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UPS Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
UPS Freight, UPS Store, UPS Airlines
Corporate Address
55 Glenlake Pkwy. Ne
Atlanta, GA
Company Contact
Carol B. Tomé
Phone Number
(404) 828-6000
Fax Number
(404) 828-7666
Employee Count
Twitter IDs
@UPS, @UPSHelp

UPS Email Info – UPS CEO Email Address:

Mr David AbneyCEO
UPS Ceo Emai[email protected]
UPS Corporate Phone Number404-828-6000
UPS Website
UPS CIK Number0001090727

What is UPS’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

UPS’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-404-828-6000.

What is UPS’s Customer Service Phone Number?

UPS’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS).

For UPS international shipping, the phone number is: 1-800-782-7892

TTY/TDD Access for Hearing Impaired: 1-800-833-0056

IPS International Import/Export Services: 1-800-782-7892

UPS Supply Chain Solutions: 1-800-742-5727

UPS Freight shipments more than 150 lbs:

Less than truckload (more than 150 lbs): 1-800-333-7400

Truckload (more than 12,000 lbs): 1-888-682-4652

UPS Air Freight (more than 150 lbs): 1-800-443-6379

UPS Ocean Freight: 1-800-350-8440


What is the Phone Number for UPS Tracking?

The UPS Tracking phone number is: 1-800-742-5877.

What is UPS’s Headquarters Address?

UPS’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

UPS World Headquarters
55 Glenlake Parkway NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
United States

UPS Regional Corporate Offices:

UPS Asia Pacific Region Office
22 Changi South Avenue 2
UPS House
Singapore, 486064

UPS Europe
Avenue Ariane 5
1200 Brussels, Belgium  Europe

UPS Americas and the Caribbean
3401 NW 67th Avenue, Bld. 805
Miami, FL 33122


How do I Contact UPS Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact UPS via:

UPS Live Chat: Live Chat

UPS’s Customer Service Email Address is: [email protected], and [email protected].

You can also use the Email Form to ask a question.

UPS’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact UPS on Social Media:

UPS on Twitter: @UPSHelp

UPS on Facebook (UPS is available on Messenger):

UPS Headquarters Executive Team.

UPS’s management team consists of:

Carol B. Tomé

Chief Executive OfficerRequest a speaker

Jim Barber
Chief Operating Officer

Norman M. Brothers, Jr.
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Nando Cesarone
President, UPS International

Alan Gershenhorn
Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

Kate Gutmann
Chief Sales and Solutions Officer; SVP The UPS Store; UPS Capital – UPS

Teri Plummer McClure
Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President, Labor

Richard Peretz
Chief Financial Officer

Juan Perez
Chief Information and Engineering Officer

Scott Price
Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer

Kevin Warren
Chief Marketing Officer

George Willis
President, U.S. Operations

UPS Board of Directors.

Carol B. Tomé
Chief Executive Officer

Rodney C. Adkins
Former Senior Vice-President, IBM

Michael J. Burns
Former Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President, Dana Corporation

William R. Johnson
Former Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, H.J. Heinz Company

Dr. Candace Kendle
Co-founder and Former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Kendle International, Inc.

Ann M. Livermore
Former Executive Vice President, Hewlett-Packard Company

Rudy H.P. Markham
Former Financial Director, Unilever PLC and Unilever NV

Franck Moison
Vice Chairman, Colgate-Palmolive Company

Clark T. Randt, Jr.
Former U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, President of Randt & Co. LLC

Christiana Smith Shi
Former President of Direct-to-Consumer, Nike, Inc.

John T. Stankey
Senior Executive Vice President AT&T / Time Warner Integration

Kevin M. Warsh
Former Member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford

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711 thoughts on “UPS Headquarters

  1. Ordered copy of my birth certificate that was shipped on May 2. As of today, I have not received. The most recent status updates read: We’ve incorrectly sorted this package which may cause a delay. The last suggestion I received from your customer service was to order the item again, and maybe I would get it this time. Is this really the impression you want to give me of how you do business?

  2. This used to be a good company, until you have a problem. Then you find out that it is really hard to get through to a customer service representative, especially out of normal office hours, which is the only time I am available.

      1. Nope they don’t help you if they loose a package. It’s like they write your off.

    1. I’ve been having issues with them since September of 2020 they lost my package and now they can’t find it and they give me all the running around and all these lies why they can’t find it which I think one of the employees took it home with them is a big box and they can’t find

        1. Yes! I just received the same message. “Sorry, we messed up but we are not refunding you all the shipping fees because we don’t give refunds for fuel surcharges or cms processing fees.” Maybe I should start a business promising to deliver stuff then renigging giving refunds for everything except the ridiculous fuel surcharge and processing fees. I could make a killing without ever delivering the packages.

      1. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ABOUT THAT SISTER! They line their pockets from the hard work of the Hourly Employee’s, they treat us as if we are just a number on a list, they’ve forgotten, We are real human beings & show no respect towards us, not the same Company today as it was 30 years ago! Amazon is more active in the Community now, Ups use to be, they don’t care about anything but money, how sad!! Karma always rings true!!

  3. The corporate office email address is not working for me. I need to email you about an issue, or at least send you a pm on Facebook messenger, if you are answering messages on Facebook.

  4. order from petco never picked up!! your track # 1z55w5v70300004415 told I have to pay extra to get it????on april 9 (this is my fault???)

    1. Ups has a “Hotline” # for Employees who want to report an issue with Managers, Supervisors, Harrassment, etc. I ve used this twice in the 30 years I ve been with Ups, it’s not the same Company as I hear this quite often now! That # 800-220-4126. You can remain anonymous or give your info. Up to you, I gave my info, the very next day, I was approached by one of the HR Managers I ve known since 1992 when I started, he was the last of the good ole Managers to retire in 2019. So many of the Managers I worked with have retired, guess they just couldn’t bring themselves to be a back stabber & throw Employees under bus so to speak or just treat Employees plain out nasty! Don’t blame them, I ve been trying to retire since January 20th, emailed my paper, still getting the run a around, it’s time for legal action! Oh, one tip, your Hot line conversation, ask the person you speak to email you a copy of the printed out Conversation. Take it, get it printed from your email, you always want to keep a paper trail! Ok. Good luck!! C.W. Fleming Island, Florida

  5. I want to discuss difficulties I recently experienced with regard to a recent delivery. Several problems presented as I discussed the issues with my delivery driver, the Longwood, FL distribution center and the UPS customer service center. I would like to discuss these with the appropriate person at UPS Corporate.

  6. Driver came to my residence for a pickup that had my printout of my name , address and tracking # on it. He went to the truck, crumbled up the printout with my personal info on it and threw it in the street. The wind blew the paper back into my yard. I tried to reach UPS supervisor twice and waited on hold twice for a total of over 1 hour to no avail.

    1. Try the reaching out to the Corporate office in Atlanta, Ga. 404-828-6000 Don’t let them push you around, demand to speak to a person!!! Good luck!

  7. O have a package at the Maumee Ohio center that has been on delivery delayed by 1 day for 8 days now supposedly due to weight of it. The vendor had paid a $99.0 freight charge do to the additional weight. I have called twice on it 6-17 around 4:00 and was told I would be contacted this morning. Today 11:00 I called back and got the same.
    Im getting a line that larger packages are being held as theres not room for them, Yet a premium was paid for timely delivery due to size weight. I could see a one maybe 2 day wait but 8 days is kind of unacceptable in my mind. This package is just going to sit there until its “comfortable to ship at your convenience” ?

  8. My package is missing even though it shows it was delivered on 06/25 but I never received it. Tried to file a claim, it will not let me and I can’t speak to a live person to find out where it was delivered to if it was…..tracking # 1Z89R549YW6208xxxx.

    Thank you for your help!

  9. I have mailed a package to Oviedo, FL 32765 from Johnstown, PA 15904 that was to be delivered today, 7/24/20. It has become a norm to be late with UPS to use excuses such as we had mechanical breakdown ,(you u are a corporate international company, get another vehicle, plane, etc.), The weather, (national weather service never issued any problems), whatever the excuses that your task oriented employees are told to say, you at the executive level are failures for not getting the customer the satisfaction of what was paid for. I don’t work for ,UPS and have no intentions of working there. I paid a hefty amount to have my package delivered and will not accept your lame excuses for delaying my package until Tuesday. This has happened many times in the past when your shoddy service was used. The tracking number to the package is: 1Z183X840394534266.

    1. I agree. Beyond guaranteed delivery not delivered on time, UPS holds it in limbo. Not acceptable for an overnight legal document that we paid $41.00 to arrive on time as the receipt states. When we wanted to file for a refund for not receiving the service we paid for, we got a few different lame excuses that were completely bogus. Outrageous Incompetence. Should be investigated by FTC maybe?

  10. Ups is tampering with United States mail. You have in the past held my mail for months without putting it into the usps system. You are now currently holding 2 packages and YOU REFUSE TO PUT THEM INTO THE USPS SYSTEM. I AM PLACING A COMPLAINT WITH FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION. AND SEEKING ADVICE OF AN ATTORNEY. SEND MY PACKAGES TODAY OR I SUE YOU!!!! I AM ALSO FILLING A CRIMINAL COMPLAINT with justice dept in your honor. Ups has become a bain on pur way of life and even has little regard for it customers this is proven by your computer system that will not let your customers talk to a HUMAN REPRESENTATIVE.

  11. Tracking # 1Z63X7081308377319 My replacement phone was delivered to an address where I am not. I was told by a gentleman from UPS corporate this morning to have the person who is there tell the UPS man to send it back so that the sender, Assurion, could send one immediately to the correct address. The UPS man left it on the step so no one could tell him. I am recently widowed and traveling and the phone is a vital source of communication. You can reach me at 858 756-xxxx. The address it should go to is my sister’s, Nancy Coffey c/o Strong, 5xxx La Cazadora, Rancho Santa Fe CA 92067. Thank you very much Nancy Coffey

  12. I called and texted my Area Manager Justin Kenan and explained that I was in the hospital. I also explained to Area Manager Justin Kenan that I was being taken to A REHABILITATION Facility and please put my Packages on Hold. Area Manager Justin Kenan informed me that he would do this for me. On Yesterday Thursday September 10, around 3:00-3:30pm I saw a UPS Truck back up to my Garage Doors in my Driveway and start unloading my Shipment Deliveries. I even sent Area Manager Justin Kenan all my shipments Tracking Numbers making him well aware of everything I was expecting to arrive at my home.

  13. Hi my name is Jennet. I am an employee at Philadelphia international Airport for16 years now. And I am having some difficulty reaching someone about my problem. I have a full-time supervisor that has an issue with me. He has been picking on me ever since I returned from another section in the building. I don’t know if he is mad at me or if he just has another problem. It’s been that way for about a month and a half now. It has even gone as far as him discharging me for his mistakes. Now I fair that my job is now on the line. Please help.

  14. Mr. Dabney,
    I don’t normally write emails to CEOs but this needs your attention.
    I ordered a package with a delivery date of last Tuesday. It has now been over a week and every day I get an email saying my package has been delayed with a new delivery date of the next business day. This is remarkably stupid and I think I know why. We had a hurricane a week ago which damaged the bridge your trucks normally cross. Thankfully there are other (now toll free) routes the trucks could take but apparently your computer routing program and/or AI is simply incapable of moving a route. I have tried to call customer service FOUR TIMES , and in one of the calls your CSR actually tried to give me HIS OWN NUMBER to get more information. Both he and whoever signed off on his training needs to be retrained or fired. Whoever does your routing software needs to be fired as well. I am now waiting on a phone call from your Pensacola FL distribution center to find out when I can get my package. I was promised this call within an hour, but I am fairly confident he lied… time will tell. I have never seen this incredible lack of service from your company and am very disappointed to see it now. Please fix it!
    Brian E. McDaris (SFC, U.S. Army, Retired) 

  15. UPS has refused to address my damage complaint for a month and do nothing but lie and jerk me around. My box was destroyed. My driver turned in a claim. He screwed up the claim and has now refused to fix it. If I dont grt an immediate response I will file a complaint with the attorney general.

