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Corporate Address
P.O. BOX 25346
Tempe, AZ
Company Contact
J Pruitt
Chief Executive Officer
Phone Number
(480) 293-3000
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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3 thoughts to “Sundt Construction Inc Headquarters”

  1. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  2. I would like to know if there is an alternative customer help phone number that i can call. The customer service phone number on your website did not work for me, I only got an automated message.

  3. I’d like to make a complaint about one of your workers/drivers. I was driving down the I10 going west when one of you trucks came really fast from behind and started tailgating me. I was already going 5 miles past the speed limit. So I moved so he could pass. After that I went behind him. At that moment he started swerving out of the road shoulder and started picking up debris. He’s doing this because he’s tailgating the car in front of him also. I flashed my lights at this point. So he left and I’m on my way too. But on the 202 going north he was going behind me. It was past 3 pm so it becomes an HOV lane, but he doesn’t care because it’s only him driving. Tailgating me again. The road is 65mph and I’m doing 75 after a little while he aggressively goes around me almost hitting him. I honked and he slowed down. To the point that we were doing 30 mph. He moved because he noticed a highway patrol comisión the distance behind us. This is in AZ. I’ve noticed him a few times before but I’ve never been on his way. Using a company vehicle as a weapon show the little bit of respect and professionalism this individual has. He is in his early 50 I would say. He drives a f250 Ford single cab. Plates are CEN8292. I was able to record Abit of the incident if you want it. I’m sure I won’t be the last since I commute the same road daily. Thank you and have a great day.

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