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Sony Corporation of America Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
550 Madison Ave.
New York, NY
Company Contact
Kazuo Hirai
Phone Number
(212) 833-6722
Fax Number
(212) 833-6938
Employee Count
Twitter IDs


What is Sony USA’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Sony’s Headquarters phone number is (USA): 1-212-833-6722 or 1-212-833-6800.

Sony USA’s corporate address is:

  • Sony USA
  • 25 Madison Avenue
  • New York, NY 10016
  • USA

Sony USA is a subsidiary of Sony Global Corporation (of Japan).

Sony Global Corp’s corporate office address is:

  • Sony Corp.
  • 1-7-1 Konan
  • Minato-Ku, 108-0075
  • Tokyo, Japan

Corporate Office Phone number: 81-3-6748-2111
Corporate Office Fax number: 81-3-6748-2061


What is Sony USA’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Sony’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-430-4433 (USA).

Other Sony Cusomer Service phone numbers:

Sony Technical Support phone number: 1-877-865-7669

Sony National Customer Relations phone number: 1-800-554-6908

Sony eSupport Customer Service phone number: 1-866-909-7669

Sony Customer Service phone number: 1-877-244-9959


How do I Contact Sony Customer Support?

Call the numbers above or via their Twitter Support page.

Sony USA does not have a Live Chat help service.

Sony’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Sony on Social Media:

Sony on Twitter: @SonySupportUSA

Sony on Facebook:

Sony Corporation of America Headquarters Executive Team.

Leadership and Executives for Sony Corporation of America.

  • Nicole Seligman – President, President of Sony Entertainment, Inc and Senior Legal Counsel of Sony Group
  • Steven E. Kober  – Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President
  • Martin N. Bandier  – Chairman of Sony/ATV Music Publishing Division and CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing
  • Kazuo Hirai – Director, Chief Executive of Sony Corporation and President of Sony Corporation
  • Andrew House – Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc and President of Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Shawn Layden – CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America and President of Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Michael M. Lynton – Chairman & CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment & CEO of Sony Entertainment
  • Douglas P. Morris – Chief Executive Officer of Sony Music Entertainment
  • Hiroki Totoki – Chief Executive Officer of Sony Mobile Communications and President of Sony Mobile Communications
  • Michael Fasulo – President of Sony Electronics and Chief Operating Officer of Sony Electronics
  • Karen L. Hedine – President of Micronics, Inc.
  • John Kodera – President of Sony Network Entertainment International
  • Phil Molyneux  – MD of Sony Central & South East Europe and President & COO of Sony Electronics Inc
  • Ravi Nookala  – President of Sony Mobile Communications (Usa) Inc.
  • Dave Rubenstein  – President of Sony DADC Americas
  • Steven P. Fuld – MD of Sony Card Mktg & Services Company and Senior VP of Sony Card Mktg & Services Company
  • Mark E. Khalil – Executive Vice President and General Counsel


Sony Corporation of America Board of Directors.

  • Martin Bandier
    Chairman of Sony/ATV Music Publishing Division and CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing
  • Kazuo Hirai
    Director, Chief Executive of Sony Corporation and President of Sony Corporation
  • Michael Lynton
    Chairman & CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment & CEO of Sony Entertainment
  • Kunitake Ando
  • Osamu Nagayama
  • Tim Schaaff
  • Kanemitsu Anraku
  • Eikoh Harada
  • Joichi Ito
  • Kazuo Matsunaga
  • Koichi Miyata
  • Takaaki Nimura
  • Sony Corporation
  • John Roos
  • Eriko Sakurai
  • Sony Corporation
  • Kenichiro Yoshida
  • Joichi Ito
  • Michael M. Lynton
  • Martin N. Bandier
  • Koichi Miyata
  • John V. Roos


Sony Global Corporate Executive Officers (Representative).

  • Kenichiro Yoshida
    Representative Corporate Executive Officer, President and CEO
  • Hiroki Totoki
    Representative Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, CFO
  • Sony Global Corporate Executive Officers.
  • Tomoyuki Suzuki
    Corporate Executive Officer, Executive Deputy President
  • Shiro Kambe
    Executive Vice President
    Officer in charge of Legal, Compliance, Corporate Communications,
    CSR, External Relations and Information Security & Privacy
  • Masashi Imamura
    Corporate Executive Officer, EVP,
    Officer in charge of Quality and Environmental , Engineering Platform, Sony Corporation
  • Shigeki Ishizuka
    Corporate Executive Officer, EVP
    Officer in charge of Imaging Products & Solutions Business, Mobile Communications Business, Storage Media Business
    Representative Director and President, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc.
  • Ichiro Takagi
    Corporate Executive Officer, EVP
    Officer in charge of Home Entertainment & Sound Business, Consumer AV Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, Logistics, Procurement
    Representative Director and President, Sony Visual Products Inc.
    Representative Director and President, Sony Video & Sound Products Inc.
  • Kazushi Ambe
    Executive Vice President
    Officer in charge of Human Resources and General Affairs
  • Toru Katsumoto
    Corporate Executive Officer, Executive Vice President
    Officer in charge of R&D Platform

Sony Global Board of Directors.

  • Kenichiro Yoshida – CEO of Sony Global Corp.
    Member of the Nominating Committee
  • Kazuo Hirai – Chairman -f Sony Global Corp.
  • Osamu Nagayama
    Chairman of the Board
    Chair of the Nominating Committee
  • Takaaki Nimura
    Chair of the Audit Committee
  • Eikoh Harada
    Chair of the Compensation Committee
  • Tim Schaaff
  • Kazuo Matsunaga
    Member of the Audit Committee
  • Koichi Miyata
    Member of the Nominating Committee
  • John V. Roos
    Member of the Nominating Committee
    Member of the Compensation Committee
  • Eriko Sakurai
    Member of Compensation Committee
  • Kunihito Minakawa
    Member of the Audit Committee
  • Shuzo Sumi
    Member of the Nominating Committee


Sony Headquarters Executive Contacts.

John Dolak
Vice President of Corporate Communications
25 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
[email protected]

Mike Fasulo
President and COO Sony Electronics
25 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
[email protected]

Masashi Imamura
Executive Vice President, Officer in charge of Quality
1-7-1 Konan
Minato-Ku, Tokyo 108-0075 Japan
[email protected]

Chief Executive
Kenichiro Yoshida
President and CEO
1-7-1 Konan
Minato-Ku, Tokyo 108-0075 Japan
[email protected]


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85 Reviews and Complaints for Sony Headquarters

  1. I need a simple thing like a mailing label to male the console back to Sony to be fixed again there is a disc stuck in the console. the mailing box arrived but no address label or return address.

  2. Fake or Real Sony Products by Madiran company in Iran?!

    Dear All,
    Hope you are fine.

