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QFC, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Quality Food Centers, Inc., Ralph’s
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1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH
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(513) 762-4000
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(513) 762-1575
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kroger headquarters - kroger corporate-office
The Kroger Headquarters at 1014 Vine street, Cincinnati.

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Mr W. Rodney McMullenCEO
Kroger Ceo Email[email protected]
Main Phone Number513-762-4000
Kroger CIK Number0000056873

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  2. I crossed the picket line yesterday and went to my King Soopers. Absolutely wonderful experience. Store was clean, neat, aisles cleared and quiet. Quite a change from the way it usually is. Maybe a management problem? The Kings I go to is 1927 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood, CO. Fully stocked and neat. Very pleasant and what a change. So clean!

  3. I decided to visit my local Kroger to pick up a few last minute items before the storm is scheduled to arrive in my area.
    I have shopped at Kroger for many years. This location, Harper Road in Beckley, WV,more than others in my area. I shop Kroger much less now than I used to because of customer service and cleanliness of this store.
    I never use self checkout unless it’s before 7am.
    I have lots of other options for grocery shopping in my area, namely 2 Walmart, Aldis, Food Lion and others.
    Checking out at 7:24 am my checker (Kaydan) bagged most of my groceries, took my money and leaving my groceries on the counter started doing something on her phone. After a few seconds of her ignoring me I asked if she would put my groceries in my cart. She said “that’s not my job, I am not a bagger”. I asked if there was a bagger available she said no that I could put my groceries in my cart myself. When I began to look around for management she said “Oh my god, I don’t see why it is so hard for people to put their own groceries in their cart”.
    I am 66 years old, on a fixed income and believe my money should contribute to helping secure jobs for people who would rather work for their paychecks than those who want to play on their phones and argue with the very people who help them earn their paycheck.
    Thank you for your attention in this matter.

  4. I use Kroger pharmacy in Bossier city Louisiana. I called 6 prescriptions in 10 days ago. Today I go to get them and my chemo meds are not ready. She tells me after I ask her why, that they are busy and I’m not the only person sick. I understand that. But 10 days. Then she tells the pharmacist to handle me because she’s not dealing with me. After over 20 years this is how you handle your loyal customers.

  5. We spend over 1,000 a month at your stores. We have our groceries delivered because it’s difficult taking 4 children into the store. Our bank account has suddenly started being charged twice by your store. We have to wait days for both charges to clear to get our money back. Some weeks this is not an option. We spend between 250-300 dollars a week. Double that charge and that’s 5-600 dollars. This week that double charge took everything out of my bank account except 38 dollars. 38 dollars to do me until next week. If this cannot be fixes my money will be spent at Walmart grocery.

  6. Why is it Kroger being such a successful company, that you haven’t decided to build a big Super Krogers in Foley Alabama. The Idea about building a Krogers in Foley Alabama would absolutely blow up the Competition of other Grocery Stores like Publix & Winn Dixie
    Why hasn’t Kroger’s built her yet, my questions about this several times and you point out Tom Thumb’s, that’s great but it’s not Krogers it’s not Krogers. Please come and build a Super Krogers in Foley Alabama with a gas station, you will reap amazing benefits and pull in profits you can’t even imagine. I lived in North Ga. and for over 40 years shopped Krogers. Please build in Foley Alabama. Please build a Krogers, I am retired but I will come and work for you. Thanks Dennis

  7. To whom this may concern, I would like to know why the Kroger’s at 13 mile road between little Mack and Harper in Roseville , Michigan , doesn’t have it lights on In the parking lot at dark , it’s dangerous for anybody to walk to there car , I carry my mace spray , it’s not the best neighborhood . Plz tell them to keep there customers safe at night time . Get the lights on . With the prices we’re paying we should have lights to keep us safe , Thank you in advance

  8. Unfair practice at store 185 Casper Wyoming, too many suspension for long periods of time, would appreciate some sort of feed back. Currently employed there but very unhappy with management!!! Would prefer phone call 307 251xxxx

  9. Was in James Campbell, Columbia TN location today only had a few items so I used self check out and spent 21.00 and as I was leaving the wheels on my cart locked up, and the young man that was working the checkout came and I showed in my receipt, so I other words your company called me a thief and I don’t think I can shop with your company any more and I will surely share this with all I can. Not a good way to do business.

  10. I received a gift card for $40 on 8/23/21 I have been trying to use it, and have called your gift card dept. I spoke to matty one day he had no idea what goes on at Kroger. Today I spoke to William after repeating over and over to him until I got so frustrated then he said he would check the office I will be on hold. Well! He hung up on me. I called back. This time I got Fernando after repeating again and again. He told me he could not help me to call another number. I had called that number before. I really enjoyed dealing with your orders I placed on line. But now I am so discussed I’m not going thru with your employees that have no idea about your co. I have a gift card for $40. Given to me on 8/23/21 that I can’t seem to use. It’s a shame customers are being treated like this first I was on the phone at least l hour today was 30 minutes. My time is important also. My phone 607-316-3199
    Respectfully Mrs Hand
    PS I did love shopping at your company
    I have a delivery for Fri 12/31 @ 10-11am

  11. Hey! I work in Store 408 in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. In August I won a cream puff contest and won 100 bucks. My manager nor I ever saw this. I ask about it repeatedly and get no answer. I just want what’s mine. Thank you!

  12. I purchased a $100 King Sooper plastic gift card on 12/10/21. As of today, I still have not received the card and it was supposed to be a Christmas Present. I called the phone number given on the web site to speak to someone about my concern. The woman was very nice and polite and answered my questions. I was told that even though I purchased the card on 12/10 my payment was not posted until 12/18/21 — not my fault! And once that information goes to the processors the card will be shipped within 24-48 hours and can take 10 business days to get to my house!!! That is almost a month to wait for a gift card. How insulting and poor customer servicer is that plan. You need to hire people who can read, type the info into your computers, get processors who can pack and ship gift cards in a TIMELY manner not weeks after purchase. You can be assured this is the last time I buy anything from a Kroger store.

  13. I quit. I will not shop @ Kroger store any longer due to your new corporate policy discriminating against those who wish to exercise their freedoms in America. Your choice has affected my choice of where to spend my money.

  14. I will no longer shop and support your stores after hearing that your company is taking away covid benefits and adding insurance surcharges for unvaccinated employees. This is unconstitutional and super disappointing that you have chosen to do this.

  15. My Problem with your Company and I shop there often but not so much if you use Strong-arm Marxist Tactics on Your Employees who are not Vaccinated.Many Dtate Supreme Courts have Objected to it and say it’s UNCONSTITIONAL!Acting like a Communist Country is not how you treat ANY of your Employees! Act Humane not INHUMANE!!

  16. Corporate Kroger…you should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves for treating the employees who choose to not be a pin cushion for this experiment of a shot…I’m completely discusted hearing this…you are part of the problem and our country has gone bat shit crazy!!!!

  17. I’ve been to pick up my medications 3times, first they told me the machine was acting up then said they were out of my medications, I reorder it 4 days before!! This is Unacceptable!!! Yall gotta do Better or you going to lose a lot of customers 🤨🤬

  18. Greetings:

    I am a loyal customer of Kroger and have spent ALOT of money with your company through the years. Yesterday, my car was towed from the parking lot of the following Kroger as I was shopping: 901 N Lombardy St, Richmond, VA 23220
    Please imagine my surprise and frustration. I am devastated that Kroger has this much disrespect for its customers. I am very furious. My car was towed by the following company: Marshall Brothers Towing at 4839 Waller Road. I would like to be reimbursed the $135.00 that I had to spend to get my car back while shopping in your store. Moreover, if I’m not reimbursed and this matter not corrected, I will not be patronizing the Kroger brand any longer. I cannot support a brand that treats it customers like this.

  19. I am extremely worried about the pharmacy department of your Kroger Store located on Walnut Avenue in Dalton, Georgia. It is a mess and very poorly managed. Someone is going to get hurt, sick or die from lack of proper procedures. The manager of this particular Kroger Pharmacy displays little to no management skills whatsoever. The technicians have prescriptions pilled up 8 to 14 baskets stacked all over the place with no visible organization of any kind. It is a mess! Please look into this situation before it becomes too late.

  20. I have transferred 2 prescriptions to Kroger in order to take advantage of the get $50.00 on your plus card when you transfer deal. I picked it up today and Im livid!! Of course the money didnt come off at the register so I was informed that the coupon has been giving them problems and to go to service desk and they would take care of me promptly. So I did, the lady said that she couldnt do anything pharmacy related and she was going to get manager. The store manager was on phone with somebody else so I was told to call the number on the back of the card. I did that and I could not understand the person on the other end because of an very heavy accent and they didnt understand me either so I had to end the call. I then decided to give pharmacy a call and was informed that the coupon comes with restrictions( it says that nowhere on the coupon that I can see) it has to have refills wich one of them does and has to have been filled at the ohter pharmacy and she said it wasnt. It was filled at least twice prior to transferring. This has been a nightmare and Im done:-( I have had prescriptions at Kroger before and I’m a regular Kroger shopper but really disappointed. All that run around was definetly not worth it in the end.

  21. Always would purchase Kroger hot dog and hamburger buns they used to be reasonably priced and always fresh. I shop at Royal Oak MI the quality has been just awful they are stale though date has at a week.They now crumble and crack apart. Are they Being frozen? Hope you fix them..

  22. I cannot get access to Access Denied you don’t have permission, etc warning. I have called Kroger tech support numerous times with no fix. Can you help?

  23. Highly disappointed with the pharmacy at the sore on hwy.138 in Stockbridge Ga. Can’t get anyone to answer the phone or text me when my prescription is ready. This has been going for a long time. I will be transferring my ‘scripts somewhere else!

  24. Dear Kroger’s Representative(s),

    My name is Loren Morgan (acc#3105005971), and I have been a loyal customer of your Kroger located 300 South Hamilton road for over five years. Your employees are friendly, personable and very helpful. I feel family like ties, in fact. I have only one present day issue: When I moved to Gahanna, I made Kroger my SuperMart, one of the main reasons was because I love to make Stir Fry and Gumbo using your Salmon Trim. Just about a year ago, you stopped selling Salmon Trim. Nevertheless, as a curtesy, I have been sold my once a month one-and-a-half-pound Salmon Trim in the form of regular Salmon chopped up. I have been recently told that will not happen anymore, because I had been given that Salmon Trim at the price of Salmon Trim. Giant Eagle and a couple of other Marts offer the Salmon Trim at the same discount but I feel loyalty for my Kroger Mart. Essentially, I am not going to buy from one place and then go to another place, and I do not want to switch Markets. Can you help me with another option please?

  25. Store 121 in Arvada CO has an attitude problem and yes I am talking about the manager. I put in a complaint report 3 weeks ago. The DM did not get back to me

  26. In attempting to download “boost” I lost my pick up account, my order which was ready to send, my ability to reenroll, and my temper. This should be easier to do, like the WalMart pick up apps. I really looked forward to using the new appt, and it was once more a poorly designed flop.

  27. I had a serious problem in the Streator store, I did nothing n I talked to NO ONE…yet Joe an employee called the police on me n banned me from the store. I talked to some woman n she called the store mgr. He LIED n said I was making nasty remarks to him when complaining to him. Yes I did refer to Joe as a faggit because he is a flaming one. So I figured the mgr n him were having a thing…That was a long time ago. The mgr said NOTHING about Joe calling the cops on me so I am guessing the employees can do what ever they want to customers. I will be contacting my lawyer n having a press conference in front of the Streator store!!!

  28. Is this the place where I can leave a positive comment about my shopping experience? I just returned from the Kroger at 10800 Iron Bridge Road, Chester, VA. The store was really busy, but everyone so helpful. I want to specifically mention Talisa (spelling?), who was working in the prepared food area. I asked where to find Ukrops chicken salad. She was so kind and went with me to find it. I am elderly and really appreciated her help. Hats off to all the employees at this Kroger.

