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Domino’s Pizza is the largest pizza seller worldwide in sales.

Domino’s Pizza, Inc. Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI
Company Contact
Mr Richard Allison
President CEO and Director
Phone Number
(734) 930-3030
Employee Count
Twitter IDs
@dominos, @dominos_uk

Dominos Email – Dominos CEO Email Address:

Mr Richard Allison
Dominos Ceo Email (US)[email protected]
Dominos Corporate Phone Number734 930 3030
Dominos Corporate Website
Dominos CIK Number0001286681

Dominos UK CEO Email.

Dominos UK CEO: Dominic Paul

Dominos UK CEO Email Address:

Dominos UK Corporate Phone Number: 01908580604

What is Dominos’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Dominos’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-734-930-3030.


What is Dominos’ Customer Service Phone Number?

Dominos’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-734-930-3030.

Domino’s Gift Card phone number is: 1-877-250-2278.

What is Dominos’ Headquarters Address?

Dominos’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

Domino’s Pizza LLC
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48106-0997
United States


How do I Contact Dominos Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Dominos via:

Dominos’s Email Address is: [email protected] Alternatively,  use the Dominos Feedback Email Form to ask a question.

Dominos’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Domino’s on Social Media:

Dominos on Twitter: @Dominos

Dominos on Facebook:

Dominos Headquarters Executive Team.

Dominos’s management team consists of:

J. Patrick Doyle
CEO, President

Dave Brandon

Richard E. Allison
President, Domino’s International

Troy A. Ellis
Executive vice president, Supply Chain

Stanley J. Gage
Executive vice president, Team Usa

Joe Jordan
Executive vice president, International

Scott R. Hinshaw
Executive vice president, Franchise Operations, Development

Jeffrey D. Lawrence
Executive vice president, CFO

Timothy P. McIntyre
Executive vice president, Communications, Legislative Affairs, Investor Relations

Kevin S. Morris
Executive vice president, General counsel

J. Kevin Vasconi
Executive vice president, Chief information officer

Russell J. Weiner
President, Domino’s Usa

Judy L. Werthauser
Executive vice president, Chief people officer


Domino’s Pizza Board of Directors.

J. Doyle
President, CEO & Director

David Brandon
Chairman of the Board
Toys “R” Us, Inc.

Andrew Balson
Member of the Board of Directors
Cove Hill Partners, L.P.

Diana Cantor CPA
Member of the Board of Directors
Alternative Investment Management, LLC

James Goldman
Member of the Board of Directors
Domino’s Pizza, Inc.

Richard Federico
Member of the Board of Directors
Pei Wei Asian Diner, Inc.

C. Andrew Ballard
Member of the Board of Directors
Wiser Solutions, Inc.

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  1. Hello,

    I wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your company.
    I’ve been a long-time customer, can’t imagine going anywhere else for pizza. I know a lot of folks probably mail you to complain, and it can be tough responding to those. I thought I’d add a little sunshine.

    You’re doing great work, it’s appreciated in our house and I want to say thanks.

    Because I’m such a fan, I thought that maybe you can help me tell and show others of your goodness.

    My family is having our annual family reunion soon and I would like to know if you could provide me with promotional items, samples or coupons that I may share with my family members, that they may see what I already know and appreciate about your company. Any items that you can send me will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanking you in advance,
    Sheryl Hardeman

  2. How do I contact you by email or live chat? I have tried the Headquarters phone number but I am unable to get through to a real live person in the weekend.

  3. Hi! I’m a long time customer of Dominos pizza, on this very day Jan 5, 2020 and at this time 11:00a.m. I ordered 3 pizza’s and 1 of them was not right. I’ve called ASAP to get it corrected but waited for hours so I decided to call back they put me on hold and I called back the same thing happened they put on hold. I’m so done with the dominos on General Meyer in New Orleans (Algiers)

  4. please stop the commercial with the guy dancing in his was cute the first 100 times I saw it but it doesn’t make me want to rush out and get a pizza. its been on at least 10 times in the last hour and a half.please STOP!

