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Sprint Nextel Corporation Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
6200 Sprint Pkwy.
Overland Park, KS
Company Contact
Daniel Hesse
President CEO and Director
Phone Number
(800) 829-0965
Employee Count
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What is Sprint’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Sprint’s Headquarters phone number is: 1800-829-0965.


What is Sprint’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Sprint’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-888-211-4727.

The Sprint phone number for new customers is: 1-855-315-5420.


How do I Contact Sprint Customer Support?

Call the support number above or via:

Sprint Live Chat (Available 24/7).

Sprint’s Customer Service email address is: [email protected].
Sprint’s executive email contacts is: e[email protected] (for executive correspondence only).

Sprint’ Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Sprint on Social Media:

Sprint on Twitter: @SprintCare

Sprint on Facebook Messenger: www.facebook.com/sprint


Sprint Executive Team.

Sprint’s management team consists of:

Marcelo Claure – Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Masayoshi Son – Chairman of the Board
Michel Combes – President, Chief Financial Officer, Director
Ronald Fisher – Vice Chairman of the Board
Kevin Crull – President – Omnichannel Sales
Brandon Draper – President – Sprint Prepaid Group
Nestor Cano – Chief Operating Officer
Jorge Gracia – Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer
Roger Sole Rafols – Chief Marketing Officer
Paul Schieber – Controller
Yuriko Ishihara – Chief Strategy Officer
Guenther Ottendorfer – Chief Operating Officer – Technology
Gordon Bethune – Independent Director
Patrick Doyle – Independent Director
Julius Genachowski – Independent Director
Michael Mullen – Independent Director
Sara Tucker – Independent Director


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153 Reviews and Complaints for Sprint Headquarters

  1. I have been attempting to resolve an billing issue since January of this year, I am made hours and hour of phone calls only to be promised a call ‘tomorrow’ never to receive one. I AM owed money for overpaying and today when I called to check the status I was informed that my account had been forwarded to a COLLECTION AGENCY! In the decades of years that I have been a Sprint customer I have NEVER been late with a payment and now because of an issue YOU can not get straight I am sent to a collection agency. I called AGAIN to correct the situation and spent over 2 hours on the phone, I asked for a supervisor and was placed on hold and then transferred to the collection agency. I need someone in upper management to contact me ASAP so that this issue can be resolved. It is ridiculous that I am owed money and have been promised a resolution, with NO follow up on your part and now I was turned over to a collection agency, I WANT THIS RESOLVED.

  2. Hello my name is Chantel Harris an I’m very unsatisfied with boost mobile I bought my phone January 26,2022 an February 28,2022 my phone was stolen an March 31,2022 I paid my bill an the $20 for my replacement phone I got it April first an after I received my phone on April 1st they wouldn’t activate my replacement phone on the 7th of April I was trying to call boost mobile an the phone was saying no sim card an I opened my sim tray that sim card had been stolen an then I called it took them a week to send me another sim card during all this time someone set the sim card up from another device an I’m like how is that an when it was in my phone they wouldn’t activate it an they took me through all these questions to give me my pin an I really have a problem with buying a phone an when I call someone the phone says someone else name an I’m pissed because my phone went off an I’m in the ebb program an it says there open 24 hrs an none ever answer or when they do they hang up in your face an I believe it was April the 21st before I can get my phone activated I’m in the ebb program that I qualified for an this phone got to be in someone else name so my phone is off an I need my phone an same number that I paid for in my name an for. Me to use

  3. I am getting nowhere!! I sent back a tracking device January of last year.. still being charged for the safe and sound subscription.. called to get reimbursed.. but no luck.. I don’t understand how they figured I need that when I don’t have the device..

  4. I had identity theft done to me over 10 years ago I had no sprint service you want me to pay over 800 dollars when I never had sprint I will ge a attorney

  5. I had sprint phone service for a few years, but changed to Spectrum to package other services. I made a 911 all on February 27, 2021, I think prior to 4:00pm; however, it seems as if law enforcement has instructed Sprint to refuse to give me the time and duration of this 911 call that was not listed on my bill. I finanally after ten calls was connected to your legal department and was told they only speak to law enforcement and hung the phone up on me. Why would spint withhold information about calls on a bill I paid? I creditically need this information for legal matters. I request that someone returne my call at a management level that can legally explain how my own call information is not accessible to me. I made the call from my phone, and I find this confussing. I have a justifiable reason to need this information and this is my information on a service I paid to have. my name is Wendy Dugan my phone number is 817-908-3805. I am a female in the state of Texas and need this information to prove the Arlington Texas Police Department change the time of arrest, the location of arrest to create probable cause to arrest me that was only achieved by changing these two bits of information as well as other information. Your company is keeping exculpatory evidence which will prove the police had no probable cause to arrest me. Why does the district attorney and Arlington police officers have to lie to create probable cause to justify an arrest if the was true probable cause. Unfortunately, we not longer live in a society where police officers tell the truth. Unfortunately, even those in place to protect us do not do that. There are several reasons the State of Texas is malicously prosecutting me and falsely arresting me. Everyone attempt to cover up their own mistakes with lies. October 28. 2020, I was dragged out of my home put in four point restraints on two occassions as I was taken to a crowded county mental health ED in Fort Worth Texas. I am a two time cancer and chemotherapy survivor before vaccines were available. I am the receipient of a bone marrow transplant and they put my life as great risk. They almost killed me with excessive force by constricting my lungs, and then dragged me to a crowded envirnorment ignoring the fact I requested to be taken, per Texas law to a smaller hospital near my home. The police officer ignored me, and they dragged me off again February 27, 2021, again with no probable cause or vaid reason. I should be able to call my attorney; however, she is siding with the District attorney. Yes. The Fourth Amendment protects cell phone location records because of their comprehensive and private nature, even though they are collected and held by the phone company. The Government must ordinarily obtain a warrant before acquiring the records.Jun 22, 2018. Sprint you are violating my United States Constitutional Right and apparently released or are withholding this information with no warrant for the information by property law enforcement or judicial Texas courts.

  6. Good morning,
    I have 5 lines and have had service with sprint since ce June of 2020. This has been the most horrific service ever!! Every month there is an issue. My pin number is 246824. My promotion ended and I spoke with a young lady who said she saw where I constantly call in yo give my interaction number to receive credit because the previous representative messed up my account by changing g my services. I have to Interaction numbers because I was supposed to have tidal, Hulu and Amazon prime for free but out of the blue, I started getting charged!! So I had to call back every month to get credits added. I asked the last representative if I could change my plan. He said yes and it would make my bill 15 dollars lower a month. I currently pay 198 for my 5 lines. I checked my bill and it said I owed 38 dollars, I found that to be strange. Then I got an email stating I owe 404 dollars this month!! I paid off 2 phones last month and purchased a new Samsung. The last representative told me that she could get my bill down to 330 but that’s all she could do. This makes no sense. Do I need to contact the BBB or a lawyer? I’m given different information every time I call. I paid for services that I never had. All i want is for my bill to go to 200. The only phone service that should have been changed on the last call was the phone ending in 3779. That phone was to have premium service. The last representative before the rude lady i spoke with last night assured me that he would follow up with me on the 8th. I received no call!! Every other phone on the account t should have basic service. I spend 2-3 hours on the phone with your company at least twice a month. I ask to speak with a supervisor and it’s always a hassle. DO NOT DEBIT MY ACCOUNT AT THE END OF THE MONTH. I WILL SUE YOU. I am willing to have a conversation on how to get this resolved. Feel free to call me. 917 870-3779. My name is kimetra McCray and my address is 43 Marbledale Rd Tuckahoe NY 10707. Please review the account in its entirety before you call. I have repeated myself for almost 2 years. I only got the service because I was guaranteed that I would not have to pay more than 200 a month and now I feel as if I am being robbed of my time and my money!! Not to mention I was told that I would have to pay for all of the phones if I cancel my service. How? When 3 of the phones are paid off already!!

    Thank you in advance,
    Kimetra McCray

  7. So … long story short , my home was robbed , the stole an iPhone 11 Pro Max that I’m still paying for … and have insurance !! I get the phone back today from the sheriffs department, bring it to a T-Mobile retailer to trade in on a new iPhone 13 and was told I couldn’t ! It’s broken !! I have insurance !! I was told no by the store , I was told no by customer service… guess what ?? After being a client for 20 years , how do you think I feel right now ? I got friggen ROBBED !! I don’t want this phone !! Looks like Att wants to give me a new 13 FREE !! They don’t even want this phone as a trade in !! Why doesn’t anyone take the time to understand ??

  8. I have had terrible customer service over the last few days..I have been told that after 10 years of service I now have to pay a ridiculous amount to get a new phone even though i hsve purchased several phone on the payment plan.I am being forced to go to another company over a trival cost. Very sad

  9. I have been a customer for over 20 years. I called today and was in the phone for one hour and half and was disconnected. I called back spoke to 2 different reps and was advised differently. I need to change my plan and looking to get promotion I called about the first time for the 3 numbers on the account. I asked to speak to a manager/supervisor and waited another 30-40 min to be told they were busy. I would like a call back from a manager or I will take my business elsewhere and switch carriers on all 3 numbers. I can be reached at xxx-391-xxxx. That is nit the number the account is associated with. The account the number is associated with is 914-490-xxxx

  10. My son, Adam Koenig, is in the Navy and was shipped out to Bahrain. This happened on June 1, 2021. On May 28, 2021 Adam called Sprint to inquire about getting an international line. Sprint stated that the international line was a $10/month charge. Adam accepted the additional charges and went to Bahrain. On the morning of June 02, 2021 I received an automatic text from Sprint stating that we had ~$200 in roaming charges. I called Sprint and they stated that Bahrain is not included in the international plan. I asked Sprint to disable the roaming feature and was assured the charges would be reversed and the roaming charges would stop. Upon getting two more Sprint text and calling two more times, the charges totaled ~$600. I was assured the charges would be reversed. (I have the texts from my AP chat with Sprint) Upon receiving and auto paying my bill, the charges were not reversed. I have been on the phone with Sprint and the Chats for over six hours and no one can help me. I have been a Sprint customer for many years, and I am finding the customer support to be inadequate. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Following are the I numbers:

  11. Since i am being forced to get a new phone by your company. Since my phone does not offer 5g. Being a long time member you should be offering me deals or a discount since it is not fair to the consumer.

