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OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
Corporate Address
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
Corporate Office Phone Number
(813) 282-1225
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Outback Steakhouse is owned by Bloomin’ Brands.  Bloomin’ Brands owns the following brands; Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.

What is Outback Steakhouse’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Outback Steakhouse’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-813-282-1225.


What is Outback Steakhouse’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Outback Steakhouse’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-813-282-1225.

Call 1-877-859-4734 for gift card enquiries.


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Call the numbers above or via:

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Outback Steakhouse President Michael Kappitt’s email address is Michaelkapp[email protected]. Do not contact excutives with complaints.

Outback Steakhouse’ Contact Us page can be found here.


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Outback Steakhouse on Twitter: @Outback

Outback Steakhouse on Facebook: www.facebook.com/outback


Outback Steakhouse Executives:

CEO: Elizabeth Smith
CFO: David Deno
COO: Roger Chacko

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405 Reviews and Complaints for Outback Steakhouse Headquarters

  1. Last night we ate at your king of prussia pa location I ordered the 6 oz. Filet minion well done it came out bleeding to death they took it back and recooked it to death I’ve eating plenty of Filet to know thus was not Filet it was very grainy and tough chew I asked for the manager and was told sorry sometimes we get a crosscut of meat and you probably hot that this was not Filet and is this what you are selling as Filet and deceiving you customers I worked as a butcher and know a crosscut of meat is a tough muscle cut and very chewy I at least expected the manager to offer to take it off my bill since it was uneatiblle she offered me another steak done the rest of my party was done their meals and I didn’t want a imposter steak I told her no thanks so I spent $22.00 for a baked potato I felt she should have taken this off my bill or at least offered a gift card for another meal very poor customer relation and makes me wonder if I want to continue to support your business or spend my money with your competitors.

  2. Complaint against annapolis outback steak house. Megan the manager very very unprofessional! Hostess does not understand English. Said she took my order and hung up in my face. Megan said she was the owner took coworkers said. When I arrived received text that my food will be ready shortly. Megan said I had no order. How can I help you after waiting 20 minutes.

  3. We just had dinner at 210 gateway Blvd, rocky mount NC, and the food quality was the worst I’ve ever had, we ordered onion soup. First it came cold, the cheese wad melted down the top looked great, but the soup was cold and so thick it more a gravy than soup, the baked potatoes had so much salt on the skin, my 88 year old mom had to spit it out , I had wings and fried mushroom, the breading was the same on both, is seemed that the grease was old, the were fried to much, there was hunks of breading all over the plate, they look and tasted greasy, we called the manager David over, an explained our concern and he stated that’s how did was processed there, I explained we went happy with quality for an outback, we love outback. From Charleston sc, and visit frequently, waitress was Taylor. Apologized for everything, and especially David’s none. Caring attitude about situation

  4. I am forced to write this complaint first let me say outback was one of mr families favorite eat places this past Mother’s Day I took my mother to outback expecting great food service etc
    The only typhoid was our waitress
    First we orders French onion soup it was served not in a crock but a flat plate we sent is back. Next we ordered blooming onions my mom’s favorite when it arrived the coating was burnt we sent it bac and they cooked another one with same results. We gave up on that I orders a steak. It was not good chewy overdone. At which point we gave up paid the bill which was almost $50.00
    This ruined my Mother’s Day for my mom. She was so disappointed. I honestly don’t know if we will ever go back

  5. We had dinner while on vacation in Lakeland Fl. Had it delivered. All was cold asparagus was horrible. Strip steak was fatty and raw. Asked for med rare. Very disappointed. We eat at one in Bradenton all the time and love it.

  6. On Mother’s Day I called the Outback in Clermont at 6:25 to order the prime rib for my wife. They informed me that they were not taking any more orders for the rest of the day. I informed the manager that I wanted to pick it up at 8:30. or 9 but she said they were slammed. I have gone to the restaurant at least 3 to 4 times a month and was so disappointed that the day I wanted to order I’m told that they weren’t taking anymore orders i and my wife were very disappointed you would think that the manager would have extra help for a special day

  7. To whom it may Concern:

    I live at indigo pines apartments, about 2/3 miles from outback.   It is really sad that that they say its outside of there delivery area.  Considering they charge $6 to deliver and then ask for a tip on top of that, they would oblige.   Apparently,  they are making money hand over fist.  It must be nice.  


    Judy Butz 


  8. Outback North Haven, CT is going into the ground because of the owner, Ali, and lack of disciplinary actions from JVP, Lynn. Since Ali has been at that location, he stole tip money from his servers (JVP Lynn gave him a slap on his wrist and servers never got their money); had an affair with one of the bartenders (Amber was allowed to leave the bar in any condition and never was reprimanded, she always received special treatment); he always makes inappropriate comments to the staff that is offensive, belittling, unprofessional, teasing, harassing, and threatening (JVP Lynn was made of this a number of time, but does nothing); if a customer belittles an employee, no matter the situation Ali does not care/respect his employees and will join the customer in the act to belittle the employee; during COVID Ali coordinated for big orders to Yale New Haven Hospital and instructed an employee to drop off the payments and tips to his house rather than bringing it back to the restaurant to complete the payment transaction in the POS system; Ali (with permission from Lynn) fired a loyal employee who was will the company for over ten years because of his “attitude”, but this employee made a complaint to Lynn about Ali’s recent performance shortly before he was fired; Ali began having an affair with his key Tori and allows her to bully other employees, clock in to talk to hosts for hours then clock out without actually working, he gave her a key and did nothing when she entered the building after hours to take two bottles of alcohol (JVP Lynn was informed of this and she never even responded to the phone calls); Ali allows delivery drivers to drink and get high at work, but if an employee tells a customer they do not appreciate getting called a “bitch” he fires that employee; he missuses his title and threats all employees jobs; Ali was made aware that a specific employee had health issues and was not able to work certain days, so when this employee was scheduled on those days he was not able to work Ali threatened the employee’s job if unable to work or find coverage; Ali forced his female delivery drivers to make deliveries at night in unsafe and high crime areas.
    Ali does not care about the restaurant as he tells all his employees he wants to open a gym. He only cares about the money he is making from the restaurant. Lynn was informed of this by a number of servers, take out workers, and a manager but she has yet to take any action

  9. YOU ruined my mother’s Mother’s Day. You took reservations from my father the Monday before and then blatantly lied to me about taking reservations on the phone when I called . Then told her she had a 45 minute wait time when she got to outback in west springfield Massachusetts restaurant. My mom left because the wait time was 45 mins and my father is diabetic. You did nothing to compensate or really care. I am very disappointed in your service .

  10. Dine in on 5-9 was horrible! We didnt get our order taken until a 1hr 30mins after ordering are drinks an appetizer, the chicken we ordered was raw. It was horibble for me and my family to bite into a raw chicken which was suppose to be well done. I called waitress over he takes the chicken and bring us out new chicken and says he’s going to remove it from are bill, but he never did. Finally are food arrived 45mins later after ordering and it came out particle, just a cold steak and no sides. The sides came out 15mins later. The service from the kitchen was horrible and nothing from management.

  11. I am disabled right now. I went to the Peter’s Rd location Sunday. I knew it would be busy. I hobbled in and placed my order. I didn’t see on the ticket a long wait time. I went back to my van. I ordered a loaded baked potato and the best wings in Knoxville. I waited and hour and was getting ready to go back in and cancel. If I knew the time was going to be 1 hour I wouldn’t have went inside. I’m suffering from hairline fractures in my hop and back and that’s to long to set in a van.I always take my son there. We stopped there on March 10 th with the family after the funeral for my husband. Please tell the waiters if it’s going to 45 minutes plus so we can decide if we will stay or go. I’ve always had excellent service inside for several years now . I’m just really disappointed with the walk in order to go. Thank you.865 660 xxxx

  12. I placed a order online 4/26 at Outback in Port Saint Lucie fl 34986 in the amount of $38.41 for delivery. They called back and told me they had no delivery people and offered me a free dessert which I didn’t want. I said well since I have to pick it up you’re not going to charge me the the $6.99 delivery fee they proceeded to tell me that’s why they offered me a free dessert. I told them I didn’t want it so they credited back my credit card and recharged me the amount minus the $6.99. Never saw the credit back. Contacted Outback again spent half hour on the phone and they said okay we processed it again and should show up within 24 to 48 hours so 5 days later still no credit. I had to call my bank and dispute the charge and cancel my debit card and now I have to fill out a bunch of forms to get them notarized.

  13. Last night for Mother’s Day my family ordered from the Yonkers NY store. There was 2 Mother’s Day specials on the store’s website consisting of a 6 or 8 oz filet with either coconut shrimp or shrimp on the barbie. When we called in our order we were told that they knew nothing of this special. I spoke to a manager and he said that they had the special. We ordered 3 specials (6oz). When I got home I noticed that we were changed full menu prices rather than the specials price ($86.97).I called the store and received no satisfaction. I was told that the manager was not around and the hung up on me. My overall order came to $214.94. I am hoping that this issue will be resolved. I will be more than happy to speak with someone if necessary. 845-492-xxxx

  14. I placed an online order at the Outback Steakhouse, 7525 US 31 S. in Indianapolis IN, on 5/9/2021 at 6:40pm.
    The bread and bloomin onion were burnt. I ordered three entrees and received one side with each instead of two. I had ordered the Toowoomba Salmon, which came without the shrimp creole topping. When I called to ask about the topping I was told that if it wasn’t on there then they were out of it. A phone call would have been appreciated because I would’ve ordered something else. I told her which sides I didn’t receive and she said to call when I got there. She didn’t offer any substitute for the topping the salmon was missing. As it was overcooked and dry, I made a sauce for it myself. When my husband arrived to pick up the sides, he called as directed. He was asked what sides he needed, he said he wasn’t sure as his wife, myself, had placed the order. She hung up on him. He called back with the side orders and she was very short with him and hung up once again. By the time this ordeal was over it was 8:40pm. Unfortunately, I had tipped when I placed the order and before I received the poor service and sub standard food. Needless to say, I will never dine in or order carry out from Outback again.

  15. We were trying to order 70 dollar meals
    We had to call twice they kept on putting us on hold well we finally got em they ask us then my husband was going to place order she hung up it was in dalton ga 30720

  16. I ordered food for curbside pickup prior to 6:00 pm . According to the website the food was supposed to be ready by 6:41 pm. The food was not ready until almost 9:00 pm and after several inquiries no one ever returned to give an update status. Once I received the food both steaks were overcooked. One of the steaks, one was not the correct steak ordered. I will never go back to the Hyattsville location, the service was unacceptable to the point where mobs were forming at the door requesting the status of orders.

  17. The staff and manager are so extremely rude!! My adult children and myself decided to take my 80 year old mother to OUTBACK on mother’s day 2021. After the greeter took are names and told us we could go to the bar, while we waited 2 hours to be seated. We were allowed to order drinks then kicked out, before the waitress would hand me our drinks I was told she needed payment before I could have the drinks. Mother’s Day at your restaurant was horrible I would of rather gone to DENNY’S

  18. Portion of order & condiments not receive. Had to return to pick up. Ordered blue cheese chopped salad received garden salad with no dressing & half of condimentsnss requested not received. Daughter had to go to work & phone went unanswered.

  19. Wow, what a mother’s day Joke!!!
    Steak was cool, not cold.
    Missing one of my sweet potatoes.
    My 87 yr old mothers 6oz was over cook, meaning not m rear.
    Only one piece of bread for three.
    Female working togo door never noticed us pull up, after look at her back for a while, my wife had to get out and let the person just standing there we were there, for a while now just looking at her back, try turning around once on a while.
    Telling everyone I know in Gainesville, GA what a bunch of jerks you are, starting with Manger Jason, .

  20. I was at your North Haven, Ct and a waitstaff person came out to my car and Confrontational.

    1. That is because you called her a bitch and told her it was her job to take the disrespectful comment because the customer is always right.

  21. My boyfriend and I went to the Outback in Indianapolis (2315 Post Road) for dinner. We arrived at 9:31pm and was turned away because they closed at 10pm. We were there in more than enough time to be seated and the restaurant was not full nor was there a wait. I thought it was poor business to be turned away and I’m not sure I will be back if by business is not welcomed. We went to Texas Roadhouse who also closed at 10pm. They sat us, we ordered, ate our food and was walking out to our car by 10:15pm. Yes, they were ready to close as well which is probably why we got our food so quickly but at the end of the day, they served us regardless of our arrival time.

