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Corporate Address
P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Company Contact
Steve McKinney
Phone Number
(623) 936-2100
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  1. 4/04/19

    I shop at Fry’s, in Marana, AZ. Located at; 12100 Thornydale Rd, on a regular basis. My FRY’S VIP Shoppers Card #is:
    4 62838 83398 2.
    There were no red grapes – in the produce area, for 88 cents a lb. The cashier, named, Teresa, was rude. She did not smile, you could tell that she disliked her job. She did not ask””,” if I had anything, on the bottom of my cart. “She did not ask, “If I found everything alright.”
    She did not give me my, Senior Discount, even though I told her,” I was one”. Her reply was, “ That it is automatically taken off, when I used my
    VIP Fry’s tag.” My thought was, Terese needs to be – retrained!”
    So I went over to Customer Service, which was: AMANDA. She is the very BEST,Customer Service employee, at that location. So Amanda gave me in CASH, $9.42.
    Terese NEEDS to be taken off as a CASHIER as well as being, RE-TRAINED!
    I have to say, cashier, WENDY, is the best Cashier, as well as ANNA, at this location.

    You need to hire more BAGGERS, at this location, as well.

    Best Regards,
    Mrs. Monica T.Livingston
    MARANA, AZ 85658-4535

  2. 4/04/19

    I shop at Fry’s, in Marana, AZ. Located at; 12100 Thornydale Rd, on a regular basis. My FRY’S!

  3. I am tired of being lied to and ignored by the managers at my local Frys (Yuma and Sarival Goodyear). I have complained several times about there never being any of my favorite Pepsi product on the shelves. I suddenly can not get Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free. I have shopped at Frys for over 50 years and feel I should be treated better and not lied to. The managers there say yeah, we’ll take care of it, but never do
    What kind of customer servi e is this?

    1. Rosemary, it is very frustrating to experience out of stock situations with our favorite products! Some of the items (like Pepsi, Coke, chips) in retail grocery chains are managed by the manufacturer’s, not the grocery store. In these cases, you might have better results contacting Pepsi Co. or Kroeger corporate(800) 576-4377 for a better explanation. It is possible they stopped stocking it due to low sales in your particular stores. The managers may have talked to their Pepsi vendors about getting it back in stock, but the store managers don’t necessarily have the ability to control the outcome.

    2. There are a lot better things to complain about than food in a store that you’re not getting. A lot of times the manager will tell you what you want here but you want to hear to get you to move on but the truth is the stores get what the warehouse has

  4. Please consider opening a store in chino paulden area in az. Sick of lousy service at Safeway. They are horrible with their just for you crap. Checkers are kind. Managment doesn’t care. They realize they have a monopoly. You guys could make a great addition to our community.

  5. 3 days in a row walk into Fry’s on Florence Blvd, Casa Grande, Az, no carts at all in store and no one going out to get any.
    Should put sign up when no carts (Go Shop Eleswhere)

  6. Unhappy customer!!!
    I was charged $145.00 by Frys (Tatum and Cave Creek) for $98.00 worth of groceries!
    I asked the manager on duty (Ryan) about refunding me the difference ($45.00), he told me to take it up with his vendor, he didn’t care…
    My wife and I are furious and are going to keep escalating this until Frys returns our stolen $45.00.
    Call me if you care…
    Mark Nye (602)-736-8486

  7. after work on Aug 26,2019 came by your store around 6:00 pm to purchase couple items and get $ 50.00 cash back. I ask
    the cashier at the self checkout if he had a fifty dollar bill for me he did not. While walking to the service
    counter i ask the lady with the red west {supervisor) if she can give me a $50.00 dollar bill for my 2-$ 20.00 and 2- $ 5.00 dollar bills. She answered you have to go to customer service . Customer service had about 5 people in line. When it was my turn to ask the cashier if she has a $ 50.00 bill she tells me she has only
    $100.00 bills. I ask if she would ask her supervisor for the change She answered she just told me she doesn’t
    have any $ 50.00 bills.
    I was very upset by than, your supervisor at that time could not help me and let me stay in line only to find out i waited for nothing.
    I shop at Fry’s for all my groceries but that Lady should not wear a red vest because she doesn’t care or know how to be helpful.

