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Company Website
Corporate Address
1000 Lowe’s Blvd.
Mooresville, NC
Company Contact
Marvin Ellison
Phone Number
(704) 758-1000
Fax Number
(336) 658-4766
Employee Count
Twitter IDs

Lowes Email Info – Lowes CEO Email address.

Mr Marvin R. EllisonCEO
Lowes Ceo Email Address[email protected]
Lowes Corporate  Office Phone Number704-758-1000
Personal Twitter@MarvinREllison

What is Lowes’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Lowes’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-704-758-1000.


What is Lowes’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Lowe’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-445-6937 or 1-800-890-5932.

Lowe’s Product and Sales customer service phone number is: 1-877-GO-LOWES.


The Lowe’s Credit Card phone numbers are:

Lowe’s Consumer Accounts: 1-800-444-1408

Lowe’s Commercial Business Revolving Accounts: 1-800-444-1408

Lowe’s Commercial Accounts Receivable Accounts: 1-866-232-7443


How do I Contact Lowe’s Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Lowes via:

Lowes Email Address is [email protected] (Customer Service).

Lowes’ Contact Us page can be found here.

Lowe’s Mail Address for customer correspondence is:

Lowe’s Customer Care
P.O. Box 1111
North Wilkesboro, NC 28656


Contact Lowe’s on Social Media:

Lowe’s on Twitter: @lowescares

Lowe’s on Facebook: www.facebook.com/lowes

Lowes Headquarters Executive Team.

Lowes’ management team consists of:

Robert A. Niblock
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Marshall A. Croom
Chief Financial Officer

Richard D. Maltsbarger
Chief Operating Officer

Ross W. (Bill) McCanless
Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Michael P. McDermott
Chief Customer Officer

N. Brian Peace
Corporate Administration Executive

Paul D. Ramsay
Chief Information Officer

Jennifer L. Weber
Chief Human Resources Officer

J. Todd Bleckley
Senior Vice President and General Merchandising Manager, Building and Maintenance

James A. Brandt
Managing Director, Lowe’s India

José Luis Pier Castelló
President and Managing Director, Lowe’s Mexico

Troy J. Dally
Senior Vice President and General Merchandising Manager, Seasonal and Services

Clinton T. (Clint) Davis
Senior Vice President & General Merchandising Manager, Home Décor

William W. (Bill) Edwards
Senior Vice President of Store Operations, North Division and Facilities/Loss Prevention

Reginald B. Henderson
Senior Vice President, Talent Management

Matthew V. Hollifield
Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

Lara L. Lee
President, Orchard Supply Hardware

Tiffany L. Mason
Senior Vice President, Corporate Finance and Treasurer

Kevin S. Measel
Senior Vice President, Services

Sylvain Prud’homme
President, International and President & CEO, Lowe’s Canada

Scott R. Ross
Senior Vice President, Omni-channel Technology

Stacey B. Ryan
Senior Vice President of Store Operations, South Division and Associate/Leader Readiness

Jeff H. Sain
Senior Vice President of Store Operations, West Division & Retail Sales/Service Operations

Vikram Singh
Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer

Michael A. Tummillo
Senior Vice President, Pro Sales

Jeff R. Vining
Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer and Associate General Counsel

Mike West
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Field Operations

Jocelyn Wong
Chief Marketing Officer

Lowe’s Board of Directors.

Raul Alvarez
Operating Partner
Advent International Corporation, Boston, MA

David H. Batchelder
Co-Founder and Former Principal
Relational Investors LLC, San Diego, CA

Angela F. Braly
Former Chair, President, and Chief Executive Officer
WellPoint, Inc., Indianapolis, IN

Sandra B. Cochran
President and Chief Executive Officer
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc., Lebanon, TN

Laurie Z. Douglas
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer and Chief Security Officer
Publix Super Markets, Inc., Lakeland, FL

Richard W. Dreiling
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Dollar General Corporation, Goodlettsville, TN

Robert L. Johnson
Founder and Chairman
The RLJ Companies, Bethesda, MD

Marshall O. Larsen
Lead Director
Retired Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Goodrich Corporation, Charlotte, NC

James H. Morgan
Covenant Capital LLC, Nashville, TN

Robert A. Niblock
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer
Lowe’s Companies, Inc., Mooresville, NC

Bertram L. Scott
Senior Vice President of Population Health and Value Based Care
Novant Health, Charlotte, NC

Lisa W. Wardell
President and Chief Executive Officer
Adtalem Global Education, Inc., Chicago, IL

Eric C. Wiseman
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
V.F. Corporation, Greensboro, NC

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  1. I’m a males chauvinist pig, according to one of your associate.
    I was at the Lowes here in Everett, when this clerk at the register noticed I had cotton in my ears. I told her I was playing my drums earlier and forgot they were in there. I told her some times when people see them I like to joke around and say, I tell some people this is the way I get along in my marriage is by having cotton in my ear agreeing to everything my wife says to me. You know being a yes man to my wife trying to not upset her and giving her want she wants, no matter what it is.
    Your associate told me, I am a man chauvinist pig and to get the f out of here. I laugh as I walked out of your store not wanting to cause a scene, but I was pissed off at what she had said and calling me that This happened at store#149 here in Everett, WA. at18:26: on 06/04/2018 Terminal#44

  2. I want to you let someone at your office now how we were treated at your La Plata, Maryland store while purchasing a drier. We went to that location on May 28, 2018 to purchase a drier. We were helped by one sales person and he claimed he couldn’t find the drier in stock, another salesman comes by and says he will double check since that was his section. He came back and stated there were two in stock so we went ahead and set up delivery. The delivery was schedule for Sunday June 3, 2018 and we went to the cashier and paid over $600 for this drier and accessories needed. On June 2, 2, 2018 we got a call with delivery time of between 2 – 4 on Sunday June 3, 2018. Sunday at around 10 am we got a call from the store stating they had no driers in stock and they would call us when some came in to reschedule delivery. When my husband asked how they had none but when we purchased it they did, the woman on the other end got upset and said I don’t know but this is all we can do. He then asked more questions and the person hung up on him. We went to the store to ask for a refund since we need a drier and the people at the customer service desk was very shocked and helpful. They treated us very nice and had no issues with returning our money. Now we are out a drier and having to find ways to dry our clothes until we get a new drier. To me this was very unexceptable to treat customers this way. Not sure if they really had any driers and were trying to make a sale or they did and they were setup for other people deliveries and they were hoping to get more in before our delivery date. I was actually shocked at how far out the delivery was since your California, Maryland store does deliveries within 2 days if they have it in stock. Another reason I believe they really didn’t have any available. I would hope this isn’t how your company treats customers and hopes to keep them. Due to how we were treated we will now be taking our business to Home Depot since Lowes seems to think it is ok to take peoples money and not provide the goods. You might want to get better training to this store on how to treat customers and to be truthful about the products they have in stock.

  3. I bought appliances for my parents at the West Windsor, NJ Lowe’s on 4/22/18. There have been three failed attempts at delivering the correct products and massive communication errors. I am working with one of the Service Managers, Melissa, at present to resolve the issue but it seems like whoever is in charge doesn’t have a CLUE about supply chain and communication with customers.

  4. I was at Lowe,s in Ashland Ky, I was in lawn a gardening, My Heart started Beating really Fast, broke out in sweats, thought I was going to Pass OUT! So, I left biggie and was Trying to get back to truck, I stop at one of THIER water hoses trying to get cooled down! That didn’t help, so I proceeded to truck, when I realized I wasn’t going to make it, a Store EMPLOYEE walk my me, I said, sir could you HELP ME to my Truck, HE said NOT MY DEPT, and just kept walking! Found out His name is JACOB, So I hadda lay down 2 times before I made it to my truck! When my friend got to truck I told her what happened, she told the manager ,He said he couldn’t do NOTHING! His name was Roger! Come to find out the punk that blew me off, was a 1st responder! Go figure! I’m still trying to reach CEO, to report this SENCE they would NOT take one at store! Think it’s really sad, when they see a Customer in. Distress, they tell you NOT THIER DEPT!

  5. I was in the Lowes’ Store at 4401 Rangeline Road, Mobile, Alabama and I needed help purchasing a Dust to Dawn Led Outdoor Light. Please note that I am a Widow 79 years of age and really, really needed help). They paged for help in the Lighting section and someone came and said the LED Lighting was limimited. He then said I am on my way to Lunch. So I said go ahead to Lunch. I shopped around and went back to the lighting section and up come your employee Robere. He did everything he could to explain and searched for the one I wanted we could not read the item number he took a a picture of it and enlarged it to try to read it. He discovered it was not in stock. He continued to research and found just what I needed and explained it all to me in such a caring manner. Each time I was about to give up he said no we will work this out and he did. I left the store happy and the light installed just as he said. Robere was in a wheel chair and it was not even a thought until I got out the store and said I got more help out of a employee in a wheel Chair. Thank God your company has hired him. He is a great employee. Hire more handicaped.

  6. We purchased a freezer from Lowes a few weeks ago. We received a call on yesterday with our delivery window which was today June 9 from 8:30- 10:30 am. A representative from the delivery warehouse named Rhonda called this morning at 9:42 to inform me that they don’t even have the product. She never apologized and had a very nasty attitude. She said she was giving us a delivery date for June 17!!!!. I said wait, you’re giving me a delivery date for over a week away? She said “no, I’m giving you a delivery date for a week away”, we don’t have the freezer.Well, the last time I checked, I’m the one that have been inconvenienced. We had taken all of our food out of the freezer and put it in koolers. Old freezer in my back yard, and the rep never apologized!!!!!
    So I called the central office and an angel named Nicole was on the other end of the line. She was wonderful and very compassionate about my situation.She also put me in touch with a manager at the delivery warehouse, his name is Chris. He was very apologetic also. So, after spending over 30.000 at Lowe’s in a year, they can’t keep one promise. It’s time to part ways.

  7. I would like to voice a concern about the outside lawn and garden in South Boston,Va. In years past it was organized and clean. There were helpful associates that knew the products sold. One particular associate was Bill who always met you with a smile and willing to help. I noticed last year a decline in the willingness to help from some of the newer employees but this year it is disgraceful. I understand that the older employees are no longer with Lowes and the new dept manager doesnt like outside lawn and garden.When you go to the Farmville or Danville stores you have a different experience. I suggest you hire people who want to work instead of hanging out with the cashier instead of loading customers or having a bad attitude and cursing while customers are shopping. Thanks for your time.

  8. LOWES has very poor customer relations and consumer care. I am an attorney and can not reschedule Court cases. Deliveries are done by a 3rd party to which Lowes employees and Managers claim to have no control over. Who hires a company and has NO input. I tried to reschedule a delivery to the end of the day versus the morning hours. Voiced my concern to the company and Lowes; the very instant I received the call for next day delivery. Both Lowes and the company advised they could not guarantee a reschedule or a time. Received a call this morning that the delivery would be to my home in 30 minutes. Of course no one is home. The manager of Lowes in Missouri City Texas showed no concern in my request to cancel my order due to Lowes rigid delivery tactics. Decided to take my business where customers are appreciated.

  9. Purchased custom entry and storm doors for my home on March 28, 20018. Over A month later, at the time the doors were to be installed got a phone call from lowes stating the doors were measured wrong (by lowes) and had to be reordered. Several months later, June called lowes and was told the door were sitting in the warehouse on the premises. No one from lowes bothered to call and say anything about the doors being reinstalled. I called everyone possible, store mgr., dept. mgr., customer service line, CPO line (installers phone #) and told numerous answers as to what’s going on with my doors. On June 6, 2018, latest information concerning doors, ” the doors were measured wrong again.” and had to be reordered. No return call from the Store manager, Lowe’s in East York, Pa. Forgot to mention the doors are paid for!!!

  10. I purchased a washer on June 2, 2018 and was promised a delivery date June 9, 2018 and was told they would deliver it between 1-5 pm. That Saturday the delivery date I slept in until 9:00am and got up and noticed I had a couple calls nd a voice mail, the first call was at 7:24am, and the voice mail left was that I would have to change my delivery date because they were in the area and was going to deliver my washer, so I called them and told them my delivery time was between 1-5 pm and he said they don’t set the time I do because I make the deliveries. I went to the Lowe’s store and talked with person in the appliance area who sold me the washer nd he said e don’t set delivery times nd I asked him was I told it would be delivered between 1-5 omnidirectional he said we don’t give you a delivery time and I told him you’re full of shit so I asked for the store manager nd he said there isn’t anything he could do so I did great give me my money back and I ent to sears and bought the same washer and it was delivered that same day. Never going to by anything from Lowe’s again, Home Depot is right across the street so they .will be getting my business from now on

  11. I spent over $3. 000.00 on a stove, refrigerator and a stove’s vent on November 13, 2017. When I went to pick up the vent for the stove (they kept on canceling the order) at the store, the sales clerk (the same sales clerk I brought these items from) didn’t wait to wait on me, and told me in a bad manner you need to go up to the front counter. Secondly, I had to call for their repair services for the stove and the refrigerator, once for the stove and three times for the refrigerator in less than six months. Yes, I had to get repairs on a brand new Samsung refrigerator, and Lowes (Glen Burnie, Maryland) act like they didn’t care.

    I then spoke to the manager of the store, at which time; I advised him that I was going to call Lowes Corporate Office about their poor customer service. He then advised me, that the only thing corporate is going to do is to send the complaint back down to their store.

    Now after all of this frustration a couple of months later, I go down to the Lowes store (Glen Burnie, Maryland) just to get a simple water filter for the Samsung refrigerator (over $ 2, 000.00) that I been catching hell with, and I waited over 40 minutes because no one was available in the appliances department and the assistant manager didn’t care either. When does this poor services stop or better question , when does the corporate office take a stand?

  12. Seems like delivery is an issue that Lowe’s needs to work on. 2 weeks have gone by since delivery was set up using their online system. Saturday I cancelled all my plans so that it could show up. Today Sunday they called and said that they couldn’t deliver because they were 2 hours away… now I have to figure out how to do laundry at a laundromat again and I have to take off work..: so not acceptable.

  13. Location 907 in Davenport, Iowa needs an overhaul of people. Starting at Management and going on down the ladder. I ordered online for store pick up a few pieces of lumber and a tool. When I got to the store to retrieve my order, the service person laid my boards out on the counter and said “There you go”. No cart, no asking if I needed assistance, nothing. When I said the boards are warped, he said” they come to us that way”. When I got home I called the store and asked for the store manager. When the woman picked up she said “This is Pat”. I asked if she was the store manager and again she said “This is Pat” I asked again and she said she was one of the store managers. She seemed like she was in a rush. When I told he my experience, she still seemed in a rush. My store has been creeping downhill for some time. Store needs to wipe the board clean and start back with people who want to do the job, instead of people who just want a check. I’m taking my business to Menards and Home Depot where I feel appreciated as a customer and am treated like a valued customer.

  14. Bottom line…” LOWE’S DOESN’T CARE!!!” We went there with a Home Depot directly across the highway because for some stupid reason we thought we would get better service. OMG!!! We were completely WRONG!.. My wife and I were treated like we were wasting their time. So we went across the street to Home Depot and YES!!! Thank You Very Much HOME DEPOT… They took the time to help us with all our needs and treated us like Human Beings… Don’t waste your time going to Lowe’s. I’m sure there are people that have had similar experiences with both stores, so I guess you can decide for yourselves but in Roseburg Oregon for my wife and I it’s a no brainer… F.U. LOWE’S…. THANK YOU HOME DEPOT!!!!

  15. Storm and Entry Door update from 6/13/2018.
    6/20 @ 4:10 pm Lowes rep. Deiadra, (CPO) left a msg at 16:10 on my hm # stating something about credit.
    6/21 @ 10 am returned call to Lowes, 877-505-4923 and spoke with Rep. who was very indignant. First she stated nothing shows on my file that any one called me. Second she blamed the Manufacturer for my doors not being installed by now. (Order placed March 28th) Third she told me Lowes wasn’t responsible for my door problems when I informed her I had spoken to every one possible concerning the doors and every time I was given a different answer as to what the reason was behind the doors not being installed. Unbelievable. We are near the end of the month in June and I’m still waiting to have the doors installed. On June 15th the East York , PA Manager, Jamie stated he would get back to me about the doors, Still waiting on the call.
    I will never purchase another item from Lowes again!!! Shame on you Lowes. You lost a very good customer!!!!!

  16. I’ve requested Jason from the Columbus GA store contact me concerning my purchase/install and follow up. He has NOT made any attempt to contact me. I’ve tried talking to a regional manager or district manager only to be told Loews does not have either. My first call I spent 20 minutes waiting to talk to someone and was disconnected. My next call I spent over an hour on your corporate number going from one person to the next telling them what I wanted. I spoke to at least 5 people. Dealing with Loews is a train wreck. You’re business model does not value customers. I will be opening an issue with the Better Business Bureau this week seeing as I haven’t received a call from Jason. I went to the store, he was off that night. I was assured he would get my message and contact me. It hasn’t happened. I don’t understand why poor customer service isn’t addressed at the corporate level. The reason is becoming evident. Loews core values are nonexistent.

  17. 6/22/2018
    Storm and Entry Door Update.
    Last update: 6/21/2018
    Today 6/22/18 @ 12:24 Called East York, PA Lowes for an update on my doors. Spoke with Doors and Window Rep. Was told again for the THIRD time my doors were measured wrong and it will be another 3 weeks before they will be installed. The new date for installment is around July 20, 2018.
    Order for doors were placed on March 28, 2018!!!! Next step is York, PA Local News Paper!!!!!!

  18. I went to Lowe’s in Conroe, TX twice yesterday to purchase mulch. They were unable to sell it as there was not staff access the supply! Management problems????

  19. I ordered a fire pit online it came in three days but half the parts were missing. I’ve called Lowes customer care four times in three weeks I still have no parts. I am very unhappy with Lowes I will never shop there again.This is past pitiful.

  20. bought a brand new troy bilt riding mower. sales man didn’t even want to haggle he just said guy bought it and brought it back same day and said it was too small for his yard.. so I bought it and a trailer spent over 1700. well after cutting my grass and I kept sliding I decided to look under seat and thought only one screw held it together till I took the seat off after I fell off after I recently had shoulder surgery and son just passed away thank god I didn’t let my younger son use it. I could of lost him so what do I do. return it and get an upgrade or return it and they can lose my 1000 a month I spend there for my asphalt business. or I return it sue and go to home depot because documentation says all inspected and all parts there and I know when you got shit in writing it screws the seller. I lost my son and had surgery and got screwed on a lawn mower ,im not happy. if they don’t mind getting fired I will easily pull them to parking lot and beat their ass. you chose the job so treat people with respect and believe in karma cuz it comes around .

  21. I had a terrible experience with an asst. manager at your store in Dallas on Northwest Hwy,I couldn’t find a particular item so as she was walking by talking on her phone I asked if she could help me and she yelled at me can”t you see I”m on the phone. So I asked to speak to the Store Manager and she said she was,but as I was walking away an associate said that she was not the Store Manger and they will tell you that because the Store Mgr. is also female so no one would know who you were talking about and they will laugh it off or throw it under the rug and no one would be the wiser. They also gave me her name Colleen Birmingham and claimed that she had the other mangers there fooled.

  22. On May 25th, I called the 800-445-6937 (Lowes) to order a pool light. The woman checked to see if any of the local stores had it in stock, no one in my area did. She ( the Lowes customer service girl) ordered it, I paid with CC and was told that I would receive it in 2 weeks. It’s now July 10, 2018 and no light. They said it was already delivered to my house. I asked to see the shipping and delivery label. After 3 attempts that someone would get back to me. The vender was not making these for years. Check your CC statements when dealing with this company. I try to stay out of that store because no one there seems to have any knowledge on how to deal with the public. Store should be named Lowest.

  23. Well I have to say that the Lowes in Beech Grove Indiana is about the poorest customer service i have ever encountered I ordered custom blinds and paid for them in cash not on credit or layaway or installments….cold hard earned cash it was a chunk of change for all the windows in my home….that was the first week in april…we are now in July…and the job is still not completed….after several attempts to get the right parts….and many calls to the store…where no one wants to take responsibility…..the installer even went to the store and called them after every failed parts attempt….lets see they brag about being Veteran Friendly….hey and they even give a discount to veterans…welllll this veteran family will never purchase anything from that store again…promises made none ever kept….this is not my first rodeo with them and poor customer service i purchased an extended warranty on my front load washer and dryer…it took 4 months to get the washer from leaking after damage to my wall which they say contact Samsung about….REALLYYYYY….incredible how they stay in business

  24. I would like to voice my opinion about a problem I had with the Lowes store in Hammond, La. I purchased a washer from the store on July 10, 2018. The dept. worker was kind and courteous and very helpful in getting me what I wanted in a washing machine. With that being said it all went down hell form there. The washing machine was not in stock so the clerk told me it would be Saturday before it could be delivered. I accepted that for what it was. On Friday , July 15 I received a call from the person which handles deliveries stating that they would be out on Saturday and would call me prior to making my stop. He did not ask me to call and confirm if I would be there but, we had talked about that when I purchased it and said that I would be there. Well Saturday came and went and no delivery. I assumed that someone would call and let me know that I would not be getting my delivery. Unfortunately that did not happen. I wanted until Monday thinking that they would call to say they were coming out today to deliver. They did not so I called them. After doing the hokie pokie on the phone with auto dialers sending me to different connections and no one answering the phone I continued to call until on the 8th try I got to speak to a person. That person told me that I did not call on Saturday to confirm my delivery so they did not come. Hog wash! it was already confirmed when I purchased it. When I asked to have it delivery today , Monday they informed me they could not and it would be the next day before they could drop it off. With That I optioned to pick it up myself. I have be going to this Store since it opened in 2001 I believe and have seen the decline in service, product inventory and it has disappointed me to know end. I believe if someone tells you they are going to do something and you have given them your money and years of patronage they should follow through. I went to the store and it was like half of the workers were on weekend recovery. Not all because some were as helpful as I could except. Come on LOWES let get with it and help your customers.

  25. I went to Lowe’s store #1579 to buy a refrigerator, washer, dryer, and dishwasher. When I asked about delivery they said they couldn’t deliver the appliances since no delivery folks were available. So I went to a different Lowe’s (store #2480) and asked the same questions. They said they could deliver within a week and so I purchased all four appliances (well over $3,500.00). After the install
    about two days later, my wife told me the dishwasher did not have a heating element and so we went to store#1579 and wanted them to de-install that dishwasher which we never used and bought another dishwasher (different brand) to deliver and install.
    Well the delivery and install/de-install took place about a week later but then Lowe’s was supposed to refund my money on the original dishwasher however, I got the story that until the delivery guy brings it to the store they cannot refund it. So I went back to store #1579 about 10 times now trying to get this taken care of and this has been going on for over a month now and still no refund. Every time I’ve gone there to speak to a Manager it seems there are never any Managers there.
    And by the way, delivery was not free as you advertise on TV. Truth in advertising is a law.
    I want my refund!

  26. On July 19th I went to my local Lowes Store, 1685, to get help with my account. (I was told to see the Store Manager by Syncphony Bank) so I asked for the Store Manager and was told it was his day off. I then was directed to speak with Steve, some kind of Service Manager. I asked him if we could sit down because I had some questions, so we did. While I was explaining my situation regarding a washer that I bought and returned and another one that I bought which was cheaper, I showed him a return that had been made and I didn’t know what i was for. He took down my name and and the return amount and went to a register to pull it up. He told me that it was the return of a washer. I told him that I spent $763.60 on the first washer and actually paid that one off (so I thought) and then I purchased a washer for $635.00. He then seemed to get irritated with me and told me that Annie at the register could take care of all of this and I should talk with her. He got up and went to the customer service desk and spoke with Annie. He seemed to cop an attitude which I didn’t appreciate since he could see that it was apparent that I was in distress about this. He really didn’t seem like he wanted to take time to even speak with me but when I insisted that we sit down he went along with it. This all took place this morning, July 19th at around 8:15 a.m. He needs to have some “attitude” training. If I would have had that kind of attitude when I owned my business, I wouldn’t have had any business at all.

  27. On Saturday, July 28th, we went to Lowe’s on MacArthur Rd. Whitehall, PA. Although it’s been 48 hours we are still seething over the service we did/DID NOT receive. We went to purchase a refrigerator only to find out there wasn’t a sales clerk in the appliance department. Several times we approached the unmanned service desk in the appliance department. After 45 minutes of waiting we went to customer service. Shortly thereafter a very nice gentleman from the plumbing department made an attempt to help us. He admitted he knew nothing about refrigerators so back to customer service we go. We asked to speak to the manager or assistant manager which was nowhere to be found, so, back to the customer service desk for a 3rd time.
    This is no way reflective on the very nice young lady from customer service that left her register to help us complete the sale. On a Saturday morning, when your store is probably at it’s busiest, you had a totally unmanned appliance department. After 1 1/2 hours we completed our purchase which could have been done immediately upon arrival since we knew which refrigerator we wanted… OUTRAGEOUS!!! For clarification we were given a 10% discount due to this unfortunate incident. However, this does not fix the store’s service. You run the risk that a future recurrence could end our patronage.

    Frustrated customers,
    Karen & Don Evans

  28. Purchased a patio door, in store , and in stock. It has been more than a month, can’t seem to get this door installed, by the Lowes installers. They have poor, and unreliable help they contract out for their installations. This is the second time around, for the Washington, Missouri Lowes store.
    We will have to purchase from another store, can’t depend on them.

  29. Update from 1 month ago.
    July 30,2018 @ 9:30 am, Lowes was to install both doors ordered today. However everything was confirmed by corporate all product was correct and the install was to take place. Lowes rep. Cody arrived at my residence and stated the door was wrong and again has to be reordered. The wait will be another 3-4 weeks. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!! I WANT BBB TO help me with getting this job complete. I am exhausted on options for help. Please do not close this complaint till job is completed. Also I haven’t heard anything from corporate. March 28th doors were ordered. This is the fourth time doors were reordered.