  16. This is the most aggravating company I have ever dealt with. I have been promised for the last 10 days that someone would pick up a package to be sent back to Ashley Furniture and no one has come. Every day I am told it will be the next day. What the hell is wrong with you people??? I would contact the store directly, but it is located on Martin L King in Las Vegas and there is no phone number and no one at UPS has it either. I want someone to come and pick up this damn package!!

  17. package 1ZW68T4M6720028811
    scheduled for delivery 9/21/20

    Over an hour trying to locate CSR,

    Call recipient 312-316-xxxc

  18. I am a small business using UPS since 1975 with auto pay. We were billed in overcharge of over $2200. Called billing and they found error and said they would not charge our account. They next day they did. Called again and spoke to billing supervisor Mario C. who refused to reverse charge and said they only do that weekly updates and the the following week it would show on a credit an that “eventually” (exact word) we would get our money back and that is the way UPS works. No help or trying to fix the problem that we needed this money for payroll. THIS WAS UPS ERROR NOT OURS. The supervisor said that he was the decision maker and that there was no one he could consult and that he did not have a supervisor or anyone to account to. He had zero empathy for a small business that needed that money. He said we could speak to a customer service rep to “make us feel better” but he would have to make an appointment and they would have to get back to us (no time frame). I have removed our ACH account I have no more trust in UPS service billing. This is not acceptable. I expect a response to this complaint

  19. I am have consistent problems getting the UPS driver to deliver my packages. All my complaints and concerns go unanswered. The local Hilo Hawaii station will not work with me to get reliable service. I have registered complaints multiple times. I need Corporate intervention PLEASE to help me get reliable UPS service and solve this problem. Email or please call at 808-640-4703

  20. This is a transcript you need to read of a recent experience my husband had on a chat session 10-02-2020 at 4:20 pm. You guys have fallen a long way from being great at what you do to now horrible. For years my husband spoke highly of your services and even wanted to buy stock in the company because he believed that UPS was one of the last standing great service oriented companies left. That has changed. Apparently partnering with the USPS has caused your service to suffer and they (USPS government run post office) is pulling you down. Amazon is now becoming my only choice and I hate that because UPS was always solid until now.

    UPS Live ChatClose ChatMinimize Chat
    Patrick E: Hi, My name is Patrick.I am reviewing your information and I will be with you in a moment.Patrick E: Hi Melanie , may I have your tracking number?Me: Spoke with Vista Print said you guys gave package to USPS why? Now know one knows what happen. Where’s my package? tracking Number: Tracking Number1Z3948A0YN72949488 and why did you guys give it to UPS SurePost tracking number Postal Service Tracking ID92748909812702581185571799Me: No one can explain what happened? Not good customer service.Me: Been waiting since 9-20. Its now Oct 1stPatrick E: Thank you for your patience. As I have checked it shows here that the tracking number provided does not belong to UPS. It appears to belong to the United States Postal Service (USPS). You may contact them at 1-800-275-8777 or check on their website using this link: for additional assistance about your delivery.Me: Not true the 1Z tracking number belongs to you guys.Me: Read the text.Me: Both say UPS its starts with 1ZMe: The second tracking number belongs to UPS SurePost which I have learned is some kind of partnership you guys have with the Post Office (who is unrelaible as always)Patrick E: Sorry, I missed look on itPatrick E: Let me check on that againMe: Thank YouPatrick E: Are you the shipper of this package?Me: No I am the person trying to recieve the packagePatrick E: Upon checking it here, you shipper did not ye dropping the package in upsPatrick E: We don’t have yet the possession on it. At this point, you may contact the shipper to see what options may be available to you.Me: No are you not reading your own system correctlyMe: This is incredible….. If I was the shipper why would I be asking you where’s the package that I am expecting? It makes no sensePatrick E: The shipper is the one who chooses the service level of the packagePatrick E: Which it is the surepostMe: No No No ……. Incredible …… I have no idea who surepost is thats on you’re systemPatrick E: Sorry, I know it is difficult for you. But we cannot yet track your package in here because there is no movement yet. The shipper should drop the package in ups firstMe: Can you please get someone who would understand what I am askingPatrick E: A surepost package was shipped via combination service of UPS and USPS called Surepost. UPS carried this upon transit and then forwarded to USPS. And they will be the will make the final delivery.Me: Okay do basically its lost and you guys have know idea when or if I will ever get it. Even though I got an email from you guys stating that I should have received it yesterday by 8pm.Me: Absolutely Insane Patrick E: Yes I do understand, but looking it here again, there is no still scan on it.Me: It absolutely makes no sense whatsoever. I give up don’t even worry about it. From now on I will just try to use Amazon for all my shipping needs. Between you guys and the Post office the quality of service is really horrible. I expect it from the Post office but not UPSPatrick E: Sorry to hear about this experience. This definitely does not sound like the kind of experience I would want to have.Me: Either way I’m left with nothing. No Package, No explanation, and a waste of time and money.Me: Take Care

  21. On Tuesday, Sept. 29th, my package arrived here in Waco and was sent out for delivery by 9:00 pm. It got here at 10:10 pm after I had gone to bed. A second attempt was made the next day so I stayed home all day and night, neglecting the other errands I had to do. At 9:50 pm, I got a message that said “exemption”. That was all. I informed them that I would not be at home on Thursday so they made no attempt to which I thought it would be more convenient to pick it up if Fri. This was a very important document which they treated extremely casually. As a result, I will never use UPS nor any company that ship UPS in the future. I realize that you will probably shrug this complaint off but I wanted to vent my displeasure in your crappy company.

  22. Mr. Abney:

    I would like to call your attention to some serious problems in your San Diego distribution center. I moved into a condo in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego (zip 92103) in early 2009. I immediately noticed that all deliveries were left in the building lobby, rather than brought to residents’ doors. I called and requested that my deliveries be brought to my door.

    The situation would get better for a while, and then regress, so I would call again.

    Ultimately, a little less than two years ago, around the holiday season, the driver on my route started simply withholding my packages. I would have to call several times and finally receive my delivery 2 days late. Eventually, she did this with a package that was sent 2 day shipping. After withholding this package for 2 more days, she finally delivered it, but threw it down in front of my door with such force that I could hear the box with a backpack in it hit the floor through the metal door and across my apartment.

    After this, she started bringing packages JUST to the top of the stairs. As long as they were out of the way, I did not complain. However, sometimes she would leave things in the middle of the hallway for my elderly neighbors to trip over. I tried to complain about this, but nothing was ever done. It became clear to me that UPS is not concerned with safety, or even liability.

    Things came to a head a few months ago, when I received an email saying a package had been delivered. I looked all over for it and it was nowhere to be found. Twenty minutes later, I looked outside my door and it was sitting in the middle of the hallway.

    During all of this time, when I called your customer service number, I would receive a promise that the local station would call me back. They rarely did. When they did, or when I called them, they would tell me that they would not do anything about this behavior, call me a liar, and yell at me.

    After the incident mentioned above, I spoke with HR and they promised to take action. Someone must have actually said something to the driver, because she came back to my apartment and started pounding on the door and screaming at me through the door. She also covered the peephole with one of your yellow stickies.

    Since this time, I have repeatedly requested that this driver no longer deliver to me, but this is clearly not happening. Additionally, she has been withholding packages and leaving them in the lobby again.

    Package 1Z7A8Y800344250109 was supposed to be delivered Thursday 1 October and it was not. It was then supposed to be delivered Friday 2 October, along with package 1Z4X554V0337154852. Neither package was delivered.

    I have considered contacting the police to get a restraining order after the driver’s threatening behavior, but I am hesitant to put someone who is clearly mentally ill in such danger.

    However, she has put me and my neighbors in danger with her behavior. Neither HR, nor the local station has provided any assistance in resolving this problem.

    Apparently, to UPS, it’s unacceptable to request that the drivers do their one job – delivering packages.

    I really am astounded that you tolerate this behavior. While I’m not the customer, the shipper is, I certainly never will be your customer, unless you can get this situation resolved.

    Thank You,
    Meredith Schneider

  23. To Whom It May Concern:
    My name is Charlie Harris Jr.
    I recently applied for employment at one of the UPS hubs in Atlanta, GA.
    I was told that I would have been hired on the spot, but because I had a “negative quit” on my record from when I worked for UPS many years ago, I could not be re-hired.
    I think that your policy regarding re-hiring people should be updated and/or changed because people grow and change over time.
    I do not recall the exact time I worked for UPS, nor do I recall the reason for the “negative quit”.
    All I do remember from that time is that the supervisor kept changing my work hours.
    I pride myself on being a hard, and dedicated worker, and I should not be punished for something that I allegedly did so long ago that I do not remember it.
    I understand that rules are rules, and that this is an opportunity lost for me, but please, change your rules. Give people a chance to prove to you that they have changed for the better.
    Establish a statute of limitations, or a two strikes rule to give people who leave under unusual circumstances to grow and change and come back.
    The very ones that you reject because of something they did, or did not do so many years ago may be the very ones who could be your very best employees of the present time.

  24. Good morning I’m sending this message in regards to your recently established location at 721 Hamburg rd. Bear De. 19733, I order frequently from Amazon and I’ve asked them on numerous occasions not to use your service as your people either cannot read a map or are just ignorant. I live in Saint Georges De 19733 no need to put in the full address you wouldn’t know where it is. However I assure you it does. I live across the street from the post office in Saint Georges and your facility on Hamburg road is less than 5 miles from my house. FedEx has no problem finding it and they have the same address you have. Can someone explain in English please why they cannot find North Broad st?

  25. Dear Sir or Madam. I wish to make a formal complaint about a package collected from my home on 10 August 2020. As this parcel still has not been delivered I had to refund the buyer. The latest update is UPS have decided on 7 October 2020 to ship the goods to the buyer whom I have refunded. Please can you deal with this complaint which has caused me undue stress and financial loss. I live in the UK and been battling with UPS customer service for 2 months now

  26. I sent a package from NC to FL the package was crushed an broke several picture frames inside. The manager at the UPS store gave me an attitude that he been shipping items for 24 years, which has no bearing on the package being crushed. I have been trying to find out if the reimbursement check has been sent but I never get any information except still waiting? 1Z6983XX031757xxxx

  27. STOLEN LICENSE PLATE: I sent a package with a license plate inside to Lambertville NJ. Apparently the package made it to Hamilton NJ, which is about 15 minutes from it’s delivery address, and then was “LOST”. The rep from the UPS store it was mailed from stated “It was probably stolen, it happens all the time.” If I had been aware of this issue, I certainly wouldn’t have chosen to mail it through UPS! I no longer have any trust in using UPS as a shipper! Also, the rep stated “we don’t put insurance on the license plate package, it’s not worth anything. REALLY:? Now, it’s “stolen!”; I have to physically go to the registration office, appointment only, to declare a “stolen” license plate, and then pay for it again. I may be able to get it for free if it’s stolen, but I can’t get any response from anyone at UPS with regards to this claim which was made over a week ago today. Tracking # 1Z747R120324022263, mailed Sept 29 2020 with a delivery date of Oct 2 in Lambertville NJ. I have an appointment at the DMV on Oct 27, and will need something from UPS with regards to this plate being “lost/stolen” so I don’t have to pay another registration fee of $50. I am not happy with UPS!!! FedEx will be my shipper of choice at this point. I have called the local UPS store where this was shipped from, and the only thing I get is “my manager is waiting to hear from corporate”. I would really like to have someone take care of this issue asap, please.

