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FedEx Corporation is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The name “FedEx” is an abbreviation of the name of the company’s air division, Federal Express.

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Fedex Office, Fedex Express, Fedex Ground, Fedex Freight, Fedex Custom Critical, Fedex Supply Chain, Fedex Trade Networks, Fedex Services
Corporate Address
FedEx Corporation
942 South Shady Grove Road
Memphis, TN 38120
Company Contact
Frederick W. Smith
Chairman and CEO
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Twitter IDs
@Fedex, @FedexHelp, @FedexOffice


What is Fedex’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Fedex’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-901-818-7500, or 1-901-369-3600.

What is Fedex’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Fedex’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-463-3339 (1-800-GoFedEx).


Other Fedex Customer Service Phone Numbers:

U.S. International Customer Service: 1-800-247-4747

U.S. TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) Services: 1.800.238.4461

Hearing Impaired Relay Desk: 1.800.464.0709

U.S. Billing Inquiries: 1.800.622.1147.

Fax Number: 1.800.548.3020.

Cargo Claims Inquiries: 1.800.Go.FedEx (1.800.463.3339).

Fax Number: 1.877.229.4766.

U.S. FedEx Express Freight Services (shipments over 150 lbs.): 1.800.332.0807

International Fedex Customer Service Phone Numbers:

Toll-free Phone Numbers:

18003 3339 (Mexico)

800 733 339 (New Zealand)

1800 535 800 (Ireland)

8033 339 (South Africa)

800 988 1888 (China)

1800 209 6161 (India)

1203 200 (Japan)

+1 877 339 2774 (Canada, Tech Support)

+44 345 607 0809 (United Kingdom)

+44 247 670 6660 (United Kingdom)

+61 132 610 (Australia)

+55 112 169 7000 (Brazil)

+54 810 333 3339 (Argentina)

+43 800 123 800 (Austria)

+32 27 527 575 (Belgium)

+45 70 233 332 (Denmark)

+358 10 800 515 (Finland)

+33 140 855 660 (France)

+49 61 076 840 660 (Germany)

+39 199 151 119 (Italy)

+31 80222 333 (Netherlands)

+47 63 940 300 (Norway)

+351 707 244 144 (Portugal)

+7 495 788 8881 (Russia)

+34 915 209 060 (Spain)

+46 40 169 160 (Sweden)

+41 448 744 160 (Switzerland)

+90 444 9339 (Turkey)

+966 122 329 999 (Saudi Arabia)

+971 42 183 860 (UAE)

+852 27 303 333 (Hong Kong)

+65 67 432 626 (Singapore)

+82 23 338 000 (South Korea)

What is the Phone Number for Fedex Tracking?

The Fedex Tracking phone number is: 1-800-463-3339.

Fedex’s email address for Tracking is: [email protected]

What is Fedex’s Headquarters Address?

Fedex’s Corporate Office Mail Address (Fedex Executive Office) is:

FedEx Corporation
942 South Shady Grove Road
Memphis, TN 38120

Fedex Customer Service Mail Address is:

FedEx Customer Relations
3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634
Memphis, TN 38116

Fedex Legal Department Address:

3610 Hacks Cross Road
Building A, First Floor
Memphis, TN 38125

Fedex Regional Corporate Offices:

Fedex Asia Pacific Region Office
22 Changi South Avenue 2
Fedex House
Singapore, 486064

Fedex Europe
Avenue Ariane 5
1200 Brussels, Belgium Europe

Fedex Americas and the Caribbean
3401 NW 67th Avenue, Bld. 805
Miami, FL 33122


How do I Contact Fedex Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Fedex via:

Fedex Live Chat: Live Chat

Fedex’s Customer Service Email Address is: [email protected], and [email protected]

You can also use the Fedex Express Email Form to ask a question.

Fedex’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Fedex on Social Media:

Fedex on Twitter: @FedexHelp

Fedex on Facebook (Fedex is available on Messenger):

Fedex Headquarters Executive Team.

Fedex’s management team consists of:

Frederick W. Smith
Chairman and CEO

David J. Bronczek
President and COO

Alan B. Graf Jr.
Executive Vice President and CFO

Robert B. Carter
Executive Vice President, FedEx Information Services, and CIO

Mark Allen
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Donald F. Colleran
Executive Vice President, Chief Sales Officer

Rajesh Subramaniam
Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

FedEx Express Leadership.

David L. Cunningham
President and CEO

Elise L. Jordan
Executive Vice President and CFO

Gregory F. Hall
Executive Vice President, Air Operations

Richard W. Smith
President and CEO, FedEx Trade Networks

Michael K. Pigors
Regional President and Executive Vice President, U.S. Domestic and U.S. International

FedEx Freight Leadership.

Michael L. Ducker
President and CEO

Virginia C. Addicott
President and CEO, FedEx Custom Critical

Claude F. Russ
Senior Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer

FedEx Ground Leadership.

Henry J. Maier
President and CEO

Ward B. Strang
Executive Vice President and COO

Robert D. Henning
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Arthur F. Smuck III
President and CEO, FedEx Supply Chain

FedEx International Leadership.

James R. Muhs Sr.
President, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, and Africa (MEISA), FedEx Express

David Binks
President, FedEx Express Europe, and CEO, TNT

Juan N. Cento
President, Latin America and Caribbean, FedEx Express

Lisa Lisson
President, FedEx Express Canada

Karen Reddington
President, Asia Pacific Division, FedEx Express

FedEx Services Leadership.

David J. Bronczek
Co-President and Co-CEO

Robert B. Carter
Co-President and Co-CEO

Brian Philips
President and CEO, FedEx Office

Fedex Board of Directors.

James L. Barksdale Chairman and President
Barksdale Management Corporation

John A. Edwardson Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
CDW Corporation

Marvin R. Ellison Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
J. C. Penney Company, Inc.

Susan Patricia (“Tricia”) Griffith President and Chief Executive Officer
The Progressive Corporation

John C. (“Chris”) Inglis Professor
U.S. Naval Academy

Kimberly A. Jabal Chief Financial Officer
Weebly, Inc.

Shirley Ann Jackson President
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

R. Brad Martin Chairman
RBM Venture Company

Joshua Cooper Ramo – Vice Chairman, Co-Chief Executive Officer
Kissinger Associates, Inc.

Susan C. Schwab Professor University of Maryland School of Public Policy

Frederick W. Smith – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer FedEx Corporation

David P. Steiner Former Chief Executive Officer Waste Management, Inc.

Paul S. Walsh – Chairman Compass Group PLC

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  1. FedEx driver failed to stop at our house to deliver $2000+ (motor) package which required a signature. The driver went to our neighbors house instead, & they weren’t home. Tracking # said they tried to deliver (lie) & we were’t home. We were home waiting for this package all day long. I’ve been getting the run around with fedex. Always Getting transferred & no one resolves this issue. We will not be home Monday to receive new delivery. We needed this today! After, many, many calls talking to people who said they would connect us or call us back….they never called us back. Promises made, promises failed. Alexa represented your company horribly although she gave me another name. She snickered when I told her I’ll be calling corporate about their pathetic service. Clearly, employees (contractors) feel they can lie however they choose to do with ease knowing they can get away with it. The last person I talked to, maybe Charlie?, actually checked with your Beaumont tx freight & said we could go there to pick up the 120lb motor. So, thankfully, we made it there before it closed. I told him (Charlie?) about the girl that was flippant & unprofessional on the phone. And, He told me her name. This is the 2nd time we have had this problem with a delivery from FedEx freight. A few months ago, we ordered a years supply of air filters + uv light for our air filtration system. 3 large boxes ($600+) were delivered to my neighbors house just like today. It is amazing to me how 7050 PineTop RD, Port Arthur TX 77642 can be confused with 7060 PineTop Rd. Ours is a brick home with very wide (double car), very long cement driveway. The neighbors house is a small house on piers with small single car driveway. Our addresses are on the mailboxes by the street along with being on the houses. Still, your fedex driver can’t seem to read or follow addresses correctly. I called the company of this $2k motor & told them to please change their shipping to ups freight as they are wonderful. Fedex has poor channels to resolve these issues. Your people are totally incompetent except for the last man that helped us. Beaumont FedEx was polite when we went there to pick up the motor. Frustrating & uncalled for is that we were never allowed to have the phone number for Beaumont fedex where this package was. In researching fedex corporate, the complaints about fedex on the web are substantial with thousands of complaints with the BBB. These problems are totally uncalled for & having little to no avenues for resolution for customers. Given the magnitude of complaints, clearly you do not believe in holding your employees (contractors) accountable when they repeatedly are negligent as in our case. Next time we order anything from companies or stores, we will avoid fedex entirely & pass our experience along to others as much as possible. Perhaps our experience with your fedex freight might motivate you to actually find remedies to such problems & provide local phone numbers for customers to contact the facility where the merchandise is housed. But, at this point I have little to no faith in fedex. Should you want further information about our experience, my contact information is listed below.
    Cathy & Carl Bourg
    7060 PINETOP Rd
    Port Arthur TX 77642

    1. Sorry about your trouble. People need to read signs better. Pay attention to the little details and so on and so forth.

    2. I feel the same about fedx. Stuff we order was left at someone else’s place.. idiot driver wouldn’t tell us where. Got a total run around from their so called customer service.. half we couldn’t understand what they were saying. And today they put on a order delivery attempted will retry tomorrow. I was here all day ( it required a signature) I have Rottweilers and they let me know when someone is on our porch! I call and get told it was never on the truck for delivery today! So all you get from them is lies. So from now on everything I order will come UPS.. fedx lost our business

  2. While in St. Emilion, France on 10/22/2018, I ordered a case of wine from Chateau Villemaurine. The total price, including shipping, from France came to 455.02 euros. The case arrived at the Memphis TN FedEx location at 4:21 am on Sunday 11/18. On Friday, 11/30 I was contacted by phone telling me that the shipment was to be sent back. I called FedEx at 800-463-3339 and after being transferred three times learned from Mary in the Trace Department that the shipment was damaged and disposed of. Despite registering to receive text messages about the shipment, I never received any notification until the cryptic phone message of 11/30. I find this to be very poor customer service and will be filing a claim for a full reimbursement. The tracking number of my wine shipment was 471966983367

  3. I need to address Mr James Muhs Sr about a insensitive process of Fedex. please provide his or his office email. Thank you

  4. No Human Contact or even email with fedex corporate office. surprise leaders are so scared taking feedback complaint suggesation from Customers.

  5. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

  6. When you send something via Fed Ex, you might want to complete the transaction within your own company, because the postal service doesn’t know their proverbial asses from first base, and they’re going to contribute to you losing all credibility, because they have none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Was told my package would be delivered on Saturday March 21, 2020. I waited all day but no delivery. I found out Fedex does not deliver on Saturdays or Sundays. Instead of delivering on the next business day which is Monday March 23, Fedex rescheduled my delivery for Tuesday March 24. Now I have to reschedule my contractor who was to install my window a.c. on Monday March 23. FEDEX Sxxxx! I would not recommend them.

  8. On July 9th 2020 I had a package delivered to my garage door. Not my front door. This has happened more than once. Also on July 12th. My mail man delivers to my front door UPS delivers to my front door as well. I do not know if this is your standard practice or knot. I have talked to other people in my area and they all have the same problem with packages being left at the mail box or at the garage door. This is a problem. If I did not go out my front door and look I wood have backed over it when I left my garage. MY FRONT DOOR IS ONLY 20 FT AWAY. Your driver must be lazy. He or she drove in to my drive way opened the door and walked 3ft and placed it in front of my garage. Your company is the only one that does this. You need to fire this person or inform him or her to do their job. If you would like to talk to me by phone here it is. 254-518-xxxx

  9. On more than one occasion Fedex has dropped the ball on deliveries to me. The BBB complaints alone are evident of the new corporate culture. I get the distinct feeling that it’s like the type of relationship I had with my now ex-husband. He said to me when I questioned his treatment and changed attitude towards me, “I got you now, I don’t have to do those things anymore.” What he was saying to me was that he did not have to work to keep the relationship. This is how Fedex has begun treating their consumer customers.”

  10. Someone needs to look at the online reviews for the Northborough MA so called Smarthub location. I ordered an item from Eddy Bauer on Sept 29th it arrived at the Northborough location on Oct 2nd. It was scheduled for delivery on Oct 5th never arrived and now tracking says no scheduled delivery. This seems to be a common issue going back several years with the Northborough location. I am surprised that nothing has been done to correct this. Read the reviews you should be horrified. Please feel free to call me my phone number is 401-441-xxxx

  11. I subscribe to FedEx manager which has been great until recently. Despite my instructions to leave packages at my front porch the last three delivery’s have been placed at the end of my sidewalk and are very visible from the street. This is very poor delivery services it’s the same driver every time. We tried to catch him today to request porch delivery but he ignored us. I order a lot of things online so FedEx is a frequent visitor to my house.

  12. I wanted to let you know of some concerns that I have in regards to your company. We have had packages delivered by your company in years past with no problems but in the past two years we have had the WORST service that I have ever experienced. I am to the point that if I need to order some this day your company delivers it, I choose somewhere else to receive my services. You have hired lazy drivers who can’t be bothered to deliver the packages but would rather just say undeliverable or address unknown until they’re no longer on shift anymore. It is ridiculous. There are numerous times that I have been home and they never made an attempt but they are quick to log as undeliverable. The few occasions they do bring the package, they put it at the first house they come to. I am so disappointed in your company and the employees that you hire. We are current Awaiting a phone to be delivered for my daughter that lives two hours away. I will NEVER recommend your company and I feel sad for those that are forced to use your services.

    Lisa Bentley, the girl who just wants the package she has paid for.

  13. My company has been using FedEx as our only shipper since 2001, primarily FedEx Ground. We’ve been very satisfied until the missed Ground pick ups started happening. We’ve had three in the last seven days. I’ve spent hours on the phone with customer service, trying to get this problem resolved, but we had another missed pick up today. I’ve also spent hours on the phone with customers, explaining that their orders won’t arrive on time. They DON’T CARE that FedEx is dropping the ball. They just want their orders to be delivered as promised. I’m having to pay employees overtime to stay late in hopes that your driver will show up. I’ve had to drive 40 miles to drop off packages at a FedEx Ship Center just to get them on their way. I’ve had to ship packages FedEx Express that normally would go Ground to get them there on time after a missed pick up, and then I have to eat the additional shipping charges. l’ve spoken with the Ground dispatcher for my area who says “It’s a contractor problem.” I DON’T CARE what the reason is. I just want my packages picked up on time. Please see that this issue is fixed if you want to keep us as a customer. I’m not happy. My customers aren’t happy. I can’t afford to wait much longer. Thank you.
    Gene Knight, President
    Southeast Poultry Health Services, Inc.
    FedEx Acct Number 231xxxxx

  14. Hello, my name is Thomas Bongolan. I am a Fedex customer with a tracking number of 39907890xxxx for this case.
    Also a Case number ID of 11194xxxx, as I complained after repeated issues.

    We had a scheduled delivery for 11/19/20 for 2 heavy packages (wines) requiring signature.Waited all day.
    The packages did not arrive, no one rang the bell . The delivery person falsely stated online that no one was home .(Left no written note !)
    I called Fedex and spoke with Ursula, customer rep. who took note and said delivery will be attempted on 11/20/20.

    The same situation occured on 11/20/20, no bell rang, no delivery, no written note at the door, except a text online that no one was home to sign for delivery .
    After receiving the text I immediately called Jay, another customer rep and complained. He took note and gave me the Case number, assuring that delivery will be made the following day.

    Both my wife and myself were home both days – we are in our late 70’s.
    I received Amazon and food deliveries on both days, but no FEDEX delivery came.
    I understand that these are heavy boxes — perhaps this FEDEX delivery person should find another job.
    And certainly not lying about delivery: if Amaazon and Food delivery found me on those days, Fedex could have as well.
    I would appreciate you to rectify this situation.

  15. I ordered a package through the navy exchange on 12NOV2020. The ordered said it would take 3-5 business days . When the Fedex tracking number became available it said the order would be ready for pick up friday 20NOV2020. A weather delay changed the date to sat 21NOV2020 which is understandable. I checked the status saturday and the date changed to Monday 23NOV2020. I called to see if we could pick up the package, and the customer service respresentative did not help us . she ignored most of our questions and rushed us off the phone. She informed us that we had to wait until monday to get our package because the navy exchange on base was closed which again we understood. so we asked if we would be able to pick our package at fedex location in fallon on sunday 22NOV2020. she did not answer our question instead she changed the location and rushed us off the phone. now we it looks as if we either changed the shipping for no reason or may even receive it at a later date.

  16. Fedex Sparrows point is the worst warehouse I have ever had to deal with. Please investigate and get rid of employees. They have “not been able to find” a large piece of furniture that has been scanned almost every day at this location. These people are lazy and should not have a job. Please just google this facility and see all of the complaints about misplaced, lost, or items delivered extremely late. Any 5 star review is a lie.

  17. Hi all,
    Will someone at FedEx ever resolve my complaint. My 80 years old Mother’s 31 kgs package has disappeared. FedEx has failed to respond to my numerous requests for help for over a month. Is this how FedEx treat their customers? Who will replace the goods, my Mother doesn’t have time to spare and should not pay for whoever’s negligence. I want to replace everything that was packed for my Mother whether I can provide a receipt or not, we have suffered too much already and I can see more suffering ahead of us. FedEx failed us, and has to show accountability for the poor service.

  18. JACK P, sales associate @1901 Tamiami Trail in Sarasota , Fl
    provided LEGENDARY Customer svc. JACK P. WAS: Kind,
    Professional, Thorough, knowledgeable, Attentive

  19. Everybody should from now on request that your items be shipped UPS (BROWN AND YELLOW) all the way because FEDEX could care less about our pkg. I was told that Mr. Fred Smith CEO wasn’t avaiable of course not. Sometimes you have to get from behind that maghony desk and see what’s happening at your company. I was told ringing the door bell is a common curosity but there not obligated to ring the bell. REALLY!!! This is pure studity if your not going to ring the bell then throw the Damn box while the trunk is still driving. Who is running this scam outfit someones making a killing off of our merchandise. From now on I’ll let anyone that I’m ordering from to use UPS OR the post office. Fed EX needs to fill the burn of the stock numbers going down before they’ll do anything. Make a campaign to show them because they don’t even read the comments it’s all about the bottom line. They believe there the King of mail carriers show them otherwise. I’m upset about how much they could careless about this issue. Actions speak louder then writing ban together.

  20. I’m going to write until my fingers are bleeding I’ve even called some news outlet to see if I can’t get someone to highlight this gross neglect of common sense. I was told that the drivers will get out the car put the box on my step but not obligated to ring the Damn bell. Is this company really stuck on studity I’m suppose to wait for Bewitch to blink it inside my house. Everybody at this company should be fired if this is your attitude. Then why do the drivers even get out of the truck? I mean why not just throw the box out the door as you drive by. We wouldn’t inconvience you by saying you should ring the bell . Please start this company over from scratch starting with the Board of Directors because they don’t seem to know what’s going on in there own company. Tracking # 92612927002123151xxxx get off there A** and get the job done right because you have a problem I believe it’s internally.

  21. delivered packet to fedex 11-30-20 with a guaranteed delivery by 12-4-20. It sat in florida for 3 days and was accepted by customs on 12-4. the packet was not delivered to the addressee as of 12-5. Their excuse is that Belize customs has quaranteed all shipments for 24 hours. The agent accepting the packet did not inform me that there could be any delay due to covid. The packet was time sensitive and when i asked for a refund i was told that fedex had suspended all guarantees for timely delivery in march due to covid. I again was not informed of this at the time of contracting with fedex. My only recourse is to file a suite with small claims court in the precinct of the fedex office that accepted my packet. fedex has become a terrible company and i will cancel my account as soon as this matter is resolved. I checked with ups about international delivery and they at least were upfront and could not guarantee delivery but stated that i should at the latest by monday the 7th of december. Their fee was $60 less than fedex. I am disgusted.

  22. I was expecting a package to be delivered last Monday – it required a signature and I missed the delivery because I was at work. When I got home, I logged into my fedex account and paid for/rescheduled the delivery to Saturday Morning. On Friday, Scott from Fed-Ex Lorton left me a voicemail to schedule a window for Saturday Delivery. When I returned the call hours later, a woman said that the package would be delivered between 9-11 am on Sat. On Saturday, the window passed and no package….I called Fed-ex Lorton and the “supervisor” wanted to argue with me on every thing that I said. She said that I obviously misunderstood the time window as their trucks do not depart until 10:30. Ok, that doesn’t solve my problem. A woman stated that the package would be delivered from 9-11 am on Sat. If that isn’t the case, OWN UP to it and provide me a solution….not argue with me the whole time. She indicated that the package is now scheduled for delivery from 11 am to 3 pm on Sunday. Well, here it is Sunday – almost 3 pm….and no package. I have called the company and let them know…I have requested that they look for another shipper. I have contacted all of my customers asking that they look for other shippers. I am even willing to pay a little more for shipping as at least, the other companies will deliver the package without being atrocious to the customers. This woman supervisor should not be interacting with the public.