  22. Outback was fabulous enjoy the food and Tori was fantastic and the owner was beautiful person as well can’t wait to go back and enjoy the food and the desserts and the company from the staff I felt so warm on my birthday I love Outback have a blessed day

  23. I Renay Jackson was at Outback in Western Hill and ordered a sirloin steak and when it came out to the table it was an object in my steak the Manager came out was rude ass hell talking about that ain’t come out the kitchen but two other tables told him all I did was cut and bite the steak. My fries was cold waited 30 minutes for a salad that never came but for the manager not to resolve the problem and to keep saying it could not have came from there was very unprofessional I would appreciate it if someone contact me as soon as possible about this complaint

  24. I am not a wealthy person and work hard to earn a living even at 72. I just tried to apply my Dine Rewards and was told they expired. What a disappointment that during this pandemic your corporate rules could be waived. The person answering my call regarding this had no concern for me at all. “They expired, you lost your reward.” I would appreciate receiving an extension. God bless

  25. Tried to dine in last night with a party of 7. No wait but could not be seated unless we split up due to your COVID policy. Hardly any cars in the parking lot compared to On the Border where we waited 45 minutes and ate together at a table of 7! We have frequented your take out during COVID but no more. We will be back when Outback finds their common sense. Families need to eat together!! Outback was in Gastonia NC

  26. My visit to Outback Steakhouse this evening was very unsatisfactory I had dinner at the Outback Steakhouse in Keizer Oregon the service was fine however the food came in poor timing after we were seated we waited a long time then after we got our drinks we waited out a really long time for salads what are salads came are steaks came within two minutes of the salads arrival the stakes were not cooked properly as requested the manager did come by the table and apologize

  27. To Whom It May Concern: My wife and I recently visited your restaurant near Williamsburg VA. To say the least, it was THE WORST FOOD I HAVE EVER ATTEMPTED TO EAT! Trust me when I say, I WILL NEVER VISIT ANY OF YOUR ESTABLISHMENTS EVER! How anyone can sit there and eat such over seasoned food is beyond me. I’ve been a chef on cruise boats, and have worked almost every aspect of the restaurant business starting out as a bus boy and working my way up. Gentlemen, you guys need to change the amount of seasonings you apply to your steaks,rice greenbeans and all the other foods your selling. Twice I’ve visited your restaurants,and twice I’ve been highly disappointed. When your grandson refuses to eat his greenbeans because there’s so much spice on them, that’s saying something. Shame on you guys for selling such lousy foods. Never again will I visit an Outback Restaurant again. Especially after spending $100.00 on food.

  28. Hello I ordered 2 steak meals at your snellville outback . It was close to closing time when I arrived they were about to close paid cash and left. I specifically asked for utensils, condiments and extra napkins. When I got home I was so upset, my 2 steak meals were burnt which should have been medium, my sides were wrong, I had no condiments , utensils no extra napkins and the DID JOT GIVE ME A RECEIPT. I called the next day and they refuse to fix my orders . I AM SORRY NIT TRYING TO SOUND UGLY BUT THATS ALOT OF MKNEY AND COULDN’T EAT IT. IF THERE IS ANYTHING YOU CAN DO Plz let ME KNOW. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.


  29. We had a bad experience at the Roanoke outback. The service and food were both terrible. The manager did comp part of the ticket, she took the 2 items off the check that we didnt have a problem with but not everything that we did have a problem with. We still paid over $80 for a very bad experience.

  30. Why does a bartender have to give some of her tips to the hostess and waitresses ? Are you that cheap to your employees? Your menu is getting less and less to choose from. also.

  31. We just ate at outback in St.Louis Mo on Lindbergh. My bill was $175 our meal was cold. We waited for over a hour after we received our appetizers. My Alley Springs chicken the cheese was hard because it had to of been sitting in the window for awhile. My potatoe was cold and so was my family’s.

  32. I went yesterday 4/24/21 and I already had to wait long for my food. I ordered Mild wings and a order of cheese fries with no bacon. When I got my cheese fries it was in a small bowl and the waitress thought I said a side which I didn’t so they took it back. Second time got the cheese fries it looked good except that it had bacon on it and I don’t eat pork so had to take that back. The manager didn’t charge me for the fries which was fine but then by the time the third time they got the order right but I had a long strand of hair on my cheese fries at that time I was mad and ready to go! Then it took them forever to get the bill right. I was seated around 9:30pm and didn’t get to leave due to all the mishaps until 12:00am! I’ve been to Outback for 20years and never had a problem until now! It’s the Outback Steakhouse in Concord, NC. 8507 Concord Mills Blvd, 2

  33. I went yesterday 4/24/21 and I already had to wait long for my food. I ordered Mild wings and a order of cheese fries with no bacon. When I got my cheese fries it was in a small bowl and the waitress thought I said a side which I didn’t so they took it back. Second time got the cheese fries it looked good except that it had bacon on it and I don’t eat pork so had to take that back. The manager didn’t charge me for the fries which was fine but then by the time I got it the third time they got the order right but I had a long strand of hair on my cheese fries at that time I was mad and ready to go! Then it took them forever to get the bill right. I was seated around 9:30pm and didn’t get to leave due to all the mishaps until 12:00am! I’ve been to Outback for 20years and never had a problem until now! It’s the Outback Steakhouse in Concord, NC. 8507 Concord Mills Blvd, 28027.

  34. I have a problem with the Kalamazoo MI Outback. They have new people I know but two nights this week they couldn’t get medium well. Three times tonight alone. I would love to talk to someone on what they said. Didn’t offer anything but a free soft drink. This place should close until they get help.

  35. 4/20/21 I ordered takeout & it was ready on time. I get home shrimp in the Barbie, looks nothing like photo, shrimp just thrown in the container, the Barbie was hard as brick. Drove back, Manager took it back after I explained, so I was given another. I waited 30min. I asked the person at the front desk to check my order, he could not find the manager to get my order. I did finally get it. Manger never come back out. Not once was I offered anything for my inconvenience. Just disappointed with lack of!

  36. I spent over $100 on taking out this past weekend. I called to speak to the manager, but no one was available, and I didn’t get a returned call so I’m reaching out. When I went to curbside pick up, I asked the young man to confirm my order. With irritation, he went through the list. I confirmed two chicken tenders and a side of kids’ mac and cheese sauce for the broccoli? His response was, that’s what it says. Since there was a line behind me, I quickly looked and left. I get home, and my step mom’s order was wrong, and the mac and cheese sauce was not put on the broccoli. At that point, I was frustrated that I gave him a tip and my order was wrong after I confirmed it with him. Paying $100 for bad service and wrong goods was not the highlight of my weekend.

  37. I spent over $100 on taking out this past weekend. I called to speak to the manager, but no one was available, and I didn’t get a returned call. When I went to curbside pick up, I asked the young man to confirm my order. With irritation, he was through the list. I confirmed two chicken tenders and a side of kids’ mac and cheese sauce for the broccoli? His response was, that’s what it says. Since there was a line behind me, I quickly looked and left. I get home, and my step mom’s order was wrong, and the mac and cheese sauce was not put on the broccoli. At that point, I was frustrated that I gave him a $10 tip and my order was wrong after I confirmed it with him. Paying $100 for bad service and wrong goods was not the highlight of my weekend.

  38. Where do I begin to explain the disaster we encountered when dining at Outback at 12995 S. Cleveland Ave. Fort Myers FL. on Thursday night April 15th?

    My friend and I went out for the first time since COVID now that we were both fully vaccinated and chose your restaurant for a nice steak dinner. We were greeted by a friendly staff and told we could seat ourselves outside as we requested. I ordered the Delmonico with rice and my friend ordered the NY strip with rice.

    My steak was very good although it was way over cooked. The taste was still there and I enjoyed my meal. My friend’s steak was tough. He tried cutting it every way possible and even got one piece off the steak but had to gracefully remove it from his mouth as it was too tough to chew. We spoke to our waitress who immediately offered another steak and told us she would speak to the manager. Thinking mine was so good he opted to try the Delmonico. No manager came to see us.

    When the steak arrived (I was long since done with my entire meal) it was total fat and gizzzle. We both realize that this cut is “marbled” and in fact like Prime Rib has outer edge fat but this was ridiculous. Without exaggeration when the fat was removed there was a piece of meat remaining about the size of an egg! Again, we spoke to our waitress who tried to say “it’s a fatty cut of meat and this is normal”. I reminded her that I just enjoyed a fullsize steak of the same cut and that this was not normal. She said she would speak to her manager and be right back. Again, no visit from management.

    Imagine our surprise when she came back with a dessert menu and told us the manager was giving us a dessert free! My friend turned to her and said that he wanted the steak taken off the bill and did not want a dessert. Again, she went to see the manager. By now we are beginning to wonder if indeed there was a manager on duty at all as we would have expected to see the manager at some point since now not one but two steaks were inedible.

    When the waitress arrived back she simply said “I got both steaks taken off the bill” as if she had fought for us.

    At this point I ordered the “Bloomin Onion” to go. It was prepared, delivered and paid for and we left.

    I got home about 15 minutes later only to find they had burned the onion and just stuffed it into the container! I called the restaurant as now I was flat out angry only to be told the manager was “unavailable”. I was told I could come back for another one if I wanted. I DID NOT!

    Having been to Outback before and this one in particular I know this is not the norm but this was a fiasco all the way around. The manager should have been out to see us when the first steak was bad let alone the second. An apology would have gone a long way had she or he made the effort to see us. In this time more than any other you look forward to a good meal when you venture out. We wasted time and money and were not even shown the courtesy of an explanation and or apology from our waitress or management.

  39. Complaint about the horrible service I received at the Aspen Hill Outback Steakhouse in Silver Spring, MD 20901 on Sunday, April 18, 2021 around 1:00 pm

  40. I have been a weekly visitor to Outback for many years and the food has always been great. My experience yesterday was most disappointing and I won’t go back. The restaurant was empty – only 6 cars in the parking lot. The greeter told us there was a 10 minute wait and she would text us when our table was ready. Three more couples came after us. One by one they were all seated and we were still waiting for the text. We went inside to see why we hadn’t been called and she said she texted us. We said we didn’t get it and asked what number she sent it to. She didn’t know. We never received refills on our drinks and had to eat our food with nothing to drink. There was not a server in sight. Our visit was also not added to our dine rewards even though I gave the server my number. I called the manager and complained and she apologized but made excuses for her staff. She also did not assist with adding my visit to my dine rewards. We are most disappointed and will not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

  41. Hello I have a complaint about outback in Avon In on Rockville Rd. I heard it was horrible and prestigious but didn’t pay any attention to it, cause I love Outback! That was the worst experience of my life! We came in at 2:55 and left at 5:30. Slow as molasses! They called in another family before ours that was white ours was black. To Top everything off the Manager said there was nothing he can do about it .You should’ve said something earlier. He said hold on and walked away and never came back. These people that I brought were dignitaries of the church and to be totally honest they said they will never return. It saddens me because I loved Outback and my family said I got to find another favorite. My son warned me of what was going on at that store but I couldn’t see it. Now it slaps me in the face at the wrong time when I’m with the Pastors and Drs 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m so done!

  42. My husband took our Daughter and me to the Outback Steakhouse in Springfield, MO. We were very excited about this because we had never been there before. The service was excellent but the breading on the Blooming Onion was so spicy hot we couldn’t eat it. I got the 22oz Porterhouse cooked Medium and it was very well done. The breading on the chicken was also too spicy hot. My Daughter had too take the breading off so she could eat the chicken. I was very disappointed in the food that cost us over $120!!!

  43. We visited the Outback in Boardman, Ohio yesterday and had a terrible experience. First off we called ahead to reserve seating. They told us 5 but didn’t get seated until 6. It was so freezing cold in the restaurant and the music was so loud and overbearing that it was very uncomfortable. When I received my steak it had so much grizzle that I had to send back. I had to eat my sweet potato by itself or it would have been cold. After quite a while, I finally got my steak after everyone in my party was finished. This was no better than Texas roadhouse with all the noise, the cold and the terrible steak. Not sure if I want to visit this establishment again.

  44. I had a very dissatisfying experience thursday night . Not only was all my food wrong . From The type of dressing for husband to my entire meal was not even what i ordered . asked for a rib-eye mid well . got a prime rib slow roasted. The delay in having to make the correction defeated the purpose of dining out to eat “together ” . I then asked for my food to go seeing he had finished before mine even arrived. The server brought me my plate and some boxes poled on top to take of myself as if the issues were problem and not due to her error . she the offers ” a drink ” it barter with us. Only bringing one . My husband and I night was both let down due to experience . vry unpleasantly handled after the mistake was made . poor customer service all the way around . Then I was fully charged a $100.00 meal. The only Part that was enjoyable for us was our salad and we had to fix the dressing on it . I felt robbed to say the least . I hope this was the proper way to come to resolution of this problem . IT was your Waynesboro va store.