  29. At 2:36 pm on November 22, a Kroger 18-wheel delivery truck in left East bound lane of Interstate 20 in Georgia ALMOST COMPLETELY STOPPED as driver was about to miss the exit. He had to wait for another semi to pass in right lane, then crossed the gore to exit to Georgia Highway 77 exit 137/138. I was directly behind him. He stopped on the interstate because he was distracted and almost missed his exit. He was on the phone.

  30. I just called to order chicken from deli department @ 5:22 pm in bartonville & was told they’re closing deli down not making more food then hung up on me .Problem is when I called weeks ago they said deli closes at 6pm. I just called a Manager to see if this is correct & he just hung up on me as well!!!!!!!!

  31. I was charge double on 11- 7 so I call n they told me I’ll get my refund within 5 days.. so I call back on Saturday spoke to Aries he customer service was great . My problem he told me 5 to 7 days for my refund.. I was depending on that to finish my thanksgiving. and that his not right I am not trying to break your rules. but that was not my Fault my reference # is42805580 thanks in advance

  32. I often visit the WHITEHALL KROGER PHARMACY to get my permission. Everytime I go to this location. SARAH one of the PHARMACY rep. Whether assisting me or other customers. Or even when she is off in the distance of the pharmacy. She HAS THE RUDEST, NASTIEST,MOST NEGATIVE ATTITUDE. SHE HAS NO CARING CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS AT ALL. I HAVE COMPLAINED ABOUT HER BEFORE TO A STORE MANAGER. BUT THAT APPARENTLY DIDN’T GO OVER SO WELL. I NEED TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE REGARDING HER.PLEASE!

  33. Most of you make 6 figure paycheck while some employees make $12.00 an hr cashier, bag , listen to customers complain and get nasty with us. Work 2 cashiers. No bagger cause no help. Worked thru pandemic and 50 cent raise is the BEST you can do ?? Really ? Shows us how much we are appreciated

  34. (copy of email below)
    Dear Mr. W. Rodney McMullen.

    Despite it being Sunday, I need to share thoughts on what I recently heard is your plan to reopen this Kroger on Oct 30th, 2021,

    Our Kroger was the scene of a mass shooting on September 24, 2021. The store has been closed since that date. I found the hopeful, temporary closing a sign of support for the community and those killed and wounded at the time. However, I am not ure that was the actual case. One thing I know about Kroger sir: Kroger is a “Master Marketer”; now changing once well known brands to the “Kroger private label”. Remodeling of the entire Kroger store is too much for my taste. I am certain you will have a finely tooled new store, most likely with higher prices and completely full shelves on opening day.

    I hope you find a means of honoring the victims of this disgruntled former employee by displaying at minimum a plaque in their honor where visible to all. I also ask you NOT to reopen the store near the Halloween season. Would you please hold from the candy sales, and appearing to pay tribute to Halloween by waiting until November 1st, 2021, to reopen? The reopening should not be about a shiny, new façade and isles; but about those who were injured in this tragedy. Sir, I live only 6 blocks from your store; this is the store I routinely frequent for shopping; however, have great trepidation about reentering.

    I ask you NOT to gloss over the tragedy that occurred here and especially NOT to reopen at Halloween time.

    Below follows a brief history of Halloween:
    Halloween has been around for more than a thousand years. Originally a religious observance, it became increasingly secular over the centuries until its religious trappings all but disappeared. Today, Halloween is considered a holiday for dress-up and fun, especially for children.

    Halloween’s origins can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, which was held on November 1 in contemporary calendars. It was believed that on that day, the souls of the dead returned to their homes, so people dressed in costumes and lit bonfires to ward off spirits. In this way, popular Halloween tropes such as witches, ghosts, and goblins became associated with the holiday.

    Steven L Syfert
    656 Glen Allan Cove


  35. Every week that I shop at Krogers on 21st Street in Newark Ohio, using my.debit card is nearly impossible. I have to swipe at least 3-4 times and the chip reader never takes. I’ve complained numerous times to no satisfaction. Today one of your cashiers was very rude to me when it’s clearly your problem. You need to replace your chip readers or do something. Your stores are the only ones we have trouble with

  36. Another thing I noticed during my assessment to the store is that they don’t treat their employees well, they make fun of the people who work there, especially. I wanted a job at Kroger because I like Kroger Company I also need a job and I was getting a job there I completed all my activities including assessment but the front end manager of the store is very rude her name is Melissa she is Barker at Cypress is working on a location store number 115

  37. I applied for a cashier at Kroger. I passed my interview successfully. I received my orientation email. I went to my orientation. My first day was good with Miss Ashley took my orientation with good behavior I completed my first day activities and 2nd day of orientation i went to my place for orientation Miss Melissa manager was not kind to me. I noticed that she was not feeling well. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. I completed my assessment after the assessment. she suddenly told me that I can’t continue with you. I asked her why she told me because of your schedule. I said That I schedule according to you but she said I am not comfortable feel with you so now my question is that. that’s not the reason to terminated anyone it is not good thing she terminated me only because of my schedule she was should checked my work few day she suddenly told me you are terminated she was should gave Chance

  38. I am sick of waiting 15 min to check out, you need to hire some more people to work there. you need to pay these people a living wage. Kroger is trying to hire at $11/HR, this is a ridiculously low wage. the French in the late 18 century had the right idea about what to do with greedy people like you, the board of directors and all your major stockholders.

  39. Hopkinsville, KY deli will not put sheets of paper between their pre package cheese. I bought a package and you can not get the slices apart. Please fix this situation. It is an ongoing thing. And if I get them to slice my cheese I have to ask for sheets to be put between the cheese slices.

  40. Store 350 in Henderson Nevada. Please do something about the harassment we are facing with new managers. I feel so disgraceful just doing my job by them & should be unacceptable in any work place. Thanks.

  41. Why are the Kroger customer services on Wesley Chapel, Flat Shoals and Fairview Rd are closed everyday til further notice

  42. Nick the self Check out cashier was very rude & nasty around 9:30pm on 10/1when I ask for help he was very unprofessional I will Never come back to that Kroger location again he was prejudicedI didn’t appreciate the disrespect, I wish I new his mother to let her know that he wasn’t respecting his elders
    I will be contact the NAACP about his actions everything has been recorded
    I would like too see Something done or I will take this too the next level I have about 10 witness they also had something to say about his actions in todays world being prejudiced is Unacceptable I know that Krogers wouldn’t want this type of Reputation thanks for your time

  43. Payless Kroger store on Cross and N Scatterfield in Anderson,In.Self registers only take cards no cash and only 2 regular check outs are working.The rest were said to be broke.That should not be .Has been like this for at least 2 weeks.

  44. On 9-27-21 @ 8:42am
    I have been going to this Kroger’s for years. This day maybe my last time buying my groceries there. NO registers were open so I walked to the self checkout and there was 14 people either checking out or waiting in line. My grocery cart was full my total was $162.11 and I had no where to put my groceries that I had scanned. Someone said the person who was suppose to have the register open called off that morning. You would think Management would have stepped in and opened a register knowing there was that many customers in line at the self checkout. You would be upset to if that happened to you. I almost just pulled me cart aside and left but I didn’t. I felt someone in Corporate needed to know about my experience that morning. Thank you for your time.

  45. Can’t keep the montego cigarettes in stock. Always out of stock. They are a fast seller. Doesn’t carry cartons. The 100s are the fastest seller. Doesn’t answer the phone around 8pm. Repeatedly hang up and I have to Repeatedly call customer service but never get a answer. Cartons aren’t ever in stock since I have been going there April 1, 2021. There’s never, if ever montego at this store. Cartons is never. Please send enough products/cigarettes to this store. Cheap and a very, very fast seller. Thanks

  46. My name is Deon Harris. I have and will be writing and following up on a complaint with a store manager. I was doing work as a vendor for one of the locations. Things were good up until she found it necessary to throw sunglasses at me. Assaulting me. Apparently she did not like the fact that I wasn’t moving or stocking fast enough to her liking and instead of handing the boxes to she throw them. She also told lies about my work and had some comments with undertones involved.

  47. Matt at the customer service desk says that I am banned from coming into the store and he called security.

    I have spent upwards of $10,000 with Krogers in the last 4 years, buying food and gas.

    The Clifton and Norwood store is closer to me however I shop at Oakley Hyde Park and Blue Ash also.

    I’ve been shopping at Kroger’s since it opened on Gilbert and McMillan probably in the late 50’s. Before that I shopped at Kroger’s on Madison Rd. and Woodburn as an adolescent for parents. Kroger’s closed the Woodburn store, then Gilbert store and then they closed the McMillan store in recent years.

    I have a car so I shop at Kroger’s everywhere, even in Irving and Grapevine Tx (30 years)
    Last November Kroger’s opened a store downtown Cincinnati. They closed the Clifton and Norwood store at 11p. I was told that it because they moved cashiers downtown.

    Lines in Clifton were long because of this move and very few cashiers were available. Since November of last year at any time of the day they’ve had only one or two lanes open in Norwood and Clifton.
    It appears that they are trying to cut Corners by not hiring because they do not do that in Oakley and Hyde Park or Blue Ash.

    People stand in line whether they have a small amount or a large amount for 15 minutes or more, no fast lanes are ever.

    Today there were no carts available in the store at 5:15pm in the afternoon so I was offered a basket.

    I selected my items loaded the basket and got to the self-checkout. By that time my blood pressure was 187/92. (with meds taken)
    There was only one lane open for regular check out and that was long.

    I became aware of the fact that my eggs had expired 1 month ago and took them to the self checkout Clerk for him to verify the fact that the eggs had expired one month ago.

    As I was scanning my items, I addressed the service counter clerk and informed him that the eggs I had chosen had expired 1 month ago, and after scanning and paying for my groceries I would have to go back to get eggs. Needless to say, I was very unhappy.

    Matt said that was not his department and he couldn’t do anything about it. Then I
    asked him why there was only 1 regular lane open when the store was crowded. Matt said we’re short we don’t have enough people. I said your store has been saying this since last November.

    He said I’m calling security and you are banned from the store. I said you see this card I have spent at least $10,000 in Krogers in the last 4 years and I expect good customer service . Security came, his name was Robert. I explained to Robert that my eggs had expired and that I would have to go back and get another carton and I also explained to him that there was only one lane open which should not have been the case.

    He said matt wants you to leave the store right now without purchasing and he moved toward me as if he was about to apprehend me. I turned away from him to pay for my groceries.

    I have complained before in reference to one or two lanes open when the store is busy and the last time I spoke with the service desk clerks, they said “we’re hiring we’re short”
    I said I’m a senior citizen, 75 years old. I’m not interested in employment.

    Security waited for me to pay for my groceries and “escorted me out”.
    What is going on with Kroger’s? Personnel are indifferent, arrogant and rude and insulting. Why would Matt say because you’re complaining, you’re being rude, and “you can’t come in this store anymore”

    I’ve spent $10,000 in Kroger’s in 4 years but Clifton and Norwood Management is way below par, about a 3 on the scale.
    On one shopping trip I asked a bagger where are the cashiers?
    She said “I am a cashier but they pulled my drawer and made me do bagging.”

    BTW no chicken on the shelves. Refrigeration shut downs happen too often.
    I was going to return a bell pepper that was not edible but wasn’t able to.

    After 63 years of shopping at Kroger’s, you have one complaint on file from me. 2/2020.
    Instead of Matt taking my complaints, he brushed me off and told me to get out.
    He just didn’t want to be bothered. That was his solution.
    Please address this horrible situation and let me know if I am banned. If so, I will definitely shop elsewhere.

    One more thing
    Elderly woman kicked out of Kroger’s
    “Shopping while black”!

    Matt at the customer service desk says that I am banned from coming into the store and he called security.

    I have spent upwards of $10,000 with Krogers in the last 4 years, buying food and gas.

