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Subway was founded by Fred DeLuca in 1965 and has around 45,000 stores located in more than 100 countries. The company is owned by the DeLuca family.

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Corporate Address
325 Bic Drive
Milford, CT
Phone Number
(203) 877-4281
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What is Subway’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Subway’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-203-877-4281.


What is Subway’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Subway’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-888-4848.

Subway Catering can be contacted on phone number: 1-877-360-CATER.

Subway’s Rewards/Gift Card phone number is: 1-833-778-2929.

What is Subway’s Headquarters Address?

Subway’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Subway Headquarters
  • 325 Bic Drive
  • Milford, CT 06461
  • United States

The Subway Franchise office address is:

  • Subway Franchise World Headquarters
  • 325 Sub Way.
  • Milford, CT 06461-3059
  • USA


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Subway on Twitter: @Subwaylistens

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Subway Headquarters Executive Team.

Subway’s management team consists of:

John Chidsey, CEO of Subway

Trevor Haynes
President of North America Subway

Joseph V Tripodi “Joe”
Chief Marketing Officer

Carissa Ganelli
Chief Digital Officer

Len Van Popering
VP:Global Brand Mgmt & Innovation


Fred DeLuca
Peter Buck

DeLuca family

Number of Subway locations:
41,600 restaurants in more than 100 countries.

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  1. They should hire some more employees for their customer support team. Good company overall, I just found it hard to get through on their customer help phone number.

  2. I am unable to get though on the customer service hotline. I would like to know if there is another way to contact customer support, like an email address or on Facebook or similar. Thank you.

  3. Dear Subway, your continued elimination changes over the years have cost you two customers. First, you discontinued the honey oat bread (I felt I had fiber with a little sugar) then the red wine vinaigrette. I changed to the wraps until you discontinued the rotisserie shredded chicken. The other chicken chunks are too big for the wrap. Then, you discontinued the brown spicy mustard which gives that nice tangy taste. YOU LOST ONE CUSTOMER. Next, you LOST ANOTHER when you discontinued the ROAST BEEF. WHY?????

    1. At Augusta Maine Bangor street Subay sandwich shop an employee complained to the manager about an unsanitary condition and the manager said it was no big deal.

  4. The first problem -I told the worker we had a coupon and she proceeds to tell us she didn’t know how to use the coupon. She was new and she was the only employee who was on today. The second problem was that there was no steak thawed out so I couldn’t have a steak sub so my husband ate and I just didn’t have anything. My favorite sub is the steak that’s what I always order when I eat at subway. I was very disappointed and we’ll think twice about eating there again. The restaurant was also a mess it was filthy in there. Tables were dirty , the floor was filthy to.

  5. I was in Plymouth, MN, visiting with family members and we all decided to have Subway sandwiches for dinner on Sunday, September 6,2020. I wrote down what everyone wanted for sandwiches and 2 of my cousins went to get them from Subway #40573-0. The address is 4345 Nathan Lane, Plymouth, MN, 55442. The time was at 4:26:21pm. They got the sandwiches and they brought them home and they didn’t put all the vegetables that was on the list for each sandwich. Plus they were told that they didn’t have anymore 12″ setups for the CCT, and that they didn’t have anymore 12″Monterey cheddar bread. They ended up making the sandwich on a 6″wheat which wasn’t the bread that was wanted. The sandwich artists didn’t put all of the vegetables that were listed for each sandwich. They didn’t put any lettuce on the sandwiches which was on the list for 5 out of the 6 sandwiches. They said that they didn’t have anymore so that’s why they didn’t put any on the sandwiches. I have worked at Subway for 14 yrs and when items were out in the bain we got them refilled, and have bread in the proofer and/or the oven. Which this store didn’t do. To me, I feel that they didn’t want to do the job the right way and were trying to close the store earlier than the regular time that they were to close the store. To me, I think that the sandwich artists didn’t want to do their jobs correctly and still get paid for standing around. I’m not sure, but I feel that that store needs cameras to record what the workers are doing. I know the store that I worked at has cameras and the manager and supervisor above the manager are the ones that have access to them to check what is happening in the store.
    Host Order ID:SPM2020090642621
    Sandwiches ordered:
    6″wheat CCT American cheese, lettuce, tomato, cukes, pickles, green peppers, banana peppers and honey mustard sauce
    12″ Monterey cheddar Chicken bacon Ranch, American cheese, toasted, cukes and onions ranch dressing
    6″BMT Monterey cheddar, no cheese toasted, lettuce, tomato, cukes, onions and olives, honey mustard sauce
    12″wheat BLT, extra bacon(which didn’t get),toasted, American cheese, lettuce, cukes, onions, honey mustard
    12″monterey cheddar(which was told they were out),CCT, which was told that they only had a 6″setup and then they were out, lettuce, tomato, cukes, extra olives and extra onions (which there wasn’t any olives or onions on the sandwich) extra heavy salt &pepper, regular mayo
    6″white BMT, lettuce, tomato, cukes, regular mayo
    I decided to let you know the sandwiches and what was supposed to be on them and what wasn’t put on the sandwiches.
    I hope that the young employees get a warning about this and that they get in trouble with the management. That store needs people that know the job, and does it correctly.
    I do know that my family and I weren’t happy with their customer service skills.
    Thank you for taking the time reading this and I hope that you have a good day.

  6. Our company, Best Beverage Service, Inc., provided services to the Subway #3176 (owner is Lowette Swinton) regarding the cleaning and sanitizing of the ice maker. We have made more than several attempts to contact Ms. Swinton, and we have not received payment for services rendered. Please advise on how we can receive payment for the services we provided. Please note, these services were from 10-21-2019, a year ago. Still no payment.

  7. I need to talk with someone from coperate again.I talked with a person Monday and she said she would leave her number in my email but i havent received it.I talked with Subway about my issue but it was not resolved.The person i talked to Monday from coperate told me to call her if i didnt hear back by Tuesday but I didnt receive her number in my email.My name is Lavinia Lee 305 902-xxxx Thankyou.

  8. The manager at Subway in Walmart has been abusing to me on two occasions for no reason, I would like to report him!

  9. Worst eatery expiernece ive ever had. Employee,manager, her young son all handling and around and serving food and drink without masks and gloves. When asked about them not wearing masks the manager said for us to “Get the F out” infront of security none the less. The manager also chased us into Walmart as we were shopping to continue to harras us. Nasty attitudes and such unprofessional people at this Subway. Definitly not proud of their Subway Franchise or their costumers. I have such respect and hold in such a high regard managers and owners of buissnesses that know how to run their store. We always bought our fave pretzels until they began saying they are out of things and would then buy a soda and always gave a tip as we left. This store should be embarrassed when compared to other Subway shops… I am disabled and in a wheelchair and am still not as miserable as these employees. Also the owner named Maria Ciarleglio is the one that made the only positive review on here, pretending to be a costumer (Maria C. Review) now that is desperate that you have to make up a good review because no one else will.

  10. I have noticed that subway offers a way to leave a tip when paying the bill. It’s a great idea, but my local store employee told me the tips went to corporate headquarters and the employees got nothing. I would be outraged if this is true. Is it?

  11. I’m an employee of Subway. Trying to understand why my manager, seems to find every reason to not print out a copy of my hours. Then the store owner, said it isn’t possible for Head Quarters to print out a copy of it. Yet legally there is something documenting the hours I work. I just want to keep track. But Im kind of starting to feel like someone’s skimming my hours. Can someone from HQ/Corporate please reach out to me.

  12. We receive coupons in mail go to use and refused because say Springfield mo only but in very small print. We live 89 miles away from there but I don’t think we as customers should be denied use of these . If Subway doesn’t want us A Small Town to use their coupons or go there for food keep it up because A lot of people very upset.

  13. I spent over $18 & a long time only to get my order still screwed up.I should at least get a credit for what I went thru!

  14. Subway at 1108 Charles Sievers Blvd in Clinton TN: Cameron, the employee about to make my sandwich, refused to wear a mask. When I commented that he could be spreading Covid, he replied that I didn’t have to eat the sandwich. I only know his name because when I asked he pointed to his name tag, not having the decency to even answer me. I and everyone else I know will no longer be going to any Subway store. Firehouse is better and follows Covid protocol.

    1. All these complaints about employees not wearing a mask. I been coming to this subway since they opened. I’m on oxygen 24/7 and CAN’T wear a mask. No trouble since the mask mandate started. Here a few times a week. Now all of a sudden won’t serve me without one. Regular employee already knew what I wanted (the usual 2 meatball 12 inch subs) New girl said no with an attitude. Store (7601 Old Troy Pike. Dayton Ohio 45414) was completely empty. Just go to submarine house right down the road.

  15. I have a question to ask and that is how do I get a job on the road with your company. How do I help you advertise. I know I want point you had Jared but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

  16. I just want to say I’ve been going to Subway restaurant for decades. and in that time Subway has never failed to give me a delicious meal to eat. I like the way this company has expanded it’s food to soups and pizza.There are other fast food restaurants that don’t use fresh ingredients and also use a lot of Grease. But thankfully this fast food chain is healthier. it is true that there is no fast food that is totally healthy however when it comes to getting as close to being perfectly healthy as it can get I believe this company is number one. this company is a model for other fast food places to try to be and it’s unfortunate that they don’t try to be more like them. keep up the good work May your company continue to do well and serve good food for many years and decades to come.

  17. I was not issued a refund from the Subway at 1830 E. Greenwood Rd in Prescott, MI, after I made two trips on, two consecutive days, an hour’s worth of driving, charged $24.37 for an online order, and BOTH days did not receive my order! First day, no bread, second day, order not ready after being assured the day before it would be! Told to come back in an hour or wait in line! There were at least 5 people in line, one with a case of beer at her feet! Contacted customer service, no service! I want a refund, gift card, or coupons for free subs! My order # was FF74F627-07 on 7-17-20. My approval # was 623-531-380501. I hope someone will help me out, as $24 is a lot of money to me! Plus, it’s almost impossible to reach anyone to take care of my problem! I have spent over 2 hours trying to get my complaint heard!

  18. Hello.
    I am a customer who goes to Subway quite often on Lima Rd in Huntertown, Fort Wayne. It has come to my attention that the manager and the employees at this restaurant are refusing to wear masks when they are in the store but not around customers. I, angry, called the manager whose name was Nikita, and stated to her that it was against the law to not wear a mask. She hung up on me in the middle of my stating masks were mandatory at all times. It has also come to my attention that this Nikita has also fired an employee named Leah when she stated to Nikita that she needed the employees and manager to WEAR masks because she was spending a week with grandparents and she didn’t want to get them sick with Covid. Nikita fired her because Leah asked her to wear a mask, which is the law in the state in Indiana.
    I will tell you now that I am an RN who works at facility with dementia residents. This area is full of nurses and doctors. We are very strict about wearing masks and keeping the public and our residents/patients safe. When word gets out, and it, your store will have no customers left unless this matter is resolved.

    Thank you very much.


  20. I am a regular Subway customer and I normally place orders through the Subway App on my phone. On 12/22/2020 at about 5pm, I placed an order to the branch at 1215 Fry road, Katy TX 77450 and through the App, for the Subway 12′ Veggie Delight with Pepperjack cheese for the amount of $5.40. On getting home with my order, I found it tasted awful, because I was getting the taste of raw vegetables, since they omitted to include any cheese as requested through the App. I do normally place orders on a regular basis from different branches, but this was the first time I was experiencing a problem like this. I urge you to please follow through with my long narration because what I experienced and wish to talk about is quite serious. I had decided to take my sandwich back because I couldn’t eat it. I spoke to an individual named Carolina on reaching the store. I must start by stating quite strongly that your company has to be seen doing something about my present complaint because I believe you all have a reputation to maintain before the public. For reasons that are not clear to me, Carolina had been very rude to me. From the beginning of hearing my complaint and without ever knowing me before, she had addressed me that I was lying, and that I didn’t buy the food from her unit, also that she had a problem due to the fact that I had taken some bites out of the sandwich before bringing it back to the store. Even though she asked me for a receipt which I normally dispose of in the store dumpster anytime I pick up orders from any branch, she nontheless addressed me in a totally disrespectful manner that made me begin to wonder if this was all just about a sandwich which I had bought barely an hour before then. She also proceeded to pry and prod the partially eaten sandwich which she had then taken from me, aggressively with her fingers before my very eyes, arguing that there was cheese on it. She also proceeded to ask me why I had taken some bites from it even as she tossed it in the thrash. Though this drew my angst, I must let you know that my patience was very seriously challenged by her sudden and unexpected behavior towards me. I can only let you know in retrospect that I still proceeded to show her my proof of purchase at same store, as shown on my App listing. Though I had become offended at this point, I couldn’t help wondering what good it serves a company which thrives on public patronage, to harbor staff like this, having myself, been a business owner before now. Carolina had told me that even though I had shown her my proof of purchase, she still wouldn’t make me another sandwich or issue me a refund because I had eated more that a quarter of the sandwich and she believe there was cheese on it originally. At this point, I asked to speak to a manager, to which she replied that she was the manager and she then asked me to leave the store. I might have expressed some unpleasantries myself after her aggravation because I had become seriously challenged, due to her initial illtreatment of my person. As ridiculous as this may all seem, I also urge you to sometimes watch your cameras to have an inkling of events. You can imagine how a very simple situation can be very easily escalated out of bounds, thereby creating unwarranted trouble for the parent company, due to poor staffing behavior. It was as if Carolina was purposely trying to exacerbate the situation.
    I placed a call to the Katy Police department because I didn’t know what to do anymore. Two officers responded to the scene close to 6.30pm because I had been in the store for about 90 minutes as at then. Right on walking in, I heard Carolina who had spoken in English before then, immediately ask the officers if they spoke or understood Spanish, because they appeared of Litano or Spanish origin. She thus attempted to address them in a language other than English, out of my hearing, but she was however discountenanced by the officers as observed by me. After listening to our complaint and the fact that I had asked to speak to a manager to descalate the situation before then, one of the officers told me that Carolina was not the manager like she had told me she was. I was let in that that she had misrepresented herself to me. They also told me that this was not the first time they were getting complaints about her, being called to scene because of other complaints that were previously made against her by other customers. I told the officers that aside from being rude to me, she had my sandwich and my money as well and that I feel quite bad about the situation. Based on my complaint, the officers then inquired from her if her unit is a franchise or corporate entity, to which she replied that it is corporate. They then advised me that I had the option of placing a complaint to corporate relations and then furnished me with her name as well.
    I have been a long standing customer of Subway and have often scored your company high on feedbacks and surveys before now. I also have some reasonable following on social media, though I am beginning to slightly question your staffing choice. This aggravation was totally uncalled for. I do hope you will look into this situation seriously and not cursorily. Thank you.

  21. so I visit a subway while in miami florida they over charged me and voided out but never took it off my debit card shows that I still payed double for my order charged twice

  22. Hello, my employer at Perkasie PA has not paid me yet.
    the night shift manager said he sent the check in the mail but said check still has not arrived. I missed his called the day after my visit but he didn’t leave a message. It has been more than seven days now. I have received other mails. I am to report to HR first before filing a complaint.
    I am not going to go back and forth for a check that I worked for.
    Please contact employer or send me a new paystub.

