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Subway was founded by Fred DeLuca in 1965 and has around 45,000 stores located in more than 100 countries. The company is owned by the DeLuca family.

Subway Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
325 Bic Drive
Milford, CT
Phone Number
(203) 877-4281
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What is Subway’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Subway’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-203-877-4281.


What is Subway’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Subway’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-888-4848.

Subway Catering can be contacted on phone number: 1-877-360-CATER.

Subway’s Rewards/Gift Card phone number is: 1-833-778-2929.

What is Subway’s Headquarters Address?

Subway’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Subway Headquarters
  • 325 Bic Drive
  • Milford, CT 06461
  • United States

The Subway Franchise office address is:

  • Subway Franchise World Headquarters
  • 325 Sub Way.
  • Milford, CT 06461-3059
  • USA


How do I Contact Subway Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Subway via:

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Subway’s Contact Us page can be found here.


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Subway on Twitter: @Subwaylistens

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Subway Headquarters Executive Team.

Subway’s management team consists of:

John Chidsey, CEO of Subway

Trevor Haynes
President of North America Subway

Joseph V Tripodi “Joe”
Chief Marketing Officer

Carissa Ganelli
Chief Digital Officer

Len Van Popering
VP:Global Brand Mgmt & Innovation


Fred DeLuca
Peter Buck

DeLuca family

Number of Subway locations:
41,600 restaurants in more than 100 countries.

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  1. They should hire some more employees for their customer support team. Good company overall, I just found it hard to get through on their customer help phone number.

  2. I am unable to get though on the customer service hotline. I would like to know if there is another way to contact customer support, like an email address or on Facebook or similar. Thank you.

  3. Dear Subway, your continued elimination changes over the years have cost you two customers. First, you discontinued the honey oat bread (I felt I had fiber with a little sugar) then the red wine vinaigrette. I changed to the wraps until you discontinued the rotisserie shredded chicken. The other chicken chunks are too big for the wrap. Then, you discontinued the brown spicy mustard which gives that nice tangy taste. YOU LOST ONE CUSTOMER. Next, you LOST ANOTHER when you discontinued the ROAST BEEF. WHY?????

  4. The first problem -I told the worker we had a coupon and she proceeds to tell us she didn’t know how to use the coupon. She was new and she was the only employee who was on today. The second problem was that there was no steak thawed out so I couldn’t have a steak sub so my husband ate and I just didn’t have anything. My favorite sub is the steak that’s what I always order when I eat at subway. I was very disappointed and we’ll think twice about eating there again. The restaurant was also a mess it was filthy in there. Tables were dirty , the floor was filthy to.

  5. I was in Plymouth, MN, visiting with family members and we all decided to have Subway sandwiches for dinner on Sunday, September 6,2020. I wrote down what everyone wanted for sandwiches and 2 of my cousins went to get them from Subway #40573-0. The address is 4345 Nathan Lane, Plymouth, MN, 55442. The time was at 4:26:21pm. They got the sandwiches and they brought them home and they didn’t put all the vegetables that was on the list for each sandwich. Plus they were told that they didn’t have anymore 12″ setups for the CCT, and that they didn’t have anymore 12″Monterey cheddar bread. They ended up making the sandwich on a 6″wheat which wasn’t the bread that was wanted. The sandwich artists didn’t put all of the vegetables that were listed for each sandwich. They didn’t put any lettuce on the sandwiches which was on the list for 5 out of the 6 sandwiches. They said that they didn’t have anymore so that’s why they didn’t put any on the sandwiches. I have worked at Subway for 14 yrs and when items were out in the bain we got them refilled, and have bread in the proofer and/or the oven. Which this store didn’t do. To me, I feel that they didn’t want to do the job the right way and were trying to close the store earlier than the regular time that they were to close the store. To me, I think that the sandwich artists didn’t want to do their jobs correctly and still get paid for standing around. I’m not sure, but I feel that that store needs cameras to record what the workers are doing. I know the store that I worked at has cameras and the manager and supervisor above the manager are the ones that have access to them to check what is happening in the store.
    Host Order ID:SPM2020090642621
    Sandwiches ordered:
    6″wheat CCT American cheese, lettuce, tomato, cukes, pickles, green peppers, banana peppers and honey mustard sauce
    12″ Monterey cheddar Chicken bacon Ranch, American cheese, toasted, cukes and onions ranch dressing
    6″BMT Monterey cheddar, no cheese toasted, lettuce, tomato, cukes, onions and olives, honey mustard sauce
    12″wheat BLT, extra bacon(which didn’t get),toasted, American cheese, lettuce, cukes, onions, honey mustard
    12″monterey cheddar(which was told they were out),CCT, which was told that they only had a 6″setup and then they were out, lettuce, tomato, cukes, extra olives and extra onions (which there wasn’t any olives or onions on the sandwich) extra heavy salt &pepper, regular mayo
    6″white BMT, lettuce, tomato, cukes, regular mayo
    I decided to let you know the sandwiches and what was supposed to be on them and what wasn’t put on the sandwiches.
    I hope that the young employees get a warning about this and that they get in trouble with the management. That store needs people that know the job, and does it correctly.
    I do know that my family and I weren’t happy with their customer service skills.
    Thank you for taking the time reading this and I hope that you have a good day.