  23. I have filed a complaint about fed ex delivery drivers complaint #1203419xxx. I have not heard back. I am expecting another delivery 12/9/20 ord #6122086-607666 from Walmart Please respond before this delivery

  24. I was contacted by Fred Smith claiming that I was a winner that if I paid $300 I would receive 30,000 which I did and then he wanted more money another 400 then I sent it Atlanta wanted another 400 then 300 every time I would send the money I was supposed to get a package the next morning so far he has gotten $3,400 from me using Vanilla gift cards and I have all the pictures of all the receipts and dates, amounts on my phone. I would be directed by him to get x amount of dollars on a Vanilla gift card take pictures of it send it to him and I was supposed to get a package like I said $3,400 later I have yet to receive anything because He is wanting another $400. I have tried to locate how to get ahold of the board of directors with no success. Did not realize how far up the food chain mr. Smith is! So have to go above his head. I was going to go to the FBI Charter internet fraud but thought I would contact your company before I did that. I know of a few people that has done this is all the reason why I did try it. I’m on disability so you can imagine what kind of bind losing all that money has put me in. I chose to give FedEx a chance to rectify the situation before I go to the FBI

  25. Vernon Wall 3309010 Kernersville NC Ground
    I am in a gray area. We had Covid issues in July 2020 and had to lay out. We are landscaper at full time job and dry grass makes hay fever season effects. We attempted to go seasonal to avoid termination but Richard in HR tells us to talk to Managers, managers say talk to HR. I left many messages with Tamara but they said she moved to Elon location. My badge didn’t work. Michele Miller usually helps us well but was unable to contact. Richard picks up. I re applied as advised. Had a start date then was told I was ineligible. I love my job and I need help getting back to work. It’s been almost 90 days. 336456xxxx. Vernon Wall 330xxxx Kernersville NC Ground. There is a disconnect between HR and Management. Resume is on file.

  26. I am contacting you regarding tracking number 93419551xxxx and the experience I had with the driver. Packages were thrown at my door ( I
    watched through my window.) I went out to to contact driver and he waved me off and kept going. I went to his truck and asked him and was given an answer to the effect of “ well it’s already happened so get over it” after a frustrating irresponsible conversation with this kid I went back to my apartment. He drove the truck around the block of the complex and drove back by my apartment and gave me the F you finger. I got back in my car to obtain the truck number. This is the same driver that delivers often in the complex. Last summer I saw him speeding through the complex with a speed limit of 15mph. There are children and elderly living there. I asked him to slow down and again he waved me off. I received a return phone call from a CS REP who left a message that I could call back if I had video of the incident.I tryed to call back, with your phone service sending my call out of the country. I had no idea that I need a video to record a poor experience. That is the most self righteous attitude I have ever heard of. I can see that I will not get a resolution for this issue. I truly believe that this would make an excellent story channel channel 10 news station here in Columbus. Maybe the poor level of customer service will be taken seriously.

  27. No one can tell me where my package is. I have been given the run around on your 1-800 # and not even the facility where my package “is supposed to be” doesn’t see the package at the facility. I need to file a claim and the “trace manager “ was unprofessional and even hung up on me! I NEED ANSWERS!

  28. I decided to sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager, and I have a login. The last step is obtaining an activation code. It can only be sent via US Mail, not e-mail. Each time I do this (3 times so far), it arrives about 6 days later and it is expired. I have called and they have no answer, except that is the only way to get the code. This makes no sense. Perhaps you should send it to me FedEx next day, so it won’t be expired! Please figure this out.

  29. My problem, I was an employee of FedEx, back on 1987-1989 working as uploading operations, Memphis Airport,
    and now I’m unable to locate my payments to the SSA for my retirement, therefore if I was able to obtain my employee number I would be able to trace where the FedEx payments went in regard to SSA and also trace the rest of my payments. Thank you for your help

  30. I need to get in touch with your legal department, can you please provide an email address or phone number.

  31. Fedex lost a package that had $300 worth in it. Somewhere there was a mix up with a delivery addresss, non the less, fedex delivered this package to a package that DOES NOT EXIST. The address that it was delivered to is a non existent address in Nanaimo. I asked how that could happen, they just keep saying ” this is the address we were given”. But its not a real address. The delivery waybill has the address it was supposed to go to, even SHOWED ON TRACKING it was OUT FOR DELIVERY in the correct area, and then it headed to Nanaimo. They are claiming they have an address for delivery which is my old home address except it doesn’t have the correct city. The address in the city this package was delivered to doesn’t EXIST. I twas delivered almost 2 hours again…a NON existent address. So….How can this be rectified as I keep getting ” Ohwell…it was delivered” when I call customer service. If an address doesn’t exists…shouldnt the driver maybe bring it back to the sorting facility instead of just delivery it to some random place..better yet…DID THEY TAKE IT? Because that it was its looking like right now.

    Tracking number is 77226571xxxx

  32. Hi. I live in Leominster, MA in an apartment building that is for elderly/handicapped people. We’ve been having problems for a long time with your drivers not delivering our packages to our apartment door. They leave it in the lobby. Not only that, they don’t even ring our apartment so that we know we have a package. Consequently, many of us have had our packages stolen! I am disabled and very immunocompromised, so I am now ordering my supplies online only. Recently, I put in an order from Walmart that contained two 28 lb. boxes of kitty litter, two full cartons of canned cat food and other items. Walmart put one box of litter in its own box, and the rest in another. I knew the packages would be very heavy and I wouldn’t be able to bring them to my 2nd floor apartment myself, so I put a very clear, noticeable sign on the main door of our building that said “FED EX please deliver to apt. #211 door I am disabled”. As usual, no ring or buzz from the delivery person and my huge boxes were left in the lobby. Needless to say, I was very upset! I am very fortunate that my daughter lives nearby and is always willing to come whenever I need help. Other people in my building aren’t so lucky. Do you want that reputation for your company? One that has disregard for the handicapped and elderly? Especially in the midst of the Covid pandemic? I live at 161 Spruce St. in Leominster, MA 01453. If you could find out who usually delivers to my address and ask them to bring people’s packages to their door, especially when they’ve asked nicely, I would be very, very grateful! Thank you for your time and consideration.

  33. I can’t get info on my package. PACSUN’s tracking says it’s in transit with FedEx. Fedex says they haven’t received the package. Now pacsun says fedex lost it and are refunding $6.00 for shipping but I don’t have the $30 merchandise. I’m furious. The robot asked the tracking # 5 times !! And kept talking each time I keyed it in so she kept getting incomplete tracking #. 9261290985492482773449

  34. The driver that work the route of east Tropicana and sandhill in Las Vegas refused to take 3 packages from me,he make go inside Walgreens to scan it there and he left without taking my packages

  35. my name is Carolyn Jones December 11th 2020 my articles came Hollywood growth bar to my house it was supposed to be a package from FedEx somehow I never did have it or it never came to my house and every time I look online this what they gave me and it go everywhere else except to my house and my phone number is 254-314-xxxx and I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t know if I’m getting ripped off through your company or who but this does not make no sense I wish somebody would have called me because I have not received my order or my package and I think this just a lot of stuff I’m going through and I spend a lot of money do this calmly and all that I saw him at FedEx and y’all tell me you do not have this in process

  36. I was terminated on the 8th of December 2020 but notified of termination on the 10th but didn’t receive a GFTP FORM when I was terminated. I can’t get a form to file a grievance. FedEx do you see what type of people you put in or let in management. Seems to me they trying to cover their tail since they didn’t give me the grievance forms in to fill out when I was terminated but said everything was in there to do so.

    1. Hi Tara welcome to how it feels Fedex treatment of its customers is totally disrespectful and disregarding employees treat customers bad the company does not care about employees either. Here’s the good part employees laugh while they screw customers executives laugh while they screw employees customers get pissed business drop company downsize jobs lost. No concerns for customers is no concern for your job. That’s a 5 star for service company is the joke and customer gets the last 😅

  37. This is regarding an order that was set to be delivered November 30th. Once I noticed my package was 2 days past delivery date, I have called your Bloomington, Ca location NUMEROUS times(every 3 days) checking in on the status of my package to make sure it wasn’t lost. Several employees and management staff assured me it was only late because of Covid related issues and holiday delays. I asked several times to several people if after a certain amount of time would my package be sent back to the seller for sitting un-scanned at the warehouse for too long. Everyone assured me it wouldn’t. Finally today, I called to see if I could come down and pick it up myself with Christmas being next week, and an employee finally told me that due to your policy, after a week of being late last the delivery date it is considered most and returned to sender. Despite me asking SEVERAL people this question to avoid my gift to my wife being returned. She said all I could do was contact the sender and get a refund. That wouldn’t be such a big deal seeing that everywhere else, my wife’s gift is completely sold out online and in stores. I am completely heartbroken and most of all screwed because Christmas is already next week, and I was expected to have this from you guys weeks ago. Above everything else wrong with this year, this was absolutely the icing on the cake.
    Graci Rodriguez

  38. Absolutely rediculous! I ordered something November 30th said delivery would be between December 3-8 well here we are the 15th still no package!!! Hasn’t moved for 4 days!!!! I call and get no information told someone will call me back. No one does. Told my package would be expedited still nothing. Im so frustrated! I understand shipping delays but COME ON!!!! No one can even tell me if ill get this before christmas

  39. Today, my FedEx package was left at top of common mail box in our condo complex, not delivered to my door step. I noticed my downstairs neibor had same issue. I t seems either lazy FedEx delivery man or doing short cut. There’s is risk losing my package due to this short cut. My TRK no was 19179475xxxx. Please correct this unresponsible behavior.

  40. Yes I was waiting to receive my package and it was not delivered to my house I call and ask for someone to call and no response now I understand you hire Christmas help but I know they are just dropping packages anywhere on Monday receive a package I live in building c and last name start with r and the package last name start with and they live in e building 2 buildings away 2 different last names how do you mix that up people want there package I hope someone calls 305748-7xxx

  41. Yes I was waiting to receive my package and it was not delivered to my house I call and ask for someone to call and no response now I understand you hire Christmas help but I know they are just dropping packages anywhere on Monday receive a package I live in building c and last name start with r and the package last name start with and they live in e building 2 buildings away 2 different last names how do you mix that up people want there package I hope someone calls 305748-7052

  42. i work for fed-ex ground in santa fe , new mexico. i was fired this morning 12/18/20 because i was not willing to work in sub freezing temperatures. there is a section of the ware house that is on the edge of the building and it is outside of the ware house with a small door way to enter packages leaving to the rural parts of new mexico. this part of the building is EXTREMELY cold. sub freezing to be exact. i was not aware that i would be put in this area for 6 to 8 hours per day with no lunch or breaks. the first time i was put in this area my feet froze to the point that i count not walk right all day after i got off. This morning i was told to work in this area again and i told the supervisor that i was not dressed appropriate to be i working for 7 hours in sub freezing and if he can put me somewhere else. the supervisor went and got the shift manager and he came to me and said ” you go where i put you” and i said that i wasn’t dressed appropriate to be in this weather and that i had been working for 8 days straight and i need a day off. He replied ” go to the station or turn in my badge ” in other words go freeze or quit and get out! i had no choice but to turn in my badge. I feel really wronged by this manager and fed ex! i just started the morning shift from 2 am to 8-9 am 8 days ago and i had no days off, no schedule was ever given to me! the management here is not doing there job . and to top it off employees and supervisor run around with no masks ! i don’t know what to do, but to contact an attorney .

  43. forget this is a comment……THIS IS A COMPLAINT !!!!!!!!!
    im highly pissed off !!!!!!! im missing a package & i cant get the point across to any rep i speak with !!!!!!! i need someone to call my cell back ASAP !!!!!!!!!!! 850-728-3xxxxx.

  44. Hello,
    On behalf of some of my neighbors and myself, Merry Christmas.

    There are issues with the Austell GA FedEx office. Items get lost. Items don’t deliver on time. Items show up weeks late. Items are delivered to the wrong addresses. There is a whole blog on how bad this office is. If you go to the Neighborhood East Paulding App: . FedEx — Nextdoor You will see all the complaints, including mine.

    Please, Please fix this shipping office. This has been going on for several years.

    Thank you, MaryJo Widing
    xxx Autumn Woods Dr.
    Dallas, GA 30157

  45. Wrongfully terminated.. From FedEx Supply chain at 2901 Black Bridge rd York Pa while I was ill. Also had documents for being excused from work by my doctor for dates 12/15/2020 Till 12/21/20 because I had slight flu symptoms and I also had to take a covid test as well. I also was told at a meeting last week if you are sick stay home and that I did.. and in the mix of the day I had to return to work I got a court order for Monday 12/21/2020 at 2pm which I sent documents to HR hours before shift started let them know I had a court order for an eviction notice.. need someone to contact me as soon as possible before i move forward for getting a lawyer for wrongful termination.. Please contact me at 717-758-xxxx.

  46. This is in reference to a FedEx delivery. Cheking the status on line FedEx claim that the delivery attmept was made witch is a total lie. I have three camers mounted on my driveway. Two deliveries were made by UPS and DHL. Nowhere in all 3 cameras FedEx truck is seen for delivery and no Notice of attempted delivery was left eaither. So your driver is a big liar. What is you solution to such grave misconduct? One of my client’s important package was not delivered despite the lies by the FedEx on tracking info. Ed (805) 217-xxxx

  47. I was supposed to have my package yesterday 12/21. I was supposed to leave last night for a family vacation but I rescheduled it for today thinking my package would be here today. I have to leave at 8:30 pm tonight and I can’t put off my trip again. There has not been any scans on this package since Saturday and everyone I talk to just keeps telling me that it could be out and just not scanned. I understand that their is a lot of freight coming in but this is very frustrating. Now I’m being told that the package isn’t coming tonight and that’s a Christmas gift for someone who I’m going to visit. I also paid $17 for expedited shipping and that wasn’t honored either. I need this package before I leave at 8:30 tonight. I keep asking to speak with a supervisor and everyone keeps telling me that there are none available. I NEED THIS PACKAGE BEFORE 8:30 tonight. Please someone help because everyone I’ve talked to does not seem to want to do anything to help. Someone please call me at 215-268-xxxx tracking number is 94371641xxxx

  48. My package has been at Austell location since 12/15 or earlier. Puma or someone addressed it wrong but will do nothing until at least 12/26. FedEx will not allow me to change the address or even speak with a human about my package. One digit in my address is apparently wrong and FedEx is attempting delivery to an address that doesn’t exist, even after delivering other parts of the order to the real address. This could be cleared up in minutes.

  49. I have been bounced back and forth between FedEx and Apple for weeks!!! I am very frustrated. My grandson goes to college in Alva, Oklahoma. He started having problems with his iPhone, called Apple and they sent a box for him to ship them the phone through FedEx. FedEx came to pick up the phone in the box that Apple provided. The person picking up the phone, in the box, appears to have dropped something on the box that damaged the iPhone. He told my grandson the phone was damaged. My grandson called Apple and told them FedEx had damaged the phone and Apple told him that FedEx was responsible. We have called FedEx numerous times only to be referred back to Apple over and over again. We were told that Apple is the Account Holder so they need to file the claim, we were told that Apple needs to send us a waivers so we can file the claim, we were told that the case had to be closed because we are the recipient not the account holder, we were told to call Apple and speak to a Supervisor, which we did at least 10 times and got referred back to FedEx every time! We have sent FedEx the claim and tried to update it but couldn’t. I have a list of dates and times that I have called FedEx and who I spoke to over the last month. The phone was damaged in September, it is now December and my grandson is being ping ponged back and forth between Apple and You FedEx. This is shameful to treat a college student or anyone this way when YOUR staff damaged the phone. Again, this claim was started in September. We sent you proof of value documentation to only find out that nothing happened and there is no resolution to the claim to date. The original tracking number is 919611877890. We were given the Claim number with FedEx for Apple as 0917459566. We were given this number 36550081. As of today, and after spending hours on the phone and talking with numerous people, it will be hard for me to ever use FedEx services. I am asking for your help to get my grandson’s phone replaced or reimbursement for his iPhone that was damaged by your driver. If you can’t help and Apple needs to contact you for the claim, I am asking that you help me and my grandson get the information we need from Apple to get this claim resolved. I am so disappointed that a company the size of FedEx and Apple would leave a college student and grandmother in the middle of their miscommunications on policies and procedures when a customer’s product has been damaged. Apple’s final word to us today was that FedEx damaged your phone and they are responsible”. My grandson is home on Christmas break and he needs his phone before returning back to college in Alva, Oklahoma. I would appreciate a call at 909-768-xxxx. My grandson’s name is Cory Johnson. He can be emailed at corxxxx Again, I am so frustrated and disappointed that a customer would be bounced back and forth between 2 companies that blame each other yet take no responsibility. Change your policies so this doesn’t happen to other customers. It’s a disgrace.

  50. I am FURIOUS at the handling of one of my 4 Christmas packages. It is STILL in FL ( mailed from Venice Fl 12/ 14 )
    going to Wilson, WY. Now expected arrival date DEC 31 ( taking17 DAYS to arrive ) ABSURD . My other packages arrived on west coast within one. week !!! I could have driven there and back in less time !! I need this package rushed to delivery . Tracking number :
    781437244033. I was to receive calls from FedEX as to where it was…NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. What kind of a company are you with this poor service. I will shout this to the house tops about my bad experience

  51. I have 2 packages that have been stolen from me this Christmas season from a FedEx employee or contract driver. The first one they wrote off as lost as it sat “on a FedEx delivery truck to be delivered from Dec. 6-16 in Ellenwoos, Ga and that is only a 30 min drive to me. The second one they kept pushing the delivery back and then claimed it was going to be delivered on Dec.22 and they marked that they delivered on Dec. 21 to my house in which they did not. I was there all day and my cameras were on . Liars and thieves work for Fedex I guess. I never want any orders delivered from them again. My Christmas has been ruined for my child.


  53. FedEx. You lost my daughters documents, and hence a teaching position overseas. We paid $90 to ship the item and it is stuck somewhere in Memphis. I don’t understand how you could look a legal size cardboard mailer.

  54. 946123834581 is the tracking # for my pkg. This pkg was to be delivered to me on Mon 12/21, then it stated pending scheduled delivery. I noticed the pkg was at the New Jersey facility for 3 days due to the snowstorm which is fine I understand that. This morning 12/23 it left the Melville office @ 8:36am & scheduled to be delivered by 8pm. At 7:30pm I checked the tracking & again pending scheduled delivery and pkg went back to the Melville facility @7:10pm. I called customer service & apparently the reason it was not delivered was because of the weather. My house is 15 miles from the Melville location and the weather is fine, I couldn’t believe it. It stated up until 8 pm for delivery & the driver was back at the facility at 7pm. The driver had plenty of time to deliver my pkg. & make it back by 8 pm. This is unacceptable & I really need and want this pkg. it is the only gift my son wants & I’m trying to make the best of the holiday being his father committed suicide this year and we can’t celebrate with extended family due to the pandemic. I’m probably wasting my time with this complaint & nothing will be done about it but it should be known the working day was not over and the pkg should have been delivered. I due hope it is delivered tomorrow 12/24.

  55. My baby game was stolen by one of y’all drivers and it was a Christmas gift and I track the package it said it was delivered on 12/22/20 but I did not sign for no box nor did we receive it I want to know where my baby game is

  56. Is more the the 4 months waiting for my claims money I keep calling every single month nov 23 November 30 November 30 October 28 the lien to my is ready in transit why I need to be in this situation I will never used this Company I will call credit bureaus your Department for customer service is horrible in claims Department i just called and the same he told he go transfer me to claims I guess what nobody answered

  57. Your company would have never made it in business without the internet. I need to talk to a live, real person, if you know what the hell that means.

  58. Trying to get my package for over two weeks and supervisor and call center seem they can’t help me with my issues.

  59. Package in Tacoma for 10 days and still not delivered. Been told several times it would be delivered and it was not delivered. It’s amazing that everyone I talked to would not give me a phone number to get back to them. Your customer service is dreadful.

  60. Illegal Termination due to Covid Self Quarantine

    Timely reported positive exposure of friends who tested positive to Covid19 and medical symptoms experienced for myself this, advised if self quarantine.
    After completing quarantine returned back to work. No problem with management asking if any supporting documentation. Authorized to work over 2 weeks, after return.

    Told headquarters had removed me from their system, but no problem getting back on payroll. Told to document, track hours wirk and management would input manually. Each week thereafter, I received ‘no pay’. Management continuously told me ‘not be concerned’ they will take care of getting me back in the system. While weekly, I still received ‘no pay’.