    Thank you,

  23. Today I went to two Subway locations in Paducah, KY, first location being Wal-Mart Store 431 Subway between the time of 12:15 pm central time and 12:30 pm central time and the employee that was going to help me did not have her mask covering her nose. I refused to let the employee serve me for that reason. So, I drive down the street to Subway drive thru on Clarks River Road between 12:30 pm central time and 12:40 pm central time and the same thing was there. The drive thru lady did not have the mask covering her nose nor did anyone else working inside. I refused to let them serve me. During this pandemic when is it okay for someone in food service to not wear a covering over their nose? COVID IS A AIR BORNE DISEASE!!!!

  24. We visited the Subway in Spring Valley, MN and we’re going to use the promotional coupon buy a drink and get a footlong for $6.99. We entered the store to order and they said they were not participating in that program! Can each franchise make their own rules? Why send us coupons if we are not able to use them? We won’t be visiting Subway any longer if the store doesn’t participate in the coupons we are sent. You will continue to lose customers if this is allowed in your stores.

  25. Came home with a knife rolled in my sandwich contacted store but still wedding 4 days later for anybody to call me??

  26. I wanted to file a complaint against David, manager at Subway in Castle Rock CO. His location is 110 Wilcox st. I had dropped my mask at my last location. When I came into Subway with my glove tightly held against my mouth and nose, David rolled his eyes at me. He gave me attitude the entire time he was fixing my order. My glove was tightly held against my face the entire time I was in Subway. Half way through my order, David came out from the back and dangled a mask in front of me without saying anything. I asked what he was doing and with attitude he replied, “we can’t serve people without a mask”. Had David approached me in the beginning nicely, stating the policy and kindly offering me a mask, I would have been happy to comply. I wasn’t trying to break any rules, I simply lost my mask at my last location and was scrambling for something before I entered Subway. A tightly held glove over my face is the same as a mask, if not better. His demeanor was completely unprofessional and condescending. He shouldn’t be a manager. Please contact me by phone or email to discuss what will be done about this matter.

  27. Long story short! Ok I ordered two sandwiches online . I set up an account so I could make the payment. Everything went through fine and order was accepted. I received a notice that the order was ready for pickup. I arrive at subwaystore #4161-0. As I’m entering the door I’m being told in an abnormally loud voice that she can’t make no sandwiches…I don’t have any bread I don’t have any bread! I asked you have NObread? Ok well I made an online order and here’s the confirmation #. She asked my name I told her….she states that she tried to call me… not true! I asked what was I supposed to do? She asked me what she should do “I don’t have any bread i can’t make no sandwich. Ok she says for me to call my bank and cancel the order”…well no mam I can’t do that now. The last thing I was told is to call tomorrow and talk to someone at that store and they will work something out. I really just don’t understand. My pickup was 7:55pm store closes at 10:00 pm. I went to my vehicle and watched another customer walk in and she walked out with a bag which I’m assuming had food in it. So here I am with the receipt in my hand that she didn’t want to give to me wondering what I do next. Please tell me. Served by999997 1/13/2021 7:40:04 pm . Term id-trans#1/xa-259447. Order#:4794EA88-44

  28. www I searched does subway take Google pay and the first search has Jerod Fogle with a milk mustache. I will accept a thank you

  29. I love your subs, but now you no longer seem to carry spicy brown mustard anymore. Without that, there is no point to me going to Subway now. This mustard makes the sub. I realize I am only 1 person with 1 opinion, I just wish I could have my footlong turkey with spicy brown mustard back, that’s all

  30. I had gone to subway in Walmart in concord NH and ordered my favorite caiser salad wrap it was the smallest one I ever received it was more bread then any and contents. I am disappointed in subway and it must be going down the tube. I will not go to subway any more.

  31. I purchased a bowl of Teriyaki chicken with onions. The bowl was bearly half full. Is this normal for $10?

  32. Am in the subway in 10900 E Briarwood Ave, Centennial, CO 80112. I trying to buy guy subs special for the day that is the Italian BMT. I come to this subway everyday for lunch I work in the us bank across the street. And you guys lunch special is $3.99. The guy that is there his charging me $6and some chance for the special of the day . I some him how much I pay before also I went on you guys website to show him the price and he tell me the that is wrong. So I left the sub and left the store. This is Very bad customer service for a manager I just wasted my whole lunch break on the situation I will never buy from you guys again.

  33. I was racially abused. All humans deserve respect irrespective of their origin. Tried several times to reach out to a manager. Nobody answered my call. I left a voicemail and also write online complaint.

  34. Drove away from your Belle Vernon , PA store @ approximately 4:22 PM without my onset as I waited 12 minutes & no order & there was not one person in the store being eaited on .

    I had a coupon for a $5.99 meal & places it & was waiting 12 minutes & drive off

  35. One of the workers that works as an employee threatened me lied by giving lme a fake names hen I asked for his name his name is Julian Gallego we came in to have dinner at subways my husband asked the employee if he can use the bathroom the other employee that works in the store told us that the bathroom was being cleaned so we waited and once the employee that was cleaning finished we asked if we can go in both looked at them self and said no not yet I had a baby that needed changing I told this to the employee to both of them and they both looked at each other and said not yet so I of course sat back dow to finish eating my sandwich along with my husband when we were done I got up and asked both employee for there names they both gave me fake name I had also asked the for the corporate phone number which the employee Julian gallego waved me off with his hand and cursed at me and ignored me my husband who was watching came up to the employee Julian and told him to respect me and he got smart mouthed with my husband my husband got very upset and they both starting an atercation the employee Julian gallego started to get racist calling my husband a pos Cuban in front of customers that were in the store then he told us to get out and threatened to call the cops we told him to go right ahead the employee should not be working in your store this is not a good look for your store to have employees disrespecting the customers store # 28925

  36. One of the workers that works as an employee threatened me lied by giving me a fake name his name is Julian and we bought food store # 28925

  37. I am a former employee of subway in independence kansas. I have noticed alot of things wrong with the employees. Not wearing hats, smoking marijuana on the job, and even having it delivered. I have talked to the manager about the marijuana issuse and she just brushed it off. The store number is 13293. Thanks

  38. I have been trying to get my ap fixed with Subway. I have a credit balance of around $25 but for some reason it froze. I cannot sign on or use. I have sent messages but this has not been resolved. Please let me know what you can do. I don’t have a gift card, just the ap. Thank you

  39. Hello,

    I’m writing because I’m a regular customer, and I would like to make a proposal for improving.

    The point is that the other day, we hired for our local business a service that creates an Android Application from our website, and it cost exactly $ 5. He did it so well and was so kind that I remembered him and I would like to recommend him to you.

    In case you are interested I leave you the link, it is very quick to sign up, especially if you have a Google account.

    This way we will try to get more customers by having more visibility, I think it’s worth for the price it has.

    Best regards!

  40. The last time I went to subway before 7pm they were out of meatballs, This time they were out of provolone cheese. I don’t understand why a store that is open til 10pm would not stock up accordingly for their hours of operation??!! I usually find making a complaint gives no results (just apologies) ut, hopefully someday the problems will be resolved with franchises. Store location is: 2802 Lee Blvd. Lehigh acres FL

  41. your subway, at a gas station. outside danville pa 17821. we purchased 5 lg. subs rhe employee that was working ,messed op our order, so bad when we checked out, that he said , they were not right, ane miss-labeled. the employee name was kyle. hesaid he would tell his boss, that he messed up.i talked to his manager she said she would give us 1 to replace 5. her name is katy. she laughed at me . is this how u run a subshop with your name on it. if i don’t here frum u i will go to our local newspaper.

  42. My husband and I went to subway 1918 2nd ave west in Williston ND yesterday feb 3rd at a little before 6pm. A young male was making sandwiches without a mask. My husband said “if we all have to wear masks why don’t you?” He said he left it in the back and continued to make our sandwiches to which my husband said “ well you should go and get it” he replied no he didn’t have time my husband replied he would wait. The kid made a snide remark and walked off a minute later another staff came out and finished our order. I don’t think staff would make my sandwiches without gloves why would they think it was ok to not mask up in the middle of a pandemic and the fact that it’s mandatory right now. Very disappointing that the other staff would not have asked him to do so also. Where was the manager? When we asked we were told there was no manager there. I’m not sure we will go back. Very sad.

  43. I work for Dollar General at 12 Allen chapel road in batesville Arkansas. The subway right beside us in the same parking continues to throw their trash anywhere they want to in, by, on, around the dumpster area and we have to clean it up because of the trash in the parking lot coming from their trash at the dumpster. They have thrown bags over the dumpster wall and into our storage are subway trash is in and on our rolltainers in our bullpen. This has been going on for a while. They have already been spoke to once I belive and they got spoke to about again today. We shouldn’t have to keep picking up their trash everywhere because they’re to lazy to walk to the dumpster and put it in there. I have pictures if you need them.

  44. went to your store at walmart in Aransas pass texas at 4:00 Wednesday evening your employee was the worst person i have ever seen while waiting for her you had 4 customers leave she came out didnt say a word to me for a couple minutes if you have bad business i can see why i spoke with a lady that just left she said the lady was rude to her also i wont be back my phone is 1/361/229/1426 bad service equals bad business another thing now no roast beef bad decision

  45. I bought a Subway gift card from Meijers on US 31 South in Traverse City, Michigan 49685. Cashier did not activate my Subway card as well as other card I bought that shopping trip. I tried to use it but they said it was not activated. I went back to Meijers but they wouldn’t help because I did not have the receipt. I talked to Management and they wouldn’t do anything to help either. I tried to contact Subway but couldn’t get any help either. I’m mad. I want to use my $15 card but can’t. Please send my a new on that can be activated easily. I love Subway and I want to be able to go there again. Please hurry with this matter. I have waiting a long time to get help.

  46. I ordered from the wrong subway using the app on Feb 6th. i tried canceling my order, but could not get ahold of anyone. When i try to call that subway, nobody answers the phone. I contacted subway customer service by leaving an email and have not heard from them. I just want a refund for the sub i did not get.

  47. You have the worst website/order site I have ever used – it sucks – took 3-1/2 hours to place an order and I wanted 2 sandwiches so I had to place 2 separate orders – why don’t you fix that mess -?it will be never when I come back

  48. I was double charged for an order online January 6 2021 at the Minocqua wi. Location on Hwy 51. I called about it on the morning of January 7, and multiple calls to the manager Elizabeth who will not return my calls. I still have not received my credit back to the account. I also spoke with a former employee and they told me about this owner’s unsatisfactory work practices including using old inventory food items that should be tossed. They make them mix these items into the fresher items. I’m very disappointed with this service technique and will take to social media within the next three days if this is not resolved. Order # 3f32d4eb-06 for $28.77.
    Disgusted and disappointed,
    Bob Buttitta

  49. Went to subway today in lacrosse wi store #37895-0 ordered a sunrise melt with one egg (since you dropped the egg whites) got my sandwich the employee named Jody said $6.54 I asked if it went up because 2 days ago it $4.63 and she said that they don’t have it on menu and that’s the price if I want the sandwich I stated that I was being over charged and she keep calling me sweetie I asked her to pls stop calling that then she lost her mind called me a mean old lady and other profanities threw my money at me went behind her coworker proceeded to throw her arms in air mock me continuing to call me names all because she overcharged me and couldn’t take the responsibility this unacceptable and inexcusable if this is the people that subway hires to represent them I’m embarrassed for you termination is the only answer for this

  50. Ur location in marshville nc closed a hour before time to close. My boyfrind and i went at 8:22 to subway in marshville nc and we got there there was 2 girls working and the door was locked they wouldnt let us in and hust looked at us from behind counter starting to put food away. This was feb 14th 2021 at 8:30pm. And everywhere i looked the hours for them to be open is 9:30am to 9:30 pm 7 days a week. I was really wanting subway and couldnt get any. Yall need to get on this location so they dont cause yall to lose customers.i know i wont go back for a while cause of this.

  51. I was an employee for subway in 2019 and never recieved my W2 for 2020 , I need my W2 form mailed to my address so I dont get penalized by the IRS . Thank you

  52. The El Cajon Blvd in sand diego branch subway has rude employees. The manager is very opinionated and as a customer I tried to speak up and talk to my son about he doesnt have to listen to her, that he can choose what he wants. The manager Amy flip out and told me she will refuse service to me. Not right, she then said she’ll call the owner. She acted like she was on drugs. We didnt buy nothing and they lost a some customers.

  53. You used to have a subway melt. I was told they don’t have it anymore. So I asked for a roll with turkey ham cheese bacon and lettuce. They said it can not be done because it’s not in the menu. So I left. Went to another subway. They said they would have to charge extra for cheese and bacon. This makes no sense in the world. Can you logically explain why I can not get a sandwich I want

  54. I placed an order online through my app. On my way to pick up my food, I got stuck on my street due to MS having an Arctic Blast. I called to cancel my order and kept being told my order was already made. I was stuck, could not get out of my neighborhood which meant I could not get to subway to pick up my meal. I tried to cancel the order – the first time I called she told me it had not been made and hung up on me. I called back she put someone else on the phone. He would not cancel my order. I would like a refund to my card.

  55. Very disrespectful boy waring dirty bandana wouldn’t serve me without a mask I have asthma and can’t ware a mask if he wants me to ware a mask he should ware one himself and not the dirty I mean dirty bandana I will never spend a dime in a subway

  56. I inadvertently swiped my Subway gift card instead of my rewards card today for a purchase total of $8.02. I have spent the next four hours on line attempting to request the points. There are several websites to accommodate this request. None of them were easy to use or understand. The numbers on the receipt are impossible to interpret. I returned to the store for assistance. The employees have no more understanding of the numbers than I do. The closest I could come to a Terminal number was 1/A – 358348. I was told the transaction number was 358348 and the Terminal was 1/A. I submitted it that way, but have no idea what is correct. This happened January 26. I submitted what I thought was correct, but it was not credited to my rewards card. I also attempted to fill out an online PDF form and had the enveloped addressed to send the receipts to El Paso, TX. However I am not interested in providing my credit card number (that I can cancel at any time/one month free) to retrieve 30 points that were accidentally omitted. That is nothing short of a scam. When this happened several years ago because I had forgotten to swipe the card, there was a friendly person in customer service to call and was able to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently/. You are providing extremely poor customer service. Automation has its positive points. So does personal customer service. I made a mistake. Sorry

  57. Today I went to into subway located at 2868 Washtenaw Ave, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. I am teacher my schools is minutes away from job a co-worker picked up lunch forus and my sandwich came back wrong after placing an online order, not only way my sandwich incorrect there was hair inside of sandwich as well. I brought the sandwich back and let the lady at the counter know what was issue was and why I was requesting a refund. The manager or owner who was leaving when I came into the store came over and that’s when things escalated as he began using profanity and raised his voice when I was already being taken care when I told him I come there all the time he told me not to come there (not that I planned on spending anymore money there) but overall subway should really consider proper training their employees I WILL NEVER EAT AT ANOTHER SUBWAY

  58. Hi my name is KariAnn Koshenina. I currently work at the Subway in Glencoe and I am just curious about how we are able to sell Reeses Pieces cookies, especially since they contain peanuts/peanut butter and we could have customers come through that are severely allergic to peanuts/peanut butter. I just don’t want anyone to get hurt or end up in the hospital because of a cookie we are selling. Thank you!