    We are a trading distributor company in Home Appliances in Iran.
    We are working extensively even in some international sectors in this industry too.I am having some exclusive networks for dealers and end users too with a great honest history of working.

    There is a company named Modiran in Iran that is distributing home appliances in Iran by name and mark of Sony but I am not sure if this is real or fake. (As recent attached files)

    It seems a rational idea to consult with you as respected SONY employees.
    Would you please help us know and understand the facts in order to have true dominance on that and keep our customer in a fair and real industry and trading?

  3. I have purchased Sony products for over 35 years. I have always like your previous dependability.. BUT now after buying a hundred pack of your blank DVD discs, I may never buy them again.. Many of the discs will not record or even duplicate!!

  4. Since I bought the Sony sound bar it has not worked correctly the voice goes off and I have to use tv speakers I’m really not happy with this product I need answers

  5. I purchased a Sony XR75X95J color television from BestBuy in November, 2021. I was remodeling my house so I put the television in storage. I purchased the television in advance due to concerns about availability and I wanted to make sure I had it when the remodeling was complete. My remodeling was delayed like many things and was not completed until recently. Upon opening the box I found that in the upper left corner of the unit the screen film was coming off. The box was not damaged and the corner was covered with styrofoam so it was obvious this condition existed when it was packaged in the plant.

    I contacted BestBuy and they said that since I didn’t report the issue within 30 days they wouldn’t replace or repair it. I contacted Sony Customer Service (Case #07821835) and they stated that since it was physical damage it was not covered under the manufacturers’ warranty. I asked who I could escalate this issue to and was told there was no one.

    I’m sending this email in an attempt to escalate this issue. I feel this is completely unacceptable and that Sony is hiding behind technicalities to not stand behind their product.

  6. My son been waiting since last year to get PlayStation 5 now he battling ependymoma rare brain spine cancer grade 3 and was trying to get him it this year since I don’t know what next year we be for him they sold out and internet is double price my son wished was PlayStation 5 this year since last year we couldn’t get it when we PlayStation5 have in stores for the reasonable price double on internet horrible what they selling it for especially my son has high medical bills please let me no when stores will have them were I can buy one for the cheap price thank you

  7. I am devastated with trying to purchase a Ps5 for two years for my adult disabled son who LOVES his PS4 but of course wants the new system. I have spent HOURS trying to get one of these systems. I am on a fixed income and I can’t pay scalper prices the 499 is tough enough to come up with but he has so little to make his mind be active. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t give a plug nickel to a company that has caused so many parents such frustration and heartbreak. This makes TEO years in a row I cannot give my son what he asked for at Christmas.

  8. I’ve been trying to buy a playstation 5 for my son for over 1 year he has an illness that won’t allow him to see the age of 30 it’s a form of lakimia and I would like to get him a console for him to enjoy as he has a ps 4 is there anyway you can help please stores hear in Australia have over 200 people on waiting lists we live in a country town called wallaroo in south Australia if u can help in any way I will be eternally great full thank you for your time in reading my email

  9. I am writing in hope you can help me! My son put away and left behind 3 small
    Kids he had full custody of them when he passed! Now I am raising them! They have never had much anyways like game system or phones or tablets! So if you could help get them a little thing to make them
    Smile again it would
    Be awesome! They so deserve to smile!!!

  10. I’ve been trying to buy a PS5 with disc for a year for my son who is a mailman. He walks 11 miles a day and playing PS is one of the ways he unwinds after a long day. He’s worked through the entire pandemic and is very deserving. HELP Please. Thank you

  11. I just want to know if it’s corporate policy and if a person has not played on their PlayStation for a while I don’t know how long it was wasn’t very long that you guys find so can you delete his account shows have deleted his Facebook account now he can’t seem to get back on his PlayStation 4 to play he was in the hospital got hit by a car K you can’t do that to people either pay me back pay him back all the money that he spent buying your stupid games I give them back into town so we can play oh yeah and by the way when he was in the hospital all of his electronic including his brand new PS4 Pro was stolen and his games not the ones that I downloaded I hope you will fix it and make this right please thank you

  12. I doubt I’m alone on this since I have 3 sets of headsets that are all doing it. The earpiece vinyl flakes off. The headsets look ragged and it will stick to skin like the face and leave flakes on clothes. I’ve taken good care of them. I felt I should share this information. Thank you!

  13. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am anIranian customer who had shopped Sony TV models  KDL-48W650D about 3 years back. After 3 years using the panel of the abovementioned TV got problems and all the repairs’ men informed us that all of the Sony TV model KDL-48W650D have the same problems and it is not possible to be repaired. Considering that the value of Iranian currency is very low compared to USD and Sony TV is very expensive in Iran, I have paid a very high amount of money. I have not expected your company’s  product to get damaged after using it for just 3 years. Hereby I am going to present my sadness and madness as well as complaint to your company. My mind has changed about your company as I have lost a huge amount of money and got bankrupt.In terms of your request and notice of my complaint I can provide and send you all the documents as well as the TV itself.Look forward to hearing from you
    Vahid Farzaneh

  14. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am anIranian customer who had shopped Sony TV modelded KDL-48W650D about 3 years back. After 3 years using the panel of the abovementioned TV got problems and all the repairs’ men informed us that all of the Sony TV modeled KDL-48W650D have the same problems and it is not possible to be repaired. Regarding that the value of Iranian currency is very low compared to USD and Sony TV are very expensive in Iran, I have paid very high amount of money.
    I have not expected your company’s product gets damaged after using just 3 years. Hereby I am going to present my sadness and madness as well as compaint to your company. My mind has changed about your company as I have lost huge amount of money and got banckrupted.
    In term of your request and ntice to my companit I can provide and send you all the documents as well as the TV itself.
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Vahid Farzaneh

  15. I received a call from Sony International @ 415-645-xxxx @ 3:44pm May 26th,2021, A young male voice replied asking me for a delinquent payment for PG&E and that my Services would be cut off for non-payment, What is going on there @ Sony Corporation??? Very disturbing

  16. I purchased a 65in, Sony tv over a year ago from Best Buy. Last Wednesday I started having trouble with the sound. I called Tech support and was told my set was too old to receive tech support. The technician promised to send a link to a trouble shooting website. Today is Sunday and I am still waiting. Cannot believe a company as reputable as Sony would treat a customer this way. i would like a call from someone regarding this situation.

  17. I purchased a 65in, Sony tv over a year ago from Best Buy. Last Wednesday I started having trouble with the sound. I called Tech support and was told my set was too old to receive tech support. The technician promised to send a link to a trouble shooting website. Today is Sunday and I am still waiting. Cannot believe a company as reputable as Sony would treat a customer this way

  18. Hi. I need an address, where l may mail a complaint regarding my son’s PS Plus account. It is impossible to reach anyone in the PlayStation customer service dept. to get this information. Please advise. Thank you.

