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GM, GMAC, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile
Corporate Address
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI
Company Contact
Daniel Akerson
Chairman and CEO
Phone Number
(313) 556-5000
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4 thoughts to “General Motors Headquarters”

  1. Complaint: I have a warranty for my 2009 Traverse, Coverage Bulletin #14404(wave plate)120,000 miles or Aug 31, 2019. At the time I had 56,143.0 miles. The dealership could not guarantee me they could repair it. They wanted $1,600 just to look at it and then $3,000.00 but no guarantee to fix it. I took it to a transmission dealer. I was charged $3,779.07 and it was fixed. All documentation was sent to GMC on April 6, 2018. Been trying to resolve this since then with all kinds of reasons as to why I cannot get reimbursed. My case number is
    #8-4316683867. I was told by the dealership there is a reimbursement form to fill out but nobody seems to have it or know of it. Hope you can help me.

  2. purchased 2015 City Express van (NEW) from King Chevrolet, Longmont, CO Spouse 95% disabled vet – chose this vehicle for access for lift. During the time that we have had this vehicle it has failed to start several times. We have had the vehicle towed to King Chevrolet 3 times. They usually wait a couple of days before looking at the vehicle, and then it starts. We have replaced the battery – King Chevrolet said they have checked all of the wiring & there is nothing wrong. WELL there is something wrong; the van is sitting in the driveway will be towed again tomorrow to the dealership. We purchased this vehicle to have a reliable vehicle due to the fact that there is a 95% disabled vet. We simply cannot afford to have this vehicle just taking up space. We live in Estes Park, CO. If the van does start & we go anywhere – we have to leave it running to ensure that we will get back home to the medication (oxygen etc) that is needed. We have to violate safety practice to put fuel in the vehicle – if we want to get home it needs to keep running even at the pump. The van has 39,281 miles. If this problem is not correcxted this time, the dealership can have it back!!! We will simply have it towed there and not pick it up. We do not feel that we should have to continue to pay for this vehicle when it only runs part of the time. If we wanted a vehicle like that, we could have purchased one for less than one monthly payment. On one occasion when husband told dealership that perhaps we should take the van to a different dealership since King Chevrolet could not repair it. He was told “whatever trips your trigger”. I will let you know what trips my trigger – a worthless xxx that is not reliable.

  3. My complaint: I had an issue with my last order, and they make it really difficult to get through to a real live person on their customer service phone number.

  4. I have a complaint about your customer service. I think there is definite room for improvement. I had to wait a long time on old to get through on the customer support phone number.

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