  59. Hello To whom it may concern.
    We use to love Subway.
    That came to a scorching halt 3 years ago. The problem is how each shop is storing their overnight condiments.
    They are not emptying the veggies and such out of the metal containers. Than the next day everything has a metal taste. We tried 3 different times to order each time our sandwiches tasted like metal. Therefore we have not bought a sandwich in 3 years. That metallic taste is discussing. Until that issue is addressed we will not be ordering our favorite sandwiches. Thanks!

  60. I took my grandchildren to the Subway located in Walmart located at 26824 F. M. 1093; Richmond, TX 77406. The owner/manager decided after accepting the coupons we received in the mail after accepting the coupon from the customer before us because he observed that the remaining 4 customers including myself had coupons and we were discussing the coupons while in line. I asked why and he said because the coupons were expired. The coupons were not expired and were not schedule to expire until midnight; it was only about 2 p. m. I walked away after lodging my complaint with him without continuing my order. I feel the this location’s owner should be reprimanded for his deceptive and selfish business practice. Especially in the mist of the Covid pandemic, people dying, losing their jobs, homes and food. This was also during the Ice storm that affected Texans where people were experiencing power and water outages which led to
    food, water shortages and residents with no place to stay.

  61. Yes today i just left subway in dade city fl there i a tall white man that works in there with glasses refused to make my sandwiches the way i always get them made there this is the 2nd time this has happened to me he needs to be fired hes not good for your company yall lost out on money today because i had wanted a few sandwich and also wanted to put a cater oder in please do something about this guy i use to work for subway a while back and i know your customers are always right so please get this situation done

  62. i just visited a subway on lunch and very very disappointed to say the least. i had my sandwich toasted and while the sandwich maker was waiting, she proceeds to remove her cellphone from her back pocket WITH HER GLOVES ON then proceeds to make my sandwich. HOW IS THIS EVEN ACCEPTABLE. Yes, i understand im sure i have eaten worse things in my life- but really … common sense here please. Its highly unacceptable. cmon subway. do better!

  63. I have a complaint for knowing that manager made the statement they didn’t appreciate me contacting corporate office after an employee tested positive for covid-19. So they fired my daughter.

  64. Why am I not able to order online at Park Rapids MN store? App says store is closed & when I call store they say website is down. I have the option to order from ANY other store in the state EXCEPT the Park Rapids location.

  65. I need my previous employment information verified. DOB 11/12/1996 and I worked in King, NC. Is it possible to send me copies of my W-2 and paystubs from 2016? Thank you for your time.

  66. I work in Angleton Texas and i was at the Subway that is at the ATT store and customers were not wearing mast and staff did not ask anyone to wear a make this was at 12pm today. I left the store due to this reason and I will not go back any time soon 713 259 xxxx you can call if you like. 02/25/2021 12:28pm

  67. My Daughter Dhasia Boyd made at purchase online order on 2/24/2021 around 12:51pm at the store location in Bedford Texas at 233 N Industrial Blvd, Bedford, TX 76021 and She purchase food at restaurant for transaction for $9.22 and has been charged 2 times to bank card same transaction money taken off bank card 2 times with the same transaction number my daughter is minor child it was charged to my debit card that she used for purchase I have been trying to reach subway corporate the automated system is not let me reach a live representative I can be reached at my phone number (682)410-xxxx

  68. I’m at the Subway in Manassas Virginia @ Signal Hill and Liberia.

    One of the counter staff is not wearing gloves while filling dressing cups.

  69. no complaint just want know how get subway coupons sent to home i don’t want sent to email they don’t excepted iaddress is 12 preble rd lowell maine 04493

  70. Why did you guys take away the spicy mustard? I mean I was having a really bad day and I was looking forward to a Subway sandwich just to get kicked in the stomach with they don’t have the dressing I was looking forward to. This made my really bad day even worse which is kind of lame I know. Still very sad that you guys did that and I don’t think it’s okay.

  71. I’m on Plainfield pike in Rhode Island at one of you subway locations. Can someone tell me why they haven’t fixed the speaker system for drive through orders??? It’s been well over a month maybe 2 since it’s been broken. You are putting both your customers and employees at risk because they have to go outside and meeting everyone at their cars. This is insane during COVID and unacceptable!!!!

  72. March 2nd 2021 was in Subway in Fort Payne Alabama and the top of the ice machine fell hit me across my arm miss my head by inches no one working asked if I was okay a gentleman in line came and got the piece of metal off my arms and I have pain in my arm now thinking about going to get my arm checked out

  73. How can you show your subway hero so stuffed on TV compare to any of the real available hero in any of your locations so dull and hardly you see any cold cuts or mixed, do yourself a favor go undercover and order one in all your locations they just don’t want to more than it should b in their eyes. I have been buying for last 25 years ,maybe you should go to competitive and get real hero so u can compare. Otherwise stop your false TV ads.
    At this point I’m ready to go further on, I’m going to wait for your responses.
    My phone # 516 695 xxxx or email me.

  74. I am bringning a lawsuit against subway, for refusing me service in their michigan stores, because of my choice, and RIGHT, to not wear mask…they have violated my absolute right, as an American Citizen

  75. I have been tested for corona but my manager is forcing me to come in and work without getting my test results in.

  76. I went to store in Omaha NE located at North 90th and the service was so horrible I drove off. I waited 20 minutes behind another car before my order was taken. I even called the store while I was in line. The woman working g at the window was extremely rude stating she could only do one thing g at at time. Instead of going g and refilli g the syrup for the soda machine she continued to talk to the other employee, ignoring the fact that I had waited all that time. This location needs retraining. The service has been absolutely horrible for quite some time. I will never go back.

  77. The subway on sossoman and Broadway had roaches..I have it on video while having my sandwich made.

  78. i have the app on my phone and for almost 3 weeks since i had to sign back in to app it doesnt let me pick my subway to start my order as i am in healthcare it was easy to order on app go thru drivethru and pick up and go can you get this glitch fixed please!!! i live in Stigler, Oklahoma and we only have one subway thank you

  79. Just visited the store at Walmart at Pier Park with my service dog and the Jamacan lady which had her young child in the lobby, singing out load, loudly, talking to all the customers, disrupting people’s conversations, just treated me rudely when I ask her to make a sandwich, she loudly ask me ifI worked for Walmart, which I do, and have been given employeesoecials for 5 months, tells me loudly in front of all the people thatvI can’t get a sandwich if I am not working. Acting very aggressive and confrontational. Embarrassing me. I said very that no one ever told me that and I have been coming in there and being given discounts for 5 months. She kept on being loud, scolding me line a child saying how can I get a sandwich if I not working. I left there after a verbal altercation and she is still hollering things as I was outside of the store. I have been an employee of subway and know all about courtesy and customer service, and this was not that. I have never been treated in this manner in Subway would like to be contacted concerning this. Please explain how I am in the wrong and deserved all that, if I didn’t even know!

  80. Your employee Gironde Ghuman is incompetent . I sent in a requested copy of receipt > FIVE times; he never responded

  81. Very rude service not only to our party of 6 but to customers in front and back of us. Muttered under breath at us, talked loudly about us after we sat down, and verbally threatened us. In Cleveland, Ms.

  82. I have frequented the fowler st ft myers fl subway for yrs. Its convenient. In the last many month a new manager was hired. I believe her name is wowanna. Hence forth i will be going to another subway. The manager is rude condescending and arrogant. Ive never gaven her reason. I see its not just me. Now i will go to that subway after 4pm. Katie the night person is a gem. Kind helpful and always willing to please. The woeonna person needs to leave. Where i work by that subway all my colleagues agree with opinion. Hopefully if their smart and care about their business they’ll fire the manager.

  83. Visited Westport Ave , Norwalk, CT. for lunch_ spent over $20 for two sandwiches. Tried the Tatum Turkey bacon, was disappointed- especially for the price, threw half of mine away. Not happy. Thank you

  84. I am currently sitting outside your location at 3086 Hwy 80 East, Pearl, MS 39208. They “close at 8:00pm. However, when I arrived at 7:35pm I was kept from entering by an employee who stated “the customers who are currently in the store are the last customers “. I stated that the open sign was still on and the website said they didn’t close until 8:00 and was told “ yes ma’am but we are getting ready to shut it down”. This is the 2nd time this has happened at this location and this is unacceptable. If your store is going to close 30 minutes before it’s posted time then the time need to reflect that.

  85. I have a complaint with the Subway shop at 1522 N. Coast Highway in Newport, Oregon. The owner has a phone number listed but it has been disconnected. I wanted to report two experiences I had with the drive-up window. Specifically, staff does not respond. I am unable to walk/stand for any length of time and the drive-up window is helpful when I want to order – but not if I’m ignored. I was hoping to discuss this with the owner, but cannot reach him. Is there some way you can convey this message? Contact info. is Chris Berry, 541-614-xxxx. Thank you.

  86. I have I have a complaint on the manager at Subway inside flowers hospital in Dothan Alabama she she cursed at me this morning and I wasn’t even speaking to her and something needs to be dead cuz a lot of people have a lot of compliance on her

  87. This is Rose Ann Bennett,Batesburg sc.Tonight march 8,2021 we purchased three subs from Batesburg subway.tgey were horrible.Toasted so much bread was crumbling and cold cuts had so much mayo on it was just horrible.These subs were nasty.The last time we went there was horrible too.We ordered online to pick up.

  88. Even with COVID-19 and the facemask mandate in Wisconsin, the Subway in Tomahawk, WI, NO employees wear facemasks. I am extremely worried by their complete lack of COVID-19 concerns. I would hate to stop going to Subway, but if they don’t care enough for their customers to wear facemasks, why should I bother? Quite awhile ago they did wear masks, but not for months, which is ridiculous, Governor Evers has extended the mandate, I like Subway (wish there were more vegan choices than Vegan Delight). As far as I could see on your website, facemask are required.

    Thank you,
    Anita Wood

    The address for the Subway I am writing about is…
    859 N 4th St.
    Tomahawk, WI 54487

  89. Dear sirs, mams
    I’ve been seeing your commercials and was just wondering since all of them are all black Americans, do you serve white Americans any more?

  90. Your ad is fraudulent. One foot long sub full price snd the second one is half. And it is not working.

  91. I have a child working at a subway in PA are two minors allow to close without an adult also if store closes at 9 how late are they to stay there are times where two minors are there until 11 closing without an adult

  92. I tried to sign up to order online at restaurant #4795 The form would not accept any of my VALID e-mail addresses. SO decided to call to see if I could order online, and the girl who answered the phone was extremely rude. Cutting me off immediately when I was trying to ask a question. And didn’t even care about how she presented herself. All I wanted to know is if I could order over the phone. She said no and I told her that she may just lose a customer, (she hung up on me) before I could say anything about her treatment of me on the phone. Very rude, unfriendly, discourteous, and I did not deserve the way she treated me.
    Still hungry. Store number 4795 1:05pm on 3/10/2021

  93. My niece has worked for your company until today. I made her quit. The boss at her store was making her work off the clock every night she has closed. She is a high school student and would not get home until almost 12 in the morning. I am a store manager at a retail store so I do know that it is company policy nit to be working on the clock. I need someone to please get in touch with me about this situation or will persue a lawyer to habdle the matter. The store is in Medina Tn.

  94. Your Subway Vinagrette sucks. REPLACE IT WITH THE GARLIC AIOLI YOU USED TO CARRY. It was the BEST. I’d buy some to take home for salads.

  95. this store is a rip off especially when you prepay for food in the app I order and they couldn’t fill the order nor was I contacted about it. when I went to pickup order they did have it ready and would not give me a refund of my money spent and was very nasty about it has been 3 days and I still do not have my money back I have tired to reach the store 8 times and nor one would answer the phone there was no manager at the store period. according to the nasty employees.

  96. I need info on the Kingstree, SC store. We have been in there several times and he girls are rude and act like we are inconveniencing them. Today, I even received an eye roll from one of the employees.

  97. Hello, my son was working for the Subway in Steelville Missouri and was not getting any hours, he had informed the manager that he had an interview at another job. The manager then fired him for it, then when asked why she fired him she lied and gave false reasons.

  98. I wanted to complain about your failed system to order online, also your horrible customer service. I placed an order to pick up at 10:40 am. I called the location and “manager”, Ismael, was horrible. He said I was wrong and I probably didn’t know what I was doing when I ordered. He never tried to help me. After I told him to please help me out and change it, he hanged up my call.

  99. I wanted to complain about your failed system to order online, also your horrible customer service. I placed an order to pick up at 10:40 am. I called the location and “manager”, Ismael, was horrible. He said I was wrong and I probably didn’t know what I was doing when I ordered. He never tried to help me. After I told him to please help me out and change it, he hanged up my call.
    Order # 4DB0FCxxxx
    14xxxx HWY 290
    Houston, TX 77040

  100. I used to work for Subway at the Great Southwest and I-20 location and I need a copy of W2-form can you please send me a link to upload it please.

  101. I have been inside the subway on Englewood road in Kansas City no several times needing my w2s. I worked there in Nov and Dec of 2020. I have personally called all three mangers to tell them I need my w2s asap!!! When I went inside location AGAIN last night the managers car was in parking lot but I was told she wasn’t in..she was in the back I saw her. I have emailed corporate offices…i have left several messages on facebook to several locations with no response. I have left my address with my location I worked at several times but no one is responding. These w2s should have been to me by Jan 31 and im getting extremely frustrated. I really hope you can take further action in regards to this matter!

  102. We stopped going to Subway because the hassle if only online app discounts.

    I’m not paying you money to make life harder and inconvenient to give us a reasonable offer. Idiots.

  103. I was in the martin tn on university st #7135 on 3/11/21. Their drive thru online was down. They said couldnt take my order thru window would have to drive thru. I did this twice and they ignored me. I will never be back, this was too rude.

  104. I will never go in the subay in Highland Park Woodward near Glendale. Very rude server no receipt.5 customers. 2 no Masks. As a woman of color and educated I chose to ignore the behavior.

  105. You know that your subs never look like the do in the tv adds because you use 4 times the meat in the tv one then you give at your stores bait and switch i dont go to sub ways anymore for this reason and the people all ways smash the sub when they roll it up at the end of it

  106. The magna, Utah office is in need of more organization. The poor girls u had working by themselves because someone walked out on them and the manager refused to come help them. Also when I ordered online it would not take the 50% off

  107. Hello,
    We are in Palatka, FL , 201 Reid St. at Subway. The employee work without masks, even though all of the customers that are inside right now do wear masks. There is a notice on the front door saying that wearing mucks is required. Obviously, not for the employees… I took a picture of the building.

