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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. (formerly Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits) operates 2600 restaurants in 30 countries worldwide. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. is owned by Restaurant Brands International, which also owns the Tim Hortons and Burger King chains.

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Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits
Corporate Address
400 Perimeter Center Terrace #1000,
Atlanta, GA 30346,
Company Contact
Jose Cil
CEO of Restaurant Brands International
Phone Number
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Popeyes Email Info – Popeyes CEO Email address.

Jose CilCEO
Popeyes Ceo Email Address[email protected]
Popeyes Corporate Office Phone Number404 459 4450
Personal Twitter@PopeyesChicken

What is Popeyes’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Popeyes’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-404-459-4450.


What is Popeyes’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Popeyes’s Customer Support phone number is: 1 877-767-3937 (1-877-POPEYES).

What is Popeyes’s Headquarters Address?

Popeyes’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Popeyes’s Louisiana Kitchen Headquarters
  • 400 Perimeter Center Terrace #1000, Atlanta, GA 30346,
  • USA

However, Popeyes is in the process of moving their corporate office to Miami, Florida, possible at the Restaurant Brands International USA office at:

    • Restaurant Brands International US Service
    • 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr,
    • Miami, FL 33126
    • Phone Number: 1-305-378-7200

Restaurant Brands International’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Restaurant Brands International
  • 226 Wyecroft Road
  • Oakville, ON L6K 3X7


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Call the numbers listed above or contact Popeyes via:

Popeyes’s Email Address: Use the Email Form to ask a question.

Popeyes’s Contact Us page can be found here.


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Popeyes on Twitter: @popeyeschicken

Popeyes on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PopeyesLouisianaKitchen

Popeyes Headquarters Executive Team.

Popeyes is owned by Restaurant Brands International.

Popeyes’ and Restaurant Brands International’s management team consists of:

Alexandre de Jesus Santoro
President of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen.

Jacqueline Friesner
Chief Accounting Officer of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen.

Andrew G. Skehan
President of International (Popeyes).

Daniel S. Schwartz
Chief Executive Officer of Restaurant International Brands.

Matthew Dunnigan
Chief Financial Officer

Jill M. Granat
General Counsel

Patrick McGrade
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Popeyes and Restaurant Brands International Board of Directors.

Alexandre Behring
Executive Chairman

Marc Caira
Vice Chairman

Martin Ellis Franklin

Paul J. Fribourg

Neil Golden

Ali G. Hedayat

Golnar Khosrowshahi

Roberto Moses Thomps Motta

João M. Castro-Neves

Daniel S. Schwartz

Carlos Alberto da Veiga Sicupira

Alexandre Van Damme

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  1. Good morning, I would like to share my dining experience that I had last night at Popeyes ( 273 Yonge street Toronto Ontario, Canada).

    I arrived at around 7:15 pm to find the store slammed with business (which is a great thing , I’m glad to see that it is thriving). I’ve been to this location a few times as it is in close proximity of my residence and my experience has always been very positive.

    Last night was a little different, after waiting in line for about five minutes to place my order (which is not a long time when busy, i get it) I ordered an eight piece dinner, mild. 2 breasts, 3 thighs, 3 drums , butterfly shrimps with cocktail dipping sauce, large fries with a side of gravy, mashed potatoes and a large bottle of soda. Paid the $40. some odd dollars and was told it would be a couple of minutes, no problem.

    After waiting 15 minutes I questioned the cashier, whom I assumed was the manger why my order was taking so long. I was then informed that the mild chicken breast was going to take several more minutes to which i asked why wasn’t I informed of this earlier, no reply. I then told the server to just give me 2 spicy breasts as someone could eat them. Now its going on over 20 minutes and my order finally arrives. I thanks them and let them know I understand that it is not their fault that it is soooo busy but that they really must communicate this with the customer.

    I get my order home, NO gravy, NO dipping sauce for the shrimp AND, ALL the chicken is spicy, so my little one and wife dont eat.

    I called the location to express my dissatisfaction and was told that there is no policy in place to reimburse or even satisfy the customer in some way for such an unfortunate experience (unless they get delivery. I dont understand that one). I was told that next time i come in I will get “something free”. Somehow I feel the the franchise/franchisee has dropped the ball. First not enough staff ( perhaps blaming on minimum wage hike here in Ontario?), no customer recovery procedures.

    There is a lot of competition in the QSR chicken business here in this city specially with the Asian market growing so rapidly and KFC holding a big portion that I dont think that Popeys can afford to be operating so unprofessionally.

    I hope that this letter helps (at least with this location) to perhaps better the customer experience.

