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Corporate Address
9600 W Roosevelt St
Tolleson, AZ
Company Contact
Robert Cunningham
Phone Number
(623) 907-9900
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57 Reviews and Complaints for Freightliner Headquarters


  2. Attention: John O‘Leary President and Chief Executive Officer of Daimler Trucks North America!
    Upon picking up my new 2023 Freightliner Cascadia at our King Freight Lines Terminal Pictou, NS yesterday
    VIN # 1FUJHHDR9PLNW4199)
    I was shocked, appalled and dismayed to learn that the fridge and radio are not working and both have no power going to them and the fuses are not blown.
    I called 4 Freightliner dealers which are not open on Saturday or Sunday and one that was open (Valley Equipment) were not permitted to work on new trucks under warranty.
    We just started out on our 4000 mile seven day journey from Nova Scotia to California, ETA Christmas Day in California and we have no refrigerator or radio and this is not totally acceptable.
    The refrigerator is essential because my wife has MS(multiple sclerosis) and her medication must be refrigerated along with keeping our food safe so we do not end up with food poisoning.
    I am extremely disappointed with the shoddy workmanship of this new Freightliner Cascadia.
    In the meantime we had to stop and purchase a new portable plug-in cooler (at the cost of ($264) to keep my wife’s medication cold and our food from perishing. In conclusion it seems that nobody cares anymore about the truck drivers that keep commerce moving.
    We are reaching out to you to see if you can somehow have this matter resolved very soon providing us with a working refrigerator and radio.
    Sincerely, thanking you in advance,
    Ray Merriam
    PS: I will be 71 years old next month and I still have my 1982 Cabover Freightliner and is ten time the truck as these new Freightliners are….

  3. I ordered a battery jump cable on 8 August . There was only one in the system and it could be at the Ft Pierce location in 3-5 business days . I had it ordered , paid for it and was told they would hold it for me . I go to get it and i’m told they don’t have it and it iks on backorder till mid September . My question is what happened to the cable i ordered and paid for ? Maybe it was used for a shop repair . Not good and set me back a month .

  4. I went to Freightliner in Ft. Pierce , Florida for a cable-jumsop for my RV . Rep said there was one in stock in the entire USA . I had him order it , paid for it and said i would pick it up in a couple weeks because i would be out of state . Went today to get it and they didn’t have it and told me in was on backorder till at least 14 Sept . My question is did it come in , get used and then reordered ? Hoping that’s not the case . Very disappointed .

  5. I had my 2013 Freightliner Cascadia checked out on 8/8/22. I recieved diagnostics for Clutch replacement among other things but I noticed later they cut a square hole in my gear shift boot. I called them about the situation and nothing was done to correct problem. They need to replace boot asap. Very disappointed with Freightliner in McDonough Ga. I also paid $ 532.00 dollars for diagnostics.
    My number is 404-849-xxxx

  6. I want to let you know, Here in salina Kansas, Truck Center Company. The service desk person name: ( Art Franco)
    He has deal with company’s, and he put there truck in front of the other regular truck like mine.
    I called and asked him pacifically before coming here if I can make appointment. He told me it’s called first come first serve. But I been here for 3 days straight, and saw with my own eyes. He brings truck from big company around him in front of all other trucks has been sitting here for 3 to 7 days, Like company owned by guy called Doug bradsly. I heard his conversation with the guy and witness when the driver arrived, it was like ordering a fast food for him. For his special customer is in and out.

  7. My name is Chris Cox. I have been in Tollenson AZ for 28 days now waiting on parts for my truck repair. Can anyone please help me get these parts to the shop and expedite the repairs. I am a newly lease purchase driver. This issue is becoming a financial strain. Thank You

  8. Your new trucks suck! Been in shop 9 times this junk has been at dealership 9 times. Glad I have been in your stealerships more times since leasing this truck than I have been able to go home. Been in 5 times for coolant leaks. Left 2 days ago and still exactly same leak. If I was this bad at my job I would be fired! BET!

  9. We have a small fleet of 6 freightliner tractors. Can’t get in to freightliner Sioux Falls for same day examination if life depended on it. Happened about six times now. Getting pretty disgusted.

  10. After 5 pm in San Antonio Tx is the wors dealelership for parts only 1 person in the counter for 20 people

  11. I want to thank the brand new Jonestown freight liner office for a job they did for me. I have a brand new motorhome on a freight liner chassis. I got a low air pressure warning for tow vehicle. I got off the interstate in Jonestown and saw the sign. When I pulled in, I realized they were not fully up and running. Their service manager said he would look at my problem. Make a long story short. They were able to fix a blown air line in minutes. 714-504-xxxx.

