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Company Website
Corporate Address
2120 S Park Ave
Stuttgart, AR
Company Contact
Danny Kennedy
Phone Number
(870) 673-5462
Fax Number
(870) 673-5667
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
Sic Directory Code

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5 Reviews and Complaints for Riceland Foods Inc Headquarters

  1. Government worker named Mike Clem been trying kill Sam Lewis. Riceland workers never contact police. Talk wt workers why management didn’t take charge.

  2. My complaint is that it is too difficult to get through to customer support department. I tried several ways, email, phone and finally got through on the customer hotline.

  3. How does it make the people that run Riceland and try to do the right thing as employees, how does it make you feel when I say that Jason Thatcher, waldenburg facility, sits in the air conditioning office after his shift, still clocked in for an additional 3to 6 hrs of overtime every day he’s here . That’s not right , not fair to us that have to actually work in this staggering heat . He’s abusing the company and fraud might I add by doing this.. and some of us get reprimanded for clocking out at lunch . Something needs to be done

  4. I’d like to say there are a lot of good people that work at Riceland, but if you are not in the political circle of who’s who , well then I guess you are in generally speaking (a nobody).. i work hard at my job to keep my end going smoothly, even if I know it may not be proper protocol, it’s safe efficient and everyone is happy. I’m observing a lot clock riding at our facility. A particular gentleman is working a 12 hrs shift tonight, instead of observing and being a lead out there on his line with the rest of the workers , he’s in the office playing games on the computer. The bad part of this is that it’s an all the time event . The operation manager knows he’s been doing this , engineer knows he’s doing this. And it’s probably overtime hrs too .. that’s taking away from my overtime. Because we are not allowed to have any . Y ,, because they reserve that for suck ups and lazy people. Not the workers who actually make a statistical marking of good production and performance .

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