    Best Regards
    Daniel Racine

    (416) 893-xxxx

  2. I went to Popeyes at 5301 Auburn Blvd on June 1st. I purchased over 30.00 worth of food. Let me make clear first. I actually had to have my chore worker go and I gave her the money. I am in a wheelchair and unable to get out of the house. There was no problem getting the food. When she arrived back though we were missing 4 pies. Then we went to just eat the dinner and discovered the chicken was hard…so hard all the pieces could have been used for hockey pucks. I pulled back the skin on some and some parts were blackish and real dark on white meat. The skin had a strange feel, like the pieces had been re dipped in grease because we asked for hot chicken. When I tried the skin only it was so greasy it made me sick. I called the store and a Blanca offered me 4 pies to make up for all this! I asked for a manager, she said they did not have one. This was on the 1st of June. I called complained on that date. I heard nothing 2weeks later. I emailed Popeyes on Twitter. I was told the same thing, that someone would contact me just be patient. 2 weeks go by. no reply. I go to face book. they tell me just be patient. Now its been 2 months since I first spoke to the Popeyes complaint line. How long does it take to hear from anyone? I would think 2 months is way long enough to hear from someone? All I have ever wanted was a replacement of the food since we could not eat it. I even saved it to bring back if that’s what someone wanted until it started to stink. I saved the receipt until the ink wore off it. My chore worker was coming from somewhere else when she stopped there on her way to me. The place is not close by so she could not just drive back there on a chance they would do something. I am very frustrated. I am almost 63yrs old and I have never in all my years of public dealing have such horrible service!! Again all we ever wanted was the food replaced. and 2 months is way above the time it should take and I still have not heard a thing. All I have ever gotten were promises of someone contacting me to resolve this. I have NEVER heard from anyone. I’m very saddened to find out Popeyes evidently does not care about their customers.

  3. Popeyes is advertising Cajun Fry Turkey on national TV. I am trying to purchase the Cajun Fry Turkey in the Montgomery, Alabama area and it not being sold. This is false advertising.

  4. why do you make it so hard to contact you ,Is it so you don’t have to listen to us? Do you ever do anything about any complaints you receive?

    Thank you inadvance…
    M. Candy Berg/ 7 KEYS COPACKING 386.624.xxxx

  6. 1760 Eastchase Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76120. Did not honor their sale for 9 pieces for 10.00 I took a picture of the poster in the window that states the sale. The manager refused to speak with me and the cashiers refused to give me their names. Please hire other employees a mix of other races at this location. The entire staff is of Mexicans who only give good customer service to their own kind. I will be uploading the encounter so that certain people will know what kind of service to expect.

  7. I went in the Covington ga store and was treated very poorly by the manager Erica Riley she was so rude and when I got my food she threw it on the counter very dissatisfied

  8. It’s an employee in the Covington ga store by the name crystal hill she is very rude cussed at my daughter the other day cause the kept getting her order wrong they don’t know how to treat they customers at all and the store is always filthy

  9. The Popeyes that I went to on the 8th of February was horrible and slow it is located on Anvil Block and it looks new. What a shame it operates this way.
    I pulled into the drive thru at 9:13pm only one person was inside and they walked out about 3-4 minutes into my wait. Needless to say I didn’t pull off with my order until 9:47pm that is ridiculous. I’ve been a manager at Popeyes in New Orleans on Chef Menteur Hwy and we were an extremely high volume store. This was horrible. My order wasn’t even taken until about 4 minutes sitting at the speaker. I witnessed three cars pull off and a forth one sped around and went inside in a huff. And I saw chicken in a mound once I reached the window in front where I could see behind the counter. One guys was wearing an apron and getting the rest of his ice out of his cup. When I was asked, “order when you’re ready” finally you could hear all this conversation in the back ground of the employees. I just wonder what kind of manager was there. Or was there one on duty??? I won’t go back and I told the nice girl at the drive thru window this. And this was the 2nd chance that I gave this restaurant.

  10. Just had chicken wing n biscuit Popeyes’s clay st 3:30-3:45 & part of a back tooth bottom broke off eating the chicken, I’m not happy with it; I will call the company office, will have my tooth examined. Q.Dixon. Phone 510-219-xxxx

  11. I was making a delivery at the store on 12826 ih10 w in San Antonio Tx. I came in and told the manager I had a delivery for the store. She said come around the back. When I got there I was approached by another employee. And I told him I couldn’t get the pallets in the store cause they were too wide. I asked him to call the manager and she came out after a while and was very rude. A customer came and asked if I could move my truck cause I was blocking part of the drive way. And I told her I would as soon as the manager would sign my paperwork. I told the manager I didn’t have a metal band cutter and that the customer needed to get out and the manager said that was too bad she didn’t have time for this in front of the customer. Which I thought that was very disrespectful to the customer and my self. She’s supposed to be a professional especially if she’s a manager. I have forty years of delivery experience and I have never met a young lady as rude and disrespectful towards customers and myself. I just thought you should know. I’m sorry to have to complain on a manager cause sometimes they are under a lot of pressure but that was uncalled for.