    Store on 3246 E. Bell Rd. Phoenix AZ 85032

  8. Why put stinky pine cones at the entrance of the store and make every customer inhale their fumes. Today is only September 30 and cold weather pine cones are being peddled. People have allergies and some have asthma… this is unacceptable. If you can’t merchandise this stuff elsewhere (like outside) it just might cause me to shop elsewhere.
    Do something about the pumps at the gas station in Cottonwood. Programming was recently changed and not for the better. Simple changes ….. e.g. ask which month’s fuel points you want to use and simplify the transaction. We spent one half hour at the pumps today trying to use our August fuel points and even the attendant at the station could not get the pumps to do the transaction. This is ridiculous.

  9. I had an incident at Fry’s through self checkout where I payed for gift cards, got the receipt & the activation slip but forgot to take the bag with the gift cards. I checked for a few days hoping an honest person would return them. Melinda at customer service was VERY helpful in looking into every avenue to try & get help. I so appreciated her care & patience. Then the store manager, Ryan did all in his power to help me, even working through his lunch time. I SO appreciate their special care &concern to go the second mile to help. This is real customer service!!! Thanks for the caring people that work at my Fry’s at Cactus & 76th Avenue.

  10. Frys now charging a fee for cash back? That is total bs! We have other stores to shop at. We chose to shop Frys because we feel it is the best. BUT, charging a fee for cash back is a slap in the face and greedy coming from a huge profitable market! Remove the fee!

  11. My complaint: I had an issue with my last order, and they make it really difficult to get through to a real live person on their customer service phone number.

  12. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  13. I live closer to the Lake pleasant location but frequent Frys #74 for the electric charging station. There are times both electric parking spaces are occupied by non-electric cars. On an unrelated incident, I waited for a non-electric car to move. The driver was unaware of the EV sign. This evening I was charging my car at Fry’s #74 and when a non-electric car parked in the open spot. The two ladies that got out of the car did not care that they parked in that spot and became verbally abusive towards me. A gentleman not related to either one of the women heard the conversation complaining about my electric battery. He used to work for Johnson Controls and said I was ruining the environment with batteries. I phoned the store and spoke with Robert about the incident. There is disregard not only for the two parking spots for electric cars but also the spots designated for the online orders. Blink owns the charging stations and I imagine there’s some type of a business agreement between Fry’s and Blink. My purpose in writing this to you is to bring awareness to an opportunity regarding expanding services inside and outside of the store. This Fry’s has the services many people need. We should all be able to shop and park without prejudice from other customers. Photos are available.

  14. I went into my local Fry’s today, the same store I’ve been a loyal customer of for more than 4 years now. I went to the deli to get a chicken breast and had a small request to have them put it back in the fryer for about 3-4 minutes as my sister loves crispy chicken from the deli. Well, the lady that took my order, went through the chicken breasts, selected one, proceeded to put it into the basket, sling it over her shoulder and I overheard her say to the person in the deli (behind the deli wall) “Oh my God, this lady wants her chicken BACK in the fryer for a few more minutes”, I realize that people have off days or what have you, but SHE needs to realize that her voice carries and should NOT speak like that when a customer can hear her. Not sure what the lady’s name is, she is short, salt and pepper gray hair, glasses…working at approximately 1:25 pm on 11/12/19. Fry’s has deteriorated so much in the short time since Jon Flora died, so sad, and I think I’ll be now shopping at Albertsons from now on, no reason I should have to put up with snarky employees….remember, without us customers, SHE WOULDN’T HAVE A JOB!!

  15. The Frys at Camelback and Litchfield Park in AZ is really getting bad. Last week on a Monday they had NO one baggging the customers were doing it themselves. Today they only had 2 register open I waited for at least 8 minutes and finally some gal took my cart to the scanning area and did it for me. I have shopped at Kroger’s for years 30 or more. Now that are charging 50 cents to get extra cash when you check out. What a silly thing to do. I will stop shopping there until you can assure these will change. Thank you

  16. Please please do something about the store on 24th and Baseline in Phoenix. The store is gross, its dirty and not managed well. Food items are often past date and the produce section appears to get all of the old stuff. Even the simplest tasks such as keeping the carts replenished at the entry and not allover the parking lot seems to allude this store. I have talked to the store manager and he makes it clear that he does not care. His attitude is not one of hey how can I fix that but rather say what ya gotta say and leave. I cannot wait for for a closer alternative to this horrible store.

