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Corporate Address
2201 W Bell Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Company Contact
Tom Irwin
Phone Number
(602) 866-6244
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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3 Reviews and Complaints for Midway Nissan Inc Headquarters

  1. On Saturday February 20 I went to Midway Nissan to trade in my 2019 Nissan Titan and purchase a 2021 Nissan Titan, the salesperson was Golda. After signing all the paperwork the finance manager Brandon Roberson said that he would be mailing the papers to my mother Gaylene Hall in Michigan to cosign and once they received the paperwork back I would be able to pick the truck up. Brandon said that they already had an approval for the loan from Ally bank. On February 22 I texted Brandon and let him know that I wanted to make sure that the title was a “or” title and not an “and” title because I didn’t want to worry about it in the future and he texted back and let me know that it was an or title with my mom and I. I called Golda on Friday February 26 and asked if I was able to pick up the new truck and she said yes that all the paperwork was signed and I could come pick it up. I went to Midway Nissan and gave a $1000 down payment plus my truck as a trade in and everything seemed fine as I drove away. I received a call from Ally Financial on Tuesday March 9, the lady asked for Gaylene Hall and I said that is my mothers name how can I help you she let me know who she was and I said that I am on the loan also how can I help and she let me know that only my mother was on the loan. I was confused because I signed paperwork. I told her I was going to call Midway Nissan to see what was going on. I spoke to Brandon and he said that everything was fine and he had to send more paperwork over not to worry. I let him know that she said I was not on the loan and he said that they had to submit it with just my mom to get an approval. On Saturday March 13 I received a text messages from Brandon that said he needs to see me today there is some issues with the deal. I called Brandon and he said he needs me to come in to get the deal taken care of and I let him know I could later that afternoon. I called the main number at Midway about an hour later and asked to speak to a manager and spoke to a Joe that they just need me to come in. About 30 minutes later I received a call from someone that did not state their name saying we need you to bring our truck back to us right now, I said so the loan didn’t go and he stated no it didn’t we want our truck back. I called back and spoke to Joe again and said that I wanted to make sure that I would get my trade in back and down payment when I come in Joe said that he would have both waiting for me. I went to Midway Nissan and returned the 2021 Titan and took back my trade, but Joe said that accounting just closed and I would have to pick my check up first thing Monday morning. I went to Midway at 10am March 15 and Brandon Roberson said that they are working on my check and he would text me in a little bit when I can pick it up. A couple hours passed and I called Brandon again and he said they are working on it. I texted Brandon and he said he just went to go get it and then again I asked if it was ready he said that it is being handled. I never did hear back so I called Midway on March 16 and was told that all the managers are in a meeting so I called Brandon again and he stated that he would not speak to me anymore. Not only am I a victim of Spot Delivery Scam but I am also a victim of them keeping the $1000 down payment that I needed to make the payment on my original vehicle. Please help with this matter and make sure it does not happen to anyone else Thank you.

  2. I did not have a the greatest experience with contacting the corporate office. They seem to be a bit annoyed with dealing with customers, so I recommend that everyone contacts customer service directly through their phone number or contact them on Facebook.

  3. They need to put some more resources in to their customer service department. My problem was easy to fix but its too hard and takes too long to get though on the customer support phone number.

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