Prepaidgiftbalance Login and Help page. Learn how to login to register your gift card, check your balance, and how to contact the Prepaidgiftbalance Customer Service Department to leave a complaint.

www.prepaidgiftbalance.com Login:

Checking your balance is usually quite easy on the Prepaid Gift Balance card website. Follow these steps to log in to your Prepaidgiftbalance account:

  1. Go to the official website at www.prepaidgiftbalance.com.
  2. A Login Page will be shown on the screen, consisting of of 2 sections: For new customers and for existing users.
  3. If you are a first time user, then you need to register your card at www.prepaidgiftbalance.com. To register, enter the 16-Digit card number that is printed on your Gift Card and click on ‘Continue’. You may be prompted to enter the card’s 3-digit CVV code, as well.
  4. After you enter your account number, you will be re-directed to the Customer page of your Prepaidgiftbalance account.
  5. Once logged in, you can check the gift card balance, your transaction history, and more.
prepaidgiftbalance com login
The Prepaidgiftbalance.com login page: If you are a first time user, then type in the Gift Card’s 16-digit card number in the top box and click on ‘Continue’.

Does It cost anything to Have a Prepaidgiftbalance.com Gift Card?

You will not I be charged anything for using the PrepaidGiftBalance card from Kroger or other outlets. Restrictions apply, however:

  • The gift cards can only be used within the United States.
  • You cannot use it overseas.
  • In some cases, online purchases will be restricted, depending on the website you are purchasing from.
  • You also cannot use the Gift Card on mail orders and phone orders.
  • You must be at least 12 years of age to use this card.
  • Note: If you do not use the card for more than 12 months, you must pay a reactivation fee of $2.

The Prepaidgiftbalance.com is Not Working.

Occasionally the https://www.prepaidgiftbalance.com/ website is ‘down’ and will not load probably, in which case you may get a “Timed Out” error message in your browser. If so, you are advised, to try later at a less busy time, or to try with another device, such as a mobile phone or a laptop.

To check for website outages, you can visit this URL: https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/prepaidgiftbalance.com.html. This will tell you if the website is down for everyone, or just for you.

Please also note, that the https://www.prepaidgiftbalance.com/ website is blocked when accessing from countries outside of the US.

Is Prepaidgiftbalance.com a Scam?

Are Prepaidgiftbalance.com Gift Cards a scam?
No, Prepaidgiftbalance.com is not a scam. Its is a functioning company, that is owned by U.S Bank Corp, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. or Mastercard International. Many customers complain about being unable to log in to their Gift Card accounts, from time to time, however. Also, Prepaidgiftbalance Prepaid Card has an expiry date, so please bear that in mind. Check the expiry date befort you buy your gift card. Please note, that Prepaidgiftbalance.com there are some fees associated with your account.

Contact Prepaidgiftbalance Customer Service.

How do I Contact Prepaidgiftbalance.com:

If you have questions, issues or a comaplints, you can contact the Prepaidgiftbalance.com customer service department by phone.

The Prepaidgiftbalance.com Customer Service phone number is: 1-888-853-9536 (Toll-free US phone number).

Please, have your Gift Card ready when calling the Customer Service, in order to provide the card’s 16-digit number. You may also be asked to provide the 3-digit security number on the back of the card.

If your Prepaidgiftbalance Visa Card/Mastercard has expired, or will expire soon, then contact Cardholder Services at 1-888-853-9536 for a replacement card that has a new expiration date.

Want to report a lost or stolen gift card? Then, the number to call is also 1-888-853-9536.

You can also leave a complaint or comment in the comment section below this page.

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85 thoughts to “www.Prepaidgiftbalance.com”

  1. I’ve been trying all morning several times to pay for another night at the econolodge. I’ve had to take all the info in several times and it claims there 100$ balance. However it has been declined every try

    1. 2 cards. Given as gifts for Christmas from a relative. The first time the cards were sent, they got “lost in the mail” for like 3 weeks. My relative finally received information via mail and it was only the return address part of the envelope sent back to them, no cards or anything that was sent out originally.

      During the hiatus of the sent envelope contact was made with some alleged employees of whatever Company dealt these cards for purchase. One person tried to get $5.98 for each card that the USPS had mishandled. They just wanted the cards reissued with the amount they requested so…whatever. Few weeks later and still no new cards. My relative called again and the second individual said not to worry about the $5.98 and they would send new cards out. No clue what happened to original cards or what my relatives were actually charged for this scam this far.

      Finally Got the cards in the mail from my relative. Got online and went to the “website” and it Only provides the terms and conditions, cardholder agreements, and other BS links. They only ask for your 16 digit card number to check balance. So I enter to see the amounts provided. Nothing happens except error messages saying something went wrong. Happened to both cards.

