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Enterprise Holdings owns and operates the Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, and the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand.

Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
Corporate Address
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Company Contact
Pamela Nicholson
CEO of Enterprise Holdings
Phone Number
(314) 512-5000
Fax Number
(314) 512-4706
Employee Count
Twitter IDs
@enterprisecares, @enterpriseUK



What is Enterprise’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Enterprise’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-314-512-2880 or 1-314-512-5000.


What is Enterprise’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Enterprise’s main Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-264-6350.

Other Enterprise Car Rental Phone Numbers.

Reservations: 1-855-266-9289

Reservations en Español: 1-877-416-0000

For users of TTY devices: 1-866-534-9270

Enterprise Customer Service Support phone number: 1-855-266-9565

Enterprise Roadside Assistance phone number: 1-800-307-6666

Enterprise Plus® Member Services: 1-866-507-6222

Customers with Disabilities phone number: 1-866-225-4284

Enterprise Business Rentals phone number: 1-877-881-5500

Enterprise Car Sales phone number: 1-888-227-7253

Enterprise Truck Rental phone number: 1-888-736-8287

Enterprise Fleet Management phone number: 1-877-233-5338

Maintenance Program Information phone number: 1-800-325-8838


What is Enterprise’s Headquarters Address?

Enterprise’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Enterprise Holdings
  • 600 Corporate Park Drive
  • St. Louis, MO 63105
  • USA


How do I Contact Enterprise Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Enterprise via:

Enterprise’s Email Address: [email protected] Or, use the Email Form to ask a question.

Enterprise’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Enterprise on Social Media:

Enterprise on Twitter: @Enterprisecares

Enterprise on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Enterprise

Enterprise Headquarters Executive Team.

Enterprise’s management team consists of:

Andrew C. Taylor, Executive Chairman

Donald Ross, Vice Chairman

Pamela Nicholson, President and Chief Executive Officer

Jo Ann Taylor Kindle, President – Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Christine Taylor, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Greg Stubblefield, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Rick Short, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Brice Adamson, Senior Vice President – Enterprise Fleet Management

Mike Andrew, Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Craig Kennedy, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Carolyn Kindle Betz, Senior Vice President and Executive Director – Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Kurt Kohler, Senior Vice President – Fleet Acquisition and Remarketing, North America

Rose Langhorst, Senior Vice President and Treasurer

Steve Brackney, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

David Nestor, Senior Vice President – North American Operations

Shelley Roither, Vice President – Human Resources

Enterprise Holdings Board of Directors.

Andrew Taylor
Executive Chairman

Carolyn Kindle
Vice President and Executive Director

Donald Ross
Vice Chairman

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  1. I refuse to go back to this location again. I went to visit this location after I complained about their service before. The manager assisted me after I complained and she gave me a discount towards another rental but it had to be used at their location. I had a reservation and I even had someone to call me the day before to confirm. Got to the place for my scheduled reservation time. Multiple customers were complaining about them not having a vehicle for them especially since they had a reservation. I waited an hour and a half and they still couldn’t tell me when I would get a vehicle. So i told them i was leaving. The guy said OK… That’s it no apology/empathy or nothing. That was the last straw with this location. Unfortunately the manager who seemed to care left to go to another location 🙁 This location really needs to be retrained on customer service. Enterprise the wesley chapel location in Decatur,GA

  2. Called but for rude customer service is not acceptable at any location. And your State College PA branch has been doing this for years. I have complained on serval occasions. last time they charge me for insurance when I stated I had insurance I had the car for about 2 months. They lied about the lowest rate. Your Company doesn’t care as long as they are making money for your company. But this time the argument between 3 employees and your customers. NO THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. When a customer ask for a manger then that means your service person should step back and say okay no problem but no your team member continues to argue

  3. i rented a car in September. returned it a day or 2 later than I had rented eith permission of couse. I dodnt have all the money on my car so they took some money. now its November, and I am on the DNR list (Do Not Rent). They say I owe them $$, but when I pulled up my credit card statements on that particular days, it shows money has left my account. Been trying for 2 weeks to get this situation resolved, but have gotten no where fast, so I am writing chairman

    1. Flew to North Carolina and drove from Charlotte to Columbia South Carolina with the rental about 1hr 30min apart. This was to see my brother Army graduation. We had a check engine and battery sign on the dashboard come up. It went away about 5 min later. We didn’t think anything of it since the van was “new”. The following day it would not start at all. We were stranded in the middle of the road. I called roadside assistance and a person on the line said they would get a transfer car… that never happened. They ubered us to Columbia about 20min from our hotel and that location didn’t have a car. Not a single one. I has to pay out of pocket to get an uber ride back to the hotel. I called again and they said they would make a report to the general manager in our area so he/she could help us with our issue and get us a new car. Never got a call from them or email. Then the tow truck they had coming all along never arrived. We had to move the cable from the battery to start the car. With the check engine still on. We’ll see if I get a refund for the time I never even got the chance to use it. I paid alot of money for this car rental. It’s a joke. I called the office in 3 locations and not a single one answered or had a return call. I will never use enterprise again ever in my life. I will now look for app car rental since the biggest rental company in the US can’t correct their customer service issues. Let’s see of I even get paid anything because if this is how they handle their calls then I’d be surprised if I even get a penny.

      1. I was just reading all the comments
        I’m sorry you had to go threw that they did the same thing to me they don’t know how to talk or help there customers no one has ever correct there behavior it’s unbelievable on how many complaints and still the C E O has done nothing maybe it’s time to call the news so they can see how many complaints there has been and nothing being done I know I’m going to start making phone calls to Chanel 2,4,5,7 this has to stop we get no help when we have issues with the car that they gave to us it’s not free we are all paying

  4. I was recently placed on the dnr for using a coupon I found online. I’ve been renting with enterprise and national for years. Over 75 rentals this year alone. Then all of a sudden I’m banned for using a coupon I found on a Google search. I’ve been nothing but a loyal customer to enterprise. Where’s the loyalty to me. I would love to keep my business with enterprise. How can I be removed??

    Loyal Customer

    1. Enterprise manager told me she’s the boss and decides who she wants to rent to.I found her conduct very odd as I spent over 10,000 dollars on corporate rentals for the year 2020. I’m not going quietly i will expose them

  5. to: Shelley Roither
    fm: Jon M. McCracken, Employee e447nq
    sub: Requesting to Return to Former Position after medical issue. I applied for a driver position that was advertised in Roseville, MN “N-1” where I had worked up until a 3-month hospitalization required me to terminate my employment on 1 Dec 2017 for the good of the Company. I did not know how long the serious condition I had was going to last and I did not think it fair to the company to hold the position, keeping someone else from driving. I have received in home health care until recently, and now that I am able to return, I applied for the position that was posted for a driver at roseville, MN – the same job I had left last year – and I was told “no” in an e-mail from Kristin Bjork. I was not given a reason for this decision, and I have asked both Kristin and Megan Anderson (manager) to re-consider the answer. I loved working as a driver for Enterprise Holdings, and as a 100% Disabled Army Veteran I am on a fixed income of disability benefits and come to find that driving is a job that I can complete with the best of them. It is a nice feeling to be competitive in an area that offers me some more income and will allow my daughter (17) a little extra funding for college next fall. I am writing to you to ask if you would review my past 2 1/2 years with Enterprise Holding and speak with Kristin and Megan in order to reinstate me. Thank you for your response. Sincerely,

  6. Anonymous, I made a reservation for a mid-size SUV on 2/20/19 at the Amherst, MA located 185 Holdsworth Way. When I arrived to pick up my rental, Kelsie told me they didn’t have what I reserved available, the reservation pickup time was for 4:30p I arrived around 4:15p. The rep (Kelsie) told me she only had one car available to rent me, I asked if she could call another location nearby to see, she claimed she did already. The rep had to call her supervisor (Karen) several times during the time of visit to ask questions like as if she was incompetent of what she was doing. I settled with the car she had available which was a used Nissan, very small for my family, and the exterior was very dirty, after 5p I knew my options were limited. Upon completing transactions we had to wait for her supervisor to arrive to look over the reps work in order for us to complete rental process. After almost 25mins later of the tedious process, the rep rushed through the the paperwork, and quickly scanned vehicle. I mention to rep how fast she examined car for damages, she quickly responded how she is used to it and pretty much familiar with the car and how it looks. I responded, this is the first, usually rentals are clean inside and out to ensure clarity of vehicle condition, she responds if I notice any damages on car I can give her a call to let her know then asked me for my initials and signature, she appeared to be anxious to wrap up paper work and rush me out the door. I had to run defrost and clean windshield from snow before pulling off. When I returned from trip, the same rep Kelsie was there to receive vehicle, she proceeds to check vehicle, miles, and gas. Kelsie mentions she noticed some damages to trunk hood of vehicle I responded that is how you gave me the vehicle. She responds I didn’t notice it before, I responded maybe because you rushed through that part of process but that is how vehicle was given to me. She responds she will have to call her supervisor (Karen). Karen tells Kelsie on the line to get my insurance information in order to make a claim, I asked Kelsie to allow me to speak to supervisor she passed me the phone. After I thoroughly explained to supervisor what the process looked like before taking rental out and how I have been a paying customer for years renting from Enterprise and its sister company and have never had any issues like this before such as being accused for prior undocumented dings in a used car that already exist from prior use. After my conversation with the supervisor, the rep Kelsie angrily tells me she will need my insurance info to file a claim with my insurance so they can cover the damages. I let Kelsie know her supervisor said she will further look into and contact me if any claims are made, and how she will not charge me anything at that time. Kelsie then tells me then I can leave then so she can finished helping a customer that came after I was there. I let Kelsie know how her customer service is awful, how can she help someone else before resolving the matter at hand, I told her she is very RUDE and needs to understand what customer service looks sounds and looks like, and how I would be rating this experience! I expressed how I was going to contact my attorney, and how I would not return back to rent from that location EVER AGAIN. I left feeling insulted, furious about the situation and treated unfairly! The following day I checked my credit card to see if the security deposit hold was lifted and learned it was still unavailable. My husband contacted the supervisor Karen and she told us she didn’t get around to following up with report, and how she is overloaded with work and customers, she stated she will try to get to it by 1p today and left me with her contact number. I asked why isn’t my funds releases back on my card if she told me I wasn’t being charged for anything until she completes her investigation, she responds that she made the decision to keep security deposit the way it is in case their is a claim they will need to make. I explained to Karen how unprofessional this situation is being handled has been reported to higher executives and how my attorny will be in contact with them by Monday morning if this issue isn’t resolved by then. Karen responded to me that I won’t get any where by use of reaching out to headquarters, she then said I’ll have a better turn around time with response by use of regional manager Michelle. Closing our conversation Karen promised to follow up with report today and give me a call back around 1p.

  7. Hello to all,

    I write this to have you recognize that your employees at the Weston Road, south of Hwy. 401 location, in North York did not show any concern, nor pure customer service in their actions.

    Not the first time that trust was lost with their lack of customer care, but in attempting to regain my desire to use this location, I gave another shot. They dropped the ball, yet again, in many areas.

    If, after a week, I myself had not followed up I hold no doubt these two would not have cared. Yet, in the response from that location, your employee attempted to lay the blame on ‘head office’ making errors, then changing his story three times in as many minutes. Far from showing concern, passing blame, and grasping for shoddy answers to save themselves.

    Now, everyone writes to lay out the disappointment, the sheer lack of customer follow up, let alone service.

    Let’s change that.

    First off, your Ms. Brintha reacted immediately to rectify that locations mistakes. She not only performed that action, she followed up; twice to make sure everything was on track and satisfactory.

    I do hope you will recognize her dedication to your company, her ethics and her follow up to me, and regional manager.

    Second, it took a few days but your area manager called, wanted the first hand notification, and then went to work to make sure, as he stated, “keep you wanting to retain Enterprise as you need us!” He followed up over the weekend, and Monday took that staff in hand, from what he told me. Making sure they knew what they had lost in trust, quality and customer service. He did say he was taking them to task.

    Tuesday, he followed up with a message, stating he personally was in there to make sure they knew, that customers were to be cherished, not sluffed off. He recitifed the problem, even asking me if I was still willing to use that location(I still have to think on that, trust and belief has me waning)and he would personally make sure I got a vehicle that was cleaned by him, if need be.

    I told him of how others in our buildings had stated they would go elsewhere, rather than there. He said he would change that.

    I would like to hold the belief he will. Time will tell.

    So, out of all this, those two individuals should be recognized for their effort, their want of keeping, and having those they do refer them. Again, time will tell, trust is not easy in these times. Especially when the lack of concern displayed by that location, the blame passing, the story changing does hamper the idea of, “Oh, let’s rent there!”

    Hopefully, you will give a nod to the two who actually gave a damn, and even more so, have customer service, follow ups, and concern ingrained upon those who let it slide.

    By the way, your accountant in Toronto, Vince, said to just complain in feedback, that no one in Toronto knows who the corporate CEO is, only a GM in Canada. Seems deflection actually exists here.

    Most sincerely,

    L. Wilson

  8. The big tall white man with National rent a car commercial with a big Afro in a shower is very prejudicedand mocking. I denounce and condemned it. When God comes he will say to people like u all who are mocking, depart from me I know u not.

  9. I would never go south Pomona enterprise office again. First they did not have car when we went to get. Had to wait for them to pick up eight people before my elderly mother and I. Tben they offer suv but my mother would never be able to get in. They did give us a bmw which I did not want or order . I told them to call when they got a compact car. They never call. So we went by a day later. The only compact cars they had was a dirty stain car . End up taking went to a store accidently left keys in store which closed. Would not be open till Monday it was saturDay. I call enterprise they told me to call tow truck . I they said I could only get car from airport and the tow truck would drive us there. The tow truck did not drive to airport and left me in parking lot at 8:00 pm where they leave all the broken cars. I had to find a cab to get to airport to get another car. I was assured they would have car. I call twice to make sure. When I got to airport all they had was a pickup truck that smell of smoke needless to say I had to take cab back to hotel with no car. Now it’s sunday when I call the south pompano office they were busy and I was unable toexplain what happen. They could not guarantee Me a car. I was hung up on. Had to go to different Enterprise office who were very nice. On Monday when I got keys I call to tell them. I wa told that there Made keys On Sunday .
    Had to pay 200.00 for the keys which I return. I call corporate office and was told regional Supervisor Would call call me. She never called. I email her and stil have not heard from her even thow corporate assured me she would. I email her still never heard from her. I find that very unprofessional . To this day never a return call. I have rented a lot of cars and never had such a hard time. Had to pay 353.00 for two days for a car I would not put my dog in. I was told the customer did all the stains in the car. I was not the the customer that stain car. They should not even be renting that car. Spend 4 days of my vacation on rental car only. Not happy.
    Bonne Eicher

  10. Hello I have a question its been 15 years since I had a issue in or around 2004 I applied for a rental and it still said nothing . my question is will I be in good standing I enjoyed enterprise when I was renting early 2000 very nice cars customer service was Excellent they new me by my nickname BUBBLES that’s how much I enjoyed there cars affordable and good on gas so if you can help me out with my customer service matter I very much appreciate it.. Thank you

  11. My name is Andrea Quash and on April 10,2019 i entered Enterprise at Newark Airport in Building 25 to rent a Full size Suv for the day due to a family emergency out of town. I had previously the night before(April 9th, 2019) try to rent the vehicle but was unsuccesful due to not enough funds on my credit. I returned the next morning after fixing the money issue and assuming that the rental would be cheaper due to only renting for one day, but found out that was not the case. I had ask the young man behind the counter how much would be the total of the vehicle and he stated to me” I am not going to charge your credit card, just need to swipe so that i can get to that page to give you the total”, I replied, “OK”. We went thru the process and my card was declined, which I knew was going to happened due to the fact that the total was more than what was on my credit card(amount was $487 for the car rental plus the deposit). I left the branch and proceeded to go to another car rental facility were I found a vehicle for lesser money and was able to get. As I am going thru the process at the other rental facility the man proceeds to tell me that my card was declined due to not enough funds. I knew that coud not had been possible because there was enough funds to cover the price of the vehicle. I check my credit card and low and behold there was a $222.16 charge from Enterprise pending on my card, so was unable to rent vehicle. I called my credit card company and explain to them what happened and they proceeded to call enterprise to see if they could rectify the situation. I was told that it my credit card company had to release the hold and that it was nothing they could do. Well that was not the case, my credit card explained that it had to come from enterprise end and not their’s, so the young man(Anthony id#E627wm) stated that I needed to go back to the branch and see what they could do because it was not showing up in his screen yet and that it takes 24 hrs. Well went back to the branch and explained the situation to them and even showed were it had the charge on my credit card and that it was pending. They basically told me that they could reverse it but that they had to EMAIL not CALL their Account dept to see what they could do. I never heard anything back from the ACCOUNT DEPT(no email or no call). I called coporate and explain what happened and whanted to know why my card was charged for a vehicle that I was not able to rent and that if my card was declined there should had been no charge on my card for nothing. I was not able to make it to were I needed to be because of this situation and when trying to get it resolved….no one could tell me anything or even try to help. I wasn’t even compensated for the inconvenience that they caused me and I would like to know how is this situation going to be handled. This was very unprofessional and I do not think that I will not be renting from enterprise anytime in the future. I have nver had anything like this happen before and I have rented vehicles numerous times from numerous car rental agencies. I would like for some to please get back to me ASAP or I will be looking into taking leagal action: SUING Enterprise for my funds.

  12. I have been put on a do not rent list and found that it was completely and inadvertently done to be spiteful. I would like contact information for an executive to respond to my multiple requests

    1. I agree do they put you the list with m o accountability,, not gonna happen spread the word make them explain its 2021

  13. The corporate office email address is not working for me. I need to email you about an issue, or at least send you a pm on Facebook messenger, if you are answering messages on Facebook.

  14. Got to stand out side in 100 weather to rent a car. at 6640 Briargate Way Southaven Ms. over 45 minutes.

  15. How do I email your CEO about a Covid-19 related complaint. I have already spoken with the area manager and was not pleased with the outcome. My next step is contacting a newspaper reporter

  16. I have copied and pasted the email chain between customer service.

    Dear Ms. Hill,

    Thank you for your response. My name is Kevin and I’m happy to help.

    I’m sorry to hear your conversation with Regional Management was disappointing. It is never our intention to disappoint a valued customer, and we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. The best ways we have to measure success and identify areas within the company that are in need of improvement are through comments received from our customers. Please let me assure you that your feedback will be used to help us in achieving our goal of becoming the car rental company of choice. Feel free to contact us again if you require further assistance. Thank you for contacting Enterprise.

    Enterprise Customer Service
    From: [email protected]
    Sent: Wed Jul 29 2020 19:34:47 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Rental Reservation on July 3, 2020
    Good Evening,

    I really appreciate your efforts in reaching out to the Regional Management team for Shreveport Regional Airport. As I mentioned previously I have two trips in the coming weeks back to back. I reserved a rental for July 7th -10th, but I’m going to cancel this evening and honestly discontinue my services with Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

    MY Confirmation was… 1068691309xxxxx

    Mr. Love did reach out to me yesterday afternoon, but the conversation with him was very disappointing. He never apologized for the service and inconvenience I received. Really didn’t seem to care one way or the other. He stated that, he would email me and I could send him my reservation information to make sure a vehicle would be available. “Commitment to Customer Service” is clearly a joke. I asked if my situation was explained to him, and he replied, “No.” He thought my complaint was concerning a current rental that wasn’t available. He had no clue why he was calling me. Therefore, I had to explain the entire situation again.

    He informed me that he was only told, “No rental”…very poor customer service.

    And still today no communication from Mr. Love.

    I will reach out to corporate in St. Louis and very much inform them of the “Commitment to Customer Service” that he exuberates. I’m sure Ms. Taylor would love to know the type of service provided by her team.


    LaZondra Hill

    From: “[email protected]
    Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 3:35 PM
    To: “Hill, LaZondra”
    Subject: RE: Re: Rental Reservation on July 3, 2020

    CAUTION! This email came from outside of Morehouse School of Medicine. Exercise extra caution clicking links and opening attachments from any and all senders.

    Dear Ms. Hill,

    Thank you for choosing Enterprise for your car rental needs! My name is Melissa and I am happy to assist you today.

    We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused and we will ensure to get this in the right direction for proper assistance. I have engaged the regional management team at Shreveport Regional Airport and they will contact you as soon as they can.

    Your Reference Number is: 35531412

    If you have any further questions regarding this rental, please feel free to email us back. Have a wonderful day!

    Kind Regards,


    Enterprise Customer Service

    From: [email protected]
    Sent: Tue Jul 28 2020 14:30:25 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: Rental Reservation on July 3, 2020

    Hello Shanita,

    Thank you for your prompt response and attention to this matter. I have to come to Shreveport the weekend of July 7th and again on July 15th. I’m at odds about reserving my vehicles with Enterprise.

    1. Your original reservation number – 106769xxxx

    2. Your rental agreement number, or

    3. The primary renter’s full name and the date, city, and state where the rental was picked up

    LaZondra Hill, July 3-5, 2020, Shreveport, Louisiana (Shreveport Regional Airport, SHV). I never picked up the rental, they didn’t have any.

    But, another customer and I witnessed an agent rent a vehicle to a gentleman who came up after the customer who was before me. It was all disturbing.

    I made my reservation June 12, 2020


    From: “[email protected]
    Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 2:58 PM
    To: “Hill, LaZondra”
    Subject: RE: Rental Reservation on July 3, 2020

    CAUTION! This email came from outside of Morehouse School of Medicine. Exercise extra caution clicking links and opening attachments from any and all senders.