  108. I had a very disturbing time at subways on 7600 Pocket Rd. in Greenhaven Sacramento California first I called to make an order for one sandwich and he hung up in my face so I was driving there got there and he continue to be rude and I asked to speak to a manager he said he was the manager that was quite disturbing than the lady that was there working with him also decided to get rather rude and then they tell me they wasn’t going to make my sandwiches I live Right around the corner and normally this is my go to sandwich place subway is that I go to because it’s normally really respectful and really clean their food I’ve never seen these two arms so I don’t know but they definitely have a really bad attitude and I definitely need someone to check it out ASAP I even have it on video once I got there because I know that from the phone calling them him hanging up on me and being rude just in case for my safety I had recorded it

  109. Horiible order store#50705 phone number 501-589-2121 Host ORDER SPM20210315051638
    SERVED BY 88 3/15/2821 5:16:39 PM ORDER 2 SANDWICHES the people work there don’t know to read instruction given to them in the piece of paper. And your online order not working. So I ask the lady cashier to give me 50% because I order 2 footlong even I have a code number B0GO50.

  110. I notice that Subway is using NBA players in their advertisements. Inasmuch as the Chinese Communist Party funds much of the NBA and practices racial and social discrimination within China, I no longer will be patronizing Subway restaurants. The CCP is committed to the downfall of the USA and free democracies around the world. Subway has chosen poor sponsors to sell their products.

  111. I use the app to order subs at my local Subway suddenly I get 2 different confirmation emails with different times and 2 different transactions were taken out of my bank from Subway 1 for $14.90 something and 1 for $11.90 . I called the store to cancel my order and I just want my refund of $11.50 for the second transaction

  112. I was in the Subway in Marathon, Wi today. Neither employee making sandwiches were wearing a mask. I inquired as to why they weren’t and one responded, “we don’t have to.” I said I believe they should wear masks, especially with Covid. They are young girls who wouldn’t be vaccinated yet and could very well be spreading Covid. Unbelievable!!

  113. The app has charged me 4 times since 3/2/21 for almost $40!!! These charges came across as reoccurring charges! They were for different amounts. Please contact me so that we can get this resolved so no other customers are fraudulently charged. Thank you.

  114. I ordered online and didnt get my drink nor my cookies with my meal and when the worker called me they hung up

  115. Mikeshell Jordan isn’t the right manager for subway in magnolia Mississippi, she fired me by phone for no reason and explanation, she doesn’t know how to run a store, and I think something needs to be done cause she can’t fire me by phone, it’s the law and if something isn’t done about her, I will be calling the Better Business Berau on all of you

  116. I am a parent of one of your associate and I want to complain about a manager that works at the Eutaw Subway she is a disrespectful lady she doesn’t no how to talk to anybody and I don’t want my child working under her. That’s very unprofessional of her and another thing what’s unprofessional is they don’t have a cashier register and having to write what u order down on a piece of paper is unprofessional. The way they work down there is not right and being underpaid.

  117. To whom this may concern,

    My name is Dayanara, I am an 8th grade at Flinn Middle School. The 8th grade staff and teachers are currently establishing a student of the week program. Student of the week is a student who is chosen by their teachers to be honored for their hard work and cooperation during the school year. There is about six each week
    (two from each grade) they are given prizes by the Flinn staff. Being a student of the week is a great accomplishment in this school because is make the student feel proud of themself and keeps them motivated to continue the school year. The people who have been chosen so far really do deserve being students of the week because of their hard work and strong perseverance.

    The students and staff at Flinn Middle school believe this program is much more than any old program it allows students to succeed in school, it fosters community between you and the school, and it builds self-confidence, discipline and much more for these students at Flinn Middle School.. Therefore, we would like to request help from you to make this program possible for all the 8th graders at Flinn Middle School.

    Any donation is greatly appreciated and it would be a huge help to the students at Flinn Middle School. If you wish to donate to this program please contact Shannon Ciaccio Financial Office Professional Flinn Middle School 2525 Ohio Parkway Rockford, IL 61108
    PH: 815-229-2800 EXT:48003 FAX: 815-489-2725

    Thank you in advance for helping with this program!


    Dayanara Ruvira

  118. I am trying to place an order on-line from my desktop computer. The order page has changed. I don’t see how to order “less” or “more” of a given vegetable for the sandwich. The app on my phone works like the old desktop application did.

  119. very disappointed in Subway today try to order a platter for a quick meal for six people and they wouldn’t do it without a 24-hour notice this was somebody that passed away and I was trying to give it to the neighbor if I was to order five sandwiches it would be the same way and the manager told me he has to prepare the bread for six people Subway is going to lose a lot of business and I’m going to tell a lot of people about the disadvantage that you made today I did order from DiBella’s with no problem

  120. We have a mask ordnance in Springfield Mo, your store on E Trafficway has no sign & no customers were wearing a mast?
    Appreciate a reply

  121. Please examine the causes surrounding employee incompetence in the Kirbyville Tx Subway. Are they given proper, encouraging, meaningful training? Perhaps better hiring practices?

  122. I had went to one of your stores today and had a coupon for buy one get one free. And I was told their boys told them not to accept any coupons. Why print them if we cannot use them?

  123. Subway here in Wilmer texas, at the shell station. The employees were not wearing there masks properly. I will not be buying my food there anymore if they dont wear their masks right over there nose too. I’m very disappointed. They were young and rude about it. I left. I did not get nothing to eat!

  124. Placed an order online which consisted of 3 foot longs and 6 cookies. When I went to pick my order up they were out of cookies and I was told the app wouldn’t put my money back on my card and in exchange for 6 @. .79 cents a piece all I got was 2 bags of chips. I’m not alright with the fact of basically paying 6 bucks for 2 bags of chips!!! They could have at least give me 3 bags considering I had 3 sandwiches!!!

  125. I don’t have a receipt we didn’t purchase anything. My son has the subway app on his phone which is tied to my debit card. On March 9th a charge for 31.59 was made from Subway #3257(on my app for the bank it states “Debit Card purchase SUBWAY 3257 5814 151-03510-100 CA I don’t know what all that means). There is also a transaction ID of 235946xxxx not sure if that is your transaction ID or the banks. We are in Montgomery Alabama and he was at school. We did not eat subway that day. I need to dispute the charges and my bank will not do anything until I reach out to Subway. Please reply. I know it’s not much money to you; however, my husband has been in the hospital, two surgeries in December and out of work. Every penny counts. Please reply.

  126. I was in the subway (300 Elm St, Farmington, MN 55024) where masks are mandated. An employee came from the back not wearing a mask. He then pulled his shirt up over his face. This is disappointing that management does not enforce federal and state mandates.

  127. Hi, is it customary for subway to close for 20-30minutes during lunch time? I just WALKED over to the Subway on 16th st/Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ. along with 2 other customers. I opened the door (which was unlocked and the sign was lit and said “OPEN” and the worker stated, “we are closed for the next 20-30 minutes to get things done. Can you come back then?” I stated I only get a 30 minute lunch break and I used most of it walking over to Subway. LUNCH TIME… NOT A GOOD TIME TO DECIDE TO CLOSE UP (ON A WHIM) TO GET THINGS DONE. Extremely unprofessional and disappointing.

  128. I still have not recieved my W2. I HAVE ASKED REPEATEDLY FOR COPIES. How do I get this taken care of? I can not file my taxes without the information provided on my w2! Will some one please help me? Please. 928 377 xxxx.

  129. Hi I was visiting your subway store in Greensboro no,it’s subway number #0919-0 4411 west gate city blvd #109,we was served by 017 at 11:57 am term I’d-trans#1/A-295584, host number ID:SPM20210320115755. I gave her the coupon for 2 for 1 large subs, my daughter who has health issues can not have the reg it has to flat bread, on checkout she said the coupon could not be used, it doesn’t say we can’t have flatbread, she was agitated because I eat subway every week!!!! And I was disappointed with her why didn’t she tell us first, I gave her the coupon before we ordered, it’s not like I’m asking for free stuff I’m 66 years old but I had no idea I was spending the extra and the service as not acceptable, I’m very disappointed in subway please put in on the coupon that flatbread is not acceptable, I love your product but I must say this was not a good experience at all, thank you for listening. Judy nye phone number is 336354xxxx email is judyxxxxx

  130. I made an order online, to be picked up in store, but get a call saying they were out of both of the subs that I ordered and no one can give me a refund. I need my money back and would appreciate a response with contact information for who is liable in a situation like this.


    Laurie Waller

  131. Your employees are extremely rude and vulgar. I was told while making putting in my order on the drive thru screen that I was being watched by the camera and that they saw me pull my credit card out of my breast. Also that I would need to sanitize my hands Before they could accept my payment or have contact with me. I keep a change purse in the side of my shirt pocket and was pulling out my order on paper to make sure it was right. When I pulled up the gentleman said asked if I needed sanitizer and I said no, then he told me they saw me once again pull my credit card from under my breast. This is so unprofessional I would never and I’m glad there is a camera so it can be seen that it was a piece of paper. I’m humiliated. I asked after my purse hase for the corporate number and was told there wasn’t one.

  132. My daughter worked at the Subway located on 10 Tower Rd in Saunderstown, RI. Today while at work they discovered a rat/mouse that had been known to be in the store for several days. Evidence of feces and food that had been eaten was discovered. The owners of the store, Rob and Jody Kermandas were aware of this situation and continued to serve food to patrons. My daughter was very afraid to be working under these conditions. When she told the Manager, Jody about this Jody became abusive to my daughter. She was sworn at and verbally abused by this person. My daughter and other employees quit because of this situation. I would like to report her to the Corporate Office of Subway and have her spoken to. This is no way to run a Subway store and no way to treat an employee. If nothing is done I will report this facility to the RI Department of Health. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

  133. I had a really bad experience with an order for 2 footling sandwiches on 3/21/21 at the 72nd st. Tacoma Subway, both of the sandwiches were made wrong and it ruined the food experience I had with Subway. I probably won’t go back to that Subway ever again.

  134. My husband just bought me a subway melt footlong at Walmart on Colemans Crossing Blvd in Marysville, Ohio.. i ordered light onion sauce and double protein.. i called the store and the guy was rude.. called me a liar and then looked at the order.. seen i was right and said well i can make it for you now or another time.. i said another time due to my husband having to goto work.. he never took my name down or anything and hung up on me..

  135. I got sandwich a sandwich at your 191st Gardner store Kansas. They forgot half my meat and they won’t answer the phone.

  136. 3.23.21 I was in store #38976-0 4920 Flat Shoals Pkwy 30034 at 2:52pm I spent $29.24. The person taking the orders was AJ the store manager. I listened to him talk in a very disrespectful way to 3 senior citizens in front of me. He was short and seemed bothered taking their order. When it was my turn he was just as short. This store is in a middle class Black neighborhood. Everyone in the store was black except AJ and a person behind me. A white person that came in behind me, AJ made sure he spoke and even made small talk. He did not do that with anyone else. I told him he was being nasty and that it was NOT okay. Take that rudeness to Buckhead. We dont want it in our neighborhood. Our money is just as green and spends the same. I also called the corporate office and the person who answered the phone was short and rude. It seems to be a running theme. I am not in a hurry continue spending money where my BLACK face means less. Subway hold everyone accountable even if its a franchise.

  137. I came in the subway today downtown Sumter and there was an employee on social media and didn’t take my order. I then turned around and left. Yall lost my business

  138. I made an online purchase on 03/17/2021. I called the store to have them cancel the order and the young girl that answered had no knowledge of anything web related or how to cancel an order. I asked to speak to a manager and was told there was no manager present, not even an assistant manager, and that the store manager would be in in the morning (03/18/2021) at 8am. Yet, she tells me once the order comes up she will cancel it?? The order was never cancelled and they processed it the next morning!! I call the store again at 8am (03/18/2021) like I was instructed to so I could speak to the store manager and yet again when I ask to speak with the manager I am told there is no manager present not even an assistant manager, but the store manager will be in in the afternoon. I called back the afternoon and was finally able to speak to the store manger Cheryl. She informed me that the girl I had spoke with that morning was in fact the assistant manager and she was the one who processed the payment that morning! Cheryl stated she would contact the owner and have it resolved. She took my number and stated she would call the next morning (03/19/2021). I did not receive a call from Cheryl, so I called that afternoon (03/19/2021). I was once again told that this would be fixed! I call corporate after speaking with Cheryl and spoke with the receptionist who informed me that the only way to refund it now, is to call corporate. So, I call Cheryl and inform her of what corporate has informed me. Cheryl states she is aware and that the store owner is currently working on it and it would be in my account that afternoon (03/19/2021) and she will call me as soon as the owner gets done, she again takes my phone number and promises to call! Now it is 03/20/2021 and the refund has still not been returned to my account. I call the store and am unable to contact Cheryl. 03/21/2021 I’m calling store and again I am unable to contact Cheryl. 03/22/2021 I’m calling store and still unable to contact Cheryl! 03/23/2021 I call store and of course Cheryl isn’t there!! Clearly, at this point I am being avoided! I just want my money back!! It seems like there is some shady stuff going on and the avoidance is leaving me to suspect fraudulent activities are going on at that store!!!

  139. Philly steak subs I got for me an pop’s worst we ever had ,they didn’t look nothing like ones on tv,

  140. Today I ordered 5 sandwiches and got charged for 6 ,also my entire order was wrong so I called store #5700 a employee said we couldn’t get them redone or given a credit said she made them right but they are all incorrect ,I never complain but she has the worst customer service ,I paid for my food and just wanted it done correctly

  141. I ordered food when to pick it up they said they didn’t receive my order and there’s nothing they can do about it I told them it charged my card and they still said there’s nothing they can do. I need my 12.66 back.

  142. On March 17th, 2021 I ate at Subway, 319 N. 10th Avenue, Caldwell, Idaho. I ordered a 6 1/2 inch Italian Herb and Cheese with Tuna and Cheddar Cheese, lettuce, tomato and black pepper. That night I became violently ill with vomiting and diarrhea. This last for a little over 24 hours, but caused me to lose 2 days (vacation days) of work and 2 doctors visits ($$$). I just saw the news last night that I am one of 20+ people that came down with food poisoning. I have always been a loyal subway customer and just wanted you to know that this was an awful experience!!!

  143. 4110 W Central
    Wichita, KS 67212, USA
    This store is asking for tips through the drive thru? I went today at 1:30PM.

  144. Went to subway today in Cassville mo 65625. The bread on are sandwiches was old i ask for seniors discount and did not get it.i asked the girl she said she did not here me, was not friendly if we are going to be done that way we won’t be back i will go to another one. I don’t think that was right.

  145. I am a regular customer(twice a week) at a Subway in Oak Lawn Illlinois. For sometime now I have observed an employee working by herself. While she handles it very well, I think it is very uncommon to run a Subway with one employee, not to mention dangerous for her. She is very friendly and efficient through the process of handling lunch crowds. She smiles through the process, with no complaints. I feel she is being treated unfairly by your company or possibly franchise owner. I’m not sure why she has no help. I hope that she gets some sort of recognition or perhaps a bonus. Anyway, I have considered going elsewhere but I am loyal. She even has my order memorized and always asks if I would like anything else. Customer service is my specialty. You should be very thankful.

  146. I went to one of your subway locations and they wouldnt honor a coupon I had buy one and get one get one for free the lady was very rude about it and said they dont honor this coupon. The subway is in Springfield ohio at the walmart on bechtle Avenue. I will never go back there again not the way she treated me and I’m sorry I didnt get her name . The other lady working there was nice. So wouldnt they honor the coupon even though it clearly has subway on there please contact me

  147. Sign on door reads ” Masks Manatory ” but workers aren’t wearing. Has today March 25 7 pm in Bloomfield NM 87413. All food preparation should be done with masks due to covid. I didn’t safe receipt.

