Olive Garden Headquarters

Olive Garden Headquarters Contacts.

Corporate office contacts for Olive Garden Restaurants, including phone numbers, mail address and Executive Team.

Olive Garden is owned by Darden Restaurants, Inc, which also owns the chains Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, The Capital Grille, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, Yard House and Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen.

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Olive Garden Corporation Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
Darden Restaurants, Inc
1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, Florida 32837
Company Contact
Gene Lee
CEO Darden Restaurants
Phone Number
(407) 245-4000
Fax Number
(407) 245-6807
Employee Count
Twitter IDs

Darden Restaurants, Inc Corporate Office Address.

Darden Restaurants, Inc
1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, Florida 32837

Darden Restaurants, Inc Mailing Address.

PO Box 695011
Orlando, FL 32869-5011

Olive Garden Headquarters Phone Number.

Olive Garden’s Corporate Office phone number: (407) 245-4000
Olive Garden’s Corporate Office Fax Number: (407) 245-6807
Website: http://www.olivegarden.com

Olive Garden Customer Service Contacts.

Olive Garden Toll Free 1-880 Number: 1-877 500 9706
Olive Garden  Gift Cards: +1-800 248 4935 (Gift Cards – USA)
Olive Garden Gift Cards: +1-888 888 3341 (Gift Cards – Canada)
Olive Garden  Customer Service phone number: +1-844 645 6925
Olive Garden Guest relations: +1 800 331 2729

Olive Garden Customer Email Address/Form: Olive Garden Email Form


Olive Garden Executive Team

Gene Lee
President & Chief Executive Officer of Darden Restaurants

Dave George
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Dan Kiernan
President, Olive Garden

Rick Cardenas
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Chris Chang
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Susan Connelly
Senior Vice President, Communications and Corporate Affairs

Michael Beacham
Senior Vice President, Franchising — President, International Operations

Matt Broad
Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Todd Burrowes
President, LongHorn Steakhouse

Brian Foye
President, Seasons 52

Ian Baines
President, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

Sarah King
Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Michael Kneidinger
President, Yard House

John Madonna
Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller

John Martin
President, The Capital Grille and Eddie V’s

Doug Milanes
Senior Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer

Rich Renninger
Senior Vice President, Chief Development Officer

Bill White
Senior Vice President, Treasurer

John Wilkerson
President, Bahama Breeze

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    1. I was done really bad there in the olive garden in Bowie town center but you no what I am going on faces book to let every one no

  1. The food was so bad it was over cook I sent it back through a manager and he bought the new food out and it was over cook and burned the salad was flooded with dressing. Wow Olive Garden has really gone down hill. If I was rating this company on food quality I would give it a zero

  2. While parking to dine at the Olive Garden on Walmart Way in Worcester, Mass. I noticed that employees from Olive Garden were carrying in milk, broccoli heavy cream and other groceries into the back of the building (assuming the kitchen). We decided to go to the bar and stick to the apps that we hoped weren’t purchased at Walmart as I could’ve gone to wLlmsrt myself instead of paying 5x at Olive Garden. What I saw made me pay close attention to how this place was being run. I do this often to every resturaunt I go to. The entrees that people ordered looked awful, I suppose the cooks can only make due with what they have. However, the supervisors were aful to their employees, nothing disgusts me more than a supervisor treating employees like dirt. If my husband wasn’t with me I would have confronted them myself. This place needs a total rehab I don’t know what happened in the last 2 months but I won’t be back. It’s disgraceful when a kitchen is run so poorly and the employees try so hard to make due with poor leadership decisions. Obviously the fresh ingredients are missing if he’s sending employees to wall mart? What if one got hit by a car or slipped and fell coming or going to Walmart??? I don’t know any last names but Chris is one of the supers and Edger is the other that I heard them call themselves. They are ruining your reputation. A HUGE difference between worcester s three ring circus and your Framingham and Enfield professional locations. I won’t go back to Worcester, those are not bosses or leaders they are BULLIES!! Good luck I hope they don’t shut this location down.

  3. Immoral Employee
    Can someone from the corporate office post a email address? I have a complaint against an employee at the Lake City location. This employee had created a potentially dangerous situation and possible opening Olive Garden to a liable incident.

    MRS WADE 207xxxxxxxx

  5. Your restaurant in Eastpointe Michigan gave me the worst service that I have ever had in any restaurant. It was on Memorial Day Monday maybe 10 tables were taken in the whole restaurant. And service was at a snail’s pace at best. Took 15 minutes to get our drink order which only half the order came to the table. Then after another 15 to 20 minutes while still waiting for a drink order our food order for appetizers and such was not taken. At this point I went looking for a manager. At that point I did not like the attitude that I got from your employees which I was still, at that time. The end result was I gathered my party went to another restaurant walked in to aim extremely busy restaurant got seated immediately drink order was taken delivered immediately appetizer order taken delivered immediately and our food order was taken. This Steakhouse was extremely busy and extremely satisfying. As for me I will never patronize and Olive Garden restaurant again and everybody I get into contact with will know about my experience at Olive Garden

  6. spent 75 $ waited too long for food asked for Alfredo dipping sauce and they acted like we asked for fold.charged us 5 $ for a little spoonful. food got cold.staff and manager not accommodating or nice . never again.

  7. Albert Pantaleo
    8xxx Alwardt
    Sterling Heights, Michigan, 48313

    To Olive Garden Italian restaurant, my name is Al Pantaleo 6/15/2018 Friday my family of 4 all went to our usual place Olive Garden, we go there about 3 times a month, we know the waitress and like her. we are seated and we all order the same thing soup and salad we love it…lol all was very good. and the price is fair, but we had a Gift card for $25.00 .. I receive Gift cards all the time and ask for Olive Gardens ones, and then we wanted to split the bill in half. Our bill came to $59.07 a fair price, we also had a 15% off Couponed, we did not know how to do this with the Kiosk the company has and our waitress did not know eater so she went and got the manger to help, a young man came over and said ( WHATS THE PROBLEM ) he was about 25 years old and was annoyed, we told him we had a Gift Card and we are looking to split the bill and use 15 % off Coupon, he looked at the Coupon and said it’s not his and we are NOT going to honor it ( PAY YOUR BILL AND LEAVE ) enclosed are copies of the Coupons we got angry with him and he then said ( WE MADE THE Coupon UP ) on some kind of computer…. I was pissed at that point. This was the only time we have ever had any kind of a problem, I paid my bill and left. (( we were all very embarrassed )) by this person his name is Stan he was the manger 6/15/2018 at 19:43 my ticket, Donna S was very good and embarrassed for us she said. As a customer of your company I never was embarrassed like this before, You / your company should know how some of your consumers were treated. I own a business with 5 people and want to know how my clients are being treated this is why is sending this to you. Please help retrain this person or remove him.

    Thank you for your time / Here are the Coupons he claims we made.
    Albert Pantaleo

    1. It is upsetting to have to deal with those situations. My husband and I were very patient, the Waitress was messing up all throughout our dinner experience. We told her to take it easy and that we understood. When the bill came and we paid we decided to leave her a good tip to reassure her. we left cash on the table ( $20.00 dlls for a $65.00 dollar check) When I checked my bank statement a $20 dollar extra charge was posted. Currently I have a complaint not because of the amount. Because of the abuse!! They can not/should not make changes to our bill.

  8. I had a wonderdul experience with my wife, Raeven. The food was great; fully cooked and warm. Served in a timely manner and the server was absolutely amazing and astoundingly attentive but not abbrasive hah. Diana made us feel at home and helped my wife and I make the decision to come back every other week and absoultely look forward to the experience. THANK YOU DIANA M! Check #61341
    TID: 7344761
    Server: Diana Morales

    P.s. PLEASE contact me to give this wonderful server what she needs to recieve the recognition she deserves!!

  9. I eat at Olive Garden at 925 Alta Mere in Fort Worth, Tex. 4 to 5 times a month. I also dine at a Subway that is located behind Olive Garden. I was in Subway several days ago when the manager from Olive Garden came in very upset that several of his employees were told not to park in front of Subway. Your manager was very rude and told Subway employees he told them to park there. He said his employees needed a place to park and there was plenty of spots in front of their restaurant. What is wrong with parking in their own parking lot? His attitude was anything but professional. His aggressive manner will keep me from dining at Olive Garden again. Every restaurant needs parking spaces. Subway has six, and your manager thinks he is entitled to all of them. Really bad management.

  10. This is definitely NOT a complaint! I just want to share how Alison Suits took what could have been a disaster birthday celebration and made it very pleasant. This occurred at your Florence, Alabama location on July 16th. I had called on two occasions to confirm our reservations for a birthday party on July 16th. Apparently the date was written on calendar for July 18th. I was very disturbed that the staff was not prepared for us but within 10 minutes we were seated and service began immediately. It was a most pleasant night with excellent service. Alison was most professional with her accommodations and apologies. We certainly look forward to enjoying more meals at this restaurant. Food was delicious.

  11. Bristol VA. Our party went for buy one, get one. I understand that that the get one is pre-made and cannot be substituted, but being diabetic, I asked for whole wheat pasta for my in restaurant one. I was told they couldn’t do that. (They always had in the past) I asked to speak to the manager thinking the server didn’t understand. He was horrible! He told me if I needed gluten free, he could substitute that, but not whole wheat. I said “Let me get this straight, you can accommodate for one disease, but not for another?” He lectured me like a two year old. Everyone (except me) had wanted dessert before we went in, but we left after our entree because our mood had been destroyed. They even overcharged me, but I paid rather than argue a second time. Most restaurants will accommodate if your request is reasonable. The food wasn’t even good. Everyone in our party said they were finished with Olive Garden!

  12. While eating at Olive Garden in Newport News, VA, last evening. The service was extremely slow, like one item at a time-bowl of salad, then bowl of soup and finally breadsticks. No salt or pepper, had to get up and remove shakers from the bar. We took our buy one take one with us, and paid for unlimited soup and salad. We were seated in the bar area and observed the manager gather approximately 7 or 8 employees to the bar (all at the same time) and watched them all partake in a orange slushee type substance, out of individual condiment-type plastic containers. I might add our waiter had made the statement he just graduated high school. We were there for 2 hours: had two bowls of soup, two bowls of salad and 2 – 3 piece servings of breadsticks. Our previous visit we were showered with the cheese being grated, to the point of having to stand and brush it from our laps, as the waiter continued to grate more. All without a complaint. But, to consider the possibility that management may be providing alcohol to minors is something you really should be concerned about.

  13. Gian Paul Bxxxxxxx works in Olive Garden in Citrus Park in Tampa, Fl.
    He is sick, he has Chron’s Disease n has no insurance n he is overworking out of necessity.
    He works every weekend n he is married, has a 1 year old child n his wife is 2 months pregnant.
    She asked him yo leave this job, at Olive Garden n he refused n left the house.
    Please fire him, he is destroying his life. He is underweight n killing himself for overworking at Olive garden. He works every weekend until 11 pm and sometimes he has double shift n has no time to eat.
    We will hold Olive Garden responsible for his health and he dies it will be Olive Garden’s responsibility.
    He has to do his treatment n could not do it since this company does not have any benefits. He has no insurance and since he has not been treated for months he has no energy and he is depressed.
    Let him go, immediately
    He is destroying his life
    Atty. David Thorpe

  14. Where can I find your red wine balsamic dressing? I do not seem to be able to find it any where ? I would like to buy some. Can you PLEASE help me ???????

  15. Ive been trying to order a takeout dinner from Olive Garden in Mt Juliet tn and have been hung up on 3xs. This is very unacceptable and will not be tolerated. I am in the customer service business and if i treated a customer this way Id be looking for a job immediately. I know its friday night and this store is busy but now I’ve been on hold for the manager for 8 minutes. Id like a callback or email sent to restaurant 1751.

  16. I want to one of your restaurants located at 101 North Brand Boulevard Glendale California 91203. There is numerous tables open as well as cleaned off but yet the hostess wanted me to wait. I pointed out that there was tables open he said those tables were not available. Needless to say I did not wait I want to California Pizza Kitchen and had my brunch. I can’t see the need for making your customers wait when there’s no need for that

  17. Can you please tell me if you use the same boiling water for gluten free pasta as regular pasta as been told my many people you do also by some employee s that you do I am allergic to gluten

  18. I recently bought a 50$ e gift card from Green Bay Wisconsin Olive Garden for a friends birthday, when her and her friend went to eat and use it the manager and employees treated her with the most disrespect she’s ever gotten and it was her birthday😡 not only would they not help her figure out how to use the gift card but they blamed me the purchaser for not following the direction which I only bought it and had the email sent to the recipient. For me to spend 50$ at your restaurant only for my friend to be treated like she didn’t matter as a customer is rediculous and I will not spend anymore money at Olive Garden

  19. Hello! I wanted to share information about an awful attitude of Olive Garden worker at Monroeville, Pa (15146) location. We were planning to have a dinner there. Upon entering the restaurant we were not welcomed, instead, we faced with a displeased reaction of the hostess. She was talking to some other workers, and it took about 10 minutes to get her attention. Finally, when she ended her conversation and came back to her stand to greet customers, she started to welcome people standing behind us in the line. She skipped our family and just ignored us, leaving us very upset. I would say it was a racial discrimination. People behind us were suprised too. They said that we were first in line. As that situation made me feel very dissapointed, we left the restaurant.
    My main complaint is about discrimination of the customers. I’m asking you to train your workers so they don’t humiliate other customers. Thank you!

  20. I was wondering if the Olive Garden restaurants use the same boiling water to cook normal pasta then reuse it to cook the gluten free pasta as I have heard this from numerous people also from employees that work in the Olive Garden restaurants I think this is really bad as it’s cross contamination and can cause a serious reaction to people with gluten free allergies

  21. As someone asked is it true the same boiling water is used for the gluten friendly pasta as normal pasta in Canada . If so it wouldn’t be gluten friendly.

  22. Please,please put a Olive Garden in Dickson , Tennessee. Nashville is growing out this way and we have no Italian restaurants even close to here.Everybody I have talked to wants one. Believe me you will have plenty of business.

  23. I do not have a complaint I have a compliment. I visit Olive Garden 29602 on October 29th 2019 location 6615 Airway Boulevard in Southaven Mississippi. There were seven of us at the table we were there 2 go to a funeral of my brother who on his deathbed at that time .He passed Nov 1, 2018 we were there at the restrant. The young man that was there took all of mymy 7 sisters mind completely off the death of our brother. one of my sister’s birthday was that day , he even sung happy birthday to her. We appreciate that young man so much we talked about him all the way as we drove 2 hours back home his Pleasant atitude kind condolences, smile and appreciation that he gave us, help us go through the trials and hurting feelingl of losing our brother. the young man was named Bryant. He made the atmosphere changechange.We enjoy the meal and we thank you for that staff

  24. Please put a Olive Garden in Dickson tn. We don’t have an Italian restaurant within 2hours from here. I can tell you that you would have more business than you could ever believe. Everybody here says the same thing. Thank you.