    Dear Ms. Hill,

    Thank you for contacting Enterprise Customer Service. My name is Shanita, and I would be happy to assist you with your inquiry, but we will need a little more information. Please provide us with any of the following:

    1. Your original reservation number – 106769xxxx

    2. Your rental agreement number, or

    3. The primary renter’s full name and the date, city, and state where the rental was picked up

    LaZondra Hill, July 3-5, 2020, Shreveport, Louisiana (Shreveport Regional Airport, SHV)

    I made my reservation June 12, 2020

    Once we receive this information, we can locate your rental information and assist you further. We look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,


    Enterprise Customer Service

    From: [email protected]
    Sent: Tue Jul 28 2020 14:52:01 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Rental Reservation on July 3, 2020

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I live in Atlanta, GA and I made a reservation a week or two in advance for a vehicle on July 3-5 with Enterprise. I have been a faithful customer for several years and I reserve vehicles at this location very often. I’m making reservations now to visit Shreveport in a couple of weeks and had to change my mind about renting from Enterprise due to the fear of my vehicle not being secured.

    At this point making reservations has become a joke.

    There were several and I mean several of us who made reservations with Enterprise at the Shreveport Regional Airport that day and were told when we approached the counter that they were out of vehicles. It’s disturbing to know after being on a flight and coming to a city to visit family you have no transportation. Very unprofessional and lack of customer service.

    Thankfully, I was able to secure a vehicle with another company and moving forward, I will continue my services with them. Once I arrived at my parents I saw that a voicemail was left when I was actually on the plane in route to Shreveport.

    What’s the purpose of making a reservation to secure a vehicle and to get there and nothing is available. Enterprise needs to remove reservation option or give priority to customers who have reservations. Other rental companies inform you that they only have vehicles available to customers who have reservations and maybe Enterprise should take heed to that policy. The most disturbing thing was; the way your agents handled the situation.

    LaZondra Hill

    xxx Rocky Ridge Boulevard

    Douglasville, GA 30134

    (318) 780-xxxx

    lazfxxxx @gmai

  17. I am writing this message as a confused consumer of Enterprise. I reserved a Luxury Vehicle on 7/27/20, reservation #1955908388. I called 30 mins early to confirm this reservation, was placed on hold while associate confirmed reservation and vehicle availability and was told my vehicle was ready. I headed into the location and upon conveying my reservation # to the associate, he told me he did not know why the associate told me a Luxury Vehicle was available as they normally rented Luxury Elites out of this locale. And began to inform me of a short list of available Luxury Elites. Not to mention the price of the vehicle increased by $30 as well. I had to cut my trip from 2 days to 1 day as a result. This too was unfair. I work for Ford/Lincoln Dealership and drive new vehicle 5 days a week. I am an automotive Technician. Master ASE Certified. And this said, upon entering the vehicle and driving away, I immediately noticed that this Nautilus was hesitating at Take-off. I attributed it to vehicle not being warmed up sufficiently. Needless to say, I got home, packed my bag, hit the road and in about 30 mins, I realized this was not a simple issue of vehicle not being sufficiently warmed enough. And considering I was a ways out, I continued my trip and decided to express my frustration upon my return. And I called Enterprise Customer Service to let them know there was a drivability issue with the Nautilus I rented!
    I returned with said vehicle and expressed my concern to the same guy that checked me out, and he offered me a $10 Credit. When I asked for another day to be added to my account for later rental as I am a Reward Member, he laughed and said they do not give this significant of a discount for vehicle malfunctions. I was enraged, frustrated, felt a sting from the brute disrespect and wanted to get belligerent but decided to keep it professional. So, I called Enterprise Customer Support and they informed me that they did not support these types of practices and if it had been at Airport location, they would have refunded my money. A ticket was created initially on 7/27. Upon not hearing from anyone I again called Customer Support to express concern and they sent a msg to Regional Management for them to reach out to me AGAIN on 8/8/2020, they again told me they would forward a message to Regional management. And again, I still have yet to hear from these people to resolve my complaint. Is this how you all conduct yourselves in response to customer concerns at your independent locations? I am going to give you an opertunity to make this right before filing complaint with my local Attorney General and BBB. I am totally disgusted by the conduct of the employees at this 1st Ave location. They were unprofessional, inconsiderate, argumentative and the guy that helped me tried to get into the vehicle as if he was going to diagnose the concern the vehicle is experiencing. I have seen the vehicle still in circulation and they have yet to address this poor running vehicle. I give you my word, if they take that vehicle to a Lincoln Dealer, they will confirm the issue and make the appropriate repair. I know this much for a fact.
    In closing, I would like to Thank you in advance for your attention and reply to this most important matter. Have a wonderful rest of your day. If you call my phone, please leave a message and call back # so I know whom is calling as I screen my calls for Robo and unsolicited phone calls.

  18. So unsatisfied with the service received from this company. Spent about $5,000.00 on the same rental from June 3, 2020 to September 3, 2020. As of July 1st the car rental’s registration was expired. Before realizing that I’ve expressed interest in purchasing the rental. When I was facing financial hardship I spoke to the manager about that and still had/have intentions of paying any balances to work with that same rental. Shortly after I received text messages from manager in Peekskill location threatening to report car stolen as if I was stealing. Jay (Peekskill Manager) had Kyle B (Regional Manager) reach out to tell me also my $5,000.00 payment doesn’t matter. He also stated if I can’t afford it to bring back his car. Very displeased with the service. I went to make a payment of $100.00 towards my balance and realized that an unauthorized payment of $200.00 was received by entertainment in the Peekskill location. When I called that location a representative named Matt had the nerve to tell me they didn’t charge it when on my statements it was taken from this company at that location. Now I have no money for the week

  19. Very bad customer service. Promising things and upsetting customers. Please contact me via phone 305-342-xxxx. I am one of the medium upset customers on how you promise reservations and do not have cars for it.

  20. I cannot use my points I’ve been for free days I’ve been a customer since the ’90s my number is jcn92vr that is my membership number I thank you for your time my cell number is 631-740-xxxx

  21. Disputing claim# 16480269

    Acknowledge please.

    Cannot reach anyonre by phone. On hold 30 minutes. Gave up.

    Your customer service is extremely poor.

  22. I’m a loyal customer and I in one of ur rentals and my reservations was for 22nd to the 26th so I messed up the dates and not going to get back in time before they close so I called about 10am an spoke to someone and told him I want be back in time it will be later to night or first thing in the A m he stated I have to find a enterprise where ever I at and pay for and extra day why would I do that when I’m on the highway trying to get back to Jacksonville Florida I ask can u take it out of my deposit he stated no I don’t understand why not I’m coming in late .

  23. this is not a complaint….but a question….what makes the difference from enterprise, etc and uhaul….uhaul is a company with corporate headquarters in AZ, and as such have all vehicles, across the USA….regristered, in that state….it seems to be a money and headache saver….is there anyway that Enterprise could take advantage, of such a policy….assuming that it does save, both time and money…

  24. I reserved an economy car online. Which I checked availability of the vehicle. Received phone call that the type of car I wanted was not available. I would have to pay $10.00 MORE for a car that I didn’t want.

  25. Today I was denied a rental that I reserved at Enterprise Downtown Miami DoubleTree Grand Hotel today. I arrived at the location to pick up my car and no one was available at the outside podium and inside the office. I waited inside the office for 25 minutes until the 4 employees came into the office together. At that time, the manager, Julian, collected my driver’s license and credit card and entered my information into the computer. He then let me know that there were no cars available at their site. I asked him why I was not contacted to let me know about the change to my reservation. He told me he forgot to call me. I then told him that I would take any car; economy, standard, SUV, etc. because I needed the car for a business appointment. He said they had no cars, at all, at there location. I asked if he could contact another location and he said they don’t do that. He then let me know that, even though, it was not my fault that the reservation was not available and was canceled, that the bonus points that I use to pay for one of the three days of my reserved rental would not be returned to me, even though, the cancellation was not caused by me, but was caused by the company. At this point, I explained that I was very disheartened about the situation:
    -I was not contacted and I had to come out of my home, in this time of COV-ID, to pick up a car that was not available.
    -I did not receive a reserved rental.
    -I am losing my bonus points that I earned by renting in from Enterprise in the past.
    -He would not make the effort to call and request my points be returned to my account, because he, the manager, was the cause of the cancellation.
    -The reason this incident occurred is that he “forgot”.

    After I delineated my concerns, he made a phone call, left me standing in the office, while he spoke on the phone in the hallway. He returned to the office and told me that my bonus points would be returned to my account. I requested a copy of the change and he said that he does not have access to my account and he was also not allowed to print out that type of information to give to customers.
    I finally returned home and immediately checked online at the Enterprise Car Rental Downtown Miami DoubleTree Grand Hotel location, no more that 15 minutes after leaving the office and the website listed cars in every class; economy, standard, SUV, etc. , to be available for rental for the current day. I am not sure why I was denied a rental by Julian, but I am concerned that is was based on my race. I have rented, many times in the past 4 months and I have never had a problem until I dealt with the manager, Julian. I would like an answer to my concern that I was denied a rental based on racial judgement. I am very disappointed by this turn of events, as I had been a happy customer up to this point. Based on this treatment, I will no longer utilize Enterprise Car Rentals for my personal and business rental needs. I will also make sure to let it be known that the practices of Enterprise Car Rentals are unfair.

    1. Did anyone reply to your issue? I had a similar issue with personal bias. There was a AA man in Miami as well if I remember correctly, with a similar issue.

  26. Thanks for not having a pick up truck like you promised. I even sent an email following my reservation to stress how important it was for our move to have a pickup. I feared you might screw up so I went the extra mile, taking the extra time, to email and make sure I had a pick up. You replied it was confirmed.So much for that huh?
    I arrived at the Jackson airport and guess what? No pickup! That’s right, we flew all the way here from California on a seven day trip and a pickup was the biggest part of the trip. We needed it to move. Now, no pickup. Glad I double checked huh? Glad I took the extra time to make double sure a Pick up was available. I got a mini van which in no way makes up for a pick up.
    We’re over an hour outside town and only here for 7 days so we’re stuck with the mini van.Thanks Enterprise. My sweet wife of 44 years and have all the time and energy in the world so it’s no biggie. The half hour delay at Enterprise also caused a late arrival at our hotel so we got to drive in a strange city with the highest crime rate in the country.at night. Thanks Enterprise.
    Mark and Cora Elliott

  27. I’ve tried getting my personal belongings that was left in one of your vehicles that I rented one month ago. No one seems to resolve this issue. I had really expense things left in the rental. I’ve made several attempts to retrieve my things but no cab locate anything. I’ve visited 3 locations already but keep getting the run a round. I pray that someone can HELP me ASAP because I need my things back.

    Sincerely helpless,
    J. Campos

  28. My list 2 rental at this location sucked! Last rental rep was trying to over charge me on fuel, when picking up the car I was told by rep bring car back on half. When returning the car it was on half, this rep was charging me an extra $20.00. He informed me that it needs 6.6 more gallons so I wont be charged. Took car back to gas station put in less than $5.00 which put the gas almost at fuel. Technically I was being charge 4 times more, your system is off with its calculations. The rental before this one, the car was filthy where I had to take it back home cleaning it myself which delayed my trip. UNACCEPTABLE! Especially during a pandemic, how can this reassure your customer’s safety.

    This location needs to be monitored for the following reasons:

    This location is doing some shady crap, overcharging customers. I always have to double check my receipts now. When Sasha was Mgr I had no complaints with this location, she gave excellent customer service and treated customer with respect.

    Let me tell you how they did my sister, she rented a 15passenger van, they called her 2 days before her pick up stating all 15 passenger vans was on recall, they tried to convince her to rent 2 mini vans which would cost her more and more gas for our trip. I got in my car and drove by the location and the 15passenger van was parked on their property. After she refuses, this same location called her back the next day stating they found her a van. Like I said some shady crap going over at this location, they are not being honest with enterprise customers. You ask yourself how many customer you guys have lost……..VERY DISAPPOINTING. Called made a formal complaint with the corporate office 11/17/2020 with a Mary Jane she informed me she would contact the area mgr for this location (Justin Stanley) on my findings and concerns. No call back.

  29. I need to file a complaint with the manager at an enterprise location he has made false accusations on car damages on a rental I had in October and saying he is going to charge my card which I didn’t even use my card, so he will be prosecuted for theft because he doesn’t have authorization from the card cardholder himself.

  30. Rented a vehicle from 1998 skibo rd in Fayetteville NC on 11:09/2020 return the vehicle on 11/23/2020. The clerk told me I was all set and everything was fine and that she would email my receipt and return my deposit.. hours later I received a call saying there is a change in the condition of the car an that they keeping my deposit.. when I return the vehicle the vehicle had no damage.. i am due my deposit of $200 it is now 11/27/2020 and still haven’t received my deposit

  31. why am i having such a hard time trying to get a rental? i am going on 4 days now trying to get a rental in mckinney texas.

  32. I needed a car when I went to get it they couldn’t take my debit card direct express is where I get my money from disability it’s a bank card this caused me to miss a very important appointment I am very angry with this I use my card anywhere and I couldn’t use it to rent a car that is wrong and I will never recommend enterprise to noone

  33. I have rented from Enterprise the last four times been very very happy told everyone how great Enterprise was to me until today when I went to pick up my SUV I had reservations for because I was paying with a debt card the lady told me I had to verify my address I fokd her all my mail goes to my P.O. box a d I didn’t have anything but my insurance card and I could get a copy of my lease proving my address they told me no that wasn’t good enough I needed 2 utility Bill’s. I told them I had rented there several times during the pandemic and never had any problems they weren’t very nice or helpful they basically said to bad. I will be letting everyone in my apartment complex how they treated me and tell them not to rent from you all our apartment complex is 3 minutes down the road from Enterprise

  34. Hi I traded a car with Enterprise and I am very unhappy with the companies practice.I received a certified enterprise car that had issues,camera lens defected and the car felt weird driving it.I took it back to enterprise per Melissa to get the lens fixed and check out the front end.They had it for 3 days and then I picked it up and it still had the weird feeling in the front end so I called and talked to Boris who said I could take it to dealership and company who cover it to make it good.This morning I looked at the tire and it had the biggest screw in it I’ve ever seen!I called Enterprise and spoke to Lauren who placed me on hold,another lady got back on the phone and told me that I’m responsible for getting the tire fixed and I told her. I should’ve never traded my car with them to have all these issues and that its not fair! Please help

  35. I had a rental through my insurance that was supposed to be 100% covered and your company charged me for taxes ($150). This was not supposed to happen. They were supposed to make sure that a vehicle was given to us that was completely covered. I have never had an issue with your company before and now I have called 4 times and promised a call back yet have not received one. I am completely horrified at the customer service at the store located at southern and 441 in florida. I can not get them to call me back to resolve this issue and I am not happy.

  36. I have a complaint about the service at the office in Hope Mills NC. Could you please call or E-Mail to address the issue ?

  37. I have continue to prove that a transponder is in the vehicle and that I have taken every precaution to avoid any errors. It is apparent that this matter isn’t taken seriously there has been no empathy from the employee Darin Robertson. It is apparent the employee is making sure that they cause mental harm after serval attempts to request assistance fir tolls paid. How is it that I can show tolls paid through IPASS attached is the statement showing tolls paid. This is outrageous behavior toward customers.

  38. Hello
    I recently wrote about a customer experience I had to the local branches but I have not heard back so I’m writing to headquarters.
    I rent from Enterprise all the time because I don’t own a car. I usually have very good experiences. However my last trip was very difficult. I ordered an economy car and when I arrived to pick it up I was given a Ford Mustang instead. I said it was fine but I want to be clear it was not what I ordered nor do I know anything about sports cars. I drove from Summit, New Jersey to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the weekend to visit family. On the way back it was a very wet and rainy day and I was on the Pennsylvania turnpike and going just under 70 mph and the back end of the car started to fishtail between two lanes. I was terrified because there were trucks all around me. I wasn’t sure if I was hydroplaning so I pumped the brakes until I was able to pull the car to the shoulder of the road and come to a halt. One I did that I just drove it very slowly two miles on the shoulder to the next exit and got off in Allentown PA. I wasn’t sure if there was something wrong with the car but I still had hours to go before I was home so I went to two different Enterprise car rental places in Allentown and explained the situation and that I needed a different car because I was too scared to get back on the highway with the one I had. Both places said they could not help me. One place said it was probably because the Mustang was a two wheel drive car and doesn’t handle well in wet weather. Both places were rather rude to me and it was so clear neither wanted to help me. Because I did not want to get back on the road as it was actually dangerous – I drove the rest of the way home on small side streets at no more than 35 miles an hour and it took me twice as long.

    My reference number and full name is:
    RA #: 1Lxxxx
    Renter: WALKO, SARAH

    Again, I rent from Enterprise a lot and this has been my only bad experience but it was deeply upsetting because the heart of the matter was my safety was in danger and the Allentown locations did not care to help me and my rental location gave me a car i did not order without giving me any warnings, for example, that it didn’t drive well in the rain and I could have been in a serious accident. I would like to see how this can be addressed.


  39. I did not like how I was treated by the regional manager “Keith” & his staff!! They went into my account & stole my without my knowledge or authorisation! I spoke to Keith & I got nowhere! I contacted corporate & they weren’t any help either! I never got my holding fee back either!

  40. Major complaint my son Shane F Pitts Today arrived at Union station DC at 5:20 Two employees present in booth . Stated he was 20 minutes late. Cant give him keys , even all paper work was completed prior on line . He could see all the keys 🔑. Dc traffic! He is the regional director DEA for Alaska , leaving tomorrow . Unbelievable conduct . Both need to be fired . He had had an account . I have had an account for yrs . Retired military and us civil service . My opinion a couple of drug users and a DEA employee. He called to complain. Could only hold on do long . Entire trip from Alaska ruined. Returning to Alaska tomorrow. What are you going to do now .

  41. Hello!
    We are long term customers of Enterprise. We have always loved and bragged about your customer service and have always returned whenever we needed to rent a vehicle.

    We now live in Enid Oklahoma (military retired now) and have rented several vehicles while a family member went through chemo and more recently, at Christmastime.

    Unfortunately, this location is in dire need of help. They have never had the vehicle that we request and always insist that they are providing an “upgrade,” but never tell us this until we show up to pick up our vehicle. Once (for a chemo visit) we refused the “upgrade” since it was not what we needed and would not have worked for our situation.

    THIS last time (and will be our last time renting from this location) we requested a minivan because we needed the cargo space and a low-lying vehicle for two elderly family members that we were transporting for Christmas. As usual, we went to pick up our mini-van to find that, once again, they had “upgraded” us to a huge SUV that was much too tall for our family members to get into, but also had half the cargo space that we needed. This was disasters for us and we were put into a terrible position. We ended up leaving half of our Christmas presents behind and had to basically lift our family members into this vehicle each time they had to get in and out of the vehicle.

    Before we left town, we received a call from Enterprise letting us know that they “found” a mini-van for us (since they knew we were upset about not being notified of this “upgrade”), but we’d have to pick it up in Stillwater (an hour away and impossible for us to do). It seems to us, that if this mini-van was located, that it could have been brought to our location in the first place since this was not a last minute rental.

    Our message to you is so that customer service at this location could be improved upon. We are business owners and would appreciate comments such as this if we were letting our customers down.

    Thanks for otherwise being a great company.

    Mrs. Lisa Bolton

  42. I believe in giving grace during COVID and having patience, but this location (Weatherford, TX) is TERRIBLE. I rent cars regularly for work and was very happy with the other location in town (Hudson Oaks, TX) until it was temp closed due to covid. Every experience at this Weatherford location has been poor. Cars with warning lights on, low tire pressure, waiting outside in the cold with 5 other people when we can see 3 agents inside just sitting around talking, cars reserved never available on time, long waits outside while we see them sitting around inside(this happens every time), shuttle option rarely available, etc.

  43. I pick up rental from enterprise on navy road Millington tn. ,01/04 2021 around 930am. The car was given to dirty but rinsed off , no front seat floor mat, half full and the young man never gave me print out of the car condition. I attempted to contact this location, wait 20 minute with no one answering the phone and the door was lock when returning in person the same day around 11am.

  44. I had a mechanical issue with the car I rented at Phoenix airport nite before last. I drove to yuma with it . I asked for a car in Phoenix with a sun roof. They gladly gave me one but it had steering issues. I traded it in tuma but they gave me the exact same car but no sun roof and missing drivers floormats and there is buttons that hold floor mats in place that keep getting caught on my boots causing a safety issue. Both enterprise places in yuma az say they cant switch me out because of availability. I asked to be upgraded to a better vehicle but they gave me a older car with a ton of miles over 30.000 miles on it . I’m sure this isn’t how to insure the safety of your customers. I’ve ben disconnected 2 times trying to get this fixed .

  45. Could you pls let me know the name of the person I can contact to lodge a fraudulent claim by Enterprise Rent a car?

  46. Good morning. I am a National Guard soldier currently deployed to the SW Border in Laredo, TX. Our group is renting 8 vehicles for a year out of the rental office on E Saunders St. I utilized your service for a leisure trip from San Antonio back to our location here and had a rough experience- the representative did not do a walk around and, admittedly, I did not do one myself. I drove straight from San Antonio to Laredo and when I got there and turned in the car, the agent found a small dent in the front left fender. I disputed that I had anything to do with it, but their “investigation”concluded that I was responsible and when I called the Damage Recovery Unit, they quoted over $900 for a repair!!!! In what world does a small dent warrant $900 of repairs, and what processes do you have in place to protect drivers/clients from being extorted in this manner?