  19. I have been a loyal user and customer of Sony products for over 50 years. I have always been willing to spend a little more on Sony products because the quality has been superior to other brands and I’ve always felt like I am getting a quality product.

    I purchased an expensive Sony television in March of 2018. I have had problems from the start and reaching out to support has helped me solve the issues that arose.

    Yesterday my tv started to blink red and not turn on. I called Sony and followed instructions-turned off tv, disconnected and external items, rebooted one by one. This worked. Now today I have the same problem and the reboot is not working.
    I find this unacceptable for a tv that is just over 3 years old. Here is the response I received when contacting your company

    “Thank you for contacting Sony Electronics Inc. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Your file has been forwarded to our department. Please be advised that Sony provides a standard 1 year warranty for initial failures to be covered by the manufacturer. Once the warranty expires, it will be the customers responsibility to cover any repair cost on the unit. Due to the fact that the unit is beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, we regret to inform you that we are unable to assist you with the repair/exchange. Thank you.

    Do you really think this is good customer service? This is a very disappointing response to what appears to be a common flaw in this television. I am hoping you can assist me with this.
    If I do not get some resolution I will do a media blitz to let people know that this is your response and warning them to not purchase Sony Products

    Lisa Robins 973-903-xxxx

  20. I am a 70 year old senior citizen.I have been trying to buy a PS5 since they have come out and they are hard to get if your not a computer genius. It would help if you Could make an easier way for senior citizens like me to buy one .I have owned and played your machines ever since they came out and I would appreciate any help you can give me because I am not willing to pay 1000 dollars for one. I am sure I’m not the only person that has this problem,There must be a more fairer way to fix this.

  21. I’m an 62year old woman in a wheelchair and disabled. How the heck can I get an PS 5? I can’t run around everyday looking for one and the internet is useless.Thanks for getting me addicted then not being able to get my own system. It’s good for Arthritis in hands.

  22. To actually get ahold of someone for some help is impossible they tell you to speak with someone some PlayStation support to figure the problem you call and the automation hangs up on you so I call corporate and get a real person this time and get told I have the wrong number and when I explain I’ve already called every number been trying for the past week I still get nowhere so I did it again recorded all of it and I’m going to post it to the internet and call my local news station about how these gaming platforms want people to spend their money on them but when they need assistance there robbed of that. So if someone that reads this and wants to give me some actual answers on l to do I’ll gladly email you MY NUMBER

  23. This is by far the worst customer service experience of my life, someone hacked my account 4 months ago I have called customer service about 8 times and each time they assure me so will receive an email to reset my account and the email never arrives. I even spoke to a manager who assured me that I would get an email, still nothing. This last time I asked for a different solution and the customer service rep continued to tell me the exact same thing after I told him it wasn’t working and I needed a different one he continued to tell me that all he could do is send the email, the same email that I know will never arrive by this point. So for each problem they have one solution and one solution only whether it works or not.

  24. No reponse to complaint lodged at
    Company is not able to repair 4 year old high end TV product KDL65W850c and in lieu is offering New model Tv at just 20% discount which is unfair practice and amounts to extortion
    Doesn’t suit reputation of Sony brand
    Company should accept its failure to repair its own just 4 year old model and should compensate me with new tv at cost of defective part unavailable with company

  25. Late in 2019, Nov/Dec I purchased a pair of Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless EarPods for approximately $200.00.
    Yesterday I contacted your Customer Service because they would not Pair to my new iPhone 12 Max. Customer Service refused to talk to me or offer assistance because of the purchase date. Totally unacceptable, rude and poor business. Will not think twice about using any Sony Products in the future.
    Thanks for your help.

  26. I purchased a XBR-65A9G. It has a software problem that Sony knows about. My audio is going in and out. I do not want this TV. Sony feels I need to wait for a software patch that they could not tell when it will be repaired. I purchased a TV that Sony knowingly has problems with. I just want my money back. Keep your product. Your customer service is terrible. A customer should not get told you out of luck. I am contacting BBB. It’s two weeks old, unacceptable! I want a reply or call from Sony management to refund my funds.
    Marc Petite

  27. We have tried to recovery my son’s account because he has a new Play Station. His broken one cannot be powered on to access his information and he does not know what email was used. We established a new email address and should have received 2 emails – one to establish a password then one to “verify.” However we only received the “verify” email so we cannot set up a password and he cannot recover his account. We have tried to go through all of the proper channels of calling and using the website, but we have been disconnected multiple times and a message popes up saying “I see that you have contacted us several times. We are unable to solve your problem. Please try again later.” We have contacted them several times because we need their help and no one is helping us. This has become a nightmare and we really need someone to address this. We have a lot of money in that account and we do not want our son to lose his games. Please, help us resolve this issue.

  28. I have an 11 year old son who worked hard in remote learning to get excellent grades and made the principals list for his hard work. He was very sad when I told him I could not but a PS5 Console for him because of hackers buying them the minute they become available only to resell them for double or triple the price. It’s hard to leave your child heartbroken at Christmas. I promised him I would get a PS5 console for him. Can you please find the kindness to help me reward my son?

  29. A Youtube user is using your name on a channel supporting the insurrection started by Trump.

  30. My friend Marcella Ahmad had her entire house burn Dec 30,2020. They lost everything from the family dog(who ran back inside and they have not seen her since) to the ps5 she purchased for her husband Waqar Ahmad. I am writing you because you are a huge corporation and I am sure you receive emails daily but this is the most hard working loving family I have ever met and if you could just send a replacement ps5 it would be such a blessing. I am not asking for donations to help the family rebuild or anything just one replace ps5. Waqar is obviously very depressed from this loss for his family and I’m sure the ps5 is not his main focus but I just want to help this family smile again. Waqar is from Pakistan and is even a veteran in the American military and his wife Marcella is Brazilian/Italian and is a nurse. This family has two small kids (boy 5 girl 8) and they are the epitome of an American dream and they lost everything. Please pray and think on this but not only would you be helping a WELL DESERVED FAMILY BUT think about the positive press this would give your corporation. This is a fantastic way to bless a customer and also bless your corporation with positive press during this rough time. These two adults have been “front lines”, either during military service, or during covid….. they deserve to be blessed when so much “bad” has happened after Christmas. Thank you for reading this and God Bless!
    Elizabeth Melton

