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Enterprise Holdings owns and operates the Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, and the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand.

Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
Corporate Address
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Company Contact
Pamela Nicholson
CEO of Enterprise Holdings
Phone Number
(314) 512-5000
Fax Number
(314) 512-4706
Employee Count
Twitter IDs
@enterprisecares, @enterpriseUK



What is Enterprise’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Enterprise’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-314-512-2880 or 1-314-512-5000.


What is Enterprise’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Enterprise’s main Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-264-6350.

Other Enterprise Car Rental Phone Numbers.

Reservations: 1-855-266-9289

Reservations en Español: 1-877-416-0000

For users of TTY devices: 1-866-534-9270

Enterprise Customer Service Support phone number: 1-855-266-9565

Enterprise Roadside Assistance phone number: 1-800-307-6666

Enterprise Plus® Member Services: 1-866-507-6222

Customers with Disabilities phone number: 1-866-225-4284

Enterprise Business Rentals phone number: 1-877-881-5500

Enterprise Car Sales phone number: 1-888-227-7253

Enterprise Truck Rental phone number: 1-888-736-8287

Enterprise Fleet Management phone number: 1-877-233-5338

Maintenance Program Information phone number: 1-800-325-8838


What is Enterprise’s Headquarters Address?

Enterprise’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Enterprise Holdings
  • 600 Corporate Park Drive
  • St. Louis, MO 63105
  • USA


How do I Contact Enterprise Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Enterprise via:

Enterprise’s Email Address: [email protected]. Or, use the Email Form to ask a question.

Enterprise’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Enterprise on Social Media:

Enterprise on Twitter: @Enterprisecares

Enterprise on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Enterprise

Enterprise Headquarters Executive Team.

Enterprise’s management team consists of:

Andrew C. Taylor, Executive Chairman

Donald Ross, Vice Chairman

Pamela Nicholson, President and Chief Executive Officer

Jo Ann Taylor Kindle, President – Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Christine Taylor, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Greg Stubblefield, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Rick Short, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Brice Adamson, Senior Vice President – Enterprise Fleet Management

Mike Andrew, Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Craig Kennedy, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Carolyn Kindle Betz, Senior Vice President and Executive Director – Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Kurt Kohler, Senior Vice President – Fleet Acquisition and Remarketing, North America

Rose Langhorst, Senior Vice President and Treasurer

Steve Brackney, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

David Nestor, Senior Vice President – North American Operations

Shelley Roither, Vice President – Human Resources

Enterprise Holdings Board of Directors.

Andrew Taylor
Executive Chairman

Carolyn Kindle
Vice President and Executive Director

Donald Ross
Vice Chairman

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385 Reviews and Complaints for Enterprise Headquarters

  1. I picked up the rental car from Enterprise-Rent-a-Car on West Blvd. in Annapolis, Maryland on March 27, 2023. I was covered through my insurance company through USAA for the cost of the rental. I paid Enterprise Rent-a-Car with my USAA credit card a total of $184.70 on March 27, 2023. $100 of that amount was a refundable deposit, and $84.70 was to be applied to the additional insurance coverage that I agreed to for the first 7 days. I returned the rental car on April 4, 2023 for a total of 9 days, but never agreed to, or signed for, any additional insurance coverage past the first 7 days from March 27, 2023 or April 2, 2023.

    On April 5, 2023, an Enterprise-Rent-a-Car charge for $190.56 appeared on my USAA credit card statement, which included an unjustified $5.86 charge over and above what I agreed to on March 27, 2023 (USA AADJ DISPUTE-24364525). In addition, the $100 deposit that was supposed to be refunded to me was not refunded, but rather charged to my card.

    On April 11, 2023, the total charges that Enterprise Rent-a-Car charged to my USAA credit card was $190.56.

    On May 9, 2023, Enterprise-Rent-a-Car refunded my USAA credit card $37.98 after I submitted my BBB complaint.
    That still leaves a balance on my USAA credit card for charges from Enterprise-Rent-a-Car for $152.58.

    I only agreed that $84.70 would be charged to my USAA credit card, but Enterprise-Rent-a-Car charged my credit card $190.56, and therefore owes me a credit of $105.86 total, less the $37.98 that they credited my card on May 9, 2023, for a total of $67.88 outstanding for my refund. This information is also being provided to USAA for my credit card dispute.

    When I called this business to express my concerns, I was treated like dirt and lied to. This is no way to run a successful business, by defrauding your customers and then denying any wrong doing. Regardless of any next unforeseeable situation, I would never do business with Enterprise-Rent-a-Car again.

  2. Not pleased at all with the service at enterprise in Florida on Biscayne Boulevard. I’ve been waiting for two hours no.

  3. I called to make a reservation with Enterprise in East Peoria IL. Where Most African Americans dont go due to the RACISM. I RECEIVED a call from the MANAGER, regarding the Nissian Rouge, First off i reserved FULL SIZE. BECAUSE i had my mother 73 yrs old and her sister traveling for a funeral. I was lied too by the young lady even sitting outside in the cold and she knew i wasnt getting the rental by her poor acting skills which was uncalled for. To spell out my email over 5xs i was told Enterprise reserves the right for ADDITIONAL CHARGES. $300???? So i ask to cut the days down on the reservation. I was Told the reservation had to be charged, i asked for it to be cancled. The RACIST manager cant find anymore lies now im a problem .. so i leave .. walked outside to call reservations with a new reservation. That cant be used??? I asked to speak to Thomas Dodds. The RACIST Manager looked as if i didnt know of Mr. Dodds… I said call him Because at this point people are coming in also gave the car away i was supposed to receive right in my face. With no class and showed what he really is. Which doesnt scare me. I was trying to used up my points because i wanna be done with Racisprise.. The RACIST manager tried to snatch my method of payment out my hand but he so full of hate and jealousy his balance is off…YELLING WE DONT TAKE PRE-PAID CARDS..Mr. Dodds is on the speaker phone now saying Enterprise doesn’t do business with VARO… prepaid ….. this the same card I’ve used for YEARSSS renting cars from Enterprise. Just spent $3000 plus .. for the treatment I received as well as walking 17miles home. We need to talk Enterprise…..Seriously……ASAP… It was 20 degrees yesterday NOBODY DESERVES THAT NOBODY.
    I’m home legs swollen up to my knees. This situation was taking too far… they could of told me all this over the phone .. because I called ahead .. and Mr. DOdds I don’t see anything on ENTERPRISE website about EXCLUDING VARO from YOUR METHOD OF PAYMENTS….. You accept.