  45. I have contacted the customer service line 3 times now and have been on hold each time for a minimum of 45 min each time. I have screen shots of you wish to see. I ask for someone in security and each time get transferred to a VM first time was a woman ( Her name I do not have in front of me at the moment ). The second time was a man ( name isn’t in front of me at the moment ) I’ve left a clear V M about what I am seeking and have not received a return call.
    This is a very serious matter in which I am requesting security footage from you location on SR 54 in which it recorded a helicopter that was flying at around 50 feet and buzzed my vehicle with my children in it. This was a dangerous act and the pictures I have of it show it to be with the Tampa Police Department . But Tampa has shown that it’s helicopter was no where near there . This is either a roque pilot or someone is pretending to be the police. The FAA will investigate once I can show them the video. I have the head of the Tampa FAA on stand by to handle this. This could of not only harmed me or my kids it could of harmed everyone on your location as this was next to a building and next to high tenosion wires. I need to have some help here at the very least a return call.
    Thank you Jim

  46. Hi.
    My husband and I visited OB this afternoon at 7917 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA 23294. Our server was Keisha M. and her service was nothing less than amazing! My husband mistakenly took the wrong receipt, so I don’t know the website to leave a compliment so I had to leave one on here. Keisha always checked up on us and she noticed I am pregnant and went the extra mile to accommodate my eating due to my pregnancy. I thought she was Awesome and I wanted to give honor where its due.

    Thank you

    Receipt info:
    Server: Keisha M.
    04/13/21 16:57, Chip T: 10 Term: 2, Rec: 2

  47. I think y’all need to hire a new chef. My ribs tasted like chicken drenched with Great Value barbecue sauce. And my chicken… I couldn’t eat it. It was as dry as the climate I live in. Not good at all, truly disappointing ): I was excited to try outback too. I’ve never had to write a review before, you guys need a new chef in SLC, UT. Have a good day. 🖤

  48. Went to dinner yesterday 4/9/2021 Outback Steakhouse Ingram location San Antonio Texas. Great food and service. However, floors of the restaurant felt greasy/slippery and need to be cleaned! Also, restaurant has a gnat problem! Very annoying trying to eat dinner with gnats flying around! Restrooms had papertowles strewn all over the floor from slovenly customers, which I picked up and threw away. Restaurant is fairly new this location, workers need to maintain the cleanliness.

  49. I have tried since yesterday to get a hold of someone on the phone to discuss my bad experience at Outback steakhouse. I would appreciate speaking with a live person . My phone number is 678-551-xxxx.

  50. I just received a to go order and no forks or the ranch they asked me about with my wings. For a 50 dollar bill I expect better. We are in a hotel and had to spend money on plastic forks and ranch at walmart just to eat my 50 dollar dinner. I expect an answer why…

  51. Our visit to outback was a nightmare. There was so much that went wrong I truly cannot list at all. We have gone to Outback steakhouse is all over the US and never had everything about the meal go wrong. My phone number is 678-551-xxxx if you care to know more.

  52. Yesterday l order on line from outbacks in Rock Hill,S.c. my order was not complete. I had to wait another 20 mins for the rest of my food. Got home the food was cold. It was half way cooked the chicken. Could not eat it. No one could eat their food. $56.00 l wasted. Very in unhappy. Will not go back.

  53. The greeter for this outback steakhouse was very rude and very unprofessional she had a blue tooth in her ear talking on it never said hello nothing were stood at the door as she walked away we not know what to do then she waved her hand with a attitude towards my guest and myself I’ve never received such a rude or unprofessional attitude towards me from the staff until today at this Laurel MD restaurant it’s 123 pm in the afternoon we were here Saturday loved it so much we decided to come back today for lunch today I was so embarrassed to have to apologize to my guest for the rudeness

  54. In Amarillo, Texas you are seriously short wait staff. There are tables galore and we are having to wait 30 to 35 minutes to be seated. There was a booth in the bar that the hostesses wouldn’t let us sit at because they only have 2 servers in the bar. Then someone else walks in at sits in the booth. Texas is 100% open no restrictions. We hardly ever eat here anymore because the service has gone to hell!!! We used to eat here weekly. We would have already walked but I have a gift card after we use it we won’t be back!

  55. We have been coming to the Kokomo Restaurant since it’s opening and tonight has been the worst experience EVER! Rude management, unprepared food, waited over 2.5 hours for 1 hour for bills
    To come….while asst Mgr Donnie sat across from us chatting with friends… shouting match occurred from his friends and they accused us of being rude. Totally unacceptable evening for our special occasion evening with family with children present!

  56. Super disappointed….ordered carryout. Ordered 3 bloomin onion burgers and each burger only had 3 petals on each….the fries that come with the order were missing. This was a $69.39 order. Ticket #0225a at your Owings Mills , Maryland location.

  57. My husband and I ordered med rare sirloin steak from bozeman mt store one steak was well done and mashed potatoes was cold it also took 1 hour 30 min to get our meal on top of all this manager came over said a dessert would be on the house so we chocolate down under got it home it was just a brownie no ice cream or chocolate syrup and we got sick at our stomach that night the worst 45.00 I spent ever I should of listen to my husband just get up and leave

  58. I ordered a 15oz Ribeye meal on Wednesday February 24,2021 from the Conyers GA location. The steak had at least 7oz of fat and grissle. I love the food and have ordered this meal on four different occasions but this time was very disappointing.

  59. We placed an by phone. My meal was 2 lobster tails, mac and cheese (which was dry and old) and a baked potato plus 2 more meals filet mignon, etc – takeout for a total $101.00 for three meals. One meal was supposed to have 2 lobster tails, however, when I got home the plate had only one. Called and spoke to manager who stated he would send out food card for outback. I emphatically stated I did not want a card I needed a refund credited back to my debit card for the lobster tail that was missing. Manager put me on hold for about 6 minutes and then hung up. I called back numerous times and when someone did answer they’d hang up each time. It got to the point where no one would answer. The time from pickup to home and discovering that someone ate my lobster and my calling over and over (7:30 – 8:58 pm). No response. This was very unprofessional. I am so disappointed with their actions in resolving this issue. I dined there two days ago with my boyfriend I and also bought my mom a plate back for a total of $150.00 Please look into this matter. So sad. It’s that serious that Outback literally ate my lobster and would not refund me.. Outback can’t be that broke. Thanks Mate.

  60. Went to the Merrillville In location had bad service from beginning to the end. When we first came into the restaurant there were two host that were not informative. I called on the phone, and they stated that it was an wait time of 45 min to a hour. I came in about two times to ask where were we on the list. I came back in and the host stated that she called my phone number which was the wrong phone. So I spoke to the manager about the bad communication, then he offered us a free appetizer. Then on top of that we got a bad waitress, I have never had this to happen to me as long as I have been to outback. I hope to get a call back from your office. Our waitress was Lauren Z. Never ever have I had this to happen.

  61. We had my husband’s birthday lunch at the Murfreesboro, TN on Old Fort Parkway. We have NEVER had such great service! His name is Tyler and he was so polite, on top of everything and it made it a much more enjoyable experience! He is heads above any waitstaff or manager I’ve ever had
    there. Made for an enjoyable afternoon!

  62. It was nights like that – that made me realize why I hate going out to eat. A couple nights ago my fiancé, my daughter and I went out to dinner. I’m pissed that we even had to wait 30 minutes on a wait for this experience. From the moment we walked in, there was a big table next to us where it seemed like all of the servers just dropped all of their dirty plates and cups off there. It remained dirty until after we left. Was there even a manager working? I ordered my daughters burger medium cooked & it came out dryer than ever – she didn’t even touch it. I ordered my meal and the bread it was served with was burnt to black. It was so funny I even took pictures. I then asked our server if this meal comes with bread? (Every other table I saw came with bread, besides us) Her response “yes it does, would you like some? “ HELLO?! If something is complimentary- that should be the FIRST thing even before our appetizers. I was a manager for Applebee’s for years and I’m disgusted from the staff, to the food, to the cleanliness. I asked for refills for my fiancé and I, we didn’t even receive those until right before we got our bill. My fiancé ordered a Long Island iced tea with his appetizer, he also did not get that until we received our bill. She had the nerve to say she forgot about it. The best part, when he gets his long island ice tea, it had lipstick stains wrapped around the entire Rim of his cup. COVID – HELLO! I brought his drink to the bartender and left it there. This was by far, the worst experience I’ve EVER had at a restaurant. AND this was my first time at outback. Horrible

  63. We love eating at Outback! We have a monthly sibling and spouse night. Our last SASN was March 3rd. There were 8 of us there and we were seated as usual but our table was still dirty from the guests before. Two servers walked by us several times without acknowledging us. One person came by and said she would get our server. After 20 minutes of this we all got up and went to stand up front until our table was ready. We weren’t too upset because of our current social issues with COVID but no one talked to us up front for 14 minutes! Then when asked why we were there we were reprimanded not to walk around the restaurant unattended. I shut my mouth. I didn’t want to ruin the night. So we stood there for another 10 minutes and a gentleman walked up and asked if we were waiting to be seated. I explained the situation to him and he apologized. We could all see that our table was still not ready and there were several other tables open. So fast forward, we were finally seated given water and menus, waiting for our wonderful bread and butter when the waitress, who walked by us in the beginning several times without acknowledging us, came up to take our order. She never smiled made eye contact but she did say, “I told them I couldn’t take anymore people in me area but they never listen. I was getting ready to clean your table but you got up. She walked off with our order and the next thing we know we are being served our bread, drinks, salads and entree at the same time. Our food was placed forcefully with our a word! At that point we were done! I am sorry to say that for the first time in my life I walked out of a restaurant without paying!!!! I know we will not go back to that location.

  64. Due to being displaced, I’ve eaten there quite frequently as of lately.  However, I may consider dining elsewhere.
    When I eat there I feel the staff is always trying to rush me out as soon as possible, bringing the check within 3 minutes of the food arriving, and giving improper eye contact.  I am usually one of the few people who go there alone, and other tables in which others come as a couple are not receiving treatment like this.
    Would like to know what’s going on.

  65. I bought the $50 gift card so I could get the two $10 gift cards for free and I did not see the date on there that they expire and I don’t understand why you would put them in a E e-card And I don’t understand why you have them expire in the first place I am very upset that I spent $50 and then I didn’t get my $20 get to use my $20 because it expired and Outback used to be my favorite place to eat at but I will never go in another outback or never buy another gift card for anybody because I don’t think that’s right that you do that

  66. I am complaining about the efficiency of your Outback Steakhouse on 21st St. in Indianapolis Indiana period they would not answer the phone after about 15 minutes on the phone. I tried again to call someone picked up the phone and told me to home and did not pick it up at another 15 minutes. I arrived at the store and made my order then. I did observe that phone calls were being made with no answers or someone picked it up and just laid the phone down with no one To take the food order.

    The food was good and hot that I ordered in person.

    I can understand why they only read two out of five for their rating chart

  67. It would have been nice to get my order when I ordered it. I ordered at 10am online for a 4:00 pickup at the Morgantown WV Outback.
    When I arrived at 3:53, I was told it would be right out. I believe it had never been started at that time.
    I called again at 4:12 and was told it would be checked on. I received my food at 4:25.
    If I had been told they forgot to start order, that would have been fine…but I was told the kitchen was backed up.
    Several people pulled in after me and were given their food…so kitchen wasn’t backed up.
    Please just tell the truth…it works a lot better to keep customers.

    Dixie Phillips

  68. I got very sick after i ate at the outback steak house in Victorville amargosa rd pls contact me i need to report this

  69. I went to Outback yesterday for lunch at the restaurant at Beechmont Ave Cincinnati,OH against my daughters opinion cause they had went to the same Outback Friday and had a horrible experience. It was my birthday and I haven’t been out much since covid and chose Outback. We arrived and was seated immediately because it wasn’t that busy. We ordered drinks and food and was visiting with the people that went with us we lost track of time. Ot had been an hour since ordering,I ask our waitress where our food was she replied its coming. She went to the kitchen and returned with our food that was cold and burnt. I ordered the 6 oz sirloin and coconut shrimp,my husband ordered the 8 oz sirloin and ribs. Every thing was burnt including family members that ordered burgers were burnt. I spent 60 dollars on a burnt steaks that were the size of my palm and shrimp burnt to a crisp. I guess it will be a very long time before I visit this restaurant again.

