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Enterprise Holdings owns and operates the Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, and the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand.

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Company Website
Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
Corporate Address
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Company Contact
Pamela Nicholson
CEO of Enterprise Holdings
Phone Number
(314) 512-5000
Fax Number
(314) 512-4706
Employee Count
Twitter IDs
@enterprisecares, @enterpriseUK



What is Enterprise’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Enterprise’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-314-512-2880 or 1-314-512-5000.


What is Enterprise’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Enterprise’s main Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-264-6350.

Other Enterprise Car Rental Phone Numbers.

Reservations: 1-855-266-9289

Reservations en Español: 1-877-416-0000

For users of TTY devices: 1-866-534-9270

Enterprise Customer Service Support phone number: 1-855-266-9565

Enterprise Roadside Assistance phone number: 1-800-307-6666

Enterprise Plus® Member Services: 1-866-507-6222

Customers with Disabilities phone number: 1-866-225-4284

Enterprise Business Rentals phone number: 1-877-881-5500

Enterprise Car Sales phone number: 1-888-227-7253

Enterprise Truck Rental phone number: 1-888-736-8287

Enterprise Fleet Management phone number: 1-877-233-5338

Maintenance Program Information phone number: 1-800-325-8838


What is Enterprise’s Headquarters Address?

Enterprise’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Enterprise Holdings
  • 600 Corporate Park Drive
  • St. Louis, MO 63105
  • USA


How do I Contact Enterprise Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Enterprise via:

Enterprise’s Email Address: [email protected] Or, use the Email Form to ask a question.

Enterprise’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Enterprise on Social Media:

Enterprise on Twitter: @Enterprisecares

Enterprise on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Enterprise

Enterprise Headquarters Executive Team.

Enterprise’s management team consists of:

Andrew C. Taylor, Executive Chairman

Donald Ross, Vice Chairman

Pamela Nicholson, President and Chief Executive Officer

Jo Ann Taylor Kindle, President – Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Christine Taylor, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Greg Stubblefield, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Rick Short, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Brice Adamson, Senior Vice President – Enterprise Fleet Management

Mike Andrew, Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Craig Kennedy, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Carolyn Kindle Betz, Senior Vice President and Executive Director – Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Kurt Kohler, Senior Vice President – Fleet Acquisition and Remarketing, North America

Rose Langhorst, Senior Vice President and Treasurer

Steve Brackney, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

David Nestor, Senior Vice President – North American Operations

Shelley Roither, Vice President – Human Resources

Enterprise Holdings Board of Directors.

Andrew Taylor
Executive Chairman

Carolyn Kindle
Vice President and Executive Director

Donald Ross
Vice Chairman

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  1. I refuse to go back to this location again. I went to visit this location after I complained about their service before. The manager assisted me after I complained and she gave me a discount towards another rental but it had to be used at their location. I had a reservation and I even had someone to call me the day before to confirm. Got to the place for my scheduled reservation time. Multiple customers were complaining about them not having a vehicle for them especially since they had a reservation. I waited an hour and a half and they still couldn’t tell me when I would get a vehicle. So i told them i was leaving. The guy said OK… That’s it no apology/empathy or nothing. That was the last straw with this location. Unfortunately the manager who seemed to care left to go to another location 🙁 This location really needs to be retrained on customer service. Enterprise the wesley chapel location in Decatur,GA

  2. Called but for rude customer service is not acceptable at any location. And your State College PA branch has been doing this for years. I have complained on serval occasions. last time they charge me for insurance when I stated I had insurance I had the car for about 2 months. They lied about the lowest rate. Your Company doesn’t care as long as they are making money for your company. But this time the argument between 3 employees and your customers. NO THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. When a customer ask for a manger then that means your service person should step back and say okay no problem but no your team member continues to argue

  3. i rented a car in September. returned it a day or 2 later than I had rented eith permission of couse. I dodnt have all the money on my car so they took some money. now its November, and I am on the DNR list (Do Not Rent). They say I owe them $$, but when I pulled up my credit card statements on that particular days, it shows money has left my account. Been trying for 2 weeks to get this situation resolved, but have gotten no where fast, so I am writing chairman

  4. I was recently placed on the dnr for using a coupon I found online. I’ve been renting with enterprise and national for years. Over 75 rentals this year alone. Then all of a sudden I’m banned for using a coupon I found on a Google search. I’ve been nothing but a loyal customer to enterprise. Where’s the loyalty to me. I would love to keep my business with enterprise. How can I be removed??

