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  1. To: Bruce Culpepper, A faithful employee finds himself in a dilemma, he has finished his contract and has been doing extra work for you. He mortgaged all he owns for a chance to prove what two others failed to do for you in the UK. He took extra cash money to make sure he covered all bases. But the rules changed and now has to pay 50% of pay for the ship to come to get him and crew to leave and collect their pay and go home for Fathers day (he is the father of a 7 yr old son) He has no way to do this, Will you help? Thank you, for your trouble, Ryan A Neibaur does not know that I have to ask you for help. You know he is able to pay you for any trouble you may have to go through to help them. Yours truely, Linda

  2. Ryan A Neibaur has no family to help him off the Rig in the UK. I Am 75 yrs of age and in poor health, please help him and his crew. Happy fathers Day to Bruce Culpepper family.

    1. I was at the shell store in Boiling Springs s c 01/07/21 there was a woman who works there hit another employee someone told me that her name was Doris. They say that she is always cussing out customers also I think they should send someone from the corporate office in person to investigate the situation. She should be terminated. She is bipolar and she is always rude to customers

      1. My niece and nephew and I were at the shell store in Boiling Springs s c when a cashier that works there was very hateful to everyone at the shell store she was also cussing up a storm. She was also watching the maintenance man she was stalking him. Watching him the whole time we were there. This was a couple of days ago. Her name is Doris. A customer told me her name. She needs to be reprimenend or terminated soon. Someone from the corporate office should go there and investigate the situation in person

      2. This woman named Doris should be terminated from her position soon she is very hateful and rude to everyone that comes to the store very bad attitude towards customers

      3. I was at the shell store that same night I thought that this woman would have been fired by now maybe the manager needs to fire her soon she was very hateful to everyone that came in the c store that night. Someone from the shell corporate office should go there and investigate in person thanks anonymous if someone doesn’t do anything about this soon. Shell is going to loose a lot of customers. I won’t be back at this store or any other shell gas station either

  3. Hi my name is Majid sabeti and I’m calling to file a complaint complaint against one of the workers Shell gas station at 19th Street and Placentia in Costa Mesa the guy who was working it was to Sunday before two Sundays ago 9:30 in the evening I was buying a cigarette and it was 7.95 i got the cigarette and I put my credit card in the system and open the cigarette pack after few seconds he said your card is no good I told him there’s nothing wrong with my card and then after he said my system is down so I had to open the cigarette and I told him I’m coming over here every day buying cigarettes so I can give you $8 tomorrow he was start hustling hustling at me and so I give you back the cigarette the second time I was there to buy gas and the cigarette and he was outside he said we are not ready to serve he didn’t give me the gas and the cigarette and the third time I was there and I bought a cigarette the same guy and he was hustling and he was so rude I got the cigarette I gave him $8 the price of the cigarette for 795 and after he said it’s the prices 805 I said I didn’t know that for the five pennies he rudely rudely asking the cigarette back to him I want this guy to be taken care of and removed from this position I don’t think if he fits in that position to work for the shell and I would highly appreciate if you would take care of him he’s a chubby guy bald head with the glasses he was working Sunday 9:30 to 7 days ago the Placentia and 19th Street gas station thank you very much

  4. I used to like going to the Shell in my local area but no more the last dozen times I’ve gone it’s been a hassle. Majority of the time the pump has no receipt paper so I have to bring all 3 kids in and get the receipt. Then I got a gift card from my credit card rewards and tried to use it to get gas and it says to see cashier. So I go in 4 times to the cashier because it won’t work. Cashier was so nasty telling me I don’t know what I’m going and was so nasty to my that another customer came over and tried to pump it the gas also. And yeah it didn’t work. The guy behind the counter has been getting worse Thru the years but now he is just a real nasty sob. Your probably loosing so much business because he is so angry. So I went over to the next town a week later and my gift card worked fine. I went back the next time I needed gas just to test it and yeah it didn’t work at the jerk last gas station. You have a loose canon on your hands with that guy who is always there. He isn’t maintaining the gas pumps. They don’t work half the time and seems fraudgelent there’s never any receipt paper.

  5. Hello my name is Charlene Brown, This complaint is for store 9353, It was around 9:00 am on 2/24/2019, and it was bad customer service I received, the lady alma was very rude and the cashier that was working. They claimed that they could not give me cash back from my debit card, which was only 15 dollars, I already press the debit key for my money back, then she tells me she dont have change to go to the ATM, in a rude voice, I ask for corporate numer, she told me to go look out side by the pumps. The individuals that worked there today were very rude and this is not the first time they treated me like this.

  6. She’ll sent me a e mail for credit card I got it one week ago an now all the shells are circle k’s

  7. I want to report a lady at one of your locations in Mobile Al. I’ve not ever reported anyone at any business before this is not a habit of mine. But the lady’s name is June and she give everyone a hard time for no reason. she works at the Shell/Circle kay located at the intesection of Cottage Hill road and Sollie. She’s running off customers.

  8. My experience with the company is that once they have you as a customer then they make it hard for you to contact them with any problem. For example i was unable to get through at all on the customer support phone number today.

  9. You have some on rig that needs a new drilling why you helping i don’t how you all them men out and no help them they been there since August 2019 why you leve them and do anything to help them. Please help im begging you to help them. they all families.

    PLEASE CALL ME AT 773-844-xxxx SO I CAN PAY.
    YOUR PHONE # 713-241-6161 IS NOT IN SERVICE

  11. I have been going to shell in Pineville for a long time. Each time I have paid with no problems, however, I went to get as on Sunday & saw I had. $1 charge to my account. Will this happen every time I go to get gas?



  13. I would like an explanation why $10 worth of gas ,a$117 hold is put on my card, I feel I should be refunded, my money sooner then8 calendar days,
    Also where is it posted any where about a large money hold will be taken till the charge clears,
    This is credit card fraud just in a different form, this has messed up my entire month bill to be paid,
    Iam done using shell oil for good!

    1. I tried to buy $1 gas for the lawn mower. It tried to put %$50 in the store. 4 times. Clerk or system? The same station that charged me $35 at 1 pump, that didnt work, and couldn’t give me gas at another. Without charging me again. Never got my %35 back.

  14. I was entitled to a refund because my account was double charge in the month of September. It’s has 3month, and each times I call to solve this matter, There would tell me it will be in my account on Friday or they need a copy of my bank statement. I provided that. Again they are repeatedly saying the same a words over and over.. I have not received my refund in the amount of 100.00. so I closed my account with shell.

  15. Stopped at store #12290 off 1488 in Magnolia tx 11:15am nov 18. Not the 1st time at this location but the same problem each time. I stop to turn in my scrath off lotto and they tell me they cannot cash the ticket i need to go somewhere else. I told him i know i want to trade my winning ticket for another sceatch off. I said: you say the same thing everytime i come in you wont cash them but you will sell them and I I didn’t like it I can go so where else. These men are very rude and unprofessional. Why a store like Shell would employ these employees to represent your store I will never know.

  16. We love our Shell station here in Covington,LA and want to continue patronizing BUT clerks have pretty much stopped wearing masks and customers also not wearing. I am not risking my health for people who have no regard for fellow Americans. Please advise

  17. I’m a stop and shop customer, and had acquired 1.50 off gas told the attendant to fill up, of course a 20 gal. Limit at 8.4 gallons pumped they ran out of reg gasoline, and could not complete the requested amount, i feel im owed 11.6 gallons at the pump price with my discount of 85.9 cents

  18. Me and some of other Mexicans were in the shell store in Boiling Springs s c Tuesday night. There was a woman who works there was very rude to all of us. She had an attitude towards me and my friends. She needs to be terminated

    1. The woman that works for the shell store in Boiling Springs s c was cussing at customers the day I was at this store some lady said that her name is Doris. She was also very hateful and rude somebody should go there and investigate this situation in person she should loose her position soon

    2. That woman should loose her job she has a problem with her temper she has a foul mouth too very hateful and rudest person I have ever seen herr name is Doris

  19. I was at the shell store in Boiling Springs S C Tuesday the 15th of December 2020 with a couple of other Mexicans and the woman that was working there was very rude to all of us. She has a nasty mouth. She should be terminated.

  20. I was at the shell store in Boiling Springs South Carolina Monday the 14 of December 2020 when I heard a customer being rude to the man that cleans up the store. I asked another customer what her name was they told me that her name was Teresa. She is an african american female. The customer that told me her name said that she is always talking rude to him.

    1. This woman named Theresa should be banned from the store she has a really bad attitude one day I saw her and Doris they were both hollering and cussing each other out Doris should be terminated also for being rude and hateful to everyone here at this shell store in Boiling Springs s c

  21. My wife and I were in the shell store this evening. The woman who works at the store. was using profanity and she was also rude to both of us and several other customers someone at the corporate office should investigate the situation. I think that she should be fired. Other customers said that she always has a bad attitude towards customers.

  22. Me and my family was in the shell store in Boiling Springs South Carolina when an employee that was working Saturday night the 19 of December was so rude to everyone of us. She kept saying cuss words. Shell corporate office should investigatee the situation. This employe should be reprimanded or fired

  23. I was at the shell store in Boiling Springs South Carolina. I used the restroom there. This was the cleanest restroom that I’ve ever seen. I’m a truck driver and I drive from coast to coast. Thanks for having such a clean store and restroom and parking lot.

  24. I was at the shell store in Boiling Springs South Carolina a couple of days ago this is the cleanest store that I’ve ever seen before. A lady who works there said we have a maintenance man who cleans up the store. This guy really must work hard.

  25. Me and my wife were in the shell store in Boiling Springs South Carolina when a older employee was being mean to all off us. She was a real smart alleck cussing up a storm. I think she should be written up or fired from her position soon. 12/19/20

  26. I was at the shell store several weeks ago. I was sitting at pump 3 for a few minutes. The woman who was working there that day came out to pump 3 and cussed me out. She said that I was blocking the pump. There was other pumps where someone could pump gas at them. I don’t know what her problem with me was. I just drove all the way from Texas just to get cussed out by an employee of a shell gas station. She should loose her job for that or at least get written up

  27. What kind of a world do we live in where I even have to write this letter. Seems kind of post-apocalyptic dystopia right. Killing thousands of animals, who are not to mention all facing extinction, for oil. But as long as the money is in your hands, the blood on your clothes doesn’t matter, right? I for one would love to hear the meeting where everyone just agreed to this? “Hey want to do the absolute worst thing that we can do for our planet?”. “Sure!”. Was that close! Just a friendly reminder here that impact that this action will create on climate change will be irreversible. I cannot wait to hear how proud your loved ones will be when you tell them about how you destroyed the future of our planet! They will be so proud! Wake up. Realize that the blood on your clothes will dry and it will not fade. One day you will get up to get dressed, look in your closet, put on your shirt with the least amount of stains of it, and go to work. Does that sound like a dream life? Then change it. Whether you realize the power you have or not, the rest of the world does. Change what you can while you still have the time to.

  28. I am trying to get in touch with the legal division of Shell Oil.
    This website is impossible to navigate.
    Please provide me with an email address and phone number of someone in the real estate department of the legal division.
    Thank you.