  31. Good day! I have an idea that I would like to share with Sony. I was super impressed with the Pokémon phenomenon. My idea, Santas rocket, is seasonal so I hope it would be as successful. I have published the book but like many beginners I need help to move forward. I’d be so grateful if Sony would take this idea, and create a fresh market and also change the Christmas experience. Please contact me as I would love to start on this and as every beginner I really need assistance from someone with Sony’s know how. My emails are ecxxxxxx and emmbxxxxxx
    My phone+1-210-334-xxxx
    Thank you!
    have a Happy New Year!
    And I humbly ask you to please join me in trying to change the world, to make it a healthier, happier place to live, love and laugh! 🪅🚀🪅

  32. Hello Sir,
    Can Sony build for me a custom mirrorless camera?
    Only body. Manual focusing.
    With 43 mgp. or 50 mgp sensor. Only the base need for landscape photography.
    No video.
    How much it will cost?
    Miladin Patarinski

  33. It is so frustrating to have purchased a product and can not receive assistance. We purchased a ps4 in March and went to use it this week and it’s telling us that we need a code for 2 step verification by text. Well we have yet to receive a code and can’t get any assistance from anyone from your company. We have reached out via phone, Twitter etc and no help. We have several others with pa5 that need help and no one is available to help. Unbelievable

  34. The lack of availability for the ps5 for loyal customers is extremely frustrating. I have owned 10 playstations starting with the original. I have always been loyal never swapping to Xbox, which at this point is becoming a very real possibility. I chatted through PlayStation help to get any contact information for Sony’s office of the president to which they would not provide, then ended chat, and does not allow me to chat “since I’ve already chatted”. My complaint is for loyal customers of literally 20 years, gets no advance on trying to get a ps5. I spend a large amount through your ps store and want to spend more. The issue is I’ve been trying to get a ps5 since the first day of preorder from any retailer possible. Which has not been successful. Meanwhile you have scalpers and bots racking up 20-30-100 ps5’s while I sit over here just trying to get 1. Again this is to voice my displeasure with the release, and the fact loyalty means absolutely nothing to you as a company. I will await any type of response, but moral of the story is you are about to lose a customer for the entirety of any new product you come out with, I know 1 customer big whoop, but if I go so do multiple others (so you aren’t just losing 1 customer). I want to give you my money, just take it and give me a ps5. Also your PlayStation store que is bull crap, doesn’t matter how on point I am it’s always an hour wait and after 30 minutes they are all sold out. I can be contacted at Philip.ropxxxx or 256585xxxx.

  35. Your customer support is terrible. We managed to purchase our 13 yr old a PS5 as his Xmas gift. For last 3 days since Christmas we have been unable to install it. Its basically ruined his Xmas, as you can imagine he was very excited to be able play it. We have spoken to someone who has told us we need to pack the PS5 up and take it to the post office and wait 12 weeks!!!! What a disgrace. Sony are the only company that requires this of its customers. You should be offering to replace it immediately and pick up the PS5 that isnt working!!! You have not even offered any compensation. The onus is on us entirely. We have spent 3 days waiting and wanting for your support, only to be told there is no one available. Surely this is the busiest time of your year?? How can you not have you phones manned and ready to support. It is an outrage considering the money we have spent on your products it makes me feel sick.
    I want to know what you are going to do.about it??
    I have zero expectation as you are a monopoly and seemingly do not care….I would not recommend
    Sony. I’m going to send this to your President and CEO they should be ashamed.
    My number is

  36. hi, im a disabled veteran and was wondering if you guys offer any assistance , i see theirs and application which i did but i wanted to explain better, due to covid & due to my husbands loss of work, we lost everything and even moved states.We had to give up all furniture & are slowly rebuilding, we moved due to no job for him and better health care in which i have a spinal surgeon appointment on the 30th. afer begging the va for years, i have all documents. An organization is helping me with an adjustable bed portion. So now im looking for any gaming console or computer to help my recovery for the spinal fusion.i find out the 30th if its with screws or a replacement.  i was told if i dont have the surgery with any whip lash or fall i can beccome quadrapladeric. &  have all documents. i would like to donate my time somehow while im bed ridden as well as engage with other veterans. i know resources are limited, so i understand if you cant. I wanted to personally reach out,
     thank u for your time
    happy holidays

  37. Please help me get a PlayStation 5! I am 60 and my husband is 66. I have tried at Walmart. I could have one there twice. One store had them in stock and wouldn’t sell it until the next day. Another store had them and I heard they sold them to there employees. I was on Best Buy yesterday had one in cart and went to check out it took it out of cart and said sold out. Also tried Walmart online. I was in que at PlayStation direct and didn’t get one. I know a lot of people is having the same problem but this year has been very bad for everyone and I family has had other things happen. I know the people that has got them sell them for over 1000.00dollars. I cannot afford to do that. Please help!

  38. Yes its straight BS I can’t get a PS5 for my daughter for Christmas cause you can’t find them anywhere in Delaware and that really really needs to change asap


  40. How do you allow Walmart to sell Ps5 console for $1500 or more? How is this possible? How do you allow stores to sell Ps5 to autobots? You in control. Why normal people cannot buy Ps5 for their kids for Christmas? I have been shopping for this for the last two months and cannot buy it anywhere because the moment they show online they will be sold in 3 seconds. How company like you cannot control this? It should be illegal to sell it like this. I understand there is a shortage because of the holidays but it is because all the greedy scammers have the chance to buy first. This is not fair!

    1. You are absolutely correct with your statement. There should be a law and ebay should suspended each and every scalper who tries to sell these Ps5s on their site for more than the regular price that they sell for($499/$399).

  41. As a parent iam annoyed and do t
    Understand why the problem has not been fixed a box for the general public can buy the PS5 not just scalpers this needs to be fixed immediately because it is getting to a point of ridiculous have no respect for your company

  42. For Sony CEO & Management: Your total lack of competence is so obvious when looking at the launch of Playstation 5. There are no units to be bought. If you new you were unable to deliver you should have delayed the launch date, that would have been better received by the market. How hard can it be. With millions of others. Deeply disappointed! X box it is.

  43. I’m a concerned consumer and parent of a child who owns a PS4. On Thanksgiving DAY, my son PS4 account was abruptly suspended. Surprisingly he’s NOT been on PS4 for a month, because of a bullying situation by other boys and me being disrespected by the same boys using vulgar language towards myself, and saying horrible things. When I REPORTED the incident to Sony NOTHING was done. His account is frequently getting hacked and again Sony minimize the complaint. However now for without ANY reason his account was suspended, while playing with his “friend” some boys joined the chat, called them “cheaters” and his account gets suspended. I watch the situation play out. Now NO ONE responds, account is suspended for 30days. As I conducted research and
    did my own investigation this practice seems to be trending at Sony/PS. Where these disobedient kids don’t like to loose or what to regulate the game, and when the other party doesn’t comply, the trouble- makers submit FALSE claims, and accounts are being suspended for 7, 10 or 30days. The Federal Trade Commission is aware of these situations with Sony and the “unfair” guidelines put in placed. It was recommended that I reached out to Sony first. This practice is appalling to say the least. I’m my son’s advocate, and am requesting his account be restored, or authorities have also recommended to have the so call investigation information submitted by Sony, regarding my son’s account subpoena. I can understand one glitch on my son’s account but continuously hacking,someone using his email, now him being blamed for something I know he didn’t do will not continue.