  25. Been going to Olive Garden for almost 9 years but the Olive Gardens in Orlando Florida on Sand Lake Road I called order to go little after 9 in the girls will answer the answer the phone or employee was very rude I always call a little after 9 to order the go I never had a problem till November 28th this employee who answered the phone was very rude they don’t not take no more orders after 9 which I say that bs I’ve always called after a little after 9 and always had order to go and would no problem but this employee made a problem at this is how you run your business when employee like this I was very disappointed in Olive Garden’s tonight November 28th I was looking for it for food

  26. I have always enjoyed coming here with my family and having drinks as well as enjoying the food except for today, I have used my drivers license as my identification to verify my drinking age , my sister used her California Id and while I tried using my Arizona one which this place is also located in the server said he can’t accept my is I asked why if I have used it at every restaurant for the past year he went to confirm with his manager which name is SHERRY sherry explained she couldn’t accept it because it was not horizontal and she has not gotten any email saying she can accept drivers license which is crazy if the law can accept how can’t a restaurant accept it ? She kept telling me until something changed in her emails she couldn’t accept my drivers license I told her how can you not verify with my drivers license it clearly has my DOB and and all the info needed to verify I am able to drink yet I did not get my drink I then asked if we can move to a bigger table or add another table to ours because my two brothers were going to join us and the server asked his manager if he was able to and she told him no because it would be in there way then the service was terrible it took them so long to take our orders and bring us to go boxes when asked I couldn’t believe how bad the service was I then started to think it was discrimination because I my family was the only Hispanic table in there and everyone else was being served so much better I am so disappointed of this so called manager sherry Olive Garden at YUMA ARIZONA

  27. Dear Olive Garden management,

    We had a party of 10 eat at the Joplin,MO Olive Garden this evening to celebrate a birthday.

    I was curious about the lobster and shrimp mac and cheese on the menu and asked the waitress if it was as dry as it looked in the photo. She assured me that it was very creamy so I ordered it.

    What I received was a bowl of pasta sitting in a buttery SOUP..not a creamy sauce. There was a reasonable amount of shrimp and approximately 1 tablespoon of shredded lobster! The menu photo shows chunks of lobster claw which made the $18.99 price seem reasonable. That is not at all what was served to me..we actually passed the bowl around the table so everyone could take turns looking for the lobster.

    The manager was brought to the table by my request. He informed us that Olive Garden is a pasta restaurant-not a seafood restaurant. When asked why it didn’t look anything like the photo he informed us that they SHRED the lobster before they add it to the pasta. He then went on to give a speech about how they actually sell more chicken than the popular chick-fila.

    He never made any offer for a discount or substitution of a meal..no apology or offer what so ever.

    If I had been dining with just my husband this would have ended differently and I would have been rude as hell to this ridiculous manager..but we were there to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday and the situation was awkward enough.

    Our bill was well over $150.00 and we tip generously because I feel the wait staff shouldn’t be punished for the crappy food.

    You will be getting many more complaints if you don’t change the misrepresented photo on your menu. This is a horrible dish..was not anything like mac and cheese..it literally was sitting in a thin soup with nothing coating the bland pasta.

    Please consider educating this Joplin store manager regarding his management skills..he is sadly lacking in this department.

    And..if as he says..you are a pasta restaurant-not a seafood restaurant- then please remove the seafood from your menu.


    Kathleen Brown

    [email protected]

  28. I had the displeasure of dining at you location on west 88th Ave in Westminster CO last night. We had a reservation for a group that was made well in advance. We were seated over 20 minutes after our time. Our orders were taken but only half of our group received their food, one side of the table. The other half had to sit there and watch the first half eat. The manager (I presume that is who she was) finally came out and mumbled a sort of apology and said the kitchen goofed and food would be out soon. Reservation at 5:00 first group served at 6:00 second group 6:20. All the food was lukewarm even the food for those who had to wait. Water and drink refills non-existent. No offer of a discount or coupons for future visits, desserts etc. to those who had to wait. But they were VERY prompt with the bill. Extremely disappointing visit.

  29. I ate at Olive Garden Monday December 3, 2018 at the Reynoldsburg Ohio location. I asked for a sample of wine, the waitress proceeded to argue about how she had worked there three years and they have never given a sample and continued on telling me at length how that would be illegal etc. I was with my cousin for a nice lunch not a demeaning lecture. I asked her to contact manager but that never happened to my knowledge. Then at end of meal she said that iPad type machine wasn’t working and couldn’t give me a receipt unless I had to have one which by that time I said “that’s okay” and left. My cousin and I were there Monday about 1pm for lunch. I did not get her name I think because I was taken about this conduct. I have been to Olive Garden and have never had a problem.

  30. I am so disappointed. On November 20, 2018 I went to the Olive Garden on the East Blvd in Montgomery,Al. I visit this location two to three times weekly. I honestly had high respect for this restaurant. On Nivember 20, 2018 I went to this location and ask for the manager, I was approached with someone that identified himself as QC and stated he was the manager. I request to reserve the meeting room on Dec 8, 2018 at 3:00pm. Mr. QC stated that will be fine, and I will make sure I write you down fot that date, I ask do I need to pay anything and he stated no. On Dec 2, 2018 on a Sunday, myself alone with six others dined in and I once again ask the manager, a young black female to confirm a reservation for me for Dec 8, 2018 at 3pm, and she returned and stated, we have a Minister Ida Foreman down and I stated ok, that’s me. She also showed the room. I felt confident until today. At 3:02pm I arrived at this location on Dec 8, 2018 and was told my name was not on the list for the meeting room and another group was their. How could the employee tell me Minister Ida Foreman name was down for the room when asked on Dec3, 2018 and I didn’t even tell her my name she came back to my table and told me what she saw, but today I was told my name was not listed. I had 15 people waiting with me. But it gets worst, the manager a black female with short hair said I will put you all in a different area, we was sated at 4:15pm. A young white male came to the table 20 minutes after we were seated, and took orders for drinks, and stated another young lady will be assisting him. He brought bread with no plates, and one drink, tea with something black floating around in the glass. And one table he didn’t even bring bread to. His assistant finally showed up with a very ugly attitude to go with her ugly face. I usualły visit Olive Garden two to three times weekly and always bring out of town Minister their, but I promise you I will never put my feet their again, and I am going to share my experience with the congregation, and other Ministers as well. By the way four Minister were with me today, and none of them could believe the experience in which we endured. Terrible, terrible and terrible. While we was sitting their waiting on a waiter, one of the Deaconess google The juicy seafood, the restaurant next door and we went directly over their and spent a total of Six hundred plus dollars. Again I am and was highly disappointed with the entire experience and have no plans of ever returning.

  31. My wife and I was at your Olive Garden eating our dinner on 12/ 08/18 I had orderd chicken gnocchi soup chicken marsala I had taken two bites and saw a persons hair in my chicken marsala ask for the waiter to take it because after that no longer was hungry tried to stay humble but I have not eaten all day ,finally the manager came out and ask me can they make me another dinner and after what happen I was really thinking how the kitchen was ran and how clean it was,so I kept the soup later that night I COULD NOT SLEEP my stomach was in upset aches pains had diarrea really bad up until SUNDAY night I know I had food poisoning , hope to GOD somebody takes me serious this was one of my favorite places to eat for my family and I hpoe you make me feel like giving it another chance . GOD BLESS !Miles Mckee 2009 Schantz,Ave. Kettering,Ohio 45409 The store was Olive Garden at the Dayton Mall

  32. My manager Joel at the Olive Garden in Co Op city in the Bronx wrote me up for poor performance for leaving at my scheduled time yesterday for not being checked out my a manager and that same day he had a line cook known as Jonathan walked in the middle of his shift without a managers permeation and was not given anything but a phone to come back when he clocked out in the middle of his shift. Joel didn’t tell this man anything. I feel like Joel is discriminating against me and i should take legal action because this isn’t right . That a man walked out in the middle of his shift and didn’t receive not even a write up nut when i left at my scheduled time i get a write up. If you have any questions you can contact me at 914-374-xxxx.

  33. Hi my name is Joshua Watkins on Sat Dec 8th I was with a party of 12 that was booked in advance by Minister Ida Foreman. She reserved a room that was apparently double booked and the other people was given the area.we arrived at 3pm and was not seated until 4:30 and no one came to our table until 5 15. We got bread no plates even at 6 00 no one took our order and we departed to the Juicy seafood establishment next door. I was dissatisfied and totally disappointed being that I’m a regular customer

  34. On Nov. 25th I purchased 2 large family size salads at the cost of $40.00 plus tax. The salad consisted of lettuce, a few tomatoes and onion rings on the top. If you were lucky you found a black olive. Once the first person took their salad the only thing remaining was the lettuce. I have ordered these salads every year for our after Thanksgiving family celebration but this year I was very disappointed. We wrote a letter to the manager of the restaurant on Midlothian Turnpike but never received a response. My home address is xxxx Nambe Circle, N. Chesterfield VA 23237 cell # 804 307-xxxx and home number 804-275-xxxx.
    Thank you,
    Tom and Helen Shook

  35. Ordinarily I enjoy the food but tonite my husband ordered a steak and when it came it was rotten. I thought maybethere was a sauce on it so I tasted it and it was ROTTEN. THE MEAT EVEN SMELLED. So he got sick to his stomach and we told waitress and she took it away she offered to get him something else but he was nauseous at that point. So she said a manager would come over. My sister and I asked for to go boxes cause we couldn’t sit and eat in front of him. It took about 30 minutes to get boxes and my sister wanted dessert dk she orders that. Still a manager hasn’t come and it’s now been about an hour So after we paid our bill we left! Very bad customer service. And very very bad to serve.food that is so obviously rotten. I’m very upset, our entire meal was ruined and we had to spend$70 for the BAD experience!!

  36. Last week a horrible situation happened at the Farmington, NM Olive Garden. To start with my husband and I were the very first customers that this Oliver Garden had when they opened their doors for business and we have been going there every Friday for years. Before that we drove to Albuquerque, NM twice a month to eat at Olive Garden. We love the food, but, Last week an employee was fired (which she should have been), she called her boyfriend and he came to the restaurant and started a fist fight with the Manager on duty. The manager is gone and the violent employee got to keep her job. Is boosting all over town that if you get fired, just beat up the manager and you can keep your job. We will NO LONGER support Oliver Garden in any way shape or form. I will NOT support a business that condones violence. This really hurts us, but as long as that employee is still allowed to work there we will no longer support Olive Garden. We own two businesses and we have a zero tolerance for this kind of nonsense.

  37. My family had went to the olive Garden in Greensburg this evening and we had a horrible experience. We were told 45 min wait and we waited an hour and 45 min. There was people coming up & asking how much longer saying they were waiting over an hour (mind you they came in AFTER US) & they would seat them. We asked how much longer & was told there was 7 ahead of us it would be 10 to 15 min. We waited another 45 min & asked again & they skipped right over our name & said we will take you now, the person who seated us said sorry about the confusion. We finally get seated & waited 15 min until our waitress came over, we had enough time to look threw the menu & order our drinks and meals at the same time. She took our orders & we told her we also need sugar for our teas cause there was none on the table at all. It took us 15 min to get our drinks & salad & breadsticks. We asked again for sugar still didn’t have any. Then our salad had no dressing on it, it was completely dry. She finally came back we asked for sugar again & told her our salad didn’t have any dressing on it she went & got us a little bowl of dressing for 5 of us, we told her we all needed dressing, I told her to just take the salad & get us a new one with dressing. Then a waiter brought out our meals about 45 to 50 minutes later. When our waitress finally came to check on us we told her my son didn’t get his chicken tenders & he had all his other food gone before she came over. Then she brought our checks & said she was sorry she was upset & a wreck tonight. She also had a extra drink on our slip that I didn’t notice until I got home, guest 3. We only had 3 people on our check & my parents that were with us were on there own check. Our check has guest 2,3,4,& 5 . Guest 2,4,&5 are correct but we didn’t have 4 people on our check. I have never had this kind of service at an olive Garden before.

  38. Every year my family goes here for birthday dinner. Well last night was the worst meal I’ve ever had there. Food was not hot, and it was dry. Salad was not up to par, first one no croutons second one did. We ate because every was starving. On the table they had the 2 for $12.99 waitress advise they weren’t running that any more and should have been taken off table, do you think she removed it then. NO. So they were going to give dessert for all the trouble off menu, anything what my daughter wanted they were out of should have told her sooner anything but, sorry we are out of this item. Waited 45 minutes in line, so yes they were busy. But no excuse for food being terrible.

  39. Olive Garden # 1616, 12370 S. Freeway, Burleson, Texas, check # 17185, table 254, on 1-5-2019. The food was good. My complaint is on the service. The waitress wasn’t bad in a way, However, it was more on how she handled herself. The drink coaster was basically thrown our way versus setting it on the table. The drink straw was the same thing. When the plates were ready, they were handed to the other folks on the table to pass to the recipient who ordered. Maybe I am being overly sensitive, but I don’t feel this is the way anyone would want to be served!!! The lady was nice however, it was her mannerism in serving us that bother me. Maybe that routine would work at a comedy club. In short, we need to do better. Thanks

  40. Please consider putting a restaurant in lewiston I’d or Clarkston Washington. We have 4 collages with in the 4 town’s in the 30 mile area. We don’t have any Italian eating place. We have to drive over 2.5 hours to find an olive garden Please consider the area. You won’t regret it

  41. I am writing this with concern for any employee with any type of disability. Dyslexia is a type of learning that affect thousands of employable individuals who, general, are over overachieving individuals. Recently, a young man with reported, upon employment with the company, dyslexia, was let go for management misunderstanding and poor communication, who was set up for failure. During employment, his dyslexic was shared with fellow employees resulting in taunting of his disability. He was a very dedicated employee who put his heart and soul into his work and worked hard for promotions. He must have been an intimidation of future advancements for a particular Supr/mgr personnel to set him up then ‘cover his own backside’. The employee had earned many pins and pats on the back and words of encouragement for his performance. He was just a time clock puncher, but, a dedicated employee with a career mind. Unfortunately, Olive Garden has given away, without sufficient investigation, an employee who was an asset to the company. As was shared an employee 3months prior was also let go, or, as shared with me, ” set up and fired”. Thank you, Jeannie fox

  42. To Whom It May Concern,
    On Saturday, January 12,2019 my boyfriend and I had lunch at the Olive Garden at 15090 W. 119th St., Olathe KS 66062. I order the chicken & shrimp carbonora w/extra peas and onions and my boyfriend ordered the Tour of Italy only to be told by the waiter that the manager said due to a large order that there wasn’t anymore lasagna. He gracefully changed his order to a ravioli & chicken pasta dish and asked if he could receive a discount on his meal since he really wanted the lasagna. Our waiter (who was very polite) asked the manager about discounting his meal. She came by our table and said that she would have a Tour of Italy ready to go for him by the time we were ready to leave. When she walked away, we were thoroughly confused as she instructed our waiter to tell us there was no more lasagna due to a large carry out order but, she said that she would have that dish ready by the time we left but we have just requested a discount on the meal. When my meal arrived, there was no red peppers or bacon that was shown in the picture and because we had waited so long for our meal and my order was wrong and he couldn’t get what he wanted, we again requested a discount. However, what we received was a Tour of Italy for him which looked like someone threw up the lasagna on his take out dish and my remade chicken and shrimp carbonora was made correctly but with spaghetti noodles instead of the angel hair pasta. We had tickets to see a movie that we were waiting to see all week but, because I had to sit and wait an extra 30 minutes for our remade meals we missed the 1st 20 minutes of the movie. When I asked a 3rd time why we couldn’t just get the discount, our waiter informed us that he tried to ask his manager to apply the discount but she was insistent on remaking the meals. This is not the first time that I have ordered the dish I always get and it was incorrectly cooked. Each time we go there either the peas are left out, the pasta type is incorrect or some other ingredients is left out. About a month ago we went to the same location and the sauce in the carbonora was very runny. My boyfriend made a comment to a male manager that was there about the sauce looking runny and smelling spoiled. The response we received from that manager was shocking. He responded by saying, “it’s possible”, took our dish and walked away.
    I absolutely love Olive Garden (we both do) but after this last experience, I seriously doubt that we will go back there is we have to spend our hard earned money on subpar dishes and nonchalant response from people that you have placed in positions of management. I would rather go to another Italian restaurant locally and let my friends and family know not to go to that particular location. The only other location in Overland Park, Kansas is off of 95th Street but, the swage smell inside the restaurant keeps us from going there .

