Instagram Headquarters

Instagram Corporate Office Headquarters.

Instagram’s Corporate office address, contact information, email and support phone numbers for the Instagram Headquarters in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley (San Francisco). Instagram is owned by Facebook, Inc.

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Instagram Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
 1 Hacker Way,
Menlo Park,
CA 94025
Company Contact
Mr Adam Mosseri
Phone Number
1-415-857-3369 or 1-650-543-4800
Employee Count
 5,275 Employees

Instagram CEO Email Address and Handle.

Email Address of Adam Mosseri[email protected]
Instagram Handle of Kevin Systrom@kevin
Instagram Handle of  Mike Krieger@mikeyk
Corporate Phone Number1-415-857-3369 or 1-650-543-4800
Personal Twitter Handle of Kevin Systrom@KevinSystrom

Where is Instagram’s Headquarters?

Instagram’s Corporate Office mailing address is:

  • Instagram HQ
  • 1 Hacker Way,
  • Menlo Park,
  • CA 94025
  • USA
Instagram Headquarters - Instagram HQ corporate Office
The Instgram HQ Headquarters building is part of the Facebook Headquarters campus in Menlo Park, CA, and is just one of Instagram’s many office locations.

What is Instagram’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Instagram’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-650-543-4800 or 1-415-857-3369.

What is Instagram’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Instagram’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-650-543-4800.

How do I Contact Instagram Customer Support?

The Instagram Customer Service phone number is: 1-650-543-4800, and their contact email is [email protected] However, it is unlikely you will get a human response through these channels.

Instead, Instagram offers a help center. The help center is available for both the iPhone and Android apps, and through the desktop website at

Instagram Headquarters Executive Team.

Instagram’s Leadership Team consists of:

Instagram Leadership Team:

  • Adam Mosseri CEO / President
  • Claudine Cazian – Head of Entertainment Partnerships
  • Kelsey LeeBusiness – Lead to the Chief Operating Officer
  • Mike Krieger. CTO, Co-Founder.
  • Kevin Systrom (Co-founder)
  • Vishal Shah. VP of Product.

Instagram Board of Directors.

  • June Felix
  • Charlie Rozes
  • Jon Noble
  • Bridget Messer

Non-Executive Board Members.

  • Mike McTighe
  • Malcolm Le May
  • Jonathan Moulds
  • Sally-Ann Hibberd
  • Andrew Didham
  • Helen Stevenson
  • Rakesh Bhasin
  • Wu Gang

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  1. Why the shadow banning?! My guess account is constantly being banned. She is a conservative black woman. So is it a racial black problem or is it a prejudice conservative problem?! Fix your algorithm either its free speech for all or nothing at all.

  2. To whom it concerns,

    I have been posting to Insta throughout February and have NEVER been asked about donating to Black History Month. But when I post a pick of myself and my black friend this message pops up. I then tried another post with a beach picture and nothing popped up.

    Change your algorithm. It is beyond outdated. Its 2021, please get with the times. ALL posts should have that message pop up. Or none of them should.

  3. My account has been deactivated for almost 5 months now. I’ve filled out this form more times than I can count. I’d do anything to bring my Instagram back. That’s where all my memories are saved.
    This is what happened. On October 28th I was at the gym and I look down at my phone and I see 15 new Instagram notifications. People messaging me saying “is this you.” I clicked on the link and it brought me to someone’s Instagram that had almost an identical username to mine. Their Instagram was l__bizzzy and mine is l_bizzyy. They took a bunch of my photos and had an onlyfans link in the bio. I do not have an only fans. They also said in the bio. “this is my new page.” So I screenshotted the fake Instagram and put it on my story. I wrote “please report this Instagram.” Within minutes MY Instagram got disabled not the fake one!! I’m not sure if everyone reported my page by accident or what really happened. Every time I try to log in it says that my account is disabled for impersonating another account. I sent in my passport, birth certificate and license so many times. It seems that nothing is working. I haven’t received one email which makes me nervous that it’s deleted forever. Please can someone bring back my Instagram🤍

    1. Hi, did you get this fixed? I had deactivated my account to get a break but now that I am trying to get back on, I can’t because for some odd reason I am not receiving any authorization code and I don’t know who to contact about this because there’s no email or phone number to contact them for help.