    Nate, Chester and Robbie advised everything is okay and to continue to report to work, which I did. It became clear that I was authorized to work for ‘no pay’ – nothing’s because each week I received no paper check.

    On 12-29-20 I called Chester and he told me that Robbie had inquired about me implying everything is good. I reported to work on 12-30-20 and Nate told me I was ‘fired’ because I did not call to report self quarantine and that I will not be paid for over 2 weeks worked after returning from self quarantine.
    These actions are discriminative, punitive and a violation of Federal and State mandated Covid19 quarantine laws. To include violation of Federal law and equal employment law of a fair days work for fair days pay.

    I am requesting to be restored as an active-paid employee, made whole compensated for hours worked/that were not paid, restored benefits – lost wages, asap.

    I was never given any termination effective dates or ever told that I failed to call off. This termination is unfair, discriminative, reason never disclosed prior to termination, unable to correct alleged violation and denied equal and fair treatment.
    Requesting my job back and appropriate disciplinary actions of managers violations of companies policies.

    Marissa Massey

  61. For 3 days in a row my package has been delayed due to them putting my package on the wrong truck. 3 days it was put on the wrong truck, and the same thing happens to my fiancé??? This is absolutely ridiculous now my package that was supposed to be here on December 31st will now not be here until tomorrow! This was a gift for someone and now is even later then it should have been. I want compensated for this. This has caused so much stress. I get no notifications except delayed everyday then I call and get told oh they keep putting it on the wrong truck. It’s not that difficult!

  62. Terrible service. Terrible customer care.
    Terrible incompetent drivers deliver packages to wrong homes. Hate everything about this company.

  63. I would like to talk to a real person someone who speaks a real English that you can understand enough with this computer crap and enough with fake phone numbers and all this other stuff I want to know where my package is stop jerking my chain if someone can actually call me I can speak clear English I’d be happy to talk to them and I just want to know where my son’s stuff is if you cannot tell me where it is and I expect you to replace it 100% because that tells me you have some dishonest people who have stolen it or just some lazy people who don’t want to do their job so you can replace his item at your cost

  64. I’ve been trying to apply for a fed ex ground job on FedEx careers and am having lots of difficulty, it will not let me sign up or log in please email with another possibility of applying pls

  65. My package of antirejection drugs was delivered and my signature was required. I never authorized anyone to sign for me.

  66. Hello. My AWB is 399260311136 to be delivered to Bangalore India. I have been contacting fedex customer care for more than a month now and have not received any response. I was given a default “we will look into it” response in the first weeks and now I don’t get any response. Has Fedex lost my package? This was supposed to be a birthday gift to be delivered in DECEMBER 9th 2020!!! This has been an awful customer experience so far. Even calling them on phone is met with terse responses which are not helpful at all.. Any assistance will be appreciated/ Where is my package when will it be delivered?

  67. Package was shipped by Best Buy to a incorrect address best buy went in and put in a request to intercept the package and send to correct address. I also went on and paid 33.00 to change the delivery address as a safe backup. The package reached the conover nc location and I was told that it would not leave that facility except to be rerouted to the correct address. I checked the tracking today and the package is out being delivered. I called back in and spoke with a rep and was told that it must have been an oversight and they would contact the driver to have the driver pull the package. Fedex could not explain to me why this happened or how they could guarantee that the package wouldnt be delivered.

  68. please provide me your legal department address for civil lawsuit . Please we are not asking about an online claim, but only the actual address where you receive the summons. Thank you.

  69. FedEx driver is leaving packages out by road, instead of bringing it down driveway to our house, for months. One has been stolen, another $1600 package was not brought to house, driver lied that he brought and we were not here to sign for it, and it was shuttled to 2 other drivers. One driver lied and said address couldn’t be found, the other driver finally delivered 4 days later. I have called customer service repeatedly and it has been reported to station manager, who said driver would be contacted and directed to come to house, but this never happens, including today. I called and requested for a package coming today to be delivered to house, but driver left it out by the roadside again (1/2 mi. from our house). I have requested specifically to bring to side door of house on FedEx delivery manager, I don’t know what else to do. Please get this problem solved immediately!!!!!

  70. I am expecting an important package today (my laptop) for work, The driver is usually done in my area by now and I would like to know where the driver and package is. I would also expect for an Expedited service to have the package delivered by now, The tracking # is: 782231135xxx.

  71. Package was to be delivered on 12/24. Message received that it was on the truck to be delivered. Never received that day. Called customer service the day after Christmas, representative stated she would make sure it got delivered that day or on Monday. Package was delivered on Monday but not to me and to a completely different city. A person for it. An investigation was opened. I was told twice I would be contacted by a Manager at the station my package was coming out of. I was told that they would speak to the driver to find out why the package was mis-delivered and that he would contact that residence to try and get the package back. I was never contacted by a Manager and found out the case was closed with no explanation. I know mistakes happen but this was a pretty huge one seeing as the city delivered too was in the opposite direction of my city.

  72. My package has been delivered to the wrong zip code. This has happened multiple times. This time it was a tv just left on the steps of the wrong house. Because this happens I do know the person at the other house, so when an email said it was delivered to me and I didn’t get it I contacted that person and yes it was sitting on her steps. I know what’s happening and have told FEDEX of this problem, but no one wants to address it. It is being delivered to the same address as mine but in a different zip code. I am 08073 but it’s being delivered to 08060. I don’t understand because I have had medication delivered for years by FEDEX, and there has never been a problem.
    98 green street
    NJ 08073
    Tracking Information
    Fedex tracking number:
    If someone could please get back to me and help solve this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

  73. I was to receive a pkg by fedex express on the 30th tracking 80797066xxxx I have gotten nothing but run around they won’t deliver saying no address or investigation but today I received from another sender fedex Express today. Yet still no pkg. This is my pkg you were paid to provide a service please get it done. 337 639 xxxx

  74. Hi, can you all make up your mind when my package will be delivered? Tracking # 922629020853. It was supposed to be Sunday, now it’s Monday, next it’ll be Tuesday. The package originated in St. Paul, MN and on Sunday is in Romeoville, IL. Will it take another day to reach Munster or Hammond, IN? It took 2 days to get from MN to IL. Thanks.

  75. We have no other way to contact you. You are going to stop supporting senators from the republican party. We are going to STOP using FedEx.

  76. I’ve had 2 packages in the span of less than 2 weeks go missing due to your drivers not delivering to the correct address. After the first complaint I did not receive any updates for that package, and now I am waiting on an update for the second package. This is very unacceptable as I am in need of this package!

  77. I want to compliment a great employee and would like his supervisor to know about it. Can someone please tell me where I can write too. All you have are places to file complaints.




  79. My package (trk #: 943167804019) has been sitting in the Tucson FedEx destination here in Tucson for 5 days. No attempted delivery has been made. It has just been sitting there. Talked to 3 agents today – last one said they would deliver tomorrow Wednesday (13 Jan 2021). Nobody seems to know why the significant delay. It is a good thing I’ve been persistent, otherwise I was informed that the package would be returned to sender. This package contains important banking documents for our business. Except for last agent (supposedly a “Trace Agent”) I talked with (but could not provide any explanation as to the delay), the previous 2 agents said to “be patient”. Useless advice! The documents could have been sent via the USPS for less money and delivered just as quick. I have asked our bank to use UPS in the future, as we cannot rely upon FedEx.

  80. 1. FedEx Delivery Manager activation not accepting activation code
    2. FedEx Chat not working – request to join Chat response: This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
    No problems in accessing other FedEx web pages

    CALL ME. LYNDA TEASDALE PH. 415-713-xxxx

  82. I insured a package with Fedex. During shipment the product was damaged. It was due to lack of proper packing from the Fedex person at the shipping address in Scottsdale, AZ. Having filed my claim no response has been sent to me on update. Called many times, no one to updated me. I’ve used Fedex for many 20 years to ship products and very disappointed with the feedback of the claim. I would like to know who and how to get in touch with the statutory agent in Scottsdale, AZ

  83. I used your services for a package of medicine from Delhi India last November to Nairobi 1.2kg,we have been harassed and manipulated by your offices to pay costs which were never there as medicine dont attract duty,the package was given to a clearing agent without our concent and just forwarded a bill this amounts to cheating the client for personal gain No.399246035852

  84. I am so disappointed with fed ex called twice about a missing package even have ring camera no call back it’s been over a month now my son had a pick up for yesterday a covid test for school not giving a reason for it not being picked up Do they not care anymore?

  85. Your company has lost my box of clothes that was supposed to go from Potomac, Maryland to Boca Raton FL. Your customer service was no help at all, and they never connected me to a supervisor. The tracking number – 772430395294- says that the box is still in Gaithersburg Md, but they cannot find it nor any of my clothes, purse etc that were in the box. The loss of items is several thousand dollars! Please help find my items! What is your insurance policy?

    1. Hi! Have you received your package? I’ve been waiting for 1 month for mine. Since there are so many unhappy people should we try a class action against Fedex?

  86. I’m upset, FedEx’s reliability and accuracy of delivering packages have become terrible. In 3 weeks time they have managed to “deliver” 2 separate packages to my front door that must have been invisible to the naked human eye. On both occasions someone was home, and neighbors were aware (never even saw a Fedex truck). I checked all areas around home, and with all neighbors. The first item was a Computer for my son for Christmas, and the second was my math book (which wasn’t cheap either) for my college class. I will start requiring anything I need delivered be delivered by any other company from now on. Because during these trying times, money is not fluid enough to keep replacing, re-shipping, or reordering things /packages /items….that goes for my pocket,as well as, the companies I do business with.


  88. I have been trying since the 9th of January to locate my package that was last seen(in photo ) in the possession of the fedex delivery employee. I do not know when Customer Service turned into the customer doing all the work. I have been told by an fedex employee that I have to go to Paypal, paypay said I have to go to seller and no one is looking for the package. This is how I see it- The seller did what they said they would do, Paypal did what they were suppose to do and paid the seller, but fedex was supposed to deliver, I did not get my package even though the delivery guy took a photo and suppose to have put it in a LOCKED box, but when I put in access code it opened a empty box. He was the one who had it,he could of walked away with the package after taking his photo with it as far as I am concern, all I know is I did not get it and NO ONE who was involved wants to take responsibility or even look for it. I have had to spend hours over this time looking up contact info,calling, emailing, even went into a fedex office looking for help to no avail. My TRACKING # was944475523317. Is there no accountability for your delivery people? It is wrong that this issue should rest on the backs of the seller and myself. Becky Hays

  89. I just want to express my great displeasure in your service to deliver some very important documents I sent from Hong Kong Kong to Singapore.

    4 attempts were made to deliver these documents, but two were made very late in the day when it should be obvious that the office would be close. Two of the attempts were made in the middle of the day, but your courier stated that either the office was closed or no one was available to receive it. The recipient of these documents is a very large and prominent company in Singapore fully staffed with front desk receptionists. I have been in contact with the recipient office and they spoke to their front desk employees and they have not seen any of your couriers on the dates and times when deliveries were attempted.

    Currently, I and the recipient are spending much of our time trying to speak to the right people to have the documents be delivered. I have always used Fed Ex when in America and it has always been very reliable. I chose and use your service because I had full confidence that you would have my documents delivered safely and in a timely manner. However, I have found your company’s performance on this occasion to be very very has been very disappointing.

  90. My package has been at the FedEx in Perrysburg Ohio since January 7 and I still have not received my TV stand. I am very unhappy and would like to know why I have not received my package yet.

  91. i mailed 2 packages to myself from kingman az to bremerton washington. a tv and a suitcase. i got the tv totally destroyed but im not even mad about that. i never recieved my suitcase and after a week of calls and questions, i was mad to put in a claim then THEN the same day i recieved a text stating DELIVERED at 6;30pm and at 6:31pm there was no package at my door. i looked at my door camera footage and there was no FED EX truck between the hours of 6pm and 7pm. no door tag was left, customer service told me nothing but whoops file a claim, i couldnt even track down the driver or who was on route!
    the delivery office in Tacoma washington just LIED to me about delivering my suitcase to cover your arse on the legal/insurance end.

    package number 782259766639

  92. Dear Mr Smith,
    Over the years I have enjoyed all my contacts with your company but of late my family has suffered two major disappointments in relying on Fedex services. In November my daughter purchased a trampoline from Sams to be delivered by Fedex and it disappeared, now a replacement has done likewise. How do you loose a 125 pound box that is over 6 feet long twice. The tracking number is 78251682xxxx. We are now told to wait a week and then file a claim. November has stretched into December and now January and my grandchildren still do not have their Christmas present.

  93. We have had numerous concerns with our driver and have requested a new one for the 4th time now. I can attach photo’s of the hazards and risk he is causing to our visitors and employees. We need a new driver ASAP he is NOT allowed to service this location any longer. We have no other issues with any other company, I am unsure why we have such an issue with our FedEx driver but today, blocking the exit so employee’s couldn’t leave is unacceptable! We need a NEW DRIVER IMMEDIATELY

  94. I would like to alert you to how our last two packages have been handled. Last weekend we had a box thrown over our back fence ~ had it been raining the item would have been ruined if not also broken. Today a different package was delivered to the wrong address based on the tracking and we are hoping it arrives here. We are expecting an electric guitar soon and are very worried about how your company is handling these shipments. We have alerted the vendor to our difficulties as we believe they should be aware of how your company is mishandling our packages. I can send pictures of the item that was thrown over the fence if you are interested. Thank you.

  95. Ordered some items that were sent by FedEx but never left Houston receiving warehouse to be delivered instead were mysteriously sent back to shipper. Customer service gave me a different excuse for the error. First the shipper requested the return which was wrong. Second the label had the shippers address for shipping and receiving which also was wrong, cause how could it go from Florida to Texas if that were the case. I asked customer service to speak to a supervisor but no one called back.

  96. I would like to alert you to how our last two packages have been handled. Last weekend we had a box thrown over our back fence ~ had it been raining the item would have been ruined if not also broken. Today a different package was delivered to the wrong address based on the tracking and we are hoping it arrives here. We are expecting an electric guitar soon and are very worried about how your company is handling these shipments. We have alerted the vendor to our difficulties as we believe they should be aware of how your company is mishandling our packages. I

  97. tracking # 61290983161933655499 from 32 degrees was NOT delivered. The driver NEVER delivers per my instructions. This was smart post. Status delivery 1/29/21 @ 3:06 PM. Did NOT receive. Reprimand your delivery people!!!

  98. I collided with a Fedex delivery truck on Jan 30, 2021 at 12:10 pm while backing out of my driveway at xxx Victory Bay Ln, Kiawah Island SC 29455. No injuries. Some damage to my 2019 Acura MDX. No damage to Fedex vehicle, which was parked on Victory Bay Ln at the end of my driveway as I backed out into the street. The Fedex driver courteously asked me if we needed to contact law enforcement or others. I said no, that I was headed to an appointment and that since there was no damage to his vehicle, I was fine with not taking other steps. I have since been informed that delivery vehicles of this nature are not permitted to park where ingress/egress from private driveways is restricted, so I am contacting you to explore this situation. Please let me know how to proceed from here. Thank you. Timothy H. Hose

  99. This is to inform you that I had a bad delivery. The driver left the package in a paper bag by the road, 300 feet from the house where it should have gone.
    I have a picture. I called customer service. No response10 days latter.

  100. I have tried to have your local Manager of Delivery OPS contact me about one of your white male drivers having a ROAD RAGE incident this PM at 2pm on Route 491 North while I was bumper to bumper (and being overly safe) while towing a 4,000lb boat behind my car. One of your FEDEX Ground Truck drivers actually tried to run me and my boat off the road and tried to hit my boat and car. I would be happy to send you photos (images) and have a senior FEDEX manager call me at 352-812-xxxx before I go viral posting these online at LINKEDIN and FB etc. No firm should employ this kind of driver regardless of him being white.

  101. Hi my name is Dustin reading employee number# 219366770018
    I was recently terminated and was wondering in reference to my last paycheck how to obtain it. I worked at the Baumberg Facility in Hayward California
    My #660-676-xxxx
    Your response is greatly appreciated

  102. There is a guy who was working in Strasburg Va. who is filing a false workman’s comp claim against you. Jeremy Drone was hurt over a year ago picking up his kid.

  103. My item was delivered to my home yesterday and i did not know it. I was left at my garage door where other people can steal my item. The driver did not follow proper procedure to make sure no one can steal my item. I was home for days and he never rang the doorbell to make me aware that I have a item sitting outside in a location that someone can steal it. I don’t know if I have all of my boxes. I paid over $400 for this home gym. I am very disappointed with Fedex right now. I need someone to call me back to let me know if I received all of my boxes. 678 332 xxxx

  104. I am writing to you as President of the Bear Creek Homeowners Association, Ormond Beach, FL. We are a 55+community with 640+ homes, with approximately 1200 residents. As a gated retirement community, our residents enjoy the safety of our community when walking, taking their dogs out, going for the mail or walking to the clubhouses. There are those that are handicapped, have hearing issues, wheelchair-bound or use motorized ones. I point this out to you as our community has speed signs of 15 mph, there are curves along the roadways and stop signs. Unfortunately a portion of delivery drivers are not and do not respect our speed limit or stop signs. I do understand your drivers have a schedule and company policies to adhere to when and how the deliveries are done. That being said, it does not mitigate the speeding issues that jeopardize the safety and welfare of our residents. As mentioned above, 640+ homes is a lot of deliveries. Pointing out that your drivers are courteous, friendly, and considerate when delivering our packages. I, on behalf of our community, ask that management please reinforce the matter of drivers obeying the speed signs in our community and others as well. Surely the few extra seconds of speed reduction and stopping for the stop signs will not put the driver’s schedule behind. There have been several near misses, fortunately no one has had an accident (car, person, pet). Let’s do our best to keep our residents safe. Thanking you in advance for your assistance with this matter. Feel free to contact me.

  105. I had a package delivered which I specifically told reps I would pick it up at your store in my area they delivered it twice when I told them not too now their saying I signed for it every rep I spoke with I gave instructions not to deliver it I would pick it up. they assured me it was documented not to deliver it and I’m going to pick it up. It missing again and this process has been ongoing since December

  106. Need an email address to file a complaint. You’ve made it impossible to find throughout your website.
    Virtual Assistant is a joke. CSR rep put me on hold and then switched to a survey. Your new billing gimmick has me furious. You gave a discounted price, then added several new charges that made the bottom line more expensive than before the discount. You lying cheats!


  108. Hello,
    My name is Shontel Hemphill address 4622 Newberry Ave Oak Forest Il 70452, #708-718-xxxx.

    I ordered products from Adidas the driver dtopped off one package on January 5 Adidas shows they dropped off the second package on January 7th, I never received my package on the 7. I contacted customer service they told me it nothing they can do about this. I advised I have home security which would have showed if Adidas dropped my package off. Customers service than said I’m reporting this to late. I’m requesting an investigation into this. I have had packages dropped off in the past to neighbors who returned them.

  109. 183049539390 This parcel is missing last logged at Carson CA on the 7th jan . Emails are being ignored false information from FedEx UK.Giving me invalid tracking numbers Need to find out what Carson depot did with this parcel

  110. Good day. My package went missing well over a week ago. The last time it was scanned was January 22nd. In Keasbey NJ.
    The tracking number is. 772688759585

    It’s very important because this package contained over 3,000 rounds of ammunition. Something like that just doesn’t get lost. It gets stolen. I have contacted customer support and the seller. I’m not worried about the money I ha e paid out. I’m worried that a thief in your company is going to illegally sell or even worse use MY BULLETS to do something terrible. Please help me. Please look into this. Thank you for your time.

  111. My package was just left right next to my closed garage door, the front porch was 10 feet way. If I got in my car, opened the garage door and backed out I would have crushed the box. This is the second time FEDEX has done this. This is a horrible pattern of service.
    Reference: 17688637

  112. Hi. I recently shipped a package to my wife in Accra Ghana.
    The package was delivered and signed for by a FedEx broker according to the tracking info.
    However, I seem to have come up against a brick wall.
    The package has been in Customs since January 29th. I have called and received different reasons for the delay, so finally spoke to a supervisor who informed me that the package would not be cleared through a FedEx broker but that I must provide my own.
    Since I have a FedEx account and expressed willingness to have the duty billed to that account at the time of shipping, I am at a loss to understand this.
    The supervisor explained that unless I hired by own broker, the package would stay in Customs.
    The tracking number is: 7830876xxxx.
    Hoping that you can advise.