  12. I have been patient with the franchisee, but now he is breaking tax laws. if I do not get my problem resloved by end of tuesday. I will be going to the media and talk to the world on how bad popeyes is to its employees and break laws.

    1. they are cutting employees hours in some store in New York city when pregnant so don’t have to pay for maternity leave and it’s the law in New York City

  13. I wanted to know could you all bring the fried pickles back, like those are the most (besides the chicken) best things to get and eat. They’re not to salty or anything. Also I’ve noticed that a lot of ppl have been walking out just because the fires pickles are gone, so if you could for the peopl and please bring back the pried pickles soooon!!!!

  14. Had coupon that expires 2/28/19, went to store on 2/27/19, was told corporate had removed coupon price from register, so coupon was invalid. 10545 Page Ave

  15. My receipt Chk 3785, time was 01:53PM March 05, 2019, at store #2544.
    My wife and I ordered the “2 can dine”, the 10pc Mixed OR TENDERS (I CLEARLY SPOKE TENDERS) and S B Fly shrimp basket.
    I noticed as I approached the cashier that she was rushing us to have our orders, as i discuss with my wife. I as well noticed that we were the only customer at the time. While punching the keys, the other lady packed the orders, without checking it. We felt that we were being pushed away from the store. Upon arriving home, we noticed that we don’t have the tenders so we drove back, complained about it and they replaced it. As I turned back, I heard them laughing, so I turned around and asked them if they’re laughing at me, I said, is it because we are Asians? We felt discriminated the way they treat us. FYI, we can show all the people in America how “legal” we are in this country. My father was a WW2 veteran/US CITIZEN, served in the Philippines Island and fought side by side with US forces. We waited 22 years for our Immigrant status. We don’t deserve these kind of maltreatment. THIS is unnecessary but I think it would help improve your customer service. Because not all immigrant in this great country have jumped over the southern border. Have a nice day.

  16. Trying to get in touch with the manager to ask her some information that I need and they are very rude and hang up on me and when I call back the do not answer this is the Popeye’located in Millennials GA

  17. Hello,I use to work at 6202 but I started at 5707,I transferred because the assistant gm and a shift manager in training was trying to get me fired,I was only at 6202 for a week and had words with the cook who name is josh,I felt threatened so I called my husband up there and all they did was talk,I don’t won’t Umemployment,I just want my job back,he the one that should have been fired,the gm there ms.shawanna never looked or listened to the cameras and the shift manager katelyn is taking up for josh because they are messing around and they also be outside smoking marijuana,now if I have to I will take them to court because I don’t like liars

    1. How sad is that , no one wants to listen or try to resolve an employee complaint . I can only imagine what a customer has to go through .

  18. After leaving the hospital I’m Greenville Nc, I decided to stop at pppeyes, I ordered 2 PEICE dark combo, asked for spicy, enroute to williamston I decided to start eating, chicken wasn’t spicy,and may I add cold chicken, one white meat one dark meat, (not what I ordered) biscuit half brown, and not fresh. Store, 11162,

  19. I visited Popeyes in Raleigh NC Ordered 12 piece meal.. received 10 pieces of chicken and half of that was old..it was dark, appeared to refried and the meat was extremely cold by the bone. Called, took it back, only to still not have 12 pieces of chicken. Called Kim, she promised apple pies for inconvenience, never received those. On top of incompetent in math, her customer service skills are something to be ashamed of. Today was the third time we traveled from Wendell NC to Raleigh only to still not be satisfied after three days of communicating with Kim. Ridicilous! My order totaled $33.00

  20. From: Benjamin Keller

    Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2019 22:15:35 -0500
    Subject: Customer concern

    My wife went into the Popeyes in Liberty, Texas. She enters the restaurant with all employees talking to each other. The shift manager in a green shirt just looked at her while standing behind the register. She asked can you give
    me a second. After that the cashier went on break, after he pointed to her at the register. Nobody ever greeted them at any point while they were there.
    This was 8:45 pm on Tuesday night 4-16-19
    After a few minutes of my wife waiting and hearing the employees say you take the order no you. She asked if anyone was working and decided to take her Business else where and stated she wouldn’t be back. The reply was laugh tee from the staff. I hope the quality of food and cleanness is much better than the service and work ethic that was displayed on this evening.

    Thank You,
    Ben Keller

  21. I always have bad experiences at Popeyes last night they gave me the complete wrong order and said they couldn’t give me honey!!

  22. I’m leaving a complaint for the popeyes at 620 N.Howard St. in Akron, Ohio. I purchased a 10 pc mixed chicken only with a 9.99 coupon i also added a biscuit (1) to the order why did they charged me 13.88 for my order when the biscuit was only .80. I don’t like to argue with people because things can quickly turn bad. The date of purchase was April 18 2019. I do believe we need to discuss the matter about these charges further.