  17. Dear Fry’s, I am writing to you today with a complaint about your store located at 2858 N. Pinal Ave. in Casa Grande, AZ.
    Today is the seventh time that this store has been out of our favorite orange juice. This has happened in less than two months. My family has been shopping at this store ever since it’s opening and have never had this problem until now. When asking an employee about why the store is all of a sudden out of orange juice all the time we were told that “the new manager likes to have a backroom he can walk through”. If you don’t have the product in your store and on your shelf you are not making a sale. Also today, there were 2 other items that we needed and the shelf was bare. These bare shelves are becoming more and more the normal at this store. We have reported this to the cashiers, taken the surveys and reported it there, tried talking to on shift management and yet again today I had to leave your store without everything I needed. Your new manager at this store is losing sales for you as we have had to go somewhere else to buy what we need. Our Fry’s store used to be our one stop shopping place. There is a Safeway store that is actually closer to our home and they got the sale on the missing items your store didn’t have. We will give this store a few more chances but if it continues we will be taking our shopping elsewhere. I hope you can get this issue straightened out soon. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Kathleen Byrne

  18. Hello. I’d like to complain about a Fry’s truck driver that almost hit me on the I-10 freeway today. It was about 3pm around Avondale Blvd., And I was beside the truck. He signalled to merge into my lane and moved over while I’m beside him. I couldn’t merge into the lane next to me because of other vehicles. I had to slow Dow and practically stop to avoid getting overrun by the trailer. If the car behind me didn’t hit his brakes to allow me to fall behind, the truck would have sideswiped me.

    The truck had “Operated By Ryan Transport: USDOT 55787: VIN# JW8064” written on the door. The license plate on the trailer was T498628
    I just want you to know before someone gets hurt.

  19. Frys on Union Hills. Cashier not wearing mask only wearing a plastic shield. Mgmt said Corporate instructions said this was okay. I am shocked

  20. I will NEVER shop at Frys again. Customer service is downright rude! And now, you thiefs steal the change due back to me! Let me clue you in thieves, the amount of coins in circulation has not diminished. Due to your Rude associates and now your theft of my hard earned money I will no longer spend myoney to support Kroger! I hope my 75 cents was worth it.

  21. I can not wear a mask
    And am disappointed in you for requiring one.
    I have tried to do the curbside pick up on several occasions only to be disappointed.
    1. Have gotten the wrong items
    2. can’t order make up? Why?
    3. Can’t use my Fry’s gift card for my order?
    Also went into a Fry’s in Prescott.
    You are not giving change?
    So you kept my money?
    I know for a fact you have access to change.
    I work a register and we have plenty of change here in Arizona.
    Shame on you!
    Highly disappointed.

  22. Your store on 43rd and McDowell is so much drama! Service is very very poor. Stood customer service line for 17mins, and they calling her overhead..and later listened to her complaint screaming out that she going on break! Then I went to get gas and your gas service window had a closed sign… this was at 6:30pm… This store is drama, and whoever managing your store need serious training… oh, I waited to see if they were gonna open the gas area, cause I had cash! I had to drive to circleK instead. I’m beginning to really hate shopping there…

  23. I shop at the Fry’s on 19th Avenue and Glendale Avenue in Phoenix and every time the we go there there’s never any cards we have to go fishing for one and also they are not sanitized there is no sanitizer and the wipes that they have are all dried out and I approached the assistant manager today which is October 2nd 2020 and all he said was well I’ll pass the word around now that’s not good enough no this is the closest store to me in this is very disappointing to walk in there and have you System Manager respond to me that way I mean something has got to be done at the store and also they didn’t have any baggers I mean you go and find a man of your can’t find one he asked a question nobody knows anything I mean this is just ridiculous I mean you need to get a handle on all these stores I’m reading all these complaints and stuff are things actually being done about it you know now with the covid-19 I mean that’s just totally irresponsible and it’s not looking out for anybody’s safety over this covid-19 virus

  24. I am a senior woman, who has been a steady customer at your stores for 25-years; this week I have been asked my birthdate and once my drivers license when buying wine. I am surprised that your company is so arrogant as to arbitrarily question an obviously ‘of-age’ person these questions, especially when that person is a known client. I was informed that this is now Fry’s official policy and every time I buy alcohol, I will have to produce verification of some sort. Meantime, recreational pot is being promoted with Proposition 208, and businesses like yours are behind this push. I am outraged, and will no longer shop at your stores if this is to be standard practice from now on.
    BTW, I left the store, at La Canada & Lambert, Oro Valley, without my wine selection; if I had been prepared for this interrogation, I would have abandoned the groceries also. My local WalMart was very happy to have my business.