  30. Your Veterans Military Discount Policy: I was in your Corpus Christi Lowe’s 8.1.2018 to purchase a kitchen sink faucet. Got to the check out counter and asked for a military discount and they told me I had to give my telephone number to recieve the discount. I refused to give my number and paid the full price without the discount. I thought about all the times I bought products at lowe’s before and all I had to do was show my military ID to recieve the discount and to my surprise the way you are treating veterans.(WOW) what a way to treat our veterans!! Sir just like many others I protest your policy towards veterans and choose to buy the items I need at other stores that only ask veterans to show their military ID to recieve this discount. To be clear , I use to buy the products I needed from you, but now I will get these products from someone else.

  31. I purchased a over the stove microwave oven on July 30th, 2018. I was told I had to pay a $35 fee for a installer to do onsite inspection to ensure the job could be done. According to the sales associate I should receive a call from the installer within 48 hrs. They supposedly check their work orders daily. That didn’t happen until I called back 96 hrs later asking when will I hear from the installer, they made additional calls and contacted installer. We agreed to a date to meet up at home late afternoon after work. He finally shows up, we chatted socially, then I popped the question did you not know about this install? He went on to give an obscure explanation and thought he was here to inspect work area for a in wall oven unit. (Did he really check his work orders?) Not even close. His bumbling explanation tells me he didn’t and he was there as a reaction from the store. The oven was not in at the time, and I explained it was due August 20, 2018 instead I got an email stating the oven arrived at the store on August 18, 2018. I called days later to the associate who sold the unit and I asked when was the installer coming to bring and install unit. He had no idea what was going on, then said “Oh, you have to pay for installation before he does the work and the initial $35 would be credited to the final bill”. Now I am thinking ok,I could have then the full amount like I am about to do to get this installer to do his job. Again he tells me the installer will be calling me in a couple days. NEVER HAPPENED! I called days later and they are shocked the unit has not yet been installed by then. I was August 27th, 2018. I call again, and again the store contacts the installer who later calls to arrange a day and time. The installer wanted to do it on a Thursday, August 30th , I opted for Wednesday the 29th, we had been more than patient enough. He said He will try, it may be late, but will try, if not, he would call to arrange Thursday or Friday. He never called back. I went out of town for Labor day weekend, and on the way back I called to inquire on the installation. Again the store scrambled to reach installer. He did not call me instead, kept associate on another line to relay if it was ok to install on Tuesday, September 04, 2018, again late but after 6pm. It is now 7:40pm no call, no installation. I will be cancelling the sale of the unit, and getting refund from Lowes and taking business to Home Depot. I read in another complaint that mgrs like to throw out liberally the excuse they don’t control the installers or schedule. That is a cop out. Lowes seeks, vets, and hire local installers, and are bound by Lowes terms. Why in the hell would they guarantee their installations? Based on my experience with this LOWES, and this is not the first time they screwed things up on installation, Is that they hire incompetent employees, and supporting contractors. Now to be fair they have some good ones there, I have met them. But overall LOWES is in a sad state of affairs, and lack REAL LEADERSHIP. I will hesitantly will be taking my future business to LOWES COMPETITORS for the foreseeable future. Let see how long LOWES takes notice of this complaint. I don’t really expect any response or change. There is a reason why LOWES is lagging behind Home Depot and why they are were in the news recently about store closings, and trimming inventory to keep their heads above water. Lowes is about to go through what Home Depot had to overcome a few years ago to remain relevant in the industry. HIRING COMPETENT PEOPLE IS CRITICAL!!!!

    1. This is a common thing with Lowes….sad but true! What really makes it worse is they seem to not care at all!

  32. I forgot to mention the store:
    Store #: 1783
    DOUGLAS, GA 31533
    ORDER: 354356899

  33. I had a toilet installed that was too large to open one of the doors into the bathroom on August 3rd. After I called them 4 times (August 9th, 20th, 29th and September 14th), I finally received 2 calls..one (September 17th for yet another apology and another today (September 18th) saying maybe by the end of October I COULD have my issue resolved. Poor customer service!!

  34. I purchased a Lowes protection plan when I purchased a dishwasher. The dishwasher broke with the following issues, would not turn off, brackets broke and it leaked water on the floor and underneath unit.

    Seeing the brackets broken and water on the floor I shut down the main circuit breaker to dishwasher and pulled the unit from the space and cleaned up all water on the floor.

    In doing so I am told this voided the contract, so in your terms I am supposed to leave unit alone, let water sit on floor and ruin cabinets and flooring, also mention the hazard of slipping and falling on the floor till your repair people can come out which is another issue ( not good at all) in trying to make that appointment.

    Rhonda, called me and explained the reason which is total B.S, If Lowes employees tell you that it will be replaced if it cannot be repaired to sell your plan and then its not honored what does that say about your company?

  35. To Whom It May Concern:

    I was in your Lowes store #2261 on Saturday October 13, 2018 at 18:38 and had a conflict with one of your customer service Personnel on that date. I needed to have my credit card looked up which Elle did for me. She proceeded to ring up my items, a Grab bar, 3 small flashlights and a timer. Then she walked away from me. I needed a bag to exit the store. Elle when to ring up another customer, I stated I needed a bag, but it fell on deaf ears of both the personnel behind the Customer service counter. I stated it again but no one seemed to hear. I nugged the other counter personnel girl on her right arm, who was on the phone, for a bag. She stated sharply and loudly, “Don’t you touch me”. I stated I need a bag. She stated “don’t you lay your hands on me”. In amazement, and truly exhaustion, I stated forget the bag. She said “You got that”. As I was approaching the door, “I stated you don’t have to be a b**** to me, I just wanted a bag.” She called at me, “what did you say?” I repeated it to her, as she was very wrong to talk to a regular customer in that manner. “You don’t lay your hands on me”, as she was bobbing her head. I told her she didn’t have to get all Ghetto on me, she is working and needs to be aware of customers. “Your ghetto” she stated. I stated I can call the manager from my phone. I left the store.
    I called the store when I got to my car and left off my stuff in my car.. I went to the lumber check out and called the store on my phone. Finally a manager (a female) did answer the call and I asked for her to meet me in lumber, register 1. A man came down and was answering another customer’s questions and then he stated can I help you. I stated I was waiting for a manager and he stated he was one. I told him the event, as I am telling you.
    It is important to state that the whole time the person I had the conflict was on the phone with another customer, speaking to me in the manner that she did. The other phone customer had to hear her as she talked loudly, rudely and out of turn to another customer.

    I am a regular customer, and actually that day I passed 2 Lowe’s and 2 Home Depot, as the Job I am working at is in Fort Myers, but I usually stop at the one close to my home, which is this store. In fact on Tuesday, I spent over $1000 for sinks, garbage disposals, and faucets. I will shortly be working on a entire kitchen renovation in the next couple of weeks. As well as a Garage renovation coming up at Thanksgiving.
    I make big purchases at least 4 to 6 times a month.
    I did not appreciate the girl’s response to a simple and non-malice nug, and I do not believe Lowe’s wants this to be the person that customers need to interact with. Not only was she rude and belligerent to me, but the customer on the phone was witness to the event as well. She was not aware of other customers in her area. even when I came up and was waiting to be checked out, as she was facing me. Elle had to move from her station to assist me. The girl in the Lumber check out immediately acknowledge me even tho I was just standing there.
    This was a very unpleasant interaction in your store, mostly due an employee who has no sense that she is there to help the customer, not to ignore, insult and berate the customer
    I would appreciate their response for this event.

  36. I am gravely disappointed that Marvin Ellison closed the Orchard Supply Stores in San Jose. Ellison is a cut and burn CEO not knowing the business OSH provided to supplement Lowes. Many time I could not find what I needed at Lowe’s and went to Orchard supple to find it. I have seen this type of CEO before. Cut without thinking about customer’s needs. What did he do for J.C. Penny. Not much. i am a Lowe’s credit card holder but I can find what I need at Home Depot.

  37. I wanted to leave a review of my experience with Lowes in ordering a range. On September 12th, I ordered an LG range from the 800 number. It was to be delivered on October 3rd. I took off from work and waited around all day waiting on the range which never came. By 4:00 I was starting to think it was not coming, so I called the 800 number. Two phone calls later I found out that my order had been canceled in the store as the range arrived damaged. First, why would the person in the store cancel the order, in lieu of sending the damaged unit back and reordering? Second, why had no one called me, the customer, prior to the delivery date to let me know what was going on?

    After two more calls, I am told I need to go into the store to reorder. Again, why would I need to do this?However, I went into the store only to find out I was at the wrong store. Apparently, there is no rhyme or reason as to how they assign these orders to local stores. The closest Lowes to me is in Upper Marlboro, MD. However, my order went to a Washington, DC store (go figure). This was my second bad experience. When I got to the Upper Marlboro store I went to the appliance department. I waited 20 minutes while they paged an employee who never showed up. There were other customers in the department as well waiting for help. After 20 minutes, I went to the front of the store to request a store manager. Again, I had to wait 20 minutes before that person bothered to come. This person then proceeds to tell me that my order was at the DC store not there and that I would now not be able to get my order until November 22, as it was a special order, and maybe I should consider purchasing something that is in stock in the store. I informed her that I had done my research and the range I ordered was the one I wanted. I also told her that the Cust. Svc. rep indicated that as a result of all the mistakes made with this order I should talk to store manager about some reciprocity. She informed me for that to happen I would have to go to the DC store. Are not all the Lowes–Lowes stores, why should I the customer have to run around town to correct their mistake and be granted some relief.

    I then went home and called the 800 number back who placed the new order. Now I am told that the item wont come until November 23rd. The reason I started in September was because I knew my current range was on its last leg, and I wanted a new range before the holidays came. I thought 2-1/2 months was plenty of time, but I guess not if you are ordering through lowes.

    So now the store (DC again) call me to inform me that they have my order and that it won’t even arrive at the store until November 24th. So I suggest they call LG and explain that the original order came damaged and see if they can expedite the order. She calls me back to tell me that it is not possible as LG does not have them in stock. At this point they were going to check on something comparable in the LG line they could extend to me at the same price. I never heard back from them. On yesterday, October 15th, I called LG myself to check on availability, I found out that the same model I order was available, or would be as of today. I then called Lowes (800 number who referred me back to the store), it took two phone calls as my first was put on hold for 23 minutes and the operator never came back to the phone, It took another 15 minutes on the second call to reach someone who cancelled the other range and reordered the black stainless one. There was not even a mention of doing anything to compensate me for the stress, inconvenience, and sheer incompetence of their process. Because of this next time I will go to one of their competitors (Home Depot or Best Buy). Lowes is not the only game in town, They need to understand that before they go the way of Hechingers! My next step is to go onto twitter and make other customers aware and let them know unless they have 4-5 months, don’t order from Lowes!!

  38. We have been with Lowe’s in Coral Springs since 2006 and have steadily watched it go down hill to a point that I hardly ever go there now on Sunday we purchased a washing machine and drier we were told we would get a call between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm Sunday night that never happened the following day my wife called and got a run around from the staff who are always very rude and impatient she ended up driving to Lowe’s and once again was passed from one person to another she finally talked to a manager who said the machines would be there at 1:00 pm the installers arrived at 2:00 pm told my wife that they could not turn off the water I came home and turned of the water without any problem cut a long story short the machines have still not been installed they may be installed on Thursday but my wife had to deal with an absolute idiot of a manager this will be the last time we will ever shop at Lowe’s they are useless

  39. Hello,
    Thank you. Your Great Southern Store made it enjoyable again, to shop at Lowes. I reside in Columbus, Ohio.
    I have shopped in a few of your Columbus stores. Sometime the shopping visit is O.K.- Sometimes not so O.K. That said, my recent visit to the Great Southern store put the O.K. back in shopping at Lowes, again.

    Customer Service might be a simple concept, but when you seeing it playing out it is a good thing. Thank you!

    Andy, Howard, and Ben with Millwork. Curtis, with Fencing. Stacy, the store manager there at Great Southern store was just very kind, and followed up !!!

    Thank you all, for making shopping @ Lowes enjoyable again.
    Stephanie Glover

  40. These appliances were ordered and paid for JULY 2018.
    Does it take that long to get appliances? Was the hood fan paid for and not ordered or was that refunded also along with under counter lights?
    (following are emails last I heard from Lowes)
    From Kim Bangert
    Would like appliances, stove, frig, dishwasher, hood fan and under counter lighting delivered.

    Williams, Cynthia – Cynthia J
    Mon, Oct 15, 3:50 PM (7 days ago)
    We can set up the appliances for delivery the hood fan was not ordered and the under counter lighting was returned and refunded. I will give your information to the appliance team to be taken care of.
    Cynde Williams
    Install sales manager
    Lowe’s Store 0319 Billings, MT

  41. Lowe’s May need to make sure that their cashiers are nice to all customers. Not just to the ones that are the same as they are. Because I am some body too and I shop at the Rome Ga store all the time. This is the first time I have ever felt like a secondhand customer. I was offended just because I am white. I may not go back because no one want to shop and made to fill like that.

  42. I applied for a job at one of the stores and I was more than qualified and still the HR department didn’t even setup a interview with me they just tossed me out like a peace of garbage but yet they say equal opportunity employment! Yay right!

  43. I bought a collapsible dolly on October 5. They are arguing the thirty day thing. The wheel actually came apart on the 4th after 8 I want to a change manager hung up on me. This is ridiculous. I have no car and thus is how I get my groceries etc. I am I. SS’I. 8

  44. Made an order online last week, never received a conformation email. Called customer service yesterday and no record of order with Lowe’s. This is not the first time that this has happened, but it will be the last time, since I don’t ever plan to buy anything else from Lowe’s. We have had major construction on our home in the last 2 years, and because of these issues with Lowe’s, I formed the contractor to get NOTHING from Lowe’s! I think that it a shame that the company does not follow up with complaints made to the store! The last issue we had went on for 10 weeks. After many trip to the store and talking to everyone from the manager down to the maintenance man, after 6 weeks one genius finally decided to put a tracer on the order! Still nothing! 4 weeks later after we had purchased the same exact items from Amazon and received them in 72 hours, we got a call from a trucking company in NC who had a delivery for us! Needless to say we refused shipment, then, that’s not all. We had to wait for several days to get our money returned, because they wanted to make sure we had not gotten the order and was pulling the wool over their eyes.
    Well, enough said, and I am sure you have heard enough, but I was so frustrated this time that I told my husband, I AM DONE WITH LOWES!

  45. Have you ever done any renovating or updating? It is a stressful process.

    Krissy Shinestine, Libbi Johnson and Claire Wilson of Lowe’s, 4252 Royal Pine Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, Store #2578, helped make the process easier. They took care of everything start-to-finish. We had work done in our master bath where carpet was removed and replaced with tile, replaced jetted tub with new and shower doors, tiled guest bathroom, tiled laundry room, extended wood floor from entry to dining room and carpet replaced upstairs. When I had an issue, I contacted them, and they contacted the vendor to resolve. They have General Contractors they use, and Dan Schiltz was AMAZING on his attention to detail in laying of tiles.
    The whole team kept us informed along the way and always got back to me right away with any of my concerns or questions.

    I had mixed emotions because it was nice getting things done and working with the team but glad it’s done. Everyone keep telling not to use Lowe’s, but I feel they took care of me.

    Lowe’s did my fence installation yesterday and they’re going to rebuild my deck, once I get HOA approval.


  46. We have recently bought some Allen & Roth cushions, and the base cushions are all sagging, there is enough filling in them, we haven’t even had them six month yet, this isn’t good at all, I am really annoyed, that the cushions have gone like this,and they weren’t cheap to buy, is there anything you can do for me.

  47. For a year now I have been having trouble very time im in lowe’s in Arlington Wa This last time I went in to buy indoor outdoor carpet their rack did not work but the carpet I wanted was at the bottom of the rack. But because it didn’t spin they would not sell me any. I guess they didn’t feel like helping me. So I went to Home Depot where I got excellent service. Even though Lowes is closer I wont be back. they don’t care about their customers.

  48. I have spent 33000.00 on a kitchen remodel back in June and have had issues with warped cupboard doors which they g=have sent new ones but I cannot get them to get them installed. Have called the Burlington iowa store several times and also head cooperate office and spoke to nice lady which after that lowes did call me and had the contractor call but contractor no longer works there and still no one has come and fixed my issues.

  49. I’ll be calling you this is so unbelievable I was in your Lowe’s on State avenue in Kansas City Kansas and I’m a veteran and my girlfriend picked up some product and she don’t want us to sit it back on the shelf will they blame her for stealing it they took our picture they took down our tags number it was so embarrassing if if I don’t get a written apology from Lowe’s and the guy that blame her I will put it all over social media I will get the news involved channel for that is I will have a picket I will come up there with my veteran buddies will hold up signs will make sure that this will not happen again the people that does not steal it’s unbelievable I am so pissed off thank you very much

  50. I better hear back from the CEO are I get social media involved local news involved I will get a hundred people outside that Lowe’s in Kansas City Kansas on State avenue I want apology for the man accused my girlfriend stealing something car tags they took our picture I came my name to register some ephedrine my discount nobody was taking nothing he was totally out of line how embarrassing unbelievable can we treated like this and if I don’t get an apology from Lowe’s and the guy that accuse her my dad is the retired sheriff in this town I will pull what ever strings it takes to make you pay I have money Robert niblock I will spend every last dime I want a written apology from Lowe’s that face-to-face apology from the man who accused my girlfriend I am a man of my word I will hear back from you soon thanks

  51. Re 11%Rebate, tracking number kbkl-6573-5485, $78.38. This purchase was made 5/17/18. I still have not received my rebate. Please tell me what is taking so long, and what is the current status of this issue

  52. Regarding store # 1639, 4625 W. Charleston, Las Vegas, NV, 89102
    I went to store #1639 for the 2018 Black Friday appliance sale on November 23rd and was immediately waited on by a very helpful and knowledgeable employee, Maria. While Maria helped me decide on a new range, I was undecided on the type of refrigerator as the 4 models I was interested were not on display. I told Maria I’d check the floor display at the Summerlin store for the other models and meet her Monday afternoon to place the order. The Summerlin store had all 4 models on the floor I was interested in, I made my decision and thought I was good to go.
    Monday, when I got to store #1639, there was no one in appliances. I waited 15 minutes, listening to laughing and partying in the cabinet department. Finally I pressed the assistance needed button. A male employee came by, shut off the recording, told me someone would be with me shortly and walked away. Another 15 minutes passed and two young girls showed up at the appliance desk. One came from the cabinet department party and one from somewhere in the back of the store. I was standing 15 feet from the appliance desk at the stove I wanted to buy but they ignored me because they were texting. I walked up to them and asked if Maria was in and without looking up from her phone, one girl said Maria left for the day, she was sick. I stood there a few minutes longer but that was apparently the end of the conversation as they continued texting, laughing and ignoring me, so I left the store.
    I went back Tuesday and waited 25 minutes while a different female employee was helping a customer track down a receipt from October 2017. Tracking down a receipt at the appliance sales counter with people waiting to buy appliances ? Why wasn’t that being done at the customer service counter ? That said, while I waited, several people came to the area after me and all were looking at appliances. The girl did stop her receipt research to call for help and someone came to help out in appliances. When the male employee walked up, I said “I’m next”, because I was, but he gave me a dirty look and proceeded to wait on a man “holding a dog” that had only been in appliances for a few minutes. As the girl continued making calls and working on the computer looking for the old receipt, I went up front and asked for a manager. A very young man came out and listened to my concerns but was condescending and a little sarcastic in his responses. His narrative and body language gave me the impression I was bothering him.
    About this time, the receipt guy from appliances had made it to the checkout line close to where I was talking to this ASM. He started putting his 2 cents into my conversation with the ASM, yelling from his place in line, but the ASM said nothing. Finally the ASM said he could help me but with his attitude, I was hesitant. I simply said I’d had enough for today, started to leave the store and the ASM started yelling at me in front of everyone in a very sarcastic tone that he hoped I’d have a nice day. If he was trying to make me madder, it worked.
    I almost went back the 3rd day but I decided against it after the previous 2 days and other concerns I have with store #1639. Here are a few examples:
    1. I purchased a pallet of tile in January 2016 which had to be shipped in from a Florida Lowe’s. I scheduled a delivery when the tile came in but soon after, the tile manager called me at home. He was furious that I requested the tile be delivered, demanding an explanation and insisted the tile be delivered by the Lowe’s installers when it was time for the installation. I assured him I was having the tile delivered to save Lowe’s storage space because I was not ready for the installation but I would have Lowe’s install it at a later time. He was insulting, verbally abusive and had no right to call me at home to question me or make me justify my delivery decision. Lowe’s did not get the installation job because of his call.
    2. The purchase of new windows and sliding glass doors for my home in 2017 went wrong in every way possible. Jim was the salesperson and he was nothing but a liar. Everything he told me was incorrect and upon delivery, the installers pointed out that 50% of the windows and sliders opened the wrong direction from the originals. The installers also told me that Jim was incorrect about leaving my wooden shutters up during installation and charged me additional installation fees on the spot before they’d continue. I never received final copies of the window orders or installation agreement from Jim so I had no proof of what had been promised or ordered.
    I called the installation department at the store regarding the windows and sliders that opened the wrong direction and was offered a $1000 discount to keep the windows as delivered. I accepted the offer but now that they are installed and I have to use them, I regret it to this very day.
    3. I’ve also had trouble with electrical employee’s lack of knowledge and paint personnel rudeness. There is no excuse for either.
    4. Not only does this store have the dirtiest restroom of any Lowes I’ve ever been to, when I went in to use the restroom Monday afternoon, a half dressed homeless man was taking a sponge bath in the sink with his clothes and belongings all over the floor around him. He interrupted his bath to come over and get up in my face while I was at still using the urinal to beg for money. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Where is your security?
    5. Another concern is all the dogs in the store. I’m highly allergic and they are everywhere. In fact, the employee that came to help out in appliances on Tuesday chose a customer holding a sweater wearing Chihuahua. That was certainly not a service dog and neither are the others I see. Not one dog I’ve seen in this store has ever had the actual service dog vest on.
    When the previous manager Ben and senior ASM James were at this location, there were none of these problems. I remodeled 2 homes out of this store without incident and now I can’t get through 1 without problems and disrespect. I have tried to ignore the issues and continue to work with this store but the inability to buy appliances is the final straw.
    There is no excuse for the poor management, lack of employee supervision or employee disrespect at this store and I am done.
    Rather than going back to store #1639 for a 3rd appliance buying attempt, I went to Home Depot. Yes, they had available employees to help me. Yes they had the exact appliances I was going to purchase at Lowe’s and yes they were the same price. It was a surprisingly pleasant experience and the transaction was handled quickly.
    I am done with Lowe’s and I will NOT go back. I won’t beg to buy something, I won’t have my decisions questioned by your employees and certainly will not stand for any more of their disrespect. I will also be calling to close the My Lowe’s account I have. Best of luck with store #1639.

  53. I purchased a gift card at your Brookhaven Pa. Store and was treated exceptionally poorly upon trying to return item as it was found to have been already redeemed. The customer service representative Marshall told me that it was impossible to happen and I had to speak with Apple Corporation even though I had my reciept and had earlier in the day purchased it. I showed my reciept to no avail from this customer service person. So I went home and sought out the gift card dept at Apple Corporation. After a few minutes of waiting on hold of which I would reccomend the classical music selection if you ever have to call them, however the Customer Service Representative there informed me that third party purchasers such as Lowe’s bought these gift cards from them and held responsibility to assure that cards were valid and functional and that unfortunately many of the third party purchasers often are uneducated in these matters at a store level and that I should indeed have to seek resolution with the Store. So then I returned to the store and Marshall the Customer Service Representative again implying I was wrong, denied me a refund or functional card. I requested to speak to a manager as he was unhelpful to insulting. He then summoned a manager called Stephen who had no Idea the process of honoring your products regarding these gift cards. Robert, by now I am sure you can understand I was not happy with my purchase and though I am sympathetic with staffing at this time of year , in honesty I was made to feel I had done something wrong as manager Stephen tried to find out how to handle Apple Gift Cards. He requested a chair from Marshall as I stood waiting while he went on computer to seek the procedure, as niether worker believed me when I told them I was instructed by Apple that this does happen and that if the Store personnel were unwilling to bring resolution to this matter then I would unfortunately have to call the Corporate Office. Well Robert, if I may call you Rob, Rob the staff at this Store called a LP agent in to assist this what should and think you would agree a simple matter into a rapidly deteriorating experience at tgis store. Apparently Stephen contacted the wrong dept. at Apple and he began questioning me as to why and to who I purchased the 50 dollar gift card for, this wasn’t enough he demanded my email address and told me I beginning to concern him about my purchase and that a case was being opened because he contacted the wrong department at Apple and I waited still Rob, trying to be patient at 15 minutes into this, listening to Stephen twlling me I was being uncooperative though I gave my name, had my reciept and told him I had driver license if neccessary to get a new 50 dollar gift card that worked or my money refunded. He wanted my Apple ID # and the id # of person I bought the card for, who I couldnt reach at the time and was a bit embarrassed by the having to request from them what they intended to use the gift card for and what there Id # was and contact information. My goodness Robert Niblock , I am confident that Lowe’s has higher standards of training and treating patrons with a measure of courtesy that exceeds that which Marshall, Nico the LP agent and Stephen the manager who was clearly irritated at me for coming. He said if I was not going to be more helpful in the investigation and willing to bring Law Enforcement into this and give the FTC and Government my email , the recipients information and fill out there forms, and provide them with any paperwork they deemed neccessary via computers and Rob, when I mentioned what the lady at Apple said, Stephen said That Didnt Matter it was now an investigation and if I didn’t do what he said he wasnt going to help me and I might as well just leave. This is a bit of an embarrassment Rob , though I was impressed with labeled parking for vets, unfortunately these staff members dropped the ball extending respect to merchandise issues. I will be calling the North Carolina Office on Monday as I now still have the 50 dollar gift card I purchased. I truly hope and hold fast that we may bring this matter to a prompt resolution.
    Vice Admiral Theodore Manna USN (ret)

  54. On December 5, 2018 I was shopping in your Lowe’s Store in Columbus GA to purchase a dyson vaccum cleaner. I was asked for a sales paper and the associate at the customer service desk handed me on and said that the sale ended that day. After waiting probably 20 minutes to have one brought down from stock I headed to the register to pay. The vacuum rung up for the original price $499.00 and the paper had it for $299.00 for the ball animal 2. The associate came to the register to override and said she didn’t know why it was ringing up, (same associate who gave me the paper and stated that the sale ended that day). She took it to another person (MOD) to look at , later came back with the sale ended on Nov 1. After showing it to me on the paper, myself nor the employees seen that, the print is so small at on the sales paper. Why say the sale ends today. I choose Lowes over Home Depot for a reason, customer service, availability, lowes card holder. I was asked if I still want it for the original price, I declined because of what I was told and no one thought it was a good reason to accommodate me. The MOD never even said sorry for the misunderstanding…no one except the cashier. Guess I need to reconsider what I have always thought about Lowes.