  29. Me and my mexican friends were in the shell store in Boiling Springs South Carolina 01/06/21 when a woman who works there was cussing everybody out at the shell store. Someone said that she is always like this. Also cussing out customers and employees. And being rude she is such a smart ass she should loose her job. Someone should investigate the situations.

    1. This woman who works there her name is Doris she should be terminated she is very hateful and rude to everyone that comes to the store

  30. I got disrespected, provoked and denied a return from a Shell location. Please contact me to get this situation brought to notice to HR. I don’t appreciate being treated badly as a regular civilian who is contributing to the business of Shell as a customer.

  31. Markiplier is at 1031 South Reynolds Road your Shell gas station employees does not wear masks . They do not Enforce Customers to Customers to wear masks . Please look into this and help the other customers that want to feel safe And you’re busy

  32. Do you know how many people get robbed at gas stations? Now you guys have little tv screens with advertisements playing to distract people. That is an invitation for thieves. If anybody gets hurt or robbed at your gas station because they did see or hear the bad guy due to your advertisement, I hope they sue you. I’m going to start putting that idea out there on every social media I can.

  33. I received a 1099 from shell trading (us) company located in houston, texas and we have never received any money or done any business with them . I tried to call them and nobody is at their office, so i don’t know why we would be getting a 1099 to apply to my taxes.

    I WILL NEVER EVER USE Shell again. I am hired in on one your Shell gas stations, they handled me very bad that’s all I am saying it was so bad that I quit my job. Disappoint and No more Shell for me and my friends.

  35. This woman that works at the shell store in Boiling Springs s c her name is Doris she is always cussing out customers and employees she is very hateful to everyone that comes in the store she hit the maintenance man 2 times she is always hateful to the maintenance man she is always following him around. She watches his every move. Someone should investigate the situation she needs to be terminated soon

  36. A cashier that works at the shell convenience store in Boiling Springs South Carolina is very rude to everyone that comes here she is also hateful to employees she calls people names she cusses out customers. Her name is Doris. I saw her hit an employee 2 times. Somebody from the corporate office should go there and investigate the situation

  37. A woman who works at the shell store in boiling Springs s c her name is dorris she is always cussing out customers and she is very hateful and rude she hit one employee that works there some other customer told me that she hit the maintenance man a couple of times. She should be terminated soon. She is a very mean person. Someone should investigate this situation in person

  38. I was at the shell store in Boiling Springss South Carolina when a woman who works there was flirting with my husband some customer said that her name was Doris she was also very annoying she was also very mean attitude towards customers in the store she is very hateful to everyone that comes to the store I heard they say she is always like that someone should go to the shell store and investigate the address is 4080 hwy 9 boiling springs sc 29316

  39. I was at the shell store in Boiling Springs s c when a woman who works there was stalking an employee she was watching him like a hawk. She was also very hateful towards all of my friends that were there. She is a very hateful person. She is always cussing people at store another customer told us. They say they think that she is bipolar she should be fired from her position soon. Someone should investigate the situations. This woman also acts like she is off in the head.

  40. My family and I were at the shell store in Boiling Springss South Carolina when a woman who works here was rude and very very hateful to employees and customers she has a smart mouth. She should be written up or fired from her position. Someone should investigate the problem there the address is 4080 hwy 9 boiling Springs South Carolina 29316

  41. I went to the shell store in Boiling Springs s c this Monday night when a employee that works there was very hateful and rude to everyone there she was cursing like a sailor. She should be fired from her job. Someone should investigate the problem somebody told me that her name is Doris

  42. There is a cashier that works for the shell store in Boiling Springs s c who is very hateful and rude to customers and employees. She cusses like crazy always closing the store early her name is Doris someone should investigate the situations she should be terminated

  43. I was at the shell store in Boiling Springs s c when an employee that works there was very hateful to everyone that was at the store she was cursing at every one she has a really nasty attitude towards customers and employees some man there said that her name is Doris they say she is always like this shell corporate office should go there and investigate this situation in person she should loose her job because of that.

  44. I was at the shell store in Boiling Springs s c when a woman who works there was very hateful and she had a nasty attitude towards me and my friends she was cursingg up something terrible. A customer at the store said that her name is Doris she was a very mean woman. I hope that someone from the corporate office will investigate the situations at this store the address is 4080 hwy 9 boiling springs sc 29316

  45. I was at the shell convenience store in Boiling Springs s c when a employee that works there was very hateful to an employee that works there she was hitting the man too she was also very rude to customers she was cursing at the customers too she was very hateful attitude towards everyone somebody should go there and investigate the situations she needs to be fired for this there is no reason for someone to be like this

  46. Our family has been a Shell credit card holder for many years. Due to the fact with the post office we received our bill After the due date we were late in paying our bill. I have tried to resolve this with the account inquires on the bill,but after talkin to several customer representatives and the promise of a return call that never happened,I am not happy. I also tried to call several numbers on your website but they are not working. The problem is that we were charged $27.00 and $4.90 in fees. This is not fair. I am also concerned that I am a senior citizen and fairly computer literate, but are you doing this to other senior who are’t and just taking their money. My next step is to write a letter to the shell headquarters in Texas. Sylvia Taylor Phone number 301 865 xxxx.

  47. I was at the shell gas station in Boiling Springs s c I went to use the bathroom and this bathroom was at nastiest restroom that I’ve ever been to

  48. I saw the manager at the shell gas station in Boiling Springs s c drinking alcohol on the job some one needs to investigate the situation that is not right drinking on the job

  49. I work at the shell convenience store in Boiling Springss south carolina there at this store my manager cussed me out several times for no reason my name is Doris

  50. I work at the shell convenience gas station in Boiling Springs South Carolina and the manager cusses out me in front of the customers he keeps yelling at me from the top of his lungs. Someone should go there and investigate the situations in person. Also he has a lot of outdated stuff at the store on sale buy one get one free.

  51. I think you need to watch the video at 5825 west main st dothan alabama. Your worker vencent that works knight shift was very rude calling someone a dumb ass because they picked the wrong cup for a drink. Y’all lost my business and my company business unless something is done about this. I’m very upset over his actions.

  52. I have been a Shell credit card customer since 1974 and have always appreciated the excellent service I have received on the rare occasions when I had a problem. That has changed recently and I assume it’s because Citi is now handling your accounts. The last two bills I have received included erroneous late charges for bills that I had most definitely paid on time (as I have done for the past 46 years. I have had to spend much time on the phone trying to get these unwarranted late fees reversed. Once I get to a Shell customer service rep. things get corrected. But dealing with Citi first is a frustrating ordeal. It makes me very disinclined to use my Shell card.

  53. I was at the shell gas station in Boiling Springs s carolina on Tuesday night the 16th of February 2021 at 9:52 and this store was closed. I thought that this store wasn’t supposed to close till 10 someone should solve this problem. This is not the first time this store has closed this early

  54. Since last July I have purchased 82 gallons of gas and have recieved only $.40 rewards.
    I should have received a total of $8.20 rewards. Please review my statements from July 2020 thru February 2021 and you can see for yourself, No matter how many gallons of gas I purchase within the month I sometimes get a $.20 reward. That is not how the program is supposed to work. I have tried to get help from customer service but they refuse to help me.

  55. We just left a Shell store trying to sell a man and a little old lady a case of water for 30.00 this is awful. The store is at Bossier City Louisiana at Jimmy Davis hwy and Barksdale Blvd.

  56. Your station tried to put $50 for $1 gas. 3 times. Once the statuon charged me $35 for 1 pump, and when pump didn’t work, insisted that they couldn’t change pumps in system. I had to pay again, and was never refunded my $35. That station steals. Phone 601 215 xxxx

  57. A manager in Mitchell South Dakota named Carrie went out with one of your distributors which I believe is against the rules because now she could probably get favoritism from him better discounts than the other show gas stations I don’t know if they did anything afterwards but if they did he could probably give her a really good deal

  58. We bought 50 dollars worth of fuel last night put it in our truck I think we got bad fuel our truck does not want to run i

    The truck we bought it at the corner of 301 and mlk in Tampa fl
    My address is
    Charity elliott
    7234 halima rd
    Dover,fl 33527

  59. I was at the shell store in Boiling Springs s c Saturday night the 27 the of February when I saw a lot of outdated stuff in the store. Like chips drinks candy bars. And other stuff out of date. This manager should loose his license for this and he should also be fined for this someone should send dehec there to investigate the situations fully. And I also saw a woman who works there was very hateful and rude to everyone in the store customers and employee. She was cursing.

  60. I was at the shell store in Boiling Springs s c when they’re was a woman who works there was very rude to customers and she was also cursing at me. She is a very mean woman she is very evil woman. A real witch with a capital b .

  61. I used to work for a franchise and the irs is asking for my old paystubs from this employer specifically. From what I understand he now works for your corporate office here in Colorado and no one can get a hold of his so I can get this info. I have been trying for over 6 months and have gotten nowhere. Is there anyway you guys can please help me in any way?

  62. 6949 silver star rd, Orlando Florida 32818, a very tall dark skinned straight black hair young lady called Toni work at the gas station, she is very disrespectful to the customers, she closed both doors to go be in her phone at the bathroom, she called the cops pretending I’m a threat to her because I told her I’m going to talk to her manager about how rude she’s being with customers honestly I’ll never come back to the store anymore because of her attitude is very nasty and disrespectful.

  63. 6949 silver star rd, Orlando Florida 32818, a very tall dark skinned straight black hair young lady called Toni work at the gas station, she is very disrespectful to the customers, she closed both doors to go be in her phone at the bathroom, she called the cops pretending I’m a threat to her because I told her I’m going to talk to her manager about how rude she’s being with customers honestly I’ll never come back to the store anymore because of her attitude is very nasty and disrespectful, they should fired her as soon as possible, because she’s only pushing customers away, and again her attitude is very nasty, because of her I’m done coming to the store about anything I need… never ever again honestly.

  64. Shells gas 9901 parkway east bham al 35215 by far the worst customer service I have encountered in a very long time. The gas pumps cc machines are faulty it approved my credit card let me remove the pump and before I can pump it cancelled out my transaction. I go inside ask Why would it do that and place a hold on my card if it’s already been cancelled the clerk tells me he doesn’t know anything about the pumps. I then ask how do you own this business and not have knowledge of your stuff he steps to the side another gentleman then snaps at me asking what am I talking about my credit card was doesn’t have money in it. I show him the receipt stating it was surely approved. Instead of going back and forth I asked to pay 25 he does so I place my cc in the machine it says cancelled it ask is it a chip I responded yes he ask me to try again it says cancelled again. So I decide screw it. Went back to my truck and tried my debit card. What do you know it went through. The gentlemen then runs out and taps on my window asking why did I leave out my cc went through. And tried explaining to me how I need to listen to him instead of leaving out. I told him the machines are faulty he needs to upgrade or get them checked he then throws his hand up and says I WILL JUST CANCEL THE TRANSACTION I SAID PLEASE DO. I come in to get my cancelled receipt and the clerk hands me the receipt where I was charged 25 instead of refunded. So I go back in and ask for the refund receipt. Of course he starts talking in his native language. And I explain to him I work for Patel’s which I know the clerk last name from previous experience. He says I don’t care who you work for you need to learn to listen. And toss receipt on the counter AS A MEMBER OF SHELLS GAS I WILL NEVER SHOP WITH THIS FRANCHISE AGAIN. Total disgrace.