  12. We have been sprint customers for 12yrs and we are looking at other options because when we were told to upgrade our phones and change over to Tmobile we got the run around and the customer service was very cold to say the least I have never had an issue with sprint in the past but I am very disappointed with the coming change

  13. I was told that you are going out of business, since you have merged with T Mobile, is this the reason I’ve been having so much trouble paying my bill?

  14. My bill is just too expensive. There has to be a way to lower it. May have to switch to another carrier.

  15. HELLO. I am beyond annoyed, frustrated and aggravated with the customer service I’ve recieved in the past two days. Nobody helps me and I just get transferred from person to person. The chat features get disconnected even with the chat being sent to me via email. My blood pressure has went up from all this confusion. I’m so amazed at the nobody understands how to transfer a line. And my repeating of the situation to each rep is too much They don’t even bother to read. I need someone to contact me asap!

  16. 5/15/2021 I switched from Sprint to T mobile
    3/18/2021 I called Sprint to verify my account was closed
    4/5/2021 Sprint took $252.61 from my bank account
    5/6/2021 Sprint took $249.50 from my bank account
    5/17/2021 Sprint took $19.08 from my bank account
    6/5/2021 Sprint took $233.17 from my bank account
    6/21/2021 I noticed my bank account was still being charged by Sprint, I called about the issue Reference # 67302417686254132
    I am owed an amount of $754.36 I have reached out several times and asked to speak with management on numerous occasions and been told they will call me back now several times and I have still not received that phone call.
    When I called this last time she offered me $102, then $204.00 and finally $ 233.17, this is NOWHERE close to the $754.36 I am owed!

  17. I have tried all day to upgrade my phone since as of Jan 1, 22 my current phone will no longer work. Every attempt ended in a dead end and a lot of frustration and disgust. Since it’s obvious that you don’t want to upgrade my phone I’ll just use the phone I have until it no longer works then I will drop my cell coverage.

  18. Please kindly check your records thoroughly,Joan gobourne has made several payment to the stores in brooklyn,inspite the fact that the first phone order I was trying to ask a question about my first bill but. Was rudely forced out of the store in a very cruel manner in 20 18, however instead of filling a law suite I paid what they said I had owed them, two weeks before covid I went to tell another store my story and they told me they could give me a better deal, they gave me a new phone for no money down and told me there was a free phone with it, and that the bill would be due the following month,when I went back they were gone from Jay street and not knowing where they were ,I çalled up and went to the flatbush location to make three payments. Before those payments I went to Fourth Street on the 4 line of which I made one payment and turn in. the first phone. So you see I did every thing to save my good name because I am not at fault here I have most of my receipts to show,sir I am a sick person and your çompany has been adding to my pains.do something,now please because I am honestly not responsibly for any more bills.thanks for reading

  19. I would like to have someone contact me regarding your customer service preferably if I can get in contact with Michael Combes

  20. Why does this carrier suck? Why don’t you care about your customers? Have a problem now for 6 months. Been on the phone again for last 3 days. No help no supervisor no nothing. Taking my money but not helping me. Why is Sprint/Tmobile such crooks?

    I’ve been getting an increasing amount of spam email coming through as text with no way to block them. Make this stop.

  22. Just want to say goodbye ! My security is important to me and so is my privacy. You have turned this service into something I really do not care for. For one, just recently you took upon yourselves to add restrictions on what I can look up on the internet… as in “weapons” but only includes guns not knives or fists or even automobiles , of which many people are killed when they are used as weapons, and lets talk texting and driving, or anything to do with a phone while you are driving ! And you want to pull this stunt ?. Maybe you should read history, or maybe our constitution, the second amendment. Now I can not access my account from my home computer. Nice ! Also If 5g is part of infrastructure package now, that means I am already paying for service on towers through tax dollars. I wander how that is going to play out ! Oh unless there is another reason you are doing this type of business with the leaders of this democracy ? Oh that’s right.. we live in a Republic.. Don’t we ? I would think very carefully about what you are participating in. I suppose you are just another ignorant by choice person and or company that only cares about your own self and not at all about providing a good service to us citizens of this United corporations (states) of america. I hope one day people wake up !! I’m over this crap. To whomever is reading this, please make sure this message gets passed on up the chain of command. Thank you, Dan Molden

  23. On June 15 I called in to cancel my husbands line of service because he no longer needs a cell due to work providing one. I was told my payout was $102 to buy out his lease and end the contract. I obliged and paid and I check my bill today and not only was the line not cancelled, it was still being charged! The phone is inoperable, damaged beyond repair- NO ONE CAN OR HAD BEEN USING IT!!! I am disgusted because I had to pay $186 to cancel the service(his line) when I was told previously that the $102 ended the contract. I’ve been a loyal customer since 2001! This is unacceptable and I deserve a credit to my account or something because I was punished for the negligence of their employee!! They also had a note on my account to contact family affairs, saying my husband was deceased!! I am one step away from ending my existing account and proceeding with a new company.

  24. I have not been able to use my phone properly since May 30,2021 which was the day I had the tmobile sim card put into my phone. I have been to the Tmobil store 5-6 times ( diffrent stores), all attempts unsuccesfful. I have spoken to customer service rep- no representative was able to help me. I have been told by store rep” customer service has to help with your problem” and customer rep has tols be they have no clue what i’m talking about and are unable to assist me. I have been a customer for over 15 years and this merge has cause me to want to end my contract. I have not been reimbursed for the month I have been unable to use my phone, I have not received quality customer service assistance> i am angry and fustrated everytime I think about this issue and even more upset and angry after being a loyal customer no seems to have answers to my problem. At this point I will never recommend tmobil/spirnt whatever your name is to ANYONE!!! Your service and customer service is bad!!! You have lost a customer.

  25. I’ve been a sprint customer for decades. Yesterday I tried to replace my phone. Instead sprint charged me $75.00 for nothing and CANCELED MY LINE. I need the lne restored now. 707-758-xxxx

  26. Hello I would like a refund for the mislead from your customer service representative. When my phone contract was up I call and spoke to a customer service rep. I need to pay for my phone in order for me to keep my phone. Instead of completing the transaction, I was told it will be add to my next phone bills and I’m all set. I was not aware of the return kit charge to my bills until next month I saw the phone bills n call in and found out the hard way. The customer rep. Told me because of the lease contract expired they were not able to revert it per her consultation with her supervisor, they will charge $300 on my phone for May billing cycle and once I paid it off I should be able to keep my phone. To this day I been told different story through sprint chat and live customer service. All I’m asking is for my for the return kit refund charge in the April billing cycle and my $300 I paid for Mays billing before I turn the phone back to Sprint. I have never had this much of a problem with a cell carrier before and am totally unsatisfied.

  27. I am going through a literal nightmare with sprint. I don’t understand how you guys can repeatedly admit that you messed up, but then proceed to punish me for it, making me pay for the screw up. I need to talk to someone who cares and can actually help, not just tell me your sorry for the inconvenience. Please help me cause I am feeling defeated.

  28. I called in to order a pizza and this isnt the first time I have had this problem with the same employee. She just does not want ro do her job. It is Sunday June 20, 2021 at 11:39 now and everytime she works she does not want to make pizza . Corporate has already advised me they have to make pizza 24/7. She iscalwsys full of excuses as to why she will not make it. I do not harrass her in any way. She don’t like me because I tell her straight up i am going to contact corporate about this problem at the New Sprint in Appling, Ga (1325)

  29. I have a call recorder on my phone I would like to turn some of these messages into a text for the judge to read who do I contact to get this done

  30. We just wanted to upgrade our 8+ IPhone and a Black Friday deal got us to take that step. Since that time, I have spent hours monthly (both at the TMobile Store, live chats, and phone calls to Sprint Customer Service repeating my purchasing frustrations over, and over, and over again as my calls got dropped, on line chats got dropped, put on hold for long periods of time, return call appointments coming much later in the day than promised, and (this was with a manager). Then she did not only have an answer for me, but she made another appointment to call the next day and NEVER called back. Each time these appointments caused us to change plans and hang around the house waiting for the promised calls. Our frustrations kept growing. We were given a couple credits to appease us but the matter remains unremedied. We were promised a monthly credit of $13.84….a special rebate offer running on our new 12 Pro Max IPhone. We have been loyal customers for many years trading up several times and NEVER have we been treated this poorly. I know $13.84 is not much but for a couple of social security earning seniors, every penny counts. We have an e-mail sent to us on December 16, 2020 confirming our purchase and monthly credit of $13.84. No one seems able to remedy our problem. Can you please get this settled now. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

  31. On 6/5/21 Sprint blocked my tel # from the network, claiming that the phone, an Apple 8+, was stolen. Since I have had the phone since 6/2/2019 I know it hasn’t been stolen. I have made numerous calls to customer service and received no help, just told their is nothing they can do. I need help. Please have someone call 731 420 xxxx – Thanks

  32. Hello. We are a background screening company looking to complete an employment verification on a former employee. We have tried to make contact with the store and HR, but have been unable to reach anyone. Can you advise who can assist with this request? Thanks!

