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11540 Hwy. 92 East
Seffner, FL
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(813) 623-5400
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(813) 620-1717
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  1. 09/06/2018 I went to Room to Go in Willow brook off 1960 in Houston Texas. I purchased a bedroom set from children not to mention a living rooms set and an additional bedroom set paying CASH for everything. I was told the living room set along with the additional bedroom set need to be picked up by another moving company because their delivery schedule was full. No big deal made the arrangements. However, my children’s set should was going to be delivered by Rooms to Go. I told the sales person I would not have my keys until 4pm the day of delivery for my new apartment. They told me not a problem they would put notes in the system. I received a phone call from the delivery people late morning the day of the delivery telling me they around the corner. I said, you were not supposed to be here until 4 or after. The delivery person said no problem and hung the phone up quickly. I received another call from another representative telling me they were not going to be able to deliver my furniture and would put a 48-hour hold on my furniture at the warehouse. I asked for a manager and she transferred me to the regular customer service line and I waited for 15 minutes. I asked for a manager and was told by Ms. Contuer she was the only manager and I could not speak with someone else. I asked again for a manager she said you are not getting your furniture, I asked again to speak with someone else and she said you are not getting your furniture. After the fifth time she hung up on me. I called the store asked for a manager and was told they can not provide a specific delivery times and they would have to wait 48 hours for my sons furniture to be picked and ready for pick up. Spoke to a store manager who instantly repeated the same spill about giving specific delivery times. Not once did I hear an apology and not once did anyone attempt to correct the situation. I was told if I wanted a refund they would keep 20% . Called corporate and guess what I was transferred back to their generic customer service number. This company does not care about their customers and I will never do business with them again. Worst experience of my l8ife.

    1. Michelle hi iwas reading our comment about room to go in 2018 i wish i have saw this earlier they are the worst it has been a night mare dealing with these people. no customer care at all once they get your money thet basically say we can kiss their you no what. so sad i ever dealt with them

      1. You are totally correct. I’ve been doing business with Rooms to Go for years and have a wonderful sales lady. However, the minute I have an issue with my furniture it turns into a nightmare with the manager and Fortegra (warranty company). My sales lady continues to be great in the midst of being helpless in the situation.

        1. I am not going to go the “normal” routine of complaining about rooms to go horrible customer service and corporate dismissal of customer complaints. I do want to say it’s ashame that people spend their hard earned money on products that don’t last a month, never get their furniture or get damaged furniture. I do want to say if you are not “GOD FEARING “ people you need to get to be. Because you are dishonest, thief’s and robbers and the Bible says people of these characteristics fell to live theirs lives out are be successful.( Psalms 35 :26 ) says Let them be put to sham and confusion together who rejoice at the calamity and troubles of others, let them be clothed with shame and dishonor who magnify exalt themselves over other people. Some one at rooms to go need to open their eyes and get it right with the customers. With out the customers you don’t have a business. Because in a few short years there won’t be a rooms to go, you will be gone. God, the Lord Jesus Christ don’t like “UGLY “ what if it where someone treating your family this way. I don’t think you would ignore or brush your family off !!!! Very disappointed customer!!!!! L. Sanders

    2. I went to Room to Go in Willow brook off 1960 in Houston Texas. I purchased a bedroom set from children not to mention a living rooms set and an additional bedroom set paying CASH for everything. I was told the living room set along with the additional bedroom set need to be picked up by another moving company because their delivery schedule was full. No big deal made the arrangements.

  2. I am writing in regrades to the experience I had with Rooms To Go. On October 15, 2018, I went to one of your stores (Jensen Beach, Florida). I purchased (in cash) a sectional coach and ottoman for the total price of $1,492.32. I was informed that the items would ne be delivered until November 14, 2018. The furniture was delivered on November 14, 2018 as promised; however, all the pieces were not delivered, I received two ottomans and one piece of the sectional. When I contact Rooms To Go customer service, I was told that I would not be able to get the other part of the sectional until Wednesday (November 21, 2018). I informed the representative that the timeframe was unacceptable because I paid for the furniture as well as delivery. I asked to speak with a manager (Rachel Baker, Supervisor of Corporate services). I spoke to her about the situation and asked how Rooms To Go was planning to compensate me for my inconvenience, she stated that basically the company never discus compensation in this matter; however, she would be willing to offer me a $25 dollars credit. I informed her that I sent over 150 dollars deliver fee, and over 1,200 dollars on the furniture, and Rooms To Go thinks so little of their customer, that they would not take the extra steps to rectify the issue in a timely manner.
    At this point it is not about the money, it’s about the customer service, and the company willingness to resolve a complaint or dispute; and not dismiss the customer’s concerns. This is my first time purchasing anything from Rooms To Go, and my experience in the store was so pleasant, and left the store with confidence that I would get the all items I purchased. I understand that humans make errors; however, it is the company’s responsibity to rectify the customer’s concerns.

  3. So disappointed with rooms to go delivery service. Purchased a complete bedroom set that would be delivered on two different days. First day was a Saturday and was sent a text for 11-4 delivery so I made dinner plans at 6:30. Get a call at 1pm stating delivery would be from 2-5pm and furniture shows up at 5:45 and after set up they leave at 6:30 so dinner plans ruined. Second delivery on a Tuesday from 11-4 so I take personal time off work. Get a call at 1pm stating it would be between 2-6pm and than received a call at 5:45 that the driver had two more stops and I would be next. Did not receive furniture until 7:45. Completely unprofessional. I would not have taken an afternoon off work for no reason. I will never buy furniture from rooms to go again and would recommend buying furniture elsewhere for everyone.

  4. Worst experience I have had with Rooms to go. Purchased a dinning room set the end of December and I’m still trying to get two chairs without any wood splitting or defects on the upholstery. I have requested multiple times for a delivery time to be in the afternoons because we are a working family and they continue to set the times for the mornings. When we call and indicate that the morning time won’t work then they reschedule for at least two weeks out for a Saturday. Well by the second time still receiving chairs with a defect, I would think they would more accommodating. That is not the case. It is now mid January and we are scheduled for a time for the end of January. Got really upset with a representative today due her no care attitude and her trying to over talk me. Really rude. She just continued to say that the computer schedules the visits. I have bought furniture from rooms to go before but this has been the worst experience. Please know also that you can not return anything per a representative. They only repair or replace
    Only thing is the replace time seems to be when they feel like it.

  5. This company is “NO GOOD, IS A CROOKED BUSINESS.” HAS DUMB RULES rules. Going to take this to Todd Ulrich at ” ACTION 9 NEWS.” you cant move w/furn. from Rooms to Go; that voids your rights, when product breaks down in less than 60 days. Salesman didn’t tell me to buy my 94yr old Mom’s chair at a store that delivered merchandise in Ga. After I bought the chair he said they cant deliver it to 1206 Tara Lane, Brunswick Ga he told me I could get it delivered to my X’s address . He did, and my ex a upholsterer took it to my MOms in Ga. Chair is now broken wont go up or down, now its our problem to get it fixed. I tell you, I will make your store name known to everyone I come in contact with that you are a lousy terrible company. The chair was bought for my Mother 94 years old, I handle her business. Shame, shame on you disgusting policy. I am going to let the BBB know how distasteful ROOMS TO GO IS. I AM SO PISSED AND DISAPPOINTED IN YOUR COMPANY.

  6. This is the worst company you can fine. Customer service and management really suck. Bad attitude and service at the same time

  7. Just a heads up for your customer service team. Most companies have a Twitter or Facebook customer service account these days, where customers can get fast help. I only have a small problem that i think could be fixed in 30 seconds. I dont want to be on hold for 10 minutes on the customer support hotline for that.