  44. Hello. I just wanted to share my disappointment with the releasing and selling online which allows people to set up servers that somehow are able to either break in to the systems and Jack a way to order preorder day a day early and so they swiped them all up- happened in amazon. Or else they create a computer program that literally prob gets into your system and is able to purchase ps5s, multiples at a time in computerized second. So then all that is left for the moms and dads that really want to get and give theses beloved kids their top Christmas gift. As parents of school aged kids during covid. Yes you wanted tear your hair out, lots of bickering and back and forths, but at the end of the day you are just so darn happy your child made it through another successful remote day. Watching our happy healthy typically active children withdraw from everyone and everything because that’s what isolation means to him and his family. Only allowed to see kids that were friends with their parents once we started seeing people again. But that was after 4 months of never leaving the house. One of the things that kept my son OK was having the ability to play on PlayStation while still talking and virtually interacting all while in their own homes. So I thank you for that I truly do. But what happens when these lonely boys dealing therapy are trying to get better ask for a ps5 for Christmas. You try your hardest to do that, you check Sony, amazon, target, Walmart, you risk your self a heart attack when Walmart announces release at 3pm ET on Thursday. Yeah that’s fun, they fool you. Keep it in your cart but don’t let you finish the whole checkout process. All said and done, sorry sold out! We had premium membership through Sony my son has some programs and we are enrolled but never got any opportunities to pre- order anything. Which is a bummer bc it’s the preorders, computer programs that sell Walmart’s 3pm stash in 9 minutes, and all the other hackers who you then are selling them for $1320.00! Outrageous. No blame here At all, just wanted to share some of my diss appoinments and reason why I wish there was a special system of releasing these new ps5s. These kids have had it tough. No one deserves these more then the kids from 4th-6th grade levels that’s my opinion and I’m just hoping it will be read by the right person and maybe I’ll have a lucky day?

  45. I am trying to reach corporate. Due to the Covid I lost my job and we have lost some very important people in our life. My son’s major Christmas wish is to get a PlayStation 5. At this time I cannot afford it. I am hoping for a Christmas miracle. Please bless us with a PlayStation 5.

  46. Are there going to be anymore ps5 before Christmas? That is all my son wants and can’t get one. I really don’t wanna see him disappointed for Christmas

  47. Very disturbed about the release of PS5 on the thirteen of Nov. First there was no conservation given to the fact that it was a school day for children and it would be difficult for them or their parent to try and order your merchandise over the internet or in person. I have seven nephews who tried to order all day long without any success.. Then you make the statement that if they missed out they can go to site like eBay, etc. Can you imagine how much that would cost. The next release is Black Friday and only a limited supply will be released, a another disaster for young people. And then they are told if they don’t get it then, it will be 2021 before they might get it. It’s Christmas time! I can’t understand why, starting now, a sufficient amount can’t be put in stores for the public to buy. Internet shows a person with a car load of PS5 from Friday’s sale, where do you think he/she will sell them from. Thanks for listen.

    1. Those people with the “car load of Ps5s” are probably the scalpers who buy them in bulk and sell them on eBay for double, triple the original price. It’s sad and disgusting to see. I went to Ebay just to see what they were selling for. Ridiculous prices. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  48. I am so disappointed in the farce of obtaining a ps5 console and the way in which this product is being held back by dispersing a little at a time. Sony used to be my favorite

  49. Seems a little upsetting that celebs and youtubers/Streamers get your products such as the PS5 for free sent to them from your corporation. Its the regular folks (like myself) that actually have to pay the full price for the console that support your company. I for one feel robbed as I have supported the sony franchise especially for gaming ever since I was a kid and received my firs original playstation. I will probably never get a reply to this complaint but I figured I would atleast voice something.

    Thanks and best to your company

  50. Wit all the sadness inn2020, why would you not make enough PlayStations for all the children who wanted to buy it? All the demand made the websites crash. Everything is sold out. My two boys who have lost so much already due to this pandemic, looked forward to nov 12 for months. That’s all they talked about and it made them smile. It made me happy to see after so many tears. We live in NY. Schools have been shut down again. My boys can’t play the sports they love with their friends. All they asked for was this game, and you purposely didn’t make enough for the children who looked forward to it. I don’t understand why. More games sold, means more money for you doesn’t it? Now, I guess we can add this to our list of disappointments of 2020. Sincerely,
    A sad mom and her boys

    1. I feel your pain Ms Mallon. My son is an adult with special needs and he was so excited when he found out about the Ps5. He has been playing his Ps4 faithfully for years. I thank God that it has held up over the years. I am a simple woman with limited income but I put the money aside just for this new console. But the scalpers are the ones who are depleting the stores Ps5 stock. They use “bots”(computer programs) to lay in wait for the consoles to hit online stores and then they buy them up even before the page finishes loading. They buy them 2,3,4,5+ at a time and then sell them on eBay for double, triple the price. And people have been buying them from these scalpers. It’s ridiculous and disgusting that they do that. And if people wouldn’t buy them from these greedy scalpers, and they lose money, they would stop and people like myself and you as well as others, would be able to get one for our children. I pray that you got to get one for your boys. Please keep us in prayer that I can get one for mine.

  51. Just wanted to let them know I along with several others have decided we won’t be purchasing a PS5 . .why you might ask? Bc it’s sickening that you’ve made it all digital unless your able to charge excessive amounts for a console that plays games. I’ve bought a console regularly n upgraded playing along with “the next best” . .well your forcing customers to purchase the most expensive simply to have hard disk copies of games is shit!

    So it ends at PS4 for me as I’m sure is the case for many others.

    We are in a covid pandemic where the economy is impacted and your forcing people to shell out excessive amounts of $$ or get a digital where they can be hacked loosing everything with no hard copy. Really!?!

    Extremely disappointed. .

    So think it’s important to share this with a company I have faithfully followed, purchased and believed in. .that now will end here with PS4. .keep your digital 5 and extorted upgrade console of 599.99 no one can really afford!

    Your company has turned into shit congrats!!