    Ref# 28065989

  33. An online associate named Sharon B. wrote me in the chat saying, “You are not our only valued customer & Sprint can afford to lose your business” last evening among other unprofessional & disrespectful comments. I asked for a supervisor & was transferred to Joyce B. who initially responded. She appeared concerned & asked about the incident. She entirely stopped responding. I wrote “hello” several times & told her I took snapshots of the conversations. Still no response. I have been a customer before Nextel merged with Sprint. Customer service seems to be getting worse. I was also disconnected & bounced around for technical support over 2 hours last evening as well. I expect better. A lot better. I am truly disappointed at the unprofessionalism, disrespect, & lack of knowledge being given varying information as well.

  34. Purchased a new stylo LG6 a month ago. For some reason I dont get the notification on my phone when i receive a voicemail, I’ve contacte multiple times customer service/tech support. Now one up to this point has been helping they all tell me the same thing its the SIM card or your phone is not compatible. I have a total of six SIM cards here at home not sure why they sent them after one rep said the T mobile is not going to work with your sprint account. Each rep Ive talked to tells me also the same thing the notification was off on our end? Im like your the the 3rd rep who tells me this and says that previous 2 reps apparently turn it on. Ive been a loyal customer with SPRINT 11 YEARS, i paid full price for 2 Lg Stylo 6 phones and Im very disappointed that no one can resolve this issue.

  35. Been on the phone for over 30 min attempting to get our account number and unlock our phones, and have been getting a complete runaround from one of your reps, claiming our phones aren’t paid off( which have been) trying to pull up rewards to dodge doing what we ask, and overall being completely uncooperative. Completely unprofessional.

  36. I’ve spent a total of 5 hours in stores, online customer support and on the phone. I purchased a phone I can’t get reception on. I canceled the phone and sold it. Now the person who purchased the phone can’t access the phone to set it up in their name.


  38. Sprint withdrew $1192.40 from my bank account through “auto pay” AFTER I returned all 5 phone devices and closes my account with them on April 12, 2021. I have called customer service for nearly 6 weeks trying to get my money returned. I am very ANGRY, FRUSTRATED, and SICK about this entire ordeal. I was a loyal Sprint customer since 2005. Never would I have imagined being treated this way. I am now preparing to take this to the next level. I have spoken with more than 6 different agents and 6 weeks later I still have not had my $1192.40 returned to me.

  39. My service is the worse service I have ever had. I drop more calls now than 20 years ago. I have call to get help many times and I get sent from one person to another. I spend too much of my time trying to get y’all to fix my service. I got so tired of trying to get it fix that I stop calling. I see ads about how good the service is yet no one can fix my service. Therefore I am paying for something I am not getting. my number is 601-347-xxxx

  40. I received a text mssg stating that my lease payments do not lower my cost to own my phone. When I went to the T-Mobile store on 83rd street and Astoria Blvd in New York City the representative treat me very badly, talked down to me, refused to help me with this problem and demanded that I go find another store.

    Can someone help me?

    My number is 917-687 xxxx

    Thank you

  41. Have been on the phone with your company from 3:30-8:35pm on May 28th, trying to update phones. I have been with Sorint for 8 years When I went to IPhone and flex lease I have not had to pay for and up front fee. I have had it spread throughput my bill never up front. These phones that I have since you are forcing people to upgrade to the 5G don’t work they don’t find networks, they drop calls don’t allow calls through. They get stuck on different screens. I have never been treat so poorly with this company in my life, I have special needs kids that need there phone and this is a hot mess that needs to be fix’s to keep a customer.

  42. Sprint agents have MISINFORMED me from the beginning of my plan. They have charged me twice to activate it. Now they refuse to unlock my phone . I have paid the phone inful and my balance was 0000 twice. They still won’t UNLOCK MY PHONE

  43. Good morning. I have been a loyal Sprint customer since 2017. In 2018 I signed up for the Sprint loyalty program through love my credit union. I was to receive $50 per line per year. I have two lines that I was getting that reward on. Anyway over the last several months I have been in contact with Sprint chat and customer service and I was assured that’s even though the program had been eliminated for new customers people that were enrolled in the program would still receive that bonus. After 2 months of being told that I was going to receive that bonus I was finally told that I am not going to get it. If I would have been told right off the bat that I was no longer eligible I could have accepted that but I was lied to bye several of your customer service people and to me that is unacceptable. I have all the chat logs saved of your customer service people telling me that I was going to receive that $100 bonus. I am on Social Security disability and that $100 may not mean anything to you but that’s a week’s worth of groceries to me. It’s a shame when you sign up for being a loyal customer and you continue to be a loyal customer that you get screwed that way and lied to. If you want to look up the chat my phone number is 814-844-xxxx. My email address is
    bobmelchxxxx @gmail.com. I’m sure you have the technology to look up past chats using those two things. It is no longer about the money it’s the principle of the thing. If I don’t pay my bill you shut me off and I feel like I should receive the same in return and believe me if I didn’t have phones I was paying for I would shut you off right away I’m so angry about being lied to. I don’t expect anything to come of this I just wanted somebody higher up than a supervisor to hear my story. I guarantee you in 18 months when my phones are paid off I am gone because you do not show loyalty to your customers!

  44. This company is messing with the wrong person. I paid my last bill and returned their phone. now telling me the phone was damaged . I sent it in your packaging . Place a Carrier claim.When I sent the phone back it was in good working condition. I am not be responsible for the carrier made me send the phone to you. I HAVE CALLED SEVERAL TIMES TO CLEAR THIS UP AND NOW THEY SENT ME TO COLLECTION. AFTER THEY SAID IT WAS ALL READY TAKEN CARE OF. Sad I need to get legal help for a few hundred dollars. but since they will not fix this issue they leave me no choice. You are messing with my credit scores now I’M ANGRY I have no other choice . but to Blast this on social media and start legal action.

  45. I am a customer since 1999. I have been attempting to remove a device that I am being billed for that was turned into a store with no success. I spent 4 hours on 5/2/21 and another 2+ hours today. At that time I also asked for the IPad plan to be removed from my account that was not done. Sebastian employee ID I2094567767 was the original representative. The representative today said it can be done retroactive to my request because there are no notes. This is my problem, WHY? Because people can not do their jobs is not the customers fault!!!! I need to speak with someone of authority. Representative like this are ruining you. I am a very unhappy customer!!!

  46. I was told by Sprint representatives that I need to replace all my phones due to the conversion to 5G which is a lie. Once I got the phones and tried to activate it I was told I will also have to change plans to use the phones. I was told by multiple representatives that my phone plans would not change. Sprint is trying to make pay for more data, which we don’t use. We have 8 gigs of data now and less than 1 gig is used on all seven phones combined. Five of the phones plans have data block on them and three of the phones plans use less than 125 minutes a month consistently even though we pay for unlimited minutes. I have been with Sprint for 25 years and because FCC allowed Sprint to merge with T-Mobile, they are now forcing us to us to pay for data that we don’t need and buy phones we don’t need. I have been around and around with Sprint since April 8th, 2021, not allow me to talk with management and Sprint investigating for weeks.

  47. The Sprint/moblie company open. A. Cellphones on my information with out my appover. You need to get the cellphone account out of myinformayion or you will go to jail for good and pay my 5. Billions dollars and im on the street and I’m homeless for a long time

  48. I am in the process of filing a complaint against your company with the IURC and the Attorney General.
    After being a customer for 22 years, I decided to conduct business with a different utility service because I was paying $238.00 per month for service with Sprint (Your utility). I was contacted by another carrier (Xfinity) who offered me the same service for $135.00 per month. A few weeks ago, I contacted Sprint (Your Company) to inform you about the rate cut. However, you refused to do anything to meet their price, so I decided to transfer to another service carrier. My understanding is that porting has been around for at least two decades and is supposed to be a seamless process? When I spoke with my new carrier about porting my line over, they told me that my phone was activated however, I needed to talk to Sprint (You) because my phone has been locked. So, I contacted a member of Sprint and was told that it would take anywhere between 6 to 48 hours to unlock my line. This timeframe is totally unacceptable! I tried to explain that I need service because I have a business and that it is crucial that I have phone service. I also have an elderly mother, who has dementia, and needs to be able to get in touch with me on the only number that she knows. I also have a son that is a senior in college, and this is an essential time for him to be able to contact me as well. Not to mention my business clients who will not been able to reach me during this lockout period. As a loyal customer for 22 years, I should not have been treated this way. Sprint (Your company) deliberately disconnected my service and therefor locked me out of my phone, out of spite and it was very unprofessional and inappropriate! Therefore, I’m asking for loss business compensation as well as inconvenience compensation. As I mentioned previously, this should have been a seamless process and I am very disappointed that your company unscrupulously mishandled my port. Throughout the process, I explained to them that I use my phone for vital business purposes as well as for personal services and for Sprint to treat me this way is unacceptable! I hope that you’ll be required to compensate me for the inconveniences that I have experienced. Hopefully you will reconsider your approach going forward so that they will not treat the next customer in this manner, particularly a loyal customer of 22 years!
    Thank you in advance for your time.
    Jill T. Hendricks

  49. I. Won’t the Sprint company to pay me 5billiona dollars for open a sprint a account in my name with out my appover sir

  50. My 12 yrolds can run circles around your Sprint TMobile Clint retention department ..2 years no progress on my case 75 logged hours..Im spending the week on Every media platform available in all languages to annihilate and expose the incompetence & outright criminal behavior practiced by all at Sprint…shameful…Im emabarrased to tell people how ignorant i am because im with Sorint.maybe Tmobile will save ur ass..6 yrs of bullshit..75 hours or more on the phone documented

  51. I am asking for help from someone at Sprint Corporation.
    I have a serious issue to address and I am highly upset. I need to talk with an executive manager of Sprint. Someone that cares about a long time loyal customer of Sprint. My number is 540 836 xxxx.
    Thank you

    Faith Polaro

  52. Something is way wrong with my bill every month it’s higher and higher. So who’s stealing my hard earn money. My bills are not or should not be this way or amount. Something is way off. I want real help not some. Fake, lying representatives always, saying what they not doing. I’m being robbed and lying to every month. This is not right.