  23. hello i am a custom that visit one of you guys store#11940 the customer services was very poor the tabl;es was not clean no chicken avalible had to wait 30 min for my order no napkins worker not being a team player standing around why people waiting on they order.

  24. I was a customer at Popeyes chicken on Marbach and 410 and I was waiting for my order to be taken and I noticed that the manager Veronica is her was being very disrespectful to the young lady Allison in the front and it should have not gone that far just for asking a simple question she just took it out of portion

  25. My husband and I had dinner at Popeye’s in Castle Rock Colorado. We ate inside and could not believe the uncleanliness of this restaurant. The tile floors were so dirty and greasy that you could feel it under your feet as you walked. I’m not sure if this is a corporate-owned franchise, or a private
    owner, but please someone investigate the cleanliness and health and safety at this location in Castle Rock .


  27. Thought I’d try Popeyes chicken sandwich advertised so much drive into my local restaurant they stated we are out of chicken sandwiches really it’s a chicken place I’ve been in all types of fast food restaurants and never been told we are out of of the food they serve I guess that’s why McDonald’s is number one wake up Popeyes I’m done with this restaurant chain

  28. Chicken restaurant with no chicken?? No more with them everyone go back to Kentucky fried chicken they at least have the product

  29. I was injured at Popeyes store location #30 in Milwaukee Wi and no one had assisted me what so ever I haven’t received a call asking me I’m I okay is their anything we can do do you need help with medical bills or anything. I suppose when my lawyer reaches out to them they will take me serious then.

  30. I don’t normally complain but this popeyes in Dyersburg,Tn. Sucks. You try to contact manager and it says voice mail full. Office won’t reply! Now we love popeyes chicken but service is terrible you never get your right order. If you want spicy you get mild you want sweet heat you get something different. You want meal they charge you combo. Then you wait so long. If you need help they say let me get the manager then you wait because ones on their cell phone trying to log in to the register or wait on you. Please! Straighten this out or you might as well close people are really getting tired of all this!

  31. I went through the drive-thru at 3295 Palm AVe on TUE, Aug. 13, 2019 at 06:01PM. I ordered two chicken sandwich, 8pcs chicken (I repeated it-8pcs) w/large mashed potato w/gravy & 5 biscuits plus another
    order of large cole slaw. When I got to the window cashier, I was told that my order cost $44 and
    some change. I was surprise, I told the window cashier it should be less than $30 according to pricing
    display thet got outside the drivr-thru lane. Then the the window cashier offered to give me a special
    discount on my 8pcs chicken order w/large mashed, 5 bicuits and the large cole slaw is not a separate
    order anymore. I said good, I appreciated it. Then , I was told the prize went down to$34. I paid my order
    and went home. I developed the habit of not checking my order or the receipt anymore (on fast food
    drive-thru) because I never got cheated before on fast food drive thru. When I got home, I was surprise
    that I got charged for 10pcs of chicken when in-fact there’s only 8pcs of chicken in the box and no five
    biscuits just french fries. WHAT A RAcKET and there’s no store telephone number on the receipt. I had
    to look it up on the internet. When I called the store number, noboby answer except for a recording
    saying their voicemail is FULL. I’LL NEVER VISIT A POPEYES AGAIN.

  32. I live in Houston, Tx and purchased the special, 5 shrimp meal for $5.00 as advertised on t.v. 5 scrupulous shrimp, false advertising because the shrimp I bought on Federal Rd. in Houston were over cooked almost to point of being burned as little knots, terrible! We have a problem finding decent food at Popeye’s here.

  33. Tonight I went to the Popeyes in the White Oak neighborhood of Silver Spring, Md. I was approached by a gentleman who said he had a coupon for a chicken dinner but no money. I said I would buy him dinner. He was obviously homeless. When we went to the counter we were ignored for as long as they possibly could. Even though he showed his coupon (which was good), they charged him (me) the full price. When questioned about it we were told “too bad, that’s the price”. He took his dinner and left. I then placed my personal order with a young woman who was incredibly rude and made no effort to disguise the fact that she resented waiting on me. I understand that the man I bought the dinner for may hang out there and be a pest but that does not excuse their behavior towards either one of us. We will never go back there and will be sure to tell all our neighbors what happened.

  34. Did not accommodate my 91 year old handicapped Aunt. my aunt cannot walk so went through drive through. There were three of us, so we had three orders. We were told they took two orders at a time through the drive through. It was 1:15 and there was no one in line behind us. I explained that my aunt was handicapped, but they were sticking to rules. I went to window so they could see that my aunt was elderly. Another older woman told us she take the order this time, but never again and that only taking two orders was an industry standard. I have never heard of this before. I told her I was a teacher and I knew about accomodating elderly people. She said if I was a teacher I should know about rules. I overheard her say that this was a customer with an attitude. I drove off. KFC across the street said they get
    popeyes customers because of their poor customer service.