  28. I am an Amazon seller, every time I call your claims department they tell me I must have Amazon send them paperwork for the claim. This is the exact opposite of what Amazon tells me. Also, I can never talk to a UPS supervisor. Claim numbers, 1Z 15V 04E 03 3681 xxxx and 1Z 15V 04E 03 3062 xxxx

  29. One of your drivers HIT my driver on I-95 Ruther Glen VA 10/14/2020 11:30 am Southbound exit 104 – double trailer – left scene. i have video evidence

  30. Dear Mr. David Abney and the UPS Team,

    My name is Hamed Daghi Sorkhabi. I am the Director of Engineering at Aveva Drug Delivery System which is part of Apotex Pharmaceutical Company. I am reaching out to you to ask for your support to hopefully resolve a somewhat disappointing but urgent matter. We recently shipped out a package which contained a sensitive part for one of our machines but unfortunately, the package was never delivered and cannot be located. UPS is indicating to us that it takes 1-8 business day to conduct an investigation.

    I would like to share with you that this parts is extremely critical for us to support a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical product development which was supposed to start on Monday 10/19 and now is being heavily impacted. The financial impact of losing this stage will have a tremendous financial impact which could be as high as $100Million.
    We simply do not have 8 business days to spare. I was traying to reach out higher levels for expediting this but no one was able to get me to a level higher than a supervisor. This is the reason that I decided to reach out to you and ask for your support to expedite locating this shipment and also make you aware of a gap (not having any expedition process for such urgent matters.

    I’m really hopeful that you can support us to expedite locating this part. I have included the tracking number in the subject as well as the picture of the package (attached).

    I look forward to hearing from you or the team and am confident that this will be looked into both on short and long term manner. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to call me if more information is required from my side.

    Best Regards,
    Hamed Daghi Sorkhabi

  31. A package of mine that was recorded as “delivered” by one of your drivers out of Bogart, Georgia was not delivered. I have spoken to several UPS reps about finding my package and asking the driver where it is however, no one seems to take me serious. I also have video footage of the driver NOT delivering my package, instead he delivered a much smaller package that belonged to my neighbor. No one at any of your offices can seem to grant my request looking at the video that confirms the UPS truck driver did not deliver my 33 pound package that contained my office desk. I need an email address or phone number of someone that I can send the video proof to. Thank you! Erin H.

  32. Yes i would like to know what kind of of policy is we are not giving refunds at this time. I sent an overnight envelope from al to az and paid for it to be delivered by 10am i tracked it this morning it says delayed YOU did not get it on the plane in time so i feel YOU should bear the burden of refunding me my money not once when i was being quoted overnight prices was i informed told or implied that if YOU didn’t provide the service YOU took my money for it was just oh well we suspended our refunds due to heavy volume and covid as your employee told me which in itself is utter nonsense since receipt does not state anything about no refunds if you fail to uphold YOUR end of the contract so in conclusion how do we proceed with this?

  33. I would like to share my recent experience with UPS.
    On 6/10/20 my son dropped off a parcel in the UK to be posted to France. By 7;30 am on 8/10/20 the parcel had arrived at the nearest depot in France and on the same day tracking showed that it was out for delivery. I stayed in all day but it did not arrive. Later in the evening around 22:00 I checked tracking again and it had changed to destination scan. No further information appeared on the tracking system so after numerous call to UPS from myself and my son, I was told someone from the depot would call me. On 13/10/20 ay 8:31 am someone called from the depot and told me that the parcel would be delivered the same day and if there was a problem he would call back. The same day at 14:38, he called back to say there was a problem with the parcel and it had been lost. I asked him why the tracking showed that the parcel was at the depot in Rennes and he said it was an error and told me to contact the sender. I called UPS for advice but was told that there was a note on the system saying the parcel was out for delivery so it must be. The next update was an exception notice on16/10/20 saying the parcel had been damaged and the merchandise discarded. I was still unable to get any information from UPS.
    The same day I had an update saying as requested by the sender the parcel was being returned. Since just after midnight on Monday this week (if we are to believe the tracking system) the parcel has been sitting at the depot one hours drive away from my son in the UK. I would like to know when the parcel will be delivered to my son but it is simply not possible to get any information from the so called support numbers. The whole episode has wasted a lot of time and caused a great deal of stress and I still don’t know if the package was damaged, if so to what extent or if it was lost and never arrived in France as I was told by an employee of UPS at the depot in Rennes. I really cannot recommend anyone to use this service. I am appalled by the lack of communication within the company and with the customer.

  34. Amptek Electric has an account with UPS, your driver has been delivery all of our deliveries to one location in Edison NJ, regardless of who it is addressed to I need to speak to someone immediately

  35. I will follow up this posting with a letter to Carol Tome and David Abney …
    I received no UPS notice of delivery so for 3 days my “AT&T stock transfer” papers lay in the grass in 13″ of rain and were RUINED. The Driver had failed to put the envelope in a UPS plastic bag. Yes, I was mad and voiced my opinion to the driver because it was his fault that my AT&T stock transfers were left unprotected on the ground, against UPS company policy, and were ruined. Now, the driver continues to refuse making deliveries to me. Do the UPS drivers really have this much control over company policy? This driver is not a good “fit” for a UPS driver and does not, professionally, represent the company. And, unfortunately, corporate customer service has not been able to take control of this ongoing situation. This UPS driver needs to “go on down the road” but NOT in a UPS truck.

  36. To, Whom it may concern,

    My name is Serrena Ivy, and on November 11, 2017, I purchased a ” Kenmore” Refrigerator that has the French Door with double drawer bottom freezer. ( Model # 795.72495.611) (Ser. # 709TRKH29245 ). Of course its not even 3 years old. On Saturday July 25, 2020, services was required on that refrigerator. When the Sears Technician came out to my home , he stated that it need a compressor. I then agreed to purchase it on the spot .The Tech , did not have to try and find one or order one, he had it on his truck. He then installed it and, I paid for it. Total being $716.43. Finding out a few days later that the compressor was still in / under warranty. My Sears Warranty account is ( 1167636 ). I’m still without a refrigerator. Instead of refunding me, they are still scheduling techs. Next Appointment set for November 06, 2020. Please, respond.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Serrena Ivy
    Account # ( 1167636 )
    Services Date – July 25, 2020
    Services order- # – 42556421
    Services Unit – # – 0008206
    Technician ID – # – 0659334

  37. Two separate shipments at two different times to two different places and BOTH MYSTERIOUSLY were undelivered nor found!!!! Both instances I had to follow up and pursue investigations!! Thieves are being employed by this negligent shipping company!! One of which I intend to bring the Social Media and News attention to!! Hardworking individuals are losing money daily all the while the CEO and CFO are making millions of dollars and their warehouse employees are robbing these unsuspecting consumers of their goods!!

  38. I have wasted a lot of time trying to get a package pickup I already paid for and I thought scheduled. All done online. Also I paid $13.25 ( which has already hit on my VISA credit card on 10/27 for this pickup Tracking # 1ZZHT787430000xxxx. I wasted much time w/ ups customer service then billing dept they asked for pickup # to get a refund! I can no longer log into your site.

  39. Please I send some parkage from Edo state and I paid for the shipment but getting to my friend she was told that we should pay some money over there which I paid here before and I was issued a receipt for the shipment
    The tracking number. W523154xxxx

  40. SIRS:



    1. A the flu kills more, b masks have the potential to make you sicker, c the cdc has admitted masks dont block the virus….education is important

      1. Scott is clearly not an epidemiologist. NO, Scott, masks will nt make you sick. They prevent both the wearer and others from contracting an airborne disease which is killing millions. Get a grip on your ignorance.

  41. UPS lost my package (Tracking Number: 1Z01YV390436448217) on 9/30/2020. On 10/1, I filed a lost package at with supporting documents, including a picture of my front door. I suspect the driver left my package at the wrong address and no one at UPS dared to come forward and admit the mistake. After the filing, I called UPS customer support three times, and every time I was told that someone will call me. No one at UPS contacted me and on10/30 I found my case was closed without my acknowledgment, indicating the package was ‘found and delivered’. This is a flat lie. On 10/30, I’ve requested American Express to contact UPS to find out my lost package. I demand UPS come up with evidence that the package was delivered. Otherwise, UPS should be held responsible for the lost package.

  42. Your “customer service” stinks. I will now do my best to find an alternative to using UPS. Attempts to get in contact with our representative have repeatedly failed. He or she either never gets the message or refuses to call. I’ve tried to get in contact 5 or 6 times over the last 2-1/2 weeks. Extremely frustrating. UPS is ripping my company off.

  43. Hello, My name is Ricky Pickett. I’ve recently applied for a job at UPS and was rejected for rehire. I was wondering why there is a ban on me? I was an honest and dedicated employee when I worked for UPS.

  44. How do I report a driver who was driving very reckless? I have been search for a phone number for over an hour and cannot talk to anyone. This person may end up killing someone.

  45. Has any of the UPS CEO’S ever used their own customer service because of a lost package? What a joke. Not customer friendly at all. I’ve now had 2 packages lost from the distribution hub thats 25 miles from my home. I’ve come to learn that UPS in San Bernardino, California, has hired drivers who use their personal cars to help make deliveries. I believe that it’s one of these personal delivery drivers who has either delivered my packages to the wrong address or is flat out stealing. But I can’t get any help from UPS with this situation. I’ve called 4 times now, and get a different story each time.

  46. Hi my name is jason and i have previously applied for employment at the mccook nebraska location and had an interview but when i check in on status of all i get nothing from the H R i called left voice messages text and get nothing in return but now they have all of my info and nothing for me as a career! Im calling my lawyer in the morning thank you for all that you lie and can not do. This will go viral! 👾

  47. Waiting for package for two days, both days driver put note on door & never bothered to ring the bell. This is not the first time this has happened, how are people supposed to know if they are here when they don’t bother to ring the bell ???? I order on line being disabled and don’t want to have to go pick up order at an Access point !!!! This is poor service and I have requested Amazon and all other companies NOT to us ups ever !!!!

  48. My local UPS store in Chesterton, In. won’t give me 2 mailing envelopes for free. Is this your new policy now?

  49. I send things ups to Jerry Barnett 1306 Courtney Lane..Belton Texas 76513. Your driver has delivered one to the wrong address.
    Said several were left on porch when they were in mud/ weeds/dirt at the end of a 200 ft long drive.
    Left on top on top a vehicle.
    And this time I paid extra for a signature and instead of delivering it timely it has not been delivered as promised by 9 pm today.
    I am sending you this complaint after several years of mess ups from the Belton Texas delivery driver/drivers.
    Please give this your attention ASAP.

  50. I have been trying to get a claim settled since May 2020, to no avail. I was told that a check was sent to the store where I shipped the package from. They claim they haven’t gotten any checks. Even after a being given the check number they said the check was made out to the previous owner but never said what happen to the check. I talked to someone named Leah at customer solutions she said she look into it and get back to me, that’s been since September. Now when I call that number it’s no longer the same recording and sends me back to filing a claim. I would appreciate it if someone would talk to me and tell the truth. Your customer service is not very good. I should not have to wait almost 7 months for a $61 dollar check.

  51. Problem with a claim I need corporate e mail or fax number of an actual person with some authority

  52. Your customer service leaves much to be desired. Earlier today I received notification a UPS package was delivered to my house. It wasn’t there. I was returning home right around the time of the alleged delivery, saw a UPS truck in front of my house and saw the driver go into an apartment building a few buildings away from my house. I didn’t think anything of it because at that point I didn’t realize UPS was handling my package.
    I called the 800 number and explained the situation. The agent said she would contact the deliver center and have someone contact me; I did mention to her I saw the UPS truck and driver.
    About an hour and a half later I received a voice mail from Janice or Janet who was very short and abrupt, and stated the driver said he left the package at my front door and I should check with my neighbors, have a nice day. She didn’t leave her number or invite me to call her back if the problem still existed. I could have called since her number appeared on my cell but the tone of her voice mail indicated she wasn’t very interested in or enthusiastic about trying to fix this problem.
    Back to the 800 number, and explained the situation again. The agent said she would have someone from the delivery center call me back. I said, please, we’ve already done that and it doesn’t work. She said that’s all she can do.
    Can you see my frustration in getting handed off like this? I would have hoped for something more definitive and helpful.
    I’m hoping you’ll be at least a bit more responsive and helpful.
    Thank You
    Tracking #1Z84387W135573xxxx

  53. HI my name is Donate Nix. I just now was not shown any type of respect when he came to my house. It’s OK to knock but beat my door like you are the police. One of your delivery drivers I wish I knew his name was violently beating on my door. I have video as well.