    The Clifton and Norwood store is closer to me however I shop at Oakley Hyde Park and Blue Ash also.

    I’ve been shopping at Kroger’s since it opened on Gilbert and McMillan probably in the late 50’s. Before that I shopped at Kroger’s on Madison Rd. and Woodburn as an adolescent for parents. Kroger’s closed the Woodburn store, then Gilbert store and then they closed the McMillan store in recent years.

    I have a car so I shop at Kroger’s everywhere, even in Irving and Grapevine Tx (30 years)
    Last November Kroger’s opened a store downtown Cincinnati. They closed the Clifton and Norwood store at 11p. I was told that it because they moved cashiers downtown.

    Lines in Clifton were long because of this move and very few cashiers were available. Since November of last year at any time of the day they’ve had only one or two lanes open in Norwood and Clifton.
    It appears that they are trying to cut Corners by not hiring because they do not do that in Oakley and Hyde Park or Blue Ash.

    People stand in line whether they have a small amount or a large amount for 15 minutes or more, no fast lanes are ever.

    Today there were no carts available in the store at 5:15pm in the afternoon so I was offered a basket.

    I selected my items loaded the basket and got to the self-checkout. By that time my blood pressure was 187/92. (with meds taken)
    There was only one lane open for regular check out and that was long.

    I became aware of the fact that my eggs had expired 1 month ago and took them to the self checkout Clerk for him to verify the fact that the eggs had expired one month ago.

    As I was scanning my items, I addressed the service counter clerk and informed him that the eggs I had chosen had expired 1 month ago, and after scanning and paying for my groceries I would have to go back to get eggs. Needless to say, I was very unhappy.

    Matt said that was not his department and he couldn’t do anything about it. Then I
    asked him why there was only 1 regular lane open when the store was crowded. Matt said we’re short we don’t have enough people. I said your store has been saying this since last November.

    He said I’m calling security and you are banned from the store. I said you see this card I have spent at least $10,000 in Krogers in the last 4 years and I expect good customer service . Security came, his name was Robert. I explained to Robert that my eggs had expired and that I would have to go back and get another carton and I also explained to him that there was only one lane open which should not have been the case.

    He said matt wants you to leave the store right now without purchasing and he moved toward me as if he was about to apprehend me. I turned away from him to pay for my groceries.

    I have complained before in reference to one or two lanes open when the store is busy and the last time I spoke with the service desk clerks, they said “we’re hiring we’re short”
    I said I’m a senior citizen, 75 years old. I’m not interested in employment.

    Security waited for me to pay for my groceries and “escorted me out”.
    What is going on with Kroger’s? Personnel are indifferent, arrogant and rude and insulting. Why would Matt say because you’re complaining, you’re being rude, and “you can’t come in this store anymore”

    I’ve spent $10,000 in Kroger’s in 4 years but Clifton and Norwood Management is way below par, about a 3 on the scale.
    On one shopping trip I asked a bagger where are the cashiers?
    She said “I am a cashier but they pulled my drawer and made me do bagging.”

    BTW no chicken on the shelves. Refrigeration shut downs happen too often.
    I was going to return a bell pepper that was not edible but wasn’t able to.

    After 63 years of shopping at Kroger’s, you have one complaint on file from me. 2/2020.
    Instead of Matt taking my complaints, he brushed me off and told me to get out.
    He just didn’t want to be bothered. That was his solution.
    Please address this horrible situation and let me know if I am banned. If so, I will definitely shop elsewhere.

  48. This store Kroger Dillion is a joke my sister has been trying for over a week to get a paper stating she is inactive as a worker all she gets is the run around and can’t cet into an apartment till she has this paper what is the big deal one small piece of paper !!!!! This is a Witchta Ks store giving her the run around

  49. I have been on zolpidem for sleep for years. I was taking 10 mg and getting 7 hours sleep per night. Kroger changed suppliers and that went to 3 hours per night. I called Kroger in Rocky Mount VA to complain and they basically said, tough there is nothing they can do. I called my Dr and he put me on 12.5 mg extended release of the same medicine. This new med is blue in color and I slept like a baby for a month. I went to get a refill on sat 26 and guess what it is tan and white on the other side with the number 308 on the white side. It is back to the same thing, hardly no sleep. Sometimes the customers are more important than making a little more money. You need to go back to the old supplier and if you have to, raise the price a couple bucks to make up the difference. We understand. There is way less medicine in the new pills.

  50. Kroger pharmacy in Davison MI illegally refused to refill my prescriptions because of their mistake. Kroger made 2.59 Billion dollars last year yet hires people to do 3 or 4 peoples jobs for one persons pay. That is nobodies fault but the pharmacist that agreed to work under such conditions. The pharmacist agreed to that, Kroger love that cause it adds to the hundreds of millions Kroger makes in profit every year. The pharmacist had no right to refuse my medication cause she was overwhelmed. Kroger company banks on this from employees and refuses to terminate these people for wrong doing cause they are assisting in making the Kroger company massive profits. This is a clear violation of the law and I am seeking counsel to remedy this situation and hold the Kroger company responsible for their actions. I as a customer am run in circles and have to spend an absurd amount of time to reach someone with customer support, everyone at the Kroger store that this happened is passing the buck, including managers and supervisors. Me and my family are homeless and living in a campground with absolutely no income whatsoever. I cannot work cause of my heart problems and Kroger stores do nothing to make things easier for the customer. Cannot even keep ADA compliment in their stores, witnessed this first hand every time I go to Kroger. It is a nightmare to deal with and the refusal to fill my meds based on their mistake is wrong, completely wrong and immoral. But the Kroger companies bottom line is more important that the customer. News flash, the customers are Kroger’s bottom line, yet they get the raw deal. Me and my family deal with so much incompetence with Kroger, this was the last straw, I refuse to go through all the logistics that I do not have the resources for to get my meds so I am doing without which is a brutal situation. I hope this lawsuit will to 2.59 Billion dollars cause the Kroger company should simply be shut down, it’s running a legal sweat shop. Sincerely James R Golding of Michigan.

    Sent from my iPhone

  51. On 9/18/21 I purchased two gift cards, one debit visa, one restaurant, with a digital coupon for 4X fuel points and did not receive the extra fuel points, I filled out the feedback stating this fact with a request for a return contact by E-mail, and my Gmail address, traxxxxx I have not heard back and the extra fuel points have not been credited to my 427954xxxxxx. What should I do next?

  52. I will not be shopping at Kroger’s at Barnes Crossing in Tupelo. Ms again. Chelsa Harper the assistant mgn. defended the person that was supposed to be helping customers. She was doing store work. Chelsa said the temperature of the chicken had to be taken at that time even when there were customer’s waiting. If that is the policy,then I feel it is wrong. Do they not know who pays there salary. Customer service must not be important to Kroger’s. There are other new grocery stores in our area.

  53. Please FIX YOUR WEBSITE. I use computer, since July 1, 2021 I cannot log into my account to clip digital coupons on ANY Browser. No one is listening or caring about your customers. I know people with smart phones who can’t log in either, but again I don’t use phone. I have a house phone. I use computer. Can’t you fix your website? All it ever say’s is Uh Oh something has gone bananas. WTH? If I can’t log in and clip mu customer bonus coupons or clip other digital ones. Then I’ll shop elsewhere. Again can you not just fix website? Again No Browser works. And don’t say contact phone number, I spent an hour on your contact number only to be hung up on. What is wrong with Kroger’s?

  54. What is going on with your Pharmacy pharmacist acquitting they’re ridiculously short they never answer the phone hardly ever open the drive-thru you go in there and one poor guy is working by himself you can imagine how long we wait this is your brand new store on South Franklin in Indianapolis Indiana or I might be called Franklin right by the Franklin High School

  55. Why die it take 100 days to send video footage to police?? And why do you not have working cameras on your parking lot in Mishawaka??

  56. It has me aghast that I have not sooner realized that your gas points program is askew. It has me sorely disappointed in the entire program.
    Anytime I get gas with my points I get a ten cent discount per gallon. If I get gas and only enter my Kroger ID, I get .03 cents. In fact I am only getting .07 cent discount using my points! Foul play.

  57. I am no longer able to access my Kroger acct via my “smartphone” as of approx. 6/18/21. I have called the KRrger 800# several times and have not be able to speak to someone in the IT Dept. All I get from the CSR’s is “I’m sorry. You have to download the NEW Kroger app” -or- “There’s NOTHING we can do”. I’ve had my cellphone 6 yrs (Samsung Android) and it came PRE-LOADED from the factory with apps that cannot be removed. I couldn’t load the original app when it came out 5+ years ago because my phone did not have “space” and I was instructed by your CSR at that time to set up my Kroger acct on a PC so I went to my local library & did so. EVERY freakin’ time (which is yearly if not more often) Kroger does an “upgrade”, I lose access via my cellphone to my Kroger acct & have been told I HAVE to create a “NEW” password to gain access. in a nutshell. I should NOT HAVE HAD to create a NEW password just because Kroger has updates. Usually when prior updates occurred, I have had fits with gaining access to my Kroger acct via my smartphone for roughly 2-3 weeks & then “miraculously” someone (in the IT Dept.???) figures out what the “problem is” & I’m able to regain access…Until the NEXT upgrade occurs and then I once again have fits. I was informed by your CSR’s LAST MONTH (June 2021) that I will NO LONGER BE ABLE TO ACCESS MY Kroger acct due to the “upgrade” that was done last month (June 2021) because my phone is “old”, not 5G?? I SHOULD NOT have to BUY A NEW PHONE simply to gain access to my Kroger acct./digital coupons/fuel pt status/etc. If I can STILL look on Facebook with my current smartphone as well as access my email accounts & do a LOAD of research with it, I SHOULD BE ABLE to access my Kroger acct. Your CSR’s do not allow me to speak to ANYONE in YOUR IT DEPT & NO ONE should have to BUY A NEW SMARTPHONE simply because Kroger did an upgrade & they can NO LONGER access their KROGER acct. FIX THIS ASAP, will you? The digital coupons have NOT been “user-friendly” from the get-go & some time back the website was inaccessible to Kroger customers via their cellphones if they were INSIDE Kroger stores. THAT issue was eventually fixed but it took over a YEAR…Duh-uh! IF I can access my email accts & my Facebook acct, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO ACCESS MY K-R-O-G-E-R acct, GUYS! This ISN’T ADVANCED technology, it’s stupidity & a royal pain. Quit aggravating your LOYAL Kroger customers. ((Because of the negative experience I’ve had with your website/digital coupons/etc, I’m purchasing significantly LESS, NOT MORE…FYI)) As I said earlier…FIX THIS ASAP so ALL CUSTOMERS can gain access to the KROGER website/dig. coupons/fuel pts/etc. Your recent APP update is an ABOMINATION…

  58. I went to the Pharmacy and someone hit the awning over a week ago! And they never fixed it. They had the window closed. I cannot walk inside and there were no handicap spaces to park and get the carts. Kroger must be in financial trouble if a company thus size can’t get it fixed by the second day, little loan the same day. I had to wait till someone was with me to get my medicine. I am now shopping for another Pharmacy. I will probably change before my Kroger membership is up.

  59. Yesterday morning JULY 17th around 3:10, I walked into Kroger to do a return I was told I can’t do a return without an recipe… I explain to her (the manger that was called out of the office) that I didn’t have a receipt this was from my baby shower and I wanted to exchange them for a size three. She stated that they don’t sell that count and that I may have gotten them from a different Kroger. I tried to explain to the lady working behind the counter that the policy say I can return an item without a receipt and don’t matter what Kroger I received it from. No one checked to see if the diapers would scan into the system. I basically had to leave without talking BACK to the manager because she didn’t come back out the office. I think that was very rude and could have been handled differently.