  6. Our company, Best Beverage Service, Inc., provided services to the Subway #3176 (owner is Lowette Swinton) regarding the cleaning and sanitizing of the ice maker. We have made more than several attempts to contact Ms. Swinton, and we have not received payment for services rendered. Please advise on how we can receive payment for the services we provided. Please note, these services were from 10-21-2019, a year ago. Still no payment.

  7. I need to talk with someone from coperate again.I talked with a person Monday and she said she would leave her number in my email but i havent received it.I talked with Subway about my issue but it was not resolved.The person i talked to Monday from coperate told me to call her if i didnt hear back by Tuesday but I didnt receive her number in my email.My name is Lavinia Lee 305 902-xxxx Thankyou.

  8. Worst eatery expiernece ive ever had. Employee,manager, her young son all handling and around and serving food and drink without masks and gloves. When asked about them not wearing masks the manager said for us to “Get the F out” infront of security none the less. The manager also chased us into Walmart as we were shopping to continue to harras us. Nasty attitudes and such unprofessional people at this Subway. Definitly not proud of their Subway Franchise or their costumers. I have such respect and hold in such a high regard managers and owners of buissnesses that know how to run their store. We always bought our fave pretzels until they began saying they are out of things and would then buy a soda and always gave a tip as we left. This store should be embarrassed when compared to other Subway shops… I am disabled and in a wheelchair and am still not as miserable as these employees. Also the owner named Maria Ciarleglio is the one that made the only positive review on here, pretending to be a costumer (Maria C. Review) now that is desperate that you have to make up a good review because no one else will.

  9. I have noticed that subway offers a way to leave a tip when paying the bill. It’s a great idea, but my local store employee told me the tips went to corporate headquarters and the employees got nothing. I would be outraged if this is true. Is it?

  10. I’m an employee of Subway. Trying to understand why my manager, seems to find every reason to not print out a copy of my hours. Then the store owner, said it isn’t possible for Head Quarters to print out a copy of it. Yet legally there is something documenting the hours I work. I just want to keep track. But Im kind of starting to feel like someone’s skimming my hours. Can someone from HQ/Corporate please reach out to me.

  11. We receive coupons in mail go to use and refused because say Springfield mo only but in very small print. We live 89 miles away from there but I don’t think we as customers should be denied use of these . If Subway doesn’t want us A Small Town to use their coupons or go there for food keep it up because A lot of people very upset.

  12. I spent over $18 & a long time only to get my order still screwed up.I should at least get a credit for what I went thru!

  13. Subway at 1108 Charles Sievers Blvd in Clinton TN: Cameron, the employee about to make my sandwich, refused to wear a mask. When I commented that he could be spreading Covid, he replied that I didn’t have to eat the sandwich. I only know his name because when I asked he pointed to his name tag, not having the decency to even answer me. I and everyone else I know will no longer be going to any Subway store. Firehouse is better and follows Covid protocol.

  14. I have a question to ask and that is how do I get a job on the road with your company. How do I help you advertise. I know I want point you had Jared but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

  15. I just want to say I’ve been going to Subway restaurant for decades. and in that time Subway has never failed to give me a delicious meal to eat. I like the way this company has expanded it’s food to soups and pizza.There are other fast food restaurants that don’t use fresh ingredients and also use a lot of Grease. But thankfully this fast food chain is healthier. it is true that there is no fast food that is totally healthy however when it comes to getting as close to being perfectly healthy as it can get I believe this company is number one. this company is a model for other fast food places to try to be and it’s unfortunate that they don’t try to be more like them. keep up the good work May your company continue to do well and serve good food for many years and decades to come.

  16. I was not issued a refund from the Subway at 1830 E. Greenwood Rd in Prescott, MI, after I made two trips on, two consecutive days, an hour’s worth of driving, charged $24.37 for an online order, and BOTH days did not receive my order! First day, no bread, second day, order not ready after being assured the day before it would be! Told to come back in an hour or wait in line! There were at least 5 people in line, one with a case of beer at her feet! Contacted customer service, no service! I want a refund, gift card, or coupons for free subs! My order # was FF74F627-07 on 7-17-20. My approval # was 623-531-380501. I hope someone will help me out, as $24 is a lot of money to me! Plus, it’s almost impossible to reach anyone to take care of my problem! I have spent over 2 hours trying to get my complaint heard!