  54. My name is Jeanetta Luther Knopp and I live in Washington State. In the last two weeks, I have asked our delivery person, Brandon, to wear a mask and he refuses. I have offered him masks and he has refused. I even cried one day when I begged him to wear a mask. One day he was walking up to our porch (we had masks on) and we asked him to stop and put a mask on and he proceeded and came within a foot of my daughter. We have pictures if you want them. So I posted on your Facebook and finally had to remove my post because people were so rude to me. Nothing has been done. We follow the rules of social distancing, masks, and sanitizing and we even have signs up asking people to wear masks. I am wondering if I should contact all the companies we buy items from and asked them to please use another carrier. Please help me.

  55. I have an issue with your UPS office in Dubai, UAE. We are trying to contact your senior management but from your local customer service are not agree to reach us management. Even we logged twice complain # 3516768 & 3516911 for AWB 1Z8A66A3E507365388 but no one come back to us. Could you please check this issue and come back to us as soon as possible.

  56. Almost runover by UPS driver. your driver emerged from one of the nearby offices. I asked him where he had been and he said “working.” I told him he had blocked me in for over 30 minutes. He apologized. I asked for his name and UPS employee number. At that point he quit talking to me and got into his truck. I stood in front of the truck asking his name and number. Silence. He put his truck in reverse and I stayed in front of the truck. He backed up to an open spot in the parking lot, put it in drive and sped forward right into me. Luckily, I am quick and jumped out of the way. Had I not, I would have been under the truck.

    I called the police and filled a complaint.

    All I asked was for his name and employee number. He refused. Today, I’m asking for disciplinary action on your part. I don’t think this driver embodies the virtues or values of UPS.

    While I don’t have his name or number, I have a photo of the truck. You can see the license plate number, the truck number, and my blue car off to the side where it is blocked in. He was making a delivery at 7100 Broadway, Denver Colorado at around 3:45 to 4:15 pm.

    Thank you for your time.

  57. Tracking number T5H46N9NT83 posted express from the UK and arrived 21/11/2020 in SA. All import and tax duties have been paid. I have being dealing with a Clinton Neilson and he is just not resolving the problem at UPS SA. It is frustrating that an express UPS parcel has still not being delivered 12 days later !!!!

  58. I am asking Amazon to not deliver my packages by UPS because packages are placed on my uncovered driveway. I contacted your customer service and also spoke to the driver who said he was following the instructions he received in training. I have a covered porch but it about 20 steps from the driveway. Your customer service was no help. Amazon said I was to request with each order to not use UPS. My concern is I just had an order shipped from Sutterfly and saw it was to be delivered by UPS. It is an item that will not stand up to weather. I posted a question on my Nextdoor neighbor app and was told packages should be placed on a covered porch if available. What is your policy because your company seems to have different answers . Driver first said he put it in my open garage (it was in the driveway) then he said he could not go in the garage because that is trespassing. I know you will probably not respond to this but I think your company should know.

  59. hello, my name is Idowu. i have a complaint about my package that was meant to be delivered by UPS on October 12th was damaged and discarded without notifying the sender or the receiver(me). After calling several times for about 2weeks, i was told to file a claim which can only be done by the sender. The sender is a logistic company in Houston named Adelove Shipping.
    This has been going on for several weeks and no result, the manager from the logistic company said she already sent in the list of items in the package and the total cost and still no response from UPS.
    this is so disheartening ,how can my package of 20lbs be destroyed and discarded and still be treated this way. i have alots of things that are so important to me as regards to my health in that package that was discarded. my tracking number is 1Z57R118032520xxxx. thanks and hoping to hear a feedback

  60. Artwork packed by UPS to my sister in Austin. Art packed in a huge box but never got there. I was never offered additional insurance and I didn’t ask because I TRUSTED you guys to deliver my package. Very upsetting as it was worth $750 and of course only insured for $100. I probably will never do business with you again.

  61. UPS store located at 6720 N Hualapai Way LV NV 89149

    My husband and I went to this location to ship out a Dyson Purifier to the Manufacturer for a replacement. Dyson informed me that all I needed to bring was the reference number they sent me by text message. I informed Dyson that i no longer have the original box, and was told UPS can package it up for me. Which I know to be true, as other UPS stores have packaged items for me in the past. As a matter of fact, other staff from this particular location had customized packaging for me in the past.

    Anyway, we walked in, my husband, carrying this Dyson Air Purifier, mind you we are in our 60’s, we are not young that we can haul this equipment all over town. We waited for a bit as there was a customer being helped by the male employee, and the female employee, who finally approached us was on the phone. Anyway, when she was done, her first question was if we have the original box, which to me the answer was pretty obvious, that we do not have or it would have already been boxed up. That already gave me the impression we will not be getting the proper help.

    I explained what Dyson had instructed me to tell them, that I have a reference number that she can look up and that UPS can package it up for me. She didn’t even try to look up the reference number, her reply was “Dyson did not call them”. I replied that it will be on their computer as the request from Dyson was sent to UPS, by email, so we can go to any UPS store. Then she said, they do not have a box for it. I replied, “surely as a shipping/packaging place they can make a box of it”. Which she ignored and just repeated that she does not have a box for it. Listed below are 2 excerpts from their website, which I copied and pasted in this email:

    “Need a different size than what’s standard? We can easily create a custom box for you to meet the needs of any shipment.

    Yes. The UPS Store® location at 6720 N Hualapai Way Ste 145 in Las Vegas is staffed with certified packing experts who take great care in properly packing your item(s) for shipment.”

    She started directing us to 2 other UPS stores in the area, mind you this was after 5 PM already, stating they may have a box for us. She wasn’t offering to do anything else to help us, so my husband asked if she can call these places and check. They’re not busy, no other customer but one, and the male employee worked with him. From her reaction to this request, she wasn’t too happy about it. She made one phone call and stated they do not have a box either, based on measurements she gave them, 37X10 round. Then she proceeded to tell us to go to the “hub”, they will give us a box, she said they have all sorts of boxes there. My husband asked for the address of that hub, which she wrote down and was ready to dismiss us again.

    My husband asked her to call the 2nd store, which she mentioned earlier (not the hub) to check so we won’t be driving all over the place. She sighed, picked up the phone and called. That other store was willing to work with us (located on Farm & El Capitan, LV, NV, the kid working there was most helpful) Through all this the male employee, not bothered to intervene or help, we know he was listening, he kept looking our way and just continued to tidy up the place, not other customers by this time. I cannot give you names as neither one’s wearing a name tag. We don’t know who manages this place, but judging from our encounter with these two staff members, not a very good manager, did not train employees well in proper customer service.

    My husband, despite all this, thanked her. As we were walking away from the counter, I told my husband, my impression that she just not willing to do the work, that again being a shipping/packaging company, they can customize a box for it as they have the supplies to do it. I was irritated talking to my husband about it, not addressed to her, then hollered behind my back “How Rude and you have a nice day” in a very sarcastic way. I replied on my way out, that this is most unhelpful UPS store and we will not be using them ever again”

    I know this is pretty lengthy, but this is no way to treat customers, worst place to go to.

    The commitment on their website was not honored at all. I hate to believe that this type of “Customer Service (or NOT)” represents UPS at all.

    Thank you for your time.

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  63. The UPS Store in Coeurdalene I'd at 2900 Goverment way, does not wear masks . I t is an Amazon return place. Please pick another store for returns says:

    UPS Coeur dalene w900 Goverment.Way does.not practuce social distancing and no.emplyees wear madatory masks. plrase pick.a different location for all Amazon.teturns so we are not afraid to do business

  64. I ship with UPS all the time, sent package out on Oct 13, by Express 1 day shipping. The package arrived On Oct 15/2020 wet, damaged and product was not in the Original Bags I packed them in. I have a Catering Business, Sista with Spice Catering & Takeout. We make 52 Different flavors of Egg Rolls. In the Package was 20 Dozen Eggs Rolls with 8 Ice Packed Pouches. All was frozen. I am out $500.00 and my Customer is Out Product & Money. Please, Respond back to me, because if I’m I will Sue UPS. I received a letter saying that UPS can’t help me. My name is Michele States # 647 292-7260 living in Halifax, NS. I was sending to my Customer in Mississauga, Ontario. My Tacking # E854 810 082 3.

  65. Your dispatchers in the Ontario California location spend their entire day on tiktok and on the phone with the drivers when they should be working.

    I was expecting a package today. Early this morning it said it was on the vehicle out for delivery. The office opens up at 8:30 in the morning. The drivers note stated they were here at 10 AM and the office was locked. This is an untruth! I think you have somebody working for you that hates their job. The office doors were open and not locked. My office is next door to the front entrance. No your UPS person entered the building or attempted to do so. If this person worked for me he would no longer have a job. I tried calling to see what the problem was the person that took the information said it would be reserved and somebody would call me back within an hour. It has now been greater than three hours and have not heard back at this point.
    Please check into this problem. I would appreciate a response from you. Either by email or phone number

  67. This email is being sent to file a personal property claim. I have
    attempted on numerous occasions to contact UPS via capitalus but I
    have not received a response.

    On 11/13/2020 at approximately 10:35am a UPS truck was delivering a package
    at my residence, 2020 Three Mile Run Road Perkasie, PA 18944. Upon backing
    into my driveway, the truck made a sharp turn causing severe damage to my
    18 year old specimen (weeping cherry) tree. I have attached photos of the
    I request a representative contact me asap in order to file a claim for the
    repair or replacement of the tree.

    Thank You,
    Glenn Geib

  68. Your tracking system has been the same since the early 2000’s when I first remembered it. Whoever designed or maintains this mainframe for you should be replaced or forced to move to a newer software aka what FedEx is using. Their system is far and beyond better than UPS’s. FedEx has more updates, provides more details, and by far just looks better. I’m not sure why my company still using UPS, but I will definitely be pushing them to start using FedEx primarily moving forward. Who ever you COO, CIO, CFO, or CEO is, please show them my email so they know a very big reason to keep up w the competition.

  69. I mailed a package to Oregon via ups. They sent it to the wrong apartment number yet stated it was not insured so I had no recourse. I feel it wasn’t properly handled.

  70. Subject / Betreff / Asunto: [EXTERNAL] Skyline towers incident
    Description / Beschreibung / Descripción:

    Hello .this is the first time I complain about a hard working person.your
    driver did a really a bad action today while I was driving my new born to
    the hospital for an emergency. I was trying to leave the building .but when
    I stopped in the stop sign and waited for him to clear the way he blocked
    me and assaulted me verbally.and declined to move forward until an amazon
    drive intervient .i didn’t want to Escalade the situation and asked him to
    free the way.but kept humiliating me and my family

    Descriptions .driver African American.with grey hair and gray mustache.

    Location 5599 seminary Rd .falls 22041 at 2 07 pm

    My self .elomari abdelbasset. xxxx seminary Rd, Bailey’s Crossroads, VA
    22041. Apt 615 south. # 571 338 xxxx

    And I also have pictures and short video best regards

  71. I’m at hub 104 in arizona and I would like to express the lack of sterilization and no enforcement of wearing masks. People continue to get sick and come in sick with no temp checks or any regards to the safety and health to its employees

  72. hAVE YOUR GOOD CEO call me re 911 situation LBG..he knows who this customer is says:


  73. I’ve been in contact with corporate office about a problem I’m having with store #5606 in Sinking Spring PA. The person I have talked to 3 times now at corporate keeps telling me that she will get back to me and never does. I was severely misled while shipping a package at the UPS Store in Sinking Spring PA and was charged $82.13. I strongly feel that I am due a refund of $56.00. This happened on Nov. 23 and I was told it would arrive 2 days later. The package has not arrived to its destination yet. I was not aware or told that they were sending this through usps.,had I known that, I would have took the package there myself and only been charged $32.14. I know that because I spoke with the post office and they told me I was over charged. I was very misled and not told how this was being shipped. (I was never aware that ups ships usps) and I was severely misled about the time it would arrive. The whole transaction was misleading. They stood behind the counter speaking to each other and not informing me of any of it. Then tell me I owed $82.13. I would like to talk to someone who will get this resolved for me.