  5. store #1909 on 3/18/2020 @ 10:53 pm we ordered a medium pizza hamburger and onions pizza and a chicken and pineapple pizza along with garlic bread and one order on lava cakes our order was delivered to us at 12:42 am. the hamburger pizza was hard and burnt col, the chicken pizza was undercooked, bread was hard on the bottem. attemted to call the store no answer it was closed. Today 3/19/2020 attempted to call again was told no manger until 4pm. We support our restraunts durnng this trying time as we also except the best in our meals this meal was unexcuseable and non dearivalbe to my family. {Please take the time to see that a refund has been made to my account. phone on account 612 816 xxxx name on account Yarie Kahl. you can reach me at 612 434 9518 as I am the mother and the person that pays for the food thank you Jamie Kahl

  6. I had a friend in town who order dominoes to my house. We got cinnamon twist, boneless wings & stuffed cheesy bread. The first order of food that was brought to us was cheesy bread with jalapeño and bacon in it, the cinnamon twist didn’t have icing with them and the wings just didn’t show up. When we called for the wings they were nice, and sent the delivery driver back out with the wings and sauce for the twist. When they got here with the wings and I opened them, they Weren’t boneless. When she called back to get a refund at this point because every single item we ordered was wrong. He informed us we could take the half eaten food back to him, never get delivery to my house to insure they don’t screw it up. I’m confused why I can’t get delivery because they can’t simply do their jobs.

  7. I had a friend in town who order dominoes to my house. We got cinnamon twist, boneless wings & stuffed cheesy bread. The first order of food that was brought to us was cheesy bread with jalapeño and bacon in it, the cinnamon twist didn’t have icing with them and the wings just didn’t show up. When we called for the wings they were nice, and sent the delivery driver back out with the wings and sauce for the twist. When they got here with the wings and I opened them, they Weren’t boneless. When she called back to get a refund at this point because every single item we ordered was wrong. He informed us we could take the half eaten food back to him, never get delivery to my house to insure they don’t screw it up. I’m confused why I can’t get delivery because they can’t simply do their jobs.

  8. It’s a Third class I recommend to all people pls don’t eat dominions pizza it was waste of money the preparation of food is very poor Nd the taste are also poor I will request to Domino’s plz take a action of ur store he was not preparation of good food pls Nd I will take a legal action as soon as possible my contact number is 981504xxxx

  9. Every time I order dominos from the same location they always manage to screw my order up. I’ve been kind and have been buying from domino’s for years wasting my hard earned money on the garbage the workers have thrown in boxes and left at my doors. Last week I ordered from you all for the last and final time. The fact that the store I order from keeps getting my order wrong and then blocked me from delivery bc I put “y’all suck” on the pizza box was a huge mistake on their end. It was a message to them since they could not get anything wrong for YEARS STRAIGHT. Now other family members can’t order bc why blocked the delivery from them. And since the workers at the location I will share later can’t get this straightened out I will be contacting the ceo PERSONALLY and if I can not work out something with him then you guys will be used for every penny I spent on the trash I didn’t deserve. The workers are always rude. And there was a few times I placed an order right before 12am And the workers each night called less than a minute after placing the order making excuses on why they didn’t want to make my orders EVERYWORKER SHOULD BE FIRED AT THIS LOCATION
    6525 hiram douglassville hwy ste M, Douglassville, GA 30134

    Expect to see me in court, bc I dont lose money and not get what I paid for for the last several years.

  10. 23 sep dominos mai oder kiya tha abhi tak mera refund aya nahi hai oder no 05 at colaba plzz give me my refund my no 9930168964 plz Mr Richard allison

  11. I ordered a pizza for one of my students as a reward for a goal that was met. As the payment was placed as pending, the pizza was not delivered. I was not informed that the home owner denied the pizza. When calling the store I was informed that they called me, which did not happen. When the manager came on the line he preceded to tell me about the policy of the company. Usually, a manager would ask what problems a customer may come across. Unfortunately, he starts to say he wasn’t here for 2 days. No customer wants to here that sob story. What happened to the managers apologizing first and trying to figure out the story??? They informed me my money will be returned in 2 – 3 business days. That’s great, but I can say the customer service is quite disappointing in store 3137!!!

  12. Dear Dominos
    My wife had ordered pizza on your website. She put in our address and phone correctly. After waiting about 50 minutes the delivery driver called our house. The driver explained that she couldn’t find our address. After going back and forth with the driver we figured out that the store from Mastic NY had filled our order. Unfortunately we live in Medford NY. About 15 minutes away. We then called the Mastic NY store and spoke to Sharku who claimed to be the manager. The way that manager spoke to my daughter is unacceptable. He was rude, unhelpful and very unprofessional. I am shocked at the amount of profanity and rude comments that came out of his mouth. I hope that we are responded to about this and that satisfaction will be served. We also paid for the pizza online with a card which cannot be refunded for three business days . The manager of Mastic was unhelpful and offered no assistance to solve the problem. I look forward to hearing back from you with an explanation.