    Clarification….Mr. Dodds that whole sceen today was uncalled for embarrassed me, ganged up on me like thugs, and on top of all that to be forced to walk 17 miles home it was 20 degrees. I’ve never been treated as such. And he is the guy I had the issue with. Because when I was leaving I heard him saying quotes. Now as far as yall personal dealings with VARO is none of my business. But now I’m forced to get the courts involved.

  4. I rented a car through Enterprise on 5/4/22 that was of extremely low quality, not porperly maintained, and it broke down on my husband who was stranded on the side of the road for 3 hrs. The car had almost 65,000 miles on it, dents, scratches, and a broken right side mirror (as noted in rental agreement) and was filthy inside. I was made aware that there was a rental car shortage, and this was all they had at the time. Meanwhile, my husband was sick at home with Covid, and I had my 5 yr old daughter with me and was completely overwhelmed. My car had been hit by a deer in the rear quarterpanel, and we had reserved a rental car with Enterprise the week before we took my car to the collision center to be repaired. It was later after I left the Enterprise office that the associate took NO pictures or walked the vehicle with me. There was also no manager on site during my visit. After the car had to be towed on 6/2/22, we never received an apology from Enterprise or a promise to rectify the situation. Instead, we received a notice on 7/11 that we were responsible for damaging the rocker panels underneath the vehicle, and a claim was being made against our insurance company. Inside the letter was a form requesting we fill out our credit card/insurance company info. At this time, there was no damage amount listed or pics showing the damages. Just a letter from Damage Recovery Unit stating that we needed to ensure this was paid. I proceeded to contact DRU and request an investigation into this claim. I did not hear back from anyone until 7/20 when the manager at the Julington Creek branch, where we rented the vehicle, called and stated that the claim was being upheld, and we needed to pay for the repairs of the rocker panels. My husband and I called DRU that same day and spoke with an associate named Tiffany who stated that the claim was still being investigated, but rocker panel claims usually get closed out as they are hard to prove b/c the company does not expect customers to get underneath the vehicle and check for pre-existing damage. However, we ended up receiving a bill in the mail for $3,209.15 on 8/9/22. DRU sent pics and a demand letter to our insurance co., Safeco. After multiple attempts to reach the Jacksonville area supervisor to discuss the situation. She later emailed me stating that the claim was being upheld as they had proof of fresh yellow paint under the car from a speed bump which was deemed our fault. The pictures I have from the DRU demand letter to Safeco clearly show that the alleged “yellow paint” is actually on the lift at the auto mechanic’s garage, not on the car. I have pages of notes where I have tried to reach someone in management to fight these fraudulent claims to no avail. It has caused my family an extreme amount of stress and taken up so much valuable time. I was even able to obtain the names of 2 people in upper level management. I emailed them and called one of them who said she would review the situation and call me back. That was 3 weeks ago, and I have heard nothing. I am scared that Enterprise is going to charge my credit card while we still attempt to resolve this situation. I have a perfect driving record for 23 years, and in 6 months have insurance claims from the deer hitting me in March and now this one from Enterprise which is completely unsubstantiated. I requested before and after pictures from Enterprise when the man rented this vehicle from them just days before. They have yet to produce those. Whereas, my husband and I have rented from Hertz in the past 3 years, and they took before and after pics both times. The amount of run-around and poor customer service from Enterprise and lack of concern for their customer’s safety, is a disgrace. This whole experience has been an absolute nightmare. Regardless of Safeco’s agreement with Enterprise, at this point, I will never do business with this company again.

  5. Good day. I had rented a van from you all on October 11to 17. I didn’t know that your employee put me in a van that didn’t support to be on the road. So I got the van and started my vacation. Got me to where i needed to go. But when i got there the van wouldn’t started at all. The roadside came out and jumped it off. After that I was getting ready to come back home and it did the same thing. Had problems with getting another to come back home. Had a lots of trouble with some of your customers services. I thanks enterprises but will not be getting any business from me. I feel like they took advantage of me and my services, money. I would like to have half of my money back. Enterprises on 2840 Pio Nono Ave Macon Ga.

  6. I rented a car from the Enterprise in West Jordan UT. when I rented the car, I didn’t have to purchase the insurance because my own personal car insurance covers everything. I have full coverage for comp and collision and personal damages, medical etc. but Enterprise told me I opted in and I told them that I wasn’t sure if my insurance company extends my personal insurance renting a car for personal use. Well, after speaking to my insurance company, I found out I didn’t need those coverages. Enterprise told me there’s nothing that they can do because I’ve already returned the vehicle and I opted in. I told them I only bought it because I wasn’t sure and I was hesitant to get the insurance through Enterprise but I did because I wanted to cover all my bases just in case. they said I can get reimbursed if I find out differently that I didnt need it and they would take care of it. Well now they say I can’t get reimbursed. Seriously? Because I took too long to let them know? I’m not happy with the outcome. I am requesting reimbursement. it shouldn’t matter whether it’s during the rental or afterwards because it’s a matter of principle. The bottom line is a rental company should have good ethical practices for clients and future customers if they honor good faith. Otherwise with continuing these practices, word of mouth, going viral etc will reflect on Enterprise’s reputation.