  8. On August 8th I purchased a set of living room tables which totaled 500.00 two of the tables arrived a few weeks later, and the last table finally arrived today (2 months later). I opened the box and immediately noted that the first piece of tempered glass that it supposed to be white was a yellowish color and the edges were a burnt orange color. The 2nd piece was white. I removed the tissue paper from the box, but the tissue paper that was lying on top of the discolored glass was stuck to it as if the glass had been wiped down with something wet, and the tissue paper adhered to the glass. I also noticed that the glass had a few spots of sticky residue in the shape of small squares, and the sticky residue had dirt stuck to it. The sticker on the glass was also dirty. I call customer service and ended up speaking to a representative & then her manager that was disgustingly rude, & nastly aggressive. She was no help at all. Told me that I had to wait an additional 2 months, and also store this big heavy table at my home until January. Saying that if something happens to it I would be responsible. I informed her that I have nowhere to store the table. I was expecting a new table that I could assemble and set in the middle of my living room, and that’s the only extra space I have. Also, I have dogs and I can’t be held responsible. I would like for the product to be picked up from my home. She you’d me that I can use the table until January, but I have 2 bulging disc’s, as well as a bone spur in my neck. Even opening this and lifting the 2 pieces of glass was a challenge. I am not going to assemble this table, then in two months assemble it a second time. I’ve already wasted valuable time lifting opening it, and talking to representatives. She insisted that the product stay. She said she could not help in anyway. So I have called the local rooms to go that I purchased from, and so far I have not gotten any help. He told me that I would have to assemble the table, then in January he would not be able to get the delivers to assemble the next one because thats not what I paid for. I told him that this is inconvenient because I risked my life allowing the deliverer into my home, and I had to spray everything after they left, and that I didn’t want to catch coronavirus. Somehow that seemed to be funny, but we just had a big outbreak of over 100 people at a church, and another mid size outbreak at a funeral. No one offered any compensation nor a way to rectify the situation. Just want me to wait an entire 4 months for a product. Want me to bite the bullet for a problem they are responsible for. Why did they send a discolored USED table in the first place??? If they did not have the entire set they never should’ve sold it. I didn’t pay for a used set of tables. I paid for new ones.
    I will be posting reviews on every platform also calling the corporate office again because they did not answer. I will not be purchasing anything else from rooms to go. I advise anyone not to purchase. I have wasted over 2 hours today for no reason, and still nothing. My time is valuable just like there’s is, but they’re getting paid for this. I’m not.

  9. For 3 days I’ve been on hold with no one calling me back. At one time, Cust. Care rep named Michael fooled me into thinking he’d call me back. No such luck. I think Cust. care is as important as Sales. If a cust. is not happy, they will not refer you. Pls. have someone call me to resolve this simple issue.

  10. I want to speak to someone higher up than customer service. I am beyond frustrated and angry with the “customer service “.
    My wife purchased a living room set from rooms to go on 11/4/2020. They were broken up to two delivery’s . Most of the order comes in the first delivery. The couch is damaged. I report it to the delivery drivers who took photos and listed as damaged. I was instructed to reach out to customer service to report it and so we can get a new one. I did just that, the customer service associate was just unprofessional, rude and unhelpful. I then had to wait for the new delivery of 12/5/2020 which I explained to the rude rep representative that I was unsure if I can have that day off work. I was told to call/text or reschedule online if I needed changed. So come to 12/2/2020-12/4/2020 I consistently reach out via phone, text and even by email trying to get my delivery date changed since I am working an 11 hour shift that day. I finally get a response on 12/4/2020 around 930am via text. I was then told I can’t reschedule it because it’s unlocked and can only do so once it’s unlocked which takes up to 48 hours which had I received a response then I initially reached out it wouldn’t have probably be that big of deal. I was told I could also change it online once it’s unlocked. So that is what I did, I rescheduled for 12/15/2020 since I am off of work that day. Curious why I haven’t received my delivery window yet I reached out once again to customer service via text and I am now being told they are once again “out of stock” and now have to wait between 1/5/21-1/9/21 which is insane to me since I even showed the representative via text the CONFIRMATION FROM ROOMS TO GO for tomorrow’s delivery date! I asked to speak to a manager and of course have not been in contact with anyone! No one even responded to my upset email on 12/4/2020! I want someone high enough to get this resolved to reach out to me! Rooms to go had no problem taking our money but now trying to get a new couch because they damaged it no one wants to answer . 747253xxxx

  11. My arms are falling off my couch. I have the warranty and was able to get the authorization but after several attempts I am unable to get any help from customer service for getting the repairs set up. First time I couldn’t get a call back, second time they needed to get with the repair dept and we’re going to call me back. Almost a month later and nothing and now the arm is coming loose from my sofa

  12. My husband and I purchased several rooms from rooms to go. Our box spring and Mattress was delivered in November and bed frames in January. Once bed frame was set up on one of the beds we realized the box spring and mattress was much to high. We could not have known this when we purchased the box spring and mattress as it was done separately. We contacted the customer service department Friday January 15 and was told they referred the call to Melissa the manger and we would get a call back. No call back and I called again today Jan 20th. I was told because it was in the home they could not take it back. We have just moved in from out of state and have not used the mattress or box spring as bed has not been set up. All we wanted to do was exchange box spring for smaller one or bed frame to one that we can lower. I am extremely disappointed with this reply. We have spent a large amount of money with our purchases from room to go. (Kitchen table/chairs, dinette set, 2 queen bed frames, 2 box springs and a mattress). We would have expected better customer service.

  13. Furniture was supposed to be delivered yesterday Jan 18th but the driver did not buzz the gate to enter. I have waited since October 2020 and now nothing. I think that was inexcusable. Order FL25799601I

  14. Feb 3rd at 1216pm I left my number for a return call from your customer care team. It is now 813 pm and no one has called. If this is reflective of your customer care, it certainly falls far short of my expectations. I still need help with my sofa when has a stain that apparently was delivered this way. It appears to be a label that was removed and left a sticky substance. I also have another piece of tape with numerous letters and numbers. This was also delivered this way. I can be reached at 646260xxxx

  15. A very unpleasant experience with Rooms To Go delivery and customer services. Delivery was set for 1/30 Saturday, they reschedule the delivery time 3 times in one day then rescheduled it for the next day, now i had to cancel all my plans for two whole days for them to tell me they cant do anything about it and to call Monday. Monday comes no one can help us because something is blocked on their end and they cant do anything about our order, so we are told to wait till 4pm. We try to get a hold of them no luck we try again Tuesday, i had to call over 13 times and be placed on hold for over 30 minutes. Finally they say its scheduled to be delivered on 2/11 that is if we even get it, the Only reason i ordered with Rooms To Go is for the fast delivery because we needed it with family coming into town. Every time you place a call they just send excuses your way. I will never be ordering with them again and will make sure to tell people to stay clear.


  17. January 28th I went into Rooms to Go Baybrook location in Friendswood, Tx to purchase a TV package with the Living Room set. It was explained to me that I will receive my TV 5 business days after my delivery date which was February 4th. Today is February 19th and I have not received the TV I purchased with my living room set. I have reached out to customer service at both Rooms to Go and Best Buy to receive my email to redeem my TV. I did not get the email until February 16th. I redeemed the coupon and was told my TV will be delivered February 18th between 7a-1p. On this day after 1p I noticed no delivery and no call. At this time I reached back out to Best Buy to let them know I did not receive my delivery and asked for status. I was informed that the delivery will need to be rescheduled as Best Buy was closed. I was not called or informed that my TV wasn’t going to be delivered on this day. The Best Buy representative instructed me to call Rooms to Go to cancel my order to have the delivery date rescheduled as they weren’t able to assist me. I contacted Rooms to Go again to explain my situation and they told me they have to escalate the issue and it takes 3 days for someone higher up such as a manager to either give me a call or email me. At this point I reached out to the manager at Rooms To Go where I purchased my living room set and was told he was going to look into the issue and call me back. No call back from that manager. I then contacted the redemption again and finally got ahold to someone the knew what they were doing and was able to resolve my issue, at least I thought. I receive a redemption email again requested for the TV to be picked up and receive a contact customer support error message. I did exactly that and call them again only to be told they will have to escalate the issue again and there is no manager that I can speak to over the phone, only email. Insane! I JUST WANT ME TV I PAID FOR.