  43. I was hired by Olive Garden at store #1747 located at 2930 E. German Road Chandler Arizona 85286. Phone 480-726-5137. My clock number was 169. Hired as dishwasher and worked 2 days {1/09/19 & 1/10/19}. I quit because they had me cleaning restrooms and toilets with feces, taking out trash, scrubbing lobby floors and picking up trash in front of restaurant. I worked from 8am-4pm and have yet to get paid. Can this re resolved??

  44. We went to the Olive Garden in Middletown Ohio about 6 Pm 1/21/2019 and waited about 5 minutes to be seated. We sat down and 10 minutes goes by and no one acknowledged us. One waitress started cleaning off a table to the right of us. Then she went to the table beside us. We finally just got up and left. There were lots of tables open so we figured they must have been short handed. If they were then they shouldn’t have seated us.

  45. My husband, and I went to Olive Garden in 1246 Old Country Rd 11590. We had been there quite a few times, but we never had service like today. Lindsey M took care of us she just made our night I was watching her the way she treated us, and every other table she had. Just on top of everything asking do you need anything her presentation. Like I said we were not ever treated so nice before today. We always complain about the service, but there was nothing to complain today. People like her should be commended, and recognize hope that you guys will keep her there, and maybe she can one day be manager. So she can show every staff member how to represent your Company. I think it was restaurant #1455 in Westbury.

  46. Are there any plans to put an Olive Garden in West Nashville/Bellevue area in Badhville Tn? We really need one. Bellevue One would be s great place to put one.

  47. This is my second complaint for the same incident. I purchased 2 large salads the Sat after Thanksgiving. The salads were not what I had ordered in the past. They consisted of all lettuce with a few toppings. The lettuce was fresh but once the first person took theirs, it was just lettuce. Someone from the restaurant where we ordered these, the Midlothian Va restaurant said they would send us a $50. gift card, which as of today we have not seen.

  48. Classic lasagna was the worst I have eaten since the military which you could not call lasagna. The bottom piece of pasta was old or bad or? It was as hard as a rock and discolored. I ate what I could being it was almost uneatable. We told the server but all he said was he did not know why it was like that. It looked fine until you tried to cut into it. Very very disappointed. Wife’s birthday was ruined by this. $15 for something uneatable is just ridicules. 3 Olive gardens in El Paso and 2 are not worth visiting and the other is 30 miles away. Looks like we will be going elsewhere for awhile. 🙁

  49. I love the new dish that came out recently; the Macaroni and Cheese with Lobster and Shrimp! I got it as many times as I could. I tried again today only to find out its not available anymore:(. Please, please bring it back as a permanant item choice!!!!!!

  50. I’m a former employee, I called the Olive Garden in Barboursville Wv where I use to work to get them to change my address, they gave me a total rewards number to call, I called them and gave them all my information just for them to tell me to call the restaurant back… so I did, and they gave me another number which is another total rewards number, after giving them all my information again they tell me to call the restaurant back again! I just want to update my address to have my 18-19 W2 sent to me, I shouldn’t have to go through this at all!

  51. Arrived at our local Olive Garden at 11:00 am. We were not seated until 11:15. We were told a server would be there soon, that they were all in a meeting. I feel this was uncalled for. If the manager wanted a meeting beforehand he/she should have had the servers come in 15 minutes earlier or have the restaurant open at 11:15. This was an inconvenience as we had an appointment to get to after our meal. Not at all happy about this experience and will be going elsewhere for our meals.

  52. Yes i went to the olive garden on Washington rd in a augusta georgia. I ordered your famous lasagna with extra meat and a soup to go. When i got there my food was not correct so i had to send it back. I ordered a drink from the bar long island ice tea which was suppose to be top shelf they got that wrong. A manager came out but she was no good help on the situation. I was so disappointed with the service i walked out. I work hard for my money like they should. All i wanted was something to eat to go. I hope someone address this problem for me.

  53. I visited Olive Garden #1625 I D # 5513 96061 9709 was told by the General Manager never to come to his store @ 3666 Atlanta Hwy Athens Ga 30606 because he makes mistakes with my orders was changed for side of pasta which I never order and He forgot my soup he stated he can not make me happy (if he does his job right than there would be no complaints I feel he need to be fired @ this location I hope there will be an investigation about this attack towards me in front of his employees because it’s all about taking care of the customer ( customer one)

  54. I was in the Sandusky Oh location tonight and ordered chicken parm and ended up getting lasagna. Very small portions, not worth the money and ended up getting charged for something I didnt even order.

  55. I took my family out to eat at the Mentor Ohio location last night February 11, 2019. They were out of the special we wanted and reason for coming. Service was slow. we received our food 1 hour after ordering it and it looked like it had sat on the counter for awhile. It was an all you can eat special we ordered and instead of asking us if we wanted to switch to another choice the server brings us a duplicate order also cold and had to wait 45 minutes for that. our bill was $158 including tip. We all were so excited about going to The Olive Garden only to be very disappointed. I was so disappointed that I just wanted to let you know. Thanks Kimberly Yanoscsik 440-669-0125.

  56. I was hired for a server position in January for the location in Tracy, CA. The trainer assigned to my group, Molly, was very unprofessional, threatening and degrading. She made statements such as ” I will yell at you and embarrass you if you are not running food” and ” you will be pulled in the managers office if you don’t score above 90″. She also never went over the scoring process other than to say we needed to upsell. She used profane phrases such as “hell yeah” and “hell no”. She did very little food and service standard training and a lot of talking about herself, talked about how much she made in tips and joked about how she bullies the managers. I left after about 30 minutes into the 3rd day of training after she proceeded to give us a quiz and told us when we were done to put a finger on our nose to let her know we were done. I have worked for world class organizations such as Cheesecake Factory and Hard Rock Hotels and never seen or experienced anything like this. I can add more or elaborate further if needed. I just thought someone might like to know what is going on at this location.

  57. I purchase Olive Garden from the Calgary Alberta for my Client lunches this week I ordered $200 worth of food. It was late for my pick up so I didn’t check the order for all items and when I got to the lunch found several Items missing. I called and was told they were too busy to handle my call but to call back later…I did and was told I could come to pick up the missing items then 1 hour after my lunch … obviously not realistic since I was a 45 minute drive away and my clients had gone back to work. I was told if I ever came back they would do something to compensate me for the missing items. I went to the restaurant with my wife for Valentines day yesterday (2 days after the missed order) and asked the hostess to tell the manager I was there and ask her if she could come to my table to speak with me. I was not looking for anything free but I was going to explain I order 2-3 take out meals a week and am a large user of Olive garden and would like to make sure that the orders are checked for accuracy as I can’t come back for missing items. The hostess left and came back and told me the manager was way to busy to see me all while laughing at my wife and myself saying we weren’t important enough. We completed our meal paid and left and to say the least I am quite upset that during the 95 minutes the manager could not find 1 minute to come ask me about my issue and offer to check on the process to send food out the door. I have over the past years been a weekly purchaser of take out product but I am not sure if the attitudes have changed with the new management at your Calgary location for your detriment.

  58. Please keep your 5 cheese fonduta on the menue. I have gone to the restaurant for many years mostly to get that appatiser, but then order dinners. If the cheese fonduta is removed from your menue my family and I may very well spot going there.

    Thanks you,


  59. I came to the location in san Bernardino ca and the hosts told me 1.5 to 2 hr wait. I was told to come back in 1 hour to get a number. I came back and received #82 and was told the buzzer works in the car, I came back inside after 1.5hours to see how much longer and I was told 30 mins. I came back in 30 mins and they told me they called me and I didnt answer so they gave my table away. I told them I was here out front in my car. The hosts were rude and told me well I’ll have to wait since I didnt show. I asked for a manager and he apologized but my party of 15 is still waiting now over 2 hours. I have never had rude and horrible service at this location. I feel you need to train your employees to be more customer friendly and own up to their mistakes!!!!!

  60. When someone can’t afford a salad for 10.99. Is it company policy to turn the person away because they only have 9.00. Because they are homeless and very sick.

  61. I ordered 150.00 worth of gift cards for Christmas and I received two 10.00 bonus cards. I was going to use them tomorrow and noticed they had expired on 2/12/2019. The closest Olive Garden is 1 1/2 hours away so I don’t get there too often but would really like to have the bonus to use when I do go. Is there any way they could be replaced? Thank you so much.

    Gayla Kain.

  62. I am very upset with the Manager and the waitress at the Olive Garden at 910 Plaza Blvd. in Lancaster , Pa.
    First let me say that this was a awful experience that never should have happened to us… This was supposed to be a memorable time for my husband and myself to enjoy a wonderful dinner and celebrate a new chapter in our lives. I just wanted to go to a nice restaurant and have a good time.. We were celebrating a new job and this is the experience we encountered . We had a lovely dinner , no problem there, we received the bill and it looked wrong to us .. We had several gift cards to use. The waitress was all over the place, We told to come back to fix the bill. ON the bill, we noticed it was for 3 people not 2. another mistake was that there were 3 meals on the receipt . the entire bill came to $31.87. she told us that the gift cards were taken off the bill. Then we tried to tell her we are not paying for someone else’s meal it was just the two of us NOT 3 PEOPLE!.. My husband called her back and asked for the manager who could care less he was just going to let us walk out of there and pay for something we didn’t order.. Really?? until my husband got mad and pointed out the mistake he then took a different attitude towards us. I just wanted someone to know that was not professional in my book.
    After all was said and done the bill was adjusted to what it should have been it came to $9.16
    from $31.87
    Thank you for ruining a perfect day for us both …
    The manager was not going to adjust it for us his name was Tucker Luke
    Is that the kind of managers you hire there ??/
    Sincerely ,
    Elizabeth Barr

  63. Went to Our Hamilton rd Olive Garden like we do every week and we always spend $80 easy. Not only Did it take 13 minutes for our server to greet us but the food was cold, her attitude was horrible, and the restaurant wasn’t even busy. We felt very unwelcomed. Never have I had an experience this bad anywhere.

  64. when you ever putting a olive garden in Plattsburgh new York most everyone I talk with go to Burlington a hour drive or cost 38.00 to take a ferry than a half hour drive.we are all going to texas road house that is in Plattsburgh now instead of the cost of the trip,should look into it your missing a big opportunity.with the business,college ,hospital and factorys and 3 close by prisons within driving.

  65. On March 9 four of us went to the Olive Garden in Amherst New York we were very disappointed with their meal the three of us had shrimp scampi and it did not have any of the Alfredo sauce and the asparagus were all cut from the stem part which was very hard to eat so I called the manager over to show her how dry it was without any of the sauce we all eat at the Olive Garden at least three times a month maybe sometimes four because we go on a Saturday but sometimes we go during the week to we are thinking about going across the street to the red lobster which they satisfied their customers when something is wrong

  66. At the Gresham, Oregon location we had a delightful young man wait on us. His name is Robbie Cantrell. He made us feel completely at ease and welcome. He took care of our needs without making us feel like pests and was very helpful in every way. We all compliment you on your choice of employees! We will certainly return.

  67. Dixie highway in Ohio has the worst Olive Garden. Actually the only bad one I have been to. I spent $90 to give kids good time just to be disappointed with salad that didnt have olive garden dressing, cold breadsticks with nothing on them, burned calamari, and a dirty facility. Very upsetting

  68. Enjoyed a good meal only to be overcharged. Used my gift card and gave the extra money in cash. When I realized I had been overcharged I asked waitress. She was not happy and got manager and she said she put money back on card and gave it to me. Well no money on card.

  69. I would like to thank the Oliver Garden in Lawton, Oklahoma for going above and beyond to host a party of nineteen for a wedding reception. The General Manager James Russell was extremely nice to work with, and he did his best to accommodate any special request that I had which was a lot. I cannot think James, Misty, and the staff enough for decorating, providing excellent service, and for making sure everything went according to plan. They had the table ready as soon as we walked in the door. Additionally, they made sure all six trays of appetizers came out shortly after our arrival. It was extremely impressive to see the kitchen serve all the guest at once all within less than an hour. Thank you again to everyone especially James Russell for ensuring my daughter had a perfect reception.


  71. Dined at your Dover, Delaware location today for lunch and the establishment was closed at approximately 1:00pm because of a public health condition. I was billed for my lunch, along with other patrons. We did not receive any explanation why the eatery was shut-down. Very disappointed with this issue and why were customers billed/served during a “possible health issue.” Please provide feedback regarding this matter, thank you.

  72. My wife and I have been frequenting Olive Garden for several years now even though we have to drive 35 miles one way to enjoy all you have to offer. And there’s a lot! We have also purchased many gift certificates for friends which they value and appreciate immensely. Just an idea I would like for you to consider. For customers who, 1) Are eCLUB members, and 2) Have receipts from Olive Garden for $1,000 or more. . .would it be possible/feasible to offer tham a complimentary meal not to exceed $50.00 in value. I think this would not only be added incentive to thank and retain your loyal customers, but would also draw in many new patrons which would cause your revenue bast to grow and even EXPLODE! Generating a much larger income for your company as well as an added gesture of “thanks” to those who have helped make Olive Garden such a success in the first place, would be a WIN-WIN in my book. Thanks so much for your consideration of this matter and I shall be interested in hearing your response. A most loyal and appreciative customer and fan of Olive Garden, – Bernie Clark

  73. I found 2 hairs in the calamari I have pictures to proof they where in the batter no in the platter

  74. found hair fried into the batter of my calamari order I took picture 2 pieces , I called and manger on duty was not helpful , this was my lunch and I couldn’t even eat the rest

  75. Olive Garden is one of my favorite places to go. I just learned they did called ahead seating so I call Southgate, Mi to make a call ahead for 8 Adult people tonight and they told me the policy is to only do call ahead for 6. I am setting here getting madder by the minute. My money for 8 people is not as good as when we only bring 6. I guess I am going to have to find a new favorite place. Discrimination is what I feel like this is.

  76. I’m from a small town near Watertown SD, I feel that adding an Olive Garden in Watertown would work quite well. There is a shut down IHOP that you could convert into an Olive Garden. I think it would be a long lasting restaurant because Watertown doesn’t have a nice family restaurant such as Olive Garden. Thx for taking the time to read!