  148. Went to Subway in Titusville Florida on Garden Street the ladies were very rude and one kept coughing so when I pay for my food I literally threw it away not quite sure during this covid-19 that you want ladies were not washing their hands and are coughing all over the food

  149. So disappointed! I’m a regular at our local Subway in Kaukauna, WI. I walked in there this morning and was politely told by Bobbi that she would be right with me. There were 2 employees working. Mind you, I go there because it is quick. I was the only customer there. As I waited I asked if she knew how much longer and she told me the sandwiches and salads she had to make before she could help me. Remember, I was the only customer in there and there were 2 employees working. Why couldn’t she finish making the one sandwich and take my order so I could leave and be a happy customer? I work in customer service and drop whatever I’m doing to put that customer first so they leave happy and come back for more business. I am so shocked that I was treated like I didn’t matter and Bobbi just didn’t seem to care about serving me. I hear stories about this happening at Subway, but just took it with a grain of salt BUT now I am going to start agreeing with these people. Word of mouth is not a good thing in a small city! So disappointed that I left there feeling like I didn’t matter at all……so much for me being a regular customer, but I’m sure Bobbi doesn’t care!

  150. Hi There. I was very disappointed that you no longer serve the “subway in a bowl” chopped. It seems like a small thing but it’s a whole different experience when they chop it. Who made this executive decision? Bring back chopping it, it is unique and I go out of my way to get yours over all the other fast food chains. thanks.

  151. When you show up BEFORE closing and get turned away very rudely and told the people in line will be the last served, you lose business, not just this time, but every time. Pretty bad when I’d rather go to fast food I hate then patronize a business I loved before this experience. Negative 5 stars for lack of care and courtesy, let alone denying service to paying consumers for whatever reason.

  152. The man working behind the counter was making inappropriate kissing gestures at my 4 year old. It was at the walmart subway in garden city

  153. I placed an order with you all and when my husband got there it was closed and nobody around. I called the number and it was an invalid phone number. I paid online to make it easy on everyone. The amount was $21.79. I know it was taken out of my bank.

  154. I order on uber eats cancelled my order due to the sandwich artist trying to toast my tuna… umm i tried to tell him that i wanted the bread toasted with cheese but not tuna.. he said thats what the order says you want it toasted… umm if im not mistaken tuna is not to be toasted unless customer ask…cancelled the uber eats order… i got online to order and had to ask the employee to wash hands because if you touch register and money the correct way is to wash your hands before taking an order. Also the employee that was rude did not have a hat on… no names tags.. so therefore i couldn’t get his name but from this location and only two employees the younger one was the rude with no hat on and both don’t wash hands(very wrong there especially with all that is happening) i was very upset i order because i really wanted my tuna sandwich but did not enjoy due to the fact that i was treated rudely … also i did not feel comfortable since they were bickering in their language like really… how rude…! Never again will i go here. They need to be trained again and take the course all over again. I am very upset with the treatment.. im paying for my food and not asking for free meal… subway#21923 Id-trans #1/A 481471
    Served by 31 3/36/2021 4:24:26pm
    12inch tuna
    6inch tuna
    12inch spicy italian
    Host order id: SPM20210326042425

  155. I placed an order online I always place an order online and I’ll walk in to watch them make my sub there are a couple items that are not on the online they oregano or the mozzarella I went into the subway in Rocky Mount Virginia the manager came over to make my subs with an attitude she got the bread out and she started making the subs and she looked at me and I said I just like to be here so I can tell you exactly how I want it she said well I can’t make it any different than the way you ordered it on the app now I’ve been doing this for a year and a half two years ordering on the app and I have never had somebody tell me that or be so rude on the app I asked for double Tomato and lettuce and for it to be on the side she gave me four tomatoes I normally when I have the sub put together in the restaurant there’s at least 12 to 15 tomatoes and I get normally three handfuls of lettuce one squirt of mayonnaise on the lettuce and the tomatoes on top of the mayonnaise tonight my daughter wasn’t with me so I was putting all that on the side the lady gave me for tomatoes and refused to give me anymore she gave me enough lettuce for a fourth of the sub and then told me to get out of the store and never come back I told her I needed more lettuce and tomatoes she told me she’s not giving me more lettuce and tomatoes she would not give me a number to contact her manager she was the assistant manager and she was rude I’m going to post this on Facebook I’m going to take a picture of her post her name and that Subway and explain how horrible the businesswise I go in that store at least twice a month and I have never had somebody be so worried she needs to go it was the subway in Rocky Mount Virginia my online order was approximately 630 she refunded the order tell me leave my food on the counter and get out of her store I did not curse her or anything I need for the store owner and manager to give me a call 540-330-xxxx Before I start posting horrible stuff about the subway in Rocky Mount Virginia

  156. I wish i could send a picture of these subs….unbelieveable. Litterally no meat. I went to the bathroom and asked him to put the cheese annd just spinach and onion and ranch on the 2steak and cheese subs. Got out of restroom, they were already wrapped. Gothome ants literally so upsetmNEVER HAVE I EVER COMPLAINED ABOUT A SUBWAY BEFORE . Store # 15225 monroe Michigan. 48161. I believe my whole order should be replaced. 18.00$is too much to get this in these times for SURE!!!! PLEASE MAKE IT RIGHT!

  157. I was in your subway Restraunt today in York pa. The manager was the wired
    I will never eat at subway again
    Told we to get out.
    He was very rude.
    Never was I talked to like this.
    I will never recommend subway to antbiday

  158. Since subway can’t serve people without a mask how about YOU provide masks for ppl who don’t have one and make sure nobody eats in the damn restaurant. Cause it’s POINTLESS to have a mask and eat in the restaurant. But it’s kinda messed up to refuse to serve ppl without a mask. Provide one for us

  159. My husband works at the Subway on thoroughbred road in Tennessee, your district over the area is a inconsiderate, lazy employee, my husband had been there for over 30 hours workin a shit, because his boss won’t relief him or find someone to. If when he finally is able to come home to rest and gets killed I am holding the company and the district accountable and will take action in any means necessary.

  160. Hello – I just want to let you know that if you see a complaint from a woman and 2 men at the Subway Leesburg (inside Walmart) regarding the cleanliness of a handicap table, please know the Subway staff here, not only limited and during a late lunch time hustle did everything they could within their and the client was extremely entitled, loud and so rude to the staff because they weren’t going at lightning fast speed because they needed to attend to their customer and duties in front of them. The client has threatened the staff with calling the police and walmart security. If you wish for more information on this incident, please feel free to call me at 410-802-xxxx. Thank you.

  161. I waited 40 minutes at your Butler, pa subway off of rt 8 north one person working on online orders he was doing a good job but 3 or more customers walked out because we couldn’t get served I missed my whole lunch waiting. Why is there only one worker you lost a lot of business.

  162. My son works for the Subway store in Pardeeville Wisconsin. He is 15 years old. He has only worked two shifts. They are insisting he watches training videos, but not paying him to do so (expected to do on his own time). This is illegal in the state of Wisconsin and we won’t allow it. We wanted you to know that this is happening in one of your stores. Additionally, he was not given appropriate training in store and was expected to know how to do things his second shift. Training and management is not good at this location. He will be getting employment elsewhere.

  163. Your online promo code did not accept when I entered it in Bogota 05 50% off a footlong buy one get one 50% off and then my order said it’s supposed to be ready at 7:10 p.m. and I’m sitting here still at 7:45 my daughter just went in for the second time and they are still making the sandwiches I was told that I could not get the coupon credited back to my card and still waiting for my food also when I use the app it glitch and didn’t make the settings change some things I had to go back and do twice we just got our food it was supposed to be done at said it was done at 7:10 and it is now 7:47 p.m. didn’t mention it to the lady because she was already unhelpful with the BOGO code BOGO five 0 was the code very unpleasant and the app I’m glad you can save favorites because I would not order form it again it took extremely a long time

  164. Cold meatball sandwich, big deal, yes to me it is. I had to eat it. Disgusting, I don’t have money to waste. I’m on social security. I don’t often spit out food but your food sucked. I have eaten subway often, always thought it was good. The sandwich I received was well below par. I ordered a meatball sandwich. The meatballs were cold, I wanted at least a warm sandwich. The manager apologized and said he would advise his employees about service.He never said he would make it right. You are a sad corporation that can not make a 7$ sandwich right. I have the email from the Eagle River Manager Koslowski.

  165. Hi, i want to complain about the
    611 N Arizona Ave Chandler,AZ 85225 store. There is only one person working there and theres a line of people,well at least there was because most left.. Would you be kind enough as to remind the franchise owner to have at least 2 people working there at all times? Thank You

  166. Our subway says they have ran out of food I went there today and they had the doors locked supposedly the had to many people inside so they were trying to attend them. So after waiting outside for 15 minutes a customer said walked out and said they had ran out of food. Also my husband and I went one night before closing time and an employee was standing outside and she stated they were close but yet she was outside smoking weed we could smell it from inside our car. Something needs to be done with this location!!!

  167. The Subway at 23931 Nicholsawmill Rd Hockley TX 77447 needs to be reviewed by Corporate management. The managers at this location are just as negligent as the employees. Tonight is the 4th time my family has left there extremely disgusted & disappointed. We have had to throw our food away 3 times now due to the foul taste of expired food. I never waste my time nor energy complaining like this, so for me to be doing this speaks volumes of just how unsatisfactory this location is. Every time we attempt to eat at this location the topping bins are either barely filled with disgusting looking food that’s obviously spoiled. This location always is almost out of practically every sandwich type, toppings, and breads. The employees are clearly neglecting their responsibilities such as food preparation, stocking, & cleaning. I live in a very rural area and Subway is one of the 2 options we have for fast food. I used to manage a fast food restaurant, and I’ve never seen such lack of respect & responsibility from a fast food establishment like this location. Please have this addressed. I would appreciate remaining anonymous. Thank you

  168. Will not ever go into a subway store, all digital an excuse to deal with buying public. Total mismanagement.

  169. Got into a dispute with a employee bec he was mad that I brought my sandwich back into the store after finding hair in my food he said it wasn’t that serious and he do not have to give me my money bk and that he can tell me to have a nice day. He was very rude and preceded to give me my ten dollars bk out of the register I would like to be contacted regarding this matter at 229299xxxx

  170. The subway in Hartwell, Ga. Has the most rude employees and very poor work ethic. My sandwiches were terrible and nothing fresh. I will not ever go back.

  171. I’m a RN & I ordered lunch for me & 2 other nurses about 3 weeks ago. I ordered online & 1 of my RN’s went to get it. He got back & NOT a single one was right!! We all ordered EXACTLY the same thing. When I called, Nicole the manager yelled at me & called me a F-ing B*tch!!! I paid through PayPal & 1: Didn’t get my points, 2: We didn’t get to eat & 3: Didn’t get my money back. I just got insulated & called names!!! I have been a HUGE Subway fan for years but apparently NOT anymore. She needs to be fired!!!!

  172. I had bought 6 scoops of Tuna from Subway in Denton, TX on I-35 today
    03-29-2021. When I was eating the Tuna there was a big head phone piece I was chewing on and swolled it. I thought it was a big piece of fish. There was a second ear piece I took it out my mouth before swollen it.

  173. I need a point of contact superior to District Manager Heidi Andrus for store number 24991-0. She blatantly lied to me about redeeming missing tokens. She stated (and I have the email thread) that after 48hrs the tokens expire. Per your website, that was not accurate information. I have submitted 4 missing token requests for a visit on 3/15/21 that I have not gotten credit for. I would like my credit and I would also like to complain as Management is just making up policy as they go along. Her email contradicts what is on your company website and I’d like to know why.

  174. The store in mount vernon ohio is letting 2 15 year olds close the store all by them self employee are not given there free meal while at work the owener calls and cuss out the employee

  175. I was so upset last month when I visited a local sub shop. The manager was screaming at an employee in front of customers.

  176. I just left your Subway location off Plum Creek in Castle Rock, CO. I ordered 2 sandwiches, a veggie and a meatball. There were only 2 meatballs in a 6” sub!! They were out of lettuce, pickles, pepper, bags!!
    I am so dissatisfied, if I wasn’t already on the interstate when I noticed I would have demanded a refund. What kind of sandwich shop does not have the basic ingredients on hand?

  177. I recently went in to one of your establishments out of wilson nc subway #2 on 2861 suite b ward blvd . and i ordered three subs a 6 inch meatball sub and a 6 inch steak and cheese and a footlong tuna . the two workers were women cant recall if they last names were patel either way they gave me the most disrespectful service i have ever witnessed. Onee proceeded to fix my sandwiches asked what kind of cheese i wanted on each 6 inch i said Provolone.
    Mind you they had two subs laid out ahead of mine with Italian meat on them salami and pepperoni they had Provolone on those already the smaller employee female looked at the sandwiches realized she put the wrong cheese on those subs and took the cheese of them and threw them on to my two 6 inch subs after they have touched the other sandwiches meat and bread .how unprofessional disgusting and terrible service is that now when i asked was my cheese fresh because i couldn’t believe they did this right in front of me the worker stated after i asked her twice was my cheese fresh on my sandwiches to give her clarity to tell the truth she lied and said yes knowing she did not put fresh cheese on my sandwiches i said i saw her take the cheese off those sandwiches and put that cheese on mine i repeatedly said who does that they got an attitude and said she can make new sandwiches but what if i hadn’t been paying attention and my kids been allergic to the meats those cheeses touched and ate the sandwiches and got sick or even died shaking my head who knows if im the first i could have been burying a child over laziness and poorly decisions by managers and employee im pushing this to the fullest because then they proceeded to be rude and say do you want new sandwiches or nah making me feel forced to eat this is traumatic i never been treated like this im going to my lawyer first thing in the a.m. signed jimmy wilkes 2128 Glendale dr wilson nc 27893 i will be going to the news paper and news station because this is so unsanitary and down right wrong you can reach me at 252360xxxx

  178. I ordered from the Subway in Mason City Iowa on Indianhead Drive through Door Dash. One of my sandwiches was suppose to have tomatoes on it and be toasted it was not. It had maybe two slices of onion, one slice of green pepper, no cheese and it was suppose to have Swiss cheese on it. I will be reaching out to the manager of this store tomorrow as they are closed now with my complained as well. I did take pictures of the sandwich in question and have a copy of my receipt showing what was suppose to be on this sandwich. I simply wanted it brought to your attention that a mistake happened.

  179. I am a former manager of the Luverne, Alabama location. I have recently put in a notice and worked it out up until the last day due to weather. The owner instructed the accountant to cut my wages from 12.50 to minimum wage without informing me or warning me at the time I gave my notice. Who do I contact about that?