  7. I rented a vehicle from the Paradise Rd, Las Vegas location Enterprise in July, on an insurance claim. My maximum insurance daily rate is $30 per day. I rented it for 4 days. I had it for 4 days. Enterprise charged me a “weekly rate,” and $35/ day. This slippery location didn’t send me a copy of the contract and charges until AFTER I dropped the car off. That is when I saw they overcharged me. I have been calling Enterprise since July. Every time I called Enterprise customer service, I was told someone would call me back. 5 different times I called, I have NEVER received a call back.

    I have called the branch and asked to speak with the manager, Andrew. The branch left me on hold for over an hour and then when I finally asked for the manager and the customer service reps name, she told me “Andrew would be in meetings for the rest of the day.” This location is terrible. These people are so slimy.

    Finally, I called the corporate office and asked to speak with the regional manager. I was told his name was Carlos and I was given a number. It was not Carlos’ number. I spoke with an incredibly helpful man named Josh, who worked in accounting, and he told me he would send Carlos a message.

    Of course, I have not gotten a return call. Shocker. I have filed a dispute with my credit card.

    Enterprise, I will not ever rent out of pocket with you and I will not agree to let my insurance force me to use you again.

  8. How long it takes to answer the phone? I called twice today! First time was for 15 minutes on hold and second time four hours later for 26 minutes and nothing but “continue to hold our agents are assisting other customers, please continue to hold” I guess I can’t rent.

  9. On 7/15/22 a gentleman backed into my car in one of your rentals I was told he was using his own car insurance come to find out that he gave expired insurance to enterprise I spoke with a Michael Jones in the VA branch he set up for my car to be inspected then told me he was waiting on my county’s police department to contact him with reports I contacted them myself and that was not true Michael Jones stated their customer is claiming I hit him. The gentleman is at fault as he was listed 1st on the file that was reported. Damages clearly show he was at fault. Michael Jones isn’t returning any calls to myself nor my insurance. I would hope this isn’t how enterprise does business.

  10. i have tried to contact the orlando international airport enterprise. no response. need to speak to a mgr w/my situation there. i am a 70 yr old woman in bus 316 729-xxxx call me at 3:00 today when i return

  11. I rented a car after my vehicle was in an accident, on July 18, 2022. On August 20th I returned the vehicle at around 11:30 upon rushing to get the vehicle back before they close, I neglected to remove my Bose wireless headphones in the case from the center console where I had them. When I realized I forgot them in the car and by then they were close and not open on Sunday. I reached out to them on Monday and was told they would look and get back to me. (spoke to an employee) never got a call back the next day I reached out again, I gave them time to get back to me again no return call. (spoke to a manager) on thursday Aug 25 I reached out again and was told that there were no headphone in the vehicle, and they were lost. My headphone could not be lost if they are left in a vehicle that gets cleaned before each rental. Whoever cleaned the vehicle stole my headphones. I am extremely annoyed and frustrated. I held Enterprised at a high level and had even considered buying my next car from them, but that went right ouut the window. I will NEVER go back to enterprise to rent again.

    Rental agreement #411865 Ref#74CF08
    Audrey Lunan

  12. Sirs, I’m a senior citizen & a disabled veteran; I’ve been renting cars from Enterprise since 2018 & it has been an enjoyable experience until the past year; initially, I was able to rent a car from Enterprise under my own recognizance, with my Navy Federal Credit Union Debit Card; now, along with an increase in the security deposit of $400, which I was told was due to a change in underwriters, I must present my current utility bill & cellphone bill & the name on the bill has to be the same as the person renting the car; this has caused confusion for myself & my wife, as we’ve only been married for 10yrs, and upon meeting, my wife, she was all ready established with house & utilities already in her name; with this new rule, I have to reserve the car rental in her name, and as she is disabled too & not a driver, nor is she going on the leisure trip with me, we both have to go to get the car, with me being listed as the additional driver, & having to transfer the cost of the rental to her debit card to pay for the trip; I feel & ask that consideration be made for seniors/disabled veterans who are long-standing customers of yours(4yrs), and allow for just myself to be able to rent from your establishment, due to my age & maturity; I welcome your response to my issue with Enterprise; I’ve used your North Broad Street Office since my inception, as there is a very knowledgeable & professional/pleasant staff working there, thanking you in advance for your attention to this issue(Membership #: 8J6QF8X)

  13. i am a senior in business. need to rent a car for 5 hrs from orlando, fl to palmbay, fl on oct. 26. nobody has the authority to give me a special rate but the pres. of your co. 316 729-1766 call me asap please i have a bus. meeting on oct. 26 100 a day is not a special rate. i have a member # to enterprise