  18. I cancelled an order 3 minutes after I ordered it , due to the fact that I was going to have to wait. 5 months for delivery. And when. I checked my account , they had already debited my account. I have tried everything to speak with someone and got nothing. I’m about ready to contact an attorney.

  19. I just got off the phone with Lakeland store manager Steven Chick, I have a mattress we have been trying to return, dispute has been filed prior. We have been dealing with this for months, now the manager is stating he will come get the mattress however it needs to be in the next 7 days. The FL house is a vacation home, we will not be there till 4/7/21 – He said this was not acceptable, need to have mattress picked up between 4/7 – 4/15 – gated community, we don’t know anyone to be there for us.

  20. I purchased sectional couch with the warranty. I’ve been trying to get my couch repaired for 5 months! The warranty company has not contacted me one time. I finally went to a manager locally and he has been better to deal with but STILL WAITING to get my couch repaired! I will NEVER purchase nor do I recommend this place to anyone! Fortegra is a horrific company to deal with and why RTG uses them show no integrity or care for their customers.

  21. Purchased a leather sectional, which wrinkled badly less than a month after delivery. Contacted your customer care who sent someone to repair it, the evening after the repair, the leather reverted back to the way it was before the repair. I’m very frustrated, I’ve called, texted, emailed, and chatted with no results. This is not fair for me to be STUCK with this eyesore in my home. I’m extremely unhappy and still have to pay for this eyesore. Very unfair to me

  22. my lift chair broke down the tech ordered two replacement parts. One the parts arrived. I waited a week and the second part has not arrived. I went to the customer service office in Ocala florida and was given a tracking number however the usps does not have that tracking number. here is the tracking number i was given 94001169015625433xxxx.

  23. I have been waiting for my refund for over two months. What do I have to do to receive my refund.

  24. Today April 2, 2021 our couch and queen size bed and mattress was supposed to be delivered between the hours of 7am -11am. The driver never showed up. He said he was at my house but no one was home which was a lie. He actually went to the wrong house he went to Bay Meadows instead of BaySprings. My car was in the driveway never left. The customer service, dispatch team and the internet sales have been very rude and no help at all. The driver never even contacted my husband or I. We live on a military installation which majority of the houses all look alike. They asked me if I had a black door with a white screened door the door is a storm door. They asked if I had a black bucket and a Hi sign on my door which I do not. The driver never came back and dispatch said they don’t have to make him. They tried getting ahold of his manager and they would call back and they never did. I am not without furniture and a bed. We waited around all day until 5:30pm and NOTHING!!! Absolutely horrible horrible service. Never again. I have canceled my
    Order which the girl hung up on me twice. Her name was kierra. Rooms to go needs to do better with their customers. This is NOT ok especially when I’m spending over $3,000.00 on furniture!!!

  25. I have had the worse experience with Roomstogo I purchased furniture in October and received it in late December while receiving the furniture the nightstand wash broken the bed had lots of large chips broken within the wood footboard and rails. Each time the furniture was replaced it took a month or two before I received it. it came to me worse than before 3 times the last time I was told from a manager I could go into the store to reselect something else. But it wasn’t what I liked or I had to pay more for something roomstogo could not get right. Then the manager said if the furniture I received came broken or damaged I would have to keep it. Me “Really I don’t think so” because if I wanted second hand furniture I could have went to the thrift store. Manager said we can’t give you free furniture. Me “I didn’t asked for free furniture when I walked into roomstogo I purchased what I wanted and if you look on my record you were the only store I purchased all of my home furniture for years from roomstogo. I was also disrespected from customer service talking to me like I was a nobody each time I asked for a corporate manager I was told I could not speak with anyone else. But was insulted from a manager I can offer you 25.00 dollars to purchase something in the store. Me “you got to be kidding me what can I buy in this store for $25.00. The manager said you can buy a lot with $25.00. Me “Sir don’t insult my integrity.” I am so done with roomstogo never will I shop with you again signed
    Cindy Dowdell past customer

  26. I bought around 5k worth of furniture from your Plano store in March to be delivered April 6th in Sherman,Tx. I drove from McAlester, ok to pick it up. I got it home and unboxed it to find a stain on the back cushion on the couch. The warranty company won’t fix it because it was done in the factory and the store won’t fix it because it said on my receipt (that I never got) that I had 48 hrs to report a problem. I bought the furniture from your store over the phone and the only receipt I have was from my bank acct. I called the store that I bought it from and the girl answering the phone wouldn’t let me speak to the manager. She said he was busy. What can be done to rectify this problem?

  27. I would like to know whom I need to speak I have two couches one of which is peeling and I was offered nearly half of what I had paid, they are leather from the Cindy Crawford line and are only 4 years old , with next to little use. Please contact me with a resolution .561-385-xxxx Warm Regards
    Dawn Michelle Alesi

  28. I chatted with Angel on 4/6/2021 and Kihley on 4/4/2021 because I couldn’t reach anyone by phone. No one has picked up this defected mattress you all sold me and credited my card back yet. I am still having to sleep on my sofa. My very next steps are to file a complaint with the BBB and with my lawyer. You’ll are ABSOLUTELY THE WORST AND I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH YOU’LL AGAIN!!!!

  29. Rooms to go has the worst way of doing business ! Furniture is all delivered in boxes ! The delivery guys took over two hours to put it together , meanwhile my front door wide open while flies came in and my air conditioner running . Boxes filled with that horrible white tiny snow that took over two hours to vacuum!
    They were about to leave without mentioning that half of the furniture was damaged ! Now have to wait a month for the furniture to come in and go through this mess again ? Doesn’t make sense to put the stuff together at the store and inspect it before delivery and make just one trip and avoid pissing of the customers with a big mess and broken pieces . That would be too easy ! I will never shop there again or recommend it . Now I see why they have such low ratings snd horrible reviews !

  30. On 3/22/21 I bought the leather sofa from room to go at 11027 Lakeline Mall Cedar Park,TX 78613. After 5 weeks (4/30/21) I received the delivery from room to go, but the product is damaged ( discoloration leather, missing USB built in outlet ); it is an open box product not new product, I am so frustrated about the product, I paid over $3,000 for the new sofa not for the used item. Then I called customer service to them about the issues with my sofa and they said the sofa is new not used, they will send someone to my address to check it out but will take at least 5 weeks . I demanded to return the product because it takes too long to get someone to my house to check on the product. They told me to go to the store that I bought the sofa and talk to the store manager about the issues. Next day (5/1/21) I went to the store and talked to the store manager, I showed him all the pictures of damaged product, one of the item was covered in the blanket when the guys delivered outside my house it supposed to be inside the box, not in the blanket also that item had the legs already hooked in the bottom of the sofa and this item also have discoloration leather. That is why I want to return the sofa, but the manager said the policy said no return then I explained the product is used and damaged not a new product . I told him that I understand the policy but I don’t want to pay money for used product, the product is not damaged from the delivery or manufacture but it is the used product. (open box item) then he got angry and yelled at me to tell me to get out his store then he went to his office and I tried to ask him who is going to take care of my case, one of customer around the area where I had the conversation with store manager told me about his issues with his product too. The manager saw that customer talked to me so he got angry at me and threatened to call police on me if I won’t get out his store but I didn’t say anything to that customer at all but because the manager and I had the conversation in the show room not in his office. And then the manager told me to get out his store and he said that the customer service manager will call me to take care my case but I have not received any phone call from them yet. I am so frustrated about the way the store manger to treat me the way he yelled at me and threatened to call police on me like I am a criminal. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy product from this store because they treat customer like a criminal while the customer spend their money to buy bad products from this store. I think the store manager name is Brian, he did not introduce his name to me and treated the female Asian like me so bad and disrespectful. Thanks,

  31. I ordered a bedroom set from rooms to go back in March and the order was not delivered to me until April 23, I have a 5 year old who weigh 47 pound sleeping I this room. two days ago I notice one of the foot came off and a prt of the inside came off. I called the office at sawgrass no one seems to be willing to help with this. I called customer service I waited for over an hour on the shine just for the automated system to tell me to call back. this is ridiculous and very disappointed. something needs to be done about thi. I have send over $5000 over this bedroom set and after two weeks its already breaking apart. come on now. if you guys cannot provide products that will last the clients do not make them at all. $5000 is not cheap easy to come

  32. I am very upset I purchased a sofa from rooms to go 3/13/21 and got it delivered on 5/22/21. For someone in the warehouse to think it was funny to send me two chaise to the sectional. So I did not get the sofa half. To be told the sofa has been discontinued and I would have to choose something else or get a refund. This was my first experience with the store I am so irritated that it is definitely going to be my last. Then the guys left the pieces in my living room why couldn’t they take one with them? The individuals that are representing this company I can tell you this is not a good look.

