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100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
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Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
Phone Number
(615) 855-4000
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  1. As a veteran and having a wife that works at your sore in Allendale ,SC. I fell out of my attic on March 1st 2018. My wife has been taking care of me since I fell. I will tell you that if you want to get rid of my wife then fire her ! I was told by the store manager that he would not fire anyone that works for your store. They would have to quit first so they would not have to collect unemployment . This store manager does not work there anymore cause he got his girlfriend a position to be an assistant store manager . And my wife has no problem with her at all . But you do have a problem with the other assistance store manager . If I am correct your assistant store managers have to be available 24/7 if needed . You also have a big problem with the person that oversees this store your company really should send someone from your Headquarters . I will say this again my wife is White and the assistance manager that is causing all the problems should be fired and the person who oversees these stores should be fired too . After the Memorial Weekend , I will contact the Mayor of Allendale to get us a Dollar Tree store here . We have a radio station here that you can go live and tell your concerns to the public and reaches out over twenty counties and thanks for the internet it goes even father . Get ready for a big drop in sales in June and July of 2018 . I tried calling your HR last year and was ignored . I have a pick up truck and a trailer and will advertise to the public and tell them a Veteran and his wife needs your support

  2. I live in a small town near irvona , pa. The Dollar General store is so filthy. The tioy section where the coloring books are was such a mess you couldn’t see the books at all. The management there is terrible. Told the clerk how dirty the store was she said don’t like don’t come back. Nice attitude

  3. my name is Laura Harrell, I had a fall in your store due to a wet floor that did not have a wet floor sign one of the employee helped me up this happen in the Alexander city store on mar. 2 2018 I have hear from Chris Jenkins, 1 time and he has not called me back so I am looking for someone to call me 256-839-xxxx


  5. I am appalled at the way this company treats their employees and the way they conduct business. On two back to back nights I ventured into DG for some simple shopping needs. The first night…7/19/18 at approx. 8pm…I was present in the Louisa /Old Gentilly Rd store here in New Orleans during an obvious and very brazen theft ring that managed to use in store laundry baskets to steal nearly every bottle of laundry detergent, fabric softener, and liquid dish washing soap from the shelves. One man ran out the front door and the other escaped through the Emergency exit. Although the police responded, it was very frightening that someone could be so bold. Being an ex NOPD Officer myself, I stayed with the two young ladies operating the store once the police left just for the sake of their own safety. Once the store was officially closed for the evening, I waited in my car until the store was secured for the end of the night to make sure no further incidents occurred. Thankfully I did because the suspects returned just prior to closing to attempt another theft, but saw that I was parked just outside the doors and changed their minds. Then on tonight…7/20/18…I was nearly knocked to the ground as I were there at the same store to do an exchange of some items bought the previous night. There were two separate thefts on this evening. The first where a man entered the store and proceeded to fill his pants with a variety of Glade wax cubes, a box of Cinnamon graham crackers and even a soft drink before simply strolling out of the store and making mockery of how the staff couldn’t do anything to him about it. The staff informed me that the same person comes into the store nearly the same time every evening to commit theft of various items. Then as I was approaching the register to do the exchange, two females had begun stuffing book bags which they took from the shelves and began filling them up with various items intended to be stolen. They too, simply walked out of the store with the stolen merchandise. I love, and I really do mean LOVE, the staff at this particular DG. They are very courteous, friendly, and highly knowledgeable of the store’s merchandise. I prefer to shop here as opposed to Walmart when I’m in need of certain items or merely to just kill time on my way home. But what I don’t understand is why the lack of security at this location? I’m sure it is justified seeming how this location has such an enormous theft issue. I understand that all of the store’s merchandise is insured which could probably explain the lack of concern in wanting to hire security, but the lives of your employees and customers aren’t. To be nearly pushed to the ground and injured during a shoplifting attempt is extremely unacceptable to me, my family, and especially to your employees. These incidents taking place at this particular location has made me afraid to shop there again out of fear that perhaps next time it could be far more serious and the chances of getting injured are greater. I intend on contacting my lawyer due to the incidents I have fore mentioned. I simply cant take those kinds of chances with my life to the point where a multi-million dollar company such as yours has absolutely no regards to the safety of its employees or customers. For the love of God…PLEASE TAKE THE NECESSARY STEPS TO PROTECT US FROM THE BEASTS THAT HAVE DECIDED TO PREY UPON THIS STORE AS OFTEN AS THEY DO. It’s sad that I cant enjoy my shopping experience out of fear of being shoved again and nearly knocked down or possibly having a weapon drawn on me. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!