  180. 1412 SE Washington boulevard subway location made 2 12 inch subs completely qrong missing topings and sauces added that wernt on ticket, sandwiches were smashed and when I brang my receipt back and asked nicely for either a refund or the sandwhiches they refused my services

  181. I visited the new subway off of Vaughn rd connected to gas station and came in connect with the manager ‘‘Shirley ’’ it was something with a S . A older African American female. I walked over after purchasing my goods from the gas station. She wasn’t wearing her mask correctly.We made eye connect before I walked up and she seen me coming and turned her back towards me , so i said hello . For a second i thought she didn’t hear me , so i said hello again and she replied i heard you. Very rudely.So I wait a moment as she flip thru a book , i wasn’t placing a order i was picking up so. So i ask for a manager and she replied i am the manager so i ask if she was going to assist me she said nothing. So i found my mobile order and left. Camera footage in gas station should back up my claim . It was a mobile order pick for 4:05pm . She need help communicate with customer. I felt i was being belittled for pick up a sandwich on her shift . I have came to this location before and never had any problem. My husband sandwich was supposed to be double meat and of course we didn’t receive that. I just wish she receive the proper training so people wouldn’t have these problems

  182. Location: Olympia Capital Mall.
    They are charging for any extra veggies. They said they are privately owned and don’t have to follow Subway standards. Then said they would refuse my service.

  183. Tuesday 30 , @ 3:25 approx.
    Subways on the corner of Hollywood and Gower. Very unprofessional and bad service and bad attitude

  184. Neighbor picked me up Italian sub. Got home was just bread and pepperoni. Nothing else! Went back was given bag tomato, lettuce and cup of oil. Was told to put it together myself. Wth! South roan st. Johnson city Tennessee

  185. Your store manager and employee treated me very disrespectful and threaten to call the police because I was asking for my change to be counted out to me old school style from the pennies up your manager got upset with me and told me to leave the store or they would call the police plus they messed up the order if you would like to contact me by phone you can call me at 918-336xxxx 4918344xxxx my name is JW black I would like to get this straightened out please as soon as possible The incident happened 3-20-21 at 3:35 PM

  186. I have eaten seafood and crab sandwiches at Subway since I was in college 40 years ago. This is the ONLY sandwich I eat there. I was just told today that your company is phasing out the Seafood and crab and various locations have told me it’s one of their TOP sellers. Me and my fiance are just 2 people but this is all we eat and this change means we will never be able to eat at Subway again which is very sad to us. Just wanted to share this feedback and praying you change your mind or at least in Brandon, MS. Thanks for listening.

  187. Tried to order using BOGO50 coupon and it wouldn’t allow me to do so online. Looks like I got 50% off on one sandwich but not BOGO. Asked for extra mayonnaise and it looks like they poured the entire bottle on my husbands sandwich. He couldn’t eat it. Wish I could send a picture. It’s disgusting. We’re not happy customers this evening.

  188. I just spent almost 40 minutes in line at Bally’s Subway (only one girl working), to find out that they didn’t have tuna, which was the sun sandwich I wanted. I lost 40 minutes out of my day because of false advertising. What a joke!!!!!!!

  189. Hello,
    My name is Bernardine McCarthy. Today, March 31st 2021 I placed an online order to pickup. I was charged 7.27 to my debit card. When my husbandbwent in to pick up the order he was told that the order did not exist. This is what our bank account says in our statement.
    Purchase Subway 1357

    The lady my husband dealt with which he didn’t get her name was rude and and insulting…I heard her through the phone.

    Please tell me how I can get my money back from your corporation as I didn’t receive what I paid for.

    Thank you.
    Bernardine McCarthy
    xxxx Rose St. Lot 50
    Auburndale Fl. 33823
    Cell 740-485-xxxx
    Husband’s cell (Robert)
    Home 863-875-xxxx

  190. I have been going to subway at1861 Roanoke Road in Lagrange Georgia for many years. But today will be my last visit. I have never encountered such rude and racist employees. I will not be back. I went to the counter to pick up my salad that I had already paid for online. NO other customers were at the counter. Instead of handing my my salad , when I told the young lady I was there to pick up my order. She stated you can go down there and get it. She was only doing this because She thought it was funny. So I had to walk to the end of the counter for the other employee to hand me my salad. As i was leaving the store, both of the employees started laughing. I will never go back to that store and I will make sure to inform my co-workers/friends not to go back. I wish You were only there to experience their attitude and eye gestures.

  191. hello! I was at one of your locations here in Orland park IL and I ordered off your app and I go to the location where it was supposed to be at and they claimed that they never received my order even tho it was paid thru the app. i showed them the amount and what the sandwich was.. The location at 14657 s la grange Rd seemed not to care after I showed them that it was ready for pick up and paid for ..they didn’t offer any help what so ever…. I WILL NOT be going to that location no longer…The owner and the employees were rude. All I can say is thanks for taking my money and not giving me what I ordered!

  192. Hello, I just got back from subway located in Sonoma ca store number 5073-0. I was waiting in line and a young lady named Paola came out and dint acknowledge me and skipped me and help the person behind me. This is my second time coming to this subway and this young lady is there and she doesn’t give me good customer service. I really hope this doesn’t happen again and someone talks to her about that. I won’t be coming back when she’s there.

  193. A Subway employee at 1810 B Perry Drive Farmville Va. 23901, is not wearing a mask or face coverings. I have told him several times to wear a mask while he is leaning over or serving food. This is causing people to walk out. He is of Indian or Middle Eastern decent. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen! Please resolve this issue, or I’ll start sending my video of him, with no mask, while serving customers.

  194. On March 31, 2021 I had placed an online order for 2 footlong sandwiches. 1 was a cold cut combo, 2 was a meatball and the meatball didn’t have the provolone cheese I asked for it was barely even warm. I was charged $14.12 when I was supposed to get buy one get on 50% off. I asked the lady who brought out my sandwiches and she said she didn’t know anything about it. I said I will just call up there and ask and was told she was the manager working and would answer the phone and I would get the same reply. “I don’t know anything about it. “

  195. Hi I’m a former employee of subway and I was just reaching out to see if I could enquirer my 2019 w2 forms for my college my old store location was
    35 W Combs Rd
    Unit 101
    San Tan Valley, AZ 85240
    United States
    Sincerely, Amber Pepper

  196. I just left subway with an $80 dent in my pocket.. I only bought 7 sandwiches.. 7×5=35… 5 dollar foot long my ass.. Then we wher told not to come back because we ordered too many sandwiches.. this was all at the huntingdon TN subway next to the tracker supply

  197. The meat was spoiled on the sandwiches had rec3ipt . And employee wouldn’t give me back .He day called me stupid.I even brought the spoiled meat. Said I ate the sandwiches, bullshit that got thrown in the morning trash.I want money back it sucked.

  198. clerk at store Buckeye and Avondale AZ #27190 was rude . I asked for herb and cheese bread and she just pointed at the bread and said grain I said I want herb and cheese and she said grain and then a guy comes out raising his voice and said I heard her tell you that is all we have and I said I am not talking to you I am talking to her and I do not understand what she say . And then he still with a raised voiced saying this is all we have and if you don’t like it that all we got. I asked for his name and he said he does not have to give it to me and then he went to the back. He looked dishelved – his beard was untidy and tshirt was saggy – actually looked homeless

  199. Would love for someone to contact me regarding a horrible experience at one of the subway locations.

  200. Apparently the Subway’s in Cols Ohio have no accountability. They are 1, closed, no hours posted, 2, can’t fix the sub you want because they are out of the ingredients, or 3. They are gone entirely. Out of business. Went to the location near my house about 8:15p and door was locked. Tapped on the glass and the guy just gave me a thumbs down sign and went his way. We even went to a Westerville location and they were out of what we wanted. There was a Subway in a Thornton’s station I went to a few times, but it sucked too. Was closed a lot. No one showed up to work it. It’s gone now. Closed for good. So tonight I went to Jimmy John’s. They are open a lot more than Subway. Subway opens and closes when they feel like it.

  201. My issue is that you only offer deals on your app. I worked for your company. And I’m discussed that you only give deals through the app. Some of us don’t like to give card information on the internet. And for those who come through the door and order are not allowed to use these deals in the store is awful making people pay full price. I think this is a major issue. I have not been back into a subway and will not until you offer these deals in store as well as on the app. I will start putting my opinions on Facebook till you change just offering deals by your app.

  202. While visiting a Subway store I found this sign which advertises: “ALL DAY SPECIAL, OBTENGA DOS FOOTLONGS, REGULARES POR $11.99 CON LA COMPRA DE UNA BEBIDA MEDIANA”, ” Additional charge for extras. Plus tax where applicable”.
    I found this very disturbing in that you didn’t include this special in english. It appears it is on;ly applicable to those who speak spanish. You can decide the appropriate action to take.

  203. On 3/18/21 I went into store # 14868-0 at 5:36 PM
    Term ID Trans# 1A 91550
    I used a gift card received as I am a nurse working thru this horrible pandemic.
    When I got home and read the receipt I noticed I was charged “extra” for the cheese.
    I should have been told it was going to be extra for the cheese.
    Please give me a gift card if you may.
    Rebecca Brown

  204. I just walked out of my job because the manager didn’t train me. Called me fat and never explained anything to me…

  205. Hello this is Jeffrey Gallegos from Espanola New Mexico my phone number is 505 692 8xxx I just left store number 1313 the individual running the service at the front refused to refill the Cucumber watermelon container say it was too much of a hassle and very hard work what the hell is this individual doing working at Subway if he doesn’t want to fulfill his duties as a Subway employee I am very disgusted by this individual can you please address this

  206. Went to your store in Georgetown kentucky located at a shell station… no one was there.. after the cashier from shell tried to find an employee.. he said there would be a 30 minute.

  207. Every time I order on line at the Dyersburg Tennessee subway they screw up the entire order. Never have that problem at different sub shops. Today was the forth time and the last time I will go there my wife loves your subs but not the service

  208. I’m a believer when it comes to healthy food. Subway is my number 1 choice for healthy food as I work out 5 days a week. 3 times a week in Salem,IL for lunch I’ll eat at Subway during 10-12 hrs a day. Today the family decided to eat out in Mt.Vernon,IL where we live. Subway 4716 Broadway St, Mt Vernon, IL 62864. I recommend not eating there as it was a Waste of cash and ect for the whole family as it ran threw us. I’m not the type to complain, but I would recommend a food check up. Thanks

  209. I am very mad, yesterday I placed an order on the app, drive home, 40 minutes away and my order was screwed up.

  210. I am a Subway customer since the early 1980’s I have visited 1000’s of times in that time period. I need someone to contact me regarding issues with a certain vist I had on 4/2/21

  211. Subway on 1449 west Buckingham Road Garland Texas keeps closing before its closing time. I have stopped by around 8:40pm and 9pm several times and the store is closed when the door says they close at10pm. There is workers inside but don’t say anything.

  212. I am a Subway customer since the early 1980’s I have visited 1000’s of times in that time period. I need someone to contact me regarding issues with a certain vist I had on 4/2/21 my phone # is 651.380.xxxx

  213. Luxemburg Wisconsin located in Kewaunee County denied me service for not wearing a mask. The Wisconsin facemask mandate expired this past week. We left and will not return. Check out all this locations Google reviews. Looks like many have been denied service. Again Wisconsin’s mandate has ended they had no right to deny us service.

  214. I really have a question and complaint about a store located Fm 1488, Magnolia, Tx 77354. Please email me who i can speak with besides customer service need higher up with authority. WHO CAN LISTEN AND SOLVE THE ISSUE 832-733-xxxx

  215. The subway in West Terre Haute are the rudest shittiest people I’ve ever met in my life this Subway down south the one that’s located near Elder-Beerman is as hell they can’t make your sandwich right and when they mess it up they are rude when you ask them to fix it they won’t let you have what you want on it and they are hateful and rude and they scream at you like a little kid I know make a sandwich could be a stressful thing but I’m not going to be screamed at like a kid I am so upset I don’t think I ever want to go to Subway again not ever and my family was there when this all went on so I am dead I am done with the subways you guys just lost some customers a family of customers because of your employees employees what kind of people are you hiring because they need to go take anger management classes I get screamed out like that one more time I’m going to press charges because I am not going to be talked to like a little kid all because I like extra pickles on my sandwich I don’t answer nothing but some lettuce mayonnaise and mustard with some extra pickles and that’s a whole lot to ask for for eight dollars I am so pissed off at this I cannot believe you guys hire them kind of people and let them stay behind the counter your corporate asses need to get out and check your own little restaurants out to see how rude people are you have two franchises now I will never ever go back to and I will not ever go to subway. Vanessa oh my God if you don’t do something about the ones in West Terre Haute then I’m going to make sure I put out there the word about how rude they are because I’m sure other people in this town has noticed how rude and hateful they are.

  216. I just went into the subway at 8700 Hwy 146 in side Wal-Mart in Baytown Tx,77523.First of all the lady that insisted we had to have a mask never the whole time had her mask above her nose and for the whole time I watched her check the person out in front of us she had it below her mouth,even the guy behind us when she told him he had to have a mask he commented that it wouldn’t do her any good since she had hers below her nose.But that isn’t even the main reason I’m making this complaint,after leaving I received a notification that my account was charged $31.07 instead of the$13.08 that was on my receipt,so I called the store and I assume it was the same woman since she was the only woman I seen their earlier and she kept asking me what I ordered and I told her but tried to explain I wasn’t worried about how much it costs I was just wanting to know why my card was charged so much but she just kept trying to tell me why I was charged the price I was charged but she just couldn’t seem to get it and told me there is nothing she can do about it,I finally got angry and ask her if she was going stupid and she hung up.Im waiting on a call back from my card company but I will be putting it on social media and in a few days everyone in Baytown will know what goes on there.

  217. I live in beverley in East Yorkshire I enjoyed subways for years but over the last 3 weeks I’ve been unable to have the salad box due to sweetcorn has been dropped in the every compartment of the salad as I can’t have sweetcorn I’ve been unable to eat while at work as it’s the only place open that dose salad as good as yours. I asked for a fresh one but got told that what was in front is all they had but I went back 2 hrs later and salad was topped up but yet again sweetcorn all over the place. What can I do please help me I love subway

  218. Me and my family ordered four foot long subs. While we were eating I seen something on the end of my sandwich. It turns out to be a big long hair that was baked into the bread. I called and called out subway no one ever answered the phone. It was disgusting. I would like our meal replaced.

  219. Associate was outside smoking a cigarette on her cell phone almost four minutes while I waited at register to place my order. Once unmasked employee entered I greeted, associate unresponsive. She proceed to barely rinse hands and came behind counter rudely saying what type of bread. I spoke once again and she repeated as before. This person clearly has more training required.

  220. Why is it employees amongst this pandemic with issues are not allowed to cover their ears. I get fluid in my ears often and have a very thin headband on to cover them and keep my hair back. You literally just see a small triangle at my ear and I’m not allowed. I have bled for this store and rub with shotty gm and owner who seem like they couldn’t care less. I love the job, but this is ridiculous how we are treated and what we have to work in. Mold and damage and no help

  221. Ordered on line and went to store to pickup order and store was closed – Went back today and store said they could not refund my money – Just want my money back and I will never buy Subway again – I need someone to call me – Thank you – Jose Sermino Jr

  222. Husband ordered a roast beef sandwich at Subway today. Told they no longer have those. He left. He couldn’t believe that there is no roast beef at Subway. Why?