  60. I was treated so badly by a kroger employee , location is kroger, 7747kirby dr, houston,TX, 77030.. the employee’s name is Angela.. I have been avoiding her for more than 2 years coz she is just soo rude to so as much as possible I would just make sure that I would not be on her way but one day i did the self check out and she happened to be there when i cant look up the name of the item i was buying and she came and later just yelled at me to move aside so she can do it and just say a lot of rude things to me that later i just decided to tell her to stop helping me and just leave me alone coz im not buying that item anymore and told her that she is just so rude,she kept talking bad things to me and turn her back and walk away.. i find it ridiculous that everytime i go there to shop i will have to avoid her.. We live just behind kroger and so i go there around 4-5 times a week. I hope the management could do something about so fed up of her being so rude and bullying of me..

  61. Why did the kroger company stop taking Det city taxes out of our checks. Did Kroger think of the way that made their employees feel. It feels like Kroger doesn’t care about Det employees. I have been working for Kroger since 1995 and have never had to pay city taxes until now. I’m a CSM at Kroger store 602 and I had to pay $1400 in city taxes when I used to get a refund check from the city. It is unfair that Kroger would choose certain cities to stop taking out the city taxes. This is total discrimination among the employees. It is not our fault that Kroger doesn’t have a store in the city of Detroit. Please fix this it’s totally unfair.

  62. I have a problem with the store located in Ripley WV. The pharmacist Blake informed me that they can not order what they need. I am referring to the generic Mucinex D. I have been waiting to purchase it for 3 months now. Why did he tell me that? If it’s true, this is an awful way to treat customers. And Blake is always rude and unfriendly on the phone as well as in person. What can be done about this? I always buy the generic. I can’t afford the regular Mucinex D.

  63. Kroger does nothing about unprofessional employees. Reached out to them on two instances and nothing.

    1. Wow now this ridiculous!!I just made a report about them last night but if nothing is going to get handled I guess I shouldn’t have said anything

  64. I live in Roseville MI. I have always shopped at Kroger’s. I check out myself when I have a few items. Now they only take a card no cash. I am very unhappy. I am plamy to stop going to Kroger. I do not use my card for groceries. I can wait in line with 2 registers open with my one item. I am disgusted. You don’t need me & obviously you don’t care.

  65. Kroger should be ashamed of itself for closing the ONLY grocery stores in Carrollton and White Hall, Illinois. Now, the residents of these depressed/rural communities must drive nearly 15 miles to the closest store for groceries for their families. Carrollton is the county seat of Greene County in west central Illinois. There has been a Kroger store in that community of just under 3,000 for well over 70 years. My great grand parents, grandparents, and parents were all hard working community members that believed in supporting this local business and did so over the decades. These people are devastated! I will personally never shop in another Kroger store, or one of its affiliates again, and plan on “shouting from the rooftops” how this store has treated these underdog communities. Kroger, you should be ashamed of itself and your current patrons have a right to know that you are really all about the money, not the welfare of the communities you serve. Kroger spokesman Eric Halvorson said the decision to close the stores follows extensive evaluation of the stores’ financial performance. Well, Mr. Halvorson, did Kroger also consider the communities whose jobs and very spirit they were stripping? I was especially upset when I read about the raises that the CEO’s of Kroger got this year. Unbelievable! This is the story that really needs to be told as your company “professes” to be supporting the communities you serve and those less fortunate. Why not put the companies money where their advertising is? Did you really have to take the only two Kroger stores in the whole county? Seriously…

  66. The song chosen for your tv commercial is pronounced incorrectly. The song is secret AGENT man and the artist sings secret ASIAN man. This could be considered offensive to some or makes you look like an idiot.

  67. Went to Kroger again today. Love your products. Don’t like not getting my change back. I rarely buy gas at Kroger any more. I go elsewhere because of price. The cashier told tell me other places were not giving change back either. I’ve got to say I have not experienced that anywhere but Kroger. Got to say that sounds like stealing my change. Not happy with that policy at all!

  68. Your produce is always too ripe. Bananas are only good for a day. Grapes and blueberries are soft. Strawberries are moldy. I go to Wal-Mart for produce now and they do it right. I implore you to check this out in your South Lyon Michigan stores. Your store is more convenient than Wal-Mart but I’m tired of throwing things out because they’re too ripe to purchase.

  69. I was refused the purchase alcohol ( beer) based on the fact i 1) did not have a valid US valid passport 2) I am a Canadian citizen who had a canadian valid passport. I was bluntly told that my Valid Canadian passport was NOT acceptable as a form of identification.

  70. I’ve had numerous problems with the pharmacy in Kroger in proctorville Ohio , they don’t have my medicine when it’s do to be filled an picked up an they’re rude as can be.

  71. My wife is currently employed in your pharmacy, we are moving, my wife and has spoken to the store she wants to Relocate to. Her boss was made aware of this last Thursday and was ok
    He boss on Friday changed hr mine, doing a180, and is not going to let her relocate.
    She has been good employee for more than 10 years. She has not missed a day during the pandemic and she was supposed to have the 4th off, but her boss is making her work.
    My dad passed away two weeks go, she was denied ANY, days off to go too my dads memorial service, and have to trade a day off.
    I am waybeyond angry with her boss, her boss’s boss and anyone that is a higher office, that has any thing to do with why my wife CANNOT let relocate.
    I’m fully Aware that her score is severely under staffed i know the pharmacy is definitely. Until know I thought she had an ok boss,now I do not.

  72. I have been a loyal customer for years. A few weeks ago you blocked my password. I do not have a smart phone or text messaging. You send me e-mails that I can’t sign in on.
    I have called the help center 3 times to up date my password. Each time I click on update I am sent to a blank page with the word Kroger at the top. I am visiting Albuquerque, New Mexico for a few week so I was shopping at Smith’s (Kroger). What should I do? Wait until I get back to Simpsonville, Ky. and apply for a new card? For years as we travel I have always shopped at Kroger under what ever name they use in that state. Help!!!

  73. My card was declined at the gas pump this morning as I was putting in my info because I hit cancel by mistake instead of enter. After that it was declined so I wasn’t able to get gas! My car is at Kroger and I had to walk home and you still have all my money tied up in limbo on a hold even though it was cancelled. It’s a holiday weekend and now I don’t even have money or a way to get dinner and the store manager I already tried to speak with hung up on me! I’m beyond mad and discussed with how I was treated

  74. Please do something about the parking lot in Raleigh on Austin Peay and coving pike by Walmart, kroger, dollar tree, regions & goodwill Big huge pot holes all over. Homeless people & trash, over grown weeds on the landscaping looks awful. The next stop is the media. Send someone out to clean & fix the problem. Just because you don’t live in the area it should look like you do because you own it!!! It horrible!! Do something please before someone gets hurt, or tears up their vehicle. Clear out the homeless people!! Its a nice area but your lot makes it look horrendous! You should be ashamed!

  75. I just wanted to say that, I am a employee of krogers and have been for almost 2 years. I attend college and have 3 kids, also 1 on the way. For the simple fact that many employees received a credit, as in kroger money for employees that worked for krogers a long time, leaders and managers… As for me and some of our hard working employees that did not meet this requirement. Got absolutely nothing… This was extremely unfair… For i believe we have future requirements that dont consist of working at krogers our entire life we still receive nothing… Not downing the people that worked for krogers 30 years or more… As for my mother worked for krogers until she could no longer stand, says she has never received anything ever… She medical retired about 6 years ago. Only because krogers worked her blood dry… So i set a goal to not be apart of this .. I do work hard and as some of my fellow friends do to.. we get nothing in return… Just to say thanks for nothing Krogers… Smh… Aslo for working thru this pandemic to get a extra 2 dollas a hour for a very short time… To the ceo that makes billions of dollars to take it back…

  76. Hello
    My name is Bertha Alvarez Kaim from Mexico City. I would like to get in touch with your buyer for chips, corn tostadas and snacks since I represent a mexican company that sells healthy corn products as tortillas with cactus, nachos, tostadas, a wholw brand of snacks. I´d be grateful if you woluld be able to help me with this information.
    Thank you and have a nice day

  77. carts in cols in are in need of help alot of carts and electric carts not working cols in

  78. your website is bad! i have been trying for over 2 weeks to find out why i cannot access anything on your website and when i try to access my digital coupon account, isomething is blocking it. However if i try using a linux. operating system, I have no problem. When I use windows xp, that is when all my problems start. Has your website stopped recognizing XP? If so then why doesn’t anyone at the help center lnow?

  79. I bout 150.00 worth of food it’s all mostly old still food …want a refund or store credit bkpls for these different items pls contact me back at ,50238xxxxx

  80. James acosta hire 7 /24/1986 suspended 7/18/2018 summit application under a new employee ufcw member email.jrayacostxxxx @gmail

  81. I purchased a meat product that was horrible. I contacted the complaint number three times and spoke to three people to no avail. The fourth time the person hung up on me because they were speaking too fast and mumbling and I said I could not understand them. So rude!!! I called the store that I purchased from, Tate’s Creek Centre, Lexington, KY, and the assistant mgr. advised it was not his fault. I said I understood but he declined to help me!

  82. Customer service unprofessional service
    @ Kroger 1225 Carolina Street
    Atlanta, Georgia

  83. I need to be contacted by individual resposibe fot operation on kroger store in little rock ar about what happened to me in your store two days ago, roland Getchell 501 529 xxxx thank you.

  84. On 6/24 @Kroger on Old National Hwy, truck broke down and decided to get some lunch while I waited on Fed Ex. I went to the deli and stood there to get some food and no one acknowledge me. Two women behind the counter just looked at me and turned away as if I wasn’t there. So I walked away when I realized I was the Only white person in the store. I then went to the bathroom where there was No toilet paper. I went to my truck to call Fed ex. Idecided I was going back to the deli and be waited on. I WAS HUNGRY! I went to the deli again , 1st there was nothing in the hot case at all. So I went to the sub station and stood there waiting to see if anyone would help me. And again I was looked at and ignored. And then a everyone was waited on that was African American. And still I was ignored.. I feel like with the location I was in and being the only white person, that this was bias discrimination. I have never experienced anything like this from Kroger or anywhere else. I treat Everyone with respect regardless of color. That’s how I was raised. It’s unfortunate that others weren’t raised the same. Ill never set foot in your stores again. I promise you that. And I have been going to Krogers for many years. And my step mother has been with this company 28 years. The only person in thst whole store that was nice was Thelma the cashier. I hate the way the world has become and I never done anything to anyone in that store. They don’t know me. But because I’m white thst makes me a bad person. And that is Sad!

  85. I work at store 377 in Las Vegas I don’t know really who to contact to tell this information to but it is about Kevin Halla Winski and the rude comments that he’s made to meet online we used to be friends and now I’m getting rude comments and it’s not right and I am complaining about that and I need somebody I can tell everything to

  86. Why does kroger customer service in Fayetteville, Ga close at different times everyday. There is no consistency with the time. I was told that they closed at 8:00 pm today, June 22, 2021.

  87. Friday, June 18, 2021, at 10:02 AM, Kroger store located at 1282 Smithfield Plaza, Smithfield Va. you lost a value customer and I predict more will follow at your Smithfield Va location. While waiting in line with the only cashier, the light turns off, she announces she is closed, going on break, and everyone must use the self-checkout. My husband had difficulty using the self-checkout couldn’t purchase ice still had to have an employee come over and help him. The machine kept telling him he was loading his bags wrong or something wasn’t scanned. We will no longer be shopping at your Kroger grocery stores if this is your new policy. We are not your employees, we are your customers and deserve customer service. Has the company gave any consideration that it might be harder for the elderly to use this customer self-service checkout? We will be telling our “poor customer service story” to anyone that will listen. My husband usually spends $200 + a week in your store! No more, we will go to the FOOD LION.

