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Domino’s Pizza is the largest pizza seller worldwide in sales.

Domino’s Pizza, Inc. Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI
Company Contact
Mr Richard Allison
President CEO and Director
Phone Number
(734) 930-3030
Employee Count
Twitter IDs
@dominos, @dominos_uk

Dominos Email – Dominos CEO Email Address:

Mr Richard Allison
Dominos Ceo Email (US)[email protected]
Dominos Corporate Phone Number734 930 3030
Dominos Corporate Website
Dominos CIK Number0001286681

Dominos UK CEO Email.

Dominos UK CEO: Dominic Paul

Dominos UK CEO Email Address:

Dominos UK Corporate Phone Number: 01908580604

What is Dominos’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Dominos’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-734-930-3030.


What is Dominos’ Customer Service Phone Number?

Dominos’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-734-930-3030.

Domino’s Gift Card phone number is: 1-877-250-2278.

What is Dominos’ Headquarters Address?

Dominos’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

Domino’s Pizza LLC
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48106-0997
United States


How do I Contact Dominos Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Dominos via:

Dominos’s Email Address is: [email protected]. Alternatively,  use the Dominos Feedback Email Form to ask a question.

Dominos’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Domino’s on Social Media:

Dominos on Twitter: @Dominos

Dominos on Facebook:

Dominos Headquarters Executive Team.

Dominos’s management team consists of:

J. Patrick Doyle
CEO, President

Dave Brandon

Richard E. Allison
President, Domino’s International

Troy A. Ellis
Executive vice president, Supply Chain

Stanley J. Gage
Executive vice president, Team Usa

Joe Jordan
Executive vice president, International

Scott R. Hinshaw
Executive vice president, Franchise Operations, Development

Jeffrey D. Lawrence
Executive vice president, CFO

Timothy P. McIntyre
Executive vice president, Communications, Legislative Affairs, Investor Relations

Kevin S. Morris
Executive vice president, General counsel

J. Kevin Vasconi
Executive vice president, Chief information officer

Russell J. Weiner
President, Domino’s Usa

Judy L. Werthauser
Executive vice president, Chief people officer


Domino’s Pizza Board of Directors.

J. Doyle
President, CEO & Director

David Brandon
Chairman of the Board
Toys “R” Us, Inc.

Andrew Balson
Member of the Board of Directors
Cove Hill Partners, L.P.

Diana Cantor CPA
Member of the Board of Directors
Alternative Investment Management, LLC

James Goldman
Member of the Board of Directors
Domino’s Pizza, Inc.

Richard Federico
Member of the Board of Directors
Pei Wei Asian Diner, Inc.

C. Andrew Ballard
Member of the Board of Directors
Wiser Solutions, Inc.

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952 Reviews and Complaints for Dominos Pizza Headquarters

  1. Called Ossining Ny dominos on line wasn’t working told me no specials today wanted to charge me $15 for med pizza now I gotta go to Pizza Hut

  2. Your online ordering doesn’t work all the time. I actually drove to the restaurant in Streetsboro, Ohio. I showed them the fault message I was getting and wanted to order a pizza in person, but still get the 50% off deal. I was told no. I was literally standing in your store! I have been a long time customer. Well, I went to another pizza shop and got one. Not at all happy with the lack of service I received.

  3. Received a pizza from store #7647 in Phoenix AZ on 5/27/2023. Over baked, dried out and very little sauce, even after asking them if substantial sauce be used.
    I actually threw it out after trying a two slices. I’m 66 years old and I’ve never thrown out fresh pizza in my life.

    I tried calling the store but no one answered the phone.
    Very disappointed.

  4. have applied and the background check is still holding my employment for your location in gillette wyoming did my own background check and there is nothing for Kenny Christenson in Maricopa county

  5. I just tried to get an order at the Romney West Virginia store the manager Nikki did not have change in the store for a $100 bill that is absolutely pathetic at 5:30 in the evening dinner time after I drove almost 12 miles to get my Carrier order told me to go somewhere and get change that is absolutely inexcusable I fully anticipated you will contact me with an apology

    1. Why would you expect an apology? A bunch of places do not change 100. High fraud, keeping loyd of change is fodder for robbers. Think. hrm? Think?

