Instagram Headquarters

Instagram Headquarters - Instagram HQ corporate Office

Instagram Corporate Office Headquarters.

Instagram’s Corporate office address, contact information, email and support phone numbers for the Instagram Headquarters in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley (San Francisco). Instagram is owned by Facebook, Inc.

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Instagram Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
 1 Hacker Way,
Menlo Park,
CA 94025
Company Contact
Mr Adam Mosseri
Phone Number
1-415-857-3369 or 1-650-543-4800
Employee Count
 5,275 Employees

Instagram CEO Email Address and Handle.

Email Address of Adam Mosseri[email protected]
Instagram Handle of Kevin Systrom@kevin
Instagram Handle of  Mike Krieger@mikeyk
Corporate Phone Number1-415-857-3369 or 1-650-543-4800
Personal Twitter Handle of Kevin Systrom@KevinSystrom

Where is Instagram’s Headquarters?

Instagram’s Corporate Office mailing address is:

  • Instagram HQ
  • 1 Hacker Way,
  • Menlo Park,
  • CA 94025
  • USA
Instagram Headquarters - Instagram HQ corporate Office
The Instgram HQ Headquarters building is part of the Facebook Headquarters campus in Menlo Park, CA, and is just one of Instagram’s many office locations.

What is Instagram’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Instagram’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-650-543-4800 or 1-415-857-3369.

What is Instagram’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Instagram’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-650-543-4800.

How do I Contact Instagram Customer Support?

The Instagram Customer Service phone number is: 1-650-543-4800, and their contact email is [email protected]. However, it is unlikely you will get a human response through these channels.

Instead, Instagram offers a help center. The help center is available for both the iPhone and Android apps, and through the desktop website at

Instagram Headquarters Executive Team.

Instagram’s Leadership Team consists of:

Instagram Leadership Team:

  • Adam Mosseri CEO / President
  • Claudine Cazian – Head of Entertainment Partnerships
  • Kelsey LeeBusiness – Lead to the Chief Operating Officer
  • Mike Krieger. CTO, Co-Founder.
  • Kevin Systrom (Co-founder)
  • Vishal Shah. VP of Product.

Instagram Board of Directors.

  • June Felix
  • Charlie Rozes
  • Jon Noble
  • Bridget Messer

Non-Executive Board Members.

  • Mike McTighe
  • Malcolm Le May
  • Jonathan Moulds
  • Sally-Ann Hibberd
  • Andrew Didham
  • Helen Stevenson
  • Rakesh Bhasin
  • Wu Gang

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453 thoughts on “Instagram Headquarters

  1. Why the shadow banning?! My guess account is constantly being banned. She is a conservative black woman. So is it a racial black problem or is it a prejudice conservative problem?! Fix your algorithm either its free speech for all or nothing at all.

      1. I had my art page for about 6years, it got hacked and disabled for over 3weeks and I kept getting automated replies to my emails to support.
        A colleague at work recommended @stedcodes on Instagram. He’s a programmer and a Greyhat hacker. Recommending him because he’s fast and reliable.

          1. I felt that, my account got hacked and I want the whole account deleted permanently but nothing has been done yet

          2. My name is Vikas Kulshrestha instagram account is not opening we have tried a lot otherwise we are not able to change the password we request you to try to get it done asap the id which is having problem is id vikashkulshrxxxxx mail id vikashkulshresthxxxxx

        1. What’s the status on @stedcodes and what was her/your experience? I’m in contact with him now but am curious what your experience was and how long ago it was. Thanks

          1. He didn’t view my messages for days, I texted him on his backup, he helped me get in although the hacker already deleted half of my contents.

          2. Could you please give me his contact information? I’d greatly appreciate it.

          3. I’ve been in contact with him for the last 4 days, he keeps saying he’s right here with me but hasn’t got my account back. Pretty sure I just got scammed.

        2. My business instagram account has been disabled and i keep getting automated messages too. How can i get my account back?

    1. Hello instagram my Instagram account has been deactivated from instagram and this account is very important to me I will not mistake anything in future please fix my account and get this account back to me thank you

      Username nadeem._18

      1. Same yrr😭😭 my Instagram id has been disabled and I can’t login 😔😔please anybody help me???

    2. I honestly believe Instagram and Facebook mother and all of their corresponding social media platforms are totally biased as it pertains to African Americans and our community but yet they always want to and granddad’s off of the African-American community I’m deactivating all of my social media accounts attached to Facebook and Instagram and I’m going to start petitioning the African-American community to do the same

  2. To whom it concerns,

    I have been posting to Insta throughout February and have NEVER been asked about donating to Black History Month. But when I post a pick of myself and my black friend this message pops up. I then tried another post with a beach picture and nothing popped up.

    Change your algorithm. It is beyond outdated. Its 2021, please get with the times. ALL posts should have that message pop up. Or none of them should.

    1. My account got disabled because I didn’t read Instagram guidelines and I used an app with auto followers I’m sorry for what I’ve done, it won’t happen in the future, please return my instagram account

      1. I had my art page for about 6years, it got hacked and disabled for over 3weeks and I kept getting automated replies to my emails to support.
        A colleague at work recommended @stedcodes on Instagram. He’s a programmer and a Greyhat hacker. Recommending him because he’s fast and reliable.

    2. My Instagram account Roundfaacce2.0 was hacked by this dude from Nigeria, and it’s impossible to get it back. I followed every step and even contacted Instagram but nothing happened. I’m really desperate to get it back because this dude is using my account to scam others and people think that it’s me when it’s not

      1. I was also hacked. And I’m have a very hard time trying to get my account back. I’m a music artist and I need my name to promote my music. And I can’t even create a new account using my name. Unbelievable! And I can’t remember how many times I’ve emailed security

        1. I am dealing with the exact same thing right now. Someone from Nigeria has full access to my account and I use this for my work. Who/where can we go to get this solved. The “Help Center” is not helpful.

      2. I don’t even want my account back tbh I just want the whole account permanently deleted because this person is advertising fraud and nothing has been done!

      3. Nigeria got our business account as well. I reached out to the CEO listed on the Instagram page via email today – I don’t have a response yet BUT this is his info below – maybe if enough of us bombard him – he will do something?????

        Adam Mosseri [email protected]

        Wish me luck – and I wish the same to you as well!!!

    3. I had my art page for about 6years, it got hacked and disabled for over 3weeks and I kept getting automated replies to my emails to support.
      A colleague at work recommended @stedcodes on Instagram. He’s a programmer and a Greyhat hacker. Recommending him because he’s fast and reliable.

  3. My account has been deactivated for almost 5 months now. I’ve filled out this form more times than I can count. I’d do anything to bring my Instagram back. That’s where all my memories are saved.
    This is what happened. On October 28th I was at the gym and I look down at my phone and I see 15 new Instagram notifications. People messaging me saying “is this you.” I clicked on the link and it brought me to someone’s Instagram that had almost an identical username to mine. Their Instagram was l__bizzzy and mine is l_bizzyy. They took a bunch of my photos and had an onlyfans link in the bio. I do not have an only fans. They also said in the bio. “this is my new page.” So I screenshotted the fake Instagram and put it on my story. I wrote “please report this Instagram.” Within minutes MY Instagram got disabled not the fake one!! I’m not sure if everyone reported my page by accident or what really happened. Every time I try to log in it says that my account is disabled for impersonating another account. I sent in my passport, birth certificate and license so many times. It seems that nothing is working. I haven’t received one email which makes me nervous that it’s deleted forever. Please can someone bring back my Instagram🤍

      1. You know Instagram please yaar please Instagram supporter Mary help Karogi and preach Kar Dijiye Mira Instagram account Koradha00008

    1. Hi, did you get this fixed? I had deactivated my account to get a break but now that I am trying to get back on, I can’t because for some odd reason I am not receiving any authorization code and I don’t know who to contact about this because there’s no email or phone number to contact them for help.

    2. i got this too man. also you can send as much pictures, they never reply back… did you get this solved yet?

  4. Hi!
    My name is namichiuo, formerly went by Kira. I have a ACTIVE Instagram account I’d like to be able to log back into and use? And delete old ones I have in my name. Seems that every time that I’ve created one… I keep seeming to get logged out or hacked? And when verifying my info to change password by email it works yet it sends a verification code to a cell number I no longer have access to. I’ve been threw the ringer about taking other steps to log in somehow and quite frankly now I’m starting to get pissed? I’ve called HQ and left all my information and still haven’t gotten a call back? Like wtf!? A LOT MORE CONSISTENCY would be GREATLY APPRECIATED

  5. I LITERALLY in every nerve of my body despise Instagram now! The app always has so many problems! It’s so annoying. I have like 3 accounts only because for some reason I keep getting locked out? Even though I’ve set up Two-Step Authentication with an e-mail and phone number. Yet every time I have to go and reset my password to wait for a verification code to a number I no longer have because I thought it was just me? I’ve called HQ and have e-mailed so many damn times that it’s ridiculous!! At this point I just want to delete every account I’ve ever made and call to hell with the whole damn app.

  6. Hi I can’t login to Instagram it says sorry try again I believe it ban my I p addressed how long is the ban I need to use Instagram ASAP !?

  7. Desperately trying to help my son Anthony Minella @1__ant is a D1 football player at Georgia Tech w/2k followers required by coaches to post on IG about himself and team as part of program PR initiative. His account is locked, we tried all wknd and your system won’t recognize him. He set it up with a random gmail address as a little kid and doesn’t remember it. His current email is aminxxxxx His phone number was linked to the account when he set it up (if as a kid he typed it in correctly) 770-241-xxxx. He is frantic, this is his identity as an athlete! He went through all IG online excercises to prove his identity and your system will not recognize him. His last post Fri 3/12 was a series of 3 photos from Georgia Tech weightlifting room. I shared them on my Facebook page if you need to verify (Therese Curley Minella). Did the system not recognize him because he now has a beard? We can send a copy of his drivers license Can someone PLEASE help us? His contact information is above, my number 678-773-xxxx

  8. I believe Someone hacked my Instagram account I need someone to contact me back from Official Instagram company.

  9. Hi Instagram,

    My account @hoodflghts was recently disabled from instagram due to multiple violations of the community guidelines. I am submitting this appeal in hopes of the reactivation of my account, hoodflghts as I sternly believe that the Instagram reporting system has made a mistake. The content I receive and post on my social page is for educational purposes only, in no way do I ever post to influence viewers or inflect emotions on/towards people (as my content is posted as coverage by a ammature news page). The soul purposes of my page is to educate people over Instagram on what happens outside of the current media coverage and to make people laugh through memes. I believe that you have made a horrible mistake during the reporting process and accidentally removed my account due to a violation that was originally a mistake. I am not impressed with the actions of which the instagram system has chosen to follow and would like to see the appropriate change done to reduce this matter from happening to further pages.

    ‘Meme / an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variation’. As stated in the information above I post memes to entertain the audience who follow my page, in no way do I encourage harmful acts on others in my community. I have had a couple of posts removed for reasons you can see, these were also mistakes as I have not in any way encouraged threats or harmful acts / violent matters towards anyone or anything. I did attempt to get the posts analysed, however your management system has once again failed to understand my post is solely for awareness preview only.

    I would like to request my account, @hoodflghts , a pure recovery so I can continue to educate all of my followers on what is happening around the world and keep them updated with awesome new posts that they love. I have high hopes for this page and am constantly interacting with new people and pages.

    Yours sincerely,

  10. Hello My nephew has suffered from being bullied. How do I proceed getting that off the video off line

  11. Yes I am very pissed my account it acting crazy it’s like not letting me text no one or post or even let me see post and says that no network or something I want this handled this not the first time it happened!

  12. Good afternoon someone hacked my ig page i been reaching out since yesterday about this situation no reply at all! My email and password was changed i can be contacted

  13. Hello there is an account on Instagram name Constance Sims. Older African American guy. He talks with you for a long while asking for nudes. Yes I sent some and innnow I shouldn’t have. But I thought we were friends. Now he’s threatening to send them out because I won’t agree to give him any of my private information. I know I can’t be the only one he’s doing this too. I blocked him and he messaged me from another account stating that he will start blackmailing me on Facebook and sending things out to my family. I’m not sure exactly how he would have my family’s information because I never game it out but he needs to be stopped.

    1. My account got hack and a number of my friends have gotten hack as well. There’s a big problem here because I saw a lot of comments of people being hacked. I want my account and my son’s old account remove from Instagram. Your website keeps refusing to change my password. This hacker is pretending to be me and asking for money. Please help.

