday. new girl not quite sre about much. I was just tgere today….bought the dawn dish soap with the free refill also clipped a coupon. Was told by the cashier the same one from Saturday that only one will work. Verely rudely. Another girl came to help her and clearly knew there was a problem with the transaction as I was not the only customer this happened to. The girl could not over ride it and there wasn’t a manager in the store. She said this is corporate issue over and over. Please fix this. Last week it was with the Gain laundry soap and the 2 dollar coupon. why have digital coupons if they don’t work.

  35. I have been in this store in Naples Florida 3 times. the first time my coupons did not work. went in the store on a saturday. new girl not quite sre about much. I was just tgere today….bought the dawn dish soap with the free refill also clipped a coupon. Was told by the cashier the same one from Saturday that only one will work. Verely rudely. Another girl came to help her and clearly knew there was a problem with the transaction as I was not the only customer this happened to. The girl could not over ride it and there wasn’t a manager in the store. She said this is corporate issue over and over. Please fix this. Last week it was with the Gain laundry soap and the 2 dollar coupon. why have digital coupons if they don’t work.

  36. I called to ask a question and they were making fun of me while I was on the phone. I thought they would be more professional than that. That is horrible, I have a rental to clean and need them, needless to say I will not buy them there.

  37. So the store in Jonesburg Missouri has had the front door broken for at least 3 months now, maybe longer. It weighs a ton for costumers to open and close and they are loosing business because of it. This store is also in desperate need of good leadership. If you are at all concerned with this store staying in business please help

  38. I just want to your East main very rude never nothing on the shelves always in boxes always out there smoking cigarettes and to tell me I can’t take a book bag in there not to even leave it up front that’s bull or put a politely that’s even if we leave them up front so if they’re telling me no to put it outside what they told us your employees suck at that store

  39. Please put a store in Gage Kentucky off 286!! Please Highway 286 has a lot of traffic and there is a good spot for sale now. Ballard county into Paducah ky. Look into this please!!

  40. I am writing a complaint. I was just at dollar general in Jeannette that manager that works there is very rude and inconsiderate. I just witnessed her treating a customer very badly calling her names and told her she was not allowed back in her store when the customer accidently knocked something off shelf. This will make me not want to go back into that store. Something needs done nobody should be treated like that from someone who is suppose to be a professional. If something is not done I will go to the media and let them know how people get treated in this store.

  41. I Think Dollar General Should Send EVERY Store Manager n their Employees to the Hymera, Indiana Store for “TRAINING” to see how a DG store Should be ran and Organized !! Mary Yates and Rhonda are AWESOME!! ALL the Employees are AWESOME!! The store is kept VERY CLEAN and ORGANIZED! Shelves are Stocked!! People come from All over to Shop there because its So Nice and Employees are so Friendly Even if they have a DG in their town they come to hymera DG!! The DG in Shelburn, Farmersburg , Sullivan and Jasonville Indiana are NASTY! DIRTY !! The Employees are RUDE and u can Never Get thru them with a cart because they all have the Big stocking Carts in the isle’s!! Its TERRIBLE the way the Way them 5 are ran n how Nasty Dirty they are!! WAKE UP DG!!

  42. Store in Attica. Michigan is so crammed with stock that’s never put away,need to hire more help or you’ll lose customers at this location, out of stock on may things because its sill in the boxes.

  43. Price listed on shelf for nine lives cat food – $1; price at check out 1:50. THAT’S A 50% MARKUP. Family Dollar has the same item for $1:25. I thought I was getting a bargain. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THAT THE PRICE ON THE SHELF IS DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT FROM WHAT IS CHARGED AT CHECK OUT. AND ANSWER YOUR FREAKING PHONE – 877-463-1553. It says to call back during business hours. IT IS BUSINESS HOURS. Guess Family Dollar has my business now.

  44. i don’t understand why your store #12956 is not maintained at all! the exterior of your store needs to be power washed! it has black and green mold on it especially on the north side of the building ,the side walk needs power washing ! the parking lot needs to be resurfaced! Your sign by the road is filthy and pole it stands on is rusting out The grounds have trash laying around! the bushes in front have been let go! they are overgrown and full of moss and trash! how about taking some pride in ownership clean that place up! the Mims community would appreciate it! thank you!

  45. Our local dollar general is a bunch of rude kids. They don’t say hello or talk while checking you out. They don’t even tell you how much your bill is, you have to look at the screen to know the total and when to insert card. Also two days ago I went to dollar general at 9:45pm in a hurry to grab a box of cereal for kids going to school next day. And it was closed they turned me away. If the sign says open till 10pm that is miss leading. I have lived in this town befor dollar general came and could of planned my day not relaying on this store!!!!