  6. Ordered pizza first was wrong remake inedible blackened. We did ask for well done but not like we got it. We don’t like a doughy crust. Completely disappointed a waste of $16.44. We were visiting mesquite from las vegas. Just wanted a quick dinner.

  7. I placed an order on 10/21/22 at 5:50. I was told it would be delivered in 45 minutes.I had not received my order in more than an hour. I called at 7:15 and was told it would be here in 10 minutes, no pizza again.
    I called again at 7:50 when I was told the pizza had been returned because the driver said she called and got no answer. I said I did not get any calls( after the call I checked, didn’t ring) I asked how would I be compensated for waiting so long.
    I was told I could have a free drink no dessert. “ Do you want the order or not”? Was the final question….. yes of course, I’ve been waiting for 2 hours was my reply. No apologies.
    My order arrived at 8:30 pm.

  8. #shameondominos #zerohospitality #worst #managerkuldeep
    Today a hilarious experience with dominos shakti nagar.
    We ordered from dominos at 12:07 and we were waiting for the pizza. We got 3 calls we missed. When we saw missed calls we called back and dominos told us that we are delivering your order asap its on the way. We didnt receive any order. We started calling the mentioned number. They didn’t pick the call for like 5 times And when they picked they said this order is cancelled it was 1:10am. Kuldeep misbihaved badly. We are raising this issue on every social media portal and raising fssai complain.
    Zero hospitality dominos
    Say no to dominos

  9. About a month ago I complained about a really terrible delivery/product experience. All I wanted was for someone to acknowledge the problem. Instead your computer generated complaint recipient gave me options for free things. After several minutes of trying to find a way to communicate that I just want to know someone will address the issue I eventually chose the free 60 rewards points. Now that a few weeks has passed I thought I’d give my local dominos another shot, but it appears you took my reward points away after a month. I’m incredibly confused how that qualifies as acceptable customer service. Your company’s terrible service and lack of quality control caused my household to have a really frustrating and hangry evening, why would you take those points away? Either you are just that cheap or you are saying you only cared about my disappointing experience for a month. Either way it’s a shitty look.

  10. I decided that on the eve of my birthday I was going to enjoy pizza . I decided to eat dominos with all the best customer service commercials to have first my tracker saying my pizza would take over a hour then to reflect it was delivered when I have not receive a pizza at all . Then to have the rep say I’ll re make it and send it out for another 45 minutes wait . Terrible Melbourne Fl dominos on Auero needs to get it together

  11. Your pies are a ripoff because they are not fully covered. Had a large at Gladstone, Mi. 25 % of the pie was naked: no sauce,meat or toppings on the entire 1.5 inches of the outer edge 25.% of pie. I felt cheated and will not go back.

  12. Time after time I’ve given this location chances. Having company over at the house and we decide to do dominos over subway. My last experience I had to go pick up my order when It was delivery. Again, my order incomplete. Here we sit, pizza out of the oven for over an hour, no pizza!!! Also, was supposed to have a credit of $5 dollars from one screw up and a free pizza from another. No where to be found as I ordered this time. NO MORE!!! I’m done with you Domiinos!!!!

  13. The Dominos in Waynesville NC is a joke. Ordered online curbside. After the two minute guarantee wasn’t met, which is fine I get home with my two small children to find my pizza is no where near correct. I have to call three times to get someone to answer. They tell me they will remake it awesome. They didn’t start until I got to the store no biggie but then all the other things I order is now cold and gross. Then staff just do not Care slow service and had terrible attitudes until I assume the manager said something. honestly we rarely order from here and probably won’t again..

  14. Because I received the wrong pizza, I called to complain and I was told I have a $20 credit and to call 90-494-9555. I just now called the Dominos 920-494-9555 and he told me I have to have a coupon or something and he could not honor the credit even though I have a case number 5897658 715-412-xxxx

  15. The one fairburn rd is horrible they sent me the wrong size pizza then the driver had no change and rhe owner argued with me and resolution was made never again

  16. Domino’s in Morrilton Arkansas is out of touch with costumer. was not allowed discount because I paid cash? WTF! I want be back nor my family!!!!

