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Company Website
Victoria Secret
Corporate Address
3 Limited Pkwy.
Columbus, OH
Phone Number
(614) 577-7000
Fax Number
(614) 577-7844
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  1. I was at your Manassas Va store. Purchased two phone cases and a lip gloss. Girl didn’t put my gloss in this bag. I called and they want me to go back and get it. I drove 80 mikes round trip to take my daughter there. I tasked them to credit me cause it was to far, they were rude and didn’t even care. I mean how hard is it to put all the items in a bag? Very unhappy.

  2. so i shop at victoria secrets all the time and suddenly they refuse to ship anything to my house or I should say to this address. What kind of crap is that ? If you have issues then you need to figure that out . But this is my house and for some company to tell me they won’t to my house is absurd. I won’t buy from victoria secret ANYMORE !

  3. I have been a loyal customer for over 17 years and have only shopped at Victoria’s secret for my underwear. But recently I’ve been very dissapointed in the poor quality and lack of selection in the underwear. I don’t understand how a massive corporation whos business is for undergarments goes downhill. I wanted to get the lace trim hipster panties but out of your entire website you only have 3 pairs available is size large. And they are very bland plain colors. I don’t understand how there is such a small selection from this company. It seems like you don’t even want to sell size large panties. Years ago you had many different colors, patterns and selections in ALL sizes, now it seems like only in extra small and small and only very few to choose. Maybe if you had better quality and selection, this wouldn’t be an issue

  4. Don’t bother expecting rewards for being a forever angel. It is cxxx. Never received a birthday gift in 2 years and they NEVER give enough free gifts for only the forever Angel’s once a year so u get sxxxxxx there too. No excuse!! Forever Angel’s spend over 1000 a year, take care to take care of them!!

  5. I did not receive my free blanket for my order. The blanket was a great marketing call because that Is the only reason I decided to order anything that day. I have called twice to Confirm the shipment of my blanket and they stated twice that once my back ordered was shipped to me, so would my blanket. I called today after placing a whole new entire order to check on my blanket and your employee tells me “oh, those sold out within hours, I’m sorry you will not be receiving a blanket. I have been a good customer for years and I would like Victoria’s Secret to make it right and send me a blanket as my order qualified for one on on that promo day. My order number was 722494197 shandrea humphrey is the name.

  6. I was in VS in the PGA mall in florida to,To purchase a gift set,and to my dismay,I was tod the items in the case were bought separately,the sign said buy one get one.the Mgr said she could not sell the bags at the 24.95 price on the plastic case.To that’s false advertising.,I hope this problem gets corrected!!

  7. Security for you employee at the Orlando Outlet stores. Employees get out of store late at night sometimes like 1:00am and have to walk long distances to their cars. Alot of times across a busy street. This is a pretty high crime area. A company this large should take into consideration it’s employees safety. What will it take someone to get robbed or hurt. I see these employees always late at night mainly women walking alone long distances to there cars. I ride the bus so i see this all the time. They are coming from the Victorias Secret Outlet. Very dangerous!

  8. Hllo sir and madam .
    I live in south San Francisco California near Tanfran mall last week I won’t to Victoria’s secret Stories and i see all your worker’s doing there job put only one girl here name rasha m she treats the customer badly some time that happens to me 3 times for last 2 months. Butter if you ask her to find other job .
    Thank you very much

  9. I Am very very angry with your cust serv. I placed a large order with 3 coupons I really really wanted the blanket exspecially I placed this order way way back with my angel credit card your company did not let me know the order did not go threw nor did THAY call me I called back several times I told the rep here use my bank vCard ending in 5155 than she assured me I would receive the small heavenly and the 2 bombshells but the large heavenly for around $65 dollars would come later because it was not in stock I said no problem i have 3 differant ahjel cards I gave her another one when she said the order did oh through when I called back a second time when that it did not go through I finally said just forget it here is my bank card then for sure it’ll be sent to hide then gave her all the information along with three coupons one once with $25 off $100 purchase or something like that a free pair of underwear and also a blanket which is what I really was wanted and going for the heavenly which is my favorite scent needless to say I received none and your customer service rep really screwed up a third time Very very upset to find out now that the blanket is no longer available which sucks that’s what I really wanted and my order was well over 140 some dollars I would like to see if there is anyway possible to place this order and get my blanket along with my underwear and my $25 off my purchase I just can’t believe that your customer service going to screw up so many times you can look up The order yourself and see how many times I called you about this issue here is my name and address and email please get back to me as soon as possible regarding this issue.

  10. My favorite perfume ever is breathless , you no longer sell it on a regular basis at your stores so I have to wait twice a year for your semi annual sale, well today I took a trip to our local mall and was told they didn’t have it and to try agsin in June, very disappointed wish the company would start putting it back in the store all the time

  11. You are getting a1 star from me. I am repeatedly disappointed in my inability to purchase my size underware from your retail stores. So today I finally break down and place an order online only to find that you are going to charge me the price of 2 underware to ship. Believe you me when I tell you that you owe me that plus more for all of the money I have wasted in my gas tank going regularly to your retail stores to try to buy my underware during the sale. I’m beyond disgusted at your company. Don’t tell me you have a sale and not have the merchandise to back it!!!!!! There needs to be retribution!!!!! I would keep my mouth shut if this were the first time. But it’s the 10, 11, 12 and beyond. Angry doesn’t describe how I feel!!!!

  12. I have a clothing product I have made
    Who do I contact to show
    Before I go to another clothes brand

  13. I purchased a few items almost 30 days ago from your Santa Rosa CA. Location, so I ended up never wearing any of the items I purchased so I sent my husband into the store to return the 3 items, unfortunately the receipt got lost because we’re in the middle of moving. Anyways he went into the store to return the items and they denied him, humiliated him and kept the merchandise threatening to call security and the police. They said that the items were not purchased and they don’t believe they were purchased because he didn’t have a receipt. This all happened 15 min before closing. I am so angry at the way they treated my husband in that store and the fact that they kept 3 items that I paid for out of my picket., My husband was so embarresed and didn’t Kno how to react that he left the items in the store. This is not okay at all and it needs to be made right asap. Theres no way that they can get away with this. Am I wrong?

  14. It would be great if the company could answer their messages on Facebook. I tried Twitter also but did not get a reply. I suppose I will have to do it the old fashioned way and contact the corporate office phone number.

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