  12. Bought a bunch of new Freightliner MT45 step vans. One failed, low oil pressure at 2K miles. Towed to Freightliner authorized dealer. After a month, still not diagnosed. Contacted dealer and corporate Freightliner multiple times, but nothing ever done. Have to give up and take elsewhere to repair. Still have to pay $500 bill to Freightliner for a diagnostic that was never completed, to get my truck back. A month down on a brand new truck is more expensive that the repair costs. Freightliner pays too low for warranty repairs to it’s service shops, so their service shops never prioritize work on warranty repairs or delay them endlessly, so clearly Freightliner does not honor it’s warranty. Nice scheme you have set up. I have 35 of them I’ll be selling and getting Fords instead.

  13. Hi! I leave my truck at bakersfield dealership on 4/22/2022 just for one issue that my truck manual gear shifting isn’t working, they didn’t start working on my truck yet, it’s over then 6 days, whenever I go to the dealership service advisor says they don’t know what time they’ll check and they’re not helping they’re super rude, it happened with me last time too I bring my truck for noise from front side they took my truck for 3 weeks and they didn’t even fix the issue I got irritated and took my truck to the mechanic outside and he fixed the issue in 2 hours it was cab bushing

  14. Mr. Cunningham –
    I need help.
    A recall was just performed on my motorhome that I find unacceptable. The tire valve extensions on the inside dual tires were removed and replaced with caps so far inside the rims, it is impossible to install my TPMS transmitters. I called Freightliner Custom Chassis customer service and received no resolution whatsoever. I was told that there is no acceptable tire valve extension I can use to make it possible to install the transmitters. This is an engineering fiasco. There are thousands of motorhome owners that rely on a TPMS to monitor tire pressure, especially on the inside dual tire.Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps consulting with your engineers will reveal a solution.Thank you,
    Cephas Buck

  15. Would like to complain about freightliner in Pompano Florida, had my 2015 truck for a minor icu fittings air leak, after waiting one month (January 25th – today February 25th) had phone call saying truck is ready paid $5,000 and truck not only fixed but now there is air leaks in different places. Now there is new bill for $800. Shop didn’t tested their repair which was done at the parking lot had me pay for it and leave knowing that truck wasn’t properly inspected after repair. Shame on your service, only update you will get its “tomorrow” which will never come!!! Worst experience in my entire 7 years in trucking indst….

  16. we bought this box truck the importer is requesting a recall clearance letter for this
    VIN # 1FVACWDU3DHBX4932 could help me with this thank you

  17. I’m looking for racing sponsorship for sprint car team. I’m looking to use freight liner M2 112 500 hp to pull trailer to tracks. At the end of season will turn the vehicle back in to your company! I will maintain insurance on this vehicle and take care all maintenance! I look forward to hearing from you on this matter! Thank You Paul Majors

  18. Just started my business July last year I brought a 2014 cascadia . Two months ago my cpc unit went bad I was told there is a global shortage and I have not been able to find one , I understand there are hundreds of people in this position with a truck they can’t use please could we get an update on what is being done and when we can expect to start seeing these parts

  19. Dear frightliner
    There is something going on truck sales fraud going on in California. Small company’s can’t even get 1 truck but meanwhile big company’s. Like pride truck sales have thousand of new truck. And they selling for 250k to 300k. What is going on. I think I’m gna email to FBI as well

  20. That specific Freightliner in Austell, GA is not providing any service at all. Everytime you take your truck to that shop you get to deal with same issue two or three day after repair is pretended to be complete. One of our unit is been in their yard for a week. When we called to get an update the guy said they never knew the unit was in the yard when they specifically told the driver where to park the unit, took the key to the unit and all the required information to follow up with us. A whole week at their yard then the big guy called Mike, I believe is being upset because we’re not satisfied with that treatment. What kind of business is that?

  21. On Nov 4 Isom J Inc. Freightliner Cascadia was taken to Peach State Truck Centers for repairs.

    Nov. 18 first invoice for approval request repair. $ 14,514
    advised that part is on back order up to 16 weeks or more.