  14. I have been a faithful Enterprise customer for years and this is the first time I feel so vandalized. On 8/17/2022, at approximately 12:25 PM I returned a minivan at the Fort Lauderdale airport. We accidentally left an Addidas sports bag on the back seat containing prescription glasses, a 14k gold necklace, a 14k gold with onyx ring inside the glasses case and a phone charger all inside the bag. After entering the exit doors (within 2 minutes) I realized the bag was left on the seat and my husband ran back to inform the staff. The minivan by this time was already driven away by the staff as per Enterprise’s policy. To my surprise, the staff reported the minivan cannot be located, and it is not in their records. Are you kidding me! We just dropped the vehicle off. They took my receipt and kept speaking on their walkie-talkie, and no one can locate the vehicle that was just returned. We waited 1 hour and the vehicle could not be found and had to go catch the shuttle in order not to miss our flight. The staff member who drove off the minivan is extremely dishonest, my items were stolen and someone is covering it up. We spoke with several staff members and the vehicle had to be there somewhere in the airport. I cannot believe there are such thieves working for Enterprise Car Rental in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I filed a claim on the lost and found website, reference #16109851, and was advised the bag with the items were not found. I am so incensed that thieves representing Enterprise are working there. It is obvious the items were stolen, and the staff member involved erased the vehicle details from the database. I have my receipt with the license number, vehicle type, date and time etc., so what is the rationale for the vehicle absence. I would have felt better if they found the vehicle and told me my items were not found, but to tell me both the vehicle and the items cannot be located is pure thievery and dishonesty. I would like this to be investigated please and the staff member/members dealt with. What a disgrace! My husband and I personally watched the staff member wearing the yellow/orange bib drive off with the vehicle, it was only a matter of minutes. The staff member stole the bag with the items. Enterprise has indeed fallen short of my expectations.

    Madame CEO, I know you share my sentiments that excellent customer service, honesty and integrity are pillars of Enterprise Car Rentals. The company’s reputation and credibility are at stake by these dishonest thieves. I await your response and thank you for your attention to this matter.

  15. My name is Freddy Chetty. My Enterprise Rental Agreement # 460695202. I rented an Enterprise Car in San Diago, picked up Friday, July 22, 2022, and returned on Friday, July 29, 2022. I have not received my deposit back till today. I have checked a couple of time with my bank (Royal Bank of Canada – VISA) they have confirmed that my deposit has not been reversed. I have had a bad experience with your service team (in the US phone number 1-800-266-9565). I spoke to the Enterprise Credit Control department in the US – they gave me a better experience than Customer Service – the lady who spoke to told me the charge was reversed on the 29th July (the day I left San Diago) and it would take about two weeks for me to get my deposit. However, Royal Bank of Canada did some investigation and said if the charge was reversed on the 29th of July, it would be on their system. Please, I have had good experiences with all the Enterprise Car RentaI from, UK, US, and Canada but my experience with the San Diago Office has not been good at all. I want someone from Enterprise Corporate Credit Control Office to write to me via email ([email protected]) to help me get my deposit back. Thank you. +1 647 679 xxxx

  16. this is my 3rd time sending a complaint and nobody has gotten back to me 954 300 xxxx urgent matter
    Thank you

  17. I’m hoping someone can help us on May 28th 2013 my husband attempted to extend a rental we had had for a month prior there was an issue when we tried to renew the agreement a young man came out and seen that there was smoking in the car and he ordered us to get out of the car right at that moment and he attempted to snatch the money that we were going to re-rent the car with out of our hand and said he was going to apply it to the rental for a smoking in it … At the time I had my 5 year old daughter with me I snatched the money back out of his hand. The situation was unprofessional and could have been handled in so many different ways. He had been an upstanding customer prior to that incident. He was pretty upset. He removed our stuff out the car and me and my husband and my daughter walked away. him. It was just a mess at this point we were trying to do is rectify the situation it’s been 10 years later our BMW was an accident we go through USAA my husband is a veteran and they directly deal with Enterprise we’re trying to pay this fee so that we can move past this situation and we have got nothing but the runaround we contacted the damage recovery team they said they cannot assist us this was done on a local level at the branch of Syracuse New York on Genesee Street they said there’s absolutely nothing they can do for us at the damage recovery when you call the local branch they just keep giving us the runaround it’s like no one wants to help I don’t know if this means that we’ll never be able to rent from you guys again but we would like to get some clarity and if there’s a way we can rectify this we would like to right now. My husband is dealing with chemo he has to get surgery next week and we have so many doctors appointments and we really need a rental car… with our car being in the shop because of an accident is really making things a lot harder so we’re hoping if someone there can help us or tell us how to get this paid we just want to move forward and get off of this do not rent list a number where you can contact us at 315-272-xxxx or you can contact us by email which is qJohnsxxxxx @gmail.com his driver’s license number is 265-656-xxxx again the incident happened on May 28th 2013 at your local branch on Genesee Street and Syracuse New York we have said several requests to talk to a risk manager or a branch manager and we’re just looking for someone to call us back thank you.

  18. iwas treated very rudly by the man that did our rental car at sebring florida.adn even complained.i have never hd anyone be so rude….even if i made a mistake and did not understand something.he even told me to go ahead and call corporate,,,they will do nothing,and when i told him no one has ever been this rude.he said you are over blowing this ms kelly.and he said any of the other people i showed him cards for that were helpful…he informed me that he will get them fired.then i was asked do you want this rental car or not? i rent from youpeople all the time……this was horrible. my husbands coment was this man is just not happy with his job….terrible.and i did call yesterday because i was so upset…we hada terrible day.

  19. I tried to update my reservation through a phone call and the lady hung up on me. I also called 2 enterprises in Columbus Georgia and veterans parkways and nobody will get the phone they answer the phone and put me on hold without saying a word. This is the worst customer service I have seen by a long shot

  20. We have an Enterprise van (dead) stuck in our garage. Local office won’t pick it up. No current contract so Roadside assistance won’t help. Don’t understand why Enterprise would allow an asset to be unsecured, out of inventory and off the radar. Our van is now fixed and cannot be parked out of the elements due to Enterprise’s van in our garage. I’m not sure if I have to connect with senior leadership or what level of focus is needed to complete the retrieval of this asset.

  21. Terrlble service at Westspringfield ma location today.They failed to me me at dealer at 2 which was an appiontment time.Showed up at 3:07 after several calls.We reserved a mid size SUV do to not being able to get in and out of a car.They said the vehicle they reserved for us was vandalized so they gave us a car.Not sure why they didn’t contact us with these details ahead of time.we would have put off our repair till the right vehicle was available.We took the car since we were stranded at enterprise and as we were heading home the gas light came on.THEY GAVE US A CAR WITH NO GAS!!! We called the repair shop and picked up our car.Guess we will be looking for other rental places thru our insurance co.