  77. I went the first week of May 2019 to make a reservation for my Mother’s 100th birthday, on June 23rd. I was assured they could handle a large party. I had estimated about 40-50 people. Once I had the final count, I called and gave them, which was 60 people, again told no problem. The manager (I believe his name is Chris) asked me to get there early, I arrived at 1:15 for a 2:00 reservation. Our family started arriving and we had no place to go to be seated. As soon as I arrived, I was told the staff was trying to call me to discuss the reservation, MY CELL PHONE NEVER RANG NOR DID I HAVE A MESSAGE from them, I truly think they had not tried. I was told we could not have everyone together or in the same area. I found that unacceptable because there were enough booths and tables in that area. The staff that were seating people, put 3 people at a table for 10 in our section. WE NEEDED THAT TABLE, that was POOR management by the front staff and the manager was very hesitate to ask if the 3 would be willing to move. I told him he could or I would, he finally did and they were very agreeable to move. I am very disappointed in the professionalism of the staff/greeters for OG, I understand they were having a conversation about me voicing their opinion, my daughter overheard and told them they shouldn’t be having the conversation and talking about me when they had people coming in. The manager NEVER came back to see if we were okay or if we needed anything. UNACCEPTABLE, not a very good manager!!!!!
    The SERVERS we had 3 or 4 for our group, was very, very good and took care of all our needs.

  78. June 26, 2019 ~ We usually enjoy Olive Garden even though the quality of the wait staff has been in decline. After our experience today, it becomes clear why Olive Garden might be struggling. Around 1:30 PM, my husband and I were underwhelmed by being seated by the most bored hostess we’ve ever experienced (long blonde hair). One word, “Come,” was our clue to follow her to our table. She placed the menu down and left without a word. After about 5 minutes, the hostess returned and asked a lady sitting at a table across from us, if she still had not been waited on, and was told no. She took her drink order and when she returned with it, she told the diner that she would bring her some salad and bread….which she later did. She failed to look our way as we still sat 10 minutes later, without ever being acknowledged by anyone. My husband said we should leave and I suggested we wait 5 more minutes. Fifteen minutes after arriving, we got up and walked out. On our way out, the same hostess who had seated us fifteen minutes earlier, finally spoke and said, “Thanks for coming, I hope you enjoyed your meal.” I responded back, in front of customers in the lobby, “We were never waited on.” We enjoyed a wonderful meal at Briquettes, whose staff seemed happy to have us as customers and made our dining experience pleasant.

  79. od afternoon. I would like to start off by saying that I, like most of the people in this country, absolutely love Olive Garden restaurants and go quite frequently. In my many visits, I have had great service but also awful service. More often than not, the food is delicious, but have also gone and the food was certainly less than good..in all of my hundreds of visits I have never felt the need to reach out and complain. I am aware that food can be cold and wait staff can have bad days. Today however, I feel I need to say something about an incident I witnessed in the restaurant. I came in for lunch and, like always, was pleasantly greeted by the hostesses and seated right away. My party and I were enjoying our lunch when something caught my attention. I overheard two older women (when leaving I learned their names were Sylvia and Jennifer) at the hostess station making snarky remarks and making fun of another employee up in the lobby. This continued until the young lady they were making fun of finished cleaning windows and what not up front. It continued even after the young lady started crying and clocked out and left. I can’t tell you exactly what was said, but I can tell you from the looks of it, the two older ladies that were working this afternoon had a great time at the expense of a co worker that didn’t even look like she could be 18 years of age. Two middle aged women standing there in the front of a well established restaurant ganging up on a child..at work..for everyone to hear and see right in the lobby of the restaurant.as loud as they were, I guarantee this isn’t the first incident on this girl and probably others employed there as well. Lord knows what they say about us customers..I will be telling all of my friends and family of this and will never set foot in any Olive Garden establishment again

  80. So my friend and I dined at Olive garden in Christiansburg, VA today. The food was great. The waitress was good. However, the special stated, and I quote: Limited to FIVE $5 take homes per entree. We tried to get THREE entrees and were told that we could only get ONE $5 take home meal per entree. Although that is obviously not how it was advertised on the menu or online. I’m quite disappointed in this. Lies are never ok. I really feel you need to correct your menu and online advertising or you need to give the deal how it is already written in black and white. Thanks.

  81. I am a customer of yours that would die to eat at your restaurant and no matter what state or city i am in I am looking for your restaurant but i was very disappointed to hear that your co is supporting a prejudiced, bigot of a man(BOY) that you call a president and for that i will no longer be supporting your restaurant. How can you sit by and watch this man treat children no mater if immigrants they are still children they way he does. If you want mine business and many more who feel like i do you need to come out in person and tell us if this is true or not..,

  82. The entire experience was awful. To begin, our water ended up spilled into the soup. Back to the kitchen it went. The salad should have come out first, but ended up coming out with the soup replacement. My spaghetti came 20 mins after my dinner companions soup was re-served and was cold. Once both of us were finished, our bill came and we found we were double charged on the soup and salad. The waitress never came came back to the table, so we had to grab another waitress to ask for her to fix the bill. This debacle ruined my entire evening which was to have been an enjoyable experience. Probably not going to visit Olive Garden again anytime soon.

  83. We went to the olive garden in st. Louis. The salad was drowning in dressing. Bread was plain no butter or salty flavor. They ha the mg husband a tap flat beer. They were out of most of the wine I asked for. The good was cold and bland. I bite a bone in my lasagna. The waitress didn’t say much to us. We asked for the manager and the waitress said she cant find him. Lol. Omg. We send 67.00 we should have gone to taco bell.

  84. Salad was not fresh while waiting the waiter looked at one time like he was blank food was not as good as normal this is my birthday 1st choice but this was not a good experience today a little girl was sick she went to rest room threw up not knowing I walked the bathroom on my way home I got sick and threw up I was on my way downtown Charlotte for my Birthday Celebrations. and to go home where I got sick again

  85. Olive Garden is a superb venue for individual and family dining. I would like to see a marketing study for a break-off of Olive Garden entitled “Olive Branch” a smaller version of Olive Garden for markets in areas less than 100,000….I reside in the Kelso/Longview area of Washington State. We have a great market for a smaller version of Olive Garden. It would be a money maker.

  86. This past Monday we wanted to celebrate my 5 year old Grandson’s birthday at the Olive Garden on Walden Ave, Cheektowaga, NY. This was his choice. We arrived around 6:00 PM and were finally seated at around 6:40. After our order was finally taken we sat and waited for our food to be delivered. We got our salads, but received the wrong soup, which was luke warm. We sat again for over an hour watching tables who were seated after us and a large table of 12 who also was seated long after us all get their food. Meanwhile my grandkids were getting very restless. We finally got our food which looked terrible, like it was sitting for a while and cool to the touch. My husband who ordered the all you can eat pasta, was never even asked if he wanted more. We were never asked if we wanted another beverage. To top it off, my son found a hair in his pasta. By this time it was after 8:30, the kids were tired and our Birthday celebration was ruined. We were so very disappointed. The manager did comp our meal, but it was too little too late. We will not ever be returning to that restaurant and it will probably be a long time before we even consider going to an Olive Garden Restaurant. My grandson was so upset that it was too late for us to have cake and ice cream and needless to say so were we.

  87. On Monday October 12th my family and I dined at the Olive Garden located in Merritt Island. We sat down about 6pm and had begun the worst dining experience of our lives. It began when the tall black waiter came over to take our order. He was staring at me close up and I should have gone with my instincts to change tables right there. As we ordered he seemed to either be on drugs, or somewhat handicapped mentally. Several things went wrong but that isn’t even the issue. When I asked for lemon in my water he answered by saying so you want water in your lemon ? He then stated that he apologizes and I would be upset too if my best friend was going to kill himself. I responded by saying, that is ok. I did not mean it as it is ok for his friend to kill himself, but it is ok that he got the order wrong. The way he took it. He lashed out at me by saying, oh, so it is ok if your best friend kills himself ? Huh, that’s alright huh ? I did not answer him. The remainder of our entire experience was horrible. Each time we asked for something, he woyld come close and proceed to answer as if he would do something to us. I did not want to call anyone in fear of him lashing out or worse. Thank god we were able to leave. Next, we leave and 30 minutes later my son of 13 years old is having severe stomach cramps. To make it as short as possible, we go home and he is still in severe pain at 1230 after midnight. We rush him to Viera hospital. In turn, he is sent by ambulance to the Orlando Childrens Hospital to have his stomach pumped by a naso-gastric tube for the next three days. It tore me up inside to see them stick this tube down his throat. In all, my wife, son, and I remained in the hospital until Wednesday. The diagnosis was an obstructed bowel and small intestines. The tube was able to clear the obstruction, otherwise they were planning to do surgery the next morning. Thank god. When I sked if he had food poisoning, I was told they could not tell. What I am saying is that the incident was triggered by him eating the chicken parm. He was the only person to order that. I do not know if the waiter may have caused this, or the chicken itself. I am also saying that there seemed to be something maniacally wrong with the waiter. I will not br following this up, as I dont have any proof of anything except what I have told you. In all, my son missed the entire week at school. He had to see his GP on Friday and was cleared to return on Monday October 21st. I am writing you for thr following reasons : 1. I wanted to ask if any other customers reported any problems with the tall black waiter or the chicken parm ? I am certain the answer is no. 2. To let you know what transpired without leaving my personal info here. With all that said, it should be easy for you to substantiate my story since you are located in Orlando. We were transported into the Florida Hospital ( Advent health children’s hospital ) very early Sunday morning 5 to 6 am, from the Viera hospital by ambulance.

  88. I did not have a the greatest experience with contacting the corporate office. They seem to be a bit annoyed with dealing with customers, so I recommend that everyone contacts customer service directly through their phone number or contact them on Facebook.

  89. Hi. I ordered $120.00 in gift cards on November 6th online. I thought your promotion was going on. Where you spend $50 to get $10. I need to purchase another $30 for a total of $150.00. I was checking to see if I can get $10 promotion for every $50?

  90. I had the most amazing dining experience last night at your location in Thornton, CO (1151 E 120th Avenue). I dine alone quite often and was seated at a back table. Several servers walked past me with no acknowledgement. Suddenly a young man named Michael stood next to my table asking if anyone had helped me yet. I said no, and he proceeded to take my drink order. Knowing I was not in his station, I hesitated to take him away from his assigned station, but he insisted on taking my order and serving me. He was extremely friendly and accommodating. You have an amazing asset in Michael and he should be commended for going above and beyond on a very busy dining night.

  91. Worst food and customer service at the Olive Garden in Wilson, NC restaurant. Filed a complaint and Kela sent a generic email stating some mess about someone from the Wilson store would contact us blah blah blah. December 14 and still no follow up. Poor customer service. Wanted to start with proper avenue for filing complaint and still no response. If this is the best you can offer, just say so and I will pursue another route. Again, horrible customer service. I expected better from Olive Garden!

  92. Myself and two co-workers ate at the Olive Garden in Merrillville, IN on 1/8/20. We ordered the lunch specials with all of the soup you can eat but we were disappointed because the Pasta Fogil was very runny, no meat and the strip of carrots were at least three inches long. We decided to try the Chicken Yoki and that did not have any flavor so I looked for salt and pepper but there was not any on the table. We ate there on a regular basis and never had any problems with the food. We should have said something but the waitress was so nice we did not want to hurt her feeling and yes we gave her a $9.00 tip since it was not her fault. It has been bothering me about since yesterday and today a co-worker asked if I would go back. Well it depends since this is the first bad experience I had. Do you guys change recopies and cooks?

  93. **** BAD SERVICE *****
    Wanting to address a review on this location, an unpleasant experience, we are near 20 years customers of yours, however the service at Olive Garden has gone down so much, that we are thinking of Soping to go to your restaurants, the welcoming at your stores is not as a Family oriented as it used to be, the attention to the customers its pretty much Technical, kind of a drive-thru fast food restaurant, the difference is that compare to the price High, the service its very low, we get better service at Whataburger, Culverts which they are amazing, or any other fast food….I am sorry to compare you to fast food restaurants, and for sure I am not trying to offend the fast food industry. “YOUR SERVICE GOT SO MUCH DOWN” its a shame, even our children brought it to our attention, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt before I post the review, however looking at the many NEGATIVE reviews not only this Store but many others around.
    we have choose your restaurant for an special occasion of Valentines and UNFORTENATELY was not sweet as you would expect it to be, we have purchased as we normally do, appetizers, salad, main course meal for each of us Party of Five “Family”, our drinks, and my Wife and I purchased a Sangria to celebrate, sometimes we ordered bottle of wine, and any unfinished portion has been always allowed for us to take it Home, our experience today we cut our meals short, and wanted to leave the restaurant, I had to ask many times for items needed to our table, I guess there was a shift of crew, a lot of waitresses gathering just chatting but not taking care of the customers, Managers and assistant managers pretty much in the same page, you really can tell what are there names, as the name badges the personnel wears are all scrambled hard to read, believe me I want it to give names, but I couldn’t read any of them, plus the employees very hard accesible to talk, they were there but they hardly connect with customers, there was a tall black lady, I guess she was a Manager or assistant, we got her attention, requesting that we will like to take our special drink we have ordered to be taking home, which we paid $19.50 and had barely touch it, as we have asked a boy that works there before and he have stated sure no problem, let me bring you a container, he didn’t show up back again, we waited for 15 minutes or so, anyway its not how much we paid or the drink it self, “ITS THE WAY THIS LADY TALK BACK TO US” that plus the unpleasant experienced made me to write this review, about your service, we spent over $144.00 usd but what is more of loosing other than the money spent, its our time and the sour taste of the experienced with my Family, please take this as constructive criticism to improve service, not much for your benefit $$$, but please do it FOR THE CUSTOMERS NAD THE LOYAL CUSTOMER LIKE US. THANK YOU.

  94. I was in Cape Girardeau Mo on March 12, 2020 and decided to purchase food for dinner for my family in carbondale, IL. The food was terrible. I Purchase Minestrone and zuppa toscana soup,salad. The soup tasted like it had been water down. it had know flavor. it was good. I spent $65.14 on this meal and know one could eat it. if you want to check the ticket number is 76457 Thanks for your help

  95. Last night, May 22 2020, my daughter and I place 2 carry-out orders which totaled just over $100 at your Noblesville Indiana restaurant for your buy 1 get 1 free. We arrived at 7pm and our orders were brought out and ONCE AGAIN the orders were wrong. My daughter ordered 3 Fettuccine Alfredo meals with extra Fettuccine sauce and paid extra for grilled chicken for each and 2 came without the chicken. She also ordered your grilled shrimp, 20 piece for $3.95. When she checked there were only like 7 piece. I ordered your Spaghetti with meat sauce and paid extra for 3 meat balls and also order the same for. When we got home I checked my free meal and found that there were only 2 meat balls. The other issues are that that when asked for extra Fettuccine sauce on the side my daughter was told that would cost extra. When she asked for just 1 extra bread stick for each meal she was told that that would also cost extra. Here’s the bottom line. When we have dined-in we could eat all the bread sticks we wanted at no change. If we wanted extra Fettuccine sauce there was no extra cha charge. Whether you dine-in or carry-out everything should be the same. Your carry-out fails.