  33. Went in store and purchased a bedroom set…had to wait 4 months for delivery..paid cash and full price…when the delivery came…they dropped and broke my chester drawer set…called customer srvs with the complaint…said it would take 4/5 months to get another drawer…so basically im living out of garbage bags and boxes because i dont have anywhere to put my clothes….DO NOT RECOMMEND this place to my worst enemy

  34. I’m
    Not the only one I see! Been fighting them dor about 2 years now! Them and that suck “insurance” they sell! Don’t do it, you will benefit Wisely going somewhere else..

  35. last delivery received-wall unit broken-went to store rec date of 5/27/21-del. never arrived until after 7PM no delivery. called today no satisfaction

  36. I had a sofa delivered yesterday. In the showroom, I opted out of the delivery fee based on salesperson telling me I would only need to remove the packaging material. However, when I received the sofa, it had no legs attached. To require me to attach the legs is not a problem but to LIFT the sofa up to place it on the floor is a problem. I called this morning and asked that they problem solve this issue – get someone here to do the work and I’d pay the cost. NO call back. I just called again and spoke to a woman at first, a man got on the phone and said he will cancel the order. For the love of GOD, that is his critical thinking + problem solving skills. I’ve BEEN a business owner in NYC. There would be NO WAY I would NOT correct this problem, if I were the manager at this store it would absolutely be done. Instead, I have a June 5th cancellation pick-up. Welcome to Alabama right?

  37. I experienced the unthinkable with Rooms To Go. My husband and I ordered living room furniture and the delivery date was set for 5/29/2021. I received a call the day off stating the driver had an emergency and couldn’t deliver the furniture. We called the local store, spoke to the store manager (Robert). He promised to call us back with a new delivery date & time ; that never happened. The next day (Sunday), we call him for updates; nothing. The 2nd call we told him if we don’t have our furniture by 7pm, cancel everything & issue a refund. He says ‘you won’t have it by 7 so I’ll go ahead and start that cancellation process now’. How did he know we wouldn’t have the furniture by 7pm but he couldn’t tell us when our furniture would be delivered? I proceeded to ask this question and he YELLED at me and talked over me. My husband heard the entire conversation. Is that what your managers do now, talk over customers and raise their voices at women?

  38. Deliever driver came to the house to fix our bed, they cracked a part of the wood of the bed to fix. My son told them to come in the house to get started. My son stated they were smoking a cigarate and ignored him. My wife came home early from work to ensure that the job got done. They (Rooms to Go) personel told my wife we where here more than for 15 minutes. And it’s time for us to go. My wife was very angry and tried to call the customer service line and she was on hold between 15 to 20 minutes. Still waiting to hear back. We are ready to give this furniture back and go somewhere else where me and my family will be respected. Please CEO of this company if your reading this, these contractors that you hire is no good.

  39. I’m totally disappointed with the customer service I received at your Midland, TX store concerning my furniture issues.

  40. Oh. Get this. I was told I should take better care of my stuff. When your techs were here they said:
    1. It’s under the manufacturer warranty still.
    2. You will hear back from customer service. I asked several times what the next step was.
    3. I NEVER heard back even after I sent an email asking.
    4. Today when I called I was told that someone had called me, which is not true.
    5. I am now told I did the damage. No explanation. I have operated the umbrella exactly as I was told. I even asked about hurricane force winds during install.
    6. This is the worst customer service ever. I’m sure you can blame it on COVID-19.

    I have attached pictures of my yard, since I apparently don’t take care of my stuff. That’s definitely why I spent $1,600.00 bucks on this piece of garbage, because I didn’t want it to last more than a year.

    That’s rich.
    Andrea Hickham
    PS I have bought numerous pieces of furniture, rugs etc. From rooms to go, but never again.

    On Mon, Jun 7, 2021, 11:06 AM Rooms To Go (Cheniece) wrote:
    ### Please enter your reply above this line ###

    Ticket #227637
    26 May, 2021
    Please refer to the correspondence below. Should you have any additional requirements or items related to this matter outstanding, please reply to this email.

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Rooms To Go with your concerns. Please pardon the delay in our response. Our records are showing the issues reported with the umbrella were not considered to be a defect in the workmanship of the product, and therefore not covered. Because the issues were found to be customer caused, there would be nothing further we would offer for this issue. We apologize for any inconvenince caused. Should you need further assistance, please let us know.
    07 Jun, 12:06


    Your repair techs came our over a week ago to see about our cantilever umbrella.
    Please send me an update regarding the umbrella.
    Thank you,

    Andrea Hickham

    xxx Flamingo Court
    Friendswood, Texas 77546 832-738-xxxx

    26 May, 12:19

    Delivered as a service from Rooms To Go using INSIDE® by Powerfront™

  41. Poor customer service by Mr. Chester broad street location Richmond Va. call to discuss if interested if not your 1.3 rating may only fall a Littlecas you are already at the bottom as you give yourself a 1 automatically. Never again will I buy in any of your stores.

  42. So to the CEO this is second complaint in one day. So Mr. Chester the manager at Broad Street decided to piss me off so when deliver said I would receive between 10 to 3. Then at 12:00 they said it would be late but no more than 30 minutes I knew something was wrong. So here it is at 6:30 pm still sitting home all day but I know what he did. You know what did. What a screwed up operation and I own my own international business. When covid is over so is your company. Terrible liars that have no respect making people wait now till 10 pm. Sad company.

  43. I ordered a sofa with a 2pc sofa with chaise on March 22, 2021 and paid cash. I was told it needed to be ordered and wouldnt be delivered until June 12, 2021. After waiting 11 weeks for the order, it showed up with 2 sofa’s and no sofa with chaise. Now I’m being told I have to wait until August 31st (12 weeks) to receive the sofa with chaise. This is absolutely ridiculous!!!! Waiting 23 weeks (almost 6 months) for a complete sofa is unacceptable!!!! The customer service rep told me like it was no big deal and offered no other resolution! IT IS A BIG DEAL TO ME, I GAVE AWAY ALL MY OTHER FURNITURE FOR THIS SOFA!!! NOW I ONLY HAVE A SOFA THAT SEATS 3 PEOPLE!!!!!! I find it very hard to believe that this sofa with chase cannot be expedited and sent to me earlier then August 31st! Something needs to be done asap in order to rectify this problem!! If this is how your customer service works, then I will never buy any furniture from your stores again!! I will also be sure to spread the word about your bad customer service all over the internet and too as many people as I possibly can. My order # is 10117554. Please make this issue correct asap!