  113. I shipped a package and paid the extra money $25.19 for two days delivery. It did not arrive until late the 3rd day. Tracking # is 783244465412. I spoke to a Fedex customer service person yesterday to complain and they said someone would call me today. No phone calls so I called back just a few minutes ago. I spoke to another representative and they basically told me to go to hell, that it was not Fedex’s obligation to solve my complaint. They were very rude and short with me and hung up on me. I am a 77 year who respects and treats people and organizations with sensitivity and respect…which I did with this person. So, if this is how you treat customers who are truly trying to get answers and resolutions, who is promised, and pays, for one thing but gets another, then shame on you and the leadership within Fedex. It not only is the wrong thing to do but it speaks to the values and character of your company. You got my money but I didn’t get the service.

  114. Hello Mr frederick W Smith
    My name is Mr Shombre R Hodge am emailng you about a package that i send threw fedex on 01/07/21
    That was suppose to be delivered on 01/15/21 the package never arrived in Ghana Accra the last place i tracked it ws on line in fletham GB
    I have made long distance calls to Ghana and great Britain to locate the package i have been lied to so much that am tired of the lies i had one lady tell me one evening that the package is being delivered as we speak it was 11pm in Ghana fedex was not even open then the value of the package was $5000
    Some how when i first they lady at FedEx asked me the value of the content i told her $5000 she some how mistyped and put $500 i have been telling fedex i wouldn’t have told any one that less of an amount knowing what i paid for the content sir i have been very patient in the process all i want is the package found and delivered are all my name money back so i can go back to the Apple store and repurchase the same item again please help me resolve this problem so we can close this out
    Tracking number is 782365903513
    Phone number 813580xxxx
    Shomre R Hodge

  115. I was hired .. completed my orientation.. where I was told .. I don’t get paid for orientation.. then completed 1/2 of my online assignment which had nothing to do w/the job .. I received a email stating FedEx has changed your legal name ..this is fraud .. please take me out your system & do not allow any foreigner to work under my name/social # at all .. they was tryna kidnap me in the hall before getting in the plane .. the manager stated to the Africa’s.. to back up & leave me alone .. the Africa’s can on the plane through the crack .. location Newark airport.. I now have my parking badge/ get key which I’m keeping for evidence of this story

  116. Packaging extremely late due to human error. Asked about corporate complaints; however was advised that I could only write a letter to the corporate office.
    Marie took my initial call and stated that my concerns would be forwarded to the escalation team and I would receive a call back because they were closed… she then forwarded me to a technical department after placing me on hold and returning to see if I was still on the line… at this point there is no accountability for my package as I’m hearing different stories from different people. Agents are not willing to deliver the package to make up the lackluster service provided which may result in additional lost of revenue even though the package is on the truck for delivery. Furthermore, the escalation team states that the package is still at the facility although your software states it was scanned and placed on a truck for delivery. I find this totally and utterly unacceptable. If I must, I will file suit for lost earnings. Agents also failed to provide complaint file numbers… had to call again to retrieve the number which is as follows: 020761xxxx
    Upon calling back to retrieve the complaint number I’ve learned Marie did not submit the complaint as per Escalation agent Steven. I asked to file another complaint, however I am not confident in the integrity of your agents at this point. Therefore I would like to request a call back instead of an email. My contact information is on my FedEx profile.

    I expect this matter to be taken seriously and anticipate a swift response.

  117. I had a package that was supposed to be delivered Friday now the telling me it won’t come until to day every day I got the run around I will never ever use fedex for anything else ever

  118. Hi my name is don taylor I order a nfl jersey from fanatics on Jan 25th I haven’t received it yet. On the original shipment said it would be here on February 6th but it still in Henderson neveda. When am I going to receive it.

  119. Good afternoon I am making a complaint because I had some important papers delivered to me thru FedEx overnight from the Veterans administration in Washington DC the package was opened when I called your customer service I was hung up three times is this the way that you conduct your business the delivery driver even told me that my package was delivered to a different address please assist me with this matter thank you

  120. Please help – I’ve spent countless hours over the last two weeks trying to get to the bottom of a missing package. It seems no one is willing to actually help because it was shipped smartpost. It was left in a FedEx dropbox and never acknowledged in the FedEx system. I have spoken to numerous supervisors and customer service reps and have gotten nowhere. Also – my company spends an enormous amount of money with their business account. Please reach out to me asap 516 314-xxxx

  121. Hello I just to work for fed ex in South San Francisco California as a labor inside the W/H Labor. So my reason why I’m contacting you this way is because I’m looking for the correct dep. To help me get my W-2 form.

  122. Your computer has been down in one of your facilities that are located in Bronx New York .670 buildingplease check your computers you’ll see which one I’m talking about

  123. FedEx misrouted a pkg and now making me wait 7 days because of this negligence … UNACCEPTABLE!!! #952225835556 … Why is it ok to treat a customer like this????

  124. Tell your drivers in Wichita Kansas that there is a cul-de-sac for them to turn around or they can back down the street!! Stay the hell out of our driveways! Stop using them for your turn around! Or you can pay for damage to my driveway. East Lewis Street 8:37 am!!

  125. Tracking number 7829 6820 0484
    Tuesday morning, package delivered to wrong address. I called Dothan office Tuesday morning and explained the situation. Fed Ex assured me that at the end of the day, the employee would go pick up the package, and deliver to my house. This morning I once again called Dothan, once again gave them the tracking number, their response seemed like they had no idea what I was talking about. Please, just deliver the package. Thank you

  126. I have been trying to resolve a lost package claim since this summer. Spent 3 hrs trying to talk to someone and get resolved and I go back and forth with them transferring and keep hanging up. I am ready to get a lawyer and talk to someone that way!!!!!! This is the worst company to try to get something done with.

    1. Hi! I’m still dealing with them as well for a lost package. Let me know if you would be interested In A class action against them!

  127. Yesterday, one of your trucks drove out onto my property (side yard) off the asphalt driveway (apparently to turn around) and got bogged down due to wet ground. They had another truck that came to help them out and in the process they rutted the yard up VERY BADLY. They left no package. I have no idea why they would have driven back to this point, as it is past our house. I was not home, however my neighbor heard them and took pictures of them from a distance. Our house is at 314 Dublin Road, Pooler,Ga. 31322. I would appreciate someone contacting me and informing me how to proceed in having my yard repaired. Thanks

  128. My complaint in brief: we sent a package tracking number 783291573597 has been delayed for 8 days in Indianapolis and has still not left US when it should have been there today. No explanation and no follow up as promised by FedEx with why the package is stuck there other than customs inspection weather delays or I don’t know as answers given when I attempt your cumbersome not customer friendly non user phone system to get an answer or why it didn’t go to Memphis. Furthermore when getting transferred to next Dept. I’m either cutoff, on hold with music for 20 minutes with no response or sent to surveys and no transfer to correct department. So the FedEx experience is a total mess and this will be our last time using this expensive service and we will now try UPS instead.

  129. Every time I get a package through FedEx it’s always an issue. Last year in 2020 I spent $600 on motorcycle equipment in FedEx allowed my packages to get hijacked using my information for an address in California when I live in Boston Massachusetts. FedEx allow this to happen and believed them and not me. Now another one of my packages are being delayed and you guys need to fix the issue FedEx is absolutely terrible on helping people and making sure that people’s packages are secure

    I had a custom computer built and shipped thru your company back in september of 2020… It showed up to my business completely destroyed and was smashed so hard that it ripped the screws holding the power supply right thru the metal case leaving screws, metal shavings and broken parts inside… The damage that occured was in no way shape or form normal damage from falling off a conveyor belt or off the back of the truck… The damage was so severe that the only way it could receive that kind of excessive damage was it had to be slammed purposely from an employee from over their head that made the screws holding the power supply in place rip right thru the metal case, seriously ask yourself how hard does it have to hit the ground or object to achieve this severe damage?… Somehow even the graphic card got knocked out of the slot and the retaining clip was broken which also confirms more than usual force from a normal shipping drop or fall… The heavy power supply was bouncing around freely inside the case breaking things, bending rails and mounts and ripping wires out…
    A few months went by with me spending countless hours on the phone talking to your people who couldnt help me and would say call back tomorrow when the supervisor was there so I would call back and no supervisor, countless times this happened… It was over 2 months before any attempt was made by your company to reply to me about my claim… Then, month number three goes by and your company finally wanted to pick up the computer to inspect it and verify what was on the receipts was inside the computer… The computer went to your facility on Baumberg Ave in Hayward, CA. which is 1.3 miles from my business… Your company inspected my computer and returned it to me four days later and when it arrived from a 3 mile round trip and your companies inspection it had even more damage added to the original damage, wow, just wow…
    The claims person handling the case said everything was good and was forwarding the case to the final step to pay the claim… At this point (months later) I was in despreate need of a computer for my business and knowing there was no sense of urgency to handle my claim I started buying NEW parts for a NEW computer for my business that I had to take a loan out to purchase the parts. After I bought almost all the parts that I needed to build a new system, I could not find a comparable graphics card to the original one in the computer your company destroyed… So I made a desperate decision and decided to take a chance on the damaged card as I kept it and sent the claims person a letter stating that I kept the graphics card and was willing to take a chance on it and I realize if it fails on day one its on me and will have no claim to the $500 price it cost me originally from your company.
    That makes the payout for your company $500 less and im ok with that, I would think your company would be ok with it also… Then two weeks ago I got an email saying your company wanted to pick up the computer AGAIN and they did… I was given NO pickup tad, nothing to prove your company even picked it up (lucky i have it on my cameras) At that point I figured your company would keep the computer and since I was told before that everything was in order and they would send the info to the final step to pay the claim… Two weeks go by and the computer was returned to my business AGAIN with no explanation, no phone call, no email, nothing… Guess what? there was now more damage to the computer on top of the other two times your company touched it and damaged it and at that point I cant help but to say WTF? Your company has handled my computer 3 different times and damaged it every time with more damage every time they touched it…
    It has now been 5 months and im still out the money I paid for my computer, the money I paid to have it built and as of right now I have had NO computer for 5 months which was for my business which from negligence by your companies employee(s) i had to take out a loan to buy a new computer to replace the one your company destroyed not once, not twice, but 3 different times and have been in NO hurry to fix the problem putting me in a financial predicament that nobody needs, especially during the pandemic which is killing small businesses like mine except for your company is accelerating it 10 fold…
    Your company has put a hardship on me, my family and my business and for this to not be handled in over 5 months and counting is completely ridiculous and way out of line for any business to handle a claim period, especially a multi million dollar company such as Fed Ex…
    I fully expect an answer from someone who has the authority to quickly finalize my claim and pay for the damage your company caused.

  131. I am seeking answers to my complaint #0208612453, filed 2/8/21. As of yet, I have not been contacted by the local facility to explain their service issue with my package. Please contact me at 678-939-xxxx. Thank you.


  133. Your Fedex reps misinformed me and have lost the same package twice which I have not received to this day three months later p

  134. I had a delevery scheduled for yesterday February 11, and as of today Im still waiting. This has caused me a great inconvenience because I had to cancel my doctors appointment for today due to the fact that I still have to wait. I received a text message saying that my items were placed on a truck @ 4:30 am. It seems to me that your drivers are not doing their jobs!!!

  135. FedEx STINKS! I run a laboratory analyzing human body fluids sent overnight for 10:30AM delivery. I don’t get the samples, people don’t get better, doctors don’t get the results. Routinely kits are lost, delayed or gone missing. FedEx is solely responsible for these patients and they are also responsible for refunding me thousands of dollars lost not mention the patients and the doctors. I want to talk to either Fred Smith or his designee to find out what moral obligations FedEx has because the people in this company have no clue.

  136. I was suppose to have a package delivered one day service to my daughter in San Diego Ca. The package didn’t arrive so I called customer service twice and was told it’s at San Diego distribution. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the rep told me he would call back in 15 minutes,well that never happened. I’m still waiting for that call 16 hours later. To make matters worse I find out it’s in Memphis and not San Diego this morning so first fib. The rep said they don’t know when it will be delivered. So I called the shipper and they checked with there rep and said it would be delivered today. By the way the rep last nite said the delay was held up in inspection since it was a perishable and not to worry it’s packed in dry ice another fib it’s packed in frozen gel pack according to the shipper. I’m getting the run around from your customer service dept. it was for my daughters bday who is attending college 3000 miles away. My tracking number is 783375237678 My email is [email protected] My phone number is 610-883-2028. Maybe someone can really tell me where the package is. I’m sure the food is spoiled and I hope my daughter doesn’t try it and get sick because it will be on you. Thank you. Eric Mayoka

  137. Hello Mr Smith ,


    Fed ex
    My name is Shobhit and I trust Fed ex over any other shipment company .

    This Thursday I have urgent pkg shipped to North Carolina with overnight shipping and Fed ex team at shipping center confirmed about delivering pkg on Friday 4:30 as mentioned in this tracking email .

    The pkg hasn’t delivered yet till Saturday morning and the reason I asked multiple times to shipment cener that will you be able to deliver this pkg or not and answer was yes yeah 100%.

    The receiver is leaving country in few mins and after that pkg has no use . My question is that when pkg has reached center why despite multiple request it wasn’t deliver even saturday morning .

    If there is delay expected than why it wasn’t informed to me that pkg may or may not be delivered .

    It’s not about my pkg cost but I need clear direction advise and compensation for this .

    Thank you for your help !

  138. I am hoping you can help. I live in Naples Florida. We have a fed ex delivery man who continues to leave packages leaning against at my garage instead of u def cover porch area. I have asked him personally to please leave at my covered front door instead of open to the sidewalk and elements. I had a dress for my daughters wedding sit out there for several days and in rain because we had no idea it was there. Luckily there was no damage but I do not u deratand why you would leave out in open instead of a more secure covered front door. If he walks across the grass it might be an addition five feet to walk. If he uses the entire walkway it might be 15 feet additional. I am hoping someone can co tact the local fed ex site and request packages be left more securely at front doors please.

  139. My name is John Sandoval and I am writing to you to make you aware of my experience with Douglas at store 0635 in Tucson AZ, on 02/13/2021.I went to speak with Douglas about a return. I was speaking with him attempting to explain my perspective, in English. When Douglas cut me off mid-sentence to tell me “you brought in “dos” packages” to which I said, “excuse me we’re speaking English here” clearly he was taking a jab and demonstrating his frustration with me by making a racist comment. I told him “ I am not going to take your racist comments.” To which he proceeds to threaten me with calling the police — I asked “for what? For calling you racist??”.
    Please explain to me why he felt he needed to speak Spanish to me. Why? If not to make a racist distinction. This is textbook definition of racism— he mocks me by speaking Spanish to me and then threatens to call the police on ME.
    This person should not be representing fedex/your store. His behavior, his words were racist. He knew exactly what he was doing and saying. I hope for the sake of the community you get this man away from interacting with people. Clearly he does not have toleration for people different from himself.
    He can say whatever he wants to you to excuse his behavior, but the way he treated me shows who he really is, a racist white man.

  140. For the past two weeks, I have expected a delivery on Sunday the 7th and 14th. On both days, during my delivery window, I have received a notification that my package was undeliverable due to no one being home. In both instances, I have been home and no attempt was made to deliver the packages. In both instances, I called with my concerns. In both instances, I was told that I would still receive my packages that day. In both instances, I was told I would receive a call before my packages arrived. Last week, I never received a call, and my packages were left outside my garage door without needing me to be home. Plain and simply, I am being lied to. I set aside time to be at home for these deliveries and so far this has always been the case, as I suspect it will be the same come Tuesday the 16th. This is not the first time, my neighbors and I have had issues with deliveries from FedEx drivers. I am not certain what needs to be done, but if you promise a delivery on a specific day, then it needs to be made on that day. At minimum, do not lie to your customers that you attempted to make a delivery, when you did not.

  141. I cannot get a responce from your office in Israel. They stopped answering calls and do not return emails. Please ask them to contact me on my mobile number: 972-50-777xxxx

  142. Well I need to know if there is such a person as Peter Durant recruitment director in miami FL because I received a job offer via email concerning a job at the Miami international airport pay rate at $31.30 an hour I fell that this is a scam but want to know if it is true ??? Email that I recieved with the Fed Ex letter head has an address from 942 southshady grove road Memphis Tennessee 38120. So please if you can let me know !!!

  143. I’m a US veteran who sent a time sensitive legal document consisting of some very important military documentation on February 3, 2021 from an Upstate NY address to a Brooklyn, NY address to the Assistant DA Eric Gonzalez, 350 Jay St., Brooklyn, NY 11201, Assistant District Attorneys Office-Post Conviction Bureau and my package has yet to be received from the recipient. I’ve contacted your customer service line as well as the Revenue Service Dept where I still haven’t received any resolution. I’ve received two different case numbers, C-16270989, C-16583606, each of which were not properly investigated. I received no follow up, no correspondence, or anything. I have had the worst experiences dealing with your reps who are unable to get things right in finding this package and/or making things right. The last update on the site was on 2/3, and I’ve spoken to over 10 reps who still have no update. We spoke to a rep who stated that we would receive reimbursement due to the package being lost, provided an address for mailing but have yet to receive anything. I shipped another document via UPS the same day and although they had a slight delay, they updated their system to reflect the status. This is entirely unacceptable coming from one of the biggest shipping companies in the world. I would like to be reimbursed for the value of my lost package. Dealing with Fed-ex has been the worst experience for me.

  144. Here is a copy of letter sent to the President of the company. Theodore Loebenberg
    Free Coat Exchange
    PO Box 5596 Louisville KY 40255
    401 952 6566 info

    February 15, 202
    Dear Mr. Rajesh Subramaniam;
    President FedEX
    942 South Shady Grove Road
    Memphis, TN 38120
    I write this letter to you to make you aware of the total lack of service offered by FedEx. I have had two recent experiences with your company with no ability to get a human being to answer. I am a private chef and order product from Frenchy’s Seafood. Once at Christmas and once in February. I paid for overnight delivery and got 4 or 5day delivery on perishable product. If they could not have been delivered next day, they should have been delivered the second day even if a Saturday or Sunday at Fed Ex expense. Not left to sit at your site. I could not reach any live people at your 800 number. When I posted a negative comment on your face book page asking for a call, the reply I got was to call the 800 number. What you call customer service is a joke. I know you probably will pass this off to some admin person and do not care about the small business you supposedly serve. Here is a copy of e mail sent to Frenchy’s
    “Tommy, Nice chatting with you this am. There are some issues that need to be addressed constructively. The one issue for your company is is to change your acknowledgements and provide tracking numbers when you advise orders have been shipped. The other issue is the lack of service from FedEx. This has nothing to do with your company or the nice folks I deal with but the total failure on the part of FedEx to provide service. I have had two Fed Ex issues one t Christmas order 6663 which they did not deliver timely and I could not get any human interaction from the. The second order 7631 shipped on the 11th of this month was not delivered on the 12 due to weather. When I called into your place on Saturday and spoke with Myron, he did what he could but could not get information from Fed Ex. I sent message on their FB page asking to have someone call me, Their reply was to call the 800 waste of time automated number. They should have delivered they next day shipment for which we paid if not on Friday, then on Saturday or on Sunday. There total lack of service and communications leaves so much to be desired. Be well, safe, and careful.”
    In speaking with Frenchy’s, Tommy advised me he could not get a return call from his FedEx representative.
    I am looking for nothing and expect nothing. I have advised all of my suppliers not to use FedEx whenever possible, even if there I an additional cost.

    Enjoy the day.
    Celebrate everything.
    Health Peace Happiness
    Ted Loebenberg

  145. When FedEx was founded in 1971, it touted commitment to speedy, punctual and reliable service as its reason for existence. As business grew, this commitment has been utterly abandoned. Your continual existence serves no purpose other than victimizing more gullible customers who blindly believe that FedEx would continual to fulfill its commitment.
    On February 9, 2021, when I consigned an urgent package (tracking no. 8137 4373 1907) for shipment with FedEx, I was informed by the receiving agent and later confirmed by FedEx website (screenshots attached) that it would be delivered by noon of February 12. However, on February 10, tracking information abruptly vanished from your website without any pending delivery schedule. As of this writing, my package is nowhere to be found and all inquiries have either been stonewalled or deflected by your offices in the UK, Belgium and Hong Kong.
    On February 8, when I was given a 21-day deadline by the UK Passport Office in Liverpool to provide the documents, I had every expectation to be able to meet such deadline. Thanks to your infernal performance collectively, the deadline is doomed to be missed, if the package had not been callously lost in transit already. I demand you to hold the delinquent personnel responsible as I will surely hold you liable.
    A thoroughly disappointed and disillusioned customer,
    David Cat Kwong

  146. My Company name is Glenmar Draperies the fedex driver has been dropping off packages and just leaving without us knowing about the delivery. Some of packages have fabrics, shutters and etc. when this items get wet we can not use. I would like to find out how can my company get a signature on packages that are being delivered. We had several packages that were left out by the work shop in the weather last week. I need you to please advise how to handle to this problem. Thank you

  147. I’m getting spam risk messages from fed ex. Went to a store they looked don’t open up. I’m getting at least four a day.