  88. I got here on time and ahead of time it’s 11pm and I’m still sitting here waiting, every one here is chilling and having a good time, this makes no sense Kroger does not value no ones time, it’s like Kroger cares bout nothing but themselves these drivers are leaving here sleepy and tired and really if they have a accident and hurt someone the driver may be at fault but a good lawyer can make sure Kroger shares the lawsuit because had Kroger did what they suppose to do these drivers would not be leaving here with no where to park and tired, so they gotta keep driving tired just because Kroger has a sorry way of doing things and it’s not fair to the drivers yall care nothing about these drivers and they fight traffic and storms to get your product to u safe but u don’t care just as long as u care stock your stores, I worked for advantage logistics in Livonia and yall screwed us in 2008 and today u still screwing people it’s not fair, u run this business like it’s a joke, Walmart would never run a business so Ill responsible that’s why they are doing so good, even target get the trucks in and out but when it comes to Kroger the entire trucking industry hate to do your loads, Kroger cost trucking companies their drivers after dealing with Kroger many of us quit after doing your loads because y’all are so slow and non caring, when the business was in Livonia it was good, it was your management who was stealing your product, like DAVE BUSHWAY AND MIKE BERKIE, and Mark Harris that was the problem and they blame it on the employees like when Kroger loss all that meat in 2005 due to the power loss, the meat plant loss cause the generators was stolen by John the head maintenance man and MIKE cover it up and still today u run your business like a circus with a bunch a clowns in charge and no I will not ever do anther Kroger load

  89. I’ve been trying to resolve a very important business matter with your company and got nowhere! Basically my daughter slipped and fell and the DuPont location of Fort Wayne Indiana and I was told that someone was going to call me and even was told I would be sent a check but I never got paid a dime! You guys didn’t have a wet floor sign out and my child who was 5yrs old hit her head pretty hard and I had to take her to the emergency room. And everything they did X-rays and even an MRI and not only that I called you guys the next day since no real management was available and that’s when I was told I would be paid and to contact on the following Friday head to my surprise that location was completely torn down you guys was doing construction and it was like that for months and by that time my daughter was hospitalized and had to have open heart surgery after she recovered from that I tried contacting and was told that I will be reimbursed for medical bills and I will be receiving a check and I never received anything.

  90. I have been shopping at your kroger at 4357 Lawrenceville hwy. Today around 6:39pm, your cashier Mijoya and her bagger refused to bag my produce for no reason. I had to bag them myself. This is not how you treat a customer. Such service is contributing to negative reviews online.

  91. I’ve been a Kroger shopper for over 40 years and enjoy shopping there. I recently saw a CLOSEOUT tag on my favorite product. PLEASE do not discontinue this product! It is the Kroger brand pomegranate fruit bars ( bar code 11110 57504). My life would nit be the same without them! Thank you for your time and consideration concerning this matter.

  92. Lost $50 transferring my Kroger cash to PayPal. Could someone call me back please? This happened the first week of June. $50 was deducted from my account.
    my Kroger # is 248396xxxx

  93. I am filing a complaint that Kroger’s here in the Delta isn’t accomodating to the needs of the disable nor the handicapped. I realize that we are in a low poverty area and we are limited to some things but not this, we do have rights. I have been to this store several times and each time there in only 1 cart and it doesn’t hold a charge. My experience was that one day I had gotten to the other end of the store and the cart just quick. No associates was willing to help me. So luckily i had one crutch to make it back to my car. Thank goodness. I went home and order pick online with Walmart. (no charge). I feel that Krogers should have at least online pickup for some of us who are unable to shop. We have rights to have new carts that will hold a charge and responsible associates to make sure they are fully charge AT ALL TIMES. Although i am not permanently disable and this is temporary it has made me see the importance of the disable and how I and them deserve to be somewhat independent. I should report Krogers to the ADA Act (Americans with Disabilities Act). Last thing on the agenda is WE NEED A BIGGER STORE.

  94. Will you please start using a better quality gasoline at Kroger ? PLEASE .
    I ask you sell TOP TIER GASOLINE . It is better for our cars … it has special additives / detergents that improve gas mileage and function .
    I have not bought gasoline at Kroger in several years because Kroger sells cheap gas ..
    Please Google TOP TIER GAS and read up on it … does not cost that much to improve the gasoline you provide your customers .
    You can put a sticker on your pumps that say TOP TIER GAS – which customers can see .

  95. Why are you closing the store in Dewitt Ar it’s the best store best store and employees please do not close

  96. I am a senior citizen I just left Kroger’s maybe I always so I always got to take something back as hot as heck out here in Michigan but I’m beginning to dislike the Kroger’s you guys just built in Oak Park in the Lincoln Town Center you I have spots all over my turkey lunch meat from the deli Miss Deborah Laird

  97. Kroger doesn’t care about its employees. They claim to offer “competitive” pay yet only give their hard-working courtesy clerks a whopping $8 an hour. Not only that but they ended our hazard pay way too soon and gave the CEO a bonus at the same time! The second largest retailer in America can’t afford to treat their employees better.

  98. The Kroger in Lawrenceville on Riverside drive has had a horrible reputation for many years. Very bad customer service, dirty, poor stocking of goods and produce, etc. Why has nothing been done about this Kroger? Read this thread on NextDoor:

  99. On May 31 early morning I rang my own purchases at the self checkout and did not go home with my cherries. As I was scanning a 6pk coke one of the bottles were leaking. I notified the cashier that I have never seen before assuming she must be new and asked if I could exchange the coke with another. She said yes, I finished checkout with my order with my cart loaded and purchased and asked if i could leave my cart parked up front by the head cashier’s station while I go back and get a new one as if was not offered for and employee to run and get it for me.
    I showed her my new coke and that I was leaving with my cart. I was loading my car when I noticed a stray kroger bag that was in my cart. I didn’t think much of it because often I have a hard time separating the bags and have a stray one and instead of leaving it to make trash at the check station I just take the stray bag with me.
    I was not feeling very well and didn’t think too much of it as I questioned myself being wrong. When I got home I did not unbag some groceries that didn’t need to go in the fridge and went to rest. Later I looked everywhere for my cherries, I could not find them. I looked through my car, everywhere. The empty bag was by my watermelon in the seat front of the cart and my empty bag lying next to it.
    I trusted the cashier that nothing would be stolen out of my cart. There are early morning cashiers that do a very good job of that. My cherries got taken out of my cart in that short time when this cashier knew I was walking back to get a new coke. She didn’t even seem to care or pay attention when I showed her my new coke to show her I wasn’t stealing anything and just replacing. Who took my cherries?? I could not call as my cell was not working and I could not go back to the store later that same day because the way I was feeling.
    I was trying to be an honest customer and expected the same from that cashier. Every time there is a problem with an open or damaged package that I didn’t notice or I had the wrong size of a certain product that was on sale they never have any employee to run back to get it corrected. I do not most times have a pleasant experience with some of your cashiers, especially my 79 yr old mother because of your TRICK sales of not honoring a price because a 79 yr old woman cannot figure how to load your confusing pages of digital coupons. There is a short cashier that came from Fenton rd store and she is very rude and outright refuses to use a house card to let my mother get the sale price that is on the sign by the product. You mislead customers that causes them to have to complain and not being made a happy customer, the customer is ALWAYS wrong in your stores,
    Thanks for stealing my $6 worth of cherries and other items in the past just to be treated like a scam customer when I call or go the the service desk to have something righted. I was treated like I was a criminal scamming 3 cans of wet cat food a couple years back which I did not return to your store for a year because of that.
    I just think you need more honest cashiers to be in the interest of the customer having a pleasant experience. You should care about your customers and cheat them. Years ago I checked out with $40 cash back off my debit card when the screen said to see head cashier station for my cash. The cashier said the register gave it to me and tired to convince me I was wrong. The manager had to come out and count every till in all six self checkouts and about after 20 minutes, I was the right one. That was $40 cash to be stolen from me.
    Your company needs to restructure the way you treat customers especially with your scam digital coupons that are misleading and confusing for most people. There are many times I’ve gotten home to find I was not given the sale price and never would have paid full price for the item.
    I hate to have to shop at Meijer but just about every time I go to your store there is always a problem.

    I tried to submit my complaint online but your web page keeps saying to try back later, ya right…
    The store with above problem is on Bristol Rd, Burton, MI

  100. The Kroger store in PAris Tn makes people 75 years old pull out their driver lic just to nut beer then they scan it. This is not a police stop so you do not have to show your ID by pulling it out of your pocket . I will stop using Kroger store for anything this is stupid.

  101. I buy weekly from the Kroger on Grand Pkwy and Bay Hill. In the past 2 months there has been at least 4 times where I go to pick up my groceries and they come out and tell me that they are not even started on yet. I here about all of the problems on the store. I understand that there are times where stores have issues but give the customer a call. Only one time did I get a call to come later. It’s very frustrating to schedule it at a certain time for a specific reason get there and find out that its not even ready. Then I have to rearrange my whole afternoon to go back and get the order. I do most my shopping with Kroger and just get a few things with HEB but if this continues I will have to reconsider where I get my groceries.

  102. I have been a Kroger customer for 60years and you are offering a million dollars to only people who got there shots there ,come on Kroger’s .should I be loyal now I am questioning it.

  103. For the past week I have been attempting to receive a callback thru western div. 18005724377. No one will respond.

  104. Dear Mr. McMullen,
    It is my understanding that your computer system requires my personal social security number in order to cash an unused money order purchased at your Kroger store on 704 Euclid Avenue in Lexington, Kentucky. This invasion of my privacy is unacceptable. I did not have to provide my social security number in order to purchase the money order in the first place. Therefore, I would request that you remove my social security number from your ‘system’ immediately, and mail me a confirmation letter that states my request has been honored by your corporation.
    Respectfully requested 5/25/2021

  105. Why is it that many of us associates have followed the rules through this pandemic and now that every thing is being lifted for us that choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine but Fred Meyer is still making us wear are mask. Oregon has announced that if we have been vaccinated and past the two weeks we do not have to wear them.

  106. Asking for Kroger mangmet for Kroger to contact me back asp my phone number is 812 322-xxxx my name is Tim Mills

  107. I shop in Bartonville Illinois every week for my 87 year old Dad.He wants chicken alot. But they never have any done till noon. I live a hour and half away I’m not waiting till about noon or later to get some and alot of y’all shelves are empty. I’m thinking about going somewhere else. I known my dad has shipped at Kroger’s for years. So I would like a answer.

  108. Meals to go is out of chicken breast and tenders quite often. Not enough cashiers but alot of self checkout. A full cart of groceries is not for checkout. I dont work there.

  109. Two times I have went to the pharmacy with my goodrx mobile app and showed the cashier the price the first time she said it was nothing they could do because I had already paid for it Tuesday I tried again with a different prescription and this on told me I had to be a member of Kroger price club to use goodrx . I called goodrx and that was not true . it’s not just a few dollars difference its like 30 40 . and I have a lot of medicine to get but affraid to get filled one girl at first did it right why can’t the others? Thank you.

  110. You all have a lady pharmacist at 6420 Colonel Glenn road in Little Rock Arkansas and I want you all to know I don’t know if it’s going to do any good or whatever but she’s very rude she’s very very rude I heard her today screaming at this woman telling her well if you be quiet for a minute we’ll get this all straightened out but I never heard the woman say a word and I’m sitting right there around the corner from her and then she told me one time it was some kind of blood pressure medicine I just gotten and I didn’t know how to pronounce it and she told me that people need to learn how to spell or something to that effect and ever since she been up there I’ve had problems with my medication getting it on time and and things being put in the computer that my doctor has told me that she’s changed the information she told them to change the information when I got this new medication that I was talking about for my blood pressure she didn’t have the right amount in there my doctor was on the phone with me when she put it in the computer and send it to him but that wasn’t in there it’s just so many things that’s wrong about her I think she’s very prejudice I’m a black woman and she’s white and I’ve seen her treat certain people different and I’ve tried to get in touch with the CEO but he’s nowhere to be found the email address that I have for him they said it doesn’t exist so I guess he’s the same type of person she is

  111. I would like to see Kroger’s stop using plastic Bags in all their stores. It is better for the environment. Water, air , animals and humans.