  17. Hello, I currently worked at dominos and they got rid of me for being sick, I called in Saturday and talked to the manager, I also texted another manager at the store and told her I was sick as well. I turned in my doctor’s note but I am not working anymore? I have screenshots of the messages from the day I was sick! They also said they never received anything from me being sick which it’s straight BULL!! THE STORE IS IN BLOOMFIELD, NEW MEXICO 87413… I feel like this is something that’s not okay! It’s a law not to fire an employee for sick leave. The fact that the manager Tommy answered the phone and I told him I was sick and he said to get a doctor’s note and that’s what I did! Please reply back as soon as you can so we could handle this situation!!

  18. Hy sir/madam
    I am Manikanta as my wife was working in Domino’s Pizza at nad vizag
    She is working around 6 months
    Training leader (naresh chinatda) 70327xxxx was mis behaving nd not allowing for promotions as the store was going in fraud manner nd mis behaving with the ladies nd Corning them infront of all
    To bring to his way
    Such ruthless manner
    How such r going rude towards working women pls take an action nd pls save working women another sister should not face this kind of situation so decided to make this
    Thank u

  19. It’s appalling to hear the amount store employees make verses people in corporate positions. Positions that they probably didn’t work their way up the ladder to. Most corporate employees don’t know what’s good for the employees or stores and said things take a hit while corporate shrugs their shoulders as if it wasn’t them who messed up. Dominos store employees deserve to make livable wages regardless of tips or milage reimbursement. Your GMs bonuses shouldn’t be garnished unless they truly mess up. We went through a pandemic and you expect your stores to be making the record sales they were during the height of it? That’s pathetic and small minded thinking. Most employees I’ve talked to can’t afford rent where they live despite having either two jobs or working full time. Your longtime employees can’t even get raises because you corporate entities would rather not give up on million dollar mansions or supporting politicians who have the worst intentions.
    Pay your store employees better. All of them. Every store across the country deserve to be paid more for their work because all those employees (Drivers, Insiders, and Managers) run circles around corporate stuck-ups with no store experience.

  20. Site/app gave estimated delivery time around 20-40 mins. Called the store after over an hour of waiting to be told all deliveries are over an hour but no one gave updates or anything about it. Location is 355 Willow Bend, Crystal, MN 55428
    Talked to a lady at store and she gave attitude and said they couldn’t help or had an apologies for delays and that it “just happens” than she HUNG UP on me.

  21. I tried to place the order at the Lebanon Domino’s Pizza in Tennessee at 1:30 I haven’t ordered from them in a while and I had a couple of questions the young man on the telephone acted really irritated when he was taking my order I stopped my order and I said hey are you having a bad day he goes in a hateful voice I’m just trying to take your order so I proceeded to let him take my order and then his attitude and tone continued again I asked him I’m sorry but are you having a bad day because I get that from you taking my order and anytime I asked a question he acted like I bothered him so before I wanted to complete my $30 order he continued to have this horrible nasty tone I called Domino’s because I wanted to celebrate a new job I just got well didn’t get Domino’s hung up in his face because how Rudy was I ended up calling Pizza Hut and their Pizza tasted like crap so you see today was supposed to be a good day celebration and whatnot and it turned out to be a crappy day I got pizza but it wasn’t the Domino’s Pizza that I wanted I’d really appreciate a call back or response because this is the only Domino’s in the city that I live in

  22. Please i have just been robbed by the cashier literally took a hundred dollar bill then stated they can’t accept large bills

  23. A lot of employees treated unfair and want to reach out to josh long to get things back on track

  24. Hello Domino’s,
    I placed an order last night order #71476 at the Middletown Delaware store and received order over 2 hours later. I spoke to one associate who tried to explain but was put on hold and verbally abused by another associate by whomever picked up the phone next. Then the original associate got on phone and tried to smooth it over. Upon the second phone call another hour later I was again verbally abused by the call taker. Another half hour later my food arrived. The top pizzas box was pushed down on the pizza. The delivery guy was cool. I’m a first responder and worked a long day. I know accidents happen, but I spent near $30 and got the worst service from dominos ever in my life!