  46. Our Newer Dollar General in Warren AR is like a maze. You can’t even walk through the store. Boxes of input up goods are on rolling carts are black cling the aisles. I took pictures this afternoon. There were three workers at 3:30 p.m., all three were in the office. I asked if this is now two weeks of stuff needing to be put up. I took pictures of what I was experiencing.

  47. Why are your employees at the Dollar General talking about me. I was in the store, one lady said another wanted me to lose my dogs. I want your employees to Stop Menacing me

  48. The dollar general store in polkville is so dirty and unorganized that people there are not wanting to shop there. It was great when it first came. But now has gone done hill. We would like some one to step in and clean it up. It’s a disgrace to your brand.

  49. My mom purchased a pre-paid gift card from the store in Indiantown,Fl and the card was never loaded and we went back to the store the next morning after being instructed to do so..We spoke with the cashier Misty Archibald and she was very rude and cursing like a sailor at us..We went on to talk to the assistant manager and he went in the office and close the door after 2 hours of waiting to resolve the issue I decided to knock on the door to see what was going on and asked him why isn’t he communicating about what’s going on and of course here comes Misty cursing at us again..The moral of the story that store is a circus and ran like a zoo.
    It’s very filthy and the staff is very rude

  50. I went in the Dollar General in Hamilton Indiana the other day and caught Heather and Travis I do believe their names are having intercourse I find that very unappropriate and very unprofessional something needs to be done

  51. At our Lake Arthur store is a guy named Nate. He is rude and a sloppy person. He was standing in front of the store smoking and his pants were unzipped. I told him that and he said it doesn’t stay zipped. I said why don’t you be respectful and zip them up. I said be more respectful for your company you are working for and kind of clean up. He got mad threw his cigarette down and went inside the store.

  52. Dollar General #2875 is in total disarray. It is impossible to manipulate the aisles because of the carts loaded with merchandise blocking the aisles. The employees are having to wait on customers and stock the shelves. Please send help to this store. I have never seen it look so bad.

  53. Why are the Employees of the Dollar General Harassing me and saying I’ve spent 12000 in three to four years? I inherited money in 2019, there are few stores in Dayton Ohio to shop at, there is a Black Male who has an axe to grind I guess. It’s not your Clerks business what I buy, it how much I spend, I’ve been threatened at these stores several times after I left by people. Does your company not buy enough Hot Dogs? For these people to even talk about me is menacing.

  54. Almost was ran off the highway by a semi truck I have video proof these are the numbers on the load and the License plate number 36047.  U641297

  55. Store # 06218 in Lexington SC is a total mess merchandise on floors shelves are a mess. Merchandise left on carts from truck in the isles. No need to return to this store or any other not the only store I’ve walked into that isn’t presentable. Someone from corporate office needs to walked into their stores and see for themselves.

  56. Your store in Camden, Alabama is filthy. The floors are dirty. The manager stands outside and smoke cigarettes a the whole shift. The employees wear whatever they want to wear and they talk on the cellphone while on the register. The lines are long, because the manager will just stand outside and won’t come in. The store is an embarrassment. Please look into it. They are losing customers.

  57. Please quit throwing out perfectly good food because of dates! So many hungry and hopeless up here in Wofford heights ca. please give eggs milk etc to our food banks. Stop this awful waste!!! Eggs keep very very long. Bread butter etc. Stop this waste please!!!

  58. One of your stores In Leesburg Florida # 16050 never has product on the shelf’s and the shipments they do get in are sitting in the isles not being put away. When u complain workers just say corporate won’t give them the hours to stock the shelf’s . The managers boyfriend is always in the store following customers around and making people feel very uncomfortable or sitting outside in his vehicle just watching . We in Leesburg have 3 55 and over communities that surround this store and it would be a great convenience for all of us if someone would just have the store supplied.

  59. I was wrongfully terminated a month ago and I filed a complaint the next day.. I am still waiting on someone to get back with me.. I was a good employee,never missed or came in late .. I feel I deserve to be heard..

  60. I would like to order a case of Good and Smart Kettle Corn Sweet & Salty. Bought some in Alabama can’t find any in Georgia. Thanks Betty

  61. Went to the Logansport Dollar General, located on E. Market Street, they refused to honor the sale prices despite the fact that they had moved the items to the sale area AND placed clearance stickers on them.

  62. I have been using your 5 dollar coupons every weekend, I went to a store and that store closed at 5 but usually closed at 9. I was unable to use my coupons and didn’t get coupons for the next weekend.