  23. On Saturday August 6, 2022 our family reunion was held in Georgetown KY. My cousin’s rental car didn’t start as she prepared to go back home to Indianapolis Indiana. It was hot and rainy. After making arrangements to have that car towed and catch a ride to the airport in Lexington Ky the get another car for my cousin to go home we encountered Andre Strayhorn, the Assistant Branch Manager. When I tell you this young man exuded the most exemplary customer service skills I have experienced by any car rents company. I am now going to only use Enterprise in the future. He demonstrated compassion for my cousin Marilyn Bunton and her son and grandson’s situation!please thank Andre Strayhorn for helping our dear family !

  24. I won’t to know why when you get the wrong rental car and you try to get it fixed and every number you call. No one won’t to solve the problem

  25. I picked up a rental car for 1 day rental and returned it the following day. And was told that my receipt would be emailed, which is common and usually receive shortly after leaving. The following day still had not received my email for receipt. Call Enterprise and was that my ticket was still open and they were trying to locate vehicle. Even asking me what type and kind of vehicle it was. Why they wouldn’t have that information already I didn’t know. Meanwhile I missing out on being paid plus daily travel because I can’t return back to work without my receipt, because I used the rental to drive to a conference and I have to turn in the receipt for proof. So now you have my job thinking that I’m lying, because I produce them a receipt. Then I got a callback Saturday apologizing for everything and that I can get a free rental and that they were going to send out my receipt now. And today is 8-8-22 and I still have not received my receipt yet.

  26. First, I want to say how great you guys have been to our family, second, due to family circumstances we were not able to drop the car off today, and I am not able to call because they are closed. I do not want to get in trouble. Hopefully I can call first thing and pay for an extra day. I just don’t know who to reach out to. (Winchester VA Valley Ave location)

  27. I’m a preferred customer my member number is 4zdw 3yz I’m more than one occasion in the last 6 months I difficulties with reservations and then canceling the actual office that I rented it from cancel it before I picked up the vehicle so my question is why do you have reservations when you don’t honor them and why aren’t they called when they don’t have that reservation to try to get another vehicle for the customer especially preferred customer that’s been your customer for over 15 years and I want some satisfaction

  28. To Whom It May Concern: We recently had a reservation, Enterprise Member, Confirmation #K1930627451 for pick up Eastgate – Cincinnati, Ohio, Unfortunately, our flight lay-over was unexpectedly delayed and we arrived 1 hour late into CVG. We spent $95 on an Uber to get to the above rental car office only to be told there were NO automobiles (we reserved a mid-size car). We were informed by the representative the other local Enterprises were sold out of vehicles. I made this reservation in advance and we had been up at 4:00 am to catch a 6:59 am flight upon being delayed in Atlanta. This was not the welcome I anticipated on arrival into Cincinnati, and I was also out $ 95 for an Uber and NO VEHICLE! We were lucky enough to retain a vehicle the next day with a competitor rental car company unfortunately at a premium cost or double of what we budgeted for. I have an upcoming reservation in September with Enterprise, and seriously thinking about cancelling due to my recent Enterprise experience. Any consideration and/or compensation would be appreciated.

  29. I visited your your Temple Hills branch located 4515 St Barnabas Rd Sat July 16th at approximately 11:35 to discuss with the manager Jazmine Cameron the damages she reported to cooperate about a mazda 3 which I rented on the 15th of June and returned on the 18TH of June because the car was given to me with the engine light on and damages which made me feel unsafe. We were given a Nissan Sentra on the 18th to replace the previous car. We then received a bill from cooperate for $2600 for repairs that we reported to Enterprise. I came to the office to discuss this I asked for the invoice to both transactions. Jazmine was very rude and dismissive and stated,” THE OFFICE IS ABOUT TO CLOSE CALL COOPERATE I CAN’T HELP YOU”. I asked for the printout again. she then said, “I CAN’T GIVE YOU ANYTHING FROM THE PAST YOU NEED TO LEAVE”. I asked who rented me the car can I speak to them? her response was, “I don’t know, you can just say I rented it to you if you need to put somebody down, I take full responsibility yep yep “.(waving her hand dismissively) She then said she would call the police and she did. She then printed the invoice for the car I’m currently renting. The date is incorrect it says I rented it on June 15th instead of the 18,and it has a return date of June 26 which is incorrect I’m still in the rental, there are no initials the form is blank. I asked her why is it blank I’m entitled to see what I rented, again I was told to leave the store.
    I’m a paying customer, the way she talked to me was rude and unprofessional. This woman should not be allowed to deal with the public on any level. She also made a second call to someone telling them she needs them to come to the store to handle this in a threatening tone loud enough for me to hear. If these are the type of people you have working for you this is a shame. The officer was very nice and informative. I was advised to seek counseling, report you to the BBB, and contact my local news channel 7 on your side, which is in process. While sitting and waiting I witnessed another customer who’s name and number I have, try to return his car VW Passat because the breaks are bad. I watched Jazmine tell him she has no cars and he can call another facility, She didn’t offer to call for him, Jazmine didn’t offer to assist him at all, she let him get back in a unsafe car and drive off the premises. Again another unsafe car on the road. This is an ongoing issue with location and it seems that this is your practice, rent the car weather its safe or not. Everyone that came in has issues with the safety of their cars. This behavior should not be tolerated. You serve the public and you should have more compassion for the people you serve.