  53. Your company has the worst customer service!First, a supervisor told me I was paying way too much for too long! It took days to make sure it was correctI I was trying to swap my phone they couldn’t figure it out.sales people not calling back in the middle of a transaction!I wanted the best deal and they claimed 1/2 off. Every person had a different deal, I have been on the phone and Twitter for weeks for hours and hours each day . I keep having to repeat myself over and over, no notes,no communication,promised things that were incorrect after. My phone was supposed to be brand new…it came broken. They are trying to tell me it’s ok to have a broken phone for weeks now. They lied,did not cal back and when they did neither of us could hear each other.Dropping calls. Adding things to my account saying they were free for inconvenience Demeaning supervisor who said,”Do you understand me? This is why no one wants to talk to you!” I have been told 72 hours 2xs and 3-8 days. Not happening! I’m getting really upset that I still have this phone. They are trying to get out of it as well.

  54. Good Morning,

    My name is Samantha Reed, a long time customer and I am very DISSATISFIED.

    I have been utterly traumatized with the customer care I’ve received. If you check my recent history you will see that I have spent countless hours on the phone with the customer care team to resolve an issue with the phone lease.

    I finally got resolution on upgrading to the IPhone 12 Pro Max. During the call the representative offered me a Samsung Galaxy watch. I specifically asked would it be compatible with the IPhone, he assured me that it would be. For two days I’ve been trying to sync the watch to the IPHone to discover during the Sprint chat that it is not possible.

    I have boxed the watch back up to return but i asked if I could get the compatible Apple Watch. I was told for a fee….I DO NOT understand if I can get a Samsung offered for FREE and just pay the monthly fee and insurance then why would I be asked to pay to the replacement considering my inconvenience.

    After the trauma this weekend with customer care I was prepared to LEAVE sprint and not to T-Mobile. It is 0200 in the morning and i am drafting this grievance because customer cares inability to resolve my issue before dropping the chat….. I’ve been communicating with the sprint chat then they end the chat before we conclude the transaction.

    Customer care is lacking….from the length of time it takes to resolve an issuer, to getting an available manager, too keeping me on hold for an extended period of time to then be disconnected and routed to another representative and have to explain the whole process over again.

    This is totally unacceptable.

    I need to return the Samsung watch, please provide guidance on how I go about doing that. Unfortunately, I just entered a two year contract on two phones otherwise Sprint would be less one customer which may not be important other than the fact that I have been a loyal customer since 2008. ….

    Hopefully, my veterans plan hasn’t been deleted in the process.

    I can be contacted at (912) 373-xxxx
    Samantha Reed

    1. I was a loyal customer for over 14 years, I dealt with drooped calls, poor reception, rising bills until last September when I became feed up. I left sprint and went with another carrier. Sprint continued to send me bills and charge me for services I no longer have with them. They charged me for a phone that I returned to them, they are still charging me for 2 lines that they were supposed to have canceled back in September. I received a e mail for a $ 41.00 bill due May 27, 2021. I have chatted on line with them. I’ve talked to them on the phone and have not resolved the issue to this date. I guess the only recourse I have is to sue them and bring the agent from the carrier I purchased my new service with to court along with their records to testify on my behalf. This is how you get treated for being loyal.

  55. I sent 2 complaint emails requesting help with acccout and no reply…. from sprint and corporate…terrible service. …no follow up. Many issues as of late. Including a phone I never received. I was told to file a police report. I called 4 times wanting help, I was transferred over and over just for help and got none. I spent 4 and 5 hours each. My bill is crazy and wanted clarity but again no help and no care from yall. I work at retail place for 21yrs and customer service should be #1.

  56. Trying to cancel phones without the pin is a nightmare and getting told by customer service to go to a store during covid, and then doing so and getting told by the store to call customer service and then calling customer service and getting told to go back to a store is rediculous. I have written a snail mail letter and sent it to the Eldorado Hills CA address – cancelling these phones. I will not pay another bill, past the end date of April 29, 2021 – the date of this email. Even though I have been trying to cancel these phones since the 19th. I have a copy of the snailmail letter I sent and I will be sending it to the corporate address as well as to the email addresses I have found for corporate. I’ll see if I can copy paste them in here. To Whom it May Concern,
    I called your customer service department at 12:20pm today asking to have 2 numbers removed from my account. The numbers (810)-580-xxxx and (586)-864-xxxx belonged to my sister and my mother,
    both of whom are now deceased. I spoke to a representative in Oklahoma named Vicky (or Vicki).
    Even though I called from my phone 586-864-xxxx and gave her one of the other two numbers, she said I would have to go to a Sprint store to do this because:
    1. I did not have a 6-10 digit verification code
    2. The security question answer would not work for her (Lyons Road – for grew up on street)
    3. She had an old email address (Hotmail) which I have not used in close to 20 years.

    I get that you are doing “security” to protect accounts. However, during this pandemic, you would think a company such as Sprint/T-mobile would have a way of accommodating their customers. I told Vicki that I have had this account for over 20 years (started as Nextel) and that, in the past, to update my phone I would take it to a Sprint store. I also told her, when she asked for a code (password – whatever you call it) that I did not recall ever creating one, nor do I remember giving an answer for any security questions – ever.

    So, since none of this mattered, and she did not ask for my account number or address – which I presume should have at least a little authority to prove I am me – I am immediately cancelling all 3 cell phones. I am including a copy of my last bill – including the date of payment, ck number and notes from my phone conversation with Vicky.

    I expect you to cancel all three phones immediately upon receipt of this letter. I know that the billing period began April 2nd – but I will NOT PAY FOR THE FULL MONTH given the lack of cooperation from your company.

    I will find another company on-line and do my business with them.


    Anna M. Bissett

    See addendum:

    Addendum: I have not had a response from corporate in regard to the above letter. Therefore, to try to get this resolved:

    On April 29th at approximately 2:30 pm I went to a t-mobile store (sprint) – I explained the situation and that I was told by Vicky that I had to go to a store to have them cancel. Even though Covid is running high, I am over 50 and have underlying conditions – I went to a store. The person I spoke with said they couldn’t help me, I had to call customer service. I said – customer service told me to come here. I was going to call customer service from the store and he told me I couldn’t. I went home and called customer service where 4 different people told me they can’t cancel these phones without the stupid 20 year old – I have no idea what it is – pin. They also said that they could not get the street I grew up on to work – so I had to go BACK to a store to cancel – so they could update my pin. I told them I had no intention of going back to the store so that they could tell me to call customer service – and round and round and round.

    Therefore, as I stated on the 19th, I will pay the April bill through today – April 29th. I will not pay another bill after that date, since you cannot authenticate that I am me. The phones in question have had the batteries and sim cards removed. The phone number (810)-580-xxxx has not been used in over a year because it belon-ed to my sister, who died of cancer last year. The phone number 586-864-xxxx has been barely used over the last year because it belonged to my 90 year old mother who passed away in March. My phone 586-864-xxxx has been used – but will not be used after this date. My mother’s phone was used to call customer service at around 2:30 today and will not be used again.

    Any future bills you try to send will be returned to you with CANCELLED written across them.

    Again, you cannot tell me there is not another way these phones could have been cancelled.


  58. I have tried to get a phone after mine has been damaged but it has been impossible because I have no device to get the 4 digit passcode. I have spent many hours and I have been without a phone for 1 year. I thought it would be easier once I got back to the states. Very very frustrating. So how can I resolve this issue. The only other solution is change companies. Please give me your kind assistance in this matter. Yesterday I was on the phone for 1 1/2 hours I thought I had a phone ordered only to get all the information but saying it wasn’t an order.😳😬 Now what is the solution.

  59. I left T-Mobile for Sprint, due to poor quality of service from T-Mobile. Now with your merger with T-Mobile, I find myself with the same poor quality. Texting is now very difficult. Dropped calls also an issue.

  60. Good Day, I have been trying to upgrade my phone for (2) days now. I have had issue after issue. Reps promising to call back, Supervisors promise to call back and no one ever does. This has been the most horrible experience ever with your company. I want to take all (6) lines and leave, but you will hold me to my contracts. so therefore we have to stay. Please have someone from your Corporate Offices to reach out to me. Just now, I called the Rep had me on hold and the call disconnected (why)

  61. I have canceled the line ending in 4726 back in November. I am still getting billed despite hours of conversations with numerous representatives and supervisors who each time assure me the problem is resolved. I want this resolved immediately or I will be adding sprint for all of the time and frustration I’ve spent over the past 6 months

  62. I am holding Sprint accountable for violating my rights as a United States Creditor also in violation after Sprint received and signed for an Legal Affidavit from Consumer and Customer Joetta Beauford Palmer. You have continued to harass and violate me eventhough I have proof that you received Affidavit as well as other legal documents. You are violating the Constitution which I hold as Security Agreement in a court of law.