  148. Constant package drops in an open PUBLIC vestibule. We’ve have laptops, cellphone & parcels from residents with checks left in the vestibule during work hours. We are a municipality in which we serve the public. The carrier (usually on a Tuesday) is very negligent in her service. We have spoken with her & asked her to come to the counter and simply drop off. We’ve contacted Fed Ex Ground & spoke approx. 5-6 supervisors and Joe from today, laughed & hung up on us when we called for a complaint. We’re hoping to resolve these frequent issues as soon as possible. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter, Diane Festino, Deputy Clerk, Jackson Township, 95 W. Veterans Hwy., Jackson, NJ 08527

  149. For the last 2 days I’ve got emails saying my package is on its way no package I call they tell me it’s on the truck on its way I’ve talked to several people who tell me it’s on its way I checked your website were not in your bad weather area I paid for 2 days shipping on the 10th it’s now the 16th if you lost my package or if it was stolen tell me I’m not worried about the 2 day shipping money but I’m out 2 days of my life waiting on a package that I don’t think is coming

  150. FedEx delivered pkg to wro g address now lost. Delivery 2.9. Customer service nonexistent for over a week. Finally Andrea is trying to help. 78345883xxxx. As an old woman, I truly trusted FedEx. Huge disappointment. Not that pkg delivered to wrong place, but complete lack of customer service, lack of initiative to do their job. I called every day since 2.10 1 or3x only to be transferred, blown off or ignored. Shame , shame, shame. What’s happened

  151. I ran into Hannah today who says she thinks it’s inappropriate to ask for black workers to be onsite. I’m here to tell her that In a city filled with transplants that don’t understand the level of equality California has always enjoyed and they are making it so unfriendly with their anti black antics claiming to have black families. They don’t treat Black women or men well and need blacks working at the stores as much as possible.

  152. I had an email stating a package had been delivered yesterday. The package was not on my doorstep. After I called the Fedex help line, the gentleman stated that I should walk around the neighborhood to see if the package was delivered elsewhere. I told him I already did the walk through my neighborhood, and did not see it. Then he said he would contact the driver to see where the package was and call me back. When I told him that I have heard that before I gave him my number. I never got a call back. This is not the first time this has happened. Whenever I have a package that Fedex states is delivered and is not I call the customer help line who say the same things. Look around the neighborhood to see if the package was delivered to the wrong door, then we will call you back. I don’t understand why your customer service is so crappy. This particular item was expensive, but regardless of the cost of the item being delivered I think that Fedex should put a little more consideration towards their customers. When your rep states they will call back they should. And the first thing out of your rep’s mouth when I call should not be did I walk the neighborhood to see if it was delivered to the wrong address. Because that says so much about the culture your your business.

  153. Hello Frederick Smith, my name is D’monta Harris. I’m a professional athlete in Argentina and weeks ago I mailed my passport and visa application form to the Argentine Consulate in Chicago from Detroit (my hometown) using Fed Ex Express. My package was paid to be delivered back to me by Sunday, February 14. I still do not have my package as it has been sitting in the Memphis Transit since Saturday, February 13. There are no details on the exact location or contact information of where my package is in Memphis. There is also no estimation of when I will receive my package and my team has already lost two international flights for me as we await the return of my package that has my passport and visa information, which without I cannot travel. That is thousands of dollars lost in travel fees. This is extremely unprofessional and unfortunate. I have already missed the first game of my season solely because of Fed Ex. Can you help me?

  154. Pickup did not happen yesterday at 201 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA. Packages still sitting on the drop box this morning.

  155. I just spoke to a CS agent & he was extremely helpful. I tried to leave him good feedback but I think I messed it up. How can I correct it?

  156. We have tried to create a complaint concerning the FedEx trucks who drive extremely fast on our Private Road. They have created pot holes which since it is a private road the home owners are responsible for repair. This is a on going issue with Fed Ex trucks. My husband has spoken to several drivers and asked that they slow down. Twice this week we have witnessed fast driving on our road which has approximately 7 homes that Fed Ex delivers to. My husband is disabled and I am upset that he has to go out and try to repair the damage and that we have to buy additional gravel for repair. We do not have this problem with the UPS drivers or the USPS drivers. I have exact time and date of the issue today but Fed Ex customer service said they could not help me without a tracking number since the package went to our neighbor. I will plan on sending a bill for our expenses created by your drivers.

  157. I have a missing package that went “Pending ” for delivery date-Tracking # 783556549809 to Dottie Carlson, 2936 South 100 West-Bountiful Ut 84010 expected on Feb 11,2021 moved to Feb 12 -went to Pending-I called on Feb 12late on Feb 12 and again on Feb 13 -16 and 17th- I was giving a “tracing number 0216641922 which s useless-I have left My phone number (858-674-xxxx) with Pickup and Delivery, being told they would search and call back each time- no call backs- This in an original oil painting for my daughter-it can not be replaced-it is important to us for it to be found- but no one seems to really care to make any effort to find- I have called the 1-8– number- last time it was someone off site with roosters crowing in the background and not easy to hear- basically he told me to give up! also to note this is not the first time Ive had issues with items going to Pending once they hot North Salt Lake Hub- I am hoping beyond hope this is read by someone who actually cares-I would like very much for this box 44 x 31 x3 (not small) to be found and delivered.
    Sincerely -Doris Bertch

  158. I was just wondering if I can get a number for someone to talk to about my wrongful termination and why I got fired. I was threatened discriminated harass and fired for wrongful termination and I needed someone to talk to about this. My cell phone number is 484-554-xxxx

  159. I am very upset with how I was treated and lied to for 3 days straight i asked for a supervisor several times and noone would let me speak to one and I still have not received my package. I would like a supervisor to please get ahold of me at 812 642xxxx as soon as possible. Thank you

  160. On Monday, Feb. 15, 2021, 3:15 PM a Fedex van 1/2 mile from Rt 957 on Stanton Hill Rd, Russell, PA was too far to the left coming down the hill and ran us into the ditch, where we stayed for 4 hours. I think he HAD to have seen us go into the ditch but did not so much as stop. Is this your policy?

  161. I received a package from fedex and it has blood all over the package and think drops of blood on this package that I touched picking it up


  163. I have an expedited order.My order was supposed to be delivered on the 17th it is now 4 days past my delivery date.Still have no answer for when my order is going to arrive.Told there is a no refund policy for expedited 2 day shipping even though my package hasn’t moved was scanned 6 times in orlando over period of 3 days now it’s been in memphis tennessee and scanned 3 are you going to keep monies ppl paid for and not fulfill the services paid for?That’s fraud and theft.Where the hell is my package and when am I going to receive it.I should not be waiting a week for an expedited w day shipment and not receive any answers when I question fedex.Tgis is complete bullshit.I have no problems receiving orders from ups dhl or the usps the orders are delivered on time an by the delivery date.Stop stealing ppls money

  164. I sent a small package from Vero beach Florida on Wednesday afternoon February 17 for delivery by noon Thursday February 18 #78383568xxxx The package is still in Memphis Sunday night February 21. Weather was good in Memphis on Saturday February 20 (sunny 53 degrees). Why is my package still in Memphis? Why did I waste $133 for this bad service? Why is the FedEx system so inflexible in that it cannot use trucks when there are weather issues affecting planes? Vero beach to cleveland is 16 hours by car. I had another shipment several weeks ago which was delayed by 2 days and there was no weather issue. Why is FedEx service becoming bad?

  165. I have a misdelivered box . I have tried for 4 days to get someone from FedEx to take out of my living room and send it to the proper address or return to sender.
    I was promised that it would be removed yesterday but it wasn’t.
    This is disgraceful. I have been passed from pillar to post with no resolution of this problem. The problem is YOU, not me.
    Get it done tomorrow.

  166. To Las Vegas and Nevada Managers and to The CEOs in Memphis, TN,
    too many lost; misplaced; delayed packages from Our Company “High Desert Advocate” by FEDEX, with never a discount or a reimbursement from Fedex to us. We are not happy with your service, specially after a full year of shipping 4 packages (or more) each week from Las Vegas to 3 other Nevada towns. For you to save money, you ship all the way VIA MEMPHIS, TN, EVEN WHEN BECAUSE OF BAD WEATHER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE USA, MY BOXES OF NEWSPAPERS ARE WAITING IN Las Vegas. If you were honest, you would have send my boxes via little Fedex trucks/ground, and we would have receive them in time last week, and already received them THIS WEEK, INSTEAD IOF BEING STUCK IN Las Vegas!!!!! I even talk to one of your representative, told he/her that they should be sent by land -> Nevada to Nevada towns!!!!! But she said only next week we could do that!! ????? You are HURTING MY BUSINESS and I expect to BE REIMBURSED COMPLETELY for LAST WEEK and THIS WEEK FEDEX FEES!!!! I might loose customers/advertisers BECAUSE OF YOU FEDEX managers!!!!
    My Newspapers Need to go VIA LAND NOW!!!! In fact they should have gone that way a few days ago!!!! I am really upset and mad,
    Corinne Copelan/Owner/Publisher

  167. I never received my pay check last week. I am not sure who I have to contact in regards to this situation. Ive asked my managers several times since Friday and they have given me every excuse as possible. I’m not a happy employee

  168. My pkg was due for delivery last Thursday. Every day I call and get the same lie the pkg was loaded on truck at 4:15 am today it will be delivered by 8 pm tonite. Then the driver says I wasn’t home or business no longer there. You people are liars and incompetent. I never have this with ups . My tracking # 946651195945. I live in a very small town and the driver is too lazy to come here is probably the truth.

  169. The driver is leaving my packages in the basement of my apt. building. I do not usually go down there because it is dirty. The other drivers (UPS, USPS) leave packages in the lobby. I have been on hold for as long as 45 minutes. The virtual assistant will not address my problem and will not put me in touch with a human.

  170. one of your drivers came down 2600 biock of deacon street on feb 6 hit 4 cars total and im given the run around about responsabilaty i know that u can track who ever this person is all i want is my wifes car fixed please respond

  171. my package 461347772548567 was susposed to be delivered 2-18 by end of day never came all I get know is it left chicago on 2-17 at 8.55 am I would like to know why it is taking so long to go 600 miles why no real tracking you people are acting like usps

  172. I bought an envelope in Los Angeles with three taxes. SC 2.25%,CA 6%, County 1.25%. Please tell me what they are. Usually I just get a flat 9.5 sales tax

  173. This is Regarding my experience yesterday and today with your very very poor service on the shipment (tracking #783776055326). First, supposedly a delivery attempt for this package was made yesterday day Feb 21 I do not believe any attempt was made because my wife and I were home and sitting not 15 feet away from the front door with our 3 Dachshunds. If anyone stepped on our front porch much less knocked these dogs would have raised Cain. According to your websites tracking info it was at the local ground service terminal where I went late this afternoon. After giving the “associate” my name phone number and tracking number I was told to wait for a phone call. After over 25 minutes I approached the intercom again and spoke to a different person, telling them I had limited time and had already been waiting over 25 minutes. This person asked which associate I had dealt with. I found it ridiculous because neither he nor the first person identified them self. This second “associate” then told me I needed to “be patient, we have a lot of boxes in here”!!! What kind of people do you hire? What kind of organization do you have for the packages you ship? I can not believe this man had the audacity to tell me I needed to be patient. This is a very very poor way to run a business. You need to be more organized and more polite. Perhaps your company could take a age out of Ups’ book. Not only do they not have a problem finding a package in their care when they say they tried to deliver something they are telling the truth. I don’t really expect anyone to do anything about this, if corporate cared about their business you would not employ people like those I encountered(through an intercom) today or the delivery person who did not even make an attempt to deliver this package yesterday.

  174. My traking no. 90724745xxxx
    All clothes for my daughter wedding next week. This very important why sitting 5 day in illinois . it is very urgent. Pls take action as soon as possible

  175. I would like to find out how there can be a disruption when all the roads are open and UPS and USPS are making deliveries. I paid to have express shipping and my product was shipped on 2-16. I understand the weather was bad but from what I hear and see on the news, all roads and airports are open. Mt tracking number is 78379414xxxx.

  176. 929649884360 and 929649887119 have been loaded on truck in Charleston wv friday sat sun and mon and today I am an hour north no weather problems and at 6pm the drivers take my products back to charleston, they have delivered here twice. I have contacted fdex via chat and per phone and have been mocked and told i was not your only customer. This is unacceptable.

  177. I have spoken with some VERY rude customer service representatives and i asked to speak to someone in the UNITED STATES that could help me and I was refused. When i called back I was abruptly hung up by another agent. I am sick and tired by these out of country agents disrespecting their customers, I need to speak to someone from the Corporate office In the Unites States

  178. A deliver was supposed to have made today and they said they attempted it and no one actually came to my house. I can’t get anyone to answer me what is actually going on with my package and whether it can be picked up or delivered today.

  179. I have been waiting on a package since February 12 been in lexington Kentucky every day out for delivery call talk to FedEx customer service and the shipper today is February 23 still same.answer out for delivery be delivered today tracking number 95280411xxxx I need my package now 859 544 xxxx Vernon whittemore what is the problem everyone around me is getting the package but I’m not

  180. FedEx is arbitrarily changing pick up times for the outdoor drop boxes, Im told they can change it daily without notifying anyone. We are a large office building and make alot of drops past 5pm, our last pickup time is stated on the box 7pm. Our fedexes were not picked up Friday, I called and was told the dispatchers can change the times anytime they want to! We have crucial legal documents going out every day and this time because we assumed the pick up was 7pm, this changing time of 4pm almost blew a case for us. Unacceptable!

  181. I had order some phone’s from spectrum in December of 2020,31 and they were sent out but I never got them because the delivery 🚚 guy never came to my door he just gave my phone’s to some one that was standing out side he did not ask for i.d or nothing now I have been waiting for fedex to let me know what’s going on well I have not heard from them since Dec 31 I am very upset about this situation and I need my phones somebody need to call me contact me or something I asked him if they could get in contact with the guy who delivered the phones they acting like they can’t call that guy and ask him to see who he gave the phones to because he never came to my door and I think that’s very that’s messed up I don’t have my phone now I had to resolve to an Obama phone because FedEx is still making up their mind whether I have the phones or do they have to replace them yes they need to replace them because I need my phones I did not pay for those phones just for a FedEx to lose them and then I just sit here and just lose out like a bald head I’m not a bald head I’m very upset about this and I want my phone so somebody need to contact me let me know something because it’s been three months and I still don’t have my phone FedEx still haven’t called me haven’t said nothing to me so if somebody can give me a call back my number is 909-xxxx let me make sure 379-xxxx again my name is Trina Cole have a blessed day and somebody please ASAP give me a call thank you

  182. I would like to say something positive about our delivery guy! He was so friendly, fast, and efficient when he delivered our two very large / heavy boxes! Great attitude! Please let him know he is doing an amazing job. We just moved in myself from Vegas my Son from San Diego. Our delivery guys name is Austin hope I spelled that right. Thank you!

  183. Hi,

    We are awaiting an overnight FedEx shipment (#965270511770) from Indian Consulate in Atlanta since February 18th. It has Visa that is required for an urgent travel to India to visit an ailing family member. We have been trying to reach FedEx since Saturday and have a case opened to provide us a Trace on this package. While in about last 10 calls we have provided all the information repeatedly, we have not been contacted by the FedEx with any updates. The case number we have is C-17649922.
    We would request you all to please attend to this request and try to have this package shipped to us by Tuesday, or latest by Wednesday so that we can take up the flight scheduled on February 25th (Thursday).
    Please let us know if any additional details are needed.
    Thanks a lot for attending to this request.

    best regards,


  184. Hello, At this point I am seriously thinking about getting a lawyer involved because this is totally unfair and unacceptable to me to have to deal with the fedex located here in Mobile, Al continuously stealing my packages! Its ridiculous how I have to continue to take a loss when my packages are shipped through fedex all of a sudden! Call the 1800 number is a waist you have to go through hell to get a representative on the phone and still end up not speaking to anyone! Like seriously where is the justice in this situation or for the customers.

  185. I had order some phone’s from spectrum in December of 2020,31 and they were sent out but I never got them because the delivery 🚚 guy never came to my door he just gave my phone’s to some one that was standing out side he did not ask for i.d or nothing now I have been waiting for fedex to let me know what’s going on well I have not heard from them since Dec 31 I am very upset about this situation and I need my phones somebody need to call me contact me or something I asked him if they could get in contact with the guy who delivered the phones they acting like they can’t call that guy and ask him to see who he gave the phones to because he never came to my door and I think that’s very that’s messed up I don’t have my phone now I had to resolve to an Obama phone because FedEx is still making up their mind whether I have the phones or do they have to replace them yes they need to replace them because I need my phones I did not pay for those phones just for a FedEx to lose them and then I just sit here and just lose out like a bald head I’m not a bald head I’m very upset about this and I want my phone so somebody need to contact me let me know something because it’s been three months and I still don’t have my phone FedEx still haven’t called me haven’t said nothing to me so if somebody can give me a call back my number is 909-xxx let me make sure 379-xxxx again my name is Trina Cole have a blessed day and somebody please ASAP give me a call thank you

  186. 3 consecutive days been told package would arrive. sat home waiting. called talked to folks. delivery person says made attempts. no attempts made no phone calls, buzzer rang, emails, or notes on door. what is going on. #93357104xxxx. please call me asap. waisted 3 days of work.

  187. Tracking 929110744197. Out for delivery 2/22. Didn’t attempt delivery due to weather. Stated delivery 2/23. Waited all day. No delivery. Call help line. Told me that they couldn’t locate package. Birthday present for 4yo today. Would you like to explain to him how you lost his present when it’s a large ride on vehicle. Has to be in plain site.

  188. You can’t hace people waiting 2 days for a overnight package. Then it’s on a truck thats going to delivery it 6pm 2 days later. your service sucks. Tracking #97253772xxxx

  189. I am trying to get my W-2 sent to my new address. I know when they are mailed out. But i was going thru a lot to where I missed the deadline. But please help me. The company that does the payroll. I have dealt with them twice now and nothing. My address got changed. So when it got returned back. I wish they would of double check for the address. Here is my phone # please give me a call. Thank you.

  190. I have been waiting over a week for my package, I have been denied any explanation as to why. I paid extra to have my package quickly as it is essential to me and my work. I am very upset and confused. The winter storms are cleared and you all are just sitting on your butts doing nothing, and don’t give me this COVID bill either, I am an essential worker have worked everyday, I demand to receive my package in a timely manner.

  191. HELP!!! I have called the local store and also the 800 customer service number 4 times, then today I called the corporate office, was transferred to the escalation department and no one can tell me where my package is. If you lost it I can live with that but everyone says it is still in Norfolk Virginia because of the bad weather. We shipped to three California locations at the same time and they all made it through the storms. The missing one is supposed to be going to Hawaii.
    Tracking number is 78380661300. If it is really in Norfolk and there is no shipping to Hawaii date in the near future please give it back to me so I can take it to a different shipper. By the way I spent $86.00 so that it could be shipped 2nd day air on 2/16/2020

  192. Please help me find my package tracking number is 7729-0958 97 74 they deliver in my package in Iowa when they supposed to be in Miami Florida I don’t know who got my package right now it’s very important package for me they got some clothes for my son value over $500 I don’t know why somebody in Miami from FedEx put the wrong label destination Iowa I know from Iowa I here in Detroit Michigan now I don’t know nothing about my package now I don’t know nothing about my package because they delivered it to the wrong address in the wrong estateI appreciate it who help me find my package it’s very important to me thank you

  193. I have a package in the Humboldt, TN facility…it has been there since since Feb. 11, 2021. Everyday, I am told it is out for delivery…as of this morning it is still in Humboldt!!! My customer is threatening to cancel the order. I need the product!!!! To think we have been thinking of changing from UPS to FEDEX..if this is an example of you customer service…I think I will pass!

  194. My package should have arrived in Lauderhill, Fl. on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021. The package was sent from JFK Jamaica, NY. As of today, the package is still in Jamaica NY. I’m getting the run around from you customer service. I’m dissatisfied with tour service. Tracking # 78396763xxxx / case # C-18170855 / case # C-1828xxxx

  195. I paid to have my shipment expedited. It was supposed to have been here on the 25th of February, it didn’t arrive. When I checked the tracking it said that it would be delivered on the 26. Today I checked the tracking and it said out for delivery, by 8:00 pm. I waited and nothing was delivered. I went back online to check the tracking and guess what? It said that my package was returned to the FedEX facility and would be delivered on Monday. This a bunch of crap. First of all I expedited it because I’m going out of town. Now I have delay my plans to wait for Monday? It may not be delivered then. Whom ever that driver was should be fired. Did I mention that the FedEx facility is 5 minutes from my house. This kind of behavior is unacceptable. I am a purchaser for the government and we have a contract with you guys but I won’t use you again and will encourage others not to use you also. This type of behavior from a company of your magnitude is totally in acceptable. I will email Mr. Smith and the VP. I want that driver to deliver my package tomorrow, Saturday the 27th. That is the only way I will be appeased. My tracking number is 78406535xxxx

  196. Your automated system is horrible it doesn’t transfer you to a rep after it gives you your tracking update even if you originally wanted to speak to a rep. I’ve tried several times to talk to a human about my shipment #784151648511 which should my package being in Trenton, NJ as of midnight last night but now shows my package being in Northern New Jersey. This is the 2md time FEDEX has sent a package of mine in the wrong directions. I live outside of Philadelphia, Pa not northern New Jersey.