    B. Jason Sipes

  44. Dear Michelle,
    As you probably have surmised I am very unhappy with my purchase and since I did not see a “No Returns” Policy posted conspicuously in your store as required by Florida law I am well within my rights to return the damaged furniture to your store tomorrow which according to Florida State law, I can and I do demand a full refund to my bank account with in 10 days. Also please consider this email “my intention in writing” as required by Florida law to return the damaged furniture Saturday June 19, 2021 in the same condition (poor) as I received it . I’m asking you to be honorable, tell me where to bring it, like around back or anywhere at your store you would like.
    If you do I will not hold you liable, even the truck rental fee I will eat, to get rid of this junk and get my money back.
    Thank You
    William and Marla Jones
    704 661 xxxx

    Merchandise Return Laws in Florida
    By Kerry Zias

    Receiving a refund in Florida is not always mandatory.
    The state of Florida does not have any laws that force merchants to accept a return of a purchased item. However, the state does require merchants to post a notice in the store regarding their “no returns accepted” policy. Without such a notice, consumers have the right to make a return within certain guidelines. Florida has special rules mandating a consumer’s right to a refund for a home solicitation sale.

    No Automatic Returns
    Florida does not mandate that merchants have to take returns of merchandise purchased from them. The law does require that if a merchant does not want to accept returns, then he must post a clear and conspicuous notice to that effect in the store. Such a notice must be clear and placed by the cash register. Failure to follow these provisions will then create a presumed right of the consumer to return merchandise purchased at that store.

    Florida “Return policy” law

    Volume 0%

    This ad will end in 25

    Merchandise Return Guidelines
    Without the required no returns/no refunds sign, then a presumed return/refund policy shall exist with that merchant. The merchant must give the details of the policy to the consumer in writing upon request. The most conservative return policy allowed by state law is a right of refund within seven days of the purchase. The consumer must bring the merchandise back to the merchant and provide a purchase receipt. The law allows the merchant to adopt a more liberal return policy if they wish.

    Consumers have come to expect ecommerce stores to offer a refund, credit or exchange when they return items. Sellers are not required by law to accept returned items unless they are defective.
    The state of Florida does not mandate that merchants have to take returns of merchandise purchased from them. The law does require that if a merchant does not want to accept returns, then he must post a clear and conspicuous notice to that effect in the store. Such a notice must be clear and placed by the cash register. Failure to follow these provisions will then create a presumed right of the consumer to return merchandise purchased at that store.

  45. We have been dealing with a defective Sectional since before the pandemic (early 2020) a little over a year. They sent someone out to look at it and they determined it was defective and they stated someone would reach out to us as the part would have be ordered. NEVER heard from them again, called and followed up once things with the pandemic started to ease up a bit only to be told they were having issues with manufacture of the part, waited again, no call WE called again and were finally told that…..The sectional is now discontinued, fought with them and told them that we spent money on a warranty package and the lack of communication was horrible, was told we could select a new couch within $1999 and we had 30 days to do so. So NOW I’m on YOUR time to pick something. Called what was suppose to be Corporate in FL and spoke to a Mrs, O ( will not release her name here) with Presidential services explained to her what we were told and we had seen the exact same couch in another showroom but it was not a Sophia Vegara and even the sales rep said its the same one just different manufacture. She stated she would reach out to the manufacture and speak to them and see if the pieces were compatible and would reach back out to us. Have we heard back? NO and called back only to be told the exact same thing you have $1999 to select a new couch and since you have known since March you had 30 days to reselect we can only honor half of that and give you 15 days. Notes from Ms. O simply state original no longer available AND now the one she was suppose to see was compatible is NO longer being made as well. YES i have known since march I was given the option of finding something within my range and 30 days but also was told I would receive a call back once she found out info from manufacture and once again i am finding out the possible compatible is no longer made also through a follow up call on MY end. I am held accountable at my job to follow up with my client not for them to follow up with me if I had told them I will contact you as soon as I hear something and I don’t even work in the Customer Service Rep Field.

  46. I feel like I have been taken straight to the cleaners. I have not had a good night sleep since I dealt with you all (Montgomery, AL store) I have been left with the impression that you all are not an upstanding business, but just a bunch of fast talking slicksters selling junk. This mattress that I have had less than two months is sagging and I am just at my wits end. I pray that you will just give me my money back and let me find a mattress of quality for my health’s sake.

  47. My recliner has lost it’s power source since, May I have been trying to get it fixed it took several weeks to get approval to have a tech look at it, then parts had to be order which took more than a month, today a tech arrived and told me the wrong part was sent. I called CS and was told they couldn’t do anything until they receive the tech report which should take 3-5 days. A recliner that doesn’t’ open and close is useless. These chairs are only a year and a half old, the leather is fading (which I was told is NOT covered under warranty) and now one has no power. July 6 will be 2 months since I put in a claim for repairs and it still does not work. This is a slap in the face to a customer.

  48. Dear Rooms to Go,
    First of all let me start by saying I am extremely frustrated and quite upset!
    I placed 2 large orders with RTG that needed to deliver to a 5 unit STVR property.
    I tried multiple times to get through to RTG via the 888 709 5380 number as well as the 800 766 6786 Customer care number to reroute orders 15913367I and 15955891i prior to delivery. These orders, which I waited patiently for because I liked what I was seeing and thought it would be the best furnishings for our rentals and our vacationers, took over 2 months to come in (I do understand that everyone is backlogged).
    Order 15913367I went out for delivery on 7/28/2021, I tried more times than I can count to have this delivery rerouted to a different location near the original address because we had vacationers in all 5 units and interrupting their vacation was not an option. As a result of me not getting through to RTG for over a week, the driver went to the delivery location and called me to see who was going to sign for the shipment. I advised him that the delivery needed to be rerouted to a new location and he stated no problem, I will take it back to the warehouse and RTG will call you to reschedule/reroute the delivery. I attempted to contact RTG multiple times from 6/28 through to today 6/30/21 to provide updated delivery info. I was finally able to get a call back from RTG by a gentleman named Gordon. Gordon set up my 2 orders to deliver to the new address but then advised me that most of MY order# 15913367i was back ordered and would not be in until the end of August!!!! He stated that RTG put MY Items back in their system to be RESOLD!!!!!
    This is not acceptable, I bought and paid for these items they were out for delivery, they were not refused, they simply needed to be rerouted to a new location!!!!
    I placed 2 fairly large orders with RTG in good faith, this is product I require for my business. I could have purchased from anybody, I am sure they would have gladly taken my business, but I chose RTG. Now I am stuck with partial orders during our peak season and can not fully furnish our units.
    I can not accept this and am looking forward to someone from Rooms to Go to get back to me with a solution ASAP!
    BTW, this is not my 1st rodeo, We own Multiple vacation properties and have had to furnish them all. Never have I experienced anything like this!!
    I have also sent this exact comment on 6/30/21 to your internet sales support.
    Looking forward to your response
    A very frustrated customer
    Donna Berg

  49. Room to go delivered my sofa on May 20th and drive hit my vehicle outside which is on our security system. They refuse to give us the name of the driver and any information. Now they are saying the 3rd they contracted is responsible but refuse to give any information on the company and drivers. We even gave them a copy of the accident and you can see clearly he hit the car because frame by frame you can see where the car shook. Its time to go after rooms to go and the 3rd party. My Attorney is on stand by. Time to call.

  50. I am a customer from the Knoxville,tn store who ordered a bedroom set back in March and today is July 2nd and it was supposed to be delivered to me today first of all that is a ridiculous amount of time to have to wait when you advertise fast delivery but I understood with COVID that you were behind so I tried to be patient. Then the day finally gets close and I look on my order and my salesman never ordered my chest of drawers at the time of the sale plus I called numerous times and left my number for a call back and never received one phone call with all that it added another 600$ dollars to what I thought was my price to begin with again I tried to understand as I realize people make mistakes but then we get to today’s delivery where they send a headboard with no feet so the bed cannot be assembled king size side rails when I have a queen bed and the wrong foot board that is 15-20 inches from the foot of the bed once again the wrong piece. I cannot begin to tell you how angry I am about this whole mess and I feel I deserve a generous compensation for all these problems my phone number is 865-254-xxxx My salesman’s name was Malik but I also spoke with a man named Steve a few times. I am so angry at this whole mess and still can’t sleep in my bed because it is now in pieces that can’t be put together all over my room and when I called to tell Malik all this the response I got was well it’s a holiday weekend and it will be at least next Tuesday before I can take care of this. I’m sorry but that is terrible customer service I’m pay 3000.00$ For this bedroom and this is the response I get .I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and waited my whole life to buy myself a nice bedroom to enjoy in my retirement and this has been nothing but a nightmare. I’m so disappointed in this whole process and if they are honest they will verify everything I have just told you. Thank you for a quick response and I hope better customer service than what I have gotten so far!!