  223. I would like to file a formal complaint on one of the subway locations, in regards to employee obtaining customers personal information for his own personal use without authorization. please advise what I need to do to file complaint. Thank you

  224. Having complications with getting the correct W2 from the year 2018. My daughter’s social security number does not match up. How cam she go about getting the corrected W2

  225. None of the employees are wearing face masks. (4/6/2021) Covid-19 is still spreading. What is the corporate policy?#31993-0, 864-287-5656, 101 Abercorn Ln. , Townsville, South Carolina. Served by: 993 4/6/2021 12:20 pm Term ID Trans# 1/A-211499

  226. Please change the Subway app back to what it was before. I don’t want a deal with three sandwiches. I cannot even pull up the list of sandwiches!!!

  227. The Subway that is located close to my business is a huge disappointment. The staff working today very rude with customers. Will not go back.

  228. Last night I took my son to Subway find Preston Road and and we will never be back worst experience by far. Nobody even acknowledged us as we walked in. I got two Footlong sandwiches and I had to repeat my order to the girl 3 * because she wasn’t paying attention do to other customers who I guess where their friends are other employees that weren’t on the clock. They had no white bread so we went with wheat I wanted to use a coupon and the girl had no idea how to bring it up I believe the coupon was a free drink and a bag of chips with the purchase of a footlong she later then told me that the coupon was expired which it was not and she would not let me use it he called for her managers help but he was too busy on the telephone on speakerphone talking very loudly with somebody the whole store can hear the conversation anyways I went ahead and paid for the chips and drink and the whole time the girl was asking the manager to come help us he was on the speakerphone with someone the whole store to hear his conversation which I guess was too important to help a customer anyways we should have taken about five minutes ended up taking about 20 and I just felt very disrespected I thought it was terrible customer service and I would not go there again

  229. Dear sir I went to subway today and the on line order wouldn’t work and the store refused to give me buy 2- 6 foot. Get one free store #15739-0 I paid $27.86 for 3 subs this is false advertising

  230. Sunriver Oregon location has been closed at 4:00 pm both times I have stopped by and placed an on line order last week only to be told my order was cancelled because they were closed. This was placed at 6:00 pm and hours are until 7:00 pm. I think I’m done after three failed attempts

  231. Subway in Clarksville, VA was very disappointed this afternoon 03/29/21. Been a customer ever since the store opened. Today, wife ordered two subs and the employee was rude, would not put his mask on and threw the toppings on the sandwich. When asked to wear his mask he refused. A comment was made from another employee we aren’t the first to complain. He is a relative of the owner. Will not return to this franchise, plus wife tossed her sub.

  232. Covington WA store 04/06/2021 aprox 6:20 pm Employee at store started arguing with me a called me a piece of shit and get out of my store ,because I told him not to aply mayonnaise on my sandwich until AFTER heating it ,he told me it HAD to be done this way and I had to take it like that,I don’t like hot mayo for one,he also said it had to be on white bread that I had no other choices,after I disagreed he said get the fuck out of my store you piece of shit,I asked his name but could not understand it ,something like Arilo or ? I am very disappointed with the way I was treated, my email address is mecenxxxx

  233. There used to be a Subway in downtown Lewistown PA 17044. It is now closed and Sheila Sourbeck and Lori Surgy opened it and renamed it the Corner Lunchbox. She is still ordering and using Subway products such as bread, meats, toppings, etc… while not being affiliated with Subway and being a “home cooked” restaurant that offers made to order subs/hoagies/sandwiches. Their address is 2 East Market St Lewistown PA 17044.

  234. I currently work for subway in baytown ,they dont give us breaks and yet took our food away when we signed a contract saying what we’re eligible to …I keep requesting my vacation hours becuase i needed them after working here for going on to 2 years and have proof my manager stated i will get them and didnt get them payed .i missed out on a acheck ones she forgot to add “”while i asked of too go to mx i do have direct deposit so i noticed …shes always leaving work which by now should be termination …and the tips we own we get to keep cash but not long ago did we start card tips and she always gives her self a 100 on the check and i make like 40-60 a night the reciepts are proof when we close the register and on my last check i got 10$ and others got 60 ,40 when tips arent really made in the morning so how is that fair ?..i complained and got suspended for now reason after i had already got cut back on hours …i cant loose the job i need it for college money while i get a new one what can i do to have justice

  235. As I was approaching the door to SUBWAY so that I can order dinner for my family the worker whom was directly in front of me glanced over her shoulder hurried inside and proceeded to lock the door . The OPEN SIGN was still on shining brightly .Yet instead of her even speaking to me at all she locked the door . IS THIS HOW YOU TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES to BEHAVE TOWARDS CUSTOMERS

  236. To whom it may concern,

    This is Rebekah Preston a fomer crew member of Subway. I am emailing in regards to the W2 form. Back in Febuary of 2020 I started working at the Rochester Illinois location. Back then I would have been known as Rebekah Rahman. I have yet to recive my W2 form, and was wondering if there was someway to get my W2 form. My new adress is xxxx Aztec Blv apt 65 Columbia Missouri 65202. Anything you can do to help me out would be much appreciated. Thank you for all you do.

  237. Was in subway at Walmart on Grindstone in Columbia, Mo. There is limited seating and over 1/2 of the tables were occupied by people who had not ordered a subway food item. My daughter and I had to wait until a table was clear to sit down to eat. This is unacceptable.


  238. The manager at the subway in Petal (in front of Walmart) was very rude to me. He accused me of hitting a cone and looking at my phone in a very rude way. I waited for 30 minutes in line and he didn’t even apologize for the wait. I went in to address his rudeness and he was defensive. I told him I won’t ever take my business to that location again. The line is always very slow there. They need to improve in my opinion.

  239. I have a big problem with the Weatherford, Ok. Store yesterday my 90 yr old mother, got hurt going into the store. The wind nocked the door from her hand and NONE OF YOUR EMPLOYEES ASKED TO HELP HER .Some customers had to help her. Bleeding all over her foot NO FIRST AID KIT .SOME LADY GOT HER PAPER TOWELS TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES

  240. I am in California and Subway where I was wrongfully treated they refuse 2 give me extra mayonnaise without a charge they wanted me to pay $1.50 . i refused to pay they through my sandwich away i order 2 sandwiches. They they would rather throw the company’s meat cheese lettuce tomato bread in the garbage behind $1.50 they’re not saving the company money they’re hurting the company and they discriminate against me

  241. I would appreciate someone contacting me. I have never been treated so rudely by a person working in the food industry. I’ve personally worked in the industry myself and could not imagine treating someone as the “lady” did us tonight! I could not use the receipt as a reference because we left before we could finish ordering our food because of the way she kept taking to my husband.
    This location does not close at 6, they were open at 6:30 when we left.

  242. I placed an order yesterday at approx. 3:30 for a 4:45 pick up. My family and I were planning a picnic by the river. My husband went to the location and when he got there they were closed. Someone was in the building but refused to speak with him. I called the location and a woman answered and said that they closed at 4 and that our Subway order was sent to another location. She was not able to tell me which location. I went to the Wal-Mart Subway across the street. They did not have my order. They were absolutely NO help. No manager available. They said my order may have went to a different Subway. After driving to 3 different Subways, we were not able to get our food. I PAID for this food already by using the app. Order number ED4AE578-70. Not ONE person was willing to fulfill our order. We were offered NO support from 3 different Subway locations in our area. My family and I come to Subway frequently. I will NEVER eat at another Subway again. In addition, I will share my experience with others. I am SO disappointed in the lack of customer service I received. In addition, I tried to call customer support and was directed to submitting an e-mail. You took my time, money, gas, dinner, and picnic away from my family and I. Please get a better process in place. Not to mention, if you have a location that is going to be closed, the app SHOULD NOT ALLOW YOU TO ORDER and PAY!!!!!!!

  243. They were very rude they didn’t put meat or cheese on the subs they threaten my 64 year old mother I need to talk someone ASAP before I call the news and who ever else I need to call my name Emily Bowling @ (865)443-xxxx

  244. 16238 Hwy 620, Suite G, Austin, TX , there is literally one person here every day and at least 20 people standing in line for about an hour waiting on service. Everyday this young man is alone with no help. I see customers open the door and walk back out because of the line. No good business

  245. We have eaten Subway for years. We miss your crab salad and the bread substituted for your wheat bread is not tasty, too tough, dry! Will you be bringing these items back, please? If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

  246. Called subway to place an order and they didn’t answer. Went to the window and ask if we could place the order since they didn’t answer the phone. They said no you can not place an order at the window. While sitting at the window called to hear the phone ring inside. The guy said it rings we just can’t answer it. Nobody was inside he was waiting on.. he wasn’t filling an order bc the phone don’t work as he stated. What would be the difference in me walking in telling him what I wanted instead of just telling him what I wanted at the window… poor poor poor customer service

  247. I have I already filed a complaint online I would like to speak to somebody because if my information gets put out on social media I will be suing the company. You can reach out to me through email and then I will send you my phone number I’ve never felt so disrespected in my life and I feel that it is a race issue.

  248. Subway in Southaven MS, Getwell and Goodman.
    Drink counter a mess….no lids, Sweet tea container contained non-sweet tea and, as I looked back at the counter, trash/dirt was underneath the drink machine. And, I don’t mind tipping but why add that feature when she was just doing her job. At this was at 11:00 a.m. when the lunch hour just began – what was she doing all morning? I did not see but one person at the store but someone else could have been in the back.

  249. I placed an order online and my coworkers went to pick it up. They were told that they had no order in the system. When I went up to the store myself they refused to give me my order or refund my money even though I showed them confirmation

  250. I am a customer who just dealt with the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL, CONFRONTATIONAL employee ever!! She has an attitude from beginning to end! My daughter’s footlobg coupon got denied. I had a coupon for 3/$17.99. When I saw that hers was denied. I asked about mine. She said (with an attitude) that they couldn’t be “cheap” the sandwiches. I told her that the coupon didn’t give an amount that the sandwich cost. Her tone was changing as I told again said that the coupon didn’t state that. She looks at the 16 year old trying to explain. I told her that she’s a child. It escalated into an argument as customers proceeded to come into the restaurant. The manager & other employee tried to deescalate the situation to no avail. She stated “I don’t need this job!”. Another customer later got upset with me because I told management that I wanted her name. She kept talking to me while she was supposed to be focused on the other customers. She also said that “It won’t be the first complaint.” I was upset that the other customer didn’t catch the incident from the beginning & yelled at me. I hope that you can replay the video. I also have pictures of her, her long nails. A few customers left due to the unprofessionalism. I have been there many times & NEVER had a problem when I dealt with the other employees that were there today. She will NOT take her bad day out on me as a patron. I didn’t go in there with ill will but left out completely upset! Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks in advance,

    Angela P. Singletary
    (843) 616-xxxx

  251. Hello, this is not the type of email that usually like to write but I feel like the way to do things right at your restaurants needs to remain. I walked to your subway located in Goodyear Arizona and an employee comes out of the back with gloves on already and takes my order. While I am ordering I can’t stop thinking that she came out with gloves on already. I asked her that I didn’t see her putting on new gloves and she said she had just put them on. How do I know what has she been doing before she came out from the back. As a frequent customer that eats as often as an average of 3 times a week if not more I feel this issue needs to be addressed. New gloves need to be put on in the presence of the customer. I hope to hear from you. Thank you for your time.

  252. It’s really disappointing that you have removed chopped salads from your menu. It seems to have attracted a lot of negativity on line and to others I have spoken with. This item is something that we specifically go to Subway restaurants for, but unfortunately with its removal we find ourself looking for an alternative. This is certainly disappointing as we were under the impression that Subway was a healthier alternative to most fast food.

  253. The Subway here at Seneca Rocks WV does not make your food right. On some Sundays, their omelette are awful because the girl doesn’t put the bacon or the vegetables right into the omelet. I got a Philly Cheesesteak sub today and I ordered lettuce and tomato, there was no lettuce or tomato on it. There’s about three girls they need to retrain it, Kate, Katelyn, and another one named Katelyn; they better be glad that I am easy going or I should have turned around and took it back, and told them to make them the right way. Please give this your attention so they don’t keep causing the company to loose business.

  254. The Seneca Subway in WV needs to retrain their employees named Kate, Katelyn and Katelyn. Kate doesn’t know how to make a bacon egg and cheese omelet, she doesn’t cook the bacon or the vegetables in with the egg. I got a Philly cheesesteak sub today, I wanted lettuce and tomato on it, she never even put the lettuce and tomato on. These girls ate costing your company business.

    Bring back roast beef and mushrooms, and biscuit / gravy.

  255. I need to send you the receipt I may have been overcharged at the Subway in Chicago International Airport. 8000005758 Mara, APR10′ 21 1:01PM, Order number is 4390. 1 LG SAND STEAK 12 10.29, 1 SODA BTL M 3.49. SUBTOTAL IS 13.78, FOODTX ADD207001 1.62, SODA TAX 0.10, AMOUNT PAID 15.50.

  256. Had a problem with an employee at the Krispy krunchy Chicken 4500 North Broadway St Louis Missouri 63102 the server was very arrogant and disrespectful didn’t want to serve me the sauce on my choice which is First Source is free and then the server didn’t serve me my rice and red beans I have to come back and ask for it and when I did he was very arrogant and disrespectful and took his time getting it and when it came back with it was cold I believe that customers should be treated better than that yet I thank you for your service have a good day

  257. Complaint Subway #40742-0 @4431 S. White Mountain Rd. ShowLow AZ.
    First this location seems to be the only location ex. Texas, Colorado and Payson , Mesa, Phoenix AZ. that upon entering a remote order for EXPRESS PICK UP does not start your order until you arrive at the time the order is to be picked up? You must be kidding me. Then they state they do not fill the order until someone comes in to pick it up. Your order is NOT express pickup as your order is placed in line to be filled? Then they very stupidly ask “DO YOU STILL WANT ME TO MAKE THE SANDWICHES?” DUH let me see, we are hungry and have paid in full, now why would we not want the food? This is the only location I have encountered that acts this way. As a result I will not be back to this location ever. If this is a franchise location I would consider revoking their franchise as this is surely hurting your business. Jersey Mikes and Jimmy Johns does not do this. Subway has lost two more long time customers.