  74. On Tuesday Dec 8 my grandfather passed a way in i told josh the supervisor i my grandfather passed in i would not be able to come back to work to Thursday which was Dec 10. in they still called me to come to work Wednesday with i feel very disrespect. when i been honest with them about everything. I also want to the building thrusday to show him prove and i also have a few witness. they was right there when i give him the prove. In he told me out his mouth and this other person that was next to me which her name is lisa. That we would be back on the clock and they only put her back on and the other few… which at right is it cause im black no disrespect. now i also speak with a manager called Luke that supposed to be the main manager for the UPS on smock route 51 Uniontown PA 15401. He told me he could not do anything. my whole thing is how are u a manager for this building and telling me u cant do anything which i dont understand cause i was a manager for T.G.l friday and Mc Donald… No reason to lie about anything to yall do to all responsibility to our hard working people that doing there job when a supervisor at are his boss that is the main manager for the department.. That is said management skills. when u have a hard working that would do anything for ups that is need done anywhere are position i will be able to do and hold down to the fullest I Stan. as a manager or a supervisor u have special duty right. I have a family in bills to pay and i at do anything wrong… i had my prove for my days. which i should be working right now… i also have kids little ones… im not trying to make it hard on no ones. Everybody should be treated the same equally it should not be lied to able to communicate with one another trust one another solve problem between one another. I would like to hear back from UPS Headquarters do to all respect of Dayshwn Freeman having to go through this when his grandfather passed away and having prove in his phone records an also the paper.

  75. I live in an HOA with private streets that are quite narrow.
    and have many areas with limited site distances. There is a lot of walking traffic as well as golf cart traffic. The speed limit distances. 25 MPH. Your driver screams in here like a bat out of he’ll. About noon he came through the intrance very fast. When I motioned him to slow down he smiled and waved. Please get these drivers to be respectful!!!! Someone is going to get hit.

  76. My package was left in the street 1/2 mile from my house and lady in neighborhood brought package. This is disgusting service. Tracking number 1Z2EE9401273493989. This person delivering packages is not being responsible. $499.99 item left on the street. Claim site is not user friendly. I need human contact to discuss this issue.

  77. I visited your 1179 West A Street, Hayward Ca. UPS store, on December 9, 2020 after 3:00 pm., I needed a box to ship my 4-year-old niece her doll. Clearly, this was my first time visiting the location and shipping an item. The moment I walked through the door I was greeted with a warm welcome! I explained my need for a box, shipping assistance and the associate was very attentive and eager to help. I showed her the size box needed to send my niece her Little Mermaid Doll. The associate said she would prepare the package, as I provided the details. The red- carpet experience took less than 10 minutes. I want to express commendation for hiring this associate. She was dedicated, efficient and as a front-line worker she understood my needs. I’m so pleased that my niece received her gift on Friday and wrapped with care! It’s wonderful to know that during the pandemic, UPS remains committed to customer service! OUTSTANDING! Receipt ID: 83769389008721888994 CSH: Mimi Tran: 0526 Reg: 001

  78. Why cant I get my package. Had set in Marion Il for 2 days. Took only 2 days to come from Co. You phone message system is worthless. Can not speak to anyone. Your virtual assistant can only say call this number except the one time It did have someone call me but they hung up when I answered. Your email system won’t work with tracking number, wants info invoices and when I tried to change way in delivery as in picking it up instead of what I paid for it wanted telephone number which is in my profile. Said technical difficulty, try later. I will never buy anything else shipped by UPS. Too much of a headache.

  79. I am sure someone is reading this that works for someone with authority and the person who could stop this will never see it but here goes anyways. I have asked and asked and complained and complained to UPS and nothing happens. have talked to drivers and still nothing. I have asked them and told them where to deliver the packages. I have 5 sheds on my farm and have told them which shed to put the dog food deliveries in. Well I get an e mail from UPS delivered and oh boy, here we go, where is it this time. I have found deliveries sitting by all five sheds, never know where they will set it in fact one day they left a package of presents sitting on top of Chewy box. I don’t understand why why why why why why they can’t deliver the packages where I have asked, is that so hard!!!!!! the last order was a penske truck delivering and oh boy she moaned and groaned, I have 14 boxes to unload and they are heavy. well now I don’t consider 36-36 lbs. heavy. but, I left to go to the house for a minute and came back and the boxes were THROWN on the ground. I walked over and said well sure glad it wasn’t a delivery of china. she replied I had to kick them out to get out of the truck!!!!!!!!!!!!! well I wasn’t about to help her unload with an attitude like that. I just don’t know what to do to get this problem solved. don’t want packages sitting out in the snow as they have left them in the rain many times.

  80. I write Opt Ed’s, and I am a severely Disabled Vietnam Veteran! I have been getting misdeliveries of packages in My postal box addressed to 1228 Calle Rafael. My address is 1230 Calle Rafael. I have not gotten some of my Medicines from the V.A. also. As I live on a steep hill it is near impossible to deliver the package to the mailing address. I called the Nogales UPS 5 days ago, and I explained the Situation, and they told me, that they would send someone to pick up the packages, 5 or 6 days ago! Which never happened! I have tried on the telephone to call ,and call many different time to no avail! I need to have someone from UPS to jump in, and fix this situation, before I write an Opt Ed. And find out how many other situations have occurred in our area. God Bless Jack H Scholnick

  81. I am at your ups store in prescott valley and considering the pandemic were facing, I walked in and walked out due to the high volume of people in there NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING. There were even 3 without any face coverings. Wtf is wrong with your company not following cdc guidelines? This not only endangers the well being of your workers and your business, but the lives of those of us who are trying to stay safe. I chose to wait outside in my vehicle in hopes of seeing the crowd slim down, instead they allowed more people in to the point that there was a line all the way to the door. Seriously, something needs to be done to try and help prevent others from possibly getting sick. Its very concerning to someone such as myself who as a healthcare worker, has lost friends and family to covid, who sees frontline workers put their lives at risk to care for people like the ones employed by your company, and the ones not following simple guidelines, get sick. Let this reflect as a complaint, not a comment… I hope you and your company take the appropriate measures and do your part to at least take notice that this is in fact putting your company at risk. Imagine one of your customer service clerks getting ill and spreading it to other employees or customers? In a town as small as prescott valley, this could prove to be detrimental to your business and this towns population. Its truly shameful that a company like UPS with all its fame and fortune seems to care so little.

  82. driver knocked on door with no previous notification left me a label to return my item to amazon and told me someone would pick item up the next day. i left the item on the porch for six days now and no pick up. my husband is in a hospital bed in our home with end stage heart failure and dementia, i am his cargiver and i can not leave or go in anywhere will you pleae help and get the package as i was told.

  83. Hey i have a parcel coming from india to timmins canada and that parcel still in transit from last 33 days. Every time i contact the customer care they have all different statements nobody tries to solve my problem. Really bad service I received

  84. Wondering if UPS uses public storage facilities to store packages in Venice FL. I was told that UPS has several units which trucks drop off to regularly. I have witnessed and documented a man in a UPS uniform unloading packages into his personal vehicle on several occasions. I have license plate and dates and time. Just wondering if this is normal procedure.

  85. I am trying to find out why my package is delayed hopeless no one returning calls or emails uk support telephone number waste of space

  86. I was in one of your stores on S. Kings in Charlotte, NC around 6:30 p.m. on December 7th. I purchased a bunch of items and mailed about 100 cards. I handed the lady in the store the cards who said she would mail them via the USPS. As of today, December 21st I have no one has received my cards. I understand that the store closed due to COVID on December 8th. I am afraid that the cards are still sitting in the store waiting to be mailed.

    Can you please check the store? This is very concerning to me.
    I have called the sister store#1027 several times and I cannot get anyone to assist.

  87. I would like to inform you that your diver has lied and never delivered our package. The driver claims my husband signed for the package, (a Canadain Goose Down jacket, IZ3E2R883500414973). We have Ring, four people were at home and a dog. The driver never came to our house. The driver has also claimed that he signed for the jacket because of COVID. The supervisor claims the jacket was scanned into the drivers car. The undelivered package happened on December 2, 2020 at 3:42. We have never received any follow up from UPS. I would think 18 days would be ample time to find a package.
    Your driver has lied that my husband signed for the jacket in the current internal investigation by your company. You have a very serious problem when your employees are stealing.
    Since your driver has lied about my husband signing for the package, we will be filing a police report with the Bellaire Police Department in Bellaire, Texas tomorrow with a signed affidavit from my husband that he never signed for the package nor received it.

    I am so disappointed in your company and your ability to find out what happened.


    Maureen Maillet Martin

  88. A driver ran into my garage broke the center divider between the two garage doors and ripped the metal apart and the wood apart my door won’t close and I can’t leave my house with the door open with all my tools and equipment in there the supervisor told me to board up the garage door we need to get the insurance appraiser out here now so I can jury-rig it so I can get the door kind of closed I’m unable to board it up myself he don’t even no if AIappraiser is coming or not we need one here now it’s a detached shop and I can’t leave with the door open

  89. UPS # 1Z0386YF0494841020 collected from China on Dec 11, till today not delivered to Italy yet. Kindly help us to trace parcel. It’s a big disaster for us.

  90. Earlier today I went to store 4177…I asked if could have a box for ny ceramics ..REP CAROLINE said boxes had personal information…this box was inside a bigger box that had the personal info…I told her if there happen to have a label. Then to rip it off.. she said it go to recycle…Caroline was being a bit rude..especially being around the holidays..she wasn’t in the spirit if things…

  91. I am receiving little help from UPS about a package that was supposed to be signed for when it was delivered because it’s valued over 2500 and was never signed for it and they’re trying to say it’s not their responsibility I would appreciate your help CEO whoever is needed

  92. A parcel for me left England for me in South Africa on the 10th December. Only on 21 December after much phoning was I sent the duty invoice to pay. Today when I phoned I am told that customs cant clear the parcel because they don’t have my id number.
    I cannot begin to say how utterly disappointed I am with the shoddy slap dash service. Bet these people get to spend Christmas with there families and GET GIFTS. SO SO CRUEL

  93. I was told a suitcase I had was damaged on a conveyor belt and the contents and suitcase were simply thrown away. I want to know why you all just throw away stuff and there is no evidence.

  94. The owner of the UPS store #1, 6965 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009 is rude and verbally abusive. She is damaging the reputation of UPS.

