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Corporate Address
P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Company Contact
Steve McKinney
Phone Number
(623) 936-2100
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  1. 4/04/19

    I shop at Fry’s, in Marana, AZ. Located at; 12100 Thornydale Rd, on a regular basis. My FRY’S VIP Shoppers Card #is:
    4 62838 83398 2.
    There were no red grapes – in the produce area, for 88 cents a lb. The cashier, named, Teresa, was rude. She did not smile, you could tell that she disliked her job. She did not ask””,” if I had anything, on the bottom of my cart. “She did not ask, “If I found everything alright.”
    She did not give me my, Senior Discount, even though I told her,” I was one”. Her reply was, “ That it is automatically taken off, when I used my
    VIP Fry’s tag.” My thought was, Terese needs to be – retrained!”
    So I went over to Customer Service, which was: AMANDA. She is the very BEST,Customer Service employee, at that location. So Amanda gave me in CASH, $9.42.
    Terese NEEDS to be taken off as a CASHIER as well as being, RE-TRAINED!
    I have to say, cashier, WENDY, is the best Cashier, as well as ANNA, at this location.

    You need to hire more BAGGERS, at this location, as well.

    Best Regards,
    Mrs. Monica T.Livingston
    MARANA, AZ 85658-4535

  2. 4/04/19

    I shop at Fry’s, in Marana, AZ. Located at; 12100 Thornydale Rd, on a regular basis. My FRY’S!

  3. I am tired of being lied to and ignored by the managers at my local Frys (Yuma and Sarival Goodyear). I have complained several times about there never being any of my favorite Pepsi product on the shelves. I suddenly can not get Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free. I have shopped at Frys for over 50 years and feel I should be treated better and not lied to. The managers there say yeah, we’ll take care of it, but never do
    What kind of customer servi e is this?

    1. Rosemary, it is very frustrating to experience out of stock situations with our favorite products! Some of the items (like Pepsi, Coke, chips) in retail grocery chains are managed by the manufacturer’s, not the grocery store. In these cases, you might have better results contacting Pepsi Co. or Kroeger corporate(800) 576-4377 for a better explanation. It is possible they stopped stocking it due to low sales in your particular stores. The managers may have talked to their Pepsi vendors about getting it back in stock, but the store managers don’t necessarily have the ability to control the outcome.

  4. Please consider opening a store in chino paulden area in az. Sick of lousy service at Safeway. They are horrible with their just for you crap. Checkers are kind. Managment doesn’t care. They realize they have a monopoly. You guys could make a great addition to our community.

  5. 3 days in a row walk into Fry’s on Florence Blvd, Casa Grande, Az, no carts at all in store and no one going out to get any.
    Should put sign up when no carts (Go Shop Eleswhere)

  6. Unhappy customer!!!
    I was charged $145.00 by Frys (Tatum and Cave Creek) for $98.00 worth of groceries!
    I asked the manager on duty (Ryan) about refunding me the difference ($45.00), he told me to take it up with his vendor, he didn’t care…
    My wife and I are furious and are going to keep escalating this until Frys returns our stolen $45.00.
    Call me if you care…
    Mark Nye (602)-736-8486

  7. after work on Aug 26,2019 came by your store around 6:00 pm to purchase couple items and get $ 50.00 cash back. I ask
    the cashier at the self checkout if he had a fifty dollar bill for me he did not. While walking to the service
    counter i ask the lady with the red west {supervisor) if she can give me a $50.00 dollar bill for my 2-$ 20.00 and 2- $ 5.00 dollar bills. She answered you have to go to customer service . Customer service had about 5 people in line. When it was my turn to ask the cashier if she has a $ 50.00 bill she tells me she has only
    $100.00 bills. I ask if she would ask her supervisor for the change She answered she just told me she doesn’t
    have any $ 50.00 bills.
    I was very upset by than, your supervisor at that time could not help me and let me stay in line only to find out i waited for nothing.
    I shop at Fry’s for all my groceries but that Lady should not wear a red vest because she doesn’t care or know how to be helpful.

    Store on 3246 E. Bell Rd. Phoenix AZ 85032

  8. Why put stinky pine cones at the entrance of the store and make every customer inhale their fumes. Today is only September 30 and cold weather pine cones are being peddled. People have allergies and some have asthma… this is unacceptable. If you can’t merchandise this stuff elsewhere (like outside) it just might cause me to shop elsewhere.
    Do something about the pumps at the gas station in Cottonwood. Programming was recently changed and not for the better. Simple changes ….. e.g. ask which month’s fuel points you want to use and simplify the transaction. We spent one half hour at the pumps today trying to use our August fuel points and even the attendant at the station could not get the pumps to do the transaction. This is ridiculous.

  9. I had an incident at Fry’s through self checkout where I payed for gift cards, got the receipt & the activation slip but forgot to take the bag with the gift cards. I checked for a few days hoping an honest person would return them. Melinda at customer service was VERY helpful in looking into every avenue to try & get help. I so appreciated her care & patience. Then the store manager, Ryan did all in his power to help me, even working through his lunch time. I SO appreciate their special care &concern to go the second mile to help. This is real customer service!!! Thanks for the caring people that work at my Fry’s at Cactus & 76th Avenue.

  10. Frys now charging a fee for cash back? That is total bs! We have other stores to shop at. We chose to shop Frys because we feel it is the best. BUT, charging a fee for cash back is a slap in the face and greedy coming from a huge profitable market! Remove the fee!

  11. My complaint: I had an issue with my last order, and they make it really difficult to get through to a real live person on their customer service phone number.