  65. I purchased gas on 3/2 I put 20 in my tank u put a 55 dollar hold on my card still has not cleared, can u please release the funds.

  66. My husband has worked for Shell Oil Company for 38 years (worked at the plant for 42 years but for Shell for 38 years). The Shell Convent plant closed on 2/28/21. My husband retired as of 2/28/21 but we still have United Health Care Insurance but as far as the world and United Health Care is concerned we have NO INSURANCE! If I or my husband were hurt and needed a hospital we would have to go to a charity hospital, this is so wrong. I was so embarrassed today to go to my mammogram and yearly Doctor appointment and be told, sorry Mam we just spoke to UHC and your insurance expired 2/28/21. The day my husband retired, no 10 or 30 day afterward. There has been NO NOTICE from SHELL as to this fact. I sat there and cried, I was so embarrassed and humiliated in front of all those ladies sitting there waiting for their test. I then had to pay for 100% of it out of my pocket. Is this how Shell treats their retired employees??? SHAME ON SHELL. You certainly dropped the ball on this. This is not how you treat loyal Shell Employees.

  67. I purchased a new car and stopped at one of your shell stations for gasoline and I’ve been advised that the gas purchased was bad and has caused my car engine damage. I would like to speak with someone regarding this matter

  68. My husband worked at the Louisiana Shell Refinery site 42 years, 38 for the company. They closed on Feb 28, 2021 and cut our insurance off that day. Even though we are still supposedly insured through United Health Care (and paying for it) we HAVE NO INSURANCE according to United Health Care. I have had to pay for my own mammogram and dr appointment on Wednesday 3/10/21 and called the Shell HR to help. I was told they would expedite it and it would take 3 business days. Today Monday 3/15/21 still NO INSURANCE through UHC is shown and I have a medical
    Procedure on 3/17/21 that is going to be cancelled and I don’t have the $8,000 for it. But I have insurance and paying for it. WE WERE NEVER NOTIFIED THAT WE DID NOT HAVE ANY INSURANCE FROM SHELL. She’ll HR said oh you have insurance from 3/1/21 but we did not send it in yet. It only appears that you have no insurance. I am a heart patient and this is stressing me out greatly. This IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT A LOYAL EMPLOYEE!!!! I have a Prescription ready for pick up for $182 because I have no insurance (but really do) I can not afford to go get it because I have already had to pay total price for my mammogram and Dr appointment. Shell Oil really dropped the ball with this one. It is terrible!

  69. As a regular customer and delivering the patronage to localized gas stations around my region with frequency, per a regular visit over to “this” specific SHELL Gas station, weekly, via work in the field of my job at Location: 7201 W Higgins Rd, Chicago IL 60656, ( corner of Harlem Avenue and Higgins Rod, Edison Park neighborhood) , I’m sorry to be a bearer of bad news , which myself and some of my once in a while colleagues are decide at NOT putting up with that form of ‘customer communication ‘ treatment by your ’employee(s) who are on an afternoon/early evening shift . As such that the hours in question by the employee attendants on duty , are between 8pm and 6am ( CST ) most evenings. Maybe It IS understandable to lock the door post 10pm (CST) – I won’t however be taking the “excuse/ or the lies from one of your employees ) female, their is nearby hospital(s) and people are walking from and corrupting the public restroom. , ( A complete God Damn /fabrication_ by female gas attendant you have behind on of your hundreds of nationwide Shell stations counter, ,, and she’s staring often at her cellular phone in a form of alternative entertainment, while tending to the customers, as well leisurely and deliberately Locking up the door in early eve hours, ,SNEAKING back toward the bathroom for use as it should be, as customers ( herself ) for her excessive / or extra breaks , is it ? ) ) The employee female is described as in her middle to upper upper age 20’s , Latino / Hispanic descent, black hair, approximately 5 foot 7 inches, and just “Okay , ” as well ,uneasy with exchanging communications to those who come into this station location during late afternoon , early evening, commute between 6pm and 11pm , making use of the pumps. Or STOP inside to buy snacks and also DO come off a nearby expressway from where there is LONG commutes, .A couple employees from your corporation stating that there is some form of HOSPITAL and the owner to the store, cant have patrons using the restroom because people on the whole are infected , or something ? ( A hospital which does not exist? ) Care to elaborate, Sir/Madame over there at your corporate ? Who are you training at your localized or franchised stations, and, on what they should say to patrons ? COVID 19 is one thing, Sir /Madame, Lying to patrons ( yes while strangers, but also “your customers” is completely another.
    Do you Care to elaborate ?. Hopefully answer to this inquiry of mine and concern will be being that preferably to one of an ” honest” answer okay? You know, I go in there to get the approximate $1.39 cents soda drink, and some bag of crackers, chips and cookie, here and now and then proceed to either be walking out , or it IS vice versa, approaching inside after getting as, I observe female employees, locking the main step in door and in the back, as well on frequent breaks, (locking the door as to stop your patrons) and lying to them , also often, about use of a public restroom, and using her cellular phone EXTRA for entertainment purposes. This is certainly NOT good business. or Gas station attendant employee customer patronage.

    That of course, unless you would like for myself or otherwise up to three other associates including myself, separately, who utilize this Gas station to stop off the express way after or before and on- off work, and bash the “shell” company or it’s specific store locations, within this region, perhaps due to the female treatment , as well as by the manager/owner, of “this location () Asian descent) and we could be tweeting about how “Shell” corporate has No problem and likes to dish out the lies and /or dishonesty to its patrons. ( as far up as even up to the checkout ) for no real valid motives at all. Thus, hereby, getting some “employee” such as the female Hispanic to do the dirty work for her boss, ( or is it corporate ” _ and who lie about use of the bathrooms, which should be customer bathrooms , anyhow for its patrons who have given your company the business. Since I personally do NOT have as many followers, I will have my colleagues /associates within the industry begin the ‘tweets’ about what your corporation and /or its local independent “station” like the Shell location there at the location on over at 7501 W Higgins Rd Chicago, IL 60656, are here standing for. to representing for its patrons who “fill up ” and employee treatment. We know for a Fact, our co -workers and associates will learn by reading our Tweets about what type of people should be deemed as labeled “courteous employees, and who the general population of regular driving motorists who are part of the “driving” public within a greater Chicagoland area, , and beyond, who require” filling up”, will consider gladly to be taking ALL their business all together to a different company or station. For the exact reasons I have mentioned above, and whatever “this” kind of communication relations if warranted , recommended to lie by a local one or two local employees standpoint or not, recommended for doing so,.

    Now either you , or she, as the local female attendant at the location in question , forbid your patrons and customers to USE the restroom. As opposed to the multiple or couple of hundred other metro or suburban SHELL locations within a 30 to 60 mile radius, of this one in question. Do you care to explain, Mr . or MISS Chair persons?

    With all due respect Sir/Madame, we believe this kind of attitude by your ‘local’ personnel employees and/or manager of ‘specific ‘ location is completely unnecessary or not warranted or called for. Hope you would take this under consideration or advisement , and would even offer it yourselves to address the situation for some purposes of reflecting honesty and integrity in the answering to myself and us. So that multiple patrons who have given “this” station frequent business CAN shed light on what exactly has been happening here for a long time the past year of 2020.

    Please do not hesitate to contact after this matter has been addressed. Jonathan

  70. Hello my father’s name was Nick a d Mingelen 11/24/1932 he was royality from the Hague Holland.
    He had a huge amount invested with your company.
    my step sister Sylvia Brandon Marsh and Dennis her husband with the Perry and brown family’s created positions on the board of directors and liqiidated and huge amount of my stock and I David Mingelen the sole heir received nothing
    Please investigate and get ahold of me at 707714xxxx some people have been killed over this please contact Mr van breaun he is our Royal contact.
    I never assinged over anything

  71. You have ended your contract with Circle K, understood. However, where are we, loyal Shell customers, supposed to get gas ? There are no genuine Shell gas stations in southern Indiana (Jeffersonville). I have to cross state line just to get your gas. It defeats the purpose of saving fuel and mileage in doing so. Thank you

  72. why is shell sending me invoices that have a $2.00 fee on each billing????? i always pay my account in full. please explain the reason for this new fee, what’s it for????

  73. I was in the shell Rite way plaza spring green wi and I was told by the cashier “Shannon ” that I needed to leave and my kind was not welcome here. I was trying to purchase a beverage .I also saw her refuse to take cash from another person saying she does not accept coins for payments

  74. Eldon grupe and Daniel krachook and Rich brown and wakine Perry of the Pietro oil Corp killed there way on to the board of directors in Pietro oil and stole billion’s of dollars..They deamed me incompetent which is and was a lie..I have medical records To prove it..They are massad and Daniel krachook is as we’ll.They stoled Lewis ritch of armor star as well.My uncle who left me his assets as well.

  75. Hello, my name is Joseph Martinez. I recently made a purchase at your 41st and main Springfield, Oregon location. I bought 2 items that were advertised as being $5.50 plus deposit, and was over-charged at $6.75 plus deposit. The assistant manager refused to give me a refund, stating that he did not have control over the amount charged. He apologized that the price tag was not changed, but that it wasn’t his fault. I stated it wasn’t my fault either, but that if an item is advertised for a certain price, it must be sold for that price. He also stated that I should take into account that he has been “accommodating” several times before. Although, I see no bearing on the fact that the employees who have made transactions in the past, over-charging me in similar situations , and his (the mgr) giving me a refund before…has no relevance to the current situation.
    The over-charge is minimal. Totaling $1.25. But, I feel it is the principle of the matter.

    I myself, have worked retail for years. And at a gas station as well. Over the years, I had this situation occur many times. And I always had to give a refund, or change the price, using the over-ride on the pos, or another method of correcting the situation.

    I told the mgr that I realize it was not his fault. Nor was it mine. But, legally I should be getting a refund, due to the items being wrongfully advertised. The fact that the prices were not changed, or how the pos charged me, is not my responsibility or concern.

    I would simply like a refund, if I’m fact I am able. If I am.not, can you please explain to me why not? All legal situations I have read concerning Oregon state law of situations such as this, state that it is unlawful to do so (to advertise a price and charge a greater amount).

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  76. There is a Shell Gas Station at 19 Highway 19S, Inglis, FL 34449, ph.no. 352-447-4424 as listed on the receipt, that doesn’t seem to have updated its Gas Pumps. I always look for Shell stations, and on 4/2/21 at 6:28Pm I stopped to get gas. However, once again the pumps did not work properly in even reading my card, causing me to move up to another pump and try again, and then when the screen actually worked, it directed me to see the attendant. That is the only shell station I experience repeated issues with my card. I spoke to the attendant who ran the card for $20.00 on her machine, saying that happens now and then. Someone with Shell needs to get that station in line and fixed so it doesn’t do that anymore. Fortunately as I drove further south on US 19 I saw more Shell stations—thank heavens. I did also immediately call the Shell Customer Service number about this repeat issue with the same station, to verify my card was still okay. It was she said. That customer service lady was super nice and helpful.