  30. I sold my truck Ford F 250 Super Duty
    2020 to Enterprise in Plano, Tx. More than 1 month ago. They only paid my bank What I still owed. But they have not paid me ($18,800). They got the title of my car from my bank , a long time ago and now I am worried because they don’t pay me.
    I put $27,000 down to purchase this truck and paid $750 a month during 2 years. I lost a lot of money by selling it to Enterprise n they still don’t pay it.
    It is a shame Enterprise has a terrible reputation and only 1 star rating. I retreat to have sold my truck like this.

  31. Good morning I be in touch for 3 weeks nobody have got back with me they put on DNR list when don’t any I was told bring my son car in when I was all ready in rent she told me if don’t car in today call in as stolen and lock up with she was at work and in my owned rent van she send him voice message threatened him and me over the phone that was Allison manger I need my name come off the DNR list allow flow her told me do

  32. Hi, I am reaching out in regards to my vehicle being vandalized on one of your lots. I left my personal vehicle in a lot that I was told would be safe as I went outta town with a rental from Enterprise to help my step son with a medical condition. My personal vehicle had no problems when I dropped it off & left the property. Upon returning the rental car when I got my vehicle, I started my vehicle to hear the most horrible sound as if I had no muffler. I turned my car off & looked underneath to see my catalytic converter had been cut out and stolen along with my check engine light being on now. I went inside Enterprise to tell an assistant manager & all he did was look & tell me there’s nothing they can do and they’re not responsible. I was not offered any help or resolution to the problem after they took my $. I was made to feel as if I was an inconvenience to them now as they went along shuttling customers to & from the lot as they past by ignoring my problem that occurred on their lot. I was made to feel like garbage as other customers just looked at me like some dirt bag with a piece of crap car that won’t start & Enterprise worker’s could care less how or IF I got home. They were so unprofessional & unpleasant to me as I sat to figure this out on my own as I had to call the police. I’ve used your business in the past & I’ve never been treated so horribly unprofessional as I was on this occasion. It’s the most unacceptable solution I’ve ever seen along with the most unprofessional way of handling a customer that I have ever heard of. The fact I wasn’t even able to speak with a manager or given any guidance is unheard of. I would greatly appreciate the matter be addressed by having my vehicle be fixed & the repair bill be taken care of by Enterprise as it happened on your businesses property. I really hope someone can help me resolve this matter without having to seek legal actions. PLEASE make things right by taking care of this inconvenience that your company caused me. If nobody can help me after this than I will hand it over to my lawyer & have him be in touch. Thank you for your time in reading this.

  33. I rented my car under my corporate account for pick up in Redmond Oregon. Upon arrival I gave all my information credit card all details and was told I have a two hour plus waiting. With eight people waiting on cars. Absolutely egregious! After you pay $800 for a one week rental. I will most likely be in the main corporate account with enterprise moving forward

  34. I recently rented a car from Enterprise during Memorial day weekend and a 200.00 hold was put on my Bank account .But to my surprise the 200.00 holding fee was actually taken from my account by Enterprise I have been going back and forth with these lying ass ingrates about my money I have proof from my Bank that they took the money I want my money back I will be contacting the FTC and the BBB as well as my Bank and put the Bank on there thieving asses give me my money thieves contact Andrea Miller at 708 252 xxxx I rented the vehicle from 3401 W Sahara in Las Vegas


  36. Would like for someone in the headquarters office, to give I Georgia Chatman a return call. At (601) 6601463

  37. Worse service I have received in Houston, @ 9055 Sam Houston Pkwy. Reserve a car when I got there no car available. I booked the car in advance at least 25 days in advance. Service rep states he left 2 voice mails, l played voice mail no message left. I asked for him to call another location, he says to call the number he couldn’t. He also offered a huge truck I didn’t reserve a tuck. “Poor customer service”

  38. Rented a car from Bridgeville, Pa. office. His name is Matt. I told him I will purchase physical damage coverage for 4 days only when I picked up car. My car was in shop. In the past it used to take 4 days to fix any of my cars. It took 3 weeks to fix and Matt is saying I owe over $500!!! He’s trying to rip me off and I am fuming. I specifically told Matt I will purchase coverage for 4 days only. He said no problem. Now he’s saying I should have gone in to office a second time to cancel coverage. I will not stand for this unscrupulous business practice.

  39. Why are you the only car rental co that closes at noon on Saturdays and has no Sunday hours? I now have to book with other companies. Expand your hours!

  40. Over three months ago my niece and I rented a vehicle he was supposed be a luxury SUV to fit seven it would’ve been big enough for a wheelchair also because my youngest niece she’s in a wheelchair.. We never got a phone call never got an email telling us they didn’t have the vehicle that we originally had requested. We go to enterprise in Queensbury New York to pick up the car and low and behold I couldn’t use my license and my if my niece was going to pay. Then it went to we have to see a utility bill so I showed them a utility bill I had a past due balance they told me they couldn’t except it when I asked them why they would need a utility bill they told me hours to prove address well sir pretty sure my license is proof enough and on top of it my address is on the bill it should matter if it’s past due. They then tried to raise the price which didn’t happen. He told us since we didn’t have a major credit card that he couldn’t get even rent to us for the luxury but he has a van for us . In order to transfer all the fun we need an Internet the guys tell us all you can walk across street to market 32. So me and my niece go to market 32 we do it we got to do and then we come back then he has to a walk around the van it’s a white van it does have a ding on the side like the fender but when you open the door you can clearly tell it was never clean there’s crumbs and everything else over the floor the van was dirty. I think we deserve a total refund considering everything we’ve had to go through.