  70. My husband and I have been to your location in Osage Beach, Mo. several times. We are pleased with the service and the food, however our complaint is the music. It is a poor choice of hip hop to begin with and it is ALWAYS TOO LOUD. We have asked that the music be turned down some but told they cannot turn it down there. This is disappointing to us, because we have made a decision not to return. It would be nice to hear nice gentle music while eating and having conversations where we can hear what each other is saying.
    Mrs. Jones

  71. We ate at you Outback restaurant in Gaffney SC….to be honest we have never had a good meal there the steaks are never cooked as ordered. The only reason we continue to eat there is because it’s a halfway meeting point for the grandkids but after tonight we are done. It was my birthday so it seemed like a good place to meet….so I ordered salmon with the premium blue cheese salad but they came to the table with a salad with a glob of blue cheese is the middle no dressing, one person didn’t get there salad, the waiter was trying he apologized saying he didn’t know they didn’t have what it took to make my salad. One of the kids steaks was full of gristle The other steak was not cooked as ordered. The waiter said he would send the manager over. They did not have any ketchup…It just goes on and on. Who I think might have been a manager walked by and said thank you for coming and walked on. We live in Greenville SC and we never have this problem there…This restaurant has always had its problems but for a manager to just ignore is unacceptable. I felt so bad for our waiter.

  72. We had call ahead seating for 5:30 arrived at 5:20 still told had to wait maybe an hour for dinner! This is not acceptable to any standards. Clovis or not, we are still paying good money for a dinner. I don’t know if we will ever go back, or the friends we had with us will go back again.

  73. I paid for a meal online at the Crystal Lake, Illinois, Outback location that I never received because the staff was overwhelmed with orders. Even though I received a confirmation email saying it would be ready by 6:30 PM, when I arrived I was told there was an hour and half wait. Ridiculous. Don’t accept orders online that cannot be fulfilled. I expect a refund and a reply.

  74. This is second time got raw bacon on my meal,l got Alice springs chicken today, got half piece of raw bacon, one would think u would make better then ever during pandemic o get people to come back , worse than ever 18 dollars for half piece bacon

  75. One would think especially during pandemic, and take out only u would make best food only, got two two order of Alice spring chicken, half piece of raw bacon on each , so disappointed

  76. I wanted to touch base with your company in reference to the Outback located at 5255 S. Florida Ave. in Lakeland, FL. My family have been frequenting this location for years without problem and have bragged to friends about how great it is. Never had a problem that wasn’t addressed immediately and with the utmost professionalism. However, last night, on 01/04/2021, my party of 6 had terrible service. It started out good enough, prompt greeting, server seemed polite, but then it spiraled out of control to include the following:
    – Salads took a long time to arrive
    – Refills were never offered but were required to be asked for
    – Two of the party sat without drink for a long duration
    – Waiter rarely checked in
    – When asked for extra onion sauce it was forgotten and had to ask again
    – After waiter dropped off a ranch that was asked for, a child wanted an additional dipping sauce – I said to the waiter “Sir, sorry to bother you but….” before I could finish he said “hold on…”, and walked to another table to drop off to go boxes instead of just letting me ask before leaving
    – Charged us for a free bloomin onion we had verified was complimentary (ref football game win)
    – When pointed out he assured the onion would be removed
    – Asked for an additional drink (one of party who had been without for a long time) with the bill
    – Manager then came out to explain our card had been charged twice…once incorrectly due to the waiter forgetting to take off the onion which had just been spoken of…..and an additional time after voiding that (both charges over $48.00)
    – Was told by the manager that the voided amount would be back in account in 3-4 days (why not just refund the onion? Now we are out 60.00 for 4 days?)
    -Still never got refill

    This is the most problematic part of the evening. While the manager was present and explaining the bill mistake, we verified with the manager that he was in fact the manager and explained how horrendous the experience had been. This explanation included all of the above listed issues and then we looked to him for response to which he said , “Ok, do you understand how the bill refund will work?” That was it….he didn’t even listen to the issues, apologize for the issue, or attempt to offer incentive to offset the experience. He then left the table at which time the waiter finally dropped off the requested drink.

    It is no wonder the waiter lacks professionalism since the manager exhibits the same behavior. Both of them had an attitude of indifference and lack of concern for their customers. Our waiter had 3 booths of people to serve. No big tables, no extrodinary crowds, etc. It was simply poor service and we will hesitate to return to that location. I have never left a $0.00 tip EVER. I was a waiter for a decade and leave 20% or more every time we eat. More after the COVID situation. But in this instance we couldn’t leave anything for the server. It was unbelievable.
    I explained to my wife who insisted that she would never return that the manager’s time there will most likely be short lived. I don’t see such service being tolerated by your company without being corrected or removed. Hence the reason for this complaint, to make you aware of what his happening in one of your locations.

    Thanks so much for your time and feel free to contact me for any additional input/question.
    Barry Maurer

  77. Rewards member!!! Ordered curbside pickup for 2 orders of wings at 3:01 PM. Received email that order would be ready at 3:33-3:38. Order came out at 4:05……over an hour for wings plus 27 minutes past the pickup time and I had to ask the girl that was coming out to curbside. She said they are waiting on your mashed potatoes…..which we did not even order! We asked why so late and got “I don’t know, I just got here.” What???? Several cars pulled in and picked up while we were waiting! Not good service and not a good answer as to why!! If you missed my order just say so!!! Also, wings were not very only warm!

  78. Rewards member!!! Ordered curbside pickup for 2 orders of wings at 3:01 PM. Received email that order would be ready at 3:33-3:38. Order came out at 4:05……over an hour for wings plus 27 minutes past the pickup time and I had to ask the girl that was coming out to curbside. She said they are waiting on your mashed potatoes…..which we did not even order! We asked why so late and got “I don’t know, I just got here.” What???? Several cars pulled in and picked up while we were waiting! Not good service and not a good answer as to why!! If you missed my order just say so!!! Also, wings were not very only warm!

  79. Am a longtime customer with lots of gift cards from family members even thought I sent a screenshot of my card having a $50 balance bloomin brands is saying the card was activated and then canceled so they won’t honor it you are losing a longtime customer over $50 after I use my current gift cards I will never go in outback again or have anyone give me a gift card

  80. Last night I did call ahead seating I told him I would arrive 25 to 40 minutes later he said a table would be waiting when I arrive 30 minutes later I was told I had to wait another 20 minutes. Why do they have call ahead seating and you are not accommodated. I understand during this pandemic it’s extremely hard to run a restaurant because that’s what I do for a living I understand not taking reservations but if you have a koala head seating and you have to wait 20 more minutes when you get there it’s not right. I totally understand why you don’t take reservations but these trying times maybe you should reconsider this. Thank you

  81. Please teach your Champaign Il store the proper way to make a chopped salad with blue cheese, pecans etc. They are delicious in Tampa but unrecognizable in Champaign Il. They are not chopped, skimpy with few ingredients. So disappointing when coming home from Florida.

  82. Hello, I dined at the Outback on 10400 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, FL 33026 / 954-981-5300. I dined for lunch at 1:49p. We ordered a 12oz. ribeye steak, medium-rare with sides. The steak was cooked medium and very salty and too much pepper, so we told our waitress and she took it back to make a new one. The second steak came out and it was worse than the first one. It was overcooked to medium to well done. The steak was hard and tough. We told our waitress, but did not return it because it was getting late and we didn’t have much time to wait. However, the manager never came out to ask us about our steak the first or second time. The waitress left the check on our table and we noticed that the manager did not even give us a courtesy discount for the steak that was not cooked the way we asked. I asked the waitress if we could talk to the manager and she told us that he (Ivan Rodriguez) could not come out to talk to us because he was too busy. His name, again, is Ivan Rodriguez. In return she told us that she can send the assistant manager to speak to us. So she came to talk to us and she told us that the manager said that the steaks were cooked perfectly??? I cannot understand the audacity of that manager to say that the steaks were cooked perfectly! First of all, that was not his order and it was not cooked as we asked? How could it be perfect? I am so upset and offended on how the manager handled our situation that I will never go back to that particular restaurant every again as long as that manager, Ivan Rodriguez, is there. He should not be a manager because he does not possess the qualities and qualifications to be a manager. I just wanted to give you all a heads up of the kind of people/managers your restaurant is hiring. I am shocked and disgusted on how I was treated as a regular customer in your restaurant and in return I will not give good reports or recommend anyone to go to that Outback. Check Info: Table 6/Melissa T / Svr Ck: 8 / 1:49p – 12/27/20 / Total: $44.90

  83. Ordered food to be picked up at 5:40. No one has come to car, husband has gone inside to pick up ( now 6:05). Always a time issue with this location. Snellville Ga.

  84. Hello. I ate at the Highway A1A outback tonight, December 16. I have eaten at Outback’s many times in Aurora, Colorado. I always order a filet , Caesar side, and veggies. Tonight, my order for medium rare steak was so well done that it was grey. So, the waitress took it back and did another steak, equally well done. The manager did not apologize at all. Was every dismissive. I ended up with no dinner. What should have been a lovely evening with my husband was ruined.
    We did not save the Visa receipt but our dinner bill was $36, and we left a $15 tip, so you should be able to identify it.
    Susan Kaye, 970 925 xxxx
    Susankxxxx @comcast.net

  85. Tried to order a drive up take out order
    Was giving my order to a waiter (Jamal?)
    Tried to add an unsweet tea to the order and he said Oh My God
    So rude no apology nothing so I just said nevermind with the order have been going there for a long time and that is the first rudest person we have encountered

  86. My wife and I have been eating at Outback for many years. We picked up carside today in Columbus, Ga. We both had 8 oz. filets. Both steaks were terrible! They were very tough, stringy and chewy. I also used an outback rewards on this meal. Very disappointed in our meal!

  87. Went to Outback Hermitage November 13,2020. Slow wrong meal which was compted. Member of rewards club. Gave my phone did not get my reward for night. This is about third time this has happened in 4 month time period.

  88. It was my first time at the Outback steak house, and I wont go back. The blooming onion was burned, my salad was so spicy I could not eat it, my son order a med well steak got a med rate. My daughter n laws chicken was still pink. The chicken wings still had blood around the bone, and there was so much dust on the blinds that there were cobwebs on them. All in all the worst experience ever.

  89. Need to speak to someone, about what what happen last night at the Bar. 419 722 xxxx

  90. The food wasn’t great, waited for service way too long and not busy, even the manager was not good. Haven’t been there for awhile, I could understand why on a Sunday the business was slow, the service from start to finish needs to be adjusted, even upon leaving manager at stand not any kind of acknowledgement or gratitude, how about grab the door

  91. To the Outback steakhouse.
    Three weeks ago I took my parents to the Outback in Somerville upon there request. Seeing the advertisement on TV brought back memories for us. For years we were loyal customers at your Burlington location all the way up until it closed. My parents don’t get out much do to there age so we like to make the times they do get out count. Both my parents got the big filets and I got the salmon. We also got one btl of wine.. So I’m not going to write a big sob story and tell you guys how everything was less then satisfactory but unfortunately it was. Somerville is a great thriving area that keeps growing at an alarming pace. Every meal should count and should be presented as advertised.. I’m sorry for the unfortunate experience we had at your Somerville location. When we go out and spend one hundred and fifty dollars we hope for the best food and service possible. I hope that you can use this to fix whatever is broken there cuz I would like to maybe someday take them back. We are not the kind of people to judge on one outing. Thank you for your time Brian

  92. Went to north hills McKnight road store on 1/29/2020 bathroom had extension cords connected to a heater stretched out as you enter toilet area I can send a photo for proof. Then paper towels big roll sitting on counter no one could even put in dispenser!!

  93. Our family visited Outback Steakhouse on December 13,2019, in Evansville,IN. We had a very bad experience. I would like for someone from headquarters to call me back ASAP!! I have called and left 2 messages but no one has returned my call. My phone number is (270)315-8077. Hope to hear from someone soon

  94. Horrible service, cleanliness and sanitation at your Birmingham al location. The one on hwy 280! I took pictures of our food and the filth we experienced tonight. Do your company a favor and send secret shoppers there. I would fire the regional that put these people in place. It’s a bigger problem than just the GM. I don’t want anything other than the highest paid person in this company to have to sit through this xxxx show!

  95. We went to this Outback Steakhouse while we were traveling through Danville VA, on Thursday December 5th, which happens to be my birthday. It was an absolute disaster. We were sat right away, but when we got to our table it had not been set at all. We had no napkins, no silverware, no nothing. When our server by the name of Quinton A, arrived at our table , he was extremely nasty and had a very bad attitude. When we asked for silverware and napkins he said he would get them and he never did. We had to ask him 5 times !!
    I was about ready to leave and my wife reminded me that we still had another hour of driving before we got home , and that then we would have to cook something, so we decided to stay.
    Huge mistake !! Our server Quinton seemed like he could care less about anything we were saying. There was absolutely no manager anywhere around, which was another red flag because every Outback we have ever been to has always had a very attentive manager making sure everything is good. We ordered 2 NY strip dinners. When we got our salads my wife’s was ok , but my Ceaser salad was extremely salty.
    When the NY strips got to our table, mine tasted like the meat was old. My wife’s steak was over cooked. We decided to ask for a Togo box and give our dogs the steaks. This was our worst experience at any Outback ever !
    The next day I called to speak with the proprietor and was told he was not available. The person on the phone represented herself as a manager and apologized for our experience and took my name and address and promised to send us a gift certificate so we could go to a different Outback and give the Outback a chance to redeem themselves.
    It’s been almost a week now and we have yet to receive anything at all from them.
    I have emailed the corporate office to voice our displeasure, and we will never go back to the Outback in Danville, VA.