  17. Hello.
    I am a customer who goes to Subway quite often on Lima Rd in Huntertown, Fort Wayne. It has come to my attention that the manager and the employees at this restaurant are refusing to wear masks when they are in the store but not around customers. I, angry, called the manager whose name was Nikita, and stated to her that it was against the law to not wear a mask. She hung up on me in the middle of my stating masks were mandatory at all times. It has also come to my attention that this Nikita has also fired an employee named Leah when she stated to Nikita that she needed the employees and manager to WEAR masks because she was spending a week with grandparents and she didn’t want to get them sick with Covid. Nikita fired her because Leah asked her to wear a mask, which is the law in the state in Indiana.
    I will tell you now that I am an RN who works at facility with dementia residents. This area is full of nurses and doctors. We are very strict about wearing masks and keeping the public and our residents/patients safe. When word gets out, and it, your store will have no customers left unless this matter is resolved.

    Thank you very much.


  19. I am a regular Subway customer and I normally place orders through the Subway App on my phone. On 12/22/2020 at about 5pm, I placed an order to the branch at 1215 Fry road, Katy TX 77450 and through the App, for the Subway 12′ Veggie Delight with Pepperjack cheese for the amount of $5.40. On getting home with my order, I found it tasted awful, because I was getting the taste of raw vegetables, since they omitted to include any cheese as requested through the App. I do normally place orders on a regular basis from different branches, but this was the first time I was experiencing a problem like this. I urge you to please follow through with my long narration because what I experienced and wish to talk about is quite serious. I had decided to take my sandwich back because I couldn’t eat it. I spoke to an individual named Carolina on reaching the store. I must start by stating quite strongly that your company has to be seen doing something about my present complaint because I believe you all have a reputation to maintain before the public. For reasons that are not clear to me, Carolina had been very rude to me. From the beginning of hearing my complaint and without ever knowing me before, she had addressed me that I was lying, and that I didn’t buy the food from her unit, also that she had a problem due to the fact that I had taken some bites out of the sandwich before bringing it back to the store. Even though she asked me for a receipt which I normally dispose of in the store dumpster anytime I pick up orders from any branch, she nontheless addressed me in a totally disrespectful manner that made me begin to wonder if this was all just about a sandwich which I had bought barely an hour before then. She also proceeded to pry and prod the partially eaten sandwich which she had then taken from me, aggressively with her fingers before my very eyes, arguing that there was cheese on it. She also proceeded to ask me why I had taken some bites from it even as she tossed it in the thrash. Though this drew my angst, I must let you know that my patience was very seriously challenged by her sudden and unexpected behavior towards me. I can only let you know in retrospect that I still proceeded to show her my proof of purchase at same store, as shown on my App listing. Though I had become offended at this point, I couldn’t help wondering what good it serves a company which thrives on public patronage, to harbor staff like this, having myself, been a business owner before now. Carolina had told me that even though I had shown her my proof of purchase, she still wouldn’t make me another sandwich or issue me a refund because I had eated more that a quarter of the sandwich and she believe there was cheese on it originally. At this point, I asked to speak to a manager, to which she replied that she was the manager and she then asked me to leave the store. I might have expressed some unpleasantries myself after her aggravation because I had become seriously challenged, due to her initial illtreatment of my person. As ridiculous as this may all seem, I also urge you to sometimes watch your cameras to have an inkling of events. You can imagine how a very simple situation can be very easily escalated out of bounds, thereby creating unwarranted trouble for the parent company, due to poor staffing behavior. It was as if Carolina was purposely trying to exacerbate the situation.
    I placed a call to the Katy Police department because I didn’t know what to do anymore. Two officers responded to the scene close to 6.30pm because I had been in the store for about 90 minutes as at then. Right on walking in, I heard Carolina who had spoken in English before then, immediately ask the officers if they spoke or understood Spanish, because they appeared of Litano or Spanish origin. She thus attempted to address them in a language other than English, out of my hearing, but she was however discountenanced by the officers as observed by me. After listening to our complaint and the fact that I had asked to speak to a manager to descalate the situation before then, one of the officers told me that Carolina was not the manager like she had told me she was. I was let in that that she had misrepresented herself to me. They also told me that this was not the first time they were getting complaints about her, being called to scene because of other complaints that were previously made against her by other customers. I told the officers that aside from being rude to me, she had my sandwich and my money as well and that I feel quite bad about the situation. Based on my complaint, the officers then inquired from her if her unit is a franchise or corporate entity, to which she replied that it is corporate. They then advised me that I had the option of placing a complaint to corporate relations and then furnished me with her name as well.
    I have been a long standing customer of Subway and have often scored your company high on feedbacks and surveys before now. I also have some reasonable following on social media, though I am beginning to slightly question your staffing choice. This aggravation was totally uncalled for. I do hope you will look into this situation seriously and not cursorily. Thank you.