  55. I when To Lowes Today to get my Pick up order. Staff member Ashley, got my Order and told me to get my own cart to put my stuff. Another member happened to open the exit door pulling on the doors, I followed the staff member to get my cart. When I came back inside Staff member Ashley started helping another customer after I waited for 10 minutes for a pick up order. I politely asked her if I could go? Ashley answered me NO with an attitude, and she asked the other client let me finish with him and I will continue to help you. After that she started going off on me about me trying to break the exit door. She told me in front other customers with an attitude saying I cant open the exit door, if you had broken the door I will have to pay $10,000.00 dollars, I told her I didn’t touch the door I just followed her employee, she keep repeating to me well if u break it u have to pay 10k, I keep telling her I didnt touched the door. I told her if she had a problem she need it to let her staff member know that not me and her answer was I not a manager.Them she keep accusing me of me trying to break the door. I told her well you should do your job and have a Cart there for my Items, thats why is called Pick-Up Service. I told her to check her security cameras. She blow me away with attitude and told me sign here and there is the exit.. Racist Staff member. I dont treat people for the way they look, because if that was the case I wouldn’t want to deal with someone who has a earring in their nose for customer service. Ashley needs to Learn not to falsely accuse Customers. Ashley keep yelling me about the door Non stopping. I felt ASHLEY was discriminating ma or prejudice against people of other races, I believed No body particular race is superior to another we all Humans. I’m taking my business to Home Depot.

  56. On the evening of Sunday, November 25th my family and I went to Lowe’s to take advantage of the extended Black Friday sales. We purchased a microwave oven, a glass top oven, Maytag washer/dryer with pedestals set and riding mower. We were told only the microwave was not in stock and, consequently, the items would all be delivered on Saturday, November 30th.
    My husband, eager to work on the yard, picked up the riding lawn mower prior to the 30th of November.
    On Saturday, November 30th, our washer was delivered. Nothing else. I called the store and was quickly connected to an associate in Appliances. I asked her why we had only received the washer when only the microwave was out of stock. During our 29 minutes she said she “saw” why the dryer had not been delivered but offered no explanation. She told me that everything would be delivered the following day. The next day, Sunday, December 1st, the pedestals were delivered and nothing else. On Wednesday, December 5th, our beautiful microwave and oven were delivered and installed. I work away from home during the week so when I came home early this morning and saw that the dryer had not been delivered I called the store. After 10 minutes on hold, Robert (appliance associate), took my call. I politely explained that I had been on hold for 10 minutes (2:16pm-2:26pm) and that I had a question about a delivery. He offered no apology and simply said, “okay”. I gave him the above information and he began to look into the matter. He explained that the dryer was now scheduled for delivery on Saturday, December 15th. I asked him why because we were told the item was in stock on the day we purchased it (11/25). He said he would look into it and placed me on hold for another 10 minutes or so. Thus, 29 minutes after my initial call Robert got back on the line and asked for my number so that I would not have to remain on hold. When we ended the call I called back to the store and asked for the store manager. A person identifying herself as Sara took my call. I asked if she was the store manager. She replied that she was “a” manager and that there was no store manager. I told her that I thought all stores had a store manager and she said that no, there were only service managers. She asked why I was calling and I politely explained that I was having a delivery issue and wanted to ensure that I was talking to a manager that could help resolve it. First, I explained that I had called a little earlier and was on hold for 10 minutes to which she offered no explanation or apology. I then explained everything above to which she said she would look into. I asked if she knew why we would be told an item was in stock and two weeks later it would still not be delivered. She replied she had no idea why we would be told that. I asked her why she would not have any idea as I believed that surely there was an explanation. She was not warm, friendly or apologetic in anyway and said she was not responsible for what the associate told us. I was very surprised and explained that when I was a manager I was responsible for the behavior of my subordinates. I told her that I was surprised to hear her say that and still she did not respond except to ask for my item number. As I began to sift through my receipts and paperwork she asked for my phone number. During our 12 minute call she explained that the dryer in stock was discovered to have been damaged and the remaining dryer was a floor model and they didn’t like to deliver those. I asked her why that had not been explained before and she said she did not know. I asked her if she thought our customer service was subpar and she offered that she would talk to the associate who should have communicated to us about why our deliveries were not made when we were told. I asked her if there was anything else. She replied, “Like what?” and I explained that I thought we should be offered an apology for the unexplained delays on our deliveries to which she asked, “Well, did you want us to deliver a damaged dryer?” I realized that she was unwilling to offer anything further in the way of apology or reassurance so I simply told her to have a pleasant day and hung up. I then got on-line to write this complaint.
    My first question? Am I unreasonable to expect an apology after being placed on hold for 10 minutes? It’s rare that I am on hold for that long but when it’s for a customer service call there is almost always an apology to which I gather to mean that it is understood that such a lengthy wait is not standard and effort would be made to not repeat.
    Also, was it unreasonable to expect to speak to a store manager? Sara’s tone was never friendly and at times, condescending. I do not know how long she has been a service manager but I would think she is better suited to handling issues behind the scenes and not in taking customer complaints. It was such a poor experience that while we have always preferred Lowe’s over Home Depot I am wondering if we should reconsider. One of the reasons we began to go to Lowe’s for everything first is because in our experience the customer service was consistently warmer and more helpful.

    We will wait to see how our complaint is addressed before making a decision on how to rate/review our most recent experience on Yelp and other review sites and whether Lowe’s will remain our home improvement store of choice.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  57. I have a myLowes card. The number on the back of the card does not match the number on my account. I cannot edit the number. What can I do. I shop at Lowes often but cannot get my military discount which I have applied and been approved for.

  58. The Lowes in Warner Robins, Georgia 2704 Watson Blvd, Warner Robins, GA 31093 is absolutely the worst Lowes I’ve ever went to. The culture of laziness, employees never in their departments, customers on hold for over 30mins and no follow through and it starts and ends with the head, GM Joe Laboda and Chuck Schosser who really don’t care. I dare you to call and ask for millworks department or any department and see what happens. Nothing. Joe is never in the store. Disappointing. I will never shop this Lowes ever again. You should be ashamed.


  60. Lowes have the worst customer service. I don’t even know where to begin! In February of this year I decided to update my master bathroom and update the flooring in my Kitchen, living room, hallway and spare room. Well, it took 8 MONTHS to get one shower done (after three tries)! As if that wasn’t bad enough then about 3 months after getting our floors installed they started to warp. When someone finally came to look at them they took up a few planks and told us we had a leak,..there was mildew on the floor and it was wet, after getting a plumber and a roofer to look at the house we were told there was no leak. Lowes sent someone else who told use the reason the floor warped was because it was not installed properly…there should have been a moisture barrier installed before the floor were put in, because our home in on pier and beam! Mean while my granddaughter who lives with us has asthma and has been getting sick almost on a weekly basis and even almost got hospitalized due to her severe asthma due to the mildew triggering her asthma!!! On November 28th the original installers came back and took off all the flooring in the kitchen, living room and hallway….there was mildew all over the floors…my wife and I spent that whole weekend trying our best to clean the mildew sine my granddaughter has been so sick….this should have been done by LOWES since they were at fault for not having it installed properly in the first place. It is now December 11….two weeks later and still no one has come to look at this horrific mess! We can’t even put up a Christmas Tree. We have been loyal customers since 1996 using Lowes for every thing that has been updated on our homes of the last 22 years. How hard can it be to correct a problem that was caused by not installing these floor right!!!

  61. I had former employees, that have been fired and police reports made) were allowed to return stolen goods – My Material – for instore credit. after the police: Daniel Davis claimed to have sent return receipts to my cell but didn’t, and provided me with the instore credit card with balance of $310… that I cannot access bc returns require her driver’s license # which I have no way to access. I have attempted to address this situation with store management several times now… all eventually stating that they couldn’t help solve the situation for one reason or another and that I needed to call corporate office or try again at another time with different personell on duty… I have been robbed out of my material, the funding it was returned for, and even access to the instore credit card that was finally provided to me. Please tell me what my options are here and how to correct this situation!! I need to access the return receipts somehow to press charges and to know exact item #s Returned/Accounted For. instore
    card # – 600649174310112xxxx pin: xxxx

    Again, her name is Daniel Davis aka Danni Davis aka Angel Davis and her husband Mike Davis

    I have other issues to report on this matter, but cannot address them until being helped to access necessary documentation

  62. I went to Lowe’s in Glasgow ky did not receive any help had to get and load toilet,tub,and drywall myself I think I should get compensated for it

  63. I ordered a refrigerator online on Thanksgiving . The delivery date was scheduled for today Dec. 12th. So yesterday the (11th) we had our old refrigerator removed. When I called this morning to see what time it would be delivered I found out it wasn’t even at the store. It was at the distribution center and no one can tell me when it will be shipped from the distribution center to the store. It could be as long as 14 days. All it would have taken was for someone to tell me that it was going to be longer. Now I am in a mess with no refrigerator and no one can tell me anything. Everyone that I have talked to has been very nice but can’t give me any definite answers. Talk about lack of communication and no one seems to know what is going on. This will be my last big ticket item I buy from Lowes. I’m sure no one in corporate cares but this is problem that could easily be fixed.

  64. I am having a very hard time reaching someone in Accounts Payable. I am the Administrator for A GC in your Installer Program. Can someone please give me a call back @702-743-xxxx

  65. I purchased several appliances from Lowe’s on black Friday, 11/23/18. It has been a complete nightmare to get my appliances delivered and installed. I have experienced multiple delivery cancellations, vendor changes, and lack of communication from the Lowe’s store. The store in Pasadena, Texas seriously needs to be reviewed.The store managers do not communicate with the customer. It is really frustrating to wait almost a month for my appliances to get installed at an outrageous price!

  66. The delivery service XPO used in the Waldorf, MD area is unpredictable and unreliable. I waited for two days for a promised delivery. I had no phone updates from XPO. I would call for updates and received incorrect information. I have heard this complaint about XPO from many of Lowe’s customers. Would love to purchase more appliances but cannot afford to take off two days to sit at home with no pay like I just did last week.

  67. I’ve been a loyal Lowe’s customer for many many years, but after this experience I’m done with Lowe’s. My wife and I are having our kitchen renovated and needed to order some new kitchen appliances. We looked on the Lowe’s website and picked out the four appliances we liked. on 03 November 2018, we went to the store to order in person. The in store ordering process went very smooth. We set a delivery date of 21 November. On the 21st, the truck arrived as scheduled, but only had the dishwasher. After making a phone call, we were informed the Refrigerator, Gas Range and Over The Range Microwave would be delivered on 08 December. Since the contractors weren’t ready for the appliances yet, the 8th was acceptable. On the 7th we were informed that the appliances were not ready and would now be delivered the 13th, that date was also cancelled due to the appliances not ready, maybe they will be delivered on the 18th. The 18th is here and no appliances. After several phone calls, we are now finding out the new delivery date is 29 December. Of course after Christmas, so we have no way of having our family over for Christmas dinner, since we have no refrigerator or gas range to cook anything. Looks like Lowe’s is Mr Scrooge this year. I have contractors on hold that can’t finish the backsplash until the range and microwave are installed; an electrician is on hold to install the microwave, and a plumber is on hold to install the ice maker and water dispenser on the Refrigerator.

    All of this is totally unsatisfactory and there is no guarantee that the appliances will be delivered on the 29th either. Again, after being a loyal Lowe’s customer all these years, I’m done with them. Hopefully Home Depot is bettor.

  68. Update: Although I’m still not pleased with the whole ordeal, and not happy with Lowe’s, I want to commend two individuals at the Lowe’s Store in Fairfax, VA, Store #3274, Shana and BK. They both have been super helpful and professional in attempting to resolve the situation with the appliances I ordered on 03 November 2018. Not to long after I left the 1st feedback, about 4:00 PM EST, at 4:26 PM, Shana called back to say she was just about to arrange for an upgrade to the appliances we ordered, when the appliances we ordered just arrived in the store. She set up for a delivery this Thursday 20 December. Shana news was very welcome and saved our Christmas.

    As I said I would like to commend BK as well. I initially talked to BK on the 13th of December; she was very helpful in trying to track down the appliances and discovered they were in a warehouse in Michigan on the 10th and put on a truck on the 12th. She also e-mailed several people in the distribution change to let them know my situation and followed up with a phone call back to me on the 16th. She was also instrumental in saving our Christmas.

    Both of them deserved to be recognized by Lowe’s Leadership; the two of might have kept me from bolting to Home Depot.

  69. Have a problem that I REALLY tried to get to a live person today to discuss about a large lost rebate amount.. (1) spent over an hour trying to find a way a way to send a message on the internet and found there is no way to do this. I kept being sent to a recording, which isn’t going to help me. (2) Called the customer service # and waited several minutes (supposedly on hold) to get to a live voice. Meanwhile, was bombarded by advertising for various companies wanting you to press a number to respond to them. Finally hung up and tried again and when the recordings started (again) I pressed enough odd numbers to get to a live agent…..who said she had to switch me to that department (rebates). I emphatically asked if I would be speaking to a live person and was told, “yes”….guess what, was sent back to the recordings!! Why isn’t it just possible to send an e-mail to a department to get some service.? This is ridiculous!!!!!

  70. It is to my disappointment of the way Estero Florida Loews is so disappointing since the Manager Anthony has taken the position in this store. I remember him not familiar with product many times. It seems way less customer service and all the good Salespeople are no longer with the company. I also am disturbed that in plumbing I walked away from a very rude salesperson Todd and could smell very strongly alcohol. My profession is in law enforcement and can pick up this very easily and how could that be tolerated and I was told by other employees that has been for a long time. I will no longer frequent this Lowes due to the lack of enthusiasm that use to be In this store and so many I look for like in appliances David was tops, Rick Watters was a top go to manager. There were different people in Electric except thank goodness Ken is still there but your other electrical customer service employee named John is not helpful and says I am sorry I do not know what to tell you? You did have a young woman there Tina who was recommended by so many and knew the whole store and I am told they discharged her. In flooring you still have two top people Tony and Dan. I am sorry but my business cannot return to such unprofessionalism and it is not a pleasure to shop at that store any longer even though it is a most strategic location . Shopping in there the last experience you could hear chatter between associates of disarray and discomfort in this particular working environment. I have realtors and contractors that will be following me in the same choice of no longer shopping Lowes.

  71. I wanted to say that I had a great experience at Lowe’s in Westborough, MA, when buy my new washer machine. Meryl helped me, he is not a salesman, but, it was early in the morning (6AM) and the sales staff wasn’t in yet. He was great and very helpful. The delivery team was excellent as well and arrived within the time frame promised and a call was made shortly before arrival. If I have to buy an other appliance, I will buy from Lowe’s and I will also recommend Lowe’s to others. So a big thank you to your team.

  72. I went to the Stroudsburg PA Lowes and said I wanted gutters put on my shed and leaf guards put on my existing home. I was given an appointment when “Sal” would come to my house and give me an estimate. Cynthia from the store then called me to say I didn’t have an appointment and that the minimum cost of the job would be $800 because “Sal” had to drive there from Allentown. Sal then called me and said the minimum cost would be $1,800. He obviously didn’t want to be bothered with my smaller job (in my mind I was ready to pay $700). I use Lowes on a regular basis but this seems like a bad business practice. You shouldn’t use subs who pick and choose the jobs they want to do. I will now ask for an estimate from Home Depot. Thanks!

  73. grants wrecker equipment recovered a lowe’s truck almost turned over in ditch , mullins s.c. bill was sent 3 times since invoice date 10\17\18 out of florance s.c. store , sent to Verdell small @ mark lane . would you please help us get paid by lowes . thank you our number 843-423-xxxx , invoice 101718a

  74. I tried filling out an application for employment and when I listed my birthdate the pc replied date is unreasonable. My birthday is 09/29/1939 and i could go no further. Im sure you realize I cannot be denied because of age. This needs to be corrected at once.

  75. My ordeal with the Lowe’s store#1934 in Mt.Pocono ,PA began on May 18, 2018. I placed an order # 540842945 for an exterior door item#741053 and storm door item# 585293 installation included and with my military discount came to the total of $1,125.14 and as of today 1/5/19 8 months later; I still have not had the doors installed.
    I’ve been dealing with Brendan, Mike (manager) and Demetrius neither of which knows how to fulfill his position and properly follow through with his job specifications. They (Demetrius and Brendan) lack the basic skills of completing an order. Simple things like inputting correct measurements seems to allude them. The manager Mike has no care for the customers and cannot delegate or discipline his staff for jobs not done and dragging for over 8 months.
    On 6/25/18 the first set of doors arrived wrong size. A month and half later on 8/8/2018 I received a call from Demetrius to please come in to the the store and redo the order, new order was placed. (2nd order)
    On 8/22/18 the installer Dawn called to schedule an install date. Much to my dismay, September 7th was the next available date (4 months from original order).
    On 9/7/18 @11am I called Lowes after a no show install and was told install was cancelled because doors were the wrong size AGAIN!!!
    On 9/22/18 another order was submitted (3rd order). On 10/17/18 doors arrived at Lowes and a scheduled install was for 11/17/18.
    On 11/17/18 only the storm door was at Lowe’s, left message at corporate with complaint.
    On 11/20/18 another order for exterior door was put in (4th order). Doors came in December and was scheduled for install Jan 5 2019 (8 months later). Exterior door was finally installed but unfortunately to my horror and disappointment the door jam was broken. A new order was placed Again!! (5th order). Storm door not installed and now I’m told I have to wait another 6 weeks for the door.
    At this point, 8 months later and after 5 orders I am respectfully requesting a my doors to be installed FREE OF CHARGE and A FULL refund in the amount of $1,125.14 be put back on my credit card from original purchase in May of 2018 for all of my pain, suffering and inconveniences.

    I look forward to hearing from you to rectify this matter!

  76. 15 min breaks are denied to all cashiers yet the rest of the store receives them. FLSA states you can not give some and not others unless you offer compensation mgrs. at 2687 do not follow this guide discussed with each asm and was told it was not their responsibility or that they were not required to give 15 min breaks

  77. Ordered an item over the internet almost a month ago. Received a “Rate Item” from Lowes, search on Lowes.com, which shows the item was delivered. LIE! Item was never shipped what was charged. No one knew the procedure on how to notify the customer. Store Manager called me and asked, “you want to cancel an order”. WTH!!

  78. you have a military discount program but you neglected to include law enforcement who serve equally for our country. it would be appreciated if you would reconsider your policy.

  79. I was treated like a criminal at the New Hartford , NY store by the MOD, Jeremy, over a refund request for an online order that was incorrectly processed by a sister store. Jeremy was abrupt, callous and just about accused me of trying to pull a fast one. I am 66 years old and have never been treated so harshly. He refused to process the return and sent me back to the sister store where he even gave them a hard time over the phone. The Utica, NY store had two wonderful MODs on duty–Jennifer and Greg that eventually were able to give me my refund with respect. I have never seen such a three ring circus like this between stores in my life. Marvin Ellison has along way to go to fix things and should start by requiring a course in customer service and empathy—-not everyone is a thief and Jeremy should be ashamed of himself for his rude and accusatory demeanor. I think I am going to start dealing with the smaller local companies–they may be a little pricier but at least you get a smile and gratitude for your business.

  80. My husband and I bought an 18′ heavy duty trailer from Lowes in September of 2018. We paid almost $3,000.00 for it; and as of today we still do not have a title and cannot get license plates for it. It sits by our garage, and is of no use to us at all I have gotten the run around from the managers I have dealt with so, far, mainly Jessica in Texas City Lowes. Promises of a returned call, which never arrives. I am sick of this. DO NOT BUY ANY TRAILER FROM LOWES. My next step is my attorney.

  81. Lowes is the only store that will not return any Christmas item after 12/25. No signs posted regarding this nor is it on your receipt.

  82. Employee at Lowe’s store #2207 North Augusta, SC… I’d call her white-trash, but that would be an insult to A-shirt wearing trailer dwellers everywhere.
    I had very few items and decided to use the self-serve lane. I have a broken elbow. I was struggling to balance items and avoid shifting anything on my injured arm while scanning my items and running over my shopping list in my mind. I was almost done scanning and checked to make sure I had all the sandpaper needed. While scanning the first pack, I realized I had forgotten one last item. I started to ask the cashier (standing RIGHT BESIDE ME) and if I could leave everything for a minute while I got it. The distraction moved attention from the purse hanging on my hurt arm. The weight shifted, sending pain shooting up my arm and I dropped all three items I was holding in my other hand into the bag. This was 3 times the weight of 1 and the register would have stopped until it was right.
    Before the scale could even register, the cashier snatched up my items and took off, never said a thing or even bothered to look at me. I stood there while other customers stared at me, trying to figure out what had just happened. She was gone for several minutes and the register was screaming to place the item into the bag (NOT “BACK” in the bag)
    She returned shoving her finger in my direction, loudly accusing me of stealing $5 worth of sandpaper. (IF…IF I planned on placing my whole livelihood and reputation on the line by stealing something, do you think it would be a $5 pack of sandpaper?? Seriously.) She glared at me, looking like she was about to attack. I was actually afraid she was going to assault me. The old bitty shielded her badge so I can’t give you her name. The nice blonde lady she brought back with her stood between us with my items. I believe she could feel the forthcoming assault, and did what she could to diffuse the situation, but the damage was done. It was complete embarrassment.
    There is a respectful way to treat customers. “Did you realize you had more than one item?” or “You have to scan each item separately.” or even, “I need to ask my manager about that item. I’ll be right back”
    Her judgmental, abrupt, redneck attitude was uncalled-for. People do not deserve this treatment, especially when our presence in your store is paying your salary!

  83. To whom it may concern, I have been a loyal customer of store #0318 since it opened and will continue to be however after buying a new washer on 1-13-19 we were totally dissatisfied with performance. after contacting store and deciding on a more expensive washer I was informed I will not receive credit for unsatisfactory model until it is at the store after returning from my house. this means I paid for new washer today(1-19-19) then can’t get 330.00 credit difference until new washer is delivered on 1-30-19. I do not feel I should be out over 300 dollars for two weeks. credit should happen when I paid for new washer.this is not right and I am very very unhappy about it. thank you, William Bartmess

  84. Hello Sir or Madam
    Back in August 11 2018 I purchase 10K in kitchen cabinets at Lowes in Farmingdale New York. At first Barbara Talbot for got to put the order in. It took three weeks to realize that the order that was paid for never was submitted to Kraft Maid. The cabinet I ordered were the BONSAI color. Barbara for got to mention that there might be a different in colors from the catalog to the actual small sample that she provide. 6 weeks later the cabinets were deliver and most of the cabinets came in damage, most doors had to be replace along with the pantry cabinets and the 6” cabinets the 90” panels , missing crown molding damage toe kicks and missing screws. at one point the representative show to my home to place blame on myself and my wife. VER UNPROFFESIONAL. To this day this problem hasn’t been resolved. The store manager was no help in resolving the color except he blames me for Kraft Maid screw up. I either want a portin of my money back a full refund or I will escalate this matter to the court system and it will cost you money to get and Attorney involve, My second matter was with Lowes in Bayshore New York, I purchase 3200.00 in appliances to find out during delivery the refrigerator and microwave came in damage and the replace microwave also came in damage and on to of that they cancel the second refrigerator without me being informed. Theresa Davies the delivery manager was not help and insulted us with her B.S offer to keep the damage refrigerator. Now the store manager Les Seaman was nice to deal with but he also was no help. I should have been credited a portion of the money considering I had to take off from work twice and lost money. I need to know what Lowes will do Otherwise I will filed a complaint with district court for lost time and stress as well as to no resolution with both kitchen cabinets and appliances.

  85. I went to the Lowes store in Belle Vernon Pennsylvania on December 8 2018 to set up for their garage door installation department to come out and measure for a new garage door, I was told I would be contacted within 48 hours, on December 19th I still had not had a phone call (this was not the first time the installation crew dropped the ball, in October I purchased new storm doors and never received a call from them, I than contacted an outside contractor to do the work), so on December 19th I contacted the 800 they gave me and talked to a lady about the installation crew and then she put me on hold for 20 minutes and got back on the phone to tell me that I would definately be contacted the next day, which I was not. I had all intentions of going to Lowes to get my money back for the installation crew to come out and I was finally contacted on January 2nd and then the guy came out on January 10th to measure, he told me he would put the information into the system and I would be contacted within a few days by Lowes. On January 17th I called and spoke to Chris the manager at the Belle Vernon Store and he told me he would look into it and I would have a call back from either himself or his sales manager within 24 hours. So here I am 5 days later writing this complaint. I will be calling Lowes Corporate as well to speak to an individual and I will be going to the store to get my $35.00 back and this will be the last time I step foot in their store for anything, it will now be Home Depot that gets my business.

  86. please call lowes and tell them to sell me the tin building for 270.00 as i bought my first building from them 863-701-9800 the demo has been setting there for 4 years lowes also included the floor too please e mail me and let me know what you are going to do as i do all my shopping at lowes

  87. Very disappointed with Lowes in Victoria, Tx. We are Senior Citizens that live 25 miles from this store. We ordered a sewer pump on line (through the store) and had it delivered to our home. We received it and installed it but have trouble with it. We reported it to the local Lowes and their personnel told us we had to bring the whole pump into the store but the manufacturer told us just to take in the cord. We finally were able to speak to store mgr. and he issued us a refund on a In-Store credit card and told us we could use this to order another pump on-line. Take note that we had paid cash for the first pump and had already installed it. Well, when I tried to order another pump on-line the store credit card was not accepted. So that means that we have to shell out another $300.00 and we are on a fixed income. We just do not have money lying around. We do have $300 In-Store Credit Card but the store does not have the pump that we need. We have been doing business with this store as long as they have been in Victoria, Tx. They apparently do not value their long time customers. SHAME!