  14. My instagram has been hacked and the hacked is scaming people to buy the account. Please help ! @ val_o_r

  15. I can’t post anything anything in my instagram account I think you guys let Stewart carneys hospital and discrimination control my account account they’re killing my son 11 years old and I need to post thing in the Instagram every time try to put something in Instagram it’s like somebody’s


    1. My instagram account was hacked on tuesday May 3rd 2022. I learned the hacker changed not only my email, my user name my phone number and activated the two factor authentication code. I have tried everything. Emailing them the notification photos of these changes on my emails and no one does anything about it. My friends have reported my account is hacked. I have sent countless selfie videos and instagram keeps rejecting them saying they cannot verify my identity. Letting these criminals get away with it. Stealing our memories and hurting others in the process. It would be nice if someone would care enough to help. So others don’t go through the same situation. It’s frustrating the lack of help us victims get.

    2. My business account @clad_code_nation254 has been disabled. I have appealed severally but i keep on getting automated messages. How do i go about it?

  17. My account was Hacked what can I do?.
    My Email: ymedxxxx @gmail. com
    My cell -# 206719xxxx.
    Let me know what I can do?.

  18. A “Richard Hendrixx” is a scammer on Instagram. He goes after single moms trying to cash false checks in our accounts and then give him part of it before the check is returned. He has cost me a ton of money. Please do whatever you can to get him. He needs to be reported.

  19. I have tried to file several counterfeit reports on (purse tripping) scammer. She openly promotes and sells counterfeit handbags Thats all she sells on your site because she got caught on her youtube channel and was kicked off a week. Im begging for someone, anyone to help. Think how you would feel if someone scammed your 95 year old mom. PLEASE HELP

  20. I noticed that instagram is allowing to run religious accounts which are responsible for religious riots. Accounts like hindu_tamilan, hindutuvam are misguiding their followers and are responsible for religious riots. They create a quarrel among christians and muslims. I really feel bad that instagram is letting people to create fake account in the name of their religion and caste. Kindly i request instagram to remove those accounts. Its really disturbing to get harrased by these accounts.

  21. I got locked out of one of my account and I don’t know why and when I look up my name for the account on a friend’s account it shows my profile but when I go and try to login to the account it keeps saying that the account does not exist the account I am trying to get back into is courtlynnkirkland

  22. Please help my daughter @imbadkidpariss has been locked out of her account with 450k followers. I changed the date of birth to hers from mine and it said locked out because she is not old enough. I am her parent and I manage that account for her. She is an influencer and use that page to model. She has been distraught since we’ve been locked out. I have sent numerous appeals but no answer. Please help my daughter. My email is ranika.pxxxxx The Instagram account Is under imbadkidpariss and the email is pxxxx HELP

  23. Hi! My Instagram has been temporarily locked and I cannot get back in I’ve tried to use the security code to reassess it multiple times and it keeps saying et here was an error

  24. My instagram randomly went black. Nothing shows up except my prolife photo. Not my photos on my account. Not my feed. Not my messages. It’s just black?

  25. my account was disabled for 30days i work hard to build my account please help me recover my account username @1foreignace

  26. Hello sir, my name is parmar rakesh. I am from india.
    My Suasion is add in instagram user detail like birthday, basic information, about information, etc.

  27. My Instagram account @ m.ariahhh___ has been hacked, I need help getting back into my account asap.

  28. I have been harassed on Instagram twice and the person is constantly allowed back on the app it seems. The person who is harassing me has taken to messaging my followers in order to try and get me to message them back and I no longer feel safe on the app. I deleted my first account because of this person and I just made a new account hoping Instagram took care of this person but the person is back and won’t leave me alone. I have reported him, blocked him, and told the people that currently follow me to do the same and Instagram has yet to take action, this person is even using my pictures from my old account as his profile picture and is impersonating me and each time I report it they do nothing and don’t take the account down. They say this app is safe and that their people make sure their community guidelines are followed but they are letting this person get away with it for the 2nd time.

  29. This is Chaz Sanders i was wanting to reach out to y’all to see if I could get my instagram back because it has been hacked and they have changed all my information on it to where i can’t get back in and i was wondering if y’all could help me out?

  30. Good Afternoon Instagram Team,

    I have a problem regarding on my Instagram Account. I can’t log in on my Instagram Account and it feels like disabled. My account disabled by mistake and I don’t violate your guidelines. I also appeal on deactivation appeal form and I received email and it said I need to took a picture with the code they sent with my Complete name and username. I also provide my Utility Bill and Drivers License ID. But then, still my account not reactivate and I still do not received email (three days and counting) since I give almost there needs. I hope you can help me reactivate my account. My Instagram Account name is @shawfries .Thanks and hoping for your response and to help fix this issue.

    1. hi Shawn im having the same issue how did you get your account back. im so desperate to get my ig back!! it would be so grateful to hear a response from you

  31. My Instagram account was hacked @darealslim88 they changed all my information to my account. They are scamming my family and friends from that account. Is there anyway you can help me get my page back safely

  32. Hello, I have a concern in regards to my Instagram account. The music sticker is available in my stories, however, if I tried to look for a particular artist, for example: Beyonce or Snoh, it says artist not found. And I know that’s not true because I use both artist in my stories before. I’ve updated my app and I’ve also updated my phone so I’m not sure what the issue is. Please help me, Instagram help center on the app don’t do anything. I feel like I be talking to myself.

  33. Good morning, i have some question, i was get a messeges from some People how says they are from instra gram head office, and they say i win 600.000 dollar prize from instra gram, the sent me email and stuff the use your name bd ask my a delivery money from 200 euro, it feels not okay, please tell my iff it is fake orh not

  34. Hi there
    My name is Philip Norton, and I have been lock out of my instagram for a year. I have deleted my old email address two years ago, so now I have a new email address pnortonxxxx
    user account instagram pnorton355853

  35. There is two pages on IG. theblackchildmolesterslayer and the_eagle_tribe_ who claims to be a child moleseter advocate but get false information on people and speak on it. She also goes to other people page; get pictures and of picture account and repost it. She has defamed so many people names and hurt family. Her account needs to be taken down ASAP.

  36. My account has been hacked. I was sleep and didn’t realize or understand the emails that I was getting and now I am completely shut out of the account and my friends are saying that they are posting about Bitcoin

  37. Hello my account been disabled I was wondering if I could possibly get it back if soo pls email me or contact me through email or phone plsfree

  38. Hello,

    Can you please provide me with information about who and why my account was initially memorialised. This is actually extremely concerning that your system was able to remove my access and make a false claim that my account was “memorialised”.

    Due to this incident, I request you give me the name of who has reported my account as “deceased” as well as any other information relevant to this case. Instagram username @NDV8
    I also request as part of the instagram service act that you give me a contact information for someone whom I can talk to regarding this incident as I am extremely appalled and have seen instagram stories regarding people “banning” accounts using third party apps / bots. This is a serious incident regarding deceased people who have been falsely objectified.

    Please reply to this email accordingly with the information I am able to receive (respecting all privacy laws).

    You MUST give me contact information for whoever dealt with my “memorialised” case.


  39. I cannot get in my Instagram Iit will not send the link to my iCloud or nothing the number I don’t have no more my instagram name is Og._mo_17.5 I need help

  40. Please unlock my ig its been almost 2 wks. The code being sent is incorrect email its tpanixxxx no period at the end. Or can be sent text thru my phone my number is 1814525xxxx. Please im losing a 7 year account I have never had problems

  41. I made an account In 2015 called “burzurio” but I got locked out of it I have proof that it is my account.I made a new one called burzurio_04 but i really want my old username back

  42. Hello my telephone is linked to John Cusack’s Instagram link and I want it removed. I’m not on Instagram anymore and my cell phone has been hacked, accounts compromised and I’m being stalked by criminals. Can you help me?

  43. I’m a victim of a scam and hacking on Instagram and I’m trying to contact someone so my page can be taken down because they are doing it to others using my identity please help me!

  44. I need my account back that’s how I contact my family in other countries and my hair appointment

  45. My Instagram mohal1193 won’t let me follow anyone for two weeks now please lift it I’m not a bot I promise what I can do to lift the try again later problem on Instagram

    1. My Instagram account has been disabled more than 3 times now and I havent done anything wrong, I dont use Instagram alot, I use it every once in a while and yet for some reason my account keeps getting disabled. This has happend on 2 separate accounts now and what’s worse is that when I take my picture and send it to you guys with the code and my name and everything no one responds, my account has been locked for 2 years now and the new one I made was disabled to. Please help _victor.king_

    Good Evening,

    My Instagram account has been hacked. This person is impersonating me. They are also soliciting people to make money illegally. My username is Jay_pebbles , email address is [email protected], telephone number is 314-702-0459.This person is malicious and this is a form of identity theft. Your auto response refuses to permanently delete this account because you feel that there is nothing wrong here. Per your guidelines this person is impersonating my me and that is growns for you to permanently deletion on this account! This is misuse of personal identification and you are basically saying you are allowing this. Go and unblock my mom’s IG [email protected] and look at the dms and they admitted that this was not their account. Now you have opened up other followers of my daughter to this nightmare! Please permanently delete jay_pebbles account now before this happens to others . DO SOMETHING AND STOP SENDING BACK AUTO REPLY TXT‼️


    Helena Schneider

    Wetzel’s Pretzels-Hazelwood
    Owner/Store Manager
    5555 St. Louis Mills Blvd, # 352
    Hazelwood, MO 63042
    Phone:(314) 814-7267
    Fax:(314) 275-2216

    Wetzel’s Pretzels-Chesterfield
    Owner/Store Manager
    18511 Outlet Blvd #822
    Chesterfield, MO 63005
    [email protected]

    My name is Jayla Schneidraccount has been hacked. Her username is Jay_pebbles , email address is [email protected], telephone number is 314-702-0459.This person is malicious and this is a form of identity theft. She has also mentioned that you refused to permanently disable this account because you feel that there is nothing wrong here. Per your guidelines this person is impersonating my daughter and that is growns for you to permanently disable this account! This is misuse of personal identification and you are basically saying you are allowing this. Go and unblock my user name and look at the dms and they admitted that this was not their account. Now you have opened up other followers of my daughter to this nightmare! Please permanently disable jay_pebbles account now before this happens to others and cause more harm to my daughter. Also my daughter Jayla is CC’d on this email. DO SOMETHING AND STOP SENDING BACK AUTO REPLY TXT‼️


    Helena Schneider

    Wetzel’s Pretzels-Hazelwood
    Owner/Store Manager
    5555 St. Louis Mills Blvd, # 352
    Hazelwood, MO 63042
    Phone:(314) 814-7267
    Fax:(314) 275-2216

    Wetzel’s Pretzels-Chesterfield
    Owner/Store Manager
    18511 Outlet Blvd #822
    Chesterfield, MO 63005
    [email protected] com

  47. My 5 yr old child is being impersonated and made fun of!! Please take this account down !!! Bigpun15

  48. Hello this is a urgen situation
    My Instagram Captain_jay_55 was hacked and switched to _captain_jay_55__ it’s a major scam that has taken thousands of dollars from my friends and family and others. I had someone I knew msg me and said they made money with this guy and the whole time I was talking to a hacker and not my friend. I lost a few thousand and people keep calling me saying they lost thousands also. He makes u make a video saying it’s legit and he need to log onto your Instagram to gain verification and then he changes everything. My life has been a mess I’m getting threats from people.

  49. Page been hacked! Changed all my login information. They are using my page to get people to send the money on bitcoin. FRAUD!

  50. Page been hacked! Changed all my login information. They are using my page to get people to send the money on bitcoin. FRAUD!

  51. Hello I have reported my account that has been hacked and nothing has been done when I put my report I got a response saying that everything looks fine on that account but this person is hacking people trying to persuade them about bitcoin this person has change the email and phone number to be able to get a code to get into my account I have reported it numerous times and others have and nothing has been done about it, the account that was hacked is (boriquamoms_28) please help

  52. Hello, my name is Wesley and my Instagram account has just been disabled mistakenly. I never violated any rule or policy on Instagram. Please I would hope for your great community to please help recover back my account.y

  53. Not search for any song for instagram story music so please help me account name-prachi_thacker21

  54. Somebody hacked my Instagram page an change my email how do I come about getting it back

  55. Someone has/is hacking my account. I have multiple images of myself on Instagram. I only can account for 2. Since today 10/19 /21 I’ve found other photos/images of myself being used on your platform.