  197. I am Jijy Pallippattu from Louisville,Ohio.I send one pacakage on februvary 16 throuhh fedex to New york.Package should be reached by 17th February at 4.30pm.In my package,I have my original passport and original somany document.I contact everyday to fedex and track the number,it is showing no available date to the destinstion.This morning I went to the fedex office in canton ,ohio. The person connect to the phone to the customer service then I talked to them,they said they will investigate and they will inform me where is my package.I am still waiting no information.please help me my original document is in the pacakage.My tracking number is 783711197383 final location is New York.Thank you.

  198. My package was shipped 2 day Air and was supposed to arrive by 8:00 PM EST on 24 Feb 2021 and it has still not arrived. I’ve been told it is stuck in the Memphis Hub. This package was shipped from California and I am in Florida. My Tracking Number is 951952509888. I want to know WHEN MY PACKAGE IS GOING TO BE HERE? I understand your situation, but that is your problem not mine. Not knowing when your problem is going to be resolved is causing me problems and is also unacceptable. I don’t want to hear excuses. I just want to know when my package is going to be in my hands? I need to know now.

  199. My package has been mailed on the 14th of February stuck at the Indianapolis location for the past 11 days. Nobody can provide any answers, unprofessional staff. Have been using FedEx for all my business needs, and now my customers demend money back since their package has not arrived.

  200. Cannot get Fedex to deliver according to instructions on Delivery Manager. Can anyone help me???

  201. My check was sent fedex overnight with guaranteed delivery on 2/26/21 it is now 3/1/21 and all I have been getting is a runaround

  202. I want to know who’s going to pay for my late fees reconnection fees and all that sort of thing when you can’t get me my paycheck to me and I was more than just myself when is Three Rivers dishwashers Cooks we all live paycheck to paycheck my paycheck is late as it is we have to pay fees are you guys going to pay those fees for us I think you should our paychecks were supposed to be here five days ago thanks for screwing us over

  203. HELP Your system IS NOT working in OREGON…I can’t edit my residential street address. Your system puts in DR vs what the real address is STREET, I have called Tech dept and they told me to Verify address with USPS, I emailed them in Portland and they said if you look up zip code verifiy, My address is 85163 Cedar STREET, Florence, OR 97439/ FIX MY ACCOUNT…#841779487

  204. Got a false delivery text “FedEx Notification: Your parcel was picked up by the courier today, follow your package here” hoe am I supposed to track this

  205. Had a fedex express driver hit our garage/house and I called them and have a case number and have not yet received the first call from anyone to fix this situation

  206. FEDEX South Africa is on Life support
    Over a month without resolving an account issue
    Over 2 months requesting customs clearance documents

    Everyone passes the buck and everyone does nothing

    As an import company in South Africa, we deal with every courier from around the world, and FEDEX is absolutely useless

  207. My name is Susan Stoddard I am supposed to be getting a package Thu fedex but fedex says that the driver can’t find my address I have been waiting for over a week now if I don’t receive my package I will contact my lawyer I have called and talked to different people at fedex said get different stores I have had enough lies

  208. i am trying to make an official complaint about the delivery problems i am having and the staff at fed ex as this is a long standing problem that is not being resolved a driver that works out of the air terminal in mobile Alabama is driving up our neighbours driveway to deliver our packages and it is causing us great stress between us and our Neighbors and also the driver is refusing to drive up our driveway and will not deliver to the porch as is requested in our delivery instructions that were setup by the depot managers now i have a next day package that has bee a week in transit and has been out for delivery 2 days in a row and returned to the depot and still after numerous phone calls there is no sign of a delivery date given i have been lied to by your customer representatives and i have been hung up on by persons at the depot as soon as they hear my voice and that i am not American so i can only assume that all of hassle is because of prejudice for not being American so i am going to take legal action as well as report this to the corporate office and the CEO as i believe that even this communication will fall on deaf ears as it would seem that FedEx is no longer customer can be seen from the lack of promised return phone calls that never get returned

  209. On Feb. 8,2021 transaction #78346915963 was made at FedEx, 549 W. Highlands Ranch Pkwy, Highlands Ranch, CO. It was from W.B. Bradshaw, 40 Flowerburst Way, (mistake in city – says Littleton and should be Highlands Ranch, CO) to Rebekah Anderson, 8415 Ensley Place, Leawood, KS 66203. It contained a card size envelope and was placed inside a FedEx envelope. The Pricing option: one rate. The charge was $9.50 and was put on a credit card. The charge was shown on my c/c monthly statement and paid. Now PROBLEM: I have received a bill from FedEx, Remittance Advice due Mar 09, 2021, amount $24.05, Invoice #7-284-98358, Invoice Date Feb. 22, 2021. This is a mistake- I did call the FedEx Revenue Services and they were of no help – insisted I owned $24.05 and could give no further information. Please tell me how I can resolve this error in charge? My $9.50 charge for FedEx envelope from Highlands Ranch, CO to Leawood, KS was completed, listed & paid on my credit card monthly statement. I do not owe an additional $24.05. I need this resolved – at first I thought this was possibly a scam – the payment envelope was addressed to FedEx P.O. Box 94515, Palatine IL 60094-4515! I hope you will resolve this problem ASAP!

  210. Fed ex I’d wear I have used , cost me $60 to ship overnight and my package took a week and half to be delivered, absolutely rediculios and customer service pretty much tells you to go fuck yourself

  211. Would like to let you know that Alejandro helped me today regarding 2 missed pickups, 2 days in a row. He was extremely nice and helpful. I wish I knew his last name so he can be acknowledged. He is an asset to your company! He helped me on 3/3/21 THANKS ALEJANDRO!

  212. I don’t believe how you deliver packages to customer this is the second time i order a chair from wayfair and you driver put the package at my garage door didn’t ring my door bell to notify me that there a package. I haven’t open this package yet i would like the supervisor of the delivery person to come by and see how this was shipped to me. My address is
    xxxx Lauren Lane
    Olive Branch, Ms 38654
    My phone is (210) 336-xxxx.
    I am sure i will not here back from someone with your company. If I don’t i will use someone else to deliver my packages. I will tell the companys i do business with to ship by anyone than you.

  213. RE: Fedex Kinkos Office General Manager – Aaron S Cross the line with racial profiting and Discrimination against non-white customer. He must be file asap.

    I am flabbergasted about my visit at location Newport Beach, CA
    I also reach out to his manager Bob will not follow up.

  214. On February 5th 2021 at approximately 10:58 am I received a package from WALMART with the tracking #972176432147, the courier handed off that package and I had requested a pickup for my Trunk Club which came with a prepaid label(783204940895) so he ask if scheduled a pickup I said yes and gave him the box, he scanned it in and took it back to the FedEx truck. The company contacted me on February 18 2021 stating my returns weren’t received. I called FedEx and someone gave me a case number 0219007582 which is bogus because when I entered that number later to check the status of the investigation it pulled absolutely nothing up. I guarantee if whosoever investigates this claim would use the tracking number from the Walmart package and track down the individual who picked up my package and ask them what happened to the package they picked up on February 5th at 1100 after all they were caught on my neighbors RING surveillance, there is no denying they picked it up. $583.45 worth of items missing and no accountability. Monies I will have to pay out of pocket because of carelessness. Customer service has not been of any help.

  215. I am waiting for overnight priority package since March 2, 2021. I need my I’d, medication, passport. There is a closing Friday, March 5, 2021 and I have to vacate the house today, March 4, 2021. Tracking number is: 784228186947. Address for delivery is: xxxx Alamander Avenue. Englewood, Fl 34223-6410. After about 20 calls and my husbands calls from Brooklyn, NY I was finally told by fedex computer that my package was placed on a delivery truck at 10:21 am yesterday morning, March 3, 2021 and will be delivered the same day. It almost 6 am the following day, March 4 and package did not arrive!!!!! I need to vacate sold house today or will be paying new owners for every day I stay here, in a house on 2320 Alamander Avenue. Please help me to get my life necessary documents and medications today and this morning. Today it’s gonna be 48 hours since I was supposed to receive overnight, priority package or I would have to sleep outside my sold house. My phone number is: 347 882xxxx. Sincerely, Regina Koyen.

  216. To whom it may concern. My name is Jonathan Desaussure and we are having a very difficult time with whatever’s going on with FedEx right now. My wife’s a transplant patient and her transplant meds are jammed up somewhere in Memphis. They were supposed to be here in two days and now it has been a week and a half. At this point we’re going to have to go to the hospital to sustain her transplant organ because we do not have the medications in time. Furthermore, we are unable to get any information on the situation with the package. I would like for someone to give us a call regarding this. Our phone number is 843 767-xxxx. Tracking number is 95070511xxxx thank you

  217. Fedex is the worst!!! Very sad beacuse before COVID was a good company but could not handle any change… Never can deliver a package on time! and of course the charge up front with no commitment! BEWARE!!

  218. It is ridiculous that the entire American public is paying damn good money to send an overnight or even a ground, and it doesn’t even come close to getting there the next day and this has been going on for three week now. First it was Covid, then the election, then the vaccine, then the weather. You have more excuses than I care to hear. Either quit charging people for a service you can’t provide or give them their money back for not getting the service they did pay for. Total rip-off on the American consumer. You should be ashamed of your company.

  219. Good day Sir or Madame,

    Our law firm uses your mail delivery services regularly, I am specifically inquiring about a package (Tracking No. 772942810150) that I sent out on 2/18/2021, express overnight shipping, and still has not been delivered. I have spoken to numerous Fedex customer service representatives, who fail to provide any insight or direct me to anyone else to speak to regarding this important matter.

    The package we express overnight shipped with your company was a very important USCIS petition for one of our clients, that has dire immigration consequences due to the late delivery. Because of this, we need a statement from Fedex stating that the delay was due to your services, in order to try and correct this dilemma.

    I have left various messages but no one has reached back out to us regarding this matter as of yet and it is extremely important and urgent that we get this statement in a letter format in a timely manner so we can attempt and correct the gravity of the situation that is developing due to the delay in your delivering this package.

    Please provide us with this statement/letter as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

  220. Received fedex yesterday. Both envelopes inside were torn open and empty. 2 flash drivers should have been in the envelope. The hard envelope was in Memphis before sent on to next location….there has been thievery of the flash drives along the way. There is personal identification information on the flash drives Tracking #78393263xxxx. Please respond asap

  221. I am very frustrated with Fed Ex. I cannot get a live person on the phone and I am missing a delivery scheduled for March 3rd by 8pm. My tracking number is 97562359xxxx

  222. I am a thirty-two year old man who was raised within the State of New York’s foster care system, who ran away, committed a crime and was incarcerated for that crime from 2007 until my release on 02/03/2021. I am afraid that my criminal history will cause employers to automatically deny me employment and that I will, thereby, have no real second chance at being successful in my positive goals, like employment. My application to Fed Ex, for a Package Handler position in the Bronx, NY, has me even more worried; Fed Ex would be a great place to work (the people are committed to their work and the company is an understanding employer), but I doubt that you will afford me an opportunity to work at Fed Ex and to increase my chances at an honest, productive and law abiding future. Realistically, what are my chances of gainful employment at Fed Ex?

  223. My order was placed on “hold for pickup” by FedEx Austell, Georgia. I am unable to get them to deliver it to my house, which I paid for. My tracking number is 78424853xxxx Please help!

  224. My name is Julian Mickens. I am the Deputy Chief of Police at the Robert J Dole VA Medical Center in Wichita Kansas. Recently a FEDEX package was delivered to the facility addressed in an extremely racially derogatory way. Attempts to contact FEDEX have been unsuccessful. I have pictures of the package and would like to discuss further. I can be reached via email and by phone at 316 685 xxxx ext 58090 or 316 803 xxxx.

  225. I have a corporate account with FedEx and we ship regularly. I keep getting the same words every time I call about a package that was supposed to be delivered last Friday. It seems that it is still stuck in Memphis due to “weather conditions“. The weather has cleared up. Other packages that were shipped after that date have arrived with no problem. This is very serious. The package I am looking for has client tax information in it. We rely on FedEx and I expect better service than this to clear up this backlog. Please tell me when this is going to be done. Leaving pending status on a package does not resolve the issue.

  226. Hello,

    I’ve been having a problem with delivery drivers signing my name for packages at our facility. The most recent is package 773068816712.
    I just had a staff member call me asking where her overnight delivery was because I signed for it. Turns out it was a check, and she was a little upset when I didn’t have an answer.
    I ended up finding it sitting in our loading dock area sitting on a random cart. Can your drivers please not sign my name for things unless I’m actually present???

  227. I sent my package on Friday Feb. 26th. The tracking said it would be delivered Wednesday the 3rd before 8pm, and then changed to “by the end of day”. Then there was no more tracking number. It is like it disappeared. The tracking number is 921615566547. I am concerned that it is sitting in the back of one of your trucks and lost.

  228. Packages constantly lost they cannot contact local delivery you only get somebody in India severe problem please help

  229. On 3/3/2021 at approx. 3:20 pm, est, I stopped at the fedex location in the westin hotel, cincinnati ohio. I had brought a package for refusal on 2/28/2021. Two days later the same package was redelivered to my house. I took it to the Westin Hotel location to find out why it had been redelivered to my house. The manager Dave, a white male in his forties, told me in a very rude manner that they had done the correct thing. I asked why it had come back to my house. His mask was down below his nose and he was standing less than 3 ft. away from me. I told him he needed to pull up his mask because I felt unsafe. He started yelling at me and said masks don’t work. I said they do if you wear them properly. He became more irate and said I needed to leave. I said he needed to take care of my package and he went and called security. I am a 70 year old female, 5’2” tall and do not think I pose a real threat. I do not carry a firearm. 2 very large white males came and stared at me. I told them I would leave as soon as Dave took care of my package.
    Is this the way you train your managers to treat customers? I have never received this kind of treatment in my life. I felt bullied and afraid. I would like a response about this situation. Believe me, Fedex has lost my business. And, why is it, no matter what number you call for your company, you cannot speak to an actual person?

  230. I placed an order over a month ago. Fedex said they attempted delivery 3 or 4 times. I was home everyday waiting for my package. Fedex never even came up my driveway much less attempted a delivery ever. The seller of my order rather than starting a tracer with fedex sent out a 2nd package (same order) at the end of Feb. Fedex was to delivery Sunday 2/28. They never showed up. They pushed it back a day everyday. Today us Friday 3/5 and I still don’t have my package. I’ve called customer service everyday after receiving a text stating they attempted a delivery (lie). I was home everyday that they said they attempted delivery. Barbara in customer service said she sent a message to the location (QJKX) giving them specific directions to my home, listed my phone number in case the driver needed directions. I received no call and no one ever showed up. I’ve been trying for a week to get the same order that had to he sent out twice. I spoke to Josh today in customer service who tried to connect me with the local station and they refused to speak with ne and am so told him that they would not send the driver back out. I would think they would make an exception in thus case due to the issue being on their end. Also, to refuse to speak to a customer is quite unprofessional. I will never use fedex again. I will be reporting thus pathetic service to the BBB. I want a full refund on my shipping costs and I want my package.

  231. The system shows 2 packages delivered on consecutive days at around the same time. Neither package arrived and my security camera shows noone at the time stated for the delivery within 15 minutes on either side of that time. In reading the reviews for this location it makes me wonder how the local facility management remains.

  232. My name is Patricia Jemiolo. Phone 716-940-xxxx. I need w-2 sent to address: xxxx Pioneer dr, North Tonawanda, NY, 14120. Sorry to send request again. Address was wrong.

  233. i did not get my package you said you found and are shipping to me called today still liying so i will call every hour till i get some actions

  234. On Friday March 5, 2021 at about 2:00 PM my husband and I were working at our farm located at 1748-1750 Milligan Highway in Johnson City TN. We observed a Fed Ex driver ignore our signs as you turn off the main highway into our driveway which states “Meredith Private Drive-No Tresspassing.” There are 2 signs clearly posted at the start of our long driveway . The Driver came down our driveway and turned around-proceeded back up our driveway stopping and making a delivery to our neighbor Andrew Whitehead 1752 Milligan Highway Johnson City, TN 37601. We are not at our farm full time and we had a similar problem with UPS and when we notified them the problem was corrected that day and we have had no futher problems with UPS. We attempted to contact the Fed Ex Ground Office in Kingsport TN at about 2:45 PM on Friday, March 5 to report this problem. The person who answered the phone when we explained the problem thought it very comical and laughted. When I ask her name she refused to give it to me and also refused to give me her title. We ask to speak to a Supervisor about the problem and she stated they had left for the day and this at 2:45 PM this past Friday. When I told her I did not find this comical at all and was offended that she laughted at our complaint she again gets very beligerent. Only when I called back when she identified herself as “Emily” did I find out her name. When we made an offical complaint to your national Customer Service Department and ask that a Supervisor from Kingsport contact us we were assured that they would call us back.. Today ( Sunday March 7, 2021) after not hearing from anyone I again contacted your Customer Service Department ( my confirmation # 0305633009) was I informed that no Supervisor would call me due to a “high volume of packages and supervirors loading and unloadiing trucks that it is not possible for them to call us”. The way that UPS handled the complaint compared with Fed Ex is no comparison. UPS supervisor was actually very concerned that his driver woud ignore signs clearly posted. Fed Ex states that your supervioros really don’t care enough to take the time to call us and its OK for Fed Ex Drivers to completely ignore signs clearly posted. We are very annoyed at the way Fed Ex has choose to handle drivers clearly ignoring our signs. You should learn from the way UPS does business instead of ignoring our complaint with your drivers. If we have to prosecute your driver for ignoring our No Tresspassing Private Drive signs then we will do so . Sincerely,
    Rick and Rosemary Mereidth
    xxxx Milligan Highway
    Johnson City, Tennessee 37601
    xxx RIdgecrest Drive
    Elizabethton, Tn 37643
    xxx Ontario Drive
    Elizabethton, TN 37643
    Telephone: (423) 741-xxxx cell
    (423) 534-xxxx cell
    (423) 543-xxxx home

  235. Driver refuses to leave packages at my front door. Continues to leave all packages in my side driveway. We have a circle drive in front near our front door. I have set up a profile for deliveries and spoken to three people at the Schertz, TX facility about this….NO CHANGE.

  236. Hi we are looking for a list of contact information for the Vehicle Maintenance Managers in each state, to provide instructions for sending an assignment to us, how would I go about finding this information,

  237. I am so upset with fedex. I feel someone should tell a customer there is no guarantee and there is no compensation before a person pays 133.50 for a package thinking person will receive by noon next day. Wouldn’t have sent but needed it to be there as was a dire medical situation which thankfully got medical attention and averted a trip to hospital.
    I was told I could file a claim if it didn’t arrive by feb. 25th which it didn’t. I tried to file and was told no due to the weather.
    I didn’t know about Memphis having issues. I checked departure and destination weather situation and they were fine when I sent. Found out 4 days later that Memphis had an issue.
    I even told agent I could send overnight at post office and assured Fedex’s delivery much better,
    I am a very good customer sending 4 to 8 packages monthly.
    I feel I have been let down by you. Either I should have been informed and told if I sent I would not be compensated if it did not arrive.
    A extremely bad situation was produced by all this.
    I feel that you should compensate me for this. I have never asked for anything like this but feel I’m certainly worthy.
    If you don’t do something for all this trouble and then I will know you don’t care about your good customers or value them. I will feel rom now on never send anything through you and will let others know what you did.
    Sorry to be like this but I have been not treated as I expected from your company.
    Sent 22 Feb- finally received March 6th. I have given you my fedex office where I send all my boxes as I have no email.

  238. We have been going round and round with the claims department. First they turned us down because the way the box was packaged. We didn’t package the item fedex did. I have been dealing with this for 4 months. Now I have to get a lawyer, And he cant get a hold of the claim lady ether. How can I get a hold of you legal department.TY

  239. manager charles for eisinburg is sneaking disqualified drivers in the whitsett, nc facility, allowing them to drive fedex vehicles to deliver routes and use other employees ids to login and operate scanners

  240. I am very disappointed with FedEx. I will never ship a package with FedEx and will tell anyone that ships anything to me to use UPS from now on. FedEx has lost several of my packages recently. I have contacted FedEx twice in the last 24 hours to check a package only to be lied to and hung up on. I used to hold FedEx in high regards but now all of that respect is gone.