    Dec 7. Isom J Inc had the truck removed from Peach State Truck Center for second opinion diagnosis and repairs due to the parts back order at Peach State.
    Dec 7. Isom J Inc is astonished that the truck is running and can be driven .
    Dec 8. DPF Guys LLC did a diagnosis and concluded the One box was not needed and only needed filters and cleaning .
    Dec 9. DPF guys finished cleaning and Rock Diesel checked for any other codes or repairs.
    Dec 9. Rock diesel diagnosis determined it was my fuel pump and injectors that were badly damaged.
    Dec 10. Rock diesel changed fuel filters and Cascadia was towed back to Peach State Truck to get repairs of fuel pump and injectors that are covered under warranty.
    Dec 10. Peach State Truck puts truck top of list to look at due to misdiagnosis
    Dec 22. Peach State admits to misdiagnosis that could have had truck down 4 months. Fuel pump and injectors were the main problem all along and parts are in stock.
    Jan 7. Peach State finishes repairs and the truck runs great with no fault codes.

    Customer Reimbursement

    Dec 7. amount $ 1,341.37 misdiagnosis Peach State
    Dec 8. amount $2029.50 DPF Guys items covered under warranty
    Dec 8. amount $755.24 Rock Diesel items covered under warranty
    Dec 10. amount $493.68 Rock Diesel items covered under warranty.

    Customer Isom J out of pocket $ 4,619.79 for misdiagnosis and items covered under warranty.
    $4,619 requested reimbursement please read the details in the comments from Peach State and Rock Diesel also DPF guys. Thanks Isom J
    Items attached please honor warrany jxxxx

  22. I want to know have You thought about Manufacturing Freightliner Classic with an Automatic Shifter.

  23. My truck hase problem since almost 4 months same issue about 4 Dealership not able to find out the problem what next steps to do with it

  24. Stairs in new 2022 cascadia is a real good way to knock yourself out. I have repeatedly given myself bruises and knots to my face and head because of these stairs. We are a team and this is the worst freightliner ever. The stairs are a recipe to kill someone… thank you so much, and the cabinet space above the head only allows for shit to fall on your head and damn near knock you out. Has anyone even thought about the condition the roads are in. You bounce all over this truck. I have had to rig safety nets so things don’t fall on my dog and kill her, or on my head to knock me out while I am driving and cause complete chaos. Tired of no one putting any thought into these trucks… just slap me together as cheap as you can do you can put money back to n your greedy wallets. Thanks for keeping us safe out here, the construction of your trucks shows how little you give about the individual that you rip off.

  25. hi there ,
    I have transportation of 6 freightliner trucks .I visited Freightliner truck center sacramento many times .
    So all the time i visited , all the employees waste the time by talking , laughing and eating with each other. Their service is bad enough for all the costumers. After waiting 1 hour in the line within 3 costumers, they replied we don’t have the staff on counter. They wasted our time alot . you should hired experienced employees.

  26. Please call the owner ASAP!! about this truck no one has called him the 3 weeks this truck has been in the shop and no one has returned my call. it is imperative that you call him about this truck today!!

    Owner: Igor Tomenco
    (425) 524-xxxx

    Thank you
    Driver – Glen Reimers
    903 401-xxxx

  27. I need to know how I can get in touch with someone that will help me with a new truck I bought have several problems including a bent door frame have been waiting for a year now and still no help

  28. To whom it concerns. Whoever programmed the dt12 do not know what they are doing. These transmission do not shift properly. When up shifting the rpm needs to wait till it reaches at least 1600 before shift to next gear.

  29. Freightliner been on the shop for 2 weeks for ac work, can’t not get Bill to give me call with update. Every time they say Bill will call and he never does. It’s in the shop at,Go Freightliner Broward, 2840 Center Port Cir #102, Pompano Beach, FL 33064. Was supposed to be a simple fix.

  30. We took our 34 ft RV to Freightliner on 4/2 for a small AC problem and to check a grinding sound for which they replaced the airbags when we got it back the RV pulled horrible to the left it was not doing that when we took it in. So we had to turn around and take it back. Since then they have done an alignment for 500.00 which did not fix the problem so then they put new steering in for 1,200 and it still didnt fix the problem that somehow they created. I have planned a two month summer trip and have many state park reservations made some with our 6 grandchildren. We also bought this RV so we could travel with our severally handicapped son during covid . Since our RV was in perfect driving condition when we took it in I feel they should not charge us for what they havent fixed though this will not help with the mental frustration of not know if our summer plans will work out, truly disappointed that they dont seem to care that created this problem.. that may cost us our long planned and awaited vaca