  63. I shop a lot at the store on Lincoln Avenue in Holland Michigan. After the remodel, a new person took over and she has no sense of customer service whatsoever! She was on her phone the whole time during the fist experience. This last time she was training someone and instead of waiting on me, she showed her how to do a cash pick up. I waited there 5 minutes while they did that. I k ow it’s hard to get help, but that’s not the kind you need! I don’t think I’ll go back for quite a while.

  64. I purchased a summer chair that
    valued $ 35.00 from your store located at Baltimore Maryland I cannot use the chair because it is too low therefore I need my refund. I am contacting you for my refund I could not find the receipt.

  65. I am at your Asheville store and this is pathetic. There is nothing shelved it all piled in whatever places are open. There is food, toys and chemicals mixed together. Your register person is texting while waiting on customers. This looks like a 5 yr old organized your store.

  66. I went to dollar General to add 200$ to my debit card and they Stole 200$ from me I’ve contacted my card and they can’t get the money back because it was on dollar Generals side.

  67. This store is on the corner of Wilma Rudolph Boulevard in Trenton Road in Clarksville Tennessee. It is absolutely awful. There is no reason for this and it only progresses as time goes on. Have pictures that I would like to share with you!!!

  68. The Dollar General here on Noel in Madisonville Ky . I will never shop there again . The shelves are always empty and stock is always sitting in the aisles untouched . We always have to go somewhere else . And since this one is always like this I won’t go to another one in town , so this lost the company business . The employees are always outside smoking , but can’t find time to stock ? Sad

  69. I was in your store 17922 and the manager on duty Kennedy Was horrible I do not know how she is a manager in a retail store.She displayed a nasty attitude after your cashier gave me the wrong cigarettes and I understand store policy but the way she spoke to myself and coworker was terrible. I was a District Manager for a large retail chain for over 15 years and none of my mangers better not even fox their mouth to be rude to a customer who chooses to spend their money at your store because all in all they can go to another store. So since she advised me to go ahead and complain that she didn’t care I am sending a complaint and I expect to hear back soon

  70. How can I get a copy of surveillance camera from Dollar General store in Easley South Carolina I would appreciate it if you would respond quickly Nancy Sons

  71. I was injured in store today no apologies no help such as paper towel manager waited for manager for 10 minutes without her coming

  72. Hello I would like to speak to you about your Moscow Mills location in Moscow Mills Missouri. First starting off the Customer Service at the store is pitiful, the store is always a disarray. Sometimes you can’t even get through the isles because there is so much unpacked merchandise in the isles. Second of all the products although namebrand which is nice are all subpar in the way they are kept perishable. The refrigeration systems need to be updated. Thirdly your ice machine storage outside is horrible. I bought a bag of ice she went out and opened it up there was water in the bottom of the storage area and all the bags were half melted , she looks at me and says are you going to take one or not I said well they’re half melted she looks at me and says yeah. I said you know what I don’t have time for this right now I need the size ASAP I’m taking it but I will be making a review . I don’t understand why it’s so hard to get somebody in there that knows what they’re doing, or can smile once in a while end or say thank you for visiting our store.

  73. Dollar general in Newark NY. I’ve been living in Newark for over a year now and everytime I go to this store there is 1 register open and a line across the whole store even when there are multiple employees on. I’ve left a bunch of times, I’ve been late for work. My husband refuses to shop there now. This needs some attention.

  74. First day of ad went to store on 181 North in Texas close to Floresville Texas didn’t have what was in ad so left and went to Walmart bought everything I needed there know don’t make money on sale items but you lost all the other sales you would have gotten.

  75. Dollar General store nearest to Mannford Ok. is in my opinion deserving of better management. I purchased 3 boxes of cereal for $6.00, however when I arrived at home,I found out that I had payed reg. Price per box less .33 cents. Per box. I drove back to store only to be told it was due to the so-called system. What a reason for not selling product(s) at posted price. Inefficient is putting it lightly. Please get it right. I don’t want to have this happen again.

  76. Our local dollar general has been closed for over a week. They open for a little while then close. They say it’s due to heat, no air conditioning and I understand completely. Yet, you are a large company and can’t fix the air in the store, and also the store is never stocked. If you paid your people a little more I believe you could get some good helpers. I love seeing your stores thrive. Why can’t our local community store thrive? It always looks dumpy and the people are that run it are always smoking outside. Please at least fix their air conditioning so we can have the store back. You can make money! Our local store is girdler ky 40943.