  41. Rental 1886122274 01-03-2022, Battlefields- Great Bridge Chesapeake Virginia 23320. I returned the rental in 02-2022. I don’t have the second car that I turned in, in 02-2022, there was fees that was taken out of my bank card from Navy Federal credit union. And I received notification that Enterprise pulled fees from my bank account with a resolved solution between Navy Federal CU and the complaint department. I have reached out to you a couple of weeks ago , without response. I haven’t received my refuse on the fees. Please follow-up.

  42. I had a reservation through auto insurance claim for a full size vehicle. When i got there they said that all they had was intermediate so that is what i got. I really needed the full size vehicle as we are a family of 5 and the kids don’t fit without being cramped. I picked up my rental during my lunch so I just drove back to work. After work I used the disinfectant wipe provided and just to do a quick wipe down and found that the car had not been cleaned. My wife and I spent about 30 minutes cleaning the inside as it was filthy. Ontop of that the inside of the car smells like smoke. I have rented several vehicles from Enterprise and have not experienced this before.

  43. Good evening, I would like to speak with the regional manager for NY. I have a policy and have been a loyal customer for the last 20 years. I was involved in an accident last week. I went to the New Rochelle branch and was not treated well at all. I was refused the car of my choice twice by the manager on duty. I also lost property because I was shifted out of 3 different car and I asked them to find my property with no response. I would like to speak with a regional manager to see what can be done.

  44. Hi Muhammad my name is Patrick Ramdhanee and I am writing to inform you and Enterprise Car Rental of 108 14 Astoria Blvd, Queens, NY 11369 of a malfunction on the 2019 Nissan Altima sl that you sold me.
    One of the most frightening incident happened on the 5/23/2022 when my son and I was in the car, with me driving at 24mph with cars behind me. The car system beep and stop at the same time as if it detected a crash or something in front of it and stop the car all on a sudden. There were no cars or anything else in front on me and I almost got into an accident from the rare because of the sudden braking the car did all by itself. There were no warning signs, messages, or anything else before that would indicate the vehicle to immediately brake. It has done this 2 times with me and 2 times with my son and I in the car in the last four months or so, this is very hazardous to me and other drivers on the road. Now every time I go into my car to drive it, I get an anxiety a scared feeling as if it would happen to me unexpected again, which is very uneasy and traumatizing for me and my son or anyone else who is in my car.

  45. I had an awesome car buying experience today with staff at Enterprise Car Sales office at 2001-2019 Byberry Rd, Phila., PA. Please advise how to contact corporate staff via email, because I don’t use social media at all. Thanks

  46. I recently applied for a detailed car washer position in Antioch CA . I was the perfect fit for the position .I lived less then 10 minutes away and had 3 years experience detailing cars cars perfect driving record. And didn’t get the position . Since then it’s just been on my mind why why didn’t I get it was it the way I looked my age because I m a female or didn’t speak spanish something . So could you please tell me what it was so if I apply again I will know what it was. Thank You I hope to here from you soon.

  47. My name is George Paige my Plus # is FTB995. I have been with Enterprise for well over 25yr. I am A regular Exotic renter. I made A reservation for A corvette on 4-15-2022 but even before that date I talked too Jacob about A corvette he said they had 3 of them so I told him I wanted too get one on 4-16-2022 he said call or text him A week before. Jacob is who I always deal with and usually he dose A good job. Now I ask him even then what type of Corvette is it because they have 3 different types 123. I told him I don’t want A 1 because it’s A basic corvette but I will take A 2 or 3 even thou they are 2020 model and they are charging $400-$500 A day. And that’s fine but I want pay that for A one. I ask Jacob what type was the one he had for me it was white. Now he is the Regional Manager I thought is was just A manger. But he said I don’t know what type it is I don’t understand because it’s his job too know. I ask him too send pictures but he sent them on the day of the rental. I kept asking many days I also tried contacting the Airport for 3 day but no one would answer the phone. So anyway no I am A customer and he’s mad because I don’t want too pay $400-$500 for A 2020 corvette. I am the the one that upset because it’s hard for me too get days off. I am A Pastry Chef and I had 4 days days off so my whole mini vacation was ruined because of lack of knowledge and Jacob contacting the Airport too see what type of car it was. I been trying too get in contact with someone from you all corporate office for about A month. My phone # is 832-335-xxxx. And Jacob responded after 2 weeks but he want acknowledge he made A mistake. If someone from the corporate that can please give me A call I would appreciate it because I trying too get A car or SUV for Memorial weekend.

  48. I arrived at your rental site North 18th St. Monroe, Louisiana app. 10:00a.m. I identified myself and asked to pick up vehicle authorized by State Farm Ins. because of my loss in an accident. About 10:30a.m. I was assured by State Farm that my vehicle authorization/upgrade was complete. I was not spoken to again until 11:55a.m. After going through protocols I was advise app 12:15p.m. that I needed a credit care or debit card or no vehicle. It was a busy morning but I was overlooked far too long and then let down after agreeing to allow my daughter to bring my credit card in 15 or 20 minutes. I was locked out to wait for my daughter and told they could not help me. I waited until app 112:35p.m. and my daughter arrived. Tell me why after being there 2 hours I could not be served. I felt lied to and overlooked, then denied service unreasonably. This in my humble opinion is not a good business principle to operate with. If this is normal at Enterprise I’m wondering how you remain open and prosperous. Thanks, Pastor/Evangelist , Retired Educator, U. S. Military Veteran and 69 year old Senior Citizen

  49. Yes I’m renting a car from your location in Byram Ms and your store is keep taking money off of my card I need someone to contact me about your office

  50. I am on a list that prevents me from renting a car from Enterprise. This is likely due to a purposeful sideswipe by a large truck driven by one MrWhite. This on purpose crash likely emanates from an old investigation I was involved with as a Minneapolis Police Detective. The Teamster Union was using the Enmons court decision to perform violent acts, when I first intervened. It is the insurance company used by MrWhite that owes Enterprise the money, not me or my insurance company. This is a small part of an ongoing sequence of criminal behavior by this corrupted international labor union.