  25. I have concerns about your new policy for charging a fee for pickup grocery if you don’t spend $35. I understand there should be a minimum for service but it should be prior to instore discounts. I ordered $104.18 when order was placed but checkout price was $43.40- after store discounts and unavailable items. I did meet the minimum but just barely. It is difficult for the customer to calculate the total –which is why you don’t do it either. I was however charged the fee last week when I fell below the minimum. I need this service secondary to medical reasons. I shop at other stores (ie: Walmart) and they calculate prior to discounts as well as Sams’ Club.
    Thank You for your attention to this matter.

  26. While shopping at Frys on Pecos rd and Willamsfield rd in Gilbert Az today, an announcement blasted over the intercom, in a very circus like fashion, WAY too loud and unprofessional all around, a huddle was announced. Apparently, it was a meeting of about 15 employees who gathered in front of the registers and across the floor to the ice cream aisle. The most absurd decision of management to have a GROUP meeting ON THE FLOOR, where the employees were given ICE CREAM TO EAT! IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC, a group of 15 UNMASKED employees are hollaring and carrying on like I would see in a bar during happy hour. It probably was work related, but I just feel as if the time and place for an ice cream party was extremely unacceptable!

  27. Why are they not cleaning carts for customers and why are they telling employees the management that they only have s few cases there but they keep closing deli down and they have employees wit the virus but never clean for it like nothing happening this is fryes in San tan valley az

  28. Using the home delivery for Fry’s, someone was able to add items on to my cart AFTER I finalized ordering, then remove those items from my cart before they delivered them to my door. I would not have noticed if it weren’t for an item missing from my cart for a legitimate reason (out of stock), that made me check the list after the items had been delivered.

  29. I was shopping at your store on 87 E Williams Field Rd today, Dec. 12 where I needed to rent a Rug Doctor. I approached your customer service desk and Noah was very polite but was unaware of how to go about the process. Your store manager, Michelle and your asst. Ryan both laughed off the fact that he needed assistance. Ryan walked away and Michelle stated, ” I have no idea what is back there, look for a red book.” This is very concerning to have a store manager and an assistant manager not only not offer any assistance to the customer but left the employee high and dry. I left your store livid for the employee and myself. If this is how your managers offer customer service, they need a refresher course.

  30. I love frys. The only complaint i have is their is never enough baggers. Why do i have to bag my groceries? I think the cashier do their best to ring you up and try to bag. This holds up the lines. Unnecessary. People need jobs lets get enough baggers. Its the holidays as well. Lets make our shopping a bit easier and faster!!

  31. Frys in Yuma on Fortuna
    Someone needs to oversee their receiving and stocking process. In the last month I see many half empty shelves, repeatedly. Top Ramen, Stove top stuffing wondra flour Jennie O Turkey Johnsanville hotdogs canned beans variety Newman’s salsa.

  32. I believe I’ve dealt with there’s (sp?) On this matter: double charged on gift card @ fuel pump. Replacement card was due @ 43rd Ave and Bell. They know nothing about it. Please send by snail mail to 19xxx n 43rd Dr Glendale az 85308. Thx. Faith Burger. Q’s: 480206xxxx VM/text. Duplicate comment equals not resolved.

  33. I am a 70year old senior the Fry’s I shop at 542 E. Hunt Highway meat department is always out of the advertise meat products I went to the store 3 times yet didn’t have the ground beef that was on sale for $2.47Ib
    The people that work in the meat department is not friendly when you ask about something their answer is always I don’t know what to tell you ma’am I needed the item because I just had a hip replacement and I can’t keep coming back to the store I do not have anyone to shop for me you’re not giving out rainckecks dueto covid-19 its not good this is terrible I feel something should be done about this matter and so I can be able to purchase at this price.