  4. Hi!
    My name is namichiuo, formerly went by Kira. I have a ACTIVE Instagram account I’d like to be able to log back into and use? And delete old ones I have in my name. Seems that every time that I’ve created one… I keep seeming to get logged out or hacked? And when verifying my info to change password by email it works yet it sends a verification code to a cell number I no longer have access to. I’ve been threw the ringer about taking other steps to log in somehow and quite frankly now I’m starting to get pissed? I’ve called HQ and left all my information and still haven’t gotten a call back? Like wtf!? A LOT MORE CONSISTENCY would be GREATLY APPRECIATED

  5. I LITERALLY in every nerve of my body despise Instagram now! The app always has so many problems! It’s so annoying. I have like 3 accounts only because for some reason I keep getting locked out? Even though I’ve set up Two-Step Authentication with an e-mail and phone number. Yet every time I have to go and reset my password to wait for a verification code to a number I no longer have because I thought it was just me? I’ve called HQ and have e-mailed so many damn times that it’s ridiculous!! At this point I just want to delete every account I’ve ever made and call to hell with the whole damn app.

  6. Hi I can’t login to Instagram it says sorry try again I believe it ban my I p addressed how long is the ban I need to use Instagram ASAP !?

  7. Desperately trying to help my son Anthony Minella @1__ant is a D1 football player at Georgia Tech w/2k followers required by coaches to post on IG about himself and team as part of program PR initiative. His account is locked, we tried all wknd and your system won’t recognize him. He set it up with a random gmail address as a little kid and doesn’t remember it. His current email is aminxxxxx His phone number was linked to the account when he set it up (if as a kid he typed it in correctly) 770-241-xxxx. He is frantic, this is his identity as an athlete! He went through all IG online excercises to prove his identity and your system will not recognize him. His last post Fri 3/12 was a series of 3 photos from Georgia Tech weightlifting room. I shared them on my Facebook page if you need to verify (Therese Curley Minella). Did the system not recognize him because he now has a beard? We can send a copy of his drivers license Can someone PLEASE help us? His contact information is above, my number 678-773-xxxx

  8. I believe Someone hacked my Instagram account I need someone to contact me back from Official Instagram company.

  9. Hi Instagram,

    My account @hoodflghts was recently disabled from instagram due to multiple violations of the community guidelines. I am submitting this appeal in hopes of the reactivation of my account, hoodflghts as I sternly believe that the Instagram reporting system has made a mistake. The content I receive and post on my social page is for educational purposes only, in no way do I ever post to influence viewers or inflect emotions on/towards people (as my content is posted as coverage by a ammature news page). The soul purposes of my page is to educate people over Instagram on what happens outside of the current media coverage and to make people laugh through memes. I believe that you have made a horrible mistake during the reporting process and accidentally removed my account due to a violation that was originally a mistake. I am not impressed with the actions of which the instagram system has chosen to follow and would like to see the appropriate change done to reduce this matter from happening to further pages.

    ‘Meme / an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variation’. As stated in the information above I post memes to entertain the audience who follow my page, in no way do I encourage harmful acts on others in my community. I have had a couple of posts removed for reasons you can see, these were also mistakes as I have not in any way encouraged threats or harmful acts / violent matters towards anyone or anything. I did attempt to get the posts analysed, however your management system has once again failed to understand my post is solely for awareness preview only.

    I would like to request my account, @hoodflghts , a pure recovery so I can continue to educate all of my followers on what is happening around the world and keep them updated with awesome new posts that they love. I have high hopes for this page and am constantly interacting with new people and pages.

    Yours sincerely,

  10. Hello My nephew has suffered from being bullied. How do I proceed getting that off the video off line

  11. Yes I am very pissed my account it acting crazy it’s like not letting me text no one or post or even let me see post and says that no network or something I want this handled this not the first time it happened!

