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GCI Communication Corp Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Corporate Address
2550 Denali St Ste 1000
Anchorage, AK
Company Contact
Ronald Duncan
Phone Number
(907) 265-5600
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
Sic Directory Code

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5 thoughts to “GCI Communication Corp Headquarters”

  1. I have been calling the corportate office phone number, but I only get an automated message. So I would like to know how I get through to a real live human.

  2. My experience with the company is that once they have you as a customer then they make it hard for you to contact them with any problem. For example i was unable to get through at all on the customer support phone number today.

  3. I have been receiving SPAM from various domains in Poland since Nov. 2020. These messages are not even addressed to me. They are addressed to: (swatsonxxxx @zoominternet.net) Since then, I have contacted Residential Customer Service numerous times, yet only received one automated response. Very disappointing! There are two email addresses involved: xxx @gci.net and lscxxxx @gci.net. I would really like someone to address this problem as it has gone beyond irritating, passed aggravating, and is approaching infuriating. GCI doesn’t deserve their self-proclaimed reputation as long as this situation continues.

    With all due respect,

    L. Smith

  4. What the hell is the benefit of leaving a message on this website when the problem is with the vendor. Do you forward comments to the executives of the company?

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