      So I call the number Given with the cards and on the sticker on the cards.
      No prompt
      No automation
      No options
      They have a short greeting then ask for your 16 digit card number, then mention lost/stolen cards press 0, then ask (again) for 16 digit card number, then another short message and hang up on you.

      I called the number again. Waited 31 minutes with no person to talk to. Just messages over and again with hideous elevator music playing.

      Called a third time and waited another 30 minutes with no person answering and same messages playing along worth music.

      Called the next day and waited 10 minutes with nobody answering the phones.

      This “business” IS a scam and I will be posting reviews EVERYWHERE I can in order to help prevent any other people getting their money stolen and time wasted by these scum of the earth people.

      1. I had the exact same experience on three different cards. I totally agree with you. I complained, but nothing happens. They are going to keep my $300 for three weeks, along with everyone else’s money. Then they claim that they will send us more (bougus) cards. I know that they really hope that we just say, FORGET IT.

  2. Hi, I tried to access this prepaid balance.com website as I already bought visa gift card as $25 and I try to do it to register with new register and return account but it will not let me go through. I am both new visitor and return visitor already but Prepaidgiftbalance.com doesn’t know and not letting me through activate my card. Can you help this prepaid gift balance.com let me go through activation?

  3. I have problem trying to register new card so I can buy stuff online and somehow the website itself not letting me in even after putting my card info

  4. I can NOT get this card to work. I’ve tried so many times. It’s a new card and I’ve activated it. It s Visa $50 gift card. Please help me!

  5. I have called twice because I am not able to use my VISA debit gift card. I possess the card, original sealed package, and PIN number but am told it is registered to someone else and unless I have the activation receipt I don’t have access to the funds on the card. I’m sorry I’ve had the card for awhile and don’t remember who gave it to me but was told by a supervisor that they would investigate. Basically this said to me is the person who registered doesn’t have the receipt for activation and I don’t who gets the funds on the card. Is prepaidgiftbalance committing fraud!!! I have the physical card and pin and am being denied access. This tells me they want to keep the funds instead of issuing they to its owner. This is no way to run a business and provide a service to customers.

  6. COMPLETE SCAM! Called three times- my card is activated but always excuses as to why the card is declining. I’ve never heard so many ridiculous lies from a company. They make a lot of money when people give up and the card expires. Again, three calls to this company, three different excuses why the card won’t work and false promises that it will work the next time. This is criminal and I don’t understand why they haven’t bern shut down.

  7. I purchased a Visa Prepaid card on Mon. Jan. 3rd at 4:55 p.m. at the Kroger store # 763.

    I ordered a book from Amazon and was told it was not a good card. The only thing I have is the Activation slip that shows the last 4 digits to be 6397 and the package it came in showing the last 7 digits to be 4926397.

    No one can give me the number to the card. However Amazon says no charges have been charged on it. So I need help recovering the first 9 digits of the card, the expiration date, and the security code so I may make my purchase.

    Amazon told me they canceled my order because they called the bank and it was declined. A representative at the Visa card center gave me the number as:

    503 517 401 407 49xxxx. The last seven digits match up, but the first 9 digits do not. I’m told that’s not a valid number it’s to long and it’s not a Visa number.

    I need help or need my refund of $40.02 plus the activation fee.

    Jerry Meadows
    304 415 xxxx.

  8. I have tried to call the number in the back of the card for the Past two days and never her helped . I need help with my card and log in doesn’t work either . Just want to see who I can reach to get help with this card .

  9. This company is a scam. Used 1/4 of the funds on my card, can’t access the rest and multiple attempts to contact customer service NEVER WITH AN ANSWER BY THEIR FRAUD DEPT.! Been on hold for an hour and a half.

  10. I just tried to register my gift card and when I completed it it says that there is NO balance and that there was a purchase made on the card already. I have NOT used it.

  11. trying to register visa gift card on phone, on hold for 20 minutes, would like to place a phone order is ther a human representative to answer my call

  12. My card doesn’t work. I bought it today at Kroger, & tried to use it an hour later. Tried to call the number on the back, & never get a representative to answer the phone.

  13. The card doesn’t work at all. Not on the website to check balance or activate, nor does the 1800 853 9536 number. It’s a fax number of sorts.

  14. Unable to register card and on hold with customer service over 40 minutes so far. Not acceptable for a company this size. You should be ashamed

  15. This card took $500 and there isn’t a way to register or activate.
    Calling 888-853-9536 lets you sit on hold for 45 minutes to find out that you need to call 888-853-9536.
    Customer help has no idea how to fix the problem.
    Feel like they are fleecing us.

  16. I was given a $50.00 gift card but I checked a month later now only $1.00 is on the card. I didn’t buy anything, how do I get my money placed back on my card?