    This has got to be the worst Outback in the country !!

    We are used to superior food and service at the Outback. That is what we have come to expect from them after being loyal Outback customers for years. If you are in the Danville area and want to have an enjoyable evening, I would recommend going somewhere else.
    I have called the corporate office twice now and left a message and I have yet to be contacted. I called last Friday and I also called this morning. I would like to speak with someone in regards to our worse dining experience ever at any Outback.


  97. We have not gone to Outback since you stopped carrying lamb. You are supposed to be ” Austrialian”. Without lamb you are just like any other steakhouse.

  98. I came way from Miami to a Fort Lauderdale Outback Steakhouse ordered my food online it was the steak and lobster promotion after being told by the wait time and the price of my meal I was told by the manager of the restaurant he was not going to place my order after I tried to explain the order was just placed online and I have the confirmation I was told to get the hell out and if I don’t leave he’s calling the police I feel discriminated against because I know that’s not the way you deal with a paying customer and I feel the manager at the location should have to be taught how to deal with the customers thank you I can be contacted at 3054978536

  99. I just had to write to tell you that I went to dinner at Outback last night. I really didn’t want to because my past experience wasn’t good. My son said to me, remember you liked the food at the Roseville Outback. So we went and I just wanted you to know that I had the best prime rib I have ever had. It was cooked to perfection. My son also ordered prime rib and was just as happy as I was. Then to top it off our waitress was just the best. We just loved her. Her name was Varonica. She made everything so nice. All the other Outback restaurants I have been to have been absolutely horrible. The meat wasn’t good. I got a prime rib sandwich once from the Madison Heights Outback and it was basically a fat sandwich because they put mostly fat from the prime rib on it. This is why I’m writing to tell you about the Roseville Outback. It’s the way Outback was when they first opened. It was so good I can’t wait to go back.

  100. Is the customer service phone number the same as the corporate office phone number? I want to contact the customer support department.

  101. How do I contact you by email or live chat? I have tried the Headquarters phone number but I am unable to get through to a real live person in the weekend.

  102. I was so shock last night went to outback in Springfield , Nj … it’s was 8 of us celebrating a birthday ..waiter put us in a booth by the wall… A big cockroach came crawling down the wall I call the waiter and he crushed it….We spent a lot of money… we received no comp or anything… I really like Outback food and surprise the Manager didn’t offer us nothing.


  104. Our family has been going to the same Outback for over 15 years, Macedonia, OH – and each visit has become increasing disappointing. We use to order about once a week (take out) and over the past year I don’t believe we have ever gotten an order home that was correct. Today was the worst – ordered the Filet and Lobster, the Filet was charred black and the lobster was under cooked, also ordered Alice’s Spring Chicken and the cheese on top was burnt black in spots and so tough was unable to eat. This location has continued to deteriorate over the past several years. I will not be surprised when they close their doors. I do visit another location in a neighboring area and the food is always good at this location. The location in Macedonia OH needs to be careful this is a growing area for restaurants and with more choices comes less business for bad restaurants.

  105. Can not believe ‘Outback Restaurants’ do not have accommodations for ‘ Special Needs’ Patrons.
    I am going to urge everyone I know to not patronize ‘Outback Restaurants’ since this establishment does not cater to ‘Special Needs’ patrons.

  106. Just read about a ‘Special Needs’ family being told to leave an ‘Outback Restaurant’ in the State of Maryland. Well, I too have a special needs grandchild who he too make noises, very messy. Yet, no establishment has ever requested this child and his parents leave due too his disabilities!! Seems to me someone may have violated this child’s disability rights, by not having accommodations for special needs patrons.
    I do not plan to visit any ‘Outback Restaurant’ since, I have been made aware your Restaurant can not accommodate ‘Special Need Patrons’ and I will urge all my friends and familiy members to join me.

  107. As a parent of a special needs child this is a sad thing to read. Those without special needs do not understand and we live in a culture of rudeness. I’m sorry you had to go through that.

  108. Awful!!! I called corporate twice without a return phone call. The queens harbor management and staff is awful. How can you screw up one persons to go order three times??? Especially on my birthday. I had to drive back at 10:00 to return my disgusting chewy, membrane filet tips. Waited for an hour for a replacement. Two more steaks cooked horribly. Sat down with the manager Chad when he finally got around to contacting me, very aloof ; not engaged.why would you go back? They don’t care. Not how it should be; no value, it appears for the 10 that had a good experience, you do not matter. Horrible.

  109. I picked up a bloomingonion and wings 7/16/19 in the afternoon. The onion was so salty and greasy and had been sitting out soggy; wings way over cooked. Ordered ranch dressing and got blue cheese. Did not enjoy this meal. After working and coming home with bad food.

  110. The food was awful my stake wasn’t well done like I asked had to send it back my side’s got cold waiting on my stake to get done the Mac and cheese didn’t have enough cheese the chicken wings and booming onion was cooked in some old grease had a nasty after taste!!! The only thing taste good was my husband salad and this was my 5th anniversary we where celebrating we spent$100 and still tip the waiter $10 cause she was the bomb with severing us not her fault that the food was nasty!!!😣😣☹️ And this how I feel when I got home🤢🤢🤢😤 ALL BAD

  111. I placed an order at Outback located in 12609 Wisteria Dr. Germantown, Md. My order was supposed to be ready for pick up between 7:38 and 7:48 PM. We got there to pick it up around 7:50 ish PM. The order still wasn’t ready & the young man that brought the food out to us took our bag over to another car took the steak meal out & quickly went back inside. Then he brings our order didn’t check to see if it was all there because he knew he had given part of our order to someone else. Quickly hands us the bag takes our tip & runs back inside. Now, as soon as he gave us the bag I got right out the car & took it back because we were missing a whole meal. Then when I get inside he tries to act stupid as if he didnt know the meal was missing. There was steak juice all on the bread bag because he pulled it out to give it to someone else. Then when I went in to tell them it was missing. This short lady I’m assuming is a Manager not sure because she was very unprofessional and inconsiderate proceeds to tell me that it was in the bag because she watched the cook put it in there. As if I stole the 14oz. Steak and tried to get a free one. We order the same things everytime we go & I don’t even eat the steak I get the pasta with shrimp and chicken. She basically tried to accuse me of stealing the steak and then told me they could make another one but I would need to wait another 15 mins after I waited to leave my house to give them more time to prepare the order & then additional time when we arrived. She didnt over no discount she was very rude. She proceeded to ask me if I paid for the order already when my receipt was already on the bag. I literally just spent $50 on food paid for it online & your trying to accuse me of stealing a steak. I was so disgusted that I asked for a full refund & didnt take any of the food. I’m going to have to watch my bank account to see if she refunds my money because she claimed she didn’t need my card to credit my money back. I am pissed off & I don’t appreciate how I was treated & they had been messing up everyone’s orders before I even got there. There were (2) other customers besides myself who had to get out of there cars at curbside and walkin because our orders were messed up. I left there & went to Chic Fila. I will never return to Outback again.

  112. It has been weeks since I notified you of a very poor experience my wife and I had at the Outback in Fredericksburg, VA. Received 2 signature sirloins that were so tough as to be almost un-edible. In addition, my baked potato contained a long gray hair (not one of ours). I was assured that I would receive an appropriate response within 5-7 working days. That hasn’t happened, but I have gotten 50+ emails that were sales pitches. Very disappointed because I had heretofore had good experiences with Outback in numerous locations.

  113. While dining at the bar location Royal Palm Beach, I had a roach go right across my utensils. Bartender apologized and killed it with a napkin as if it were a regular problem. I got up and left. Lost my appetite. I use to enjoy dining there not anymore.

  114. Went to dinner at the Outback in Portland this evening near St. Vincent‘s where we get medical care. We’re here from the coast and like to try good steak places
    The server, Patrick, was very nice and attentive, and specific.
    When I told him my steak was under done he very pleasantly took it back to be cooked some more.
    It was brought back by the manager David who was friendly and had us laughing. Yes Not only did he bring me a well prepared steak but everything on the plate including the shrimp had been replaced with fresh food. Very nice
    Thank you we will come back here.

  115. Food was cold lobsters were not cooked it was terrible,will not patronized the FULTONDALE location ever again.

  116. I called last night Thursday the 23rd to ask about a party of 18 on Friday 24th and was told to call in the afternoon of Friday the 24th for call ahead seating. The manager on duty told me this after me waiting on the phone for him to even answer. I called today the 24th at 2:30 and was told they could not accommodate until 8:30 or later. I alway went to Outback’s but Longhorn’s or Texas Roadhouse will be my new steakhouse. I will definitely spread the word about my experience. Poor service.

  117. My wife and I have always enjoyed Outback at these N.C. locations; High Point, Burlington, Four Seasons and Battleground in Greensboro.
    In October we decided to try the new store #3465 on West Wendover in Greensboro. We ordered ribeye, medium and it was served close to being rare. An owner took it back to the kitchen. We waited close to fifteen minutes, and she brought the same steak back to us, well done. She asked if we wanted to wait longer for the cook to try again. We could not. We left very disappointed and were not charged.
    On May 11, 2019 we went to a movie near store #3465 and decided, with great anticipation, to go to dinner at this same location.
    We ordered a bone-in ribeye, medium to split between us. We also ordered two small Pinot Noir, Mirassou. The steak was cooked properly but was 75% fat and gristle; no joke. We spoke with Eric, a manager. He took it and returned with another ribeye, almost rare; inedible to us.
    We were exasperated and asked for the check. The steak was comped, but we were charged for two small (more expensive) La Crema, instead of the two small Mirassou, as ordered. Our server took our bill for correction and returned, charging us for two LARGE Mirassou!
    So, our dinner consisted of salad with macaroni and cheese.
    We will be going back to other Outback locations but certainly not to store #3465 on Wendover.
    Lance and Debbi

  118. I would like to draw something to your attention about customers with disabilities. I have limited mobility in my shoulders, and difficulty raising arms and holding heavy, hot, or full objects over my shoulder height when seated. The wait staff seems to stand in one spot about a foot from the table edge, and hand things past the people seated closest, to the people on the far side of the table. All is above the height if the head of the person closest to them. Last evening that included a glass of iced tea that was a 1/4 of inch from the brim, my plate with steak, potato, and veggies, then my plate gathered after finishing (which in this case resulted in juices running upmy sleevr when the wait staff asjed me to hand the finished plate to them.) If I say something in front of companions, they jump to lift items from the wait staff, and I am totally embarassed because of the attention to my disability. I don’t understand why you are risking the liability of handing things to people over their head that may fall. Please consider how your staff is serving individuals, so it can be done more safely. Otherwise the wait staff was attentive and very pleasant. Thank you.


  120. April 14th, the first day of our 14 day trip, we arrived in North Charleston N C. After checking into the hotel, we when looking for our favorite restaurant an Outback. My wife ordered a drink and I ordered water and at the same time we ordered our meal. I had a burger and my wife ordered a salad and shrimp. The salad to be served with the meal. This was at 5pm. My water came in a styrofoam cup with a plastic cover and a straw. (Wow) We were told they ran out of glasses. Our salad arrived next, not with the meal as requested. OK so we ate the salad and waited for the rest of our meal. People who arrived after us were being served. 30 minutes later we asked about the rest of our meal and were told “ sorry” nothing more. 55 minutes after we order, I put the money for the salad and my wife’s drink on the table and we left. We have traveled to 20 different countries and many destinations in the USA but never have I had to walk out of a restaurant. I know restaurants have problems but indifference and ignoring is not the solution. Just need to let you know how we feel.
    Richard & Carol Graziano
    The Villages, Florida

  121. I had an EXTREMELY POOR EXPERIENCE at the OUTBACK in Long Beach CA. Our server, who claimed to be named Tyler, (he wasn’t wearing a name tag) first didn’t bring us utensils for almost 20 minutes. It was not a busy day. When we asked him again for utensils as we were eating our salad with our fingers, he said he would get it and shook his head back and forth as if we were annoying him. He finally brought some utensils for one person. I asked him for the rest of us and he said I would need to wait till the greeter rolled them. He was so rude and disrespectful. I asked to speak to the manager. A gentleman comes in from the back, with a dirty shirt not buttoned all the way. I could see his chest tattoo and his undershirt. He claimed his name was Tino. Again, I didn’t know if he was telling the truth because he wasn’t wearing a name tag. He claims the dishwasher didn’t wash the dishes fast enough and that’s why we didn’t have utensils with our food. Again, there was hardly any customers in the restaurant. It wasn’t busy. He claimed he was going to take off the salad from the bill and he didn’t. When we questioned the server, he asked “why do you need it taken off, did you not like my service?” Let me get my manager. Tino came out again but he was only making things worse. I have NEVER experienced such unprofessional behavior at an OUTBACK restaurant. I advised I was going to make a complaint and he said do what you would like. The bathrooms were disgusting. There were maxi pads just thrown on the floor. I have pictures as well. There was a table that was sitting there with piles of plates of food from a previous customer when we arrived. It was still sitting there after we finished our meals and left. For me to pay almost 100.00 for a bill and receive this type of service is ridiculous. Again, I have never received this type of treatment in your establishments and I thought you would like to know how your Long Beach restaurant is being ran.


