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Corporate Address
200 Queensway St
Searcy, AR
Company Contact
Jeff Durham
Plant Mgr
Phone Number
(501) 268-5311
Fax Number
(501) 279-7373
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
Sic Directory Code

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  1. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

    1. https:// see this video on how we fixed the Maytag Bravos XL washing machine smell.

  2. I purchased a Maytag Commercial washer with a 6 year warranty – the unit has been down in need of parts since September 11th – not the reliability I expected – very unacceptable – model: MVWP575GEO/ Serial #: C83380271
    I have never experienced anything like this with any product or service

  3. I purchased a Maytag washer #MVW6230HV0 delivered to my home on 7/22/2020 $831.93 + $122.57 Protection.
    This washer NOT WORK. Maytag send a service men to my home, cannot fix at. Told me the one sold it for me sand it back to Maytag, this are a “LEMON”. The seller DON’T do NOTHING. I called Maytag several times, NO ANSWER. I wrote Email NO RESPOUND. I have to write to BBB after this received Emails from WHIRLPOOL CORPORATE OFFICE Barbara L. Ferguson Tel. 866-817-5404 Ext 4340 (Subject Re. # SR7729027448 MAYTAG WASHER)
    10/15/2020 wrote “representative from Reno’s TV. Inc. will reach out to you in the next couple of weeks to schedule an appointment for them to uninstall and haul away the washer. They will refund check at the same appointment.” I DON’T HERE NOTHING!!! I called this company and they told me, waiting for the check from Maytag. Called Barbara back and she told me, the CORPORATE OFFICE HAVE TO WRITE OUT THE CHECK.
    I am 84 years old and sick lady (with cancer) VERY upset, CANNOT DO MY LAUNDRY from 7/22/2020 . Have to go to the laundromat and PAY to do my laundry.
    I paid CASH from my S.S. saving and this BIG COMPANY CANNOT REFUND MY MONEY and PICK UP THIS NOT WORKING “LEMON” WASHER! NO HELP!!! I am waiting from:7/22/2020 (delivery date) today 10/27/2020 (36 DAYS). PLEASE I NEED HELP!!! HELP!!! Thank you, Marilyn Borovi

  4. I purchased a Maytag Commercial washer the unit started leaking in under 2 weeks not the reliability I expected – very unacceptable – it should be removed & refunded immediately! model: MVWP575Gw0, don’t go near this machine, its AWEFUL!
    I have never experienced anything like this with any product or such poor service

  5. I requested services on my dryer on January 4th. On the 5th your contracted service person in my area called and said it was probably a thermal fuse and he would have to order one. Today is the 26th and I ended up ordering the part and repairing it myself. My part got here in 3 days, I’m not sure where he was ordering from. Then to top things off I called your customer service line to cancel the service call and was on hold for 45 minutes. You are making it impossible for me to ever purchase a Maytag appliance again. Are repeat customers how your business survives.

  6. My name is Andrew Dale, phone number 845-659-xxxx, it is a Whirlpool/Maytag Model# MVP575GW0 Serial#C850-60378
    Address: xx Maplewood Blvd, Suffern NY 10901

    I have been waiting 8 weeks to get this Maytag machine fixed that is under warranty. I called in December, Jan 12, 26, 29 (asked to be expedited), February 12, 19, 29, March 2. I spoke to Demitrius on March 2 who was beyond confrontational. I was told I need to wait another two weeks for them to find parts as they are saying the expedited case was not entered until Feb 19. I have documentation of all calls. I plan on contacting NBC NY 7 – 7 On Your Side tomorrow and let them listen to the calls. Resolve this now. It is your contractor that has not done their job along with your customer service experience team members. It has been a terrible experience. I already sent a DM. I am also contacting your corporate office. I have been told anything to get me off the phone. Demitrius, a manager, also said his manager doesn’t take calls! He said nobody above him can help me. Really??? Also said I can’t record calls, unfortunately your staff has blatantly told untruths and they are recorded…

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