  17. i bought a $300 card from ralphs then its not usable. After 1 hour waiting of speaking someone who barely speaks any English kept telling me I need to vialed my 3 digit pin at automatic system which the system never asked me to input. She kept saying she cant help me I need to call the number again and enter my 3 digit pin on back of card in automatic system, I called again and the system still didn’t ask me to enter 3 digit pin after giving 16 digit card number…. wtf

  18. I noticed a fraud on my gift card, I have lodged the complaint over a week now in which my card is blocked but I have not received another one

  19. Prepaid Gift Balance not working, and they don’t take phone calls. It doesn’t matter when you call, you hold for a long time and if you finally get someone, the agent says they can’t hear you.

  20. The automated system won’t register my card and after spending 1.5 hours on hold the operators can’t register my card. You lost a source of revenue.

    1. Yeah mine are too!!!! I tried to contact the company but no luck 😔, I did get mine for free 6 year’s ago, so that might be the problem?!?! What do you think 🤔?

  21. my card shows a negative 5.05 balance when I think it should show 21.02 balance. can i look up the purchasing history from when I received the card?

  22. What is the app that you can download to check the status of a visa prepaid replacement card?

  23. My card isnt working. Please help ..I’ve held on the phone to speak with customer service rep and no one ever answers.

  24. my card wont let me buy anything online or in person but has enough money for the purchase and isnt expired

  25. I was given a gift card from my daughter in December 2021. I decided to use it today, June 22, 2022. I went online to register it and discovered that the balance was $2.10 rather than $50.00. I called the number on the back of the card and was told I had to dispute it which could take 90 days. The purchase on the card was made in California and I live in Florida. I have not been to California. I would like the $50 that my daughter gave me for Christmas please.

  26. My card does not work. Tried at two different stores. Can’t reach a human being via phone.

  27. Tried to use a gift card I received for Christmas and it was rejected. Called the number on the back of the card and was told the card had been reported as compromised and had been reissued to someone else. So can I report it as stolen?

  28. i used my car at a racetrack gas station and it was declined so I paid cash and they said they canceled the transaction but it still not back on my card . What can I do to get the money back on my card

  29. I’ve tried getting money in USA and then tried using in Europe and nothing. We received two cards at $500 each and absolutely nothing. I’m posting this on Facebook NOT to purchase your cards. Our realtor gave these cards to us. This is a rip!

  30. I registered my card via a phone. I went to Meijers, and this card did not work. I checked my balance; stated zero. Suppose to be $50. I just opened the card up recently….

  31. I am trying to report fraudulent use of my Gift card. I can not get through on the 1-888-853-xxxx. I also can not get through online. Please call me to assist on 484-225-xxxxx or email me at elainxxxxx @gmail.com. Thank you, Elaine

  32. I was gifted 2 of these gift cards and when I tried to use them, they were both used in California and I live in michigan. Then trying to get ahold of customer service is so bad. I keep getting hung up on because they are busy. I tell all my family to not purchase these cards, because of this issue.

  33. I have been dealing with this company since May 2022 and still have not received my new card with my $$ that was hacked. I got this as a gift card from friends since I have cancer and am going through chemo. I went to use the card at a restaurant only to find out most of the money was gone. I reported it immediately, jumped through their hoops and sent in my required proof of ownership, 3 times. It took them forever to even start a dispute. Finally on August 1st they said the dispute was resolved in my favor, still no gift card. I’ve called so many time, now they’re saying they’re waiting on the merchant to reply and that the dispute is still open. I say scam. Otherwise I’d have my $122.55 and not e wasting my time calling these people.

  34. I just received a gift card and when I called the number on the back (1-888-853-9536) to activate the card, I was told that the card had been compromised back in January and they would send me a new card. This makes no sense; the card was just purchased today (8/27/2022), at 8:30 pm.

  35. Trying to use my card on online at Walmart for a online line purchase but will not take it but the card only have 3 numbers for the pin and Walmart needs a 4 number pin

  36. I received three separate gift cards totaling $300. None of them could be registered. When I called on the first one, I was told that the card was compromised. He said he would issue a new card and I would receive it in TWO WEEKS! To add insult to injury, he said I had to call back on the other two cards individually. So, they keep my $300 for two weeks and MAYBE I will get replacement cards in the mail. MAYBE those replacement cards will work.

  37. I have been trying to register this gift card for almost 2 years. Multiple calls to customer service that are NEVER answered – they go right to the survey. I’m ready to report this unless we can get some help.

  38. I have not been able to use this card online or in the store. I registered it after I got it last year and it shows a $50 balance. Does this card work anywhere?

  39. I just want to see what the amount of this card is and want to use it off line, can you register this card and let me use it please?

  40. Not user friendly !! Help! Just want my balance. Used to be easy ! And I could not register a new card online so had to fax all info to get a new card sent. Very disappointed and will find another company.

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