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500 W. Madison Street, Suite 1000
Chicago, IL
Phone Number
(312) 894-5000
Fax Number
(312) 894-5001
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  1. car reservation Itinerary #7363334658606
    in Florida-July 12-July 16 2018 pick up and drop off at PBI Airport. I was told more than once to take the shuttle to Budget car rental and pay the total amount of $ 125.83.Nothing that Orbitz did for us on the up and up. 1. We took the shuttle, to find out that our reservation was 5 miles away and that we were on our own to get there I called to confirm the shuttle and the rep said he checked with Budget and that that info was correct?. 2. Orbitz never told us that proof or car rental insurance was necessary so the process was further delayed. 3) Budge3t would not accept the price from Orbitz and w had to pay about $50 more! We got a car-about 2 hours later!
    I tried calling customer service twice at Budget only to be disconnected twice despite the repeated phrase of “No worries” I finally called back at 10 PM and finally someone said we can get a refund for the difference and the cost of car service but just when I was going to speak to a “supervisor” I was once again discounted two hours later at midnight! I thought they had all the info but at 1 am I got a call back from the Philippines where it was 1pm-I questioned the timing of the call but all I got is we need to resolve this now or I would have to start all over the next day! They kept saying that they were doing US a favor by giving a one-time courtesy to reimbursement! Really the booking is boarding on FRAUD and the customer service was VERY unhelpful, to say the least. I expect to hear from you to explain why I got the service(or lack of) during booking and customer services.

  2. I opened a case on an issue regarding insurance on a trip. I left feedback on the website and I am not hearing back. I would appreciate a response in order to sort out this issue before I make a formal complaint to the business bureau.

  3. I set up my honeymoon in Punta Cana almost a year in advance and with recent activities there and a travel ban I changed my mind and wanted a refund due to travel restrictions. They only gave me my money back for resort and not the airlines, only credit for one and the other one still has my money and no credit.

    I planned another trip this time to Jamaica. While using the site I put in Jamaica for airlines so when I choose a resort it would select the best fit/closest airport option. So I went ahead and booked it. When I reached out to the resort to set up a shuttle service they said they couldn’t because our airport was 3 hours from the resort. So when I called customer service and explained what happened they wouldn’t do anything for me. Did the Facebook messaging and 3 different reps stopped talking to me. I put the trust in my honeymoon and money into your company to give me the best experience and to help me with planning my trip and you have failed. All I want is my airport changed for my trip without a change fee due to the website selecting an airport 3 hours from our reaort which I had no idea about(which is why I was using your service to help me) and no one will help me. Not very happy at all and have lost out on a lot of money. I want someone to help me get my airport changed free of charge due to the poor customer service and your site sending me to an airport 3 hours away.

  4. I am trying to contact to apply for a job. Do you have a jobs and careers phone number, or can I submit my job application online?

  5. They should hire some more employees for their customer support team. Good company overall, I just found it hard to get through on their customer help phone number.

  6. I am so disgusted with Orbitz. I have been trying to re-book a flight for 2 days that was cancelled last year because of COID. I have been held on the phone several times for atleast 1-2 hours with no response. I would appreciate a call back. (330) 807-xxxx. This has been the worst.

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