  88. I have been trying to be reimbursement for extended warranty services from Lowes. They repeatedly sent the reimbursements to the wrong address and I can not get anyone to call me back and help me.

  89. Why does the manager at Lowes Quincy insist their staff to work pallets with the temperature is ZERO and windchill is -12. This employee is subject to frostbite in 5 minutes! Does Lowes really want a lawsuit over this stupid decision?

  90. My mother (age 81) and I went to Lowes yesterday to look at items and make a apt for a bathroom remodel. We arrives approx. 10:45 am and choose items we liked, wanting to spend approx. 15,000 and made an appt with the design team at the BURBANK Store ( Hailey took our information and made the appointment for 5:30 that day. When I returned to the store at 5:30 pm, they wasn’t anyone in the design center, I found a man to locate “Michael” whom my appointment was with – I arrived 10 minutes early at 5:35 pm, he finally stopped talking with a co-worker and looked up. He then acknowledged my name and appointment in his book. I started to show him the tile and then another women walked up, said she had an appointment as well. This was at 5:45 pm – he started talking to her, ignoring me and told me he couldn’t help me. He said he was booked and I was just standing there, this was 15 minutes into my appointment. I then asked if he was going to help me – he said no, I could leave….. He was very rude and dis-respectful, he didn’t offer any solution at all, I was there on time and was left standing there, it was horrible. I have never been treated so badly. So un-acceptable. Luckily for me, I didn’t bring my mother back with me to watch this. Michael needs customer service training and more………


  92. The details of complaint will be included in a letter addressed to Lowes Ex. Team. My experience related to a kitchen project at the Bartonsville PA store is to involved to include here. Suffice it to say I wish I had gone elsewhere to purchase the products and have them installed.

  93. I Byron Thomas has been installing for Lowes for over 20 years. I am having a situation with an install for store 2203 to make a long story short a manager told me to install a floor even when I told him that there were problems.The original problem was not moisture. Now the store is holding me accountable and I need help. The more it goes the more they put on me. I have never had this problem. I try talking to Roy Henry but he makes me feel like I don’t know anything. I tried working with store and Roy. I pulled up original floor and was going to install new floor even though we were not at fault all in good faith with store . Now I pulled up floor I found the problem is High moisture. I have emails I would like someone to read between myself and the store. Now they want me to pay labor to put moisture barrier throughout the whole house.

  94. Dear Raul Garcia

    Thank you for your interest in the position of Unload Associate- PT- Sun – Thurs evenings, Job ID# 1520497BR at location 1791, S.W. Tucson, AZ. We sincerely appreciate your interest in career opportunities with Lowe’s. At this time, we have decided to proceed with other candidates.

    This 60 year old, Hispanic, Marine Corps veteran, and retired Federal Law Enforcement Agent thank you.

  95. I went to lowes to purchase vertical blinds there was no one there to cut the blind. I asked a sales person he proceeded to call someone on the phone but no one came I spoke to another sales person who also was not able to help me. I went to the customer service desk that sales person said she would call someone she didn’t. I found another sales person and ask for the manager she called the manager and he finally got back to her by phone he never came ou to speak to me and said the person in the paint department would help me. I went to the paint department and no one was there. I finally found the person from the paint department and he did not know how to use the machine to cut the blind. I finally gave up after about an hour and a half and left you store on Oakland Park Blvd in Oakland Park Fl. without the blinds I was intending to buy. I will be hard pressed to visit your store again as the quality of assistance is nil.

  96. I have been a loyal Lowe’s customer for over a decade. So much so that when I retired, I got a part-time job at Lowes and worked there for 2 1/2 years. Over the past 5 years, I have purchased carpeting, vinyl plank flooring, kitchen appliance suite, many light fixtures, toilets, washer/dryer, closet organization kits, outdoor furniture set, fencing, wood/hardware for 4 barn doors, furniture, paint and so many minor projects that I cannot name them all. Last summer, I decided to go forward with new stone kitchen counters. I found a nationwide stone brand and color that I liked at Home Depot but Lowe’s did not have it. I compromised as I trusted Lowe’s. On September 1st, I selected a granite and signed the contract. After 2-3 weeks, someone came to template my counter tops and said there would need to be a seam in the middle of my sink… the granite I chose was fragile. This was not acceptable so I had to choose a different stone. The gentleman had let me take a picture of the list which identified which stone was considered fragile. I chose one not on the list as fragile. It turns out it was. I chose another…. again it turned out to be fragile. I had to go to a lower cost material which turned out to be higher as it was not on sale. However the lower cost granite would not have to have a seam. Additionally, I paid for 6 square feet more as to not have a seam on the L shaped smaller counter top. After a few weeks, the counters were here! The gentlemen did a good job installing. They left the box for the new faucet (also bought at Lowes) on the counter top after they tested the hole cut for the faucet to make sure it was good. The box happened to be sitting on top of a huge ‘crack’. I did not see it until after the plumber completed the faucet install and I was cleaning and placing everything back in place.
    Here was a diagonal crack across the L shape counter top that I paid for 6 extra square feet not to have a seam. I took picture for Stone Central and for Lowes. The Stone Central agent came out a few weeks later and said it was a fissure. Another several weeks and the Cosentino Reg came out and said yes it was a fissure but in a very bad location and he would file a claim. That was on November 20th. The Lowes Rep said it would take 6-8 weeks. I had to email for status reports. The last one is that the claim was rejected and resubmitted. I am still waiting.
    Believe me, none of you would want this counter top with the ‘fissure’ going from the wall diagonally to the front of the counter top.
    With all the work that Lowes gives to these vendors, I would have thought you had some consideration for your customer’s satisfaction. I trusted Lowe’s to do a good job and I feel angry. I acted in good faith. I wish I would have gone to a local company / a local contractor that would not have let something like this happen.
    I paid a lot for these counter tops. I have been patient for a resolution. If something satisfaction is not reached, I will never buy another thing from Lowes.
    Several people have been in my home and have seen this counter top. They continue to ask if Lowes has replaced it as yet. Sadly the answer is NO. I still protect Lowes saying I am sure things will work out. But I don’t trust that feeling anymore.
    Please look into this and resolve this issue.

    Kathy Howard

  97. I purchased a quartz countertop from Suzie in cabinets/countertops at the Casa Grande LOWES store. I also purchased 2 bathroom sinks and two faucets. Suzie stated LOWES does not do the plumbing but they can refer a plumber which she did. The plumber arrived and was attempted to install said items for about six hours unsuccessfully. He claimed the one sink the hole was cut oblong and thats why it is leaking. He also placed the riser that comes with the faucet on one sink and not the other. I asked him why and he said when he used it and it leaked. This is laughable. It still leaked without it and he said the hole cut by LOWES installer was cut improperly so he has to find another washer. He left and said he will return in two days. After he left I found the other sink leaked as well. I called him and left a message explaining the situation. I have not heard from him yet. I believe Lowes representative, Suzie, referred this plumber thereby assuming some legal liability. I called Lowes in Casa Grande detailing what occured, and the Manager stated it was between The plumber and myself. I stated to her that Suzie acted as Lowes agent when she referred this plumber and there is a legal liability. My phone # is 520-836-xxxx please contact me and let me know how you want to pursue this matter!!!

  98. I am contacting you all to let you know your Lafollette Store has managers and salespeople that just cannot tell the truth to customers.I have been since Thursday trying to get doors delivered to me and still don’t have my doors. Even went to the store in person today 03/02/2019 and talked to your store manager Andrew and even talked to a young man name Jimmy I believe he is the delivery manager and was told I would have some of my doors today 03/02/2019 and here it is 7:30 my time and still have no doors. I have already paid 1893.00 plus deliver fee for these doors I tell you this is not a way to run a business. If I can’t be told the truth then don’t tell me nothing.

  99. Hello my name is Angelica Cazarez, I would like to speak with who is in charge of making changes on a hiring process. I am a former employee for who’s career ended in early 2018. Please if I could get a reply back. Thank you


  101. Princeton WV store extremely poor customer service. Purchased new refrigerator, dishwasher, range and range hood on 2-22-19 was told they had to order the dishwasher and they could deliver on 3-2-19. I spoke with the delivery dept on 3-1-19 and everything was there and they would bring it the next day. I waited at home for my delivery which never came nor did I get a call. I called them at 2:30 that day and was now told that someone was supposed to call me that they now didn’t have my refrigerator which was there the day before and that they would have to order one. I was called on 3/8/19 and told that the refrigerator would be in that day and they could deliver on Monday the 11. I arranged once again to have someone at home to let them In and so at 11AM I had not received a phone call so I called and now am told no dishwasher. I received no apologies or trying to help me out at all. I requested a full refund and will now go elsewhere with my business.

  102. ordered a rear entry door exterior

    I ordered a custom made rear entry door and a screen door and paid to have them both installed.The order was placed in December of 2018.They whereto be installed in February of 2019.when the installer arrived with the doors in February the order was wrong!Instead of a rear door they had
    a custom made door for the front of the house.The doors were returned and i contacted loew’ and spoke with a manager who took responsibility and sent a person to take new measurements about a week afterwards.March 20,2019 I contacted Lowe’s to inquire about items in question and was transferred more than once and then the phone was hung up.I then contacted customer support and their efforts to resolve the issues were met with the same confusion. I still want the doors but i do not believe i should have to pay to have them installed considering all that has transpired to date and i’ma long time loyal customer. if this can not be resolved to my satisfaction I would like a full refund

  103. I have been with Lowe’s for well over a decade and spent over $60000. At their store in Salem they suggested I open a commercial account. I did at their request. I have an Advantage card with over $10000 limit. Never late and up-to-date. But Lowe’s on my commercial account got the wrong address and I never received a bill although I went to the store many times asking what is going on. After 6 hours on the phone I can not get Lowe’s to take the account out of collections and let me pay on the commercial account. Soon as I get the chance to pay the accounts off I will never shop there again. No customer loyalty at all.

  104. Yes I work for Lowe’s for 5 years and would like to know how my hours are given to seasonal works. That’s why people leave. When your Hitler they tell 20 -25 hrs. It’s not fair

  105. Currently getting new siding done on my house as well as gutters and shutters. Work thus fourth has been satisfactory but the logistics of getting the work done has been horrific. There is no communication with the different entities doing the jobs. The project coordinators don’t communicate with the contractors or customers. I would not recommend Lowes to do another job for me or anyone I know because the process is too overwhelming. Why are these other people involved if they don’t know what’s going on.

  106. In Dec. 2018 I bought a Relia-Built patio door from your Lowe’s store in Hatfield, PA. I was having it installed as a surprise to my husband. In January it was installed by Lowe’s installation crew. The installation was fine until my husband noticed that the screen door had no “female” counterpart to hook into. There was a latch on the screen door but not the frame. By this time it was February and very windy at times and would blow the screen open.

    I called the installer directly and asked if he would come out and look at this. He told me that this situation was impossible and that there was no latch. Basically I didn’t know what I was talking about. So my husband and I went to the Lowe’s store, checked out the Relia-Built patio door that was exactly like ours and it DID have a latch!

    I explained to the person working there, Scott, and he said to call the Installation number. I did this 2 times. No one ever called me back.

    I call the store and speak to Scott who assures me that they will order the part and once in they would arrange the installation. Now 2 weeks later, I call back to the store. The phone rang endlessly and no answer. The operator came back on and told me that she was told that they were on break and would not be answering the phone until 3pm.

    When Scott called me back he said once again that the part was on order and he was going to check on why it is so late in being delivered.

    In the meantime, it is April, very windy. What am I supposed to do if the wind damages the screen door? It’s been 4 months and no one wasn’t to seem to help. Where is Customer Service? I think they all need a refresher course.

    Anything you can do to speed this along would be helpful.

  107. The Lowes in High Point, North Carolina will not answer the phone. Tried calling the store for 2 hours, no answer.

  108. I want to take a moment to recognize an outstanding employee of Lowe’s. I tried to get to the corporate office, although I think it is a very difficult to do so. I have to trust this will get to the appropriate person(s) who can reach out to this employee for his outstanding reflection on Lowe’s. I have shopped at Lowe’s for years for all my large renovations and small ones. I have never met a Lowe’s employee more dedicated, more genuine, more professional or more caring than your sales specialist, Leo Penny at 9955 S. Eastern Ave in Henderson, Nevada 89183. We have recently moved here from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Your employee, Leo stands out, high above any employee we have ever met at any Lowe’s. He is a fine reflection on your organization as a whole. I am sure you know what a great person you have working for you, but I wanted to make sure I told you too! He addresses every concern, listens intently to a customer’s every word, takes control of making Lowe’s look like the leader in the industry it is. Not only does he address the sale, but he is an expert at following up and making sure the customer is #1. I do hope you acknowledge his professionalism. He is very deserving.

  109. FANTASTIC Customer Service!!!! Lowes #940. I have been a retail manager for over 22 years and between Mr. Shawn (MOD) and Mr. Norm,Ms. Melissa and Ms. Elizabeth in your paint Dept. I had the an amazing WIN!! We had a problem matching paint for my house yesterday(I had to replace 6 pieces of siding), I painted originally in Oct.2018. After several trips and a lot of patience your people matched exactly the color. I didnot have to repaint entire side of house!!! Thank you to all! Great experience!

  110. Due to how customers are treated at the California Maryland store, I will now be taking my business to Home Depot since Lowes seems to think it is ok to take peoples money and not provide the the products that were purchased. I have spent literally hours on the phone trying to get a refund for items that were never delivered. The delivery kept being cancelled and rescheduled. After a week of discussing the issue with three General Managers, the refund is still incorrect and continue to be charged for items that were never delivered.

  111. I ordered a lock for my storm door over a month ago. Nobody has contacted me nor do they have the lock. Everytime I call I get no answer or has anyone followed up on my request!!I actually went into the store and asked to speak to a manager and I stood there for 30 min before I had to leave and never seen a manager!Lowe’s customer service is absolutely horrible!!your compan is in big trouble and it wouldn’t surprise me if the doors don’t close due to such horrible customer service!!my name is David McMichael,my number is 502 200-xxxx. Can anyone please help me with this matter??

  112. Re: An employee of Lowes. Jack Elliott at the Tustin store and his girlfriend Linda Depp Cashmen and Tracey Depp Cashmen robbed me of millions out of my storage unit. And basically empitied and destroyed my home too. Made false police reports broke my arm. I just saw video of them raping my poor little Amanda. Jack is a pedifile. And his friends robbed millions out of Lowes Irvine store. I am prosicuting to full extent of the law and beyond.

  113. I called in a complaint about a store manager in Russellville, AR. She called her employees flunkies. We had had a disagreement over some material we were trying to buy. The employee was very helpful but had priced the material less than what the store manager said it should be. The manager then said the employee had no authority to price this material which was outside and had a lot of broken edges on it. It was to be discounted. That was when the manager said that about an employee who had worked there for over 20 years. We did not get the material, which was fine. The issue we had was with the name she called her employees. This was all done in the open with about ten to twelve people around to hear what she said. We called corporate office and complained. Was told we would get a response in 24 hours. A big laugh. It has been over seven days and still no reply from corporate. We keep calling as we are not giving up. I am ready to take my business someplace else.

  114. Lowe’s headquarters and Cary Brown and I feel that everybody don’t have money to buy a lot of stuff it is really and it came up with a decision why don’t y’all have Appliance Windows carpet and flooring pay you in by here you only get three months to get paid for and you play one thing at a time out and they come back and get another and that will help people out even on Windows I need Windows and I can buy here and pay you every time I need a thank you

  115. At 6:29pm in Jacksonville Fl , Regency store # 0503 I was in the garden section check out. Attempting to purchase the Kingsford charcoal 2 bags at 20 lbs each . an employee in the grill area told me , it’s on sale. I saw the sign. I didn’t read the whole sign just the prices. Lady at the register said it rang up regular price , she didn’t hesitate to call manager for an override. She said , it’s on sale tomorrow but a manager already letting people have the sale price. I said , cool. The manager shows up with a ton of attitude , kept saying the sale starts tomorrow , he doesn’t care that 2 employees said I can have it at the sale price, no problem. He was arguing , acting like I’m taking money out of his pocket and he’s pissed about it. I’m ready to bring the charcoal back to the store ! Making me , the customer , feel like some kind of thief , like I’m getting away with something I shouldn’t . like he would come to my apartment and get his charcoal back . I don’t know if he’s having a bad day , but I am a veteran of the U.S.Navy. My fiance and I deserve better than to feel the way he made us feel. Like totally not wanted in his store , how dare we try to take advantage of a sale price on a product that we were told by 2 employees about we’ll get the sale price. We went from feeling invited and welcomed to your store to , why the hell did we bother even thinking about bringing this man any patronage !!! Now I’m pissed and I know full well that no management or employees should ever make customers feel like this. I will be sharing this with everyone and anyone that will read or listen. I spent time in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean on the flight deck of an Aircraft Carrier. I feel insulted and more so in front of my fiance . the manager was about 5 foot 7 inches. Appeared to be of Latin heritage with facial hair I believe. Just so mad about this situation to remember. I called to talk to garden center to get his name , didn’t go through completely. I’ll write it up anyway. I think I’ve been thorough about the incident.

  116. Bought a $800 water heater at Lowes in Enid, OK. It worked for only one week. Was told to get a return authorization number from the water heater company. Called them and was told our warranty was voided and could not send parts to fix it because was not a licensed plumber. Called the manager at Lowes he told me he would have the part mailed to me. Part never arrived. Now manager will not answer any phone calls, is not in or is at lunch 5 times a day. Lowes doesn’t care they sell appliances that are defective and can’t get parts to fix it.

  117. We are redoing our kitchen, we purchased all cabinets for Lowes and planned to buy the floor. There was a problem so I called customer service to see how soon the flooring could come in. The representative placed the order so that it would ship from the distribution center to me, about an hour later, the order was changed and the delivery was delayed for over a week. The manager I spoke with said that they cannot ship from distribution center directly to me, that’s why it was changed. She didn’t seem to care that I would have to cancel the order because of the changed delivery. Why did I spend all the time on the phone fixing this problem so that someone could just delete it, remove the solution, and tell me they don’t care this is what is supposed to happen.

  118. Reduce price sign,$1:00 one dollar, refuse to acknowledge. Two posted sign one yellow,the other grey color,waited over half an hour and nobody came until I found a supervisor lady store 2254 terminal 12 5/09/19 09:57:34. Item gardens ,broken bag, hole half content peat moss dirt nutrient.i have picture of advertiment.

  119. I am writing your Office on how I was treated at the Killeen ,Texas store on purchasing a deep Freezer. I purchased on 19 May and Delivery was on 20 May. When the delivery guys showed up they unpacked the Freezer and upon bringing in my House I noticed it was damaged on the bottom. I called the Appliance Section and reported the damages, they checked to see if anymore was in Stock and told me there was no more. The Sales Associate told they would order and receive more on the 22 May and they could deliver by the 23 or 24 May. I did not receive any calls, so I went to the Store 24 May and talked with the Clerk and he told me nothing was done in the system to note my damages and new delivery date. He was trying to get in contact with Supervisor and Delivery Team to no avail. I called back that evening and still nothing was done and know one could tell me anything. I called on the morning 25 May, called placed on hold for 30 minutes, no one came back to the phone. So I had to call back, finally the clerk looked my information up , said my Freezer would deliver 26 May. This situation is terrible Customer Support and my Freezer should have deliver by the 25 May, due to the fact the Freezers were in the Store on the 21st May. This experience with the Appliance Section was unacceptable, and I will think twice about purchasing from this Section again.

  120. Don’t buy anything from Lowe’s.com in Southport N.C. they deal with FedEx I have called both and have got the run a round and have not received my order. Got a notice from Lowe’s that at 9:45 PM one part of my order had been delivered on 5/24/19 at 4:30 PM No Package was delivered
    Called Lowe’s on 5/25/19 at 8:00AM and the package was out for delivery by FedEx by end of day 5/25/19 No Package! Called today 5/28/19 now package scheduled for delivery 5/29/19 this is not acceptable for anyone or any business and I should be compensated for my time.

  121. today i was in the Lowes (192, Melbourne fl 32904) I am handicapped in an Electric wheelchair, and by the way the store is set up with displays and random stacks of items placed sporadically in the isles, i can not roll around to shop. It is nearly imposable for me to maneuver around the items that this store has on the ground; i could not even make make it down the main isles in the store, I’m sure you are aware of the americans with disabilities act, and i hope your managers are aware of fire codes, i hope that my next visit to this store they will make adjustments set that people can move freely to shop.
    Thank you for your attention to this problem.

  122. Things don’t always go well when shopping whether it be for clothing, restaurants or whatever. But here’s my maybe not so common experience at a Lowes Home Improvement Store;
    Yesterday, June 8, 2019, my son and I visited the Lowe’s on Empire Drive in Burbank CA. He wanted to install hanging accent lighting in his backyard for his wife. We made up a list of everything we’d need and proceeded to shop. The lights he found were in the garden department, displayed hanging on one of those outdoor patio pergola things. $29.89 was the price on the tag. OK, so we snap a photo of the UPC tag so we could find the exact ones when we got to the larger display of lights only. What? The UPC tag located on the shelf says $39.89 each. Hmmm…we compared our photo ID of the display tag, and sure enough, someone had mistagged something here. I called on the nearest Lowes employee JULIO, who we showed the discrepancy. He then agreed there was a mistake, but rather than tell us too bad, pay the “correct higher price”, he marks the three sets of lights down to the lower price and initials the boxes. So on out to the check out we go, wondering how the clerk would respond to the markdown…I mean we’re saving $30 here!

    No trouble at all. The clerk hails the MOD, who uses his managers magic card to get the price reduction. Super deal we weren’t expecting.

    My son and I aren’t the type who would have made a scene over the mistake, but Lowes honored it without batting an eye.

    Cudos to the employee JULIO who I guess did the right thing for us, and four hours later my daughter in law is loving her three sets of backyard accent lighting!

    Obviously this is not a complaint, but searching the internet to post my review without the sales receipt was too difficult, so I posted here.

  123. Kitchen makeover fiasco. I loved Lowe’s until now. I paid and increased my credit line to redo my kitchen. The cabinets will arrive to.orrow, but my installer wl not be available until next week! Oh it’s been 2 months waiting for them but somehow for some reason I have to inconvenienced by waiting for an installation I paid for 2 months ago! “TRUST LOWE’S FOR YOUR INSTALLATION PROJECT ensuring your job is done at your convenience and on time” it says on the brochure. How about we take your money and we install when we’re ready! Totally disappointed and feel like a fool! Can’t return the custom made cabinets…too late to get another installer. .have to cancel my countertop installation, and my backsplash installation. And nothing no manager can do. Poor way of treating a good and loyal customer!

  124. Just wanted to Thank Lowes #0297 for leaving my Son sitting without a fridge for weeks on end. First time was when he bought it and you claimed four times at least that you couldn’t find it! Then we have now, it goes out and you take you sweet time sending in the repairman, who tells you that he can not fix it! It will need to be replaced. Your response is that it could take up to ‘ten days’ to replace. Well, its already been about thirty four days! So with all the sweet dripping sarcasm I can muster Thank You BUT from now on I will go further and shop at a company that wants me and my money and I will suggest the same to my Son!!

  125. we purchased a husquavarna 42 inch riding mower from the Beaumont Texas store about a month ago. the belt pulley is locking up & broke the belt I have called the store 3 times & either been put on hold for 30 minutes & then hung up on. or just transferred & hung up on . they just appear to not give a hoot!

  126. I’m a single woman retiree that cannot put together an electric weed- trimmer. Lowes in San Marcos, refused, saying ” company policy is for larger items only.” Your company should think outside the box and find a way to put together small items.

  127. I purchased a GE double oven five burner stove from Lowes in Greenwood SC in September of 2018. It is still under warranty. The largest burner stopped working and I called Lowes and they contacted GE and scheduled GE repair to come out. On the day they were supposed to come out the repair man called me and said we don’t service your area. ( I am 15 miles from the Lowes store) I called Lowes back and they scheduled me with a different repair service company and said if they don’t call you within 48 hours call them. I waited 48 hours and no one called. I called them and they said we can’t help you our guy is out with surgery and won’t be back for 6 weeks. Now I understand they can’t help surgery but in the meantime I need my stove repaired. I called Lowes back again and they are now saying they will have to find another repair company and call me back in 3 to 4 days. I don’t call this good customer service. I call this being jerked around by a company who should stand behind the products they sell and repair products………promptly for their customers.

  128. The Lowe’s in Augusta ga on peach orchard rd is the worst store I’ve ever been in the customer service is terrible most of the time the employees are on there cell phones and if you can find a employee they ack like they are doing you a favor by stopping to helping you I’m taking my money to Home Depot I’m done with Lowe’s I would rather drive 15 miles further to Home Depot then be treated like I’m beneath them.

  129. Tried to purchase your 5 pc dewalt for 279.00 all sold out , the problem is I drove 30 miles to your orchard park store to purchase it only to be told it can only be purchased on line so as I attempted to purchase on line they sold out , now I see them again on line so I press chat to confirm that it’s the same item and I was told yes and it was on sale for 279$ so I go back to order only to be told it’s 539$ now , I hope you can help me with this if not I will start doing my business with someone else I’m about to redo a complete bathroom and a roof for my garage among other projects thank you

  130. I was an employee with Lowe’s, my last official day as submitted in my resignation was 7/7/2019. I called in requesting sick leave for my last 32 hours since I still had 37 hours. I called in each of the four days used. Today is pay-day for the last pay period and I did not get paid for the sick leave requested. I am requesting my paycheck be reviewed and my hours of pay be corrected.