  112. I really like the store in our town. However Walmart has remove the mask mandates. I can’t believe you have not. Rather disappointed. After when this is all done we will get so see the real story of how this is all about control and not science. To much to go into.number of studies showing how masks do nothing . One big mouth (Faucci) who says otherwise. Let your customers be normal. I for one may have to go elsewhere.

  113. I’m a 72 year old female who has been twice vaccinated. I don’t agree with your mandate to force me to wear a mask!

    I am forced to purchase my prescriptions through Kroger, but will be using Walmart as my store of choice until you lift your mandate on masks.

  114. I’ve been a hard working loyal employee for almost 8 years as a meat cutter and because of a fellow department employee I’m getting scheduled late shifts when I’m way more qualified for early shifts and paying me to do a clean up job when they can pay some half my pay to do it so I’m thinking about looking for another job because I’m sick of these back and forth schedules and I’m the main one getting them

  115. My name is Miss Gunther I bought a Private Selection 1499 cheesecake from Kroger’s I opened it I ate a slice of it but in the slice it was a earring and I broke two teeth I didn’t take it back I’m currently going to the dentist to get my teeth fixed I just wanted to let you guys know I threw the whole cheesecake away with so discussing to find an earring in my food that I pay money for I paid 1499 at the Krogers on Refugee Road in Columbus Ohio I will never go there again

  116. I am 3 weeks waiting on a refund when I call it a couple days ago if it hadn’t been submitted yet and now I can’t get anybody to answer me I still have not received to refund which program took the money out of my account without authorization because I did not get any product I have contacted the Better Business Bureau I have contacted the reviews for Google I have also contacted a new station I want my money and I need somebody to get a hold of me today

  117. I have been a kroger customer for over 50 years. with kroger in ohio and now smiths in las vegas. i just read the story about the kroger ceo and his absolute greed in
    stopping the hazzard pay for workers in the throes of the pandemic…then reaping the millions of $ in bonus pay for himself. guess who in never going to shop a kroger/smith store again…until this scumbag leaves the companiy…! how dare you, kroger, to tolerate this behavior.

  118. C’mon Kroger, let us take these darn masks off! I guess you’re waiting until you deem it “politically correct”?

  119. I have been a kroger shopper use to enjoy it,for almost yrs 50yrs. If something’s are not changed at the north franklin st kroger which is the largest kroger in va in christiansburg va . I will start shopping at Food line ,and Walmart. I have to go to walmart to buy cleaning supplies,and tolit paper,towels, swaggert sausage,and food line to get my coke caffeine free,and peanut crackers, which I use to get at kroger,but they dont have the 2 liter ,cans or bottles on sale,and quit getting the bottles of caffeine free,which they have every other kind even orange coke. There are people who can not drink caffeine, I have migraines,and nerve damage,and others have similar things,when they use to have them it was not much,and I had to get the guy who orders them to leave me 10 to 15 in back of store,a customer should not have to do this,and others wanted some,none of them I guss got any. I understand your stores as my brother-in-law,and brother retired from kroger, one 40 some years,and the other 50 some years. I use to get meat there, now you have to look ,and look the meat is full of fat, it use to be Kroger had the best meat around. I was told by someone they are buying cheapest meat they can get, I use to buy the peanut butter ,and cheese crackers people take in their lunch, they were Kroger brand,and sold a lot of them,now they are gone, I have to go to food line for their brand now this is just a few of things going on. Your stockers are great people,cashiers are nice, but the pharmacy they can not keep pharmacists,and I get medicine every month,they can not get my medicine filled right, its workers comp,and causes me lots of trouble,and sometimes my medicine is so high I can not get it even after my insurance pays,they dont tell me that they can run it through another ins. To lower the price so I can get it,others told me about it,and I saw it on tv. When they opened this store they had a great manager mr Allman who worked with the other workers, now nobody knows the managers . You as a ceo who makes what you do better get this straighten out ,or kroger is going under ,seeing all these letters to you about the things people are tired of. I dont want to leave,but if I can not find what I want in a store bigger then a foot ball field this is sad.

  120. My wife called in her perscriptions on last Monday to our store in Hampton va then called today which is thur to see if they were ready and was put on hold and was told they went and pulled them and they would be readyi in two hours what if they were lifesaving drugs Monday to thur is not acceptable what is the problem if you are short people than pay enough to get more help the drugs cost enough .

  121. There is a situation that is going on with one your Kroger food Van’s in Louisville, my comes my area on Thursdays 10-11:30. Couple months ago environment changed. People two gentle came on van to find out what was going on. We now have police car come circles when van come, your one friendly staff are distant and not as friendly. There are cars that are constantly circling the van. Our property manager came out had few words your staff ms carr
    St. Catherine’s ct .no one is selling drugs or trying pick up male.staff
    Most customers are female
    Your staff as well I am not comfortable any more. We all come food I enjoy conversation but I am afraid to stand to have a conversation with male staff. I dont know why a police car has show . I personally want know. Why its necessary. Because we the people have got message. This neighbor has a drug problem but your people have nothing do with it
    The used come in bring little joy. Now I sit watch the situation. I want know why this happening please

  122. It seems as though ever since you started giving COVID-19 shots you don’t have the proper time to fill prescriptions. We’ve been shopping and filling prescriptions at the Kroger on Chapel Hill Rd. in Douglasville Georgia ever since they opened and never had a problem until they started giving COVID-19 shots. Now it takes more than a day to get a prescription and that is unacceptable. I imagine there’s good money in giving the shots but you’re supposed to take care of all your customers. After all your main concern should be filling prescriptions for people. If this isn’t cleared up in a hurry we will be going somewhere else!

  123. Please have your customers were face coverings. I shop at Kroger and I do t care how many times they are make an announcement people still come in and don’t have a face covering on. Please do something about it. I shops at Dover crossing but they all do it.

  124. September 24th 2021 between the hours of 6:03 and 709 a.m. went to the Krogers at 13 Mile and Little Mack in Roseville Michigan I am handicapped I had purchased 200 plus dollars worth of groceries the lady working at the fast check out seeing that I had all these groceries in my car told me to go to aisle 13 after emptying my card halfway she tells me I’m sorry I can’t help you I’m overloaded 709 in the morning two people at the fast check out and I’m handicapped if Mike Judy or Kathy was working here this would never have happened I’ve been coming here since they opened and prior to that whenever 13 and Harper this is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had to experience. How can you possibly treat handicapped people this way I purposely got up early so I can get in and out and out of everybody’s way because I’m handicapped I walked out an hour later no groceries congratulations Krogers 13 Mile and Little Mack and Roseville you are no longer get my business or my family’s or my friends . Looks like I’ll be shopping at meijer’s for now on. I will never set foot in another Kroger ever again no matter what.

  125. I shopped your stores faithfully! I live in michigan westland ford road store 691 no eggs in the counter milk low no bread on the shelves for a week no sign of management hey we need help!

  126. I’m standing with you on your decision to close the two stores in California. Seems unfair to have to pay hero pay. I work – I don’t get hero pay.

  127. Please close all Kroger stores. they are nothing but a scam store. My last 3 delivery orders were very poor. Not worthy to be in business. Your stores suck.

  128. At the Fred Meyers down town North Puyallup WA, how can anyone get experience especially when there getting ready to graduate from High School, and they don’t give the person a chance, cause they don’t have any experience with the job , so how can they get any experience if they don’t give them a chance ❓❓

  129. Very disturbing when you are shopping g and know right off something wrong and now to find out you are closing 2 of the krogers store in 2 small towns and I know the building have to be paid off the stores are busy all the time so why are you closing are grocery store i am very disappointed in Krogers right now and I’m not alone I can’t believe in all years you ready just up and close

  130. I bought over a 130.00 in medicine and I did not get the linzess 90 day supply in the bag I got 5 other meds and called the put in Chester and they said to call no and speak to manager and nothing was never done I need my medicine and asking for your help as I am on food stamps and can not afford to let this slid,by Sandra petree xxxxx Oxford la Sutherland va 23885 894335xxxx.

  131. who is the currect manager at 1060 N Main St, Euless, TX 76039
    This guy is a cluless jerk. Rude as hell.

  132. I just left your store located at 3240 South Cobb Drive, Smyrna, Georgia at 2:45pm on April 5th. I was so disappointed in the Store Manager, Mr Reynolds.

    The entrance from the lobby area to the store was blocked by the line of people that looped around from the Customer Service Desk to the entrance. I shopped and came back 30 minutes later to the self-check next to the CSD. I could see the line had gotten longer and there was only one person working the desk. I asked the rep at self-check, to call the store manager. She left and went to the offices upstairs. She came back 5 minutes later and said he was coming. I wait another 5 minutes and asked again for the manager. She repeated her claim that he was coming. A few minutes later, he came out of the office and she pointed him out near the Starbucks. I watched as he started to make his way over, stopping on two different occasions to talk to employees. After another 7 minutes, I walked over to him. I met him near the end of the Customer Service line and introduced myself. I explained, he had 18 people in line, including a disabled person, and only one desk worker. I asked if he could he get someone to help this man? He said, two supervisors had called out and there wasn’t anyone to help. I questioned, “there’s no one else in this whole store that knows how to work the Customer Service Desk?” He said, “No”. I asked him, “do you know how to work the desk?” He just looked at me. (I’m sure you have video tape of the incident)

    Maybe there wasn’t anyone in the store to work Customer Service, but there certain was more he could have done for the customers. Someone should have been there explaining the situation and apologizing to customers. He could have established an importune “Now Serving” system and pass out numbers and call number over the PA. At least then customer could have shopped while they waited. He could have offered up some kind of Customer Appreciation coupon. Something!!! Something more than just ignoring the problem.

    In short, I can not believe your Store Manager can be hiding out in the office when you have 18 people standing in line at Customer Service. I am especially stricken by the irony of a “F*ck the Customer” attitude for customers at the “Customer Service” desk.

    If your Store Managers are responsible for training future Store Managers, you should make sure they have the proper priorities.

    My two cents,

    Deborah Adamson

  133. Of all the stupid and inane TV commercials I have ever seen, Kroger’s current one has to take the prize. This fresher than fresh/lower than low is just beyond belief!

  134. We live in Cumming Georgia, and the pharmacy is completely overwhelmed. They’re not able to get prescriptions out in a timely manner and this is not their fault I would repeat that this is not their fault. A few years back Kroger closed their store on Highway 20 in downtown Cumming. Most of the Pharmacy customers came to the Keith Bridge store. Recently they have been unable to hire people and it’s due to cost restrictions at the corporate level. The pharmacy has been very compedent and very helpful, but there are limits to what a person can do. They need help. I brought prescriptions in and it’s almost 24 hours before they can get at it. This is due to the fact that they are unable to hire additional pharmacy techs. I don’t know whether this is red tape or whether you’re not paying them enough. Our prescription doesn’t warnent pemergency status, however my wife has painful sores in her mouth and cannot eat and when a prescription cannot be fulfilled in a timely matter then needless pain and suffering occurs. I have talked to the store manager he was very kind and very helpful. But this is a corporate problem and just shuffling it to the field will not help. Blaming the manager or the pharmacy will not help. I ask that you please get them the technical assistance that they need.

  135. placed an order at Kroger and was missing 20.00 worth of items OMG they were so rude it was shocking. so people unless you can afford to lose money dont shop there, they said had nothing to do with them, and I placed the order on and paid kroger with my credit card, wonder who it has something to do with?

  136. I didn’t know Kroger’s hired people that smoke marijuana and pays them almost little over $17 an hour to be a drug general GM

    The one that works on Wayne avenue in Dayton Ohio Laura Osborne smokes a lot of weed and fools around with the other employees in a romantic sense

    So if Kroger’s just hires anyone and doesn’t drug test and pays that kind of money where do I sign up cuz I’d love a job like that brag about how much I get and the overtime is double hell yeah sign me up

  137. I cannot find diet big k orange anymore. No Kroger store in Fishers Indiana have it and the the Elkhart *Indiana don’t carry it now either. What’s going on?