  12. Good afternoon someone hacked my ig page i been reaching out since yesterday about this situation no reply at all! My email and password was changed i can be contacted

  13. Hello there is an account on Instagram name Constance Sims. Older African American guy. He talks with you for a long while asking for nudes. Yes I sent some and innnow I shouldn’t have. But I thought we were friends. Now he’s threatening to send them out because I won’t agree to give him any of my private information. I know I can’t be the only one he’s doing this too. I blocked him and he messaged me from another account stating that he will start blackmailing me on Facebook and sending things out to my family. I’m not sure exactly how he would have my family’s information because I never game it out but he needs to be stopped.

  14. My instagram has been hacked and the hacked is scaming people to buy the account. Please help ! @ val_o_r

  15. I can’t post anything anything in my instagram account I think you guys let Stewart carneys hospital and discrimination control my account account they’re killing my son 11 years old and I need to post thing in the Instagram every time try to put something in Instagram it’s like somebody’s


  17. My account was Hacked what can I do?.
    My Email: ymedxxxx @gmail. com
    My cell -# 206719xxxx.
    Let me know what I can do?.

  18. A “Richard Hendrixx” is a scammer on Instagram. He goes after single moms trying to cash false checks in our accounts and then give him part of it before the check is returned. He has cost me a ton of money. Please do whatever you can to get him. He needs to be reported.

  19. I have tried to file several counterfeit reports on (purse tripping) scammer. She openly promotes and sells counterfeit handbags Thats all she sells on your site because she got caught on her youtube channel and was kicked off a week. Im begging for someone, anyone to help. Think how you would feel if someone scammed your 95 year old mom. PLEASE HELP

  20. I noticed that instagram is allowing to run religious accounts which are responsible for religious riots. Accounts like hindu_tamilan, hindutuvam are misguiding their followers and are responsible for religious riots. They create a quarrel among christians and muslims. I really feel bad that instagram is letting people to create fake account in the name of their religion and caste. Kindly i request instagram to remove those accounts. Its really disturbing to get harrased by these accounts.

  21. I got locked out of one of my account and I don’t know why and when I look up my name for the account on a friend’s account it shows my profile but when I go and try to login to the account it keeps saying that the account does not exist the account I am trying to get back into is courtlynnkirkland

  22. Please help my daughter @imbadkidpariss has been locked out of her account with 450k followers. I changed the date of birth to hers from mine and it said locked out because she is not old enough. I am her parent and I manage that account for her. She is an influencer and use that page to model. She has been distraught since we’ve been locked out. I have sent numerous appeals but no answer. Please help my daughter. My email is ranika.pxxxxx The Instagram account Is under imbadkidpariss and the email is pxxxx HELP

  23. Hi! My Instagram has been temporarily locked and I cannot get back in I’ve tried to use the security code to reassess it multiple times and it keeps saying et here was an error

  24. My instagram randomly went black. Nothing shows up except my prolife photo. Not my photos on my account. Not my feed. Not my messages. It’s just black?

  25. my account was disabled for 30days i work hard to build my account please help me recover my account username @1foreignace

  26. Hello sir, my name is parmar rakesh. I am from india.
    My Suasion is add in instagram user detail like birthday, basic information, about information, etc.

  27. My Instagram account @ m.ariahhh___ has been hacked, I need help getting back into my account asap.

  28. I have been harassed on Instagram twice and the person is constantly allowed back on the app it seems. The person who is harassing me has taken to messaging my followers in order to try and get me to message them back and I no longer feel safe on the app. I deleted my first account because of this person and I just made a new account hoping Instagram took care of this person but the person is back and won’t leave me alone. I have reported him, blocked him, and told the people that currently follow me to do the same and Instagram has yet to take action, this person is even using my pictures from my old account as his profile picture and is impersonating me and each time I report it they do nothing and don’t take the account down. They say this app is safe and that their people make sure their community guidelines are followed but they are letting this person get away with it for the 2nd time.