  51. My wife and I had a delivery set between the hours of 1-5pm on 6/03/21. Around 4:30pm a rooms to go representative called and said they were gonna be able to make the delivery.Very unprofessional in my opinion and poor customer service.Then the rep gave my wife a delivery for the following Thursday which rooms to go is not reimbursing me or my wife any loss salary due to their lack of professionalism. I will be contacting the local better business bureau in Knoxville, Tn.

  52. On Memorial Day 2021 I went to Rooms To Go with my son to purchase a new mattress for him. As he was an essential worker for UPS and had risked his life during COVID to perform his job, I wanted to do something special for him. He has been experiencing back problems and I wanted to help ease the discomfort as much as possible. The Sales experience was wonderful. We were told it would be several weeks before anything could be delivered and we accepted that. My son spotted a nice King-Sized bed frame that he liked and I also agreed to buy it. The delivery date for the mattress was set and so was the date for delivery of the bed. First the mattress set was postponed due to some so-called Driver Emergency. This was disappointing but we said ok. They did deliver the mattress in a 7am to 11 timeframe which was acceptable because my son works nights and is not available for any weekday deliveries. That is why we scheduled all deliveries for Saturday deliveries. Yesterday, July 3, 2021 was supposed to be a delivery date for the bed. My son received two automated calls to confirm the delivery date of July 3rd from 11-3. He confirmed yes to both calls. I texted him a little before 3:00PM to see if the bed had been delivered and he said it’s not 3:00PM yet so there is still time. 3 came and went and no delivery. He called Customer Care and was on hold for a long, long time. When finally answered, they gave some flimsy excuse for why the furniture was not delivered. They wanted to deliver on July 5th which is a Monday and my son did not realize that the 4th of July was being observed by many companies on Monday and thereby he would be home. After he told me this I immediately called Rooms To Go in Buford, GA to ask to speak with our Sales Person. I was told he was with a customer. So I explained my situation to the lady that answered the phone. She proceeded to read to me the notes in the delivery screen which contained lies. Someone had put it in there that my son said he would not be home on July 3rd which was the day he waited all day for his bed to be delivered. I told her that was a lie. He confirmed twice that July 3rd was a good delivery date and he would be home. She then told me it had been rescheduled for Monday, July 5th. I asked her to make sure as when he was on the phone he mistakenly thought July 5th was his regular work day. She just kept saying the same thing over and over again. I told her I was not angry with her but whoever Rooms To Go contracts with to do their deliveries is awful. They are unreliable and they make Rooms To Go look bad. She agreed. I wish I had seen the comments posted on this site before I made this purchase (which was my first and last) I was looking forward to purchasing other furniture items, but I will not be going to Rooms To Go. I do not live in Georgia anymore and have made purchases from Knoxville Wholesale Furniture. They are awesome!! They deliver when they say they will deliver. I am still going to send letters to the Corporate Office CEO. He probably won’t see them but something needs to be done about their delivery and Customer Service. When I lived in Georgia, I received extensive customer service training as a manager in one large luxury car dealership. It has been proven that it is cheaper to keep a customer than to go out and get a new one. One unhappy customer will tell 11-12 people about their unhappy experience. With the internet and facebook, news like this can spread to thousands in an instant. They don’t need to think that they don’t have to worry about their image and customer service because people will always buy and need furniture. There are other places to go and people need to sometimes look to the smaller furniture stores for their purchases. Sometimes companies think their name will just automatically keep them in business. Things can change. Just look at the furniture stores that have gone out of business in the Atlanta, GA area. Roberd’s Furniture and Levitz Furniture. Big stores once upon a time. Don’t know why they closed – never the less – THEY ARE GONE!!! I will not be going back to Rooms To Go at all.

  53. To Whom it May Concern:

    In December of 2020, my husband and I purchased a bedroom suite, and a sectional from your establishment. We awaited our products, whereby we received the wrong addition to our sectional (chair vs additional loveseat). We returned the chair and received our original product. I didn’t learn the lesson…In the interim, we purchased a beautiful dinning set and a bedroom set. We had no problems. Our bed, we purchased in December has arrived and it is missing 1/3 of the items to assemble the bed. My husband inquired about how long it would take to obtain these pieces and we were quoted 3 to 5 business days. My husband was then advised someone would return his call, which has yet to occur. He was further advised, this could take up to 90 Days to receive the prices needed to assemble the bed.

    We are new to Texas, and recently purchased a new home. We own several other homes and will be air BNBing them. I had hopes of outfitting my Las Vegas home with a host of your products. I am no longer vested in purchasing from you all. We are quite disappointed in the service we have received. The products I am amazed with, I love the quality, the texture, and the warmth your product has provided to our home. I am extremely disappointed, the cost we payed for the product to remain without the capability of sleeping in a comfortable bed. I will make sure my influencers and my chat groups are aware of our experience.

  54. I have been waiting for my items to be delivered i missed my delivery window because they are behind and now i have to wait another month for ny items to be shipped. And there are no customer service people to talk to

  55. I bought a living room set at your store 402 in miami. I was never informed of the 48 hour cancelation fee. I spoke to tge store manager Keisha and she compared your company to publix stating they don’t say upfront there return policy. Very unprofessional. I will never buy from your company again. You giys try to sell me all the extra protection plans but do not comment on cancel policy.

  56. Can you please do better advertising? I’d like to see furniture… not a chick dancing around like a fool!! She is not the furniture and I really think its dumb and annoying to see her boyncing around on the furniture in your ads… can’t your advertising do better than that? It’s a furniture ad and she’s put in our face on eavery commercial… so overdone. So sell furniture not an image. She’s annoying

  57. Your delivery team for our order- 268688201was horrible. We were having a dresser delivered to an empty apartment to make it easier deliver before our furniture arrived the next day. The tracking initiated with a delivery time of 12:30and stop 1. By 12:00, we moved to stop 14 and 2:00, and then kept getting pushed until it was after our time frame of 1-5 pm. We contacted customer service several times as we kept waiting in an empty apartment with no food and got no information except Check tracking. Finally at 4:25 the drive called and said they would be there within an hour. We watched the tracking as they got within2 miles and then turned around and moved the opposite way and stopped. We tried the driver phone and customer service phone and got no answer. We tried the chat and were told they are in transit and the GPS is probably broke. No REAL answer to when our item would be delivered. Finally I was irate with the service and asked fora manager on the chat. Vincent went off line for 15-20 minutes ( after he said they could not call the drivers) and asked for the code to my gate- the truck was parked 20 minutes away. I had told them we had left for dinner, left the restaurant without ordering and would get there. His response was – They are there and you need to meet them. This was the worse communication and delivery experience I ever had with Rooms to Go and we have been repeat customers for all our moves and furniture needs in Naples, Tampa, and Miami. I am requesting some action be taken for this poorly handled delivery. This was unacceptable customer service!!!

  58. We are a military family that live in a military base. The amount of disrespect we have received trying to revive our delivery is very disappointing. We ordered our couch in April. Delivery was set for July 3rd. The delivery time kept getting pushed back to a time we couldn’t do living on base. So we rescheduled. They were supposed to deliver on 7/8/21 and the driver forgot his drivers license which prevented him from getting in bade. Delivery was rescheduled next day and was told it would be delivered first. Driver didn’t show up to the base until 10:15 and was told to skip our drop off because of having to wait at the get for truck clearance. No one has offered to help us get our furniture and now we are told we have to now wait 3 more weeks for our couch. How is this okay? All because the delivery manager told the driver to leave instead of delivering our order. I would hate for any other military families to go through this issue. My family is no couchless for another month due to the inconsiderate delivery manager and overloaded trucks. Plus no one has been helpful or tried to help this issue. Such a terrible thing to do to a military family.