  138. This is a comment for the executives of this company. I read this morning that Kroger has been closing stores and firing employees in California over a rule for extra pay for essential workers. I am livid. How dare you? This company is making increased profits during a pandemic, your CEO is making insane amounts of money, and people all over the world suffer from lost jobs and wages because of COVID19 and your response is to close stores and fire employees so executives and shareholders can make even more money? Shame on you!
    I really like shoping at Kroger stores because they have (almost) everything and the prices are good. Since I can afford it, I will take my business elsewhere. I hope this brings enough bad publicity to your company that you reconsider the decision to close stores. It is unethical and outrageous

  139. Was in yr north college hill store.i won’t be scooters no carts when was the last time this store floors were done.see product under shelves on floor.this has been this way at least 6 months.i at least especially a clean store don’t see that anymore.enuff is enuff .clean it up

  140. I had a severe reaction to one of your cereals Simple Truth Organic frosted flakes,i enjoy organic foods and id never had a vilent red rash on face arms chest my head is throbbing 2 hrs atfer i ate a bowl. We had crush up some up and used on bsked chicken and got lil flush i though it was the spices but this confirms this cereal is tainted. The bright red blotches are slowly easing up pain wise and im sliky feelin less flushed.UPC 011110092700,best buy dec 08 21 J2A 14:23. i bought two boxes and im not goung to eat anymore, ty for your help in this matter. I have pictures as well

  141. Steven Bland at the la grange, Kentucky store is horrible. Disrespectful, horrible to employees and customers. Runs his store like it’s his, not like he’s a representative of Kroger.

  142. Hi I have been going to Kroger for years
    And never had a problem never but they haired a Landry name Jennifer and my lord it’s bad I went there and stand by the window for a pick up and she saw me and didn’t hep me until 10 minutes when I said can you please help me and it was cold so then today I call and she pick up never knew it was her because I don’t know here voice on phone so I ask for information abut my medicine I had to hung up crying I have mg and I shouldn’t get upset because I get worse but please if you could hear the call it was around 11:30 ct she was so rude I couldn’t believe this the first time when it happen I talk to some lady there and she said she was the manager got no help so this time I didn’t even try to ask for a manger please help

  143. I work at store 751, S Smithville rd. Is it possible to get a few handjacks replaced. Our handjacks do not work. I have had to put fluid in some of them and also spray them with wd-40 so the wheels will roll. Please, please. It would make our jobs so much easier. And I would not have to waste time fixing them myself. Please. And Thank you

  144. I’ve been trying to schedule covid vaccines for 2 days at 5 different Kroger stores. at all of them I can select the first date/time but not the second. what is wrong with the software. called scheduler and was told that she and I were using the same website and it wouldn’t work for her either.

  145. Does CEO know Republicans shop at Kroger 2? I guess not, he eliminated “My Pillow” products bc Mike Lindell supports Trump. BIG FREE SPEECH issue! This is a republic. Like freedom? Thinking needs to change! Live& let live. No retaliating.

  146. PLEASE READ – I’ve attempted to obtain a Kroger Debit Card since November to no avail. I’ve been given the run-around at customer. I’ve left multiple voicemails with Customer Service Supervisors (also) to no avail. I find it VERY frustrating! I’m simply trying to obtain a Kroger debit card touted by Kroger marketing material that ultimately benefits Kroger. My case number is 1561955. No one at Customer Service has been helpful. My number is 281-203-xxxx. Again, Please research and get back to me.

  147. Can you reach back to on case # 3823xxxx I file on 2-12-2021 please 832-257-xxxx Gloria Rodriguez

  148. I have never received my W2 for 2020. I have retired now, but I worked from Jan.2020 to May 16, 2020. I would like to obtain my W2. pg6xxxx.

  149. Hello, just writing in disappointment. Closing stores during record profit to get out of hazard pay? Well I’m done spending 200$ a week at your stores then. Also calling police to guard dumpsters? Also disgusting Corp behavior. Do better! I’m calling for your boycott all over the place and so are many others. I’ll spend elsewhere til you all can act right.

  150. I haven’t heard from Anybody about a Situation That I purchase food and water left it the store and the manager’s were very rudely talking to me didn’t actually allow me to get my Merchandise or food that I paid for with my receipt and told me to go to another Kroger why did I come to that store and they wasn’t giving me anything or helping me because I should have gone to a Kroger by my House and they hung the phone up in my face when I tried to call the Store and this happen in November 2020 Still not Help not understanding what happened but we are in a pandemic and this is not right or fare can someone please call me back 346350xxxx ASAP

  151. So, here in Pearland, Texas, as you know, our power and water were out for several days. And now, at the same time that we have to wait in line, outside the store, and only a few people being let in at a time, the city of Pearland, Texas is telling us that if our electric was out for more than 4 hrs, we need to discard all food. There are going to be alot of people waiting in line for a very long time. So how is that going to work?

  152. Boycott Kroger! You boycotted Patriot Mike Lindel and now we are boycotting Kroger that bent over for the leftist scumbags! We Patriots far outnumber the left vastly! You alienate Mr. Lindel you alienate we Patriots! May you see your profits go down the toilet!

  153. Regarding the closing of the kroger on middle tennessee Blvd in murfreesboro tennessee.i have never been so disgusted with the greetings of a corporation in my 66 years except maybe walmart.i will no longer be shopping at any of your stores and am canceling my kroger treat your employees horrible and you have denied a lower economic area to turn into a food desert.surely you have made a decent profit for the 37 years you have been there.we are all upset with you.the only power I have is to boycott your company and spread the word and I do..I have

  154. So you all ban Mike Lindell’s product from being sold in stores, Perhaps I should stop buying from your establishment. What is wrong with you left leaning companies? I think you are part of the demise of our country. I will shop small grocery stores from here on.

  155. Please, please, please allow your stores to put up a sign at their entrances to have your customers wear a mask while shopping to stop the spread of the Coronavirus 19 and the SARS variants.

    The vast majority of your customers, at least 99.9% from what I have seen locally, do wear them and the 0.1% of customers you may lose certainly would not hurt your profit margin. Presently the 0.1% who do not wear a mask cause a far greated problem with belligerent responses when requested to put on a mask and those actions have resulted in confrontational actions that are a far greater problem.
    The sign to “Mask Required When Shopping in the Store” is tge right thing to do Kroger’s part in protecting your staff, your customers, and ti help stem tge spread of this awful virus.

  156. I’ve been at my kroger store in crawfordsville indiana for the last 3 days to buy kroger pecan sweet rolls and kroger brand boxed donut holes but everytime I go they aren’t stocking their selves like they should. It was completely bare with nothing on the shelf. And no employee around to ask. I also found some meat that was outdated and looked old. This is very unacceptable because kroger is the only store we have except for going to walmart. It keeps up I’m going to report to the local health department. We had one kroger store close now this one needs to close too when they cant do their jobs

  157. The store is in Euless, TX 76039. I found out that the managers name is Omar. I was shopping with my mom from out of town on a visit. We were shopping Supper bowl afternoon and I saw a lady customer ask him a question . Not sure what is was. He said something to her and she walked away. He walked past my mom and I and I here him say stupid bitch. As he walked past my mom looked at me and said” did he said what I thought he said” I said yes. My mom said is this the store you shop at. I said, no Ma’am. Not anymore. I can’t believe I found out who he is, It’s a Kroger Manager. Wow. I’ll tell this story to everyone I know. I will now shop at Alberson’s. Sorry you lost a great customer.

  158. I just watched a news report that Kroger has shut down 2 stores in California due to being asked to pay essential workers an extra $5.00 for hazard pay. I was once so proud to be a loyal Kroger shopper, I now feel ashamed of my favorite grocer chain. I am shocked that Kroger would do such a thing. The majority of employees at my local Kroger are wonderful and valuable assets to this company. Whoever approved this heinous act of not granting the hazard pay should be asked to step down. It is just plain despicable to not pitch in to help your employees in this awful pandemic; it is not possible that you cannot afford to do so. Shame on you if you do not reconsider this wrong.

  159. My daughter is an employee at a Kroger in Ky. She has been working there for over 4 years, She is also type 1 diabetic & the store manager Anthony Adams told her today that she needed to do her insulin in the bathroom & told her to tell the other type 1 diabetic that works there too.
    He said it could give customers the wrong idea. Insulin is a life saving medicine for type 1 diabetics & a public restroom is not sanitary by any means. & there is Disability act with employers that have more than 15 employees, have to give them a sanitary environment to do their insulin. ADA site will show you the laws. I’m so disgusted & disappointed that a grown adult man in his position would even say this to his employees that have to have insulin to live.

    1. Who wants to see someone sticking a needle in a public place .. just walk to the bathroom not that hard ..

  160. Very classy. Closing down 2 stores because you do not want to pay your employees $4. An hour more. You try living on $11. An hour – Right now. With your store telling employees and customers to not wear masks. Your food you sell – your employees can’t afford without being on SNAP, food stamps. But, then you are a Republican, you don’t believe anyone should have any help from the government. But you sure like to drive on good streets, have sewers to put your waste in, have fire dept. & police dept. / to kill your black people\ you don’t think should live here. “Big government” shouldn’t tell YOU what to do. Right?? You are a bad man and your money will not get you into heaven. If you were a Christian man you would already pay your employees the $15. Or more. So you don’t believe in God, so you have no worries. Just like Trump. Doesn’t know God or the Lords prayer.
    I know my little money I USED to give you 1 to 2 times a week will not matter to you, but I’m going to make it my job to see no one in Flower Mound, Texas doesn’t add to your hatefulness. But hey, have a Good Day.

  161. On Monday January 18, I did curbside pick up at the King Soopers in Glendale, Colorado on Leetsdale Ave. The person loading the car forgot to put in two entire bags of groceries, which I didnt’ realize until I got home. I called the store and they said they would process a refund immediately. Several days later I still had not received a refund. I used your online chat option to tell someone what happened. I then had to tell her each single item I did not receive. She then told me I’d receive a refund in 7-10 days for around $55. 10 business days have passed and I still have not received a refund. I used the online chat and they said they cannot help me.

    They told me to call your 1-800 number. I did that and the wait time is 66 minutes. I do not have any more time to waste on this. I have already spent hours trying to get my money back. $55 is a lot of money to lose. Please get me my refund ASAP. At this point I’d take a gift card if that would be easier.

    I am really upset about this customer service experience. I understand that COVID is making things take longer but it seems like your store does not care about the fact that I really need that money to buy groceries. I have been fighting tooth and nail to get my money back. This isn’t how it should work.

    Here is my case number: 3770xxxx

    Thank you,

    Elizabeth Simmons
    xxxx Xanthia St.
    Denver, CO 80220
    206-582-xxxx (that’s also my loyalty alternate ID)

  162. Hi,
    My name is Tonia Denney. I have spoke with customer service on a few occasions and sent Mr. McMullen a couple emails. Is there someone that can help me get a message to Mr McMullen? Does he have an assistant?