  56. Hello,
    I had a few instagrams that were wrongfully deleted and I need your help to get them back
    The first Instagram listed below took me like 3 years to get to 15.6k and it’s really upsetting that it got deleted for just posting memes. And memes I got from Facebook.
    They were meme pages that didn’t violate any community standards
    If you can help me get my accounts back I’d highly appreciate it
    The handles are
    Thank you in advance
    – Jonathan cohen

  57. I have been hacked from my Instagram account and am not able to access it through my email address. Can I get help?

  58. My account was hacked and posting nudes, I’ve been asking for help for months

  59. My Instagram account has been disabled more than 3 times now and I havent done anything wrong, I dont use Instagram alot, I use it every once in a while and yet for some reason my account keeps getting disabled. This has happend on 2 separate accounts now and what’s worse is that when I take my picture and send it to you guys with the code and my name and everything no one responds, my account has been locked for 2 years now and the new one I made was disabled to. Please help _victor.king_

  60. You have the audacity to threaten to sanction me and remove ME from Instagram for commenting on a man physically abusing and degrading a smaller less powerful woman? SHAME ON U!

  61. Hello Instagram,

    All of my accounts have been deactivated for no reason at all, everytime I appeal you guys tell me the image is unacceptable. I would like to get my accounts back so please help me.

  62. My Instagram was hacked and I can’t get back in the person who hacked my account changed email and all so I can’t even reset my password

  63. Hi, My instagram was hacked. I am being threatened to send money or else they will find me and murder me. They have been messaging people who I follow and sending them inappropriate message. Can you please help me get my account back? Thank you.

  64. Basically what happened was my IG was hacked. They changed the email then added a PIN number so I couldn’t access. Then I was sent a 5 digit code which I was asked to write on a paper along with my user name and hold it next to my face in a photo for verification. After this occurred I was completely locked out and there was no type of help from customer service. This has been my account since 2014. Email has been the same. You can see that there was a lot of email changing between 3:30am-4:30am October 13, 2021. I have screenshots of everything. The person is using my page to try to scam my followers out of money by pretending to be me. I have screenshots of conversations had with my friends that they sent me. I need my account recovered and attached to my original email listed above. The two emails that it was changed to are pejojoxxxx & cristyalonxxxx You will see this is total fraud. Please reset my password to my original email crisstyxxxx and remove any authentication pins. This has already caused some of my followers to get scammed out of thousands of dollars. Thank you.
    (Website attached is direct link to hacked account.)

  65. My account has been hacked. The hacker has changed my email and password and now is giving my personal information to all my followers and selling Bitcoin at the same time I need help I had my Instagram account for many years I deserve the respect of a response

  66. My Instagram had been hacked. My @ is LilBabySavage_

    I sent a email to the IG email and got no response. I want my Instagram page back ASAP!

  67. On Saturday 10/09, my Instagram was hacked around 7pm. As soon as I received alerts that a new login was detected, I immediately tried to change my password, but the hacker removed my phone number and email associated with my account not allowing me to reset my password. When I attempt to change it myself it says no user detected and an email gets sent to the hacker. The hacker has been continuously posting pretending to be in an attempt to scam my followers into investing money with them. My Instagram used to be @alexabufi17 and now the hacker changed it to @_alexabufi17. My email I used to make my Instagram is alexaxxxx I attached below photos of the hackers information. I have tried many attempts to send emails to Instagram and get no response. I’ve also tried calling the number for customer service and it is no longer in service. Please help me.

  68. Someone is impersonating me on Instagram after hacking my IG account they changed my password and my email and now I’m stuck . I’m really worried

  69. My name is Erica and I’ve been looking for help for about 3 months in regards to my Instagram ( _airika__) that was deactivated. It was hacked and deactivated on the same day. I cannot do most of the self review forms because I have two issues that I just stated. I was asking if you can connect me or let the team know about reactivating my account . It was disabled and hacked on July 5, 2021. I have Been waiting for over 3 months and I am trying to get it before next month I am not trying hit 4 months without my account being reactivate.
    I can show you the proof and screenshot of me pleading with the hacker to give my account back. It will be such a help if you can help me. I can provide a detailed description on what happened that day if needed. It will be highly appreciated.

  70. Hi Instagram staff, I hope you’re well. My instagram account was hacked on September 30th, 2021. I still haven’t been able to sign in. I couldn’t recover my
    account using the phone number, email or username in the “Get Help Signing in” since all this information had been changed by the hacker. They added two factor authentication and made it impossible for me to recover it. I’ve filled out countless forms from the help center and tried emailing Facebook & Instagram but haven’t received any help. Please, I’m asking for a response so I can put this nightmare behind me. I’m willing to follow any steps necessary to verify that I am the true owner of the account.

  71. IMMINENT MATTER. My Instagram was hacked. I have been reporting it for days. You keep sending him the reset info. He says he wants $500 to release my account.
    He must be stopped immediately. PLease help. Call me 954-826-xxxx
    I have sent emails to [email protected] but no one stops this man yet. I have not been able to get through. I am becoming ill with this. Please take action.
    I can help I have photos of his text to me, holding my acct for $500 ransom.

  72. Hey, I am Sana from India. I forgot my password and new link is send to the Email address which inaccessible.

    I have given another email address. Kindly look into the matter ASP


  73. Hi I’m from Iraq I have been using Instagram for 4 years, and I did not violate the rules of the company respected. I just had a campaign of reports to disable my account because I was fighting extortionists. I hope to recover my account and I am happy to reply if it is my Instagram username is thanks

  74. Hello, my old IG page has been hacked username jaja_6.4The person who has hacked my account changed my email address and phone contact so I have no access. They are also messaging people to send money. They are also mass following other account. Can I please get some help to take this account down.

  75. Ive had two separate accounts just stop working as if it was banned or hacked have made multiple reports and attempts to find out what has happened to my accounts but have not heard back for about a month or so and would appreciate to hear back about my accounts because I have not posted anything that goes against the rules or community standards to have had my accounts deactivated or banned.

  76. Hello instagram Please help me please delete this fake account in instagram my name using this making for  fake account – instagram fake account username- kavy_pathk

  77. Hello I’m here to get my Instagram account candace_da_foxxi_queen restored its been weeks since it got disabled please reactivate it soon.

  78. hello two of my business pages was hacked and nobody is helping me retrieve them is there anyway you can help me i have prof of both business my llc & ein paper work from the irs thank you

  79. I received an email supposedly from Instagram telling me my account was changed from tennismxxxx to aaronjuliaxxxxx at 9:24(PDT) on Tuesday, November 23, 2021. I am the account owner and did not make that change. The address from which my message from Instagram came from is: [email protected].
    It showed something in blue that said I could “secure your account here” but nothing happened when I hit that blue lettering. I do not even know if it came from a legitimate Instagram address or if it is a phony that looks like Instagram.

    This aaronjuliani had already gotten into my old FB account, changed the email address, and there was no way I could get that account back.

    Please, please, please get rid of that aaronjuliaxxxxx That is not me. I do not want to lose this account as well.

  80. My IG is realexoticuniversalgoddess and it asking up with me! can it be fixed? I was logged out with out my approval hopefully I’m not hacked by a hacker!!!

  81. To whom it may concern

    I am writing to you to inform you that my Instagram account jessicaannorman needs to be taken down. I made the account when I was of the age of 12 or 13 using my mother’s previous work email michxxxx which has since been deleted.

    I have tried many times to log into this account to delete it, but I simply cannot remember the password. I am a secondary school teacher, and the account is not private, so anyone of my students has access to those photos. There has recently been a spike in staff cyberbullying by students, so I need the account deleted.

    I would appreciate your help in this matter urgently.

    Kind regards

    Jessica Norman

  82. hello i am desperate to get my business instagram back i’ve tried filing countless amounts of forms and haven’t gotten it back and been out of work. the username is ar.bel and i only post art and tattoos on it and they deleted it saying i was pretending to be someone else. please help me get it back i’ve tried everything. will provide any document you need

  83. My name is syed abdullah shah my account name is abdull_.77 and phone # is 03125982980 i lost my phone 2 months ago and i had strict privacy on my instagram account so now i buy new phone and instagram is not recognizing this device and i dont have access to my my account my email is :

  84. I have a lady by the name of Victoria stay in as she’s representing Instagram stating that I have $160,000 then I need to pay a service fee for delivery of $50 been trying to contact somebody to find out what’s going on with us I figured it was a scam and I’m trying to figure out if it is or is not If someone could please contact me I would appreciate it 810-650-xxxx

  85. My account has been suspended for almost 2 weeks and I’ve literally done everything more than you could possibly think of on getting my Instagram account back. I’ve emailed every single email that’s on the Instagram & Facebook Help Center and not once they’ve emailed me back. At this point I’m really scared if my account has been deleted permanently. I’ve already sent you guys my license so many times, a video of me, and a picture of myself holding a black sheet of paper with the code Instagram told me to write in order to get my account back. Also, every time I try to reset my password the submit button won’t work for some reason like it’s not allowing me to. PLEASE I’m begging you that you guys give me back my account. It’s @michaelumanauw and it holds a sentimental value to me because of all the memories I have in it. PLEASE! All I tried to do was unfollow people and because of that Instagram suspended my account due to suspicious activities.

  86. My Instagram was hacked I fell into a sceme thinking I would get money and changed my account email I still have the email they hacked me through and I can’t get back into my account because I never updated my information

  87. Hi Instagram, my name is Michael Lumanauw. My account is @michaelumanauw and it’s been suspended for two weeks now and I’ve been emailing you guys every single day constantly and no one has yet replied back. I’ve literally done everything you’ve asked and more. I sent you guys a picture of myself holding a paper with the code you guys emailed me to write down along with my full name and username. I’ve filled out the form explaining why you guys make a mistake deactivating my account countless number of times but it won’t let me submit it because it tells me to confirm my account first yet I’ve already confirmed my email and phone number a long time ago and even if I tried confirm it now, I can’t because I can’t get into my account. I’ve sent a video of myself and a picture of my ID several times. Please give me my account back. It holds a sentimental value to me and there’s highlights of myself to prove that it is me. My TikTok is also linked in my bio. I’ve also tried to reset my password so many times as well but the submit button wouldn’t even work. There’s so many memories on there so for the last time please give me my account back and to contact my back please asap.

  88. Instagram, please give me my account back @michaelumanauw

    All I was trying to do was to unfollow people that I don’t talk to anymore and because of that you guys called it “suspicious activity”

    Please give me my account back, it holds a sentimental value to me. There’s so many videos and photos saved in my archives. All my past DM’s as well with my friends and family. Think about it, everyday I go on Instagram for years and to have it taken away hurts so please give me my account back. I’ve literally sent my ID, Passport, photo & video of myself several times. I emailed you guys as well everyday. I tried resetting my password and the submit button doesn’t even work. I also tried to appeal my account being deactivated yet it won’t let me send the form. Please get back to me I really need my account back.

  89. Hi, so I recently disabled my account due to it being hacked. I changed the password before i disabled it & it’s been a little over a week and it won’t let me login because my account is “temporarily locked” I followed the steps to change the password but it won’t let me change the password it just freezes.

  90. Hello dear instagram
    Please restore my account because I was hacked and I didn’t know the restore rules .
    Please restore my page , I had very important informations on it.
    Thank you The user name is ltyc

  91. Please pull down any Dueitt Middle School or “Dueitt Fights” pages from Instagram. Our students on campus are promoting harm to each other by provoking, posting, and bragging on these pages to harm others. We now have parents upset as well and some parents who threatening kids on this same page. These are minors and these pages need to be brought down immediately.

  92. Hello, my IG account Raywilliams4293 was deactivated without a real reason given, I did send Indentification as required to prove my identity but account has still not been restored. How can I get it restored

  93. My Instagram was hacked a few days ago. I was logged out and I could t get back. It had been linked to my email, and Facebook and neither way will allow me to take control again. The hacker is posting content that isn’t true and is going through my list of followers, friends and family asking them to send them money through cashapp. I have reported and multiple others have reported and you guys aren’t doing anything. All of my good photos of photography, friends and relationship are on that account still and they’re pretending it is them. I want that account taken down! That account name is @katt.astro.phe. Please contact me so I can get this taken care of and stopped before they try hacking others! I have a new account and I’m trying to let everyone in my friends list to report and block them but nothing has been done yet.

  94. I need help with a problem Im having with my account it’s disabled but I didn’t do anything wrong nor did I violate any terms of use..