  31. I hate to beat sround the bush, but this has gone on too long. My truck a 2016 western star was towed to your kansas city collision center two weeks ago. While going through the ususal back and forth with Ryan Hoppe and our insurance folks, it has become a long process. Well, both myself (the truck buyer) and Harlan Call (registered owner) have recently tried calling, emailing, smoke signal,carrier pigeon, etc. Ryan, and he absolutely will not return our attempts to find out first, what the status is on the truck. Yesterday, the claims adjuster sent both myself and Harlan emails granting permission for your collision center to effect the repairs. The caveat is, that we must call Ryan and let him know. He STILL will not return calls or reply to emails. Now, we understand that we are not his only concern and that he has a lot on his plate. That notwithstanding, we ARE not only a current customer, but WERE also, a future customer. I have tried to be diplomatic, but my frustration is at a boiling point. How can we give him the go-ahead, if he won”t respond? This has gone beyond ridiculous. On the few times I was able to speak with Ryan, I ALWAYS apologized for taking up his time, to let him know I knew he was busy. So he absolutely cannot say he didn’t wish to speak with me because I was acting like a jerk. I expect and deserve the same respect in return. Now, I do not wish to communicate with him any further, so, in order for my truck to start being fixed, I am letting YOU know that approval has been granted and you can let HIM know to get on it! If you wish to reach Harlan Call and ask him what type of treatment he has received, his email is: jkntrucxxxx Thank you.

  32. I’m leasing a 2022 cascadia midroof
    The top corner fairings are missing
    Is that normal

  33. Transteck, Inc.
    Freightliner/Westernstar of Philadelphia
    215-946-3518 Fax
    This Freightliner dealer has charged our company over 40k in the last 4 months on two of our trucks. If the repairs lasted, it would be ok. But after a month of the truck being there we pick it up and get 15 minutes down the road and it is doing the same thing, engine light back on, derated, so we turn around and go right back and miraculously they find brand new faults that they did not find the month it sat there. Each of my trucks have been in this Freightliner shop 4 or 5 times each since November, Over 40k spent and I pick up both trucks yesterday and one truck is already doing the same thing it was doing. The other truck has not been used yet, but the way its going I am sure it will not last long. There has to be some kind of guarantee in Freightliner maintenance. You cannot tell me that a truck stays there a month and gets 15 minutes down the road and its doing the same thing again, so we bring it back, 4 times now and every time they say, oh its a totally new fault. I need answers and someone to hold this dealer accountable. I will dispute every invoice if this is not corrected.

  34. Houston freightliner holding my truck shop tag#5249
    He tell me 6-8 hours job but my truck sitting there almost month I am losing my business I call I stop by thay lied to me always saying tonight tomorrow morning I am try it pls. Help me out here

  35. Had transmission worked on 3 months later transmission bolts from transmission came lose and transmission came away from motor about a inch this was freighliners problem because bolts were not tightened I feel I should be reimbursed for everything it cost me as first time Oner operated and had only made a few payments I would like to speak to corporate about this.

  36. I have been ripped off by Freightliner more than once and my truck still is not fixed 3/17/21. I need to speak to someone s immediately.

  37. I have a 2015 Freightliner cascadia I am in the shop third time in a year and a half with transmission problems I just spent $6,200 last week in Albuquerque to have my transmission repair. Now I’m at the Freightliner dealership in Amarillo with the exact same problem and now I’m going to get charged again when it should have already been repaired this is totally uncalled for I need some help from somebody.

  38. I bought a 2015 Cascadia Evo New
    After experiencing freightliner service out of town
    I won’t buy another one

  39. Water pump failed, premier truck lines are saying that the water pump is not under warranty

  40. Hola,fui a freightliner de Puerto Rico (Centrocamiones) tuve la peor experiencia comprando partes,la mayoría de los vendedores no saben nada de partes,me despacharon mal 3 veces las partes aún así teniendo el vin number, aparte de eso no devuelven el dinero por partes mal despachadas por ellos mismos!pero no se queda ahí aparte de eso te devuelven el dinero en cheque por correo 2 o 3semanas después,habiendo uno pagado las parte en el momento,pero adicional a eso también te cobran un 15% de restoking!!! Siendo culpa de ellos esto es el colmo!!! Me gustaría que hicieran algo al respecto! Son totalmente incompetentes el gerente es el peor!

  41. Yes I leased a new 2021 freightliner cascadia from western express it had25 miles on it when I got it the front sensor says 0 ft and it applies brakes for no reason at all it says brake asst and I have no Jake brake either dome light wont shut off and heat does not work in sleeper it has 20,000 miles on it now and I have nothing but problems with it its truck #11225 need help

  42. I would like to know if there is an alternative customer help phone number that i can call. The customer service phone number on your website did not work for me, I only got an automated message.