  95. I have been a customer of UPS for most of my life and have always been pleased with the service and attitude of your people. I have gotten to the point with the driver that now is suppost to deliver to my house that I feel I need to let you know. He has been leaving my packages out next to the street instead of on my porch like all the previous drivers. I have had many expensive packages just left by the road. when I filled a complaint he stopped delivery completely. He told his supervisor my neighbor had visious dogs that tried to attack him. This is a lie. My neighbor has a female and 2 pups but they are not aggressive. I have a ring doorbell that is motion sensitive and records all. I have observed dozens of Fed Ex drivers other UPS drivers as well as lots and lots of Amazon drivers park in the street and walk over and put the packages on my porch. He had a 600 dollar digital Nicon camera that I ordered and just kept it on his truck for days until I was able to trace it out. I talked to a lady who said she was his supervisor and she dismissed me saying she believed him over me. I had talked to the driver one other time and told him if he saw the dogs throw them a treat and they will know your friendly. I am a Technicial for Windstream communications. I work with the public and their DOGS on a daily basis. I KNOW dogs. I feel he is paying me back because I complained about him being too lazy to deliver my packages. I had to drive 35 miles earlier this week to meet him to get my camera. I am furious. I have been a phone man for forty years in March. If I treated my customers the way this guy does they would fire me. I asked the driver when it was that the dogs attacked him because I had cameras and would like to look at it. He he hawed around and would not give me a day. Thats because he didn’t even drive by that week. I looked. I just thought you should know. If I need to start using Fed Ex instead I can do that. They never had a problem here. If you want to look on google maps my address is 7914 98th street. Wolfforth, Texas 79382 Sincerely Silas

  96. I was wondering, although I confirmed by your written statement on the issue and a service representative I talked to yesterday. Would it concern you that one of your drivers publicly stated that he never wears his mask while making his deliveries for your company. I did contact your 1-800 customer service line and was informed the Marion Il. facility supervisor would contact me later in the day…it didn’t happen. Why would that be, unless he really doesn’t care to enforce UPS policies under his authority. As this is a corporate complaint line, does this concern you…up the chain of command ??? Shouldn’t the local facilities acknowledge and obey stated international polices coming out of the corporation ??? I would think this is something that might draw some concern from cooperate…your facilities following the rules in place. Please…get back with me and let me know what you think…and might do to shore up your ranks to urge or over-see that your employees comply with your own standards presented to the public. Of-course, I have a screen shot of this, but have no interest in placing this employee’s job in jeopardy…or his boss (Rob Bean) for not following up with me as promised . Mainly…I just thought you’d want to know. From what I hear, it’s a condoned trend there…not an exception. 618-985-xxxx

  97. Complaint-UPS- store 3769 25Cresent Drive Pleasant Hill Ca94523- Former office manger Dawn Oswald ,fired by new owner Robbie on 12/19 2020 – As a word processor in UPS store 3769 did legal pleadings in 2019 -12/9/2020 all in UPS store paid by former and current new owner Robbie as salaried office manager- I paid over $2200 by Optima credit card form UPS time and materials – suddenly fired by new owner Robby-Dawn Osweald took without my knowledge or consent all of my flash drives ,computer disks and took them to her home in Pleasant Hill Ca- Oswald refuses to return my paid computer disks property of mine or current UPS store owner bill remaing to be paid $3009. by me will be paid to UPS store in 6 mos due to pandaemic and my non paying customers -witholding computer disks by non management ex emplyeee is theft /extortion violation of Buisness code practices- please instruct current manager UPS Pleasant Hill Store 3769n(925 356b 0405 -STORE3769 @THEUPSSTORE.COM to return my computer property stolen /witheld by Dawn Oswald immediately

  98. I placed an order with dick sporting goods online jan 6th. Order #30011695966. At that time my standard delivery date was 1/9/21. Once it got to ups they sent out an update that delivery will be 1/16/21. Now I try to track it and find that ups created a us postal tracking #. I track that # and it says it hasn’t gotten to postal service yet. I ordered this from dicks so I would have it in time for a hunting trip on Friday 1/15/21. This is total bs. If ups would have moved this package on when they got it from dicks, I would HAVE it by now. I buy plenty of stuff and will not be buying from dicks ever Again if this is not fixed and this call overnighted to me.

    Jeff smith

  99. I am sure you do not read all of your own e-mails, but I do not know who else to address this to. I apologize for bothering you with the lowly issue like my own. I am sure being the CEO of a company like UPS, you have better things to worry about. I just wanted to write you and let you know of my experience with some of your employees.

    I am a customer. Well, my company is a customer. I had a wonderful customer service person who even if she was up to her ears in problems, she was always helpful, responsive and knowledgeable. Her name is Barbara Hines. She is wonderful. Unfortunately your organization sees that as well and she changed position. She was no longer our account representative. That being said, is when it all went to hell. Before the thought comes in your head, no I am not just frustrated because we lost her. The person we were given is for lack of a better word, USELESS. He is rude, lazy, unwilling to assist and just ignorant. His name is Joshua Vesely his supervisor Holly Spencer. Neither one of them have any right being in any situation where they should be dealing with customers.

    There have been numerous times I have reached out to not only him, but his supervisor to only be ignored for days and days. There was a situation where I was trying to figure something out, and I was under the assumption that, well our representative was there to assist us with something if we had an issue or question. I sent an e-mail starting on 7/30/20. I copied in himself and his supervisor Holly. Another sent July 31, which I got a non committal response back from Josh telling me to be patient, it will be taken care of. August 12, I still have received NO information from the UPS team as to my request from July 30. I am thinking that is not practice you want being followed. I sent them another e-mail on that day 8/12/20. Again, 8/13/20 since I received no reply on 8/12/20. 8/18/20, I still received nothing. I am thinking at this point, if it was in fact taking this long, I deserve as a customer who keeps reaching out to YOUR organization, that even just a hey, it is taking longer then expected, we apologize but are working on it. This is now 19 days, and I have been completely ignored. The last time I heard from anyone was on 7/31 so I kept reaching out and being ignored. Finally I receive an e-mail at 4:34PM on 8/18/20 from Holly Spencer stating that they were not ignoring me. Well they obviously were not contacting me, they were getting the e-mails, and not answering…so to me, that is ignoring someone. Granted, I do not have much of a filter myself and by this point, 19 days of being ignored, I was not very nice myself, but it was 19 days later and they could not be bothered to let me know what the status of my request was. That is too long.

    I cringe every time I have to request information on a shipment, or question an invoice etc. I get very rude, abrupt responses if I get one at all. I am in a situation again where I am in need of the assistance of my “team” at UPS. Trust me, I use the word team lightly. Team mates work together, not whatever your team is doing. We have a shipment that you shipped for us. The customer is stating they did not get the shipment therefore will not pay their invoice to us. On 1/12/21 at 10:39 AM, I sent Josh, Holly, Customer service at UPS an e-mail requesting the POD on a shipment with the tracking number of 1ZV6R3571550196484. This shipment is from July so I can not pull that information from your site. There is no access for customers on your site to documents past 120 days. Which I feel is silly because if you scan it into your site, just leave it there. Sometimes we have to look at past shipments.

    OK…so I sent this request to them 1/12/21 at 10:39 AM. I received a response pretty quickly from Joshua saying it delivered 7/8/20 at 8:34. With no POD attached. The information is well and good, but I didn’t ask for the delivery date, I asked for a POD. So at 11:43 AM I let him know that I appreciated the information sent, but I needed the POD. What he sent me was not enough for the customer. He responded at 12:19 PM stating he was sorry, but that was all he had. What trucking company does not have POD’s? I worked in logistics for over 10 years and I know for a fact, the only way our trucking bills were paid was by the carrier providing us with a signed POD from the customer/delivery address. If they did not have that, they did not get paid. I know for a fact, there are many customers like that. So for a carrier such as UPS, as large as UPS, to say they do not possess a POD for a shipment, I know is a lie.

    With that at 12:19 PM on 1/12/21 I sent another e-mail to Josh and Holly explaining to them that while I get that they told me when it delivered, that means nothing to the customer. I can tell you I was the Queen of England last week, but that does not mean I was in the castle wearing the tiara. It is PROOF of delivery for a reason. We need to PROVE that we delivered the material. I explained to them that if this was brokered out to someone else, please let me know who so I can contact them for the POD. If this was not brokered out and UPS did deliver it, to please find the POD and send it to me. OR…if those were not possible, to send me the document to file a lost shipment claim because we sent the material on your truck, it left here with your company. The customer says they did not get it and UPS can not provide a POD to us to be able to give to the customer to say, yes it was delivered. In that case, it becomes a lost shipment because it shipped and did not deliver. Amazingly enough, I got NO response at all. I sent another request at the end of the day yesterday 1/12/21 @ 4:47 PM asking if they have been able to locate my POD, come up with the other carriers name, or gathered whatever documents I need to file a missing shipment claim. Again, I bet you can guess….I got NO response. I waited until after lunch today to ask thinking I wanted to give them plenty of time to respond to my request. I e-mailed them again 1/13 @ 1:21 PM letting them know I was still waiting for 1 of 3 things. Even if they would not give me the POD, send me the documents or help me in any way, could they at least give me the customer service their title says they are and tell me how to go about filing a claim. I also let them know that I would not contact them again, that I would find my way up the flag pole of the company to the owner if I needed to. GUESS WHAT??? I got no response at all.

    There was another issue I was dealing with from your company yesterday about a check we sent for an invoice. Last week (Jan 4) someone called me (Judith Francisco) stating that we had 4 un-paid invoices. I looked in our system, got the check numbers, dates etc. Sent them off in an e-mail stating that all bit 1 were paid and the 1 that was not paid, was going to be paid on Friday 1/8/21. There was 1 that we cut on 12/5 that you did not receive. We went back and forth about this and your customer service person Noel C stated that if I check my bank and the check did not clear, we should cancel the check and resubmit it. I checked, it had not cleared so I sent an e-mail back to Noel C. on 1/5/21 @ 9:26 AM stating that we were cancelling the check and reissuing a new one. Yesterday morning, a gentleman called from UPS quite rudely stating he wanted to know why they went to deposit our check, and it came back cancelled. Well damn, your people are the ones that said you did not have it and we should cancel it. Then yesterday when I was dealing with this with the customer service department through e-mail I was told to change the way I pay our invoices because it makes it easier for them. So now, I have someone rudely calling me, being ignorant and accusatory to me because I did what YOUR company told me to do….yet, I need to change my whole way of doing business because it makes it easier?

    It is crazy that I am one account and these people you put in charge of your customers, make it so that they are the only ones we MUST rely on to get anything done, are so blatantly ignorant and are so willing to soil the name UPS because they are lazy. I still do not have a POD for the shipment, no information from your company about how to go about filing a claim or any satisfaction as to why a shipping company such as yourselves claim not to have POD’s? Something needs to be done. I am not asking for them to reinvent the logistics wheel. I am asking for a POD. I am not sure why everything with UPS seems to be so difficult but I would love a different team since obviously me and the team of Josh and Holly that I have, do not work. They are lazy and I am demanding what I as a customer should be given without question.

    I hope to hear something back from someone because I am at the end of my rope. I NEED this information and you’re holding it hostage for a reason I could not ever begin to think I know. I look forward to hearing from someone.

  100. Why does ups deliver drivers leave my packages thrower down in front of door the driver knocked earlier I was at the door within 20 seconds. Driver gone and dog had package. Lucky I got in time. Plus have the time they leave at wrong apartment I beg companies to use usps most will but sometimes they will not. What happened to signature process.we order online products every week especially car parts. I could understand a tire or 2 being left out but they have left PlayStations and everything just setting outside for anyone to get. This day and time beats everything I’ve ever seen and I’m 45.i would have lost a 70dollarshirt today if I had not been herr

  101. If I insure a package for $250, pay $80 for shipping, why is my claim refund $280? It seems since you LOST my package, you should honor the insurance cost and the FAILED service you provided. My refund should be $330.
    Instead, your policy at UPS is that the customer gets screwed?!!!!!!
    UPS tracking number 1z8785w10276774042

  102. I am sure this will not go anywhere. I will keep this short. My son was fired because of a few people disliking them. What he was fired about happens to everyone that works there. Now you are denying unemployment with a wife and 4 kids at home. And during a pandemic. Heartless. Casey Kent Hiawatha Iowa UPD

  103. Hi my name is Terrance Robinson and I have been in a accident about a month ago and just returned to work and got wrongfully terminated because I move to slow they now I’m still going to physical therapy can you please have some one contact me at 843 534 xxxx

  104. Your Receivable dept has no respect or desire to help your customers at all. They read from a list of questions and that is all the knowledge they have period. We have three checks that were mailed starting back December 2020 which have not been cashed. I can see losing one check but three is a big red flag. They have no interest in finding out if your PO box have issues . So we are still on hold and we paid all of our invoices except last weeks 1/9/21. We are a warehouse shipping out our customers orders. We have to use FED EX because all I get from your accounting dept is account# name, address, phone# last open invoice no payment received. Very sad. We will just have our customers use FED EX until maybe the three checks are processed or if I’m lucky someone from UPS with knowledge can look into.