  131. Wanted to let you know that your delivery company based in Alabama to deliver in Bay Shore NY is very rude! When you tell them you need a morning delivery they tell you Loews doesn’t tell us what to do, we tell Loews what we are doing and there is no special requests for delivery. They also tell you to just cancel the dryer, if the delivery doesn’t work for you.
    I think you need a new delivery service, maybe one closer to where they are delivering, with people who are polite to your customers.

  132. My husband and I are both in our 60s and retired so we shop at the Lowe’s store on Hwy 42 in Clayton, NC at least once a week. For the past three weeks we have encountered several dogs in the store and twice the owners have allowed these dogs to poop on the floor. Just this past Sunday, Aug 30, an owner brought his pit bull into the store stopped beside the customer service area and let his dog relieve himself. Even though he picked up the ‘turds’ he left the residue for the customers to walk over. We told the lady at Customer Service and she was not to happy to accommodate us in cleaning the floor but once my husband started telling the customers not to step in the poop she came out with Windex and paper towels and cleaned the area but this was after about 30 people had already walked in the area. She proceeded to work in her area without washing her hands. I asked to speak to the Manager. After waiting about 10 minutes we spoke with the manager and she said the store had become “pet friendly” so I asked her what would happen if I was bit by one of these animals and she could not answer me and told me to contact corporate office. I said well I guess I can bring my monkey or snake the next time I visit the store! She laughed. I am tired of stepping over poop to shop at your store and now I do not appreciate having to breathe in animal feces while shopping and not knowing if your employees have ‘clean’ hands. Why do we have to accommodate a few for their pets when it definitely is not sanitary for an inside business for the majority.

  133. Ordered a set of french doors at Lowes in Leesville Louisiana in May 2019. The doors took 4-5 weeks to come in and they were the wrong size. They reordered my doors, which took another 4-5 weeks and we picked the up today.

    Guess what, THEY HAVE NO GLASS!!! Really?

    Tried about 5 times to reach a store manager, who in turn offered us a 10% discount.

    No thanks! I’ve already spent way more gas than that going back and forth just to order and return doors. I’m taking my business somewhere else.

  134. The Lowes store in Tigard, OR has bad customer service. It’s no wonder that this whole company is struggling to make profits. 90% of the time I have needed assistance, I have had to wait a very long time for help or sometimes not get help at all. I usually give up after waiting 20 minutes for someone even after customer service has called on someone to help in me in some department. I have had deliveries that have never shown up on time and have to be the one to call and complain. The last visit I needed to buy an attic ladder and schedule an install, and they put my name in some book and said someone would contact me. I waited 10 days and never heard from anyone. I tried to call that department and had customer service, not one but 3 times transfer me to the wrong department, then when the wrong department tried to transfer me to someone else I kept getting cut off. I finally gave up and went onto their website to register for installation/project and yet again 2 weeks later I got no call back either. Now to this day 1 month later I still have never heard back from Lowe’s. What a waste of time. I finally had to go buy my products from Home Depot and hire a handyman myself to get the job done. I have other major remodels I need to do but I know now this is not the place to go.

  135. Mr. Niblock just posting this on here cause I am very disappointed with in Lowe’s I purchased a washer and dryer on Thursday the 8th of aug and it was supposed to be delivered Friday and we waited around and nothing so I called the number on my receipt and the supervisor told me she didn’t know y they canceled my order so she put me bk on delivery for Saturday’s delivery and once again I got taken off the schedule with no reason what so ever didn’t receive no call or anything once again I had to call bk to the same umber and was given a different number to call so I called that number and Anthony was no help at all this is ridiculous they already charged my acct in pending and still don’t have a reason y i didn’t receive my merchandise till this point i will never do business with Lowe’s and they don’t want to refund my acct well I will be taken legal action since Lowe’s doesn’t stick to their words. Please be aware when purchasing from Lowe’s

  136. I bought a dishwasher and electric dryer. The dryer is not working. It was supposed to be picked up on Sunday. My husband had to go in the store at the end of the day, it was not picked up. He arranged for Tuesday pickup. I tried calling corporate/ executive offices, no transparency or help. Called store , Tuesday is supposed to be pick up. Very incompetent.
    My husband was supposed to receive a call from store manager, that was not done either. I am without a dryer since last Thursday

    Very bad customer service.

    Who is willing to stand up and do the right thing to help?
    Thank you
    Myra Horn

  137. Waiting on my 4th refrigerator because the first 3 were defective. My husband just past and he was always the one who dealt with these type situations. When I started to cry when the 3rd one didn’t work a very rude delivery man Nathan said ” well if you aren’t happy with your appliances we can load them up and take them back!” I guess asking for appliances that work was to much for the Lafayette Indiana lowes. They promised I’d have one today and now they said maybe tomorrow. So I have to arrange my schedule for a 3rd day. My sister in law called customer service who told her to call the store so no help there. Then she call the leave your comments line and a lady there took her complaint and they said someone at corporate will call me but I won’t hold my breathe. I’ll just be happy to get a refrigerator that works and never step foot in another Lowes as long as I live!

  138. Since March 31 2016 I purchased a WHRLPL 46000 WIFI WATER SOFTENER now lowes No longer has there irisbylowes app to connect to wifi so now they say I’m not electable for a rebait or any help in this matter due to the fact I only have a PO.box I feel like a large corporations like this doesn’t care for the small people out here I feel I was done wrong but can’t fight a large corporation like this so guess my issue will never be resolved. They will get no more money from me any more.

  139. I have always shopped at Lowe’s over Home Depot but my experience this week at the Brenham, Tx, store may just be the last time I shop with you. I went to the store Sunday evening (8/18/19) to purchase a washer & dryer. My washing machine had quite on Saturday and I needed a new one quick. Since my dryer had some age on it, I decided to buy the set. The sales lady was very nice and scheduled me for delivery on Wednesday (8/21). We were supposed to get a call Tuesday evening to give us the delivery window. That did not happen so the next morning I called the store. Put on hold for over 15 minutes and then was disconnected. I called back and was transferred many times. I spent a total of about 40 minutes on the phone and finally had to hang up because I had to be in a meeting. After the meeting, I called back only to find out that the machines were not even at the store and would not be delivered to the store until Friday and I probably would not get until the next week. I do not understand why when the sales lady put the info into the computer, it did not say they were out of stock. I would have chosen another model. Needless to say, I cancelled my order and went to the local Sears store and guess what, I got a washer / dryer the next day. This store used to have the best customer service but it has gone downhill fast. So disappointed.

  140. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the excellent customer service we always receive from Charlie in The Electric Dept in the Athens PA store # 2385. He is very knowledgeable & always asks if we need help.

  141. As a devoted customer, I was shocked to hear on NPR that your employee has made irresponsible comments about the latinx community. As a leader a
    In the LatinX community on Staten Island, i would like a response that I can forward to our group, as well as the Craftsmen among us.
    Armando Alexander Carles

  142. I shop at Lowes for everything from appliances to plants. One year ago I purchased an LG refrigerator, for the last 8 months I’ve had 5 so called repairs done to the ice/water dispenser which has never functioned properly. LG has been the most frustrating and infuriating company I’ve ever dealt with. It seems their plan is to give me such a run around that hopefully I just give up. I’m disappointed that Lowes sells products from a company with such horrible customer service and one that refuses to honor their warranty. I know I will never purchase another LG appliance and honestly I’m not sure I would buy another appliance at Lowes I feel very ripped off.

  143. I called the 1800 number an was given the best service ,I had a hard to find replacement coller for my wireless dog system, I had looked an called everywhere in my state no one had one ,he toll the time an found 2 for me he was great ,very nice person his name was Kea,I live in Georgia he found what I needed in Illinois I’m so glad he found those for me just wanted lowes to no what a great job he did for me today ,thank you again kea for finding what I needed an getting it shipped to me

  144. I’ll bet there’s not too many complaints about a couple bringing in a huge pit bull into the store. The guy had a flimsy leash on his shoulder but not on the dog. I kid not when I say this dog was a giant. Loose inside the store!! I saw two different customers go around to another aisle in order to avoid passing the dog. Complained to the manager, but all she had to say was “where”?? I don’t know the policy of Lowes on pets, but this was no comfort dog!!

  145. I am stunned that the Christmas displays, lights, etc. are already set up, at least at the store I usually shop! The Glenmont, NY store. It’s sill mid-September, now your pushing it.

  146. I would like to know if it is your standards for a customer to have to wait four weeks to have $25,000.00 of kitchen cabinets installed after delivery that were purchased from Lowe’s .they were delivered September 16 I was told by Taren your contact person.l have not heard from anyone I live 6 hours away and have to make plans to be off work

  147. I am trying to contact to apply for a job. Do you have a jobs and careers phone number, or can I submit my job application online?

  148. Lowes Repair Issues
    GULFPORT, MS 39503
    Email: [email protected]

    Purchased Nov 15, 2015 with a 5-year extended warranty
    GE Stack Washer/Dryer Model #GUD27ESSJ0WW Serial#SF001436C

    October 4th or 5th , 2019 Washer was run on small load. When completed washing/rinsing cycle I found water on the floor in front of the W/D.
    I immediately moved items around W/D and disconnected hoses and electricity from machine after looking at the hoses in the rear to find possible issues, none were found. I then moved the W/D from its location and took towels and my high velocity air dryer, that I purchased a few days after Hurricane Katrina, and ran the air dryer for about 3 hours.
    I called Lowes repair and was told Coin Appliance would be coming to fix the W/D on Tuesday October 8th between 1 and 6 or so. I was scheduled to work that day as a substitute teacher and had to cancel my job for the day.

    On Monday October 7th I received a phone call from Coin stating that they would not be in the Gulfport area until October 21st. I told the guy that I will call Lowes repair. Lowes repair advised that I can get a GE technician out at my initial expense to fix the W/D, with certain conditions per warranty, at that I would be reimbursed for such qualified expense.
    I was connected to a GE person and she scheduled a tech to come out on Thursday October 10.

    Thursday, October 10: GE tech arrived and found the W/D was too expensive to repair his estimate was $818. I called Lowes repair at this time and advised the Lowes person and she sent me a claim sheet to complete and send back as well as a copy of the techs estimate and his service call invoice of 106.95. I sent this info back to Lowes claims this same day via email.

    Friday, October 11: I visited Sandy at Lowes in Gulfport. Sandy contacted someone and within an hour she said Lowes was sending a tech out from Coin Appliance on October 15th between 8 and noon. (email proof)

    Tuesday, October 15: The Coin tech arrived, looked at the W/D and determined it was too expensive to repair and he would write that up and that I should call Lowes in the next day or so to begin the buyout.

    Wednesday, October 16: approx. 4 pm. I called Lowes repair and was told the info from Coin had not been received.

    Thursday, October 17: I called Lowes repair was told that the Coin info was received but another tech needed to confirm the repair issues. And this Lowes person set up Coin to return to my house on Monday, October 21 between 8 and noon. This meant that I had to take another day off from work. (email proof)

    Tuesday, October 21: approx. 11:50 am. I had not heard from Coin and called Lowes repair. I was told someone is coming but she, Lowes, could not get in touch with Coin but to just wait longer for them.
    Approx. 12:05 p.m. I was done waiting and called Coin and Derek at Coin said they were not coming out as they had already checked it out and the unit was too expensive to repair and Derek told me to call Lowes back and tell them that as Lowes should have already received this information.
    Approx. 12:15 p.m. I call Lowes back lady says ok, she sees the Coin statement and that she will begin the buyout of the machine and will take up to 10 days.

    Friday, October 25: approx. 12:10 p.m. I called Lowes repair about the buyout status and was told it was still processing. She was a nice lady and we spoke of the water on the 3 year old laminate floor I purchased at Lowes in Gulfport in 2016 when I was building my new home was ruined in the area that got wet from the leaking W/D. She told me she would make notes of this on the file and that I need to call back when I have time, I didn’t at the time, and make a claim with Lowes Customer Care (LCC).
    Approx. 3:30 p.m. I called LCC and advised the lady of the floor damage, she said it would be Monday (October 28) when someone from Lowes would call me to talk to me about the damage.

    Tuesday, October 29: Since I did not hear from Lowes on Monday concerning the floor damage, I decided to call Lowes repair about the following:
    1. My $106.95 reimbursement for the GE tech Service Call, First I sent copy of the signed claim doc and copies of the GE tech estimate and service call fee
    a. Then a week later, I had to send photocopy of my bank info from my laptop showing my payment to GE for the amount
    b. THEN a week after that, I had to go to the bank get a paper copy of a partial statement with the bank stamp on it and scan and email back-which I did on Sunday Oct 27 but was told on Tuesday October 29 that it was not received and so I emailed it again on Oct 29 approx. 6 pm.
    2. The buyout status: I was told that it was NOT processing as a GE tech must come out to look at the W/D and check it out. AGAIN. This is NOW scheduled for Friday November 1. I will miss another day of work.

    3. And lastly, the floor damage issue, the LCC person did not have a claim on this so I waited an 1:09 MINUTES to Finally get her to get someone on the phone to get someone out to look at the floor from the local Lowes store, the incident number I was given is 1-31550031735.

    I was also told by one of the Lowes repair call takers during one of my many contacts with Lowes was that if my washer issue is not resolved within 14 days I will receive a laundry reimbursement of $50.00 as I purchased a 5 year extended warranty.




    ********************UPDATE NOVEMBER 19, 2019*************************

    NO ONE has come out to check the floor damage caused by the W/D while UNDER warranty.

    Lowes sent out the same GE TECH one November 19, 2019 that I paid for (I AM STILL WAITING ON MY REIMIBURSEMENT) and the same Tech checked out the W/D and came to the same conclusion .. it is NOT REPAIRABLE..

    I called Lowes repair on Tuesday November 5, asked about:
    1: damage to floor, I was told someone from local lowes will be contacting me about the damage.. .. RESULT HAVE NOT HEARD FROM ANYONE
    2: status of buyout.. I was told the buyout was denied on October 28th.. I advised the GE tech you sent came out NOVEMBER 1,.. after some checking I was told OK the buyout should begin and I will hear back within 10 days… RESULT.. I HAVE NOT HEARD ANYTHING AND I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY reimbursement for the tech LOWES told be to check it out and I have not received my $50 for not repairing the W/D within 14 days..

    What is going on?????


  149. I suggest that Mr. Niblock and the overabundance of VP’s that you have work the exact same schedules as with the recent schedule changes you implemented for your store associates!!! ALL you care about is shareholder’s and don’t care what you do to employee’s to make their lives even more difficult. It’s not the CEO, the Board, shareholder’s or the massive overabundance of executive leadership in corporate that run this company, it IS all the employee’s within your stores or there would be NO Lowe’s… They will survive without you Mr. Niblock but not without the store associates. Perhaps you should think of making the employee’s of Lowe’s happier and going above and beyond other companies in the way you treat them. This company is run horribly and I can definitely see Picket lines in your future. So sick of hearing about shareholder’s.. You and corporate America disgust us and my family and friends will stop shopping at Lowe’s now. How about you sacrifice your salary and pay 100% of employee’s medical benefits because we definitely know that Lowe’s can afford it !!!!!!!!!!

  150. Bought a 8 pice portal cable tool set. Got it home and opened it up . It had all the right tools but it had a black n decker charger. It is not the right charger. Now I have to spend more money to take this one back and get the right one . Some one needs to no about this problem. Need some kind of discount for my time and trouble.

  151. There is an employee by the name of Ron at the Southport NC Lowe’s. He drives the forklift. Having an order that was to picked for Sunday am pick up not ready until 1143am was bad enough but then asking Ron for helping loading the ten 3×12 galv roof sheets and getting eyeball rolls and then ignored was going way to far! Ron was extremely unpleasant with quite a bit of mouth for an employee that I’m sure my 776.82 don’t in just this trip paid his weekly check. I will drive all the way to a Wilmington Home Depot just to make sure I do not have any part in helping pay this rude employees wages. I’m sure if I was a male he would have never acted that way! Extremely dissatisfied at the lack of customer service!!

  152. We went to 3 lowes branch to have our blinds cut. 630pm we went to fort apache since we are from southwest the guy said he can’t cut it because he has so many things to do he called his associate but the associate do not know what to do. We asked the direction to Charleston lowes he can’t finished the direction because he said he needs to finish his thing in the computer. We left! unbelievable the customer service! So we went to Charleston by Decatur nobody was there we have to call anybody and get their attention everybody was just passing the message “let me call somebody” so finally someone who helped us but the machine is broken. So we asked for another branch. He said summerlin. We were their and the man said hurry up because we are about to close and giving us attitude it’s 8:15pm. He left and call peggy because i think he can’t operate the machine. He left peggy in the machine and giving peggy attitude. From all your employees only Peggy gave us very good customer service. We are in fort apache Already but he doesn’t want to cut the blinds. Unbelievable!

  153. My son Clint Lawson Jr. Was employed with your company until recently being terminated for confronting a fellow associate that made a threatening statement about going home and getting a gun and returning to the store to shoot my son. My question is, “why was my son terminated along with the other employee?” My son life was threatened and yet he attempted to put his own life in arms way to save others! My son has suffered emotional and physical distress due to your company’s lack of training in this field which could have put hundreds of innocent people’s lives at risk due to their negligence. I expect this matter to be addressed immediately and for my son to be paid back pay for his time missed. Furthermore, I expect an apology to be directed to my son along with his reinstatement of employment or I will take legal action! I hope we can resolve this matter amicably. Thank you! Clint Sr.

  154. My husband purchased a garage door opener on 11/16/2019 from your Hermitage, PA store with the $99.00 installation special. I have had 5 appointments with a subcontractor, Handy, to do this installation. They have been a no-show 5 times!!!! After the 3rd no-show my husband spoke with the store manager, Jared, who said he switched the subcontract to D&R Garage Door. After hearing NOTHING, I called the so-called installation team again and was told of a 4th appointment time with Handy. Yes, the request to change companies was in the system, but had not been processed yet. No-show for appointment #4. I called again. Lowes associate connected me with Handy associate. Given appointment #5. NO-SHOW again!!!!! I called the Lowes associate last night to ask how to get this change of subcontractor processed. She said she had to write an Email to the district office or some such thing, did so, and would let me know when she hears back.

    It has been almost a month that I’ve been dealing with this. They husband spoke to the store manager 1 time. I have made several other attempts to speak with him, but he is NEVER IN THE STORE!!! Messages to have my calls returned go unanswered. Did speak to 2nd in command, Danielle, one day. She was extremely rude and only wanted to connect me to the installation team I have already gotten NOWHERE with!!

    Any suggestions how to get this taken care of????

  155. I had the most amazing experience at Lowes in Yorktown Heights, NY. Steven from the garden dept held some fencing for me that I inquired about via phone. It was all ready and waiting for me at the checkout counter. He was so polite and helped me with my Christmas tree also. Excellent customer service!!!

  156. I’m went to Lowe’s this morning at 17460 n.w. 57th ave. Hialeah fl 33015. I tried to purchase 2 black angels I ask the floor lady. She gave me a price when I got to the cashier it did not ring up there where 8 on the shelf the manger named Sal says they can’t sell them because they have to send them back they where on the shelf I think they were wrong. They should’ve sold me. They should’ve came in the morning and remove them not when a customer want to but it

  157. To whom it may concern,
    I visited Lowe’s today 1-3-2020;
    4444 N. Galloway Ave
    Mesquite, TX 75150
    Store #0510.
    The guy that works in the plumbing department, I believe him name is Matt (tall white guy with a red beard). He was not very helpful, as usual. No matter what question I asked him, his response would be “What?” As if he didn’t hear me or understand a simple question from me. His answers were short. I stood in the aisle looking at faucets, an older white guy walks up and asked Matt a question. Matt politely answered his question. As Matt got busy, so I ask someone else for assistance. The lady went out of her way to assist me, she found what she thought I was looking for, but wanted to make sure. She told me she would send Matt over to help, he specializes in plumbing. I overheard the helpful lady tell him what I was looking for and my location on the next aisle. He stated to her, ok here’s all I have over here. When he walked over to my location, he told me he didn’t have what I was looking for. My statement to him was; (as we walked to the aisle that I overhear him talking to the other staff), “ok, you just told the other lady here’s all you have over here. His response was, “what?”. I then stated, the sprout that’s in looking for, is this all you have? He said yes.
    I push my basket up to the side and left it and the items there. I called my husband as I drove to Home Depot and made our purchase there.
    If he doesn’t like people of a different race, that’s his issue, and he probably shouldn’t be in the business he’s in; however, he’s there and he should have provided much better customer service.
    Thank you for your time,

  158. Lowes of Conyers #1076 has very poor customer service and pick up service. Number one they are very poorly staffed 1 cs to 6 customers is typical. In the past few months thatI have ordered from Lowes pick up service, each time I have had to wait 30-45 minutes today I was there an HOUR. After waiting 30 minutes and being told she pulled a wrong item and had to go back I asked to see a manager. The item should have been pulled and waiting in a designated place when I got there!!! A girl points him out and I know by his age yes he is a department manager but not the store manager, but he refused to let me see anyone else and proceeded to tell me I would have to wait he had other customers. I insisted he take care of my problem then I had already been there 30 minutes going on 40. After much arguing he conceded and took care of me. One of the ceiling fan boxes had been rammed with a fork lift it was obvious. I got my money back credit for my gift cards my kids gave me for Christmas $100 to buy the fans. I will have to travel to another Lowes to use them and after 30 years of shopping and thousands of dollars spent at Lowes #1076 in Conyers which I live 5 minutes from I will by pass it.

  159. I want to let management know that I am very unhappy with the customer service I received at store #1187 in Bartlett, Tenn. I purchase thousands of dollars of material from Lowe’s over the past years but when I tried to return 3 unopened boxes of flooring at this tore I was tolled I could return unopened boxes, my return was refused to be accepted. I am very unhappy with Lowe’s and will never do business with Lowe’s again. The return is only for $150 but it is the poor service toward customers that is unacceptable. I would like to discuss this with someone at your corporate level if that is possible. A phone call would be nice.

  160. Went to store 1625 in San Antonio at 7:37 a.m. and ordered a freezer + warranty. Spent $791.28 and got the worst customer service ever. My husband is a decorated, disabled vet and we were treated like crap. Very negative, staff on their phones, some not wearing masks, no eye contact, no “can I help you?”, NOTHING! We paid cash too. Left feeling less than happy. When I called the store to speak the to manager, Martin, and told him how we were treated all he said was, “just give me your phone number and I’ll refund the money to your debit card (taken immediately but 7-10 days to get it back..really). Very “I could care less you were treated badly attitude”. When I asked, “Is that it?” He said, “Oh sorry this happened.” He made no attempt to try and keep my veteran’s business or to keep us from canceling the order. Lowe’s must be doing well to treat their veterans the way they do. Shameful. Last Lowe’s I will EVER enter. Just like Martin, I doubt any action will be taken on my complaint

  161. Mr. Robert Niblock,
    I am pretty traditional in my approach to hardware. Material, Form, Fit, and Function are the most important considerations when I shop. Afterwards, cosmetic considerations are taken into account. My examples, I have been looking for downspout hardware needed to improve my existing gutters and downspouts.so that they can handle Florida deluges without overflowing. Typically I go online to find the items I need, and to check availability at local Lowes stores. If available, I go to the store and check out the items to see if they actually meet my needs. However, the way Lowes’ website is set up, this is very difficult. Sometimes the website may say the item is in stock, only to find out at the store that it is not actually in stock, but can be ordered in. Wasted trip! As I check out the online inventory, I get invitations to chat, and find out that usually the “chat” person is clueless about hardware. Waste of Time! Then, the website’s displays of individual components is inconsistent. Although material is usually shown in the selection, the measurements may not be shown. Is the bend a 4 inch by 3 inch, or a 3 inch by 4? That is a huge difference for me. one bend will hug a wall, and another will bend away from it… So important to form and fit.

    My gutter system is continuous, having been formed from single rolls of aluminum before being hung, I am not about to cut out a section so as to add a downspout in an area that gets inundated by a cloudburst. I prefer to use a punch to create a hole in the bottom of the gutter, and to install the downspout connector to the monolithic gutter, along with the bends necessary to carry excess water under the eaves, to the wall and down to ground level where it can settle into the ground. Little of the in information needed to choose at the store, or even to order in, is provided. Quite likely, the people who set up your website are IT experts, but they are totally inept at understanding and providing the information needed by many in order to buy what is needed. By the way, my gutter and downspout system was under-designed and installed by one of your sub-contractors about 10 years ago.

  162. I put in an official complaint which was handled by a negotiator who told me that he received a simple description from headquarters indicating that I had a return product dispute with the Murfreesboro Lowe’s store. This was far from a simple complaint. Someone in your store threw my return product in the garbage while I was shopping in your store. This I shoped at Home Depot. In this store, I left a product at the cashier’s section and went home to get my wallet. When I returned, the cashier asked if this was my object. He was holding the product until I returned. He DID NOT throw the product in the garbage or return it to the shelf.

  163. Its really hard to purchase products. Try to order on line for curbside pick up. but when I try to pay your site will not work for payment . when I try to get help on customer service on phone line get dropped from being on hold so long. NO help there, try to call store no answer . Would like to order items for curbside pickup but it is to hard to do.

  164. I purchased 12 windows and 1 door and 1 storm door. I want the installation to be completed properly. The door is not sealed, leaks air and condensation forms on the glass on the storm door bottom panel, not a small amount, it actually runs down the glass. I have photos. No weather stripping was installed around the door or windows and it is the door wasn’t caulked around the door casing, the face plate for the door lock on the casing was not installed for the new door handles. I have tried to have this resolved. But I need your help. Please help me with this installation problem. I just want what I paid for. I had asked the contractor prior to his installation if the windows and doors here to have either foam for fiberglass around the opening, he stated yes. Not done.
    Please help with this problem. I have paid my Lowes charge right away. It is a new installation and I just want to get the proper job finished.
    Please help.Thank you in advance for making this as it should be.