  77. I am trying to figure out how your vacation policies work for someone who is on a rig, working in the South Indian Sea. I have talked to a Mr. Michael Rogers from VPE, Vacation Petro Engineering at phone number
    309 300 2125.
    He is trying to tell me that in order for Mr. Davis Jones, who works on the rig, to get vacation time, I need to send them $15,000 for the requested time off. I told him I don’t have that kind of money.
    He has told me that the money requested is to pay for Mr. Jones’ plane ticket, to do all the requested paperwork and permits, and to pay for a replacement.
    Is this the company policy?
    Could someone please contact me via a mail at
    Carol. Pickxxxx @gmail.com
    Your promo attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

  78. I want to talk to a manager I have a plan out in the middle of the ocean he said he’s going to be $3.7 million over $4000 that I cannot get up my phone number is 615-9799 xxx I live in Tennessee he said he will leave there and go to jail he is a contractor 615-9799 xxx he has got to get a machine fixed he does not have $4000 in the middle of the ocean I cannot give him this money I do not have itWhy can’t you let him come home and send you the money back I mean business please email me shirleybrownxxxxxxx @gmail.com I can’t believe that she’ll or does not have $4000 I want to hear from you in the morning

  79. 12110 northwest houston, Texas 77092 The new casher treat me awful, made complaint to owner. I ve been going to this store over 10 year she is a hisp. female 5’4″ works morning shift.

  80. I am a senior citizen of us and ret. law inforcement person who had real bad experience at shell and was treated real bad by one of your your gas station managers named Maria located at 10 South Weber road in Romeoville Illinois. I like to speak to someone, my phone number as follows 773203xxxx

  81. To whom it may concern,
    I went through the car wash at the end of my day yesterday. I paid $10.70. This morning I noticed 1/2 my car was not washed. I went to speak with the manager There was no customer service. There was one customer in the store that was paying when I was there and when the teller let the manager know I was waitng for him, he could care less. He took his time coming out to me and after explaining the situation he accused me of doing that to my car after I had it washed. I had to practically beg for him to please come and see the car. I tryed to explain that something definitely went wrong with the machinery for it to look like it did and can I please run it through again. He told me he can’t help me. He doesn’t know what I did with the car after the car wash and even though I told him I literally live across the street and went home to start dinner and have not been in the car since this morning, he insisted that he didn’t know that. Worst customer service ever. I am there all the time since the gas station is literally across the street from me. After beeing made to feel like I was trying to get over on a $10. 70 car wash I will never walk in there again. I feel you should know how your customers are being treated. In my 53 years I have never complained about an amount like this. It is the attitude of the manager that caught me so off guard and compelled me to write to you.

  82. I have a complaint: On Sunday Apr 25, 2021 I had called the shell gas station at 666 North King St. honolulu hawaii 96817 @ 0905am spoke to the cashier who answered answered the phone and she was very rude. I asked her if she could look to see if they had greese for a vehicle and the strips to fix a flat tire. She literally told me nope she aint going to do that. So i asked to speak to the manager Remy and same thing she was very rude and told me they dont sell none of that. Im upset because i know you guys do, and i just went yesterday to buy some. Also speaking in Filipino very unprofessional. As a manager and employee who supposed to be a bigger and better example to her employees. I had my filipino aunty who speaks and she told me what remy was saying. Very upsetting,this is what my aunty translated to me ” if i want that shit i better come and look my self” is what the manager said. I went there and u bought the tired kit to fix a flat.

  83. Re: station at 32 mile and Van Dyke, Romeo Mi, my local Shell station
    Michigan has a mask mandate. I wore a mask into the station; no other customers did. The cashier did not wear a mask. The sign on the door said mask required. This is in the state with the worst surge in the country. While I live less than a mile from this station, I will no be returning.

  84. This company Shell Gas Station has 2 if the most disgusting employees I ever have encountered. Michael Routh and Richard Borcher. How they talk about Paying Costumers I over head their judgment of paying Costumers I’m am appalled at your quality of choosing employees I will never frequent your company again I will encourage my friends family and social media accounts to avoid your company at all costs because you will not reprimanding these two I can imagine one is assistant manager This Company disgust me. I will never use your services again

  85. Complaint about the rotten customer service which I received for one of your Gms at store 6826 and need to express my feeling. Please contact me at 773203xxxx

  86. Store #72 North Las Vegas, Nevada. High volume store. 24hours. 2team leads (Tia, Carina). Manager (Tina). Plus me (grave yard only). There is no safety precautions/ panic alarm or distress alert. No loud siren or deterrent. There has been multiple violent interactions with customers and countless thefts in my two months of employment. For everyone’s safety I have requested safety measures be put in place to help deter theft and violence in the workplace. The obvious lack of concern for employee/customers safety and loss of revenue is well known to the neighboring communities. I have witnessed several brazen and bold thefts. Assaulted twice. I have informed all three of my fellow employees of my concern, with no empathy or plan of action. This among other staffing issues are the results of the high employee turnover rate.

  87. I apologize for being passionate about what I do. Customer service is what I do well. My retired Army parents bought their home in 2009. Me being close to retirement, I decided to move closer to them during these trying times and support them while the doctor appointments, medication, surgeries and their growing immobility at this advanced age hinders them. I chose to seek employment and currently employed by #72 in NLV, NEVADA. I do not wish to terminate employment and only hope the value of life and the security measures are put in place to at least Provide comfort and/reassurance to those that frequent Shell.

  88. Hello i go to the shell in North Little Rock, Arkansas Located on broadway and locust and its a 24hr store but the doors are locked for hrs before someone finally decides to let customers in. Its always 4 or more employees in the store at the time and still no one is available to allow the customers to make purchases. This is just something that is hurting the business. Ive been here today for an hour because i literally cant make it any further and no one has opened the store still. Today is 4/29/2021

  89. To whom it may concern. I have just a tiny question about a Employee to just to ring out if he does it doesn’t work for Shell Corporation. Do not want to stalk, defamations or otherwise. Only thing that I would like to know if there is a employee Named Adrian Milton from Colorado Sirs. Not to cause any disruptions of Mr Milton as your employee, ok? I just want to know if he does to ease my mind and that is all to make sure that he is not fake scammer, just to Confirm he is real person and all. Not to do nothing, just say yes or no, that’s all. Thank You in this matter. God Bless you if you would. Tyvm in this matter.

  90. Hello my name is monique flores I was at a shell pump today on mckelips/mesa dr in mesa Arizona today. And at the gas pump #4 I put in my go2bank card in at the pump it asked me my zip code I punched it in wrong 2 times then I canceled the transaction. I then went in the store to try and pull out cash from the atm where it read to me I no longer had funds on my card so I looked at my transactions just posted because I knw I was just sent 119.via paypal and transferred the funds to my go2 acct. To see that I was charged a transaction at the pump for$76.00 and a additional charge at the pump for $43.38. When I knw I clearly canceled transaction and I got no gas. What am I suppose to do now. I am homeless with my 2 children husband and 3 dogs due to covid 19 and this was the only money i had to my name i now do not have any money to feed my kids today manager at Valero said i need to wait for him to call me back maybe tomorrow to see what is going on with the transactions. I need to knw what is going to happen or what i must do like i said i am homeless and have no money please kindly get back to me asap please 602784xxxx monique flores thank you for your time

  91. Concord, OH cryle rd shell station. Every time I fill up diesel it takes 30 mins. Owner seems to not care at all! Time is money for me and this is unacceptable!

  92. For the last several weeks my Husband & I have had a hard time getting gas at Circle K at S. Main St, Archdale, NC. In fact, my Husband drove off twice b/c “pay at the pump” wasn’t working and this afternoon was his final attempt; that function still isn’t working so he won’t be back. I’ve had to go inside the last two times to pay. Today, two of your clerks told me that my problem is, I don’t have a chip reader! But, I’m using the Shell credit card so I asked if Shell would be issuing new cards with chips, I was told probably not. WHAT?? Then how is the credit card of value when you want to pay at pump but can’t?? I want Shell gas but I’m not interested in giving up the convenience of paying at the pump WITH my Shell credit card. Please make it priority to get theses pumps operating correctly! Thank you!

  93. went into store at 1080 pasadena ave s sout pasadena floria 33707. the service clerk was nasty and her attitude protrated her unglyness. I addresses that she had a bad attitude and she replied back with a tone have a nice “MOTHERS DAY” i will not be treated with attitude when i’m shopping at a store. She should of been friendly and helpful. please address her attitude.

  94. I need a replacement copy of a lost receipt for audit purposed. We are a federally funded Medical Clinic
    Purchase made on Chase credit card ending in 8233. Purchase made on 4/9/21 at Shell Oil station #10009133009, Metairie, LA FOR $74.27

  95. Awful customer service at the shell in Oak View California. Came in to purchase cigarettes(over 21) as I waited in line I witnessed the cashier ask the customer before me “are you over 21?” And proceeded to not card the customer based solely on the customers response of “I’m 29” I left my wallet at home which contained my ID and assumed I would be carded as I should be. I asked for cigarettes and he refused. Fine. Went and got my husband out of the car who is also over 21, and stood in line with him. Another customer in front of us asked for a tobacco product and the cashier, with out hesitation, sold the customer the tobacco without ID yet again. Now standing next to my husband, he asked for cigarettes. No problem the cashier gladly sold my husband cigarettes with me standing right there and not asking him for ID. We confronted him and his response is “I sell cigarettes to regulars” except the customer that was in front of me at the very beginning was not a regular as he asked if he was over 21. Point being, I understand being carded, but he was not carding everyone! He refused me, but sold multiple packs of cigarettes as we stood there in line with out asking for ID for any of them! Cashiers name is William.

  96. THIS, PLANET already facing Global warming, we need to found another source of energy. And already Mammels are facing pollution of plastic. In the water. Does anyone care about our planet. The animals that live it

  97. Your website said, that you want to get rid of CO2 levels by 2050. How is that possible when you are putting fossil fuel in the air.


  99. I recently applied for and received a Shell gas card. I already had a fuel rewards card. How do I link my fuel rewards with my Shell credit card? Twice now I have tried to enter my fuel rewards number while using my Shell credit card and I get declined. I have filled up twice without getting my rewards and I didn’t get the 25 cents per gallon discount I was supposed to get. It’s my bonus for signing up with the credit card . Supposed to get 5 fill ups at 25 cents off per gallon. I believe I have received 2 and missed out on 2 so far. Can you please help? Thanks,Laura Parrish

  100. My complaint is that The shell gas station on Sheldon road in Tampa, FL, has $2.89 on the sign but the pump is charging $2.949, I paid with cash and they are overcharging at the pump

  101. May-14-2021 @5:20pm. I walked in the Shell station @2589 Lakewood Blvd. Lg.Bch.Ca. I couldn’t imagine the Blatant prejudicedEmployee( A middle aged Indian male) who without hesitation EXPRESSED HE HAD OTHER THINGS TO DO THAN WAIT ON ME !!!!

  102. I tried to make a purchase at the shell gas station. I was going to make a 15.00 purchase no gas. Just inside merchandise. I was told that I needed a face cover. I was told for the last four days no more mask but she insisted it was private property. No mask no business. Who can turn down 15.00 purchases , inside not on the pump. Who needs shell gas ? Not I . That was in Mid valley Carmel off dorris .