  96. I forgot to add this to my first complaint. As I said we arrived at 7pm for our carry-out order. We didn’t leave until 730pm because of all the problems with our order. There was continued push back from that restaurant manager i.e. no extra sauce on the Fettuccine Alfredo, 3 bread sticks instead of just 2 and extra Fettuccine Alfredo sauce on the side. As I said everything that applies to dining-in SHOULD also apply to carry-out .

  97. Your restaurant in Pensacola smelled horrible inside. I had a mask on and the building smelled terrible.

  98. It’s Oct. 24th 2020 Saturday. I went to the Olive Garden on 5679 Poplar in Memphis TN. Once I walked in I had to sign in and I was told there will be a 15mins wait. So looking at the other two couple who said they been waiting longer than I have. I glance over and saw 3 to 4 seat booths a available. I ask why is there such a long wait when there’s more empty booths open than people waiting? She had no excuse. I tried waiting near the inside seating then I was told I had to wait outside. I did so after a few mins. a white man came inside and waited and he was seated before me when I came before him. I was finally seated after waiting 20mins. I came in and saw several empty booths still open. I was finally seated. The waitress Ms. Shan came and told me she’s been available to wait on tables. She told me she only had two cistomers. I rarely come to Olive Garden because I don’t feel comfortable as a person of color. The staff have a way of treating African American second class. Y’all should investigate in this. I’m going to tell the manager my experience. I spoke with the manager she assured me that she will investigate AND she was kind to give me a discount. I ask for a email to specifically email to the general manager. She said she’ll see what she can do.

  99. My family went to the Olive Garden in Morehead NC for dinner Saturday evening. We had gone the Saturday before and it was so good we decided to return the next Saturday. That was a mistake.

    Our service was terrible, very slow and he never returned to refill our glasses. The pasta was cold I guess it just sit in the back cause our wait was long. Then our kids meal that is priced 5.99 he charged us 10.00 my child got the shrimp spaghetti and grapes with a DrPepper. YES, I can afford 10.00 but when a menu states 5.99 you should pay 5.99 NOT something different.

    With the service we received this week I don’t think we will return this next Saturday.

    Olive Garden is a great place to eat and we drive long distances to do so. Wish you would build in New Bern NC

    Thank you for your time. We complained at the restaurant but it didn’t seem to matter. Thought you would like to know. Have a bless day.

  100. I was rather upset when I went to the Olive Garden to pick up my To Go order and the employee came over to my car and asked me for a tip I told her I thought I had when I ordered but she said I didn’t. I truly do not feel this is appropriate at all. She didn’t even go over my order and the food was Luke warm.

  101. Why can’t you update your webpage where it says buy one, get one free for $12.99. It has been on there for a long time! When you ask about it I am told not a current special! Also, when I called, the phone rang for 7 minutes. I hung up sand took me another 6 mins!

  102. Hello my name is Eric Sassnett. I would like to speak to someone about my curbside pickup that I had at the Cross County Restaurant in Yonkers Ny. My Cell phone number 646-373-xxxx. I would appreciate a follow up call to discuss my concerns . Thank you.

  103. After the last bout of COVID-19 was reported there has been another person at Olive Garden in Stroudsburg, Pa. that came down w COVID. AMD it was someone working there that ha it. Please investigate this Olive Garden to assure it clean because apparently it is not

  104. For the past 4 months I have been ordering every week a 1/2 of Pasta e Fagioli and 1/2 of Zuppa Toscana. On the Springfield, MO website it states that it serves 6. I always have them put in 6 bowls with lids for each 1/2 gallon. I take this to my mother who is a shut in and she eats the soup during the week. Each time we divide it up into bowls it never serves 6. The standard amount we get is 4 servings. This is not right. I have spoken with the general manager about this and he did give me two additional bowls of soup but this happens every week. Olive Garden either needs to change how many it serves or start putting the right amount in their 1/2 gallons. I have asked them to portion them out in 6 bowls for me but they refuse. This is false advertising in my opinion. It is not right to charge $15.49 for 6 servings when you only get 4 servings and sometimes only 3 servings.

  105. When is the Salmon picatta going to be back on the menu? Yours is the best we’ve ever had and we miss dining at Olive Garden since you haven’t had it.

  106. On Sunday, January 31, we visited our local Olive Garden, we purchased the extra dinners for $5.00 each for our elderly neighbors for a treat for them. When we went to heat them up I discovered that there was no sauce on one of them, just the noodles, luckily I had enough leftover from my meal. I called and spoke to the manager and he graciously said he would send me a gift card which I have not received yet.

  107. I love Olive Garden but I recently visited the one in Rome ya and my meal was terrible I ordered spaghetti and it had hardly no sauce on it then they bring me a little cup and it still wouldn’t enough it taste terrible on the menu it says 10.99 but I was charged 18.0 when I ask why they said it’s extra for meatballs they should specify that I don’t think I should have paid for it

  108. Emergency for corporate as a cover up is taken place and its a long story and many statements and states olive garden dayton ohio Miller lane is one short tiny story and celebertys christina Aguilera and others are involved and terrorism links and understand the restaurant was taken over in December 2016 many wittness police and managers kim and ronnie and jeff
    Long story short i was alost killied in Pittsburgh pa then ran to olive garden to work and the circus took over the restaurant with infunce and people beleaveing there good people
    Rember celberys laws if a lier i would be in jail and its a long story
    December 2016 is a short story not everything and im a whisel blower and terrorism and there linked and should have told corporate and hide not telling the story
    After a phone call to jeff general manager they transferred him to beaver creek location
    Cover up cant help corporate in Florida
    You dont know the whole story
    Im scott michael carter SS number 174680539
    I was also on disability socail security and they know and theres a major investigation going on and homeland security and FBI and others and its not just a city matter its in more than 4 States this story
    Im trying to help and when i do they transferred the general manager jeff
    Not long ago
    Terrible terrorism should not be suported and im not a lier and evendence threw the roof
    And spending and wittness and more
    Your part of the story is those days and after followed in and out of work i was thrown into a shelter and the had a big party with staff a banquet hall behind?the knights inn
    Worry if the FBI and homeland security wont talk to you as celberys are linked to real terrorism and more
    Please save olive garden Miller’s lane dayton ohio
    Its way bigger then December 2016 and chased many miles
    She only came there and others because of me and wanted me dead
    Ill notice FBI corporate was informed well and im survalneced and?was told so by federal authorities awhile ago or associated

  109. We were having dinner at one of your restaurants 17985 Biscayne Blvd. On Saturday Feb.20 at 9pm. I can not belive there were 2 Dogs in the Dining Room .. I think is not acceptable. They were not service dogs.. If this is normal We WILL NOT RETURN AGAIN. Please it was not pleasant. I did tell the manager and was told they were .. i belive not because one was in someones purse . I did not ENJOY MY MEAL .

  110. Sorry to keep complaining but it is now 10 pm and now there is another dog on a leash that does not seam to be service dog. What is happening with dogs in a Restaurant?? Should i bring my cat with me for dinner next time?? Sorry for complaining but my dinner experience was really bad..

  111. Hello!
    I just went to a Olive Garden in Pine Island, Cape Coral, Fl
    Horrible customer service ever experience at Olive Garden. The waiter was in a total rush throwing plates on the table. Brought receipt without asking if we want something else. When I ask for manager “Tom” was same thing. Because, we are Hispanic the other waiter was taking with other customers about us. Different opinion from an Olive Garden in Kissimmee, Orlando last week.

  112. Hello, we are concerned that our hard working waitress did not receive the tip we left on the credit card. The statement we just received had the correct meal amount but not the tip addition.
    We were at Newark Del. Olive Garden on Saturday Feb 20, 2021

  113. My husband and I were at the Olive Garden in CB, ia two days ago and we had a very bad experience. Our waitress took our drink order and I ordered water with lemon and I told her twice. My husband ordered iced tea. She brought 2 waters and a diet pepsi??? I ordered Soup and Salad and my husband ordered S&MB’s with Angel Hair Pasta. The waitress brought my husband his soup and me salad. Well, the Salad had no dressing and it took 5 minutes for her to bring dressing. No breadsticks were available either. I asked for my soup and she said “oh they bring it out when my husbands meal is ready.” Well an hr later my husband received his meal and the pasta was not Angel Hair. In the meantime the waitress took our drinks for refills and 15mins later she came back to the table and asked where our drinks were at. We told her she took them. 5 mins later she brings back 2 waters. We ended up taking breadsticks home as she brought them after we were finished eating. Needless to say we will probably not return and Olive Garden was always one of our favorite places to eat.

  114. My friends and I went to the Buford, GA location tonight. We were told it would be about a 30 minute wait. We sat outside for over an hour. The hostess at the door told us we were next, but we saw many people go in and we still sat there.

    We finally went to our car because our kids were cold and our reservation was cancelled. The worker at the door was clueless and we heard her tell customers that she was looking at the seating chart, not the wait list. It was quite ridiculous.

  115. Just phoned in an order at your wilkes barre TWP restaurant. We frequently visit. Excellent food. However, I spoke with the girl on the phone this date, Sunday February 28. I ordered the steak tuscano which I found on the web specifically for my husband’s birthday. He doesn’t care for pasta, the website read potatoes and peppers. I paid 17.99 and I got your chicken/shrimp carbonra. Paid over 38.00 plus tip. Came home, he had a piece of steak and low and behold, pasta. He was furious. The reason he didn’t go back to the restaurant was it was pouring rain. Just aggravated. He didn’t touch the pasta. I was upset too being it was what he was so looking forward to for his birthday Anyway I spoke with the manager on the phone he stated we no longer have that item on our menu. I explained check the website. Steak Tuscano is there and if it shouldn’t be there then remove it. Also the pasta was dried up. Not a good birthday meal. I should have been told this when I placed the order. The girl only asked how I want my steak done. I won’t be going there for a while. The food is good, but need a break. I thank you for your courtesy.

  116. I went to the olive garden in Downers grove to see if it was open. I walked in and saw it was open so I turned around and planned to leave because I just wanted to see if it was open during covid and it was. My twin who is a tomboy but is not gay was with me. She said you didn’t get a menu so she went in to get a menu. I walked in behind her. We then witnessed an older Latin worker walk away from us and refused to serve us. She started touching on tables and chairs with her hands on the right side of the restaurant, then she walked behind a wall and continued to refuse to serve us. A heavyset white lady worker saw all of this and did not intervene. I then said I was calling the headquarters about this and we left.

  117. We had dinner tonight at Noblesville,Indiana Olive Garden. We both are concerned we contacted food poisoning as we are so sick. We ordered the shrimp scampi. The shrimp did not taste good and noodles had a horrible taste. We asked for salt didn’t help. We simply paid 52 dollars and left the plates full. Our waiter never offered candy, to go drink or sack for 2 bread sticks left. We are retired and 52 for a meal we totally left is sad. We chose to leave and not get sick however we both are not feeling well.

  118. We visited the Olive Garden in Niles, Ohio on March 7th and I Ordered Chicken Marsala, and my daughter ordered another Chicken Dinner with Tomatoes on top, the chicken was processed Chicken instead of real Chicken, it was like cut off of a roll! It was terrible! This is not gonna keep your restaurant in business! It was the worse food I’ve ever eaten there, plus the sauce on top of my Chicken Marsala tasted like beef bouillon! It’s was so salty! Yuck! Please go back to the real Chicken, don’t belittle your restaurant by doing this! It was terrible! We were going there a lot but right now I don’t care if we go back as of right now! Sorry but press meat just doesn’t make it on a menu!!!!

  119. I recently ate at a olive garden in san antonio tx. At 7811 I-35, San Antonio, TX 78224. I ended up not having enough money to pay my bill so i notified the manager and he said i could leave my i.d. and when i come back to pay i can have it back. Well i went to pay it and they lost my i.d. so now i cant cash my stimulus checks or do any filing of any sort because i do not have my i.d. i need this problem resolved immediately. Thanks

  120. On Sunday, 03/23/2021, my partner and I arrived at your establishment located in Riverside at Jacksonville, Florida,to enjoy a dinner.
    We were greeted by your Hostess to register. After doing so, we were told that we would have to wait outside until we could be seated!
    BE ADVISED it was misting rain and a strong COLD WIND was blowing. We explained this to the Hostess but she said this was their policy and we had to abide by it! We told her that we were going to wait in the vestibule because it was too cold to wait outside!
    She went inside and a male employee came out and told us to wait outside until our name was called! I explained the situation to him and he did not care. He told us to either wait outside or he would have us removed. He was very RUDE, so we told him that we would leave and go somewhere else. His response was; Go Ahead, that he did not care what we did, but we were not going to wait inside the vestibule. So we left and went to the Outback Steakhouse.
    I will add that we told him that we were both Veterans, myself of the U.S.Army and my partner of the ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCE and that I was Disabled! He could not have cared less!
    I am a 79 year old Veteran and I must say, I have never been treated like this in all of my life! We are frequent customers at this location, but will never go to this location again. I would rather drive the extra miles and be treated like a human being. Respectfully submitted,

  121. We need an Olive Garden in Sheboygan Wisconsin. Nearest one is 50 miles away. There is a market for one here. Would be awesome.

  122. You guys are so stupid for firing the people who did that video on tiktok. This is a new era and that video made thousands of people happy. You guys are disappointing.

  123. VERY Disappointed with our last trip to Olive Garden and our 1st since last year! The place was remodeled and DARK… not inviting! The booths were new and EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE!!! Our backs were killing us when we left…. I’m 5’4″ and my feet dangled so had to continually stand up because they feel asleep!! The seats have a hump in front then slant back so you can’t set upright but are forced back putting all the weight on your hips and back……A Chiropractor Dream!! Anyone with back or hip issues would be in pain! I recently had hip replacement and the seats were painful besides not being able to touch the floor!! I tried the chair but was like setting on a slab of cement…. even more painful! The previous booths were very comfortable! Olive Garden WAS our favorite restaurant and we visited frequently but now will not be able to return!! With SO many older people who eat at Olive Garden whoever was in charge of remodeling lacked knowledge of the physical harm of poorly designed furniture!! We’ll miss Olive Garden but the conditions were top painful!!!

  124. Hi there we went to olive garden tonight to find out that there were some changes to the menu. Your kids menu does not allow kids to enjoy a bowl of soup now with their meal are you kidding me? If they want to just have a bowl of soup it is over 8.00 including breadsticks and not even a salad! But yet an adult entree for 16.99 they can have as many bowls of soups as they want to? Way to break little kids hearts, that is ridiculous!!! We will never go back there again! What a joke!

  125. Wanted to try the Asiego Tortellini with Chicken. Went to the Peoria, Il location. Found it on the menu pictured as shown on tv, with Chicken $18.79. I get it and there is NO Chicken. Asked the server and she asks me “did you tell me with Chicken?” Excuse me, I showed you the picture, if it came with or without and its not on the menu that way, I should have been asked. Yes, she said she’d have them fix the Chicken, while my tortellini gets cold? No thanks. Lunch experience -10.