  35. I am sending this message, because I had a slip and fall in one of your stores located in Norfolk, Virginia.

    I sent and faxed to you the information pertaining to that unfortunate accident, but never heard anything from you. Therefore, I am reaching out to local media outlets in order to acquire the appropriate assistance if this message isn’t responded to.
    phone #: 757-284-xxxx or 217-xxxx Cellular

  36. just try calling Popeyes corporate office to ask about when their chicken sandwich, when it would be coming back… I got some company in India that answered for them, I could hardly understand the person broken English and all she did was went to their website to get the answer to my qiestion (when I asked her the about the chicken sandwich) she had no clue…what happen to the good old US of A, is there no one in the United States that can answer the phone and question for Popeyes “when is the chicken sandwich coming back” I think Popeyes fumbled the ball with that whole chicken sandwich Fiasco…one trusted customer complaint…you need to get your act together.

  37. Its a problem for me that the company is not open all days in calender year. I know that everyone are entitled to their holidays, but you could atleast have a skeleton customer service phone number that is open on weekends and at all public holidays.

  38. Hi my name is Corey Davis crump I technically work for the store in Duluth on pleasant Hill in Georgia and they refuse to give me my paycheck I need to know who I can speak to higher up as soon as possible because I didn’t get a paycheck today and I would never work for this company ever again my boss name is I burn and then the other guy name is David and they said that I have not worked and when I told him to pull the cameras they refused and they said that they did not care if I got paid that was my problem so I need to know how I get my paycheck or what I can do about them and get my money cuz this is unacceptable my phone number is 470-420-xxxx thank you

  39. Hello,

    First and foremost. I would like to say thank you for taking the time to just read my email. My name is amy warfield. I worked at the location on Austinbluffs and acdemy in Colorado springs. I have up most respect for the company and how passionate Popeyes became about serving.

    However to try and some this up without wasting your time. I was hired as a blue shirt manager. I had maybe a week or two of training during morning shift but never nights. The training in the morning never consisted of touching sicom or anything just watching. We were robbed not to long after my second week. I was never trained to run nights let alone a shift myself. My boss then said i was going to be the one closing alone. She falsified my test and signed off on all the ones she completed. I had to work 77 straight hours without a day off. My gm and others had time off and left me understaffed etc. I told her if she kept degrading me because she didnt train me i rather have a demotion. I loved being manager for the time i was. So she demoted because she said i wasnt able to handle the pressure. And it wasnt close to that. So long story short after i worked over 70 hours brand new i was demoted with my hours sliced. I went from making 1000.00 to 280.00. I bought a car when i worked for memorial hospital. I was doing good for myself. Until tina demoted me. I couldnt afford a brand new car so i have a car that has a kill switch. If i miss a paymet they turn it off. Since my demotion i haven’t been able to pay my car. My insurance. Eat. Etc. I even wrote Nathan stating i was struggling due to cut hours and i wanted to reach out bc my job was on the line. I missed work because i couldnt even afford ice let alone a bus pass. Because of my improper training and tina falsifying my testing i was the pawn for that location. She had more managers that could of helped me close or train me. I didnt recieve anything other than my labor being to high or i missed something. Ive been in low points in my life however ive never been treated this way. I understand Popeyes still has a business to run and accommodations arent required. But tina was a trainer manager. She lied on my documentation. She signed off saying i knew how to do it. Also left me alone because she and other managers couldn’t work nights. And we just had been robbed. Im practically bouncing from place to place because i was punished. Im about to lose my car i worked hard to have way before Popeyes. I just don’t understand how people can get away with treating their employees as numbers. I worked vert hard. I had customers come back just because i knew they were nothing close to a sale but because saying hello with a smile and caring would make a difference. All i got in return was a demotion, and a homless life. I love the brand. I love the spirit Annie promotes. I loved my short experience with the company. My boss told me i was Gm material. But it was all surrounded by lies. I even put my own money to keep the crew involved with times.

    Again i do thank you for the time. I know its very sad i had to waste ur day. But i have contacted a lawyer and wanted to reach out before i went further. But i lost my 2006 chev cobalt ss. Though its not a brand new car it was mine. I’ve lost my place. And ive lost my will to keep striving. My car was 5000.00 away from being paid. All to improper training. I’ve kept my documentation. I wouldnt write to you if i was lieing. I wish we could come to a conclusion. But i know your hands are tied. But again thank you and i hope something gets done about this. Things never get to the main building because a lot of people sweep it under the rug. I hope and pray that you won’t be that person. Because Popeyes i seen more than just chicken and uniforms. I seen family coming to the kitchen to eat.


    Amy Warfield.