  123. Today my family of 3 was going to have lunch at the outback in Gateway Center in Brooklyn at 1:50 pm. The hostess was very confused when we arrived about where to seat us. The restaurant was busy or full. She asked if we minded a table and I replied I would prefer a booth. She then left and went to the back. There were at least 20 booths empty and 10 booths not cleaned up from prior guests. She then came out from the back and proceeded to seat us at the end table with only one booth bench and two chairs right by the kitchen. My husband is a fine dining chef and immediate said he did not want to sit by the kitchen when there were so many tables open elsewhere. The hostess walked away. I approached a gentlemen who was eating at the bar and asked him if he worked there. He said he did. I then asked if he could help us with the table situation and he refused to stop eating and help. My husband told him he was in the business and had never been treated this way. He said that it wasn’t his problem and to not take it out on him. We then left and took our business to Applebee’s across the parking lot. This establishment will never see our business again and I felt the need to let corporate know that no manager was present and the only official looking person other than the hostess refused to stop eating to help us. We always enjoy outback and looked forward to trying this one near our new home. Never again

  124. I ordered delivery from the miami lakes store.
    What a disaster.
    Im at a hotel alone with a young child.
    They forgot silverware, the hotel didnt hace any, i couldnt leave.to get any.
    After getting both my child and i completely redressed and running to cvs for something to eat with, we arrive back and i notice my daughters mac and cheese was missing the store was closed and my daughter refused to eat anything else and everything was cold and nasty
    Please pay more attention to the small stuff, it can make a huge difference
    Order #9432029

  125. Since the grand opening of your Coral Springs, FL Outback Steakhouse location, on University Drive, I have become a regular patron of this outstanding restaurant. Starting from management, well run and always putting the customer first. The receptionist Maria always greets me as though I were family. She is dressed appropriately, always in a cheerful attitude, and efficient at her duties. I am fortunate to have her sister as my waitress. I wish I had employees like her at my place of employment. She is worth waiting for because of her excellent service. Her name is Maria also but you can tell they are from the same up bringing. By the time I am seated, I already have my drink and warm bread waiting for me. I only have an hour for lunch, so it is important that I am served in a timely manner. I feel as though I were a dignitary at a banquet. I understand another member of this family may seek employment there also. If she is anything like her two sisters, I welcome the addition. The food is delicious but when you combine the food and the service, wow, what an experience. Thank you for opening the restaurant so close to my place of employment and for hiring all the people I mentioned above. This is my permanent dining establishment.

  126. I just dined at your Seminole City center store. After eating part of my meal and drinking part of my premium cocktail, I stepped out to have a cigarette. I asked the people at the reservation/seating desk to please let my server know that I was stepping out and would be back. When I returned, both of my boxes and my drink we’re gone! The only thing left on the table was my bill. I proceeded to leave a $40.00 gift card for a $34.00 meal because I was so upset and did not want to deal with the hassle. Just to let you know that it will be a very long time before I feel comfortable to deal with your company again.

  127. Hello I was at the Terre Haute Outback today. My husband and I had a gift card from Bloomin’ Brands for 25 dollar. Our waitress said it declined I call the card company there is 25 dollars on the card. They said if it declines there is nothing they can do. That I need to contact the person who bought it for me for my birthday and tell them they need to take it back where they purchased the card. I called the card company again and they said if this store would have manually enter the card it would have went threw. They also said that they would have been more then happy to walk them threw steps to get the card to go threw. Outback was very rude about this situation. We do not plan on going back. This card is no good to us due to outback is the only restaurant we can use for this card due to location.

  128. Please return my call, 321-663-xxxx. I have a complaint about not just one restaurant but two different restaurants.

  129. We went to outback in mass at assembly row on march22.we had called ahead for seating and were told to come at 9:20. We were there and now told a 15 min wait. We finally were seated at 10:10pm. We waited for a wait staff member to take our order and no one came to our table. We were so angry that we left at 10:30 hungry and never served. This is ridiculous! Probably lost us as customers

  130. Different menues and prices for different locations? What a joke! Each location shows the same menu on line but a different menu in the restaurant. Different prices for the same item at different places. Very inconsistant! What a dissapointment! No more Outback for me!

  131. Tried to call corporate office. I have been purchasing your green aioli sauce that goes on your steak tacos. I have stopped because they kept changing the price on me. Also they changed it permanently to a price that is way too expensive. Considering it is more expensive than a bowl of soup at most places is ridiculous. At first they charged me $3.00 for a soup bowl container. The next few times they charged me $4.99 and that was what the head/main manager had said to the cashier that served me. The next time I ordered it, the head manager wasn’t there and the assistant manager insisted that it cost $6.99. I told her the main manager said $4.99. The next time I ordered it, the other assistant manager insisted that the head manager said it is $6.99. I usually buy 4-5 containers each time I come. And I usually come at least 3 times a month. That would mean I am spending $105 on a product that isn’t made with any expensive ingredients–mainly mayonnaise.

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  133. On March 8, 2019 I dined at Outback located at 1824 Club House Dr, Valdosta, GA 31601 with my wife. I ordered a Rib-eye steak medium with mash potatoes and broccoli and my wife ordered Salmon with 2 sides.
    My steak was cooked well done and dry. I returned the steak and had to wait an additional 30 mins and watch my wife eat. I understand that mistakes are done but to have to wait additional 30 mins for a steak is ridiculous. The manager apologized but offered nothing else. When I received my bill I was charged for 2 steaks. I asked for the manager and she was unprofessional and short with words and told me she adjusted the bill. It is one thing to over cook a steak then have me wait an additional 30 mins then over charge me is beyond insulting. I have dined at Outback for years and never had an issue before but on March 8, 2019 was not only frustrating but I felt as if my business meant nothing to this manager.

  134. Outback location 5525 Stevenson Blvd
    Fremont, CA 94538
    United States

    3-10-2019 in at 7:45- we got kick out 8:45

    I had a very terrible experience at this outback steakhouse they treated us very very bad day was very angry and aggressive me and my girlfriend and our baby came to eat from Sunday service church and we called ahead and made a table reservation the guy said there’s no wait when we came in he said we will have you seated in five minutes so we waited 30 minutes later we asked the hosts how long more for our table to come she said 30-40 minutes I told her the manager said we will be seated in five minutes so she brings a manager to me and the manager said oh yes will have you seatet 5 more minutes I said OK that’s fine when I sit down The host got mad and said you need to be patient I said I did I waited 40 minutes
    – [ ] When we sit down toward table the manager and I who said you know what I will not serve you get out of my restaurant and then I told him can I see the owner and he said yes I own the outbacks but he was like a guy that works in the kitchen He was very rude and aggressive and mad and I don’t even know what happened but I did seen him take out a few other Different family i’ve been eating here 20 years I come here every Sunday but this new guy is very unprofessional very rude I will never come back to this location ever again and I will not recommend anybody here I would love to speak to somebody corporate of the outbacks and I will give you the name of this guy he claims he was the manager and the owner he was an African-American guy (925)-557 50xx

  135. Had the steak and lobster and was very disappointed the lobster was as big as a shrimp and that’s not saying much


  137. Tonight my family and I ate at outback in Warner Robins Ga , Watson blvd ., the first time in years . I had the prime rib with lobster , sweet potato amd Caesar salad . The dressing was extremely salty , the potatoe was mush , the prime rib was seasoned to the point that it burned my mouth throat amd stomach . The blooming onion was greasy and had the taste of old oil . Was definitely not the same dining experience I had a couple yrs back . When I mentioned my displeasure with the prime rib , they did replace it. Our service was spot on , but with bad food , that is not enough to keep the doors open . I’d suggest retraining , perhaps secret shopper visit . Order the prime rib , I am certain you’ll be as disappointed as I was .

  138. Hello, my husband and I went out for dinner at Outback in west york Pa on February 13th for an early Valentines dinner. We had a lovely dinner, food was good, service was fine. At the end of the meal, the server brought our check and my husband used his credit card. When Olivia brought the check back for him to sign we noticed it did not have our credit card in. So we waited a few minutes to look for Olivia, and then I said to her, you didn’t bring our credit card back. She was just like I’m sure I put it in there, I’m said no you did not we don’t have it!! So she walked away and soon came. ask with it. And just non shalontly layed it on the table and said its good you have a good memory and noticed that!! It was no apologies or anything!! Our credit card has a $30,000 credit limit so we obviously would not want this getting lost or stolen!! It’s not the fact that she forgot it; she is human and we all make mistakes, but the fact that it was just like here you go!! We should of addressed this situation with a manager that evening. I just think the server should be told if that ever happens to be sure and apologize instead of just acting like nothing happen!! Thank you for your time!!

  139. I think it’s sad that your company takes away tips from waitresses and waiters to do tip share based on their sales!! That is disgusting!!
    It means the people that do a great job and have repeat customers have to share tips with people that do a crappy job??
    How are they supposed to make money? So when we left our waiter a nice $20.00 tip they have to no only share it with everyone else, but they are penalized based on how much money we spent??
    That’s shameful and you should be ashamed!!

  140. My boyfriend and I went into an Outback on Finley and Butterfield late last night and we were seated right away but waited about 45 minutes in a nearly empty restaurant before we were even acknowledged and this was after we asked a waiter passing by to go and get the manager. The waiter who finally served us didn’t seem like he wanted to do it. Then when we were ready to leave my boyfriend signaled for the waiter who just ignored him. He signaled again saying very loudly excuse me while trying to get the waiter to come over. The waiter just continued to look in our direction but chose to continue what seemed like a personal conversation with other wait staff that were leaving; giving hugs and kisses goodbye. We then got the attention of the manager again to express concern with the waiters behavior. The manager apologized and offered a discount off our bill while the waiter begin cursing and talking very loudly about us. He then came over to our table and got in my boyfriend’s face screaming about how he was ready to go home and how he had a life and family too. The manager just sat there apologizing as the waiter became more belligerent. This was our first time ever visiting an Outback restaurant and will probably be our last. I have never felt more ignored, dis-respected, and dissatisfied with customer service in my life. This experience was so horrible I wondered if the waiter was prejudiced or prejudice because we were black. Then I wondered if maybe he was scheduled to leave but asked to stay later to take care of our table. However, I quickly dismissed the last idea as I watched the host seat a few more sets of guess that came long after we did who got waited on right away. As we paid our bill the waiter continued to act out and even got into a shouting match with my boyfriend with threats to meet him outside. This was the worst experience ever! I will never recommend anyone to go here.

  141. Reaching a BloominBrands Corporate Rep IS NOT Possible by phone. Prove Otherwise.
    Call Me at 919-285-4xxx.

  142. Outback is open in -17 weather. Why are you making your employees come in when everything else is shut down.

  143. Had lunch at Outback in Shreveport La with my sister yesterday. I normally get coconut shrimp with salad which at 10.99 for six shrimp is a little salty but normally the shrimp are really big, yesterday they were about half size . Felt really cheated and over charged.

  144. We just came from your Findlay restaurant not happy at all we haven’t been there in awhile and now I remember why first I did the check in online was 6:45 we got there at 6:30 didn’t get seated until 7:05 second it took 15 minutes to get our order taken then after 30 or so minutes we had to ask for our salads then it took 45 minutes to get or food then we wanted more ketchup and we had to wait for that then my son wanted a dessert To go remind you we told her she took our bill come back 10 minutes later with our credit card and said she just have them making it so it took 15 to 20 minutes to make a small ass Dessert that was over priced not happy with any of it we haven’t been there in awhile because of how it is and don’t think we will be back not happy my take it to Social media

  145. My husband and I have always purchased over $200.00 in gift cards for Christmas gifts. Well this time we purchased the cards and received $80.00 in extra gift cards. (That are only good till Feb. 1.). We went to have dinner the other night and was told we could only use one of the cards. We don’t live very close to town and we don’t come down that much in the winter. Last year we were able to use all the cards at one time. The manager and the hostess were very rude to us. So with that, I delivered everyone of my gift cards to the families that had not paid their bill yet so that they may get the $10. Off on their bills. My husband and I will never go back to your restaurant in Redding, Ca. Mind you the bill would of been a lot higher than $150.,that night.