  77. Converse Indiana store
    I took pictures of this store while I was in there! I am turning you in this is utter disrespect! If someone gets hurt it’s your fault you can’t even turn around! Stuff on the floor parked in front of the shelves and you can’t shop! Why even bother to even open clean it up !!!!

  78. We have a new store it totally a mess nothing on the selfs you go check there so much stuff up there look terrible need help clean up the new store have drive too Walmart get what needed

  79. Your Hartfield VA store is pitiful, dirty, no staff but the ones there work their asses off. Parking lot is so nasty. Grass never cut, I feel sorry for the workers. They need a better leader and more money.

  80. Me and my mother went to the dollar general in the Seneca, Mo. August 22,2022 in the afternoon. (Day shift) I have colitis and IBS. I asked for the bathroom key and the gentleman at the cash register gave it to me. (It was an emergency for me) I have a card to prove I have issues and to please let me use the restroom. My 74 year old mom had to go to so, I gave her the key. All of a sudden the the lady working came rushing at my mom and rudely said, “ma’am we don’t have a public bathroom. “. I told her I asked for the key and the guy at the register gave me the key. She mumbled something and kinda motioned for my mom to go ahead. Then she waited outside the door while my mom used the bathroom and when my mom came out the lady took the key. 😡 she was rude and I don’t understand why this dollar store doesn’t have a public bathroom when all the others do? People like me have very bad issues and it hits all of a sudden and I/we have to have a bathroom available. My moms 74 and told me she didn’t think she could’ve made it if she wouldn’t have let her use the bathroom. They may have to clean up a big ole mess If something isn’t done I’ll stop shopping there and me and my whole family have shopped there weekly sense it opened. She shouldn’t of done my mom or I that away. Especially since the guy gave us the key.

  81. I went to the 8760 southeastern ave Indianapolis in. I went in at 10am. Very rude I didn’t get my Receipt. He crumbled my change up and throw it. Very rude

  82. I always write positive and negative about employees. The other week I have a glowing report for one of your stores. I had a horrible experience at another store in York. It appears your manager Dale at an East Market street Store 06059 in York PA was horrible. No hello nor a smile. I am on a walker and asked him to make the bags light which he did not. I asked for extra bags and he said he was short and refused to give me any. I would only need about 2 or 3 extra bags to split up the stuff he put in not enough bags. I the was leaving the store with the walker in my cart. I got out one door when he finally asked if I needed help. He did come over and open the second door. He then had the nerve to say I was pushing cart out of non handicapped doors incorrectly. I spend anywhere from Sixty to over 100.00 at your stores weekly and do not want to put up such negative treatment. I will never go back to this store. I don’t care how short staffed you are you can already smile. This was not the first time I had negative conversations with Dale. Hopefully your Bull Road store remains as great as it is. I will be shopping there.

  83. I live in Westland Michigan. I would like to know why my driver’s license is being scanned when I buy cigarettes or alcohol? I am 65 yo. I’m not against showing my license to verify my age one rule fits all I get it. What I’d like to know is why do you need to record my name my address my drivers license # date of issuance and date of expiration every time I buy these products. I want in writing that your not selling my information nor giving it to any government agency rather it be foreign or domestic. I will not shop there till you do. Is this even legal?

  84. Have a big complaint three complaints about your Dollar General store in Buxton North Carolina never opens on time manager is very very rude he he’s just rude store is very unorganized and dirty I live here

  85. Why is the dollar general store on Mullanphy so nasty. For the last week that store has been closed and the workers are out side smoking and eating.

  86. Treated poorly at store #21069 macks creek at 12:31:51 on 8/27/22 I have 3 transactions, cashier eating Cheetos, I did 2 transactions and then 2 people came behind me, cashier told me to go back around and get n line, that she could only do 2 transactions for me. I only had 2 items left to pay for, I should have left, but being the better person who has never ever complained about any business, I now waited on 2 people before I could finish and get out of store, I will Never go back to this store!!!!! Very very rude!! My feelings are hurt, she went way over the 25$ limit on 2nd order, so I could not get $5 off on 3rd order, didn’t have enough, I told her to cut it off at 25$ she did not, that’s the only reason I even go to $ General is for my cat food when you have coupons, when you don’t ,I don’t go, because you’re always out of litter, and cans. Your stores are very messy, and you won’t pay enough people so we can get service at the counter, you need friendly people! That want to work!