  165. I purchased a sink at Lowes.com it was delivered last week. The sink had a dent in it I can send you a picture if you need it. When I called to return it I was told to return it to Home Depot are you kidding. The sink was 280,00 charged to my credit card. I had to install it I had no sink. All I want to know is can I can some kind of refund to my credit card. I don’t think this is asking too much. order#414501442 invoice 96890 no help when I called supervisor is supposed to be calling me tomorrow 516 9720346

  166. Have been trying to get an order delivered for over two weeks that was purchased and paid for in Nov 2019, Delivery was finally scheduled for 4/27 and it has not been delivered yet. Have called, called, called, waited, waited, and not gotten anyone that will own this problem and get it fixed. Your corporate number is NO better, no wonder the stores are so bad. I have been on hold for 26 minutes now. EXPO had it scheduled for delivery today, finally someone to do something. Delivery did NOT occur. EXPO said Lowes deleted this delivery this AM? Please help get order delivered, it is for an appliance suite and storm door and handle. We spent easily $50,000 dollars with Lowes in the last year and get treated horribly.

  167. I purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator on 10/7/2020 and the fan went out 4/29/2020. I called and set up service order for repairman to come out, and I am assuming it will be under warranty? Then I decided that I wanted a bigger refrigerator and went to my local Lowes and purchased one. Delivery would take too long so we picked it up ourselves. Returning home and unboxing we discovered a large gash in the top. Of course I went to Lowes very disappointed with my purchase. After waiting in line for the first time about 30 minutes I was helped by a nice young lady, but unfortunately she did not have authority to help me with an exchange or delivery. So they send me back to appliances with the name of the manager back there only to find out she has gone for the day. Back up to customer service and another 29 minutes before someone can help me. Explain again what has happened and they put me in touch with a manager from another section who walks me back to appliances and tells the guy what we wanted. An exchange with delivery the next day. I am asked to wait until he finishes the customer he had and he would help me. That was fine, BUT, other rude people got in his face and wanted his attention, so I waited some more. When he finally got around to me, he was very unattentive to me and just typed the info in the computer that the other gentleman told him to do. Told me he had to go get a dishwasher and load for a customer. I waited one hour for another manager to vome back and override the delivery request. But before that happened at about 45 minutes I called the store from my cell phone asking for that manager and customer service told me he had already left about 2 hours ago. NOT TRUE and I do not like being lied too. I hung up, by now I am in tears and so exhausted with the whole issue and called again and told the young lady who answered the phone that I knew there was a Manager on call and would she please just get someone to appliances to help me. I finally got a manager back there and his badge was scanned and things were in place. NOW, I am at home now 3 hours later, but anticipate a phone call in the morning for delivery and exchange for this refrigerator. I hope things get better.

  168. I was at the Lowes at 7550 W Washington, Las Vegas, NV today. I DID NOT feel safe. More than the employees I saw were not were masks. I will NOT be going back there anytime soon.

  169. I was at the Lowes at 7550 W Washington, Las Vegas, NV today. I DID NOT feel safe. More than the employees I saw were not were masks. I will NOT be going back there anytime soon.

  170. You Building Dept. Manger is very unprofessional and her staff need to learn respect Spring Hill florida Lowes

  171. Lowes Building Dept Manager Has A very bad Attitude and Should be fired her stff is Very Disrespectful i would like something done

  172. Morgan Davis, Order Number 413258227 ($4,271.86). Online purchase 13 Apr 2020.
    – Everything but the Refrigerator has been delivered. The Order Status says Delivered. They informed me on 1 May that it was out of stock (Daniel fulfilling location San Antonio TX 210-5581730). The canceled that order and ordered another one on 2 May it has not been delivered. I can not get any help from the store, I have talked to them a dozen times, my granddaughter for whom I purchased the appliances has been to the store 3 times and they keep saying its one the way? I received an email for a rebate on 13 Apr 2020. I have been in your rebate systems 30 times and it says that its temporary closed? If you look at the thousands of dollars I spent with Lowes over the years your going to lose a good customer. PS: when they delivered the washer to my granddaughter house they damaged the from door sill and scratched the washer, I have talked to the store Bob Diaz (Customer Service) and appliances and was told that they would get someone to look at it. Please do you have someone it Lowes community that can help me. Morgan Davis, CMSgt, USAF Retired. 210-497-8664, [email protected].

  173. started to buy a Pulsar PG10000BG generator two days ago for $799. Went back today to finish the order, the price went to $1,161. Called store. They didn’t have a clue. Are you gouging? I’m cancelling my lowe’s credit card, not doing any more business at Lowe’s, and am filing a complaint with better business burear.

  174. I’ve been waiting since 5/29 for an email telling me that that my order # 421427729 for a lawn mower is ready for pick up at the Worcester Massachusetts store. I’ve been calling for three days and nobody picks up the phone there!! Nor does anyone pick up at the corporate office phone!! Not that I expect any results from this message either but I checked the site for Worcester and there are 21 of those mowers in stock!! What’s the problem?? I want my son, Matt Carey to pick it up as he is in the area and I would like it soon! I am a veteran and have done business with Lowe’s for a long time I must say this doesn’t make me happy. Please let me know as soon as possible!

  175. On June 4, 2029 at 4:50PM, I called your store located in Brandon, FL. The telephone number I used is 813-793-9152. I used the prompt system in which I had to press “9” for additional departments. The prompt system stated for tool and equipment rental press “7” which I did. I tried to do this a couple of times and was disconnected. I finally was connected to customer service department who tried to transfer me to hardware. I explained to her what I needed to rent, a dingo. So, I was transferred and ended back at customer service. I wanted to talk with manager and was transferred to “Christie,” and she explained to me that they did not have tool rental services. I am not sure what is going on with that store but do not care. I am in the process of remodeling a 1500 sq. ft house and the surrounding gardens. I will make my purchases at other stores. I will send you a receipt every time I make a purchase to let you know how much you have lost. I doubt if this will change anything, except possibly your tele-prompt system for this particular store.

  176. I bought a new stove and Microwave in Lowe’s to be delivered and installed. I’ve had nothing but a run around and still never found anyone who knew anything about my order. I was told it would be delivered on Friday 6/5/2020 and that didn’t happen. I went to the store and no one knew anything and there was no managers to be found. I spent $1000.00 and no one knows anything?? I was told the manager would call me, but never did. I went back to the store and stood for 35 minutes waiting for a manager and no one could find them. Finally right before I left, the manager showed up and I handed him my order and I said Cancel this order…I don’t want it anymore! Then I walked out. You call the store and no one answers the phone EVER!!

  177. We have a Tropical storm heading our way here in Biloxi, MS and I have an order supposedly being delivered Monday. I’ve been trying to find out if the delivery is still on schedule or cancelled because of the storm. I ‘ve been on the phone for over an hour and a half trying to get an answer. What the hell is going on, if for some reason I’m not home Monday then what happens. POOR ATTITUDE AND POOR SERVICE AND AFTER THIS PROJECT IS COMPLETED LOWE’ WILL GWET NO MORE OF MY BUSINESS!

  178. on may 22 we made a purchase of LG washer and dryer
    from the Lowes located in Williamsburg, VA. we have as yet to receive the completed order of merchandise. after 4 or 5 times merchandise was returned because of damage. then when they finally delivered. they only delivered 1 item.the next time they delivered they only delivered part of the merchandise. so we’ve been waiting almost 4 weeks to use our washer and dryer. today they finally delivered the dryer. but not the stacking kit. so we have to wait again. we have paid in full for these items and as yet not able to use them. I am very disappointed with your service. and I feel that we should be compensated for all this inconvenience

  179. We received our Frigidaire refrigerator yesterday and it has a dent on the side. Who do I contact to replace the part. I tried to call Lowes numerous times ,numerous telephone numbers no one answers. Please assist me. Thank you.

  180. I’m a contractor who is not being taken seriously. Order shipment was short materials and after 4 days still no one answers the phone and when they do they promise to check the order and call me back and that never happens. Manager, Frank store 1779 , said he would call me back asap today. That never happened. Your about to loose another contractor!!!

  181. I am a Lowe’s Customer, my spouse is a Lowe’s Pro Customer and has been ordering from
    Lowe’s Eastlake (Chula Vista) for years.

    We are reconsidering the wisdom of using Lowe’s……..ever again!

    I ordered a Bosch Dishwasher Order #: 42111xxxx on May 27,2020. The committed delivery date June 13, 2020, when I called to confirm
    they said maybe it would, there’s no way to know until June 13 to see if it delivers…..now, online, instead of the previous June 13 date it shows “order processing”………and it comes from Irvine…..1 hour up the road from here.

    I ordered a Bosch Induction Stovetop Order #: 42111xxxx on May 30. The committed delivery date June 16, 2020, when I called to confirm
    delivery, same response, no way to know, wait until the 16th and see if it’s delivered. Now online, instead of the June 16 date it shows “preparing our order….and again, it is originating 1 hour travel time from here.

    Am I supposed to tell my granite fabricators, who have all scheduled around your original delivery date, that they will just have to hang out until Lowe’s is in the mood to deliver???!!

    I ordered a kitchen faucet with electronic hardware Order #: 4211xxxx on June 4, and after never being able to get a delivery date
    cancelled it and ordered it from Amazon, who delivered it in 3 days.

    I ordered an air gap, same order as faucet on June 4, that you show as delivered online, but when I called to say we had
    never received it your rep said it will deliver maybe this week, but would not tell us any date, just maybe….sometime….again the black hole that is Lowe’s!

    So, if I can’t get any information on delivery dates I’m wondering if I’ll have to cancel everything and start again with someone that can.

    Are you able to assist me in getting this resolved?

    Lysa Stein-Hardy &
    Paige Hardy

  182. on 5/27/2020 I purchased a lawn mower, Craftsman for $1299. on the first mow the belt burned up. went to store after making several calls to no avail an they came an picked it up and brought another new one. mowed with new one once and it would not go into reverse or forward. have called the Lowes store in Clifton Park N. Y. 12065 wanting to resolve the problem. I cannot use this one either and the 30 day warrantee is not up . I WANT A LAWN MOWER THAT WORKS CORRECTLY FOR THAT KIND OF MONEY, Please help me out.

  183. Purchased a dryer and freezer on 6/4/20. promised delivery on 6/10/20. No SHOW, paid for pick up of old appliances. my homeowners assoc wants the old appliances moved today. I tried to talk with store mgr. and they said he was busy. I will pick up my Freezer today, but your customer service is terrible. I have spent over 12,000 dollars with Lowes of Snellville Ga. since I moved up here. I will not spend any more, will shop at Home Depot from now on

  184. I was let go today because of a customer complaint. I would like to have my job back. I would like this to matter to be reviewed again. I do not thing this was reason to be terminated. This was matter was not done in the store. Words where said outside the store, in the mulch loading area. I would like to plea my case in order to keep my job.

  185. purchased Craftsman lawn mower 7/26/19 receipt is faded, so vertually have no receipt. No one seems to be able to help and Mower is in the shop. spending 1437.00 on a mower ever 11 months is not gonna happen. I fi have to pay for the repairs I will be one very upset FORMER customer.

  186. I’m having problems with 2 products I’ve ordered from the LaPlata MD store and can’t get ANYONE from the store or the Corp. office to answer the phone or assist at the store. I’ve even had an employee hand the store manager my cell number and no call in 2 days. I’ve spent around $7,000.00 in the past 30 days and I would like someone from management to contact me. 240-595-0860

  187. Have been trying to call a Lowe’s store for (5) hours about an issue; no answer. Tried corporate phone #; no answer.

  188. Your delivery service stinks! Go back to using your own trucks. I placed an order for materials to build a deck on 6/3 with a delivery on Sunday, 6/7. On 6/7 afternoon no one came, called the Lowes in Wise, Va where I paid and was referred to the delivery company. Called the delivery company and found out the employee who took my order entered my phone number incorrectly so when the driver called it failed and was told the delivery had been rescheduled for 6/9. They could not correct the phone number so referred me back to the store. Called the store and was told the number had been corrected. Called delivery on 6/9 and was told they did not have anything scheduled for me. Went to the store and talked to customer service and was told the delivery would be made on 6/10. Called delivery service on 6/10 and it was not scheduled. Called store again and was told it would be out 6/11. Called delivery on 6/11 still not scheduled. On 6/11 spoke with an assistant manager (Eric) and was told that it would be sent on 6/12 and he personally see that it was. I received a call on 6/11 from delivery saying they would be out between 11 am and 3:30 pm. Today (6/12) delivery company says the store did not have the order available to load. This is almost $2,000. What a load of crap. I have a contractor waiting to do this work.

  189. On May 15, 2020 we ordered $10,000.00 worth of wood and carpet flooring. This has been a nightmare! First Lowes in Forney, TX delivered wrong flooring so the installation was cancelled. Then Service Pros set up install date and then cancelled said they could not install that day so they reset installation for another date. When the install guy got to our house after him driving 1.5 hours when he got here we had wrong product again. Now after a month in they still have installed our wood floor.I have talked to Willis at Service Pros, Jerry, Eric and Clarice at Lowes in Forney Texas. At this point I told them come pick up all the wood flooring cancel the carpet installation and give me my $10,000.00 refund! I am furious. We give Lowes a lot of our business but from now on I will never step another foot inside Lowes for any of my home improvement needs. I will tell everyone I know how this was handled and encourage them to stay clear of Lowes for their flooring installations. I will take all our business to Home Depot! This is very sad! If they had a rating system I would give them zero stars!

  190. ordered dishwasher sent to Monroe la lowes 45 miles away. got 2 emails saying ready to get in holding area. get there and wait too long. they cant find it in the entire store. I want a refund!!!

  191. Trying to place an on line order and want to have someone else pick up order. The CHAT said I had to call the store to give the person’s name. There should be an option to add the pickup person’s information. I’ve been on hold for over thirty minutes

  192. I just recently bought a Samsung Refrigerator from the Lowes off of Sunset Blvd in Lexington, SC. I purchased on May 26, 2020 for $2,431.96 and was told the refrigerator would be delivered on 06/13/20 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. At noon my husband starting calling deliverary and the customer service and nobody would pick up to see where the fridge was. He finally drove up to the store for them to say it has a deliverary date of 06/15/20 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. We got a call this morning that the fridge is no longer available from Samsung and that they would substitute a fridge that was a downgrade from what we purchased without the smart fridge stuff on the front of fridge. I then talk to Tammy the manager I guess of Appliances and I told her that this is not my fault and for the inconvenience, I am not accepting a downgrade on the refrigerator that was purchased and plus for my inconvenience should be offered a discount. We have emptied out our fridge twice to not receive a fridge and you guys have had our money for almost exactly 3 weeks. If they didn’t have they fridge in stock, we should have been notified before the day that we are supposed to receive the product. Tammy informed me that they were not notified until today, but that is a behind the scenes thing for you guys. That has nothing to do with product and the delivary of what I have purchased. And on top of everything else, I have to go up to the store after work today to get the credit processed. For some reason Tammy is unable to process the refund to my debit card, even though she can pull up my order on her screeen and talk to me over the phone. Which I find to be absurd. I am giving you a chance to make this right for my inconvenience or I will process the refund and take my money else where and any future orders that I may purchase, since we are redoing our kitchen and bathrooms

  193. Calls to The Rim Lowes in San Antonio are ignored or disconnected by staff. I can’t cancel a dishwasher delivery because no one will pick up. Disgusted! Not interested in “regret” form emails so don’t bother.

  194. Placed an online order #42373xxxx on 6/14/2020, before ordering it showed 3 items in your Largo, MD store. Called on 6/16/20 at 12:47pm and was told that my order had not been pulled, she said to come for curbside pickup at 1:30pm on 6/16/20 and that is what I did. When I got to the Largo, MD store I was told that they did not carry the item. What exactly is going on with your business. I wasted my time ordering the item, when you indicated that you had 3 items in the store, I wasted my time calling to check on the item on Tuesday and I wasted my time going to your Largo, MD store to pickup an item to be told that you don’t even carry the item in your store, when your inventory said you had 3 items. Yes, this horrible CUSTOMER CARE especially when we are experiencing a pandemic and social distancing to have someone to come pickup an item to be told that you don’t even have the item. Yes, I am upset!! Can be reached at 301-350-xxxx.

  195. Your Castleton store needs attention. I don’t think you would be happy with the impression it leaves on customers compared to Home Depot and Menards. This Lowe’s is my “go to” store, but I recently visited all 3 stores , looking for a specific item…which I found at Lowes. The parking lots at Home Depot and Menards were clean; the stores were well stocked and looked great. Unfortunately, the parking lot at Lowes was littered with trash…and it usually isn’t kept up well. Inside, aisles were strewn with product (not due to restocking) and the shelves were a jumbled mess. Please bring this to the manager’s attention so Lowes can once again look sharp and well merchandised.

    Store #0288
    8002 North Shadeland Ave.
    Indianapolis, IN 46250

  196. So this is my story. Was interested in getting a fence, Started my search in April, in the middle of covid I might add, after my grand dog moved in, and jumped the low chain link fence. First I was told there would be no work because of Covid, then I was assured since it was an outside install, they could do the work. After looking at all options, Lowes out priced others. Gathering all my information and getting a quote from Joe I decided to move forward with my plans and have them install the fence. After a couple of back and forths with Joe, I signed a contract May 10th and was advised because of Covid there may be a 2-3 week delay obtaining the permit.
    I waited 3 WEEKS, reached out to Joe again, and was advised he would contact the installer, who were the ones obtaining the permit. As promised he did and It was at that point they sent me a permit form, 3 WEEKS after I signed the contract. So they had not even applied for the permit in the first place. I contacted both the installer and Joe again, asking for information when they were going to do the install. Joe assured me I would get a phone call. Two more weeks have gone by, I still did not receive a call. I had to reach out to them again, (both Joe and the installer). At this time, 06-16-20, I received a response from the installer that “they would be contacting me shortly to set up install”
    Still have not heard back from Joe. I had plans of using Lowes for some new siding, and a roof, NOT NOW OR EVER.
    I have gotten billed for the fence and had to make my first payment, and GUESS WHAT. It has been over FIVE weeks and I STILL DO NOT HAVE A FENCE.

  197. I bought a stove and microwave oven was told that when they were delivered they would be installed, when they arrived I was told no they just deliver, no install, why are I’m being lied to? I had to pay a contractor toinstall them

  198. HA HA I’m remodeling my kitchen and bathrooms, guess where i’m going? Home Depot, liars. Don’t lie to your customers.

  199. Need someone to explain to me what is happening with your online ordering service. Placed order received ready for pick up back #42363xxxx (Harrisburg Lowe’s). When I made a special trip to pick is up this morning told my order had been cancelled. Why the ready for pickup email. Who and Why cancelled my order. But never informed me. This is the second time I experienced issues with your on line system. Ready not to happened but guess no one cares anymore. Please have someone get back to me with explanation. Thanks

  200. Purchased refrigerator few days ago from Indy store on N Shadeland Ave Indianapolis . Explained to sales rep & customer service I wanted 12 or 18 month no interest payment plan that was available at time of purchase . Customer ser gave me 5% discount instead . Did not ask for the discount . Could not understand reps clearly because they wore masks . Thought sales & customer rep both said I could go on line to set up auto pay for no interest . Tried to set payments for no interest , cant do . Called lowes was told I had to go to store to fix . Went to store they said only way they could fix was new deal , but I could call lowes credit they could fix online . Do not want to go back to store why can you not fix ? Thank you. 317 353xxxx

  201. My husband and I were buying some decrotive garden rocks. I was trying to pull some off the pallet on the shelf they had covered the pallet with plastic and had broken rocks on the top of the plastic to hold down. I pulled one down and the rocks on top of the plastic fell on top of my wrist as I was trying to block my face. My wrist swelled up immediately, I went and found the manager, just to let him know what had happened to keep it from happening to someone else. He didn’t even ask my name! He told me he couldn’t control what happens in his store from previous customers! I was just trying to let him know so he could take care of this so no one would be seriously hurt! Why don’t you tell me what I should do now! If your people don’t care about their customers, why should I care about your business? Please contact me before this gets out of hand!

  202. I ordered a set of Dremel cutting blades from your Cypress Store. Since I was already placing an order I added a couple of other items. I got an e-mail notification that my order was ready and went to pick them up. But, while the additional items were ready, the Dremel blades were not with the order. The excuse was that they ran out. Yet, the email listed all items order were ready. They called another store showing it had the Dremel blades but, in fact, that store didn’t have any either.

    End result, I went to an Ace Hardware and got exactly what I needed. That’s where I’ll be shopping from now on.

  203. On 7/1/20 between 1:15-1:45 Four of the 5 associates in lawn n garden we’re not masked up. I was afraid to ask a question but I needed assistance. Only Evan was masked up. I’ I’m appalled at such disregard for CDC guidelines masking up and social distancing. As I continued to back up the associate kept coming towards me. Two of the four who were NOT masked up Brandon and Wilma. I did not see the other two name tags. I was also in there today 7/2/20 and Wilma and another lady between 10:15-10:45 were at the entry of lawn and garden NOT masked up again. I was told that it is mandatory for all Lowe’s employees to be masked up. Pull the cameras and you will see who the associates are. I take my health, life and safety seriously as we continue through this pandemic and I expect the same from Lowe’s.
    I frequent Lowe’s often and most employees are exceptional at customer service, mainly Fred, Michelle, Pam and Brinson.

  204. Queer Eye promotion? Really? That’s disgusting. Does Lowe’s condone such aberrant lifestyle? It’s immoral. I thought Lowe’s was a family oriented business. I’m disappointed in you.

  205. tried to return waterlily yesterday to the inverness fl. store. says guaranteed to grow but never did in the pond. Bought 5-21-2020. I did not have the receipt but had the credit card statement with invoice number 02565. Service desk said they will not take back without receipt. I asked them to look up on Lowes credit card but she said she is not the bank and it says somewhere above on sign no returns without receipt. I asked for manager but she said no one was there. I came back to car and left. My husband called the store and manager says no returns without receipt. your website states LOST RECEIPT- they can look up on credit card or by phone number. We make many large purchases at Lowes as you can check by credit card bills. This is $9.98. Looks like from now on all our buys will be from home depot.

  206. Mr.Ellison I am a SENIOR CITIZEN that have had be lied to many times about a NEW refrigerator. John talked to me last wk. He assured me that someone would get back with me.I wanted to pay this refrigerator off but WILL NOT UNTIL THIS PROBLEM IS FIX THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. MS. JOANIE BLAIR. HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU TODAY.!!!! There is a lot more information that you need to know.

  207. Lowes Rohrerstown, PA. Employees in Pro shop and garden department have masks under nose or on chin. They allow many customers in without masks. I am immune compromised but still need to take care of my home. Governor Wolf has mandated masks for anyone who leaves their home. When I talked to Manager Jared, he said it’s not their problem to enforce masks. I was upset and my daughter called you. You acted appalled. That was 2 weeks ago and nothing has changed. It has gotten worse since the opening even though masks are MANDATORY. I will report you to Governor Wolf and tell everyone about my experience. That said, I recently read another post about your store – the customer was extremely upset because of the Lowes Rohrerstown cocky attitude about masks. Shame on you. I have spent hundreds of dollars at your store and if I absolutely need something i will use curbside. Oh that’s right, anyone who wants to parks in the curbside spots. One day I went to pick up my order (received email that it was ready) and called for over an hour and no one picked up in customer service or curbside. You have a REAL problem at the Rohrerstown location. Not sure if Dennis is new. I know Jared is absolutely a horrible manager – he doesn’t stand by the customer whatsoever. In February I had a damaged oven delivered and when I went in to talk to Jared he said he would send someone out and also give me the sale price which was currently featured. I never received the $200 credit and the I had to eventually call GE to fix the range. That part is sitting in my dining room. FIX this store. MASKS are mandatory. JARED needs to go.

  208. I started going to Lowes, instead of Home Depot, though Lowes is quite a bit further,( The store is at 7301 Park Blvd. Pinellas Park, Fl. ) Because the employees are more helpful for the most part and don’t try to hide when they see that you are looking for something, as they do in the Home Depot. However, as I said it is far from my home so I try to call to see if they have what I need before I leave. The complaint is that the phone system in your store is AWFUL! There is no way to call the number and press zero or something, right away to speak to a live person, instead you have to listen to the entire list of departments and the number to press for each of them before you can use the number to reach a customer service person, or operator, in other words a person! Unfortunately, then you are VERY lucky if an employee actually answers it anyway. It took me over 25 minutes the other day to reach a person and I had to keep trying different departments until I found one of them who would answer in their department. From there I thought I could reach a manager, which I did after quite a wait. However, he said there was nothing he could do about it. I asked him if he could contact cooperate office and let them know that this system is EXTREMLY time consuming and annoying, and close to impossible to reach a person on, He said no. He told me to do it. So I am doing that;
    I request that someone change the outgoing message to include, in the beginning of it, a number that you can push to reach an operator, a customer service person, or someone else who is live. (I doubt that anyone will change that completely annoying, time consuming message, but I am giving it a try.) It wouldn’t be quite so bad, if you could reach anyone in any department and be transferred to a person who could help you, but out of the five departments I called, going through the entire department list each time, only one live person answered.

  209. Shopped in your store in East Peoria Illinois this week. NONE of the employees wore a mask. One women had a mask on but around her neck and not over her mouth and nose. WALKED OUT and went to Menards where every employee and customer had a mask on. What is wrong with you people!! There is a pandemic and despite what your ads say you don’t seem to care if your customers and employees are protected. Will not be back in your store again unless you change the way you do business during these trying times!

  210. Below was the conversation with a Lowes CSR. At the end of it they disconnected the Chat from their end and would not continue the conversation. To make it worse I got an e-mail with the order stating they were working on it then I got another e-mail saying they had no stock. See below: I wasted an hour and a half and 74 miles chasing non existent stock to have a rep disconnect because he did not want to deal with me. In one of of his saying below said :All for your satisfaction, sir!” I guess that was a lie!
    Your New Shipping Date is
    Thank you for shopping at Lowe’s. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with your merchandise by the original expected date. Please view the description of the delayed item(s) as well as the new expected shipping date.