  40. I am a good customer of popeyes. Even after that incident in Columbia that recently happened. Last Thrysday my husband picked me up the 3 wings platter which conea with green beans n mashed potatoes. The chicken was great as usual though the biscuit was old n cold. Nit that fresh n hit one I expected. The mash potatoes was like a half of scoop n tge green beans was 1/4 filled which looked like the bottom of the pan. My husband was shocked we paid extra money n the sides were barely 1/4 filled. I have pictures if what they gave me to show you if your interested. We sure didn’t want to go back and complain after the body slamming incident. So I’m weitibg you instead. We live this place but the crew ie new crew has not been trained on how to fill up the cup orioerky n biscuits should be fresh n hit not hard where you can bang them on table. Thank you

  41. My name is Shay Scott on December 12,2019 I visited Popeye’s on Orange Blossom Trail. My total was 21.92 but my card was charged 211.92. I contacted the manager, district manager, corporate and they are all telling me the same thing I need answers now. I will never eat at a Popeyes restaurant ever!!!!! I need my money!!!!

  42. I just at one of Popeyes in mesquite tx and order 11 piece with 2 side and I paid for extra side the amount I was charged 28.90 when I arrive home ànd start to get my food set up to eat with my family there were two items missing which was the extra side and the biscuits that were suppose to be included I tried to call but the phone would just ring and ring and and hang. Without any type response I hàve made several attempt now the phone would just hang with out being answer this poor customer service and not only that but unprofessional I spent my hard earned money to only get half the order and no response it only help me not come back to this establishement ever again concern customer

  43. A young lady named nancy isalways standing around not staying busy while everybody else is working. you’re store manager CLARISSA SINGLETARY is a VERY HARD WORKER. AVIVA trys to stay busy she has good customer svc as well as CLARISSA SINGLETARY has GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I’M TALKING ABOUT EMPLOYEES AT STORE 1710 LIBERTY TX. ALSO WILL THE COOK IS A GREAT COOK HE IS YALLS BEST COOK. YA’LL SHOULD STOP HIRING YOUNG KIDS TOO JUST SAYING. YA’LL HAVE A BLESSED DAY. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  44. Case Number #WZN28
    On 12/12 I visited the Popeyes in Brandon I order a 12 pc mild after waiting for about 5-10 min. I was advised there was a 20min wait for fresh chicken I asked for my money back before I could get my money back someone came from behind the counter to state the wait was 7-10mins I decided to wait I was at the restaurant for over 40mins. Upon getting home I had 9 pcs of chicken I tried calling the store over 15times with no answer so I called the customer service line. I received a call from the store manager advising me to come pick up a 8pc meal. On 12/16 I return to the store and again was advised it was going to be a 7-10 min for “FRESH” chicken I said ok upon getting home after waiting 15-20 mins. I had 2 breast and 6 thighs I called the store with no answer so I called the customer service line again. I was upset due to if I had to wait 10-15 mins for fresh chicken why did I receive 2 breast and 6 thighs. I was advised by the customer services center that the manager would be giving me a call and I would receive a refund on my original order. On 12/18 I called the customer service line due to I had not received a call from anyone and was told at that time my case was closed due to the manager had stated she spoke to me and resolved the issues I immediately advise them I had not spoke to the manager and I need my case reopened and that this needed to be looked into. I felt if the manager would lie over $30.59 what else would she lie about? I was then told my case was reopened and I would receive a call. on 12/20 I had not received a call so I call the customer call line again and was told the manager had once again stated she talked to me and had not at this time I requested to speak to a supervisor ( non was available to take my call but one was going to call me back) On 12/26 after not hearing from the manager nor any one from Popeyes I called the customer services number again at this time I am and was very upset I again asked to speak to a supervisor and again no one was available to take my call. At this time I asked a very simple question. ” So Popeyes is just going to TAKE my money and not resolve these issues? I asked Why is no one trying to reach out to me and resolve this? Is 30.59 needed that much from your company? This does not make any sense to me, I feel like at this point I jacked for my money and pretty much is being told by Popeyes to go myself. This needs to be resolved please.


  46. I always order spicy chicken drive/thru. If they don’t have spicy chicken ready they give you whatever chicken they need to get rid of. No store in particular…all of them

  47. This location has a problem with accepting credit cards through the drive thru. I was on the drive thru for 15 minutes and had to wait another 5 minutes for someone to get my order. Finally when someone decided to talk the first thing they said was how they were only taking cash. How inconsiderate!!! I couldn’t get out of the drive through since it was full almost 20 minutes for this. Some of us just have a 30 minute break come on please be pro active by having a sign out before people get stuck in the drive through. Someone from corporate needs to check this property, this happens at least once a week causing some decline in revenue.