  146. I have unsubscribes from your emails 4 times in the last month. Still getting emails. STOP

  147. Went to the Salinas Outback and it was horrible it was 7pm and not busy looked like they had one waitress for whole restaurant there was 5 of us and we all ordered steaks the soup was cold and runny the steaks and baked potato cold and potato hard she never returned for more dressing or ice tea and the bathroom was horrible… worst experience ever

  148. on Jan 12 2019 at 51st yale tulsa Okla location had to wait 15 minutes for waiter after seated. bread was not warm steaks were not cooked medium seemed well done. ordered to go along with our meal waiter forgot to add to ticket had to wait 15 minutes for order and to adjust ticket. looked like he wa new and my bill was 78 I left 90 so was a good tip. hope next time is better

  149. I recently went to the outback in westspringfield ma the food was great but the drinks were terrible. I ordered a rum drink and it was all ice and juice it didn’t even taste like there was alcohol in it. I also ordered a pomegranate martini. This also just tasted like juice. This is not the only time this has happened. It honestly makes me not want to go eat there if I can’t get a descent drink with dinner.

  150. I worked your store in Raleigh on Capitol Blvd for a couple of weeks and I never could clock in. The manager had to do so for me. I asked why was it like that and no one answered me. Now I no longer work there and was not paid for my last day of work. I have called multiple times and can’t get the store manager. I have left massages for him to contact me but to no avail. I am asking for a salutations to resolve my problem.

  151. Issue with a delivery order on January 5th 2019 Outback Store in Holbrook NY 3311. There was a $10 tip added to the credit card bill which wasnt authorized.
    This happened to a senior citizen in an assisted living community I work at. I feel that the delivery drive took advantage the my resident and this issue needs to be addressed!
    I spoke to the manager on the Outback yesterday and he stated he would call me back by the end of the day, no call back.

  152. The only reason I would go to Outback was for the King Crab Legs. I am so disappointed they have been taken off the menu. So I don’t go to Outback anymore. Please bring them back….

  153. We are at the Outback on 6840 Charlotte Pike in Nashville on Dec 13th. The prime rib was over 1/3 fat. The person who cuts it should know better than to serve a piece of meat that people pay a lot for that is barely edible. The onion pedals had to be remade also. Waitress was great but never saw a manager walking around to address our prime rib issue. VERY disappointing.

  154. I was at the outback steakhouse last night and the meal was horrible. I was there with my mom and sister in law and all of our steaks were horrible. First of all we ordered a salad with ranch dressing much to our surprise the dressing was so spicy that our mouths were on fire. The waitress failed to mention that it was a spicy dressing. I couldn’t even eat it. Then our steaks came my mouth was still burning, I tried to eat the steak but it was so spicy that my mouth was really on fire. The waitress said that the cook must have gotten a little heavy handed with the spices. That was an under statement. The waitress failed to mention that you had a choice of how you wanted it seasoned. They ruined a good filet mignon. The manager offered me another steak, but I couldn’t eat anything because all the crappy spiciness made my stomach sick. I can’t eat spicy food and the waitress should have told us about the spicy dressing when you order ranch dressing you don’t expect it to burn you mouth, lips and whatever. The manager didn’t charge me for my dinner cuz I couldn’t eat it, but my mom who is in her 80’s didn’t enjoy her steak and neither did my sister in law. This was the worst meal I have ever had at an outback steakhouse. The Outback Steakhouse was in Niles, Ohio store #3638

  155. Went to Outback In Merrillville IN on January 1, 2019. We (husband and I) arrived around 4:20 and found a table in the bar. Waiter came by quickly to take our drink order. At that time we put in an order for appetizer. Drinks came, but after 30 minutes and no appetizer our waiter said he would put in our dinner order. No explanation as to what happened to our shrimp appetizer. We waited 15 minutes and when we didn’t even get our salads yet at this point, we asked for a manager. Manager never came to table. Told he was looking into what happened to our dinner order. After another 10 minutes our salads finally arrived. Still no manager. We ate our salads. 15 minutes later I asked our waiter “seriously, where is our food.” Because I was beginning to think that it was some kind of cruel joke. Still no manager comes to table. We weren’t even offered bread and butter to appease us for awhile. In the meantime, tables all around us were getting their food. After investing 1 1/2 hour waiting for food that never came, and a manager that never came to our table, nor an apology or even an explanation, we left. This was the most humiliated I have ever been in a restaurant. I will not go back to any outback ever.

  156. I would love to have an Outback Restaurant move into my community. There is an excellent space for you to become our neighbor at 1728 E. Northern Parkway, Balto: Md. 21239. My name is Doris Ghee and my contact is [email protected] (410)550-xxxx or (443)739.xxxx. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Happy New Year!

  157. Currently at Outback in Calimer City. We waited almost 2 hours to be seated, took another 30 to 40 minutes for waitress to come to table to take drink orders, another 30 minutes for food orders and the food orders were incorrect when it arrived. Called the manager and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was done! I’ve visited this location on several occasions but never received this type of service!! Horrible!!

  158. I visited the Peachtree City Ga. Outback on 12/23/18 with a party of 9. We waited 90 min to be seated and then the food was brought out and two steaks were medium rare instead of medium well. The waiter took one back and it came back the same. The manger commented that this was the way medium well stakes are cooked. This has not been this way in the past. He was seeming a little irate. At this point, I was now ready to end this meal and go home. The two meals were removed from the bill. This was very disappointing since we came to have a steak meal and left with no stake at all. The cost of the meal would have around 2 hundred dollars if correct. However, it was still 160 dollars for a disappointing experience. The quality of this experience was not very good. We have been to this location many times and have pleased in the past. I am not sure when we will be ready to come back after this.

    Terry Olmstead

  159. I need to file a complaint… your Alexandria location on Rt 1 stole money from me …

  160. Complaint. Possible food poisoning from undercooked steak. Lunch, Dec 10, Outback, Opelika, Alabama. By 3 a.m. that night, my husband was suffering from running bowels until I could get to an open drugstore at 8 a.m. for remedies. His steak was the only food that lunch that all of us did not share in. The rest of us did not get sick. His “medium” steak was setting in a puddle of blood and would have been considered a rare stage. We advised him to send it back and have it cooked to “well done” since the chef did not understand “medium”. Hubby did not do that and paid the price. I thought you might want to know about this in case you have other complaints about this establishment. In general, the quality of the cooking has gotten worse than it used to be. The vegetables on our orders look way undercooked and should have been considered the salad. I doubt if we will return–too risky. Thank you for your attention. We don’t want others to suffer in case of food poisoning.

    Vivian de Visser

  161. Got there at 12:40 and didn’t receive my food until 2:00. Manager didn’t do anything but say “I’m sorry we weren’t expecting a big crowd on a Saturday”. I eat at outback regularly and today was the WORST experience of all time. Manager was rude and service was terrible. I waited an hour and 20 min on bloom petals, mashed potatoes, and Mac and cheese. I was charged full price for my meal and was NOT pleased.

  162. Visited the Outback in Butler NJ on 11/10/18 with my wife. We ordered dinners and drinks no problems, she ordered the Filet medium and I ordered the Prime Rib also medium. When the food was delivered, hers was well done and dry as can be, mine was missing the baked potato. The waitress finally stopped by and we told her about the filet and the potato, she took the steak back and said a new one was ordered and should be out soon. I finished my meal while it was hot without the potato. The new steak was delivered still no potato and no explanation. when my wife finished her meal they asked if I wanted my potato, I told them I would take it to go. asked for the bill and a manager. The bill came but no manager. we left without talking to a manager.
    I filled out the online survey and got a call back within days, I was promised coupon and a gift card to cover some of the meal. We never got anything in the mail, another manager called back about 10 days later and promised to look into this and get something done ASAP. Last week another manager called asking if anything has been done about these issues. I told him I talked to 2 managers and was promised many things but nothing has been done, nothing received and I don’t believe this restaurant will ever send anything out. There are 3 Outback restaurants in my area and I was told this is the best of the 3. The others must really be bad.
    Spent over $50 and we couldn’t eat our dinners at the same time. I’ve been told “un-truth’s by 3 different managers over the phone and received nothing from Outback.
    Guess the managers don’t really care about satisfying customers.

  163. Got take away last night and it took over 45 minutes; short on runners; only one. She truly tried, but got overwhelmed. The food we ordered was so bad, the filet was tough and not 6 oz. Lobster tail was good though. Mine was not cooked at all; I had pork porterhouse. Very dissatisfied with the food, and felt for the runner trying her best.

  164. Rude hostesses at southgate mi location very curt to a 4 year old then lied to the 4 year old about not having crayons and had the manager Kayla lie about not having crayons and rude about baby carrier sling not being able to be in the bar area

  165. I ordered your Queensland Chicken and Shrimp entrée expecting to get 6 shrimp, as that is what your menu pictured. I got 4 and the server said that’s all you serve. Sounds like false advertising to me. The store mgr did give me extra shrimp when I complained. But why not change your menu photo to avoid false advertising complaints being filed? Your food is delicious.

  166. Had the worse dinner ever at your bellingham ma location on saturday good over cooked waitress unattentive or flat out didnt care she slapped the dinner on our table and the next time we seen her it was to pay our check thats an awful way to treat your customers shame on you how do you ever expect people to want to come back qhen they are treated that way we spent good hard earned money to go out to dinner could have had a better meal at some dive all i can say is wow how do you remain in businees treating you customers this way

  167. I frequent this establishment quite often and usually getting the same meal and was pleased when the delivery service began. I’ve used the delivery service a few times and when I have the food is not as it would be if I were to dine in. When dining in and ordering a Shrimp Cesar Salad I get two skewers consisting of 8 shrimp total. When I ordered the same item for delivery I received one skewer with a total of 4 shrimp. I placed an order for delivery two days ago and again the order was not as the description nor picture in the menu. I took a picture of the item received as well as the menu item that shows the difference.

  168. Location: Goldsboro, NC. Let me start by saying this is not the first time we’ve had a problem at this restaurant or at Outback at one other location, so in a way it was my fault for trying them once more. We were there for my birthday and daughter had made a reservation for 2:00, when we arrived we were given a pager and told they had to clean a table, should be about 10 minutes. Another group of five people came in behind us and were also given a pager, in about 10 minutes they were seated, I waited about 2-3 minutes then approached the host and asked why we were still waiting when the people that came in behind us had been seated, he replied with some attitude that they had called ahead to which I replied that we had a reservation…. I’m afraid the real issue here was racial discrimination, as I’m white, the host was a young black male and the group seated were black. It was obvious our business was not important, the host was rude, and there were plenty of empty tables/booths. My last visit ever to any Outback.

    1. Racial discrimination WHAT??? That doesn’t happen to white people does it? Lol… jk this happens more than anyone can imagine but don’t know about because we (white people) don’t cry about every little thing which we really should start doing! This happened to me when I tried to get my son into a better school that was outside our district and was told no they couldn’t go there because they had to go to their district school and I said what about all the busing are they from this district? Well no was the answer I got, so I said well then this is reversed discrimination and I will be getting a lawyer on this and guess what my son got in that school but believe me it was not easy to do. My point to my rambling on is just to prove a point that there is discrimination against whites.

  169. I was never so embarrassed as I was at your restaurant in Richmond ky. We left the restaurant after paying our bill,one of the servers came out running after us said we didn’t leave our money on one of the bills. I walked back in she had found the one that was paid by credit card,my son gave the server ,hand delivered the other bill by haND to the server and told her to keep the change,in I went back out and got my son and we all came back in the restaurant and my son told the server that he hand her the black case with the cash in it and told you to keep the change,by the way a good size tip. the server SaI’d oh yeah I remember now,What hown embarrassing, we were there to celebrate my grandsons 21 st Birthday. we love Outback, I was never so disappointed. we sure learned a life lessons on this visit. we visit outback quite a lot, we will leave money from now on.

  170. Oct 21 2018 Horrible Experience. Carmel Indiana took almost 2 hrs to dine. Server horrible Msgr said been a rough day she had been waiting tables too. Don’t care . Getting hard to find a decent Outback in central Indiana .

  171. We were in the Gainesville, GA outback and you have a man going into the womens bathroom because he is a transvestite. This is unexceptible and we will not be back. we follow Christian values. they need to go into the mens bathroom. I witnessed him going into the womens. This is just sick.