  63. Several years ago our church was with T-Mobile. We left because one of your associates added her relative to our account which I was paying for. So we left T-Mobile and went to Sprint where we have stayed for several years. Everything was fine until Sprint and T-Mobile merged.Then things went from bad to worse. To make a long story short about 1 1/2 years ago I went into the Niagara Falls Blvd store because I wanted to pay off the phones I had on our church account and I needed to purchase 2 phones. My goal was to dramatically decrease our monthly bill. My husband, who is the pastor, and I spoke to a person who identified himself as the manager. He went into our account and said he did whatever needed to be done, We paid for all of the phones as he directed, and he assured us that our bill would decrease. Well, it didn’t. In fact it went up! So I called the manager who gave me some off the cuff explanation. He said,”Just pay this bill and it will go down in the next billing cycle.” Like a fool I believed him and did as he instructed. The next month the bill went up again. Again I called him and got another explanation. I told him I wasn’t paying the bill and he told me the phones would be shut off until everything was straightened out. These are our church phones and I couldn’t have them shutoff so, again I paid the bill with the promise the billing would be straightened out. He also told me he would give me a credit “for our inconvenience.” Well, the next bill was increased again. By now the total increase was over $100.00 per month. I had covid-19 at the time. I called the manager and told him I would come to the store,covid and all, if he didn’t straighten out this mess immediately. Of course he replied,”Oh no! Don’t come here! I’ll get it straight!” The following day the “manager” had someone else call me with the same story.”Just pay this bill and we’ll work on it.” I had had enough! I told him to close our account immediately and I opened an account at another company. Up to this point I had paid everything off with Sprint-T-Mobile. But, when I tried to open my new account I was told I had to pay Sprint over $151.00 before I could open my new account. Furious I went immediately to Sprint-T-Mobile, paid the $151.00. I went back to my new company and still had hoops to jump through to open my new account because of the mess with Sprint-T-Mobile. But, thank God, it finally got done. Now I received another bill. I am not paying another penny to Sprint-T-Mobile! Yesterday, I received another bill for this month! You’ve got to be kidding! I AM NOT PAYING ANOTHER PENNY TO SPRINT-T-MOBILE FOR ANYTHING! I don’t owe you anything! In fact,I have overpaid you as it is! Your company has reneged on every promise made to me and my church. It’s over!

  64. I bought a phone though sprint on their over priced flex lease. The phone is less then a year old and now they say I have to buy a new phone because the brand new one I just bought from SPRINT is not compatible? They refused to make it right. The phone is a smart phone and fully paid off. I got hung up on a few times, terrible. I am going to switch. How is it my fault you all sold me a phone that no longer workers after merging! This is wrong.

  65. We have been with sprint for over 5 years now and ever since sprint merged with t mobile I constantly get dropped calls. Can’t even make phone calls at my house because it doesn’t work. Being a working mother of two I need a phone that’s reliable and this is not what we are getting anymore!! We upgraded our phones to see if that would work and it didn’t. Now I called to see if we could cancel our services and since it has been past the 14 days (which we weren’t told about) we were told there was nothing that they could do for us. We either have to stay with this horrible service or pay off the phones completely which mine you Who can afford to pay off these expensive phones during a damn pandemic?? Let’s keep it real. So now we have to stay with T-Mobile or sprint whatever you guys are calling it now a days for phones that we can’t even use!!!! I am so frustrated with you guys right now. For being a “valued customer” I don’t feel valued at all. I feel like all these years we have stayed with sprint have been a waste!! I will never recommend anyone to you guys and will continue to let people know how you really treat your customers!

  66. March 25, 2021
    Sheila Lett
    xxxx Emma Street Apt. C
    Jurupa Valley, CA 91752

    Sprint / T-Mobile
    6200 Sprint Pkwy
    Overland, Park, KS 66251

    Re: Account 13687xxxx
    Cancelation of phone and number
    Today I have talked to nine representatives about the mistake made to my phone. Ben, Douglass, Dee Dee, Destiney, Alex, Julissa, Chris, Valentina K, Serafina S. I was in the process of porting my
    951-334-xxxx number to Consumer Cellular. This number belongs to the Samsung S8. It was not under contract, but I was being charged $70.00. Seventy dollars for an old phone that T-Mobile will not give me a chip/SIM Card for.

    The best decision for me was to remove it off the account. Your team could not help me. Instead, they continued to transfer me for one person to another being on the for over 2 hours and counting. I want my original 951-662-xxxx restored to my Samsung Galaxy S10+ Note and 951-334-xxxx restored back to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

    This is crazy. I have been a loyal customer since 2011 which makes it exactly 10 years of the 2/21/21.
    This is how you treat me now that you have merged?

  67. God please don’t sell sprint it hard to see t mobile I was shot for standing up for sprint y’all are the only ones to help and left up for good

  68. I’ve been a customer for 10 years plus and having trouble with my shake phone on my new device.. calling sprint they tried to make me pay additional money because I purchased it in a store..I will be leaving sprint tomorrow as a customer did to this get a refund for my money and go somewhere else for service

  69. you guys have a employee that that is telling false information saying they are regional director and is entering accounts without account holder available. I need a response ASAP or I am moving forward in a different direction.

  70. i have tried to in touch with customer service regarding service, upgrades and business plan. All customer service representatives are over seas dont speak English and dont know the plans that are available. when asked to speak with a call center in the US, im told by 10 different representatives that there are NONE and to speak with a representative in the US i must travel to a store. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

  71. I have been billed wrong every month. I have spent up to 2 hours a month on the phone with your people to fix it. Your reps are rude and don’t care. I was told if I want to go to another company pay off my phones and go…

  72. I’m having a difficult time with getting someone on the phone about my complaint 30+ minute wait . I have a concern about my recent purchase. My contact number is 804-919-xxxx.

  73. Dear Dan,
    I am a long time customer of Sprint and just recently I have received some poor customer service through your company.
    Back in February I noticed my bill jump up a lot from the previous month, so I contacted Sprint on the chat line and they explained to me that my promotion ended and that my price would increase (as it did). I asked if there were any other promotions and they helped me find another promotion and explained to me that my total price would actually be less than my first promotion. I said great and said sign me up. Then today I received my bill and it was not fixed (it was actually more than when the first promotion ended).
    I contacted sprint chat again and after three hours of telling me to wait patiently they came to the conclusion that they could not help me and explained to me that they were not allowed to give me their supervisors email address so I could contact them.
    Here is my Sprint Chat Transcript Id from the original chat session explaining that they would get me on the new promotion and how the price would be less than my original promotion.Chat ID: -615209280519010xxxx

    I am not asking for the world, just that they would honor what they said they would..

  74. On hold for a hr wanted to talk to sprint billing was given the wrong number called again on hold again called ceo office said name they couldn’t hear me or didn’t know the name I was saying this is bull crap

  75. I visited the store in Peachtree City and reset my password and email account. I called the spirit hotline to give them the password and was told that my password had not changed. The could not authenticate my account and told me there was nothing they could do, to go to the store to fix it. Well apparently this is still not working because I am still not able to get into my account. I am pay for an iPad that never dropped off and was told by the store that it should be paid in full. It is hard to believe that in this day systems are not set up to pull information from each other.

  76. Out company has been with Sprint for many, many years. I have a phone line under the company but since your selling to T Mobile I can no longer use my phone except the 2 days I work since T Mobile will not be covering my home area anymore. You refuse to give me a T Mobile card since we are a business account and so now that I have to move to a new company due to your company ownership change and the area you will not cover you are charging me $160 to cancel my contract. When I purchased the phone you where still Sprint and I had great service now due to no fault of my own I can no longer use my phone 90 % of the time and you are pentalizing me to port out so I can finally use my phone with a different company after 3 months. This is definetly a black eye for Sprint/T Mobile and you should be ashamed of the customer care you are giving me. Phone # 352’/361-xxxx


  78. I want to take a moment to thank and commend Vince, Interaction #: I2070034850 for his thoughtfulness and help. He went way above and beyond helping me get my parents account reset when my father passed away. He is a shining example of what customer service is supposed to be. What is sad, is the first representative I spoke with was not a good experience. That representative did not seem to want to take the time to help me. Keep up the great work Vince!

  79. I have been trying for three days to receive a kit and make final payment on a lease agreement. Keep getting the run around.

  80. I had an a terrible experience w/ Sprint that last 2 days, several chats, 5 hour calls which include 25 min wait times per call (9 total) before a resolution was made. Your training system isn’t universal because each agent followed a different script. I was disconnected several times which is part of the reason for so many calls. Wait time recording says more than 15 minute wait. This tells me your employees are not setup for success. My hold time each call was 25 min. so by the time you talk to someone the frustration is already there. I have 2 lines and an agent changed the phone number without my authorization so we didn’t even know it was changed until the phone stopped working. No one could tell me why this was done or who did it and it took me on the phone for an entire day to get it fixed. This is beyond unacceptable. More things happened as well but it is too long to go into over email. My number is 720.290.0146 so corporate can call me back. 3/6/21

  81. Worst Experience I’ve every had with Sprint! I have 4lines and a iPad with you all my bill was $245 before the pandemic, then my bill started to increase during the pandemic. I asked how to get my bill lowered, I was told to pay off my phones. I paid off two of the phones and the iPad. Now that I did that my bill is $300+ this is a complete rip off!