    Good day and happy july 4, sir!
    Customer: hello
    Info: The chat transcript will be sent to: email at the end of your chat.
    Hello, sir! I hope you are enjoying this wonderful celebration for our wonderful nation, United States!
    Customer: I have item# 304087 in my card but I know Sayre, PA and Vestal NY the closest stores are out of stock on it even though the website shows stock
    Customer: I went to both stores, 74 miles and none
    Customer: I tried calling Vestal but no one would answer
    Do not worry! i will check for you! allow me your zip and i will check in our inventory!
    Customer: 13812
    Customer: I was chatting already and it closed
    A connection problem, sir
    Which is your closest store?
    Customer: Sayre pa
    Your item is a kingspan insulation, right?
    Customer: yes, 3/4″
    Customer: Item # was from a picture at the site
    Sayre Pa lowes store has 86 units of your item, 14.98 each unit!
    Customer: they have 0
    Customer: I was there and they looked in the yard(Pro Desk) and 0
    How? I am checking our inventory and 86 units are registered there
    Customer: Vestal, NY showed 87, I drove there and 00
    Customer: they checked twice in the yard and checked with the manager and still 0
    Do not worry! i will check further and ask to my supervisors for a concrete answer
    In Vestal lowes store there are 80 units
    In Sayre lowes store there are 85 units; my supervisor is talking with the inventory department about this, please wait
    Customer: Thank you.
    All for your satisfaction, sir!
    The inventory department stated that the item is in stock and notified Vestal and Sayre lowes store about this mistake
    Customer: Ok but they checked the yard and they are definitely not there. Sayre said something about they would need to report the missing items
    Customer: so the Pro desk went out to check and didn’t find any
    Did they check the warehouse?
    Customer: I will submit my order but they will just say come and get it. It will not be there is my worries
    Customer: he went out back said it was the yard and checked
    Lets try this, sir
    Customer: not a customer location
    Call to the store and say that the inventory department verified and found that it is in stock
    Customer: WOW! I just spent all this time traveling to both stores 74 miles in total
    Customer: I am not very satisfied with the way this was handled
    I wish i could compensate you for this issue

  211. I was going to add my encounter with Lowes to the pile , but it dosen t seem like it would make any difference . It would appear Lowes dose the same business practice no matter where you live. So very disappointing

  212. I had an extra charge in my card, and have talked to several different people at the store I purchased from, from lowes care website and no one will help my!!
    This is an extra $693.36 quite a bit of money for us, it has caused overdraft charges, and a terrible amount of frustration with you company!!!
    I was told I needed to call my bank and have them help, why can’t anyone help me with this situation??
    What in the world do I need to do to fix this ????

  213. Several years ago I had a very bad customer service experience at Lowe’s and sent an email. I received follow up from the new manager apologizing and over the years slowly saw things begin to improve. Yesterday I saw things sink to new lows. I understand that these are trying times for everyone and I’m all about giving people grace and being understanding, but when employees are blatantly rude and don’t even bother trying to assist customers you have to wonder why this is tolerated.
    During the middle of the “Stay at Home’ order my husband used your curbside pickup feature. He ordered everything online, received an email a few days later saying his order was ready and headed to town. He got there and was told he still needed to stand in line to enter the store (so much for ‘curb side” service). He waited 35 minutes and got inside, headed to the customer service area, where they knew nothing about his order. They walked around for a while looking for a cart that might have his order on it but never found it. They then told him he would have to go get the items himself, which he did. But when he tried to leave they wanted him to pay…..AGAIN. There was a long discussion trying to explain to the cashier that he had paid online but finally he was able to pull up his email on his cell phone and show them the details. Basically it not only was NOT curbside service, it was horrible service and took even longer than if he hadn’t tried to use your ‘specially advertised COVID safe service”.
    I went in yesterday to purchase several items and as I paid I asked the cashier if someone would help me load my 4 bags of concrete. I am disabled and was having a bad pain day. The “in- training” cashier (who was incredibly polite and helpful) assured me twice that someone would be waiting at the lumber loading area to help me. When I drove my car to the lumber area no one was there. I sat for several minutes and then got out and went to the contractor check out; asking the cashier to please call for someone to assist me. She barely acknowledged me with a nod and “ok” before turning away to deal with the very, very long line. I sat outside waiting for another 10 minutes. Someone exiting the store came over to let me know the cashier had never called anyone to assist me. Her exact words were “she didn’t call, so you may be there for a while. Apparently she’s having a bad day and has a real crappy attitude”.
    Using my cell phone I called the store and got customer service, explaining the situation and again asking for someone to come help me. I was told “we’ll try to find someone that can do that”. I waited another 10 minutes. I finally moved my car as close to the concrete as I could and then tried to load it myself. If I had known that no one was available I would not have bought the concrete that day.
    Sadly the person that was the most helpful and with the best customer service as still wearing a badge that stated she was in training. This tells me that it is not a lack of training but a cultural issue within the store. While Lowe’s is the closest store I am tired of the constant issues and will be making the drive the next town over to shop at Home Depot.

  214. You must start hiring more employees. I have been trying for two days to contact a department in your Knoxville, Tn. stores and no one answers the phone. I am needing a place a order for appliance, but having no luck doing so.


  216. To CEO OF LOWE’s
    Hello my name is Aja Om and I’m having a problem with my retaining wall brick I’ve order on 16 of June. The first email stated it will deliver on the next day, I thought it was pretty fast but was glad to be able to start. On 17 I didn’t hear anything, 18 I called lowes and they said it was changed to 4 July ”why ” I asked ” I don’t know ” they said so I said it was a holiday and they assured me it will be delivered. On 4 of July no delivery, I called around 4 p.m. They simply said they don’t have it and it was scheduled for 11 I went to the store I ordered from, and the supervisor ” Liz” was very empathetic and said ”we should’ve called but looks like the 350 brick is on hold and it must be yours and if it is the case we can ship it to you tomorrow but you don’t have to wait, I’ll do all these leg work for you so just go home and wait. Well, no phone calls! Next day I called twice but she was too busy to take my calls and want me to leave message so I went to the store and asked to speak to the store manager but the only person available was Liz, I didn’t want to speak to her because I felt as she tricked me to leave so she didn’t have to deal with me. So two of the associates write a lengthy email to another manager ”Tony” and several times they said I will get the call. That was yesterday, still no sign of delivery. Please tell me how long do I have to wait? It isn’t easy to get thru phone calls so I made personal trips to the store twice but no one cares. I think it’s poor customer service
    I’ve called so far 5 times and 2 visits and cost me $100 because my handyman charged me on 4 of July regardless they did the job or not it wasn’t their problem. Is it because I’m a woman and Asian? Is Lowes profiling and discriminating? I wonder. Don’t have very much faith that ill get the answer for this email but Mr. CEO Do the right thing and need to put on listening ears to the people who treated poorly by your employees.
    Aja Om

  217. Have sent two complaints to Marvin Ellison, CEO. Both are fully spelled out as to the problem. Had I seen all of these prior complaints, I never would have been a LOWES customer in the first place.

  218. Aja Om, I’m not sure the CEO is who their website says it is. I sent two letters to Marvin Ellison, and no response. Like most of the complaints (32 pages if I wanted to print them all out) it looks like bad service is a “top-down” business model. I only regret having been a loyal LOWES customer since they opened this Hemet, CA store. I’ve spent thousands $$$$ here, and they seem unwilling, and unable to handle the most menial task.
    Charles A. Bolton

  219. I have been trying for over a month now to set up a warranty appointment to have my refrigerator serviced. I have been calling Lowe’s Service Advantage at 888-775-6937, however, no one answers the phone and just kept on hold. Also, went to my local Lowe’s location, spoke with management and the problem still persists.

  220. I bought the Restore paint to paint my 12x30ft deck from Lowes in April 2016 expecting it to last at least 10-15 years per advertisement and now have to replace the entire porch due to rot. I have learned that there is a lawsuit for this paint that may provide some income to help me pay for my deck replacement….I need a copy of the sales receipts for the paint for April 2016…purchased by my husband, Thomas R. Davis, by Lowe’s credit card (I do not have number) address: 7334 Bowden Circle So, Jacksonville, FL 32216. My husband died in Dec 2018 and I closed his Lowe’s account in January 2019 but do not have any records of numbers or receipts. Can You Help me? I can provide proof of his death and whatever else you need.

  221. complaint: lowe’s customer service is the worst! waited on the phone well over 45 min to file a complaint. could not understand the person that finally answered the phone told her I wanted to file a complaint she transfer me to the store that I was complaining about. I spoke with Susan one of the very people that is in my complaint. Why is it impossible to get any problem resolved with Lowe’s?

  222. I orderd a stove on line. They delivered it was damaged. Called the replaced it second one came also damaged. Then 3rd one came damaged. But it was on the side where you would not see it so. Kept it. They were to deliver my microwave with the 3rd one and it was declined. due card hacked. two days before i gave my bank card and ready to go. they did not deliver it had to go to store and get it. Came back to hook it up one of we have propane and one of the orfis was missing. Called Lowes on hold for an hour, for them to call GE and they said to call lowes, which I did some one was to call back and still no call back. I want to know if i can get the one piece that is missing or do I have to purchase it my self this has been such a big mess. Started all this on June 2.

  223. The store in Elizabethton Tennessee is the worst one in the state. No one knows anything about how to help you. You can’t ever find someone to help you with finding anything. The manager knows less then anyone in the store. I bought the extended warranty and can’t use it because no one knows how to help me with that. No one knows anything about what they are hired to do. A lot of people are bypassing that store to go to the one in the next city. They don’t do inventory and they are out of things for-weeks. I went to buy some pet screen around five weeks ago and they still didn’t have it in stock yesterday. Most of everybody I have talked to says it’s because of poor store supervision and they are100% right. Skip the store in Elizabethton Tennessee and go to the next town over in Johnson City they actually have people that work and know what they are doing and you won’t get ripped off on your purchase

  224. Store1139 Macedonia , Ohio 44056. They pick up the phone, put you on hold, then hang up. Happened six times in a 10 minute period on 6/9/20. Not sure there is a manager/babysitter on duty.

  225. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get warrantee service on my one year old Frigidaire microwave oven, which is inoperable. All available telephone numbers result in loops of waiting time. If I cannot get this guaranteed service, please REPLACE THIS APPLIANCE! (513) 683-xxxx

  226. What is wrong with store #2898? The customer service has gone completely! Every time I ask a question, I get “that’s not my department” and no offer to help find someone. The inventory is completely off at that store and the one at Hwy 151 and 410 in San Antonio. It always shows you have it in store, but when I go there, its never there. No one answers their phone, even when they are standing right next to it. The “manager” is always gone. If I ran that store, I would make a change. I even know military people who work there and have lost their entire work ethic. If you got a new manager, they need to be looked at. I understand the virus is impacting, and I’m allowing for that. Yet, I go across the highway to HD, and they are always willing to help and have items in stock (as shown on their website). Please fix your store!

  227. I want to give a compliment to Aaron from the apple valley, CA Lowes he works in the lumber dept. He has gone above and beyond to help me get everything I need not just once but I have been in the store over 20 times in the past month and he has ALWAYS given 100% to help me get all I need, I’ve spent over $20,000 in the past couple months from building a 48foot porch and cover, completely remodeling my kitchen and 2 bathrooms putting in flower beds and all new flooring, Aaron sticks out with everything he has helped with he keeps me coming back, also a shoutout to Mike A the store manager, Jesse, Ken both MODs I truly feel like family especially with how crazy everything is with the covid 19 they all make time to help me get what I need and the help to load it. A+++

  228. i have visited your store in goldsboro and rocky mount nc and the employees that you have their and also the management do not seem to care if they sell anything or not, they have the attitude of i am too lazy to look up anything and if you take your business someplace else please do so i do not have anything to do except collect a pay check. i was told they do not sell the floor samples, but the comment was made that they do not want 2 be like other stores and have 2 put out a display when the restock comes in. i guess having to make room n rehang the item tag is too much work, this is not the !st time the service /attitudes have been this way. i can go to other business”s to get what i needed 2 include pulling from another locations inventory . the hassle and games are not worth it, home depot offers the same /more products with out all the hassle. and their employees are willing to assist the customer in what the came in looking 4 so they can leave a satisfied customer and get return business. i will take my business else where and their were other customers with the same conclusion of y shop here it”s not worth it.

  229. Do you think playing on the phone for three hour trying to speak to a person is a long time . wellin plain english it Sxxxx and still never got a person called headquarter and it would ring once and disconnect again Your phone system. No worry

  230. local stores have an ad for power washer karcher 1700–no store locally has,and they don’t answer phone soo how do i get one delivered at sale price. thanks

  231. I ordered a stove on June 11, 2020 from Lowes Store #3045 in Spokane, WA and paid in full $894.05. I was told it would be in for pick June 20,2020. I called to verify pick and was told it was delayed for 2 weeks due to COVID-19. I then called back July 1,2020 and was told again that it was delayed another two weeks due to the COVID-19 virus (Ridiculous). As of yesterday July 13, 2020 when I called again they could not even find my information in their system. I asked to speak to the manager on duty (Joanie) which had to research back to the sale date to even find my transaction and was told she would have to do some research and she was asked to email me a copy of the original transaction and was told she would get it resolved. As of today July 14, 2020 I have not received an email, no return phone call and no answers to my issue. I proceeded to call the store again and was informed she is off today till Thursday, so I asked for the manager in the appliance department (Dustin). He told me, my paper work was left on his desk by the store manager but didn’t exactly understand what the situation was so he didn’t call me back. He then proceeded to tell me he thought it was a return and wanted to know how he could help me since he had not called me back. He is now at this point trying to see if another store has the stove I ordered and will call me back hopefully. I live 2 hours from the original store I purchased from (4 hour round trip) and a family of 8 to feed, I have had to cook on a camp stove for over a month and still no resolution to my issue. I feel completely ripped off and taken advantage of. If I hadn’t called I would never even have had this situation looked into. The lack of professionalism and customer services is to say the least very disappointing and unprofessional. How can your company allow these situations to occur with your customers and stay in business? No discount has been offered, no free delivery and at this point I want my money back so I can go to a company that values my business. If this is not resolved immediately I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and will make a point to never use your services again. Extreme lack of decency to the people that keep you in business.

  232. My name is Eric Nshimiye. I live in Uniontown, Ohio. I am very disappointed to say the least in how Lowe’s has handled my freezer order. I placed an online order on 3/19/2020 from the Bedford Heights, Ohio website. The order number is: 409128413.

    I got a notification that the freezer would come on 3/22. The freezer didn’t show up. Later on I received more updates promising other delivery dates but the freezer never showed up. At some point, the updates completely stopped. After several weeks, I started calling the store to find out the status on my order. After waiting from a half an hour or longer, I talked to individuals who never gave me straight answers. After several such phone calls, I decided to cancel the order, thinking that I will get my money back and use it for something else. I spoke to two employees on different instances, promising me that my refund will come between 7-10 business days, but the refund never come. The third time that I called, an employee assured me that if I go to any Lowe’s store, they will be able to cancel my order and give me a refund. I immediately drove to the nearby Green, Ohio store and spent two hours working with a lady that was helping me to process the cancellation. She did all she could to help. She even contacted the IT team to see if they can help her resolve the issue. After waiting for two hours, I decided to leave because I had another commitment, but I asked her to call me after she is done processing my refund. A half an hour later, she called informing me that she was unable to resolve the issue. She advised me to call the Bedford Heights store to ask them to process the refund, even though I had previously spoken to this store three times. I decided to call the store one more time hoping that this time, I was going to have good luck. I called and reached someone who spent several minutes pretending to work on the issue. At the end she told me that she was able to process the refund and that I will get the email confirming that. More than two weeks later, I never received the email or the refund.

    I had an impression that Lowe’s is a world-class company that would not have this kind of disfunction. I found out that I was very naive about. If this how things work at Lowe’s, I don’t think that Lowe’s has a bright future. It will be eaten by the competition that can offer better service. As for me it will take a very long time to restore my faith in Lowe’s.

    Now it has been 4 months after I spent more than $500 on this order using my credit card. I have been paying interest on my credit card bill without receiving my order. As the leader of this company, I am appealing to you to intervene and help me get my refund because I have waited long enough. Please let me know if you need any additional details on this.

    Eric Nshimiye

  233. I want to complain about the lowes located in Fort Apache in Tropicana Las Vegas Nevada about my stuff I bought for delivery until now they haven’t delivered yet. The employees I charged keep on pointing each other whom to blame. Pls follow it up and I hope I will get it today but I’m not sure coz I’m an add on for the delivery.if you want more information pls call me my number is 908 403 xxxx thanks I’ll could tell you the whole situation if you could call me

  234. I send a message earlier but thanks god I got my materials thank you to Julio , Jr. And Cristina for everything thanks

  235. i complained a couple of days ago about a sale for pressure washers that were not available locally, nor would stores answer their phones in montgomery cty pa area. i was promised a 24 hr response. NEVER got it. RSVP

  236. I ordered kitchen cabinets from the Collierville TN store on June 12. I paid for expedited delivery of cabinets. After four weeks I contacted our sales person, Penelope Pricebichi, several times about delivery date and four weeks later she informed me they were at the courier warehouse and she would contact for delivery. Waited another week and still no cabinets. I got the number to courier and called to set up delivery myself. They were sitting at warehouse for two weeks. If I had not called they would still be sitting there. Once they were finally delivered the order was wrong. One cabinet damaged another was wrong size. And I had to return the wrong size cabinet before she would order new cabinet. Again I had to do the work Lowes should have been responsible for. Now we are waiting another two weeks for new cabinets. If they actually arrive on time. We will be without a kitchen for over 8 or more weeks. I called customer service several times about complaint and said I had to talk to store manger. I did talk to store manager in person, after several tries to contact by phone, they did refund expedited fee, but I feel this has been the worst customer service I have experienced. I will never use Lowe’s again for a home improvement project. At this point some other credits should be extended.

  237. My kitchen and bathroom re-do was totally messed up, a nightmare and the assistant manger of the store tells me she will get back to me, but has not, I went to her store and other managers made excuses for her. I will be taking this matter to 8 on your side next if I don’t receive a response to make what they did to my house- right. This project started last October 2019 and I was promised professional installation and accurate ordering of material- neither was done.

  238. I have been call emailing calling again. My mother purchased a Refrigerator at the Hampton road Lowe’s in Dallas. She calls me frustrated because she can’t get through. Someone called her yesterday about her Refrigerator and she doesn’t know if it’s delayed if it’s going to get delivered earlier or later and I have been sending emails and I’m calling I get switched over back to the same menu you all really need a better customer service at least answer the phone.
    Very disappointed at your customer service.

  239. I have been trying to get a shabby carpet installation resolved since last July. I have made probably 75 phone calls and I don’t know how many text messages. I have text and talked to Madison Macdonald, many times, she is very nice, however, nothing gets resolved. I have spoken to Vhristan Abba and texed with her numerous times. Nothing resolved. Some hotshot with pro services called back in April. Gonna get everything taken care of. Never heard back from him. I believe it is time for someone at Lowes to show some leadership. Call me 251-680-4701. Leave message of no answer. Or email at [email protected]. I don’t want to involve a lawyer.

  240. My delivery was scheduled for July 21. I purchased the item on July 6. I arranged time off from work to receive the merchandise and checked the delivery status on line which stated preparing delivery. I didn’t received the delivery and when I contacted the store, I wasn’t given an explanation. I lost time and money from work and I feel that I should have been notified if there was going to be a delay. I’m still not certain of the delivery at this time. I have purchased many items from you all in the past. I am very disappointed. My order number is 70154xxxx. I think this matter should be addressed properly.

  241. 3rd party people tried to deliver new refrigerator didn’t have right equipment to move it , dented it and moved old refrigerator scratching 3 of our floors. Very rude said they couldn’t move thing’s our house was not set up right for delivery. We have had several things delivered over the years no complaints before. Said it was all our fault they damaged things. Just want our floors repaired. They sent new refrigerator with nice people from Lowe’s delivered it just fine no problems. You need to get rid of 3rd party delivery they are not trained to Lowe’s standards. Just need our floors repaired. Thank you

  242. Phone number 317-831-xxxx
    I left a message for our floors to be repaired earlier my address is
    5xxx E Lakeview Ct
    Mooresville, Indiana 46158
    They said we had to have a claim number from the store in Mooresville, Indiana 46158 manager did not give us one. Delivery people scratched our floors
    We just want them repaired.

  243. This is Linda Lewis
    Address 5xxx E Lakeview Ct
    Mooresville, Indiana 46158
    Phone 317-831-xxxx home
    317-752-xxxx cell
    317-407-xxxx husbands cell
    Delivery people scratched our floors
    Very unprofessional rude damaged new refrigerator didn’t have right kind of dollie for moving refrigerator blame everything on us very unprofessional.
    Linda Lewis husband name Larry Lewis
    We have shop with Lowe’s for years always had good service till you had 3rd party people delivery.
    Just like to get our floors repaired. May just need buffing out I’m not a floor repair person. Thank you for your time.

  244. I purchased Portfolio low voltage path lighting and I’m having a problem with the plastic lense cover on the spot light it melted because the light bulb hit against it. How can I get new ones it happened to the two of them.
    The item#is 0688428 Model#00746 PO.No 26080117 LW#032001-112015. I would appreciate your help.

  245. Lowes store 146 your staff there afte a sale and possible service and or repair even with a warranty purchase is terrible the staff that couldnt even identify who the dept managers name is let alone the store managers name needs to addressed.M complaint to you is this your washing machine failed to meet the high standard of the brand you sell with a maytag name on it is as bad as the staff that sold it let alone the code that took f861 no water / yet when applied by button under the lid next to the detergent and fabic softner location location wprls would indicat that your machine is in need of service. Remedy the situation please and dont dance atound the corparate song and dance and smoke tricks to fix this situation

  246. Lowe’s in Ponca City, OK is not following your requirements for all employees and patrons to wear a mask. Please check into this and have them start following your guidelines.

  247. I am writing this to complain about the service that I have been given at the Lowe store in Wilson N.C. June 14 I order a refrigator and was told that it maybe delivered on the 26 of June. The refrig did not come in so I was told that it would be delivered July 4 at that time I told the applaience department that I would not be home and could we reschudle it and the answer was yes. July 4th the refrig was delivered anyway but we were not home. July 5 I went to Lowe in wilson to reschudle it. The delivery date was July 12 on July 11 I receive a phone call telling me that our refrig had been sold to someone else. Now my blood is boiling, I was told that I could pick another refrig to replace the other. The one we order was a special size and the others where to big for the area that we have so we could not do that. Mind you that we have paid for this refrig already. So on July 14th we received a call and they said that we would receive our refrig on the 28 of July. That was great news we thought, but on the 23 of july we received a call saying that the refrig that came in was not for us and that they had no ideal when we would get our refrig. Now something is wrong with this picture and we are not happy campers at this point with lowes in wilson. My wife call lowe in wilson july 23 and was on hold for 64 mins for them to tell her that they will call us when one comes in really is this acceptable? We also understand that the covid virus slow things down. My question is why did our frig get resold and then was reorder but to find out the one that was reorder was not for us. How can lowe resell a frig twice? We have never had problems we lowe in the past but this takes the cake and we are highly frusated at this point. Can anyone help us because no one in wilson has know ideal what to do at this point to make it right.

  248. I had a refrigerator delivered on 7/22/20 after waiting a month from order date. Online order # 700511667. The delivery company pulled down a utility line leading into my driveway. I reported it to Ben (manager) at my local store #244 who in turn reported it to the delivery company. Ben was told by the delivery company that I would be contacted that day. To date, I have not been called.

    The line that was pulled down was my cable line. Since I work from home, this was a huge problem as internet is a must. I was unable to work from 11am until 4:30 PM after I called my local utility company to come out. At $22.22 an hour that is huge loss to me as a widow. Since the delivery company does not want to contact me, I am asking for your help with my claim. Not only the loss of wages concern me but waiting to see if the utility company is going to charge me.

    I understand your delivery processes are new but this was total negligence on the part of the driver who by the way tried to pretend the line was down when they pulled in the driveway. The helper knew different and urged the driver to report it.

    In addition, the driver asked me if I wanted him to plug in the appliance or put on the handles. I said yes as that was part of the basic installation. Problem, the handles were put on over top of the protective covering. I had to remove the handle and reinstall in later on that day.

    My address is 26xx Lyntz Townline Rd, Lordstown, Ohio 44481. Phone 330-980-xxxx.

  249. I called corporate office at the beginning of the week about David and one of his employees and lumber was told the store manager would contact me within 48 Hours who has not today when I went in there and was leaving the store the assistant store manager David gave me intimidating look as I was leaving the store like he knows I called corporate about him and his an employee and was mad about it I would not continue to receive this abuse from these employees. This store is on Platt Springs Road in South Carolina.

  250. Order #426103341Ardmore Ok. I had order delivered and 33 divider pieces was not delivered, I prepaid for everything. Haven’t heard anything about when I will get them.

  251. Good afternoon, I’m having and issue with a fence the was done by Lowe’s. The fence fall down less than a year . The installer stated it’s a manufacture isuue. Lowe’s reference 2752 refused to fix it. I ask them to remove the fence and I will have a different company to do it . They want me to pay the credit cart. My phone number is 774 776 xxxx. I really need help to resolve the problem.

  252. I am having an issue with your Yonkers store and have not been able to resolve with 4 trips to store and multiple phone calls. I am fed up with the issue. My delivery had multiple problems and as of Saturday i was promised a Monday fix i spoke to john at the store , he said he was a manager and was very considerate. However this did not translate into fixing my order. The bad guy in the mix is the person who picked the original order and then whoever countersigned that it was all there. After that the second attempt was also mis picked. Twice i was promised delivery on certain days and was stood up. I was a contractor for many years and this is a highly unusual situation that is so simple to resolve. I do not want to go to my credit card company but i will if i have to and that would be a shame. You are wasting my time and money. How much is that worth ? Plus the 30 minutes on hold just today. I want what i paid for and i want delivery when you say its coming and make me wait like an asshole for you to show up and you don’t. Please contact me immediately upon receipt. Use 914490xxxx for order and phone

  253. Lowe’s in Leeds Alabama is the worse i ordered a refrigerator to be delivered it was not and I have called them 5 times they said they going to call me back but have not I called again and they still can’t explain anything the manger Robert heddin is a smart —-and very rude

  254. I am a former seasonal employee of the Amarillo Lowe’s on Coulter street. I was employed for 7 months & has nothing but problems & abuse from my manager Brittany.

