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Nike Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
1 Bowerman Dr.
Beaverton, OR
Company Contact
Mark Parker
President CEO and Director
Phone Number
(503) 671-6453
Fax Number
(503) 671-6300
Employee Count
Twitter IDs


What is Nike’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Nike’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-503-671-6453.


What is Nike’s Corporate Office Mailing Address?

Nike’s World Headquarters mailing address is:

Nike World Headquarters
One Bowerman Drive
Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: 1-503-671-6453
7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. PT, Monday – Friday (except holidays).

Nike European Headquarters
Colosseum 1
1213 NL Hilversum
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 35 6266453

Nike Greater China Headquarters
No. 99, Jiangwancheng Road
Yangpu District
Shanghai 200438
Phone: +86-21-52882828

What is Nike’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Nike’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-806-6453 for orders and products, available from 4 am – 11 pm PT, 7 days a week.

Alternatively, Nike Customer Care can be reached on 1-503-671-6453 (fastest number).

Other Nike phone numbers:
Nike Company info: 1-800-344-6453, 7 am – 4 pm PT, Mon – Fri.

Nike NRC & NTC: 1-800-379-6453 8 am – 5 pm PT, Mon – Fri.


How do I Contact Nike Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed here or contact Nike via:

Nike Customer Service Live Chat is available Monday – Sunday:  09:00 AM – 10:00 PM CS.

Nike Email Address: Nime customer support can be emailed via this email form.

Nike’ Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Nike on Social Media:

Nike on Twitter: @NikeSupport

Nike on Facebook:

Nike Headquarters Executive Team.

The Nike management team consists of:

Philip Knight – Cairman of the Board of Directors

Mark Parker – CEO and President

David Ayre – Executive Vice President

Don Blair – Executive Vice President and CFO

Trevor Edwards – Brand President

Jeanne Jackson – Merchandising President

Eric Sprunk – COO

John Coburn – Vice President

Kelley Hall – Treasurer Vice President

Bernie Pliska – Vice President

Hilary Krane Executive Vice President

John Slusher – Executive Vice President

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23 thoughts on “Nike Headquarters

  1. I am vachira Karunaratne from Sri Lanka.Along with an investor I want to invest and get Nike dealership in colombo Sri Lanka. I want details and information regarding how to get the Nike dealership in colombo. As well need information on requirements of getting the Nike dealership in colombo Sri Lanka.
    Please contact me on my mobile number +94774713878
    Since I contact India and other countries numbers some numbers cannot be reached and wrong in the internet. Your response is highly appreciate.
    Thanks; vachira Karunaratne from Sri Lanka

  2. I’m a Product Designer whom has been working at Protecting people in walking, bicycling, motorcycling and have created a device for the wheelchair. It’s a large COLLECTION.
    Living in British Columbia, Canada. Having just been this past Tuesday, May 29th at the Headquarters of NIKE in Beaverton, Oregon.
    The offices at Reception kindly gave me the address but my draft did not go through. It is my understanding that this is the division of Grants and Sponsorships.

    In the 4 years of sewing, testing and developing the Collection of SAFETY GEAR I’ve developed an amazing relationship with a factory BIG K in Vancouver whom makes and distributes Safety Gear for the Construction Industry. With 2 years of their support and gifting me with fabric and now the initial formality of connecting with an agent – INNOVATIVE LICENCING & PROMOTION INC.
    The research has been accomplished in March and the connection with Vincent Lo Tempio a Patent Lawyer in Buffalo, New York. The outcome has been that the product is unique and an alternative to what is in the marketplace.
    At this point in time the Patent Pending has not been started.
    The costs of endeavoring to do this next step is daunting.

    I’m asking you to respond to me what you think best.

    Travelling to one of your big NIKE outlets in Orlando, Florida and looking at the potential of PROTECTING PEOPLE, it’s my dream and goal to have you represent my PRODUCT.
    Saving lives is paramount and I believe we can form a partnership in accomplishing this very worthwhile directive.

  3. I will never buy nike again. I threw the pair i had away. To select such an anti-American as a spokesperson. An over paid performer who has done nothing for his country. I mean nothing.

  4. I just wanted to inform Nike, that my grandson shoe split open after school yesterday. Do you think the glue on some shoes may be faulty?

  5. Why in heaven’s name would you allow a jackxxx like Kaepernick to dictate what products you can and can’t sell? Shame on you for allowing the likes of him to tell you how to run your company. How about a sneaker that says Make America Great Again on the back !

    Ann Fener
    Phoenix AZ

  6. Just a heads up for your customer service team. Most companies have a Twitter or Facebook customer service account these days, where customers can get fast help. I only have a small problem that i think could be fixed in 30 seconds. I dont want to be on hold for 10 minutes on the customer support hotline for that.