  95. Hi my name is Sara Watson, my account was hacked and then the hacker changed the email and phone number were changed on the account so I can’t log in and the person is scamming people and posted spam things on my story for money. And I’m not sure how to get my account back he also changed my user name which was Sara.watson02 and now the person has it as Sara_watson0. I would like my account back please. Thank you

  96. Someone hack my Instagram and changed my password. My username is Parkfabie, I never asked to changed my email. Phone number 954 647 xxxx

  97. Has anyone on this site ever receive a satisfactory resolution to their problem with regards to hacking? If, so, please explain how?

  98. I dont have an account but it was brought to my attention my daughter’s pic was put on ur site to make fun of her I want her pic removed

  99. Recently I was scammed out of control of my Instagram account. I’ve lost total control and cannot login to my own page. I’ve reached out numerous time and haven’t been contacted as of yet to resolve this problem. Family and friends have reached out to me every day to find out if it was me that tried to receive cash app and/or PayPal info from them. I told them “ hell no”!!! Not only was I violated and continue to be , but now there’s an attempt to do tge same to my loved ones. This is so disappointing that I’ve loved Instagram as my go to social media of choice for years and it has been stripped from me by some low life. If there is any way you can help me gain control over my page again it would be most appreciated. Thank you for your time.

  100. What are you doing to protect my 15 year old? We have had several problems with this app and Snap Chat. I want to know what you are doing to make it harder for them to access your app without parental consent.

  101. Hello instagram team i didn’t died actually i got a little problem thats why i have to go hospital for 2 days i was inactive on instagram i didn’t died i can proof it because let me have my instagram account back @Ndv8

  102. Hello my instagram account was hacked and I want my Instagram account back I filled out the forms but haven’t from yall please write back to me thank you

  103. Bryan Tyson pretended to be a friend of my brothers Reese Bingham and hacked my account. Since then I can’t find Bryan Tysons page.

  104. hello,

    my TECHNOMETRIK ig account Can t login to my IG account since 10 days now .Not sure what happened….I just used the hotel WI-FI to get online.It won t recognize my Email or Phone number to reset my password. So I can recover anything
    What should I do ?

    Thank a lot

    323 632 xxxx

  105. I am trying to get into my account that was hacked. My email has been deactivated due to no activity. I have no way to get my recovery email. The number I had on file is a non working number that is old. My user name is Keepzit1it my new email is dmirandxxxxx you can also email my wife at mconxxxxx I need to get into my ig

  106. I was contacted on Instagram by a woman, cilla scott, saying I won a 1 million usd, a new truck and a new house in a promotion lottery sweepstakes through you instagram. Is there any truth to this? She’s wanting me to fill out some personal info also.

  107. My Facebook and Instagram been hacked and there r posting and dm people can u please help me my email is agexxxx

  108. Hello my Instagram account has been hacked 1christianplersch my recent email has been changed and password. This happened because I put someone email in my bio and I got logged out . My original information is chrxxxxx and the password was Jeffxxxxx and it was under the phone number 904-599-xxxx birthdate was 2003 I can’t get back in the person won’t give it back to me unless I give him 200$ he put a link in my post that leads to the bit coin manager Jessica Allen he’s blocking me on my other accounts and my friends he changed my email to favourcashapxxxxx and the phone number starts with 234 and ends with a xx. My last post was a football image please get me my account back my name do christian plersch and my account has been hacked and I’m really panicking the person has had my account for over 100 hours he’s been blocking my friends and posting on my account he threatened to kill me if I didn’t make a video saying bit coin is legit please help me I also feel for a scammer on Instagram and paid him 50$ and he lied to me and my family about getting my account back I can’t get through Instagram support please help me and be my hero the Instagram user is expert hacker He wants 25$ to 50$ more he’s scamming he’s fake fraudulent and not legit. We talked to the local sherif In Jacksonville Florida. Instagram please take the person out of the account or deactivate it.

  109. Hello Instagram
    My Instagram account is temporarily deleted please help mee
    My I’d name -(krupa__22_)

  110. Hello ,My name is Sharon Kellyman, I cannot get into my instagram…ladysha22(username)..My page been hack someone using my picture asking for money. I have post nothing in a long time. I NEED help getting into my account.

  111. My accounts constantly get disabled even though I’m well within the guidelines. This is devastating personally and professionally and it is impossible to get a human to respond and help.

  112. I’m not dead please let me back into my account please iam the account owner please let me have my account I didn’t die these was by mistake iam the account owner I can show proof give me my account sir I showed identification proof of my face that iam alive down below and iam Clearly not deceased iam alive

    Look at the image I have sent below it clearly shows I am the owner of the account, there is also a facial photograph OF MY FACE as requested, I have abided by the terms youstated that I needed to produce to unlock myaccount, now unlock my account and give mea non-ai generated email that I can use to contact your supervisor as this is a disgrace to the instagram community and on the verge of legal issues as you have classed me as deceased although I am clearly not deceased @ndv8

  113. My “FOLLOWING” category is NOT Accessible; would you PLEASE solve the Problem
    Gene Grammatico
    IG: geno_gramm

  114. Why can I not follow people? I am a monetizing influencer and I am losing business over this. When will you fix this issue? How long will it take you to fix this, I must communicate this with my potential business affiliates and let them know why I can’t follow them and how quickly your IT will fix the problem. Please communicate clearly with me as I am with you.

  115. I have a complaint about a Felicia Smith 8899 trying to extort money from me and threatened me I need to know what can be done about this person and who do I get in touch with to file a complaint against her

  116. My Instagram account was hacked. I have no access. I don’t know how to get ahold of anyone. Please help me!

  117. My account is being hacked and used against me @sedillo_101 please just deactivate this whole account I help me get back in it please the person impersonating me on my account is also scamming those who I follow/follow me.

  118. I need my account back on Instagram @dont_knows_ i dont understand why yall dont wanna help nobody.

  119. I apologize for my input regarding probably the rape of a little girl. Sorry I got carried away but I was very hurt for the situation . Going forward will make the effort to not let any news have influence on me. Thank you!

  120. Why is it so hard to contact Instagram team or Instagram customer care is there none because people hacking people on Instagram it’s getting to be a regular thing now if Instagram cannot keep up we need to know the people need to know

  121. Hello, my Instagram account was hacked on January 12,2022. The hacker changed my email , username, and password. My original username was mzaaliyah_ They changed the username to mzaaliyah.___

  122. My account was stolen by agivexxxx she is trying to blackmail me.shut it down please.

  123. Dear Instagram Team ,

    I don’t know whether my account has hacked or disabled . If i am searching my account by my number , username and email then it is shown that no user found.And when i m trying to change my password tha passowrd changing link is going to some other mail id . I have my priceless memories and some personal stuff on my instagram account so its my humble request to please let me inform and confirm about my account that what has happened exactly . I also want to assure you that till date i have not done any illegal activity or haven’t broken any community guidelines .
    I hope you will look into the matter and do the right.

    Username- @mr.ritesh_07
    Email- mr.ritesxxxx

    Thank you

  124. Hi My Name Is Antonio Henderson-Davis & My Stage Name Is 50 Tyson My Instagram Was Hacked Last Tuesday Afternoon & I Need Your Help.

  125. i received a verification massage but thats time i cannot do .After then i try to verification but my id disable .i try many time in 1 I’d = malix_muazzam

  126. Hello my name is Michelle. I’m here to report that my Instagram account has been hacked and everything I tried such as email or change password but none doesn’t work. I was wondering if there’s anything that I can get my account back with action.
    Thank you

  127. I met someone on insta But now i am unable to contact her And i dont have Phone number. Please Give me her Gmail Adress or contact

  128. I received an Instagram text saying I won a certain amt of money from their lottery. I would like to know if this is real as I’ve been scammed before by others.

  129. Instagram account is hacked inactive unactive want it deleted. @briantritschler <<<

  130. How can accounts be saved by theft. Send a letter to your Customer Service Department to always go back to verify that it is not recognizable and does not explain why, and returned to the Customer Service on the phone for a long time..whould you please tell me how can I do.The amount of money being leveraged is significant and please respond as quickly as possible to maintain the customer.Thank you for your help.

  131. Hello My Dears

    I have found out that my account
    ( )
    has been disabled for no explained
    reason . Since I have done my best
    to not to violent Instagram terms of use ,
    I think this a mistake has happened here .
    I would be appreciated if you explain to me
    why my account has been suspended and
    also let me access to it .

    Thanks a lot / Arash Yadollahi

    My account in Instagram :

    My Email address :

    My Mobile Number :

  132. My problem is the lack of customer service. Your phone does not work, you do not answer emails, and if you were hacked like it is the case with my son, you do not get help. My son has been trying to get in touch with a live person. His account was hacked and now the hacker is posting false information on behalf of my son and you are doing nothing.

  133. My name is arctavis scales my page has been hacked at wakeup_10 someone using my page for fraud every time i get in they take over my page please delete my page for good

  134. My Fashion z Instagram page i_style_365 disappeared for no reason. At the same time my stolen pictures showed up at Monika.style_365 without my authorization on Wednesday around 4:00 am. Today is Thursday afternoon and no action was taken!!! My personal pictures!!! My own small fashion business !!! Need your response ASAP

  135. Hello my name is najaat my Instagram account is jaja.uni.5 and I have a problem my fiancee’s account has been hacked and he is away in the army he nor I know how to get his account back can you please help

  136. You shut down my account over a few curse words but call me a bully. I cursed a person out for calling me an idiot and claiming that I’m a menace for not wearing a mask. The only bullies here are you. Your free speech adjusters are deplorable and unfair. Free speech means free speech not free until your offended.

  137. Hello. My Instagram account is making me verify my phone number with a specific code but it’s not sending the code to my correct phone number. And I can’t access my account at all until after doing that. Please help!

  138. Hi my name is mya StJulian, I have a Instagram account mya_stj . I have been having this account since March 1,2017. I was scrolling on that account and I end up having a notice saying I have been logged out. I tried logging back in and it wouldn’t let me. I tried so many times to get back into my account and now I can’t. The very last person I contacted on that account was rebel_monster_01 his name is Timothy Dobson . He contacted me saying that he is reaching out to some of his followers and giving them money on cashapp as a giveaway and I was selected. At first I didn’t believe him because we never talked before, he said yes and I gave him my cashapp name. Then that’s when things got weird and he wanted me to put this email under my account in order to get the money . Turns out that is his personal email and I have proof that he has did this with a few other people. He has removed my phone number off of my account so now I can’t get any links or codes to get into my account. He has also unlinked me from Facebook login (that was the only way I can log in to that account) . I have a second account which I am doing him on about my account and he is now charging me $300 for me to get it back. This guy is a scammer, I have screen recordings . I’m so close of pressing charges with him. This account is everything to me. I can prove to you that this account is mines. I can send you guys a love picture of me and everything. Please help me.

  139. #glitz_n_glam_family_ent_1_1 ( I can’t reset password using my email or my phone number,I am having this problem for months now and I would like some assistance please and thanks

  140. My account was hacked, user Id was changed, e-mail and phone # changed. I want it recovered.

  141. I need help. My account was hacked. How do I send a video selfie to confirm that it is my account. Or where do I send it to

  142. I sure do have a major complaint. My name has been falsified at least 5 accounts please call me asap. This could turn legal . I don’t want it so making an account in my name I gave Boone permission. Of any kind please call me 908.319.xxxx That is my rep for someone frauding my name please don’t take this lightly I am fourious as anyone would be that illegal and it’s your company to fix this illegal hacking

  143. My account was stolen please help I want to get it back, all my child’s photos are there, they changed my mail and number, I can’t reach my account in any way please help me I want my account back

  144. Why is Instagram targeting Chelcie Lynn’s accounts? Y’all permanently removed her verified account for no reason, and now y’all are removing posts on her other account for no reason. It’s unnecessary and unprofessional.

  145. Dear Instagram Support,
    I need help getting into my account. I no longer have access to the email and phone number on the login. When I got my new iPhone over a year ago I used milansweet76 I didn’t realize my Instagram account was under milansweet Both emails are listed in my Facebook account so you can verify it’s really me. I just have no access to milansweet and cannot log in. My Instagram username is swimmer81.

    Please help

    Thanks you,

    Milan Sweet
    (831) 900-xxxx

  146. My Instagram account has been hacked. My profile is sarahannecraveiro. Please help.

  147. hello i am the owner of mrblueface100s on instagram with ryanortxxxx connected to it, i got a page that said “unusual activity” we have logged you out follow the prompt within 1 day i have reset my password numerous times and it still isnt logging me in. please help me as instagram is hard to get ahold of directly also the phone number associated with the account (424)-558-xxxx is no longer existent they keep wanting to send a code to that number in which i have no access to.i have a new phone number

  148. my IG account was hacked this week and i have sent 3 emails to security which have yet to be answered. would someone please respond as i would like to get my account back. the perpetrator is posting and soliciting scam about crypto-currency which is an illegal activity. i appreciate your prompt response.