  52. To whom it may consider,
    Im Mithiren from Singapore, would like to highlight on lacking and incompetency of customer service rendered. I had reported my sony bravia tv fault issue. However it been a terrible day cause no one answered the call almost 2 days. Than i had tried WhatsApp to communicate. I received a reply and assurance there will be a technical assistance provided by 12 noon on next day. Due to this i had applied leave to facilitate them, but no one turn up and no one reponded to customer service contact number and whats apps service. After a numerous attempt the customer agent told me its their miscommunication and she cant help with it. When i requested to talk to higher authority there were no one was present. As a sony customer even after warranty expires, im still looking for sony assistance as there was believe on the services. With current motion i totally lost hope on way sony doing thing to assist own customer. Its totally shattered the trust on SONY. I would provide more detailed photos or chat evidence if required too.


  53. Hi,
    I purchased LED TV Sony Brand 49″ from Saudi Arabia, Lulu Hyper Super market on June 2019 and I sent that TV to nepal accordingly. Now there is scratches (Appear Liner in the Middle of the TV Screen) in the Screen. I contacted to Nepal Sony TV Dealer but they are not ready to replace the screen free of cost even though the TV has 2 Years Warranty. I need SONY TV to repair or replace the TV free of cost.

    Awaiting your feedback please.

  54. Please I want to confirm if a message I received from Mr. Yoshida the CEO awarding me the sum of $2.5 fo covis19 global relieve is genuine or not.

  55. This is really not a complaint more of a comment. I truly wish that the play station five pre order was held differently. I really wanted to get one for my son. This was the only thing he wanted for Christmas. I was all set to have people help me pre order one and they were gone. I did finally get one in my cart from best buy but their system froze and I could not cash out. My son for over.a year and a half since his father died had been there to help me with everything so I wanted to do something really special for him. If you have any idea when they will be sold I would love to know so I can try to get one for him.thank you have a wonderful day

    1. I feel your pain. I have been trying to get one for my son. He is a special needs adult and he really never asks for anything, but he truly wants the Ps5. Regular people like myself can’t compete with the scalpers who are using “bots” to lay in wait for the stores to restock and they then buy them in bulk and sell them on eBay for $1000s. It’s disgusting. The really sad part though is that Sony really doesn’t care as long as they get the money. It doesn’t matter how they get it. Something needs to be put in place to stop or at least even the playing field for us Regular people. I pray that you did get to get one for your son. Please keep me in prayer that I can get one for my son.


  57. My son’s Playstation account was hacked on July 4th. I have been trying to reach out to Sony since that time, but there is currently no phone support available. When I attempted to use the “chat” service, the response was they could not help me due to security concerns and I was immediately disconnected. I sent an email but was told to use the website chat tool, despite the fact I explained my previous unsuccessful attempts. At this point I am at a loss as to what to do. I have purchased a great number of games for my son through his account, which he now cannot access. Also the hacker purchased 2 games on the account before I reached out to my credit card company to remedy that situation. Your assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated!!

  58. have sony headphones bought long ago but just took out of box yesterda: hooked them up and commenced charging. After 4-hrs. of charging phone on left side worked but one on right-side diden’t . What u suppose is the problem. Have been using an identical pair for two-yrs. and they work fine

  59. No complaint . Trying to find out where I can get my Sony Digital
    Still Camera Repaired. It is a Cyber-shot DSC-S45 That I have had
    for a few years and just love it. I do not have a cell phone so we
    rely on this camera when needed. We live in Kent Washington

  60. I have a complaint about your customer service. I think there is definite room for improvement. I had to wait a long time on old to get through on the customer support phone number.

  61. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

  62. Bukhari Khan
    Flat No. 502, 5th Floor
    MVV Esteem, Above.MORE Dept. Stores,
    Chinna Waltair
    Visakhapatnam – 530 017

    Ph: 91-891-27 45 803
    Mob :0 90 520 2 99 11

    Dt: 31-01-2019

    Mr. Kazuo Hirai
    Chairman, Sony Corporation Head Quarters,
    Sony City, Minato, Tokyo,
    J A P A N.

    Respected Sir / s.


    Sub: Sony Music System
    Model Ref: MHCGN 999 DS / CE12
    Sl. No. 6101894 – – Date of Purchase: 25.04.2007
    Dealer: Balaji Enterprises, Dondaparthy Road, Dwarka Nagar,
    Visakhapatam-530016, Andhra Pradesh.

    I the undersigned, Bukhari Khan from Visakhapatnam, of State Andhra Pradesh from India failing from all fronts of possible help, finally wish to bring the following few lines to your kind notice and consideration please.
    That, Having great trust and reliance on the products of SONY which is a well known and internationally renowned brand, I have purchased a SONY Music system in the year 2007 from your dealer mentioned in the subject, for my then newly acquired house which was inaugurated in May., 2007., with my hard earned money, which was saved for this purpose.
    Soon after a month of Purchase, the trauma of my life has started, making me run from pillar to post from 2007 to till Date.
    As the above mentioned Brand New system started giving trouble after trouble just after one month of purchase and when contacted the dealer, they simply washed off their hands, asking us to contact the Service Centre – M/s. Sudha Electronics and they have no responsibility once the sale is made.
    These Service engineers (M/s. Sudha Electronics) were initially not ready to accept saying that, since it is just one month old set/system, we have every right to claim for a replacement but then., the total story of the Dealer was quite different and would not entertain us at all.
    However after lot of persuasion and requests, M/s. Sudha Electronics , very reluctantly took the system for repairs and kept with them for more than 2 months and after continuous follow up and insistence, they returned the system to us saying it has been repaired.

    Just after four days, of the repairs done on the system, the problems persisted as the repairs done was not satisfactory and the problem of Jamming of CDs was still continuing, and we had to make another complaint to the Service Centre.

    This time the system was kept with them for more than 06 months on the pretext that the spares were not available with them., and the spares has to come from Singapore and etc., however the repair could not be completed , though the fact was that, they did not have an experienced service engineer to rectify the problem in the first place., but still they insisted that the unit/system can be taken away as the problems is solved as per them.
    It was only for a few days., and the same trouble started appearing time and again and when tried to contact them, they would not respond. However we have taken the system once again to M/s. Sudha Electronics , who were not even ready to accept the complaint., but when told to them that we would not hesitate to approach the consumer court – they have accepted the same reluctantly.
    Then simultaneously we started corresponding with your (SONY) Indian representative and Regional In charge of Sony India, Ms. Sharon Maria., on a regular basis, over number of mails (of which copies are given below) for your kind perusal sir.
    But the problem was never taken seriously nor any efforts were made to satisfy an unhappy customer.
    Sir, its been more than 12 long years of now , But honestly I could never use my new music system to my hearts’ content even for a few months.
    The above music system is still lying unrepaired and unattended in the junk yard of M/s. Sudha Electronics for all these 12 long years without any responsibility.
    Sir, Failing from all avenues, and persuasions, now all I could do is, turn out to you for your kind help/understanding and rightful compensation in regards to my naive decision of making a choice for a SONY Product.
    Sir, I agree that there was a considerable delay in my complaint bringing to the notice of you all, but for all genuine reasons, that my father was terminally ill and at the same time there was death in our family and I could not spare any time for this purpose – and for no fault of mine I have been tortured and traumatized for 12 long years. If my case is not heard in its true perspective even at your level of involvement, I have no other option sir.
    I only hope that, at least one of you would understand my agony and the trauma undergone by me and my family and do justice please.
    Awaiting your action and kind consideration please.
    Thanks and regards

    Ph. 00-91-9052029911
    E mail: [email protected]

  63. Dear Sir

    1. Ever since my childhood I had been given the impression that Sony products although expensive are a lifetime buy and nothing matches the products.