    Thank you
    Christopher Toledo

  13. why on tv you tell everyone that you can get a gluten free pie for 7.99. When i order they alway tell me that it 11.99. I order from 3 different stores and all charge 11.99. Say all tell me that no sell a gluten free pie for 7.99

  14. Hello my name is Michael Kirby and I’m attempting to obtain my employment history. I worked for domino’s pizza located in Stevensville Michigan.

  15. I have ordered from the same Domino’s since this location has ordered I have never been disrespected by a manager like I have the past two weekends I understand that there is new people at this location New managers as well but when we spend over $50 a week in food and we don’t get the right food and then the manager wants to be rude about it because it was not made properly and my boyfriend is allergic to onions and every time he orders it has onions in it I am very dissatisfied this is the Walnut Grove Georgia location I can be reached at 678396xxxx

  16. Your corrupt and shameless company has been selling my private information to other disreputable phone spammers. I spoke with my atty. He will take the case on contingency. It is illegal to sell my information without my consent. I’m gonna need $25,000 by next friday, or I can take it to court, and I will get at least ten times that amount. The website to turn off u selling my info is down conveniently. I azure you, I am not playing. I do know that I’ll never order from dominoes again since you illegally sold my private information without my consent. So 25,000 today, or please ignore me so we can go to court!!! EVERYONE DETESTS ROBOCALLS. Everyone has nothing but contempt for disreputable companies who sell our personal data to third parties WITHOUT our consent. I will give you 2 days before I tell my atty to start litigation against your corporation. I will win at least 250000. I demand that you never sell my information again. This directive is in writing. The meta data will show when you read it. The law is crystal clear about these matters. Selling private data without consent is a felonious federal crime. I will soon see your board of directors, the owner, and countless underlings hauled off to jail on the news. Do you think I am playing? Test your theory and get locked up! I will start my online, social media truth campaign tomorrow . I have irrefutable and immutable proof your corrupt corporation has been illegally selling private data from users without the customer”s consent….. I know domino’s hates litigation, being in the news etc. So if I get my check for 25000 by Friday next, all will be forgiven. If not, I will reveal this illegal practice on social media as well as the fbi and state and local authorities. I’m not mad atcha! But I will sue your company and get a huge settlement. I would consider 1 free pizza a week!!!!!
    Make a decision no later than monday, or I will move forward with litigation. My no. Is 435238xxxx.

  17. I am santhosha achari my employee code is 672416 Bangalore.i worked 6 years and I was left the the job August 30th 2020 for some personal problem. I need a emergency of money so I left the job.but still I didn’t get Reema salary and gratuity.

  18. Very unprofessional and sad behavior from Domino’s Pizza , Upohar Complex, Chak Garia, Kolkata. They have suddenly stopped taking orders and kept us waiting in front of the store for nearly 1 hour.

  19. Sir me from ludhiana i ordered pizza from ur 32sec dominos pizza branch today pizza was not cooked probly whn i called in your branch mangar talk with me vry rudly very disappointing with your stalf member the person doesn’t told his name but me having his conct num and i am giving you 97803xxxx please take action other wise i will file a complaint coz he abused me

  20. Dear sir  on 18th Oct. 2020 i orders pizza using zomato platform ..bcz in my area  domnioz not providing delivery … Restaurant take order and payment done by upi but I have not received my order .Many time I contact with zomato for refund but he don’t give any support .And also says dominoz are manage their own delivers . And also says dominoz people contact with you but more then 20 days completed but still not getting any response from dominos side. So I request you please solve my issue ,I hope you solve it on priority.
    For same please check below ordering details .

    Order no-  185889xxxx
    Ticket raised no. from zomato side
    Reference no – 16824xxxx

  21. On Nov 2,2020 I went in the Dominos on 1246 5th Street Mebane NC 27302 I had called in my order and they still made pizza wrong so they fix it While I was waiting a man came back and brought some wings back and said we didn’t order them no knowing that they were mines so when they finished with my pizza they gave me my order and found out they gave me the ones the man had carried out to his car and brought them back they were cold so l called and they said to bring them back but they know Ed that they were somebody else he to me ho call back in morning for managers call another number and talk to some one there never got call back so I turn over environmental health and will be talking to Lawyer about this issue unless we can come to a settlement about this issue because you got Covid-19 going on and it was contaminated with someone’s else germs he open them so you can reach out to me by phone or email about this matter 336675xxxx or bennettxxxx

  22. I live in Statesboro Georgia where I was rudely hung up on and told that due to my last issue with the team that I don’t deserve to be treated with simple respect the employee on chandler road who’s name was Kevin . Stated that “whatever my issue last time was is the reason that receiving a burnt pizza was okay . I understand completely frustrations but however hanging up and being very rude isn’t professional and I will be following up with more management soon .

