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Corporate Address
P.O. BOX 11400
Huntsville, AL
Company Contact
Cathleen Anderson
Phone Number
(256) 539-9441
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8 thoughts to “Quick Lane Oil Change Headquarters”

  1. I went in March because of a noise I was hearing… So they did diagnostic test, said it was my brakes and rotors. They shaved them and not put new parts charge me 279.00. So a month later, heard the same noise. Went waited 3 1/2 hours. I ask them to check what the problem was. By this time I took it too someone else to tell me. Suspension, Struts, and ball joints.. I took it back to get fix. I stood watching the guy fixing my car. It took him only 1 hour to fix my car. But they said 3 hours. I got charged 225.00 So I paid the 279.00 for something I didn’t need and 225.00. They said they work It out by waiving the cost of parts. And I pay for labor. I timed him from 12:51 pm to 1:25 pm. However I was there since 9:30. I am so angry. 2 Saturday up early spending all day and charging me like this. Ripoff

  2. The website states Motorcraft or omnicraft brake pads installed $99.95 or less. When I asked the service person he said that only applies to Fords. The coupon does not say that at all. it says ” per axle price on pads or shoes on most vehicles”. this is very deceptive.

  3. As an employee, I would like to say that it is generally a good company to work for. I wish there would be an easy way to see my opcoming schedule online though or a way to contact Human Resources through an app for example out of hours.

  4. Took hubby’s car in for oil change and transmission fluid change and waited over 4 hours for it to be done and its leaking from transmission and coolant now. I called and didn’t even get a sorry and since they are way over paid and incompetent I can’t afford to take my car back and have them break something else and I paid 300 for this crappy job and hopefully my transmission doesn’t go out now. Can’t even get customer service so I can be refunded. Also you need more mechanics or the guys inside to stop cranking cars to the back the mechanics are overwhelmed while the guys just play around up front they should be certified to help would make sense. Need someone in charge to get ahold of me.

  5. I came into Alabama from Phoenix, Arizona and the guys working the bay doing oil changes or very very professional came out spoke to me very nice me and my fiance decided to go ahead and have them do the oil change a radiator flush and brakes my fiance went inside get to work order going and he was standing there with a lady in front and lady in front of him totally ignored him while he’s standing there Yelp for another customer I told him to step aside move out of the way very very rudely the manager then comes out and tells us that if we do not leave he’s calling the police rude as can be I had no problem spending several hundred on that I will Lexus IS300 I’ve never in my entire life can a manager or customer service so disrespectful I will never use this company and you can thank the Quick Lane in Bessemer Alabama did most rudest people I’ve ever met there is no Southern Hospitality there

  6. I visited your franchise in New Smyrna Beach Florida this morning. There is a sign on the door stating mandatory use of masks. The business was crowded, with about 10-12 customers and only one elderly gentleman had a mask. Additionally, your service tech was not wearing a mask as he assisted this elderly gentleman. I realize there’s Covid fatigue but if you’re going to post s policy you should follow it.

  7. Wife took her 2000 Lexus LX470 in for a diagnostic because the right front wheel had a clicking noise to the Quick Lane in Montgomery, Al located at Vaughn and Taylor Rd. The Tech didn’t call to tell her that the diagnostic was finished, so we went to pick the vehicle up after not receiving a call. We were told take the transmission needs to be replaced when we picked the vehicle up. So we decided to take it to the Lexus Dealership to get a diagnostic and we were told the axle needs to be replaced. I called the tech at Quick Lane and asked him how did you give a diagnostic that a transmission needs to be replaced and we only needed an axle!

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