  51. I rented a car and I was stopped by the police because it had an expired registration and tag, the police wanted to impound the car, I returned the car to Enterprise location in Riverside parkway, Lawrenceville GA.
    Six weeks after I returned the car I got a claim #18167294 Rental agreement 5BD185 in regarding the car rented Ford Edge for a bill for 1,173.28 for damages to the car, the photos sent is for rodent damage wires in the engine and inside the car.
    Not only an illegal vehicle was rented to me with expired registration and tag but disgusting with rats inside and being charged.
    This vehicle was not inspected for a long time due to the expire registration and tag and was parked somewhere were rodents got inside, so when we returned the car and complain about renting illegally they decided to inspect it and found the wires chewed by rodents, so they decided to charge the last customer which was me.
    Not only is disgusting and illegal and on top of that charge illegay again for damage that I am not responsible.
    I have been calling the Recovery unit not only have been nasty but useless , I have persona;;y contacted Gordon who is the manager at riverside parkway location in Lawrenceville GA his number is 770-962-xxxx who had apologized for this situation and stated he will email the recovery units to drop this charge.
    Until today nothing has been done, the Corporate office in Atlanta has a number that you will never be able to personaly talk with a representative.
    I called today the Corporate office and talked to Monde who again took the same information I have been providing and stated that her team will contact Gordon the manager to drop this charges.
    I asked for an email so I can proof I have been calling different days and people and I was told there is not an email or direct number, that somebody will contact me , same I have heard for the last 2 weeks.
    I am sending this email, so at least I can proof all this case.
    I would appreciate very much if somebody actually can respond adn take care of this.

  52. I’m in Madison Al and we have 3 customers that are sitting here. The guy from the truck division walked by and didn’t say anything. We didn’t know he was some other division so when I asked he said he can’t help us and the manager knows this place is under staffed and someone would be with us. I’ve been here now for 30 mins. The other lady’s that are here we’re here before me. Why would you have someone sitting here doing nothing and won’t help this other guys

  53. Good Morning Customer Care,

    This message is for the CEO of Enterprise Rent-A-Car located at 600 Corporate Park Drive, St. Louis, MO 63105.

    In reference to an email I received yesterday 4/26/2022 with the following information:
    Your reservation number is 1889158712
    Pick-Up details
    Location – Concord Speedway
    Date & Time – Tuesday, April 26, 2022 @ 5:30 PM
    Address 7704 Sossamon Ln NW
    Concord, NC 28027

    I would like to know and is still wandering why I get to the site above @ 5:05 pm to pick up a vehicle (Volkswagen Jetta or Similar) to be told they do not have any vehicles after waiting for over 40 minutes. I was then told the vehicle was on the way, but it may take awhile, never figured out what constitutes awhile for your Company, because
    The vehicle was non-existent to begin with. Thirdly, to be told that I should have booked it earlier, (well guess what, did not know I would need to do that are that I even
    Needed a vehicle, but what difference does it make, if the reservation was confirmed from your (Enterprise Website). Please explain that to me if you will, if I did not need the vehicle due to an Emergency, surely, I would not have put in a reservation and I would not have rented from Enterprise. Furthermore, if it was not an EMERGENCY and my ride was gone, I would have took the necessary steps to go to the Airport and rented another vehicle with a piece of mind.

    To top all this inconvenience off, I was told they a small SUV/Jeep or something similar (not to upgrade without charge) but, I could get, however, the catch was I would have to pay full price (so unacceptable for your company to do business such as this) especially, when the mistake is on Enterprise and not the Customer. However, someone,
    Pulled up in a smaller vehicle to return, I was then asked did I want that vehicle at the same price I was paying for the vehicle I was suppose to have. Your Manager at this site told the workers to tell me that I could get either that vehicle at that price are the SUV at a higher price. I was so disappointed, unhappy and frustrated at this time, I
    Literally wanted to break down right then and there, however, I held it in. Needless to say, I received the vehicle of a person just dropping it off, (the only thing the Manager did was wash it on the outside) how do I know this, because he was done in 5 minutes. The vehicle I have is unsafe, I feel this way because it shakes and it needs to be serviced. I cannot understand how your company would even rent such a car, to be as small as it is, it drives and sound like a truck. I thought the Car was going to stop on me, and I still feel that way. The inside back seats are nasty and the car has dings on the outside. It’s not a car I would rent (had no other choice at the time and it is not the car I made reservations for to begin with).

    If this is your practice to not honor (Confirmed Reservations are try and make it right) then I will no longer rent from Enterprise. This might not mean much to a Company
    As big as yours, however, Social Media, Reviews and Word of Mouth goes along way.

    Customer Service is suppose to be Key in keeping loyal customers.

    Judy L. Lott
    Property Administrator
    Office of Acquisition Management, Acquisition Operations Division (AOD)
    US Dept of Energy Savannah River Site, 730-B, Rm 2211
    Office: 803-952-xxxx
    Cell: 803-295-xxxx
    Email: judy.xxxx @srs.gov
    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t
    Matter and those who matter don’t mind”
    Sent from my iPad

  54. hi I know you dont know me I live in winterhaven fl I wanna rent one of you suv viacles out for more then a month because im going togo homeless and i have my own cleaning service bussiness id like to clean all the enterprises buildings as a trade off 25 years exsperiance behind me no dirt behind and i allso clean windows and doors Im an excellent cleaner and ill keep my own suv cleaned to. Im needing a place to lye my head because im on a very tight budget 841.00 a month for right nowI promise to keep the car places cleaned up you wont regret this i dont wanna be sleeping out on grass next weekened

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