  59. I have a delivery for 7/14/21 since it has been raining called to have the mattress just pushed inside pass the threshold. I was told by Rooms to Go that they were leaving it at ta front door out side.. I told them to just place it in side of the door.. The sales man said they are just placing it by the porch outside. Ask to talk to ta person in charge. When the person in charge came on the line I informed them I am handicap and can not push the mattress in side. He replied if you are so handicapped why did you not pay for the set up.. I thought that was rude of him to answer me that way when all I wanted was the delivery men to push it in the door .. He was very unprofessional he even raised his voice at me….I feel so disrespected by Rooms to Go on Blanco and 410….How can a place like Rooms to go treat an elderly handicappe in such manner… I forgive them. But I staying away from this store.

  60. We are miffed!
    Our order (#26579593) purchased April 17th, paid in full, was scheduled for delivery 7/16. When the order came our two chaises and end table was missing…….$2 thousand dollars of merchandise. When we called to find out where our furniture was we were told it was back ordered and won’t be delivered until October 4th……6 months you have our money and still no furniture. We have been deceived. Very frustrating to deal with your company. Guest when the next time we are buying from you and wait till all our friends, family and our social media hears of our dealings with ROOMS TO GO.

  61. Shame on your company. Shame. We have been waiting for a call all day and nothing. We were promised a delivery date of 7/17/21 for the couches that we purchased and heard nothing. This is very inappropriate and unprofessional. We have called prior to the delivery date multiple times that’s our couches would be delivered. Corporate office nor the local office answered to anything. We live in Augusta Georgia and Kay was our sales rep. We are extremely disappointed. This needs to be corrected immediately.

  62. Good afternoon, my name is Michelle Sturdivant and I have an account with Rooms to Go.
    I recently attempted to file a claim with Rooms to go for damage to my dining room table. I was told that I had to call Guardian and I did just that and was given a ticket number #759xxxx and a order number #1487xxxx. I was NOT given a claim number nor an authorization number, which I now know that is required. I was almost complete with the request when the representative advised me that I would need an claim number to complete the request and instructed me to call Guardian back and retrieve this information. I then called BACK to Guardian to get the authorization# 079596xxxx and was now ready to complete the request/ claim to have a representative come out to my home to further access the damage (however I was under the impression the table would just be replaced at this point). At this point I get a manager on the line, Lorraine and she and I went in circles for about 15mins. She appeared to want to just pass me off to someone else and continued to talk over me and insist that I needed to call Guardian back or Guardian would call me. I was very adamant that I now had the information required to complete the claim order for someone to come out to my home however she didn’t seem to understand this. We went back and forth saying the same thing to each other until I screamed for her to listen to me. After I indicated to her that I have the claim/ authorization number she then tells me that she would have someone to call me back and she would give them this information via email. At this point I asked for a manager and she stated again that she was a manager, I asked for another manager and she said there was not another manager on duty. I asked her for a manager over her she said again, no one was available and ended the call. I then called the corporate number that I found 813-623-5400 and soke with Allison. Allison listened to my conversation in the entirety and I explained to Allison that before calling Corporate I had been on the phone with several reps from Guardian and Rooms to Go for about 90 mins all the while I am at my place of employment. She then tells me that she would get me a manager and I was completely satisfied with that reaction. However, Allison transfers me to the main number where I am forced to go thru all the prompts again in an effort to speak to a manager. After about 6 mins, I disconnected the call and called back to corporate and got Allison again. I told Allison that she had just spoke to me and I had given her all the information and explained how upset that I was having given her in detail the nature of the call and needing a manager for her to just drop me In a que to listen to prompts again. She stated that this was the process and DROPPED me in the que again before I could even respond! I call back and get a lovely young lady by the name of Adela. She asked for the authorization number and indicate that the number is incorrect, that it is one digit too long. Now mind you, I repeated this authorization number back twice to the representative and she stated that the authorization was correct. Adela was kind enough to call Guardian herself instead of having me hang up and call back and then stated that the authorization number #0790596xxxx was the number that she was given as well. She called again and got the correct authorization#79059xxxx.
    Mrs. Lorraine is the main focus of this complaint she was rude, and horribly unprofessional. She adamantly denied me the right to speak to a manager of her peers or of a higher level. She disconnected the line on me and was not willing to resolve the issue. I would really like someone to contact me in regards to my horrible experience with Rooms to Go.

  63. I have been waiting over 3 months fir a repair on my couch chair. Filled with b/s and still a broken chair. I need to talk to a supervisor

  64. My complaint is that I bought furniture with the intent on it being delivered and setup at $49.99 as the order sheet stated. I was not told there was a different price to deliver and setup. I spoke with a manager who stated after my delivery, there’s nothing the store can do. I told him the sheet is misleading stating “delivery/setup”, and that my sales associate didn’t let me know of two different delivery costs. I am a disabled veteran and the store didn’t care. I had to find a means to unbox the furniture myself. I think the order sheet needs to be fixed and more training administered to ensure customers understand there are two types of delivery methods.

  65. I cannot hold for customer support the music that is playing raises my blood pressure, it is tortuous and hold times have exceeded 30 mins. Today I could only hold 15 mins. My mattress and box spring were delivered on 9/3. The deliverers set my mattress and box spring on the floor without placing it on the frame, and that is where it’s been since then. Today the Tech (Marcus) showed up, broke my frame took it with him, and told me, Jim, was going to bring me another frame. I have not heard from Jim. I have not been able to sleep on it, not accustomed to sleeping with mattress and box spring on the floor. I have three bedrooms, all have beds and I was replacing the mattress in this bedroom. This is the most awful experience, and I’d like someone to pick this set up and refund my money, $ 862.74.

  66. Please help my rooms to go purchase was put on a 12 month payment plan. When I asked to be put on a 50 month plan just like my purchase before. I went to Greenville rooms to go and it seems like once the furniture is delivered it’s not there problem. Everything went so well on the first purchase I had good faith that the same would happen on the second. I cannot pay 335.00 a month payment. I need someone in good faith to help me change my plan. I’m asking with all my heart to help. I want to be a good customer and pay on time and in the future be a rooms to go customer for life.

  67. Hello my name is Teresa Scott, we bought mattresses, and it was firm we need a soft 12 “ and we bought extended warranty he has not been able to sleep on it at all if you please could help. Thank his name is Berry Scott. Thenks

  68. Hola mi nombre es Maria Martinez y tengo una queja hace mas de un mes compre unos cillones y el delivery melos trajo una vez roots y despues me pusieron cita para traerlos otra vez y no los trajeron hoy otra vez y no los trajeron no puede ser k ya me llego el bill y no me an entregado nadak mal servicio k mal no vuelvo a comprar nada con ustedes

  69. To whom it may concern,

    I’m writing this note to tell you how deeply disappointed we are in your customer service. Let me explain…

    My daughter, Candace Postel, came into your store at LBJ and Preston this past April 30th with my wife. Candace purchased a bed and mattress, lamp, couch, pillows and two rugs – order number 10216622. Regarding the bed and mattress, she was told that she did not need a box spring.

    In mid-May, the bed was delivered, along with the lamps, pillows and rugs. There were parts left that were not installed on the bed frame and the bed sank all the way to the floor without the box spring. Again, Candace was told that she would not need a box spring when she originally made the purchase. However, she went ahead and ordered a box spring this time, which they said would be delivered with her couch (which was on back order).

    Candace didn’t hear any updates regarding the delivery of her couch and box spring and made numerous calls and left numerous messages, but no one ever called her back.