  7. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

  8. Hello I ordered a pair of sneakers in February, they are to narrow , on line , haven’t been able to return dued to store, and customer service, closed.because of the virus , can’t afford to lose money .please help. Cha

  9. I can’t find one store or nike online selling the Jordan low Chinese New year shoe which releases in 2 days. I know its limited but does that mean the regular public doesn’t get a chance to buy it? That’s very mean to do to people. It doesn’t even show as a release upcoming on the Nike app. So who is getting these shoes? I’m dead serious. Something fishy here.

  10. Tried getting feedback about a soccer cleat that is falling apart. Could not file because the tag inside the shoe is not able to be read (dirty due to it being a soccer cleat). The only option was to write headquarters. very disappointing, as apparently, the placement of the identifying tag is in very poor placement and now we have no chance of receiving a replacement pair of spikes or can make the defects known. Can’t say I am surprised by any of this. Poor quality, poor systems in place to deal with these issues. At this point, we will have to try another Brand that stands behind their quality and craftsmanship.

  11. I couldn’t purchase the alpha fly next% my size in the US back in Aug 2020 so I ended up asking my cousin in the Philippines to buy me a pair via Philippines. Long story short, I didn’t get to try on the shoes until yesterday 3/19/2021 and was disappointed only after running 5K and the sole fell apart. I contacted nike US but they are unable to help me and expected to send the shoes back in the Philippines because it is defective. I am hoping to get this resolved here in the US. i have a photo fo the shoe and the receipt when it was purchased.

  12. It’s no surprise that the satan shoe has left a foul taste in the mouths of a wide range of consumers. John Donahoe issued a statement that claimed Nike had no involvement with this act. My question is this… Just exactly where are the high profile high dollar attorney’s for Nike? I’ve heard crickets. If your company is in fact innocent of association where are the fast ball slander, defamation, unauthorized use of trademark, false advertising ect lawsuits? Satan is being allowed to become normalized and welcomed and it certainly appears that Nike is complacent in the charge. Isn’t it terrible enough that our veterans are slapped in the face by your company? From this point forward, I hope all employees that accept this type of work environment shall reap what they sow in the name of JESUS. May your company bankrupt and if need be go to jail.

  13. my question is I went to the Nike store in the Tangler Mall in Southaven Mississippi on 5/23/21. Once I made it back home to Memphis Tn I notice I was over charged and had to go back the next day 5/24/2021. That was taken care of but I wanted to repurchase on another card but was told I had to wait 24hr to do that .Why? I still wanted the shoes just wanted to buy them on another card. This is very inconvenient and plus I was over charged $40. Please explain why I couldn’t return them and repurchase on another card to be told I had to wait 24hrs?

  14. I purchase Nike shoes Vapor Max and the bubble on the Sole of the shoe deflated. Shoe was purchased for over $200.

  15. We went to San Antonio Texas. I’m from Corpus. My brother and I went to the River Center Mall he bought me some Vipormax white tennis this past February for my birthday. They were expensive I use them for look. I don’t jog or mistreat them. Very rarely I wear them cause I like my things to look like new. I notice under the sole it was ungluing the bottom of the sole I can take a picture to show you all. I was trying to surf around if anyone had the same problem. I saw about 4 people. I LOVE LOVE my Vipormax. I haven’t see anyone down in Corpus wearing them. I get a lot of compliments always asking me where I bought them. All I tell them I got them at the River Center Mall in San Antonio, Texas. Im just disappointed that it happened. Please Help me what can I do. Thank you Dianne

  16. Please just move to China you anti-American Commies! I will never wear or buy Nike again. All into the trash!

  17. Of China for China…take your shit products made from slave labor and move all of it to China…and get the out of our country you commies.

  18. Hi,
    I have some video of metal detection violation of your product factory. contact with me. otherwise I will publish it. my whats app +9234578xxxx

  19. Looking for jingle writing and Native American spokesperson opportunity for Popular Southern gospel Artist that writes great jingles, has flare and sell ability.
    Not many native American spokespersons. Needs opportunity. Please send contact info. for Nike Marketing.

  20. A fraudulent website took my Nike gift cards worth 1,000.00. How can I report them? I have original receipts and cards, they have a photo of cards displayed and a copy of the receipt. This situation has been reported to the police department in my city. I’m trying to get my money back through my credit union. Is there anyway your company can not take the cards when they use them if so I can send the card numbers. Please let me know.
    Thank you
    Valissa Williams

  21. Your employee Preeti Mudan contracted with cloud9 contractor is double dipping with another company for last 1 year and a half she may be sharing some infos and not delivering your works load properly. She is using two different lap tops and 2 different phones to filter things out .
    She is a W2 direct hire to BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) so you may want to look into it and terminate her position.

  22. I received a pair of monarch Nike Airs for a present was very happy to get the shoes however when I put them on the started walking fresh out of the box they had a squeak in the sole…I thought it just might be new rubber tread wore them for a half of day then could not get the squeaking to stop. Took shoes back to where I got them from they would not refund or trade the product. I am now stuck with a pair of squeaky Nike Airs that when I walk in the grocery store everybody looks at me and sometimes I feel like they’re smirking at me. Very dissatisfied with this product. Too much money for a bad product.

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