  25. Hello, my name is Brandon, I recently had worked at a location, in Muskegon, Mi. I had worked there from July 11-july28, before abruptly having to quit due to family emergency, I have tried reaching out to the store, it’ s going on a month now with no real response

  26. I don’t apriciate you employees athe 28th.sreet store in Boulder Colorado I ordered a free pizza and two liter coke that was promised to me the employee ihad a problem with before.said I had to pick it a disabled veteran is hard for mee to get around i explained to him the the corporate office. He said the corporate office don’t tell him what too do ,I also don’t apriciate being call a xxxxxx over the phone

  27. Is it acceptable to smoke marijuana on shift with domino’s then retaliate against person whom spoke out about it

  28. Tonight I ordered pizza from your Domino’s on Emerson and beech Grove Indiana 19.99 specialba 2med 1topping pizzas and cinnamon twist parmesan bites in 2liter after waiting almost 40 minutes for my order to be delivered the driver showed and informed me that he didn’t have my 2liter because the store was out frustrated I agreed and noticed that instead of icing for my cinnamon twist they had brought me a marinara the driver said he would go to the store and return with my icing for my cinnamon twist and for me to call the store to get credit for the 2liter annoyed I agreed to do so and he left I then went to open my pizza and they were barely warm and then called the store on Emerson and spoke with Zack and told him the situation he told me that there was no way the pizza could be cold because it was in a hot bag after disagreeing with him and not wanting to argue I asked to speak with a manager he put me on hold and I waited for several minutes and he got back on the phone and informed me once again that there was no way the pizza could be cold I again asked to speak with a manager he then informed me that he was a manager and that he would credit me for my 2liter and my icing..but he would not do anything else.. if in fact Zach is a manager at your store he needs to be in retrained he was very rude and disrespectful and very unwilling to make the situation right I have been a long time customer of this particular Domino’s and have never had to deal with this kind of disrespect before. I would really appreciate and contact back. I think I will be switching a different pizza of chain all together..which is sad because I’ve always enjoyed dominoes..I hope have a good day I hope to hear from you soon

  29. Was in Middleton, WI last week and ordered a pizza, salad and be 2 bottles of soda. Upon delivery the driver informed me the they ran out of the salad. (Caesar salad to be exact). I asked about my soda and he had to go back to his car to get. which were the 2 liter bottles and I ordered 2- 20 oz. Then I asked for the receipt and he again had to go to his car. The receipt shows no items of what I ordered and I was charged $37.14. The pizza was disgusting. The toppings were dry. The crust was burned. It was not edible. I tried to call the dominos where it came from and was on hold for 20 minutes both times I called before hanging up. I would like for them to refund my card. $37.14 for a gross pizza and no salad!! If you would like the reference #161032888017. Dominos pizza # 2080 Thank You

  30. I was charged full price when I should have received the 2 for $5.99 deal. It was over $23 when it should have been around $15.

  31. We always thought dominos pizza at monett missouri was the best. This last week we ordered a large pepperoni, a large philly and a large deluxe. All 3 had absolutely no sauce on them, basically had nothing on them and all tasted the same. Spent $50.19 for just a thin crust to eat. Will never eat there again.

  32. I feel I’ve been discriminated against on the rehiring aspect at Dominos on Main in Springfield Ohio.

  33. Hello my name is shantelle Gilmore and I have called the Jonesboro Arkansas store on E Johnson st to redeem my $25 credit and they said a general manager supposed to redeem it I was trying to order online