    Finally, in June an attempt was made to deliver the couch and box spring. However, Candace had COVID and told the deliverymen that she would need to reschedule. Instead, they told her that they would leave it outside her door. This was not acceptable and Candace declined.

    Candace then called Rooms to Go to set another delivery date and they told her it couldn’t be delivered until late August. Granted, she had COVID and couldn’t take the delivery in June, but why couldn’t they deliver the couch sooner than late August when she ordered it in late April? Was the one she ordered the only one they had? It made no sense.

    August came and went with no delivery. Then, in September they finally did deliver it, but the couch was damaged at the bottom; the fabric was ripped. Candace told them to take it back and deliver a couch that wasn’t damaged. She also mentioned returning one of the rugs, but no one responded to this request.

    The delivery is now scheduled for October 10th – over five months since she placed the order.

    And that’s what transpired. I ask you: would you accept this kind of shoddy customer service as a consumer? Not only was Candace told that she would not need a box spring by the salesperson, which ended up being untrue, but the lack of communication after the sale was the worst I’ve ever seen in my life. And then the delayed sofa delivery — on top of it being damaged when it was finally delivered – this is all inexcusable. I’ve seen many horrible reviews about your customer service and now I can understand why.

    I would like to have this situation resolved ASAP, not by someone in customer service, but someone higher up. In fact, I just called the store to speak to the manager and was told he was busy (the person who answered only knew the manager as “Nick” – no last name). If this isn’t resolved to our satisfaction shortly, I’ll keep going up the chain of managers and directors until it is. I knew Candace was having problems with your customer service, but I had no idea of the extent until she explained it in detail just the other day.

    Candace is the type of person who doesn’t like to make waves, but, again, this customer service experience is totally unacceptable and I can assure you that I will make waves, whether it means talking to your main headquarters, flooding social media with negative reviews, or what have you. We made other purchases at Rooms to Go years ago and the customer service was excellent. However, it appears to me that the company has grown so large that customers have become mere numbers (and dollars) and there’s no real interest or effort in satisfying your customers after the sale today.

    Please contact me directly and ASAP at 214-394-1528. Again, I don’t want to deal with a customer service associate, but only someone higher up, preferably the store manager or the regional director (or whatever the title is). I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what kind of resolution you can offer regarding the sofa, box spring and the rug she asked to return.

    Larry Postel
    18xxx Fortson Avenue
    Dallas, Texas 75252


  70. Please email contact information for the Property Manager of the 3518 S. Cooper St., Ste. A, Arlington, TX 76015 location. We manage the neighboring property, Shops on Cooper, and need to discuss your water meter asap.
    Thank you!

  71. As I am writing you today. I am extremely frustrated with rooms to go in general. Today makes 6 different appointments I’ve had to accommodate rooms to go. I have had numerous issues with the furniture I paid good money for. I’m extremely disgusted because to even after the 6th time. I’m no where close to having my furniture set up and appropriately fixed. I can’t do this anymore. I’m mad and aggravated. I’m going to seek legal advice if my issue is not resolved or taken seriously. I need help please.

  72. I bought furniture from you people.Recliners were damaged. Had a tech come by who had to request replacement parts. Received the parts and can not get in touch with service to have my recliner fixed. Constant waiting for reps on phone, gone to the store that I bought furniture from and they couldn’t help. Directed me to contact customer service. Have had no success. Have broken recliner in my living room that I can’t use and you’re not standing behind your products. Can someone in management PLEASE call me? Been a customer for years!!!!
    Judy Kline

  73. I put down 1,500 .00 on 3 piece living room set on July 4th 2921. I ask for it to be delivered in September. It was delivered in September but only 2 pieces the couch and single chair. No notice that the love seat was not going to be delivered we had to go to the store to get that information and let them know that the couch was not put up probably it was leaning to the side. We had to wait another month to get that fix and the delivery of the love seat. The love seat was delivered but only one side was reclining now we have to wait until November 12 2021 to get that fixed. I am very disappointed with Rooms To Go customer service. I am thinking about reporting this matter to the better businesses burial. I am trying To work with your company instead of giving y’all a bad name.

  74. Estaba leyendo los comentarios de los clientes hacerca del trato de los vendedores de Room to GO y la politica de cero devoluciones cuando el cliente no esta satisfecho y creo que ustedes estan en contra de la ley porque todas las companias ofrecen un minimo de satisfacion al cliente y si despues de la compra no se esta contento el producto puede devolverse. Ustedes no lo ven asi y eso da camino al fracaso de la compania y que nadie les quiera comprar. Visite la tienda del Dadeland en miami Florida y me encontre que la vendedora me mintio hacerca de la posible devolucion si no estaba contento con el producto para no perder el dinero solamente se me acepto un cambio a otro producto y lejos de quedar mal conmigo se me quiso aplicar un 20% otra vez para el otro delivery. Informo todo esto a ver si el alto mando de Room to GO toma medidas porque no veo seguro el futuro de la compania. Gracias no es necesario contactarme OJO con los que le estoy manifestado por

  75. Need to get my recliner fixed, it has been 3 months since I started this process now I find out it might take another three months for the new part to arrive and two to three weeks after that before a repairman can come out. That’s a lot of time I use my chair to sleep in it’s the only way I can sleep without having severe back pains (I have six herniated disc’s) I really need the replacement part expedited and it doesn’t seem like there’s any one to talk to about this

  76. Rooms to go delivered the Cindy Crawford king bed to 493 Sage Brook Pike Rd, AL 36064 on October 29, 2021 and couldn’t put the bed together because of a missing piece of the head board. It is November 23, 2021 and our bed is still not assembled. Rooms to go have been out to our home on 3 separate occasions and still unsuccessful at assembling it. We are still sleeping on our sofa and begging for help and to be compensated again for our troubles. 334-221-xxxx

  77. I was a long standing customer with your company until today. We bought a table last December and had it delivered in February of this year. Since then the material on the chairs have come off twice. One time back in may and they were replaced and now which now they say they are not replacing!! The whole bottom of the table is supposed to be replaced in December 2021 due to the finish coming off. But I am ready to send this whole table back to you and get my money back. I WILL NEVER EVER SPEND ANYMORE MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN. Your salespeople lie to the customer stating everything is covered and then you call in and they ALWAYS SAY THAT ITS NOT COVERED!! Very upset. Tell me how I can get my money refunded and you can take your lousy table

  78. Salesman was rigid and I would not recommend going there to a friend. Still interested in buying a sofa set just need to fix a matter.

  79. I brought a dinette set in Aug. I liked it so much I decided to wait for delivery on Dec 7th, I call today now they tell me I will not get it until April 2022, this is now right. Call to store still no call back from salesman.

  80. I purchased a condo in the Fort Myers area and ordered over $10,000 in furniture. I was given a delivery date of August 24th for all of the furniture.. I flew down from Milwaukee at a cost of $800 for airfare and Rental Car. My living room set arrived just fine. However the bedroom came with a damaged headboard and no legs to stand on. My dining room table and chairs did not arrive. My second bedroom I am still waiting for as of today it is supposed to be delivered. However I will not get the dresser and nightstands until January 9th. That will be a total of five days that I have to be here for delivery. The delivery staff is excellent. However it’s getting pretty expensive to tip the guys for six separate deliveries. In the meanwhile, I exchanged coffee table set that I knew was going to be too big for my room, but was convinced by the sales rep that it would all fit. Well it took up my whole living room with those tables. My rep was excellent in arranging for me to exchange the tables for a smaller set, but the arrival date is next year June, 2022. Since I need end tables for when I have company, I had to purchase end tables. All I want is to cancel the end tables that will be delivered in June, while I’ll be up in the Milwaukee area for the summer. I might add that I brought in two friends who purchased two mattresses and box springs. I want to cancel the order of the tables due for delivery next year and receive either a store credit or a refund for the cost of the tables. My sales rep in the Fort Myers office was Felipe and he has done a good job for me. However, when I inquired about a refund for the tables he did not return my phone call.

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