  87. DG built Zavalla, Texas a store and we love it and need it but you need to fix the air conditioner for shoppers and for your valued employees. It’s unfair for us to have to shop in hot conditions. We have a Family Dollar but I don’t have what all DG has. PLEASE, let our little city keep the DG we’re use too and don’t have to travel 30 mile round trip to another city to a DG. Feel free to call me

  88. Why is it that every dollar general I go into is a disaster .. I realize it’s hard to get help, but even was it wasn’t hard to get help,they never had enough to push the freight out.. Hillsborough n. H. Is a dump always. I went in twice last week for bleach, none on the shelves, the manager was on vacation and the guy workings was by himself for 5-6 days (alone) today I went in and the manager was back, shelves are still empty and there are rollers in most of the isles, so you couldn’t even get in an isle.. when is this going to change, people in town are all talking about was a mess it is and going to family dollar… I’m sure your sales are at an all time low…. I will not go back and I use to go every Saturday.. Someone do something, but while corporate sits in their offices and cut cut cut, they should go around the country and check for themselves that their budget is not working! Er dissatisfied customer. I had written last year and never got a response.. nice way to treat. Customers!

  89. I am the full time lead keyholder and I get less than part time hours when the 2 part time keyholders get more hours. I was promised 40 hours a week at store 23492

  90. This is happening with the manager at Thompsonville Illinois she needs removed. Managers don’t act this way this was posted all over Facebook for everyone to see so I took screenshots and sending this to you. This is who is running DG in
    1. You don’t call an employee fat. FRIEND
    OR NOT.
    2. This is not how to be a kind human.
    Just be a nice person. NOBODY comes
    between family but you DO NOT TREAT A
    Also she was already talking about
    cutting her hours down before this.
    11:49 4
    ) Kirsten Danea
    Who the hell are you talking about my sister that
    she is fat. Just know I’m coming up there you want
    to talk shit be about it. I WILL ROCK YOUR SHIT.
    I Leave the drama alone. If liv wants to talk she
    fucking can. But she’s not gonna “whoop my ass”
    cause I acted like her boss instead of her friend for
    HES190 AA
    I Don’t know why this drama and everyone is acting
    like children. Quit messaging me if you’re not
    I gonna act like an adult.
    1 Act like an adult. You’re 24. You are also a boss.
    You called an employee fat. How is that a boss?
    You are a shitty boss if that’s how you think running
    things good works. For real keep my sisters name
    11:54 4
    Kirsten Danea
    You ToOk A serfenshOT Of CHAti
    Don’t know why this drama and everyone is acting
    like children. Quit messaging me if you’re not
    I gonna act like an adult.
    Act like an adult. You’re 24. You are also a boss.
    You called an employee fat. How is that a boss?
    You are a shitty boss if that’s how you think running
    things good works. For real keep my sisters name
    Ain’t nobody gonna say they’re gonna “whoop my
    ass” cause I acted as her boss instead of her friend.
    Never would’ve happened if she didn’t think our
    friendship came before her JOB. Because it sure
    doesn’t and did not. Have a goodnight honey.
    TRUST ME. I will be seeing you and if you want to
    talk this way AT YOUR WORK then let’s rumble!
    You want to be a bitch bring it to me. You are 24
    and a BOSS! You don’t call her fat FRIEND OR

  91. The flashing LED light at the Otterbein Indiana Dollar General has flashed faster than a strobe light for months!!! I pulled up, instant headache that will not go away and has traveled down the side of my face!!! Staff says it has been reported many times and ignored!!! You are setting your self up for a lawsuit if someone has a seizure because you refuse to fix the light!! Get it fixed! And while your at it, fix the light by the road that hasn’t worked since the store opened!!

  92. I am the owner of DG #21303, Rangeley, CO. My bank, Jonah Bank of Wyoming, usually receives the mailed DG Lease Payment on or around the 1st of each month. The September payment has not been received yet, I am checking to be sure that this payment was mailed out in a timely fashion or that we may have a USPS missing item or delay. I have repeatedly tried to reach Kyleen Jones but have not had a response to my inquiry. Since I need to make my mortgage payment soon, I need to trackdown this lease payment or make other financial arrangements for my timely mortgage payment. Thank you for your help.

  93. DG in Devalls Bluff, AR clerk screaming to the top of her lungs at a child on another isle. she yelled so loud the whole store heard “You better put that back up where you got it don’ t you come in this store throwing things around you know who you are and I am sick and tired of dealing with kids trashing this store I have you on video and will see who you are and you will permanently be band from this store. I have that right!! You better put that back up where you got it!! Now my problem with this is the yelling and disrespecting everyone else in the store. I saw the child and he did put it back where he got it before she yelled I didn’t see him throw anything and I was on the isle with him.