    Loyal Customer

  5. to: Shelley Roither
    fm: Jon M. McCracken, Employee e447nq
    sub: Requesting to Return to Former Position after medical issue. I applied for a driver position that was advertised in Roseville, MN “N-1” where I had worked up until a 3-month hospitalization required me to terminate my employment on 1 Dec 2017 for the good of the Company. I did not know how long the serious condition I had was going to last and I did not think it fair to the company to hold the position, keeping someone else from driving. I have received in home health care until recently, and now that I am able to return, I applied for the position that was posted for a driver at roseville, MN – the same job I had left last year – and I was told “no” in an e-mail from Kristin Bjork. I was not given a reason for this decision, and I have asked both Kristin and Megan Anderson (manager) to re-consider the answer. I loved working as a driver for Enterprise Holdings, and as a 100% Disabled Army Veteran I am on a fixed income of disability benefits and come to find that driving is a job that I can complete with the best of them. It is a nice feeling to be competitive in an area that offers me some more income and will allow my daughter (17) a little extra funding for college next fall. I am writing to you to ask if you would review my past 2 1/2 years with Enterprise Holding and speak with Kristin and Megan in order to reinstate me. Thank you for your response. Sincerely,

  6. Anonymous, I made a reservation for a mid-size SUV on 2/20/19 at the Amherst, MA located 185 Holdsworth Way. When I arrived to pick up my rental, Kelsie told me they didn’t have what I reserved available, the reservation pickup time was for 4:30p I arrived around 4:15p. The rep (Kelsie) told me she only had one car available to rent me, I asked if she could call another location nearby to see, she claimed she did already. The rep had to call her supervisor (Karen) several times during the time of visit to ask questions like as if she was incompetent of what she was doing. I settled with the car she had available which was a used Nissan, very small for my family, and the exterior was very dirty, after 5p I knew my options were limited. Upon completing transactions we had to wait for her supervisor to arrive to look over the reps work in order for us to complete rental process. After almost 25mins later of the tedious process, the rep rushed through the the paperwork, and quickly scanned vehicle. I mention to rep how fast she examined car for damages, she quickly responded how she is used to it and pretty much familiar with the car and how it looks. I responded, this is the first, usually rentals are clean inside and out to ensure clarity of vehicle condition, she responds if I notice any damages on car I can give her a call to let her know then asked me for my initials and signature, she appeared to be anxious to wrap up paper work and rush me out the door. I had to run defrost and clean windshield from snow before pulling off. When I returned from trip, the same rep Kelsie was there to receive vehicle, she proceeds to check vehicle, miles, and gas. Kelsie mentions she noticed some damages to trunk hood of vehicle I responded that is how you gave me the vehicle. She responds I didn’t notice it before, I responded maybe because you rushed through that part of process but that is how vehicle was given to me. She responds she will have to call her supervisor (Karen). Karen tells Kelsie on the line to get my insurance information in order to make a claim, I asked Kelsie to allow me to speak to supervisor she passed me the phone. After I thoroughly explained to supervisor what the process looked like before taking rental out and how I have been a paying customer for years renting from Enterprise and its sister company and have never had any issues like this before such as being accused for prior undocumented dings in a used car that already exist from prior use. After my conversation with the supervisor, the rep Kelsie angrily tells me she will need my insurance info to file a claim with my insurance so they can cover the damages. I let Kelsie know her supervisor said she will further look into and contact me if any claims are made, and how she will not charge me anything at that time. Kelsie then tells me then I can leave then so she can finished helping a customer that came after I was there. I let Kelsie know how her customer service is awful, how can she help someone else before resolving the matter at hand, I told her she is very RUDE and needs to understand what customer service looks sounds and looks like, and how I would be rating this experience! I expressed how I was going to contact my attorney, and how I would not return back to rent from that location EVER AGAIN. I left feeling insulted, furious about the situation and treated unfairly! The following day I checked my credit card to see if the security deposit hold was lifted and learned it was still unavailable. My husband contacted the supervisor Karen and she told us she didn’t get around to following up with report, and how she is overloaded with work and customers, she stated she will try to get to it by 1p today and left me with her contact number. I asked why isn’t my funds releases back on my card if she told me I wasn’t being charged for anything until she completes her investigation, she responds that she made the decision to keep security deposit the way it is in case their is a claim they will need to make. I explained to Karen how unprofessional this situation is being handled has been reported to higher executives and how my attorny will be in contact with them by Monday morning if this issue isn’t resolved by then. Karen responded to me that I won’t get any where by use of reaching out to headquarters, she then said I’ll have a better turn around time with response by use of regional manager Michelle. Closing our conversation Karen promised to follow up with report today and give me a call back around 1p.