  126. I was at the Snellville location in Georgia today April 8th bad service food cold had to ask for napkins silverware food was terrible spoke to manager he did nothing Would like for someone to contact me They even mess up our seating to begin with I was very dissatisfied! I have eaten there many times my first bad experience! Thank you ! Ms Worthington phone number 678 794 xxxx

  127. I took my granddaughter n family to the Olive Garden for her birthday dinner. It was not a good experience and the next day I call the corporate headquarters to complain. The woman was very nice and said someone from the one we ate at would contact me. Her birthday was on the first I called early on the 2nd and now it’s the 8th and not a word. It is very disheartening to think they run their business like this.

  128. Hi there, Olive Garden is one of my Top favorite restaurants, and I would love to see one near me , and we have some prime locations off rt 95 Seabrook, Nh . The closest to me is Portsmouth Nh, and have to go through tolls every time I visit. Hopefully we will see one in Seabrook soon❤

  129. Not a complaint but a compliment!!! I just wanted to let you know how wonderful my experience was last night in Fargo ND!! Sorry for the long post but needed to share what happened to me yesterday-
    Last night Richard wanted Olive Garden so we split a chicken Alfredo and I went to pick it up to bring back to the hospital. While I was waiting I was approached by the manager and he asked if get me anything while I waited. I said no but ty. He then commented on the hospital visitor tag and he asked if I had a loved one in. I said yes my husband is in the hospital. He said I’m sorry to hear that and I will pray for him I said ty he asked is he gonna be ok I said I hope so we jist need to find answers. He said again I’ll pray for him. Again I said thank you it’s very appreciated. He then asked have you paid fir your dinner already. I said yeah I have he answered oh I was going to pay for your dinner I said ty but that isn’t necessary he smiled and then left. A few minutes later he came back and handed me a slip and said I found your order and I reversed your charges and I paid for your dinner He then asked if he could do anything more or get me anything and said I am praying for your husband. I smiled and said ty very much (lots of blinking-to hold back tears in my eyes cuz he totally took me by surprise ). So a huge thank you to the manager at the Olive Garden in Fargo his simple act of kindness really helped bring a little Light from a very long week and it’s nice to see some kindness from a complete stranger!

  130. Let me state I frequently go to Olive Garden,(at least once a week), and I always use the app. Today, though my app showed that there was a 45-50min wait at the Davenport, IA location where there was roughly 26 mins at the Moline, Il store, which perfect it takes less then that to get there. When we arrived it said we were 8th on the list, ok cool. So we waited patiently on the car, watching it click down on the app. Then it started we were 3rd in line. Awesome, but not awesome as we watched multiple parties enter and exit. Finally out of curiosity, I stuck my head into the Moline location (as I am a diabetic) and said hi, that I was on the wait list, bit had been on there for now quite some time, and had seen parties entering and exiting while I was 3rd on the list. To which I I was told that my wait would not start until I had checked in inside, and was told they have a 1hr wait. Excuse me, WHAT?!?! I explained I explained I have used the app all the time in town out of town, during Covid, etc. I have respectfully waited on my car never to check-in until I was 2nd or 3rd in line and would usually be seated immediately or with minimal wait time.
    I was trying to take my daughter out to one of our favorite chains, but this brief encounter, have me thinking I will never come back to this location, and will think twice about it being my first pick.

    I sadly could not wait that long, and had to make another choice in the area.

    I do not know if the individuals at this site need more training or just too lazy keep things updated. Either way I will have to think long and hard before we go again.

  131. I have been a full time employyes for over two years. Recently I took an order for delivery to a bad part of town that I never even drive through. I let the manager, andrea, know that I would not take the delivery. I gave a weeks notice. I had a family emergency Tuesday night april 13th and was not going to be at work the 14th. I let the managers know as soon as I knew. Niko, another manager, called another employee in to work and that employee contacted me asking if I was ok. I replied I have a family matter and that she has two deliveries the next morning. That is when niko put me, that employee, and the general manager, kristy, in a group text asking why I told the employee not to take the delivery because it was in the ghetto. I never told the employee not to take it and it was the employees mom who said it was the ghetto and can’t take the delivery there. Kristy and niko then continued to text on the group chat being rude. I then was contacted by another employee that let me know kristy was talking bad about me for not wanting to put myself in a bad situation. This morning I went into work as scheduled and was told that if I refuse to deliver to the location then I am refusing to do my job and should just leave. Three other employees refused to also do this delivery. I was the one fired. I’m not looking to get a job back. I won’t work for them at this point no matter what. There is also another issue with the manager, niko. Many of the staff feel is is acting inappropriate towards younger employees. Any server can tell you about that situation though.

  132. I was at the Olive Garden in Beachwood Ohio at the greeting desk I ordered carry out daughter the person that waited on me gave me my receipt a receipt and kept the restaurants receipt I asked to sign it the person told me that I didn’t have to sign. Mind youThere’s a space for the tip and a signature. What is your policy. I don’t appreciate almost getting ripped off.

  133. Wondering if Olive Garden is coming to Statesville NC anytime soon? Ruby Tuesday’s shut down and it would be a perfect spot for Olive Garden!! We are tired of traveling out of our local area but love love love you all!

  134. I bought the chicken carbonara from a toledo ohio location to go. There was a thumbnail sized solid chicken bone in the chicken patty that about broke my tooth.

  135. 3rd email
    Tonight we visited your restaurant (Citrus Heights, CA) and we were overcharged and feel hook-winked. Our bill was over $71 for 2 meals w/salad, appetizer and a coke. We first ordered three meals and then changed one of the meals to an appetizer. When the bill came we question the amount – the waitress said something to the fact that eating out isn’t free. We noticed right off that we were charged $7.79 for a salad when we mentioned it the waitress said that it was for the appetizer plate. We asked why that wasn’t disclosed when she was the one that gave us the plate. Blank stare.

    We were shamed and humiliated. Our dining experience was anything but pleasant. These are tough times and being on a fixed income we made the decision to go out to eat at your restaurant and it was sadly lacking. The food was over cooked and the bread sticks were dry.

    We hope you make this right so that we can be loyal customers once again.

    We paid cash and do not know the name of the waitress.

    Steve and Gayle Hage
    Alice Boselly
    xxxx Wachtel Way
    Citrus Heights Ca 95610
    sandgxxxx @comcast.net

  136. Having to wait 45 minutes to get a seat bar area wide open cant sit at bar to get food or drinks this is just crazy people coming in after us getting seated

  137. I had curbside service yesterday in san Dimas, Ca they fi
    Forgot the Gal of tea 2 milks and 2 orders of grapes for my kids. I asked the girl before I left where there tea was she said it was in the bag. When I got home those items were missing. I called and they did not offer any refund just said he would talk to manager I’ve heard nothing. Not good

  138. I had a reservation at the Olive Garden in okemos Michigan. I came at the scheduled time for my reservation and they told me I had to wait 30-40 minutes on top of my reservation. The lady proceed to call me and hung up on me after I told her that I wanted to cancel the reservation. The staff was very rude in person and over the phone.

  139. To whom it may concern, yesterday my family and I decided to go out to eat at your location in Eastridge San Jose Ca. I went online and it stated wait time was 15-20 minutes, and since we were so close decided to head there. When we arrived we were told actual wait time would be 40-50 minutes. We were told they were having issues with website., a bit frustrating. Our party was 8 people, we were told we would have to be broken up into two tables, because of COVID restrictions. When we were seated, it was in two different areas, my husband and children were seated in another area. I can understand separate tables, but that was not the case. I asked to speak to a manager and he did accommodate for us to sit in the same area, separate tables, and my husband also spoke to the General Manager I believe, he told my husband we could sit in the same area but just couldn’t interact with each other. I really enjoy Olive Garden, food was great and our server was awesome (Alex). But, being that this was my family and we all live in one household, it would have been nice to been seated this way , instead of having to get upset, and having to have spoke to a manager. I thank you for your time.

  140. I placed my orders like I always do, I allowed it to use my location and used reorder on 1 of the items, this was at 7:45 pm it said my order would be ready at 8:15 pm , we arrived at 8:10 check in the waitress came to the car to get my name at 8:20 we the waited and waited at 8:45 she came to the car and said we do not have your order , I showed her my confirmation it had sent my order to a different location 15 minutes away , this location is 7 minute 2.4 miles , now we have to drive to the other location we arrive at 9.00 pm upset knowing our food is cold and has been sitting for 45 minutes. we get the food get home and we had ordered extra sauce for the pasta and the was none for either dish, the chocolate was melted all over in the bag . This was the icing on the cake , cold dry food , we no loner wanted the food and threw it in the trash . why your app would change my location and make me drive farther away? $42.81 Biggest mistake, never again.

  141. Today I visited my local olive garden in wilson nc. I only ordered a gallon of sweet tea and asked about the flavors that can be added. Manager took my order, white female. She advised that it would be more for flavor, which was fine. I got my tea and went on my way. Once I opened it, I spit it out because it was unsweetened tea with flavor. So I called back, spoke with an employee and they advised to shake it up! I advised that upon ordering I wanted sweet, not unsweetened! Manager gets on the phone and said, ” well it’s standard ” I advised that I ordered sweet though, if it’s standard why wasn’t I informed and we could of gotten it right! So she goes to say, well you can bring it back and make another one. I said ma’am, my food will be cold! There was a long pause so I decided to go, but before I hung up she told me to bring the other one back. Honestly I’m pissed at this point. No apology, nothing as to well you can bring when possible, I just advised her that by me coming back you inconveniencing me and my family, but seems as though she didn’t care. So I get there and that Manager comes and snatches the tea out of my hand. Once again there wasn’t any type of apology let alone to acknowledge the fact that she or they messed up or if it is standard to make sure I get what I paid for. So then she had someone else to bring me the correct one out. I’ve worked in the food industry so I know sometimes it’s frustrating, but don’t take it out on me. Just a simple apology can definitely go a long way. This was the second time this has happened, but the first time me knowing about the standard. I will not be returning to this olive garden ill go to next town. I’m not here to get another in trouble, but this experience has really taken the cake

  142. I am a server/bartender at Olive Garden located at Ingram park mall.
    The reason I am writing to y’all because there’s a manger name joe who I believe abuses his power as a manager, other servers would agree with me. I recently had a argument with him 2 days ago where he was being very rude to me & a few other servers. When he talks to servers he cuses a lot, which has a manager I don’t think he should be talking to his employees like that. He also gives money away, which I’m not sure where the money comes from because he gives people $50 -$60 to pick up a shift for him. Recently I had 4 servers already tell me he was talking about me to them in a bad way which I don’t like being talk about especially coming from a manager, he told them numerous of times that he was going to try to get me out of that restaurant, & if you look at my history at Olive Garden I’ve been there for 3 years and haven’t had any problems with any managers or write ups, which as a employee hearing that is very odd especially because he’s a manager he shouldn’t be telling other employees that, which now that makes me feel like he’s gonna try to get me fired, I know there has been complaints about him touching other servers which as far as I know our general manger already told him for him to stop laying his hands on us which I also have multiple witness that will tell you this. He (joe) would say that he’s a manger he could do whatever he wants which I also have multiple witness to tell you he did say that. He also says very inappropriate comments about other things which makes some servers feel very uncomfortable. There quite a few other stuff I left out which actually I will have a talk with my general manger about today but I wanted to contact corporate before I talk to my manager.
    I really hope there is something y’all can do about this situation, it has gotten to the point where some servers don’t want to work the same time he’s working because the way he is & how he treats employees.

  143. We are at your Olive garden in Fairfield Ohio the management at the store is so disrespectful and so unorganized that it’s not funny to the point to where they are embarrassing the customers they don’t know how to seat people they use no organizational skills at all we would all just leave that is right now we will not be returning to the store unless something is done about this contact me anytime at the email address that was left or you can contact me at 513-344-xxxx you get a lot of our business a lot of time thank you

  144. My wife on Mother’s Day called the Olive Garden on 8383 day dr Parma Ohio, to order food at around 3:15 pm . The person on the other line told my wife that the food would be ready for pickup at 5:30 pm , I arrived at 5:25 pm and saw a total debacle . Cars were everywhere trying to get in some sort of line. I checked in around 5:26 pm , and told them I was in a long line going around the building , the line barely moved. I waited patiently thinking that they would call me in 10-15 min . I proceeded to wait 30 min , then called the girl , she told me it would be another 15 min . I said that was unacceptable , and they needed to address my order , I waited a total of 41 min from the time that I was supposed to receive the food . Someone in management dropped the ball , if they would have told me from the beginning call , which was at around 3:15 pm that the food would not be ready until 6:11 pm . I would have been okay with that . The earmarked time , seemed like everyone was trying to pick up food at the same time . I understand that it was Mother’s Day , and it’s a very busy day. But , please be honest in the future , if it’s so busy that when I was ordering at around 3:15 , and my order could not be completed until 6:11 pm . I would have understood and probably chose to go somewhere else. My family has always enjoyed the product that you offer . The food is always awesome . Please address the issue on mothersday this year . So in the future this does not happen again . I saw many people who pulled in after me receive their orders before me , my name is mark a Kundrat and the order was under my name for pick up. My address is xxxx tuxedo av if you would like to respond to this comment , my e-mail is markkxxxxx @hotmail.com , thank you for your time . Please just try to correct this issue for future times. Thank you !

  145. Very upset with the Olive Garden in Rosenberg, TX. After receiving my food at the drive up area. I waited another 8 minutes for the waitress to return my credit card. I even had to call to get it back. The manager Anna was not concerned just gave excuses.

  146. Good morning. Last week i gotten two meal. I gotten Grilled chicken Margherita. along with this was salad witch was a lot of rotten lettuce in it. The broccoli was not cooked and also should of been thrown out. it was yellow and slim. i called to complain the manager took my name address. since i used gift card he was going to give me a gift card for bad meals. i have not yet received anything.

  147. I ordered food from Togo curbside and waited over 15 minutes for someone to bring to my car I had to go in only to see my order sitting on the counter ready by the time I got home my food was cold!! I am so disappointed in olive garden

  148. My husband and I were at the Paducah, Kentucky Olive Garden. We waited 20 minutes without our waitress ever saying anything to us. She walked to the table next to us 3 times. The hostess came by and we told her no one had waited on us. The hostess got our drink. Our waitress Jenn was complaining to another server about the table next to us that had to leave When the waitress Jenn came back out she waited on another table that just sat down. We immediately got up and left. We asked to speak to a manager who only told us she was sorry. We have been patrons of Olive Garden for years and have never received this kind of service. We tried to be patient. There is no reason for this kind of service. Very disappointed in Olive Garden

  149. Extremely interested in opening an Olive Garden in or near Alpena, MI. The closest to our town is two and a half hours away in Traverse City. Our community does not have a real exquisite Italian restaurant, and each resident I have spoke with wants one here very much. The only chain restaurant we have is Applebee’s, besides fast food like McDonald’s. If you could give me any information or who directly to contact about the possibility would be very appreciated. Thank you and I hope to speak with you soon.

  150. Ordered steak Alfredo and got what looked like a kids order of Alfredo then my wife’s food had a hair in it don’t think will be having Olive Garden for a while

  151. We would love to have a Olive Garden in Summersville West Virgina. Please take a look at it and think on it! Thank you for your time. John Thomas.