  23. I have been ordering from this company for years. I made an order September 1, 2020 at 1023 in Greenville Ms for a large taco pizza and an order of wings with a coupons my total was 20.96. I waited two hours on top of that they gave a puzza no wings and the pizza was wrong. So the young man said they would place my money back on my card. I been calling for 2 months now. I talk to different managers nothing has been done. I have been nothing but patience about this matter. I talk to the store manger Tuesday he said he would fixs it nothing done. I an very upset with this matter.

  24. I have been ordering from this company for years. I made an order September 1, 2020 at 1023 in Greenville Ms for a large taco pizza and an order of wings with a coupons my total was 20.96. I waited two hours on top of that they gave a puzza no wings and the pizza was wrong. So the young man said they would place my money back on my card. I been calling for 2 months now. I talk to different managers nothing has been done. I have been nothing but patience about this matter. I talk to the store manger Tuesday he said he would fixs it nothing done. I an very upset with this matter.

  25. My Dominos in Maitland, FL refuses to comply with the contactless pickup even though when I place my order online it says they do contactless pickup. They bring my pizza to the car but then make me sign a charge slip every time even though I gave all my info online. Please get them to comply with your national ads.

  26. We have never ordered Dominos before and never will again. Two hours later and two phone calls and a person on the other end of the phone that said “we are not taking any more orders” and hung up after we had placed the order and then called back spoke to a real person that said we will get your order to you when we get there. Called back again and canceled order and ordered from a pizza place that values their customers. This was the Dominis on Bethelvidw in Cumming GA. This is appalling. I can’t believe this is how you deal with your customers.

  27. Good evening

    I am sanket patel.. I have to do job in dominos store, ahmedabad since last 2 month.. I have to complain about manager of dominos store … How can i raise my voice agains manager ?? How can i complain against manavar of store ??

    Kindly guide me .

    Thank you…

  28. Good afternoon.
    I had placed a order for delivery on 12/7 and received a burnt pizza. I called local office and was sent a replacement pizza, it was even more burned since the first one. I had to call the local office again to speak to a manager.
    This has been the worst service I have received from this local store. This has not been the first time I have received burned food. This is actually about the 4th time this local store has delivered burnt pizza. Is the pizza not quality checked?
    How can your drivers send a burnt pizza twice?

  29. On Friday, Dec 11, 2020, at approximately 7pm, I ordered online from the location @ Briarcrest Center, 1498 Wilcrest, Houston, TX 77042. When my order arrived, it was a pizza that was burnt. The quality check was done by an employee, Nima. Upon looking at my order, I then drove to the location to spk with the store manager. He wanted to give me another pizza. Instead, I chose not to accept another pizza. I had the manager to remove the charge from my debit card. The total amount of my order was $17.84. I also paid $3.49 for delivery. I am a school teacher and was very disappointed to have to receive what I did to eat then have to drive to the location to get the issue resolved. I would like for someone to contact me regarding this issue. Signed…..Domino’s Nightmare.

  30. Morning. I felt compelled to contact you regarding your store on 10109 Lewis and Clark Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63136. The employees and the way the place is being run is simply unacceptable. My experience with ordering from this location was horrible. I ordered online and my food was never delivered. After waiting over an hour I called. I was told I can come pick it up or cancel due to the drivers leaving and no one was available to bring my food. I consulted with my significant other and while doing so I was hung up on. My significant other called back to speak with a manager. He didnt give me a chance to speak. He immediately started rambling. He stated the police was there 10 minutes ago and he was more concerned with his employees. He can have the pizza done in 20-30 minutes, which I can pick up, or give a refund. I asked were they going to contact customers to advise of the situation. He started rambling again. His tone was horrible. He accused me of yelling but my tone was the same throughout the whole call. He then said he couldnt give me a free pizza. I said, I never asked for anything free. I want to know how I can be accommodated. I asked for his name again, which I had done on several occasions while the conversation was going on. He kept talking over me and I couldn’t get a word in. After listening to him go on and on he finally told me his name was Mac. He said he would refund the money since I did mention I didnt want to pick the food up. I asked did he know who to refund since he never asked. He told me my name and order. Then hung up. I looked at the reviews for this particular store and they are terrible. This store needs new management, staff, structure, proper training, and I dont know what else, if anything will help. Its bad enough alot of nonsense is going on in the community. We dont need crappy food places that hire rude people that dont know to conduct themselves. It is unacceptable. When I go to other areas of business outside of North County people dont conduct themselves in the the way that the so called manager did of this Dominos. $22.00 dollars has been deducted out of my account. No food. He(MAC) told me it would take 3-5 business days for me to get a refund. I am outraged and wondering why nothing more has been done about this store, especially due to all the complaints about this store. All of this took place on 12/14/2020 around 9:00pm.