  7. Hello to all,

    I write this to have you recognize that your employees at the Weston Road, south of Hwy. 401 location, in North York did not show any concern, nor pure customer service in their actions.

    Not the first time that trust was lost with their lack of customer care, but in attempting to regain my desire to use this location, I gave another shot. They dropped the ball, yet again, in many areas.

    If, after a week, I myself had not followed up I hold no doubt these two would not have cared. Yet, in the response from that location, your employee attempted to lay the blame on ‘head office’ making errors, then changing his story three times in as many minutes. Far from showing concern, passing blame, and grasping for shoddy answers to save themselves.

    Now, everyone writes to lay out the disappointment, the sheer lack of customer follow up, let alone service.

    Let’s change that.

    First off, your Ms. Brintha reacted immediately to rectify that locations mistakes. She not only performed that action, she followed up; twice to make sure everything was on track and satisfactory.

    I do hope you will recognize her dedication to your company, her ethics and her follow up to me, and regional manager.

    Second, it took a few days but your area manager called, wanted the first hand notification, and then went to work to make sure, as he stated, “keep you wanting to retain Enterprise as you need us!” He followed up over the weekend, and Monday took that staff in hand, from what he told me. Making sure they knew what they had lost in trust, quality and customer service. He did say he was taking them to task.

    Tuesday, he followed up with a message, stating he personally was in there to make sure they knew, that customers were to be cherished, not sluffed off. He recitifed the problem, even asking me if I was still willing to use that location(I still have to think on that, trust and belief has me waning)and he would personally make sure I got a vehicle that was cleaned by him, if need be.

    I told him of how others in our buildings had stated they would go elsewhere, rather than there. He said he would change that.

    I would like to hold the belief he will. Time will tell.

    So, out of all this, those two individuals should be recognized for their effort, their want of keeping, and having those they do refer them. Again, time will tell, trust is not easy in these times. Especially when the lack of concern displayed by that location, the blame passing, the story changing does hamper the idea of, “Oh, let’s rent there!”

    Hopefully, you will give a nod to the two who actually gave a damn, and even more so, have customer service, follow ups, and concern ingrained upon those who let it slide.

    By the way, your accountant in Toronto, Vince, said to just complain in feedback, that no one in Toronto knows who the corporate CEO is, only a GM in Canada. Seems deflection actually exists here.

    Most sincerely,

    L. Wilson

  8. The big tall white man with National rent a car commercial with a big Afro in a shower is very Racist and mocking. I denounce and condemned it. When God comes he will say to people like u all who are mocking, depart from me I know u not.

  9. I would never go south Pomona enterprise office again. First they did not have car when we went to get. Had to wait for them to pick up eight people before my elderly mother and I. Tben they offer suv but my mother would never be able to get in. They did give us a bmw which I did not want or order . I told them to call when they got a compact car. They never call. So we went by a day later. The only compact cars they had was a dirty stain car . End up taking went to a store accidently left keys in store which closed. Would not be open till Monday it was saturDay. I call enterprise they told me to call tow truck . I they said I could only get car from airport and the tow truck would drive us there. The tow truck did not drive to airport and left me in parking lot at 8:00 pm where they leave all the broken cars. I had to find a cab to get to airport to get another car. I was assured they would have car. I call twice to make sure. When I got to airport all they had was a pickup truck that smell of smoke needless to say I had to take cab back to hotel with no car. Now it’s sunday when I call the south pompano office they were busy and I was unable toexplain what happen. They could not guarantee Me a car. I was hung up on. Had to go to different Enterprise office who were very nice. On Monday when I got keys I call to tell them. I wa told that there Made keys On Sunday .
    Had to pay 200.00 for the keys which I return. I call corporate office and was told regional Supervisor Would call call me. She never called. I email her and stil have not heard from her even thow corporate assured me she would. I email her still never heard from her. I find that very unprofessional . To this day never a return call. I have rented a lot of cars and never had such a hard time. Had to pay 353.00 for two days for a car I would not put my dog in. I was told the customer did all the stains in the car. I was not the the customer that stain car. They should not even be renting that car. Spend 4 days of my vacation on rental car only. Not happy.
    Bonne Eicher