  47. I have been a loyal customer of Enterprise rent a car for the past 8 years. This is regarding a fraudulent complain and extremely poor customer service by branch manager Bradly Tien, that I would like to bring to your attention.
    RA # 24KPJ2.
    I dropped off the rental car at the Enterprise lot on Jan, 3 2021 @ 13:27pm. Dropped off the keys in the key drop box after parking car and taking pictures of parked on Enterprise Lot. On 1/4/21, since I did not receive any call from the Enterprise branch, I called at 0900am. Spoke to the Branch Manager by name Bradley Tien. As a customer I asked if everything is OK. His response was yes everything is OK. Then I went on to ask how much was my final bill? Then he said give me a minute I have to pull it up. 2 seconds later he said, ‘oh your bill is $800.00. So I asked him how did the price jump to $ 800.00 when the original contract charges where 277.05? He very casually replied, ‘oh the car was damaged on the morning on 1/4/21 when we found it at 6:30am . I asked him how is that he did not place a courtesy call to the customer to inform me? He had no answer to that. So I went on to tell ask where the damage noted on the car? The manager started fumbling in his speech and said to me, yes there was a dent. I asked him where is the car? He stated, ‘ oh they has been moved it to the body shop’. So I told him that I would like to see pictures of the damaged car to match the pictures that I had when I dropped off the car on 1/3/21 @ 13:20pm. Bradley told me that he would be available at 4:30pm on 1/4/21 to speak with me. I reached the Enterprise 20625 Hawthorne Blvd Torrance, CA 90503 location at 4pm. Bradley asked George (a coworker) by name to speak with me. I requested to see the pictures of the so called damaged car. George (sales person) showed me 3 pictures with absolutely no damages or dents on the car. The area they claim was damaged was circled with red marker. The pictures clearly show the reflection of another car parked parallel to the claimed damaged car. George even said, ‘oh it is very hard to see the damage’. If something is hard to see, then there is not damage. Repeatedly this person George kept saying that the damage is hard to see.
    I asked to speak with Bradley. George kept insisting that he is in a telephone meeting. By the way I was told by Bradley that he would be free to speak with me at 4:30pm. So I waited and waited for 2 whole hours. Every time I inquired; I was told that Bradley is in a meeting. Finally, I told George I will wait till I meet Bradley. I walked inside and stood (inside the door)at the entrance. I noticed Bradley (the so-called manager) was on his computer typing away and not even talking on the phone. He looked at me from his office window grinned and continued to sit back down in his chair. He did not come out to ask if I have been helped or if I needed help. I waited another 20-30 minutes and at 6pm he stepped out of his office and completely ignored me. One hand in his pant pocket he attempted to walk past me like I am made of glass. I stepped forward and inquired if he is Bradley. Then he replied, yes. He did not ask if I have been helped or needed help. Zero customer service. identified myself and inquired about the so called dent in the car. He abruptly told me that well just contact the 1866 phone number (claims department) the car has been moved to the body shop. So I went on to ask him details when was the damage first noticed etc. He refused to answer me instead just told me that contact the 1866 phone # and provide them with the Claim # 16795373. Bradley Tien may be a branch manager but besides having zero customer service he is accusing a customer of fraudulent claims.
    # 1. The pictures they gave me do not show any dent/damage to the car.
    # 2. I have a recording of George repeatedly stating that the damage to the car is hard to see.
    # 3. The pictures of the car taken by George are after the fact the vehicle was moved from the Enterprise lot.
    # 3. The pictures they gave the me the customer on 1/4/21 @ 4:15pm (after I went in person to the branch) do not have the car license plate. So it cannot be the Ford car that I parked on the Enterprise lot.
    My original contract is $245.00 and I will authorize only for this amount to be paid.
    I have called 18663003238 several times with wait times greater than 30 mins. I am a frontline worker right in the middle of this pandemic at a very critical time serving needy veterans and is this what I have to deal with when simply renting from Enterprise? Very poor customer service. I hope corporate can re-evaluate this branch of Enterprise because accusing a customer of fraudulent charges is certainly appalling to say the least.

  48. To whom this may concern, 
    I am writing today to file a complaint for Enterprise. I had a less than ideal experience with an employee named Eric Loberg, from the Auburn Enterprise branch. For 10 days, I was stranded in Texas without any form of transportation. Eric and his team made no effort to assist me in getting a car or a way to get home. If it was up to Eric, I would still be in Texas right now with no way home in time for work. I was told that the employee that helped us get home with a car should not have been able to help us get home without opening a new ticket, thus charging us even more. Once we got home, there were additional charges on my account upwards of $475 and no sort of refund. 
    I will add the timeline of everything that happened to hopefully fill in any blanks on this situation.
    On December 22, 2020  I went to the Auburn California Enterprise location and rented a car for an 14 day rental, returning the car on January 4, 2021. We purchased the extra $500 insurance on the car in addition to the rental. 
    On December 24,2020 we got into a car accident where the airbags were deployed, with minimal damage to bumper and fender. The car was towed by police direction. Before the car was towed, we made a call to the Enterprise in Auburn informing them what had happened, received the insurance policy number and passed that information along to the officer. 
    We were fortunately only 10 minutes from our destination so we were able to obtain a ride back to where we were staying with family. However, we do not know what we would have done if we were further away from our destination. At no point did Enterprise offer a solution on what to do to obtain another vehicle for the duration of the trip. We did not call the office the next day on Christmas because we assumed the office would be closed. From December 26, 2020 to December 28, 2020 there was no communication from Enterprise. 
    On December 29, 2020 We spoke to Eric at the Auburn Enterprise office and were told that they were not aware that the car was towed and they would get in contact with the risk assessment team. 
    The next day on December 30, 2020 we called again to check up on the status and spoke again to Eric. We gave him the police report number and the phone number for the police department. He then said again he was getting in contact with the Texas Risk team who would assess the damage of the car. 
    Again, we called the next day on December 31, 2020 because we still had no car to get around with. This time we spoke to Andrew and we were told we would need to wait until Saturday and they cannot find a way to get us another car until they receive the old one. 
    We did not call on New Years because again, we figured the office would be closed on the holiday. By January 2, 2021, we still had not heard anything back from Enterprise so we decided to drive to the nearest locations in Montgomery, TX to hopefully speak to someone in person to see what we could do in order to get back home in time for work. 
    We ended having to be drive to 3 different locations, two were closed although listed open online. The 3rd location told us they could not help us at all until a branch manager was working and the soonest they would be working was that Monday (January 4th, when we needed to be home by). They informed us that they could not pull up our ticket and only their airport location was able to. 
    So we were driven to the airport (Bush International airport – Houston) and finally received assistance from a great employee. We were finally given a car to get back home with and had our trip extended one day to allow for a safe drive. We were told that the Auburn location would be able to waive some of the payments to the car since we did not have a car for more than half of the entire trip that we paid for. 
    January 5, 2021 we finally arrived back home and returned the car to the Auburn Enterprise. Eric Loberg (Branch Manager) stated that they could only refund 2 days with no way of waiving more than that, nor was there mention of refunding any of the insurance since we didn’t have a car on the days we paid for. I would also like to note that this was not offered or brought up at all by Eric, I needed to bring it up myself. 
    Eric also stated that the employee who assisted us in Texas was in the wrong (yet he was the only one who helped at all) and had messed up by not opening a new ticket, which is the reason he could only offer a 2 day refund with his limitations. That honestly doesn’t make any sense to me. He mentioned that we shouldn’t have gotten a car until they received the first rental car which was still at the towing services yard as of January 5th. 
    Once I was home and looked at my bank statement, there was a random charge of $95 that was never mentioned on any receipts, as well as a $475 charge that was supposedly the insurance for all 14 days (no days were waived). There was however a credit on the first day for $789 which has since been removed and never went through (can provide bank statements and screenshots of when it was there and what the account currently looks like) 
    Eric was unhelpful and emotionless to the entire situation and made us feel stranded and helpless. I really hope that no one else has to ever go through the fiasco that we were put through.
    I trust you will respond to my complaint in kind,

  49. To Whom It May Concern:

    I’m extremely disappointed in the Enterprise Rental Car brand. For two two to three consecutive rentals, I have experienced dirty, Smokey and unclean vehicles.

    This is just unacceptable.

    I called to make a complaint on Monday and it’s now Friday and no one has addressed my concerns. I’d like to submit photos of the dirty vehicle they gave me at the Valdosta, Georgia (St. Augustine RD.) location.

  50. Good Morning,

    I received a check through FedEx yesterday (1/13/21) in the amount of $1000.00. There was no information with it. I went online to see that there are scams with fraudulent checks supposedly issued by Enterprise Holdings. I am hoping you can tell me if this check is valid. Below is the information:

    My name: Allan Colton

    Bank Drawn on: Commerce Bank of St. Louis

    Bank #: 0000132920 or 150708080

    Acct #: 081500493

    Check #: 0000132920

    Check Date: 01/12/2021

    Invoice Date: 06/06/20

    Voucher ID: 00567086

    Supplier #: 0002329555

    I would love to believe that by some miracle this is valid, However, I’m inclined to believe it is not. It is strange that a scam would not have anything with it requesting something from me, but one never knows. Please let me know as soon as possible. I will not deposit the check until I know of its validity.

    Thank you in advance for your time and trouble,

    Allan L. Colton

  51. I am calling because I could not book a reservation over the phone because Naomi could not speak English well. I asked for someone else or a supervisor and she refused. People who work in Customer Service who cannot speak English properly should not be working for your company. I am insulted since I can speak English and Spanish very well. Please get rid of people who cannot speak English. I am also very unhappy I could not reach the Central Avenue Toledo, OH Enterprise location directly.

  52. I have an ongoing thing about our belongings that was never given to us when the vehicle was picked up from the place that towed it and we had our whole life in there almost cause we were moving…My Name is John Ollis and I was rented the vehicle through geico insurance and it was the first of September 2020… Corporate ✉️ led us back and said that the company is liable and is supposed to make sure the belongings were returned to the owner and we were treated bad by every branch here we tried and the manager at the Morganton, NC. Branch was a really bad person and offered no help to me I would like to hear back from someone high up in the ladder to get this issue resolved..The things that we have lost is worth up in the thousands at least and it’s alot sentimental to my wife cause her Dad is no longer with us and his stuff was in there as well so it’s been way worse on us because of that too…

  53. My vehicle was involved in an accident and Erie Insurance company paid for a rental car while my vehicle was in the shop. I picked up the vehicle 11/9/2020 at your location in Wake Forest NC. (RA# 1R4FSL). I was talked into damage waiver coverage @ 15.99/day. I told the salesperson that I wanted to check my coverage with my insurance company. When I asked if I could cancel this coverage he said I could but would have to return to rental agency to have the vehicle inspected before coverage could be canceled..I did sign the electronic rental agreement that day. I called my insurance agent and decided to cancel the damage waiver insurance. I drove back to the rental agency parked in front of the front door and went inside and told a lady behind the counter I wanted to cancel the waiver insurance. She went outside with me and inspected the vehicle. We both went back inside and she said she would remove the waiver insurance from my agreement. Unfortunately I was not given a printed updated agreement. I left and continued to drive the vehicle until I returned it to the body shop 11/30/2020 when I picked up my vehicle. Enterprise picked up the vehicle from the body shop and returned it to the agency. I never received a final bill from Enterprise and only discovered I had been charged for the waiver insurance for the entire rental period when I checked my credit card statement and discovered a charge for 408.06 from Enterprise. I should have only been charged for one day of waiver insurance. I called the local Enterprise and explained the situation. I spoke to Drew and he said he would check on it and call me back. I waited two days and called again and spoke to Elaina? on 12/22/20. She said she would check on it. Did not hear back and called again and spoke to Chris. He stated they have video cameras and he would check the video to confirm my information. He called back the next day and stated he did not see me return the vehicle for re inspection. I asked him to check with the woman working that day and he said he would. I called him back and he stated the the lady working that day named Taylor? did not remember me coming in. Chris said he would review the video again. He called me back and stated he could not find anything on video to confirm my story. So I am very disturbed by several things, 1. When I returned for re inspection my agreement was not updated. 2. The lady working that day said she did not remember any of this. 3. If in fact there is video it should be clear that I was there for re inspection. I will hire an attorney if I must. North Carolina has unfair and deceptive trade laws and I will pursue that avenue if I must. I am 66 years old and have never been through anything even close to this debacle. You have incompetent and seemingly dishonest employees at this location. I expect a credit for the waiver insurance with the exception of one day of coverage.

  54. Enterprise needs to update their system to accept digital copies of licenses, like the state police, and other merchants do. This is ridiculous. I lost my physical copy, and because my digital one is accepted everywhere, I wasn’t concerned about getting another. Today, I went to get the rental I had reserved, and found out I can’t because of it being digital. This was a very important day, and now I can’t fulfill my obligation. It has a scanner, and all the information that the physical one does. Very disappointed, and think enterprise needs to get caught up with the times.

  55. I really don’t have a problem to say I just would say I’m very disappointed An Enterprise like I have dealt with you guys for a really long time And the last couple Car rentals I have have just been a total disaster I have 3200 points that I plan on using And I’m done I’ll never Rent a car from you guys again And it’s sad because I’ve been in business with you guys for years But these last two rentals have really did it for me Hopefully y’all get better management Before you drive All your good customers away

  56. I have been trying to reach the manager for 4 days over my rental. He has not responded. Very disappointing.

  57. I had been a customer with enterprise who spent large amounts of money one day I was told earlier in the day I had to renew my contract by 5:00 and then told I would must be there or I would be issued a warrant for stealing a vehicle now I am in need of a rental and cannot rent from many rental places I was blocked in and treated as a criminal

  58. Why is enterprise raising their deposit from $200.00 to $300.00 on long time customers and seniors (customer for about 10 yrs. or so). Please reconsider this for faithful customers like myself and others!

  59. I have rented vehicles from you all since 1986. I went to pick up my Rental Car today because my wife had an accident. We hVe a Nissan Altima. U have a $50 a day policy and you all out me in a Small SUV. I THE Bodyshop called last week send told them that I wanted a midsized to larger car and you all said that you would take car of it and then stuck me in a small SUV. THIS WILL BE the last time I use Enterprise.

  60. Hi My name is Jacqueline Rucker, I have been in a contract with you all for nearly three years now. I rent from 2400 N Powerline Rd, Pompano Beach, FL 33069. I had an situation where I was headed out of town, my contract was up for renewal on February 8, 2021. I spoke to one of the rudest, disrespectful person he said his name was John and he was a manager. I have never dealt with him. I always dealt with Eddie as the manager over that branch, I asked John can I speak with Eddie and he was so rude to me it was very shameful. He told me Eddie is with a customer and he is going to tell you the same thing and you need get in here today, as if it was a threat. You have until Monday which is today, are you will be dealing with serious problems if you are not in this branch by the end of the day. Everyone at that branch knows me very well and has never talked to me in that manner. He has no respect and no customer service 😕

  61. I’m being charged for a dent in the rent a car that I did not do. The manager at Beckley Wva office will not talk to me. I have several dates and times I have called the office. No one will tell me anything. The Beckley office isn’t professional at all. I have requested information and no one will talk to me there. Please help me

  62. I’m being charged for a dent in the rent a car that I did not do. The manager at Beckley Wva office will not talk to me. I have several dates and times I have called the office. No one will tell me anything. The Beckley office isn’t professional at all. I have requested information and no one will talk to me there. Please help me

  63. I head a problem with renting a car over almost a year ago. I have spoke to several people w/ the company and have not got anywhere and still waiting on response from anyone. I maybe just 1 person with 1 voice but I will continue to speak until someone hears me.

  64. I reserved a car online the day before picking it up. When I gave them my MasterCard debit card, they said they can’t take cards without a chip.
    I have used it before.
    Why isn’t that noted on the reservation or your whole website beforehand?
    Their customer service skills truly need improvement. The tone in their voice was rude.
    Very disappointed with Enterprise

  65. My name is Jeffrey @ Arkansas Tire and Auto in Russellville AR. Phone #479-968-4304.
    On October 31st, 2020, vehicle (VIN JM1GL1VM5L1515744) was brought to our shop by the rentor, requesting an oil service. She had been told by her representative @ your station 1889 N. Congress , Palm Beach FL that is the mileage was over, a service could be performed and the shop would be reimbursed. We provided the service, and released the customer in good faith. We have since called multiple times, left multiple messages at the FL corporate accounting office. There has been no communication back to us. We are being ignored, written off, dismissed… Please, contact me, even if only to say “Too bad you did not get an approval number. I can at least respect that.

  66. I have used the Roseville, CA Enterprise Car Rental on Taylor Rd location twice in the past. Yesterday my insurance company (USSA) referred me to this location. First thing is the driver parked in a handicap Stall. The car he brought was a little dirty. As soon as he opened the door you got the odor of cigarette smoke. He stated he could not smell it. I sat inside the vehicle, it was awful! So he drove me back to the office. He said he only had two cars on the lot. He said the only car left to choose was an upgrade which he would give me the same price as the other car. The GMC Arcadia was horribly dirty. There were, what appeared to be red berries, smashed all over the front hood and front windshield. It wasn’t just a few it covered the entire hood space. The back of the vehicle was also dirty. I said something to him. He replied the car wash had been to busy to have the vehicle cleaned. He asked me if I wanted to wait while he had it cleaned? To which I replied, do I have a choice!! This was an unnecessary situation. The vehicle did not have a full tank of gas. (Thought this was the policy) These are the exact problems I had the prior rental! Again, there are no excuses for these situations! I’m writing you so you are aware and can hopefully fix these situations. I probably will not use your service again. I will also be notifying USAA.
    I look forward to your response prior to me notifying USAA.
    Thank you

  67. Enterprise Evergreen Way

    I’ve been renting consistently with Enterprise Since July. I had a bad experience renting a luxury car through their exotic car collection **Check the bottom of this review to see the review on the Exotic Car collection at Sea-Tac intl’ airport** but still continued renting with the company after that. I’ve had more than 7 rental cars with Enterprise. Frequently going to 5505 evergreen way branch and Lynnwood 52nd Ave. W & Hwy. 99 ( I highly recommend this branch, they are very respectful). Consistently renting with them every other weekend before changing to renting by month and having monthly rentals since August. I’ve become a premium member due to the frequent business with them. I understand that some protocols were waived due to me being a regular.

    however I wished they had not gone so far as to report one of their vehicles stolen that was in my possession. The car was due back during our winter-storm and I couldn’t return it due to being stuck in the Snoqualmie pass. Reception was terrible in the mountains so I couldn’t contact them however a reservation was made like routine , for me to swap the car out and get another one. I wish the people at Enterprise office would of put 1 and 1 together and realized I obviously had intentions returning the vehicle as I did with the previous 6 cars I rented with them. There never were any problems on my end until this last rental. I’ve returned their vehicles on time or with the exception of a few days pass the return date with no problems. They have had both my debit cards on file as long with all my information and would adjust my contract and charges accordingly either by phone or in person.

    An investigator called and texted me saying they put the word out that the vehicle was stolen and I need to contact the investigator ASAP since enterprise escalated. I called back and told the investigator that I would return the car today and that it was no issue in returning it. The person was very rude on the phone. I tried to explain to them the situation but I was told that I would have to take it up with Enterprise. As a Person of Color, I did feared for my life thinking I would get stopped by the police during the long stretch to get from where I was back to Everett, WA because of the vehicle being reported stolen/missing.

    I was told I was put on the “Do not rent to” list which just baffles me once I returned the vehicle to the branch. I was also told that I couldn’t rent any vehicles until Risk management would clear the car as missing. Even after returning the vehicle. I tried to get started on removing my account from being blocked because I needed another rental and this was ruining my business trip. The Evergreen branch couldn’t give me the extension number to Risk management because they didn’t have it. Well Gee, how am I supposed to resolve this and get in contact with someone? I would think if they put the car under stolen/missing that they would have a faster response time. The investigator told me to contact them after returning the vehicle which I did but I couldn’t get ahold of the investigator either. I will say that on a positive note… this branch did give me a shuttle back to one of my houses (since I couldn’t get the car I made for my reservation ) and that they would email risk management saying that I was a regular and they never had problems with me before in hopes to clearing my account. I still have no way of contact Enterprise Risk and management. I’m unsure at this point of even continuing to do business with them because how I’ve been treated.

    Exotic Car Collection
    I have had good experiences with enterprise except at their exotic car location. I rented a Maserati through them. Not only was it not communicated that a cc needed to be available to get an exotic but the man that was helping me was very condescending. His attitude towards me when I arrived was bad and only got worse when I told him my reservation is under exotic car. Since I had made a reservation for 7:30 AM I had to come back another time for the CC. When he saw me the 2nd time, he was like “oh you’re back?” Like of course. I have my reservation for 4 days on my birthday..why wouldn’t I try to come get my birthday car. The process was long to get the car. He handed me to an inexperienced person and when he was frustrated with her trying to check us out, he snatched the keyboard from her. As if this wasn’t enough, the car was DIRTY. I had to go take it to get washed because who wants a dirty rental. 2 days into the rental, the car had mechanical problems. The engine overheated and starting to leak. I had it towed and again the airport was asking me where the car was after I used enterprise own # to get it towed. That caused a mini panic attack. A missing Maserati that I gave back to your people? Yea…it was stressful. I was able to another car, not another Maserati. Wasn’t sure if my mileage was added together with both cars but they charged an extra $100. From my experience it should of been waived with the lack of communication and professionalism at Enterprise exotic car. Other than that, enterprise has been good to me. This is my 5th rental in a month and a half.