  34. Hi my name is Ashley Jones. I work for dominos 6511. I’m having trouble with my night management Chris Brecon. Iv told my gm bobby nuttall nothing gave. This has been gradually getting worse over a years time. It’s causing me extreme anxiety. I’m a single mom and during school I have to go home at 7 pm. So I think that’s how all this started. Last week or so first thing they say if another driver is scheduled out before you that you can’t leave until the driver scheduled out before you leaves. And it’s informed on me. So I was scheduled at 8 pm and Colton was scheduled 10 pm I came in off my last delivery it was 11. 11:30 at night Colton been cashed out and let to go home. The next day chriss always tells me no doubles without letting me know. So it’s me Colton and Andrew in the store Colton and Andrew both take a double I’m left with no delivery and without asking. I say something Chris is like whatever let’s it happen . So last night is the first night since school started that I was there aug 9 22. And they wouldn’t cash me out there both capable of running make line for a few minutes by them self to get your driver cashed out. So I ended up having to leave my money with Chris and this is not the first time . And keathan dose the same crap last year I tried talking to them myself because I reached out to my management and nothing was being done. When I was talking to keathan he says no I’m not bothered with you going home because you don’t really have to (Your using your son as an excuse to go home ). But when I have to leave my money with them because I would have waited for an hour they have done this to me before and nothing in my box today this is out of hand. I’m at my wits end .

  35. I placed an order yesterday. I wanted 4 brownies…No one mentioned the fact that you don’t sell them individually. Instead I was sent 4 boxes of Brownies…I was given the runaround trying to reach the stores Manager. I’m still waiting on a call back. I’m living on a fixed-income and really cannot afford this cost. I have my receipt but I don’t see an order number but it was placed at your Babylon Location. There’s a number on the top of the receipt: 3452.
    I’m hoping I can be reimbursed for at least 3 boxes. Thank you for your time.
    A Seriously Dissatisfied Customer.

  36. I have been waiting since 7/11/22 for refund due to being charged for delivery and my daughter had to pick up order. Please call me for details at 912/401-1131 Nancy Owens Oder #744 7/10/22 Savannah Georgia on Victory Drive.

  37. Regional Director and scheduling managers are completely unprofessional. RD is forcing myself and my brother to quit over us inconveniencing the store once over my brother, who’s often closing 5 times a week 4 days in a row, calling out over an absurd Saturday. He almost always has one closing driver which makes things hard for him and results in me having to go to the store to help him out. Even on days that I have off, I go to the store to help.
    The RD didn’t even contact either my brother or I at all. Both of us had to contact another manager about what was going on.
    This is store 8479 in Virginia. Also, the RD decided to move two important members of the team to different locations which ruined the stability of the store. Luckily another manager has both of our backs, but its unprofessional to not contact the two employees.

  38. Hi I ordered the special you have advertised for the two medium pizza with the two bread bites and two liter coke for 19.99 However I did not receive my two liter and was charged 43.07 and when I questioned the price I was told you no longer have this deal available although it is still advertised for 19.99 also I am staying 0.3 miles away and my food was luke warm when I received it and did not taste fresh . I could not get anyone to answer the phone for my complaint and they did not offer a solution when I called back today. I ordered from the Irlo Bronson store in Kissimmee Fl .You can reach me at tatsxxxxxx or 864-978-xxx.

  39. I love dominos but tonight I ordered 2 pastas and only received one. I called the store and ask for a second one since apparently only one was put in. The lady explained to me that I could receive the other but on top of everything I would also have to pay another delivery fee. I had tipped the driver ten dollars and put another tip on my card for the second one also. I understand the confusion but I would expect them to try to make it up to me some how. I am a server myself and always try to go above and beyond when there has been a mistake. Needless to say I am very disappointed having just spent about 70 dollars tonight.

  40. I live in austin texas and your domino pizza delivery person continue to park. Behind a handicapped space and refuses to move i talk to manager of store and he was rude n unfriendly

  41. To whom it may concern, I recently called the Dominoes in MY CITY to put in a order. Not knowing what was going to be the out come of the call on the other end. I pressed one to put in my order. I started to give my order and these ODD questions were being asked, how odd it was that it took so long to place my order. i started to listen close figuring that i was getting some interference on my phone, then i realized that this lady i was talking to had a foreign accent, she took my order then said she was switching me to someone else to take a payment. I was totally thrown off by the way this was going. Why would you switch me to someone else to make my payment??? When the other person got on the phone and started to ask for my card information, by this time i was very ANGRY at what was happening. Another foreign accent???
    Why in God’s name would you send me to some phone service to take my order and payment information in some other country or telephone service or state???
    If I want to order something i want to talk directly to the store in MY CITY, in my state, in my county…. This is my information that i am handing out. i trust the store that i have always dwelt with more so than i ever would a telephone service any where else in the world especially with my personal information.
    Then i am hearing that this was a total upset at the stores near me that they have lost there business patrons that have been going to there store all these years. So I’m thinking another store will be going out of business. More people losing there jobs!
    Who’s brain child was this? Who was the educated idiot that thought this up? They need to go find another line of work. I will never go to a Dominoes again! I’m sorry for the young people and older who are just making a few extra bucks that will end up losing there jobs over this stupid stunt. You should consider the customers as well as the Employees before you do something else as dumb as this.