  103. Are you required to mark the pumps if it contains ethanol. 2911 Devils Glen Rd, Bettendorf, IA 52722. Cause I don’t see any markings on grades.any

  104. I want to change my billing address since I just moved. I tried the number on my card. Terrible customer service. They said they could not do it since my phone was not in their records. I have been a card holder since 1972. Last try with you of I am done with shell

  105. A tree on your property (next door to us) has fallen, 2 weeks ago and the property needs to be cleared.

  106. I paid for gas at one of your stations and no gas came out . But I ask the clerk and he said it show it coming out but it was dry and so I went to the one down the street from there a different kind and got less gas but it showed where the gas was being put in there so I need for you all to address it

  107. Is this shell gas station corporate headquarters I just had some man who came from the store on s Oakland in Fort Worth Texas identify as security and proceed to threaten me for absolutely no reason then when I got from my car and asked for an owner he said his name was mo and now he’s the owner. I am about to go to the police station to report him threatening me and attacking me for no reason and wanted to report to corporate before doing so

  108. I purchased a charger it didn’t work I have my rReceipt I just wanted another one an the manger was rude an said she can’t do that it’s the Hueytown location on Allison Bonnett

  109. Was at shell on wilkesboro hwy. And ordered 3 pks of this cigarettes. The total was $14 and change. Well it threw me off because the sunoco is only $3 pk. Well only had $10. So had to take a pk off. The biker behind me started raising hell cuz all he wanted was a 12 pk of beer to go. Got thrown off and nervous and bought the 2 OKs of cigarettes, which would never of done if weren’t being coached. Better yet bullied. Tried taking the cigarettes right back. Like u said was bullied by a biker into buying them now. Anyway the white lady refused to give me my money back. I can get 2 okay of Marlboro black reds for $9 and change
    Why on earth would I pay the same for this cigarettes

  110. Hi. Why is it when I get gas from your gas stations you hit my card for 50$ extra from my account??? I know you put it back in a days time but how am I supposed to feed my kids today? You might be flush with gas but in these desperate times that is so greedy. How is your security more important than feeding my kids. It’s a real scumbag practice and I’m never going to buy your gas again. Your company and the people that run it are very selfish and greedy and only thinking of themselves!Discusting that you think that’s ok even for a minute.

  111. Your station at 2nd and Lincoln Blvd in Lincoln, CA is a major eye sore to the community. The weeds are horrible. All other retailers on the street have pride and have nice clean properties and are landscaped. Your facility is an embarrassment to the City of Lincoln, CA. Please clean up this property!

  112. My complaint today is. I am a loyal Shell gasoline customer for all of my vehicles. I’m getting real tired sauce purchasing gas. Then go into the station to get a receipt for $60 of gas. Then being told that the public restrooms are out of order. I think shell corporation needs to take a stand on this. If I don’t get a proper response. I will be contacting Marion county Health department. And one or two of the local TV stations. Regards, RJ Erich

  113. There’s a lady that works at the gas station n dennehotso,Az…shes telling people that there’s no children allow n the laundry ..she’s very rude to the customer…also, telling them ru only allow 4 cart load

  114. I purchased gas last week Thursday, 5/20 at around 6:15pm, at the Shell 13800 Old St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32258. I was headed to Daytona and my car broke down around the Bunnel exit. I had it towed to the dealership and there is water in the engine that came in through the gas line. The dealership said to contact you about repairs because of the water in the fuel. I tried calling the station but no onw answers.

  115. I went to get car wash at Tierrasanta shell in 92124. It didn’t rinse or blow dry. I told the attendant who was female with long braids. She argued with me and said it had just been fixed and my car looked fine. She was rude and verbally abusive! I will never do business with your company again. I had to go to a different car wash to get my car rinsed and dried

  116. Station showing cheaper price & charging more. Would not refund, continuous problems with this location.

  117. Very rude people, I would love to tell someone my experience We’ve been going there for many, Emany years & this was just horrible

  118. I used my card to pay for gas at the pump and my card was charged but the pump never turned on and wouldn’t print a receipt or let me cancel

  119. I have been trying for a week now. I’m owed about $14.50. I went out of my way very late on May 21, 21, Ihad been saving my Ralph’s points for the past 6 weeks to use on my next fill up I have around

  120. Stealing From The Gas Pump
    Your gas Price is $2.99 I purchase $30.00 dlrs but the pump only puts out 7.2 Gal of fuel and it says $30.00 have been dispensed its a lie that stealing from people this will be reported to the news plus Facebook and other social media pls correct this asap before it gets out of hand

  121. Shell gas station in Richcreek, Virginia charged me $114.03 and i didnt even buy anything. I told them what happened and they said they couldnt do anything about it. I am extremely furious. I want my money back on there. That was my bill money for the rest of the month

  122. I need someone to call me I believe someone else has got one of my cards and they’re charging gas on it but all I can get is a computer and they can’t repeat anything so I need a human to call me 205-365-xxxx this is a serious situation

  123. paid minimum payment on credit card no payment due. waited purposely for statement to come out cause said payment due 0. when statement posted on my phone 27 due I paid. they posted payment to last months bill that I had paid. will not adjust said they’d waive late fee. no I am not paying again. will get 200 and close my card completely. not good customer service.

  124. I purchased a 6 month old builders protein bar that made me throw up upon checking date it’s 6 months old I bought this item at shell gas station stevens creek blvd Cupertino Ca on 6/5/21 at 8:30 am..

  125. We may have left a wallet at the Shell gas station yesterday, Saturday June 5, at 13:43, 10 Southeast 1st Avenue, Florida City, FL. We are unable to reach them on the phone number listed, 305-247-xxxx. Please contact me with how I can reach them, 917-860 xxxx

  126. I am a currently a shell employee and I am trying to make a complaint about my coworker putting his hands on me at work

  127. I purchased $30 worth of gas from the shell on Peachtree ind blvd and Buford Dr in sugar hill,ga and it messed up my boat had to have carburator clean out because it was 95% water I’m calling the ga attorney general now I can’t get intouch it saying number disconnected

  128. Maybe I’m not understanding my receipt with 10 cents off the regular price read $3.24 per gallon regular gas and with .10 cents off I still paid $3.19 at 11355 Seven Locks road Potomac md 20854 it should been $3.14 how do I get a refund or credit

  129. I put Gas in the Shell station in Camarillo off Carmen & ventures Bl. The man was very rude I’ve been coming to this gas station for many years never had this experience this man very rude,

  130. Our Partners in Iraq would like to establish a public an oil refinery in south of Iraq, the initial cost of the project is around 2two billion USD$. We would be grateful if you could inform us if you are interested in the project to build the refinery

  131. My wife and I were verbally, physically assaulted, and almost trapped in the store by the store clerk and her daughter at the Shelf Station on Chapel Hill rd in Cary NC last night. The Police had to be called and have filed a report. I would like to speak to someone in management concerning this matter.

  132. Will the The station in HOQUIAM, Washington is very nasty employees, they are rude and they smell that none of them shower, plus you have a employee that is mean, rude, and very vocal on rude words. She is black hair and wears a red smock and has bad breath.

  133. I spent an hour on the phone today trying to get an answer to this question. Why is it with my shell MasterCard I am able to charge 20 gallons of gas at the discounted price using my card in one location, and 23 gallons of gas in another location and get the discounted price. It seems to me that amount should be set at 25 gallons that covers most SUVs. Thank you

  134. Just had a ugly encounter at 1 of your stores. At the corner of Eisenhower and Midcrown the lady very rude argumentive I will never come here again!!!

  135. The manager and director of shell Webb Ellis rugby are bullies, do not deal with customers well and have underage staff working there. Very unprofessional

  136. I happen to get go to the bathroom and when I walked in you have one young gentleman behind the counter a black kid did not appear to be working there Lee black gentleman so here is the black gentleman decides to shut down the whole store while says:

    I happen to get go to the bathroom and when I walked in you have one young gentleman behind the counter a black kid did not appear to be working there Lee black gentleman so here is the black gentleman decides to shut down the whole store while he counts his cash register walk and then you have a full house of people wanting to come in I happen to be in there going to the bathroom and I asked if you know the guy said all were closed I’m like for what and then he got smart with me so I can cash count my cash register I’m like OK that’s retarded like you don’t do that and I am and he goes what do you want in here just take it 615-356-xxxx that’s the store

  137. Last 2 xs I got gas at this Shell, I was charged the regular price $1.85. I as usual put in my rewards phone number and it does not take off the 5 cents. Today I walked inside and told the cashier and she only said I don’t know what happened. I will just have to look at the tank and see what it says it charged you.
    REALLY ???
    I showed you the receipt so what’s looking at the pump going to show you?
    Phone number entered is 336 341 xxxx Sharon Starling Clemmons N.C
    I worked for Shell for several years, so I know how things should work.

  138. Hello my name is Jeffrey Phillip’s and my fiance work at shell in Niles Mi, 49120 and her manager vicky is absolutely rude to all her employees and customers I dont think she should be a manager that’s not how places get business and workers that want to work something needs to be done about this situation thank you and have a good day

  139. What number can I call about complaint on not getting rewards discount at shell gas station in florida area? Thank you

  140. On June 16th 2021 I got gas from my local shell gas station. I used my credit card and the amount of gas came up to $42.00 when I got my receipt emailed to me I was charged$125.00 I would like to know why I was charged so much.

  141. I keep trying to make contact and they claim they have called me but no one has left a message. The police was wronglyfully called on me here in a Dayton oh location at this point I’m ready to sue for defimation of character and racial profiling.

  142. I have a gift card that was valued at $50 I used $40 worth and Ballin shows that it’s zero. Can someone please contact me regarding this issue thank you

  143. Your station on North Michigan in Saginaw Michigan never has fountain pop stocked and never has the cooler stocked. Your district manager is horrible she doesn’t care all she cares about is Subway. The manager below her is also horrible she has no care in the world about what happens in this store when it comes to stocking, customer service and the care of her employees. Something needs to be done I have left this station when it comes to service and moved on along with other customers. I would hope that this location gets looked into and district management needs to be replaced for change. Thank you

  144. I’m suing because of pain and suffering, defamation of character and emotional distress. I spent 376.34 in a gas station located in Dayton oh and the night clerk called the police on me for nothing on Need more Rd.

  145. A purchase on June 16 for gas my money was being hold off my card but I was told to contact my card but they are saying shells haves refunded it back from the temporary payment

  146. I filled 2 complaints about a Shell Service Station on Hartford Ave Johnston RI where the attendant was rude and would not let me just the bathroom.I never heard anything back.
    I also filled a complaint about a Shell Service Station on Greenwich Ave in Warwick RI where they do not turn on my gas pumps after paying them inside.
    4 times out if the last 7 times I have had to walk all the way back in.They were both males playing with their phones.
    I am 71 years old and disabled.
    I have been going to both of these Shell Service Stations for over 25 years and never had these problems.
    When will they be resolved!