  68. Update ** So after I returned the vehicle to the branch, called the investigator and gave them verbal agreement to returning the vehicle same day, left a voicemail to the investigator after returning the vehicle to the branch, corporate office sends a demand letter threatening to issue a warrant for my arrest for auto theft. Mind you, this letter was overnighted. HORRIBLE service. I don’t recommend.

  69. I rented a van the back tire caught a flat was told they would send a tow truck but I will have to pay also I would have to pay for a cab to get to the tire place and wait for it to get fixed and they have no more cars for me to get even when I paid goes today

  70. I have recently hadHey had a badIn Valdosta GeorgiaI rented a car last SaturdayFor a 3-day wonderful paid $561 to be returned on Monday at 12:30When I got home from shopping on Saturday I realize that I had misplaced the key to vehicleI could not go anywhere I called Enterprise rental assistanceAnd they were to send me a tow truckTo pick up this vehicle and give me another oneIt did notCar insurance could you please investigate this situation with the Don lasaOffice of Enterprise rental and let them know that I’m not very happy with the serviceI was denied the use of the car for over 24 hours and now they’re asking me to pay $121To get keeping an extra dayI feel like that they owe me another day of

  71. My name is Brandon Morris Lancaster’ OH 43130. Your employees will straight lie to your face. Picks up where they are continuously trying to take money out of my account without asking. It is not much but a 100 and something. It’s the fact that we had a verbal and face-to-face agreement that they are to call me before just drawing money out of my account. I have put ahold on any transactions. They will not email me a receipt. They will not email me I knew transcript of why they’re trying to take money out of my account. They have not explain themselves and had nothing to say when I asked them. I am never gonna use enterprise again this was my 1st time ever doing it in everything with square. I feel very cheated. And your employees can’t give me an. I will be disputing the money they are trying to take. Because they still have not given me an explanation why. I do not have direct deposit set up with them they have no right to run my count without my permission. I was nothing but kind to them. And someone hit my car while it was parked in your parking lot also leaves a huge scratch in my bumper hanging off they said no one reported it so thank you for that also you guys don’t have cameras where you should and parking my car in your parking lot is unsafe and you should put up signs. You can tell I’m very upset I’m not even upset about my car but the way I am being treated is unfair. Bradmorrixxxxx @gmail.com
    7 4 0 2 7 7 xxxx
    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I need someone to help me solve this problem. Carolyn Kindle

  72. Purchased nissan versa 2019
    In 3/2020
    A major leak causing wet, mold throughout car. Sales in peroria az
    All managers etc are not doing anything about it. Enterprise you are responsible to fix !!

  73. I just cancelled a reservation (1960984036) due to what I believe are UNJUST practices. I spoke with Lisa, Branch manager from your Hammond, Louisiana location (#1409).

  74. Good evening

    This is not a good email that will com across you

    My name is Autumece Q.C Huffin

    I had made a reservation through USAA

    I scheduled appointment Friday 3/5/21

    To pick up vehicle 3/8/21 at 12pm EST

    I arrived at eneterprise 12:14pm est

    Address 6107 memorial Dr Stone Mountain GA 30088

    However I waited 1 hr 35 mins was promised by represenative to give a few more moments the car will be ready

    A gnetlemen did explained reason running behind schedule due to ALL-STAR WEEKEND

    Which is not my concerned due to me already had a reservation & promised a car would be ready at my arrival !!!!!

    Im pissed not only b/c I waisted time and $$$ on a uber to get there and left empty handed

    Not only was i late for work I also had to walk back home

    Now my Q’s to you ; How am I suppose to know that i dont have to wait again when I come to pick up rental

    I need to be assured excellent accomadations for this huge inconvenince I expereinced at your branch of services

    If I dont get a response by the end of business day I will escalate complaint

    My best contact # 470-450-xxxx

    Thank you

    A. Q Cymone Huffin

  75. I went to get my reserved rental today and I did not expect to be treated the way I did. I felt like a I was being treated poorly because the color of my skin. They had terrible attitudes and were just rude with me. They told me I could not pick up another rental since I have one already form a previous car loss. I was then taken home only to realize I left my wallet there on the desk. I live only 10-15 minutes away. I only went from the rental place to the vehicle and only to my home. I called within that time frame and was told they did not see my wallet anywhere. I know I left my wallet on the desk because I was putting my broken up ID that they broke. My ID did have a minor crack in the corner but was not broken. I’d like my wallet back with all my information in it. I asked if they had cameras they said no. I know for sure I left my wallet there. I’d like action to be taken or I need to pursue with the better business bureau or I will contact the police not only for my wallet but by the way I was treated. You should treat everyone with dignity and respect no matter how one looks. They had attitudes with me and was told they won’t take me back home with my attitude. My wife had to go pick up the rental and it was a completely different atmosphere form when I was there.

  76. I have reservations for a premium SUV for Monday, March 15th. I called today(Friday morning) to confirm. I was told my vehicle wouldn’t be available until Monday late AFTERNOON in the day. I explained my family needed to be on the road first thing that morning tomake reservations that couldn’t be cancelled. The Representative stated I could call Monday morning to speak with a manager. I called back asked if I could speak with a manger or have the manger to call me. The Rep was very dismissive. I knew nobody was going to call. I call customs care, explained to them I was told upper management would be calling me. I waited all day NOTHING. Called customer care tonight. The lady tried to find me a vehicle but was not successful. This has ruined my family’s vacation. I did all the right things. Made reservations in advance. Went to location a week in advance to check the type of vehicle. Which I upgraded, all to not have what I needed. I’m losing $1000 if my family can’t get to our destination on time. No even an effort of assistance. HORRIBLE customer service. All that hype in your commercials “we’re here to assist you😡

  77. To whom it may concern, good day. I have an issue with being charged for a car that was issued to me from priorty collision center/enterprise rental that was absolutely filthy..I spoke with the Nathaniel the person that did my paperwork. I mentioned to him @ pickup that the vehicle needed to be seriously cleaned. I wouldnt take the car off the lot on Friday at closing because it was to far to dirty and I had to bring it back on Monday just for them to clean it. I let Nathaniel now I had’nt moved it from the lot and was rt where he parted it. I mentioned to him that I was bringing it to an older lady that was getting her car repaired there at the colision center..Well, to make a long story short, Ive never moved the vehicle off the lot and we are getting charged for (four days) all because the vehicle was absolutely filthy..I even had the Harrford insurance rep Mr Lambert call them and he said that Nathaniel was rude to him and it was nothing he could do about it. I would like to have a supervisor contact me Matt Malin @ 757-288-xxxx
    Mr Lambert with Hartford
    Thank you…

  78. My vehicle was damaged by an Enterprise renter on 9/10/20. I have been having issues retrieving payment for the damages. i have been communicating with an adjuster by the name Matthew Wilding my claim# is R1642417 the payment was suppose to be mailed out 3/16/21. i have never received the payment I been calling /emailing Mr. Wilding and i am getting no where with him can someone please contact me regarding this matter.

  79. Hello,

    We purchased a 2019 Chevy Express 2500 van from Virginia auto Select in Amherst, VA.

    This was a vehicle they purchased from Enterprise to sell.
    VIN: 1GAWGFFG6K1319017

    We only received one key. Knowing that most vehicle have spare keys/FOB I would like
    for you to locate or purchase one for me.

    I live in Bedford, VA and you can contact the Chevy dealership here to arrange to have
    a second key and have them program it to my vehicle.

    This is very important to me. I really love this van.
    I have not been able to get any help from the dealer in
    Amherst, VA. Their number is 434-381-0300.

    Please contact me and advise me how to obtain the second key/FOB for my van
    without me having to pay over $300 in extra costs.


    Debbie and Jason Laughlin
    xxxx windy Knoll Road
    Goode, VA 24556

  80. Complaint i was waiting on a truck since yesterday mnkenzie called me from the bingle road location in houston texas saying that we gave a truck availaible for you for 107.00 per day i said i can come pick it up at 10 am then she said what is my physical address and i said 8651 josie street as soon as she found out that i was black she said you have to stay within 5 miles of the rental locaton because of the risj manager 832/752/8241 at this point i want to get a lawyer this happened at betreen 9amand 9:30 this morning

  81. Good afternoon;

    In regards to having our local business partner with us by giving youth in St. Petersburg FL community a job opportunity. Boley Centers has a Youth Employment Program with interns ages 16-21yrs with a clean background and good grade average. These ones can work for $4.65 cents and hr while the City of St. Petersburg pays the remaining wage and covers all liability .Simultaneously cutting the employers cost. This is a Youth Build Program made toward assisting older youth with career development. The question is how can we have our local stores partner -up with us? Please feel free to contact for more information. Thanks for consideration!

    Twana Grooms, Program Counselor
    After School/Summer Youth Employment Program
    xxx 31st Street North
    St Petersburg, Fl 33712
    Office (727)821-4819 ext 5802
    Cell (727)727-744-xxxx
    Fax (727)528-8511

    Email: Twana.Gxxxxxx @Boleycenters.org

  82. Emergency: Risk Management-Atlanta, Georgia (rental)
    I am the mother (Constance Hunter – Columbus, Ohio) of April Dawn Netus -incarcerated in Greenville, Texas.
    I am on day two of awaiting a decision by your Risk Management Team-Atlanta. She continues to be incarcerated on day 4, her job is at risk. Nurse (Traveled Nurse) working w. Covid patients. She is stranded at this point-Greenville, Texas. Just walked away; personal items, medical equipment, etc. in this vehicle. I will be flying in on tomorrow, they want to make sure my daughter is safe, not releasing her concerning her safety -this is an isolated area in a small town. She is a female of color, in times that we are living in, this is extremely unsafe. I asked; the manager to grant mercy/grace in this matter. My daughter didn’t make the necessary contacts and there always a “BUT”. I will fly in on tomorrow – my job to what is necessary to be done.

  83. Hello,
    I would like a return call concerning the Chesapeake Churchland location and how I was treated. I am an Enterprise member and have been since 2010.

    I booked an appointment online Friday, April 2nd 2021. I attempt to pick up the rental car, Monday April 5th 2021, and the rental wasn’t available. Not only the rental car wasn’t available, but I wasn’t contacted for anything till this day.

    My family and I wasn’t contacted for compensation, a phone call of an update, or even an apology.

    Please look into this matter at your earliest, as I have received absolutely no assistance at all with a rental.

    Jamila Salas

  84. We had car trouble Mar 2 in Clarksville Tennessee we got to a dealership had to leave our Tahoe for a week the dealership gave us Enterprise number and I called got a reservation went to the business they told me they had no cars or Reservation . Went to another business they told me the same thing we were 8 hours from home and very frustrated . My last choice was Hertz they were very accommodating and even cleaned a car for us . I guess after all of this and this is my second time writing you in the last month you don’t care about your customers so my business will be Hertz from now on.

  85. This dealership Salesman Charles And his associate sales manager lost a valued customer because they don’t know the customer is always right and I have PTSD, lash out, outburst, anxiety, and depression.. Because Charles Failed to listen to the customer when I advised what I wanted in a clear tone.. but obviously I wasn’t clear enough.. please return my phone call this was $50k deal and I am not returning

  86. Hi,

    I have a business idea that I feel could take a rental car company into the 20th century and help enhance your marketplace/review.

    Could you point me in the right direction on who I could speak to about my idea.



  87. My fiance and I got ripped off by one of your employees and we called and they was supposed to put the money back on the American Express gift card and never did it was 400.00 that they stole from us and a gentleman that works for enterprise said that he was going to fix the issue and never did

  88. This is what i have to say about my experience within this company. If you want more details you can contact me through email.We recently needed a rental car and with our insurance we could get one through enterprise. We went to the location at 3445 S Noland Rd indelendence, Mo. When i asked the associate or so called manager for verification of a request that i had, all he said was you have my word thats it. Was not offered any kind of paperwork varifying anything. This is unlawful and as far as i know illigal to not even be given a rental agreement upon request. I would not recommend going to this establishment for a rental. Seems really shady. Not to mention that the associate we were dealing with was upbeat and perkey about telling us we dont need to show them any information we did have and politely telling my significat other and i to shut up.

  89. Regard my bad horrible experience with rental car in Phoenix AZ
    Please contact me at (773) 458-xxxx

  90. The Millington tN office is I. Red of a better customer service rep. She has a negative attitudes kinda nasty . This rep wears braids in her head. She didn’t call me and tell me they didn’t have cars at my time. I made reservations back in April. This is bad service. We keep getting lied too. We had to wait until two o’clock to pick up a car you need better customer service at the Millington office

  91. Can you please explain the reason Enterprise Car Rent do not have anykind of consideration for Covid-19 victims. Enterprise did not care how sick I am and just refused to bend to allow someone else to return the car for me, they wouldn’t come and get the car nor would they bring me back home. Unbelievable! I pray to God no one there catch Covid-19. This company should have a Covid-19 protocol for car rental.

  92. Had horrible experience with enterprise went through insurance to get a rental the car was dirty and was smoked in I do have pictures

  93. I am very disappointed with your enterprise car rental services… I had no ideal how you treated people … For the fact you rented me a unsafe car. Than when I called to the road service that was absolutely a disaster and a joke.. very unprofessional!!! Than I was left on the side of the freeway for over 7 hrs… No one called or came to make sure I was fine with my family!!! This is unacceptable!!!!

  94. We made a reservation on March 28, 2021 for a car rental with Enterprise Car Rental at the Downtown Little Rock, Arkansas location on May 7, 2021. Just as we were ready to take off on our flight to Little Rock, a little over 2 hours before we were to pick up the car, we got a text message saying they did not have a vehicle for us. There was an apology for any inconvenience, and we were told to check with one of their other locations. What kind of company is this? Why did we even bother making a reservation if thy weren’t going to honor that reservation and have a vehicle for us when we arrived in the city? We were left with no transportation in what to us, was a strange city and state. We had to change all of our plans for that day and spend the majority of the rest of the day trying to find a car. This is a very poor way to run a business. We felt that THEY should have found us another vehicle, even if they would have had to go to another city or state to obtain it or to another company. There is no way we will ever use Enterprise again, and we’ll make sure we tell others never to use them either.

  95. My personal vehicle was damaged at the Philadelphia international Airport location. The attendee at the front desk was very rude and nasty when I tried to report the damage.

  96. to Pamela Nicholson,, purchased a 2013 Fiat ,HOP,, in Scottsdale, AZ, months later I need to replace battery, than car did not start, there is Theft device Black ,size of Human thumb, Fiat has been down 16 days, blinking blue light, contact place sale w/ no results ( Fiat has been down 16 days + ) blinking blue light, getting run around. What’s my next step ?

  97. My husband and I were just scammed by two agents in the St. Louis office, robbed of $400.00 – Brian Gordon and Monica Davis (if it is their real names). We are to pick up the car Saturday am in Davenport. Fla. In the meantime we are contacting the police via a friend if possible as it is late here.

  98. I’ve been a loyal customer for years and when I tried to rent a vehicle I was informed that I am longer able to rent with out a valid reason

  99. On 13 May 2021, I, Frances Lothes-White, had a rental car that I picked up from the Enterprise on Valley Hi in San Antonio, TX. The people at this store are wonderful and very helpful.

    When I was driving back to San Antonio, this warning malfunction kept coming on then a thing with tires appeared and it had like Xs on three of the tires. I went to four gas stations in an attempt to put air in the tires and all four pumps were broken.

    I called the Enterprise on Valley Hi at 6:16 p.m. and they were closed and I got connected to the part where “do you need roadside assistance”.

    I spoke to someone who claims her name was Michaela and refused to give her last name. I explained to her that three of the tires on the rental are almost flat and the malfunction light is blinking and I need someone to come and check the tires and put air in them or possibly change them if necessary. I also explained that I went to several different gas station but all of the air pumps were broken. I offered to give her the rental agreement number and she did not want it. She asked for my name and DOB and I gave them to her and she told me I had the wrong DOB. I explained that this is my DOB 11/26/1961 and she told me “I can’t help you unless you give me your real date of birth” and several more times she said “I an’t help you” and I asked for a supervisor and at first she would say my supervisor will you tell you the same thing and she finally put on a supervisor who said her name is Izzabella and said she told me “I can’t help you” and informed me I had to contact the Enterprise where I got the rental car. I again explained that they are closed as it is after 6 p.m. and it is dangerous for me to drive with three tires that are so low and possibly flat and she again told me “I can’t help you”. Both women refused to assist me with the Enterprise rental car I had. I explained the dangers of driving like this and both women kept saying “I can’t help”. I asked if they expected me to sleep in the car until the Valley Hi Enterprise opened in the morning and they just laughed.

    After crying and being scared and in a dangerous situation that Enterprise Roadside assistance refused to help me with, I eventually drove very slowly to the airport to change out the car.

    My rental car agreement shows that this car is being rented by Texas Department and Family Protective Services. Not that either Michaela or Izzabella, if that’s their real names, even asked, I could have had a child I was transporting in this car.

    Neither one of them were concerned about my safety or wellbeing.

    I am nearly 60 years old and never in my life have I ever thought someone should be fired until now.

    Both of these women had no concerns for my safety and forced me to drive this rental car with three nearly flat tires.

    Adam, at the airport Enterprise, was very helpful and kind and apologized for how I was treated and quickly exchanged the car out for another one. He also advised that the DOB in the system is 11/25/1961

    This email is to compliment the staff at the Valley Hi office and Adam and the San Antonio Airport Enterprise and to request that Michaela an Izabella from Road Side Assistance be terminated immediately to prevent them from having someone seriously injured or killed.

  100. Here at the rental center North Dade Florida. Waiting for 30 minutes to get a car. Only 1 customer service representative on a Saturday. That’s sad.

  101. Car being repaired. Insurance company would allow for a mid sized car. Insurance company had sales rep call. Great. Insurance company taking weeks to get my car repair ok’d. Put car in shop. Went to Enterprise and they said that they could put me in a Nissan Sentra. Except they didn’t have one. I could upgrade but I would have to pay the difference in $. Said they’d have one tomorrow, but no upon further computer tapping, no go there too. Said I could upgrade and when a Nissan Sentra came in I could swap, all i had to do is pay the difference. I worked for fema and ALWAYS rented Enterprise and had tons of points. I asked if I could use those points. The answer was no and again I was offered an upgrade but I would have to pay the difference. Was told I could use the rental toward my point though. Right now I am feeling that no, I will not be needing anymore points from Enterprise. I was offered to call my insurance company and see if they would pay for an upgrade. I expect my car to be out of the shop by Thursday and with my previous experience with my insurance company (USAA) by the time I get an answer I will be going in for my 100,000 mile checkup. Why can’t I use my points and not pay the difference?

  102. I had to rent a carry while my jeep was getting repaired from an accident , they picked me up took me to there office in Washington township NJ they had a clean car for me during our walk around I noticed a cup in back floor passenger side , (how was this car cleaned ??) I refused that car ,your advertising clean cars during this pandemic? Then they gave me a new car n 1 day later the oil light came in , so again I go back to office ! Which I informed them 2 days ahead so they can have another car ready , n another trip back to the office ,This new car was filthy I was getting n again ( sticky n holes in seats ) I have pictures, so the employee said she will take it to the back of building to clean it , waited half hr , again same car was dirty nothing was done , now I’m late for my appointment n still dirty car , so I went to supervisor n he got me a car just done from oil change this was horrible service n n horrible nasty dirty cars , if my insurance didn’t pay for these cars I would of went else where , I still never got my $50 deposit back either

  103. I was charged for a car , although my vehicle should have been covered 100% through my insurance and now allstate wont reply back, response to my inquiry or refund my money back . I contacted location where i rented from, customer service via call email and chat options, left voicemails in corporate side, ask led in house insurance company’s rental agent and they too send messages to contact us, regional manager and list goes no.
    Guess what …. ENTERPRISE IS PLAYING CASPERS👻 …… what a shame , such a huge company with such a low work ethics!!

  104. Gm I have a rental car and it need service the service light has been on for a week I call Enterprise on 7400 BLVD for a week they still have no cars to switch me in this car needs service asap

  105. An employee waived the $100 airport return fee, but my card was still charged and the branch is now refusing to credit my account. The rep who waived it gave me her name and employee number and also said that she would email the branch that I got the car from and let them know she waved it.

  106. How do I get refunded for the money you took off my vanilla card for a car that was supposed to be ready and it was never there

  107. I had rented a car from the Exeter New Hampshire office call them when the car was supposed to be back to extend it for another 4 days they took out what they were supposed to I paid the deposit and we were going to be a few minutes late returning it in Exeter office wasn’t open so we called the Portsmouth office to tell them and they withdrew $112.74 out of my account after the car has been return and I have already called the Exeter office to extend the car that’s Saturday. The person that called Portsmouth office wasn’t me and they had no right talking to them that’s why the hundred and $112.74 cut charged to my account. I am paying for a day that I did not have the car so I believe I am owed $112 and 74 cents and I would like this matter taken care of as soon as possible. Due to their negligence I had several checks bounced from my checking account due to their negligence and I expect to be reimbursed as soon as possible.