  43. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

  44. Hi love the 2020 cascadia but i have some major problems with road water mud going on the side windows and mirrors after a mile of driving I cannot see true my widows in rain snow tubulance created by the wind very dangerous wen loosing visibility….Thanks is there something to fix this major problems (British Columbia )

  45. Freightliner is terrible , i bought a brand new 2020 , very frst day hub seal got leaked and oreo on the hub was loose and was leaking the oil regularly, then i tried AC , there was no gas in AC and liner noiser under the dashboard outside the truck got broken with the air and my central keys were also not working when i went to dealership , they hold my truck for a week and charged me labor for checking keys and liner noiser , when i asked them how you can charge me thn they said we checked your liner noiser , bt tht was already broken when u told them and they charged me without any reason and for keys they said we cnt progrm them and they charged me 300$ for liner and 206$ for just checking thts sucks and my mileage wasn’t even 1000kmsand . I have a high payment and they parked for a week my brand new truck. In the very next trip , ABS stopped working, truck started breaking cruise control , while going on the road , truck lower its speed around 10km and rpm needle starts fluctuating and when i press breaks they make so much noise , i went to the dealership and they said we will see it next week , still they haven’t check it freightliner sucks , i am frustrated and have a loss of around 15000$ If i go per day earnings because they parked my truck . Freightliner sucks , i will not buy freightliner anymore and will not recommend to anyone . I am just looking for the headquarters email if they can help me out with the defects of my trucks and help me get back my truck on the road and help me with looses , otherwise i am thinking to hire the lawyer to file a case against freightliner if I don’t get any response because they gave me of shit instead of a new truck , if they do inspections then how they can miss loose bolts and even AC gas

  46. My name is Roderick Weatherly. I just purchased a 2007 Freightliner Classic XL. I am having problems changing the single contact snap-ins located in the rear of each guage. No dealership has them nor can I find them at an after market store. Can you help? Please send a msg to my email address so that I can send you a picture of what I am in need of. Thanks in advance for any and all actions given to this request.

  47. I called the Freightliner dealer in Columbia SC to get some parts. One part is being sold for over $400. The same part is being sold for $186.95 in Augusta Freightliner. Columbia is also charging over $200 for an after market muffler,the same muffler is being sold for $68.00 in Augusta. This price gouging needs to stop. I’ve got to drive 100mi round trip to pay a more affordable price for parts. Freightliner of Columbia will never get my business,I’m already spreading the word to my o/o friends.

  48. Napa Idaho Freightlighner. Is trying to charge me 1800 bucks for a oil pan. And some oil. O rings. They put 6 hours of labor. Smh I’ll. Never use them again

  49. I have complaint for stoops indianapoli, Endingburg in ww willians dealers I left my tractor for two weeks with a problem that injectors 2/3 not work they repl, the injector still not work, know they repl, the EMC still not work, show the same problem and I spend $10,000 dllrs and no bady can fix the truck: 2009 columbia Detroit 14L my phone to contact me: 812 827 4355 thanks, lock to me they are parts replacesment, no mecanics And make bad dainostic

  50. I purchased a 2006 Freightliner M2112 and I am trying to locate an owners manual and a service manual. Ant help will be appreciated. Thanks

  51. I would like to lodge a complaint about one of your dealers service.
    River States truck and trailer have my 2011 Sprinter. They were told the computer was replaced and it needed to be reprogrammed. This was two weeks ago.
    They didn’t tell the service tech this but instead told him to run some tests.
    The 4 hours of tests have confirmed and the tech now agrees that the computer needs to be reprogrammed.
    I need to know why the don’t do what they are told by the customer and run up the bill without cause or reason.
    I am a very patient guy and generally go with the flow, but I need this truck for my business.
    I am VERY ANGRY about this uncooperative attitude of your dealer.

    1. I’ve have never been treated with such an attitude of what have dealt with at truck centers of liberal ks. Price gouging is an under stayement.I will never have any dealings with this location again.I broke down and have sitting for over 4 days. They made all sorts of excuses for not working on my rig. I never have seen anything like this in 30 yrs of driving.

  52. Have a Freightliner M2 business class that Freightliner here in Lake City Florida refuses to work on. Say they do not have the computer program to diagnose a transmission issue.. Any help?

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