  152. I love Olive Garden, But It hurts my heart seeing all the employees still forced to wear a mask. Yet if they get an experimental shot that can kill them then they can unmask at work. This is not okay!!! Please Unmask All OLIVE GARDEN EMPLOYEES!!!

    This fake pandemic has been exposed and fauci and gates will be held accountable.

  153. Food was terrible on Friday night, wine glasses was dirty Nd had dried up red wine on the outside of glasses. The silverware was wet and dirty wrapped in the the table napkin. It was disgusting to my stomach

  154. I recently ate in Rockaway NJ. I eat at Olive Garden frequently in other locations. This is the 3rd time at this location. I ate Shrimp Scampi. I got food poisoning and was sick for almost 2 days. The last time I went I was ignored, I think because I was 1 person. I will still go to Olive Garden but not there.

  155. Hello. I’m not sure if my first email went or not. My bday is may 31. I have called several times to ask about my bday free dessert. And was told tnrybsend but its my phone why I’m not getting. Then I call yesterday and was told no coupons were ever sent due to virus covid very disappointed that i was noe told why. My bday is may 31 i love to go on my bday. However a 10.00 was sent prior saying because my phone woukd not give me emails. I’m very disappointed

  156. Well, I can’t believe it but I am paying my last visit to Olive Garden in Midland. While we were seated right away, that is probably the last positive thing I will have to say, other than the coffee was hot. We had less than stellar service, which started with the most disgusting bowl of Zuppa Tuscana soup.ever. the potatoes were slabs and one had a large rotten spot through the center. There was virtually no kale or sausage in it. The server brought three breadsticks, never to replenish them or return until he brought the entrees. So much for endless breadsticks or soup. When I showed him the soup, he really couldn’t understand the problem and when I pointed it out, he then he was sorry and would I like something else, while the entrees were on the table. The meal I ordered looked like it was tossed on the plate with virtually no regard for how it looked. By then I had no appetite so I just sat there while Julie ate her meal. We next saw him when he brought the bill and asked if I wanted a box for the untouched meal. I asked to speak to a manager because I felt totally dissatisfied with the service as and the food. When the manager on duty came to the table, I showed her the picture of the soup and explained that I had ordered this soup probably fifty times over the years and this was substandard, especially with the rotten spot. She informed me that this is their standard soup, and they always have slabs of potatoes in it, and the black ‘spot’ was normal. She even told me that she makes the soup sometimes and how she slices the potatoes. She also told me that 3 breadsticks are what they serve two people, one each…and one extra. She really needs retraining. I gave up at that point and told her ‘thank you, but I’m through here’. As I got out my card, she said that she would cover the bill. I didn’t want to do that as I said we wouldn’t be back, and I would feel bad about not paying since Julie enjoyed her meal. She then insisted because she could I was at the end of my rope with the entire experience. Let me know if you want to see the pictures.

  157. I ordered food tonight for curb side pickup. I gave a 15% tip with my online order. So when the young lady came out with my order she asked if I wanted to give a tip and I said I did online didn’t that go to you and she said I don’t think so. So I tipped her $5. So who was the online tip for. I tipped a total of $10.92 for a $40 order. Something doesn’t add up. Food was great.

  158. I recently visited the olive garden in Whittier, CA. We had a party of 10 which I understand due to the current situation we can’t sit together. We were informed they would have to separate us, which is fine. They also told us the wait was 30 min (when their current wait time was 0 min) so we waited. We waited over an hour. I don’t understand why we would have to wait if there was already no current wait time. And the hostess was rude.

  159. The olive garden in Bowie Maryland was a bad experience they did me really bad I sent 40.00 dollars there my food was bad I ask for food to go and it was bad I will never ever one in a olive garden again and will let every on faces book No how I was done

  160. During a visit to Olive Garden in Joplin, Mo., on June 8,2021, the odor in the building was horrid. I thought it might just be the reception area, but it was in the walkways and rooms. I noticed it was not nearly as crowded as usual. I hope the odor was just that particular time.

  161. Hi my name is Eric Arvinger I went to the Olive Garden near concord mills in Charlotte North Carolina I ordered the soup and salad combo. When I got home the order was wrong. So I called and the manager on duty and told her about the problem she told me to leave my name. I asked could she send me a coupon to my email or a gift card she said that it would be easier to just take my name. We went back and forth about the issue and she told me what she could do is take my name. So I gave her my name. Today I went to to get my meal the manager on duty told me that they would not take someone’s name like that. The women that I was speaking to sound like the woman I was speaking to originally. I love your restaurant and would like to continue to bring my family there. I just would like for this issue to be addressed and rectified. I can be reached by phone at 704777xxxx or by email at earvingxxxx @gmail.com
    Thank you
    Eric Arvinger

  162. My husband and I went to the Olive Garden on Howe Avenue, Cuyahoga Falls, OH at 4:30 pm. Once again, we were told there were no servers and there would be a wait. There were, however, five hostesses standing around talking. After a 35-minute wait we were seated. Apparently, one of the many hostesses informed her we were annoyed because we were also treated to her attitude and poor service. I hope this ongoing problem will be addressed.

  163. Horrible place to work never work here I never have worked here but I know someone who dose they hate it

  164. Visited Olive Garden on gratiot in Roseville Michigan on 6.15 At 3pm for dinner. While my husband and I have always been well satisfied with our meal it was so far from satisfied starting with poor waitress service. The gnocchi soup was watery and the salad just fair. We bought the $5 meal to take home. It was the one that had the delicious sauce you are famous for. What a joke. The pasta was almost dry as a bone. Only noodles. Have to rethink about returning to Olive Garden in the future.

  165. I had stopped in for dinner our waitress was named marina or something like that. She was very rude and acted like she didn’t want to be there .. she stopped at table to get drink order I said I’ll take a water she kinda huffed the other two that was with me ordered their drinks said she’d be back with our drinks momentary waited 10 minutes for drinks. She came back to takeout order in which I only ordered soup and she said is that all your getting I said yes the other 2 ordered and she left like she was pissed off because we didn’t order a big meal

  166. Olive Garden located in Brandon, Florida needs a serious update and deep cleaning. Odors in the carpet are nauseating. We do like the food, but will not return because of the condition of the restaurant.

  167. I ordered some dinner for me and my child las night and the food was extremely salty not edible whatever. I ended up picking up something else and tossing the olive garden order. I’m very disappointed as this is the first time this happens.

  168. I wanted to pay a compliment to one of your waitresses at the Olive Garden on Holcombe Bridge Road in Roswell, GA (store 1338 I believe). A couple of weeks ago I went in to eat lunch and there was no one at the hostess desk to seat me. I waited a good 5 minutes and when no one came I approached someone I saw outside of the bar area straight ahead. The woman there curtly said she would be there in a minute. When she finally did come, she made no apology, just said to follow her. However, the nicest waitress named Rebekah, redeemed my experience. She was so sweet and friendly and took care of all of her customers even though she was extremely busy. She even tried to help the two ladies across from me find a suitable dessert because one of them was allergic to most things in them. She finally was recommending ice cream places! I just wanted to let you know how she turned my experience from sour to sweet. She should be recognized for her superior and sweet, friendly service.

  169. Visited your Springfield location, Customers cough don’t cover with mask while coughing. Don’t enforce will never solicit Olive Garden in Springfield

  170. I had to write this THREE TIMES, as the actual site forum form to contact kicked me out, with a long reference number. My only receipt was a sticker on my salad so I guess it’s Ref #78992 Patrick Kelly [7/1/21 9:05pm]
    I wanted to say- we used to love Olive Garden! I had almost forgotten the issues I had on a previous takeout during the pandemic (or near the end) that cost almost $15 more than I had thought, when AFTER my order was bagged and brought to me, the “$5 add-on” was not available, so I wound up paying more. I guess the promotion had ended shortly before (I was told). I had supported you all throughout that period and appreciated that you were being kind to do that for takeout for awhile, but had stopped. I accepted that, even though ordering at the bar, I’d been told otherwise and was too embarrassed to argue the point, and I remember even then thinking the food just wasn’t as good as I remembered.
    This time (I refer to last night as I write this) I called ahead with ONE order of lasagna with salad & bread sticks. My partner picked it up for us to share.
    It was awful. The salad was wilted & warm, with brown spots. It seemed the bread sticks were taken from a freezer and not quite defrosted completely in a microwave. But worst of all- the lasagna had been obviously warmed in a microwave in the container it was given to Patrick in, as the container was partially melted. But even that wasn’t as bad as the noodles that were so tough, hard around the edges, that they were simply inedible. The meat was “soaked” kind of… I can’t really describe more than to say we both said “yuck” and literally threw away the whole order. I had asked when I called in the order at around 8:49 PM (July 1) if it was too late to order and was told “We’re open until 9:30 and we’d love to take care of you”. So my partner was happy to pick it up after a long day at work nearby.
    I realize there is a worker shortage post-pandemic that has great employers like you looking for quality employees that care. I just wanted to let you know, it appears the Gastonia, NC location has been unable to find them.

  171. Hello,
    I’m very disappointed. I got a $50 OG gift card for Christmas and another for my Birthday in February. I uploaded them to the app so that I wouldn’t lose them, but when I made a plan to use them for my Anniversary in May I looked on my app and the gift cards showed a $0 balance when I never used them. I checked and they didn’t have an expiration date either. I’m absolutely upset and disappointed that I never got to use these and my mom wasted her money.

  172. To whom it may concern:

    My name is Janette Class and my purpose of the message is to let you know that I was applying at the restaurant at Altamonte Springs and I received an invitation for an interview but I’m not interested in the position anymore. 

    I called the store to verify the day of the interview because (I wanna make sure is not a robot) and the employee who answered was very discourteous and he did not even give me the opportunity to clarify a question and hung up on my face. I am very disappointed, I though they would treat the people like family but I was wrong. I hope next time they have a better attitude and fix this problem for future candidates. Anyway thanks for the opportunity.

  173. My wife and I dined at your Conroe, Texas location today. It was our first time to do so since the pandemic struck. We were treated like royalty by our waiter, Michael Jones. He was spot on, knowing our needs and delivering the food and beverages in perfect timing. It was so refreshing to know that after a nearly 15 month absence from dining there, it was as if we never skipped a beat. Please recognize Mr. Jones as a major asset to your company and because of him, we will be regular customers again!

  174. My husband and my 11 year old grandson and I visited the Olive Garden in Sandusky Ohio this week on Sunday. We were visiting from Michigan . We waited only 10 minutes before we were seated. We waited 15 minutes without being acknowledged. A waitress in a small section kept passing us by and waiting on other tables. She never looked at us said she would be with us soon nothing. We finally after 20 minutes got up and as walked out to the front we stopped and told the manager what had happened. Her reply SORRY. Made no attempt to make it right. Certainly not a good manager. We frequent our Olive Garden in Toledo Ohio and have never been treated so rudely. I’m sure you could care less about the service we received We will see if I get a response.

  175. On 9/17/21 around 9:00 pm, I ordered $50 worth of food, I eat there twice a week, my pasta was dry and need more sauce- Alicia ( manager) would not put anymore sauce on pasta, any other time I don’t hve enough sauce all other managers put more sauce on it! I hve no problem with Caucasians they always go beyond to help! The food is too expensive to not hve it right, I took a picture of my food to show you!!!!

  176. hello my name is yolanda stagner and i am a 69 year old customer that order a take out on friday sept 24,2021 i have call twice to talk to paige wilson a manager . no call back at all. i order a 25 dollars order. first my soup fagiol no meat or noodles only the sauce with a few carrots. no kind of flatware no napkins i was at a place that there was none of these items. i was not happy with this order and was not pleased that i called was on the phone for 30 mins called back and was told they are busy will call back i never got a call. it was from merrillville ind. phone number is 219 769xxxx and check number 13406.

  177. Normally I would have gone to the dead fish I caught myself going to save $6 by not crossing the bridge. So I called home and said I was going to go to Olive Garden. When the waitress dip young lady check my order when she saw a rush me a little bit but I was ask me a question about the portion size if you let me to believe that the Alfredo was a small portion cuz I was going to get one and we could share it. When she showed the diameter of the bowl to me using their hands it was not close to how the exercise was. To make a long story short I paid $81 and I believe $0.84… And I said to myself $84 I get home. And I’m thinking that all the shrimp scampi it’s probably would cost the most. But on the menu she should have corrected me to look again because it was a salad and that’s not what I paid for. And it was no scampi sauce on the shrimp or the pasta not to taste we couldn’t taste it and it wasn’t tasty. So she pulled out a little bit on her fork and put it back in the refrigerator… We were soda out done by the service from the kitchen the garlic bread I guess was good we only ate one. But the Alfredo was dry it was dry Fredo didn’t have any sauce with little bit it had they wasn’t it was dry they tried to eat part of one of the bowls and the rest of it is in the refrigerator.. When I called for the manager they had me on hold for 15 minutes and I just said will let me handle this myself I first started out asking for half of what I paid. Because the boys did eat one or shared one of the calamari… But it still left me with 3 eating salads half the meal or wasn’t gone it was just a flop so we haven’t gone frigerator and pull out some leftovers… I’ve never been out to Olive Garden in years but I lived in Indianapolis we would go every Friday or Saturday night this was just unusual for the service not to be a one the place was crowded and I had to wait 40 minutes but oh, it wasn’t worth the service that I receive I’m actually asking for half my payment back or all of it because the food is still in my refrigerator I didn’t want to dispose of it until I contacted you again I called earlier and had me on hold for the manager it wasn’t important enough for him to pick up the phone he or she but it’s enough that’s all right

  178. It is now an hour late for our reserved dinner for our great granddaughter. Your food is not that great anyway.

  179. I was so enticed by your mouth-watering commercials that I treated my husband and friend to lunch at your Adventura , Fl location. I ordered the lasagna. We’ll… it didn’t look anything like the commercials! The sauce was globed on, there was way too much cheese, the pasta was starchy and sparse. Not a good meal at all. Very disappointing. And your wine prices are too high! Make your restaurant food like your commercials!

  180. Just had a luncheon catered by Olive Garden, I cannot say enough good things about the food and the service. Food was exactly what I ordered and it was all outstanding.

  181. I’m here at Olive Garden in Fayetteville Ga. Next to the Fayetteville Pavilion. I ordered a family salad to go and ask to order a $5 take home meal for my 4 year old son to go. I was told it was dine in only for the meal. I find it misleading to the customer when you advertisement clearly states take home meals and not dine in only.

  182. Our party of three entered the restaurant at 7:45 was seated and served drinks, soup and salad. I order a 6 oun sirloin and posts and was not served with my family. However when asked about the delay the host stated that the sirloins n had to be defrosted. I was celebrating my birthday and the servers brought out a dessert and sang. I still had not been servered my dinner. When we were preparing to leave the manager brought a meal from the kitchen. This experience was so inadequate, however after waiting all most 1:45 minutes and no enjoying my birthday dinner with family. The manager did not understanding our dissatisfaction with this saturation.