  108. Enterprise on Macon Road in Columbus, Georgia. We have been going through the last time we have tried to rent. We are regulars and for the last time’s of renting have been talked to bad, hung up on and told where we had to pick up at.

  109. There is a bit too much to put into the comment section only because it would not really help whom reads understand the situation . I’m at the point of really going too find a way to fix this so I’m contacting you guys first #1 I rented from CLAYTON NC I’ve reached out to 2 wonderful ladies through customer service and they contacted the clayton branch andbpretth much told them they were responsible for refunding the money. I opted out of the additional insurance bc I have my own, but the salesman told me that is was not optional I had to get the insurance or not rent the car. As my car was broke down in the parking lot with my fiance and 5 year old neice. Ive tried numerous times after this day to contact Nick the branch manager of clayton nc store and when I finally got to talk to him it was 3 weeks later when I turned the vehicle in. So he tried to make it seem as if it waited 3 weeks to say anythmg I HAVE EVERY CALL SAVED EVERYTIME I WOULD THE SAME OL MESSAGE WELL NICK’S NOT AROUND N TO BE HONEST OK BELIEVE HE WAS THERE SO FROM THE MOMENT IN BEGAN DEALING WITH THAT BRANCH WHICH OF COURSE THEY R UNDER YOU . I EVERY DOCUMENTATION NEEDED

  110. I had the absolute worst experience with enterprise today. I go to an establishment and get told I don’t matter. Customer service is not the way of life for the branch I visited today. Then my car was not available when I got there. I asked the manager if I had made a reservation 2 mos ago my car should be ready for her to say I’m not the only one who needs a vehicle was very disgusting. I’m offended and have copied the msg and will post where my opinion is heard!

  111. Hello , I’m writing in regards due to a complaint about your Customer service at your Enterprise Rental location in Starke ,Florida.
    I had a reservation set for a rental car through Direct Insurance Company on Thursday May 20 , 2021 around 8:30am that morning . I was informed that there were no vehicles available at that time . So , therefore I waited all that day and still there wasn’t a call or anything.
    My issue is that evertime Im at this location my needs are never met . When customer service is given the in the right manner everything goes correctly. I waited two days and didn’t even receive a phone call about a vehicle . I had an issue during a past visit where no one was in the building during the COVID outbreak where I needed a vehicle and stood outside for 30 minutes until someone walked out . I’m writing become I just feel like the corporate office needed to be informed about the behavior that goes on at this location. At this time I’m two days without a rental car and feel as if someone should have did their job by having a car sent from another location.

  112. To Whom It May Concern:

    My name is Quynh Ngo and I have been in education for over 22 years. We have rented many cars several times to travel during summer in the past and I would like to share with you the most horrifying experience I encountered at Enterprise Rent a Car at 5720 Bandera Road #20B (210-684-4343), San Antonio, Texas.
    Here is the timeline of the events:
    On Friday 5/14/21 I picked up my car at Enterprise around 5:30pm. The Enterprise employee, Matt (I don’t know his last name), and I walked around the Toyota 2020 rental car to look for any damages. I pointed out scratches as long as 4-5 inches, dents around the car. He informed me that the car has over 30,000 miles, and I would not be responsible for any dents unless they are as large as the palm of my hand. Together we walked around the car again and at this time I asked him about a dot the size of a pencil tip on the front windshield. He once again assured me that any damage has to be the size of the palm of someone’s hand before I am liable. Less than 10 minutes into driving I received an indication for low tire pressure. I pulled the car into the gas station and put air into the tire thinking it was just low on pressure. I drove for another 12 minutes and arrived at my house. I had an extremely busy weekend, did not go anywhere and totally forgot about the low air pressure.
    On Monday 5/17/21 I went into the garage and realized that I had a flat tire. I used the spare tire in the trunk to replace the flat tire. I had to take the access road to go to work because I did not feel safe driving on the highway at high speed with the spare tire. I contacted Matt at 8:00am on Monday 5/17 to let him know and asked if he could deliver a different car to my work place. He said no because my workplace is about 20 miles from Enterprise and Enterprise did not have that service. He asked me to take the car to Firestone to have the tire fixed. He also said I could pick up a different car at Enterprise. He informed me that there was a car available on Tuesday 5/18/21 for me to pick up. However, when I showed up on Tuesday at 3:00pm he said there was no car, and only a truck was available. I don’t know how to drive a truck, so once again I drove the rental car back home with the spare tire.
    I parked the car in the garage from Tuesday 5/18 – Thursday 5/20 and asked my coworker for a ride for those 3 days. I did not feel safe driving a car with a spare tire for an extended period of time.
    On Friday 5/21/21 my personal car was fixed, so I took the rental car back to Enterprise. Another employee went outside to examine the car. Matt and the employee went outside together and Matt told me that he would have to file the claim against my insurance for the crack on the windshield, and he said that it happened when I drove on the highway. This is completely false, as I never drove on the highway at any point and would not have felt safe to drive on the highway anyway because I had a spare tire. I reminded him about our conversation on Friday 5/14 about my liability only being when the damage is the size of the palm of someone’s hand and that the crack had originally been there on Friday, 5/14/21, when I pointed it out to him. He ignored me. I asked to speak to the manager, and he informed me that he is the manager. He threatened to have Enterprise sue me for the money to fix the windshield if I dispute the claim with my insurance.
    This was truly the most horrifying experience I have ever had renting a car. First of all, I had the use of the rental car only for 2 days out of 8 days. I drove it only on Monday 5/17 and Friday 5/21. I had to pay my friends $30 gas money for the other 3 days to bring me to work because it was not safe to drive on the highway with the spare tire. I was also threatened with a lawsuit by Enterprise. The total mileage that I drove for 8 days was 113 miles.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,
    Quynh Ngo
    210 900 xxxx

  113. Greetings,
    I have called Corporate to file a formal written complaint regarding the abusive, aggressive behavior from your Longview Washington employee Jacob. I find it disgusting that you have apparently allowed and tolerated this for 4 months, which clearly has only emboldened his bully behavior towards coworkers AND customers. Swearing at an elderly gentlemen customer who asked about the gas gauge? Yes. Swearing to and at the female mngment trainee? Yes.
    More details are in the report I made via phone before I left the Longview Washington lot this morning.

    The hostile dangerous work environment that you’ve allowed at the Longview office is intolerable. Five of us witnessed and were subjected to this behavior, in addition to Mangemtn trainee Savanah Hoyer, who acted at all times with dignity and grace. We witnessed that as well, as well as her continual attempts to work with this little bratty behavior boy to no avail.

    I am concerned with her safety at his abusive behavior escalating . As should you be as well.
    I have long been an Enterprise fan-customer…
    I will not be returning to your business except to ensure that this employee Jacob, has been fired.

    Shandra White Harris reservation #1963129741

  114. My boss Bryan Shultie will not hire me back because I told the other drivers when to expect their raises. Not fair.

  115. Enterprise on Macon Road in Columbus, Georgia. We have been going through a mess the last times we have tried to rent. We are regulars and for the last time’s of renting have been talked to bad, left ring the phone or on hold for hours to be hung up on or told we had to pick up at the other location? Husband very upset. Car in shop for weeks couldn’t get a rental when needed. Poor customer service. Unprofessional and cold! Need to fix this problem.

  116. I receive a car from your store located at 5059 Beeler St. Denver, Colorado and got charged twice for a deposit after extending my rental on the car and for fees that was never discussed to explain why I had a car for 7 days and was charged 1128.00. When I called to discuss the matter, I was told that the total that I would receive one of the deposits back and that the total cost was $828.00 with 100.00 in additional fees. Not sure when it became a practice to charge a person another deposit to extend the rental nor that you can occur fees that was never discussed during the rental process. Explain Please.

  117. I rented a car from Enterprise in Bartlett, TN and returned the car on Friday evening to ServiceMaster who had repaired my car. The locations are on the same road and they do this all of the time. I received a call from Enterprise this morning stating that I had broken the windshield. I did not do that. Please help me.

  118. My fiancé and I purchase a car from enterprise car sales in North Charleston S.C. on April 15 2021. We had a temporary plate for a month which ended on May 15, 2021. I have called the the enterprise office concerning this matter about having a dead plate and not being able to drive any where. I have gotten excuses about the paper was sent back because the office left something out. I am now sitting here with a mini van in which I cannot drive because I have a dead plate. I am a 67 year old senior citizen who has doctors office’s appointment and on a fixed income. I cannot afford to take an Uber or a Lyft and I have no one to take me to these places.I just ask that something is done about getting another temporary plate because the I am a prisoner in my home and I have a brand new minivan that I cannot drive. Thank you

  119. I want to make a complaint but not via internet. It has to do with the Muskegon Michigan location. Headquarters should know what the employees are treating customers and after hours . I lived behind the building.

  120. I am going to take legal actions and carry yall to small claims court for pain and suffering of being disrespected by your employees my lawyer will be in contact

  121. I am a good customer I rent a car 1-3 times a week had a good experience at the gallup,NM office until recently, first I got a dirty car, then the manager James was trying to over charge me until I went over the policy with him and then he charged me double he took the money off of one card and then told me it had declined so I went down there and had to give him another card and he charged me another deposit and the day when my original card was charged $50 and then another $20 and he has not given me back the first deposit or the $70 he took off my original card. Just because I advised him of this he is refusing to honor my reservations or rent to me I am a few rentals of becoming a platinum member. He is being very unprofessional and I had to miss my grandma’s surgery because of this I would like something done please

  122. On 05/27/21 at 150 pm I arrived at the Enterprise in Vallejo California to pick up a vehicle to rent.

    When I arrived thr employee was friendly. My complaint is not with the employee, but the fact the vehicle was supposed to be ready at 1pm and it is now 215 pm and the vehicle is still not ready. I am paying for a vehicle to be ready at 1pm. I came in at a later time which should give plenty of time to make the vehicle ready.

    My question is why have a customer believe a vehicle will be ready at a specific time if it has not been made ready? If I knew the vehicle would not be ready at the time presented I could have taken my business to a place that could accommodate my request.

  123. 5/27/21 ~ Complaint about your representatives. ~ Initially I was quoted a 57.00 dollar a day rate for a Nissan Versa or similar car. That quote was given by your representative “Manuel” from (I assume) your main call center at around 4:45 pm on May 26th (Pacific Time). Upon reviewing the email confirmation I noticed that the rate had been bumped to $77.10 ~ This was not what was originally quoted by Manual. I request that you please listen to the recorded call with Manuel. After noticing the error, I called back thinking I was speaking with your call center again, only to find out later I had reached your Reseda store location and was speaking With Meg who was completely dismissive of my concerns. I asked to then speak with the manager and she said she was the manager. I asked to speak with her supervisor and she said that she was the supervisor. She did not tell me that she was the Reseda store manager. Later, after trying to connect with your Escalations department I decided to drive to the store and pick up the car thinking I would reconcile the matter with your corporate office the next day. At the Reseda location I was greeted by a gentleman and I started to explain what happened and eventually he was joined by Meg who had apparently already briefed him about my account, he then went from listening politely to being completely dismissive of the matter (after pointing to his computer screen and showing Meg my account) and asked me to leave the store. This was rude and completely wrong! Enterprise can charge whatever they want for a vehicle but to bait and switch the pricing after a quote is given is unethical, if not illegal. ~ I am born and raised In Los Angeles, I try to support our local businesses whenever possible, but I cannot and will not support rude, unethical and disrespectful operators. At minimum, Meg should have referred the matter to your escalations department or her district manager. She should have offered help, she should have cared and shown concern. I was renting the car for pleasure, I don’t need it!!! I can live with out Enterprise and I’m sure your corporation can get by without me or my business but consider this, I’ve lived my whole life in the same town . I know a lot of people. I will never do business with your company again, I will never refer a friend, acquaintance, business associate or anyone else to your company. I will have nothing good to say about Enterprise! So in the end, it’s your loss! Sadly, all because your employees at the store level simply didn’t care! Now is it possible Manuel at the call center made a mistake, that’s possible but I confirmed the rate and our understanding prior to hanging up with him. For that reason, I hope you can go back and listen to the call. This whole matter could have been handled differently. Your call center representatives need to to give correct pricing the first time and If there is ever any discrepancy your managers and employees should care about that, because It’s about your reputation, It’s about your business, ethics, core principals. It’s about respect for the people you’re conducting business with and the communities you serve. I hope someone gets that!

  124. Complaint about your representatives. ~ Initially I was quoted a 57.00 dollar a day rate for a Nissan Versa or similar car. That quote was given by your representative “Manuel” from (I assume) your main call center at around 4:45 pm on May 26th (Pacific Time). Upon reviewing the email confirmation I noticed that the rate had been bumped to $77.10 ~ This was not what was originally quoted by Manual. I request that you please listen to the recorded call with Manuel. After noticing the error, I called back thinking I was speaking with your call center again, only to find out later I had reached your Reseda store location and was speaking With Meg who was completely dismissive of my concerns. I asked to then speak with the manager and she said she was the manager. I asked to speak with her supervisor and she said that she was the supervisor. She did not tell me that she was the Reseda store manager. Later, after trying to connect with your Escalations department I decided to drive to the store and pick up the car thinking I would reconcile the matter with your corporate office the next day. At the Reseda location I was greeted by a gentleman and I started to explain what happened and eventually he was joined by Meg who had apparently already briefed him about my account, he then went from listening politely to being completely dismissive of the matter (after pointing to his computer screen and showing Meg my account) and asked me to leave the store. This was rude and completely wrong! Enterprise can charge whatever they want for a vehicle but to bait and switch the pricing after a quote is given is unethical, if not illegal. ~ I am born and raised In Los Angeles, I try to support our local businesses whenever possible, but I cannot and will not support rude, unethical and disrespectful operators. At minimum, Meg should have referred the matter to your escalations department or her district manager. She should have offered help, she should have cared and shown concern. I was renting the car for pleasure, I don’t need it!!! I can live with out Enterprise and I’m sure your corporation can get by without me or my business but consider this, I’ve lived my whole life in the same town . I know a lot of people. I will never do business with your company again, I will never refer a friend, acquaintance, business associate or anyone else to your company. I will have nothing good to say about Enterprise! So in the end, it’s your loss! Sadly, all because your employees at the store level simply didn’t care! Now is it possible Manuel at the call center made a mistake, that’s possible but I confirmed the rate and our understanding prior to hanging up with him. For that reason, I hope you can go back and listen to the call. This whole matter could have been handled differently. Your call center representatives need to to give correct pricing the first time and If there is ever any discrepancy your managers and employees should care about that, because It’s about your reputation, It’s about your business, ethics, core principals. It’s about respect for the people you’re conducting business with and the communities you serve. I hope someone gets that!

  125. I have called your 314-512-5000 number and it tells me your business hours and I am calling at 2:46 in the afternoon which is within your business hours and it advises me you are closed. Need to discuss a problem I have with the claims department

  126. Purchased a car from Concord CA. Returned the car and they never sent the money back to Gold 1 Credit Union. Now Im in the middle of re financing my house and this has hit my credit. I contacted them before the 1st payment was due and they assured me that it was taken care of. Now over a month later Golden 1 has sent this to collections and have messed up my refinance and credit. Im soooooooooo pisseed! You folks need to get it together! I will NEVER purchase or refer no one to this business again. I went from A1 credit to poor over crappy business with you all!

  127. I reserved a car for May 9-13 at location 360 Merrick Rd
    Valley Stream any 11580
    I have the confirmation number 1962208722 everything look okay but when I got to the office from the airport to pick up the car they told me there was no more cars the guy was very nasty then he said he’ll call me the next day and he never call back I’m very disappointed with your service I believe that was a very bad action to do to a customer I still have my confirmation email I will appreciate if someone can take care of these matter. Thank you

  128. Hello, I am a first responder and single mom of 2. On January 14th of 2020, My 2014 Ford Edge was rear ended and knocked into another vehicle. My truck was deemed total loss. I was so upset. My kids wanted to keep their truck and couldn’t understand why we had to get rid of it. I had rented a Ford Edge from Enterprise in N. Church St in Greensboro, NC. One of the employees told me to go to Enterprise Sales on Wendover Ave. to see what they had. When I got there I didn’t see much that I wanted. I test drive a Nissan Rogue which was horrible. While pulling back into the parking lot I noticed a dark gray Ford Edge. I asked to drive it. When I got in it, it felt like my truck. I drove it and fell in love. My kids were satisfied. It was a 2018 EcoBoost with 68,000 miles. Now after a year and 1 month later the engine is gone. I stay getting my oil changes at QuickLane on Wendover Ave. Can’t understand why the coolant is leaking into the motor. I’ve only driven the care 23,000 miles. It has 91,109 miles on it. It sits in the front of the house for now. I am in nursing school and hope to graduate in November. Just found out it will cost me about $5,000 to get a new motor placed in it! I thought my truck would last a lifetime. Upsets me to ride pass Wendover Ave and see Enterprise has moved to their new building and has lifetime warranties on cars. My car had a 12,000 miles or 12 month warranty. 12 months came first, but a manager at Enterprise Sales stated even with an extended warranty the miles would’ve not be covered. I feel they poured a sealant into it to seal a cracked gasket for a year, now it has worn off the true colors of the motor is showing!!

  129. I have been calling your company on Jason blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.for two hours. I’ve let the phone ring for half an hour. Occasionally, someone picks up the phone and deals a number then I get hung up on. I’ve already have had a horrible experience with them that left me stranded on a Friday night. Its really hard to get a taxi at that time of day. I’ve had a car wreck on May 21. My insurance covers $30 a day for 30 days. Because my bank card said debut they wouldn’t give me a car or offer me a ride home. I am disabled I could not walk home it was to far. I know I am not the only one that only has a debut card. I have no family here, no transportation
    I broke my foot in the wreck and I need to follow up with a doctor.

  130. My name is Gladys Nelstein and I purchased a Nissan Sentra from the Farmington Hills Car lot on April 6, 2021. This is the second Vehicle that I purchased from there. I got home the night I purchased the car and upon taking paperwork back the next morning I noticed that the brakes were squeaking and I let my salesman know he informed me to give it a rew days because the car had been sitting for a while that it would go away. Well it never did it only got worse. I took it to a brake place for inspection they informed me that brake pads were put on on without shaving the roter. To make a long story short I have been going back and forth trying to get my car fixed I took it to Belle Tire per enterprise and they supposedly fixed the brakes about it is squeaking worse, I took it back where it is now. I am so frustrated at this point because no one is taking responsibility for this.
    Please help.


  131. I work for a non for profit company in Illinois, and we were looking into getting a car donated to our organization. Is there anyone that I can speak to, or can anyone email me back please. That would be greatly appreciated.

  132. You sat on the phone with for 2 hour telling me why I should keep the van. I am becoming very disenchanted with enterprise. First thing my van is still full of glass from my window being broken. Ashlee said Safelite would get it out and they did not. I asked if Enterprise could have it clean. She said no. So I still have glass all over my van. Which I believe to be a safety hazard, but Ashlee told me no. A gentlemen named Eddie called me and said I could drive my van till I got some bolts replaced or I could drop my axle. So, I took Friday off of work to take to Carroll’s to get fix and the oil changed. Since I took off my back up driver took the loaner van to work for my riders. Ashlee informed me I couldn’t use 2 van at one time. She demanded that I take the loaner van to Fresno or I would be charged. You tell me how are my people going to get to work if my van is not fit to drive. Then she sent me that ass e-mail and never answered me again. So I let her know the loaner van would be in Coalinga on Tuesday 6/1. Never heard a word from her. Until 6/1 telling me they would pick it Wednesday. Then later letting me know they couldn’t pick it up until Thursday. Having a van with you should not be so hard and frustrating. WHAT ABOUT THE GLASS??

  133. Woman at enterprise keeps charging me more and continues to be rude when I ask about them. Please help

  134. Every time I’ve rented from here I’ve had A PROBLEM. customer service is HORRIBLE and im convinced management’s prejudicedtowards black women. Save yourself the disrespect and go ANYWHERE ELSE! if your Black your going to drive off in a ford fusion or less appealing TRUST ME. And if you reserve a BMW without a credit card NO ONE will contact you ahead!!! so read all the fine print before you go or get smacked in the face with a big SORRY that’s YOUR fault for not knowing the policy. It was prom night for us and NO ONE CARED. he said hey try this MINIVAN………. who goes to PROM IN A FAMILY VAN ?? im still disgusted
    That’s the comment I just posted on YELP and will be sharing on every social platform im on and my 19 year old daughters platforms as well untill the word gets out my daughters trip to prom WAS RUINED and after a year of covid no one needs to be treated this was.

  135. A double charge has been pending on my bank account for over a week causing daily overdrafts nobody from the LAX branch, area management, customer service escalations department has returned my calls, emails or chats. My bank says they need to reverse the hold or either have someone from the LAX branch complete a form to have this matter resolved promptly. At this point I’m out of options. This is the worst experience ever. I haven’t had access to the funds in my account since May 31st. I have bills pending to be paid! What does it take for management to realize they’ve made a horrible mistake and return a customer’s call, emails or chats! I bet if I still had their vehicle they’d issue a stolen vehicle report! Give me my damn money!!!!

  136. We have been confirmed for car rentals. We were told to pick the vehicle up by 10:00. Well, the place we are picking up from does not have vehicles available. We are now stranded. This has been a very unsatisfactory experience. We don’t know how we’re going to make it home now. I am an enterprise plus member. I thought being a member would mean that I was taken care of. Now I am stranded. How will you fix this?

