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Corporate Address
1200 Market St NE
Decatur, AL
Phone Number
(256) 552-7411
Fax Number
(256) 552-7435
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14 Reviews and Complaints for Meow Mix Co Headquarters

  1. I bought a 12 pack of Tuna & Shrimp cups box and it stinks so bad even the feral cats and other outdoor critters won’t get near it. It smells like old stinky tin and spoiled fish The 3 feral cats I feed 2 times per day and have gone through all 12 cups looking for one that they’s eat and no one wants any of them and just sometime ago that was their favorite food?

  2. I still did not get my refund . I was told 6 weeks. This was may 2022. I believe the 6 weeks from may is exhausted. Please send refund your cat food made cats throw.

  3. No problem need coupons for feral cats I take for free to get fixed the food is what cost was hoping for coupons so I can keep feeding these poor babies I’m 67 on SS evette Snead 3558 stormbranch rd beech Island SC 29842 thank you

  4. No complaints I take care of Feral cats getting them fix is free at my age but I need help if by chance you still carry coupons I use the first original meow mix dry bag thank you 3558 stormbranch rd beech Island SC 29842

  5. I am very upset with Meow Mix. I found a 1/2×1/4 sharp sliver of bone in my cat’s food. There were other small pieces too..
    I demand a recall of this cat food. There are probably other contaminated servings. Maybe a cat will die because of this. Find out how the bones got in there and stop production. I am serious about getting this recalled NOW.. I want a quick response please.
    And you owe me some sort of compensation. If my cat had swallowed and choked on the bone the medical bill would be close to $1000.
    When I am done here I will be warning everyone that I know about the bones I found in your food.
    Recall this food.
    Inspect how it happened. (I hope that you don’t regularly mix bones in the food.)
    Reimburse me for my TROUBLE.
    Nancy Dampier

  6. I purchased a Box of meow mix simple servings Seafood variety pack expiration 10/07/23. The 1st thing I noticed is when I opened the Box one of the flaps had a Brown dark stain that had a foul odor. I thought one of the packages had broke open but I found nothing unsealed and leaking. What I did find is a sealed real tuna and ocean whitefish With dark Brown gravy and no meat inside. It is still sealed and I have not opened it. I’m beginning to think there is a flaw in the packaging and the Brown gravy inside this package may be related to the Brown stain on the Box. This was possibly overlooked because you do not see any stains when it is sealed but once you open the Box one of the flaps that is underneath the main flap is the 1 that has the stain and the smell and that could be why nobody seen it.

  7. I have been buying Meow Mix for my cats for several years now, but this last bag I purchased the cats will barely eat it. It’s the same flavor and brand as always. My cats will come running for feeding time and then smell it and walk away. I would like a refund at the least.

  8. I’m not 100 sure it is the food for the other cat didn’t get sick and it could be the house im renting water and home itself but my pretty girl has been sick throwing up blood ext she stopped as of yesterday but this morning she ate not even a 1/4 cup and drank water and she sick again now and I thought you should be aware for incase it is the batch however as stated the other cat that comes to eat her food for thier owners can’t afford to buy them food has not gotten sick

  9. I purchased 6 (2.75 size) of Meow Mix tender favorites/real salmon and crab meat at Walmart in Ventura on Victoria Avenue. I have never in my life since I’ve used this product seen which looked like 1 inch slivers of wood in all 6 of these products. I would never give my cat that it had a terrible odor and my cat loves it but refused 3 of 3 cans I offered her. They side of the can it reads ;
    1)best by 02/11/2023
    4)D O1:56
    This is what I can provide you with. I don’t have my receipt unfortunately but I believe I purchased them for $0.59 x 6.
    I will be waiting for your response.
    Thank you.
    Christina Acosta
    xxx Grand Avenue
    Ventura California
    E-mail tina.acoxxxxx

  10. Regarding Tender Favorites tuna and shrimp: in dividing the container into dishes, I noticed a white stick like object about 1 1/2″ long. I picked it out and it was a BONE! That could have cut, choked, or killed one of my girls! How best to get the word out for people to beware and not purchase Meow Mix?

  11. How do I contact you by email or live chat? I have tried the Headquarters phone number but I am unable to get through to a real live person in the weekend.

  12. My review: I have nothing to complain about. I had a problem but customer support was really helpful and sorted it out for me pretty quickly.

  13. My four cats have been sick from your meow mix for the last few days I changed out the food to something else they haven’t been sick yet from the other food just got sick off meow mix dry food they vomit For four days after eating it it’s got salmon , chicken I can’t remember all the ingredients I brought it from wal Mart this month I bought the item

  14. I’ve been waiting for a call or email. I filed a complaint with walmart about your product. My kitten that i bottle fed since 4 hours old passed away because your wet food had worms. I brought the unopened containers to walmart and the manager himself opened 3 different kinds and all 3 sure enough had worms. My baby got extremely sick she stopped eating we brought her to the vets many times diagnosed with severe worms but because of her size she Couldnt be treated. I couldn’t figure out why until í mixed garlic in her food and i literally watched worms move away as she was eating. She passed away because she was so infested that her stomach stretched so much she developed sores she wouldn’t eat or drink. So thanks alot for killing my baby at only 7 1/2 weeks old.

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