    2. Under the same impression, I purchased a Sony LCD TV Model no. KDL – 43W950C on 31/10/15 after saving money for few months, being a pensioner with limited source of income as I thought would be a quality assured product “(Discover a wide range of high quality products from Sony and the technology behind them)” and entail no recurrent costs.

    3. However, the TV had stopped functioning properly and the visiting service engineer (Complaint no 52178246) told that the panel has become defective and would cost 30,000 Rs. I feel cheated and misguided by your company regarding the quality of the product and also the service provided by your help centres and do not go well with the needs and services to the common man.
    4. I assumed Sony would stand behind its product and be honest in accepting the fault in the product but instead a hefty amount is asked for repair and a similar large amount for replacement after writing to customer relations officer — North.

    It seems like a very big mistake of buying Sony products paying for a machine that cost your entire savings and the services that are even more expensive with the reply that we are not responsible of any electronic products going wrong anytime. It seems these products are no different from cheap Chinese products available in markets atleast they being honest in not taking long term guarantee or of quality assurance.

    I am taking up the matter with you to treat matter sympathetically and let the honest reputation of company be held.
    Raj Rani
    House no 2144 Sec 50 C
    PEPSU society
    Chandigarh, India

  64. Kind attn. : Mr. Sunil Nayyar
    Managing Director
    Sony India Pvt Ltd,
    Mohan Nagar, New Delhi

    Dear Sir,

    I am thankful to Ms. Vrushali Salvi for reply.

    Please take a minute to go through my previous mail, it will help you to know about the problem. Also see the picture of TV set (taken on 10-Nov-2018),attached with mail, in ON condition, by technician of M/s Active Techno Care, Indore. The same picture would have been uploaded in job sheet, by them. In picture, clearly seen 4 small white dots (of a few millimeters) are pixels glowing. They are not physical scratch on screen.

    I am a mechanical engineer working in R& D institute of atomic energy for last 25 years and I assure you that the dots are due to continuously glowing pixels, which appears, when TV set is in ON condition. They disappear when TV set is switched off. This infers that there is no hard scratch on TV screen but an internal pixels problem.

    It is very unfortunate that Mr. Nilesh Garg, Incharge, Sony, Indore has lied to you and probably do not possesses basic qualifications, required for a customer care engineer.

    Further, I request you to kindly send some other person (of M/s Sony, M/s Active Techno Care, Indore or M/s B. K. Enterprises, Indore) to cross verify the actual problem.

    My experience is with Sony is certainly painful. If you do not listen to your customer’s genuine claim that may dilute your brand.

    Your intervention is requested and reply is awaited.


    Vivek Kumar Srivastava,
    D-24/6, RRCAT Colony, Indore, 9406652994 / 9406621171

    On 18-11-2018 11:59, SonyCare wrote:

    Subject: Service of BRAVIA Television Model No: KD-43X8200E bearing
    serial no: 8007888 purchased on 28th Sept 2017.

    Dear Mr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava,

    Greetings from Sony India!

    Thank you for patronizing Sony products.

    This is in reference to your telecommunication with Mr.
    Venkatasubramanian Branch Service Incharge- Indore in regard to your
    BRAVIA Television Model KD-43X8200E bearing Serial no: 8007888.

    This also refers to the email reply sent to you by Mr. Arshad Ahmed
    – Customer Relation Officer – West dated on 16th Nov 2018 in this

    We have received your service request at our Authorized Service Centre
    M/s. Active Techno Care, vide Job no: J82922637 for Symptom: Scratches
    on the Display screen. Upon inspection of the product by our
    engineer, it was found that the display panel has been physically
    damage (deep Scratches) due to external cause.

    As we mentioned in our Warranty Terms and Conditions, this service is
    not covered under Warranty even if product remains within warranty
    period. Warranty will be Void. The service becomes chargeable.

    Service estimate of Rs. 29,747/- for Display Panel has been already
    communicated to you by our Authorized service center M/s. Active
    Techno Care.

    We once again request you to approve the estimate so that we can carry
    out with the necessary services in your set.

    Kindly let us know your decision as we shall keep this service request
    open till then.

    We regret that we are unable to comply with your request to service
    your product free of cost as the same is damage due to external cause.
    We solicit your kind understanding in this regard.

    Thanking you and assuring you the best of our service support always.

    Warm Regards,

    Sony India Pvt Limited

    Vrushali Salvi
    Customer Relation Officer – West.

    Scientific Officer/F
    Superconducting Cavities Manufacturing Section, SCDD
    Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore, 452013

  65. I always thought Sony sell exceptional products. We have had many over the years. I am 83 years old. In April 2018, I purchased an LG from Best Buy. I decided I would rather a Sony because of Sony’s excellent reputation. I exchanged the LG for a Sony on April 21, 2018. (Best Buy) In August 2018 I began have distorted pictures, which made it difficult to watch programs. I contacted Sony because the TV has a one year warranty. That was almost a week ago. I have called many times. It seem I have to jump through hoops to have my problem addressed. Needless to say, I am very disappointed with Sony and will never again purchase a Sony product. I will report my situation and spread the word and advise anyone to stay away from Sony products.

  66. Dear Mr Imamura,

    I hope this email finds you well.

    I am writing to you to express my deepest regret in purchasing Sony products due to quality issues. Firstly with the quality of the Sony Xperia XZ2 I purchased in April this year from a Broadway, a licenses dealership of Sony products in Hong Kong. This was my 5th Sony Xperia I have purchased over the years and previously I was somewhat happy with the quality and functionality of the phones however they did always seem to break just outside the warranty period. Due to the price and hassle of having Sony products fixed or repaired it always seemed like the best option to purchase a new unit to take advantage of the warranty on new features of the phone.

    As previously mentioned, I purchased a phone in the month of April 2018 from Broadway, not more than 2 months later during a business trip I was at the airport getting ready to fly from Cyprus to Greece to meet with a business partner for a meeting. While checking in my phone turned itself off without warning, I was trying to check into my flight and needed to provide the ticket reference number to the flight attendant however could not due to the phone not turning back on. I tried to turn the phone back on however it began turning itself on and off without loading into the menu. The handset proceeded to turn itself on and off several times and while doing so became hotter and hotter to the point of almost burning my leg. At this point I had to take the phone out of my pocket as the temperature was not bearable. Once out of my pocket the phone continued to turn itself on and off and at the same time get hotter and hotter to the point it was untouchable by hand. I almost missed my flight due to this as I could not stand at the counter with my phone burning my hand and needed to place it down.