  137. I have to complain about your office in Madison Heights. They are not very professional, Charged me extra money I didn’t have to pay, wouldn’t explain the process and deposits all the information you need to explain to the customer prior to paying for everything. I didn’t get that. I asked for paper work and never received it. They calle dme everyday trying to get a payment from me when it was paid already, they wouldn’t be patient qand answer my questions i had to take care of my business. I believe that the manaer is the one i was speaking to and his name is Kyle at the Madison Heights, MI LOCATION. He was so rude and I want him fired. I will never go to that location again. They are so un organized and the customer service is bad, yall need to visit this office.

  138. Hello. I am a devoured customer. I’m the last 2 months i have spent over $3,000 with tour company. I am paying $517 a week for fhe smallest car on the lot. Is there anything you can do to help me out and show your appreciation. I am that is a lot of money for a single mother during a pandemic. ALOt!

  139. Enterprise at 8734 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston SC 29406. I cannot speak for the entire staff but will mention Jasmine Lewis. She is very rude and condesending. I went to pick up a rental because GEICO sent me and after at least an hour of trying to give her 2 utility bills; she refused to rent me a car. This seemed to come from her statement that “if I would like to follow her, she can get me in a car.” I told her I would not like it but because GEICO sent me there, I would go ahead and get the car but whenever I got contacted by Enterprise; I would NOT give a good review. I have since spoke to multiple people who shared the same bad experience. Don’t ask me why I need 2 utilitiy bills to rent a car. I thought you needed credit cards and proper identification. Not here, you have to give more. GEICO and the other vehicle rental places in the area do not require it. Not even close to good customer service!!!

  140. VERRRRRY POOR SERVICE AT THE MACON OFFICE !!!! I had an appointment at 1:00 PM to pick up a rental. When I got there I gave them my info and after about 20 minutes I was told that the car had to be cleaned and it would take about an hour. I took my lunch break to get the car. I called work and told them that i would be a few minutes late getting back. It has been over 2 1/2 hours now. They still say that the car has not been cleaned yet. I have never had this kinda service from any of the rental places i gave rented from.

  141. A very rude employee waited on me at Fred Haas Toyota in Houston. Although I don’t appear disabled, I am 68 with back disc and other problems . They refused my son’s card, and were trying to force a giant pickup truck on me. I had to miss my surgical consult. With no attempt to help me, just rudeness, I had to walk home. It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes in HOUSTON heat. My car was in the shop as I am trying to recover from an accident. I hope I don’t have to go back to the ER. My pain is severe. What kind of people enjoy harming a senior. If I had my tablet, I could have moved funds. I am hurt.

  142. Hello,
    I have made several attempts to resolve this matter to no avail.
    I rented a vehicle from your New Orleans Airport location and I was pulled over on day 4 of my trip for an unregistered vehicle. They detained and towed the vehicle with all my personal belongings inside and I could not obtain them until Enterprise released them.
    I immediately notified your New Orleans location, by phone and your reservations dept sent them several messages. I contacted corporate prior to my return flight in some attempt to reclaim my personal property.

    I had to rent another vehicle to conclude my business and was extremely inconvenienced I am
    Looking for a refund and restitution on this matter.
    I have rented with enterprise for over 10 years and I’m very disappointed at the lack of customer service in this matter as no one has responded.
    Please help!!!

  143. I ave rented from enterprise numerous times, I am very unhappy with the service in Newport, Oregon. You shouldn’t have to rent a car for 5 to 7 days or longer to be accommodated! This is the second time they have done this. Extremely unhappy with enterprise!

  144. When is someone going to call me back?

    I have just received a rental reminder notice, advising me that my car needed to be returned today. I’ve been calling customer service since June 4, 2021, and it is now the 8th, regarding the car being impounded for no registration. All my personal belongings were left in the car and no one has called me back nor responded to my emails. So, I am advising you that I don’t have the _ucking car. I’ve made every attempt to get this matter resolved but your lack of response is ridiculous. I am an EnterprisePlus customer and this has been the worst customer service that I have ever experienced.

  145. I had words with Katie Wallace at Enterprise Coperate Office in Franklin Tn then I was put on Do Not Rent after she illegally went into my bank account and all my checks bounced.I am being blocked because some people think they can say and it goes no matter if its illegal.See you in court✌

  146. Rented a BMW drove it 2 days 4rd day NO BREAKS….NO ONE WILL HELP!!!! What kind of company is this? This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! On phone all day ….went to 3 different locations….NOTHING!!!!!

  147. Double bill ….walked in to fix it 1hr 40 total time ….manager and I had words he was going to pro-rate a double bill on 1 card leave it the same amount on the other card …then I called back for head manager .no call back got a email explain all the problems left dates times and exact dollar amount and how i would like it fixed .last Thursday back home today a week later not fixed. 2 hrs today calling around.

  148. Dear official,
    I went through a very unpleasant experience with  your company that did cost me over $500 and not only that . It cost me horrible stress and a lot of time . What happend that I booked a car 3 weeks ago and received confirmation # 3DCZPV for June 9 to pick up the car . I went to the location to pick up the car on the specified date as I always do ,to drive my family to Washington Dulles airport for their international flight in the early morning of June 10th . To my surprise I found no car !! The representative that was there at the time was very rude and not offering any solutions after staying with him for over two hours trying to find out any alternatives . I even offered to rent two cars ( one for me and one for my daughter )  that lives in a separate  house hold and in a very careless way he refused and asked me to leave because he has to close !!

    I had to run out like crazy to try to find a car and of course everything was closed already . Tried to call customer service and they hang up on me !!!I need compensation for this horrible unprofessional experience. Thank you for understanding. Name :Afifi .Phone #540629xxxx

  149. Hello – I reserved a rental on Friday June 11th @ 6:30pm confirmation #2047860351. Saturday morning a rep calls me to tell me that there were NO cars, and maybe I could call around to find one. ME? he offered NO assistance, at all. My weekend was ruined. I wrote a complaint to the local office and received a call right away. I believe I should be compensated for my inconvenience, and the rudeness of the representative (both of them) because the second rep that called me maybe a supervisor was just as rude telling me I should know that cars have not been available lately.. how would I know that I’m not in the car rental business and as far as being compensated the supervisor told me that NO money was so there will no compensation. I am A premier member or gold one or the other, and this type of customer service is less to be desired.
    Very disappointed customer
    Robin M. Skinner
    xxx Arsenal Street #189
    Watertown, MA 02472

  150. I’ll say nothing will happen but the store manager was most disgusting to me for apparently some I didn’t give him what he wanted is reason and the Refusal to service me after I completed the walkthrough with the representation no form of payment was accepted considering I’m long time from USAA client 126lb

  151. Had a horrible experience trying to rent a vehicle, from our local store. I’ve rented from there so many times before and was treated like I was stupid throughout today’s entire experience.. and still left without a vehicle. I brought the exact same amount of residency proof as I did the last time I rented, which was less than a year ago, and the manager said it wasn’t enough info. I had proof of residency, a utility bill, a bank statement, insurance cards, warranty paperwork, internet bill invoices along with multiple other forms of mail (as I only have ONE utility bill for my address) along with a passport and newly updated drivers license (I just renewed it and got my real ID last month.) I needed less information to get THAT than I did trying to rent a car today. A car from a place that I’ve rented from multiple times before. He told me it wasn’t enough. I asked if they were able to pull my history up, as the info was all still the same. Or if they could see what I verified with last time, because I do not have any other, what they considered a “utility Bill” than what I had today.
    I’ve had the same employer, same house, same car, same insurance, no incidents, etc etc for almost a decade. I’ve rented multiple vehicles through this same location and have never been made to feel as stupid as I did today. This was following me reserving a vehicle for last week and then showing up for them to not have anything for me. I came back today, but called before hand to make sure they actually had one- and was even talked down to on the phone after waiting for 18 minutes for someone to answer. Again, I’ve never had an experience like this here. It’s always been fast and pleasant. The policy of proof of residency having to be an electric, water, gas or trash bill, is crazy. There are tons of different kinds of verifiable proof- in which they just would NOT accept.
    This is something that needs to be changed. And management at the Joplin MO location need some serious customer service advice.
    I will never return here again to rent a vehicle. It’s been such a waste of my entire weekend, my entire day today and an incredibly embarrassing experience.

  152. I had an 8:00 am reservation at the Raytown Missouri location. When I arrived, the staff hadn’t started cleaning the vehicle from the previous rental. At the time of this writing, I’ve waited 45 minutes and the staff is unable to give an eta. The only thing offered is – it was an overnight return. No one will take responsibility for not meeting the reservation time or be accountable for what is clearly poor planning.

  153. Hello my name is Lisa Smith of Philadelphia Pa, im writing with a complaint & poor customer service I received at your location 10100 Red Lion Rd with someone who has the title of management, Susan Lumbro. I booked a reservation 6/ 10 & 6/14 so I can put my car in the shop,I cald to confirm it & was told system down can I call 6/11 which I did & system still down. I called reservation &they made me one for 6/10 which I then get a call from Susan their were no cars & i would get a call by 5pm that day which I didn’t. No one call to say anything, no apologies for the inconvenience meanwhile im still tryn to get a car since the body shop I’m goin to is near this Enterprise. This is the worst customer service to experience when you’re already agitated that no one ever called you back only to still have no car. I would like this to be addressed with Susan because she suppose to represent this company in a respectful manner as a manager or GM. Thank you in advance.

  154. I have been waiting for about a month for my car to be repaired after someone renting one of your vehicle hit my car. I am getting the run around.

  155. I rented from enterprise and was charged deposits over & over again for the same rental there was so many charges on my card it appeared to be fraudulent activity !

  156. I have been waiting since Sunday for upper management from ft. Lauderdale to call me concerning reservation number 457657592. It is an urgent matter. My number is 516-578-xxxx

  157. We rented a vehicle on 6/11 from the Lake Jackson, Texas branch to attend a funeral out of state. We did not receive a contract nor did we receive any paperwork, but were told we’d be emailed a copy (which we never received). While at the branch, my daughter and son was supposed to be added as drivers and their license was copied. On the way to our destination, the rear window came out while we were traveling along i10 in Louisiana. It literally fell out while we were on the highway. It did not break. My granddaughter was sitting next to the window that came out and terrified her. We called roadside assistance who could not help us, we called all the close branches in Louisiana, and they could not help. All they could tell us was to try and “continue on our way” or wait until Monday. This was all still on Friday 6/11 and like I said, we were on the way to a funeral for an immediate family member. We chose to cover the window with cardboard and duct tape and continue on. We had to pay $40 out of our own pocket to cover this window in order to make it to our destination. Once there, the Sykesville, Maryland branch found us a comparable vehicle and was very helpful. However, he was shocked to inform me that he could not find a contract from renting in Lake Jackson. While in the office I called the Lake Jackson branch and questioned why there was never a contract entered. After multiple calls, 6 hours later the manager said he didn’t know why it wasn’t entered and finally emailed me a copy. He also informed me the extra drivers had never been entered either, so the whole trip we had drivers that we thought were ok to drive and weren’t. He went on to say that my son was not approved as a driver but we were never notified. When I look at my contract, it shows the weekly charge that I agreed upon plus an extra $183/day charge. The estimated balance due is also less than what I was charged. In fact, it shows my card was charged twice and the two charges add up to more than the balance. I’d like to know why there are discrepancies. We have rented from enterprise since 1992 and never had such horrible service. Please let me know who to contact to file some kind of partial refund request. Over half our trip was spent with a vehicle with a missing window, we could get no help from customer service, had to pay out of pocket to temporarily fix the window, and the manager from our local branch avoided our calls. Meanwhile, we were driving in a vehicle with no entered contract that was only entered once the Maryland branch was involved. And I still have nothing to prove my daughter is ok to drive back home. We suffered the loss of a loved one and then had to take time away during this difficult period to try and get this handled.

  158. To the CEO and high management of Enterprise rentals. Your company has a legally taken $275 out of my bank account without my permission or my consent. I have contacted your company many times only to be ignored and not have my phone calls returned nor my money return to my account. I have not rented a car from your company anytime in my life nor have I signed any forms or consent to take money from my bank account. I am asking that someone contacts me immediately to get this issue and problem resolved as soon as possible or legal actions will come next. 223 201 xxxx is my phone number, Steven Mathis is my name. Please follow up and resolve this issue.

  159. I’m being accused of damage. Damage to the liftgate and top of the truck. First accusation I sent pictures of the tailgate proving that it was not damaged and if I didn’t have that I would have to pay for. Second he sent me a picture of two little ripples at the top that is not damage. I need to talk to someone with some sense.

  160. Booked a car 1.5 weeks ago, while my car was being repaired.
    Dropped my car off, Enterprise called me, said they didn’t have a car for me. Sending a shuttle to take me home.
    “Someone was supposed to call you” they said. No one called, or I would have rescheduled my repair.
    I have a lot of errands scheduled, I am on vacation this week.
    No promise of when I would even get a car.
    This is a very upsetting experience, and I DONT HAVE A CAR that I was promised.

  161. I had a reservation to pick up a suv for the 16 but was told they didnt have one so i waited till today and still no vehicle i was told one time that yall didnt run out of vehicles i needed a vehicle yeaterday and still no automotive vehicle. When i made a reservation didnt look no more for a car and now i cant seeem to get one what am suppose to do

  162. I would just like to send pictures of the car that was given to me. It has mud stains threw the entire car, dog/cat hair all over in the back seat. Was not washed or cleaned, when I asked if I could have another rental I was told no when there were three sitting there

  163. I called a week ahead before my car was having repairs done. I was notified the morning that was to get a rental and no car was available I would be notified. I went to the rental place to see when I possibly get one and I was told vehicles were in the shop for maintenance but they would contact me if one was available My husband called maybe about 20mins ago and they said it was one available yesterday morning about 10am but no one notified me
    They will have one Monday..this is so freaking ridiculous Enterprise need to do better

  164. Rented a car last Saturday was tokd no pets allowed in vehicles however I found brown long dog hair in the back. And the car was not cleaned inside. Shitty for me that this location is near my home. I rented another car last night and dear fod this car smells like a nasty dirty hotel room that someone smoked 1000 cigarettes not to mention its nasty in side. I sprayed the whole car with disinfecting spray and the car still smell so nasty. I requested a Toyota Corolla and gor a crapHyndi that stinks like ASS. I will be filing a complaint with corporate office.

  165. I’m want to commend Tyler Szafranski and Josh Bell at the Cleburne rental location. They provided me with excellent customer service. I was driving a rental that had a flat at the airport. I waited for the roadside service for over 1 1/2 hours. I called Josh in desperation because I had to be on a flight so he called a personal friend who works out at airport to come rescue me and deliver me to terminal. In that exchange the friend took some items for me I had in the rental and Josh is having them mailed to my home address. Tyler also waived a $35 fee for me for the trouble I went thru. Unfortunately I was stranded at airport because they do not do rentals with car insurance companies so I was very frustrated not to be able to swap our rentals but your employees bent over backwards to make sure I had the best experience possible. Please recognize them for their great job and attitude.

  166. Please email me the full address of where previous customers could send correspondences letter to and your transparent phone numbers and email address.

  167. Booked a car for today..called to make sure all was in order ..they confirmed it was..I ask them to check papper work to be sure I brought everything with me.Then I was told I was 5 kl out of range to rent a car.Manager Jessica would not give me the manager over her.Left me with no rental

  168. On 6/4/21 I rented a standard suv while my car was in the shop being fixed under warranty. Agreement # 3K1MXT. No one would help me set up the rental so the warrant company would pay for the whole cost. No one explained ant stipulations or limitations. I was not supposed to pay any money for this warrant rental yet I had to pay $1053.61 out of pocket. I was issued a refund of $679.43 when I returned it early and for the deposit. The warranty company only issued a $160 refund. I now need my remaining $214 refunded. I have called several times to the local office over the past 2 weeks. Every person I have spoken to says they will call back but I have yet to receive a call. When I set up the rental (after getting the runaround between the warranty company and my local Enterprise) I told the operator it was a warranty rental. I just need my $214 balance returned. I’m tired of the runaround.

  169. I want a district manager for Harrison Ohio to call me or someone in corporate to call me I am not happy with what happened last weekend my number is 812-212-xxxx

  170. Hellio,
    Hello, i am writung thus ketter to complian about this location. Ladt Thursdsy, ine ifvyiutr cars left me in stranded in the 118 degree sun. How can.you not check cars snd let them go out so they can break down?

    I got car and thus ine had issues wuuth ias well . The staff said they woukd call to let me a replacement. They called me 5 hours later. What kund of operstion is this? The only readin tgey called me wasv brcsuse I called yiur St. Louis office.
    I rebted a car frim you fir over 2,500 for a mionth. Thats pior treatment im goingvtovreport to the BBB snd ftc consumer affairs


    Joe martinez

  171. I had a terrible experience with your company and just trying to get ahold of someone to talk about it is impossible…Does any company care anymore?

  172. I have now received toll violation notices for my last 2 rentals from 2 different rental locations. Are the agents just inept? I’m a regular customer and sick and tired of having to deal with this. Last rental agreement number is 3FLF0Z. Please correct this.

  173. Cynthia from the Lakeland TN office tried to cancel my confirmed reservation.#1880870212. This is unacceptable. I reserved and talked to customer service and they all a how the vehicle will be available. This manager says she over booked. I need the vehicle on the day reserved and I need confirmation that itqill be there, without an issue.

  174. Had a reservation in advance for two months. Got a call a week before I get ready to take my kids on vacation in reference to the 15 passenger van that they would no longer carry the 15 passenger vans and at that time was there no type of resolution to the problem that was created by Enterprise. After getting off the phone and trying to find a resolution myself, I called Enterprise again to see if I could just reserve another mini van and after speaking with a representative in the Dublin office, she assured me that we would have a 15 passenger van because one would come in 2 days before my reservation date. Called Enterprise in Dublin on 6/22/2021 (two days before my pickup date) and the manager at the Dublin office stated that they will not have 15 passenger van because they are getting rid of the fleet. I proceeded to let her know that a representative a week earlier assured me that we would have a 15 passenger van but the manager DID NOT want to accommodate me in getting the van even after I told her who I spoke with. This should NEVER happen to anyone at any point in time. This is highly uncalled for!!

  175. I reserved a 7 passenger car on June 12, 2021. Reservation # is 2047876468. I was to pick up the car Friday June 25, 2021. I was called this morning Wednesday June 23,2021 and told they didn’t have any. How is that possible? Why was i able to reserve it if that’s the case. Why was I informed 2 days before I was to pick it up. This is unacceptable! Please help. Thank you in advance.

  176. I was extremely disappointed with this locations customer service. I made a reservation and spoke to them the morning of and everything seemed fine until I arrive only to be told that there was no inventory and nothing could be done about it. I spent my time and money on transportation to get here only to be treated like I was being a pest.

  177. I has Ben vectom of scam in the google site for enterprise carRentals.I lost $317 on May 07/2021 need get my money back .can you help me?

  178. Good afternoon
    I am filing my dissatisfaction with my last rental that was picked up on Sunday 6/13/21. I chose Enterprise because I needed a 15 passenger van to hold all of my family members for a family trip. According to google Enterprise link had what I was looking for so I secured a reservation. Unfortunately it wasn’t until we starting loading up that we realized there was not enough room. Instead of a 15 passenger Van we were given a 12 passenger van. This was a total disappointment because there was not enough space for everyone which defeated our purpose . Because we were on a time schedule we had to come up with an alternative plan and have a family member drive. This was a total inconvenience and delayed the start of our trip to make additional travel arrangements. In addition to this inconvenience the van was dirty ana has trash under the seat ana dust along the dashboard. I have used Enterprise for a number of years and I pride myself on the service that I have received in the past but this time around I was totally dissatisfied. The van tag # was UNN4463. The reservation was under my name . My address is 5815 Potomac Land Way Brooklyn Park MD 21225.
    I would like this matter to be reviewed and compensation for the level of dissatisfaction provided. If your advertisement states 15 passenger then that’s what I should of been provided.
    I would like to receive call from upper management at 443 564-xxxx. Thanks

  179. I rented a car in Virginia Beach, my purse was stolen so I asked if I could do a one way trip to make it back to Ohio ans deal with my bank. Corporate said yes, but the local guy charged me an extra $180+ after the vehicle was returned. Then a few weeks later I was charged 9 dollars and some change. Now today the Ann’s store ran 32 dollars and some change. I have tried to under why my card is still being used a month later. I will seek legal help for these fraudulent charges if this matter isn’t dealt with.

  180. Dear all,

    I have been a valuable customer for over a year and I continuously rent with enterprise because it is convenient and flexible for me. But I’ve had bad experiences and recently I had an overdue balance and went to the Deerfield branch to renew contract and pay any outstanding balance and your employee Eric was not helpful at all. He was very cynical with his tone and sarcastic. He then told me he would not rent a car for me and I had to walk over an hour to my house. This made me feel quite impotent and under value, as I also make sure to do my best with everything. In a time where people are losing their jobs and some have lost other things, I always put my best foot forward. It it’s unbelievably disappointing to me that I have to go through these measures to make my concern known. I’ve had issues with this employee in the past, as every time I tried to speak he’s cut me short and left me with my words in my mouth. At no point have I ever been disrespectful to any one and I’ve always tried to be comprehensive. It is beyond me that I now have to add more concerns to myself and uncertainty has to sweep in as to how I will get to work.