  149. My account was taken over by a scammer who threatened me. I did everything in the directions to recover my account. You keep sending me an email stating I didn’t send the right info to match my account. Ask yourself this- if someone stole an account don’t you think they would change the info on the account?!!! So obviously the info isn’t going to match!!! My profile picture matches my face for gods sake. I own everything in the pictures, it was my account. Get my account back!

  150. I am having a problem with my Instagram account my account name is Leeferrell43 or leestevens43 my email address is I have had non-stop problems with people from Nigeria and people in Northern California hacking my account non-stop in hacking my email I would like this account shut down permanently and have these people logged off my accounts immediately they are a threat to the women that are on the account and a threat to Brett Rossi and myself thank you very much I would like these people removed off this account immediately I sign in they hack back in I changed the password they hack back in they’re doing this for my Facebook account also I sign in they hack back in and they keep putting it under Brett Rossi under Kate Lee I don’t know why they’re doing this but they need off of my Instagram thank you very muchryanferalxxxx

  151. I am communicating with a lady Mrs. Victoria Herdlnger as a Instagram consultant regarding one million dollars lucky winner.She offered1200dollars for insurance fee to wire money at the Patriot Intercity Bank.
    Is this true or fake?

  152. My Instagram business account was hacked . Is there anything I can do to get my account back ?

  153. I’ve bn trying for a week to delete my Instagram accnt. Since I forgot my password they were going to send me a reset code so I cud sign on. Which they did. It wud never accept it to start with but when it finally Didrecv the page to enter the password on. Now I’m stuck with Instagram accents I don’t won’t. I’ve got nobody that I can talk to personally just texts & chats. Technology is ruining our world . Please hv someone to call me & help me solve this issue. Thank u,
    Sharon McElmurray 478337xxxx


  154. I am very upset and will be sending a registered letter today to Adam Mosseri I feel raw and am disgusted with this abuse. I received a private message from a friend Terri Cohen who i know well from YSL fashion house in Paris asking me to look at there private collection as I am in the fashion, art and cosmetic industry. I am 68 years old and have been part of the community for many years almost when Instagram started my son connected me. I am very aware and try to be smart about hackers. Terri asked me to look at her new line by clicking to a link to see what i thought of her collection. AND BOOM i was hacked i feel abused and raw how this all went down. Pictures of me buying BITCOIN and getting rich. Then they managed to do the same on my stories on facebook. I immediately notified instagram and changed my facebook codes and was able to save my account on Facebook but this happened on Saturday morning the 19th and I am still unable to get into my Instagram i want to be able to get my account back my pictures and my followers. Your HELP center was no help at all and therefore i have to write to Adam Mosseri and request that my account be re-activated.

    this is how they tried to get into my facebook too.
    instagram @ caliemansur
    Are you able to help me getting back my account

  155. I’ve been getting multiple follows by grown men from mainly India Im 19 it is creepy I don’t know any of them

  156. I’m Having Trouble Get In To My Instagram Account By Been Logged Out Automatically Pretty Impossible, Will You Help Me This Problem

  157. My account was hacked. Been emailing for 6 months t9 try to get it back. Please help.

    Hello. Please help. I have been trying to reach someone for almost 6 months. They changed the password and email account and were sending messages trying to scam my friends. The account was original under the name “kowalskitodd”.
    It was then changed to “todd_kowals”.
    The account is now under the name “Jen_Trump7267”.

    The account still has all my pictures and videos on it. Can you please help me either get the account back or delete the account so the scamming stops..

    Thank you,
    Todd Kowalski

  158. Why are you still allowed Putin backed sites spread propaganda. Surely money is not the reason. If you don’t stand up for something you will fall for anything

  159. My Instagram acct. pattiganek_artist was taken over yesterday feb 27 by Nigerian blackmailer…please help….my painting is my livelihood….he identifies himself as 919171artust9292_791y I have spent a good deal of money to build up my followers ( buying ads) …Instagram has been wonderful exposure. Can you help recover my account?

  160. Hi my name is Peyton Breaux, i am logged out my account “peyton.breaux” and I used my old schools email and forgot my password, so I really am trying to get it back. Please help. Please

  161. Instagram reported “strange activity” on my account amd now has blocked me out. It asked for a security code that should be sent to my phone but its never received. They did this to my last account. WTF???

  162. Hi Instagram,
    I unable to login my id
    My insta id – Shubhikatofficial
    Link is –
    https:// /shubhikatofficial?utm_medium=copy_link
    Contact no.- 933626xxxx
    Email I’d – shubhikatxxxx

    I am an influencer.
    I request you to please help me login my id, My account was deactivated for violating community guidelines but as per my knowledge I haven’t violated and guidelines. My account has been disabled which was not the case, there was no nudity or such. Kindly review the deactivation and help me get my account back as it was my lifeline, I’ve worked too hard to reach where I am, please help me with it. Kindly review my account Shubhikatofficial and do the justice I haven’t did anything wrong which is against community guidelines. Kindly reactivate my account .
    Thanks a lot.

    Looking forward to hear from you .


  163. Hello my account has been hacked my name is Walter Williams and it seems as if my email and phone number has been changed on a account that I have I am very much will a celebrity and use this for a lot of things Here’s my page name if you go through it you could see my face plastered all over it @ kangoslim_partnersncrime

  164. My account has been hacked I have reset it 3 different times. Please contact me on how to fix this issue. Thanks!

  165. Good Morning. Jyae is William Lee. I was contacted by one of your so called employees by the name Angela Hart. Emp#987456321 claiming you had a select drawing for 1.5M. I am skeptical about it. Was wondering if this is true or they are more scammers fishing. Please feel free to email back or call me at 218-409-xxxx. Thank you for your time

  166. Hi, my instagram handle is @deodominico and I received an email for Instagram Warning that I have violated someone else’s intellectual property. Can you please explain more about this? I am sure I do not have any posts containing any violation as this is my personal account and the post mainly about my family.
    Can you please help to solve this issue? And how can I activate back my instagram? Thank you and really appreciate your help.

    Deo Dominico

  167. somebody is blackmailing me, he is misusing my pic from fake account. he has my many pics. everytime he is harrasing me from fake account I can’t understand what I do I can’t bear this. sir please help me i need your help.

  168. My business account has been removed. Instagram accounts for 90% of my Shopify sales. As a small business I cannot afford to lose my account that I have spent over 10 years nurturing (along with a following of over 26,000 followers) Please let me know how I can get my account back! Thank you, Brooke

  169. My account was wrongfully deleted because someone was abusing the report option, it has been a problem before and you guys do nothing about it. I would like my account back so please bring it back @ltyc

  170. Hey instagram I got hacked my user name is Rayturismo96 can u help and stop that person so don’t take all my personal information

  171. I’ve been in contact for the past month and a half trying to get my account released to me,For the past month and a half I have been trying to get my account back I have been accused from Instagram that I have shared my password in order to get more likes it would be funny if it weren’t due to the fact that I have lost my photos and all my private information to the incompetency of this app,For the past month and a half I have been trying to get my account back I have been accused from Instagram that I have shared my password in order to get more likes it would be funny if it weren’t due to the fact that I have lost my photos and all my private information to the incompetency of this app,No more than likely the issue may be because Instagram needs to reconfigure their app to protect their customers from false accounts with women who are half closed or completely nude as a profile pic and asking to chat, Crazy because I’m female could care less. But the problem is there is obviously major corruption with the system and needs to be reconfigured at this point I want my account release to me., Crazy because I’m female could care less. But the problem is there is obviously major corruption with the system and needs to be reconfigured at this point I want my account release to meIs it too much to ask? I am more than likely I will have to speak to a tech in order to correct the problem which was never my fault in the first place I want Anonymity only to be seen by my friends# 1-717-885-xxxx

  172. My friend facing a problem again nd agian that somebody making a fake account of him repeatedly , i want make a complaint

  173. I’m writing because somebody has my email and my husband’s phone number using it as their Instagram account and my husband thinks I’m cheating on him this person has had our information for one year I did not see in my emails of anything about anybody else’s Instagram information coming in and he hasn’t seen no text messages besides just recently of someone trying to inquire a password change and he don’t know why neither do I I don’t have any conversations between this person or me and my Instagram but this person has my email and when I go on to my computer I can see my husband’s profile my profile and another profile for login and when I click there is I can log into their stuff how is this I have never seen this person in my life I can send you pictures of what I’m talking about I need someone to speak to me

  174. Please help me recover my Instagram January 26, 2022 someone hacked my Instagram I can’t access Instagram I use Facebook to make Stories Appears on Instagram ( @sadriibodov ) I have 22.000 followers twenty-two🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  175. Requested madam or sir i apologise to say Pls stop this instagram bcs Young generation going wrong way nowadays

  176. Akash.singh.utaily Instagram me mera account tha jo Facebook se linked tha . Your username is not found bata rha

  177. My instagram was hacked in January. My instagram was (Sweetcaroliiiine24) they keep trying to scam people and pretending to be me. I need help, I report it daily and so do friends, I just want the page taken down at this point!!

  178. Hello my name is James Stephens my Instagram has been wrongfully disabled and I would like an appeal review for my Instagram page being deactivated your can contact at jamexxxx the account link (Kilo_xvi) swazzixxxx James Lee Stephens.

  179. I have been hacked on instagram. Someone hacked me on Thursday and they are selling Bitcoin on my instagram now. It has been reported by multiple people. I have followed all the protocol to get back in and my name etc is not recognized. I have tried to get help and no one has responded from Meta or anywhere. I have worked with “programmers” and been scammed – one person wanted 2000 after I had already sent them digital gift cards. I have spent hours and hours and other money trying to get someone to help me. PLEASE can someone get back with me! My page is MJaneJohnsonart. There is a picture of me in a green top with my art. I have art on there from as far back to at least 2014 or earlier. I have 26.6K followers. The last picture is a picture of a painting I just finished and one is of a painting of two figures on a table that was sold to a girl I have known since I was a baby. There are pictures on there from Italy, Belize, and Spain. I can identify myself. I have an art show next week – a big one and I need my page back. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! My email associated with the account is mj2makxxxxx but I am giving you a different one below due to the fact that I am scared the hacker is doing something to my email.
    Thank you.

    M Jane Johnson 703-980-xxxx

  180. 3 emails have been sent with screen shots of my account being hacked, my account wasn’t secured long enough for me to get in. I missed the notification email telling me it was recovered. Just attempted to get in and confirmation code going to the HACKERS email so frustrating.

  181. My account has been hacked. The email has been changed and the original email was my school account and I graduated and don’t have it. Please help me

  182. This is Carl Campanile, reporter with The New York Post.
    Staten Island Councilman Joe Borelli complains Instagram has rejected his applications for verification. He doesn’t understand why. Can I get a response? Thanks. Carl.

  183. Please reactivate my Instagram account @soham._.9820

    As of my Instagram account details

    Full Name : Soham Kohinoor
    Username : soham._.9820
    Contact No : +91982002xxxx
    Mail : sohamkohinoorxxxx

  184. I have a serious problem on my Instagram account and i need your help to open my account which is ernestsebastian_2022

  185. Hey I’m contacting Instagram once again about my page being deactivated due to somebody keep getting into my page falsely pretending to be me and now my page is gone and would like to have my account back please and thank you
    My IG @theebeautifuljamie__

  186. Hi my name is Jasmine Jenkins I lost 4 of my Instagram accounts for violating community guidelines but all I did on my last Instagram was post a pic. Please contact me ASAP to recover one of my accounts please

  187. My account is hacked radhika_tanvar hacker changed my personal information Facebook link phone number my email every thing

  188. If Instagram was banned in Russia in March, why are influencers still using the platform to spread their support for the war against Russia and companies leaving?

  189. Greetings,

    This is urgent & important!

    My account was hacked by someone who charged me a sum for Instagram services and now I’m being blackmailed for my PayPal account in order to get my Instagram account back!

    I have tried everything on the help center and by the support. I have responded to sending a video of me, photo of me holding a code and explaining the whole situation but at best I received an email stating you seem to have problems logging in here’s how!
    My account was hacked! My email and phone number were changed!
    My account: @fashionl00t
    Account connected to it under that login

    Scammer account:

    I just had a conversation with him via a new account and then one I’m messaging you from. Please look at that conversation and you’ll see for yourself that his blackmailing me.