  34. Please confirm this story, did Kroger`s boycott because of Mike Lindell`s support of President Trump?

  35. Ive been a loyal customer for over 30 years 3 years at
    Fry’s Food And Drug
    0.8 mi · 7770 E McDowell Rd
    Scottsdale, Az 85257 on 02/20/2021 around 8:00pm My boyfriend got me a wheel chair cuz I can not walk i am handicap I wheeled down to the 2nd door to see if they had a second chair for my handicap boyfriend there was 2 employees blocking the door & blocking my view inside to see if i could see a chair so i rolled a tiny bit past the door still trying to see inside i was on the sidewalk. When Stephnie stepped out the door screaming at me saying i can not take the wheelchair off the premises i said im not. I am going into Frys and spending $200.00 or more she told the security guard and one other employee 2 come outside and watch me that I don’t remove the wheelchair from the premises I asked them why are they harassing me that I was just waiting on my boyfriend who also a wheelchair since they continue standing there blocking the doorway I took a picture of them they put on my Google review and I informed him I was going to do so I turned around and went back to the other door where I was sitting waiting on my boyfriend to get another wheelchair so we can shop when Stephnie came running up telling me i cant take pictures for my Google review i told her i was outside the store i can take what ever pic i wanted especially being a customer she than told me to go into the store through the door she pointed to right now and because i sat there waiting for my boyfriend to get a wheelchair she told me she was calling the police and i was to leave i told her fine asked her to get out of my way that i can not walk and needed to get the wheel chair up to my chariot seat she would not move so I had to back it up and pull up next to my ride than her and the security guard and other employee stood there with their arms folded watching as we tried to get out of the bicycle area there was carts totally blocking Us in and they didn’t even care to move any of the carts until they saw that it was impossible for us to get out I am appalled and completely embarrassed that your management we treat me with such disrespect my VIP numbers are 480-781-xxxx 480 275 xxxx so you can see what I actually spend with my poverty budget only to turn around and be treated like I was some criminal or something this was horrible I am going to write a Google review like I informed her and she said good go ahead I didn’t know Fry’s trained there employees and management to be so discriminating against somebody in a wheelchair please by all means feel free to contact me

  36. Hello,

    I normally have a pleasant experience with the Fry’s at Waddell pick up the ladies are always so kind. I have a concern for management. I was there for a pick up order that took over 30 minutes because the lack of support of management. I understand unforeseen things happen which I completely understand but the lady upfront called management on her radio the first 5 minutes I was there when she was unable to fix the problem which she proceeded to call on the radio 3 times in total and manager finally came up to help 20 minutes later. Came straight to the issue no apology what’s so ever didn’t even make eye contact the ladies where so apologetic and kind but it’s unbelievable how the manager took care of the situation my food was outside the whole time by car for over 30 minutes. I am really appalled on how the manager handled the situation. Please have someone retrain those managers. My ticket # in case this needs to be verified is 121064815723076xxxx

  37. I shop at your store at 7050 E. 22nd in Tucson. There exists a problem, especially on weekends, wherein there are not trash receptacles on the west wall and trash ends up in the ash receptacles and overflows onto the sidewalk. The property manager has contacted the store manager requesting that trash receptacles be provided. No action has been taken on this matter. I have photos of the condition if you would like to view them.

  38. I have a fry’s near me at 44th st and Thomas Phx. I cannot understand why they are always out of your weekly ad products, last night I went to get the $.99 Chix breasts and of course they were out, I went to get the Diet coke on sale they were out….100% they are out of the Diet Coke when it goes on sale . The store is only 5 blocks from my home yet, I have to go to either 30th st and Thomas, or Indian school just west of hayden to get what I need….When you closed down the 60th st and Thomas frys I have had to go to the 44th st store. I asked one of the employee’s if I could get a rain check, she told me they don’t do rain checks at that store! I even one time went to get some of your fries checked and the Deli person told me I was lucky they still had any. It was 6pm! How can a store be so poorly ran that they can keep fully stocked ? I won’t go back to that store!

  39. My name is Scott Connelly, and I worked as a Click Pick associate at my nextdoor Fry’s Power Baseline store in Mesa, AZ for a month, in Oct 2020, until they cut my F/T hours one week to 21, and I left the position to find a true F/T position. Since that time, ALL, of the store personnel make a POINT of not saying hello to me, or in OBVIOUS fashion, turn their heads away as I approach them, even if I’m not going to say anything, or especially, even as I am now a CUSTOMER. Instead of taking a thinking, mature approach to the situation of how to handle a former employee, A YEAR LATER, by simply saying hello to someone they enjoyed working with, and who helped them out greatly, they simply don’t acknowledge me. Several front end people (Larissa and Rissa to point out TWO among others) also followed me around the store, shortly after I left, as I shopped, in a clumsily awkward way of letting me know I wasn’t thought highly of, or who in their minds, could steal from them, only because I left them to better my employment situation!! I am VERY TIRED of this immature, unprofessional manner of how I am treated, coming to this store; it does NOT reflect well on the Kroger brand, and merits speaking to, upper levels of management, to convey all the way down, to associates. This is a FORMAL COMPLAINT, that I insist, on your handling VERY FORMALLY AND IMPORTANTLY, because it’s an obvious area of attention that needs correction. For the record, I will NEVER steal from Fry’s, nor do I need someone to canvas me, or watch me, as I shop, and simple kindness, and politeness, needs a boosting here. I hope this is as OBVIOUS to you, as it is to me, a 56-year-old fully developed and fully mature employee and person, as a need for attention. Thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter.