  181. Good morning I have recently rented a car with you all anyways I checked around the car but the car ended up with a crack shield on the driver side I was not on the expressway to have that happen I have rented cars with you in the past and never had any problems but I had reported when it happen on a Saturday and one of the representatives told to bring the car back and switch it out also I went on Monday morning and spoke with the manager she actually gave me a another rental that had three hub caps so I feel like I should not be responsible for the cracked windshield if I reported your matteson Il office has sent me and invoice for it which is 440 dollars I’m definitely will not be paying for something that I didn’t not do I am really disappointed with the branch and will not be renting from you all ever again

  182. Reference #8M8KZK
    I attempted to rent a vehicle after having been involved in a major accident with my personal vehicle. Upon attempting to rent, I am advised that I am not allowed to rent due to a balance. Upon checking my last rental, I verified that the balance is zero. I also confirmed the reference number with the enterprise location here in Boca Raton , FL.

    My complaint is that I am without vehicle and in need of a vehicle tomorrow by 5am.

    I speak to a supervisor by the first name of “Latese” after calling 800-774-7578, who’s customer service abilities are significantly subpar; was unable to advise more than redirecting me to another contact of which I will receive a call on an unknown date based on a balance that does not exist for an incident that apparently no one can explain yet, I have all the evidence proving otherwise.

    This supervisor then hangs up on me. I am a business owner of a few companies and I can tell you that this would be grounds for termination.

  183. I reserved a mini van on 02/16/2021 through orbitz. My pickup date was 06/18/2021 at the Williamson, WV location. My total price was suppose to be 723.43 at pick up. I received a call while I was sleeping on 06/17/2021 and they left a message stating to contact Chappmansville, WV office for new arrangements because the Williamson office was closed. I work night shift and when I got up for work on the 17th the office was already closed. I called the Chappmansville office as soon as I got off from work the morning of the 18th. When I spoke to the gentleman at that office he said they had nothing and no mini van. He said I could call around some of the other offices and see if I could find one. First of all the mistake was made by enterprise and why should I have to be calling trying to find a van I had reserved since February? After I contacted a few different places and didn’t find anything I called the enterprise corporate office and the lady did search around without finding anything. Here I am the day I am leaving for vacation and no mini van. Keep in mind I have had a van reserved since FEBRUARY!!! I guess reservations are pointless with enterprise. My stepson was able to find a van that day and unfortunately it was with the enterprise office in Charlottesville, VA and yes we ended up paying more than double my reserved price. The van I reserved was 723.43 but do to enterprise not honoring that reservation we ended up paying more than 1400 dollars to rent a mini van. Unfortunately this will probably do no good but I am reporting this to the better business bureau. I feel like this was done to get the going rate which cost me more than double. Thanks for taking away a piece of out family vacation because of greed.

  184. Hi my name is Kristina Cohen, I have been renting a vehicle from you all for a year now. I didn’t plan on renting this long but things happen. I work and faithfully pay the weekly payments for the vehicles i rent. But i have noticed something this pass year, i have constantly asked for a smaller affordable car because i am paying way more than i can really afford right now. They keep telling me that they will switch me out to a smaller car but come the day i suppose to switch all of a sudden they don’t have a smaller car so I’m stuck with a big suv and paying 433 a week which is almost 2000 a month. I have no access to my paperwork i told them i didnt know my password to my online account to see how many points i have, no one will help me with that. I work for meals on wheels so i have to have transportation. The prices they have been quoting me over the year has went up tremendously. They take money out of my account without me knowing for different reasons, i have brought it to a couple people’s attention when i noticed it but they gave me weird reasons of different charges. Which i thought didn’t sound right. I am to the point where i feel my money is getting took, they don’t appreciate me or my time, i honestly want to get my lawyer to look over all the documentation because i feel there is no way I should be paying almost 2000 dollars a month. That’s just absurd!!! I really need for someone to contact me immediately to resolve this serious issue!!!

  185. I called several times on the 18th of this month. I have never received a phone call back. I filed complaint And I wanna know what’s going to be done.

  186. I leased a car from enterprise after my wreck. I paid the 50.00 deposit. That was in February 2021. USAA paid my deposit and local enterprise office said I’d get my deposit in 2 weeks. I’ve called numerous times with no results. So I asked for a number for a person who could help me. I called the number given. A gentleman said he’d mail my check by fedex. I’ve not seen a check and this is getting ridiculous. I won’t starve without that money but it’s due me. I’m sick of the run around. Been since February folks!!!!!

  187. I have been trying to get a supervisor to return my call since before Covid 19 came. I need for someone to explain to me why I’m still on the Don’t Rent list. I have rented plenty of cars through Enterprise

  188. I have experienced a very unethical and professional experience with a enterprise rental facility manager.

  189. Loyalty #XJQVH7R and RA # 3KYVPV
    On June 27th I was leaving Molly’s House in Stuart (a place for hospice patients and their families to stay) to see my Mom at her hospice room in Fort Pierce when I noticed my rental car had a flat back left tire. I called Enterprise Roadside Assistance and was told an exchange would be made that evening. I waited a couple hours and didn’t hear anything so I tried calling again. No replacement car ever came and I was left stranded and gave up after 9/10pm. The next morning my mother passed away at 6am, before I had the chance to say goodbye. I had to take an Uber to Fort Pierce to see her body and make arrangements. I called Enterprise Roadside Assistance line again later that day from the funeral home in Stuart (as Enterprise never reached again out to resolve the flat tire problem) and I was told to go to the Stuart location to do an exchange and pick up a different car. I was dropped off there by family, only to be told that 1) no cars were available and 2) I couldn’t even get another car without returning the other one first, even though I explained to several of your employees on the phone and in person the situation, several times. So I had to get a ride back to Molly’s house and wait for AAA to tow the other car. Then I called Roadside Assistance again and was told I’d have to Uber to PSL to get one. Unbelievable. Eventually, a replacement car was brought to Molly’s house late on the night of 6/28. This was the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced, at the worst time. And this was on top of an already bad experience in May when I rented a car online and showed up the next day to be told you didn’t have any cars available. This made my family have to return to get me again and left me scrambling to make other plans, all while trying to care for my mother on hospice. Also, every time I called to extend the rental, I was put on a merry go round of calling the local number and having no one answer, and then being rerouted to the main number, only to be rerouted again to the local number and round and round.
    I certainly am not paying for 6/27-current, and I expect to be reimbursed for the full tank of gas I had in the rental and the Uber ride to Fort Pierce, which I have the receipt for and was $32.52.
    I am flying home on Thursday 7/1 and would like the option of returning my car to West Palm Beach Airport instead of PSL Bayshore. I was unable to submit this email through their portal.

  190. I reserve the Rent-A-Car from Enterprise and the day before I’m supposed to pick it up they change the price I’ve been written rent a car from Enterprise for 20 years

  191. I am so displeased with the experience I’ve encountered with enterprise in SC. I had to wait on the rental when it was time to pickup due to them stating they were fixing the tire went straight home and looked out the window and the tire was on the ground. I just think god we wasnt traveling when this happened. The safety of my family is so important and I think that was missed due to the company. I Had to call AAA to change the tire.Which delayed my family trip had to wait until they open the next morning for them to give us a new vehicle.

  192. I had a reservation from June 25-june 30 with a pickup time at 10am. When I went to pick up the car I was told there was no cars available. I called corporate twice and am still waiting on call back. I had a planned trip that I had to cancel do to the poor service of this place. Why have a reservation in the first place if there are no guarantee s. Sadly I was told by the agency it happens all the time and was brushed off.

  193. This company has the worst customer service and very prejudiced. As a white woman I have never been treated so poorly and left sitting outside in the heat. The location in Valdosta, Ga I reserved a car to pickup on a Wednesday at 11am. Received a call the night prior it wouldn’t be ready until around 3pm. Fine. Called around 2:30 to confirm and was informed I needed to have all kinds of documents to prove my identity and income and residence. What? I have rented vehicles from that same location for years and just rented one 2 months prior. Get to the location 3:30pm. My unemployment is not proof of income or residence. It needs to be from a real bank and on paper. So I cannot rent. Well it’s my elderly mother’s birthday, probably her last and we have reservations (non refundable) for a motel in Florida. Which also we have to be checked in prior to 11pm. She agrees my mother can put it in her name but no other authorized drivers. Whatever. I run home to get my mother barely make it back by 5pm (closing time). By 5:15 we have a vehicle and can leave. Car is due back Friday at the same time. Well they have ruined our 1st day by making us get there at 10:45pm vs 3pm. My mom is on oxygen and has numerous health issues. We head back home and are not going to make it by the time they close. I call they say it’s fine. Saturday morning, my mothers home nurse stops by and by the time she leaves and car is unpacked it is now after 11am. Call and they close at 12pm and will reopen on Monday 830am. Upon returning the vehicle Monday at 830am all is well. Receive an email stating I still owe $45.23. they kept my $300 deposit and want more money??? I am being charged for their being closed. Wtf??? I have emailed, made calls, messaged on Facebook and sent letters to main office. I have yet to hear from anyone. It’s been almost a month now.

  194. Enterprise company L in Cherry Hill jersey took money off my card without my opposition and made like four transactions in order to take the money off they did not call me or asked me if I wanted them to take money off of my card they just decided to take for transactions to take what they want please give me a call at 215-303-xxxx my name is Mary re-thank you

  195. I rented a car back in December 2020 because my grandmother died from Covid. I end up keeping the rental, turning it in 2 days ago. I spent a lot of money, only to be told I “stole” the car. Money was illegally debited from both my credit and personal debit cards. I called corporate and still no refund. I was later contacted by an investigator, who was threatening (I have the text messages) that I would go to jail if I didn’t turn the car back in. I still have no refund, investigation, or apology. You have your car back but your company ripped off a single mother of 7, you took my money and threatened to jail me. Over $7,000 and I was told I would go to jail. Shame on you all….thieves!!

  196. I received my taxi reimbursement check which took almost a month and a half to get. I was not sent the full reimbursement of the taxi that I had to get to transport me 56 miles to chattanooga airport due to the rental vehicle had a flat at 3:48 am on May 19th. I was told I would receive the whole amount and the manager of the branch in decatur,al had faxed it to you because I emailed it to him. It cost me $110.00 for a taxi not $45.00 so you still owe me $65.00 dollars. I have waited patiently enough for my money. I work hard for my money and need my money. I would like for someone to call me back and resolve this matter.

  197. I have been trying to reach someone before Covid 19. Every time I talk to someone. They tell me a supervisor will get back to me. I was place on a do not rent list because of a situation in Illinois. I added my husband as a driver not knowing his license had been suspended. When they called me the state trooper said that Enterprise had to get it. Even though we were drivers it was still registered to Enterprise. Enterprise got the vehicle and cleared that part. My concern is I have always rented from Enterprise with no problems. So can someone please clear this up for me. Thanks. EboneeMorgan 901606-xxxxx

  198. I had my Geico insurance company make a call to my local Enterprise office RR, NC for a rental on 6/29/21. I received a message saying they don’t have anything but would call if they have something, so I called 2 other offices Rkmt, NC & Henderson, NC and they said they would call also. NO CALLS! I don’t understand especially when the lots are full? Very disappointed with the service of this company…

  199. I am currently using the Paramus NJ location. In the past I’ve always used Hawthorne NJ . I’m mot a fan of the car I’m driving . The Paramus Manager promised me to swap cars. I called her again and she said she would call me when I can switch the cars. She never called me and now it’s the holiday and she can’t help me. She said to call Monday but she already gave the car she said I can use once it gets an oil change . Hawthorne is much better with customer service. I will rethink using Paramus and I live in Paramus

  200. I’m not pleased with the customer service deform the Paramus location. They promised to switch out cars for me . They never called me back and now it’s the holiday weekend and they can do anything so she said! The car she promised me was given to someone else. At least give me the return call. The Hawthorne location has much better customer service but I live in Paramus.

  201. i rented a camaro and that car was nothing but trouble tags were expired, got pulled over because of the tags and then it was losing alot of water it was leaking from the bottom of the engine 188.00 dollars is alot for me and i had to pay that amount for not driving the car so you could say i’m very upset about this rental # 3SBWMB mary atkins

  202. I called rented a nissan sentry on 7/2/2021 and I notess that the windshield wiper blade on the driver side was worn badly. So I called back in to the 3201 dixie hey Louisville. Kentucky 40216 and they told me that they don’t have any more cars. I was didn’t ask for a new car I just wanted the wiper blade fix. So then she said we do business with Ken tower tire service that I can take it too them and they would fix it. So you want me to go on my time and wait for them to fix the wiper blade when this should have been fix before you let it leave your lot. So this really bad service for you all I will never rent any more cares for you and I will tell my family and friends as well. Budget would have had it fix before it left there lot. So I will make sure I keep up with the national news for a law suit against enterprise. Your company people drive unsafe cars off there lots. So this tell me that staff is not checking the cars when they co.e back in, they just rent them out again. WOW
    I will also be emailing ky dot department to let them know you are renting cars that have problems when them. I can you ask the customer to take your car and have it fix that’s crazy, people are paying your company for a service that they think has been check over.

  203. Hello my name is Joshua Yoon, home owner of 1932 Glencrest Dr, Monroeville, PA 15146. Your employees were trying to deliver a total gym ( INSPIRE FITNESS ) from Costco.com (logistics) and damaged my garage door, railing, and the wiring to my furnace/ac unit (have a receipt) on 6-17-21. Reported it to manager Tony Ganzak who hasnt been compliant to the situation since the day of the incident. Yesterday your workers without my consent and permission from me and my girlfriend altered the garage railing then said all fixed. The garage door is left damaged and uneven, railing not stable, and $450 out of my pocket. If unresolved i will be taking further action. Enterprise’s actions are boarder line a criminal case considering your guys are trespassing on my property and will be pursuing. Have before pics from the day of and after also if needed. This was an absolute horrible experience and hope this can be resolved. Any questions please call me at 4126129677

    Today my gf received a letter stating we hired a private contractor witch we did not. All we did is get an estimate requested by manager Tony Ganzak. He lied and turned around stating we hired someone and closed the case. I hired a hvac worker to repair the damages caused by your delivery team. It was close to 95 degrees outside, why wouldn’t i?!

  204. I reserve the vehicle on May 1st for July 2nd in Demopolis Alabama location the reservation number was 142544502 29 when I got there to get the Van I gave him my driver’s license and mess a depayment but he took it and ran it and then told me that there was one problem The vehicle was in route this was at 10:30 a.m. which I was supposed to been there at 11:00 a.m. There was no vehicle. I had plans spent money. You treat people the way you want to be treated. As I write this I’m angry and hurt at the same time. This just wasn’t right. Please do better. Don’t tell me it’s in your Policy to do this to people. They had plenty of time to accommodate me.

  205. I am very disappointed in Enterprise with the extremely high cost of your rentals. I earned enough points for 2 day rental and now it’s only equal to one day. I’ve been on vacation for 4 weeks, which I am using Hertz, who is 200.00 cheaper than you. As a valued customer, you just skyrocketed your prices after partially opening from the pandemic. TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!

  206. Hello! My name is Karissa Adams and I purchased a vehicle from this company (enterprise) LAST SEPTEMBER! As of yet I have not received my title STILL! Living in the state of MO you can get your tags without out them. My temp tags are obviously out of date and dealer tags have been stolen. Every single time I try to reach back out to Enterprise on DUNN road to speak to Xaiver I am placed on a hold and told he will call back. I have yet to receive a call back or a voicemail for that matter. This highly unprofessional and not to mention it is in fact an inconvenience to me on a daily basis. May some one from the ACTUAL CORPORATE OFFICE assist.

  207. I need a fleet utilization log Sen to my email for your store on xxxx west Colfax ave in Lakewood Colorado at email Bentleepaulinxxxxxxx @gmail.com

  208. My daughter rented a 15 person can for a wedding, from OKC to Las Vegas, she was not informed that she could not use a debit credit card, until she arrived to pick up van at a twelve o’clock pick up time, but Item2 they started vaccuming it out after she arrived to pick it up. Item 3 after finally getting someone with just a credit card to Co sign contract, they find the van was not even filled up. This organization is a great disappointment, and if ever asked I will not only not recommend Enterprise, but seriously tell them not to ever use this company. Raoul Vincilione Oklahoma City Oklahoma

  209. I had reserved a SUV for yesterday. It was to be a family vacation since my grandchildren and my daughter we’re going to Florida. We went to go pick up the vehicle yesterday and they said there was a glitch in the system and there were no vehicles! So my daughter broke down into tears because we had planned this vacation and I just decided they would be no room if I went so I had to give her my Land Rover which left me with no vehicles for a week! I’m a first responder I am a fire fighter so I wasn’t able to go on any calls which we had a bad fire last night I couldn’t go and help my community because you people didn’t have a vehicle like you said you did I want to know how you’re going to resolve this with cheating me out of my job. Since I went back on duty because I couldn’t go to Florida thank you I see the way you people treat first responders and it’s pretty sad I’m going to let all my other fire fighter brothers and sisters no how your corporation handles it and they’re not gonna be happy.

  210. 07/07/2021 @ 8am

    3600 South Wilmington Street
    Raleigh NC 27603

    The morning of July 7th at 8:05am my wife was welcomed by Jaquan Taylor, customer service representative extraordinaire for Enterprise Rental Company. She had been in a car accident the Saturday prior and was informed of a reservation by the insurance company to pick up a car.
    From the beginning of the experience, we were met with excuses and inconveniences. Due to lack of communication between the insurance company and Enterprise we were held up in line for 20 minutes to personally solve an internal issue. Only to find out that we would now be inconvenienced yet again and asked to come back later in the afternoon to pick up a reservation that was initially scheduled for 8am. I couldn’t take it anymore.
    When the inconveniences, lack of customer service, lack of regard towards the needs of others were called out to customer service representative, Jaquan Taylor, he became very animated, excessively aggressive, rude, and condescending with a tone/body language, and nonchalant attitude that is unbecoming of a customer service representative of ANY reputable company, organization, or business.

    As a Black Male it was disturbing to hear phrases such as, “We don’t rent to people like you” and be threatened by Jaquan Taylor because a grown man has the inability to appreciate empathy and compassion towards the needs of the customers that pay his salary.
    In the present state of our country, it is embarrassing to hear such words come from any human.

    Never once were we met with solutions only problems, excuses, inconveniences, animated attitude, threats, and condescending tone.
    That is the exact opposite of a positive customer service experience.
    Pamela Nicholson and Enterprise Holdings, Inc. should be ashamed.

  211. I’m having a discrimination problem with Enterprise Rent-A-Car they put me on the computer as they know rent and I don’t feel like it was fair that they did that I talk to a manager and the manager was really upsetting to me he told me that I could not get my credit card change I didn’t have my name on my credit card and I wanted to go to the bank and get it changed and have my name put on my credit card and one of your agents told me that I couldn’t do that I told him to give me 15 minutes to go to the bank and have the bank issue me a new credit card and he told me that he was not I’m filing a discrimination complaint and I’m filing some paper with the Better Business Bureau to so I would wish that someone call me back my name is Daniel Thomas area code 248-925-xxxx

  212. I’m very upset about my rental car. I rented a shorts car at the Louisville Airport. When I arrived at my hotel and really liked at the car. There is quite a bit of damage to the car. Dings and scratches even a small hole in the fender. I mentioned a few. I tried to call and tell customer service after About 20 min on the phone and the person constantly confirming my reservation and not getting that in calling because I’m upset at the damage I asked for the manager and was on hold when I was hung up on.

  213. I reserved a car for July 8 2021 my daughter had a court appearance in Kentucky on the 9th and the rental place told me when I went to the lot at 9:45am that my reservation was at 5 I had mistakenly made the reservation for 5 instead of 10 like I thought so I had my ride drive my back home 30 mins away and waited around all day with her 2 year old to give me a ride back to enterprise at 5 because she lives 2 hours away and was just here to give me a ride! At3:45 I called enterprise to check and see if mabey they had a car turned in early like the guy said was a possibility when I was there a few hours earlier. The man who answers the phone after about 10 minutes of bs on the phone finally comes out with “ I’m sorry but we aren’t going to have anything in today at all!!!!!” I find this to be extremely inconvenient since I know have 0 time to reserve another car somewhere else because they failed to notify me of the problem in car availability when I was right there at the lot not 5 hours prior! Now I don’t know what I’m going to do I have reserved another car in Gainesville for in the morning but when I get to Kentucky now my daughter will have to turn herself in to jail and take care of the warrant she will have after 10 am rolls around and she’s not in the courtroom!! If the man would’ve told me this morning that this was probably gonna happen I would’ve tried to figure something else out and I would’ve had a lot more time to do so!! This is outrageous.

  214. Yes my complaint is that my insurance company pay for a full size car but I was given a compact size car when I called back to see if there was a way that I could upgrade like the man told me the next day there still wasn’t a full size car for me so I called back the second day this gentleman that I spoke with was very very rudely told me that they didn’t have a full size car and if I didn’t believe him I could come up to the lot and look I’ve called and made complaints twice I was told that someone would get in contact with me within 72 or 48 hours here it is I’ve been in this rental for at least 12 days and a compact size that I was supposed to have a full size I feel that I was treated very rudely and unprofessionally again I’ve made two calls for complaints and no one has said anything or made any adjustments to the car or to my deposit again can someone please contact me and 910-225-xxxx my name is Corey Walters and I’m in Lumberton North Carolina the claim was dead through my Geico insurance and I would like a response as soon as possible

  215. We reserved a minivan to get picked up today. They not only don’t have minivan they have nothing for us to rent. What good does it do to rent in advance?