  29. This is Chaz Sanders i was wanting to reach out to y’all to see if I could get my instagram back because it has been hacked and they have changed all my information on it to where i can’t get back in and i was wondering if y’all could help me out?

  30. Good Afternoon Instagram Team,

    I have a problem regarding on my Instagram Account. I can’t log in on my Instagram Account and it feels like disabled. My account disabled by mistake and I don’t violate your guidelines. I also appeal on deactivation appeal form and I received email and it said I need to took a picture with the code they sent with my Complete name and username. I also provide my Utility Bill and Drivers License ID. But then, still my account not reactivate and I still do not received email (three days and counting) since I give almost there needs. I hope you can help me reactivate my account. My Instagram Account name is @shawfries .Thanks and hoping for your response and to help fix this issue.

    1. hi Shawn im having the same issue how did you get your account back. im so desperate to get my ig back!! it would be so grateful to hear a response from you

  31. My Instagram account was hacked @darealslim88 they changed all my information to my account. They are scamming my family and friends from that account. Is there anyway you can help me get my page back safely

  32. Hello, I have a concern in regards to my Instagram account. The music sticker is available in my stories, however, if I tried to look for a particular artist, for example: Beyonce or Snoh, it says artist not found. And I know that’s not true because I use both artist in my stories before. I’ve updated my app and I’ve also updated my phone so I’m not sure what the issue is. Please help me, Instagram help center on the app don’t do anything. I feel like I be talking to myself.

  33. Good morning, i have some question, i was get a messeges from some People how says they are from instra gram head office, and they say i win 600.000 dollar prize from instra gram, the sent me email and stuff the use your name bd ask my a delivery money from 200 euro, it feels not okay, please tell my iff it is fake orh not

  34. Hi there
    My name is Philip Norton, and I have been lock out of my instagram for a year. I have deleted my old email address two years ago, so now I have a new email address pnortonxxxx
    user account instagram pnorton355853

  35. There is two pages on IG. theblackchildmolesterslayer and the_eagle_tribe_ who claims to be a child moleseter advocate but get false information on people and speak on it. She also goes to other people page; get pictures and of picture account and repost it. She has defamed so many people names and hurt family. Her account needs to be taken down ASAP.

  36. My account has been hacked. I was sleep and didn’t realize or understand the emails that I was getting and now I am completely shut out of the account and my friends are saying that they are posting about Bitcoin

  37. Hello my account been disabled I was wondering if I could possibly get it back if soo pls email me or contact me through email or phone plsfree

  38. Hello,

    Can you please provide me with information about who and why my account was initially memorialised. This is actually extremely concerning that your system was able to remove my access and make a false claim that my account was “memorialised”.

    Due to this incident, I request you give me the name of who has reported my account as “deceased” as well as any other information relevant to this case. Instagram username @NDV8
    I also request as part of the instagram service act that you give me a contact information for someone whom I can talk to regarding this incident as I am extremely appalled and have seen instagram stories regarding people “banning” accounts using third party apps / bots. This is a serious incident regarding deceased people who have been falsely objectified.

    Please reply to this email accordingly with the information I am able to receive (respecting all privacy laws).

    You MUST give me contact information for whoever dealt with my “memorialised” case.


  39. I cannot get in my Instagram Iit will not send the link to my iCloud or nothing the number I don’t have no more my instagram name is Og._mo_17.5 I need help

  40. Please unlock my ig its been almost 2 wks. The code being sent is incorrect email its tpanixxxx no period at the end. Or can be sent text thru my phone my number is 1814525xxxx. Please im losing a 7 year account I have never had problems

  41. I made an account In 2015 called “burzurio” but I got locked out of it I have proof that it is my account.I made a new one called burzurio_04 but i really want my old username back

  42. Hello my telephone is linked to John Cusack’s Instagram link and I want it removed. I’m not on Instagram anymore and my cell phone has been hacked, accounts compromised and I’m being stalked by criminals. Can you help me?

