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Corporate Address
110 6th Ave S
Birmingham, AL
Company Contact
Mark Mc Cutcheon
Phone Number
(205) 323-6161
Fax Number
(205) 458-7335
Yearly Revenue
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  1. Hi, I bought a few of the Golden Flake cheese puff bags and was very disappointed. There barely seems to be any cheese on the puffs. I’ve been buying these on and off for years now and some bags have cheese and some don’t. It seems like there isn’t any quality control to make sure each bag has the proper amount of cheese. How do I get refunded?

  2. I have been buying Golden Flake Old Fashioned Pork Skins for years and now every bag I buy I have to throw away because they are not fresh and seem stale. This was my favorite snack and now I’m becoming frustrated because I really like the product and it’s not delivering the goods. It would be great to get some fresh bags of pork skins

  3. I purchase a lot of golden flake chips. Why is it that I pay for air? My bags of chips are only a 1/3 of the way full of chips. I know you’ve had this complaint before. I eat chips everyday. I’m tired of buying “AIR”

  4. I love Golden Flake chips and buy them all the time. But in my last bag of Dill Pickle Chips I chipped a tooth on an unidentified very hard object in my chips. I tool pictures of the object and could send them to you if u like. It looks like a piece of bone or possibly hard plastic. If u need pictures email me an address or phone number and I will send them

  5. the driver here in Memphis # 20878 truck on the expressway 6:40 today. He almost sideswiped me and another car along with weaving in an out of the lanes. can you talk with him because that can cause an accident in early morning traffic . Not sure what was going on. He was not speeding just weaving in and out of the next lane in the truck

  6. Hi,
    I purchased a bag of Curly Q’s fried pork skins and there is an earring in the bag. Fortunately I did not turn the bag up and eat the remainder of the Curly Q’s as I normally would. I have pictures of the earring. if. I need to srnd it. Also, I have the Curly Q bag with proof of purchase. There seems to an issue in packagin department.. This could have been a serious situaiton if I had swallowed the earring. Please advise if I can be refunded or someone. contact me.

  7. I purchased Goldenflake Curly Q’s chicharrones Fried Pork Skins MILDLY seasoned with red pepper. Purchase date 6/2/19, exp date 8/19.
    They were hard (some were break teeth hard), stale, overly salty and super spicy. I only ate 2 and too hot to give to the dog. I have pictures.
    I was very disappointed.
    The upc is 0. 72080 04040. 5.

  8. My complaint: I had an issue with my last order, and they make it really difficult to get through to a real live person on their customer service phone number.

  9. I dont usually complain but here is my review: Decent company in general until there is a problem. I had a problem with payment, credit card expired and it took ages to get it sorted out. The people in the customer service department are nice though.

  10. I as a mother have found a ” box staple” in my 5 year olds “sweet heat” chips. I’ve got the variety bag the box staple and I he bag it came in. I’ve been contacted buy “Golden flakes” on Facebook messenger. There advising me to send them a box staple and the bag. so basically I won’t have any evidence… I’m NOT doing that I’ve got an attorney that I’m going to speak to about this matter. I’ve got pictures and everything else. I took this staple out of my child’s mouth so this is a lawsuit underway!

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