  216. An agent assaulted my boyfriend. They charged my card without first notifying me then saying that they couldn’t get an answer. I even offered my call log I have no missed calls from that day. I go to return my vehicle and an agent is getting rude with me and assaults my boyfriend! He has a huge gash in his eye.

  217. my family and i came to florida for vacation, someone rear ended our truck, so state farm leased a car from your daytona beach branch, after a few days i noticed a couple bugs inside car, next day their was 2 more in counsel, so i googled it because my wife thought it was bed bugs, i found out all bugs do not like dryer sheets, so i stuffed the car using a whole box of dryer sheets, waited 2 hours and went outside to look in the car, with my flash light in hand i i looked inside the car and it was crawling with cock roaches every where, from inside the seats, vents, carpet, dash, i mean everywhere, so i made a verbal complaint to your website and was directed to dwayne at orlando, he is a regional manager, needless to say dwayne basically asked me several question and said he wanted to establish a time line, so answering all his questions he makes a remark of i don’t need to hear your life story and started criticizing me. I have never rented a vehicle so their is no norm on what to do when cock roaches are crawling all over the place, the vacation home and the car had to be bombed, cleaned, shampooed carpets, thru away all food unless it was canned, vacumed and wiped the car down, as well as the home we were vacationing in, washed our pets, i just feel like dwayne or wayne in orlando could have talked to me with a little more respect since i did not write this review. my name is david l butler,this branch was at 800 mason ave, vehicle # LHLG56, florida rental agreement 2RKVhp, march 12th. i live at 2157 s robinson rd vincennes indiana, so im filing this concern with enterprise team and hoping this is as far as this needs to go, thanks for your time david l butler

  218. Car lost oil pressure and we was stranded for almost 9+ hours away from home had roadside assistance wasted the day sitting in a hot car waiting on them to show up

  219. Been trying to call the local Enterprise in Panama City Beach Florida for 6 hours now on and off still no one picks up they cannot be that dang busy

  220. I rented a car on 6/10/2021 from the Dearborn, MI location. Within 10 minutes into driving the car it started making noise. On 6/11/2021 I contacted the Dearborn location because both front tires were low, the brakes were grinding and the clip to the front bumper was bad and the bumper was loose. I contact them and even sent them photos. I was told to bring the car back the next morning. On 6/12 I brought the car to enterprise and I was told they didn’t have another car for me to rent and I was stuck with a vehicle that was falling apart. After arguing with the sales associate for quit some time I just agreed to continue to drive the vehicle until I return it on 6/15. They proceeded to take the car and act like they were putting air into the tires. The sales associate comes out without the car and says she needed 500 dollars for me to rent another vehicle since they said I damaged the vehicle. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I absolutely refused to pay anything since I never damaged the vehicle at all and at no time did anyone hit me either. I was left stranded without transportation and had to find my own way home and didn’t have a vehicle for the next 3 days making me loose time at work. Toyota Corollas are first of all known for having issues with their front bumper clips and the fact that the vehicle is a 2020 and still under manufacturer warranty. By them asking me to admit that I damaged the car and trying to force me to pay 500 which I never will is extortion and fraud. I have two master mechanics to back up my proof. I not only want them to reverse their claim against me I want and apology. I will never in my life rent from them again. I’m a person with a clear driving record and a perfect credit score and I will be damn if I allow this company to try and take advantage of me!

  221. I sent a letter just now but this came up. I have used Enterprise since 2016. I have several rentals this year that I am unhappy with. I have a rental August 9th through August 13th. I am being charged for a week. This rental is 5 days $572. Too much. I have a rental July 30th through August 2nd(4 days) I am being charged for Sunday because the Barboursville, West Virginia location is closed. $349. Too much. Can you do something about this? I love renting from Enterprise and actually bought a car last year from our Enterprise dealer. If you can’t help me, I may have to find an alternative. Also, the only vehicles available are midsize which jacks up the price. My cell is (606)923-xxxx

  222. I just picked up a car from your Falmouth office and it was filthy and had an obnoxious smell. I wouldn’t drive it. We are in a pandemic and you are renting filthy cars. I will take my business elsewhere. You should be ashamed. My only alternative was a pickup truck or a van. Shame on your company. I will advise my insurance company not to recommend you.

  223. To whom it may concern,
    I am a retired professional who was looking to join your company as a part time driver. After an initial interview, I was told I would be called either way for a second interview within 25-48 hrs. Did not receive a call, so I emailed a couple of times to the person who interviewed myself for an answer. No response! It is now a week later! I do not wish to divulge the name, but, as a retired administrator who interviewed many people, it is common respect to give a call or even respond to an email! Not getting a good review locally from me for your company. It is based in Allentown, Pa. at the Lehigh Valley International Airport! I will not divulge the name of the person on a public forum, but you can email me and I will give the name of the supervisor! Not a good look for your companies hiring policy! Deeply Angry at the professionalism of the Supervisor.

  224. I need someone to get in contact with me. We have problem with enterprise.
    Enterprise here is Racine has done wrong and we need this problem look into. My number is 262-744-2245. And my name is Mary Myers I am get in touch with you regard to rental that we try get on June 24, 2021 and how they have try to say my brother in law can’t rental a car from them and how they have put red mark in his file. . We need to get this straight out before we have call a lawyer or before we have tell Johnson Corporation what enterprise have done. Not allow us to be able to get rental. After for past 3 yrs we have rental from them .And all this stem from is someone in there feeling.. I almost want say it might be racial motivation the way the lady spoke. Well I would like get straight out for my brother-in law as soon as possible.
    Because we have not report to them tell them how enterprise have done us .were trying to fix the problem before we have go to them.So if someone could please give me call it will totally be appreciated.
    Mary Myers

  225. I rented a rental car for 3 days and extended it three or four more days so far one day at a time and I was wondering if I could get a discount for renting so long at a high price or another day or two extended for free

  226. I made reservation on April 20, 2021 for July 21 thru July 25th. I contacted Enterprise off Walton Way, Augusta GA on July 7th or 8th to confirm my Reservations. I gave the information to the Representative and she told me that Enterprise no longer have 15 passenger vans at that location. I stated to her what they had to do with my reservation because when I made them in April you carried 15 passenger vans. The Representative told me that I had to contact a different location to find a van..I stated to her that she should be the one to find a replacement because they moved ed the vans to another location. 1 called 3 locations and all locations stated that reservations had been made and they dont have anything available. My trip is next week and now we have to cancel due to no transportation. Poor Customer Service and I am very disappointed in Enterprise for not notifying me of the changes or cancelations. I will never recommend Enterprise to anyone.

  227. Your Enterprise Operations (Independent?) at the Keflavic , Iceland is a disgrace. I ordered 10/20 a Hyundai with Cruise Control but was given without a choice a “Duster” with over 79,000 km on the odometer. A dangerous grossly under-powered car. Then I was later charged for “upgrade”. Invoice – KEF061-34867. I have always rented from Enterprise Shannon, USA etc. but in the future?

  228. I need to talk to somebody about a situation that happened to me. I made a payment for my sister on 5/28/21 . Enterprise took money from my account (4) times after I didn’t give them permission to do that. I talk with the assistant manager about it.she said she can since my sister didn’t have money in her account. I told her I didn’t have anything to do with that

  229. I’m calling your Ontario, California location (1344 Holt Blvd) and they only hang up on my call. I’ve tried 3 times only to get hung up on.

  230. I hit a deer on my way to work on July 18. . My insurance company (USAA) reserved a car for me through Enterprise. When I went on the 19th I was stood they Woukd have a car for me today, the 21st. I called and they are now telling me Friday. I understand there us a car shortage but this is ridiculous. I have to get to and from work.

  231. My name is Raymond Buxenstein..my insurance digested that I get my van fixed in Valparaiso Indiana because the fix it place was right next to a enterprise car rental …I have used enterprise before so I said that would be great .I live in west Virginia.Had an accident in Indiana.my insurance extended the rental 19 day’s the enterprise on Washington st.in Valparaiso In.would not let me rent a car because they wanted a major credit card.I have used my bank card in the past witch has master card on it.They said they would not except that even tho I used it before for enterprise car rental.I have missed Dr’s appointment my friend who is with me has missed his cancer treatments.We have been sleeping on the sidewalk,in extreme pain.We happened to meet a gentleman that had Colorado license plate he stated that is was not his car he just rented it from enterprise.I asked him if he had a major credit card he said no he used his bank card just like mine.If this is your policy it is not being used all the time.my phone number is 614 558 xxxx I would appreciate a explanation why I was treated so horrible.

  232. Good day,
    My name Frederick James. I reside in Memphis Tennessee. I had reserved a vehicle from September 17-20 2021. Confirmation # 1883455799 I wasn’t notified that they were going to be late or low on the return of vehicles. My pick up time schedule was 11:30 am. I had to call to see what was the problem. The representative promised me he would contact me as soon as a full size vehicle was returned. I never heard back from them that day. That enterprise location is at: 7263 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38125.” I missed a funeral I had planned on attending in Jackson this past weekend. This is poor customer service.

  233. Your locations near me can’t help me and have been extremely rude. The 1st one went AWOL for 1 hr, and 3 others behind me left. They put me in a car when I need a SUV. This is medically needed due to my disabilities. I’m in more pain getting in and out of the car they put me in.

  234. I rented a vehicle from the Enterprise app, when I showed up for the pick-up of the vehicle I was given a Nissan Leaf electric car. I didn’t ask for an electric car but I was under the belief that was all that was available. The gentleman that assisted me told me that all the charging of the car was free, which was a LIE!! He also told me that I could go to any Nissan dealership and just plugin, well he didn’t mention that all the dealerships can only charge the cars through the service department. And, the service departments all close at around noon, which does me no good because I picked up my vehicle at noon. He also didn’t mention that with the charger supplied that it would take over 8 hours to get a 25% charge and that all the dealerships only had trickle chargers that were free. I would expect that all employees that rent vehicles would be educated on the use of the vehicles in their lot because the one I dealt with was NOT! The thing that upsets me the most is that me and my family were on our way to see our first Major League Baseball game together in Dallas, the Texas Rangers. It was a birthday present for my 12-year-old son and it would have been his first game but that didn’t happen. What happened was that we spent 2 hours in Temple, Tx looking for one of the 4 charging stations that were supposedly available. The first one was we found at Baylor Scott and White hospital was out of service and inoperable. The second one was in an apartment complex that was gated and we had no access to. The third one was at the Nissan dealership which was operated by the service department, which was locked and closed. So, the only one that was operating and available was the charging station at the BMW dealership in Temple. It was a trickle or slow charger, so my family and I waited out in the heat for 6 hours waiting for the battery to get just enough charge to get back to Round Rock which was 35 miles in the opposite direction because it was the nearest place that had a quick charger. Needless to say, we didn’t make the game and we ended up getting back home at around 2 am in the morning…. because we still had to wait another hour to quick charge the vehicle enough to get us back home. Now I’m out $139.89 for the Rangers tickets, $40 in vehicle charging fees and $129.78 for a vehicle that I never really used. Being out the money sucks but, the thing that really hurts is the disappointment that my family felt and had because our family trip was ruined, the stress of being out in the sun waiting hours and hours for the electric battery to charge, the shame that I felt because I felt like I let my family down. I would hope that someone in this “customer” orientated company would do the right thing but feel like a drop in a bucket of tears. DO BETTER ENTERPRISE, DO BETTER. Live up to your customer values and have empathy.

  235. Can you all please provide me with an email address to file a complaint against an area manager from the Slidell, LA branch?

  236. I have contacted Norwood Police and made a report with officer Hong. I will be also contacting an attorney. Please reach out to me. The camera shows Eddie’s actions on camera. Your long time employee is a thief. I have no Id, No money, none of my little essentials. Last but not least Eddie stole marijuana along with my purse. Eddie is also your company’s drug dealer who sells weed to Alex and others at enterprise. Your whole staff on that day treated me disgusting.

  237. Enterprise needs to fix their online reservations system. You have one thing to do, rent vehicles. It’s not acceptable that your online reservations system allows the customer to 1: make a reservation 2: generate a confirmation number 3: receive a confirmation email to only to have customer arrive to find that Enterprise has NO cars available . I understand supply issues given that Enterprise sold almost all of its cars at the onset of Covid 19. What I don’t understand is why a company that is supposedly a leader in the car rental business has such a flawed online system. My negative experience occurred 10/26/21 in Yukon, OK.

  238. Recently I made reservations by internet and the charge was $170.00 After the rental I got a bill for $280.00. Over $100.00 more than I thought. Please help!

  239. I had a reservation for a full size car Chevy Malibu or similar in the Miami beach Fontainebleau hotel.
    When I got to the desk, there was no-one there but a number to call. I called and was told my car was not ready and I will get a call when it was.
    I received that call around 3:40 and the gentleman agreed it would be delivered to the south valet by the Sorrento building in about 10 minutes.
    I waited there and got a call from a different employee who told me she was waiting for me at the entrance to the hotel.
    When I explained that I had a different understanding from the other employee, she proceed to tell me they do not serve the area I was waiting at and I had to go to the location she was at.
    I walked over to her. She went over all the terms and I signed all. We went outside and she handed me the keys to a small car. When I asked why I am not getting the car I paid for, she told me they didn’t have the size car available.
    When I asked her why I am paying the same rate for this car, she gave me some lame excuse which made no sense.
    When I told her I don’t understand, she told me “If you will be rude to me, I will not rent you a car”
    I travel all over the world now for over 35 years. I have NEVER had anyone speak to me in this manner.
    Needless to say, I didn’t rent the car.
    I used Uber that night which cost me twice as much as the car rental would have been.
    When I called the office to talk to a manager, I waited about 10 minutes to have “Jonathan” answer the phone and without asking me what happened, told me he will not tolerate any customer being rude to his employee and he will not rent me any cars in the future.
    I will like to place my complaint with you and I have sent a complaint to the Fontainebleau hotel as well, as I don’t think they will approve this kind of service on their property.

  240. I’d like to be able to talk to somebody about the flooded cars you guys have. Having a solution to killing mold 360° in that vehicle you guys are interested the company name is Green Tech Heat Solutions take a gander

  241. I purchased a vehicle from the El Cajon, CA Enterprise in San Diego, CA in 2019. And since then, my vehicle has been broken into multiple times but not forceably. Which leads me to believe that one of your car dealers is selling keyless entry remotes to theives / stalkers to encourage criminal activities. At the very least you should begin to look into the people that you have employed at that location and start doing extensive background checks and then seeing if they and not a customer has ordered keyless entry remotes for use beyond the dealership.

  242. My wife and I have been renting cars from Enterprise on a regular basis over the course of four years, and this is the second time I have received poor customer service from the same female employee at your Titusville, Fla location. I feel the attitude and unprofessionalism she had towards me was prejudiced, and she was unapolegetic about raising her voice at me instead of trying to explain to me what a full sized car consists of. I have had a similar incident with this same employee when it comes to her tone and demeanor when dealing with customers. Instead of giving customers knowledge about the vehicles, she makes you feel as if she is doing you favor. I have been a customer, and receive no discounts or help in renting cars from Enterprise, so she nor does your company do me any favors in renting cars. I have decided to rent my cars elsewhere, and to also let others know about the service at this location. I would appreciate if you as a company would train your employees better in customer service, and making the customer feel welcomed, not shun, embarrass or try and scold them!!

  243. Hello I was previously employed with the enterprise in waycross ga, well I had to unfortunately quit due to coming in contact with Covid 19 my brother had it and I had to quarantine my brother ended up passing away the whole time I keep Samantha Clark updated. But when it came to me not being able to return to work she has refused to answer my emails and she has refused to pay me for orientation and for 4 hours that I was able to work she make the comment I was not in the system so pretty much she didn’t have to pay me!! It’s been over a month!!! This is unfair I had to stop working due to Covid 19 and losing my brother and this is how Enterprise Holdings allows employees to get treated. This has caused me major depression!

  244. My name is Margaret Hussey I rental a compact on Dec042021 and return a hour later the same day Dec 042021 lady that help me said they cancel the order of the car and refund my money back to my card so today there no refund back to my card there no Email that Enterprise is refunding my money . So I call this morning on Dec 6 2021 several time only to be left on hold for 15to twenty minutes before I call back again or call someone else to help me I have been renting car from y’all for over ten years of more and this is the thank I get from your employee on 1014 11 st Goldsboro NC 27534 All I want is my refund back to my card and Enterprise do not need to worrie about me again

  245. enterprise put a stolen vehicle report on my rental car paid by my hyundai engine replacement warranty

  246. I have rented from your company for years,never had issues always paid was was due.recently I rented a car for two days,I informed the local office I was struck with covid and didn’t want to go there and spread COVID.i asked them to come pick up vehicle at my house ,5 . minutes away.they said they tried to call me and e mail me.laying in bed for 10 days some guy with a badge shows up takes the car .no issues,showed me email wasn’t my email or the phone number.they charged me for 6 day’s, overcharge of 242.00 numerous attempts to reach someone failed.being I’ll I gave up.now numerous more attempts I get 10different answers.just admit the error return my money and move on ,I’m a loyal customer.#38251437 claim number.

  247. I rented a car with you guys in August. There was a miss communication with my Insurance company and you guys came and got the truck from my house. The person that came and got it never knocked on the door to get the keys or ask if I had anything in it. So I called the Sevierville TN office and I spoke to a RUDE guy and told him my insulin was in the truck he told me to take a taxi to go get it. I asked him for the address to where it was and he said he didn’t know where they towed it. I also had all my work stuff in there as well a ladder, screw gun, painting materials among other stuff. I have been to the office to drop off the keys and several times after to inquire about my stuff they said they had to track it down. WELL its been 4 months and I haven’t heard a thing and honestly I am getting quite upset now. If someone can respond to my email or call me at (321) 805-xxxx. My name is Dianna Lawson-Laverty my Brother (Kenneth Lawson) was the one that rented the car it was through my insurance company.

  248. I have a problem the Enterprise in Vidalia, Ga and Dublin, Ga Ashley the manager in the Dublin Office refused us service, because we have prepaid electrical services, that’s what they offer here. Ashley was rude, disrespectful, and said somethings that were unprofessional. We were suppose to be in Alabama to spread my brothers ashes. Ashley represents this company from the Dublin, Ga office. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Also the NAACP, to be treated like trash is unacceptable. Why does she work for your company Enterprise!!!

  249. I am very frustrated with the company…I been a faithful & honest customer…even on the program club…my concern is this a incident happen in 2017 rental of mines where a hit& run occurred & my son were sitting inside to witness the incident which we had insurance & all issues were taken care of…so why am I being charge& I can’t rent nor get this matter resolved….I lost everything thing I own in the 2016 Historic Flood, then Harvey & idea…so its been hard but this isn’t my character, I am sorry…can this get resolved please?(Account#5WBU5L) I trust in Enterprise Rental…Thank you very much!

  250. I had rented a car through my insurance had got additional insurance
    I had rented a car through my insurance was talked into getting additional insurance called your office to cancel the insurance I was assured that it could be done over the phone but never was I have spoke to several customer service reps. but have not got any closure or response

  251. Enterprise was contacted by USAA, to have a rental ready two days ago. Today when USAA called your reprentative at Enterprise Lacey, WA, to have a rental car. Today when I requested the car your employee, “ Deshaun” very rudely said we could no have a car until Thursday to which I responded the reservation date, in a few word he said Thursday indicating he pretty much did not care and hung-up.

  252. Ref# 4zwzcd, Xiaoxi Huang (240-423-7598)
    I report cheating customer and request a tax refund $5.00.
    I rented your car for 20 days but your firm charged me 21 days.
    On 12/9/2021 at 12:30 pm I returned your car at location of 11760B Parklawn drive, Rockville, MD20852. I asked a lady, your employee for receipt. She said, don’t worry about it . we take care of everything. So I left your firm without any paper work. Later I asked for the invoice and found your firm charged me for more than one day. I called your firm for the refund. but your firm only refunded me $17.50. your firm didn’t refund me the taxes.
    your firm should refund me $17.50+ Tax.

    My car was broken and sent to National Auto Body (301-881-8200) to be repaired. on 12/9/2021 at 12:00 noon I picked up my repaired car at National Auto body ( I have receipt ) and returned your car at 12: 30pm on the same date 12/9/2021.
    So please contact National auto body and investigate this case.

    Xiaoxi Huang

  253. I want to file a executive compliant regarding a recent rental I did. The vehicle smelled like weed/marajuana. I called all day to local rental office but no one answered. Call 888 main number and was told call local office. We woul have rented another day but could not stand the smell.

  254. Live Oak, FL
    Outrageously long hold times at local branch. I was trying to resolve a current rental issue and was on the telephone for 52 minutes – 40 minutes of that being placed on hold.
    AVOID this ENTERPRISE rental. Their charges are NOT accurate for a change in vehicle. The manager, Mohmmad Abunshaib, was very unapologetic and absolutely not helpful. I will never use this branch again – and after $10k+ of rentals in the last six months, I will probably NEVER use ENTERPRISE again – my issue is still unresolved!

  255. I have used Enterprise for 40 plus years. The vehicle’s have all been new and top of the line in comfort and appearance. Monday I took my personal vehicle in for auto body work and AAA authorized Enterprise for my rental. On the second day of rental the dashboard lit up warning my tire was low. I called for a truck to air up tire but Enterprise road side service does not do that. I was at work and not off until 10PM so I had a truck come to my work and fill tires. The tires were fine and the air was perfect on all four tires.