  42. Ordered a pizza from Domino’s in Bozeman Montana on July 23 from the best western. Place the order at 11:55 AM. Contacted Domino’s at 1 AM and the website indicated the pizza was being baked. When we called the store it was closed. At 2:00 AM we went to sleep. In the morning we woke up and there was a pizza outside our door; I looked at my phone and saw there was a message at 2:28 AM indicating that the driver came to my door and knocked and no one answered so he or she left the pizza there. Obviously we had to throw the pizza out. We had paid via credit card and included a tip online. Very disappointed.

  43. Complain on Mike the manager at Broutons Blvd at Orlando Florida due to being ruled after a order I’ve made 1:15 minutes and did not received my orders and I pay with card my money was not refunded back to my account please call me at 407881xxxxx

  44. Was called a scumbag and poor trash from an owner. I have video of the entire convo as well. I have tried to call text dm and email people….zero reply

  45. The manger at dominos in marksville la.refused to put my time in for pay on July 22nd cause I walked out and when I went Friday for my check she told another employee to tell me she didn’t have time to put my time in I’ll get it on the next pay period but prior to that she told my daughter she didn’t put it in because I walked out and I did walk out because the manger and the other lady that came with her doing cocaine and you let your employee see you do it.This is no way to run or operate a business,company,of any kind and it’s against the law for her not to put my time in for pay all because she mad I walk out somebody needs to get in contact with me ASAP I worked on July 13th and July 14th everybody that worked when I started she put there time in and they got paid on July 22nd why she didn’t put my time in for pay is against the law and a discrimination too me and bad business for Dominos company.My number is (318)359-xxxx

  46. Need to talk with someone that will do something about a horrible employee that’s running one of your stores

  47. recently visited Dominos , the one in Milton Ga. I was very disappointed that no one had gloves on . I ask if the could put gloves on while they where making my pizza , the guy told me they are no required to wear gloves really, maybe that was a good answer before Covid but not now . I would like a refund from the 4193 location . They threw my receipt into the trash and told me it would take 25 min. I ask for the receipt that he took from the trash . The order # 982. Where it talks about rewards it torn off I guest that the store info under there.the cost was 30.34, and I’m sitting in there parking lot looking at them making pizzas so I see they have no gloves on. Host nasty.

    Sent from my iPhone

  48. I called in for a delivery from Dominos on Johnson st in Jonesboro Arkansas 72401 and I ordered my food and the manager on the phone with me says at the end how come didn’t I order the special from the beginning and then cut me off and had the worst attitude ever!! And on top of that our food was address is xxxx Scott St apt B Jonesboro Arkansas 72401 and my email is syreetxxxxx1 phone number 870 273 xxxx

  49. I have been an employee since 2005,recently contracted covid and was removed from the schedule..after inquiring about my schedule I was told that the new supervisor took me off because of a previous write up. I feel this is unfair and unjustified and am looking for someone to help me with this situation.

  50. 1st time trying to order a pizza with domino’s I was hung u on by an employee because I mentioned to the person riding with me that I should have ordered Pizza Hut. The employee told me well just order Pizza Hut then! and hung up on me so therefore it’s exactly what I did.

  51. I have been trying to settle my order that was messed up for over 3 weeks. The store said they put it on my account but never did. Finally they said to send you an email. This is not the first time this has happened at my local store

  52. I went to Dominos on the June 28th and used my cash app card right after this different withdrawal started happening and I locked my card but once I found out it was happening I called the location on Airways in Memphis TN where I ordered the pizza from. I know it was the this place because this is the only place that I used this card at.