  40. Was not allowed into store on 67th Bethany at 10:40 pm on Saturday May 22,2021. Along with 5 other customers who wanted to enter . 2 female employees were blocking the door and telling everyone they were closed , I said u don’t close till 11, her response well we’re closed anyways. Rude and disrespectful, female with long long hair wearing a baseball cap and another female wearing a hijab . Don’t advertise 11 if your not gonna stay open and don’t be rude about it

  41. I have been a Frys customer for approximately 25 years. I went to your store in Prescott, Arizona ( Fair
    Street location) last Thursday May 20th. I noticed that almost NONE of the employees were wearing masks. When I checked out, I asked the checker why, he said it was voluntary as of that day. I asked the bagger who has been there for a long time if she was vaccinated: she said she “was thinking about it.” I called your customer service number and spoke to a rep; she said the new policy stated that employees who were fully vaccinated could choose whether to mask up. Obviously they are not required to show a vaccination card; it is just assumed they will be responsible. Both Safeway and Sprouts still require employees to wear masks as well as Starbucks( but apparently not at Fry’s locations). Safeway in addition still does temperature checks at beginning of shifts. I understand from a long time Sprouts employee that when they are ready to shift to voluntary masks, each employee will be required to show vaccination card, and can then go mask-less.
    You are endangering the public and your employees by this lax new policy. I will miss Fry’s, but I will not be shopping there until this policy is revised to protect the public-

  42. I just shopped for the last time at Fry’s store #87 located on 51st Ave and Baseline. This has to be the worse store out if the chain. First of all, I just spent$100 cash. Your shopping cart wheels lock on you in the store. Couldn’t get out, I just had rotator cuff surgery, I am in alot of pain now from the shopping cart. Your employee had to unlock the cart twice just so that I could get out. Secondly the employees are rude. It’s the only store that doesn’t supply fruit for children. They make you prepay for deli items at the deli. Which is pretty inconvenient, while you are still shopping. As if the customers are thieves, I have always shopped at Fry’s throughout the valley. Never have I had such bad experiences. I’m pretty sure that my shoulder is messed up due to the carts. I also feel that they treat customers poorly because it’s in Laveen. We are home owners who are hard workers, the treatment is totally different than other stores. I plan to voice my opinion to the neighborhood. Until something is done. If my shoulder is messed up due to the mistrust in the consumer you will here more from me. I am so disappointed, Safeway is right across the street from this Fry’s in the same neighborhood and they respect their customers. I will make sure that the neighborhood is aware. This is totally unacceptable.

  43. Liz at cavecreek and Hatcher was so rude to me that when I asked for her name which was covered up told me she wasn’t rude to me and when I told her she was she yelled at me in front of whole store and pointed out her manager who I could talk to but it’s not first time I have seen her be rude so i hope this read by someone other than her manager. Btw i have been coming to this location since it was smitty’s and have never had any prob. Ty

  44. I have a complaint on the employee at 7 st and baseline fry’s it’s the employee managers and there employee they keep harassing me I feel like they judge on how I look and my race .. which I think you’re very messed up and I feel that they keep doing it I can’t even go in the store and spend my money in some kind of harassment like that followed some kind of something so can you please deal with them

  45. Fry’s has been my go-to store for several years, but your service counter always has someone new so today I had to make 3 trips down there to wire money. I asked her if she knew how to do it, but obviously didn’t. I guess I will have to go back to Safeway. The same nice lady always knew what to do. When I went down today the clerk told me she knew how to send money, but she didn’t. I didn’t get a tracking number from her.

