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Company Website
Corporate Address
1 Mercedes Dr.
Montvale, NJ
Phone Number
(201) 573-0600
Fax Number
(201) 573-0117
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6 Reviews and Complaints for Mercedes-Benz USA, Inc. Headquarters

  1. I am very concerned about mercedes lack of customer service. I have been waiting for a reply from Mercedes’ me connect for three weeks in regards to a file about my remote engine start. Why can’t I get any help.

  2. Has patent number 11254221 the shows how 3-phase alternator and transformer components can power electric vehicles

  3. I have broken down with run flat tires on an interstate. Mercedes told me they could not tow me because I was within 50 miles. They told me to drive to dealer. My tire shredded and caused damage to the wheel well. When I finally got towed (I waited 3 1/2 hours). The dealer was about to close. This would leave me stranded in a state I am unfamiliar with. No place to sleep. No car. Fortunately the gentleman at the dealership asked the mechanics to stay after closing time. That’s the only reason why my car got fixed. One flat tires don’t help you if dealers are closed if you’re stuck on an interstate highway. You can’t always drive 50 miles. What if it’s 9 o’clock at nightAre you supposed to drive to a dealer that’s closed. Run flat tires are the worst thing I’ve ever had. Consider all of the Reason these tires don’t work. I have an E4 50 less than two years old with 12,000 miles on it. My sister Broke down with her own flat tire. Her car had 4000 miles. These tires are really no good. Unless you have a nail. And unless it’s daytime when the dealers are open. Mercedes also now makes you wait by the side of the road 3 to 4 hours to be towed. Totally unacceptable on a $75,000 car. I’m looking to get rid of my car so I can have the security of a spare And be able to get to where I’m going.

  4. I am contacting you because I am in need of your assistance to resolve an issue with my 2012 ML350. I live in Huntsville, AL and my local dealership is Mercedes Benz of Huntsville Alabama.
    To my understanding, this is the first time this engine was installed in Theo 2012 ML350, According to my local dealership, oil is getting into the Engine Control Unit with zero plausible explanation as to why this is occurring. The ECU is sealed tight so my dealership is starting the oil is getting in through the wiring harness or from the cam shaft seals. How is this possible?
    In either case my vehicle is not running properly and I need assassins with getting my vehicle repaired.
    May service records with MB will reflect I have completed required maintenance and services.
    This has been an ongoing issue with my vehicle.
    By the way, this is my third MB, i by these cars because of the reliability and safety features to include the MB reputation.

  5. Its a problem for me that the company is not open all days in calender year. I know that everyone are entitled to their holidays, but you could atleast have a skeleton customer service phone number that is open on weekends and at all public holidays.

  6. I would like to apply for a job with you, but I dont know where to sent the job application to. I need to know if the Corporate Office address is the same as the Human Resources address.

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