  48. Feb 24, 2020 1:08:01pm order #97431076-9296714. Missing a mashed potatoes and gravy and there were NO sauces included with the order. I tried going through the complaint process but it wouldn’t finish – kept saying continue before rolling back to the same screen to continue. While I like Popeye’s chicken, I doubt that I’ll order it again.

  49. I just had take out from your Popeyes # 11502
    7441 Gall Blvd. zephyrhills, fl 33541 my order was #33 which totaled $20.32 and my husband and I were totally disgusted with the meal. The chicken was over cooked and not juicy at all and the biscuits were as hard as hockey pucks…and I’m literally not exaggerating. Please let me know who I should be notifying and complaining to as this was so totally unacceptable, I’m not letting this go. Thanks

  50. This is my Second Complaint on the same Popeye’s Store # 13217.
    We were really GLAD to see a Popeye’s within our neighborhood. We were thrilled that we would be able to get the good chicken UNTIL we experienced the LONG and I mean LONG delay in the inside ordering and obtaining food. I complained and was sent a voucher for $5.

    We just went back giving it about a month to see if any better and thought we would try the drive thru this time as normal drive thru move quicker than inside. Well let me tell you We got in the drive thru line at 6:13 p.m. and didn’t get to the out food UNTIL 6:58 P.M. We were in the line over 45 minutes and when we got to the section to order our food we sat there for a while with no communication. I spoke out is anyone there and a voice came over the speaker saying wait a minute.

    This is the last time we will go to this location. When we were in the drive thru line, we heard people coming from inside saying they need to get their act together . The employees at this location move a Turtle pace with no purpose to satisfy the customers in a timely manner. I believe the Corporate Office should take an interest in this location as it really needs some ones attention.

  51. On March 26, 2020 at 4:32 pm at Popeye’s located on 311 Rosemead Blvd. in Pasadena, California, I bought a 12 piece family meal that contained no leg pieces when I asked the cashier specifically to add a few leg pieces. So disappointed with the service. I would rate this Popeye’s location a zero. I will never go back to this location again.

  52. waited 10min in drive thru no one took order. 2 other cars there, 3 employee sitting in dining room Wauwatosa
    you really need cameras on your employees

  53. hi my son worked at one of you Popeye’s in Bolingbrooks he has been calling for 2 weeks just to come get his check that he hasn’t picked up now we spoke with a thelma and i asked her for corporate number this is the number she gave me because she didn’t want me to call in on them 1876-667-3937 now i know she knew this was the wrong number she gave me cause she hung up really quick and when we call back she didn’t answer

  54. The drive thru menu quotes a lower price on the drive thru menu compared to the actual price charged at window. Popeyes store number #1110,1 order #82, Wed 04/01/2020, 5:16 pm, would appreciate a full refund for the whole meal.

  55. I just came back from Popeyes on 5708 S Harlem in Summit Illinois. I ordered an 8 Piece chicken with 1 side and 4 biscuits. Paid $26.51 and gave the girl a $100 tip. Upon coming home I had 4 wings and 4 thighs. No legs or breasts. My wife does not like dark meat. This isn’t the first time I had problems with this Popeyes location. I think you better close up your stores because I think I’m taking my business to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

  56. Good afternoon I would like to report Popeyes on warren street in Roxbury my girlfriend works in Cambridge and ordered food online for her and her co-workers the order was over $50 dollars the she called to make sure they understood her order she wanted drumsticks instead of thighs the person at the front repeated her order and said I got you when the order was received there was no drumsticks she called to complain yes she was a little loud because she was aggravated about her order but the person who answered the phone said fuck you bitch and hung up I heard this and was shocked so I waited and called back to speak to a manager another person answered and stated they was the manager and was aware of what happened he was saying how my girlfriend was yelling and screaming I told him I apologize for her screaming but that doesn’t give the employee a right to swear and hang up the manager stated this is Roxbury what do I expect I was like are you kidding me don’t blame his rudeness on Roxbury I am Human service Professional who was raised in the heart of Roxbury with an Associates Degree so that’s not an excuse to treat people rudely I don’t no if any body reads this but that’s messed up we spend a lot of money to eat at your place of business and to be treated like that is crazy

  57. Drove to Sioux falls we to get some chicken. Trusted the Popeyes . So I did not look in the box til I got back to mn. Found out I got chicken strips instead of chicken pieces.called them and lost phone connection twice not happy. About mix up it is a long way to drive to get the wrong kind of chicken I was after. I should not have to double check my order to make sure it right.