  20. so I visit a subway while in miami florida they over charged me and voided out but never took it off my debit card shows that I still payed double for my order charged twice

  21. Hello, my employer at Perkasie PA has not paid me yet.
    the night shift manager said he sent the check in the mail but said check still has not arrived. I missed his called the day after my visit but he didn’t leave a message. It has been more than seven days now. I have received other mails. I am to report to HR first before filing a complaint.
    I am not going to go back and forth for a check that I worked for.
    Please contact employer or send me a new paystub.

    Thank you,

  22. Today I went to two Subway locations in Paducah, KY, first location being Wal-Mart Store 431 Subway between the time of 12:15 pm central time and 12:30 pm central time and the employee that was going to help me did not have her mask covering her nose. I refused to let the employee serve me for that reason. So, I drive down the street to Subway drive thru on Clarks River Road between 12:30 pm central time and 12:40 pm central time and the same thing was there. The drive thru lady did not have the mask covering her nose nor did anyone else working inside. I refused to let them serve me. During this pandemic when is it okay for someone in food service to not wear a covering over their nose? COVID IS A AIR BORNE DISEASE!!!!

  23. We visited the Subway in Spring Valley, MN and we’re going to use the promotional coupon buy a drink and get a footlong for $6.99. We entered the store to order and they said they were not participating in that program! Can each franchise make their own rules? Why send us coupons if we are not able to use them? We won’t be visiting Subway any longer if the store doesn’t participate in the coupons we are sent. You will continue to lose customers if this is allowed in your stores.

  24. I wanted to file a complaint against David, manager at Subway in Castle Rock CO. His location is 110 Wilcox st. I had dropped my mask at my last location. When I came into Subway with my glove tightly held against my mouth and nose, David rolled his eyes at me. He gave me attitude the entire time he was fixing my order. My glove was tightly held against my face the entire time I was in Subway. Half way through my order, David came out from the back and dangled a mask in front of me without saying anything. I asked what he was doing and with attitude he replied, “we can’t serve people without a mask”. Had David approached me in the beginning nicely, stating the policy and kindly offering me a mask, I would have been happy to comply. I wasn’t trying to break any rules, I simply lost my mask at my last location and was scrambling for something before I entered Subway. A tightly held glove over my face is the same as a mask, if not better. His demeanor was completely unprofessional and condescending. He shouldn’t be a manager. Please contact me by phone or email to discuss what will be done about this matter.

  25. Long story short! Ok I ordered two sandwiches online . I set up an account so I could make the payment. Everything went through fine and order was accepted. I received a notice that the order was ready for pickup. I arrive at subwaystore #4161-0. As I’m entering the door I’m being told in an abnormally loud voice that she can’t make no sandwiches…I don’t have any bread I don’t have any bread! I asked you have NObread? Ok well I made an online order and here’s the confirmation #. She asked my name I told her….she states that she tried to call me… not true! I asked what was I supposed to do? She asked me what she should do “I don’t have any bread i can’t make no sandwich. Ok she says for me to call my bank and cancel the order”…well no mam I can’t do that now. The last thing I was told is to call tomorrow and talk to someone at that store and they will work something out. I really just don’t understand. My pickup was 7:55pm store closes at 10:00 pm. I went to my vehicle and watched another customer walk in and she walked out with a bag which I’m assuming had food in it. So here I am with the receipt in my hand that she didn’t want to give to me wondering what I do next. Please tell me. Served by999997 1/13/2021 7:40:04 pm . Term id-trans#1/xa-259447. Order#:4794EA88-44

  26. www I searched does subway take Google pay and the first search has Jerod Fogle with a milk mustache. I will accept a thank you

  27. I love your subs, but now you no longer seem to carry spicy brown mustard anymore. Without that, there is no point to me going to Subway now. This mustard makes the sub. I realize I am only 1 person with 1 opinion, I just wish I could have my footlong turkey with spicy brown mustard back, that’s all

  28. I had gone to subway in Walmart in concord NH and ordered my favorite caiser salad wrap it was the smallest one I ever received it was more bread then any and contents. I am disappointed in subway and it must be going down the tube. I will not go to subway any more.

  29. Am in the subway in 10900 E Briarwood Ave, Centennial, CO 80112. I trying to buy guy subs special for the day that is the Italian BMT. I come to this subway everyday for lunch I work in the us bank across the street. And you guys lunch special is $3.99. The guy that is there his charging me $6and some chance for the special of the day . I some him how much I pay before also I went on you guys website to show him the price and he tell me the that is wrong. So I left the sub and left the store. This is Very bad customer service for a manager I just wasted my whole lunch break on the situation I will never buy from you guys again.

  30. I was racially abused. All humans deserve respect irrespective of their origin. Tried several times to reach out to a manager. Nobody answered my call. I left a voicemail and also write online complaint.

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