  12. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  13. I live closer to the Lake pleasant location but frequent Frys #74 for the electric charging station. There are times both electric parking spaces are occupied by non-electric cars. On an unrelated incident, I waited for a non-electric car to move. The driver was unaware of the EV sign. This evening I was charging my car at Fry’s #74 and when a non-electric car parked in the open spot. The two ladies that got out of the car did not care that they parked in that spot and became verbally abusive towards me. A gentleman not related to either one of the women heard the conversation complaining about my electric battery. He used to work for Johnson Controls and said I was ruining the environment with batteries. I phoned the store and spoke with Robert about the incident. There is disregard not only for the two parking spots for electric cars but also the spots designated for the online orders. Blink owns the charging stations and I imagine there’s some type of a business agreement between Fry’s and Blink. My purpose in writing this to you is to bring awareness to an opportunity regarding expanding services inside and outside of the store. This Fry’s has the services many people need. We should all be able to shop and park without prejudice from other customers. Photos are available.

  14. I went into my local Fry’s today, the same store I’ve been a loyal customer of for more than 4 years now. I went to the deli to get a chicken breast and had a small request to have them put it back in the fryer for about 3-4 minutes as my sister loves crispy chicken from the deli. Well, the lady that took my order, went through the chicken breasts, selected one, proceeded to put it into the basket, sling it over her shoulder and I overheard her say to the person in the deli (behind the deli wall) “Oh my God, this lady wants her chicken BACK in the fryer for a few more minutes”, I realize that people have off days or what have you, but SHE needs to realize that her voice carries and should NOT speak like that when a customer can hear her. Not sure what the lady’s name is, she is short, salt and pepper gray hair, glasses…working at approximately 1:25 pm on 11/12/19. Fry’s has deteriorated so much in the short time since Jon Flora died, so sad, and I think I’ll be now shopping at Albertsons from now on, no reason I should have to put up with snarky employees….remember, without us customers, SHE WOULDN’T HAVE A JOB!!

  15. The Frys at Camelback and Litchfield Park in AZ is really getting bad. Last week on a Monday they had NO one baggging the customers were doing it themselves. Today they only had 2 register open I waited for at least 8 minutes and finally some gal took my cart to the scanning area and did it for me. I have shopped at Kroger’s for years 30 or more. Now that are charging 50 cents to get extra cash when you check out. What a silly thing to do. I will stop shopping there until you can assure these will change. Thank you

  16. Please please do something about the store on 24th and Baseline in Phoenix. The store is gross, its dirty and not managed well. Food items are often past date and the produce section appears to get all of the old stuff. Even the simplest tasks such as keeping the carts replenished at the entry and not allover the parking lot seems to allude this store. I have talked to the store manager and he makes it clear that he does not care. His attitude is not one of hey how can I fix that but rather say what ya gotta say and leave. I cannot wait for for a closer alternative to this horrible store.

  17. Dear Fry’s, I am writing to you today with a complaint about your store located at 2858 N. Pinal Ave. in Casa Grande, AZ.
    Today is the seventh time that this store has been out of our favorite orange juice. This has happened in less than two months. My family has been shopping at this store ever since it’s opening and have never had this problem until now. When asking an employee about why the store is all of a sudden out of orange juice all the time we were told that “the new manager likes to have a backroom he can walk through”. If you don’t have the product in your store and on your shelf you are not making a sale. Also today, there were 2 other items that we needed and the shelf was bare. These bare shelves are becoming more and more the normal at this store. We have reported this to the cashiers, taken the surveys and reported it there, tried talking to on shift management and yet again today I had to leave your store without everything I needed. Your new manager at this store is losing sales for you as we have had to go somewhere else to buy what we need. Our Fry’s store used to be our one stop shopping place. There is a Safeway store that is actually closer to our home and they got the sale on the missing items your store didn’t have. We will give this store a few more chances but if it continues we will be taking our shopping elsewhere. I hope you can get this issue straightened out soon. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Kathleen Byrne

  18. Hello. I’d like to complain about a Fry’s truck driver that almost hit me on the I-10 freeway today. It was about 3pm around Avondale Blvd., And I was beside the truck. He signalled to merge into my lane and moved over while I’m beside him. I couldn’t merge into the lane next to me because of other vehicles. I had to slow Dow and practically stop to avoid getting overrun by the trailer. If the car behind me didn’t hit his brakes to allow me to fall behind, the truck would have sideswiped me.

    The truck had “Operated By Ryan Transport: USDOT 55787: VIN# JW8064” written on the door. The license plate on the trailer was T498628
    I just want you to know before someone gets hurt.

  19. Frys on Union Hills. Cashier not wearing mask only wearing a plastic shield. Mgmt said Corporate instructions said this was okay. I am shocked

  20. I will NEVER shop at Frys again. Customer service is downright rude! And now, you thiefs steal the change due back to me! Let me clue you in thieves, the amount of coins in circulation has not diminished. Due to your Rude associates and now your theft of my hard earned money I will no longer spend myoney to support Kroger! I hope my 75 cents was worth it.

  21. I can not wear a mask
    And am disappointed in you for requiring one.
    I have tried to do the curbside pick up on several occasions only to be disappointed.
    1. Have gotten the wrong items
    2. can’t order make up? Why?
    3. Can’t use my Fry’s gift card for my order?
    Also went into a Fry’s in Prescott.
    You are not giving change?
    So you kept my money?
    I know for a fact you have access to change.
    I work a register and we have plenty of change here in Arizona.
    Shame on you!
    Highly disappointed.

  22. Your store on 43rd and McDowell is so much drama! Service is very very poor. Stood customer service line for 17mins, and they calling her overhead..and later listened to her complaint screaming out that she going on break! Then I went to get gas and your gas service window had a closed sign… this was at 6:30pm… This store is drama, and whoever managing your store need serious training… oh, I waited to see if they were gonna open the gas area, cause I had cash! I had to drive to circleK instead. I’m beginning to really hate shopping there…

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