  258. Hello my name is Aaniya Edwards I use to work at subway. The manager ms. Debra is very rude and unprofessional she called me out of my name the B word cuz I was confronting her on her lack of communication and not letttinf me know when I can come into work cuz I was new at working at subway and she never answered my text nor my calls and I’m not on the schedule yet so I wouldn’t know unless she texts me I come in I only worked 3 times out of 3 weeks of working There. And it’s Unexpectable and I never called her out of her name once and the location is 291 Hubbards ln Louisville ky 831 suite building you can contact me at (812)-557-xxxx

  259. I visited your subway in waterloo iowa the one that is located in Waterloo iowa on ansborough ave I visited there every friday after work well today 4/10/21 I decided I go for breakfast well me and my husband went in and I told the lady I wanted a turkey bacon she said white or wheat I was kind of confused but I said on wheat she said 6 or door long i said 6 than she went to grab the turkey breast in said no I said turkey bacon. Then she started screaming at me I told my husband lets go and we left

  260. Went to st bernard ohio location on vine street.they told me they could not take my order at 9pm because they were closing.says they are open until ten pm

  261. I was just at the subway at Broadway and south of Toledo Ohio and that was the worst experience I’ve ever had I’ve never had your breakfast couldn’t wait to try it I went in there I had to wait at least three minutes or four minutes while she was in the back room telling me to hold on a minute this is not a busy subway there was no one even in there so then she come out like with an attitude she made my breakfast I was standing there and then she said my hot food my eggs and bacon and cheese on the counter and told me to wait a minute and she went right back there and start taking care of customers instead of cash me out to give me my food I just walked out and I’m sorry I will never try your breakfast again that’s my last experience at Subway

  262. My boss at subway has a refrigerator door malfunctioning we’re it doesn’t want to completely shut. I didn’t know it was severe beings I always take my hand and pull it shut when I exit. I grabbed something out of it while leaving not realizing it wouldn’t shut all the way. The food spoiled overnight and we tossed $563 worth of product. My bosses are putting all the blame on me and now want me to pay for all the lost food. Can they legally take money out of my check? If this issue wasn’t ignored then my situation would of never happened.

  263. In Donna Texas. Inside of Walmart in Donna. The supervisor was extra rude. They don’t have a sign where they have the lobby closed on weekends. My kids were sitting down while I waited for me to be charged and he said. “Your kids are not allowed to be here. The lobby is closed on the weekends. They didn’t mention this to me while ordering or before. Then I said, what do you mean. He said. We are closed. You guys cannot eat here. So I said. Never kind. I won’t rake the food. He said. Okay. And tossed it out to the trash infront of me. That has been my worst experience ever. And I swear on my Kids I will leave a bad review. And I will never be back. To be dealing with. Aoittle kid with no manners. No thank you. As it is. Subway is known for being pedophiles. And then with this. Ha. Thank you. God bless you all. I hope you all get mature workers

  264. 6456 Tupelo Dr Suite A1, Citrus Heights, CA 95621.1000 Sunrise Ave Suite 3 A, Roseville, CA 95661. I went to both locations and they refused my subway coupons. Can you please tell me why that is. What both location’s told me is that they don’t take these coupons. Thank you.

  265. I went to subway today on 4/11/2021 at 11 and deq. I ordered 3 subs. Thank God my daughter’s was already made. But the lady there went to computer took money threw something away and didn’t change her gloves. Thought it was mandatory to change especially if they are touching the garbage.

  266. A woman at this subway was very rudely and talked to me wrongly and I tried calling back for her name and hung up on me so I am reporting her and I will give you the location

  267. We placed an order online, but the order was never completed. The single kid working in the store was alone, and he did not know how to issue a refund. We need our card refunded for services never received.
    Subway #24514-0
    1116 W Foxwood Drive Raymore, Mo 64083
    Served by: 999997 04/11/2021 5:56:21 pm
    Term ID-Trans #1/XA-283048
    Customer Name: JJ B
    Order #18COAED1-7F
    Pickup on: Apr 11 (Sun) 6:15pm (arrived to store at 7pm)
    Card: Discover (1875)
    Approval# 01185R
    Reference#: 3526181817750753
    Amount: $41.08
    Aquired: Mobile
    Host Order Id: 3526181817750753

  268. I went to a drive-through in El Paso Texas I ordered a tuna sub I came home to enjoy it almost halfway in my mouth I pulled out of plastic I got sick and gross I am going to get a lawyer what can you do for meI didn’t even finish my sub it was so gross after all that please contact me as soon as possible if not this will go on Facebook where everybody can see what I could’ve choked on

  269. Whether or not y’all comment or do anything about this is up to you. But here is a text to the owner of the Subway franchise in Wetumpka, AL that I sent this morning.

    “This is Ellen Wells. There is no need for you to call me back. I do not want to say anything I will regret. Your employees are the ones who made the situation right yesterday (4/11/21). I placed this order online about 9:00 Saturday morning (4/10/21). This was for both my children’s birthday lunch yesterday. I was late to lunch for my kids and grandkids because you failed to let the Wetumpka store know there was an order to be picked up at 11:15 a.m. yesterday. I should not have had to make sure the order was placed correctly to the Wetumpka Subway after processing the online order. It may have not been a lot of money to you, but it was to me. I didn’t have to do it, but I also included a tip for the employees – which I hope you gave them. It spoke volumes to me that it took you from yesterday morning to 6:15 last night to contact me about the mistake. I give over 100% at my job, maybe you should consider doing the same.”

  270. My 2 sisters and I stopped at Subway in Mt. Pulaski, Illinois on Saturday (4/10) between 11:30 – 12 noon. One employee working that we could see. Employee did not have a mask on. We told her we were not staying since she was not wearing a mask. Her reply, “I can put one on if you want me to. I don’t normally wear one.” I told her it was too late as she had already been preparing food without a mask. We left. As we sat in the parking lot deciding where to go, employee exited the back door of the store while puffing on her “vape,” went to her car and got a mask. Why would any employee be working without masks? And if she didn’t think it was important enough to wear a mask while they were open to the public, would she even bother to wear one prior to opening while she prepared food. Nor did she apparently have access to a mask in the store as you could tell the disposable mask she took out of her car had been worn. Unacceptable behavior in today’s climate. We are also reporting the location to the local health department.

  271. Lady making sandwiches and taking payments at 1:30pm, 4/12/21, 2645 SW91st St. wore a mask over her mouth, only. I requested that she wear her mask over her nose and mouth, which she ignored. I will not return to this Subway location if proper mask wearing is not enforced. Thank you.

  272. Went to the Linton, IN store on Saturday, the manager refused to listen while making the order and was rude through the entire transaction. when done making my protein bowl after telling her it was all gonna stick to the lid as she was smashing the lid down and all the dressing was coming out, i asked for more dressing and she was rude about giving me more i explained it was all gonna stick to the lid and took it off showing her the cheese went with it and she walked away from me i was disgusted and didnt want to eat it asked if she would remake it and refused. i then asked for a refund which she made me come back up and ask for the refund before we left and wanted to argue with me the entire time. I asked for customer service number and her name she refused to give either

  273. Yes i have complent i order subway i dont know was extra money what i order they not told me well be money or extra money so i see the sing $5.99 but i dont know good English was ending pay $14 wow that so hurting when they not told me well be curge

  274. I went to the subway in White Hall.I purchased 3 sandwiches. I specifically told the man that i did not wont any pepperoni ,cheese, or tomatoes. My Phone rung And i stepped out the door to take a call. I had already told the man what i wonted on my sandwiches. I came back in and paid. I was in a hurry, and i ate as i was going in my car. Immediately, I could not breath, my airway had closed. i had severe stomach pain. I was rushed to the hospital, and the doctor admitted me. He said that i had a anaphylactic response. I was released from the hospital this morning. I need to know where to send my medical bills, and i need the contact address for the attorney to contact the office. My sister went by the location and got the name of the man. His Name was Harry, or Harrison.

  275. I went to the subway in White hall. I purchased 3 sandwiches. i specifically told the man what i did not wont on my sandwich. I said no pepperoni or, cheese, or tomatoes. My phone rung, and i stepped out to take a call. I came back in and paid for the 3 sandwiches. I was in a hurry, and i ate as i drove. All Of A sudden I couldnt breath, and i had severe stomach pain. I had to be rushed to the hospital. The doctor admitted me. He said i had a anaphylactic response. I was discharged this morning. My sister went by the location, and got the mans name. His name was Harry, or Harrison. I need to know where to send my medical bills. Also contact information for my attorney. This was a very terrifying situation.

  276. Regarding store in Galt California. Rudeness of emoyee and they talk about owners too. No one called me back i left 2 messsges

  277. Bought a salad very disappointed. Bowl was maybe half full. Asked for more spinach told it would be extra. Also bought a6 inch sub Black Forest ham got 2 pieces of ham. Well not return to Sodus location.

  278. My local Subway (Saint Simons Island, GA. 31522) is turning off the Subway app and also the store telephone. I don’t know that this is always the case, but I have experienced it twice myself.

    The first time it happened, I went to the store, and the manager said she instructs employees to turn off the app and phone when the restaurant gets busy. It happened again yesterday. The app said something to the effect that my double-meat tuna salad bowl was not available at that store. I tried to call, but no one answered, so I went to the store, and told a female employee what had happened. She didn’t provide a satisfactory answer, and I left without ordering anything.

    I am 68 years old and have type 2 diabetes, so I have two strikes against me for purposes of contracting Covid-19. Because of that, I now avoid going into restaurants, except for takeout. Even then, I prefer “touchless” curbside takeout and online payment whenever they are available. Although I invariably wear a mask during the infrequent times I go inside a store, I feel that your employees at this location are nevertheless putting my health in jeopardy needlessly.

    Please call me at 912-230-xxxx to discuss your company’s response to these incidents. Thank you.

  279. Today I visited the subway in walmart supercenter on manhattan blvd Harvey louisiana. I ordered two foot long sandwiches. Had no problem w server. But we both found a human hair backed between the cheese and meat. Needless to say the rest of our meal was no longer appetizing. My total was 13.74. I would like u to look into this for me. Would love a refund. Store #67653-0 walmart #2706

  280. I witnessed a horrible thing at subway today. I overheard an employee in the bathroom CLEARLY throwing up, and then I heard her arguing with her manager about being able to go home! Like her boss was threatening to fire her for being sick. I wanted to call corporate, but since they’ve switched to not actually responding, I’ll just call Oregon health and safety administration instead!

  281. I ordered a footlong from your store number 17452-0 in channelview tx on 4/12/21 at5:02 pm….my purchase was $22.55 for a footlong and a turkey prt bowl…DIDNT EVEN GET THE FOOTLONG!! I HAVE ATTEMPTED TO CALL THE STORE 6 TIMES ALREADY WITH NO ANSWER!!! THIS IS VERY UNACCEPTABLE!! I FEEL LIKE REPORTING THAT STORE TO THE BBB.

  282. Having teenagers that don’t know how to make subs can’t even pick up a sandwich and its soggy you all should feel ashamed on this sandwiches they made I wouldn’t complain but this is the second time they messed up

  283. If I am asked what kind of cheese I want on my sandwich and mozzarella is on the list then why can the Donaldsonville location choose to charge me extra just because I want mozzarella cheese. I don’t want extra cheese so that is not an extra charge. No other subway location does this.

  284. I went into your store to order lunch. There is no mask mandate in columbus ms. The employees said they couldn’t serve me because I wasn’t wearing a mask. Also there was customers in the store eating with no mask. The address of the store is 525 tuscaloosa rd columbus ms. If you can’t get reach out to in a reasonable time. I know plenty of contractors in this town, that has no problem eating their lunch elsewhere.

  285. I have been trying to get my money returned..on sunday easter april 4, i ordered online not knowing subway was closed…i received confirmation email and when i arrived subway was closed..i contacted subway lady said matter would be solved and it has not …. confirmation number was f61752b8-c7. Order date april 4, 2021. At 6:15 pm $10.23

  286. The subway manager and assistant manager in melrose mn store # 21266-0 are taking personal calls while on the clock talking swearing when there is customers in the lobby and smoking a thc vape pen while standing outside the back door of the melrose mn subway location. Both the managers do not follow the dress code.They stand in the kitchen and talk about drugs and make personal phone calls.The training is absolutely terrible. And now she’s refusing to pay me claiming I’m not owed a pay check when I know minnesota law.

  287. I have tried 9 times to call Healdton okla subway.. No answer was hung up on.. I pull to the window only 1 person inside.. No customers at all. Wouldn’t let me order at window.. So I pulled around to call in order she stood there with phone in hand and didn’t answer.. Julie

  288. Ordered 3 subs from your 425 State St, Erie, PA 16501 location, when called to report issues with our food employee on other end was not polite an kept giving us excuses to speak w a manager. An at time did not have a way ro get back to store as my wheel bearing had broke. I ordered 2 chicken bacon ranch subs in which one was extra bacon extra ranch pickles an onions the other had olives an lettuce niether had ranch nor did it have bacon. Mine did not have pickles an onions. The tyeriaki sub did not have banna peppers as requested. An all the subs chicken was cold. My husband ended up throwing up what he ate. After cal lo ing back this morning to get a manager after haven no success yesterday evening the manager reported there was nothing they could do an never addressed the poor servuce with the employee an employees conduct.

  289. Hi, I work for Checkers & Rally’s Corp office – we are looking to do some orders for all of our corp stores as staff appreciation. Can someone please reach out? (727)748-xxxx Trying to find out if you have a corp agreement. We have roughly 270 stores that we are hoping to send sandwiches to.

  290. Just wanted to say Subway had the best chopped salad around. And now you don’t chop it up. Now I have to find new place to eat

  291. Subway hickory pa. I ordered food last month n there was a hair in my food. This week I ordered food. Nothing was toasted everything was cold. They riped me out of meat. N saying I’m wrong about the amount of meat on that sandwich n I worked 6 different subways n it’s my favorite sandwich I think I know what’s on it. After asking for a new warm sandwich I was told there was nothing wrong with my sandwich. When they toasted my foot long they had 2 other sandwiches on the tray. N I know it’s suppose be one sandwich at a time n they all have different cook times. I waited 25 mins for two pizza and two sandwich that was supposed to be toasted.

  292. I placed an online order Friday evening, 4/9/12. Right after I submitted my order we decided someone else wanted to add a sandwich to my order, I WENT BACK ONLINE and added the sandwich to my order and submitted again. I don’t have the receipt # because the receipt did not have all the information a normal receipt would. The charged me for the order I submitted first for the amount of 35.90. Then they charged me 48.30 for the order I added the sandwich to. I FINALLY GOT someone on the phone from the Subway Store #24829. 402-573-5779. The woman that answered said that I should have called and canceled the first order. NOWHERE on the website, where it shows you can edit your order, does it say to call and cancel the first order. So my account has been charged both amounts. The only that is correct to be charged is 48.30. The woman told me there was nothing she could do at this time. WHAT? Please credit my account for 35.90. I do not want credit for the store, I will not ever go to this location ever again. They also screwed up my protein bowl, they didn’t give lettuce, and the meat and cheese was suppose to be 2x, but it was not, not cheese at all. Again, I will take that one, but I want my credit to my account, for 35.90. And I have sent 2 emails previous 2 this one, and have not had a response. Next it will be posted to social media.

  293. My rewards card was used in Las Vegas and I live in NY I would like to know if I was hacked and if so how do I fix it. Password was changed

  294. Went to Subway in Santa Nella California and they rejected my coupon for a footlong hot pastrami. Is thIs acceptable? The coupons come in the mail and I live in the neighborhood. I explained to the clerk all other Subway stores in the area accept these and she said it was the owner Policy.

  295. I went to Subway with a coupon. They said the coupon had been used. That was not true. I just cut the coupon from the page. Im the only one who has assessed to the coupons. I live alone. So what happen. Where they trying to scam for the $2.19 change?

  296. I have a serious issue with my online account. I do not have a card so I cannot redeem my reward. Can somebody call me? I love your subs, but your reward program is worthless to me. 313-533-xxxx

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