  10. Hello I have a question its been 15 years since I had a issue in or around 2004 I applied for a rental and it still said nothing . my question is will I be in good standing I enjoyed enterprise when I was renting early 2000 very nice cars customer service was Excellent they new me by my nickname BUBBLES that’s how much I enjoyed there cars affordable and good on gas so if you can help me out with my customer service matter I very much appreciate it.. Thank you

  11. My name is Andrea Quash and on April 10,2019 i entered Enterprise at Newark Airport in Building 25 to rent a Full size Suv for the day due to a family emergency out of town. I had previously the night before(April 9th, 2019) try to rent the vehicle but was unsuccesful due to not enough funds on my credit. I returned the next morning after fixing the money issue and assuming that the rental would be cheaper due to only renting for one day, but found out that was not the case. I had ask the young man behind the counter how much would be the total of the vehicle and he stated to me” I am not going to charge your credit card, just need to swipe so that i can get to that page to give you the total”, I replied, “OK”. We went thru the process and my card was declined, which I knew was going to happened due to the fact that the total was more than what was on my credit card(amount was $487 for the car rental plus the deposit). I left the branch and proceeded to go to another car rental facility were I found a vehicle for lesser money and was able to get. As I am going thru the process at the other rental facility the man proceeds to tell me that my card was declined due to not enough funds. I knew that coud not had been possible because there was enough funds to cover the price of the vehicle. I check my credit card and low and behold there was a $222.16 charge from Enterprise pending on my card, so was unable to rent vehicle. I called my credit card company and explain to them what happened and they proceeded to call enterprise to see if they could rectify the situation. I was told that it my credit card company had to release the hold and that it was nothing they could do. Well that was not the case, my credit card explained that it had to come from enterprise end and not their’s, so the young man(Anthony id#E627wm) stated that I needed to go back to the branch and see what they could do because it was not showing up in his screen yet and that it takes 24 hrs. Well went back to the branch and explained the situation to them and even showed were it had the charge on my credit card and that it was pending. They basically told me that they could reverse it but that they had to EMAIL not CALL their Account dept to see what they could do. I never heard anything back from the ACCOUNT DEPT(no email or no call). I called coporate and explain what happened and whanted to know why my card was charged for a vehicle that I was not able to rent and that if my card was declined there should had been no charge on my card for nothing. I was not able to make it to were I needed to be because of this situation and when trying to get it resolved….no one could tell me anything or even try to help. I wasn’t even compensated for the inconvenience that they caused me and I would like to know how is this situation going to be handled. This was very unprofessional and I do not think that I will not be renting from enterprise anytime in the future. I have nver had anything like this happen before and I have rented vehicles numerous times from numerous car rental agencies. I would like for some to please get back to me ASAP or I will be looking into taking leagal action: SUING Enterprise for my funds.

  12. I have been put on a do not rent list and found that it was completely and inadvertently done to be spiteful. I would like contact information for an executive to respond to my multiple requests

  13. The corporate office email address is not working for me. I need to email you about an issue, or at least send you a pm on Facebook messenger, if you are answering messages on Facebook.

  14. Got to stand out side in 100 weather to rent a car. at 6640 Briargate Way Southaven Ms. over 45 minutes.

  15. How do I email your CEO about a Covid-19 related complaint. I have already spoken with the area manager and was not pleased with the outcome. My next step is contacting a newspaper reporter

  16. I have copied and pasted the email chain between customer service.

    Dear Ms. Hill,

    Thank you for your response. My name is Kevin and I’m happy to help.

    I’m sorry to hear your conversation with Regional Management was disappointing. It is never our intention to disappoint a valued customer, and we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. The best ways we have to measure success and identify areas within the company that are in need of improvement are through comments received from our customers. Please let me assure you that your feedback will be used to help us in achieving our goal of becoming the car rental company of choice. Feel free to contact us again if you require further assistance. Thank you for contacting Enterprise.