  94. I have a serious problem regarding the manager in a small town Dollar General costing me my job of 3 years due to slander and defamation of character. I had no clue how to go about this situation, so I started here. I would greatly appreciate a response. Thank you.

  95. Just left the store in Willis Texas. It was extremely hot in there. The store was in disarray horrible and this is the newest store at 310 Powell street. So sad!!

  96. Just left the filthy Dolllar General on Hwy 58 in Kinston NC or near Kinston. The store is a hazard with boxes everywhere. The products are in the wrong areas and not priced accurately and the manager has a nasty attitude and no personal skills. Being an educator, I stop for deals; however, I won’t be stopping there anymore unless they can clean up and get new management.

  97. The Dollar General in Erwin, NC is the filthiest store I have ever been in. I have it in good mind to report this business to the health department. The refrigerators & freezers are disgusting and still store food for human consumption. The bathrooms turn your stomach. I’ve taken photos in this store today, that I would like to send. Please give me an address where I can send these pictures.

  98. We have 4 Dollar General stores in the area. The employees are all friendly and helpful. The problem is with numerous Bins of merchandise lined up In the isles . You need to hire stock personnel Only… It has to be some kind of Safety Hazzard. Corporate Needs to take a Long look at the stores. Everyone who goes in your stores are complaining. The Employees are trying to do it all.. But they Can’t wait on customer properly and Keep shelves stocked. I Live in Gladwin, Michigan. Corporate needs to Address this situation. Thank you have a Wonderful day .

  99. I visited two of your stores in my area today to take advantage of the “One Day Only” sale (Nov.4). Much to my disappointment, neither store had the merchandise. When I asked an employee if the ad would be honored when the merchandise did come in, she asked her manager who told her, “No, there will be other sales.” It is quite misleading to advertise products that are not available in the store. I sincerely hope this is not a usual practice for your company. I do not understand why there would be a special one-day sale for merchandise that is not even in the store. It was not that the two stores ran out of the merchandise; neither store had it to begin with. Furthermore, they had no explanation why. Thank you for your attention.

  100. For the second time in a week I ask about your 5 pound kitty litter because it wasn’t put out. I had been told the week before that they had some litter in the back that hadn’t been put out yet. The girl I talked to the second time, I don’t know if she was the manger or not told me we had this conversation 100 times ( not true ) and that there was a truck unloading and would I like for her to go tell them they were too slow. She said what they had was already sold but as often as I go in there and the people I talk with animals I don’t know that I believe that. It’s a new store in Warden, Washington. Everyone’s glad you’re here now but if you’re going to jump down our throats for asking a question I’m not sure I want to go back. I work in a store to and we don’t get everything now either but I don’t make people feel like they shouldn’t ask about it. This is a small town and people will drive the 15 miles to Walmart. Everyone’s having trouble getting their stock now but don’t try to belittle a person just because they ask about it. We’re all in this together.

  101. Dollar General on 3505 Lovett Road in Waycross Ga is not honoring their digital coupons. Every time you go to shop on Saturday there is a problem with their digital coupons. Why do they advertise digital coupons if they can’t not help the customers. It is not fair for their customers and the managers keep saying it’s corporate problem

  102. I’ve seen where some of your stores have been fined for charging more than posted price. You seem to have the same issue in Natchez la posted price $2.40. Price charged $2.75. 14.5% over advertised. I shared with cashier. Not her fault but did ask her to inform manager/owner
    I will be monitoring all prices when I visit this store. I shouldn’t have to do that

  103. The store in Sweetser Indiana is always well kept and clean but the heat is not working it is around 45 degrees in the store. On behalf of your customers and your employees that work there please get it fixed.

  104. I was just in the Dollar General in Middleburgh New York. It is unbelievable. The aisles are so full of Freight You can’t even get down the isles. What a mess by far the worst Dollar General I’ve been in in a while they all need help with unpacking, but this is ridiculous

  105. I’ve been to 4 stores this morning and no. Of them had the gift cards that were advertised on sale today only (they said they didn’t get them in!) , and offered no rain checks. This is completely false advertisement!

  106. I was recently at the Benton Pennsylvania store and did the self check out and it took me longer to check out that if I would’ve went to the cashier she waited on like 10 people and yes I did have someone helping me it was not working properly the store is also a mess way too much stock and know where to put itSome isles were so full you couldn’t even walk down them

  107. your store in Ishpeming Michigan is a mess, its dirty, merchandise everywhere preventing you to shop no employees, nothing put away off delivery carts shelves amess things in heaps on the floor. customers are going elsewhere fast. you need to send someone to investigate.