  147. Hey my name is David ramey. I am 49 years old. I have been on disability for over a year now. I am a double amputee below the knees but I have prosthetic legs now. With all the gas prices going up so high I can’t afford to buy a lot like I used to before. I am asking if somehow I could maybe get a free gift card that I can use to purchase gas with. I live on a fixed income and I have to go to doctors appointments and leg therapy. I have had to cancel some appointments because I can’t afford the gas to go. My address is xxxx apt c fern forest drive Gastonia North Carolina 28054. Thank you so much.

  148. My husband passed away on 06/15/21.
    I cancelled his card on 06/21/21. Some one charged over $34 in gas on the 24th
    Tried to call, not office hours.

  149. Would like to rescind previous email – opened the wrong mail. No new charges to late husbands card. I apologize.

  150. We were over charged last night for 85 dollars the money was credited back but while being over charged we were not able to use that money for my wife’s sons birthday gift and I’m furious and want some kind of compensation!

  151. I need to know how do I file a complaint against another employee for threatening to put her hands on me & cursing me out in front of customers it is a unsafe work place & I am not comfortable going back to work there if nothing is done so I need a complaint on file & this happened at the Westbank Truck Stop in Westwego, LA 70094
    9800 Westbank Expressway

  152. The 6th if July I went get gas on at 830, am a gas attendant shove he broke a spout in my pickup have should I get should I get gas it said it’s said a few inlet and my check my check engine came on and I want you guys to call me at 541 913-xxxx

  153. Hispanic male employee I believe with long hair @ the Chelmsford, Ma Shell gas station was very rude and unprofessional on numerous accounts. I am finally filing a complaint. First few accounts I chose to let it go, but this has been several accounts with the same employee who has been very rude to my husband, I and children. I believe he is being racial against us. I don’t see him acting rudely towards other race. I’ve been coming to this gas station for a very long time, never dealt with any other employees like this until he started. I am very upset due to his lack of communication. Never seem kind. Always disrespectful.

  154. I purchased 11.730. Of premium gas totaling 46.32
    I selected the option for a car wash to save 20 cents off the gas and also receive my car wash.
    The machine didn’t give me the car wash. I asked for some resolution by taking 2.34 cents off the price off the boost car wash. The agent says he doesn’t have the compacity to do that. He called the manager twice. The manager hasn’t responded after 30 mins. I purchase premium gas 2x a week upwards of $60. Every time I fill up. The gas here is way more expensive than in NY. I am a loyal shell customer so I was just going to offset the high price of the gad and get the .20 cents off with the wash.

  155. An employee that I waited at the counter for because there was no one in the store screamed at me repeatedly and threatened me for leaving beer on the counter after she told me they don’t sell beer on Sunday. I just turned around and left and she began screaming and calling me names and threatening me.This happened at the Dayton Lakeview location in Huber Heights at 705 PM Sunday July 11

  156. Puse diesel en una gasoline’s de Bryan texas y contenia agua estoy llamando a diferentes numeros y disen estar desconectados.solo quiero solucion a Este problema

  157. I went to put gas at the Shell gas station on 1300 West Colfax avenue at 4:30 and the gentleman at the checkout counter was a darker gentleman with braids had on a bandana very very rude!! I tried to ask him a question and he just basically how would you say snubbed his nose in the air and had smart remarks if he didn’t know the answer he could have just said that and not been a pardon my French smartass! I am a supervisor at 7-Eleven and I definitely would not allow my employees to treat customers the way he did and I tried to get a hold of the store manager but unfortunately all the phone does is have a busy signal since yesterday at about 4:40 when I tried getting a hold of the store manager so this is my next step I don’t mean to be a pain in your rear end but unacceptable!! Unnecessary on how rude he really was..

  158. Is this an email associated with the Shell Oil Company:
    shellpetroleumcompanyhamptonvi @gmail.com

    Is this a real branch:
    Shell petroleum company Hampton Virginia WC2R OZA United States.

  159. The attendant was smoking a cigarette at the pump as I was starting to pump gas at 37th and Route 6 in Hobart, IN on 7/18/21 at approximately 2:00 pm

  160. The shell twice daily on harding place there is a youn black girl in there name is frank farris went and was going to pay for my things with ebt card and she I got to the check out she told she was not goin g to checked me out I did nothing wrong. Call me backed as soon as possible please 931 334 xxxx this innicident happened about 5 50 this morning central time

  161. I’m a Good Sam club member and I stopped off at the pilot in Dunn N.C. And I wanted to fill up on my truck and I was told because my truck was not diesel I would not get this discount. This is the only pilot station that ever gave me a hard time. I did call good Sam and let them know that I refuse my discount from the Shell station that is at a pilot station @
    Sadler Travel Plaza
    xx Sadler Rd
    Dunn N.C. 28334
    Thank you,
    Kathy Miranda

  162. My name is Vicki Jones and l was wondering is Unitedoffical.org526 @gmail.com a valid email address for Royal Dutch Shell in the USA and the Netherlands

  163. Hi. I wonder if someone can help me with regards to land Shell used to own / still owns in the United Kingdom?
    I believe you owned and subsequently sold off what was used as Woodstock Research & Testing facility in Tunstall, Sittingbourne, Kent.

    A friend was kind enough to send me a Land Registry document when part of the Land was sold to The Attwood family, and I noticed there were pockets that wasn’t included in the sale.
    I’ve done some investigating, and I can’t find anyone else that purchased these – little pockets, at least according to the U.K. Land Registry, so I was wondering if someone could possibly check to see if they are still in your ownership, and if you might consider either letting some ‘local people’ either have it or depending on cost, buy ?
    I really understand this is probably going to be an odd request, but I didn’t know how else to ask?
    Kind regards
    Mrs Spicer

  164. I am at a shell station located at 11347 Washington Boulevard in Whittier California, USA. I’m writing because one of the staff here may be stealing and
    The door was locked but there was a tray window and an attendent inside at the register.
    I walked up and asked for 10 dollars in gas , the attended acknowledged my request and nodded. As I was about to begin feuling she calls me back to the window and tells me that she didn’t receive the money. She then says that maybe the next guy in the line took it and says I should ask him about the money.
    He says he didn’t take it and the attendant refused to provide the gasoline which I paid to her. I stayed and she called the owner and he refused to correct the matter. He called the police and an officer arrived and told me that It was a civil matter and he could do nothing about it.
    I stayed parked at the pump for 2 hours or so before the attendant decided to give me the gas which I paid for. Additionally she gave me more than 10 dollars worth which she paid for herself.
    The whole experience was very unpleasant and the owner was unreasonable. I would never return to this gas station and I will share this with others in order to avoid them the same headache I had to endure.

  165. Purchased gas at Shell Oil 57522434406 on 7/19/21. Purchased made was for $40.00. All my truck woulxd take was $26.48. When asked for change the customer service man stated it would go back on my account ending xxxx. As of this date I have not received it 7/2. Please take care of this request.

  166. I visited a Shell station at 220 State St. in Jeffersonville, Ohio. I gave them my Kroger card for a $.20 cent discount. I put $30.00 worth of gas in my vehicle. As I was finishing up the pump took my discount away!! When I ask the gentleman what happened, he said he didn’t know. Then today, I visit one at 12320 Old US Rt 35 and had another incident where they told me the card reader wasn’t working so they wouldn’t give me my $.05 cent discount. I bought a body armor drink & told the clerk that I wanted $25.00 in gas and the body which came to $3.10 with tax. I had given her a $20.00 & a $10.00. I had been carrying it in my pants pocket the night before. The clerk tried to tell me that I had only given her $25.00!! I tried to tell her that I wanted $25.00 in gas plus the body armor. That would have left her owing me $1.90. She said she put it all in gas. When I went out to pump my gas, the $.05 discount wasn’t showing on the pump. To make a long story short, I was asked to leave the store. I told them to call the sheriff & then they said they would look at the camera. The clerk came out, handed me $5.00 & told me to leave the store which was did. Why is it so hard to use my Shell card at these Shell stations???!!

  167. Hello and Good Morning, the Subject Matter: Year of La Nina and oppisite of El Nino in its directional entrance? A year of hell at sea with cyclones and swells. They hit underwater lava and create eruptions. Swells and undercurrents. The hit land as tornadoes or become hurricanes with thunderstorms and the possibility of several smaller twisters. Most hit in the same States and storms the size of a State in its expansion of swirls. Now, at the rig sights a mixed nightmare of all. Are they planning on evacuating per Cal Osha? Safety for all? Families in trouble also. Are we avoiding litigations? MS. Hope Graham-Guerra-Arreola at 1(707) 458-xxxx

  168. I went into the Shell Store on Goodman and Airways to Purchase Gas and the Cashier was so Preoccupied with her Cell phone that she was unable to properly assist me as a Customer. Her Attitude was bad there e very little eye Contact , it was like she didn’t want to be there . I was Concerned about my Gas points and she didn’t want me to question her so I Cancelled My transaction. I asked for a Cancellation reciept to assure no one else would get free gas at my expense.
    I can send you a Copy of the Reciept at a later time. Just wanted to let you All know that I am a Unhappy Customer today.
    With Sincer Thanks
    Jeanette Anderson

  169. https:// www. newsweek com/ tennessee-lewis-country-store-covid-sign-guns-shot-1631448?fbclid=IwAR1Z55JiYPBs3Fne6Q1D_T6lu98uJoTeaWCmJjHKN27g9cvPunTOg08ikeo
    This is how they are portraying your company. It’s an embarrassment to TN and to you

  170. I need to speak to someone regarding John Hanford at the plCervle ca store he drinks on the job all daong and then T the end of his shift he gets in his car that is stolen then he drives drunk his manager Matt owns John to do this because John does all the or work and Matt gets the money and the title

  171. It’s a HEALTH complaint, not a complaint, as I am a Afro/Native/Italian/Irish American. But, the man that works at night caused a big problem for the Man that used to work the kitchen at your 25th & Keystone location by going in his kitchen and eating the food at night. Whether the location manager knows it or not that is why he cannot keep anyone in that kitchen PERIOD ! Even the new kitchen people have not been back because they can’t leave ANYTHING set up, prepped ETC
    Yesterday, the African man took a dirty cup out of the trash and made the coffee using that dirty cup. It was as soon as he came to work. I was afraid to tell the nice manager because he is mean and nasty. I was going to call him but chickened out. PLEASE stop him from possibly exposing us to God knows what. I’m telling ALL the people I know about the disgusting act.

  172. Price grudging 397old hwy 99 price advertised $4.19 A gallon paid price $4.59 I looked at my recipe and learned I got took bad bad business to take my poor money please help the people in wolf creek Oregon 97497 reply to my request for reform thanks for addressing this matter.

  173. Why are you flying multiple US flags in shredded, faded, disgraceful condition at your new location, 2350 W Virginia Pkwy, Mckinney, TX 75071????? Shame on you!!

  174. I’m a 25 yr customer at Shell station located on Federal Highway and 14 th St corner in Pompano Beach. Always a broken pump. A broken nozzle. Etc. But my complaint is the amount of potholes exiting the station. PLEASE repair. TY

  175. I am in OkC at 7944 North Counci. Pumped my gas, signs says 2.69 a gallon. Receipt says I was charged 2.89 a gallon. That is 20 cents a gallon more. Spoke to the store clerk and she said yes, that one pump charges more for the same gas! Did not offer a refund for over payment. Got ripped off!!’ Clerk Did not offer any solutions or positive resolutions. Will NOT stop here again! I am also a rewards member so it should have even been discounted even 5 cents more a gallon.