  163. I purchased food and merchandise that I paid for and never received my money back or the merchandise or food

  164. Would like to recognize an employee of Kroger’s Proctorville Ohio for outstanding work she provides.

  165. I purschaced merchandise and left it in the store and the manager refused to give me the merchandise or my money told me to call corporate office because they wasn’t giving me nothing even with my receipt

  166. I am 63 years old. All my adult life I shopped Kroger. In recent years my opinion of Kroger shopping has gone way down hill. After my shopping experience at Fairfield OH Kroger I’ll not shop at Kroger ever again. Your selection is horrible but the straw was seeing at least 6 unmasked customers (1every couple aisles at a time when the store wasn’t crowded) some having phone conversations while standing in the way of other shoppers. I asked at the office how this was happening and was told it’s corporate policy to not confront people who aren’t wearing masks. You are putting my health at risk. Would you confront a customer who comes into your stores with no shirt or shoes? Would they be able to stroll around shopping and making purchases? People are dying and you choose to put $$ before public safety. I no longer feel it’s safe for me to shop Kroger. With your unwillingness to enforce the mask mandate I choose to never give my businesses to an entity I’ve found so lacking on many levels

  167. I have been a Kroger customer for many years. The store on Chenal Parkway in Little Rock, AR is where I shop. I have been buying LaBria bread in the bakery department for some time. Now there is nothing but the Kroger brand artisan breads. I have tried these several times because there was no LaBria round Italian bread. The Kroger brand is horrible. This LaBria bread is the only bread I will eat. You deleted this item once before and customers complained AND you started selling it again. My biggest complaint with your stores is the removal of other brands and replacing everything with Kroger brands. I do buy Kroger brands but to have no other options makes me consider shopping elsewhere

  168. At the Fred Meyer entrance, two girls asked if I wanted to sign up with an advanced new card with Fred Meyer. I signed up. However, I’ve been charged with an overdue payment of 39.00! The girls said thank you with a pleasant face. No one educated them about letting us know that if you have auto pay, you will need to sign up for that. Why?
    Who is in charge? I’m frustrated. Fred Meyer has refused to let me pay for two shopping excursions. Shame on the trainer. And how many auto pay people have had to pay a fine? I asked the girls, “What question am I not asking?” They hadn’t an answer. Please remedy this training.

  169. I were at your store to get lunch ,5 wing meal,it were not sold to me,they stated it was a misprint,that’s false avertisi, I am a loyal customer #40349416xxxx,I ask to speak with , manger And he were very inconsiderate,,He went and painter to cover it,l really didn’t think that they would stoop that low, The address is 901 N. Lombard St. ,Richmond Va. 23220


  171. Three time I’ve been charged for things I did not want, bananas that was rotten and charged twice and was told they couldn’t take it off my bank account. I’m going to try Kroger’s in Oak Ridge TN one more time. I’ve shopped at this Kroger’s many year and spent very much money.

  172. Harris Teeter store at 4221 Corners Pkwy Raleigh, NC has a very bad check out system. The cashier’s, the registers, and customers too chose! Social distancing is impossible when checking out. Please care help them -very unsafe! Manager was unable to help. Cashier’s should also wear their masks covering their nose and mouth.

  173. To Whom It May Concern:

    A new Kroger manager or a new manager to the Click List there at my local Rocky Mount, VA store exhibited what I considered an arrogant attitude towards me today. A previous conversation with me she communicated to me without using the exact terminology, that I am a high maintenance customer. I will admit I am used to doing my own shopping and bagging my groceries as I wish, double bagging, putting whichever items I want together, putting meats and poultry in meat bags, etc. I was expecting and asking for that before the first phone call with this manager, Denise. However after that first phone call I adjusted my requests, with less expectations, requests. Well, my complaint today was that last week I had items that were not in bags at all, that were put into my vehicle loose. Well, Denise went on about my history of demands, expectations, instead of concentrating on my complaint for today. I don’t think it is too much to ask to have all of my groceries put into bags instead of my unclean cabin of my pickup or me to have to wonder if my pack of batteries gets lost in the back of my pickup. Oh, after I hung up on her and called back, she had a bit of a different attitude, communicating to me that she told her workers to do whatever I ask and she wants to hear no more complaints lodged against them, etc. , repeatedly asking me what else she can do for me! What she COULD have done for me was not treat me with an arrogant attitude to begin with today! I am asking for compensation, a considerable gift card for the rude attitude I had to deal with from this woman today! As I communicated to her I thought the customer is always supposed to be treated as if they are right(in a courteous, respectful manner)

  174. Burbank, California. I have spoken to 2 different managers at the Alameda store, requesting paper towels in the restroom for sanitary purposes in opening the door and drying hands. Both managers were condescending, informing me there were blowers on the wall. Yes, I did notice the blowers which blow germs everywhere. Many women and more men, do not wash their hands which brings bacteria into the store. As the bathroom door are locked, mainly employees using them. So your employees are spreading bacteria through the store. Shame on Ralph’s / Kroger. Also, you may want to consider hiring non male chauvinists in management positions. (Yes, I am a feminist but you still have a problem with jerks in mgmt positions). I like the clean, unlocked restrooms at Vons Pavillion and at Sprouts. They may have my business.

  175. I work for king Soopers and it’s required to wear a mask while working and shopping. I just got back to work after almost a month off of work. My only complaint is customers shop the stores with out masks. The CEO of King Soopers needs to make this rule. No shirt no shoes no mask no service. That needs to be a rule shopping in any king soopers or any store or business if were going to do this as a team.

    1. Have you thought that may be some people cant wear a mask due to health issues? Which is no one business why somw people arent wearing a mask.

  176. I just need to get someone’s attention. Someone from up above that will take the time to ACT on my message to you. Please! I want to thank you Kroger for your employee Jill #510 at Kroger, 701 Main St., North Myrtle Beach, SC. It does not matter how hectic the store is, this employees personality NEVER changes. She is wonderful, kind, so funny, helpful. The most important thing is, she loves her job and it shows. I love my Kroger store, but Jill is that added bonus. So many shoppers love her. Please, let this beknown from the CEO to her store manager. People like Jull make such a difference. Heck, we love checking out our own groceries when Jill is on duty!. We love you Kroger and Jill. Thank you so much.

  177. A cashier was very rude and vulgar with the patron in front of me and then to me when I asked her to stop. The patron was an elderly gentleman. She told me to mingle my own business and got aggressive . I do not know how this behavior is allowed . I asked for the GM and spoke with a man who may have been a manager . This occurred at 12555 Briar Forest drive Houston Texas . 281 469 xxxx

  178. I would like to have something addressed about the handling of my pickup order at the krogers at Hollywood Plaza my order was placed a txt was sent to verify pickup today and when my husband waited after driving to the store waiting in the parking lot thats even father distance for us to this krogers for the earliest pickup time available. I called and they said it would not be ready until tomorrow the manager of the store said they was running behind i told her we received the txt from krogers telling me it was ready no apologies or anything to and said someone should of called you and I responded that a txt was sent to remind us our pickup was ready the manager said it will be tomorrow sometime this frustrating and very upsetting to me!

    1. This same thing happened to us at a different location. I dont think they care unfair 🙁

  179. Feel very unhappy by changing policy for free pickup still corona is dangerous and it helped when you waived pickup fees fro purchase of more than $ 10/- please continue till covid is controlled.
    Since we moved in chesterfield Virginia in 2017 we are regular customer and mostly visiting Hicks road chesterfield store every 3rd day so it would convenient if you remove curbside pickup charges as being of senior age we don’t go inside store.

  180. Mr. McMullen, I saw you on this morning and Good Morning America speak with Michael. am the Outreach Coordinator of New covenant Christian Ministries. We will be giving away 100 boxes of food to families facing hardship. I would like approval for your Store on Wesley Chapel in Decatur Georgia 30035, (store manager Octavia Howard 375 to 770-987-xxxx) provide/ allow us to purchase
    100 12lb turkeys. I would like to know if you can also donate $500 dollars toward the boxes. It would greatly be appreciated. My number is (770) 262-xxxx.

    1. Don’t hold your breath, Kroger is a real JOKE. I had a very serious problem there n the store manager lied because hes having a thing with a male employee that works there…I’ll do my shopping elsewhere where don’t lie n run the store!!! Oh I plan on holding a news conference at this store too!!!

  181. I’ve stopped shopping at Kroger until you stop stocking coconut milk picked by monkey.
    Spreading the word to boot, encouraging a virtual picket.

    Disgusting excuse for a human as your CEO

    1. Store 350 in Henderson Nevada. Amazing how they hire nothing but rude backstabbing people. Been working for the company for some time & obviously there’s no such thing as having a bit of professionalism anymore. This store has changed for the worse but nobody gives a damn anymore. That’s the Kroger way!!!!!!

  182. I have worked for Kroger for 7 years. I’ve dealt with harassment nonstop ever since I began going to church with this girl. Every day I go in n be asked about some ridiculous accusation that isn’t true. I’ve reported it to harassment hotline 10x n even transferred to a different store in a different state. It hasn’t stopped. I’m even getting questions from customers where they obviously heard them speak of the lies said about me. Quite frankly I’m sick of it, if something isn’t done to stop it. The head supervisor at belpre along with others have been slandering my name telling everyone I stalked a girl. If that’s the case, when did it happen, why wasn’t it reported, why am I asked questions every day about something that never took place? I go to the manager he won’t deal with it despite the number of texts I have received stating what they have been hearing. Now to me stalking is a nasty defaming word that is damaging not only reputation but Kroger. I literally have customers running from me while I’m in the store calling me a rapist. I’d love to know who I stalked n raped. How is it possible I’m being asked about this but not a single person in authority has heard a thing? I even received death threats while working for ur store. It has been enjoyable. I mean it is quite stupid n childish of the people in charge to allow antics like this not caring about the reputation at Kroger. Who if they heard that would wanna work or shop for Kroger? I have no record n there isn’t a thing in my file that says that ever took place. I’ve never sit down with a manager other than to tell them the harassment that has taken place. I’m done with this crap. If I was running a company I’d want a manager to address this issue swiftly. I mean this isn’t just some comment, they are telling customers n coworkers I’m a criminal. If that’s the case, who is my accomplice? Do an investigation to clear my name. I’m wide open to it as I’ve answered enough questions at this point about it. Question is do u care if customers n other workers r being told a stalker works at ur store? Tbh if I did, wouldn’t there be info about it in my file? Do an investigation or I’ll ask workforce to do so

  183. I renewed my VIP fuel membership last month to date am not receiving my extra fuel points. I have called 5 times talked to 5 different people yet no one can help me. Two of the ladies assured me membership had been renewed but guess what they have not. We renewed them on line got a thank you for renewi g and have a print out that shows Kroger did I feed get my $40.00 Need help what s going on thanks for any help you can give

  184. Dear sir, I think that it’s horrible what you are doing by getting rid of change. I am outraged. I will no longer shop at your stores. You sir are a coward.

  185. Website is not displaying weekly ads for several weeks. Spent 10 minutes reporting this only to have the person ask me the same questions repeated and attempt to assess the problem with no IT or seemingly any customer service experience … then she disconnected the call. Really poor service.

  186. may 18 my friends picked up groceries may26 my niece picked up groceries June 9 friends picked up groceries I need receipts that show what coupons or money was taken off I never get receipts anymore whats the problem and no way do I know if im over charged or if coupons were used

  187. I have had numerous problems with the Kroger online savings options. I was told that they limited the number of coupons which could be downloaded while at the same time stating very few people wanted to download more than the limit. My question was why there was a limit if that was the case. The customer service response was to get nasty. When I downloaded cash back coupons and made the appropriate purchases, I never received the cash back. I called the customer service line numerous times and was rerouted over and over again. I still have not gotten that situation resolved. When I downloaded a $25 credit coupon for transferring a prescription and transferred the prescription, I was not credited. When I called, I was told I didn’t have the “right insurance” although there was no restrictions on the coupon itself. My experience has been one of repeated frustration and wasted time. To make matters worse, I have been a 40 year Kroger customer. I guess loyalty is a expected from customers but not respected by customer service!

    1. Let me be the first Sir to apologize to you for your poor customer service. As a former employee that is very embarrassing and unacceptable in my eyes. I’ve grown up my whole stopping at Kroger and again it’s almost like they don’t want to what they call MAKE IT RIGHT, like they used to. I really hope they’ve replied to your complaint and have taken care of these matters for you and I really hope you will one day return as a loyal customer like you have been ❤️

  188. How do I contact you by email or live chat? I have tried the Headquarters phone number but I am unable to get through to a real live person in the weekend.

    1. I work for Smith’s for 377 in Las Vegas and I need to talk to somebody about a supervisor is very important

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