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QFC, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Quality Food Centers, Inc., Ralph’s
Corporate Address
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH
Phone Number
(513) 762-4000
Fax Number
(513) 762-1575
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Kroger Email Info – Kroger CEO Email Address:

Mr W. Rodney McMullenCEO
Kroger Ceo Email[email protected]
Main Phone Number513-762-4000
Kroger CIK Number0000056873

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  1. How do I contact you by email or live chat? I have tried the Headquarters phone number but I am unable to get through to a real live person in the weekend.

  2. I have had numerous problems with the Kroger online savings options. I was told that they limited the number of coupons which could be downloaded while at the same time stating very few people wanted to download more than the limit. My question was why there was a limit if that was the case. The customer service response was to get nasty. When I downloaded cash back coupons and made the appropriate purchases, I never received the cash back. I called the customer service line numerous times and was rerouted over and over again. I still have not gotten that situation resolved. When I downloaded a $25 credit coupon for transferring a prescription and transferred the prescription, I was not credited. When I called, I was told I didn’t have the “right insurance” although there was no restrictions on the coupon itself. My experience has been one of repeated frustration and wasted time. To make matters worse, I have been a 40 year Kroger customer. I guess loyalty is a expected from customers but not respected by customer service!

  3. may 18 my friends picked up groceries may26 my niece picked up groceries June 9 friends picked up groceries I need receipts that show what coupons or money was taken off I never get receipts anymore whats the problem and no way do I know if im over charged or if coupons were used

  4. Website is not displaying weekly ads for several weeks. Spent 10 minutes reporting this only to have the person ask me the same questions repeated and attempt to assess the problem with no IT or seemingly any customer service experience … then she disconnected the call. Really poor service.

  5. Dear sir, I think that it’s horrible what you are doing by getting rid of change. I am outraged. I will no longer shop at your stores. You sir are a coward.

  6. I renewed my VIP fuel membership last month to date am not receiving my extra fuel points. I have called 5 times talked to 5 different people yet no one can help me. Two of the ladies assured me membership had been renewed but guess what they have not. We renewed them on line got a thank you for renewi g and have a print out that shows Kroger did I feed get my $40.00 Need help what s going on thanks for any help you can give

  7. I have worked for Kroger for 7 years. I’ve dealt with harassment nonstop ever since I began going to church with this girl. Every day I go in n be asked about some ridiculous accusation that isn’t true. I’ve reported it to harassment hotline 10x n even transferred to a different store in a different state. It hasn’t stopped. I’m even getting questions from customers where they obviously heard them speak of the lies said about me. Quite frankly I’m sick of it, if something isn’t done to stop it. The head supervisor at belpre along with others have been slandering my name telling everyone I stalked a girl. If that’s the case, when did it happen, why wasn’t it reported, why am I asked questions every day about something that never took place? I go to the manager he won’t deal with it despite the number of texts I have received stating what they have been hearing. Now to me stalking is a nasty defaming word that is damaging not only reputation but Kroger. I literally have customers running from me while I’m in the store calling me a rapist. I’d love to know who I stalked n raped. How is it possible I’m being asked about this but not a single person in authority has heard a thing? I even received death threats while working for ur store. It has been enjoyable. I mean it is quite stupid n childish of the people in charge to allow antics like this not caring about the reputation at Kroger. Who if they heard that would wanna work or shop for Kroger? I have no record n there isn’t a thing in my file that says that ever took place. I’ve never sit down with a manager other than to tell them the harassment that has taken place. I’m done with this crap. If I was running a company I’d want a manager to address this issue swiftly. I mean this isn’t just some comment, they are telling customers n coworkers I’m a criminal. If that’s the case, who is my accomplice? Do an investigation to clear my name. I’m wide open to it as I’ve answered enough questions at this point about it. Question is do u care if customers n other workers r being told a stalker works at ur store? Tbh if I did, wouldn’t there be info about it in my file? Do an investigation or I’ll ask workforce to do so

  8. I’ve stopped shopping at Kroger until you stop stocking coconut milk picked by monkey.
    Spreading the word to boot, encouraging a virtual picket.

    Disgusting excuse for a human as your CEO

  9. Mr. McMullen, I saw you on this morning and Good Morning America speak with Michael. am the Outreach Coordinator of New covenant Christian Ministries. We will be giving away 100 boxes of food to families facing hardship. I would like approval for your Store on Wesley Chapel in Decatur Georgia 30035, (store manager Octavia Howard 375 to 770-987-xxxx) provide/ allow us to purchase
    100 12lb turkeys. I would like to know if you can also donate $500 dollars toward the boxes. It would greatly be appreciated. My number is (770) 262-xxxx.

  10. Feel very unhappy by changing policy for free pickup still corona is dangerous and it helped when you waived pickup fees fro purchase of more than $ 10/- please continue till covid is controlled.
    Since we moved in chesterfield Virginia in 2017 we are regular customer and mostly visiting Hicks road chesterfield store every 3rd day so it would convenient if you remove curbside pickup charges as being of senior age we don’t go inside store.

  11. I would like to have something addressed about the handling of my pickup order at the krogers at Hollywood Plaza my order was placed a txt was sent to verify pickup today and when my husband waited after driving to the store waiting in the parking lot thats even father distance for us to this krogers for the earliest pickup time available. I called and they said it would not be ready until tomorrow the manager of the store said they was running behind i told her we received the txt from krogers telling me it was ready no apologies or anything to and said someone should of called you and I responded that a txt was sent to remind us our pickup was ready the manager said it will be tomorrow sometime this frustrating and very upsetting to me!

  12. A cashier was very rude and vulgar with the patron in front of me and then to me when I asked her to stop. The patron was an elderly gentleman. She told me to mingle my own business and got aggressive . I do not know how this behavior is allowed . I asked for the GM and spoke with a man who may have been a manager . This occurred at 12555 Briar Forest drive Houston Texas . 281 469 xxxx

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