  241. I have a complaint about a Fedex Ground driver in Arizona. I want to get contact info for my regional managr. Can you help?

  242. On the afternoon of March 6th, 2021 the delivery person for FedEx mistakenly delivered to my house. She drove the heavy van up the driveway. When she was informed that she was at the wrong address, she ask to turn around and was graciously give the ok. Regrettable and obviously she did not know have to drive the large van. she drove over the lawn, drove over the Mrs Huff lantana and a rose bush, killing both. I wish to launch a formal complaint and would like the name and contact of persons to direct this complaint to. Thank you.

  243. To whom it may concern…

    I am passing this along in the hope that it may actually reach SOMEBODY in a position of authority and can actually resolve what should have been an easily solvable problem. Unfortunately, to this point I have encountered no help after a minimum of 15 phone calls and at least as many different people all since February 8th and I have not received a single call back or e-mail from anyone. I have maintained a very detailed word document of every date, time and name for each of these phone calls. This all pertains to a shipment from my facility in Cincinnati, OH that was supposed to go to Taiwan. The Memphis (USA) hub mislabeled the shipment and it went to China instead. This insane issue is still ongoing but to this point we have mislabeling resulting in shipment to China, lost/damaged items in shipment, invoicing us (the shipper) when it was supposed to go collect AND the screwup is entirely FEDEX’s fault, Invoicing for the incorrect weight (675-Lbs instead of 175-Lbs), invoicing the us (the shipper) for the return shipment (also at the incorrect weight) and I have not even received the last package in this shipment back yet, AND I saved the best for last… the invoice amount for the outbound shipment is $2,765.68 but the invoice amount to return the EXACT SAME SHIPMENT is $11,743.37 – It takes a clear monumental effort to be this inept and incompetent.

    I am tired and irritated at the complete lack of customer service displayed by Fedex. I reiterate that I can only hope this reached someone who has common sense and can actually do something although track record says this falls on deaf ears!

    Dale A. Siegel

  244. The FedEx Hub in Perrysburg Toledo Ohio has lost my package and I was supposed to get it back on February 17th and here it is going on a month and I had it rerouted one time and it went back to the Perrysburg Hub and now it’s vanished. Now nobody can locate my package

  245. I filed a claim for $600 for a lost package last September, 2020. I have talked to customer service more than several times. My claim is C5235812. No one has settled my claim or contacted me. The delivery driver made NO attempt to deliver my package. My family member tried to pick up the package to no avail. Please reimburse me for all my trouble.

  246. 2nd day driver tried to deliver to wrong address. Addressee is old bad hip no car cannot pick up at Walgreens. Tracking # 784540947057 please get this driver to do his/her job

  247. My problem is the delivery person is not closing my gate when they leave. This is very important to me.I put up the gate for a reason.

  248. Please take care of your driver he or she is being LAZY and leaving all packages at the apartment mailbox rather than delivering to my door. Shipping is PAID to be delivered TO MY DOOR!!!! Players Club Apartments in Nashville, TN 37211 he or she is just dumpling all our packages!!! We even have to touch other’s packages to find our own!!! Come on!!!!!!!!!

  249. Do FedEx very upset at your service pay for overnight deliveryI expect your 20 year old employees to act the way they acted but when I get ahold of a manager at North Hills in the San Fernando Valley manager to call me back his name is James Chapman he is just as ignorant as a 20 year old kids are he takes an hour to return my call once he has the female employee that hung up on me at 2 in the afternoon stating that she cannot allow me to go pick my package up I stress that my daughter has severe diabetes eye stress how important these phones through 22 to 6 with them in the background giggling like a little schoolgirl I told me your package will be delivered Monday no that’s not what I paid for I paid for overnight delivery

  250. Tracking# 669367626-4
    I am trying to get help with expediting this delivery. I have a customer that had to shutdown production due to no delivery. I do not understand why FedEx would pickup freight and hold it, if they can’t deliver timely.
    This has been setting at the Irving location for weeks. I keep being told that they haven’t been able to get around to it. This is not good practice as I could have had many other freight company already deliver this product if I have known it would not be delivered in a reasonable time frame. This mistake has caused my customer to lose money and may cause me to lose a good customer. (they want to know why I would ship FedEx knowing they wouldn’t be able to deliver in a reasonable amount of time)
    The trailer is setting in Irving and no-one seems to have any urgency. This delivery is literally 10-20 miles from pickup to destination.
    I just need this product delivered.
    It’s as if you are holding the shipment hostage. Next time it should be left alone unless it can be delivered in a timely manner.
    Really frustrating!!!Please help
    Please respond to email attached or

  251. Currently dealing with my second claim in 2 weeks. Fedex drivers continue to state they have delivered a package which they have not. My current package with tracking number 773023805499 is missing. I have been on the phone with customer service to no resolve. At this point I would like someone to contact me with some resolve

  252. Horrible service, I was waiting on a delivery, Heard the fedex truck in my complex, opened my door, no package, email said it was. Never got it. He delivered it to the wrong building, I confronted him, he had no idea what I was talking about. Called fedex, filed a complaint, the investigated but never called me, that’s improper. I never signed for the package, the delivery guy said someone did, I live alone. There is no one authorized to sign for it. I want this matter investigated at a higher level. The investigation was not through enough to render a decision.

  253. I’m sorry to contact you but I had just purchased a vehicle and one of your truck driver was going at fast speed flicking rocks or somthing at my window witch now has 5 chips I took a picture of the truck and my window if someone can contact me and help with this situation

  254. On 11/18/2020 I put in a claim for a package that was never delivered to me tracking# 399011925260 and i was told I would receive a call well it’s now 4 months later and I’ve heard nothing from this company. I rec’vd a text that my package was delivered at 12:58 when i got home i had no package I watched my ring doorbell from 12:30 pm to 1:30pm no fedex driver never entered my gated porch or pulled in front of my house.

  255. I had a perishable product ruined by FedEx drivers returning a package to my home 3 times. I was trying to return the package to sender. The box was marketed twice by one of your office reps.

  256. Theresa Magill- fedex ground olive branch ms. Verbally Abusive to employees, harasses employees, extreme bullying. Has recently been on suspension for physically assaulting an employee.
    Has had countless complaints and investigations. Negatively Blast fedex on fb. This person should not be representing fedex and is crippling this location.
    Why is she still working as an ops manager and still representing fedex? I am very disappointed in fedex for allowing this to continue for so long.

  257. Your driver lied and stated that our address area was unsafe and he did not deliver a package he did not ring the doorbell nor did he knock on the door if he feel that when he drives in a certain area is unsafe he shouldn’t be working and not judging a area by what it looks like he did not come to the house inside so how can he judge on the outside I’m very upset and pissed off and I still haven’t received my package because of an error on FedEx don’t judge a book by its cover you feel safe getting the money from the other end you got your money but your job wasn’t complete on the receiving end.. after this incident I will not be using FedEx and I’ll make sure I’ll tell my family not to use FedEx the White House everybody thought it was safe and look what happened in January 6th the whole world is unsafe

  258. PROBLEM/ISSUES: I live in Upper Marlboro, MD., a package was scheduled to be delivered on 16 March by the end of the day (9pm est). That did not happen received a message stating it would be delivered on 17 Mar (no set time). I called headquarter on the 17th to inform them that I had morning appt and if the package can be delivered by 2pm (est). Well this is the problem the package arrived in Maryland after 6pm on the 16th to one of two branch facility the first branch closed at 5pm and the other closed at 6pm (i was not aware of the times). Well on the 17th the package was sent out for delivery at 5/530 am. Mind you had a 2pm arrangement. 2pm came and went. I talk to someone in customer service and was informed that I would get this package by 8pm, keep in mind that the second facility closes at 6pm. I had another appointment at 330pm on which I had to cancel cause my package is still out for delivery basically in the same area where I live. I cannot pick this package up and the package need to be assembled. And that is scheduled for the 18th at 9am. Currently not happy with Fedex. BEING HELD HOSTAGE IN MY HOME WAITING ON FEDEX

  259. Please look into the distribution center in Hampton, Virginia. Too many customers are having issues with packages not arriving on time. Packages that are on trucks for delivery are being returned and marked as a delivery exception, when you call customer service the explanation does not make sense; the driver says it was a wrong address or missing numbers but customer service has the correct delivery information on file. If you read the numerous reviews, delayed deliveries seem to be a serious issue with this facility.

  260. My name is phillip Barker my wife sent me a package it was delivered to the wrong complex. Today. I contacted your customer service and received nothing about getting my package back all day. This package is valuable to me and her. Someone should be held accountable for this. I will never use your company again for something so trusted between her and me. You guy’s have lost my trust in your services . Find my package that’s all I asked. 50433xxxxx phillip Barker

  261. I am about reaching the level of writing to Mr Bronczek or Mr Subramaniam regarding the following which has not been resolves with me or the shipper in over 4 months Can I have someone clear this up and notify me of the solving of the issue. Sending me to another department or person just cannot continue.
    Case ID 1222421782 Tracking 772193767442
    Thank you (I hope)

  262. Hi. I’m wanting to file a claim against the Port Wentworth Georgia FedEx site. They are not dependable at all as far as delivery’s! I have had problems with them for over two years! I have filed complaints on several occasions and have spoke with the supervisors at that site, over 50 times. Ms. Helen that used to be there, drove out to my house and said that there should not be any problems to deliver at my house. I also found out and have seen complaints from people in the town of Ridgeland and outside of the city limits post on Facebook about the same problems that I have. If you look up this FedEx site on google, it has terrible reviews and one person said that they would rather drive across the USA to pick up their packages rather than deal with this FedEx! I’m frustrated! My package will say that it is on a truck out for delivery and it will not be delivered. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened. I’m dealing with it right now! They also say that a delivery attempt was made but there was no one home. Now mind you, this is a package that does not require a signature. In other words, they did not attempt to deliver! Please make this store stand up to your business values! I have talked to Arthur the supervisor on several occasions about this but it does not get any better! I have two adult daughters that live in the area in separate houses and they too deal with this all of the time. I receive packages just fine from the FedEx in Savannah and from UPS. The drivers have told me that they have no problem delivering to me! Just for reference of what they do, I’m including my tracking number 98823739xxxx. I also called yesterday and today and put in complaints. Yesterday the person I spoke with said that he would take care of it and my package would be delivered to me yesterday. It was not! He also said that in the future, I will always get my packages on time. The same was told to me today. I’m trying to find someone that can get to the bottom of this and take care of this problem. It has been going on for way too long! I hope that you can take care of this matter for all future deliveries from the FedEx in Port Wentworth Georgia.

  263. Hello I worked for a FedEx contractor in Louisiana a few years ago but was disqualified due to a package being delivered without the content. I’ve been trying to get back on with a contractor but for some reason he can’t hire me. I’m trying to see why FedEx is restricting me from being hire. Please let me know what I need to do.

  264. I need to get a comferation on a letter John that claims to work with FedEx and says that I have to pay money for a package that is from the Facebook lotary. And the reason for asking is because I have been scammed by FedEx before at lest five or more times. So before I continue I need comferation on this person or if FedEx has anything to do with the Facebook lotary

  265. This is a complaint about the lady who manned the FedEx counter at the OfficeMax store at 4080 William Penn Hwy, Monroeville, PA 15146 at about 2:30 pm on Friday, March 19.

    There is a big sign outside the store: “International Shipments Available”. I wanted to mail an envelope overseas. The lady in question was the only person at the counter, and there were no other customers. I told her what I wanted, and she said “We don’t do that”. I said “but the sign outside says you do?” She: “We don’t want to do that. There are fifteen pages to fill and it is too much work. Go to the FedEx location at…” Me: “I went there – it is closed”. She: “Why?” Me: “I don’t know”. She: “Well, we don’t want to do it. Go to the Post Office or to UPS”.
    I ended up going to a FedEx office in a different part of town. Service was excellent, I was in and out in about five minutes, I was asked a few questions about the shipment and the answers were entered into the computer. No 15 forms, certainly not too much work for a lady behind the counter with NO other customers around. Perhaps I understand WHY I was the only customer at that store – all the others took her advice and went to USPS or UPS…

  266. Hi. I’m wanting to file a claim against the Port Wentworth Georgia FedEx site. They are not dependable at all as far as delivery’s! I have had problems with them for over two years! I have filed complaints on several occasions and have spoke with the supervisors at that site, over 50 times. Ms. Helen that used to be there, drove out to my house and said that there should not be any problems to deliver at my house. I also found out and have seen complaints from people in the town of Ridgeland and outside of the city limits post on Facebook about the same problems that I have. If you look up this FedEx site on google, it has terrible reviews and one person said that they would rather drive across the USA to pick up their packages rather than deal with this FedEx! I’m frustrated! My package will say that it is on a truck out for delivery and it will not be delivered. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened. I’m dealing with it right now! They also say that a delivery attempt was made but there was no one home. Now mind you, this is a package that does not require a signature. In other words, they did not attempt to deliver! Please make this store stand up to your business values! I have talked to Arthur the supervisor on several occasions about this but it does not get any better! I have two adult daughters that live in the area in separate houses and they too deal with this all of the time. I receive packages just fine from the FedEx in Savannah and from UPS. The drivers have told me that they have no problem delivering to me! Just for reference of what they do, I’m including my tracking number 988237391855. I also called yesterday and today and put in complaints. Yesterday the person I spoke with said that he would take care of it and my package would be delivered to me yesterday. It was not! He also said that in the future, I will always get my packages on time. The same was told to me today. I’m trying to find someone that can get to the bottom of this and take care of this problem. It has been going on for way too long! I hope that you can take care of this matter for all future deliveries from the FedEx in Port Wentworth Georgia.

  267. My package has been out for delivery for two days now, the delivery point is less than six miles from the FedEx Facility. So how much longer should I have to wait for delivery?

  268. Please contact me about tracking number 011049811748790. Your customer service rep identified as ‘Susan’ gave me wrong information and called customer service rep ‘Kaydian’ a lier, rather than provide me with correct information, which led to undue efforts by both the Fedex driver and the Pacoima Station, and myself. 818.635.xxxx

  269. I’ve been waiting on a delivery for 3 weeks they keep telling me its out or we need more information. Ive called the customer service department over 10 times. Im tired of waiting. They tell me a different story every time I call. I want my money back cause the last supervisor I talked to on the 19th told me they lost my packages.

  270. 3 shipments from chewy did not arrive . the original and 2 replacements, this location has locked box for deliveries which is inside the main office of the apt. complex. they cannot be stolen.

  271. I’ve been trying to request my w-2 for two weeks from the company now and have not received it. Then I was told I could get the form on ADP but the code I was given does not work. Need the code for ADP so I can download the form myself . This is outrageous on what ppl have to go through just to get what they need that should have been automatically mailed to them in the first place. Very unprofessional. My next step will be to call CEO Frederick Smith.

  272. I have applied for several jobs in the Houston area. I am a student from Indiana going to school out here. I am also a separated Marine. But no one even looks at me at this company, I just don’t get it I am a very good reliable worker.

  273. Whatever happened to the service we use to get from Fedex? The packages used to be delivered up to house and at least left on porch . That’s how should be . Now, all of a sudden I guess drivers are more concerned with quitting time; so they place package alongside driveway near a tree regardless of weather conditions; even in snow. Our drive is about 150’ long so we have no way to know if a delivery has been made. Please get Drivers who like their job and believe in service. We expect our packages to be delivered to our porch.

  274. I have a complaint with Fedex’s customer service, but I want to first thank two delivery drivers, Trey and Zach out of West Sacramento California on 3/27/21.
    I had a battery being delivered to my house when I wasn’t home and it needed to have a signature when delivered. Since I am not available at that time I had my package redirected to our local Fedex office. I didn’t know the store wouldn’t except my battery, so it got rejected. I called customer service and they said I would receive a call that night to let me know where my battery was, which never happened. This morning I received a text that my battery was going to be delivered to the same store that rejected it, which makes no sense. Why ship something to a place again that just rejected it? Called the Fedex store again and he told me it will be rejected again, which I expected, since it happened the day before. I called customer service again and explained the story again and they gave me a case reference number and they said they will transfer me to someone above them which never happened. The phone rang for 2 minutes then sent me to a survey. I called right back and this lady continued to lie to me and would never let me speak to a supervisor. After 20 minutes on the phone with her and waiting on hold I hung up. This is where real customer service comes into play. Fedex driver Trey was across the street from my house, so I went over to him and explained the situation. He made a couple phone calls to other drivers and tracked down my package. He never once made it seem as if I was inconveniencing him. He put me in contact with Zach the other driver. Zach and I agreed to meet at the Fedex store with in 5 mins of getting off the phone. Another Driver going out of his was to provide great customer service with a great attitude. Trey and Zach really should be recognized for this, as they showed teamwork and provided excellent service. I can honestly say the service I received over the phone is some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. If you have any question for me please feel free to contact me.
    Thank you,

  275. I am a former employee of FedEx. I am simply trying to gain access to past W-2 forms for tax purposes. They are impossible to contact and so many roads lead to customer service, who says they are not allowed to transfer calls under any circmstances.

  276. My package was suppose to be delivered in Thursday March 25, 2021. It shows that it was on the truck to be delivered and the next day it was on a truck headed to Lexington KY. I keep getting the run around about where my package is. This is getting a little crazy. Tracking #909386763205

  277. Hello I sent a laptop in Dominican Republic with fedex about two weeks they never deliver the package 7848674xxxx

  278. Tracking number: 785026732003

    We talked to customer service and wanted to report the driver because the driver did not actual make an attempt to delivery this package, we have been home all day and no one knocked or anything. We want to report this driver for not making an actual attempt to delivery this to us. We are highly disappointed in the service we got

  279. Need help an enormous carton is now”lost” in your facility
    no one answers us no help anywhere #773235376486 tracking #

  280. I shipped an item by FedEx on mar 4, 2021 via eBay shipping. The item was tracked to Troutdale, OR. Then it disappeared!!! The box weighs 59 pounds and is 24x24x19”. I filed a claim online, sent documentation via usps priority mail. No response from FedEx. Why not?
    Case #: 0317626191 tracking #: 784347030424. My customer is very upset as they have also tried to deal with FedEx to no avail. This is a large sale and I am going to have to refund over $1200.00 this week and cancel the sale. I WANT FEDEX CORPORATE TO CALL ME AT 253-432-1011 NOW!!! My next call is to eBay corporate then social media. CALL ME.

  281. 785176516535 i would like to file a complaint about this item and the location omaha ne,council bluffs,ia location i continue to have issues constantly with these people.this item 785176516535 is 2 day express delivery yet it sits in my location after sent from memphis for 4 days itys a 2 day delivery i have waited 6 days… when i visit the web site it says arrived omaha sunday .so its express shouldnt monday be dilvered??? so its now tues day and stil no item unreal i call they said all day it ill be delivered today by 8.00 p.m it was yet another lie?no its not so my express 2 day package just sits at my location for 4 days nothing is done when i call i taled to jose a anager he lied flat out lied and would not let me talk to someone higher this needs to be reported to corporate office in tennesee.please forward this or let me know the contact info.your company hides and protects loosers that cant do the job and keeps going on over over over again my shipper in hawaii says he hates fedex but is forced to use them and most people i know say its a night mare to deal with your company .you can never talk to a corporate person and no one is ever accountable ever no matter what just exuses so they can be repeated .im surethis is on deaf ears your company seems to useless worthless to the person who has been done wrong

  282. A driver of Tampa Fl. Lied and never even attempted to deliver my package. Then lied about laving a door tag, and Said I wasn’t home. I was working on my car right outside and the person drove off with my package. Your customer care has told me that my packaged would be out and to me on 3/30/2021. The package never showed.

  283. Having a getting our packages. It is a problem all the time. They leave at places they shouldn’t be left at or not showing up for days. It’s getting old having to call all the time to see what is going on.

  284. speaking with different FedEx representative – yet not correcting the situation. Tracking #773276121793

  285. Where is my package. It’s was left in my Front door REALLY! Well it wasn’t! TRACKING NUMBER IS 61299994609323627422.

  286. Your driver from Pittston Pa who was delivering packages just off Searle St in Pittston Pa parked his truck in the middle of the road , he had plenty of room on the side . Then he wouldn’t move to let me get by , I had to back all the way up , because he was too ignorant to move over. Your driver needs to be respectful to people.