  82. Sprint/T-Mobile has deleted me from their system (an in-store manager explained to me that they have 3 systems and it appears that I was deleted from CTF and support system, but not billing/sales so they can still get money) and I have spent over 13 hours talking to various teams to resolve the issue and they say it can’t be resolved. However, they are still billing me. They don’t know why I was deleted and said “rest assured, we can’t delete anyone” only to be told later that I was deleted. And no one knows why.

    I tried to switch carriers since they won’t resolve the issue, but they refuse to waive a cancellation fee for me to go to another carrier. I have talked to supervisors, escalation teams, care teams, finance teams, sales teams, and even spent 2 hours in store with a manager (who said he worked there 11 yrs) for them to tell me to call the number back because they can’t help and don’t have a resolution.

    Every person I talk to says they will put to “escalation” and call back. They call back and tell me to do the same steps I have done numerous times and nothing works. They tell me no resolution.

    I told them I wanted to cancel and switch carriers, but I was told repeatedly that I will be charged $375 because it’s in the contract, but they won’t let me access the contract or my account or billing since my account was deleted and they have no way to fix the issue. See below from a chat earlier today:

    Violet: Record shows you still have 8 months remaining for the lease and that is for $199.96 plus the payoff amount of $174.93. Total charges once you cancel this line is $ 374.89. You also have have options to return the device. Once the device is return to the warehouse, charge of $174.93 will be reverse to lower the charge.

    It has been 7 days since I originally contacted them and I am still being told no resolution and I need to pay $375 to leave. I have done online chat, phone chat, in-store, and more. I just want to be done with Sprint forever at this point but I am not paying $375 when this is something they have messed up on and won’t fix. I can’t stay with a carrier who won’t let me access my account but takes almost $200 from me each month. I won’t pay them to leave because this is not my fault and I am not the one who is saying “nothing can be done.” It is not OK to keep taking my money but not let me access the charges on my account or ANY of my information AT ALL.

    Also, they hung up on me several times making me go through another long connection process on the phone since they had no resolution and no longer wanted to “deal with me.”

    I also called 2 times during the day TODAY and was supposed to receive call backs – I never did.

    I called and chatted again tonight for another 1 hour – got hung up one 2 times, left on hold for 30 minutes one time, “chat ended” on me, transferred chat, radio silence. All because I asked for my account number so I could leave Sprint. They refused to provide my account number even after going through security checks. How can I do ANYTHING without my account number and account access, getting the run around and transferred, hung up on, or no call back — but they are STILL charging me money?!

    About 13 hours total between chats, phone calls, and in the store.

    I want nothing to do with Sprint/T-Mobile ever again – I have no outstanding balance, I just refuse to pay an early termination fee after the way I have been treated the last week. I was perfectly fine with T-Mobile/Sprint until my account was deleted, I was given the run around, kept being charged via direct debit/bank transfer auto-pay (without access to this to view or make changes or see my bill), and I was refused any information on my account such as the account number (after I went through security verifications with each team member – more than 1 each time on the phone and chat. about 5 people each time I called or chatted I had to re-verify myself. yes, I was transferred that many times or re-routed to be told the same info over and over again, until someone just hung up on me).

    I’m told to “sign -in” to the account that was deleted for no reason; no one knows why it’s deleted. No one can give a resolution or explanation. Just hang-ups, promised call backs, or told “no resolution” to my face in a store. But there’s no problem in taking money from my bank via a transfer each month. A transfer I can’t even stop because I can’t login to my account for an unknown reason that no one will help solve. THAT IS NOT OK!! How is this not stealing?! And since I am not OK with not having access to my account information, including my billing and bank information, and the charges for my money being withdrawn, I want to switch carriers. I have been told repeatedly that because of this, I will be charged $375 ETF, and if not paid, I will get sent to collections for $375 and it will negatively hurt MY credit.

    HOW IS THIS MY FAULT WHEN I WANTED TO STAY WITH T-MOBILE/SPRINT, NEVER HAD AN ISSUE, and NOTHING IS BEING DONE BY THEM TO RECTIFY THE SITUATION AT ALL! Except treat me so horribly. I have never been treated so terribly by the following teams (and more) within one company: customer care, escalation team, support team, supervisors, in-store managers, in-store reps, customer service, finance team (who I cried hysterically to), and that’s not even all the people I was connected to throughout it all! This situation has caused me to lose time at work, has caused me added stress and more mental health issues and appointments. I can’t even verify the money they are taking is accurate. I don’t know what to do or where to go. I’ve tried filing complaints to BBB and FCC. I don’t know what to do and I need help bad.

  83. This is a very serious matter, I was hospitalized with Covid discharge 3-4-21 and my debit card was overcharged, I thought I was doing the right thing when I paid my $128. on the 4th instead of the payment arrangements for the 5th , no I didn’t cancel my arrangements but I am so sick with Covid I couldn’t think now my credit card is overdrawn I don’t know how I am going to take cre of other responsibilities and I paid the right now they say I only paid 59.06 out of $128 , this is not fair I got all my conf numbers approved amount please reimburse my money back on my card.

  84. Hello,

    Let me first tell you I have been a member of the sprint family now Sprint/T-mobile for over 10+ years. I have had two situations in which your service has been deplorable. First was the lack of professional behavior I received at one of your locations, and now this latest one. On 2/28, I called into your service queue around 5:30 PM to request an extension of my bill for $364.24. Your automated service indicated there will be a 15 min wait time. This is something from what I have been hearing is normal with your customer service. So I decided to utilize your chat option. I was chatting with Robert N, who provided me an extension to 3/15 to pay my bill. He provided me a confirmation 4386893323687578610 and advised me in his words, “Great News! You don’t have to worry about anything. I have taken care of everything your arrangement is now set up. The next day to my surprise, I received a text message from my back my account is overdrawn by -$109.24. I only had $255.00 in my account hence the negative amount. I also had my cable/internet coming out of my account on 3/1 for $80.00, which now put me in a negative balance of -$189.24. I called your support team and talked with Jose, apologetic for my situation; however, he could not help and could only put in a ticket for this case and refund. Fast forward to today, 3/3 no refund, and now my account has charged me for two overdraft fees. I called again to your support and waited 32 minutes for a billing service rep to talk with them and explained my situation all over again. I was able to get my overdraft applied to my Sprint/T-Mobile account in the amount of 67.00. However, I’m still waiting for the $364.24 refund to my account, which my bank will only deposit $108 because my account is currently negative -$256.24. $67.00 of which is overdraft fees. I just want to say I would not be in this situation if your chat representative / System worked properly. This whole experience has affected me financially as it caused a downward spiral of overdraft fees and Stress with no lack of compassion or apologies from your company. This experience has taught me that sometimes companies can take you for granted and not appreciate you and your business for 10+ years. This was one of the worst experiences I have had in years with a merchant.

    Corey Dickinson
    coreydickisnxxxxx gmail.com

  85. I need someone to contact me from the corporate office or A CEO I am having some serious problems with your company for the last 2 and a 1/2 years I have been lied to merchandise has been that we pay for has not been a given to us which was taken from us we have had so many problems until his very unnecessary and every time I call outspoken to 40 different people and I get so far 40 different lies a converted 27 of my family members from AT&T Verizon and metro over to Sprint To get ripped up and stolen from

  86. I have called 5 times to get a phone unlocked and they give me the run around everyone I call and the phone is still locked

  87. I have been with the spring company for more that 15 year and my family and the promotion are always for new member ,there is never a promotion for clients who have bee there for many years and sprint has never offer me new phone for free be client for many year

  88. I have been a loyal customer of sprint for over 10 years. My daughter phone stop working 2 week ago, she is in need of sims card. i have been given the run around, go the store, call customer support, speak to the technical support team, go back to the store. I told the Sprint operator I was recording and immediately got disconnected. she is a remote student and need her phone to stay in contact with school. I’m more then angry. Sprint/ Tmobile is real good at taking payments on time with no issues. Enough is Enough. I have not been a fly by night customer and my money and my time has value like 500.00+ each and every month on time. Since i’m no longer valuable to your company its time for me to look for another carrier. like someone who make sure what they change you for is what you get. I do not expect a reply to the message sure you have no one reading them, that would mean you value customers. to much to ask.

  89. Why is known deals for today on iPhone 📱 pro max -trading like Verizon and AT for 750.00 $ 800.00 20 year customer

  90. I’m been overcharged on my bill I have paid 2 years insurance on my products and never authorised it They are double charging me threatening to turn off my service I’ve been with Sprint 27 years when it was Nextel Prime co I need to speak with someone in corporate 773301xxxx

  91. Felt pressured in purchase of phone wanted $120 to $180 unit told had to buy $299 one cheap ones w ont work for me

  92. Sprint has been lying to me for two years regarding my contract. I need to speak to the top person in charge or I will have to file a lawsuit which I do not want to do. I need someone to please contact me. This is the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with it.

    1. Did u ever find a number to talk to someone?? I’m hving trouble Nd I hve been Customer for 20 years and they are giving me a run around that is ridiculous

  93. I leased two XR iphones on a BOGO offer and after the lease was over I was to pay $187.49 for each phone to buy phones if I didn’t upgrade which is 25% of the phone. I was told Sprint only pays 75% on a BOGO. I have read my contract and deals now offered and no where does it state you have to pay 25% of free or get one phone. Why do I have to pay this? The ads are VERY DECEIVING to the public!! EVEN a RIP OFF! I have been a loyal sprint customer for 19 years, and not going to be with Sprint or T mobile any longer!!!!!

  94. Re: acct # 620859415
    I have been in contact with many departments in Sprint Corp requesting my call log for 5 month in 2014. I have been assured by many Sprint Reps that I will receive this data via mail. But they continue to send me the bill for the time me but not the call log.