    I’m a student with disabilities and health issues who owns a start up.


  190. I need the verification code to my Instagram account @lil_rapha_og since it was temporarily blocked. My email address is raphamwamxxxxx , please send me the verification code through that email

  191. My page( flow_khari ) was hacked a year ago and Nobody has reached back out to me. I’ve even sent a letter to the headquarters of Instagram and nothing. I’m Deshon coit. Email – dcoxxxx
    Number – 40177xxxx
    Please send an Email to revert this situation. They’d changed my email etc.
    I have really important stuff Needed on that page. Please help, like seriously. Please. That person who hacked my page blocked me.

  192. You have scammers that are part of instagram.. You have 31 active scammers screwing the public out of money .I lost $3000 which they will not refund to me plus whatever money other consumers lost.. If you condone these activities then You have a big problem… I posted an article on Instagram website…”katzmanbk70″. PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE BEFORE I GO PUBLIC. THANK YOU.. BRIAN KATZ

  193. I filed a complaint yesterday concerning the scammers listed in Indiana…I guess either you didn’t receive the post it OR YOU DECIDED TO IGNORE IT. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP

  194. I have had a working Instagram at jimrwhixxxxx, suddenly no access because it is the only platform that will NOT send me a text to 951-941-xxxx USA. I wanted to create a business account but with not being able to log in and the lack of customer support I do not know what to do!

  195. Hello Instagram Team,
    My name is Denise Cuz and my account was hacked back in October of 2021. I have been combing through your Help Center Page in an attempt to resolve this issue. Nothing works. I have reached out NUMEROUS times with no answer. I desperately need help getting my account back (@deeniise) I can prove my identity and that I own the account. The hackers are ACTIVELY impersonating me on YOUR platform and pretending to be me on my account. I need help resolving this as they are attempting to steal money from my followers. I wish to have this resolved. Please assist me. I have attached my email. I hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a great day!(:

  196. A person has been writing bad lies about me to my page… could you do something about it or not please let me know? İ am fehmigercxxxxx and my instegram account: gercekerfehmi …..thanks

  197. My account _katiepose_y___ has been hacked and he is using my photos and posting on my account can u please delete my account permanently he even changed my email and phone to his so I can’t log into it

  198. My name is Julius Mwangi from Nairobi, Kenya. My Instagram account was hacked a month ago and we’ve not been able to get it back. The hacker is Conning people using my account. The account is julius.mwa1 . I can’t even be able to send a video selfie for recovery. It’s really hurting to see my friends being conned . Please help .

  199. I need Instagram service of process contact information ,to get status on a subpoena served through CSC.

  200. ive been trying to get back into my insta account for almost a year now, i havent been able to get in since my old phone broke and i got a new one. ive sent videos and pictures of me holding up papers and more. pls help

  201. Hi my name is mary mahaney and my instagram account got hacked. I emailed the security team and no one responded. then I reported that someone was impersonating me and they said they are not able to do any thing. Being told there is nothing they can do is unexceptable in my eyes.
    my account name was maywess21. now they changed it to _.z.maywess21 can u please help me

  202. My account got hacked months ago. The only notification I got was an email saying I logged-in with a new device, and days/weeks later I couldn’t find my account.

  203. I am a music producer with a verified fb account and several publications. I am known as a shyam thakker desiboy. My insta is @desiboy_8
    I keep getting denied verification but fail to see why as I meet every criterion. As mentioned, I am also a verified artist on slotify and fb. Please advice on how I can get this fixed or any advice. Thank you.

  204. Ya app is loggin me out for no reason saying its tempoarily locked when im barely on it and it loggs me out randomly all the time its getting annoyinh

  205. I want my account back and the person who has it says that he’ll give it back to me if I pay him money. I don’t know what I can do about this but I’m not going to pay him money to get my account back.

  206. Hi there !
    My account last Friday was hacked and I have been following all the help centres advice and reported the account but you don’t want to take it down, I am really upset of how Instagram has taken its steps to help and it’s made me angry how I am protected. The hackers are posting stuff that I would never post in a million years and all I want is the account deleted cause I keep getting logged out straight away after I do the video verification

    Please can you help and delete the account

  207. It’s imperative that my acct gets to the right place hack it I don’t know what happened to the password I have the same password for everything and it will not let me reset it many lives are at risk

  208. There may be fraudulent accounts using my son and I , that people had created to do hate crimes against us.If so I would like them to be stopped.

  209. Hello tem,
    My Instagram attached with my Facebook today I open my Instagram and am not able to use it . It shows user no longer found help me to tackle my problems
    My Instagram username – rishabgarxxxxx
    My Facebook Account is Tajmahalmarbxxxxx

    Hello Instagram Team

    By mistake my Instagram account disabled
    Please recover my Instagram account. I am already try all ways it’s dosen’t work please help me.

    My Account Hacked By:- lorialatoriaxxxx and he sent our some advertisement posts sent from my account and more peoples sent me wrong messages and i think he report you about me but i m not lorialatorixxxx is very big hacker and he is very danger for instagram so please help me and reopen my account i request you and please u disable the account of this fake people lorialatoria3276


  210. My problem is that there’s a username of my name and my daughter accidentally put pictures there and my Wife thinks I’m using are daughters photos to cheat I need help taking it down and banding it because I don’t use that Google or know how to use it

  211. Was just reached out by a person who is posing as Johnny Depp personal assistant please watch out for a Priscilla_whiteed is her handle I removed from my followers.

  212. I WANT MY ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY DELETED! My account has been hacked and they are posting and advertising fraud on the account! Instagram please do something about this and help others who are going through the same thing!!! DO BETTER

  213. A person named VICTORIA HEADLINGER who works on Instagram contacted me that I won $ 1 Million. Is this true?

  214. My IG accounts got hacked,,,

    IG. 007arlen
    IG. Arlenmycbdsport

    How can i get my account back??

  215. I’ve been hacked and I’ve followed all the advice on instagrams help centre and it’s getting me no where. I’ve done the selfie video twice and it’s come back as rejected in less than 5 minutes. This person is posting stories and trying to hack other people through my account. I’m completely logged out they’ve changed everything. How do I get my account back? I’ve had the account from the beginning there’s lots of personal pictures on there that I don’t have access too anywhere else. I really really want it back and it’s infuriating to know someone else has access to it and is posting things pretending to be me. Please please can someone help me?

  216. Someone is false advertising and deceiving people hacking into accounts and taking over everything she goes by jessic_investor she is currently in my account. She changed my email and phone number so I can’t get in at all.

  217. I purchased a polo shirt from on your website
    The shirt finally came in and was amazed that the LARGE SIZE that I bought wouldn’t fit a child on 10
    I returned the item to the return address on the package and emailed Koulb
    The address was wrong and they won’t issue me a refund or for that matter even tell me where to return the shirt
    It’s a rip off and they should be banned from IG
    Jim Gurn
    Long Hill Rd
    Middletown CT 203-258-xxxx

  218. In the app an advisory note advised my account had been compromised as I had given my password to someone else – I have not – and to change my password. I have tried to do this but can’t. I have cancelled my peony_stoneware account but can no longer get instagram on my iPad – are you able to help?

  219. Hi my friend Mandi Marshall’s Instagram account was hacked, along with her email account. She makes the most beautiful opal jewelry, and has spent 10 years building up her followers to 75k. I know this is heartbreaking for you that her account has been hacked. The hacker even emailed her saying for her to pay them if she wants her account back, otherwise they will sell it. This has been heart breaking to you. She also is locked out of doing the authentication for her account. If someone could please help her from Instagram with this, I know it would be appreciated more than you know. She is such a nice person, and had made the mistake of opening up an email she thought was from Instagram, it looked legit to her.
    Her hacked account is : @angel_alchemy Her back up account she’s now using and having to start all over with trying to reach her followers is: @angel_alchemy_jewelry
    I am giving her new email below to try to help her.

  220. My old insta account was hacked, I reported it several time as have friends and family but you still haven’t shut the account down? The email I am providing is no longer on the account that has been hacked. The name on the account that was hacked is connorjames_123

  221. Someone is impersonating me using an Instagram account (mariannemanleygranoff) and sending
    questionable messages to my facebook friends. I am 78 and most of my Facebook friends are also
    elderly. I reported this to Instagram using their online forms for this purpose. They wanted me to
    send a photo of myself holding my government-issued ID to prove who I was. I refused to give
    them my personal information such as my SS number, etc. I do NOT have an Instagram account.
    The impersonator is not being asked to prove anything. I received an email response from
    instagram++aazqy55bn36jy5 saying: “Hi, We have fewer people available
    to review your request due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We’re only able to review
    requests for the most urgent cases. This means we can’t review now. Please try again at a
    later date. Thank you for understanding. The Instagram Team” This creep is still sending
    questionable messages to my Facebook friends. I have posted a message on Facebook saying I
    am being impersonated, and telling my friends to be careful, but I am still concerned about
    someone being scammed or financially harmed by this person. Is there anything else I can do to
    get this creep’s Instagram account using my name shut down?

  222. My Instagram account has been account. I can’t gain access. The hacker has changed my cell, email and deleted all my photos. So recovery options don’t work. I need access to my account or just delete it period rather than have a hacker run it.

  223. A fake Instagram has been created with my actual photo from Linked In and my actual name that links followers to a website to purchase nude photos and videos allegedly of me. I have sent multiple requests to have the fake Madison Lodholz account deleted, but Instagram is not responding. This is extremely damaging to me, and is preventing me from finding a job.

  224. Holding me hostage because I don’t want to reveal my date birthday is tyrannical.
    I don’t want to give my age or birthday date, It’s not relevant and discriminatory in nature.
    Bottom line it’s none of your business or anyones!

  225. * Please Read * I use this page for business purposes and is my only means of income to provide for my family im begging for help ig: “iampharaohatl “ please do not deactivate! I will delete whatever post caused this deactivation . My email is “pharaohmarkexxxx“ phone number 678 720 xxxx. my account isn’t being recognized to reactivate please help. Thank you for your time

  226. I have two accounts. Primary is senka sobot which has been hacked and someone else controls with access to my album. Secondary is Zoeyleoduke which I used to file an alarm.
    I have pics of the ads running on my profile and texts from friends who have been targeted by the criminal.
    I can’t get into my account and I have not received any intervention from Instagram after daily appeals.
    905 630 xxxx is my cell

  227. My three IG accounts were hacked on April 14th and I am still locked out of the three accounts. IG has done nothing to help me. My accounts are @johayartist @carolynkramergallery @carolynkramerprovincetown

  228. Someone has set up an Instagram account under my username and sending things out, I have Facebook which was hacked and now people are saying my Instagram account is

  229. My Instagram account has been hacked since may 1st and despite following all your steps absolutely nothing has been done to get it back. I even sent a screenshot of a conversation with the hacker where he tried to make me pay him to get my account back and when I refused he deleted photos of my dead dog. Your site and the automated messages has been infuriating. You guys told me to send in a photo of me holding a code last week Wednesday and I still haven’t heard back about it yet. This is literally the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered.

  230. My Instagram‘s been hacked, trying to do everything to get it back. Please help this person boxsdtr-6255 with an email xokowexxxx took over my account

  231. please get my account back, in past 5days i been appealing every single day to update my passport and ID information to prove I am adult. but no answer!

  232. I have my Instagram page And someone stole it pretending to be you saying that I had to verify my account please someone help

  233. My Facebook account and Instagram account has been HACKED ! Both accounts are hacked by the same individual and Facebook isn’t doing anything about it. So I’m reaching out to someone here at Instagram. This guy is pretending to be me and contacting all of my friends and family. Can someone please help me with this problem ?

  234. My Instagram account was hacked on May 5th and no one has helped me get it back. I would like an answer please.

  235. Please give me my account back. My user name is @rockgoddess666 and the hacker who changed their contact information on my account is now _qq_rockgoddess666_,. My email address and password got changed without my consent. I have left you many messages and you are still not doing anything about. I will be in touch with a lawyer and expect this to get messy if not resolved.

  236. Edible San Antonio ‘s instagram @ediblesa was recently disabled (almost a month ago!) but we have no idea why.
    It consists of positive food related posts and has been active since 2013. We have reached out to Instagram via the help center and the support email but have had no response. Since then we have learned that many edible titles’ (magazines that are part of Edible Communities) Instagram accounts have also been disabled, but nobody understands why. A couple were already reinstated but most are still trying to work this out. Please contact us at the email below to help us understand what happened and get reinstated.
    @ediblesa only posts positive, informational posts about food (mostly San Antonio news) and it is a clean, positive, community-affirming account that was associated with the EdibleSanAntonio Facebook page.