  108. I was in the Winchester Indiana dollar general store #01576 765-215-2613 and going into the check out lane. This cashier female with blonde hair and glasses made a very rude comment to me about the items in my cart. Asking me why I needed so many of a certain item that had to do with medical supplies and that I had way too many. I’d appreciate if she was let go.

  109. Purchased some plastic containers Thanksgiving Day from one Dollar General and didn’t use, tried to return on last night not even a week later with the receipt product never opened to another Dollar General and was told because of the new system could only return to the store where was purchased this is very inconvenient for a customer to have to drive miles with high gas prices to return a Dollar General product to another Dollar General are all Dollar General not the same and under one company

  110. It’s noon on Thursday Dec 1 and the store is so dirty and products tossed everywhere. Even my 7 year old great niece commented how dirty the store is. The outside is littered with beer cans and cigarettes butts. This is direct blame of your area manager and they should be held responsible.
    This store is 3240 in Winston Salem NC. Too top it off the computer was down and we could not make our purchase.
    We won’t be back.
    As a side note. We shop at Pop Shelf all the time.
    Very disappointed in you Dollar General. The store manager and area manager need to be held responsible. There is no excuse for dirty and unorganized store.

  111. on dec 1 2022 at dollar general located on winnsboro road in monroe, la. appx between 11:19 and noon. I Pamela Richardson (black female) entered with hands in pocket the whole time that i was in the store. I only went down the dollar isle then left. As i proceeded down south 6th street in monroe, la. which is beside this dollar general location, someone was calling me to come back so i responded ” what do you want ?” I foolishly thought the caucasian female that is employed at your location was about to tell me about a deal or special. Your employee was questioning me saying “what was i looking for?” i responded green rubbing alcohol. The caucasian employee kept asking me about a less than 2 minute visit to the store bordering on harassment. She also had the nerve to comment that my behavior seemed suspicious. God must have been on my side because i only responded “so” and gave her a perplexed look while standing on south 6th street and not even on dollar general property. This white female whom i question her sanity and intellect then states I can ban you from the store. God still must be protecting me. I said ” if I am banned from the store then you gone be banned from the store ” The female says she can ban me because it’s her store” I said ” you are just a prisoner you need to do your time and get gone.” After i just walked on down the south 5th street. I am using my niece’s email since i have deleted my own.

  112. What is the name of the person who owns all dollar general stores,, does the manager own the store she works at?

  113. I have tried getting assistance due to an issue I’m having with our local dollar general since your customer service line hangs up I will contact the attorney general

  114. The Reading Michigan Dollar General store has been without heat for ten days. As cold as it has been and will be that is inhumane treatment of employees. The district manager refuses to report this so she doesn’t lose her bonus. Very funny maybe she needs to lose her job!!!

  115. Your store 13770 is in grave need of being inspected by a district manager. The parking lot has giant potholes. The store has had stock carts blocking every aisle for over a month. I will no longer shop at this store until changes are made. It is an embarrassment to the White Horn Cove area!

  116. I live in Terrebone parish La. The problem I have is That I am allergic to cigarettes smoke. I do go to different stores and it never fails there is always an employee or two that will light up and stand right in the entrance of the store and puff out smoke. I fought that there was a law that no one is to smoke with 25 feet of the entrance. But every time I go I have to ask them to please move away from the entrance because of my problem but some refuse to move so I go shop elsewhere. Can you take care of this problem. Thank you.

  117. Do you not answer phones on Saturday you could at least say you are closed not just keep saying someone will be with you No wonder I had such a bad experience at one of your stores 713-516-xxxx

  118. I live In Greenup IL 62428 There is a Dollar General in this town. Something needs to be done with store. It’s an absolute mess!! The lights outside do not work. You never know if they are open. Store is filthy and unorganized. Horrible conditions. Something needs to be done. I don’t want to shop at Walmart. I try and stay local

  119. Last night I between 5:00–5:30 pm I made a purchase at the Dollar General store , the cashier threw away my receipt . I ask her to please get my receipt. She said, I’m not getting it out of the trash can. I told her I want my receipt, she refused. The amount was $60.00 & some change. ( Dollar General Hwy. 9, Buford Cross road, Lancaster, SC 29720. )

  120. I bought 2 bottles of wine for sometime and it was the wrong kind your website says it can be returned to store unopened the manager said no it was illegal call I return the wine or no?