  58. My husband and I visited Popeyes, store#11405, located at 1211 Moreland Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30316. We went through the drive thru and part of our order consisted of a classic chicken sandwich combo. Before we got to the window, I realized that I did not say no mayo on the sandwich (I cannot eat mayo and I have ordered the classic chicken sandwich at this location before with no mayo). When we reached the window and informed the young lady that we wanted the sandwich without mayo, she called the manager on duty to the window and we were told that they cook a certain amount of chicken and they had prepared all of the sandwiches that they were going to prepare and had them sitting under the heat lamp. Even if I did eat mayo, I would not have wanted my sandwich sitting under a heat lamp with mayo on it. Now the question is, how long have the sandwiches been sitting under the heat lamp. Needless to say, we will not be visiting this Popeyes location again. After all, there are numerous restaurants in this area and we usually CHOOSE Popeyes. Love that chicken from Popeyes but not at this location any more.

  59. I live in Davenport IA. Went to the Popeyes here Mon. 5/25/20 at about 7:00 pm. I was in line 15 min. I only had 2 cars in front of me. 3 people working. She would not speak to you until she felt like. Seen 2 guys leave that worked there. I thought the first was the problem no the problem was the worker. She never said I’ll be right with or anything. Won’t be going back.

  60. I did not see one employee wearing a mask as I waited at the window for my order. Didn’t eat the food and will not be back

    1. I experienced the same 6/12/2020, store 4238 Route 130 Willingboro NJ, order #99 done through mobile app.
      Upon arrival sat in drive thru lane for 10 minutes, when I announced my name & order # through the speaker I was told to pull around. I understood that to mean to pull out of the drive thru lane to the front & someone would bring my order to the car (curbside pickup, no?) Well after sitting another 8 minutes, I parked my car & went inside.
      What I saw was appalling at this time of face coverings & social distancing. The employee that had masks on – had them UNDER their chins, exposing nostrils and mouths, management included. That was #1, #2 – they didn’t have my order in the system yet (it was at least 30-35 minutes since I placed the order by now). They asked me to wait a few minutes for the order to come through – I waited in my car. After another 8 minutes, I went back inside and the STILL DIDN’T have my order through the system.
      The manager asked me to show him my receipt & they put my order together but not before serving others that WALKED in to the establishment to place an order rather than sitting in the drive thru lane.


      Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  61. Hi there. I am representing retail and commercial construction company and I would like to learn how we can become one of your qualified general contractors for bidding on upcoming projects. I noticed an upcoming project in Byron, GA, and would love the opportunity to bid on it. We have finished projects such as Shake Shack, Sweetgreens, and Charley’s Phill Steaks, as well as some local privately owned restaurants. Please check out the projects section of our website! Thank you so much!

  62. Brand new store in Brownwood, Tx and the worst Popeye’s I have ever visited! The Manager and staff are terrible, the grease is old and I personally know the cook who used to work there. The staff were fooling around and not taking care of the customers (me included). They were laughing joking around, chasing each other while I waited. After seeing some rather unsanitary things going on I decided to leave. You seriously need to have someone take a serious look at this restaurant. This one is no where near the Popeye’s I have been introduced to and dine. Please do something as this restaurant will not last long in Brownwood, Texas. The Manager is problematic, the staff front line and backline are a joke. You need to do something! Very unsanitary to say the least!

  63. I visited the Popeyes Chicken on Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL to purchase a chicken sandwich combo on 6/12/2020 @ 9:40 p.m. Employee came on the speaker and identified himself as David and took my order. After waiting in line until 10: 00 p.m., I arrived at the window. The lady employee (not wearing a badge, mask, or gloves) asked what my order was. I told her and she stated, “We can’t find it.” They had no record of the order. I stated David took the order. Her reply was “He has taken a lot of orders today”. Tell me again what you want. I asked why she was not wearing a mask or gloves and the employees behind the counter have all their masks under their chin. She stated, If you are so worried why aren’t you wearing one.” I stated, I’m not serving food and I am inside of my car.” She replied, “Well if you are so worried, why are you here?” I then asked for the manager. The lady pointed at David and said, “He is.” In a minute another lady came out and said she was the manager. I asked why the employees aren’t wearing masks properly and she replied. “Well they know what they are supposed to do.” When she gave me my change, it was in a small paper Popeyes container with the words thank you written on the bottom. She then stated, “See we are doing it right.” Forget the fact I observed the first lady at the window handle five cars ahead of me, and me, with no gloves or mask and did not use the tray. I am sure you have video in the store focused on registers, just review it. I would like a response from Popeyes if this is their policy for operation during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  64. Good Day, I’ve recently visited your franchise in Pgh , Pa on William Penn highway. Can you tell me why is this store, always out of certain foods. Such as fries & the chicken sandwiches as were informed by a popeyes worker that they’re frozen and didn’t provide a time frame when they will be thawed and cooked & ready to be served to Customers. Where is the District Manager& why is there no one checking on these stores to ensure that they have everything ready to serve there customers. My personal opinion, if i visit a franchise & they don’t have the foods that they advertise. 9 times out of 10 i’m less likely to visit that franchise for awhile. Each stores goal is to serve each customer with quality service, so hat they will become repeat customers. Service is key. There is always room for improvement.

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