    Enterprise Customer Service
    From: [email protected]
    Sent: Wed Jul 29 2020 19:34:47 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Rental Reservation on July 3, 2020
    Good Evening,

    I really appreciate your efforts in reaching out to the Regional Management team for Shreveport Regional Airport. As I mentioned previously I have two trips in the coming weeks back to back. I reserved a rental for July 7th -10th, but I’m going to cancel this evening and honestly discontinue my services with Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

    MY Confirmation was… 1068691309xxxxx

    Mr. Love did reach out to me yesterday afternoon, but the conversation with him was very disappointing. He never apologized for the service and inconvenience I received. Really didn’t seem to care one way or the other. He stated that, he would email me and I could send him my reservation information to make sure a vehicle would be available. “Commitment to Customer Service” is clearly a joke. I asked if my situation was explained to him, and he replied, “No.” He thought my complaint was concerning a current rental that wasn’t available. He had no clue why he was calling me. Therefore, I had to explain the entire situation again.

    He informed me that he was only told, “No rental”…very poor customer service.

    And still today no communication from Mr. Love.

    I will reach out to corporate in St. Louis and very much inform them of the “Commitment to Customer Service” that he exuberates. I’m sure Ms. Taylor would love to know the type of service provided by her team.


    LaZondra Hill

    From: “[email protected]
    Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 3:35 PM
    To: “Hill, LaZondra”
    Subject: RE: Re: Rental Reservation on July 3, 2020

    CAUTION! This email came from outside of Morehouse School of Medicine. Exercise extra caution clicking links and opening attachments from any and all senders.

    Dear Ms. Hill,

    Thank you for choosing Enterprise for your car rental needs! My name is Melissa and I am happy to assist you today.

    We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused and we will ensure to get this in the right direction for proper assistance. I have engaged the regional management team at Shreveport Regional Airport and they will contact you as soon as they can.

    Your Reference Number is: 35531412

    If you have any further questions regarding this rental, please feel free to email us back. Have a wonderful day!

    Kind Regards,


    Enterprise Customer Service

    From: [email protected]
    Sent: Tue Jul 28 2020 14:30:25 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: Rental Reservation on July 3, 2020

    Hello Shanita,

    Thank you for your prompt response and attention to this matter. I have to come to Shreveport the weekend of July 7th and again on July 15th. I’m at odds about reserving my vehicles with Enterprise.

    1. Your original reservation number – 106769xxxx

    2. Your rental agreement number, or

    3. The primary renter’s full name and the date, city, and state where the rental was picked up

    LaZondra Hill, July 3-5, 2020, Shreveport, Louisiana (Shreveport Regional Airport, SHV). I never picked up the rental, they didn’t have any.

    But, another customer and I witnessed an agent rent a vehicle to a gentleman who came up after the customer who was before me. It was all disturbing.

    I made my reservation June 12, 2020


    From: “[email protected]
    Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 2:58 PM
    To: “Hill, LaZondra”
    Subject: RE: Rental Reservation on July 3, 2020

    CAUTION! This email came from outside of Morehouse School of Medicine. Exercise extra caution clicking links and opening attachments from any and all senders.

    Dear Ms. Hill,

    Thank you for contacting Enterprise Customer Service. My name is Shanita, and I would be happy to assist you with your inquiry, but we will need a little more information. Please provide us with any of the following:

    1. Your original reservation number – 106769xxxx

    2. Your rental agreement number, or

    3. The primary renter’s full name and the date, city, and state where the rental was picked up

    LaZondra Hill, July 3-5, 2020, Shreveport, Louisiana (Shreveport Regional Airport, SHV)

    I made my reservation June 12, 2020

    Once we receive this information, we can locate your rental information and assist you further. We look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,


    Enterprise Customer Service

    From: [email protected]
    Sent: Tue Jul 28 2020 14:52:01 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Rental Reservation on July 3, 2020

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I live in Atlanta, GA and I made a reservation a week or two in advance for a vehicle on July 3-5 with Enterprise. I have been a faithful customer for several years and I reserve vehicles at this location very often. I’m making reservations now to visit Shreveport in a couple of weeks and had to change my mind about renting from Enterprise due to the fear of my vehicle not being secured.

    At this point making reservations has become a joke.

    There were several and I mean several of us who made reservations with Enterprise at the Shreveport Regional Airport that day and were told when we approached the counter that they were out of vehicles. It’s disturbing to know after being on a flight and coming to a city to visit family you have no transportation. Very unprofessional and lack of customer service.

    Thankfully, I was able to secure a vehicle with another company and moving forward, I will continue my services with them. Once I arrived at my parents I saw that a voicemail was left when I was actually on the plane in route to Shreveport.