    My phone never turned back on and I arrived in Greece and could not find my business partner as I could not contact them. As you can imagine this whole episode was extremely inconvenient and completely frustrating and caused a great deal of personal stress. I then had to purchase another phone while in Greece to use as my Sony handset would not charge nor turn on.

    When returning back to China, the country I currently live and work I retrieved my receipt as I knew I would need this for the warranty. I then proceeded to have my assistant contact Sony “customer service” to find out where the nearest service center was. She replied that I was in luck and there was a Sony service center in Zhongshan, Guangdong which is the city I live in. That weekend I drove to the repair center with my Sony in box and with the receipt to have my phone repaired only to find when I arrived that this is no longer a service center of Sony and had not been for over a month! This now adding to my stress and frustration I have my assistant contact Sony again to find out what is going one. My assistant is then told that due to me purchasing the phone in HK I am required to send it back to a Sony repair center in Hong Kong as that is where I purchased the phone.

    I then had my assistant contact the service center to find out the process and address of sending my phone to be repaired. They instructed her to send the IMEI number to the service center first to verify the phone was bought in Hk prior to sending us the address of the service center. My assistant then sent the IMEI number to the service center, only to receive an email 3 days later telling her she needs to send the IMEI number and photos of the receipt to the service center to verify that the phone was purchased in Hong Kong. This adding to my frustration and stress due to being without my work phone this whole time and still not having the information available to send the phone back to be repaired. I then had to call the “customer service” hotline again to find out the address to have my handset sent to for repair.

    Once receiving the address finally we arrange the handset to be sent to the Hong Kong service center in Kowloon for repair. Days later I get an email saying the phone had been repaired and to arrange a courier to come and pick the phone up. We called the same courier that dropped it off (SF) and they then informed us they could not deliver second hand phones from Hong Kong to China. I contacted the service center number again to inform them of this only to be told “this is not our problem, it is your responsibility to arrange the courier of the phone”. I then contacted “customer service” to inform them of this to which they replied by quoting the email they sent telling me it is my responsibility to arrange the courier. I explained that while I understood that, it was impossible for me to get them to send the phone back to China due to it being second hand. When doing so we provided the courier company with all the details as per the email provided by Sony “customer service” so that the phone could be picked up. We then receive a call saying that the courier tried to pick up the phone but the service center would not release it.

    I then tried to arrange a courier to pick the phone up and deliver it to a local address in Hong Kong so I could arrange another means of getting the phone back to China as I have colleagues coming to China soon. I contacted several express companies including SF, DHL and fedex to find out they could not receive and either print out or forward the email to their delivery drivers to go and pick up the phone. No courier company I contacted were able to adhere to the terms as per the email from Sony.

    I then call again to inform customer service of this to which they respond “other customers can do it”. I let them know that this cannot be the only case of this happening and I have tried everything I can to get the phone picked up however the courier companies cannot give their drivers the email either in hard or soft copy therefore I cannot arrange the pick-up of the handset.

    I can’t such a large corporation like Sony would train their staff to pass the blame and not to help customers. All the staff have tried to do is pass the blame to me saying they emailed me to say it is my responsibility to arrange couriers. Rather than trying to help or assist me all they did was defer my questions and keep quoting the email that was sent. They never once tried to assist or help me with my problems and it is completely disappointing that it seems this is the way they are trained. I come from a hospitality background previously and have never experienced such poor customer service. Especially when it was caused by the product I purchased being faulty. The phone that I bought in good faith thinking would for longer than a couple of months especially still under warranty.

    Due to this pain and suffering and lack of customer support from your company, I am now forced to seek legal advice to compensate me for the pain and suffering I have gone through as no other solution has been offered and no support has been given to fix the situation I am in. I am completely let down by Sony and based on the lack of service and poor quality of the Sony product I have bought I will endeavor never to purchase Sony or Sony related products ever again. I am disgusted at the way your staff treat their customers and the complete lack of support and after sales service provided.

    I have had to write this email to you and your colleagues as I am at a loss and complete disbelief of the situation and what I can do to solve it.


  67. I would like to inform you that I put your Sony TV in the grave yard and replace it with SAMSUNG TV>

    I’m lost trust in your company and in your product range> Never ever recommend it to any of my family member nor friends.

    Have a nice day.

    Good bye

    Fathalla Ramadan

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Fathalla Ramadan [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Monday, November 20, 2017 3:54 PM
    To: ‘Sony Middle East General Enquiry’
    Subject: RE: Thank you for contacting Sony Contact Centre [ ref:_00D90XxjZ._500901gk7S2:ref ]
    Importance: High

    Dear Sir,

    Hope that you are fine. I did not hear from you since then and I’m looking forward for your response to take a quick action with my TV if its current problem is not fixable due to lake of spare parts.

    Appreciate your fast response.



  69. I sent a tracked and recorded letter to Sony at Minatu-Ku on 02/05/18.The UK mail service has confirmed that the letter was delivered,tracking RNxxxxxxxxxGB but I have had no reply.Please advise.

  70. I bought a Sony television on May 19th, 2018 from Best Buy. After we brought it home, it was a trainwreck. The instructions were horrible so we struggled to get it set up. Unfortunately it had a manufacturing defect affecting the audio which never worked. Since your tech support department was closed, I had to settle for chat. I was connected to Naomi. She was amazing!!!!!! She did everything possible to resolve the problem and I learned a lot from her efforts. She was like a bulldog…she just didn’t want to give up! However, she could not get around the defect and had to let me know that. Naomi was outstanding and I want this communication to get to her Supervisor/Manager so that she will get proper credit for her outstanding effort. I see her as a shining star in a world (customer service professionals) at times shrouded in darkness. If you would like me to describe her efforts you can reach me at (310) 874-1912 in Los Angeles. Thank you.

  71. Sony Cybershot RX1RII is basically defective. The battery is shorting out when it is off and the battery life is unacceptable. When asking a Sony Rep. in NW about a fix , he was very rude and evasive. I’m a Pro and Know my equipment. This feels like I wasted $3000.00 that I do not have.
    I will spread the word in my community of photographers.
    I’ve worked for Leica and my wife worked for Nikon, this is not the way they work, they make a design mistake and they fix it or at least replace the unit.
    Sony will not even admit it. Consumer electronics attitude. It even has the worst Carl Zeiss lens I’ve ever used..barrel distortion.

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