    In that time, I was written up 2 times for 2 no call no shows in which I was not responsible for.
    Also, I was gripped at for smoking before my shift and on my breaks. I’ve seen many managers smoking outside & many other employees as well.

    My head cashier was Brittany and she would change employees schedules without telling them. Therefore, we missed days of work and get written up for no call no shows. When I complained about it Brittany & Crystal said it was my responsibility to check my email. (My brother-in-law is a former employee of Lowes as well and he encountered the exact same problems with his schedule from his boss.)

    I explained that I don’t have a car every single day and I could not download the app to check my schedule on my phone. I was told that was not their problem.

    I have been verbally abused the whole time by Brittany while I worked there.
    She would yell at me in front of customers and other employees complaining that I did something wrong.
    My career title was a cashier but Brittany kept me cleaning carts all the time. The sun and heat cost me more health problems for my lupus.
    Several doctors appointments I was dehydrated because of being outside at work.
    If and when I did work on a register, I got in griped at by Brittany for making small errors. I’m not on a cashier regularly & therefore I can’t learn what I need to in order to help customers.

    I had a slip and fall on the job that I reported to Peyton. It was witnessed by an employee named “Bear” who ran over to me and helped me up.
    Evan was another manager that witnessed it but he did nothing. With my on-the-job injury I bruised my right hip bone and threw my low back out.
    It has since healed.

    In regards to the COVID changes, The store manager Jacob Moore, Britney, and several other managers do not wear masks. I brought a note from my doctor to show that I’m asthmatic and claustrophobic therefore I could not wear my mask. Jacob Moore told me, “ I don’t care & I don’t care if it’s against your religion, you either wear the mask and you can work or don’t wear it and you can’t work.”

    I’ve had a lot of breathing problems since I’ve been wearing a mask and I feel very offended that my problems are not worth their time and help.

    I quit my job last week because I can only take so much abuse from my boss. I refuse to be abused and insulted anymore. There are many witnesses to Brittneys attitude and abuse towards me.

    I applied for 3 different part time jobs at Lowe’s and was denied on all three.
    Never ever in my life have I ever been written up for anything until I worked at Lowe’s!

    I loved the regular customers that would chat with me and the people I worked with other than Britney or awesome! I really would have loved my job a lot better if Brittany wasn’t my boss.

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter and I would really like a response back please.

  255. I am having an issue with your Yonkers store and have not been able to resolve with 4 trips to store and multiple phone calls. I am fed up with the issue. My delivery had multiple problems and as of Saturday i was promised a Monday fix i spoke to john at the store , he said he was a manager and was very considerate. However this did not translate into fixing my order. The bad guy in the mix is the person who picked the original order and then whoever countersigned that it was all there. After that the second attempt was also mis picked. Twice i was promised delivery on certain days and was stood up. I was a contractor for many years and this is a highly unusual situation that is so simple to resolve. I do not want to go to my credit card company but i will if i have to and that would be a shame. You are wasting my time and money. How much is that worth ? Plus the 30 minutes on hold just today. I want what i paid for and i want delivery when you say its coming and make me wait like an asshole for you to show up and you don’t. Please contact me immediately upon receipt. Use 9144904985 for order and phone

  256. I have been pleased with Lowe’s until now. I placed an order in May for a custom entry door and a storm door. Mr John Brown came to my home to take measurements and give me the total cost including installation. After about a month delivery came with a door in a box marked as the one I ordered and TWO storm doors. The delivery me told me they were delivering what they were told to deliver. Next day installers arrived and when they opened the box- wrong door. So I’m on the phone numerous times and visits to the store, met with mngr Randy. I explained the situation and he said he would check into it and get back to me. Also delivery men came back and picked up door and the extra storm door. After not hearing anything for a few days, back to the store where I was now told they have to order another door, another month waiting. I asked where was the door that was ordered in first place- no answer. So I wait and finally almost a month ( it’s Mid July now, and door gets delivered. This time o asked them to open box and yes, right door-yay!! Next day installers arrive and guess what- hinge placement is wrong!!! I’m back to the store met with mngr Bob, said he will look into it. Called me next day said they were supposed to deliver door frame with door and he would check and get back to me. This was Thursday July 24. After not hearing anything I went back to store on Tuesday 28th and again met with Bob who took down my info again and said he will look into it and get back to me. If this issued isnt resolved by weekend I will be cancelling this order completely and Lowe’s can come and get both doors and the lock sets. Oh, store is Crossville, where I purchased washer, dryer, refrigerator and stove/microwave. Not a happy customer!!!!

  257. Your customer service employee at the Milford, MA location was very rude to me when I was picking up an online order last night. His attitude needs to be addressed. I spend a great deal of money at this location and to be treated this way will not be tollerated. Very disapointed.

  258. I am not a happy customer right now. I have been on the phone trying to get through to an employee with store #2761 for over 2 hours & still have not gotten my question answered even after speaking to Rebecca one of the Managers on duty. I gave her an hour & 10 minutes before I called back & spoke to another Manager & informed her that I would be calling the Corporate office to report the whole situation. Now let me start at the beginning, My husband called this store at 1:15pm on 7/30/2020 & had to leave for a Dr. Appt. at 2pm so I took over the phone call it rang & rang no one answered the line finely disconnected itself. I called back again & repeated this process for about an hour, then I maneuvered through the prompts to get to Customer Service after about 40 ring someone answered. I asked if they were busy? She said what can I help you with I told her what I needed & she transferred me back to the ringing phone again, it rang until it disconnected again. I called back CS explained what had happen she said I will get you to the Pro Desk & transferred me, it also rang till it disconnected. I called back again & went back to the Building Department again the phone rang about 40 times & someone finally picked it up but said nothing & sat it on the counter or desk whatever & I heard everything said by everyone in the background. I thought that they were just busy & would be right with me but they NEVER came back to the phone. I tried to yell hello & can you pickup the phone & got no response. Tat is when I decided to call the manger on my cell phone & spoke to Rebecca. And the rest of the story is at the top. Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional info from me. This was a Major problem for my husband & myself. I can not believe that LOWES would have people like this working for them at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  259. We had to pay up front for our deck and installation to the tune of over $20,000 and were told it would be a month until the materials would arrive. We got a call yesterday that,pushed the materials date back another six weeks. You are sitting on our money and we want interest on it!

  260. I need help with replacing the lense covers of my two spotlights from portfolio low voltage landscape lighting that have melted from the bulb hitting against the lense..I have called the lowes customer service # and various #s for portfolio but I just stay on HOLD INDEFINITELY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Very frustrated!!!!!!!

  261. Hello!
    My car was damaged in your Lowe’s parking lot by one of your workers on July 20, 2020. I submitted the three estimates that your local store at 151 East 65 Interstate Rd, in Mobile, AL requested. How long will it take to get a response from you? My number is (251) 377-6lxxxx. Please feel free to contact me.
    Steven T. Cox

  262. I had an order picked up 7/2 for invoice #14332 in store #1577. Is there any way I can get a detailed copy of that invoice? The invoice was for $136.70

  263. I have two screen doors and two exterior doors ordered in October of 2019 and installed in February of this year. After the being installed I still have issues. No one from the store responds to my emails and Ron, from Lowe’s installation coordinator can’t seem too get things moving. The store didn’t know the manager’s last name, his email address or when he would be next. I am getting the total run around. Please, I need help! Jim Boyle 412 367-xxxx

  264. I have been calling the numbers for Lowe’s customer service since July 25 and haven’t been able to speak with anyone. I am trying to locate one of the two fans that I ordered on July 17. One was delivered on July 22 and I have not received the second one. FedEx said Lowe’s only sent one. I was charged for two.

  265. I have been waiting almost a month for a stove I ordered a refrigerator a week after and that seemed to be delivered fine first had to wait for someone to come out and look at the gas line and when he came he couldn’t move the stove said he had surgery so my 66 year old mom had to move it, then I had to go back to the store to pay for it after the contract took another week to be drawn up now another week still nothing from them on a date after I have paid 500. For installation when the stove was only 560. Like it’s been a month this is definitely bad business!! I will never use Lowe’s again absolutely crazy

  266. On Tuesday, August4, 2020 I rented (2) carpet cleaners. At that time the associate told me that. I was being charged a deposit, and when I returned the cleaner. I paid the rental with a check. I was not informed by the associate that I would have to wait for the check to clear before I could get my deposit back. I returned both cleaners the same day even though I had a 24 hr. Rental. Upon returning the units, I was told then by another associate, that I could not be given my deposit because I paid with a check. But I could get the value of my deposit on a gift card. This is unacceptable. I may continue to shop at Lowe’s and I may not. I certainly don’t intend to be forced to spend my refund in Lowe’s. I called to speak to the GM and was told he was not in the store, but the associate on the phone, took my contact information to pass on to the GM. 601 Mary Ann St, 337-793 -xxxx

  267. This is probably going nowhere as this issue has been going on since July 11. Lowes first sold me 2 washer instead of a washer and dryer as order, never installed the dryer said missing valve no explanation did even hook up washer which was no problem. I complained to the 1800 number someone got back to me a 859 pm 2 days later who said they would get the manager over dept. to get in touch with me cause they was on vacation that was supposed to be over with 2 weeks ago Monday and even the manager was to follow up, which hasn’t. This is the WORST CUMSTOR Service. I paid my Church member who saw my post about Your service and hooked me up. Thanks Lowes for Nothing!!!!

  268. I believe u are holding material for your pro guys and Not selling it to the consumer 400 4by4by8 in stock at lowes in niles ohio. Not one one the shelf. Walk out back stack of them like 400. They wont sell them to me, if i order off website, lowes employee says they will cancel order, Why is that u have them there. This is the second store thats done this, lowes policy ssys Fair Dealings, thats Not fair i believe that wrong, i am a paying customer. Employee tried telling me there paid for, ….NOW WHEN I WAS BACK THERE LOOKN, YES THERE WER ORDERS BACK THERE. WITH NAMES ON NBC THEM. THESE DID NOT HAVE NAMES ON THEM..

  269. I have to share my experience and my treatment that I received at your Tomball Lowes store located at 14236 FM2920 on Saturday August 1st 2020 at approximately 1 pm.
    I wanted to purchase 5 lawn chairs from outside in front of the storer, I was able to located an employee who told me that I first have to go inside and purchase the chairs then they would call someone to unlock them. I told the employee that I was in a rush, and if he can just escort me inside to pay he said no it’s the store policy. From a consumer’s perspective this is a major inconvenience, I received no other guidance on how to pay for the exact chair I wanted, so I took a picture of the chair. Feeling like things were not going to go well at the register I wanted to speak to a manager at customer service.
    The customer service reps called the manager named “Mandi” and I told her that I just wanted to purchase chairs and if she can allow the employee outside to unlock the chairs so I could put them on my cart and go into the store, apparently I was a nuisance to her and appeared to be wasting her time because she snapped at me and said “NO that’s the store’s policy and when I’m ready to check out just tell the cashier that I want the chairs from outside and they will ring them up”
    Fine, knowing this would be a problem at the checkout register I asked for her name because she had her name tag tucked halfway in her shirt pocket so it was impossible for me to see her name. I asked for her name and she quickly turned away and proceeded to walk away from me. I was astonished by her disrespect she just displayed to a loyal customer, I called out “excuse me” getting louder on each one, by the third excuse me a customer actually stopped her and pointed to me as if to say hello he is trying to call you. She huffed and turned and walked back to me and then she gave me her name, then again turned quickly walked away from me.
    I proceeded to the checkout register, I produced the photo of the chairs and told her “Mandi” told me to tell you that these are the chairs I want to purchase, the cashier looked confused and as expected she told me she needs a barcode from the chairs to ring it up, she attempted to view her handheld mobile device to see if she can identify the chairs in the system, and asked me if they were $200 each, I replied no they are only $19.99, after about 5 minutes she said she will go outside and get the barcode. This is exactly what I wanted to avoid on a busy Saturday, finally she returned with the barcode and I paid. She then called someone on the phone to unlock the chairs for me.
    Outside, after another 5 minutes or so a very nice employee came out to unlock the chairs, I told her about my experience and how rude the manager “Mandi” was to me, the employee then stated to me “oh yea that doesn’t surprise me she’s like with everyone, all the time”. The employee also stated next time just tear off the barcode and bring it to the register and they can ring it up that way. This was very helpful but I could not believe what I was hearing about Mandi’s reputation of poor treatment towards employees and customers. It was at this point I asked for the store manager “Mark”, they said he was working but could or would not get him for me. They said he may be out to lunch, so this is why I am writing this letter to let not only the store manager “Mark” know but Corporate should absolutely know that they employ such a rude person who is in a position of management representing your company. I have a business credit account with your store and is seriously considering canceling this account!!

  270. Extremely frustrated with Lowe’s. Spent nearly$6000 in past 18 mos and can’t get anywhere with the problem I am encountering.

  271. I am very disappointed in my service been trying to make a complaint to corporate still no where..no answer or call back from manager like I was told would happen..I. need some results to my complaint. Please

  272. I was building a big project and needed pressure treated lumber I kept checking your website and the boards I was needing kept saying out of stock. Seen where Home Depot was getting a shipment in so I go there first thing in morning and they have them in. So I decided to check your Columbus store again cause I get military discount and website says out of stock. So I go ahead and purchase my lumber just under $1000 but I decide to go to Lowe’s and get my hardware. When at Lowe’s I decide to go look at lumber in case I needed more later. And they have everything I needed but already purchased at Home Depot. So I’m confused on who is doing the updates. I know you all miss out on a lot of money that way. Just thought you would like to know. Thanks

  273. I have been trying to get Replaced windows fixed or replace for 2+ weeks I have left several messages and no reply. I spent 58 minutes on the phone today being transfered 5 times with no results. I finally got ahold of Kelsey Shubert ( Uniontonw PA) today, I have left her several messages no reply, and she told me I had to call the mfg. to get replacements..

  274. I was at your store today on my lunch break shopping for some tools and after looking at a few brands I decided on these two items because they were a good price with a good name brand. I grab the two item then went to get all the accessories I might need “bits, blades etc.” and went to check out. Well when the tools were scanned they came up $50 more apiece “$100 total” After informing the cashier she told me to wait around she’ll have somebody from that department come get me so I can take her back show her and get the price adjusted. well after about 30-45 minutes “keep in mind I was on a 30 minute lunch” she finally comes to get me. We walk back to the tools I show her she scans them and tells me that price tag is wrong. Obviously I figured that one out when I tried buying them and told her what I was told and why I waited on her. She started being rude to me telling me I could have moved stuff around switched tags why would I get a price adjustment told me that was crazy and she was being snobby and rude and I felt very insulted by her comments and it was very disrespectful and cost you not only a sale because I would have still bought the impact and drill but also a customer I’ll never go back to the Lowe’s on West 9 mild rd in Pensacola, FL. I might just start going to the Home Depot next to the Lowe’s I normally shop at in my hometown. That whole situation was not only insulting but also cost me my first and only write up in 6 years and a day of work because I was so late getting back from lunch which was the only reason I didn’t stay to talk to a manager.

  275. first lets start out that it took several phone calls to the store before someone picked up.when i got a person they forward me to another department that got disconnected.after trying again for several more calls i finally got a person,i told them i wanted to check an item that was online,stated they had 60 in stock.i wanted tide pods in ocean mist as listed online.i tried to order this item in the past and when i tried to pick it up it was the wrong fragrance. i asked if they could please check if the correct fragrance was available,they checked and said there was 9 units,low and behold when i got to the store to pick them up,they informed me sorry we messed up,that fragrance wasn’t available,this was the second time your online item was wrong and that your sales people do not know how to read. i shop here almost weekly.and i try to shop online and use customer pickup not forced to come in during the pandemic.i hope you can correct these problems and i thank you for your time. p.s. could you please make all garden items available for customer pickup,compost,peat moss,you have to go into the store to purchase these items.

  276. I have to date spent at least 3 hours on the phone trying to resolve my shorted delivery. After waiting on hold and being cut off by your automated system after 5 rings on any one line. I had to a just ask for a refund for the items not delivered. I could not spend any more time on this. I was assured that I would get the refund and have a conformation of that in an email within minutes of ending the call. It has not been five days and I still have not seen anything. The same day I spoke to corporate on the matter and they said they would contact the store and get me the missing items regardless of the refund. I would have to give them at least 24 hours to see when and how it would be done and I would be contacted in the 24 hours.
    Now 5 days later no refund no call no product. I called again and again I was transferred to another department from customer service and cut off. I can’t afford to spend my life on the phone being cut off and lied to just to get back the money I spent for nothing let alone the aggravation. Ref: order#704107265

  277. I placed an order that was available to be picked up 8/6. Then it moved to 8/7 which was fine. I needed the furniture for the weekend. No updates came through. So I called. I was told it wouldn’t be in until the 12th. That’s so unacceptable. I would have purchased another set or elsewhere as it was needed promptly. Now I search for similar and no stores near me have anything coming up in stock. I’m very upset. This is just discouraging with as much money as we spend at Lowe’s. And customer service wise a complete fail.
    Order 426778060
    Invoice 84614

  278. Your ads stress safety IE: store : 1540. lights section is stacked 10-15 ft high above the top level. NO PLASTIC WRAP- some one s going to get hurt. WHY ????

  279. Hi

    I couldn’t find a way to email the store manager of the Worcester, MA Lowes Store on Lincoln Street, so I figured I would contact you this way.

    When I arrived last Sunday at the Lowe’s store, I realized that I had forgotten my face covering to go into the store. I had a long sleeve shirt in the back of my truck, so I tied it around my head in a makeshift bandana. It was hot, and a little uncomfortable to wear, but I figured I wouldn’t be in the store that long.

    When I made it to the paint aisle to look for a roller cover, there was a mechanical ladder blocking the display. I had attempted to move it out of the way and a store employee (female, short curly hair) offered to move it for me, which she did easily. I thanked her and continued my shopping. I was then looking at different primer, and the employee (I don’t know her name) came over to me while holding a new, disposable paper mask by the ear loop, and said “this one is a little more comfortable if you’d like.” I eagerly accepted the paper mask and said thank you. I continued to have several other interactions with her in the paint department, and She was wonderful – kind, patient, knowledgeable…in short, someone you would want working in your store.

    I wanted to share this with you. As you may not be accustomed to receiving these types of emails, I wanted to make sure that someone knew and could commend this employee for going above and beyond.

    It took place on Sunday, August 2 at approximately 2 pm, and she was working in the paint department. White woman, brown curly/wavy hair.

    Thank you

  280. To whom it may concern:
    My name is Pedro Rivera, and I would like to lodge a formal complaint regarding a rude treatment with one of your employees when we were already outside in front of the store. We believe it is completely unacceptable the way this employee named Ed followed and treated us like if we were kids in front of other people. It was embarrassing.
    My wife and I went today around 12:00pm to your store located (Store # 1113) at 8050 W. Oakland Park Blvd. in Sunrise, Florida looking to buy an A/C thermostat and also to see if we can find a chest freezer that we have been searching for a few months.
    When we got to the store my wife went to look for the thermostat and I went to the back of the store to see if someone can help me finding a freezer.
    When I got there I saw an employee named Ed, and asked him if there was any freezer available, he told me “NO” in a rude manner and also said that if he orders one for me, there was no timeframe for the freezer to arrive. I asked him if at least a month and he said with more attitude, “No”. I left the area looking for my wife and we both went to Customer Service at the front to get help with the thermostat. My wife asked the lady at Customer Service, if she can check to see if there was any freezer available and she said that there was one available on display. We agreed and asked the lady to get it and that we would buy it. She went to search for help and another employee named Brandon, (very nice guy) went and found it for me. Brandon and I went to the cash register and I paid for it and left the stores. When my wife and I were outside Ed showed up again very rude and said that the freezer was already reserved for somebody else and that he told me that there was no freezer available. My wife and I were in shock since we already paid for something and we were ready to upload it to my car and leave the store. I asked Ed to show me proof that the item was already paid by somebody else and he turned our back and left without saying a word. 
    Brandon apologized several times and told us that the box was not tagged as sold and that was why he proceeded and sold the item to us.
    We hope this type of behavior does not happen again to us or any customer in the future in any of your stores. We also hope my message it’s not ignored and you guys can take any type of remediation.
    Pedro Rivera

  281. I need someone from Lowe’s to please call me to set up a time to properly install my dryer. It wobbles and does not dry. I have been calling now for nearly a month and all I get from the Port Orchard Lowe’s is a ringing phone. They will not answer their phone. Today, for the first time, I reach customer service who transferred me to the store manager, who did not answer his phone. This is ridiculous. 360-275-xxxx. Lin Donn

  282. Hello I just recently ordered a refrigerator from Lowe’s I ordered it on June 1st and it was not delivered until August 1st , I understand with the pandemic everything is delayed but I feel I could have a least been given a discount or something but nothing, then when I did finally receive the product it has 2 big scratches on the side of it and not offered a discount or anything you know if you spend almost a thousand dollars on a appliance you don’t like to receive damaged merchandise I know I could of refused it but after waiting 2 months I was afraid to do that. Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.

  283. This complaint is regarding Lowes and what I have experienced in regard’s to a couple windows that are going to be installed but at this point I may give the business to someone else with reason.

    A customer is paying for the windows and the install but Lowes is charging $350.00 in addition to this with claim’s that it is for the permit required to replace your window’s.

    I called the county that I reside in and there is no charge for the permit and it is free and that it is Lowes that is charging the extra money $350.00 again and it is not the county and that there is no charge to replace your window’s and Lowes claim’s it is for the permit and in reality it is actually the store that is doing this .

    It is more like an administration fee so they need to stop lying to the public with false information.
    This was the Titusville store in Florida and when I addressed this issue with Danny which claim’s to be the store manager because that is who I asked to speak with and I do not believe he was the store manager at all.

    I felt that he was argumentative and told me he has done this for 26 year’s or whatever the time is and it is for a permit, but again I learned that is not a cost from the county to replace two window’s and Lowe’s is the one that is doing this.

    Again not only am I paying for the install and window’s which is right but false representation what the $350.00 is for and again it is not the county and it is Lowe’s.
    That is a lot of money for paperwork and your already making money.

    Stop claiming that it is what the permit cost with the county because that is not true.
    I think that the public should know what Lowe’s is doing that is only fair.
    Your already making money and false pretenses that it is the county and for the permit. (not good at all)

    Again it is Lowe’s doing a little paperwork and making a call that is a lot of money.

    And to speak to Danny was not good because it seemed that he was Mr. know it all so he think’s, and he even disputed what I was told from the county.
    I was told you need to speak to Lowe’s because they are the one’s charging you the money and not the county.
    I am so bothered with what the truth of the matter is.
    It is time that the public really know’s the truth.

    Debbie Gil 321.804.5594

  284. Pertaining to Lowes store in Clearfield PA.
    Most full time staff are working every weekend and all holidays instead of rotating weekends/holidays instead of using part time/seasonal staff to work weekends and holidays.
    Managers all show favoritism towards staff that are lazy, the hard working staff are criticized, humiliated, and held to higher standards while the lazy employees are held to lower standards.
    Hard working employees are written up for minor situations while lazy employees cause major situations several times and are not written up or even receive a verbal warning.
    All managers at this store show favoritism and are biased towards some employees.
    Policies and procedures change via manager based on who the employee is and if you are in their click or not.
    Staff are working without enough help and are expected to do more responsibilities with less staff.
    Managers are rude and condescending to the employees, managers will yell at staff in front of other staff and/or customers about not getting several tasks done.
    Even though there is not enough staff working to get all tasks completed, and the managers never offer assistance to staff to get tasks completed.
    The managers stay in their air conditioned offices.
    All the managers are unprofessional with how they treat staff it makes it difficult to continue working for lowes when they treat their staff this way.
    One of the managers even told a staff member that she/he should get a better job than working at Lowe’s, and this was in front of another staff member.
    What kind of a role model and professional behavior is this – that a manager should conduct theirself this way?
    This manager is talking bad about the company she/he is working for to other staff at Lowe’s.
    This manager has the ability to write up staff and/or hire/fire people, she/he should be fired for their behavior.
    All current managers need to be demoted and/or fired due to their unprofessionalisim, condesceding behaviors, criticism,unwillingness to help staff due to inadequate staffing. All new management should be hired and trained appropriately so employees want to work at Lowe’s and have an incentive to stay there.
    It appears that the less deserving employees get promoted and the hard working employees get criticized and harassed.

  285. I needed a Pilot Outdoor Smart Security Camera @ $29.99 none of the lowes stores has not even one in stock the site says if I get one I have to order it but I needed it today its a shame that a company as big as lowes cant have one of these cameras in at least one of its stores I live in Morganton, NC 28655 but I might as well live in Alaska I would come closer to getting the item I need today.

  286. Today I spent 2hrs and 15 minutes to place an order. 1 1/2 hours to actually place the order. After a half hour working on the initial order process, we determined that if you have one shipping address on the account you need to click on that field in order for the system to actually place the order.

    Then I called customer service to lodge a complaint, and request compensation for this poor customer service. I had to wait almost 45 minutes for an agent to pick up. He then said he needed to transfer me to a supervisor. But he transferred me to a store.

    I believe some compensation is in order.

    Barry Karben

    By the way, 4hrs from order placement and no ready for pickup notification

    Barry Karben

    Order # 70500xxxx

    Tel 757 376 xxxx

  287. Why do I have to pay interest on an ordered product that was not received. I was promised delivery on a 5700. appliance order by 7/27 now they’re talking 8/24. Should I have purchased at Home Depot? I feel I have been cheated.

  288. check out your store in Woodstock Va. There no sing on the saying mask require Half of your customer don;t have mask on . Manager could clear less . Around the corner there a Walmart sign says no mast no entry . Your add on T.V shows Lowe;s in forcing safety.

  289. It sure would be nice if you had people answer your phones. Currently I have been on hold for twenty minutes, which is wrong. we have been trying to get the military discount and no one seems to be able to help us. The website go to the store and they can help you, we did, they didn’t. They