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Company Website
Corporate Address
5777 E Mayo Blvd
Phoenix, AZ
Company Contact
Thomas Bour
Phone Number
(480) 515-6296
Fax Number
(480) 342-2525
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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2 Reviews and Complaints for Mayo Clinic Hospital Headquarters

  1. Mayo clinic in Phoenix changed their policies for blood work department . A telephone person called me to make my 2 appointments and failed to tell me that I couldn’t check into the blood department until 15 minutes before my appointment. When I finished my CT scan they told me when I went to check in that I couldn’t for 40 minutes. I have always been able to check in any time. I was not happy and saw the supervisor and she had another story. The check in person and the supervisor had 2 different reason for the check in and yes I was getting madder and raised my voice. She said she did not like me not respectiing her and called security. They were offensive and got in my space trying to intimadate me. I am 80 years old and found this treament offensive. He then called another guard and the two of them got in my space and would not let me go upstairs to the infectious disease dept to get a script to go to another place to get my blood work.They then told me to leave and they followed me and stalked me. I went to the hospital facility and they gave me phone numbers to call. this guy from security Matt got in my space and I told him to get away from me. This is the US and not comunist China. I have a voice and a right to use it., Instead of difussing the situation they just ifueled it While I was talking to the supervisor A man came up to us and said I am from Seattle and have the same problem. A little hint why not offer to buy me a coffee or sweet roll and not call security. You definitely need a securit y overhaul. This happened at the Phoenix facilityon Mayo in Phoenix. Was I comepletely right to raise my voice? NO but did it require 2 very rude offensive Men approaching an 80 year old woman who is barely 5′ 2 . They also threatened to call the police and I said go ahead I will dial for you.

  2. How do I contact you by email or live chat? I have tried the Headquarters phone number but I am unable to get through to a real live person in the weekend.

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