  172. My husband and I visited the Outback Steakhouse in Arcadia, California. We hadn’t been for quite a while since the service and food was not what it used to be. Last night, we were pleasantly surprised when we met our server, Aiden!!! He was amazingly professional, fun and very welcoming. He was attentive and is a definite asset to your company. Aiden made our visit, a turn around from not wanting to visit into a, “we will be back soon.” He deserves a lot of credit! Thank you,

  173. I made some reservations with the Outback in Crhistiansburg, VA on the 4th of October. The reservations where for Wednesday October 17. I made them with a manager named Bob. I called Monday, October 15 and talked with Chris Terwilliger, who is the managing partner. He redid the reservations since the other manager didn’t put them in. Later that day Chris calls me back and says he isn’t sure he can accomedate us. I explain that it is hard to try to change large reservations around at the last minute. He said he would work something out. He called me this morning Tuesday October 16 to say he would have to charge me $2500 up front for my reservations. This is no way to run a business. I had made these reservations in good faith with a manager. The reservations should have been honored for that day at least. I have used many different Outback Steakhouses all over and have never been charged a fee the day before my reservations or even when making my reservations. I tried to talk to the Regional Manager Jona Ford but she felt there was nothing wrong with how Chris didn’t want to honor the first reservations I had made and how he wanted to now charge me $2500 for the reservations.

  174. Hello my name is James E. Alexander Jr. I am writing this complaint based on my experience at Outback in Richmond Va. (10-14-18). I ordered a New York strip with a baked potatoe and house salad. My waitress was very friendly and outgoing, she took me and my wife order promptly, however the wait was a little much. Upon receiving our order they had not brought my salad. After reminding them of the salad, the steak and potatoe had to be returned to be rewarded. Once I started to dine on my steak, it was literally the worst New York strip I ever eaten. A New York strip if I’m correct should be a very lean steak. There was more fat on the steak than I care to really remember. The steak was terrible. The manager offered to cook another, but after such a long wait I refused. There was eventually $3.00 dollars took off the meal, which I thought was absurd. Me and my wife like to go out every so often, we had a bad experience once before at Outback, however I thought this time it would be different. I will not ever again dine at Outback Steakhouse.

    Horrible New York Strip.

  175. Horrible cree the manager didn’t make it any better. I asked for quest. I was turned down. Wasn’t seated. No menu, had to ask for that. Waiter made a difference with another party, which I was there before them and she wasn’t helpful but took her time with the other two tables. Cree the manager came over and showed no type of emotion or didn’t even apologize. She also gave me the wrong name his name is Christopher

  176. I ordered take out yesterday. The quality of the food was awful!!. I emailed theGM with pictures comparing my food to the advertisment but heard nothing. This is the 3rd time in 10 years I’ve eaten there and it just keeps getting worse. Wish i could post the pics

  177. 3105 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC location: We were in Raleigh for a few days & wanted a good quality steak meal. We did carry out & ordered two serloin steaks with side salads, potato soup, separate side salad, & baked potato for my vegetarian child. I went in person to place the order just to be sure we weren’t short changed with the salad quantity. I went around 6:30pm & was surprised to only see about 20 cars in the parking lot. This location was only a third full during a peak dinner time when they should have people waiting. A lot of the employees were just standing around or walking aimlessly in the restaurant with nothing to do. When I got back to our room, I noticed that a salad I paid for was left out. I called them & they said I would have to come back to the restaurant & they would have it ready for me. They also put bacon in all of the baked potato containers & I ordered one with just cream cheese, chives, & butter. When I returned to the room with my own steak getting cold, my child’s baked potato had beef juice in it & that doesn’t agree with a vegetarian. It was my fault that I didn’t tell them my child was a veterinarian. Since I already made two trips to the restaurant, I demanded that they deliver another baked potato. Our hotel was 0.8 miles from the restaurant. After almost 30 minutes waiting, I hopped in the car to make yet another drive to the restaurant. While I was on my way, the baked potato showed up at our hotel. I went to Burger King the next day for carry out lunch & got much better service & our order was perfect. So sad that a fast food place overshines a place like Outback. Now I can understand why this location had very few customers. Do NOT go to the Capital Blvd location in Raleigh, NC!!!

  178. Horrible service in hamilton New Jersey won’t be returning steak had to much fat for 30.00 service was slow with bar being empty!

  179. Cherry hill NJ location.Placed an online call ahead..not busy at all, it was 730 pm..was seated at a dirty table first, then instead of cleaning it, was taken to a corner table..sat there for 10 minutes and watched at least 3 servers walk past..NO ONE CAME TO OUR TABLE…we left and went to LONGHORN…
    This is not the first time I’ve experienced this here, but it will be my last…i did not see anyone in management on the floor either…there were numerous tables needing cleaning,while 2 young men that were clearing a table had quite a lengthy talk..they didnt seem in any hurry to get things done at all.
    Outback is now off my list of where to eat!

  180. I went to your Toledo location store 3620. 5200 Monroe St Toledo Ohio I won’t go back they tell you to sign up for there for there program and you do what they tell you and on your forth visit you get 50%off your bill well that don’t happen they bate and switch becouse all you get off is 5 dollar my bill I’ll never go back to out back again I thought bite and switch was against the law shame on you out back I’m writing a letter BBB and you local chamber of commerce

  181. A group of approximately 18 people dined at the Outback restaurant in Monroeville Pa yesterday. We were divided into 2 groups( which was ok) the other table was eating an we had not been asked for our order yet. Our waitress was curt and unpleasant. Four of us ordered the steak and lobster special at $15.99. Yes we had 2 coupons for $5 off on 2 meals, I asked for my salad dressing on the side— got it on top. The lobster was ok, not great, the steak was cooked the way I ordered it—BUT—it was tough. Not only mine was tough but 3 others were as well. One more was tough also an it was a 9 oz felay. Yes they compensated the meal. But the event was ruined by the waitress an the quality of the meal. VERY. DISAPPOINTING. Don’t know what you can do, I can say I for one didn’t leave a tip for the grumpy lack of service or the quality of the food.

  182. Our complaint was in Richmond VA where they did not have steak and unlimited SHRIMP as advertised on our local TV stations.

  183. I watched the local TV ads on our local stations for steak and unlimited steak. We invited our son and his girlfriend to join us for dinner. When we got to our local Outback Restaurant we were informed that was not for their district. On the TV ad it did not say it was unavailable in our location. I was upset but we orders steaks and left. When I got home the ad came on again. Its the first time I have been DISAPPOINTED at an outback restaurant. Shame on you.

  184. Outback steakhouse has been accepting payments made by Jennifer Lee hemphill aka Cortez aka Rocha for the last 20 yrs. She is using stolen credit card of big country construction, Hemphill engineering group, Gary B Hemphill and Patricia Hemphill. They moved to Hong Kong 20 yrs ago and used to dine there frequently. However, this is upsetting Bec she uses her own ID w their cards. Please press charges for all payments made. Ty

  185. I went to eat with my family in Okc at the Outback on Nw Expressway and it was an awful experience. The steaks weren’t made right and when they were brought back with new steaks they tasted like they were loaded with pepper to possibly disguise how old tasting the steaks were. The waitress was nice but she brought my husband his “refill” drink with no ice in it….she gave him a hot Dr pepper….gross!!! I didnt mind paying for the appetizer and our kids food but I felt ripped off with our steaks. We didn’t even eat our food. And the Caesar salad I had was old and discolored. It was so gross!!!

  186. We went to the grand chute location for my wifes 50th suprise birthday. Orders were messed up and so was the bill spent alot of money there and not even a cupcake with a candle in it . Not even a happy birthday. Dissapointed. Jim

  187. Corporate office, visit Outback in Fultondale, AL. I dare you.
    When Outback¡ files for bankruptcy or closes its doors for good, don’t play dumb.
    What used to be pretty good is nothing short of a total letdown. It was a good idea while it lasted.

  188. Ordered from the outback in Brandon Fl today. Ordered the wings they were e extremely old and hard. We made this order several months ago with the same results. At that time we just threw them away and did not report the incident. Today we reported it. We know the manager was just trying to do her job, however, this conversation took 10+ minutes. We advised that we were returning the food because we felt strongly that as a manager it’s important for her to see the quality of the food given to her customer. She advised that the wings were probably over cooked and they would never send out old food. Being a cook we know the difference between old wings and over cooked. She offered to prepare something else on the menu we agreed. We will pay the difference our family is simply as always looking for a good meal, not a discount or a free meal. Unfortunately we have not had the awesome experience with this outback that we had for years. As a result we have avoided it for quite sometime. Our willingness to continue to try takeout is not successful.

  189. I was in Hot Springs,Ar on 5/10/2018 and myself & two friends went into your restaurant @180 Pakis St .Our server was Walter D. We ordered & one of my friends decided to go to the ladies room. She walked into it & first thing you see is handicap stall facing door. Someone obivously had a bad upset stomach & it was all over toilet & floor in stall. They had to be aware of it because someone put a cone in front of stall door which was wide open. We asked our server for a Mgr & he promptly had it taken care of.
    Another of my friend ordered a steak . The server brought his salad ,but no dressing for it. We finally got his attention & his reply when he brought it was “sorry, I guess if you want something done you have to do it yourself”. Well who else should have brought the dressing except him??
    Then when the meal came another friend went to mix up her baked potato & it had a big black spot right in the center.There is no way the person that cut it open & put butter in it could avoid seeing it,yet it was served anyway. Not good!
    I had no complaint with my food yet the worst complaint is from me. As we started to leave & I slid across the booth to get out something caught my pants & ruined them as it pulled BIG strings out about 6 inches long. They were perfectly good pants yet since they are polyester it ruined them. I am so glad it didn’t get my leg! I asked for the mgr & he came & I said sorry to be complaining again from us but……… proceeded to show him & tell him what happened. He so oh sorry & got down to feel what was on booth to do damage. I showed him about where it happened on booth & he said oh I feel it, It is a big splinter . I said well it ruined a perfectly good pair of pants, His reply was I’m sorry about that & that was it. Stunned I walked to my car where my friends were waiting & left.
    Now what do you think I am going to tell anyone good about this restaurant??? Nothing!!! The mgr Steven SHOULD have offered compensation for my ruined pants . I didn’t expect a lot & they were only about a $30. pair of slacks, but he should have paid for them or @ the very least offered me a gift card since we had already paid over $70. for our meal. This is really bad customer service & you can bet I WILL NOT recommend this restaurant to anyone. The name over the door was Steven Bennett . Do not know if he was the same one we spoke with or not. I have proof in photos if you would like to see them of receipt & my ruined slacks.

  190. I visited the Outback Steakhouse on Blossom Hill in San Jose on a Friday night and were set down. After 15/20 of sitting down and nobody acknowledging me, not even to take our drink orders or to say “hi, your server will be with you shortly”, I decided to leave. I spoke with the manager, (which didn’t even look like a manager, he looked like somebody that worked in the kitchen) and he didn’t even apologize, he just blamed it on being short staffed. I am sorry, but it’s a Friday night, how are you not well staff? Also, for nobody to acknowle me after 15/20 minutes, it’s unacceptable. I would understand if you come and tell me you will take longer than usual, but for servers to pass by us and not say anything, that is very SAD. I will definitely not be dinning here anymore and will be sure to spread the word to my friends and family.

  191. Please call me ASAP. I have notified police, Facebook live, local orgazations, news,lawyer,health department. Me Too movement and coordinating with ALCU and sorors.

      1. On Friday I went with my friend to the Outback in West Lake,Ohio for my Birthday. We were seated right away,we had call ahead seating. We sat there 2 and 1/2 Hours before getting our food,talking to the waiter,he just said it was always just coming!!! Finally after 2 and 1/2 hours we decided to leave,they were just bringing our food out,we said to box it up, we had to leave,they did,unfortunately the manager did and when we got home she had done an awful job boxing it and it had leaked and opened up and was not eatable.The female manager NEVER apologized!!!It was the worst restaurant I have ever been too and I have been to alot of Outback ‘s.It was the worst experience for a Birthday dinner I can ever remember. Vicky Glick xxxx Beavercrest Dr #106 Lorain, Ohio 44053 # 44024xxxc

  192. I was in Paducah Kentucky on Wednesday May 9 2018 , so me and my family decided to eat at the outback steak house, We ,went in we where seated right away , however they waitress ignore us for at least 10 minutes . Nevertheless , the place was not dealing with an over whelming crowd ,we wasn’t even offer water, the restaurant smell very sour, so we went across the street to apple bees and the service was like night and day. I will never patronize your restaurant again, it seem like your company need some cultural training in the south. I’m from Chicago I will never run into this kind of encounter in Illinois . Now that I see you guys are owner of the Flemming steak house in Chicago , I won’t be dining there anymore along with your other restaurants.

    1. Its not just in the south.Here in NJ it all sucks as well.i just posted my complaint..and the same thing happens over and over.20 year olds do not know about customer service!

  193. I would like to make two suggestions for your rest. Number 1 there needs to be alternative salt and pepper shakers for handicap people that can’t use the regular ones number two if you could add streak and shrimp as a combination plate like you have your steak and lobster that would be really nice instead of having to order them separately. Thank you

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