    1. They simply don’t care. I am an employee that was injured during a robbery. That have treated me very poorly. Not paying the medical bills. I love my store and the people who work there, but I don’t want to die there!

  6. Hi my name is Brian James. #18828 store had just open about two months ago, but in process before the store being finished I applied for manager position, do to Wal-Mart experiences of being an dept. mgr. ever since the #18828 store has been completed and running. the store has been a complete mess, I mean trash in the parking lot and entrance way that is very uninviting. the aisle is a mess. all the items on the shelfs aren’t pushed to the front whatever item is gone it is shown on the shelf. The carts that are used in the store for stocking shelfs are always in the way, now you have to obstacle your way around them, and them carts are in the way early evening just in the way with no employee working it. the manager talking and not being professional of their position, just plain lazy. items are on the floor in the isles, the store floors are always not swept nor mopped or buffed. On busy days the lines be long with 1 register is open the manager is acting like she is putting things on the shelf and sees the long line and not help out the cashier with customers. See this kind of stuff upsets me, hiring people who are lazy and not caring what is going on in the store. This complaining is something that I don’t do, but this #18828 store is already trashed out with people that don’t care about the people or the store, but an easy paycheck that they feel that they are getting by not taking responsibility and caring about they job. And I promise you that with me in position that this store will be one of the most loved Dollar Generals in mansfield ohio Period!!!

  7. Today 10 January 2019 I drive my son to your Dollar General Store on Hwy 31 in Arkansas and he went in and I came in to n about 40 seconds behind him and this worker came up to me and started trying to explain to me that she had banned him from my the store for yelling at her one morning when she was opening up the store and I asked her why would someone start yelling at you when they came to make a purchase. It took her a while to give me an answer and when she finally said she felt uncomfortable because he was talking to her. I said what did he say she claimed he said are you alone. He says he asked her about an application. All I know is that I think she is prejudice because it took her to long to tell me what he said. She has a cleft lip I had no idea what she was as talking about when I came in and he store. I didn’t know Ben have to be his mother she just came up to me because I am black. I don’t know who she is but I do know a prejudice person when I run across one . Your store just lost my business. And my whole family and friends.

  8. 2 weeks ago I was sent home because I was 15 minutes late only because my store manager was 2 hours late, I was also taking off tha schedule because of it. N today I was fired thru a text message. This new store manager has been bribing employees with money out of the cash register alone with fixing times on the clock in time

  9. I have been calling the corportate office phone number, but I only get an automated message. So I would like to know how I get through to a real live human.

  10. I live in Shawnee OK. Your store at 3300 N. Kickapoo is a mess. I’ve waited 3 weeks to say anything but it’s beyond waiting now. This store is dirty, never stocked, clothes laying in the floor on the isles & the employees can’t be found. Is there anything you can do to correct these issues? I buy most of my cleaning supplies, staples, makeup & candies at Dollar General but I going start going just going to Wal-Mart for everything if your stores are going to be in these kinds of conditions! Even if I have to pay a little more. At their store is always stocked &
    clean with employees around to help you.

  11. Store #2552 is awesome! Just wanted to let you know how hard the manager & staff work to meet my shopping needs. On a scale of 1-10 w/ 10 the highest, they have earned an 11! 😁 Blessed to have a good godly DG i can depend on esp in this day & time. Thank you& may God continue to bless the USA!✝️🙏🇺🇸💕

  12. This is concerning the Scott City, KS Dollar General store:
    If you want business to grow please hire enough employees to adequately unbox & shelve products. The aisles are always stacked with boxes to be unpacked and shelved. Shelves are frequently sparsely filled. ONE or TWO EMPLOYEES at a time CAN’T CARE for CUSTOMERS and KEEP SHELVES STOCKED & AISLES OPEN!!!