  237. My name is ABDUL KAREEM I’m from new delhi India, my username name is @chowdhrykareem I’m question is my verify process you right way to guide me

  238. please delete my old account i dont know my password or do i ever want this account again craneman 51 and larrylocke 47

  239. Dear Instagram Support,

    Someone has hacked my Instagram account and someone is misusing my account. I am unable to login also from May 20, 2022. I want to deactivate my old account as soon as possible. Someone is misusing my pictures. Please note that it is completely my old personal Instagram Account. I need your help please. If you have any questions regarding my account verification I am ready to provide you the evidence. Would you please deactivate my old Instagram account? My old Instagram account id is das.swapnadeep

    Kind regards,
    Swapnadeep Das.

  240. I desperately need instagram to contact me! It’s about my personal finances lost over instagram and it’s a few thousand!! Do to it’s dodgy scammers. I’m so heart broke only instagram can fix this!!

  241. Hi there, you’re driving me insane. You claim I’m not old enough to use the account I’ve had for years yet you refuse to accept any form of ID I send you. You also refuse to tell me why you won’t accept my id (I’m pretty sure it’s a computer making the “decision”). Let me know why please? Thanks

  242. Iran regime is paying good ransoms money to some Iranian managers, they are closing many Iranian people accounts, specially people that are reporting crimes of Iran Mullahs, all videos, all news, all reports from the crimes, that Ayatollahs causing in Iran must be reported to the world people, Instagram can be the source of freedom to be part of the hiatory of crushing Iran dictator and dictatorship, some Iranian high rank in management are deliberately closing your Iranian customers, I like Instagram, but those Iranian employees with high rank, are giving a bad name to the good Instagram. Please find those guys and send them to street, they can not destroy Instagram name and reputation.
    Thanks, looking forward to see the result

  243. Because you are not stopping and listening to reported people and hackers it is criminal in itself! It has destroyed me being scammed trusting your security/identity of people. I feel like I’m am owed by instagram for help. Please contact me I have sent out multiple emails.

    1. my account was also disabled.. mail krya che but koi reply nathi avyo.. login krti vakhte tara ma su error ave che?


  245. sir my instagram is hacked sir what should i do my account automatically Increase I have started following what should I do is my Instagram account hacked?

  246. my instagram account was automaticaly disabled..please sir recover my account..please sir please please

  247. I was hacked on my instagram account through a fake bitcoin scam. This is the email they used Bitcoincashapp500dollars01112 and this is the email they replaced bzeiler34 I do not know what you need to do but I’m fucking pissed I can’t access my account and I will do whatever you need to log this scammer off and get back into my original account

  248. Dear instagram my account is removed by your side you are removing that content an my account also This not good by your side i am very disagree by your side i don’t understand but you giving my account each everybody connected with me I am giving my lot’s of many years on Instagram that time nobody giving a objection i don’t care but you give me my account back
    Kindly i hope you understand
    Rohit Deshpande
    Artist from india

  249. Hello,

    My Instagram account was disabled for no reason. I post pictures of my daughter, hiking, and gardening. These are cherished memories of my daughter that I no longer have any access to. I am not able to log in to submit an appeal or do anything. Please help!

  250. Hello,

    Please help! My Instagram account was disabled for no reason. I post pictures of my daughter, hiking, and gardening. These are cherished memories of my daughter that I no longer have any access to. I am not able to log in to submit an appeal or do anything. Please help! Sole_of_a_feather

  251. I can’t open my account. It says I’m not old enough. I have had this account for year’s and I’m much older than 13. Can you please open my account. I’m missing business because of this.

  252. I’m unable to recover my mario.poggio01 account because it’s hacked and stonewalled by hacker. Not any regular way (instagram support) works. Can I send a phisical envelope with all necessary documents? What’s the address? I’m Italian, from Italy, I’m a senior and I don’t give up.

  253. It’s clear that Instagram-Facebook-Meta don’t have any interest to restore hacked accounts. They stonewalled the honest peoples with Byzantine useless procedures so people have to open a new account. That’s means Instagram-Facebook-Meta appears to advertising investors way bigger than reality. And also Wall Street is overestimating the real value. I’m Italian, here in Italy the Police specialized service against web frauds is overhelmed. My account was stolen 23/05/2022 but they are so busy with that Bitcoin hackers that they gave me an appointment for the day 28/06/2022. Maybe Instagram-Facebook-Meta have some interest into Bitcoin stuff? And why @Bitcoin don’t do anything to stop that gigantic hacking? I think that they are happy to advertise their bull for free.

  254. I’m Italian. My mario.poggio01 account is hacked from 23/05/2022. I try everyday with you procedures and FINALLY you asked me the password I was used. I comply successfully, BUT then you send a security code to the HACKER. it’s a nightmare, an infinity closed loop. PLEASE ACT

  255. Someone hacked my account @ dat and they text me threatening me to pay 500 dollars or they will oppose my gf nudes I want the account permanently deleted

  256. Please do something about the hackers generated by @Bitcoin-traders.It’s a world wide plague. I can’t believe that Meta is unable to. My hached account is @mario.poggio01

  257. You know very well there is an hacking campaign at Bitcoin benefit. Why you don’t do anything?

  258. I’ve just been “self filmed” by Instagram “assistance”. I’ve done that a countless times, so today I’ve taped on my forehead my Bank card, with my name on first sight. No way, Instagram says “they are unable to confirm my identity “. A question… Instagram “assistant” is located in Russia? Maybe they use an A.I. vodka addict?

  259. My @mario.poggio01 instagram account is hacked. I’ve just followed your instructions, but I don’t understand why you send recuperation numbers to NIGERIA. +234 it’s Nigeria, not Italy. Your A.I. is unable to find that crystal clear reality? Or (maybe) the humans that programmed it are Nigerian? Let’s me say another crystal clear reality, some “trader” has send his pocket money to some cheap nigerian guy, a smart one (way smarter than Meta) to advertise the My account has 1600+ followers, hacking it it’s easy to write to everyone (using MY NAME). I’m absolutely sure you know that. So why you don’t do anything?? Somebody has to be fired.

  260. my account with 1k followers been hacked. they changed my email, password, and removed my phone number from the account.the instructions from the help center do NOT help at all. Send the code link asap.

  261. Sir my name is Amit Raj,my user ID name _adorned_thoughts_,sir mere insta I’d par comments,like or follow accept karte hai to nahi hota hai,bolta hai nistagran cummity se sampark kijiye kare please sir help kijiyega sir,mai mujhe koi follow bhejate hai to mai accept nahi ho pata hai kya kare sir please bataye sir

  262. they disabled my account @theanthonyragazzine and they won’t reactivate it and they said I’m impersonating myself like that’s crazy I’m a well known influencer and they treat me like crap!

  263. How about You pathetic dictators stop kicking me off your platform and reissue me my account and kick flaming liberals off of your platform. It goes to show how much Your company promotes marxism to its core.

  264. Please help!! My email was changed on Instagram and when trying to log in and change my password Ig sends the codes to the hackers account. I have searched through all of your help center and no luck. I can’t even get to a page to report the hack or to verify my id with a video. Can you help? My IG account was hacked from an apple iPhone in Texas Wed June 29,2022. My account is @simplyrelaxnaturesounds. They have taken my email and phone and changed my password. They are now using my photos and my name to promote bitcoin. I have been having people repot it to you all, but I haven’t heard anything. If I cannot recover my account, please, please, please 🙏 take that account down. My personal information is on there and videos and photos of my young kids. They should not be having access to those. I am extremely upset and something needs to be done about this and fast!!

  265. My Instagram and Facebook accounts were locked and disabled without warning around June 15. I was not given the opportunity to refute their claims whatsoever! I believe both were hacked and now take over by someone else. Sure would appreciate a chance to contact someone about this.

  266. I have been contacted by someone representing herself as a Instagram employee and asking me to pay FedEx 335.00 for them to deliver a million dollar lottery. JOSEPHINE WESTON is her name. Obviously this is a scam but seems that yall should be made aware. I would love to have a huge lottery as such but really…..

  267. I’ve been having a problem with my live not being able to connect, “viewing others”. It’s been that way for a few months now I’ll appreciate it it if someone could look into the matter. Thank you!

  268. jewellknits has posted hateful content offensive to black people.Please remove
    INSTAGRAM 7/10/22
    Community Guidelines
    Tier 1 focuses on entities that engage in serious offline harms – including organizing or advocating for violence against civilians, repeatedly dehumanizing or advocating for harm against people based on protected characteristics….
    ….Nor do we allow praise, substantive support, or representation of the perpetrator(s) of such attacks.
    Corporate Human Rights Policy
    We are committed to implementing the Global Network Initiative (GNI) Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy, and their associated Implementation Guidelines.
    Human rights also guide our work developing responsible innovation practices, including when building, testing, and deploying products and services enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
    We recognize the importance of the OECD Principles on Artificial Intelligence, which are widely adopted and endorsed by the G20. In particular, we note the framework’s recommendation that:
    “AI actors should respect the rule of law, human rights and democratic values, throughout the AI system lifecycle. These include freedom, dignity and autonomy, privacy and data protection, non-discrimination and equality, diversity, fairness, social justice, and internationally recognised labour rights.”
    We recognize the diversity of laws in the locations where we operate, and where people use our products. We strive to respect domestic laws. When faced with conflicts between such laws and our human rights commitments, we seek to honor the principles of internationally recognized human rights to the greatest extent possible. In these circumstances we seek to promote international human rights standards by engaging with governments, and by collaborating with other stakeholders and companies.

  269. Hi there! How can I request for specific three letter username in behalf of my company? We need the username for almost all social media channels. Thanks for those who can help and direct us on the procedure.

  270. You people working at Instagram are horrible. Stop banning political speech you disagree with.

  271. I have information to help your company defeat an upcoming lawsuit being imposed upon your company by a multimillionare who is working on suing you for 160,000000.00million dollars within the next few months .I have first hand knowledge of this same individuals criminal activities and things he’s been doing that would ruin his ability to continue with his suite against your company and he has a very legit amite case against instigrahm and has it documented and ready to file at anytime I wish to make a deal with instigram to inform you of the details of whom how why and a counter plan to stop this from taking place if your interested you better contact me quickly it’s worth your time I have first hand knowledge of everything not hearsay or speculation .

  272. Good day,

    I would like to seek help on how our company can obtain a three letter username on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all other social media platforms.

    Hope someone can assist us on this matter.

    Thank you,

  273. @cncjaxbeach is a BUSINESS account – hacked by an Nigerian trying to sell bitcoin to my customers. People are investing because he is IMPERSONATING us – telling people it is safe to invest. Now my customers are losing money! THIS IS ILLEGAL!!! We have reached out so many times – I’ve lost count.


  274. Two of my instagram accounts have been hacked and my personal one that was private is now public. I’ve been trying to get it back for months and have had no progress. My personal one in rosieschmitgen and the hacker has been asking my friends for money and posing as me. I would like by instagram back or shut down. My other instagram is Thefitme

  275. Hello Sir, I just want you to know that I am not able to login to my account since yesterday as it was hacked by someone. I have tried my level best to recover it back but the hacker has changed my email address and phone number, so all the confirmatio codes goes to the new mail address and phone number. So, I am kindly requesting you to recover back my instagram id spirit_rider07. Please help me sir.

  276. Hello my name is mrignayani sharma I’m a instagram user but for some time i am not able to use instagram because my account is temporarily locked so please help me and unlock my account so that i can make my account private I can because my account is not private and some people have downloaded my photos, I have to private my account and I created Instagram with old email and number and I do not have that number and email both please. do unlock my account

  277. Hi I’m Tomeiko evans I had page under Prettyskin_94 my account has been hack I have left several messages regarding this account all my pictures on the account I have had several people to in box me through Facebook asking me if this me they asking for your cash app information to send them money and wants they link your account they change all your information. It’s really sad how people go round try and scam people out they money on her acting like me targeting all my followers posing as me that’s my picture on the profile Instagram name been change to Princess kiarra _glow.queen27 this is not me please close this account or retrieve my account back to me

  278. My Instagram id mahekgarva.151 is hack and hacker used my id and msg my friends by advertisement of this business like crypto currency and use my photos for it

  279. Account was hacked, the account name is Marc_etc. The email was changed and the phone number will not send any codes to the phone.

  280. I am locked out of my account. Says it was compromised but it was not. Said it sent a confirmation code via text and I never received a text with a confirmation code.