  46. We need frys grocery store in Show low AZ. Will frys ever build a store up here? All we have is Walmart and Safeway.

  47. The Frys on Florence blvd in Casa Grande Az is dirty,dirty,dirty, dark and never has carts in the store but primarily DIRTY. Frys Market on Cottonwood is great! why isn’t it on Florence blvd? It’s always busy and I’m sure makes plenty of money.

  48. I tried to buy a prime rib roast yesterday and I only saw a 6 lb left in meat case, I’m looking for a 4 lb size. Told employee they need more out there, he said there aren’t anymore. I said the other employee said there are more. He asked who said that to me. I said the employee putting pork out on the shelves. Then he said I don’t think you are going to get a 4 lb roast. So I left this store VERY ANGRY because he is a worthless employee and many people are seniors and like my husband and I, only need a small roast for any dinner. Do they cut them to size? They brought out 6, 8 and 10 lb roasts. I dislike the meat dept very much on Broadway and Ellsworth, sine the young employee didn’t help me at all. I never get good service at that meat counter. Unfriendly and lazy.

  49. Why are you discontinuing your Diet Lemon Lime and diet citrus drop? Only diet pops in liters are brand names and way to expensive!

  50. I shop at the store on 32nd and Thomas in Phoenix. The staff are always so pleasant I actually enjoy going to the store, everyone smiles and is chatty even the teen baggers. My only wish is that they expand their offerings I love to cook and the selection tends towards only one type of cuisine. Now the Fry’s further down in Arcadia offers more but the staff are not so nice. Please thank your staff for their great service even when they have not had enough staff or people are being jerks they stayed wonderful.

  51. Another week, same. No weekly ads in the mail. You have gotten past complaints about this and you refuse to address them. I will do my shopping at winco.

  52. Another week same crap. Did not get weekly ads in the mail. Last week I did’nt get it until Friday, 3 days after the sale started and all items we,re not there. You do not know how to run a buisness. You suck.

  53. Truck # 0308021 turning right onto 32nd street going southbound. He needed the left hand turning lane going westbound and part of the lane going north on 32nd St took him the whole turning lane error to complete turn.

  54. I am not here to complain about the soda or fruit or rude Employee that didn’t go out of their way out of their way for me.. I am actually an associate, comma and I have worked for kroger for 13 years now. I was at store 605 Fred Meyer and recently moved to AZ with my family and transferred to Frys store 669.
    I accepted a 7$ pay cut and I’m now getting paid what some make starting out at McDonald’s after 13 years with company. I need the small income and medical insurance to help my family.
    I’ve come into new store doing my absolute best.
    On Mon 5/23 a man and woman decided they were going to steal their 280$ order instead of pay for it at the SCO I was working at.
    669 is a VERY busy store and I was already multitasking when I still noticed the cart of merchandise now gone and the man trying to run his card. When I broke free I approached the man as he went outside after seeing he did not pay. ( according to policy handbook, I should not have done that). He said his card wouldn’t work and cart was inside and kept walking. He lief.
    Therefore I got suspended for 3 days, and told I did my job poorly.
    If there is nothing I can do regardless, why is money being taken from me because of people who decide to steal? It makes no sense, and that’s a horrible way to treat a good associate.
    Until you work in a SCO you have no idea what is put on the 1 person watching over 6 things at once, and I’m wondering what I was supposed to do better to keep that from happening?
    I’d like reimbursed for my days suspended.
    If Kroger is going to allow the shoplifting to go out the doors as much as it is and start taking from the worker to compensate cause they decide to do it thru a SCO get someone(s) to do better at watching the potential thrives and hire someone to stop them!!

  55. Why are you no longer giving the 5 or more in the weekly ads? All you advertise is the bull digital coupons that half the time don’t work when you get to the register. Your store is going down fast.

  56. App is horrible- worst I’ve ever seen at all stores! I’ve been trying learn it for 2 years- same with my relatives and friends! They never improve it even with all the employees agreeing that customers complain about it a lot! I’ve spent hours trying to get the deal that’s advertised, just to go home without it because it’s not in my list or not clipped right.
    Fry’s advertises in paper ads great prices, but can only get with tons of work on your phone or computer and it’s time consuming and requires classes to understand it! I used to shop at Kroger and 30 years at Frys, but now I spread the word and all our friends and relatives say it’s not worth it!

  57. You did’nt send the weekly ads this week AGAIN. Now the sale starts tomorrow and no ads. This is about the 25th time I have complained about this but you don’t do anything about it.

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