  287. Tracking: 785047789798- My package has been on an excursion. No matter how many times I call, it’s always the same.” I’m sorry” but nothing gets done! Why are promises not kept? all I got was the runaround from your Customer Advocate Team, and lies from the shipping center. No one even tried to deliver the package since, supposedly, trying one day after the hours we provided. I can guarantee you no one came to our gate as there are cameras and no one was seen. Is this how you provide service to businesses that count on your delivery promises? And to add insult to injury, the last rep refused to transfer me to advocate team member. After 20 times asking to speak with one, did she transfer me. This is no way to treat your paying customers. I want the shipping fee returned to me. You should pay for aggravation too!
    Thursday, April 1, 2021
    9:18 AM NILES, IL
    On FedEx vehicle for delivery
    9:00 AM NILES, IL
    At local FedEx facility
    Wednesday, March 31, 2021
    10:31 AM NILES, IL
    Delivery exception
    Future delivery requested
    5:49 AM NILES, IL
    On FedEx vehicle for delivery
    5:41 AM NILES, IL
    At local FedEx facility
    Tuesday, March 30, 2021
    6:30 AM NILES, IL
    On FedEx vehicle for delivery
    6:22 AM NILES, IL
    At local FedEx facility
    1:48 AM NILES, IL
    Arrived at FedEx location
    Monday, March 29, 2021
    5:09 AM NILES, IL
    On FedEx vehicle for delivery
    5:00 AM NILES, IL
    At local FedEx facility
    Friday, March 26, 2021
    7:59 AM NILES, IL
    On FedEx vehicle for delivery
    Thursday, March 25, 2021
    4:21 AM NILES, IL
    On FedEx vehicle for delivery
    Wednesday, March 24, 2021
    4:25 AM NILES, IL
    On FedEx vehicle for delivery
    Tuesday, March 23, 2021
    7:20 PM NILES, IL
    Delivery exception
    Customer not available or business closed
    6:09 AM NILES, IL
    On FedEx vehicle for delivery
    6:01 AM NILES, IL
    At local FedEx facility
    Monday, March 22, 2021
    6:45 PM NILES, IL
    Arrived at FedEx location
    4:31 PM NILES, IL
    Picked up
    1:02 PM
    Shipment information sent to FedEx

  288. FedEx says package was delivered to my house. Driver says it was left at the garage. We do not have a garage so that’s a pretty neat trick. Trying to get any answers out of people at the FedEx company is non-existent. They should really get a better class of drivers because they are not delivering stuff where it’s supposed to be going according to all the complaints on this website and in the BBB. I will never buy anything that is being delivered by FedEx ever again and will insist on UPS

  289. Tracking shows my package delivered at 1:35 today. IT IS NOT HERE. Cust serv rep said the drivers scan packages ahead of delivery & it should be here by 8pm
    Poor policy. Bad for customer relations. Wasted time looking for it, online, & on a phone call. Plus, I cannot speak to a person at corporate hdqtrs to complain about this confusing policy.

  290. When I expect a delivery I put a sign on my top front porch step saying deliver to back deck. On my address label it says
    Martha Vangorp
    502 E Sherman St
    Place on back porch
    Holly, Mi 48442
    My 3 packages were left halfway up my driveway at the base of an antenna tower. All 3 boxes had 40lb kitty litter plus canned cat food, bird supplies and misc. I am 80 years old and cannot carry 40 to 50 lb packages that is why I request back porch delivery. I can slide packages into my utility room. Please ask your drivers to pay attention to simple requests.

  291. Tracking # 937166487207 was promised to be delivered Friday April 2, 2021 and is still in transit pending delivery. My order has been misplaced on the wrong truck and is now having a ‘unknown’ delivery date. Federal Express needs to keep their promised delivery date and flag my package as Priority for immediate delivery within one day NOT three or four additional days! Misplacing packages/orders and delayed delivery is Not a reputation for Federal Express …I am extremely disappointed in Federal Express and will NOT recommend Federal Express.

  292. my recent experience with fedex has been ridiculous. Still waiting on my package that is not being delivered correctly due to driver not following directions and reps not following directions

  293. I have been waiting 3 days driver didn’t follow instructions show my address as business closed have beed told lie after lie about delivery my Easter plans have been ruined due to FedEx incompetence first I was told between 10-12 window today nothing yet. I hate the company I purchased from uses FedEx.

  294. Full time package handler for FedEx Ground, employed with the company 9 months now. My schedule is Tuesday through Saturday – that’s five 10 hour days… My fifth day is pure OT as it should be! I have an impeccable attendance record, never late called off once due to things beyond my control. Show up early, wait around until we are allowed to clock in and get busy preforming my duties…

    Anyway, I have not been with the company long enough to earn Holiday pay yet, but people in my position are without a doubt getting the short end of the stick here when the company decides to make the Saturday before the Holiday time and a half. First off; Saturdays and Sundays (I’m told) have skeleton crews, many people call off these days (oh Friday’s are ridiculous everyone got paid and decide to blow off showing up to work) you took that weekend shift differential away from us at the end of January and shot yourselves in the foot; our already small crew that shows up has only dwindled even further!

    Now to get more feet on the ground in the holiday rush you turn these days into time and a half – you’re rewarding part timers, new hires and those who call off three of their five scheduled days now get a crazy sum to show up and work just a few hours. But there is absolutely no incentive for us full time employees that show up day in day out and do our jobs. Why are being overlooked, or rather being taken for granted? You can count on us, don’t feel the need to sweeten the deal for us to show up and do our jobs… Why is there nothing to sweeten the pot for us? Maybe an attendance bonus? Maybe go ahead and pay us that Holiday pay? Since we are a big part of what keeps things moving!

    There’s currently a company hiring not far from my location, starting out a higher wage, and their listing claims that they pay Holidays without any waiting period; 100% medical, dental and vision with no premiums. It states that the employees a quarterly attendance bonus of $1,700. And they claim to give each employee $8,800 in stock options a year. And the job description is the same as ours…

    Is FedEx doing enough to keep those loyal hard working souls?

  295. I have not received my package that supposed to be here on Thursday, April 1, 2021. Tracking number 7733201202271. It is 18:16 hours and my Package have not arrived I’ll call FedEx at least three times concerning this delivery and I have not been receiving any communication as to win they going to deliver this package

  296. You have lost my package 5 times now where it has had to have a trace put on it. No one can seem to actually answer any of my questions and Chris in Guatemala needs to be fired he was the worse of all the bad. I have been told 6 times I would receive a call and want to guess how many I have received…..0.

    My package is not arriving today as I was told it would.. you delivered the first part last Friday and now the 2nd one is lost again.

    And I want my package here today as promised and my money for shipping back plain and simple. Will that ever happen no because your company has shielded the execs and made all the front lines robots reading from a script. Prove me wrong…..

    78507609xxxx you are looking for box 2. Phone 360865xxxx

  297. Due to my employment with Adecco. Was all good then FedEx was going to hire me permanently. When I was ask a question on application I responded No on it. The Judge told me through the years to put No if it was over 7 years. So I did, then the next day I was thinking about the question and tried to get an appointment with HR but supervisor did not make one for me. He was just a messenger. I was trying to let you guys no that I was not lying. I have some papers but I don’t really know if it can be dismissed. It was over 22 years ago. And I really enjoyed working and wanted to make a career with FedEx supply chain.
    What can I do to prove that I was telling the truth.

  298. Trouble 3 yrs at least receiving deliveries. Disabled senior citizen. Feel discriminated against. Lost of monies. Help

  299. Ordered a package gave the address however FedEx stated they could not find the recipient called the 1 800 number to fix the address but to no avail went online also could not fix the address was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday but now they say Friday but they still won’t be able to make the delivery as the address is my job address but all they have is my name not the business name although they have the number of the place I cannot fix the problem so how do I receive my package UPS and USPS are on better if you do like the competition you do not stand out then there is no need to do business with FedEx

  300. I have a fraudulent account complaint over 3 weeks ago. I call and every time they tell me someone will call me and NO ONE does. I want to close this account because 5 bills came in that are NOT ours! I call and call and they tell me I need to open a new complaint- now 3 times! No one has called or emailed me at all. I am completely frustrated and upset about how fed ex has treated me and my company!

  301. We have had numerous deliveries missing, or delayed at the Hewitt, Texas Fedex hub, and can’t seem to get an answer as to why this keeps happening.

  302. I just received a package from a Fed ex driver who is not wearing a mask. I told him to wait until I got mine. I am formed him he doesn’t have to wear one in the truck but should wear one coming to the door the package was delivered to Zahir Sutarwala at 2448 Euclid Heights Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44106

  303. Dear FedEx Corp:
    I’ve used fedex services and NEVER had a missed delivery in 30-years. In the last 2-weeks I’ve paid for overnight by 10:30 am next day delivery and received the runaround from every overseas operator you have about why the 2-different packages never delivered on time…one from OR to IL. The other from Naples to Ohio. This is a perfect example of a formerly well respected USA corporation coming unglued. All the fault of your employees who don’t give a hoot about your reputation or the customer. I will resort to going back to UPS. FedEx doesn’t deliver!!

  304. My son worked for Fedex last year. He no longer works for Fedex. How do i a get a W-2. I can’t get ahold of a human in HR

  305. My packages get held in the Middletown branch every time I have a package to be delivered on a Friday. I was told it would be delivered today and the driver just said it had to wait till Monday. I am tired of them doing this I paid for it. So it should not just be left sitting in the warehouse until they decide to deliver it. I think that is not a good customer relations. You get a package that is to be delivered that is what should be done.

  306. I am trying to order shippers declarations for laser printer. #157295. online order can not process this, contact a rep. I called Debra Johnson, and Francis Pendergrass, all I got was a voice mail. Your computer chat is useless for this problem. Why can’t I order this paper, I can order everything else on your site.

  307. Tracking and delivery is terrible with your company. I was told my package would be delivered on Friday by 8pm. I took the day off work and waited on it because i needed to sign for it. 8Pm came and went no package and no phone call, tex nothing. today is Saturday the 4-10-2021. I have call your customer support line at least 8 times trying to figure out what is going on with the package. They hung up on me, lied to me that I would get a call back, they played dumb to the situation the list goes on. This is the most unorganized and unhelpful company i have ever contacted. I finally told you company to return the pump to the sender and I would buy it locally. I lost money by waiting on your driver to deliver this and it is ridiculous that your customer service cannot contact a sorting center to find out what is going on. I ask for a call back, I doubt I will get it after the way your company has treated me today. I will never ship Fed Ex period.

  308. I placed an order on the 6th of April, 2021. On the 8th., I received only part of my order, when I asked the driver of FedEx, his only reply was ” it’s not on my truck”. When I cally and ask the rep. Would only say it scheduled to be delivered the following day at 8 pm, or if you like you can start an investigation on it., However given the lack of confidence I now have, I declined. I keep getting text massage now for 4 days, stating it will be delivered by 8pm. It’s now the 10th. And last message I received ,said delivery on the 12th. By 8 pm. It’s one single box, I fail to understand why it’s become such a problem, my guess is either it’s lost, or that FedEx just doesn’t care about my package.
    Either way it’s not good.
    With that being said, I’ve decided I will never use FedEx again, this was my first time as a new customer, and it’s not been pleasant to say the least.
    No one can seem to answer some simple questions, where is my package? Why is it taken this long, when I’ve already have received part of the package? And why was it ship with the first run or devliery? Like I said, it’s probably been lost or FedEx doesn’t care.
    As a first time Customer, I’m disappoint in the service. And for this reason I will never have anything else devliered by FedEx every again.

  309. I have a package sitting in austell ga since Thursday. Told me it got on wrong truck. Now still there for inspection. 2 weeks prior I had 7300 hundred dollars worth of refrgatoraed medicine. It got held up at same austell facility. Y’all need to figure out what’s going on with that store. I ordered this package over a week go. It’s now Monday it’s been there since Thursday. I missed my race this weekend because of them. I am highly upset

  310. I’ve been trying to get a shipment delivered for five days. Heard all kind of excuses none been making any sense. Sorry service and no way to contact anyone in charge. Your service sucks!! Trace no 900679311456 do you think I could get an answer from someone?

  311. I am trying to find out abou package it was going to be delivered today when I called your customer service the lady answer the phone was not giving me any information that I already have when I asked her if she could get me her supervisor she was not giving me any answer she was rude an absolutely unhealthful and didn’t try to solve the issue I wish Saks Fifth Avenue will not use FedEx because I have nothing but problem with FedEx delivery dates on your website is telling me the delivery date is for Monday April 12 but my package is in Wichita Kansas really

  312. I need to speak to someone about this damaged boxes I’ve been receiving when I get them delivered with FedEx I have pictures and video of the delivery drives can someone please contact me

  313. There is a physical dropbox on our property that is about to be demolished. I have been trying since March to have it removed prior to demolition. Apparently, 2 hours on the phone on 2 occasions is not enough. If I am not contacted regarding this removal of this physical box, it will be destroyed with the building. Your reps try their best but you obviously don’t include any training or knowledge on this subject. 512-904-xxxx direct line

  314. I would like to file a complaint with the Office of the President. I have a personal account and 2 business accounts with FedEx and am ramping up on one business in 2021. I was appalled at how we were handled on the personal account in regard to an overnight delivery that no one at the local Fed Ex office said would not be guaranteed, if this was a $50 fee I would not be upset but this was a $300 overnight fee and there was no email sent (went back and looked) about the guarantee stopping since March 2020. I don’t log into our account to look for messages, especially important one like this should be sent to email on file! I found one notification in there from 2/7/21 stating this – again not looking on account profile for this kind of information. When we called to request a refund we were told about this no guarantee policy and there was nothing they could do – seriously? When we had zero knowledge of this? Train your local people at the offices to explain this and warn customers when this is the case, especially on a high dollar shipment! Additionally, customer service stated – well it was online on our website, again – seriously? We are not logging onto the website to create the label. Additionally, we filed a complaint about the item being broken upon receipt with photos only to be told they found no evidence the the shipment was mishandled. The one item broken was minor cost, but wow, I personally picked it up and opened it upon arriving at my home within 5 miles and found the basket partially shredded and the item broke in 2. I was willing to just drop the broken item issue but not the overnight fee. We shipped from the store. I deal with customer service with my 2 companies and always have a way to work with customers. To be told I have to file online and there is no supervisor to speak to or call about this is making me think twice about why I should be doing business with FedEx. I am sure I am just a small business that can be ignored, but all customers should be important to FedEx regardless. I would like someone from the Office of the President to contact me back in regards to this. 818-687-xxxx

  315. Instructions was given that packages were suppose to be delivered to front of house front door but my package was delivered to back door of house where was safe to leave. ALL FUTURE PACKAGES MUST BE DELIVERED TO FRONT OF HOUSE PORCH DOOR!

  316. Hello,
    Out of my 2 packages (Internationally shipped from India) on 3/29/2021 one was delivered the other package of 2 with this Tracking No.773283196602 as of today not delivered & no update each time when i called no definite answer so at this point i kind of suspicious this package is lost so i kind of upset FedEx did this kind of service. I need to know what happened to this?
    Krishnakumar .s

  317. I tried putting a trace on my package yesterday, which I was told I couldn’t do, my package has been out for delivery 3 times and was rescheduled, here is day 4 at 7:20pm and still no package this is the worst service ever. And to say it was suppose to be 2day delivery.

  318. My name is David Nader, I represent Western Global Airlines in Estero Florida, I was asked by our DOM to find out how we can include our employees to obtain an employee discount from FedEx, can you please direct me to the wright path to accomplish that?

  319. Tracking number 785828681610.
    Fedex has advised order would be delivered on 4/13 and again on 4/14. Now they have changed to tomorrow’s date of 4/15. This is the WORST delivery company that I have dealt with. I will NEVER order from company again that uses fedex to deliver their goods. I don’t have this problem with UPS OR USPS.

  320. My Name is Dawn Marshall. I was denied my Delta employee discount at your Dunedin Florida location today. I have been receiving the discount for 10 years and don’t understand why this happened. Can you please help.

  321. Over the past few months I have had MULTIPLE packages stuck in Troutdale Oregon, and had to call multiple times to get packages found and moved out of that location! I avoid Fedex for this reason. Something needs to be done at that location – you are losing business! And I share with friends about Fedex and this location.

  322. Hi! I’ve been expecting a FXG shipment for a week. Every day I get a text that it’s out for delivery but it doesn’t arrive. When is it going to arrive? I’m disappointed in this service,

  323. I have a Smart Post Package that was to be delivered by Fedex Ground in Wilminton, NC. I have tried for 2 weeks to contact anyone in Fedex USA to have the package delivered or sent to the local WalGreens for pickup. The only People I have been able to reach are in another country and “can not contact” anyone to help. All I want is my package that I payed for.

  324. I ordered a set of tires three weeks ago three were delivered one was not, I’ve been fighting with fed x for over a week now for the fourth tire I get a run around and lied to constantly , been told three times different dates it would be delivered then told it was lost case is closed , called them back telling them I’m calling corporate and better business bureau and then I’m told tire is found you’ll be updated by 8 pm that night and I would receive it today it’s in Buffalo
    Well received no update and no tire
    I want answers this is ridiculous and I want something done please contact me ASAP

  325. I’d like to know why my order was listed as attempted delivery and when I called I was told it was never out for delivery at all today that it was still in zelienople pa. This is the third time I’ve had to deal with the lies from fedx.

  326. My package was not picked up yesterday. I was hung up on yesterday and today when I called. And there is still no confirmation of any specific pick up time. Fed Ex Ground is a sorry excuse for freight pick up. There is no accountability. The poor customer service is egregious! And yes I DID schedule pick up the day before yesterday. CPU1254111041 and again yesterday PRD4515711051

  327. Waiting for shipment paid for two day delivery package is two days late and office tells me it will be delivered

  328. Paid $30.00 for next day shipping only for the incompetent FedEx office of Romulus to claim they attempted a delivery they never tried to make. Never rung my buzzer, did not leave the sticker claiming they were here, called and complained to the 800 number, and was told that my package would still be delivered by the end of day. Never received the package, called back to again complain and asked to speak to a supervisor, never spoke to one with the excuse of all of them being busy. My next step is to report them to the attorney General they have done this several different times nothing us ever done with the complaints.

  329. Worst service ever! Not the first time! Twice we have ordered cakes and both time fed x has held them for days and no reason to not deliver them! Not acceptable! Someone needs to start doing quality control checks and looking into this! We love send a cake and both times due to fed x not send a cake it has been delayed for no apparent reason!
    Get it together please! I hope people start waking up and using other services if you guys can’t get this right….this ruined my grandkids surprise!!!!
    Roberta Coleman
    912 322-xxxx
    Helotes tx.

  330. I had an IPhone shipped directly from ATT. I got a confirmation that it arrived Friday 4/16/21 at 5:21 PM at my son’s home. He got home 15 minutes later and it was not there. His neighbors said that they never say a FedEx truck come by. He filed a complaint with no resolution Complaint number C-23097192 Tracking Number 506251444785. This was to be delivered to Alec Shull 128 Courtland Ave Asheville, NC 28801. I called yesterday at 800-463-3339 and spoke to Len then her supervisor Ann and got zero resolution. I am very dissatisfied with the lack of concern and the horrible business practice. I need this resolved ASAP as my son needs his phone for business. Horrible experience. Please contact me ASAP! 919-414-xxxx

  331. I have waited 6 days for a package that has been in Birmingham al where I live date has changed 5 times..I call everyday looking for it. I get the same answer everytime that it is fine…we updated the address but when I look at the address where I ordered it from it is MY ADDRESS!!..somewhere along the line it got changed to I don’t know. I just called for the 3rd time today as it was AGAIN supposed to be here by 8 pm and in the 1st two calls today they said rest assured it would be here by 8pm..I called today because I was again tracking it and it never said it was out for delivery in its status so of course I got concerned but as usual they promised by 8pm today it would be here. I just got off the phone and now they want to put in a search ticket which means now they don’t know when they are going to deliver it. I am so over this. There is alot of money for my business tied up in this box. My original delivery was April 13th. Today is the 19th. Still no package or at this point when it will be delivered, if you asked me 2 hours ago I would have said today because they promised it would be here. I even said I would pick it up but they are refusing. I am so upset on how this case is playing out. I was actually a faithful customer and used fedex alot but this incident has ruined me. What is most upsetting is this box is actually in the town I’m living..but fedex refuses to let me pick it up because it is in a warehouse facility. I’ve lost alot of money because of the stories that keep being handed to me about this package. Here is my tracking number maybe you can help..785409980237..please I’m begging you to either let me pick it up or get it expedited to me..

  332. I have been waiting on a package since 13th of April and They cannot tell me where it is what happened to it. I can’t go and pick it up in another location. I call they say they opened up a investigation and I will receive a call in 48 hrs. it has 72+ hrs and no one has contacted me and when I call I get the same message. They will check the truck to see if it is on there and let me know. This is so unacceptable. The package I am waiting on cost me over 200 dollars and you would think that you guys would take some responsibility for people packages and not allow them to be held. You could at least have it where people can pick up their package at another locations.