  281. Why sparshmalhotra8 posts are not getting views ?
    This is something extremely torturing my son.
    Please give solace to a helpless father

  282. My Instagram account, @hearfulcmb, got disabled on Friday July 21st for no reason. The message had said that I was impersonating when I am not. I have not violated any of Instagram’s terms, policies or conditions. I am simply a young fan with a fan account for a band I like. I can specify this in my bio once I get it back.

  283. I have a account droppingseeds 123 it tell me I’m eligible for monetization but ineligible to run ads. So will I be able to qualify for payouts? Because it’s not allowing me to hit payout info. Thanks

  284. My account is eligible for monetized status and I can’t establish it..n someone in north Carolina logged into my account as I Instagram in north can this company still allow hackers to function on their platform is beside my

  285. I am begging for someone’s help. I’m writing for my son who is young and a busy musician. Has been working and playing since 8th grade, 11 years to be exact, he’s 24 now. He just broke up with a toxic mean cold hearted girlfriend. He tried to help a girl who had a horrible upbringing and terrible parents. She was bi-polar and had a business on Instagram where she is an “escort”, she sells pics of her feet, you know the usual teenage weird girl stuff.They recently broke up because he couldn’t take her roller coaster relationship any longer. (not that he’s a verbal angel, but a loving, caring, nice kid) She had her circle of guys and girls from across the country I guess all report my son for something, not sure what, but Instagram shut my sons account down. He is a musician, and model. He has no contacts now. It was all from a relationship gone bad. Can you please re-instate his account? Cole Fredrick is his name and his @ was @billycole We’d really appreciate you making a wrong a right. He didn’t deserve to be blown off the Instagram map. Sincerely, Sindy Fredrick 949-306-xxxx. His phone number is 949-813-xxxx if you’d like to interview him. He’s had no luck getting ahold of any of you via email or phone. I thought I’d step in and see what I could do. Thanks so much. (He’s in a band called undecidedfuture, I used their website address so you could see that they are just trying to make it in the music industry. All nice boys. Check them out.

  286. My account is been disabled
    Because of my friends
    Rivalry and reporting again and again to my account for nothing
    Is there anyone who can help
    Insta – I’d -. Solo_lone
    Name. – Solanki roy

  287. My account is been disabled Because of my friends Rivalry and reporting again and again to my account for nothing Is there anyone who can help Insta – I’d -. Solo_lone Name. – Solanki roy
    Email – shadabahmexxxxx

  288. Hello, my Instagram has been disabled, but a private account and I haven’t violated any rules, I am not sure what the issue is, please help me out, trying to reach out since a while now, help me get my account back. This is my Instagram account @shivanimagdum7

  289. Hello my account is @teethingbebe & i keep Getting temporary block for days with me not knowing why it explains to me why but i don’t understand why it thinks I’m doing what it says? If i even Try to just follow more then 1 person back i get blocked I’ve made a lot of reports & it’s been no help , can someone help figure out what’s going on? Please and thank you.

  290. My account got disabled for no reason of my doing- I just logged on one day and saw that I couldn’t get into it and now it can’t be found on any of my friends pages. This account is very important to me and I need to get it back! How do I fix this??

  291. Y’all locked me out of my instagram because someone was phishing me but it’s connected to my old number and I haven’t received One email after trying to get the verification code plenty of times

  292. My account sirmauni has been locked and i have no email and my old phone number is connected to that account.

  293. It’s a free country and you try to subdue freedom. I hope your platform crashes and burns.

  294. Hello my name is Asia Tappenden I made an account when I was 13 and I wanted to know if I can delete it I have no access to the email, the device or anything I just want the account to be deleted off the face of the internet can u help me out

  295. I don’t know who hacked my business Instagram account for 4 days today. By changing my own email account, the hacker added his own email account. The hacker changed a lot of other things that I didn’t do anything about. I have mailed and reported my account hacked. So far no one has helped me. This is your standard of service. my Instagram user id is friendship_artificial_grass my registered email address is aysxxxxx I changed my registered email amazonfirxxxxx still added my own mobile number in my account +9715290xxxxx. I hope I can get help now thanks.

  296. My name is Carlos Truan. I visited a page and received a message that if I exited the page I would be charged a monthly rate. I am a lobbyist here in Texas and will be bringing this up at dinner with 2 senators and ask them to address this type of harassment next legislative session. The user id of this individual is Dave Wez “Feeding Time”. Why would I be threatened with this kind of thing?

  297. I’ve reported an account over 20 times because it was my moms and now someone hacked it and changed the email and phone number and are using pictures of MY SON. I am beyond furious. You need to respond and shut the account down immediately. She has tried twice now to do the verification and you guys just stopped replying and said she didn’t look like herself which is complete bs the lady hasn’t changed her hairstyle in 20 years! Email me immediately because This is a simple fix, I will keep writing messages and will not stop. How would you feel if someone was using pictures of your son to advertise a “new business venture” ? I am not the account I’m concerned about it is ‘pattiececi’ and we’ve tried the recovery steps they changed the phone number and email associated with the account.

  298. Hey, I am trying to get back into my account. Everytime I log in it says “error sorry problem with request at this time. ” Please help me get back in. I have lots of memories that I do not want to lose. I know the the username and password.

  299. Dear Instagram Team.

    Good Morning.

    I hope you are safe and well.

    Please find the below attachment.

    This is Zeeshan actually my Instagram account temporary locked unfortunately I Lost my number and email id. Kindly support me I hope my account will be opened ASAP.
    I will be waiting positive reply from your side.
    Thank You
    Name:- Er, Zeeshan Ahmad
    Email id:- zeexxxx
    Mobile No:- +968-9282xxxx
    Instagram User id:- ahmadzeeshan7361

  300. Hello dear instagram
    Please restore my account because I was hacked and I didn’t know the restore rules .
    Please restore my page , I had very important informations on it.
    Thank you the user name is Xa0

  301. You have blocked our web address for two years and no one will answer texts or emails explaining why.

  302. My Instagram account was hacked yesterday and they are stealing my pictures and putting them on their phone to impersonate me. Please delete this account or help me get it back. I’ve been on Instagram for 13+ years and this sucks so much. I don’t want this asshole to have access to my stuff. They changed my instagram handle to @Erinlamb

  303. my account has got suspended from some i body that did it on purpose and i have proof. i need my account i suspended

  304. Someone has made a fake account of me and saying i make nude content. It makes me really uncomfortable when my followers/friends/family keep thinking it’s me. The account name is “mya.rizp_” and my account is “mya.rizp.” there has been many reports but it still isn’t taken down.

  305. I sir ….I have a issue that I am posting reel on Instagram in regular basis but …idont know why my reel is not getting views ….

  306. To whom it may concern,

    Hello , my name is Robert . I just have one question to ask. Is there a person named Stella Wendy that works yherr

  307. Someone has taken my Instagram account details and and logging in he or she changed all my personal details.. I want my account back any how…

  308. Sir meri insta id ap logo ne lock kia h plz sir /mam meri insta id unblock kr dijiye plz …
    Jo email id usme h wo bnd h or uska password mujhe yaad nhi toh plz meri id unlock kr dijiye plz plz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏I request u mam /Sir meri insta id name Anjali Chhetri (shizu xettri)hai plz plz meri id unlock kr de plz Mai bohot preshan hu plz meri id bohot purani h mujhe whi insta id chahiye plz plz I beg u🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏meri id unlock kre plz

  309. My instagram account is deactivated by instagram , i was not make any kind of mistake , my lawyer had gone through all Instagram service & terms & Claimed that i haven’t violeted any of it , it was a false deactivation please give my Instagram back to me

  310. Hello my name is Jasmine Jenkins and I’m contacting because I keep trying to build my brand and repost content and create content and instagram keep disabling me without notice.

  311. I had 100 reel edits in my insta that mysteriously vanished. It contained all of my memories of my only kid since his birth. Kindly help me. Please return them; I urgently require them.

  312. Sir me deepak Jajotar meri Instagram I’d hek ho gai he or wo hek karne wala mere firds ko inwast karne ke badle peso ka lalch de rha he koi me hu ye samj kar uske jaal me fas na jaye is liye pilz meri us I’d ko band karwa do

  313. Hello Instagram

    My Instagram account has been for deactivated from Instragram for violation of Instagram community guidelines ande this account is very importanat to me. I will not mistake anything in the future (And I will also follow the Instragram community guidelines) please fix my account and get back to me .

    Thank you
    Instagram User Name – @ravi_choudhary
    Name – Ravi Choudhary
    Mob- 99262xxxxx
    Email – loveravichoudhaxxxxx

    Is there any way to bring it back because it really has my 6 year old memories.

  314. Dear Instagram team,
    My account has been deactivated for violations of Instagram’s community guidelines.
    My lawyer had gone through all Instagram terms & services and claim that i haven’t violated any of was false deactivation. please reactivate my Instagram account @mr_raj7477

  315. What do I do to get someone’s account permanently banned for using a fake name and fake account to target girls from Michigan State University. I need help please help me.

  316. Instagram disabled my account with 19.6k followers.without my fault. It took me one year to reach 19.6k.. I really worked so hard.. To reach at this level. Please recover me my account.

  317. I cannot log into my Instagram account and you guys are accusing me for doing something inappropriate.

  318. sir madam my account was hacked today at morning so please help me sir pls this is my account name insta I’d@ im_syed_shaiz_shahzad

  319. My Instagram account is not open because my Instagram is security lock (Two step Authorization)
    and not send the OTP and links in registered mobile number

  320. My Instagram account is not open because my Instagram is security lock (Two step Authorization)
    and not send the OTP and links in registered mobile number and email also
    please help me for these solution.

  321. Got hacked on Instagram. Can not get on Instagram. Email address is not working as well.please help

  322. Hi Sir,
    I need your help to recover my insta account. I suddenly lost access of my account and after to much mailing to insta help center isn’t work.
    And now my account is disabled from insta. Can you help me with that. Thanks in advance.
    Please find below details of my account :
    Account Details-
    instauser name-24kayra

  323. Hey Instagram my account has been hacked username: lc_architects_interior please help me

  324. Hello Instagram,

    Hope you are doing well.

    On 12th December 2022, i got email that my account is suspended due to Community Guidelines. There is one line is also showing that “you will have 30days to login and disagree with our decision”.

    How i login my account, there is no process to login into my account as per the policies if once account is disabled then i have no any options to login and disagree with your decisions.

    Even from your side not a single mail i received so that i can justify you that please do not delete my account.

    I already said that i never break any community guidelines and never abuse anyone.

    I have lots of memories into my account, and sudden i received a mail from your side that my Instagram account is disabled due to the community guidelines. Please help me and get back my account as soon as possible.

    I am longer user of instagram account. I am using my Instagram account since 5 years.

    Atleast i am only expecting you to please reply on my email.

    I am ready to share my current picture and pan card, aadhar card information to you so that it can help you to review my account easily.

    My birthday is coming on 9th January. Before my birthday i seen that my Instagram account is disabled. This is very bad news.

    Currently when I login into a Instagram then there is showing that “we are reviewing your account and if you are access to login into your account then we will inform you in 24 hours”. I received this information on 14 December. But unfortunately 7 days are already passed now and i am not receiving any information from your side about my account.

    Please help me in this case.

    I already stated that if you need any further information then i am ready to share but still you didn’t replying me.

    Please instagram i am requesting you to please response and reactivate my account as soon as possible.

    My name is Meenakshi Sharma.
    Email id – msxxxxxx
    Contact number – 73981xxxx
    Username – minakshi_crispi

    Please help me and reactivate my account.

    Thanks and Regards.
    Meenakshi Sharma.

  325. Hi I recently had to create another instagram account because I was hacked now the person who hacked my a account is using my photos i am totally upset about this and I want something done about it she scammed me and she now has my demographic information and lord know what else she has stolen at this point I will be seeking legal advice.

  326. Hello, I am a Instagram user Rennieloc__ I’ve been falsely reported and Instagram keeps disabling my accounts I had 3 accounts now removed I wanna know what’s going on ?.

  327. I have been hacked by someone going by the email address stephanielaxxxxx My Instagram account is bill_evans18. I originally used this for my hydroponic business but now I am using it as a personal account. This hacker has changed password so that I can’t change it myself. Can you freeze this account and give me access so that I can change passwords? Alternatively I will just delete the account if that is possible. Thanks so much for your help

  328. I’ve been wanting to get on to Instagram and I cannot get on through the app or otherwise all I get is something saying there’s an error it’s annoying I’d like to be on Instagram I’m already on Facebook but the Instagram app won’t let me in please advise

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