  31. Im not happy with the West Lebanon nh store 89 south main St..Very bad service a hour and half for delivery and then pizza was wreck wen got to my house . then had wait other hour and 20 minutes for a remake

  32. Demanding that every U.S. military General hears my story to perm. Ban Domino’s for delivering onto military establishments DUE TO DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tampa Bay Inverness DEA and DOD been notified. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!

  33. Sir I have previously written to your office before and someone finally responded and called me, however
    they promised to get right back to me and that has not happened . As I said before . I called your customer
    care line at least six times and they keep saying someone from the safety team will be in contact with me and
    still we. Have received no call. My wife is in pain and I am tired of her being ignored by the Domino’s pizza
    corporation when one of your people caused this issue and the store acts like its a big joke well sorry to say
    but its no joke and we now have a $400 a month car note we would have never had why you may ask, well
    it’s simple our van your delivery driver totaled was paid off and very taken care of . Now I am very nicely asking
    can we please be treated with dignity and respect we deserve and not like a joke. Your franchises are hurting
    people and they don’t care as long as they sell Pizza well sir there are more things important in life then just Pizza
    Our year has been ruined by a man who was on the clock driving with one of your company Placards on the top
    of his vehicle in a very reckless manner and received citations and caused bodily injury and the store did nothing
    at all infact the manager lady who refused to give her name laughed . I don’t find the humor in any of this.. How can
    one of your franchises operate like this.
    Thank you

  34. Today again your team annoyed my family
    Due to lack of work, these people stop taking orders in advance of the time line.
    This has happened many times before.
    We know that we are all going through a big epidemic.
    That is why you are also compromising with time, but some employees are taking advantage of this thing, who like to take orders before time.
    store close time 7:30 but Did not take my order since 6:50 minutes.
    IG complex, amidhara socity,near T.V.S work shop, dumbhal surat -395010.

    One of the most satisfying costomar ever
    Rakesh kumar .

  35. Pizza is Terrible !!! Location on 15281 East Mississippi avenue Aurora co please stop the person that’s making the pizza there from making them it’s not right to pay almost 20 dollars for a pizza and get it made that way after not putting enough meat on the pizza I asked them to add beef and they did the meat was cold i had to put it in the oven to cook it again

  36. I would like to let you know i am displeased to say the least. I go to the same Dominos quite often. No orobkems until tonight. I used the order tracker and it said complete. Well when i went in it wasnt complete. I had to wait for around 10 minutes maybe. I order online to avoid waiting. Well i kept getting its next out and of course it wasnt. The young man behind the counter finally asked about it and the smart ass pizza maker said what was it? He was told ham spinach black olives. Then a pizza appeared from the oven and he pointed and said there it is ham spinach black olives. Like it was no big deal. I have pics of the pizza. Spinach all bunched up in the middle. Crust burnt on the edges and not even cut correctly!

  37. Today I purchased Pizza of Rs 565 order no302 from Saket PVR 2nd outlet in Market but quality very poor & they don’t give any bill also Lalit Pandey Mobile NO 880048xxxx

  38. Good day I live in Starke Florida and use Dominos at least once a week. There is new Management . I have honestly never ever been treated with such disrespect as I have there. I made an order a week ago it was delivered and it was the wrong pizza. I called was polite and the kid that answered the phone said well I don’t know what you want me to do we are backed up so I don’t know when it will be delivered and hung up. Today again I ordered I’ve now waited 3 hours I called asked where it was the girl answered it’s sitting her been sitting here 30 min we only have one driver. I said it’s been 3 hours her answer was ok what it you want……no one should be spoke to like that. I will not be ordering ever again.

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