  95. I have been dealing with several employee’s at customer care, all of which have given me around. I had gotten 2 watches, and was told in store I have to place a deposit for the LINE, of $250.00. I called customer care and was told by Jules that I did not need this line and he would refund me 250.00, in 3 to 5 days, but I need to go in store to stop the lines. When I went in store to stop the lines I was told only the customer care call center can do this. So I went to call them again and they told me the problem and I would have nothing to worry about, they would cancel the line, refund the $250.00 and I could use the watches as a Bluetooth device. They credit $44.00 for line fees back and said I was still getting my refund on Friday, guess no refund so I call back in and was told another bunch of BS to go back to the store only they can refund me, well I call the store and that not true. I called back customer care and was waiting for over 1 hours getting the run around again. I ask to speak to manager, they keep saying there not there, I ask to speak to someone at Headquarters well it seem no one has you number and they tell I have to wait 3 to 5 more days to talk to someone at HQ. We I ask to file a complaint with the company I got the we will take care of it this level, meaning we don’t care and we are not wasting our time. Your company is a total bunch of lie, and BS looking to screw over hard work people. All you get is lie to from the store to the customer we don’t care center. Sprint/T Mobile I hope more people find out how bad and how much your company sucks and goes to AT&T. Once this contract is up I gone. At least AT&T screw you to your face.

  96. I had a sprint acct around 2018 or 19 and sprint dont want the equipment back and its ruing my credit cuz its on my credit dat i owe 1120.00 for equipment if u dont take it off my credit i will go to Bbb and court.

  97. Hello, I would like to file a complaint with Sprint regarding the quality of both their service and length of call waiting to be assisted. I have never been more dissatisfied than I am with your Service and would like to file a corporate complaint please. These issues need to be addressed for me as a customer as soon as possible or I will take my service else where.

  98. Please can someone help me! I have reach out to sprint numerous time to fix an incorrect report to the business correct bureau. i need help immediately. The customer services reps are not equipped to handle my concerns and it is so frustrating. Please can someone from corporate reach out me. Thank you!

  99. To who this may concern, I’m emailing this letter because at this point I’m completely frustrated. I at one point had 4 phones on my account one was suppose to be canceled a year ago and I kept being told it canceled and was not so over a year I paid 40 which is 480.00 of my money yet was credited back 160.00 for sprints mistake. I have had so many times sprint monopolizing off of the middle class money. I go into the store and have you’re staff tell customers what they want to hear just to take your money snd your bill says other wise. I called about to 2 weeks ago asking for promotions and the young lady started for the phones I wanted I could get a pro max 22.00 and 2 pro 19.00 which I thought was a great idea I told her once I paid my bill I would call back in December 2 which I did do …. I called back December 2nd only to find that no one believes I was told this I asked them to search the notes no one saw nothing. I was told by micheal that a manger would contact me. I waited only to never get a call which now it seems no one ever calls a manager.. I call today December 5 2020 and speak to Altaf I believe that’s how he said it’s spelled he told me for my miscommunication from the rep he would give me 600 on my bill 200 per phone .. I said to him what is the catch you’re telling me on my bill no catch he said nope just upgrade your phone and have it longer then 14 days sound good to me , he then transferred me to the sake’s department I spoke to the young man he stated to me you are in a contact per notes for 30 months and you 190 for taxes up front and 30 per phone for your upgrade 10 for shipping just calling off all these fees .. what I don’t understand is how I’m being charged all these fees then I said why am I not doing 18 months he said you get 18 months and the 600 promo is canceled I will be reaching out to who ever needs to be reached out to.. I’m planning on starting a petition to sue sprint this he has me flabbergasted as if I have bad credit. How do you charge for shipping for a phone that sprint has on back order. I can’t with sprint this has to be the craziest thing I ever seen Thank you for your time .. 757-338-xxxx Lakisha Gaines

  100. account! Really like I work there! Horrible customer service.  Nobody should go through 7 hours of trying to purchase a phone and still not have a phone. 
    Trying to sell me another phone, insurance, etc. etc This company has certainly got to the lowest of the lowest reputation now. Nobody is capable of selling me a phone and swap it for my current phone. 
    This is what they call excellent customer service! BS.

  101. This sorry phone plan you’ll claim my phone was behind 2000 I have paid this and some. You guys supposed to have given me a payment plan that you didn’t abide by and closed out… this is the sorriest company I have ever seen,,,

  102. Good company, I have one small complaint though: It would be great if they had a chat function or online email form where you could easily contact a customer service representative.

  103. My experience with the company is that once they have you as a customer then they make it hard for you to contact them with any problem. For example i was unable to get through at all on the customer support phone number today.

  104. Hello…I’m having a few issues. First off I went to your Deerbrook location on October 19, 2018 in Humble, TX. I upgraded 4151 to XS Max but used it for 8011. This phone was switched by a sales rep at this location. If it was going to cause any conflict in my contract he should’ve told me that he was not able to do this, but instead, he did the switch. I guess he was just trying to make a sale at any cost. Well, my oldest son came home in July of this year and put my son 4151 on his contract. He ask could he port the number and I told him, “YES”! Because I didn’t know that it would mess the contract up with 4151 since the XS Max had never been used on 4151 (it’s been used on 8011 since the day of purchase). My son was told that a kit would be sent out to return the XS Max. When my son told me I was going to have to return the XS Max…I upgraded 8011 to the XR online. (Once I got the phone I really didn’t care for it so I returned it on August 9, 2019, @ the Willowbrook location. I paid the $45 return restocking fee. I called Sprint to see if they could just switch the XS Max contract over to the 8011 (since this number don’t have a contract anymore). I was told that in order for me to do that I would have to get the 4151 number ported back to Sprint then transfer the contract from 4151 to 8011. Then go back and close out the phone. (My son that ported the number is active in the military and it would now mess up his contract with his carrier. Well, If I would’ve been aware of all of this October 19, 2018, I wouldn’t have done the phones like this. During this process, my bill should’ve been between $350-400. Well, I received a bill for over $1000. I want something done. I would really like to keep the XS Max that I have and finish paying for it. ((I have not received a return kit yet.)) Then I have another problem once I returned the XR for 8011 they didn’t close the contract…because now in order to upgrade 8011 it’s saying that I have to pay $749.99. So…now I’m being told that I have to go back to that store and get them to close the contract out. This Sprint location is not right around the corner from me. Once again something SPRINT FAILED to take of the first time. I have been on the phone/computer for hours at a time. No one can tell me anything but I have to wait for escalations dept or a supervisor to give me a call. I HAVEN’T HEARD FROM ANYONE. If I do talk to someone…they tell me that they can’t help. I NEED THIS SOLVED LIKE YESTERDAY. Because I got an email from SPRINT THREATENING to turn my phones off. I’m not paying a bill until SPRINT can take RESPONSIBILITY IN THEIR WRONGDOING and CORRECT this problem. Last but not least I’ve been asking for 5844 to be closed out. I’ve been paying on this phone for a year or better…and NO ONE uses this phone. I NEED HELP!!!

  105. I need a resolution to this issue. Ive been a sprint customer since February 2006. And ive never had such a bad experience with a company like this in my life. On 8/4/19 transaction # I1817394004 I Spoke w/Taylor from Tennessee, an acct rep. Who i was on the phone with for an hour and a half. Taylor talked to her supervisor who said because im w/sprint for 14yrs that he “pulled strings” & i was able to get a double upgrade of the buy 1 get 1 of 2 iPhone xrs without adding a line & $200 mastercard. I was then transferred to sales to complete the transaction & sales told me they couldn’t do it without adding a line. I told them i wanted the call submitted for review. the rep said it takes 5-10 business days to get an answer. And that He’d “set up” a courtesy call back on the 10th business day. but i didn’t receive a call so I called instead on the 10th business day which was 8/16/19 & spoke to Rome in acct svc & he said i didn’t recieve the call back because there was no time frame put into the system. But he said corporate approved the double upgrade w/buy 1 get 1 without adding a line. I just couldn’t get the $200 Mastercard so Rome said they’d give $200 off my bill instead & waved the $60 activation fee. And that Rome set up a courtesy call to me for 8/19/19 to make sure everything went through. So Rome then transferred me to sales to get the iphones & i was told again by the sales rep that i cannot do it without adding a line. I then spoke with a supervisor named Rose who told me, she’s not sure how Rome told me it was approved because the call was never pulled for review. now after 14yrs of being with sprint, i am switching my service to Tmobile & getting the 2 iPhone deal that way. Since sprint gave me the run around for over 2 wks & altogether within that time i was on the phone w/sprint for 4 hours back & forth for no reason. I then hung up & called back & spoke w/someone else in acct svs who told me she sees the approval in the system & not sure why sales doesn’t see it. I asked her to pull that recorded call as well & she gave me a transaction # of I1823684378. All this time wasted after being a customer for 14yrs & you just lost my business

  106. Daniel Hesse
    President CEO and Director
    Phone Number
    Mr Hesse. Sprint promotions are fraud. I am not able to get my $200 Prepaid Mastercard for leasing and activating another line on my account. Nobody even executive support can not help. I am getting very impatience with Sprint phony promotion.