  53. I worked for dominos and I got hacked on my social media where someone had taken and put up awful videos I wasn’t aware of me showing my private parts. Another employee I worked with ewas showing them to employees and didn’t let me know so I was taken off the schedule so I fought for my job and when I talked to the gm, he told me to keep my head down that she did nothing wrong that he don’t care and don’t want to hear what I have to say or how upset it made me!! I should be able to come to work without ppl talking amongst themself with the gm whispering and staring over what another employee did. I was a super hard worker and I got punished but the employee that did it, didn’t! I was scared to say anything. I felt harassed and even though the gm and the employee are real close, the 1st employee she showed was my friend that worked there and what she did made him mad for not letting me know. I believe I deserve better!

  54. The second time I’ve ordered a pizza had a complaint I was given a free pizza for redeeming my points and they charged me for it the second time then the manager said I don’t have to listen to your complaint take it to headquarters

  55. The Urbana Domino’s in Urbana Ohio can’t keep a driver they have these long ridiculous wait times to be delivered. Second they don’t answer the phone they take it off the hook and it stays that way for hours at a time and usually happens but every time I call which is about three times a week cuz I don’t cook a lot and I have to damn near catch some time have a delivery driver.Try calling during day and or night and the take phone off hook and stays buddy for hours at a time.That sad.

  56. Yes I just tried to place an order at Domino’s Pizza on youree drive and the person hung up on me twice said they didn’t hear me they had technical difficulties and they hurt me loud and clear I was trying to place an order with you guys to pick up for my kids they hung up on me twice said something about they didn’t hear me again I need to speak to someone who is over the Domino’s on youree drive that was really rude my kids were hungry I was trying to place an order they hung up on me twice and they ignore me and they said they couldn’t hear me they were having technical difficulties they were laughing in my face and then hung up in my face

  57. The new Dominos location at Lincoln and greeview Dr. In Greensburg In. 47240 is located near an edition of well kept homes .
    That Dominos location has 3 ft. Tall weeds growing on the lot. Please bring this to the appropriate person’s attention attention to be addressed.
    Thank you .

  58. Couldnt order pizza and get it delivered because I wanted to pay cash and it was over 25 bucks. Seriously !! Will take my business elsewhere from now on

  59. Had the worst service I have ever had last night. It was so bad that I will not be using dominos again, but I wanted y’all to know how poorly your stores are being run. My pizza took 3 hours to be delivered. I am a patient person but the kids I was feeding are not so patient, and rightfully so…they were hungry. Bth at was bad enough, but about 1.5 – 2 hours in I called to check on the status of my order and had to try calling at least 4 times before anyone even picked up the phone. The woman that did finally pick up the phone was ions of the rudest people I’ve ever talked to and should definitely not be hon customer service. After she berated me on the phone, she refused to tell me her name or let me speak to a manager and then proceeded to hang up. Come to find out that almost 2 hours after our order was placed the pizza wasn’t even made yet. I ended up having to make do with food for the kids and they never got their pizza. I was never given my money back yet only offered a free pizza “for next time”. Well I don’t want a next time; I don’t ever want to go through that again. I want to be refunded and I want to know that something was done to rectify the situation. And I really hope that woman does not still work for your company after that. The store number is #5330 and the case number is #5785338.

  60. I ordered my pizzas from store #5876 over an hour ago. The manager when I called said she was waiting on delivery to come back to cook it. That’s ridiculous. I spent almost $50. Into order #680

  61. Finding it impossible to redeem free pizza coupon due to my arrogant presuming can use coupon to then order Brooklyn style pizza so everyone can eat, at which point my free pizza disappeared…after charging 60 points. No more money from me to you as no bs transactions feels right.

  62. Ordered Dominos last night and my son found 3 long hairs in his pizza. No one in our house has long hair! We have a picture also.

  63. Not very impressed at all!
    Sunday 5/29/22 ordered pizzas online at 6:52pm and they were delivered at 10:08. The location didn’t answer phone , my family had gone by then……very disappointed!

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