  176. To Shell Oil Co. CEO: Growing up as a child I used to be so proud to say my father worked for Shell Oil Co. as a petroleum engineer/geologist. He worked for Shell Oil for over 50 years. Now in my mid-60s. I am ashamed to even think of it. All of the LIES – intentionally and blatant – that Shell Oil, Exxon-Mobile, Chevron, and others laid on world citizens that oil and gas emissions were not harmful to the environment are now fully transparent to us all. It sickens and disgusts me that now you are conducting oil and gas exploration on Africa’s Wild Coast- an area of pristine Marine life ecosystem. And your destructive seismic blasting that will go off every 10 seconds during whales critical breeding season is absolutely abhorrent and unconscionable! The “gentle giants of the sea” are unable to speak for themselves, so I and other alarmed world citizens will use our collective voices LOUDLY – as loudly as your damned seismic blasts!

    Look at social media posts on your Shell Oil websites and realize that no one believes your false propaganda that you “support” our Earth and the environment. You and you alone as CEO of Shell Oil are destroying our natural world by your continued oil and gas exploration and development in ANY part of our world. And this will be your legacy passed down to your grandchildren and their grandchildren, that you continued to destroy our Earth even as you fully KNEW your actions and their consequences would do so. That will be your legacy – one of destruction and death to our Earth and ALL of life upon it.

  177. So i showed up to this shell store and clerk Michelle and Clerk Bob were doing the shift change. I got in line on clerk bob side and i wanted to change in some lotto tickets and Bob said that he could not do it. Cash in my lotto tickets he refused to do it. That he has not gotten his box ready. So then i went to yhe other register and asked Michelle to cash them for me. She also refused i asked how long it would take to allow them to finish the shift exchange and she told me it would take 1hr to get everything ready to cash in my lotto tickets. So the refused service to a customer with a very bad attitude

  178. I was at Shell on Walnut Grove and Tillman.And I was charged $31.54 twice for the same Items.What can I do.He said the money will be back on my Cash app in a week.but it not.I use my cash app card Dec 15,2921.

  179. This is about the Shell gas station in Tulsa, OK @ 6104 West 41st Street, Tulsa, OK 74107. At approximately 1:30pm I went to this station and there was a girl named Marie working (first time I’d seen her so I believe she was new to this store).

    I gave her LottoTickets, she scanned them and said I won $185.00. She then tore all my tickets up before paying me or completing my purchase and started requesting money out of the drop to pay me. I told her she didn’t need to do that, that I wanted more tickets. She told me she was taught to do it the way she was doing it and I tried to tell her I didn’t need money she said your not my boss I only have to do what my manager told me and then pointed at another employee his name is Terry. She continued yelling and calling me a and then said she wouldn’t continue my transaction and refused to wait on me and jumped up on the counter by the lottery machine and set there refusing to complete my transaction. She had already scanned my Lottery Winning Tickets and refused to pay me. Terry told her she had to complete the transaction but she refused and kept yelling and calling me a b in front of other customers and was also yelling she wanted to kick my (something like that). Finally Terry completed the transaction.

    She was so rude and hateful, I wouldn’t think you’d want employees like that representing your company’s name like that.

    Yes at the end I called her a b because I was tired of her calling me that over and over in front of people.
    There was also a lady in her late 80’s in line and when she went back to her car at the gas station she was telling her husband about her calling me a B. There was also another man in there and he followed me to my Truck and said there was no reason for her to do that crap and he doesn’t know why they keep hiring people like this to work at this store! He said we’re the customer and they shouldn’t yell and cuss at the customers!
    I asked Terry what her name was and she said I didn’t need it because she was calling her manager. Which means she lied when she said Terry was her manager.

    I will be letting people know about her and what she did because I’m sure they won’t want to go to the store to be treated like this. Plus because of her actions I was in the store over 30 minutes, people don’t go to convenient stores to spend 30 minutes, they go to convenient stores to get in and out fast!

    The only thing the Store can do to make this right is to Fire Marie for calling a customer a B, then refusing to complete the transaction after she had already scanned and tore up my tickets and refusing to give me more tickets or my money and threatening a customer with physical harm!!!



  180. Your station located at 4523 forest Blvd in west palm beach fl is a disgrace to your company. It has 6 pumps. Only two work properly. The key pads do not work the screens do not work

  181. Extremely rude gas attendant refused to reset gas’s until she “felt like it.” I almost called the police. I need a returned call please!

  182. I am a Shell Global Solutions retiree. I recent moved. Fidelity says that I can only change my Fidelity address by contacting my employer. Do you have a phone number?

  183. The shell station in Jacksonville Arkansas the blacks cashiers think they can talk to a white people how ever they want.

  184. I want my W-2 from the shell on river st. In holland MI. I need it asap. My address is xxx US 31 Holland, MI 49423

  185. I fell an fracture my elbow on pump 7 i miss ten days of work i work 4 hour a day i just want them to compensate me when i went in the store i fracture my elbow im not trying to sue them i dont know why they didnt put in a complaint i shop there all the time i even gave them the bill an they haven’t got back to.me they have my phone no an address they want pick up the phone to talk to me my elbiw is sti sore joann mints

  186. My complaint is too long and too in depth to write out here. I would really like to speak with someone or e-mail. Phone # is 205-600-xxxx e-mail jenzaxxxxx @hotmail.com – Thank you

  187. Ukraine needs our help. You just bought at a discount a large amount of gas from Russia. First of all …….what are you thinking? Very disappointed that you doing business with a country that is anti democracy, and is attacking a free nation. We are doing sanctions against Russia…….your act of buying oil from them is criminal. Please rethink your greed. Will attempt not to buy your gas.

  188. Where do I complain to the highest person on Earth about the need to boycott Russian oil/gas by your company. Who is the CEO that needs to be reminded about the genocide happening in Ukraine right now . Please

  189. Shell Oil may never recover its reputation for its support of Russia’s (Putin’s) invasion of Ukraine.
    Please take a stand and support the world. Stop buying Russian oil

  190. How can y’all look at your Family and keep doing business with russia????
    Just the thought makes me sick.

  191. You people are still buying oil from Russia? I’m 67 and have been driving a long time.I’m done with Shell.

  192. Could the CEO drop pricing since 1000 metric tons of crude oil were purchased last week from Russia and your profits are quite substantial, so the citizens of the USA could get relief, in addition to your profits going to Humanity aid to Ukraine. It would be a great corporate offering to humanity here in our country. We are suffering from high energy costs! Thank You

  193. She’ll gas station at 5137 Figueroa St
    Los Angeles 90042 “NEVER “ have receipts at the pump —- one have to go in— defeat the purpose. NOT going back. Today was the 4th time I have been telling the cashier— I guess she does not get paid enough to refill.. NO MORE shell

  194. I have had a Shell card since 1975 , never paid late always paid full balance This month they did not get my check so I received a late note with $29 late fee ,I called and they told me ( a lie ) that I could mail the new balance due $ 334.38 and the account would be ok with NO late fee . I did as they said and with the account 17 days past due my card was denied . I have done business with Texac / Shell sinc 1975 ,almost 50 years and this is the worst treatment and lies I have ever experienced with any company ( Citibank ) I never pay anything late my credit is perfect, I have3 bank cards with 15 to 20 K limits on each. Citibank has seen fit to give me a $1100 limit , which is fine ,I just don’t use the card for anything but one vehicle ! If 50 years of loyalty to a company deserves this I am amazed ,in this day and time it is difficult to find loyalty in customers I wish this was handled by the Shell Company I signed an agreement with in 1975 ! Shame on Citibank and all their computer generated responses and lack of customer service !

  195. I’m visiting Reno and the shell station has a big sign in the window saying if you sign up for a card you spin a wheel and start collecting your points. I arrive at shift change, I wait for them to open and ask them if I can get a card the African American lady says you have to come back during the day we don’t know how to make the cards. When clearly it’s a promotion that has been ongoing for a while. It’s 10 : 15 pm and there are not
    any customers. I really think it shows lousy customer service skills and I was not the only person she was rude to she was extremely rude to a man buying gas

  196. Good afternoon, today I was in the store on Ave b and Edgewood Ave w in Jacksonville Florida and One of your employees said some very disrespectful things in the store today.youcan verify it with the other gentleman that was working there too. This guy also works at the Cleveland Rd and Edgewood Ave w store in Jacksonville too. I thought he was playing but when he told me to suck his dick I thought that was very disrespectful especially in front of customers, these days that was a no no so lm trying to reach out to you today,if possible can you please give me a call no matter if it’s a call or email, my email is tcestrxxxxx @gmail.com and my phone number is 904207xxxx thanks for listening and I will be waiting for your response.

  197. I have an insurance claim/reimbursement question for Shell. I am in touch with Shell Fidelity and a case has been opened however I need to send my question directly to Shell. Please advice on contacting the correct Shell Dept and contact information UE address, email.

  198. I’m at 501 Highland Springs Ave. Beaumont California 92223 phone number 951-845-7735 direct number to the store they claim they’re not open and it’s 24 hours the sign says they’re refusing to let us buy something and they’re just standing there inside the store while it’s closed filingcomplaint

  199. Experian has my Shell credit card account on my son’s credit record. He has never had a Shell account. His bank loan is being held up because they consider this a problem.
    I want confirmation from Shell that the account is mine and not my son’s account.
    I am Delbert Worthington Hahn DOB 2/8/1934,, last 4 numbers of my SSN 5995, prior address 5710 Albany Court, New Orleans, Shell card number 896 875 218 issued to D.W. Hahn Issued in 1968 when my son was 4 years old. I am retired from the FBI.
    My son is David W. Hahn DOB 1/19/1964 last 4 numbers of his SSN 4495. He lives in Tuscon, AZ He’s Dean of the College of Engineering, U of Arizona.

  200. I need your URGENT help finding out if Steven Russo from Belle Fourche SD an independent subsea commercial dive contractor is legitimate. He has asked me for money to help pay for an equipment needed on an oil rig. Steven is located on a rig between Japan and Russia. I wrote a sizable amount certified check today. Steven signed a contract with you Thursday March 24th in California after his presentation to you. My name is JoAnn Hofman Rapid City SD 605-341-xxxx or cell 605-390-xxxx. Please call me as soon as you can.

  201. Shell station has 2 safety problems. Location: 13341 Poway Rd Poway, CA. 858-748-6504. 1st problem is exposed wiring on air and water station. 2nd problem is shell logo falling from car port overhang on east side.

