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Company Website
Corporate Address
4201 Marsh Ln.
Carrollton, TX
Phone Number
(972) 662-5400
Fax Number
(972) 307-2822
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2 thoughts to “TGI Friday’s Headquarters”

  1. Got the strawberry chicken salad and the chicken was rubbery and not cooked through. Only ate the salad because it was so bad and left the chicken. When we left as we were approaching the car over on the side of the parking lot there was 4 of the staff out there smoking pot by one of their cars. Yes it was pot, the smell was very strong and they werent trying to hide what they were doing. Obviously they are more interested in going out to smoke illegally than cooking the meals. The only plus side was our server was very nice.

  2. It would be great if the company could answer their messages on Facebook. I tried Twitter also but did not get a reply. I suppose I will have to do it the old fashioned way and contact the corporate office phone number.

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