    What’s the purpose of making a reservation to secure a vehicle and to get there and nothing is available. Enterprise needs to remove reservation option or give priority to customers who have reservations. Other rental companies inform you that they only have vehicles available to customers who have reservations and maybe Enterprise should take heed to that policy. The most disturbing thing was; the way your agents handled the situation.

    LaZondra Hill

    xxx Rocky Ridge Boulevard

    Douglasville, GA 30134

    (318) 780-xxxx

    lazfxxxx @gmai

  17. I am writing this message as a confused consumer of Enterprise. I reserved a Luxury Vehicle on 7/27/20, reservation #1955908388. I called 30 mins early to confirm this reservation, was placed on hold while associate confirmed reservation and vehicle availability and was told my vehicle was ready. I headed into the location and upon conveying my reservation # to the associate, he told me he did not know why the associate told me a Luxury Vehicle was available as they normally rented Luxury Elites out of this locale. And began to inform me of a short list of available Luxury Elites. Not to mention the price of the vehicle increased by $30 as well. I had to cut my trip from 2 days to 1 day as a result. This too was unfair. I work for Ford/Lincoln Dealership and drive new vehicle 5 days a week. I am an automotive Technician. Master ASE Certified. And this said, upon entering the vehicle and driving away, I immediately noticed that this Nautilus was hesitating at Take-off. I attributed it to vehicle not being warmed up sufficiently. Needless to say, I got home, packed my bag, hit the road and in about 30 mins, I realized this was not a simple issue of vehicle not being sufficiently warmed enough. And considering I was a ways out, I continued my trip and decided to express my frustration upon my return. And I called Enterprise Customer Service to let them know there was a drivability issue with the Nautilus I rented!
    I returned with said vehicle and expressed my concern to the same guy that checked me out, and he offered me a $10 Credit. When I asked for another day to be added to my account for later rental as I am a Reward Member, he laughed and said they do not give this significant of a discount for vehicle malfunctions. I was enraged, frustrated, felt a sting from the brute disrespect and wanted to get belligerent but decided to keep it professional. So, I called Enterprise Customer Support and they informed me that they did not support these types of practices and if it had been at Airport location, they would have refunded my money. A ticket was created initially on 7/27. Upon not hearing from anyone I again called Customer Support to express concern and they sent a msg to Regional Management for them to reach out to me AGAIN on 8/8/2020, they again told me they would forward a message to Regional management. And again, I still have yet to hear from these people to resolve my complaint. Is this how you all conduct yourselves in response to customer concerns at your independent locations? I am going to give you an opertunity to make this right before filing complaint with my local Attorney General and BBB. I am totally disgusted by the conduct of the employees at this 1st Ave location. They were unprofessional, inconsiderate, argumentative and the guy that helped me tried to get into the vehicle as if he was going to diagnose the concern the vehicle is experiencing. I have seen the vehicle still in circulation and they have yet to address this poor running vehicle. I give you my word, if they take that vehicle to a Lincoln Dealer, they will confirm the issue and make the appropriate repair. I know this much for a fact.
    In closing, I would like to Thank you in advance for your attention and reply to this most important matter. Have a wonderful rest of your day. If you call my phone, please leave a message and call back # so I know whom is calling as I screen my calls for Robo and unsolicited phone calls.

  18. So unsatisfied with the service received from this company. Spent about $5,000.00 on the same rental from June 3, 2020 to September 3, 2020. As of July 1st the car rental’s registration was expired. Before realizing that I’ve expressed interest in purchasing the rental. When I was facing financial hardship I spoke to the manager about that and still had/have intentions of paying any balances to work with that same rental. Shortly after I received text messages from manager in Peekskill location threatening to report car stolen as if I was stealing. Jay (Peekskill Manager) had Kyle B (Regional Manager) reach out to tell me also my $5,000.00 payment doesn’t matter. He also stated if I can’t afford it to bring back his car. Very displeased with the service. I went to make a payment of $100.00 towards my balance and realized that an unauthorized payment of $200.00 was received by entertainment in the Peekskill location. When I called that location a representative named Matt had the nerve to tell me they didn’t charge it when on my statements it was taken from this company at that location. Now I have no money for the week

  19. Very bad customer service. Promising things and upsetting customers. Please contact me via phone 305-342-xxxx. I am one of the medium upset customers on how you promise reservations and do not have cars for it.

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