  105. I have been trying to file a claim for a package never rec’d. If someone would please contact me and help , it would be greatly appreciated

  106. I sent a box through UPS to a buyer in Michigan on December 9th. When the buyer received the boxes the material was damaged. We both called UPS and someone came out to look at the damage. They took the damaged pieces with them. Tracking number 1ZW63F480329573607. No information has been received in the past three weeks. When I called today the manager of the store said she was told to get this rectified. She works in the UPS store in Brielle, NJ. I proceeded to call the corporate office. This member told me the damaged goods were missing, the boxes got mixed up. The buyer paid $1300.00. The person told me they had to find the material before resolving the issue. I asked how we get our money back? She stated the box had to be found. The seller, Dave, can be reached at 18082084662. I can be reached at 7325474789. We would like this rectified ASAP. Your company caused the damage and lost the box. I will never use UPS again. And, I want the money back immediately.

  107. Mr. Abney…sorry to have to bother you with this but it really needs to be dealt with…your location at 672 Dogwood Plaza Shopping Center Franklin Square NY 11010 has a Franchise owner by the name of EMMA that is a real piece of work…in March of this last year I went there to have my Menus updated as I do every 3 yrs.. There was a manager there that I had a great relationship with and she did a great job Trish Valle.. She is no longer there and so I had to deal with EMMA.. not at all knowledgeable on doing what I asked… she was rude to no end .. when I got back my proofs they were all wrong.. she told me to come back later on if I was still in business because she was to busy to make my menus and had other customers that needed her more… I have been using this location for a very long time and now I have no desire to go back there… is there any way I can get my program from your company so I can make my changes myself and then go to another UPS store to have them printed out???? Please get back to me… Thanks Jerry Carter… Ps I really need to get my Menus done!!!!!


  109. I trusted UPS to deliver a card containing cash. The envelope was opened, contents were missing including the card’s envelope, and the cash stolen. I understand UPS does accept responsibility for lost cash, but it cannot abdicate responsibility for employees who deliberately steal from customers. Moreover, UPS can track the six or so employees who handled the envelope. I want my cash replaced.

  110. My wife and I worked part time seasonal at 0395 AZPHX HUB 8519 SKY HARBOR AIRPORT. We were not paid for 12/20/20 from 1am to 9am as well as 12/26/20 from 3.30am to 7am and she did not get paid for 12/29/20 from 3.30am to 7.30am. My hours I did not receive payment should have netted me $304.00 and my wife’s hours should have netted her $368.00. All together $672.00 we have tried several times to address this problem with Jesse and Manor. They assured us that it would be taken care of immediately. Here we sit a month later and no checks. Now we are hear with you to resolve our problem. I would like to have the money direct deposit to my account. As all ways, we claimed this money to unemployment, did not receive the thousand this week from unemployment for our claim money owed, nor did we receive the money we claimed as promised from the company. We are Robert Crampton and Michelle Pilon, we would appreciate you handling this ASAP. We regret to have brought this to your attention and thank you for your time

  111. Requested that an undeliverable package be held at local depot for collection this morning. Now, I’m told that depot doesn’t open till 4:30pm! Tracking number 1Z1901190248162305. Very bad business to be told by automated recording AND human rep that package can be collected “at my convenience” or “anytime after 8am” and then find out the place doesn’t open till 4:30pm!

  112. Good afternoon! I have been waiting a package toward about 2 weeks. The UPS is trying to track down package. The package maybe loss by mail. This package has my personal information inside. I worried about this shipping. Please help me. Thank you!

  113. PATHETIC SERVICE. NEED SOME HELP NOW. I have been a regular customer of UPS over the years. NEED urgent intervention.

    Second time in one month. Our envelope with tracker number 1ZR660TR043213xxxx delivery from Singapore to cochin, Kerala was promised within 72-96 hours. Instead it was pushed unilaterally to 27th January. And now from the tracker we know it is landed in Cochin and your Philipines customer service centre confirms that it can be delivered only on 30th Jan.

    These are urgent documents and we relied on UPS . It already happened once before in first week of Jan 2021. We need this delivered NOW NOW. Please take responsibility for end to end delivery. This is really really pathetic. We and all our network 0f 102 peers for sure will cancel using UPS.

  114. Good Morning,
    Thank you for suspending political contributions to 92 people who chose to object to the Electoral College votes. I ask you to make this decision permanent.
    Steve Eisenhauer

  115. Where do I call for an internal investigation of a boss that is harassing workers and telling them to throw customers packages in order to keep belts moving? This is happening in Oak Creek, Wisconsin on the Night Sort…She needs a corporate investigation on stealing employees time and workplace intimidation.

  116. I can’t get satisfactory answers or responses from local office or the customer service number . Each telling me I have to contact the other. Absolutely the worst customer service on the planet .

  117. I had an antique damaged by UPS in October 2020 and have not been able to get any feedback from the Des Moines, IA branch. Additional insurance had been purchased. I live in California and have made 12 calls to Des Moines regarding this matter. My brother in Des Moines had to go to UPS twice with the receipt to prove it went out of the Beaverdale store. I have been patient but I am now about ready to sue if someone isn’t able to give me some answers.

  118. I would like the courtesy of a call regarding lost packages valued at $648.00 I was on the phone yesterday with 5 people….over 2 hours …….and no solution

  119. Dear sir or madam, I’m reaching out due to concerns about my seasonal work payment. After being out of a job for months due to COVID-19 and not recieving any stimulus, I applied to UPS Meadowlands location in Seacaucus, NJ. Upon submitting my application I was told we would be recieving a $500 bonus at some point during the holiday season. Initially, myself among others I was trained with were promised this bonus by the end of our first month. At the end of November, we still didn’t recieve our bonuses and were told it would be a holiday gift probably making payroll around Christmas time. This made sense to me, but the week of 12/21, employes were told we had to wait until the seasonal period ended. I waited patiently being that it was only a few weeks, but then after resigning, I still hadn’t gotten the bonus I was promised multiple times among other workers in my hub area. I contacted my supervisors and managers ASAP, and they continued to tell me the bonus was coming, when I asked when they faild to give me a direct answer saying things like “I’m not sure”, “It should be coming soon”, and “It went to payroll last week”, but I still have yet to recieve it. I waited another week, but still nothing. I would hate to seem like I’m making a big deal out of it, but I feel as if being promised $500 every month and never recieving it is good enough reason to be persistent. I understand my supervisors and management team at UPS Meadowlands are always busy and have a lot on their plate, so I tried not to bother my bosses with it too much. However I called corporate offices and spoke with mulitple supervisors from my location, with no change. I plan on returning each holiday season, I chose not to rehire because the location I worked at was far from my hometown, and I recently got into an accident leaving me with a car that isn’t drivable. I’ve spent hundreds on replacement parts already, and still have to pay for labor upon fixing it. Aside from the accident, I didn’t agree with the unfair treatment of workers in the warehouse. The hardest workers were rewarded with more work, seasonal workers only had 10 minute breaks (which many times we were told we couldn’t go on until the work slowed down a bit, I find that outrageous considering the nature of this job), many supervisors failed to do their part and had a tendency to “power trip” employees when coming to disagreements. Again, I hate to seem like I’m complaining but I’ve sent multiple emails and called multiple times afterspeaking to all of my supervisors with no result. I’m currently out of a job and I will be needing money to pay for my car repairs. Although I’ve focused on the unfair treatment of employees throughout this message, I don’t believe UPS was a bad job. There were many hard working people who went out of their way to lend a helping hand, and I learned a lot about teamwork and really enjoyed working with my coworkers in PD9. I would like to return next Holiday season however if I’m continuously being overworked and checks are being witheld I will not be returning and possibly even suing. It’s not fair the way myself and some of these other employees have been treated throughout the holiday season. If anything can be done about this please contact me via email or phone (862)-485-xxxx, thanks – Michael Rodriguez

  120. UPS customer service is totally unacceptable rude and incompetent called to track a package that was shipped next day paid $85 and told oh sorry it was incorrectly shipped to Ohio instead of Florida and has been sitting there since 4am an no bothered to correct I have called multiple times going through the annoying phone prompts to get an actual person that can only say oops too bad. Totally unacceptable service it is 830pm and no I still do not have my package which by the was labeled perishables hence the paying for next day delivery

  121. Tracking V0373405182. Package held waiting payment of import duties, but facility to pay is not operational. This is ludicrous.
    I am emailed in Chinese but UPS UK arm is inactive, unwilling contact me.
    Zūnjìng de kèhù,
    nín hǎo
    cǐ jiàn mùdì guó huífù, liánxìle nín de shōu fāng, méiyǒu huíyīng, qǐng gěi dào zuìzhōng de chǔlǐ fāng’àn. Xièxiè
    Dear Customer,
    The destination country responded and contacted your recipient, but there was no response. Please give the final solution. Thank you

  122. Your company policy on deliveries has a flaw. We recently ordered an item through Amazon. It was scheduled for delivery on the following Sunday/or Monday. UPS received the item early and decided to attempt a delivery on a Thursday at 11:00 am. The item needed a signature. Obviously we were not at home. My wife and I both work for a living. Thats why we scheduled it for delivery on Sunday/Monday because we are home those days. UPS left a note stuck on our front door which stated they would attempt to deliver the item a total of 3 times after which it will be returned to a center and after a period sent back to sender as undeliverable. I called the phone number listed on the back of the notice. I could not get through to a human. I called customer service. The first representative promptly recited your company policiy to the letter. After asking for a supervisor I got put through to a spanish only speaking person. After that I finally was able to speak to a person who although spoke broken english was able to understand me. The problem that I wish to make to you is that your policy is flawed. Apparently your company thinks everyone is financially independant and sits at home all day every day to receive packages. I am here to inform you that most americans work as hard as people in your own company and are not sitting at home all day. Your company tried to charge me extra to schedule a delivery day. I refused that. I have contacted amazon to let them know how your company treats thier customers. I have run into this same problem before with an item that required a signature only with UPS. I choose to live away from the city. Inevitably the item will be taken to a location over an hour away. I do not wish to drive to your center to pick up simply because your company refuses to deliver when working people are home, or charge me more money for the trouble. I hope this reaches someone who can make a difference. Change is needed on items that require someone to be there.

  123. I had a package sent via your company from the US on the 19/01/21 to the U.K.
    I then was told by the sender that I had to pay import taxes which took me over 48 hours of trying to talk to UPS here in the U.K. and I had to spend eight hours continuously on the phone before anyone would answer.
    On the morning of the 25/01/21 I managed to speak to an agent who took my MasterCard details to pay the import taxes.
    I was given an authorisation code no 075888 which then showed as been paid on my MasterCard statement on the 26 of January.
    I then had to contact UOS again four days later as I heard nothing from them about the delivery.
    After speak to an agent who said I would get an email from you shortly explaining when deliver would occur.
    I tracked the parcel tracking number 1Z2E696VDA91384525 which informed me that delivery would take place on the 01/02/21 but it stated that I still owed the customs fees.
    Which I don’t as I have the proof on my MasterCard account and a code as well.
    The delivery never happened yesterday.
    I then phoned your company again last night and after speaking to three agents was told that yes they could see that the fees had been paid and they would update their system to show that.
    But they could not give me a delivery date because of a backlog.
    I tracked the parcel again today and it is still saying that the import taxes need paying so nobody has updated the system to show that they have been paid.
    I am at my wits end with your company, nobody seems to listen or care what happens to people’s goods.
    Your customer ratings on your U.K. website is dreadful with hundreds of people saying the same about how bad your company is.
    This present is a memorial gift for my niece for her 40th birthday, which her mother was going to buy her but she passed away within a few days of Covid.
    So myself and my brothers wanted to buy it for her from her mum as a memorial she can treasure.
    I now have no hope of every seeing this parcel being delivered.
    As other people have said they have been waiting months for deliveries and have even had goods stolen, and apparently lost somewhere within your company.
    One chap has had a consignment lost for six months now worth over £100,000 and cannot get compensation from your company.
    I can honestly say I have never dealt with such appalling customer service in all my life, nobody in your organisation does what they say they will do, they just want to get you off the phone as quickly as possible.
    And your website is just totally confusing to navigate.
    I tried to use it and your company managed to display my personal mobile number on your Castle Donnington website on the 25/01/21, I had 9 phone calls from customer thinking I was an UPS agent.
    I tried to contact your IT department at the Castle Donnington hub to ask them why my mobile number was displayed on the front page of their website, nobody has bothered to get back to me regarding this data breach.
    I am appealing to you as the CEO of this company to at least investigate what is going so very wrong in your company please.