  107. I am very disappointed with your service!! The people who answer the calls are in India and they lie. I have talked to them several times and explained my situation to them, I am on social security I had 4 lines set up 19 months ago. 6 months ago everthing fell apart and 3 of the people have left for one reason or another. One was my granddaughter, my son, and his psycho foster daughter who is no longer around thank God but I am left holding the bag and now I’m being charged 400 dollars a month. I CANNOT AFFORD THIS!!! I CALLED in swveral times, switched phone companies, they called me and made me a deal of 100 dollars a month and my next bill was 407. If this does not get fixed I will take drastic measures. You are causing me to loose my home and those idiots in another country don’t understand the way things are in the United States. You are lining your pockets with our hard earned money while screwing us at the same time, SHAME ON YOU. If you want to do business here then you should have the decency to hire people here to work for you. I am disabled and cannot afford this.

  108. Sprint is the worst cell phone company ever that is why they want you to sign 2years contracts and customers services is very rude they should not be allowed to work with the public, and there website tell the consumers if you have a complaint to contact them when you call the recording tell you to say the name of the person ,when you say the name the recording will not put the call through

  109. I have been a customer for awhile now . And lately sprint has been screwing a lot of people over including me. They have made big mistakes in my bill. My bill just keeps getting higher. And the customer representatives are rude as hell. I Marie Grignon have over 300 people and I will be preparing for a protest against for their high prices, lying to people and many more things. I also have emails from other states that will also do the protest. I am sick of Sprint lying and using false stats. You will lose customers because I will let everyone know. I’m tired of seeing all these bad reviews of how sprint is screwing people over so I’m going to be the voice for everyone. I still have people contacting me. The corporate office does not care about their customers. All they care about is making money.

  110. I am suppose to get a refund of $139.25 and it has not been sent and I have it in writing from the manager at the store. Daniela Lource store number 407-343-4630.

  111. Receiving phones I didn’t pay for and no one will help me. I visited two store and called fraud. Nothing!

  112. I am so beyond frustrated with Sprint. I have been misqouted almost every month regarding my bill amount, and no one will help with it. I am at a loss as to what to do now, but I guess that’s how they like it because i HAVE to pay the bill every month with no corrections!

    1. It happened to me. I went from $223 to $389. LIARS LIARS oh yea and thieves!!! The people in the stores work on commission so they will lie right to your face and lock you in a contract… 1 month later SURPRISE.

  113. STORE 2178
    INTERACTION I1769803167
    I was verbally assaulted
    I was told to get the out of the store YOU OLD F B….

  114. Contacted Sprint CS regarding additional charges for a leased phone. I have had the phone for 24 months (18 month lease + 6 months Purchase). Spoke with several reps 2 of which hung up on me before i finally reached the retention department. Spoke with another rep who stated because I did not call to advise them that I wanted to purchase the phone I would have to pay an additional $212 in order to own the phone. The rep stated that the 6 months which would’ve been paid to own the phone, that since I never called them doesn’t count it was a rent option only. I have been a Sprint customer for over 15+ Years and have never been told that I would have to call them to let them know that I wanted to own a phone. I asked for a supervisor in which they put “MARQUIS” on the line stating that he was a team lead. He reiterated what the previous rep stated and I asked for a supervisor. He stated that he was the only person on the floor. I asked if he could take a message and once a supervisor was available within the next 12 hours they could call me. At that time “Marquis” stated that i could complete the feedback form if I was not happy with the service. I asked him to cancel the line in which he asked to place me on a brief hold, however, he failed to hit the hold button and also did not mute the call. You could plainly hear him and several of the reps in the background talking loudly and laughing. At one point you could clearly hear them talking about me. The first rep asked Marquis if I was still on the line, he said yeah. She then asked what I wanted and he stated that I was trying him but he would get me straight by telling me if i wanted to cancel the line i would have to pay $250 + my balance of $324 to cancel the line. This is a funny statement because my bill is not due until May 7 so that has nothing to do with me canceling a line. I advised him that he did not place me on hold, nor did he mute the conversation and that I could clearly hear everything he said. I also recorded him while he was talking to his coworkers. At that point he quickly placed me on hold. It sounded as if he transferred the call but after a couple of minutes he came back on the line and announced that I would first have to pay the $250 to cancel the line and my outstanding bill. I informed him that I heard everything that he said and that I would be contacting corporate for his level of unprofessionalism. You would think being a customer as long as I have that you would see that I have been with this company and have had several renewed contracts with no issues and if I state that I was not told that I would have to call the company to let you know after the lease expired in 18 months i would need to call to be placed on another contract to pay the difference to own the phone, I would not have done that. The contract stated that after 18 months the payment of $212 would be billed over a 6 month period which I have paid. To be told that I have to pay an additional $212 is absolutely ridiculous. I was NEVER told that I would have to rent a phone for 6 months for $212 and then pay an additional $212 to own the phone. At this point I have paid the additional $212 and the phone is mine. The audacity for your customer service reps to not even comprehend that is ludicrous. It seems that they are all reading from a script and do not have any empathy towards your customers and even less for you loyal customers. I have supported Sprint with all the changes you guys have undergone over the past few years including the fact that my calls constantly dropped, bad service and service that just won’t go thru because you do not have enough towers to accommodate all the customers (new and old) that you have undertaken. I still have issues with making calls, with my internet service, with the fact that you can’t use certain services if you are on a call or the fact that if I am in a crowded place (festivals especially) then the service plainly doesn’t work. How is it possible that even MetroPCS customers have service and I don’t when I pay for the “NUMBER 1” cellular service, yet I get Number 1,000,200 service and customer service. I was not treated like a valued customer that each and every one of your representatives kept acknowledging today. I was handled more like a novice that they could throw in the trash at their convenience. I am extrememly unhappy with SPRINT PCS and truly feel like an undervalued customer and at this point I truly am left to wonder why am I spending my hard earned money with a company who frankly is treating me like shit! I would like to have someone call me as soon as possible to rectify this situation as soon as possible because if I feel this way I’m sure there are millions of others who do also. Something needs to be changed and addressed TODAY!

  115. Hello, If its possible PLEASE someone with so power or authority give myself and my wife a call back ASAP. Its about the service and everything about “SPRINT”. Our cellphone number is 317-362-4617 anytime

  116. Please give me a call within the next 48 hours or I will be sending a letter of complaint to the FCC, FDC the Attorney General’s office, dept of consumers affairs
    I want to talk to someone in the US who has the authority to solve my problem

  117. I am not happy with your workers they do not follow with information they tell you lies lies I would not tell anyone to go sprint because customer services is a joke stealing money by not updating your account right you wait forever they hang up on you I been on hold for almosted over 30 mins

    1. Yes worst ever! Let’s get it started absolutely worst place to get a phone! Customer service is crap!

  118. I have been trying to upgrade my phone. I called last week before Christmas. I was disconnected and didn’t have time to call back. Last night I was on the phone over 2 hours and disconnected 3times. Still, I do not have a new phone. Shame on Sprint. I can not get a Samsung phone for $9 because I am an excellent existing customer. Sprint also wants to charge me $30 because I want to get a new phone with a payment. Shame on you!

  119. Poor service— unresponsive corporate people!! I’m writing a letter to them, as well as the Better Business Bureau!!!

  120. Charged for 2 devices that are both paid off. Sprint denied me on my request to speak with a higher authority. Sprint has no information on the account in their files. I’m speaking with a Sprint operator about twice a month. Disconnected me numerous times when I requested information about my bill. Sprint told me to get a court order if I want to be informed by any of information I had to get a court order. I recorded one of my calls. I told the Sprint operator I was recording and immediately got disconnected numerous times. Juan in Nevada said there is nothing on my files at all. I’m have written information and calls to prove it. They are being very dishonest and I have committed to them about the dishonesty. They replied very rudely that they were is not 1 thing in my account regarding this situation. I have so much more information that I can email to you and statements. I would be more than happy to answer any questions. It would take hours to explain in detailed

    1. I have had the same problems that you’re having an even more. We should file a class action lawsuit against Sprint.

      1. My husbands phone same thing almost 2weeks of back and forth I can’t stress so much how annoying this has been

      2. I agree completely. Almost the same thing but worse happened to me and they just keep putting it off! I kept calling back weeks now! They had a device extra on my bill for weeks I had to call back everyday to make sure they took it off! Another, put 4 I watches on! I have had it!! Hours and hours of my days!!!

      3. We really need to take a hard line with these companies who are walking all over us. I have been in a nightmare with Sprint and Tmo now for 2 months.
        YES class action, BBB, FCC etc… they will be reported!!

      4. Yes worst ever! Let’s get it started absolutely worst place to get a phone! Customer service is crap!

      1. I really need help with Sprint as well. I’ve wasted 2 days with trying to process a new phone on my account. I went to the retention department back to sales about 20x. I’m on hold with them as we speak. I’ve been on the phone with them for 9hrs today!

  121. I have been a loyal customer for 2 years now and I have two flip phones that I got from ntelos which you bought that company a few years ago and I can’t use them because they are not compatible with sprint

    1. Worst customer service experience in my life. You get passed on from person to person with empty promises. I’m about to make a tik tok to my millions of followers to let them know stay clear of sprint and t mobile . They are a joke!

  122. I switched service from T mobile 10/01/2018 to sprint and I’ve been on the phone with these non speaking English customer service reps and I keep telling them every since the 1st of oct the phone data doesn’t work AT ALL without WiFi and it drops calls every 5 mins and I receive half of my calls and every time I call customer service and ask for a supervisor they say one is not available so I thought maybe if I go switch phones it may work NOPE!! that didn’t work neither the phones are still doing the same thing and not one time have I had to call T Mobile about their service the reason I switched is because I was paying almost $300 for two lines but I think I’d rather pay that for actually phone service than not to have any then sprint isn’t LTE sprint service just sucks all around the board then they have the audacity to already send me a bill

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