  121. My son purchased 4 everything Apple gift cards at store # 13738 Okay, Oklahoma, the cashier told him on the 4 gift card that it would cause a problem he could only purchase 3 gift cards so he refunded him $25.00 for the one card, when he came home he tried to enter the numbers of the cards and the system would not accept any of the 3 cards. When I looked at the receipts 1 receipt was where he was refunded the 25.00. I told him to go to Dollar General and explain what happened to the manager and that he was given the receipt that he was refunded the 25.00 as they might need it. The manager looked at the receipts said that the cards he had did not match the receipts and that he could not refund the money or exchange the cards but he did need the receipt showing that he was given back 25.00 to prevent his cash drawer from being short. I called apple support and apple told me that not all receipts would show the numbers from the cards and gave them the numbers off of the cards and they told me the cards had been voided. I just felt that someone should be aware of this incident. Thank k you, Respectfully Viennae Wood

  122. Went to Dollar General in Walden NY for a helium ballon and was told after the ballon was blown up that you do not provide a string? That I would have to buy string! Is this for real!

  123. The Dollar General on W Pierson Rd in Flushing Mi is filthy, having problems accepting cash, apple pay always something. Carts out on floor, hard to find an associate to check out. Vwry bad attitudes and I will never shop there again. towards me and my family.

  124. I went into the store using my digital coupons. I didn’t get the $5 off, I asked for them to fix it and they wouldn’t!!!! Told me the lady was stressed and sick come back another day with receipt!!!

  125. New store in our area is horrible, empty shelves with stock sitting in the floor, merchandise is not organized on shelf.

  126. I went in to DG in Port Royal Pa. No employees to be found. Went to check out and waited a while, nobody came. Went to self checkout, needed credit or debit card. Went out to my car for debit card, went back in. Still no employees. Checked myself out and left.

  127. At the store closest to us, a staff member just locked the doors in front of us at 9:30 even though they have a sign out front saying their hours are from 8am to 10pm. This isn’t the first night they’ve done this to us or others who live in the area. It also appeared as though they’d been in there with some friends/family who bought things right before the doors were locked.

  128. This store is ridiculous my three year old daughter had to use the restroom and they wouldn’t let us she had to shit and they just ignored the fact that I asked to use the restroom but god forbid it be their children this store is a disgrace against humanity I never seen such disrespect store number 3040

  129. Went to DG 16203 Ridgeville. 2 staff members were hanging outside and when time to check out you had customers using self checkout and some wanting to purchase a gift card. No one to provide service. I needed to have associate enter her code for the purchase of beer and another customer had to walk to the back to find them in the back huddle up. She finally comes to the front and got an attitude because the customer ask to purchase a gift card and she starts huffing and said she not on a register, she will get the dude from the back who she was huddle up with. She was very unprofessional and hinder people from shopping here. SCO was the associate.

  130. The trucks park in the back parking lot instead of the front overnight. The trucks are extremely loud and keeps my baby up at night. The front parking lot isn’t around any houses. It would be great if they could start parking up front.

  131. Store manager at 411 4th street Ralls, TX 79357
    Rude Hateful and refuses to accept the fact the elderly in our community cannot self checkout. This store is losing customers to Family Dollar in Lorenzo, TX and Crosbyton, Tx because of her attitude.

  132. The store we recently visited in in Walker LA 70785 while on vacation was the dirtiest store I have seen in my entire life. If my stores that I maintain now looked the way yours does number 1 I would terminate people and number 2 I would be embarrassed for anyone to see my store with garbage and stuff threw in isles that customers can’t even walk in multiple isles

  133. The Dollar General store located in Carolina Beach NC is a disgrace. There is so much trash, cigarette buts in front of the store, along the road, in the parking lot, & behind the store. Why is there no accountability for this. We live near the ocean. This filth is blown in the ocean or
    down storm drains. I think this should be a priority to get “your” litter cleaned up.

  134. last Saturday I attempted to go into the dollar store in star city the one by Piggly wiggly, I was stop at the door by Mrs Lawson very rudely and un professional telling me in a loud aggressive voice saying I couldn’t come into that store anymore. I asked why again very loud and rude she wrongly accused me of shoplifting and said I was banned.i contacted star city police department and they told me to contact corporate. I can’t bring myself to even go back to work because of the way I was humiliated and embarrassed

  135. Poca dollar general in Poca Wv needs some one to come and clean that place up . One girl has been working by herself and the store is not stocked for the memorial weekend it is setting in the back of the store stacked up from the truck that delivered it .

  136. Hello.. My name is Darrell Elmore.. I own Mowing In Progress lawn service in A
    Shallotte NC.. I was inquiring about potentially mowing some of the facilities in Brunswick County NC … I know the one in on Boonesneck Rd is brand new… Thanks

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