  13. STORE # 01034. Rome, Ga
    2 weeks ago I was a customer where an employee referred to me in a derogatory manner. I started making a video on my phone while I was in the store. 1hour after I came home I googled dollar general corporate information and have been calling ever since. Was told my complaint was of a sensitive high priority and that it was to be escalated. Was told I would hear from someone in 24 hours. Big joke. I am the one who has continually been calling wondering when I will hear from someone. So after I called today I advised switch board that I’m going social media and seeking legal representation

  14. I’ve been to four of your stores this week.Plymouth and Knox In.They are all very messy.A lot of the stock was still on the cart waiting Togo on the shelves.As always there was aline up waiting to check out.Sir you need to allowed your stores to pay more and hire more people.One cashier per shift on the weekend is not getting it.Knox has a new Family Dollar/ Dollar Tree.Check it out.The Ilse are clean and the produce. Is on the shelves,where it should be.

  15. I’ve been to four of your stores this week.Plymouth and Knox In.They are all very messy.A lot of the stock was still on the cart waiting Togo on the shelves.As always there was aline up waiting to check out.Sir you need to allowed your stores to pay more and hire more people.One cashier per shift on the weekend is not getting it.Knox has a new Family Dollar/ Dollar Tree.Check it out.The Ilse are clean and the produce. Is on the shelves,where it should be.

  16. When does fightiing small cell cancer separate from dollar general
    April 1st, 2021
    I have been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer stage 4 just only 3 weeks ago in that time my girlfriend and also the dollar general manager in Bennington NH is now taking on a whole new twist recently the new General manager has taken it upon herself to have an issue with the manager over there doesn’t see things done her way and is enforcing g the rules as she sees fit to act on them now with only one vehicle and is the only way I can get to my appointments is her since I am blind in one eye due to the cancer spreading rapidly so I cannot drive myself and support during this ti. E has been very hard nearly impossible. This cancer treatment is not a cure its basically to give me a lil longer life to spend on the earth with my family. But it seems to me that this new dollar general district manager has other intentions where as its the company that matters not the employee or there spouse DG Bennington NH store is coming into shape and looking really good the manager does her job and performs all her duties as she is told to. Again the unfortunate fact still remains qhere do we see understanding and compassion in the company from what I have see there is none nor with the help and care of there own employees so I reach out to the general public this matter is like a plea for understanding and some justice where a new district manager comes in an makes a manager choose between whats important life or death understanding and compassion to the people that shop dollar general we ask all of you to help and send in your reviews to get a life instead of loosing one Dollar General corporate offices im sure understands the value of life and how precious life is during such a hard time I ask yiu dollar general corporate office please I want to live and see my family grow not Parrish before my eyes before my time is up please give this partner to me of 22 years together and hard working store manager the understanding to complete the requirements needed to keep her job while still able to transport me and get to receive the nessasary chemotherapy and radiation treatments she will be returning to work and really needs no time away as long as her time is done at the store that day DOLLAR GENERAL CORPORATE IFFICE AS A FATHER AND DYING MAN WITH ONLY A LIL EXTRA TIME LEFT SHOW UNDERSTANDING AND COMPASSION INYOUR HEARTS TO DO THE RIGHT THING

  17. I used to shop at Dollar General in Crawford, Alabama however for the past two months there are to men who sit out front of the store all day long. When you pull up they run up to your car and try to open the door. They say their helping a friend and they refer to you (me) as their friend, i am not their friend I don’t know them and they ALWAYS ask for money. Also, they have their cell phone charging using Dollar General electricity. I have said something several time to the employees of the store and I have heard other customer say things about the two men. I VERY MUCH DO NOT LIKE THIS SITUATION AND IT MAKES ME FEEL VERY UNSAFE. In lieu of this I no long shop your store and have to go out of my way to different store. I ask you to please correct this problem. Thank you

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