9 Customer Complaints for Shell Oil Headquarters.
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  1. To: Bruce Culpepper, A faithful employee finds himself in a dilemma, he has finished his contract and has been doing extra work for you. He mortgaged all he owns for a chance to prove what two others failed to do for you in the UK. He took extra cash money to make sure he covered all bases. But the rules changed and now has to pay 50% of pay for the ship to come to get him and crew to leave and collect their pay and go home for Fathers day (he is the father of a 7 yr old son) He has no way to do this, Will you help? Thank you, for your trouble, Ryan A Neibaur does not know that I have to ask you for help. You know he is able to pay you for any trouble you may have to go through to help them. Yours truely, Linda

  2. Ryan A Neibaur has no family to help him off the Rig in the UK. I Am 75 yrs of age and in poor health, please help him and his crew. Happy fathers Day to Bruce Culpepper family.

  3. Hi my name is Majid sabeti and I’m calling to file a complaint complaint against one of the workers Shell gas station at 19th Street and Placentia in Costa Mesa the guy who was working it was to Sunday before two Sundays ago 9:30 in the evening I was buying a cigarette and it was 7.95 i got the cigarette and I put my credit card in the system and open the cigarette pack after few seconds he said your card is no good I told him there’s nothing wrong with my card and then after he said my system is down so I had to open the cigarette and I told him I’m coming over here every day buying cigarettes so I can give you $8 tomorrow he was start hustling hustling at me and so I give you back the cigarette the second time I was there to buy gas and the cigarette and he was outside he said we are not ready to serve he didn’t give me the gas and the cigarette and the third time I was there and I bought a cigarette the same guy and he was hustling and he was so rude I got the cigarette I gave him $8 the price of the cigarette for 795 and after he said it’s the prices 805 I said I didn’t know that for the five pennies he rudely rudely asking the cigarette back to him I want this guy to be taken care of and removed from this position I don’t think if he fits in that position to work for the shell and I would highly appreciate if you would take care of him he’s a chubby guy bald head with the glasses he was working Sunday 9:30 to 7 days ago the Placentia and 19th Street gas station thank you very much

  4. I used to like going to the Shell in my local area but no more the last dozen times I’ve gone it’s been a hassle. Majority of the time the pump has no receipt paper so I have to bring all 3 kids in and get the receipt. Then I got a gift card from my credit card rewards and tried to use it to get gas and it says to see cashier. So I go in 4 times to the cashier because it won’t work. Cashier was so nasty telling me I don’t know what I’m going and was so nasty to my that another customer came over and tried to pump it the gas also. And yeah it didn’t work. The guy behind the counter has been getting worse Thru the years but now he is just a real nasty sob. Your probably loosing so much business because he is so angry. So I went over to the next town a week later and my gift card worked fine. I went back the next time I needed gas just to test it and yeah it didn’t work at the jerk last gas station. You have a loose canon on your hands with that guy who is always there. He isn’t maintaining the gas pumps. They don’t work half the time and seems fraudgelent there’s never any receipt paper.

  5. Hello my name is Charlene Brown, This complaint is for store 9353, It was around 9:00 am on 2/24/2019, and it was bad customer service I received, the lady alma was very rude and the cashier that was working. They claimed that they could not give me cash back from my debit card, which was only 15 dollars, I already press the debit key for my money back, then she tells me she dont have change to go to the ATM, in a rude voice, I ask for corporate numer, she told me to go look out side by the pumps. The individuals that worked there today were very rude and this is not the first time they treated me like this.

  6. I want to report a lady at one of your locations in Mobile Al. I’ve not ever reported anyone at any business before this is not a habit of mine. But the lady’s name is June and she give everyone a hard time for no reason. she works at the Shell/Circle kay located at the intesection of Cottage Hill road and Sollie. She’s running off customers.

  7. My experience with the company is that once they have you as a customer then they make it hard for you to contact them with any problem. For example i was unable to get through at all on the customer support phone number today.

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