  183. I had dinner at your Harbison location, service was great but food portion was small and the lasagna was not hot or very tasty. Salid was ok after i ask for dressing

  184. I have been working for Olive Garden in Huntsville Alabama where I have been dealing with uncalled problems over an over from just coming trying to be a good worker trying to communicate with the team on far as trying to learn an become a worker on the team the general manager seems to only side with people who are not trying to move up in the branch my last encounter I only asked a team member if there was any 911 needed an she began to get very smart so I continued to go alone with my work I have never had any problems at any other job I’ve worked at this place have no respect for African Americans they cut our hours change our schedule an I felt very on edge the hole time I worked there was just fired this morning for only asking a very rude worker if she needed anything as I worked prep

  185. Today, I called your Livonia, Michigan restaurant to place a carry out order for myself, my husband and daughter. The first time I called, after about 15 minutes someone finally answered the phone. I told the person, (a male) that I wanted to place a carry out order. He says he had to transfer me to the “ToGo” line. After waiting 10 minutes, for someone to answer the ToGo line, I hung up and called back Once again, when I called back no one answered for about 15 minutes! A female finally answered. I explained how long I had been in hold and wanted to place a carry out order. She told me to “just hold on on fir a couple of minutes and she would help me”. Needless to say, after 10 minutes, she never return. This is the worse customer service ever and after getting food from that location every week almost in 2021, we will NEVER patronize that Olive Garden again!

  186. Hello I have a old gift card from Olive Garden .I would like to know how can I redeem this gift card I can’t see all the numbers this is what I have 604713691009—-541 some numbers are rubbed off if you can help thank you.

  187. Is this true or a scam ?

    Our new CEO Dan Kiernan wants to help out so to celebrate the start of he’s new job he will be sending everyone who’s shared+commented by 11PM March 12th a voucher to get a dinner for two with two cocktails of choice included!

  188. Terrible experience with waitress at Olive Garden in foxboro ma yesterday afternoon. Wanted a booth, so was sat in first booth near the greeting desk, so it was not very quiet for us, a little bit before waitress came over to get our drink order. Came back with drinks and then she disappeared for at least ten minutes. Finally came back to take our order. . Got our salad and breadsticks and then she disappeared again. Finally came back to take our meal order and we enjoyed our breadsticks and salad in the meantime. Another while went by and we finally got our meal. We asked for more breadsticks and never got them. The waitress never checked on us to see if we wanted drink refills. She only had two stations at this point, us and another table of three. Then we had to wait a bit for a box to take home leftovers. Needless to say it took us over an Hour for that dining experience! Very disappointed as we like Olive Garden and do go there for our anniversary/birthdays . Just bringing to light this unpleasant trip this Olive Garden thank you.

  189. My name is Terry Jones, I have worked for olive garden for 27 years. I need to talk to someone about my restaurant.

  190. I would like to leave a compliment about Ms Betty SE Military location… Ms. Betty has awesome customer service, very customer friendly, awesome personality, great sense of humor. Ms. Betty served us very well. We will most definitely be back and be looking for her. Awesome Job Ms. Betty!🤗

  191. Visited Fields Efteling Road in Cincinnati ordered the chicken Marsala the chicken was like rubber very chewy my husband had chicken scampi his chicken was very good . With the rising prices people are going to expect quality food

  192. Ive been to several olive gardens through the years, and was excited when they opened one y Ecuador. However, today Apriñ 12 at 1pm, i went with my family to the restaurant an had an horrific experience. They tool more than an hour to serve the drinks, which they were beingin one at at time. Thwy changed our waitress two times. They dindnt give us any napkins and the overall service was awfull. My only intention is that this restaurant doesnt put a bad name to such a nice place. Regards

  193. I was in your Salem, oregon location last night with my family. Food came out a few at a time and when the last of us finally got our meal, it was cold and just had to leave. Sad to say we spend $90 on a family meal that was just disappointing to say the least. My check number was 65780 in case you need to reference it.

  194. Hi! This complaint/Question is from 4/10/2022. My Husband & I went to the Olive Garden at 6089 S. Southlands Pkwy in Aurora Co. 80016. We paid &14,95 after using a gift card for $50.00 ( Bill was for $64.95) We left a $20.00 dollar as a tip on the table. Later in the month I noticed my debit card was charged $34.95. Could please someone check on that? It was 19:10:01 4/10/2022. I have receipts and the bank statement if you need them.

  195. Hello. I wanted to complain about the Olive Garden in Champaign. I had a reservation for five o’clock and it is five fourteen o’clock and I have yet to be seated. This is preposterous. My grandmother died and we had this reservation to honor her memory because she loved Olive Garden. I hope you all learn your lesson. I wish that people would take into consideration my feelings more often. Of course I would rather have my grandmother instead of eating here but we can’t always have what we want.

  196. I was drenched in soda after the waitress spilled the soda on my and I was told we can come you a dipping sauce, unexapatble

  197. Please call me ASAP it’s to do with them charging me on my card and then canceling it and then re charging me!!! Unacceptable fr call me please !!!

  198. I went to a Mothers Day dinner at the 13379 W Grand Ave, Surprise, AZ 85374. We were lucky to have a server named Nichole. She is a nursing student who works every weekend. Nichole is an extremely attentive server. She was bright and bubbly and always smiling. She made our dining experience very pleasurable. Please copy this to her employee file. Thank you. Greg Giuliani

  199. My family and I visited this restaurant and was assaulted by one of the employees. We finished our food and wanted to pay, it was closing time. My husband went outside to get the tip, and the manager told him he could not reenter. His phone was inside, his wife was inside, his 2 year old son was inside, and his 4 month old son was inside and CELESTE, the manager refused to allow him to reenter. He was then pushed by Jonathan Perez, one of the employees at this restaurant. I, his wife then came outside by myself and we put the children in the car. The employee, Jonathan Perez then attempted to hit our car as it was parked. I was waving and yelling through the window for him to stop, the kids were screaming and crying, my heart was racing and I feared for my very own life. We then drove away from him and went close to the entrance of the Olive Garden and let the manager know what happened. She was very dismissive of what happened. We drove to the closet police station to file a police report. As customers who visit Olive garden VERY often, we will not be returning to Olive Garden again

  200. Host at Olive Garden 1 Worcester rd Framingham MA. Not only did he ignore a disabled woman and a pocket that works for her… he proceeded to seat a couple who came in after us . She had been waiting for awhile. When I asked him why he was doing this he ignored me . So I asked again and he proceeded to say very loudly ” you will get over it ” and proceeded to act like a jerk.. No apology from him whatsoever. The manager was kind and showed concern and was very apologetic over his behavior. His name is Paul Green and I’d appreciate some kind of response from Olive Garden as to why this man is still working there . He obviously hates his job or he just doesn’t like disabled people or POC. I’ve never had an issue with this establishment until Saturday May 21st . He also screamed at me in front of the patrons at said establishment. He’s definitely in the wrong business considering it’s call service and hospitality. He did neither. Mr angry Paul Green was the person I met that day .

  201. My family recently visited store #4498 in Gainesville Florida. We were a party of 6 and totally wasted $ 112.89 !! NONE of us were able to eat our food. We ate salad and bread sticks and left. We are frequent supporters of OG for years and this meal was not up to standard. We go to Gainesville several times a year but will never walk in these doors again. It needs SERIOUS attention from headquarters ‼️

  202. First time in 5 years because food was so bad. Well to start $1.99 service charges for games at table ( never told about this) Alfredo with a side of chicken, chicken came out 10 minutes later so pasta was almost gone. Soup was not hot! So it will be long time till we go back if ever again. Really disappointed

  203. Came to the Hoover location with my Mother and sister after church for Dinner. Ordered sodas which were all flat. Upon informing our server, she let’s us know that the C/O for sodas was down and they were serving sodas from 2 liter bottles. They too were flat. Thought we should have been informed before we ordered. Once the food came out, it was lukewarm in temperature. Needless to say, our Sunday Afternoon dining was less to be desired.

  204. Please give me the phone no of the person who can take complaints and can fire Dora , the manager and George the waiter at the Olive Garden at Duluth on satellite Blvd Georgia

  205. Check out a property at the Lebanon Plaza In Lebanon County Pennsylvania. Buuilding was a Golden Corral. We would love to have a Olive Garden in Lebanon County, as we have to drive 25 miles to get to the closest OG. I know thousands of customers would love an OG close by!!!

  206. A LARGE number of the folks who visit the Olive Garden restaurants in Lancaster PA and Harrisburg PAare from Lebanon. It is a favorite of many people who reside in Lebanon County If you put a restaurant in this county I assure you, it would bean overwhelming success. Please check us out. We love to eat!

  207. 1.0 star rating 10/8/2022
    30 minute wait so i told the little asian girl we would sit in the bar.. there was a table and booth so i asked if we could sit there & she said no it’s kept for people waiting so i said there are a bunch of people and no one is sitting there, she looks at me with an ignorant stare. we waited for bar seat, 2 guys come and sit at the table and i tell them they can’t sit there since the hostess told me we couldn’t, Bernie the bartender says it’s fine! then another couple comes and takes the booth and no one says a dam word.. 10 minutes pass and the hostess calls a name and the woman in the booth yells we sat here..the 2 hostess look over the counter.. and i say but i couldn’t sit there and they just walked in and sat… the hostesses start laughing.. really? i complained to the manager and she says “i understand” 3 times while i’m talking..and on top of everything else my meal was awful and by the time Bernie came back and asked what he could do, everyone was done eating! i told him to take it off the bill. a totally disgusting experience that ruined my night! i have tried to contact corporate… and will keep trying and will call restaurant manager as well!

  208. Dined at Madison/Goodlettsville Tn 37072 location on Oct 30,22our family had five separate tickets, when one member of our party noticed her bank deducted more than was given for tip we all started looking and we had larger deductions as well, she called Olive Garden with her receipt and the lady named Nicki credited her over the phone she confirmed the tip was changed another one of party has called because she did not have the receipt and nicki said she can find the tickets and will call back yet to hear from her, we noticed it strange the waitress wanted to take our cards and not offer the kiosk, sad that we will never feel good about going to that location again

  209. I am a service connected disabled veteran rated at 100% and feel unappreciated since I do not feel comfortable dining in restaurants due to my ailments but Olive Garden appreciate my service but cannot serve me so I can be appreciated at your Lynchburg Va.

  210. What happened to the Springfield, PA restaurant?!? This was the 2nd time where I was so disappointed. Waited 30 min to get seated & over an hour for our 3 meals to arrive (even though the other guests near us seated a good 20 min after us were served. Manager could’ve cared less when I told him we were leaving & not coming back. All he said it was busy. Got the meals to go & ran out of there. Won’t be going back!

  211. Hello,
    I’m a Army Veteran celebrating Veterans Day so I went to Olive Garden to get a meal. First I was a little upset that they were saying that you couldn’t order take out and you have to dine in at the restaurant. I don’t eat at restaurants because I had major spine surgery, neuropathy, knee pain and edema in my legs. I can’t eat at restaurants because it’s very uncomfortable holding forks and my pain levels but fortunately after a couple times of asking (which I should not have to do) she agreed. So when I finally got my food, I hobbled to my car and went home. I rested because it’s exhausting and painful getting around in my condition. Later I pulled out my food and my chicken Alfredo was without the chicken. All noodles. I m upset because I am on SNAP because I can’t work anymore and I don’t have money. I thought at least I could go to Olive Garden on Veteran’s Day. Your company should not do that to Veteran’s on their day. We should have a choice to eat in or out with a completed order. I understand she just made a mistake.

    Olive Garden 3548 South Jefferson St #52
    Falls Church Virginia 22041

  212. worst customer service i have ever experienced waitress was rude never came to check on our table clearly hated her job

  213. We have just received the worst service ever at Olive Garden at 3430 W Chandler Blvd. in Chandler Arizona. Had a reservation for 530 pm for a birthday celebration for a party of 12. It was 45 minutes before we even got drinks at table and a full hour and a half before we received our food… I spoke to the manager Andy Tope who was full of excuses I asked if he was short staffed he said No! He tried to say it was because we had salad and breadsticks first.. Very condescending and then said well food is there now!! They came at least 4 times to try to fill us up on drinks, salad and breadsticks.. kept saying food would be just a minute for over 1/2 hour. All said and done he took off the one meal that I ordered because I was the one who spoke to him and basically tried to screw everyone else.. Even had a up charge for Alfredo sauce for one of people in our party.. NEVER HAVE I Seen Such slow service and maybe it has to do with a lackadaisical manager who obviously has NO customer service!! Will never return to that Olive Garden again !!!

  214. This is the 3rd time I’ve encountered this. We come to Olive Garden in Highland,IN and there are about 20 open places to sit. The bar stools are even vacant. There are 2 people ahead of us and the hostess says there is a 20 minute wait!!!
    RIDICULOUS! It was only 3:35 in the afternoon. I’ve even experienced this at 11:00 am when opening. A party of 2 and we were the second people in the door and my daughter and I waited and watched people going
    I am very disappointed in them.
    How will they ever handle the Holidays. Merrillville, IN has more people coming from the mall and they utilize and accomodate everyone ASAP

  215. It was my Birthday and I wanted to go to Olive Garden. Upon entering, we stood there for over 5 minutes with no recognition at all. There was a girl at front helping customer with takeout and when she finished she still never acknowledged us and proceeded to take a phone call. We had to ask if anyone was going to seat us with no response. Then finally three people walked up to terminal acting disoriented. We ask for table no booth as we both have bad hips. A waiter was drinking a soda and never looked at us.
    Then got an agitated look.
    We then had enough and walked out and went to Red Lobster.

  216. I just found out about the manager being fired because they needed Tim off to deal with the passing of their beloved pet. Olive Garden’s response is reprehensible. Therefore from now on I will NOT be visiting any of your restaurants again.

  217. Recently visited the Olive Garden in West Springfield MA and wanted to give kudos to the management and staff on handling our large party of 25 on an extremely busy night. Every order was presented accurately, hot. They were very professional and well staffed and should be commended.

  218. I have received a one free buffet for birthday valid Mt Airy only. Member ID 4309384567. There are 4 to 6 of us that meet regularly in Winston-Salem. Could you issue me a coupon for Winston Salem, 180 Hanes Mall Circle, because they won’t accept the one for Mt Airy? I updated my information to Winston Salem (site stated would be updated immediately) and thought I would receive an updated coupon.
    Thank you.tt

  219. We Went to the Midland Texas Olive Garden January 6 2023. While their, my father in law got his billfold out. He’s 93. We ate and everything was great $94.00 bill and I left $24 tip . (4 of us) We leave and about halfway home he says I can’t find my billfold. I immediately stopped and called the restaurant to please go look at our table. I told them exactly where we sat. It was in a little room to the left as you walk in. They put me on hold and then came back on and said sorry we didn’t find anything. I turned around to go back to restaurant to look for myself. This was around 2:30-3:00. A very Slow time! I get to restaurant walk right to the table. And right their was his billfold on the floor in Plain sight . So my complaint is …. They didn’t even bother going to look. It was plain as day right on floor. I am thrilled we recovered it by me driving back cause really it is our favorite restaurant to take them to monthly ! I mean I just spent $120 and they couldn’t even go Look for the billfold and they DIDNT cause it was in plain sight. YES IM HAPPY I WENT BACK TO LOOK MYSELF ! God was with us that day ! He had just cashed his SS check and had cash in it ! I just feel like they did us wrong by not looking it was very slow thst time of day. Maybe tell your people when someone calls panicked their billfold is missing. Go try and look good!

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