  202. I heard on an NPR news report this morning that Shell Oil will soon end its operations and cease creating new ones in Russia due to its mass murder in Ukraine. I appreciate your contribution to the international economic sanctions on the country and will try to purchase only Shell products as long as the conflict lasts. Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,

    Dave Witham
    Bangor, ME

  203. Very disappointed I am disabled and he got a $60 American Express gift certificate for my birthday for gas for my car I was on empty went to Shel on Oakton in Evanston swipe the card at the pump I was then asked to put in the ZIP Code when I did it said wrong ZIP Code it would not pump gas I then went inside and they said my card had a zero balance called American Express and they said the gas pump had removed my $60 for my card. Went to attendant and they said if it did not pump gas I should get my money back within 4To five days and there was nothing they would do for me although they are taking my money fortunately I had five dollars on me it was able to make it home as my guest tank was on empty

  204. Our local dtatation in Corinth, MS located on the corner of Fulton Drive & HWY 72 is advertising regular gas for $2.49. When you pull into the pump it is $3.67. The store is locked even though employees are inside. This is false advertising & as a shell credit card holder I am highly upset. They need to be dealt with swiftly & harshly. In these times of inflation this is just plain cruel. I made a picture of the shell sign but your system will not let me attach it.

  205. I am trying to cancel a payment I made by mistake and the virtual assistant told to “” Sign on if you need to cancel a scheduled payment. On the Payments page, review your scheduled payments under Upcoming Payments. Find the payment you want to cancel and select the plus sign to see the full payment details. Choose Delete Payment and confirm that you want to delete the particular payment.”” Guess what there is nowhere on the payments page such as. Misleading is a SHELL tradition

  206. I I don’t care what time it is there somebody’s on her lunch break their lock the doors or they’ll be back in an hour it could be in the morning it can be at night it could be in the middle of the day I could use right now. I’ve been coming here for 10 years this is the fourth time I’ve come here has been shut down and locked closed cuz somebody’s on a break ridiculous I’m going to go to another gas station because it’s always close when I get them

  207. My daughter fell in your store in January and has been seeing a physical therapist. Her ankle has been giving her trouble and she has not been able to play basketball because of that along with her knees. There was no wet flood sign down at all

  208. I went to a shell station on Atlantic Avenue corner of barwick rd in Delray Beach FL today. Being a loyalty customer I entered my loyalty # & everything on pump froze up. Unable to clear & restart, it still listed my loyalty # on the screen. Spoke to attendant & told me this pump (#11) was cleared. Then returned to pump & my loyalty # was still listed on pump. Notified attendant it was not cleared & I wanted my # removed from pump screen. Attendant was obnoxious & asked me why I entered my #, which totally confused me for this attendant to not be aware of a loyalty #. Asked to speak to his supervisor & told me unavailable until next morning. Told him I wanted my # removed told me he couldn’t do anything & refused to contact his supervisor. I would like to mention that I did proceed to another pump station & filled my tank with my loyalty #. Very upset with attendant lack of correctiveness. Would appreciate response

  209. Today I went to # 37 Shell station in Picayune Ms on Memorial BLVD The Clerks name was Tasheena Hayden I bought 3 Ice creams and pd. $20 in gas meanwhile With the parking lot being packed my husband pulled the truck up to the pump ahead and when I got out there the guy behind me was pumping my gas. The attendant was notified immediately 3 times and also came out she was knowledgeable to the guy pumping my gas still denied my gas and my money, I want my gas or my cash back please contact me at 601569xxxx my name is Shawnee Harris

  210. I stopped at Shell to fill up because gas on billboard said $3.99 gal. I pump my gas with my $0.5 rewards and filled up. I looked at my ticket and it said $4.06 gal so I went in and told the manager and requested my differences in payment, she said” there’s nothing I can do, I was about to change the pump it’ll be $4.11 later this week. I said that has nothing to do with right now. She was outside smoking at 8:30 am while I was pumping my gas and I do have my receipt. I work for my money and it pust me off for this to be a n oh well.

  211. I recently signed up for a chance to win a $500 debit card and was informed I was a winnerSorry to say it was a scam and I wound up being charged over $80 for something I would never have subscribed to
    Luckily my bank felt it was a scam and informed me and I blocked the payment.
    It speaks very poorly that Shell would somehow be connected with a scam.
    I tell you this only in case you are not aware of what is going on and how it could affect your corporate image.

  212. My mother lives in shell Harber retirement facility in Rockledge Florida every time they have a meeting a community meeting to say was going on in this facility my mother and I will never dare so today they had a meeting so I voice my opinion the fruit salad is wrapped you can taste it when they cook the zucchini is hard a lot of these people have no teeth the director here is telling me that I’m rude and I can come to his office and talk to him. One day it was a situation of Floor from New York and I had to get my mother some medicine I ask can I get a ride over to Walmart so I can get her some medication the Director told me can it wait until the next day if that was his mother how would he feel he’s not for everybody that works here he’s very one-sided and I feel is something should be done about it if there’s any question you can call me my name is Denese Smith my number is 347-268-xxxx thank you.

  213. Shell gas station#276 at 16015 S. Dixie Hwy Palmetto Bay Fl 33157 (575456009) pump #1is not set correctly when I picked up the pump and press it jumped to 12 (this is under the price and over the gallons) it’s usually jumps to 2 or 3. I have shell rewards. I did go inside and spoke to the lady that was there she told me that is always regulated and inspected . I told her what had happened, also advised her to let the manager know. And that I was going to report it. I always put gas in the same gas station and this is a first time this has happen. It’s not fair for this to happen I already put the word out to be on the lookout for this problem specially on this gas station. Please take care of this matter ASAP. I try calling at Shell Headquarters Complaint 1-866-766-9090 and can’t get thru always busy and the other number 1-713-241-6161 this has been disconnected. Please feel free to contact me by email. busyantxxxx @yahoo.com

  214. The shell gas station in fort salonga, NY is a mess and an eye soar to the residential area. The grass is over 3 ft tall. It used to be well manicured and now it’s horrible. Something needs to be done asap!

  215. I have fraudulent charges on June 2, 2022 for $84.89. I went to your location on Mission St, in Salem, OR I tried to complete a transaction and was told my card did not go through twice. This seems to be the story of my life lately since I stood up to Neighborhood Watch. But all I really did was write a letter about an out of control Manger who is a criminal it didn’t even mention Neighborhood Watch’s name in the damn thing. I am requesting that you fire this person immediately and hold them accountable for their actions.
    I’ll provide my card information so you can identify the individual. I of course will be denying charges.
    Laura Garton
    821 25th St Se, Salem, OR 97216
    Phone number is 971-283-xxxx in case you want to contact me personally.

  216. Hello, I’ve recently come across a little piece of history that I believe was issued by your company in 1935.
    It’s a small booklet for recording one’s travel expenses along the way( I can provide photos).
    I’m not interested in selling or profiting in anyway, just want to see a piece of history preserved.
    I felt contacting shell was most appropriate as it has th shell logo on it and copywriting.
    It’s to me a little piece of history to be preserved.
    Please contact me at below email.
    R. Hampton

  217. My card only allows $75.00 at the pump and I need over $300.00 per day so it’s a problem, can you please raise my limit?

  218. I called the Shell co. about a transaction, In witch I believe is fraud where Shell took 3 payments of $65.00, which was ok $75.00 & $175.00 which was not ok I would like to talk to a manager.

  219. Hi: I’m a mother of disabled daughter(40) on dialysis : times weekly at UCLA CA chronic kidneys failure . Needs second opinion in BOSTON MA. We need drive a lot. Please, be generous and approve me a $500.00 vas card to save my daughter. I’m retired and on SS. Bout low income. Low credit. GOD BLESS

  220. April 2022, I was carjacked at the location – 4755 Vollmer Rd, Matteson, IL 60443. The location refuses to reimburse me $75.00 for gas that spilled during the carjacking that I never received. Despite there is video footage and a police report of the crime, this location still refuses to assist with reimbursing me for gas I never received. The store manager at the time of the crime even assured me that I would not be charged for the gas. The store manager also stated there have been so many carjackings at this location that they cannot keep up. Question ~ If crime was at a high level, we didn’t this location have police presence to protect their customers???
    Now that I have been charged for gas never received, this location is refusing to reverse the charge and directing me to call the corporate office for reimbursement. I have called Midwestern Circle K corporate office at least 10 x’s & left messages and to date have not received a return call. Local residents have been advised to stay away from this location for their safety.

  221. I am sick and tired up your credit card system not reading card on pump and also your tapping pay is not working for almost 3-4 months. Your poor employees have no clue what’s happening and they just make up shit to avoid customer complaints. No one have that much time to go in and pay when you have to be some where. Store address: 500 James Madison Hwy Culpeper VA 22701. I am giving you guys 1 month from today to get it fixed or you are losing your loyal customer forever. Hope to get response

  222. I bought 100$ gas card but attendant didn’t load it on pre paid gas card then when she figured out how to refund it I won’t have it back on my card until August 24th and I needed that to make it to my next check please releAse funds back on my card shell in Palm desert

  223. You have a very rude cashier working in Biloxi , Ms. Pass road. I will not be going there ever again!

  224. Good afternoon, I would like to submit a complaint on one of your Shell stations. I made a visit to one of your locations on Monday August 5th. 4750 Roosevelt Rd, Hillside, IL. I was there and the treatment I received as a women was ridiculous. I asked the cashier to separate the transaction between the gas and store items and he refused. I then asked him why and he said it doesnt matter it went through. Then he proceeded to argue with me because i asked to cancel the transaction. He made a fuss and proceeded to yell and at the wnd he told me to never bring my black ass to this store again. I have never received that type of treatment before. This type of treatment is fair around the board to anyone. I was calm and not disrespectful in this event. Its too much going on in the world for constant hate and ill feelings. We are all trying to make it from COVID, death of love ones and just recovering from it all. We should get along and love one another as humans. Im very disappointed, thank you for reading

  225. J sent a email stating I win if I take survey. This has to be a scam n I’m supprised she’ll would stoop to that. If you can do that, what is in your gas. Be sure, I’ll not go to a shell station unless I’m on empty.

  226. Would like to speak to someone in regards to Shell Deerfield location about my stolen debit card that was used by an employee there in the 19th of August

  227. I live in warm springs, Oregon. I have a complaint about an employee who works for the DMJ shell. He is rude, no customer service skills and he leaves food in the store coolers as well as in the back storage area by the restrooms. Numerous complaints have been made to the personal owner of the establishment. Nothing has been done. He speaks to and about other employees in a very derogatory manner as well as new hires who never seem to stick around due to his behavior. His name is Creston Smith. He goes by Dana. I believe he is the manager. I really feel very strongly that something should be done about this. I would like to remain anonymous but will provide my email. I hope to hear back with any concerns. I have picture proof of the accusations of the food in the coolers and personal area.

  228. I’m 70 years old, and I was having trouble finding my way around in a small town, Brewton Alabama. I stopped in 519 Circle K Shell Station in East Brewton. Ms Kim the attendant asked if she could help me. I have never had any one, in all my travels, go out of her way, as did she. She recognized my tiredness, helped me with the coffee bar, explained the best way for me to travel. Made sure I was okay. And at the same time took care of her customers graciously. Her help/ co-worker was late, but she never complained. When the co-worker came in Ms. Kim told her it’s OK, and continued her on business. I have been a business owner for years and I recognize a great employee when I see one. I just wanted to let you know. If my business was near, I would steal Ms. Kim.

  229. I got fuel on an empty tank at the Hampton Shell Station. If gave me 1/4 tank of gas of water. I called to let the owner know and he acted as if he did not care.

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