  124. Hello my name is wayne wetjen in the last month I have had three packages delivered the first one was delivered out by my road by a tree it was dry that day so nothing happened to the packages the second package that was delivered was delivered in the rain and the package inside of it was the was destroyed I had to send it back to the person that sent it to me and I guess they made a complaint about it I just received the package yesterday we had six inches of snow here and the package was sitting out in the snow and it was snow is starting to melt in the package was damp it didn’t get ruined though the same day I mean today which is Tuesday I received another package and this one was put on the front porch so it was a different driver this time the package was that was delivered was one z61 r62 eo3 4945 2147 the package that was delivered yesterday in the snow is 1z45ee190303980628 both of these these packages were delivered out by the road by the tree. now today we had another package delivered but this one was by with the smaller van and I don’t think it was the same driver the other one was the bigger truck this number is 1z61r62e0357765384 when the first package was destroyed in the rain I called Knoxville and talk to them they told me that that the dispatcher was going to call me back from Morristown Tennessee but he never did and so obviously it just nobody said anything cuz it just keeps getting done over and over again 😠 so thank you for your time please reply Wayne waetjen 423-237-xxxx

  125. Your customer service is below normal standards. Some of your agents don’t unsderstand English. None of the agents, have a clue and send you from department to department. Serval times I spent two days on the phone and my problem is still not solved. I urge you to pretent being a customer tracking a package or a pick up. My first pick up took 3 day’s. Call me 801870xxxx

  126. I currently worked for your company in millbrook southampton for three days as a shunt driver for washing of vechicles i was told i would be paid for the three days that i was taken on with the comoany and i would be paid on the 5th febuary the boss as sacked me after 3 days of training saying i needed to work quicker i worked for steve morrison at millbrook branch please can you advise me why i am now not being paid i have spoken to mr morrison and he said its because i was training i find this very unacceptable as firstly when i took the employment on i would be paid by mr steve morrison whom even took my bank details on his phone
    Please can you possibly contact me reguarding this matter please on 078840xxxx my name is mr darren redding

  127. Worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. Customer service is all automated, if you don’t choose from their 3 options, it automatically disconnects you!! After numerous calls 45 minutes later, I finally spoke to a rep and she “tried” to transfer my call, but hung up. No email address offered either for support!! I will do my best to not order products that use UPS as a carrier!!

  128. I would first like to commend UPS on their services. I received packages in a timely manner. Packages are in great condition upon receipt. Drivers are professional and courteous.
    There is a problem, however, with your online customer service. UPS lost a package to me. I have gone through the claims process with little success in getting a refund for my purchase which was never delivered to me. Emails I have sent have been responded to by several different associates. Most of the directions given about how to resolve the issue have been confusing, frustrating, redundant, and of no effect. It has been two months and I have yet to receive my refund even though my claim had been approved some time ago. I have been told to make contact with different shippers but information on how to make contact is never provided, leaving me to search google for info. he initial investigation led me to believe that this was a simple process in order to get my refund of the purchase price for the package UPS lost. This experience has been a nightmare.
    I hope that something can be done to streamline the claims process and make it easier and speedier for the customer.

  129. I experienced an unimaginable incident with UPS shipment. T-Mobile had shipped two very expensive i phones to our address. When they arrived, one box was totally empty and there were clear signs of tempering. The tape used for sealing the box was different, torn and resealed. UPS needs to investigate this because the merchandize was VERY expensive and someone, presumably within UPS system stole it. We have contacted T-Mobile and their response is that this happened while the package was in UPS custody or system.
    Please call me at 240.605.xxxx to discuss this further and I will give you full details including tracking number etc.
    To me this tarnishes image of UPS and we loose trust in your ability to deliver the packages safely.

  130. Hello, I have a serious and urgent problem created by UPS, that problem represents a serious problem for my life, due to the lack of delivery of a breathing machine. I need someone from the CEO office to contact me urgently at 786-942-xxxx. Or else I will report the matter to the Federal Government through the Federal Trade Commission, the US Senate and the US Congress. I’m sorry.

  131. I received an email from UPS telling me that my package #1Z7VV590031215xxxx would be delivered on 2/10 by 9:00 PM. I waited all day and at 6:52 PM I received an email that the package would be delivered today by 9:00 PM. I have to be out of my house from 11:45 AM until 2:30 PM today and the forecast is for rain. The package is a mattress. I live in a townhouse, so I want to put it in my garage. If it is left at my front door, I have to get it up a flight of stairs which I can’t do by myself because it weighs 111 lbs. I am 70 years old and I can’t lift 111 lbs. I am scheduled to have another company come tomorrow to set up the bed and remove the old mattress and box spring. I have already spent yesterday waiting on UPS. Unfortunately, I have this problem frequently with UPS deliveries. I need assistance resolving this problem, I haven’t been able to do it through customer service. The delivery has to be today during the time period I will be home and the mattress has to be put in the garage. Please contact me about this matter at 404-580-xxxx.

    Thank you.

  132. Kate Gutmann, I sent you my documents showing how UPS helped scammers succeed with a scam against me. I’d like to have a response from UPS showing they are at least investigating the scam.

  133. I mailed a Valentine package to our grandchildren yesterday around noon and they received it today at 3:16 pm. Congrats on a job well done…..I always send via UPS and will never, ever send USPS again. UPS never disappoints……thanks again..

  134. UPS refuses to deliver packages to our place of business. Rather UPS finds it is easier to avoid stopping at our business altogether and take any packages back to the local hub, where we have to physically send someone to pick them up. There is no way to directly contact the local hub and explain or voice the concern. Instead, we have to call “customer service”, explain the entire situation, listen to them tell us they will get with the hub, only to not have them follow through and still be dealing with the same issue.

  135. UPS complaints
    1812-UPS-11089 & 1901-UPS-1376 My number 360-606-xxxx
    No one acting on it with me
    CEO office needs to step-by-step
    No one acting on good faith!!!!!

  136. UPS lost mu $3000 item and I had insurance but now they do not want to cover the item they lost. I had a stroke which delayed time and this Pandemic caused shipping to take 10 days from Seattle, WA to FIFE, WA

  137. To Whom it May Concern:

    This email is in reference to tracking # 1Z543V7Y0135377457. We were supposed to received this package with time sensitive on 2-9-2021. But it did not come due to weather conditions, which we understood on 2-10-2021 the same reply was sent and we know that the weather could still be an issue. But then on 2-11-2021 and 2-12-2021 our roads were clear My husband actually drove to Oklahoma City then Weatherford, OK with out any problems. Then today he drove to TX and had no Problems. When I called Customer service at 3:40 I spoke to Adarin who was very helpful, he stated that he had sent a message out to the center in McAlester and I will receive a call in an hour which did not happen. Then I was able to find the Number to the McAlester office 918-426-5094. But it states that they do not open till 5:00PM I called at 5:00 the call was pick up and the person stated please hold. I was on hold for 2:00 hours, as you can see in the screen shot attachment from my phone included in this email. Then was disconnected because they close at 7:00 PM. I immediately called the number back and spoke to Daphuane and was told that it is what it is because of the weather.
    I tried to explain that we has been going back an forth to work for the last two days and the roads were not hazardous here. I was told well that is what was told to her about the roads. Now again I reminded her this is time sensitive materials. I also explained that we have had Fed Ex delivering since Wed 2-10-2021. She told me if I was not satisfied to call the district office then the call ended. I called Customer Service and spoke to Michelle and I was explaining the situation then she placed me back in the que again. Is this the service that we should expect from your company. If so please let me know and I will make sure to let others know as well what to expect.

  138. To: David Abney RE: 1ZY532936645786761 international deliver. flowers for Valentine, purchased from costco.
    The package arrived in las Vegas processing facility on 2/13/2021 7:36 am. today 2/14/2021 at 2 p.m I called to see why it was not delivered and sitting in the facility since yesterday 7 am. I was told no delivery on Sunday.
    UPS aware that the package is flowers, and knows it was for valentine, yet sat on the package for 48 hours. suppositely scheduled to be delivered tomorrow on 2/15/2021. what am I supposed to do with 5 days old flowers that arrives 1 day after valentine!!!! what kind of policy do you have!!! I need explanation and not (I am sorry) routine useless sentence. You have ruined our Valentine, my young son just passed, and I was giving flowers to my daughter in law in lieu of her husband!!! I am trying to curb my temper and tongue. THIS IS SO BAD!!! Worthless service!!!

  139. why do u have so many issues getting my package here to me been 2 weeks now wtf is going on?? im bout to say it and take ur sorry ass to court

  140. First, let me say that I am a senior. I received a large package for my rehabilitation after having surgery. I asked the UPS driver to bring my package to my apartment and was directing him where to go. He was nasty, belligerent and left my package in the lobby of my building. I am not able to get the package myself and had to ask a Fed Ex driver with a cart to please bring my package to my apartment. I have called the 800 number to complain about this driver and have not received a return called. I would like someone from the Corporate office to please contact me about this complaint.

  141. UPS is not what you think it is. Use FedEx, you can rely on them. I don’t shop Amazon for the only reason that they use UPS. I’ll shop at Target because they use FedEx. There’s no comparison. UPS is the bottom of the heap, the sludge, FedEx is the cream of the crop even the US post office is waaaaay better.

  142. PLEASE HELP GET THIS PACKAGE TO RECEIPIENT. Tracking number is: 1Z0632 080 4985 xxx xx A package sent from United States to Italy has been sitting at broker location for over 1 month.
    With no effort of resolution to ship to receiptiant. I called UPS international shipping customer service 3 times and each time there has been no action taken on gettting this package to receiptiant. Not mention to even get to a customer service live person was close to impossible. Even calling the Corporate headquarters number it was useless. I am so extremely frustrated. PLEASE HELP GET THIS PACKAGE TO THE RECIPIENT PLEASE… again tracking number is: 1Z0632 080 4985 xxxxx

  143. I am desperately trying to get reimbursement for a damaged pkg from sept 2020. Tracking # is 1Z55AY02784335xxxx. The UPS store in Florida said he can’t send me a check,it has to come from corporate. This is due to the carelessness of a UPS driver who was too busy to put her phone down and instead kicked the boxes from the truck even though they were marked fragile. I want to hear from someone sooner than later please. My phone is 575-770-xxxx.

  144. Hi! I want to file a complaint because none of the driver never ever came to my house to deliver my certificate from the social security administration office which was supposed to be delivered in 1 business day with UPS NEXT DAY AIR.
    It’s been too weeks, every single day I get a text that the driver left and they will deliver it between 8:30am and 10:30am, yet they failed to come. I could see on the tracking with the yellow dot that the driver was in my area but they never arrive to their finals destination (my home). Why is it that they failed to do their jobs for two weeks (definitely not related to the weather). I called a billion times but they keep lying that they will deliver, and never did. Finally today I yelled on them on the phone telling them to send it back to the sender! I will call the sender telling them to send it to me via USPS priority mail instead of their lack of professionalism and waste of my time! Totally unacceptable!!
    Newark, NJ on Clinton Hill neighborhood

  145. I paid $21.95 shipping for a delivery. Was informed that it would be delivered Monday, February 8th. Your system said I had requested that the delivery date be changed. I had not! I had not even looked at the system at that point. I requested that it come Thursday, Feb 11th. It was not delivered. At that point, it was being held hostage. Your customer service person said if it wasn’t delivered Thursday, it would be put on the truck Friday. It was not! Your system highlighted a