  43. I’m a victim of a scam and hacking on Instagram and I’m trying to contact someone so my page can be taken down because they are doing it to others using my identity please help me!

  44. My Instagram mohal1193 won’t let me follow anyone for two weeks now please lift it I’m not a bot I promise what I can do to lift the try again later problem on Instagram

    Good Evening,

    My Instagram account has been hacked. This person is impersonating me. They are also soliciting people to make money illegally. My username is Jay_pebbles , email address is [email protected], telephone number is 314-702-0459.This person is malicious and this is a form of identity theft. Your auto response refuses to permanently delete this account because you feel that there is nothing wrong here. Per your guidelines this person is impersonating my me and that is growns for you to permanently deletion on this account! This is misuse of personal identification and you are basically saying you are allowing this. Go and unblock my mom’s IG [email protected] and look at the dms and they admitted that this was not their account. Now you have opened up other followers of my daughter to this nightmare! Please permanently delete jay_pebbles account now before this happens to others . DO SOMETHING AND STOP SENDING BACK AUTO REPLY TXT‼️


    Helena Schneider

    Wetzel’s Pretzels-Hazelwood
    Owner/Store Manager
    5555 St. Louis Mills Blvd, # 352
    Hazelwood, MO 63042
    Phone:(314) 814-7267
    Fax:(314) 275-2216

    Wetzel’s Pretzels-Chesterfield
    Owner/Store Manager
    18511 Outlet Blvd #822
    Chesterfield, MO 63005
    [email protected]

    My name is Jayla Schneidraccount has been hacked. Her username is Jay_pebbles , email address is [email protected], telephone number is 314-702-0459.This person is malicious and this is a form of identity theft. She has also mentioned that you refused to permanently disable this account because you feel that there is nothing wrong here. Per your guidelines this person is impersonating my daughter and that is growns for you to permanently disable this account! This is misuse of personal identification and you are basically saying you are allowing this. Go and unblock my user name and look at the dms and they admitted that this was not their account. Now you have opened up other followers of my daughter to this nightmare! Please permanently disable jay_pebbles account now before this happens to others and cause more harm to my daughter. Also my daughter Jayla is CC’d on this email. DO SOMETHING AND STOP SENDING BACK AUTO REPLY TXT‼️


    Helena Schneider

    Wetzel’s Pretzels-Hazelwood
    Owner/Store Manager
    5555 St. Louis Mills Blvd, # 352
    Hazelwood, MO 63042
    Phone:(314) 814-7267
    Fax:(314) 275-2216

    Wetzel’s Pretzels-Chesterfield
    Owner/Store Manager
    18511 Outlet Blvd #822
    Chesterfield, MO 63005
    [email protected] com

  46. Hello this is a urgen situation
    My Instagram Captain_jay_55 was hacked and switched to _captain_jay_55__ it’s a major scam that has taken thousands of dollars from my friends and family and others. I had someone I knew msg me and said they made money with this guy and the whole time I was talking to a hacker and not my friend. I lost a few thousand and people keep calling me saying they lost thousands also. He makes u make a video saying it’s legit and he need to log onto your Instagram to gain verification and then he changes everything. My life has been a mess I’m getting threats from people.

  47. Page been hacked! Changed all my login information. They are using my page to get people to send the money on bitcoin. FRAUD!

  48. Page been hacked! Changed all my login information. They are using my page to get people to send the money on bitcoin. FRAUD!

  49. Hello I have reported my account that has been hacked and nothing has been done when I put my report I got a response saying that everything looks fine on that account but this person is hacking people trying to persuade them about bitcoin this person has change the email and phone number to be able to get a code to get into my account I have reported it numerous times and others have and nothing has been done about it, the account that was hacked is (boriquamoms_28) please help

  50. Hello, my name is Wesley and my Instagram account has just been disabled mistakenly. I never violated any rule or policy on Instagram. Please I would hope for your great community to please help recover back my account.y

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